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2023.06.07 23:46 londonblame How do I confront my friend who’s cheating on her boyfriend?

Okay, this is going to be a long one, so please, bear with me.
I (22F) am in a little friend group of girls from my high school Heather (22F) and Kenzie (22F), so we’ve known eachother for a pretty long time now. We tend to see eachother at least once a month but generally I am closer with Heather. Kenzie is a very particular girl, she likes male attention, especially the older ones’ and generally loves to be the center of attention. She also loves to play the victim in a lot of situations and at the same time she always proclaims herself as the “villain” in everyone’s story when there’s a conflict going on. Sometimes it can be very hard hanging out with her. Especially when there’s boys to impress around, she becomes unbearable.
Kenzie did drop a few hints about having mental health issues and seeing a therapist which quote “lead to nowhere so she stopped going”. She’s also a child of a divorce and has been brought up by a mom who always put her older sister on the pedestal. Generally, she does not open up much but I thought we got very close as we stuck together through quarantine and even going our separate ways to different universities. That was, until yesterday when my other friend Heather found out she’s been cheating on her boyfriend Greg (37M) with Thomas (38M).
To give you a little backstory we all worked together on a work project so that’s where Kenzie met both Greg and Thomas. Kenzie’s always been into older men and trust me, she’s been with older ones, so it came as no surprise when she told us she was dating Greg after he was pursuing her for about six months. Unlike all the other sketchy relationships she was in, this one seemed quite normal, steady and calm, so we both thought it was all okay.
Heather and Greg met on another work project that required them to work long hours for two months straight which meant that Greg and Kenzie spent a lot of time apart. If you hadn’t noticed she’s pretty high maintenance, so it made her upset.
On Sunday we (the girls) hung out and everything seemed normal until Kenzie started to claim she had a headache and that she had to go home before Greg came over, so she left and we hung out for another hour or two with Heather.
The next day, Monday, Heather came over to Greg at work to ask if Kenzie was feeling better and lowe and behold, Greg had no idea what Heather was talking about. Apparently Kenzie texted him at 10PM saying that she was having such a good time that she lost track of time and just came home. She left us some time before eight, so at this point no one knew where she was for two hours, but she was clearly lying.
Greg’s suspicions grew and he decided to lay all of his problems on to Heather, wanting to see what she thought since she is her age and someone who is close to her. Heather stopped by my house after the talk because she didn’t know how to handle all the info so we discussed it and came to a conclusion that it just might be a relationship crisis.
That same night Greg texted Heather to please text him when she gets the chance, which she found odd but did anyways. Turns out he went to her house to talk to her because he has not been feeling good about their relationship for a couple of weeks now. She’s been disappearing for hours, not wanting to meet up and clearly lying about her whereabouts. She has reluctantly let him into her house after he just asked to pee before he took off and even made the excuse of not having cleaned up despite the house being completely spot free.
When he took off he waited for a few minutes behind a corner to see if there was really no one she was seeing. According to his words he also saw two plates and two glasses that have just been used at the kitchen table and when asked about it Kenzie said her mom stopped by on her way to a dinner with friends (made no sense).
After a few minutes he saw his colleague and friend Thomas come out of the car in front of her house, where he was waiting until the air was clear. Kenzie came out and, this part is messy, started to make out with him then and there. Greg stared to approach them but they haven’t noticed them until he was too close.
A confrontation went down and we don’t know the results of it yet.
Side note: Thomas is the type of guy that has about 15 girlfriends at the same time and never commits.
All of this is such a mess. Especially after the fact that Heather and I both thought Kenzie would never do such thing as cheat with no apparent reason. She has no clue that I ane Heather know about this either. The story is much more complex but I think this is enough for now.
I do have a few questions I need help with. I, myself, am a child of a divorce because of my dad cheating and I remember it being very messy. I view cheating as a very low thing to do (unless of course there are any understandable circumstances). So how do I talk to someone who did it and I consider a close friend? I also feel like it is not mine and Heather’s place to discuss this sort of thing, but at the end of the day, we also want to help our friend in case this is anything more serious.
I’m sorry for this being chaotic and maybe all over the place, but I feel like I need more views on this situation. I’ll be glad for any advice. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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2023.06.07 23:46 BreakfestForDinnerr I know I'm gonna get roasted, but Windwaker is definetly after Majoras Mask in the timeline.

Listen, I might be completly wrong here. Please enlighten me as to why, I'm trying to create the ultimate timeline here. Please don't point out that the official timeline exists. Trust me I know.
Anyways, the timeline I'm putting together features two timelines, with Oot being the split. One timeline features Ganon, wielding the triforce of power being sealed within the sacred realm. The second one, being Link returning to Hyrule to his childhood.
The official timeline seems to explain that Link rats out Ganondorf, which leads to Ganondorf attacking Hyrule, and getting excecuted in the official timeline. My idea is that with the Triforce of Courage as proof, Link rated out Ganondorf, and exlaiming his journey through time, establishing the legend of The Hero of Time from the WW opening. This legend would not exist in the adult timeline, as no one would know Link travelled through time, and it's even debatable if he did, as he slept for 7 years he didn't timetravel (proven by no timeline split here.)
After Oot child timeline, Link travels to termina to find Navi, however, he ends up in termina, riding of on his horse. This is my first piece of evidence, as the Windwaker opening depicts a young link (majoras mask age) riding away on a horse. On top of his appearance, his sword seems to be a better match with the Majoras Mask one. The Master Sword is not depicted in the WW opening, which is strange as it was a famous blade used by Link in the adult timeline, and if the offical timeline is correct, then the sword definetly would have been remembered, as it was allowed Link to "time travel" in the first place.
Another thing is that if my idea is correct, then Twilight Princess is at the Adult Timeline. This makes sense, as in that timeline, Ganondorf has obtained the Triforce of Power somehow. This is explained by him obtaining it in oot adult timeline. Note, he did not have it in the child timeline, (I've heard people state that the Triforce was split since Link had the courage piece, but that piece was from the adult timeline, not the child timeline. The Triforce still rests in the sacred realm in child timeline.)
Additionally, if Ganondorf did break the seal after oot, off course he would attack Hyrule as we saw in the flashback from TP.
There are a few holes, like Ganondorf in WW, comparing Link to the Hero of Time, which is weird as they never actually fought properly (or maybe Link used the courage piece to overpower Ganondorf, despite being a child?) Additionaly, the opening depicts Ganon, not Ganondorf with a piece of the Triforce in hand, contradicting my logic. Any other holes?
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2023.06.07 23:46 afflictedspeck I (29M) am considering ending the relationship with my (27F) girlfriend of 1.5 years after her roommate (25F) threatened me and we got into a huge fight

I would really appreciate some help here. I’m at a loss on what to do. Apologies for the really long post, TLDR below. TLDR; I’m considering ending a relationship of 1.5 years with my girlfriend after her roommate and I got into several fights this past weekend over moving a couch into their apartment. Her roommate prohibited me from stepping foot inside ever again, threatened to call the cops on me, threatened to lawyer up, and accused me of aggravating her. She might have also punctured one of my car’s tires as it was flat the following day in their parking lot. My girlfriend has continuously said she understands the situation and will be coming to my place going forward, but I’m afraid of what might happen in the future since she shares her location with her roommate, have been friends for 17 years, have a matching tattoo together, and the roommate has shown to be a very explosive and volatile person. Her roommate has also been convicted in the past for assault and I’m afraid of what she might do. I feel like I don’t fully know my girlfriend and don’t know how to move forward. Should I leave the relationship or continue to fight? A bit of a background My girlfriend, let’s call her Ana, and I have been together for 1.5 years. We met through a cousin of mine at an outing back in December 2021 and started dating right away. Ana is caring, loyal, and has always listened to what I have to say. Our relationship has gone through some challenges, but nothing we have not talked through and somewhat agreed on - we see life differently to some extent when it comes to matters like politics and religion but have always sat down to talk through and resolve those issues. My parents did not get a good impression of Ana when I introduced them to each other, but she has worked hard to do so ever since. When we met I also asked her to go back to school to keep pursuing her degree, which she had stopped years ago, but listened to me and is currently on her second semester. It is important to note that Ana (and Betty, shortly introduced) was in a religion for 22 years that prohibited her from making friends outside of it. She left 5 years ago and had to cut all communication with her family. While together, in June last year, I bought an apartment and moved about 1.5 hours north of her to be closer to my job. Ever since that happened we have had this sort of long distance relationship where we only see each other on the weekends - every other weekend Ana comes to visit me, staying overnight, while I do the same the weekends she does not. Ana was living in an apartment by herself up until two months ago, when her lease was over and the landlord increased her rent by 30% or so. She had to go somewhere and asked if we could live together, to which I declined as I did not think we were ready - moving in together has been something I’ve refused to do because of a very sour experience with an ex-girlfriend. Since that was not an option, Ana decided to move into a new apartment with one of her best friends, Betty, who I barely knew. They decided to move about 30 minutes closer to me. Betty promised Ana she would take care of her, to some extent, by paying more than half of the rent and covering the security deposit. Ana does not make much money and has racked up some credit card debt which she is managing now, so the arrangement made her financially happy. It’s sort of important to note, however, that with the new arrangement Ana is paying about the same monthly rent. I helped her move out and into the new place with two other friends. Betty and Ana have known each other for 17 or so years. They have traveled together and even during our relationship Ana, during the weekdays, has visited Betty overnight to watch movies and whatnot, without me there. At the start of our relationship Ana refused presenting me to Betty several times despite my insistence, because Betty had had serious fallouts with two of Ana’s friends and she was afraid I might not like her. Before meeting Betty I had a sense I would not like her when I noticed that Ana, when Betty texted, was afraid of not replying right away, which I thought was odd. I confronted her but she always ignored what I was saying. Other friends of Ana’s had also noticed the same. I ended up meeting Betty six months or so after Ana and I started dating, which was right after Betty’s ex broke up with her after almost five years of a verbal- and physically abusive relationship. Betty, I recently found out, has even been to jail before due to explosive episodes that have ended in physical aggression, and is currently trying to expunge her records. She was also adopted as a kid and her adoptive father has beat her for years in different occasions. Betty and I only hung out then, when we met for the first time, and one other time two months after, for her birthday. I never had any sort of altercation with her, but noticed she always had some fight with someone, always talking down on people and blaming others for her tragedies. Something that took me by surprise last year was when my girlfriend and Betty went one day to a tattoo parlor and got the same exact tattoo in the forearm as a sign of their friendship. Up until then my girlfriend only had two other tattoos that were very small - one by her ankle and another one by her ribcage. This one that she got with Betty is the only truly visible one. That day I remember being extremely surprised when she showed it to me, seeing how she had not even mentioned she was going to get a tattoo, but comes home with the biggest one she has had, and on the forearm. Fast forward to Saturday: Betty and I lose it with each other Moving forward to last weekend, I visited Ana at her apartment for only the second time in the last two months after she moved in. I drove over Saturday early in the morning and was greeted by my girlfriend making breakfast for me and her roommate. We all ate and Betty asked to spend the day with us, since she needed to go to the library to study for an exam, which my girlfriend and I had planned on doing, so that she could study for one of her classes. They also made me aware of a couch one of Betty’s friends was giving her for free, and Betty asked for my help to pick it up later. The day went well at the library (4 or so hours) but started to shift when we went out for late lunch after - Betty asked for spicy wings at a local bar and threw a fit when the wings came with not sauce, calling the manager of the place and insulting the cooks and staff. After that ordeal we went to UHAUL to rent a truck for the couch. Like idiots, we ended up breaking what we thought was the ignition key (it wasn’t, just an attached key for the back doors) inside the car’s key hole. This sent Betty screaming and insulting me, out of the blue, calling me an idiot and other words I cannot recall. I yelled back at her which only escalated the situation. UHAUL management stepped in and they got us a pickup truck at no additional cost. We live in a big city in South Florida. I drove with Ana in the middle seat and Betty on the passenger side for about 40 minutes to pick up the couch. It is 10PM on the dot when we get to the community where Betty’s friend lives. A security guard, as I parked the truck, approached us to say the HOA does not allow trucks at that time. Betty starts insulting him several times as I drive away and parked about half a block from the community, at a plaza right next to it. We proceeded, for the next two hours, to carry out the couch from a second floor to the first, moving it over a 5 feet wall (with me jumping over) to avoid going around the community, then walking with it for half a block and than putting it on the bed of the pickup truck. All in 90 degree humid weather. As I am sweating and huffing while fastening the couch on the bed of the truck by myself, with Betty and Ana talking by the side of the truck, I notice Betty looks tired and miserable, to which I asked jokingly “why the long face?”. Betty proceeds to tell me I am not being funny with that question and starts to yell at Ana, saying how she is useless, how she herself (Betty) had to do everything regarding the couch and no one helped her, how “her man” (meaning me) was not able to afford a couch for her, and other stuff I cannot remember. She called me an idiot, and called me slick, and said I was not funny with my stupid jokes, and kept yelling I was not helpful. I started to yell back at her saying how it had been six hours since we had been helping her. I also, at that point, lost it all and said “where are your friends right now to help you? Holy shit, I am literally on the bed of this truck fastening your couch and you are so ungrateful”. I was yelling as she was yelling back, and in that moment the yelling match turned something like the following: Betty - “you are so fucking useless, IT’S ALWAYS ME GETTING SHIT DONE, no help from anyone, ALWAYS ME” Me - “what the fuck are you talking about? We are LITERALLY helping you right now, what the fuck” Ana - “guys please stop, can’t we all just get along, please?” Betty - “Bro you are not funny man, who the fuck said you are? I am so tired of your shit, your stupid comments and jokes throughout the day” Me - “where the fuck are your friends to help you? You are so fucking ungrateful; you jump from dick to dick and will never find love, you have no fucking friends” Betty - “WHAT THE FUCK. Your bitch is a whore man, she doesn’t even wear condoms. A fucking whore and a fucking submissive bitch, that’s why you are with her” Ana - “guys please stop” Me - “Don’t you fucking dare talk about Ana that way, be fucking respectful” Betty - “A fucking whore is what she is, and submissive, and worthless” At that point we are yelling at each other and Betty starts saying that I am assaulting her, and threatens to call the cops. She grabs her phone to make a call and I start filming with mine, making it very clear that at no point have I put my hands on her or planning to, at all. She starts yelling at me for recording her and bring up her lawyers and the cops, and how recording her without her consent is illegal. We are calling each other names and I continue to film. She is also in disbelief at how my girlfriend is “not defending HER”. In reality Ana was trying to stay out of it. Needles to say, the way back to their apartment with the couch was extremely uncomfortable. It was very quiet for the first 20 minutes until Ana asked us why we can’t just get along, which made Betty go off again, yelling at how I am slick, worthless, and so many names I cannot remember. Betty said she does not want me to step foot in HER house, and continued to say she would break the lease and have my girlfriend’s stuff out of her place. When we got to the apartment I let them carry the couch inside and asked my girlfriend to bring my stuff (a backpack and a duffle bag) out of the apartment. I did not want to step foot inside for my own safety. Betty does not have a gun but I am sure she would have used it if she did, either to threaten or God knows what. As I was leaning on the frame of the door Betty asked if I would come in, to which I said no, and she also slammed the door on my face and prevented Ana from opening it, positioning herself in front of the door and yelling that “if she steps foot outside she would kick her out” to which I kept yelling that Ana is also in the lease. When Betty opened the door I told her I would call the cops if she tried one more time to hold Ana hostage inside. She went off again and threatened to lawyer up and kick Ana out. After much yelling and cries from Betty, I ended up stepping inside, closing the door behind me, and talking to them both to de-escalate the situation. At this point it is 2AM and after much yelling I apologize to my girlfriend’s roommate for stepping over the line when I basically called her a whore. I was a total piece of shit in that regard and sincerely felt like apologizing. Betty did not apologize but she said I could stay over. She said she will forget about the whole situation and that all she needed was to cry and get over what I had said. She went to the balcony to smoke weed and I left the apartment to basically cry out of frustration. Ana followed me and after 30 minutes or so talking outside I told her I had to leave. I did not feel safe sleeping over and did not know if I could ever feel safe again in that space. I walked over to my car and drove home for an hour. I went to bed at 3:30AM and woke up at 6:50AM, took a shower, and headed back to my girlfriend’s apartment complex to return the truck which we had to do by 9AM. Sunday: flat tire and location sharing It’s now Sunday morning. I get to my girlfriend’s apartment at 8:15AM, where I leave my car parked, and with her on the passenger seat drive over to the UHAUL, which is about 20 minutes away, to return the truck. Everything is done on time and after getting my girlfriend’s car from the UHAUL parking lot we stop at a diner to have breakfast. We get back to her apartment at around 10:20AM and by 10:25AM we are driving over to my place, each of us in separate cars. About 10 minutes after leaving I get a flat tire notification on my car’s dashboard and pull over at a near gas station to see what was going on. The car had gone from 35PSI in one of the rear tires all the way to 15, and kept going down. I end up driving the car over to a TiresPlus close by, which later confirmed the flat tire was due to a hole on the outside which “had been caused by an object that went in and out, more than likely a screwdriver or a knife”. Needless to say I had to pay ~$200 for a new tire. I told Ana there is no way this was coincidence and that I suspected Betty had done something to that tire. She said she did not think it could have been the case since there is no way Betty knew where I parked. I did not think that logic made sense since Betty knows exactly what car I drive and she was in the apartment, in her room, when Ana and I left earlier to return the truck. She basically had two hours to do anything. On top of that, I found out that Ana actively shares her location with Betty via iMessage, and vice versa. Ana and I also have that sort of arrangement. They have been doing it for years. Ana and I spent the Sunday sleeping at my apartment pretty much. I could not get the situation out of my head and barely slept, but being together made me feel better. We talked about the future extensively and Ana promised me that she will cut all communication with Betty once the lease is over, but currently there is nothing she can do. She also brought up living together again, and the following day also told me how she was looking into jobs that are close to my place. Monday: going on a break with Ana Ana went to work on Monday morning (5AM) from my house and I worked from home. I did not get anything done thinking about the whole situation and later in the afternoon Ana and I continued to talk about it. Later at night, as Ana was sending me text messages on how she was cleaning the house, Betty was also posting on social media about it. I told the whole story to my best friend who seemed mortified about the situation and asked me to be careful. Monday night I sent Ana a long message explaining that I need some time to think about our relationship. I said that I could not trust her judgement and was afraid for what might happen if she still hangs with this crazy person not now, but in the future as we think of a life together. Will she be at our wedding? At her birthday parties? Will she be involved in our lives? Even though she has told me she will not, I know that Ana has been well aware of how Betty is but nothing has changed in their friendship these past 17 years. It has only become stronger. Ana was very hurt from my message and called me right away. After a one hour conversation where she pushed me to decide on breaking up or continue the relationship she hung up when I told her to please give me until Friday. She does not understand how it is that I am re-thinking our relationship if it is that I love her. I do, and care so much about her, but have not been able to move past what happened and the fear that she might introduce me to similarly dangerous people or environments, be it with Betty or with someone else, is severely impacting my ability to think there is a future here. To keep the story short this is the third time Ana has tried to, or has introduced me to, people or situations that pose a danger to me and her. I also have not been able to get out of my head how it is that she is friends with this person, Betty, who is so visibly crazy and with whom she has a matching tattoo, years of friendship, experiences, etc. Tuesday: Ana’s early morning call and social media login attempt At 7:30AM today, as I was getting ready for work, Ana called me to tell me she was sorry for blocking me on social media and on iMessage. By doing that I no longer have access to her location. I was not aware since she had done that at night, after I had asked for some time. She told me she “did not want me to think the posts from her story were directed toward me”. She also told me that “she wanted to have some sort of control seeing how I was having her wait for a decision and felt lost”. She also confessed she could not sleep and had gotten to work very early, thinking through everything in her car at her workplace parking lot. Ana begged me to please consider our relationship and after trying on the phone we hung up for the day, and have not talked since. I am in a situation where I have to decide whether to have Ana move in with me, live with the fact that she is with a psycho for the next ten months, or simply leave it all behind despite how much I care about her. I don’t know if I am ignoring some red flags and that’s really the reason why I needed the time and am seeking some help on here. I don’t know if I am in the wrong and would like some clarification because I truly feel so lost. Ana has done so much for me in the sense that she listens and I know she loves me, but I am just afraid of her judgement and what she might bring into the relationship in the future. I also feel like I don’t know her like I thought. Should I lie the relationship or continue to fight? Would sincerely, wholeheartedly appreciate some advice.
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2023.06.07 23:45 Sea-Culture-775 Nervous and kind of confused

I was doing home health care for 6 years as CNA and decided to try a nursing home. At orientation today they said pick up my name tag at the front and sign in the computer on the wall? Which I forgot what they called it 🤔 anyone know, it’s a certain name? .. but I’m not sure what to do after that ? ??? Any suggestions because it seems they rushed through everything and I had to fill out all these paperwork, they rush to get us out of there . Most people in there had YEARS of experience working at a facility . I think my anxiety is getting the best of me because of a new work setting and I’m new at a nursing home. They didn’t really explain which client need what or where I would be placed but I do start training Monday. Will they train me on which client needs what ? I’m really good at what I do specially when I get it down packed. I think I might be overthinking it but kind of insecure because all I did at home health was put checks by what task was completed, if they refused then why or write down if I see a change . Any advice or kind words? I’m very nervous.. Thank you!
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2023.06.07 23:45 gray_squirrels Ways to help, comfort, and support an autistic child.

I currently work in child care and there is this young girl who has yet to be diagnosed, (roughly 5 and not in school until the fall), but I think she has autism spectrum disorder, and so do some of my other older coworkers. I myself may be on the spectrum but I was always functioning well in school and my family doesn't have insurance to cover an actual diagnosis. My symptoms are not nearly as severe as hers, but I feel a close connection with her because I can understand how she feels much of the time.
She of course gets overwhelmed at the daycare center I work at when kids look or stare at her, point at her, are too loud, touch her, or are just doing wild kid things. She has difficulty with change, trouble following directions (but all the kids in my group do so she doesn't stand out in that way), and she often has meltdowns. She has trouble using the bathroom (sometimes she forgets to ask to use the bathroom and just doesn't go when she needs to), she doesn't have any good friends that she plays with (but she often feels content by herself), and she usually hates sharing anything.
So what I am getting at, is that I would like to help her the best ways I can. I try to be extra gentle with her, I let her be alone and independent when she needs to be, but I'd like to help her more in any way I can because I'll be spending the entire summer with her and her peers at this daycare.
Any parents of autistic children, autistic people who may have some insight, etc., what are some ways that I can help this child during her meltdowns, when she is overwhelmed and overstimulated, and struggling with change? Maybe you have tips or exercises for me. Even if she does not get diagnosed with asd before school starts, I think any answer may be helpful.
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2023.06.07 23:45 Turbo-8-8-8 Is anyone else having a problem on PS4 Terraria split screen multi player where player one has to place blocks or mine about 3 tiles higher or is that just me?

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2023.06.07 23:45 Ill-Emphasis5576 Early withdrawal from 401k to pay down high-interest cc debt as a FT student

I have about 10k in cc debt I have had for too long, probably over 7 years (22% APR)
I have $10,860 in my 401k from a past employer. I am currently in nursing school for my second degree. I am sick of this cc debt and with the high interest it is near impossible to pay off, especially now that I am not working as I am in an accelerated/condensed program.
I know you can avoid the 10% penalty if you use it for education. My school loans are low(er) interest, I am covered by them to finish out the degree. I will get loan repayment help from my first job and PSLF after 10 years so I am less worried about my school loans.
I am contemplating withdrawing from my 401k to pay off this debt. I am not sure how the penalty works if I am in school, but using it for cc debt. In doing the math, even if the 10% fee applied, that would leave me with $10,300 to pay off all of the cc debt.
[I took out a personal loan years ago for 14k to pay off other cc debt, and am down to 7k with a reasonable APR of 7% so I plan to just continue on with that for now]
I know withdrawing from a 401k is a "bad" idea. I am 32 and I know I will restart a 401k as a nurse within the next year and would rather get this debt off my shoulders. I have 5k in my savings.
I am looking for opinions on my plan
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2023.06.07 23:44 VortexeGaming Need advice or a second opinion (If this friend (Who is 16M) is gay for me (Also 16M) or not)

Backstory: So I have this friend (We'll call him J) and we've been great friends for 8 years. We're in our late teens. J is a pastor's kid, and we're christians. Please don't hate, but our religion doesn't agree with the LGBT and stuff, but I like this community nonetheless. So There have been many times that raised flags if J was gay for me or not:
I was at his house one time and we were chilling on his bed. We were next to each other, but a blanket kept us apart. I was watching memes and J overheard and wanted to come see. I turn my head to see his reaction, and his face was like 3 cm away from mine, and he didn't seem bothered. He rolled back over to watch instagram reels (IDK tbh). I found another meme and wanted to show him. He was laying in a way where he was on his side, and he was wearing a tank top and sweatpants. His hip was exposed much normally than usual. I decided to get his attention by tapping his hip, and he resonded. After that, I found another meme, and his hip was still there. I tapped again, but this time, I rested my hand on his hip, and he didn't say anything about it.
Second time, I was at church when it ended, and my church likes to fundraise and sell food. I was standing outside of the door trying to get a line in place when J comes up to me. I dab him up, as usual, and then he looks straight into my eyes, and goes "Heyy", like in a way you'd hit on someone. I said hi back, a little bit of butterflies in my stomach as he walked inside.
Third time, I was at worship practice for my church (I know, I go to church a lot) and me and J were playing volleyball in the courtyard. I was inexperienced, and he was on a high school team, so he showed me how to properly stand. He took his hand and put it on my inner thigh and made me spread my legs a bit, but it was a firm grab and it lasted 4 seconds longer than it usual should have.
Here's where it begins to get confusing. i was at a restaurant with J when we were playing clash royale together. He accidentally pressed an emote that showed a heart, and I did one back which blew a kiss. He went ,"That's gay bro." And I was like "Yeah but you went first."
So I'm confused here. Does J have feelings for me? or is he hiding them? Or is he just straight but comfortable around me? I could probably be overthinking it. (Also another detail. I was at a house party and J was there. J and his other friends were playing basketball. When it was time to check up, J would stand near me and bend over, while looking back at me a couple times. When we had a half time break, he sat near me. Then one of his friends said while looking at me "Hey everyone, J's got a crush on someone!" But there were only boys there.)
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2023.06.07 23:44 dnear Next expansion will include Monk class SPOILER ALERT

Spoiler alert
At the end of the campaign in the last cinematic you see Neyrelle taking a boat to some place. This indicates an open end and could potentially indicate that we will be seeing an season/expansion (or multiple) in which we will hunt down the lords, (Hatred, pain, etc).
Before Neyrelle takes the boat you see a character which she pays for the trip. This person reminds me of a Monk from Diablo III. Could this indicate that we will be seeing Monks as playable class in the next season/expansion?
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2023.06.07 23:44 EliasKulju Happy birthday 3 cheers!

Happy birthday 3 cheers!
TW- (I will be talking about struggles with anxiety and going to the er)Happy 19th birthday to this peace of art that means something so beautiful to me that i cant even begin to put into words. I'll try😄 Its 2018, its a summer day and im sitting on our porch while the sun is setting. Im 12 years old, exploring the internet with my first phone. My YouTube page gives me a reccomendation, "welcome to the black parade" I watch theeä video, then another, then another, im not ok, Helena, Nanana. Holy shit, this is me. This is made for me. I very quickly get obsessed, in secret tho as none of my friends even spoke english or had kinda found their own things yet, or maybe they had but in secret just like me. I ask my parents for the 3 cheers for sweet revenge vinyl for christmas and i got it, the joy was something else. I started listening to it front to back for the first time. It was something that i had never heard before, it was something that clicked like nothing else. This album is the first one that made me cry, the first one that got me invested in the story, the first that said im not ok just like you. To someone just coming into their teen age years it meant alot, like they were speaking directly at me. But what kept me listening to the band all the way to this day was the amaizing songs and performances over the years, and i knew what the songs meant, but a few hit me personally. Fast forward to 2022. I have just started a new school and moved away from my parents to live alone for the very first time at 16. During the first half of the semester my mental health struggles and anxiety were at their worst. During december and january i vent to the ER for a total of 7 times, sometimes with a friend sometimes alone. One time at night i got so anxious i had to go again, and i sit down in there and its 2am. I put my headphones on and after some time of not listening to much music at all i put on 3 cheers from front to back. I felt like this album had turned me a completly differrent page of itself. Every lyric made me so much sense, dealt with and explained me a whole new set of first's that had came into my life in the last 6 months, good or bad. But the one thing i took away from it more than anything else is that there are things in this world worth staying here for and that i'll never let them take me alive. Now at 17 this record is one of the most important things to me in my life that i keep coming back to and holding near to my heart. I love every song on this album from the bottom of my soul. I'll always be grateful for this band, this record and their fans. Give Em Hell Kid !
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2023.06.07 23:44 Purple-Gain-264 AITA for texting my (27F) ex-situationship (30M) after he started hitting on my friend (31F)?

Let’s name him Mike and let’s name her Abigail. We are co-workers and work in different departments, so we rarely interact at work.
I dated Mike this year for about 4 months. I thought everything was perfect and we were even having serious discussions about future plans, family etc, but he broke up with me 2 months ago because, despite being the relationship-kind-of-person (he had only a few hookups when he was younger), he doesn’t feel “that flame”, like it’s me with whom he would spend the rest of my life with. For some reasons that are so bs and stupid I won’t even write them.
I suffered and still suffer a lot after the breakup, I was in a really dark place. My friends from work had my back, including Abigail, who is going through a divorce. Since she broke up with her ex-husband (divorce not yet finalized), she’s been sleeping around because it helps her cope with it. While I wouldn’t do that because it simply doesn’t work for me, it’s her business.
We have a group chat, me, Abi and a couple of female friends, and we discuss everything. So I know everything about her love life, who she hooked up with (also from work), and she knows how much I suffer after Mike. I admit I emphasized the bad things about Mike fearing that she might want to sleep with him too.
Her boss, though, recently transferred her to the department where Mike works. They became friends, but long story short he asked her out after flirting a lot. Mike knows Abi and I are friends. He probably doesn’t know she knows about the fact that we dated. Abi seems quite interested, a bit conflicted because I still have feelings for him, but if she wanted to, she would 100% sleep with him right away and not tell anyone.
I was so hurt and I texted him, after months of not talking at all: “Kind of a weird move to try it with my friend, who knows everything about us, hoping you’ll find “that flame” with her.”
He didn’t respond and my friends say it’s their business and Abi would at most just sleep with him and I shouldn’t care about him anymore. AITA?
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2023.06.07 23:44 Nen_user666 Concert Evanescence

Salut, J’ai assisté au concert de Evanescence aujourd’hui . J’avais une place assise mais j’ai trouvé qu’il n’y avait absolument pas d’ambiance , les artistes demandent plusieurs fois aux spectateurs de réagir . Toutes les personnes étaient très réservées. Je ne suis pas française et je me demandais est-ce que c’est la règle pour tout les concerts en France ? Mercii
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2023.06.07 23:44 Longjumping_Door_559 Ending it?

Some backstory up until 8th grade I had never really been picked on too much though I was made fun of for being very skinny and called anorexic, ugly, and had a not been bullied much(at least compared to high school)but besides that I grew up pretty happy and spent the majority of my time playing video games. After 8th grade I decided to switch schools and ended up getting bullied pretty badly by my peers and former friend who would all call me ugly and physically assault me by punching me and calling me names. Throughout this time I never stood up for myself and was extremely quiet and riddled with social anxiety. I continued to get bullied throughout the year and at one point during the middle of the school year had my pants as well as underwear pulled down in the hall by a girl who was part of the group who bullied me . After this everything stayed the same and eventually transferred schools again with no friends whatsoever. At this point I joined a few sports teams and things were mostly ok but I was not exactly a high status person at this new school since it was not far away and they knew about my bullying at the other school which led to me being a easy target. So a girl in my class would bully me by asking me out and flirting with me as a joke everyday for almost a whole year which led to me contemplating suicide. Later throughout high school I ended up being assaulted at a “friends” house while both being drunk after accidentally bumping into him which resulted in him choking me. After this since the school I was in was small I was forced to stay around these “friends” and take abuse from them which was not physical but verbal and consisted of them calling me retarded and laughing at me constantly throughout my entire high school career. Ihave also been bullied two by girls who would do the classic fake pretending to be the quiet kids girlfriend. At this point now I am a freshman in college at a very shitty state school and am in no organizations and am depressed with my freshman year finally coming to a close. It doesn’t end hear due to my extremely depressed and destroyed demeanor I had been bullied all through my freshman year in college by my suite mates who had the idea of using my name as a place holder for the word retarded. I genuinely don’t think there is any way to recover from this I am thinking of killing myself I do not deserve to live with these memories and on top of that I have nothing good in my life and this bullying is all I think about. I literally just wake up in the morning think of the bullying scream and hit myself and continue to scream at the top of my lungs every day and it has been like this for the past five years. I have kept on telling myself it will get better but it has only gotten worse.
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2023.06.07 23:44 Able_Researcher3821 AITA For Sending Him These Messages?

I had an incredible experience meeting an attractive man through Bumble. Our first date went really well, although I must admit that I was extremely nervous, shy, and socially awkward. He was such a gentleman, treating me with the utmost respect and making me feel like a princess. I genuinely believed that he was interested in me. Despite my social awkwardness, I chose not to drink to calm my nerves since I had an unpleasant experience in the past. So, I stayed sober but remained incredibly nervous throughout the date.
After our date, he invited me to his place. I don't find most men attractive, so I haven't been on many dates. I would have loved to go back with him, but I simply wasn't ready. I panicked and made up an excuse about my father picking me up. This was also how I was raised, to never go to a guy's place after a date. I ended up rushing into a nearby convenience store because he suggested I get into his car as it was raining. Please understand that I'm a virgin and I've never been on a proper date before. It's just that I'm introverted and particular about who I spend time with.
As soon as I got home, I texted him to let him know that I found him attractive and kind, but I wanted a couple more dates to really get to know him before taking that step. Being intimate with someone is a big deal for me, and the fact that he asked me to come over showed me that he was interested in me.
He expressed that my decision not to go to his place made him feel unattractive and like I had doubts about him. I reassured him that this wasn't the case, and he seemed to understand. He said he was looking forward to seeing me again soon.
I followed my mom's advice and didn't initiate contact during the entire week. She said it would make me appear desperate and like a loser if I chased after him. Finally, after six days, I received a text from him. I was thrilled!
His message simply said, "Hey, how have you been? I wanted to let you know that I've started something more serious with someone else. I had a good time with you last week though. I'm sure you'll find someone. You're a great person!"
Upon reading his message, I couldn't help but burst into tears and scream in my room. I felt completely helpless because the other options I have don't seem as promising as he did. He was the only successful, handsome, and masculine guy I had encountered. I tried to come up with a thoughtful response, but a few hours later, he unmatched me.
TLDR: I thought about sexting him the week after the date and telling him how bad I wanted him and that I wanted the house date now, but mom said that would make me look "desperate and creepy" so I just waited and eventually got the dreaded text from him that he was taking things further with someone else :( WIBTA for flirting with him the week after the d8?
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2023.06.07 23:44 usual_fancy_name Thinking of moving to be close to the girl I love (M/25, F25)

Tldr; Ex I love is in a different country. Do I risk and move to be near her and maybe be with her?
If you want an extensive history you can check my post from about 3 years ago. Although be warned that it’s a roller coaster ride throughout. And I was probably naive back then. Maybe I still am?
There is this girl that I have always loved. We have been sort of on and off a couple of times. Situations and shitty timings have always been the bane of our relationship, not letting us be together. We have been no contact for a bit now. But I reached out to her recently after my dog died. And she has been really good to me helping me through my grief.
Our conversation eventually moved on to the question of whether we can get back together. I haven’t stopped loving her one bit. But this time the issue is with the distance. She moved countries and she says she does not want to move back and will only move back if she cannot stay anymore in her current country.
Now I have always wanted to move elsewhere too. And I finally am in a place where I could move. And I have been contemplating moving to be near her. But this alone probably does not guarantee us getting back together.
And when the topic of us getting back together came up she said that she would have been ready to date me if not for the distance. But she also said that she is being set up with another guy who also might be moving there. And she mentioned that she is not sure about it until she meets him. I haven’t told her yet about my thoughts to move as I feel that would put a lot of pressure on her.
And moving is a pretty big and maybe even a tiny bit risky decision for me. That would mean I will have to quite my job which is going great and I see big opportunities here in the future. And I will have to go back to college in that country if I have to stay and work there (getting sponsored work visa in the UK seems hard otherwise). And I am also a bit confused about the job market and opportunities there for my field of work.
Given that even if I move there is decent chance we still may not end up together, how wise would it be to move? How do I approach her to talk about my decision and what it would mean for us? Any thoughts and opinions welcome. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.07 23:43 Initial_Savings8733 Best fertilizer for several tropical(?) orchids?

I inherited some orchids in very sad shape. They were sundamaged in their greenhouse and were near death when I got them. It's been two weeks of careful light exposure, watering, and repotting/mounting but they really need some fertilizer. They are still pretty small, but have good roots. I cut dead roots off and see green when watering/misting the roots that are still left and healthy. Several have aerial roots! Not sure if that's good though lol
Here are the varieties I have (bear with me as I read these names off of handwritten tags that were not easy to read:
Laelia anceps, Bulbophyllum Frostii, bulb daisy chain, Bulbophyllum lilacinum, Neostylis Lou Sneary, Cattleya bicolor var. brasiliensis, Dendrobium Burana Doll, den. lindleyi var. majus, miH Anne Warne Any tips appreciated!
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2023.06.07 23:43 SufficientNebula417 25 [F4M] Hoping to meet someone new

Oh, hello 👀
So! I'm a 25 year old, Im outgoing, I love outdoor activities such as hiking and nature tripping. Whenever Im stress from the noise of the world, beach is what I visit the most, it keeps me at peace. Love to cooks and a foodie, up to try and discover new things and places. I love horror, documentaries about anything, interesting concepts, crimes, thrillers, horrors and I am always interested in watching somebody's favorite movie, regardless of genre or contents. So tell me your favorite and let's watch it together! See yah on my DMs.
I'm just looking for someone to chat with tonight. It would be cool if you have some of the same interests. I mostly just care that you can hold a conversation and are easy going.
Between the ages of 24-30's up. Please tell me about yourself when you dm me. Thank you!!
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2023.06.07 23:43 LoserBoi69 Front brake

New old rebel owner here.
Alright, so I bought a 86 rebel 450 as a project, got it running, except I cannot for the life of me find a front caliper for it. I have purchased 2 off of ebay from different sellers, both saying they would fit the bike, and both were identical parts and don't fit. The original caliper assembly was thrown away by a previous owner so I can't even try to rebuild that.
I am at a loss at this point for where else to look. I clearly can't trust ebay, I can't find anywhere selling OEM parts, and am not sure where else to look. Has anyone had a similar issue finding parts for their bikes and have an idea of where a good place to look would be?
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2023.06.07 23:43 lostlife27 27M, no degree, no driver license, never had a girlfriend (virgin), longest job been bagging groceries and pushing carts for the past 4 and a half years. I feel stuck and just feel my life flying by, losing time.

I feel like a complete failure, not just as a man, but as a human being. In fact, I don’t really feel like a traditionally masculine male anyway, I’m some freak who’s into femdom stuff, most women expect men to dominate them.
I’m also not very good looking apparently, so it’s even more important that I make more money to make up for that and give women more of a chance to want to be with me (good looking or not, who wants to be with someone who can’t afford rent and bills? No one wants to be at constant risk of ending up on the streets).
I’m not saying all women are gold diggers, (I do live in the US, the western world, I’ll leave it at that, and yes I’m a white American, so don’t assume I’m from elsewhere, people can complain about their own country too) but really, I don’t think anyone wants to deal with constant financial insecurity. It doesn’t just cause stress and arguments, but genuine risk of ending up homeless, or (if lucky) back to living with family dependent on them. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a blessing to have, but it doesn’t feel great to HAVE to have.
I don’t hate my family, and it’s not terrible hell living with my parents. I do pay a little (while making NOT EVEN $400 a week) but barely save any money anymore and constant credit card debt, often taking the entire next paycheck and therefore relying on the credit card that week again.
I don’t feel I should be asking my parents to let me pay less (usually $300-$400, more or less, depends on the bill which varies, I pay $100 rent and two utility bills) especially at my age.
I rely on health insurance (which sent 26 I have to get from my own age, US law allows you to stay on your parents health insurance until 26) to afford my multiple prescription medications that will have terrible withdrawal if I suddenly stopped, even slow gradual reducing the dose can be very dangerous and shocking to the nervous system and brain and body) so less hours could mean losing health insurance. GoodRX would discount meds, but not the doctors visits to refill them, nor the blood tests or other potential procedures, ER visit I probably just wouldn’t even pay……
I take UbeLyft a lot, live pretty close to the job, usually less than $10 a ride, sometimes less than $8. My parents also often give me a ride so I’m kind of cheating I guess.
Besides the fact that I couldn’t afford a car anyway, I stopped trying to drive because of rage and panic attacks (mostly from loud sudden noises, even after getting on MORE medication for worsening uncontrollable explosive rage, which fortunately did help a lot) and constant intrusive thoughts.
The intrusive thoughts sometimes get overwhelming and stick around for some weeks or months, sometimes they fade away, it’s strange. I also have OCD so that probably makes it worse.
I have a million different ideas, just wish I could instantly bring into existence. The closest thing to that now is AI generating, but it’s not perfect yet and it’s also oversaturated with so many people already using it. It cannot however generate say, fully animated videos or fully automate video editing, definitely can’t create video games.
I spend too much time playing video games and watching YouTube, because I feel I have no better use of my time anyway, and it provides short-term pleasure I can’t otherwise have. I can’t just, instantly create a successful business or launch myself into a successful career. I can’t just instantly have a girlfriend (AI doesn’t count, I don’t do that either) or even visit a sex worker because THAT’S illegal in nearly all of the US. It wouldn’t really SOLVE any problem anyway.
I feel like time is moving faster and faster (this perception of time acceleration is actually supported by science) and I’m just losing more and more of my life.
I was a loser in my teens, AND my 20s. I’d at least like to be able to save my 30s, and if possible the last few years of my 20s.
I’d like to not be a 30 year old virgin who’s never had a girlfriend, but that’s not even the NUMBER 1 priority anymore. It’s actually supposed to just be a normal byproduct of life, but I’m not normal and haven’t had a normal life…..
I have been let go from jobs and told how they’re “SO SORRY” because I “TRIED SO HARD” but I just wasn’t cutting it. Like what, am I retarded or something? They certainly wouldn’t say that, because then I could sue them with proof of discrimination.
I’ve also only worked in retail/grocery though. Without being able to drive (I’m not sure I ever will drive now) or a degree (stopped going back to school because I was unsure of my major, [and now AI is automating a lot of it too], and I knew transferring to a university after 2 years meant either having to commute to downtown or somehow moving to live there).
I know this is wrong, but I have legitimately thought about trying to scam people. But even that requires hard work, probably better to put that work into something legit and legal instead.
It feels like everything has too much competition, and only the BEST OF THE BEST can be successful and even make a living wage.
I do not see myself becoming the next Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. But many regular jobs won’t pay any of their employees enough to afford rent and bills (including billion dollar corporations!). I also have to actually be good at something, of course.
I’m almost 30 and have no idea what to do.
I don’t identify with the typical “incel” community, but I’ll just say this, I’m not virgin or celibate because I want to be.
Too many thoughts, can’t focus on anything, don’t even know what would lead to success. I’m already 30, is it even possible to change these things (too broke to support myself, single virgin) before I’m 30? Before I’m 35? Things take time, right? I already lost a lot of my time, it just feels wasted.
You could sieve your ENTIRE LIFE at a job and it never pays good or has any opportunities to progress, plenty of people RETIRE from these jobs only because they get donations from a GoFundMe……
I don’t ever want kids now, but I really want to be with a woman romantically and sexually…..
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2023.06.07 23:43 Gh0st3100 You hurt me with every message

We were best friends for years and I would've done anything for you, but lately the rose coloured glasses have started to fall, showing your true self. We spent weeks not talking only for you to message me tonight. I offered you help, offered to make sure you get yourself on the path you wish and mentioned how much I have missed talking with you, only to get a response that you ignored me because you were mad at me and don't even remember why, so then when you were reminded that it was caused by me not being able to respond for 3 days because I was going through a tough time you shrugged it off. That's the moment that confirmed to me that no matter what my feelings will not matter to you, I will always be in last place to you. Always on the side, viewed as competition or someone that will help you when you need it then be thrown away again.
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2023.06.07 23:43 NotSplatoop We got em’

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2023.06.07 23:43 stuckinfantasymode Deformed tonsil for years

I’m (F 35) trying to figure out what’s going on with my tonsil/swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck.
The context for this is: I had a severe case of mono and tonsillitis when I was 17 years old (2006). Ever since then my right tonsil has been larger than the other one, where it almost looks deformed. I didn’t notice this right away though, and not until some years later. Additionally, none of my doctors since then have ever said anything about it. Since mono, I’ve had a few upper respiratory infections throughout the years, I’ve had the flu, and I’ve had COVID twice (both cases mild). I’ve also had problems with my right ear, I saw an ENT specialist in 2015 because I thought I might be losing my hearing, but they said my hearing was fine. I also had an ultrasound of my neck in 2018 and they noticed a small cyst but said it was likely okay. Throughout the years my bloodwork has been all over the place, my WBC has typically been on the higher side.
Last year I started noticing (what I’m assuming) is my lymph node on my right side below where my jawline meets my neck, a lump that has not gone away and has gotten slightly bigger. I tried mentioning this to my doctor but he didn’t do a physical examination or anything and just brushed it off (in October 2022). I’m getting concerned because it hasn’t gone away and I feel as if my doctor doesn’t have time to actually sit and listen to me as I tried mentioning it again in January (which is why I’m here). Of course I’ve googled this and what comes up is lymphoma/tonsillar lymphoma and so naturally I’m worried. I’m currently waiting to get a referral for another appointment at the ENT but figured I’d come on here to see if anyone could offer some insight. Also, my great grandmother passed from lymphoma in her neck when she was in her early 40s, so that also has me worried. Any help/insight is appreciated.
Thank you to whoever for taking the time to read this and for any answers provided.
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