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2008.04.13 15:10 New Jersey

A place to share news, links, photos, discussions, recipes, pet photos, breakfast food, correspondence, love letters, and advice about the great state of New Jersey.

2017.01.21 04:33 Mysticvoid Golf Clash

The sun is shining, it’s time to play the real-time multiplayer game everybody’s talking about! Play on beautiful courses against players around the world in real-time as you compete in tournaments, 1v1 games and challenge your Facebook friends! Available now on iOS, Android, Amazon and Facebook!

2021.06.29 02:09 a_pruett ATLgolf

*WELCOME FOR ALL OF GEORGIA* A community for people who are new or old to the area and/or the game. Here you can share your favorite courses or memories, find new people to play golf with, find new courses or course recommendations or just talk about golf in general.

2023.06.02 00:53 dukey82306 FL-Son not allowed to take road test

Hello, I took my son to take his road test in Florida a few weeks ago and we were told he can not take the test until March 1st of 2024. His permit was issued on 09/20/2021. My son was in a bad accident in which he broke his back and tore his PCL in his left knee on 02/07/2023. He was not found at fault but was issued a ticket for a learners license violation for not having a licensed adult in the front seat. Here is the thing though, he was not driving a vehichle. He was on a bike that is not registered or insured. Yes I know he should not have been on the road with it but he was. Its how all the kids around here get to each others house and ride in the woods. He was not driving recklessly nor was he speeding. I was told by the officer who wrote the ticket that it would not add points to his license so I paid the fine. Come to find out it added 3 points to his license. On the flhsmv portal its says he is eligible to take a safe drivers course, but I didnt think you could after the ticket has been paid. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He will be a senior this year and was looking forward to being able to drive this summer and to school next year. I have searched anywhere and everywhere and even emailed FLHSMV as well as called to only wait for hours to never able to speak with anybody or ever receive a response to the email I sent. Thanks
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2023.06.02 00:52 New-Aspect-550 22(f4m) orgy party today (Snapchat) gilbertsonj20

Hosting at the suite. Wanna attend a sex party and fuck the hell outta somebody or get fucked the hell outta. Well the party is on now till dawn. You can bring whatever you may need too, we decide if it goes in or nah. All you have to do is bring yourself over. Note fees applied, rules no guns allowed in the party and no violence, not all ages are welcome. Age 20 upwards, of course there’s a charge
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2023.06.02 00:52 stingmyray how am i supposed to "take a break"?

when your mental health is bad because of all the transphobia, people will often tell you to turn off the phone and take a step back. but how can i do that when its everywhere? i cant go to the goddamn grocery store without overhearing a conversation about how trans people are just confused and mentally ill or predators indoctrinating kids. i cant use social media or play my favorite games without seeing something deeply transphobic. its not even just in political places, its everywhere. i just want to live normally but i cant even use the internet without seeing someone giving their hot take on "transgenderism"
and of course i cant escape the legislation, i cant NOT worry about my health care being taken away. i can't escape my own transness.
they're obsessed with us, their hatred runs so strong they talk about us constantly. its to the point where i personally in my life situation wouldnt be able to "tune out" without completely abandoning society and moving to a cabin in the mountains 200 miles from any other house. and even then, it seems like someone may just fly a plane with a banner overhead that says "erradicate transgender ideology"
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2023.06.02 00:52 phibez3000 C Track Advice - Stats & AI/ML

Hi, I'm planning my degree (will share later) but am stuck on two hard choices: stats courses, and C-track courses.
I want to strengthen my understanding of AI/ML fundamentals. I'm strong on CS/engineering, weak on math, but am working hard at pre-reqs. I have done the Udacity nanodegrees in AI (based on CS6601) and Deep Learning. I'm not looking for an easy time, but to learn.


Doing ISYE6740 (Computational Data Analysis) and ISYE6644 (Sim and Monitoring).
Can't decide between ISYE7406 (Mining & Stat Learning) vs ISYE8803 (high dim data analytics) vs ISYE6414 (stat modelling and regression). Leaning toward the first two.


CS6601 (AI) vs CS7642 (RL) vs CS7637 (Knowledge-based AI) vs CSE8803 (NLP)... And I'm tempted by deep learning...
I'm leaning toward AI because I really enjoyed the nanodegree and would like to round out my fundamentals, as well as RL because it seems to be a powerful technique. But I think I prefer whatever can give me a strong base, such that in the future I could more easily pick-up whatever interests me (e.g. NLP).
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.02 00:52 notaraan 23 [M4M] Montreal - Looking for an online (in person works too) friend

Hey there, I know that there are some cool people out there on Reddit, so go ahead and shoot me a dm. I'd love to hear from you.
A few hobbies of mine include photography & music. I’m not really sure how to elaborate further on that; I do enjoy taking pictures of anything I find pretty and well my taste in music spans various different genres, which include: indie, edm, pop, kpop, jrock, random movie soundtracks & classical but I am always looking to expand my tastes and discover new music. I do want to learn to play the piano too someday (hopefully sometime soon). Shoot me a few recommendations, I’d love to check em out! Oh, I also love trying out foods from cultures around the world and learning about said cultures so if you live abroad or if you like learning about other cultures yourself: bonus points. For the record, I myself am from Canada.
A couple more details about myself, I’m quite scatterbrained which is something that I’d love to improve upon. Would like to get into shape as well but ya know, dieting and exercise are challenging + I am not very good with discipline. So yeah, if any of this sounded interesting, stop by and say “hi” and let’s see where it goes from there :)
Oh, and ideally this would be a long-term sort of thing, I’m open to getting to know someone else entirely and vice versa. That means that I’d love to share not only our accomplishments but also our failures with each other and hopefully we’d feel comfortable enough to help each other through them. But of course, let’s not force anything if we don’t bond. Finally, I do prefer guys who are my age or older because I just seem to bond more with people who know a little bit more of where they’re going in life (it helps me motivate myself).
Hope to chat with some of yall :)
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2023.06.02 00:52 TommyW1225 Memory vs Comprehension

I have recently begun The Loophole and just completed Chapter 3. Of course, the "Breather" consists of Basic Translation Drills. I completed Section 2 in over an hour with varying levels of success depending on the stimulus. I have been studying this test for a bit now and am comfortable comprehending most problems. What I struggle with, not only on this test but in life, is holding ideas in my mind's eye. The most adept analogy might be the one of sand through fingers, where the harder I try to hold onto an idea or the more I'd like to recall it, the more that idea seems to slip away. So, if I practice the Basic Translation Drills piece by piece and voice-record the parts, I don't doubt my success. But holding those ideas in my mind and being able to recall them is another matter. Especially on a test where I can't speak these ideas outloud.
While I struggle with this, I have found my intuition to be strong. I have been getting by through letting the answers speak to me and refering back to the passage for clarification. I would like to buy in to The Loophole method though and see what type of improvements I make. So here is my main questions: by what mechanism does the Basic Translation technique (in its current iteration) improve someone's memory and recall? How will recording audio of my translation of a sentence (or less) at a time improve my ability to hold an entire argument in my mind, specifically philosophical arguments with less tangible ideas.
I'm committed to investing time into the proccess. I'm just curious about the benefits for memory versus the more outwardly obvious ones for comprehension.
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2023.06.02 00:51 dilEMMA5891 IV help please! What's your routine and set up?

Fuck I'm the world's worst junkie! Am I missing something? I've been at this for years and still can't hit a vein to save my life. My arms are a fucking mess man; my feet are numb from wrecking nerves trying to get to veins; I've only got my groin left and I'm really trying to avoid using downstairs because I don't fancy ending up with a minced up, punched lasagne for a vagina. I've watched videos, nurses have told me what to do and I still can't get it. Tournequet is on, veins are pulsing like a spunking dick, I can get my needle in 50% of the time but it won't stay there when I push the plunger, I either pull the needle out when I go to press or it slips out of my vein and I end up with my dose looking like a bollock under my skin. I wanna be using my drugs in the most efficient way possible, to get the most bang for my buck but I just keep wasting this shit man. Can anyone tell me what fucking voodoo everyone else knows but me? I wanna be floaty as fuck, not bruised and itchy. I've been off and on for years, never really figured out a proper IV routine because you know the story, I use then say it's the last time and I don't need to get proper IV shit, I'll just use the spoon from before and rinse the needle out because I'm never taking heroin again. Then, of course, I do. So maybe it's time to properly figure it out after ten years of trying. I'm shit at life, I atleast need to be good at taking drugs. Please tell me your IV routine, what shit you use and HOW you do it. Ta fellow hedonists/reprobates ✌️💜
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2023.06.02 00:51 pinkhelf family mains complaining

notice how all of the family member mains are complaining in this sub.. whereas victims are nowhere to be found. they’re probably unfamiliarized with the fact that this game doesn’t play out like dbd essentially since it has 3 killers instead of 1 and maybe just maybe that’s why they’re weaker than you’d think! if you wanna feel powerful and get some easy points then go back to dbd where you can whine all you want and be rude about it - but this community isn’t meant for it to be like that. the devs asked for constructive criticism and as far as i know all of the family mains have been demanding and asking for victim nerfs for no reason. mind you there are THREE family members, not just one, three so their power level is reasonable. tired of people thinking that over the course of 3 days they’d just perfectly understand how the game plays out?? perks are coming on release people, so take a chill pill and wait for the thing to come out completely in order to ask for character modifications.
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2023.06.02 00:51 findingniko_ Which visa is appropriate for me?

Hi all, after I finish my Bachelor's next summer I plan on finding remote work in the US and then moving to Madeira. Problem is, I am unsure which visa is appropriate for my situation. I know there is a digital nomad visa but this requires you to make 4x the average salary, which I likely won't be doing. Then there is D7, but to my understanding this mentions passive income. Of course, I will actually be working and this income will not technically be passive. So does anybody know which visa I should plan to apply for? At the moment, I intend to leave the US and not return so I would likely be remaining in Portugal for at least a few years.
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2023.06.02 00:51 Badgarok P11s Dark and Light

Hello, this is just a bit of an observation I’ve made and can actually make the initial positions for the dark and light tethers very easy to solve, just by looking at what debuff you have and what role your playing. The short version is, you can fix: Light tanks/healers west Dark dps west Dark tank/healers east Light dps east Of course you can change these exact spots, but the idea is if you have two debuff of each role on the same side, the mechanic of dealing with the groups and making sure each group is 2dps, 1tank, 1healer, tethers are correctly stretched/hugged is solved automatically by doing this. This is because the debuffs are assigned as follow: 1 light healer tethered to dark dps (need to be close) 1 dark healer tethered to dark dps (need to stretch) 1 light tank tethered to light dps (need to stretch) 1 dark tank tethered to light dps (need to be close) While feel free to correct me if this is wrong, i havent observed any to contradict this yet. But this means that you can place tanks and healers in places by their debuffs, and naturally dps can be as well. Feel free to use this and call it badga strat and inflate my ego :D this is purely just for helping out the initial spots based on your debuff, good luck with the rest
Hope this is helpful (and there isnt some unseen pattern ive missed, but i believe this to be consistent)
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2023.06.02 00:51 crawlen My mom had a benign tumor on her ovary. Should I be worried about my own ovaries? (30F)

My mom had the tumor identified and removed at age 38. It was the size of an apple! I honestly didn't think much of it until recently because I am trying to become pregnant (so ovaries are on the brain). I'm not only worried about it as it relates to fertility, but I'd also like to know how often/seriously I should follow up on something like this throughout the course of my life? I'm not sure if it's even something that would come up in a pelvic exam, so I'm curious if I need to advocate for myself to get checked out. Obviously benign isn't the worst, but I'd rather catch something like this early if it happens to me.
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2023.06.02 00:51 autobuzzfeedbot 27 Moments From “Cinderella” That Prove Brandy And Paolo's Chemistry Was Sooo Intense, Like, I Still Blush To This Day

  1. There's the beginning of the film when Cinderella and the Prince have no idea they're about to cross paths in town — when Cinderella sings, "The Sweetest Sounds," about finding love, and lo and behold, the Prince is nearby, singing the same thing.
  2. Then, when they finally meet, they make eye contact for the first time, and let's just say, it's love at first sight.
  3. And then, there's the sweet moment they bond over the fact that they've both lived a sheltered life.
  4. There's the moment the Prince and Cinderella finally spot each other again at the ball, and the eye contact strikes again (crying!).
  5. And it gets better. The. Hand. On. The. Chin.
  6. And the LOOK. Girl, same!!!
  7. There's the funny moment when they start dancing together, and they don't quite remember each other from the marketplace.
  8. And, of course, the moment he calls her beautiful for the first time.
  9. They're in their own little world.
  10. Shortly after, there's the moment they burst into singing "Ten Minutes Ago" because they finally found their love.
  11. And, TBH, there's any and every time the Prince looks at her.
  12. They even dance outside! (We love love!!!)
  13. There's the sweet moment Cinderella and the Prince once again bond over their unpredictable, demanding families.
  14. And they realize that maybe, just maybe, they might be "the one" for each other.
  15. There's the moment the Prince serenades his love with "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?"
  16. Oh, and there's the OTHER hand touch! The romance!
  17. It all seems too good to be true!
  18. Cinderella joins in on the song, clearly feeling the same way about her prince.
  19. There's the wholesome moment when the Prince kisses both her hands and her forehead!!!! (What!!!!)
  20. And then, they have their first kiss! Ahhh!
  21. To pull at our heartstrings even more, there's the moment they're forced to part ways when Cinderella frantically runs off at midnight — before the Prince even gets her name.
  22. And then, of course, he finds something to remember her by: the glass slipper.
  23. And during their time apart, the two have their moments where they miss each other. Cinderella — despite her evil stepmom's treatment — realizes she deserves to be loved for who she really is, even though she's not royalty.
  24. And the Prince decides he needs to find Cinderella.
  25. There's the moment when, after having several women try on the glass slipper without any success, the Prince finally runs into Cinderella again.
  26. The shoe fits!!!
  27. And, last but absolutely not least, there's the moment they ride through town together and have a dream wedding.
Link to article
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2023.06.02 00:51 CloudyRomero Do You Think Anything Would Be Different If Dogma Was Kevin's Second Film?

At the end of the credits in the first Clerks, we see a message stating we will see Jay & Silent Bob return in Dogma. This implies that had Clerks succeeded (it did) Kevin would want to then make Dogma right after (which he didn't). The story goes that after the success of Clerks, Universal Studios wanted Kevin to make "smart Porky's" which I feel he did very successfully. Mallrats was slammed by critics upon release and despite my personal love for the film, I understand why. It felt more like a big studio's idea of a Kevin Smith flick more so than an actual Kevin Smith flick. That being said, it's still hilarious to me.
Anyway, Chasing Amy was next which is probably Kevin's best filmmaking work to date. On top of being a very funny and important movie, it did A LOT in the way of redeeming Kevin's image after Mallrats stunk up the joint for so many. It did have it's fair share of controversy of course (most of which was dumb but as a queer fan of Kevin, discussions regarding humor from the 90's are healthy) but it wae mostly well received, especially by those same critics that hated Mallrats.
Shortly afterwards Kevin took his hardest writing challenge - explain your personal falling out with your faith and make it a 90 minute big budget (compared to what he normally worked with) movie. Other than some ridiculous religious protests and bomb threats, the movie was seen as his magnum opus at the time. A feeling I still see all over the internet and conventions around the country.
The mixed to negative response to Mallrats and overwhelmingly positive response to Dogma is fascinating to me as it seems Dogma wae supposed to be movie #2 not movie #4 and Mallrats probably wouldn't have gotten made in that same way. Does anyone think things would be different had it gone Clerks - Dogma - Chasing Amy instead? I know the message at the end of Clerks is a reference to the end of most Marvel Comics and is most likely just meant to be seen as a joke and nothing more but I like to overthink shit like this.
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2023.06.02 00:50 fairylightmeloncholy Advice for an 'Urban Backpacking' trip

I'm looking for some advice for a trip i'm taking next week.
I'll be gone for 3 nights, (one night in one town, and two nights in another). I don't drive so I'll be having to take transit and ride shares, and I've decided that using a 65L backpacking backpack will be my best bet for carrying what I need.
The weather will range from 10 degrees at night to 30 degrees during the day, which is a huge range and my body sucks at temp regulation. I've made sure that I've planned my trip to be gentle as far as pacing goes (i added the second night in the second town to make sure i could go slowly), but it's still 3 days on my feet, and 3 nights away from home and all my squishmallows.
I'm definitely going to bring my heating pad, and i'm packing NSAIDS and KT tape. (and of course cannabis! it's legal here and i can't get through a day without it). i was thinking of bringing a pillow/squishmallow because i always need more pillows than the average joe, but i'll also be bringing pillowcases so i can put my clothes in there and use them as pillows to prop up all my limbs during sleep.
i'm also bringing safe foods that i know i won't be able to get 'on the road' that will cover me for about a day and a half. it's finding that weird line between wanting to make sure i have everything i need to be resilient enough for the trip, but also not wanting to totally fuck myself over because i'm carrying too much on my back.

if anyone made it this far and noticed something that i'm missing, please share!!
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2023.06.02 00:50 mizuhri Laughing/Coughing in hip hop song?

I am having so much trouble finding this song. I’ve ruined the sound I had in my head by searching and listening to so many songs. The part I remember the person is like laughing or coughing type sound in the song then starts singing. It’s been on tiktok and Instagram all over the place and I of course can’t find it now.
This sucks but the best I can do it since I ruined it is: Uh huh huh uh uh huh then singing. Like upbeat tempo.
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2023.06.02 00:50 TeddyBearFet1sh Free boating lesson, Can F-1 participate in boating lesson or get boating license?

I want to sign up for a beginner boating course for experience and knowledge gain. Can we sign up for this course and is it possible that we get a boating license in the future?
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2023.06.02 00:50 lakers_ftw24 Chaos Reach Should Intrinsically Have Thunderous Retort Artifact Perk

Chaos reach was buffed of course as part of this season's balance patch but it still does fairly mediocre damage for how long it takes to deliver (especially if using Geomags) when compared with similar supers like gathering storm. When using Thunderous Retort, which buffs damage when critically wounded or amplified, the damage of Chaos Reach is significantly improved to reasonably competitive levels. The perk also fits Chaos Reach thematically in terms of being amplified and then focusing that burst of energy into a lightning beam. Makes me feel like it would make sense to incorporate that functionality intrinsically in some way, maybe with just the amplified part.
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