2006 mitsubishi eclipse gt for sale


2011.06.26 15:58 dominikK Mitsubishi


2023.03.24 21:50 ConsistentAddition60 Would a Lincoln Ls be a good first car for a car guy

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2023.03.24 21:14 zorin234 Friday Community Stream Reddit Recap: March 24th

Friday Community Stream Reddit Recap: March 24th
Hey, here's the Reddit recap for the March 24th community stream.
Note: This is a summary of the stream, and any points of interest that was said on stream should be watched if they wish to get the full context.
Host this week:
  • Bam1500 (Lead Game Designer) (Now with a chair that has butter on it)
  • TankZorz (Creative Producer)
Last week's news:
  • Dream Machines Earn OP: Link
  • We're celebrating St Patrick's Day too!
  • Lucky Keycards will be back
  • Longbomb Mercenary Contract: LInk
  • Trade in: Link
This week:
  • Weekly News Article: Link
  • New tier 8 German “Medium” KPZ 07 RH Link
  • Show me the Money Chain:
  • Spring Sales: Link
  • PTT Adjustment Wave 6 : Link

Next week’s news:
  • Tank Mastery challenge: Link
    • Pick your Tank Class, earn mastery badges in that Class of Tanks, and get rewards! Silver, boosters, emblems etc are all up for grabs
  • Surely you jest!
    • Since April Fools is next week. Our Trickster Commanders are back in store for the week and they've brought goodies. Dress your Tank in the finest April Fools Inscriptions and Emblems
    • They've also brought some surprises, so keep an eye out for anything topsy-turvy as we get closer to April 1st
  • Merc Contract: Jammer

Other Topics / news:
  • AVRE discussion: We are looking at the stats and seeing if anything can be changed. May look into “Anti Pref” MM so it doesn't see tier 8’s.
  • In game Report Update:
    • Clan: 1 disbanded, 6 renamed.
    • Player: 21 temp bans, 2 perm ban.
Reminders for when releases are "planned":
  • All subject to change and generally are vague.
  • Next maps - “Summer Map” - April 11th. (Not Live Oaks)
  • Wheeled tanks - On indefinite hold.
  • Double barrel Heavies - 2023?
  • CW French - this year.
  • CW German Lights - ?
  • CW Japanese: no current plans.
  • Italian TD: “Soon”
  • CW Mercenary: This year.
  • YOH - ?
  • CW UK Expansion - ? but mention that its planned

  • Winrate of Highway? - Looks like it is balanced, but we are looking into the feeling if it feels balanced.
  • In the hanger garage would it be possible to change the background tanks to our own tanks with skins? - Very interesting idea, good suggestion.
  • Can we have an option to move equipment without selling? - This is something from PC. We talked about the idea of Depo. We need to think about if it would fit into the ecosystem.
  • Can we get more 3D commander customization? - I will reach out to the Art director.
  • Limit of Weisels per team? - This goes along with the AVRE. This would have to be a system we would build. We have this system for Arty, but that's a class. We are having conversations, no firm direction I can share right now.
  • Next Map? - Last week i said it was a summer, This week i can tell you it will show up April 11th. Not Live Oaks.
  • Any plans for new SPG’s? - With Arty 2.0 changes, we wanted to put arty in a good position. The MM looks good as well with the recent change. Right now we don't have nay plans to make further adjustments. - No plan right now, but getting closer to when we can have that conversation.
  • MBT 70 Pen buff? Armor buff? - doesnt seem to have any issues with pening compared to same tier tanks.
  • Why does the cost of equipment not scale for tiers? - it does scale per tier in WW2. CW is at the same max cost.
  • Any new Hero Skins? - 2 next season
  • Taran sale? - no dates right now.
  • New CW line? - New lines are coming
  • Can you make tier 10’s only face tier 9 and not 8’s. - This is how its always been, but we are looking into some tanks have special MM to not see 8’s.
  • Japanese TD’s? - Those are only just being tested on PC. Going to be a bit for us to get them.
  • Bulwark Contract? - May
  • Can we get a list of all the Skins we have? - This is something on our to do list. (Longer answer)
  • XP Op like show me the Money? - stay tuned, see what the event team is cooking up.
  • Tier 9/10 sale? - no date right now.
  • Next premium CW tank? - Stay tuned
  • CW medals? - This is being worked on.
  • BMD-1 ? - Maybe, but not on the current schedule.
  • Next season Theme? - not this soon
  • Will there be more garage designs? - We are exploring options. Send feedback on what you want.
  • New recruitment program tank? - no plans.
  • Platoon hanger garage? - This was something we had issues with deciding how to show them. With any new garages we also have to think about this.
  • Sell 2d commander packs? - we have keycards with special 2d commanders.
  • More 3D commanders with special VO? - We know this is well liked. Next season we have new ones with VO. We are also looking at past commanders to see if we can add VO to them.
  • AVRE win rate? - 50.8%. Next week ill try to provide more stats.
  • Equipment 2.0 or Crew? - We did an overhaul on those a couple year back. Right now, no plans.
  • Reforges? - This is a continuous task. We are looking at a set of tier 8 mediums.
QNA Reminder:
  • Thxs for posting your stream question in the comments. Make sure to mark the end of your question with #streamQNA to make it easier for T33 to collect your questions.
  • Gonna be tame this week, with humble rewards. 4 Camo vouchers for one, a Confidential Keycard for another. Lastly for one need helps finishing the Season how about a few stage skips.
  • Naturally, giveaway based on StreamQna questions.
  • Will need you to message me your GT and console if I contact you.
  • No new reddit accounts.
  • Will be picking winners Sometime later monday
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