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2023.06.02 00:46 Federal-Priority-825 VR&E

Is there a limit on how many times you can use VR&E? I know there’s references to 48 months. But is that just for that single track? Then you can apply again down the road?
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2023.06.02 00:46 Empty-Ice-8190 #@.NBA Finals 2023 Game << (Miami vs Denver)>> @reddit

Watch Live Stream #@NBA Miami vs Denver Finals - Game 1 live stream Online Free_OnThe Heat vs. Nuggets live stream is on ABC and ESPN3 at 8:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT on Thursday (June

NBA Miami vs Denver Finals - Game 1

If you've already cut the cord and don't have a cable package? With the right pick from our best cable TV alternatives, you'll be able to watch it and all of the NBA playoff games. ABC is also on FuboTV, which offers quad-box and
Instead, you consider Sling TV, one of the best streaming services, which has TNT. For future NBA playoff live streams, ABC games will simulcast on ESPN3, which is available through Sling Orange. ABC is also available in select markets for Sling Blue. Those markets are Chicago (WLS), Fresno (KFSN), Houston (KTRK), Los Angeles (KABC), New York (WABC), Philadelphia (WPVI), Raleigh-Durham (WTVD) and San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose (KGO). All but Fresno, Houston and Raleigh will pay $5 more per month for ABC in either Sling Blue or Sling Orange & Blue.
Sling is 50% off for the first month making it a perfect place to watch all of the NBA playoffs. Sling Orange also gets you ESPN, and its Sports Extra pack gets you NBA TV.
Of course, you can also watch the games on the more expensive services, such as YouTube TV ($73 per month), Hulu + Live TV ($70 per month) and DirecTV Stream ($75 per month).
ABC can be pulled down with one of the best TV antennas.
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2023.06.02 00:45 middlemangv It doesn't matter how strong the project of the coin you invested in is, maybe it will resist a little at times, but eventually it will follow the price of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin goes down, the rest will follow.

It doesn't matter how strong the project of the coin you invested in is, maybe it will resist a little at times, but eventually it will follow the price of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin goes down, the rest will follow.
Maybe that's what makes people call all the other cryptocurrencies as "altcoins".
I think that it is clear to all of us, and it is also obvious, that no matter how good the project is, if Bitcoin goes down with the price, eventually the entire market will be painted in red.
People say that one of the biggest reasons for this is trading pairs that favor Bitcoin, considering that most trading pairs are in BTC. So when Bitcoin goes down, so do trading pairs.
Another reason is the dominance of Bitcoin, i.e. the number or value of the entire crypto market capital, where Bitcoin leads with 44.2%.
"As of today, the market cap of Bitcoin (BTC) is at $521 Billion, representing a Bitcoin dominance of 44.22%. Meanwhile, Stablecoins' market cap is at $130 Billion and has a 11.05% share of the total crypto market cap." - CoinGecko
Most people see Bitcoin as the leader in the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is literally a market indicator and no matter how good the project you invested in is, possibly in the long run it will follow the price of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin collapses, it would be equivalent to a tsunami in the cryptocurrency market. The crypto market is closely related to Bitcoin.
Bitcoin dominance
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2023.06.02 00:45 bengalih Windows based cloud sync tool that runs as a service?

Can anyone suggest a package that will sync folders to various cloud providers and natively runs as a service?
Of course needs to be reliable, but the implementation I currently need is not very robust (1 way sync from desktop to cloud of some security video).
I've heard Syncthing can do what I want, but I'd like it to run natively as windows service because without that you can't ever launch an interactive GUI without first shutting down the service.
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2023.06.02 00:45 BroadProrogation Decentralization is very important

Internet security is a central aspect of cybersecurity, and it includes managing cyber threats and risks associated with the Internet, web browsers, web apps, websites and networks. The primary purpose of Internet security solutions is to protect users and corporate IT assets from attacks that travel over the Internet.
Unfortunately, even today, quite a few people do not understand the dangers of centralizing any project, any platform, and any ecosystem. Many people think “If I am an ordinary person and I have no enemies, then what is the point for me to use decentralized products?”. But the answer to this question is rather obvious.
Decentralization removes the main vulnerability from any project — a single point at which everything can be brought down. In a decentralized ecosystem, it is impossible to negotiate with anyone to change the rules in their own interests — there is no one to negotiate with, and decisions are made by the entire community. It is also impossible to push, intimidate or bribe the “boss” — you will have to bribe most users at once. And even a simple mistake by one person (or by a small group of people) can not damage the system.
In other words, a decentralized ecosystem such as Utopia not only ensures the security of users, their personal information and finances, but is simply much more resilient. This means that the average user can rely on it with much greater confidence.
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2023.06.02 00:45 Gilferd98 Time for a change?

Since 2009-10 only Fortuna Dusseldorf and Union Berlin have been promoted through the relegation playoff. Made more sense when the leagues were closer in the 2000s. Is it time DFB look to change the way promotion/relegation works in Germany?
It could be as simple as 1 leg in the home stadium of the 2.Bundesliga club? Or as big as scrapping the game all together and having 3 up 3 down...
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2023.06.02 00:45 mvis_thma Luminar Technologies - TD Cowen 51st Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference

Tom Fenimore was interviewed by Josh from TD Cowen today. Here is a synopsis and a bit of my analysis at the bottom.
Josh: Volvo, SAIC, Polestar are ramping nearer term. The push back on LiDAR is that it has always been too expensive. How are the OEMs trying to monetize the cost?
Tom: It all comes down to the value you get. The Luminar sensor is around $1000. There are 2 primary benefits. 1) Volvo said they expect to reduce severe collisions by 20% (Luminar thinks that is a conservative estimate). 2) Luminar is the best long-range LiDAR in the industry. It can see 250M, which provides 7 seconds of reaction time, which is needed to achieve a safe stop or take some other maneuvers. This enables "highway autonomy", which is hands off and eyes off. Luminar believes that full Level 5 (hands off, eyes off everywhere) is a very difficult problem to solve. This may only be achieved at end of decade at best. Highway autonomy, however, is achievable. $1000 is not the cheapest device to put on a vehicle, but in order for highway autonomy to be enabled, the car must have a LiDAR that provides 250M of visibility. This will enable the OEM to upsell the consumer to this capability.
Josh: Is the goal for the OEMs to generate subscription revenue for "highway autonomy".
Tom: SAIC R7 and Volvo are marketing the power of the LiDAR, for better safety and highway autonomy. Today, the auto industry is in a big pivot to EVs. These buyers are tech savvy. The LiDAR is a differentiator in this space. LiDAR and it benefits provides a great marketing message for the OEMs in the crowded EV space.
Josh: Talk about your relationship with the compute players: Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Mobileye.
Tom: Some OEMs have their in-house software arms (for example Volvo has Zenseact). Mercedes Benz is using Nvidia to take the lead on certain parts of the software. Luminar is flexible to work with either model. Luminar is designed to work with the compute players. For example, Luminar is on the reference platform (Hyperion) from Nvidia. It doesn't guarantee the OEM will choose Luminar, but it makes it Luminar's business to lose.
Josh: What is the business model for the software platform. You have made more investments than your peers for example in things like pro-active safety and highway autonomy.
Tom: Yes, safety, highway autonomy, and 3D mapping. Luminar believes there will be big opportunities on the software for the medium and long term. In the near term, it is the perception software which is the object identification and object tracking - this is the output of the perception software. Luminar is developing the right way to integrate the LiDAR (pro-active safety) information into the other sensor modalities (camera, radar). They have built a product (they call pro-active safety) to share with the OEMs to show what the art of the possible is. The OEMs are very good at taking camera-based output and developing the algorithms around that. The LiDAR point cloud is a different sensor modality. Luminar is helping the OEMs to integrate that. Ultimately, they want to demonstrate to the OEM what a LiDAR can do when you put it on a vehicle. They are focused on perception software today. Longer term proactive safety, highway autonomy, and 3D mapping will be separate revenue streams.
Josh: What is the goal and status of the insurance angle? It was surprising to hear this at Luminar Day.
Tom: It facilitates the monetization of the safety improvement. If cars crash less, the cost to insure the vehicle will come down. The legacy insurance companies wanted to see years of data until they would value the LiDAR appropriately. Luminar wanted to move faster than this. This is why Luminar took the lead to develop the insurance business.
Josh: How does the partnership with Swiss Re work?
Tom: Luminar recognizes they are not experts in insurance. Swiss Re plays the expert role. Luminar wants to go through the OEM partners to do this together. Many OEMs are looking to build out their own insurance business. Luminar is willing to give the insurance money to the OEM, but of course the OEM will need the LiDAR to make the insurance product work.
Audience Member: Where does the Luminar LiDAR stand with regard to navigating bad weather?
Tom: Bad weather can mean anything from fog, to blizzard, to rain. Luminar operates at a wavelength of 1550nm. Tom talked about many other LiDAR companies operating at 905nm and how that wavelength is limited by the amount of power that can be applied due to eye safety issues. Luminar can put more power through the 1550nm laser to effectively "power through" fog or a blizzard. However, there will be some limitations to this. The other aspect is how to keep the LiDAR clean. Since the Luminar sensor is designed to be placed "high up" on the vehicle it is easier to keep clean vs. a LiDAR sensor that is placed down lower in the bumper.
Josh: How should we look at the competitive landscape with other LiDAR players and also including imaging radar companies?
Tom: 1) Tom does not know how many LiDAR companies will exist 10 years from now. But there will be less than today. There will be a day of reckoning over the next 12 to 18 months for some of the LiDAR companies. Again, there will be less companies 10 years from now, don't know how many, but Luminar will be one of them. 2) It all comes down to what you want the LiDAR to do. It is not the cheapest thing to put on the car ($1000). If an OEM is only focused on an ADAS system today with only incremental improvements he is not sure if buying a LiDAR for that purpose is worth it. Could an imaging radar system provide that kind of incremental benefit, perhaps yes.
Josh: Luminar issued guidance for doubling revenue this year. This was before Volvo announced a delay in the EX90 rollout. How are you able to maintain revenue guidance for this year.
Tom: We built a conservative model. Despite the Volvo delay, we are still planning for increased sensor sales (vs. last year). Their new factory is up and running. Other programs and other customers (not in the automotive space) will also grow. They have healthy NRE revenue. LSI (Components) subsidiary is growing (however the revenue here will actually be for next year vs. this year).
Josh: What are some of the customer assumptions for the doubling of revenue through 2025 and 2026.
Tom: Phase 1: Over next 12 months, Volvo and Polestar will begin shipping and they will continue with SAIC and some other customers that will build up. Phase 2: Mecedes and Nissan will come along in the middle part of the decade. The plan would be to reach a 100,000+ rate sometime next year (driven by the Volvo launch). The million-unit rate would be achieved in 2026 or 2027. Of the million-unit mark over 75% has already been booked. The remainder will be achieved via existing customers by expanding to additional vehicle lines.
Josh: What does "booked today" mean?
Tom: For those in the automotive industry, it means they have been officially awarded the vehicle program, they have an agreement in place with the customer, they have a rough sense of timing. The risk is how many vehicles will the OEM sell. Example: Volvo - Luminar will be on every EX90. What is unknown is how many EX90s will Volvo sell next year. Luminar uses IHS who does industry forecasting to come up with an estimated number. The only elements considered booked with Volvo is the EX90 and EX90 Excellence. All the other models are not considered booked.
Josh: You have provided some margin targets - gross margin positive exiting this year. 35% in 2025. Longer term 65% gross margin.
Tom: ASP will be $1000 (plus or minus) range. The $1000 includes the BOM, the conversion costs, and then some drib and drab costs (like warranty). They use 3rd party partners like Fabrinet and Celestica to manufacture the sensor. They believe the cost a sensor will be $650 (plus or minus) once they get to scale in late 2024 or 2025 timeframe. Longer term, their next generation product (ready in the 2nd half of the decade) they believe they can get the cost down to $350 by bringing down the BOM cost and the conversion cost (i.e. manufacturing cost).
Josh: You have said you have enough capital to reach cash flow breakeven. What assumptions are baked into that? You did a shelf earlier this year.
Tom: The shelf is based upon them getting a lot of calls about M&A opportunities. Many companies are struggling to raise money right now. This would be for opportunistic M&A. They referenced some recent examples: Seagate LiDAR business, Argo Princeton operation, Velodyne/Ouster India operation, and Simple Map as examples). If an acquiree wants cash, they wanted an ability to act nimbly but then have the ability to backfill that cash by selling equity from the shelf. Tom reiterated they have enough cash to get to profitability. Cash burn will come down meaningfully toward the end of the year due to the one-time launch costs they have now.
My analysis
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2023.06.02 00:45 -vaudeville_ 200ug trip while playing Far Cry 5

Hey yall. 👋 Im coming down from my last trip, I was playing Far Cry 5 the whole time and it gave me a brand new appreciation for nature, animals and the people around me. The soundtrack is so beautiful, I almost cried.
Happy tripping from Hope County!
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2023.06.02 00:45 EliteBigE Window stuck all the way down

I have a 2017 mustang and my driver side window is stuck all the way down. You can’t hear any noise when trying to get it back up. I already change the motor and fuse, i was told the switch is getting signal and told it’s not the regulator. i’m running out of ideas and living in florida it’s a pain please if you have any ideas let me know
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2023.06.02 00:44 influorescence Housemate leaves toilet seat dirty with his flaky ass crust

To preface this post, I don't consider myself to be a "clean freak" or germaphobe by any means, hell I have ADHD myself so my standards for cleanliness/tidiness are not extreme by any means. That being said, we all have to draw the line somewhere. I moved into my house about 6 months ago, so I have been dealing with this problem every day of those past 6 months. I have a housemate, let's call him Jared, who is in his late 30s and works as a line cook at a nearby country club. After he moved in, I noticed an odor lingering in the bathroom that wouldn't go away. I soon realized that the odor was coming from his towel, which he hangs on the back of the door, and smells like it has never been washed + has some serious mildew stank. Gross. Then I started waking up in the morning to the disgusting sound of him hocking up copious amounts of phlegm in the sink, which he would not wash down the drain but rather leave clinging onto the side of the sink. One time, there was a bloody tonsil stone left on the side of the sink. Fucking rancid. Then, I noticed that everytime id sit down to use the toilet there was a light dusting of crusty skin flakes and scabs that he would deposit on the toilet seat and not wipe up. So every time I used my bathroom I'd have to wipe his nasty ass crust off the seat. (see picture) This is where I draw the line. We are the only two people who use the downstairs bathroom so I know it's from him, and I have no idea what to do other than keep wiping down the seat before I use it, which makes me cringe. I think I'd have maybe a bit of empathy for him if he wasn't such a huge asshole, but this dude has tried to start fights with my other housemates and also never pays his rent or utilities on time. He also recently crashed his car so he's been home constantly, which makes all these issues even worse. I have made a point of avoiding him and my bathroom as much as possible and trying to go other places to do so instead. I am so grossed out by the thought of sitting on the toilet seat and getting his skin flakes all over me. I just had to tell someone because it's driving me absolutely insane and it's so fucking gross but I can't really confront him about it...
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2023.06.02 00:44 HeyTheWhatNow NZ Herald - Barfoot & Thompson reports big May housing sales jump - what does the data say?

NZ Herald - Barfoot & Thompson reports big May housing sales jump - what does the data say?
As a follow up for the post who suggested how complicit the media is in attempting to spin the property market downturn and magic it into growth...
NZ Herald story

They attempt to turn growing sales units in May vs. April into a big story. That has happened every single month that their data is publicly available, with the exception of the COVID lockdown period in 2020 (see table).

Curiously they choose to not focus on the fact that May median price was $955k, which was 4% down on April, which was $995k! A 4% drop in one month! April was down 2.1% on March which was $1.025M. That's -6.8% in 2 months!
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2023.06.02 00:44 BpImperial Police officers reaches into car Civil rights matter (ca)

I got pulled over for “failing to turn signal” which is a lie and I have proof of this on my dash cam. The police officer forced me to roll my windows down after he had already told me why he pulled my over because he “wanted to see if there was anyone back there” and reached into my vehicle. He gave me a citation for for failure to signal after.
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2023.06.02 00:44 POUUER Mystery electrical issue in 2012 Honda Accord

I've been chasing an electrical issue in my 2012 Honda Accord for 6-9 months now and the mechanics I've seen multiple times can't narrow down the source. Thankfully it no longer ends up dead on random occasions after sitting for only a day unused, but it will still be dead if I ever leave it sitting for several days unused. My battery has been replaced, the power cable ends were redone to remove corrosion, the starter was replaced, the alternator was tested and is good, I had an after-market anti-theft system removed (recommended by mechanics as a possible power drain source), I never use my car to charge my phone or other devices, and the only remaining after-market thing I have installed is a dashcam, which the mechanics recommended I leave unplugged to test if that's the source, but doing so it didn't make a difference. Most recently I've noticed that if my car is left in auxiliary mode for 5-10 minutes then the radio will completely cut out and lose all signal to all stations, then if I restart my car it's working again. Does anyone have any suggestions about what possible options should be investigated next given all of these things?
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2023.06.02 00:44 ZamanthaD Will of the People (album) is often referred to as a “Muse Greatest Hits”. Which songs from the album do you think best correlate to their previous albums?

One thing I love about Muse is that all 9 albums have a distinct feel to them, but their 9th album is kindof a mash up of their previous albums styles. Which songs from WOTP do you think best match their previous albums?
  1. Will of the People (Will of the People) This song feels the most “new sounding” for lack of a better word. While thematically it could fit easily with a couple of their albums, I think it’s sound is pretty original and it fits perfect as this albums opener.
  2. Compliance (The 2nd Law) some light synth-y vibes to it that this album has and tonally and thematically feels like it would fit in T2L pretty well.
  3. Liberation (The Resistance) Very Queen-like and fits with a lot of the lyrics of this album. Also reminds me of United States of Eurasia.
  4. Won’t Stand Down (Black Holes and Revelations) This one gave me the most trouble for which album it best correlates to, but I feel BHaR feels the most right for this song. It has that “out there” sound that BHaR has, I feel like this track would fit great playing right after City of Delusion.
  5. Ghosts (Showbiz) This one I feel like it sounds like something from the Showbiz era, it has a melancholic vibe to it that feels like it could’ve been one of their slower songs on this album.
  6. You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween (Simulation Theory) with its synth-y sound and Halloween theme, this would fit very nicely on Simulation Theory’s sci-fi/fantasy vibe.
  7. Kill or Be Killed (Drones) The hard rock of this song and also lyrically sound like it could fit easily somewhere in Drones.
  8. Verona (Showbiz) This song sounds like one of their earlier tracks from the Showbiz era. this song reminds me of Unintended and would fit seamlessly on this album.
  9. Euphoria (Origin of Symmetry) This song sounds like one of their earlier songs but right at the time when they were starting to get really experimental like they did with OoS. I can picture this playing on the back half of this album.
  10. We Are Fucking Fucked (Absolution) this feels like it could’ve been on that album, not only with its sound but its lyrics also.
Anyway this is my assessment of these songs, do you agree or not? What albums do you think best correlate to these songs?
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2023.06.02 00:44 _xNORTHx_ Want to get into herbs to quit weed! Any suggestions on how to replicate that feeling?

As it says in the title!
I am 17 and pretty bad w my weed usage and I realise how bad it is for my developing brain. I’ve tried quitting cold turkey with no results, could try tapering down but I don’t trust I’ll be responsible if I do that. Can anyone recommend me some herbs to start with? And how would I smoke them, would a regular weed pipe work? And is there anything I should avoid?
Thank you so much :)
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2023.06.02 00:44 TheSarmGoblin Am I overthinking or is how I'm feeling justified?

So for context I am a guy in his early (almost mid) 20s, and my now gf of a couple months is also in her early 20s. A few weeks ago her and I were talking about weird encounters, and I told her about this swinging couple my family and I ran into on the river during the 4th of July last year. I told her it was weird and funny, and this couple was adamant on having me join them since I'm a younger decent looking and fit guy. I told her it was funny, but I wouldn't do anything like that, and I definitely wouldn't have a threesome. Whether it be with another guy and one girl or 2 girls and myself I wouldn't do it. She then replies by saying "I've thought about it and I would" and I kinda stopped and said "well since you're bi, I'm assuming you mean with another girl and a guy" then she says "no with 2 guys, I don't like butt stuff but before I would have done it"
Now maybe this is just me but I was pretty stunned. It also made me feel pretty disgusted and grossed out. I honestly didn't say much to her, and she could tell I was pretty upset by it. I know everyone has fantasies and kinks, but one that's always unsettled me and made me grossed out is a girl being turned on or enjoying more than one guy at a time.
For more context we already haven't had a great sexual relationship since being together. I'm not very sexually hyperactive these days because I have some medical issues going on that I have to see a doctor for and determine what the cause is. Some days I'm really in the mood, other days I'm absolutely not and so I have to see a urologist soon. She's also claimed she's never finished with someone, so for the first two months we were together every single day and night I tried and tried and tried to get her off. We used her toys, we tried different positions, we tried everything and she can't. It's gotten to the point where I've expressed that I feel as if I'm the issue. I know it's hard to get women to finish, but I've never been with a girl who I didn't eventually get her to finish. Granted in the past 7 months my confidence has gone down, but it's just to the point where she seems very frustrated. Not only can she not finish after hours of us trying but also ever since that comment about her wanting to do a threesome it's like all feelings, and all sexual attraction to her has gone away. Maybe it's wrong of me, and she specified it was before me that she wanted to, but deep down I feel as if that's something she wants to experience and I can't get that image of her doing that out of my head, to the point where I get frustrated and tell her to stop kissing me or trying to do other things to keep us from having sex. Am I wrong for this or am I justified in feeling this way?
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2023.06.02 00:44 TheNautilusMan Definitive answer to dysmorphia

Disclaimer: not talking about 'needs therapy for this' dysmorphia, just run of the mill 'aw jeez I know my pipi measures big but it doesn't feel that way'.
So: Get. That. Dildo!
Seriously, I got a dildo that was my exact size both in girth and length, it was just there when I bought these handcuffs and I thought 'oh cool, my size, I'll get it'. Then I unwrapped it and I got this sinking feeling ,thinking 'this is huge, I guess I always measured wrong.
But then. Lo and behold, my SO and I got down to it, and at one point I held the dildo next to my raging hard-on and what did I spy with my eye? It was *exactly* the same size.
Here's the best part though: that 6 and 5 inch dildo I saw? Holy shit those were big too! Almost everybody's dick is huge from any perspective but its owner's!
So get that dildo, realize how fucking big you are and stop worrying about your pipi.
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2023.06.02 00:43 Jamaqius (Alleged) BOH Karens Tried To Get Me Fired

I’m honestly just in shock tbh & I’m posting here because I want to call them Karens. It’s cathartic.
I’m a bartender but often serve on weekday afternoons as well as doing the drinks (as most bartenders tend to when it’s quiet) so today I was bartending & serving & we got absolutely slammed.
So my memory isn’t great due to mental health issues & I was getting absolutely weeded running a full section, while bartending for myself & my GM who had to take a section which I had to do drinks for too, but I’m so sure what they said just isn’t true but now they have me doubting myself but I feel either way, the reaction was NOT warranted.
Anyway, this table of 4 come in, two couples, & are seated in my section & told that it’s busy but I’ll be over as soon as possible. I get to them & immediately feel something a little off about them but whatever. I take their order, make their drinks, there was a small issue with one but it was outside my control & drop their drinks off.
Anyway, I kind of forget about them because I’ve got so much to do but I realize they haven’t got their starter so I check my handheld to make sure it was sent through & it was, so I finish making a bunch of drinks & then run to the kitchen to check & they’re getting railed & there is loads of food up & this starter had been missed in all the other food so I grab it quickly & run it to them & say “Sorry about the wait there, we’re all pretty backed up today!” After that for a little while they are pretty rude to me & I don’t know why, they were never especially friendly, but now they’re noticeably rude but I figure they’re stroppy because they had to wait, whatever, we’re doing our best.
Anyway, the rest of their meal is fine, no problems, they ask for the bill & then present some vouchers, I’m like cool, let me just get my boss to discount this for you & do & I chat to one of them while they’re paying & all good, they leave & I tel them to take care & have a nice day or whatever.
About 5 minutes later my GM pulls me aside & says that they complained to him about me saying that I blamed the kitchen for the slow service & they all work BOH at a restaurant & were really offended.
I am so confused.
I’m wracking my brain trying to remember if I said that, the ONLY thing I can think of is that I said we were backed up when I placed down their starter? Now I’m trying to think if I said the kitchen was backed up but I’m so sure I didn’t, I’ve worked BOH, I know what it’s like & if I did, it was a slip of the tongue.
Also, if I did say that, I don’t see how that’s offensive? They got like 20 orders at once & there were only 2 of them in there, like of course they’re backed up!?
Either way, to complain to the GM about that just seems so out of line, I literally could have been fired & I had to take 5 months off work for mental health reasons last year so I’m one paycheck away from not being able to pay rent. (Sorry, just to put into perspective how serious this could have been if my boss was an asshole).
I honestly can’t believe they work BOH because I hate to believe someone who worked in a restaurant could be that petty & vindictive but be careful everyone, apparently there are Karens where you least suspect them.
Thank you for letting me rant, I didn’t expect it to be this long. Sorry!
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2023.06.02 00:43 No_Cardiologist_911 He [46M] is not attracted to me physically, only mentally. How do I get my [49F] head around this?

I started to notice ageism online, etc
I asked my parents, sister and psychologist about it and they told me:
That most people don't believe that men prefer younger women when it comes just down to physical beauty and sex
And that most people don't believe that physical beauty is mostly about how much younger you are nor how much younger you look
What do you think? And why does online, etc say differently to those in my life?
The online world, f eminists and what I see in the media put me off men and people in general completely. I don't want to associate with people and I want to be reclusive/avoid people because I cannot accept if most think and accept that men prefer younger and that beauty is about younger and I don't know how women accept that men prefer younger while as they themselves age they stay attracted to men. That's pathetic, unrequited love and finding the needle in the haystack. I won't accept being surrounded by a society where most believe and accept it.
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2023.06.02 00:43 Able-Fox516 Is it worth me going down to the station to report this hate crime?Do I email Elon?

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2023.06.02 00:43 CommonJuggernaut8419 Cloridine & DLPA for Kratom withdrawals

I’m not a doctor and not giving advice, only sharing what worked for me.
I’ve been taking Kratom daily for the last 3 years. I’ve tried numerous times to quit, with no success. For the last 6 months or so, I’ve been taking about 20 grams a day.
Thankfully, I have a super cool doctor, who I felt comfortable enough to disclose my addiction with him. I found most doctors aren’t familiar with Kratom, so I had to do my own research and ask him to prescribe what I needed. He gave me 30 Ativan (only used as needed to sleep) and 30 - 0.1 mg Cloridine. I purchased 500 mg DLPA off Amazon. Along with a blood pressure monitor, since Cloridine causes your blood pressure to drop, and mine is within normal range.
This process worked for me, but you have to be committed and willing to record what you take daily.
For the first 3 days, I would take 1/2 of a Cloridine every few hours taking no more than .4 in a day. I also took 500 mg DLPA every few hours no more than 4000 mg a day. I also continued the Kratom, but tried to take less.
Days 4, 5, 6 & 7- same amount of Cloridine and DLPA, but was able to taper the Kratom down each day (18, 16, 14, 12 grams)
Day 8, - Cloridine & DLPA the same and zero Kratom. Some sleep issues but used the Ativan. Felt a little tired but not nearly as bad as times past when I’ve tried to quit.
Day 9 - Only needed 3000 mg of DLPA and .2 of the Cloridine. (That’s all day long). Felt good
Today is day 10- I’ve only taken 2000 mg of DLPA and .125 of the Cloridine. I’ve done more today than I’ve done in a long time. Yay!
75 hours Kratom free and have zero withdrawal symptoms! I think tomorrow I’ll cut the Cloridine down more and see about getting off of it.
I hope this information helps someone. I know all the reddits articles I’ve read have encouraged and helped me get off this nasty stuff. If I can do it, anyone can!
Good luck!
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2023.06.02 00:43 Queen_sized_cazcet This is my dog Tommy his bed was in the wash so jokingly we told him to go lay down and he went straight for the laundry basket sat down and gave us a smile for the camera

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