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Everything Dokkan Battle! This subreddit is for both the Japanese and Global version. Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Dokkan Battle related.

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Everything Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle! This subreddit is for both the Japanese and Global version. Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Dokkan Battle related.

2022.04.13 21:10 DismalDog9940 What is the best way to farm the SSJ LR Yardrat Goku?

So, I've been looking for guides on how to farm him, but all of the guide are 2020 or before. They include the Coins (Bronze, Silver, Gold), but now the event only gives Gold medals. What is the best way to farm/LB Goku? I've checked DBZspace to see if it gives a definitive amount of souls you need to complete him (7 or 7+) as well as farming his Z powers. Does anyone know where I can find an updated guide for this event? It's the first Legends Road farm I've done.

Sorry for the semi-long post
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2022.01.12 01:01 ofrym dbzspace is dead?

No updates since november
RIP guys
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2021.12.22 17:43 DonovanQT Banner drops?

This might be a stupid question but, when do the new banners drop, and is there a site where I can check it? I always check dbzspace and dokkan fandom, but most of the time I can’t find useful info there. (Global btw)
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2021.11.24 05:34 Nino_no1_Simp Official Kit for SOH Trunks / Credits: DBZSpace

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2021.10.04 18:57 SSAdam 2017 was legendary

One of iSeriouslys recent tweets reminded me of the 2017 dokkan and how crazy that year was.
The 120 lead meta was introduced by the ssj4s alongside the first summonable LRs and stacking becoming a thing with Super 17s introduction.
Following that we got the category meta that same year by ...
SSJ4 GOGETA AND OMEGA. Oh i remember when DBZSpace revealed them and everyone lost their shit.
Following that was the TO BE RELEASED debackle on global with...
UI FUCKING GOKU releasing that october right after the episodes aired.
Following that also was the infamous 2017 FUCK YOU CELEBRATION on global.
Followed by UI GOKU on global with one of the best Christmas celebrations on global EVER.
And on JP we had the infamous 300 stones debackle with the release of PHY Kefla
And to top it all of we got Lr Vegito Blues TUR on global with Teq Vegito Blue and Str Rose on JP where everyone who summoned quick got their stones refunded.
Correct me if I made a mistake, this is all of the top of my head.
4 years huh. Damn I'm gonna graduate HS next May and I've been following Dokkan since Feb 2017 and started playing in Aug that year. Fuck.
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2021.06.23 00:19 ThievingSix Information on SafetyNet - Recent JP Popup Warnings and Other Info

This will be in-depth - Summary at end - Ask Questions

This applies to both Japan and Global editions of the game. Japan is just a bit further ahead on user notification.

A Reminder: What is SafetyNet (Android) and DeviceCheck (iOS)


SafetyNet Attestation is an anti-abuse service that allows app developers to assess the Android device their app is running on.
SafetyNet should be used as a part of your abuse detection system to help determine whether your servers are interacting with your genuine app running on a genuine Android device.
SafetyNet Attestation works on virtually all devices (Android 2.3 and up, Dokkan requires Android 4.4 and up).
The way Android backwards compatibility works, SafetyNet will continue to work on all new devices as well.

DeviceCheck (+App Attest)

Someone who modifies your app and distributes it outside the App Store can add unauthorized features like game cheats, ad removal, or access to premium content.
The App Attest service gives your app a way to assert its validity so that your server can more confidently provide access to sensitive resources. You use the App Attest Service class to generate a special cryptographic key on the device, and have Apple attest to the validity of that key.
You then use that key to assert the validity of your app whenever you request sensitive data from your server.
DeviceCheck requires iOS 11 and up. App Attest requires iOS 14 and up.
Dokkan does not currently implement App Attest, just Device Tokens.


SafetyNet and DeviceCheck gives app developers a way to try and DETECT users from accessing sensitive app data or from modifying the app.
Detect, not prevent. This is important and I believe this is what causes some confusion on if these features are in-use in Dokkan.

Dokkan's History with SafetyNet

SafetyNet was added to Dokkan in version 4.12.0 in October of 2020.
It has been active and running since that time.
Since then, Dokkan has not been doing anything with the data they received. No bans, no login blocks, nothing.

Q: How do we know they are, and have been, collecting SafetyNet data since last October?

A: This requires some background information. The Global version of Dokkan used to distribute data to the game with some missing steps. Sometimes this gives us a huge amount of information (like the recent Global data leak), other times we get strong hints of action. This ended with 4.17.6.
One of the things Global Dokkan used to leak to us was how the server was storing data. It didn't usually tell us what that data was (except for that recent Global leak), but it did give us a bit of a summary.
There exists a place called "Device Token Statuses". This place held the following data:
Device Token is SafetyNet, we know this because that's what the game calls the SafetyNet Attestation when you login.
While not 100% confirmed, the existence of the above very strongly points to Dokkan collecting data about pass/fails of SafetyNet.

The Recent Popup On JP

This roughly translates to the following:
The device you are using is not supported.
Using an unsupported device: If you continue playing, it may not work properly or you may not be able to log in to the game.
Please link your account and transfer the data to a recommended model and recommended OS version.
Please check the notice for details
If you click on the "More Info" button, it takes you to an announcement that roughly translates to the following:
Thank you for using "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle".
When you enjoy this application, we do not support the operation other than the recommended model and recommended OS version.
If you are using a device that falls under any of the following, you may not be able to log in to the game.
Devices that have been rooted or jailbroken and whose OS restrictions have been lifted
Devices that use external tools or malicious programs
Devices whose time settings are significantly out of sync
You cannot log in to this application by using the corresponding device. Even in such a case, it is possible to transfer the data to the device of the recommended model and recommended OS version by linking the accounts in advance.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Also, please note that we cannot answer any inquiries regarding rooting. We look forward to your continued support of "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle".

Q: What information does Dokkan have that let's it know it's on an unsupported device?

A: Dokkan send the following information to the game servers when you login by tapping the title screen:
The theory that this popup shows up, not because of SafetyNet, but because of your device version, can be easily disproven: Spoof the device, device_model, and os_version to a device that doesn't get this error.
I'll save everyone the time, I've done this on an unrooted device that doesn't pass SafetyNet. I still get that popup somewhere between 1 and 5 logins.
That test, combined with the fact that the popup is linked to the rooting and jailbreak announcement, leads me to be fairly confident in relating that popup to failed SafetyNet logins.
If you get this popup with a legitimate version of Dokkan (no cloned apps or from illegitimate sources), try downloading a SafetyNet Checker app from the play store.

Q: Will SafetyNet slow down the game?

A: SafetyNet is only used during logins (and maybe during login refreshes every one hour of gameplay). Outside of logins, SafetyNet doesn't affect the game at all.

Additional Information

I have gone into more detail about the changes last year in version 4.12 in this post: https://www.reddit.com/DBZDokkanBattle/comments/j9lne9/what_safetynet_means_for_dokkanand_the_future_of/


  • Can Dokkan selectively allow emulators but block mods, bots, root? Yes, though unlikely
  • Will datamining end if SafetyNet starts preventing logins? No
  • Will the Dokkan Wiki end if SafetyNet starts preventing logins? No
  • Will DbzSpace end if SafetyNet starts preventing logins? Maybe
  • Will emulators be blocked if SafetyNet starts preventing logins? Probably
  • Will bots be blocked if SafetyNet starts preventing logins? Very Likely
  • Will Youtube showcases with 100% units stop if SafetyNet starts preventing logins? No
  • Does SafetyNet slow down the game? Not really
  • Can a device be modified to bypass SafetyNet? Likely
  • Can an emulator be modified to bypass SafetyNet? Unlikely
  • If I modded in the past, will they ban me now? Unlikely
  • Why has Dokkan taken so long to do something? They were gathering data and comparing it with profits before taking an action
If there are any other questions or sections you want more detail ask away.
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2021.04.25 23:30 SuperVegitoFAN What if its not SS4 at all?

Somethings off about the announcement on GLB.
It specifically says "New Dokkan Event" for both, and not a New Stage.
If it was SS4 Vegeta and SS4/FPSS4 Goku, shouldnt it just be a new stage for the event(s) in question?
I checked with Dbzspace, and Pikkon and Janemba didnt just say new stage, but also listed the exact event by name, which neither of the 2 new notices does.
This would line up perfectly with a Baby Vegeta... but what does that mean for Goku?
My best guess is SS3 GT Goku, but that doesnt feel quite hype enough
Could it just be an error on GLBs part?
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2021.01.03 21:20 ProudCage Japan has all older LRs as unfeatured on non GLR step up, while Global...doesn't. Made this myself with DBZSpace data. Amazing isn't it? Also LR SSJ3 Goku occupies LR UI Goku spot on Global.

Japan has all older LRs as unfeatured on non GLR step up, while Global...doesn't. Made this myself with DBZSpace data. Amazing isn't it? Also LR SSJ3 Goku occupies LR UI Goku spot on Global. submitted by ProudCage to DBZDokkanBattle [link] [comments]

2020.12.31 08:10 Kvansparker Angel Cell and Frieza's TURs are SA effects are different on Global compared to JP

According to DBZSpace Frieza still stuns on his super with a rare chance, and Cell lowers enemy defense, otherwise they're the same to my knowledge
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2020.08.26 09:50 ElFrargy Anyone knows who are the boost units for the zenkai awakening like him? Because I can't find it at dbzspace and I need to start grinding

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2020.07.07 22:19 Last-Wish-of-Cayde-6 DBZSPACE Tutorial

  1. You create an account on dbzspace
  2. You create a box and set it to your active box(which if you only have one will be active) 3.You then just go to the list of all cards and press the lock icon on the cards you own. 4.And lastly you have to go to settings and click on the pen next to your box and make it public.
  3. Then you can just send people the link and they will be able to see your box. PS: you will have to update your box everytime you pull something new worth listing since it isnt actually linked to your account
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2020.06.07 06:20 krakakakakakakatoa Where can I go for transparent hd arts?

I've been doing some stuff with arts lately and noticed dbzspace is not the place to go, anywhere specific?
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2020.05.27 11:58 CurrentSomewhere According to dbzspace LR Nappa category is disappointed

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2020.04.16 22:19 klipeh Grand Cross wiki type website

Hi guys,
Do we have any website dedicated to Grand Cross besides sdsgc/gcdatabase? In wich we have translations and leaks like for example dokkan battle have.
For example dokkan have dokkan wiki or dbzspace.
This is because I'm struggling playing JP version with the new Hawk pass and can't find any help for example on the patch notes from gcdatabase. Would be awesome if we had something similar... Any project on the horizon or something? Let me know
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2020.04.09 16:17 Wildfire6493 Legends.dbzspace is not updated

What happened to this site, it doesn't have any updated information? Does anyone know anything about it?
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2020.04.08 20:05 akhajuria souls needed for zenkai yel goku

does anyone know the amount of souls needed to fully boost goku? dbzspace has not updated yet
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2020.02.21 13:43 skybeast222 Lost Account

About 5-6 months ago, I lost my Dokkan Battle account because I wanted to switch over to the modded version from dbzspace. However, I didn't realize that they stopped making mods, so I have been stuck on an outdated version of Dokkan for 5-6 months. Is there any way I could get my account back if I still have the apk on my phone?
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2020.01.29 00:10 ChaosFlare97 How to extract the HD characters from arts?

Whenever I need a specific Character art from Dokkan, I go to Hydros or Dokkan Assets, since DBZSpace doesn't offer them in good quality. But what should I do when they don't have it? In my case, I need the new TUR STR Zamasu art, but no one has it. How can I do it myself?
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2020.01.26 03:56 cdoss1986 Dokkan Battle Mod

I need help! So I haven't been able to play dokkan since October. I was downloading the mod files from dbzspace but they stopped at version 4.42 and every mod file I've tried downloading since then just says "app won't install" I would love to play again and I hope there is a way around this I don't want to delete the app and lose 4 years worth of characters.
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2020.01.23 22:44 Xenosyy_Dokkan DBZSpace Update

Perhaps, if DBZ Space was updated, we would already know which Dokkan Events and especially when they will soon be undergoing maintenance (Blue Vegito and Blue Gogeta, I only say this for another confirmation).
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2019.12.26 17:06 Zied_Ta I went back a bit on DBZSpace, and here's where we got the 2019 CC On login

It indeed was for the nomination
There's 2 versions of the same news idk why
This celebration came with the "revival of old Legends rising banners"
And btw, this years' Christmas + New years login bonuses are better than last year's for those of you who say they give less CC nowadays
Just in case someone asks
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2019.11.04 09:03 theguyevan Did I miss a memo about the Global DDF tickets?

On DBZSpace (and screenshots of it posted to this subreddit), the DDF tickets for Global's upcoming Trunks/Zamasu celebration show up as rewards for daily missions. Is this accurate or a placeholder? If it is accurate, why didn't the subreddit burst into flames from the sheer number of people making threads about it? Surely someone would have cried "JP shaft" by now.
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