Ram 2500 fifth wheel hitch

Anyone Else Find 23.04 SLOW Compared to 22.04?

2023.06.06 03:44 JJ100JJ Anyone Else Find 23.04 SLOW Compared to 22.04?

Hardware: ASUS Zephyrus GA15 2022, Ryzen 9 6900HS w/ Radeon Rembrandt iGPU, NVidia RTX 3090M (mobile) dGPU, 40GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB WD SSD. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS kernel 5.19x HWE
The upgrade went smoothly, no hitches. Boot time seemed the same.
However, clicking on the dock icon for Nautilus took a noticeable beat before files appeared -- vs how they instantly appear in 22.04... Brave as well lagged before opening... overall it felt 'bloated' though I'm sure it's not, but that was the 'feel' compared to 22.04 on my machine.
I know there are many wonderful improvements in the new kernel and maybe this has more to do with it using the newer GNOME 44. ? It was so noticeable though it was annoying so I searched to see if people were complaining or if it was just me, and saw a few articles like this one that benchmarked it against an older Ubuntu version. Apparently while it's faster for some things, its being called 'regressive' by some as far as rendering graphics goes... not that opening the file manager or a browser even qualifies for that.
I ended up restoring a BU of 22.04 as while I'm anxious to use a newer kernel I'm spoiled by how fast 22.04 works comparatively.
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2023.06.06 03:35 KingOfThePlayPlace The HSS Fuck Physics

Hello again HFY, second story. Takes place in the same universe as my last one, no laughing matter, but doesn’t follow the same story, just goes into more detail about the HSS Fuck Physics as requested by u/Yolosnas. Any feedback or corrections are appreciated, I’m not much of a writer and I would like to improve.
Peace is the time between wars when everyone stands around reloading. At least this was the logic the humanity used to justify maintaining such a large military when there hasn’t been any sizable war in living memory.
The galaxy was big and there were many species so minor skirmishes and territory disputes were a given, but they were quickly resolved through diplomacy and never escalated beyond a single minor battle.
But humanity had developed a very “prepare for the worst hope for the best” worldview and were alway trying to make bigger and better weapons. The size and strength of their fleet were nothing to scoff at, indeed it was likely the largest in the galaxy, but they kept it hidden. A fleet like that would raise concern and questions from the more peacefully minded species, the ones who only thought about a military when it was absolutely necessary.
Unfortunately humans can also be very paranoid, and assumed other species had just as large, if not larger fleets that were also kept hidden. Thus the humans began a secret arms race against an imaginary enemy in the longest span of peace the galaxy had ever known. Humans, am I right?
What happened next was a simple system where the government offered large sums of many to any company that could design and/or develop a new weapon. Anything from a new kind of bullet or a more powerful laser to something that could crack planets like they were eggs. As promised, when a company wanting to remain anonymous for obvious reasons proposed such a weapon, the government gave a very generous compensation.
Testing it was difficult, since the destruction of an entire planet was likely to draw attention from someone, which would cause the galactic council to look a bit more closely into just how much they were spending on their military. Eventually the humans managed to test it on an unsuspecting planet and brushed any questions off by saying it had an unstable core.
The test went off without a hitch, and finally the psychotic apes had a weapon they thought couldn’t be improved upon. Where could one even go after destroying a planet?
At least until a red giant in the klantari’s territory seemed to just vanish.
Well, it didn’t vanish, the energy readings from what used to be that solar system were beyond what anyone had ever seen before, and far more than if the star had just gone supernova, so something clearly happened. But no one had any inkling of what, and the klantari couldn’t offer any answers. The humans however were certain. It was destroyed on purpose, which could only mean one thing: someone had a bigger stick.
The reaction in the human government could best be described as what happens when someone puts a bunch of bees in the tube of one of those bank drive throughs, because of course those still existed.
Once again the search for bigger and better weapons gripped the interest of any corporation with even a little engineering prowess. Many designs for a star killer were proposed and deemed infeasible, but with the promise of a massive payday at the end they kept looking.
As was inevitable, some utterly insane individual had an idea. A truly awful idea that any reasonable person would have disregarded immediately, but humans in general aren’t know to be very reasonable. The idea was to use the one thing even more volatile than a star: a blackhole. Specifically the largest one in the galaxy that happened to also be perfectly centralized, Sagittarius A.
The design was simple in principle, not so much in execution. Use the hawking radiation collected from the blackhole to warp the event horizon, creating a passageway directly to the singularity where a massive laser, also powered by hawking radiation, was focused into. What would happen after that was anyone’s guess, but it sure sounded promising. And destructive.
The biggest drawback to the plan was actually gaining access to Sagittarius A. Being the center of the galaxy, lots of hyperspace lanes traveled near it, and certain luxury space cruises saw it as an exotic attraction. The humans weren’t about to let that stop them from having the biggest gun around though so they bribed a few patrols here, brokered a deal with one of the core species there, and next thing you know, the HSS Fuck Physics was under construction. It took 7 years and most of humanity’s military budget for the next 20, but soon enough it was time to make sure the thing actually worked.
No one was entirely sure what would happen when they tried it, but it was either going to be really cool or it would destroy the universe. The day of the test fire was somehow also the first time anyone asked a very simple question.
“How do we aim this thing?”
But they weren’t about to stop the test so they initiated phase one, opening a passage way into the event horizon. Easier said than done, the process to do so would instantly make any matter that tried to pass through stop existing, but it could let light through, and what they saw, after messing around with the settings of the warp drive they were using to make this possible, was a star. After a quick check to make sure this star wasn’t surrounded by an inhabited planet, the sensor station gave the go ahead to fire away.
What happened next almost tore the very fabric space time as the stored energy of 24 months of hawking radiation was released in 24 seconds. The next thing anyone knew once existence settled down was that the star was gone.
It was only at this point that the sensors station realized the star had been a red giant in the klantari’s territory.
Somewhere on earth a grave burst open and the pissed off corpse of Erwin Schrödinger rose from the dead.
This is of course just a long winded way of asking a rather simple question: Who wrote Beethoven’s fifth?
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2023.06.06 03:33 xXTargaryenXx The GM books

I’m getting my climbing certificate this July, plan on working as a groundman while applying to any JATC. Got a family so I’ll be getting a fifth wheel.
Can you guys help me out and tell me what books I can sign that don’t take too long for a call out? If you happen to know the wages I would appreciate that.
I’m from California so I’m not even trying with 1245 or 47. If it’s online signing that would be a plus but if I have to travel I’ll travel.
Thank you.
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2023.06.06 03:29 Jyacinth89 Ram 2500 is in the shop, so Gretchen hauled 4 bags of lawn clippings to the compost.

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2023.06.06 03:05 Due_Bid_6328 Rental of trailer dolly

Does anyone know where in Edmonton one can rent a trailer dolly or other type of implement to move a 14000 lb fifth wheel?
I’m trying to move my fifth wheel into a spot on our acreage and using the truck is very problematic with the trees around the spot that I’d rather not cut down.
A tractor is probably a possibility but would they come with so way to hitch the trailer?
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2023.06.06 02:59 harry-jg Best Desktop VPN

When one is embarked upon the high seas of the internet, engaged in a bit of torrenting, streaming, or perhaps a spirited round of virtual golf, one needs a steadfast guardian. This valiant defender, my dear reader, is a Virtual Private Network or VPN, if you will, standing tall between your desktop (or the more mobile cousin, the laptop) and all manner of digital riff-raff. An ideal desktop VPN comes armed with a bevy of potent capabilities, like the ability to cunningly split its tunnelling prowess and a steadfast resolve to block all manners of advertisements and digital gremlins known as malware.
This scribble, dear reader, is a handy guide to help you select the VPN most suited to your desktop needs. If the constraints of time have bound you in their relentless grip, then a swift glance should suffice.
Risk-Free Romp through Cyberspace with NordVPN: A 30-day Gala of Security and Streaming!
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Worry not about the fine print or tricky clauses — there aren't any! Should you find, within the span of those 30 days, that NordVPN isn't quite the cup of tea to your taste, all you need to do is summon their support team and declare your intentions. A full refund shall be promptly dispatched your way, no questions asked. To commence your exhilarating expedition with NordVPN, step right this way and start your trial.
The Anatomy of an Ideal Desktop VPN: A Gentleman’s Guide
When on the hunt for the perfect desktop VPN, one might fancy a digital Sherlock Holmes, the magnifying glass at the ready to scrutinize potential candidates. Here’s the checklist we've meticulously compiled to nab the crests of the VPN flock:
Firstly, the good VPN shall not jot down a solitary jot about your identity or the particulars of your use of its services. Anything less is simply not cricket.
Secondly, it should be sporting the latest and most reliable encryption standards, the sort of codes even an Enigma machine would tip its hat to.
In the third place, the VPN should provide a desktop app so user-friendly and well-constructed that even a member of the Drones Club could navigate it without batting an eyelid.
Fourthly, it should boast connection speeds as swift and steadfast as Jeeves responding to a summons bell.
Fifthly, one must not overlook the necessity of DNS leak protection. No one likes a sieve in their virtual world, after all.
Next up, a robust server network, sizable enough to flummox even Aunt Dahlia’s formidable pack of hunting hounds.
Support for torrenting should be offered, and I dare say, any VPN that doesn’t support this is as useful as a chocolate teapot.
Lastly, a truly top-tier VPN would offer a ticket to the streaming world — Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and the like — without the bother of geo-blocks. Rather like a personal invitation to the Drones Club.
Topping our list like Bertie Wooster topping the best-dressed list in The Drones Club, we present NordVPN, a Panama-based chap, free of those dreadfully invasive data retention laws. With a select offering of sturdy VPN protocols (OpenVPN, NordLynx, and IKEv2) at the helm, it commands an impressive fleet of 5600 servers scattered across 60 countries.
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2023.06.06 02:33 RollingJOrlando Help me decide on a birthday gift to myself

Hey all,
Going to be adding to my collection soon and am stuck on what to buy next for a birthday treat for myself. Got a budget of up to 2500 if needed. Most handguns on roster arent for me due to being a lefty (already have the HKp2000,however the 1 handgun i do have on this list, i work very well w my left hand,. However I do shoot long guns right handed. Depending on the firearm, mostly used for range fun/home defense.
Benilli m4 - i got over under, side by side and pump, a semi auto shotgun i do not own and if im going to buy one, might as well get one of the best around. Ive shot the m3 and that was a blast
AK-47 - looking at some on the Atlantic website, seems like it would be a fun shooter, but the fin grips, i cant stand, but maybe it takes getting use to.
Ruger pcc in 9mm- been seeing people post these a lot lately and I really like idea of not having to have another box of ammo for 1 rifle sitting around and the idea of having all purpose ammo and gun with its ability to take glock mags (which i have,but dont down a glock). And the takedown model looks great,
HK MP5-22lr - I have a couple plinker 22 rifles and a handgun, but having used a friends at the range, i really enjoyed it and added it to my list.
Ruger 10/22 w the high tower armory bullpup- or any of the other kits they make for these- I just heard they're a pia to clean because they have to take it apart etc
FN 5 7 - I had bought and paid for this online 3 years ago, then on my way to pick up and do paperwork,sportsmen canceled my order. Sticks in my craw because I got screaming deal on ammo and the good mags at the time, only to have them sit in a closet. I do however bring my own ammo stash when i go shoot my friends 57.
S&W Model 29- been scouring cal guns and gun broker for one,for some time now. Have few other wheel guns i love to shoot.
Ruger LCR Models- possible CC , if i go that route.
*** - something I should consider thats not listed.

Thanks for your suggestions/input.
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2023.06.06 02:32 ShireHorseRider What are some Ram 1500 towing improvements?

What are some Ram 1500 towing improvements?
I have a 2009 2500 6 speed diesel that my wife will not drive (she can drive stick but will not unless it’s an emergency). As a result we leased a 2020 ram 1500 with the 5.7 hemi for my wife to tow my daughters horse to shows with (and my truck gets parked for the winter). At this point I am trying to decide whether to buy out the lease or bite the pillow and get into a 2500. Honestly, the 1500 does everything we ask it to (accelerates well, stops well) but pulling the bumper pull horse trailer (even empty) it feels like it gets pushed around. I don’t have a problem with a heavy wagon of hay, or dragging my 21’ boat 2000 miles round trip to Florida, but the horse trailer is just weird. It’s fine behind my 2500 but just not what I’d like behind the 1500 if we keep it indefinitely.
I’m thinking load rated tires, and air bags would help the truck track much better with the horses & maybe a beefier sway bar to round out the upgrades.
I know I can’t make a 1500 into a 2500. I don’t need more towing capacity. I would like slightly better manners with the thing we tow that means the most to us.
Any help/advice would be appreciated. The truck is on a hill with the hay wagon in front of the barn. 203 bales= around 7000lbs plus trailer.
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2023.06.06 02:05 petloss-throwaway Dealing with guilt over loss of 3 year old pet rat

Hi all,
I lost my 3 year old pet rat last night while doing a very routine abscess draining and it has devastated me. I am trying my best to process my emotions and decided I would make an acct to post here. Reading past posts of similar experiences has helped somewhat with coming to terms but it still hurts and I can't stop with all of the what if's and bargaining.
For some background, I spent most of my college years interning at vet hospitals and shortly worked as a vet assistant after graduation. I am familiar with lancing abscesses and flushing etc. It was also in college where I began to keep pet rats (my first pair were from one of our labs, and they were very well loved by my entire family.)
My 3 year old pet rat who passed away last night was adopted back in 2020. For those who don't know, the average life span for a rat is usually 2 ~ 2.5 years, so he was already long lived. At age 3, he had a blind right eye, a chronic respiratory infection that he was on meds for, a mystery lump in his inner leg, a reoccurring groin abscess, hind leg degeneration, and overweight from his lack of mobility.
Despite all of his ailments in his old age, he was still rather spunky, had good appetite and even though he spent most of the day sleeping, he would still be alert and want attention late at night.
About 1 month ago, his reoccurring groin abscess had opened, and I had helped drain and flush the abscess. He had 4+ abscesses over the span of his life, all of which I had helped lance, drain, and flush. Each time his abscesses would heal wonderfully and even if he squirmed during the process, he would always lick my hand afterwards as I pet him and let him know he did so well.
Yesterday, I noticed that his groin abscess had returned again for the 5th time and it had opened, even if it was a small opening. I was on the fence about whether or not to drain it, maybe thinking I would wait another two days to see how it'd progress. At night, I decided that since I was going to change his cage anyway, I would just go ahead and help drain the abscess so that once his abscess was drained he could go rest in his nice clean cage for the rest of the night.
It was suppose to be like the other 4 times I've had to drain his abscess. He was supposed to live. Sure, he would squirm a little and maybe squeak a bit from it because it's not fun, but we were going to get the pus all out and flushed clean and he was going to be all abscess free and clean and rest in his nice clean cage, and we'd wake up tomorrow to each other's bright faces. This was his fifth abscess, it was going to be fine. It was about dime sized, smaller than the previous ones he's had in his life.
This time, I also finally had my dad home to help me with holding my pet rat for the abscess draining. This was going to be a lot easier than last time when I had to do it all alone.
My pet rat had just gotten done with his prep soak. He wasn't happy but I got him quickly dried off and everything was set and ready. Things were going the way they did normally before. My dad was restraining him fine, I didn't think it was too tight of a hold at all.
We had a hiccup where the entry wound to the abscess had healed up just from the span of morning to night, and I wasn't sure if we should continue, but the skin next to the entry wound was showing signs that it was ready to open, so I figured we'd be fine lancing.
He squirmed a bit erratically and we gave him a quick break as we went to get a lancet. I remember just petting his face and telling him how good of a boy he was... he was snuggled into my hands.... I look back at this as one of my "what if" moments.... He seems calm enough again, so my dad holds him again and we try to lance, but he is not having any of it, so we decide we will just stop and wait for the abscess to open again on it's own. I'm quickly disinfecting the area again and drying him off, he is kicking a little, but we have him unrestrained and I'm petting him and telling him he is so sweet and such a good boy and did so well.
As I'm petting him I suddenly see it. I see the light fading from his eyes and it hits me. His body is limp and he's now taking his last breathes in my hands as I was praising him and petting him. I start calling his name but he's gone. We try CPR.
I am in complete shock. He wasn't supposed to die. He was so strong for his age. How could he die? This can't be. The whole thing wasn't even 5 minutes. And I feel the overwhelming devastation and guilt.
What if I had just left the abscess alone? What if I had just decided to call it off at the break we gave him? What if I didn't have my dad helping me, like maybe he wouldn't have squirmed as much if it was just me?
I have been non stop crying the past 24+ hours. I did not get any sleep last night.
My boyfriend is an ICU nurse and he has been trying to console me. He told me older patients pass away all the time from bearing down too hard. Something about the movement causes older frail hearts to go waghhhh!!! and fail. He told me how could I have known? If we had known, we would have never tried to lance. Our pet rat was also so old with so many other comorbidities... his hind leg mobility definitely reduced some parts of his QOL (he wasn't able to groom himself as well, I had to help him groom, and he had trouble with a few things but was still happy and interested in food), he was already at the age where we didn't know if he'd be with us the next morning.
But it still sucks. It still hurts. I still feel so guilty. That wasn't the way I wished for him to pass. I didn't want him to pass from a heart attack while we were trying to drain his abscess. I wanted him to pass all snuggled up in his favourite box, next to his favourite wheel.
I looked at other pet rat forums for anything similar and found another devastated rat parent who had lost their pet rat when the vets were trying to aspirate the abscess. Their elderly pet rat couldn't handle the stress and passed at the vets, they also didn't even get to lance it.
I looked at the vettech subreddit for how others have handled guilt when losing a patient, and I saw comments from people who had similar situations happen. They're treating their own pet the same that they'd treat any patient for something routine, and bam... next minute their own pet is gone. Also so many other comments of vet techs losing elderly patients just from restraining or just the stress.
I keep trying to tell myself the positives, that it was good that he had passed at home with people he knew and loved. I know when he was squirming it wasn't because he was squirming out of fear towards us. He NEVER EVER attempted to bite my dad or I. He was only squirming because the procedure is just uncomfortable. If he was at the vets, he'd be so scared and screaming just from being handled by strangers. He was too old to be sedated and at least from my experience we have never sedated for abscess lancing + draining + flushing when I was working in a clinic...
I keep trying to butterfly effect the whole situation.... but my friend told me that who knows what other thing might have possibly caused him to die?
Like what if we had successfully gotten the pus out? He could have still passed away after draining and flushing... He could have easily had an heart attack while we were removing the pus...
I'm just.... I don't know.... I want forgiveness from him. I want him to understand and know that we never were trying to harm him out of ill will or evil. I was only doing what I thought was right at the moment. We were only trying to help him. We only even attempted because we thought he was strong and healthy enough to take it. If we had known his little heart was going to give up, I would have never tried. I would have just treated it like his inner leg mystery lump...just left it alone.
I didn't expect to be without him today. I expected to see his cute face peeking at me through his cage bars, begging for pets today.
I don't know who I want forgiveness from anymore. Maybe I want forgiveness from myself. I feel so bad. I feel like maybe I'm just trying to make excuses for myself.
At least we have new house rules when it comes to 3 year old pet rats now:
- All ailments are to be monitored / palliative care.
- Any squirming while being handled, the rat will be released ASAP
- If QOL is deteriorating, then only intervention is vet visit for a euth.
- Any abscesses will be monitored and err on the side of waiting to see how it progresses longer. If abscess pops with a reasonable sized opening, then I can gently aid in draining and flushing.
I'm thinking about my other almost 3 year old rat a few years ago... he had a huge cyst on his hind quarters that had opened... I remember helping clean out the cyst for him... he squirmed and cried a bit because it just hurts / isn't fun...but he didn't heart attack and die on me while I was helping him... he passed away a week later after his cyst wound had healed up nicely.... it was at least easier to understand that he had passed away from old age and that I hadn't directly caused it because the cyst had already been extruded and the wound cleaned...
I hope I can at least sleep a few hours tonight.
Looking at his photos makes me cry so hard. He really lived such a long life!!! He had a lot of ups and downs in his life. He lost his littermate at 1.5 years, was a solo rat for a year, was introduced to some baby rats and seemed to be well integrated for 3 months until the babies became hormonal teenagers... he lost vision in his right eye from one of the babies and he was then put into his own solo cage for his own safety since the babies couldn't play nice anymore. He had hind leg degeneration that got pretty bad about 1.5 months ago, he was actually a little depressed a day or two from his lack of mobility but perked up again after he had time to get used to it.
He was a very shy rat when he was young. I felt like he was definitely more of a rat rat instead of a people rat if that makes sense, so I was so worried when his littermate passed. But he quickly became a people rat and he loved me so much, loved snuggles, loved it when my dad would play with him. He absolutely loved my boyfriend. He got to see my boyfriend the day before yesterday... he was so happy, came rushing out to greet him. He was a great shoulder rat and absolutely LOVED his wheel... he unfortunately lost the ability to shoulder ride and wheel run as his hind leg degeneration progressed...
He wasn't supposed to die last night. He was supposed to spend another month or two with me... he was supposed to pass away in his sleep after a day full of naps, food, and love. I feel like I took all of that away from him, from us. I'm trying to reconcile with the two parts of me right now. The rational part that is understanding what others are telling me and the emotional part of me that just is still so devastated. I miss him so dearly.
If anyone managed to read the whole thing, thank you for your time.
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2023.06.06 01:50 Symphonyc_404 It has been done

It has been done
As previously mentioned on my prof. I have built my gf her first pc, and this is the final result! Specs: Cpu- I5-10400 Gpu - GTX 1080ftw 16gb of ram (currently) And future plans to update cpu cooler once her new one comes in. 2nd pc I've ever built, and it went without a hitch
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2023.06.06 00:02 catboy519 I want a driving license, but I'm afraid it would be a waste of money

Reasons to Not get one:
However, reason to get one:
So, my reasons to get a DL seem to not be worth the cost (€2500) at all.. And I've kind of already decided that I'm not going to get a DL, so like the decision has been made, but for some reason something about not having it, bothers me. For about a year now, my mind is fighting "should I get one" even though rationally I know it would be a waste of money, just like my mom who got a DL and then had never driven a car for eternity.
Like spending 2500 on that can be nice, but spending it on alot of other things could be a much better way to spend it...
It all comes down to the fact that a drivers license it not worth the money in my country, but not having one bothers me for some reason even though I really don't need one.
I'm not rich, I'm 23 with no income, so you see why €2500 is a big deal for me. I mean I could technically afford it, however I don't want to lose that much money on it. I value my €2500 more than the drivers license that I would get inreturn for it.
It seems simple: I should just not get a license. But then this decision, to get one or not get one, stays in my mind and will keep bothering me. I don't know whats wrong with me but so be it
Would the relief of no longer worrying about that decision be worth that amount of money?
When you want something, but don't need it, how do you decide whether or not to spend x money on it?
I know there is a saying that money spent on things you enjoy is not wasted money, but thats not true, it just depends on how much money it takes and how much joy it brings. If that ratio is too high, not worth it.
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2023.06.05 23:30 khoafraelich789 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro: How Well Does the SUV Tow?

2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro: How Well Does the SUV Tow?

The redesigned 2023 Toyota Sequoia shares the same platform as the Tundra, and just like its pickup truck sibling, it’s equipped with a solid rear axle, which unfortunately sacrifices interior space for more articulation, towing stability and durability. The SUV now comes with a hybrid powertrain that combines a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 engine with an electric motor for a total of 437 horsepower and 583 pounds-feet of torque; standard are a 10-speed automatic transmission and, on the TRD Pro variant, four-wheel drive. This sounds like good news for towing, so we tested how well the Sequoia’s new setup performs while hauling a trailer.

Towing With the 2023 Sequoia TRD Pro

For the 2023 model year, Toyota has changed pretty much everything in the Sequoia. Rather than going toward a unibody design for better use of space and efficiency, the automaker opted for a body-on-frame construction and a solid rear axle. This layout allows Toyota to keep the independent front suspension and precise rack and pinion steering while adding significant stability for towing and hauling heavier loads.

With a towing capacity of 9,020 pounds, the 2023 Sequoia TRD Pro sits pretty high on the list of full-size SUVs. This variant of the SUV also comes equipped with a receiver hitch, four- and seven-pin wiring connectors, and a trailer brake controller. Toyota requires that a weight-distribution hitch be used for loads over 5,000 pounds; it also recommends 100% front-axle load restoration. For more information, check out the owner’s manual or our guide.

The Trailer
For this test, I towed a twin-axle flatbed trailer loaded with a modified 1999 Jeep Cherokee that resulted in a total weight of 7,850 pounds. The trailer sits quite low, but adding the Jeep raised the center of gravity significantly, making the trailer less stable and therefore better for a towing test.

Tow Route
The route started at roughly 4,500 feet of elevation and, with some steep climbs, peaked at just over 6,200 feet. The route included a short freeway section, and the remainder mostly consisted of four-lane roads with 45 mph to 55 mph speed limits and grades approaching 10%.

How Well Does the 2023 Sequoia TRD Pro Tow?

Connecting the Trailer
While I do have access to a weight-distribution hitch with built-in sway control, I prefer to do towing tests without. (For my day job, I am a product engineer for Progress Mfg. Inc. in Utah, makers of the Equal-i-zer hitch and Fastway Flash ball mounts.) Using a standard ball mount provides more feedback on how well the tow vehicle can tow without additional anti-sway aids. In this case, I used a Fastway Flash Scale ball mount to get a proper tongue weight when loading the Jeep onto the trailer. I ended up with 800 pounds of tongue weight, which was a little more than 10% of the total weight.

Hooking the Sequoia to a trailer was easier than with a Lexus LX 600. The Sequoia’s hitch cover simply pulls off without having to undo any push pins or hand screws, and though the receiver design is the same as the Lexus’, the body cladding is such that access to the hitch-pin hole is much easier. Also, the Sequoia’s 2-inch receiver requires a long-span hitch pin, and the width it must span is actually larger than the width of Ford’s 3-inch receiver. Additionally, the wiring only required connecting the 7-pin plug and performing a simple light and brake check; everything worked perfectly.

Towing Performance
Entering the freeway via an uphill on-ramp posed no problems for the Sequoia. Its 583 pounds-feet of torque comes on strong at low rpm, which makes the drive feel effortless, and the 10-speed automatic shifts smoothly and finds the right gear without a fuss. Over expansion joints, the Sequoia remains planted.

On crowded divided highways, the Sequoia has no problem keeping up with traffic, and the brakes are strong. The suspension certainly feels stiffer than the previous generation’s, but this leads to a more stable ride when towing. Much like entering the freeway, climbing steep grades posed no issues. While I was testing in cold weather, it was still nice to have a full set of gauges that included oil pressure, oil temperature and transmission temperature.

Heading back down the grade was fairly easy, as well. The transmission downshifts to provide engine braking with light pressure on the brake pedal. When using cruise control, the vehicle is more aggressive with the engine braking. I did, however, smell the brakes and stop midway down the grade to let them cool for a few minutes. As the Sequoia had less than 5,000 miles on the odometer, this could still be part of the break-in process, but I wasn’t expecting the brakes to heat up that much.

Final Thoughts

Toyota claims that the hybrid system is optimized for performance and that fuel mileage is just an added benefit; that is definitely the vibe I had while testing. Power always seems to be on-hand when needed, and I observed 12.6 mpg over 220 miles of driving, with about 40 miles towing and 180 miles mixed city/highway driving.

Even with the Sequoia’s body-on-frame construction and solid rear axle, there are trade-offs. The SUV has a rougher ride on the road when hauling an empty trailer, and the solid axle sometimes has a noticeable sideways movement over bumps and dips. However, if you’re in the market for an SUV that can seat up to eight and tow a good-sized camper or boat, then the 2023 Sequoia just might be what you’re looking for.

Source: cars
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2023.06.05 22:39 rivest14 Sim Racing Triple Monitor Build

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.*\*
Sim racing, almost exclusively iracing. Will be wanting to get as close to max settings in game on triple 1440p 27 inch monitors with 120fps+ , bonus points if I can push 80+ fps to my quest 2 on special occasions
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?*\*
$2500, preference would be to get close to $2k for additional budget for screens and misc. hardware
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.*\*
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)*\*
Just the things that sit in the tower, no software or peripherals. Apparently Nvidia has some capabilities that play really nicely w/iracing so would prefer nvidia gpu
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?*\*
US, yes
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.*\*
Logitech dongle wireless keyboard and mouse and corsair dongle wireless headphones. Fanatec CSL DD wheelbase and fanatec pedals/shifter
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?*\*
I don't believe so, maybe CPU at some point, sounds like cpu is generally bottleneck in iracing
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)*\*
1tb hard drive, 16gb+ ram
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?*\*
nope, whatever is most cooling efficient for the money
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?*\*
No need to include in budget
Thank you all! Found this sub and hoping it can help me figure out what I need. Candidly, I've been looking at Lenovo Legion towers as I've never built a PC myself before and cannot figure out if I need a 3070, 3080, 4070 or 4080 and what processor and ram i need to achieve triple 1440p 27s with good framerates. I'd like a bit of future proofing but also wouldn't mind saving a few bucks for better monitors.
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2023.06.05 22:27 JULES15116 Worth it? ‘09 328i xdrive with 143,00km (88k miles)

Worth it? ‘09 328i xdrive with 143,00km (88k miles)
Is his car worth it? 2009 BMW 328i xdrive with 143,00km for $7700 Canadian. The car seems to be in good shape and has had a good amount of maintenance done recently which makes it more compelling. I would try to negotiate. Please be honest. I’ve heard the E90/N52 seems to be a reliable choice if well maintained.
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2023.06.05 22:24 JULES15116 Worth it? 2009 328i xdrive with 143,000km (88k miles) $7700 canadian

Is this car worth it? 2009 BMW 328i xdrive with 143,00km for $7700 Canadian. The car seems to be in good shape and has had a good amount of maintenance done recently which makes it more compelling. I would try to negotiate. Please be honest. I know there tends to be a lot of BMW hate on this subreddit but the E90/N52 seems to be a reliable choice.
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2023.06.05 22:23 ParkourTricker100 Laptop for College

I'm a computer engineering major and I'm looking for a laptop. I know I need an NVIDIA GPU for certain software, and I'd also like 32GB RAM and at least 1TB storage. I've been looking at the XPS 15 and the Legion 5 pro and 7 pro, but I've read that the XPS has cooling issues and you can't connect the GPU to external monitors (The second one is a deal breaker for me as I have 2 monitors I was going to connect it to and I don't want to try to game on integrated graphics), and I've also been looking at the Lenovo Legion Pro 5 Gen 8 AMD version and the Legion Pro 7i and Legion Slim 7i, but I've heard mixed things about their battery life. Any recommendations? I'd like to keep it under $2500-2600 USD if possible.
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2023.06.05 21:23 Sola_Sista_94 Frankenhamster: Part One (Fanfic)

It was a calm, cloudy day. Kokichi and Himiko were out in the front yard of Casa V3, playing a rhythmic hand-clapping game with each other and chanting.

"Fly, little bunny, on the way to the moon!" they chanted.
"Sad that you're gone, but we'll see you next June!
Strange things in space that the bunny did see!
Name what he saw..."

"...starting with me!" Kokichi said. "A comet!"

"Earth!" Himiko said.

"Mars!" Kokichi said.

"Black hole!" Himiko said.

"The Big Dipper!" Kokichi said.

"Nyeh...um...p-pig!" Himiko stammered.

"Ha! Gotcha, Himiko!" Kokichi shouted triumphantly. "Pigs aren't in space!"

"Nyeh...crud," Himiko mumbled. "I knew I shoulda stuck with the planets."

"Nee-heehee...better luck next time, Monkey Buns!" Kokichi teased, nuzzling his nose against hers.

"You two!" a voice called to them. They turned to see Gundham Tanaka walking over to them with a serious face. With a cheeky grin, Kokichi placed his hands behind his head.

"Gundy-goo! It's you!" he said.

"Cease your nonsensical name-calling this instant, you low-life varmint!" Gundham demanded. "I have to decided to summon you two for a very urgent matter of utmost importance."

"Why us?" Kokichi asked.

"You both have been taking care of your goat, Billy the Kid, at the zoo, have you not?" Gundham responded. Kokichi and Himiko nodded. "And if I recall, you took care of poor Osiris before she met her...untimely demise."

"Geez, why did you have to bring that up?" Himiko muttered dolefully.

"I am sorry," Gundham said. "My point is that I need your assistance."

"Does it by any chance have to do with your hamsters?" Kokichi asked. Gundham glared at him.

"Insolent fool! How DARE you call them hamsters!" he raged. "They are the Four Dark Devas of Destruction! Reducing them to mere hamsters is an insult to their true power! They can easily tear your puny body asunder and leave nothing but your fragile bones and marrow for the scavengers of the sky to feast upon! This...is the power of the Four Dark Devas! Fu-hahahahahaaaaa!!!"

"Hahaha...I've seen Akane do the same thing to chicken wings!" Kokichi laughed. "Hey! Maybe she should be your fifth Dark Deva of Destruction!"

"Silence, denizen of deception!" Gundham ordered. "You know not the wrath you have evoked that resides deep within the souls of my Dark Devaaaassss-ah!"

"Oh? Guess I'd better watch my back for any sunflower seeds they might throw at me!" Kokichi replied with a cheeky grin. Gundham glared and scoffed at him.

"Nyeh...so, you need us to watch them, or something?" Himiko asked.

"Yes," Gundham answered. "I will be gone for the rest of the afternoon, and I need someone to watch the Four Dark Devas."

"We can do that, right, Kokichi?" Himiko said.

"Nee-heehee...you can count on us, Gundy-goo!" Kokichi said.

"Stop calling me that, you infernal pest!" Gundham growled.

"Sorry," Kokichi said, smiling in a bratty way. Gundham turned to Himiko.

"I would rather put my trust in you rather than your sordid soulmate," Gundham said. Himiko grabbed Kokichi's arm.

"He'll behave, I promise! I'll make sure of it!" she said. "He won't cause any trouble!" Gundham sighed heavily.

"Alright," he finally said. "Follow me." Kokichi and Himiko followed Gundham into 7th Island House to his and Fuyuhiko's room. He then led him to four different cages. "Each cage is a domicile for my Four Dark Devas," Gundham explained. He pointed to each cage.

"This is San-D," he said, pointing to a small orange and white hamster holding a sunflower seed. "She loves munching on sunflow-" He paused to see Kokichi smiling smugly at him. "Grr...she loves munching on her very powerful food source, the Super Seed of Sustenance!" He moved over to the next cage.

"This is Jum-P," he said, pointing to a sleeping hamster. "He is a creature of the night, which is why he slumbers for now."

"Or because he's lazy," Kokichi whispered to Himiko. Himiko smiled and swatted his hand reprovingly. Gundham moved to the next cage and pointed to a hamster with a chipped ear.

"This is Maga-Z," he said. "He is the most ferocious one out of all my Dark Devas! Gaze upon his glare of doom and tremble in fear!"

"Mm...he just looks constipated," Kokichi said. Gundham whirled angrily at him.

"FOOL!! Do you not see his chipped ear?!" he roared. "That is the mark of a true warrior! Maga-Z came face-to-face with an opponent 10x his size, and was left with a battle mark of EPIC PROPORTIONS while his opponent was reduced to a pile of ash!"

"Lemme guess..." Kokichi said, rubbing his chin in thought. "...he accidentally startled a dog, causing it to run into a burning building...and his ear got chipped because as the dog ran away, it must have accidentally scraped its claw against your hamster's ear." Gundham glared at him, then slowly turned red with embarrassment as he pulled his scarf over the lower part of his face.

"It is still, nevertheless, a battle mark," he said sheepishly.

"Nee-heehee...I knew it!" Kokichi snickered. Gundham cleared his throat before leading them to the final cage, where the biggest hamster sat.

"And here is Cham-P," Gundham said.

"Whoa! He's a big boy!" Kokichi exclaimed.

"He probably likes to eat a lot of sunflower seeds, too!" Himiko marveled. Gundham handed Himiko a piece of paper.

"Here is a list of how to properly care for the Dark Devas," he said. "Feed them well, treat them well, and you may live to see tomorrow." Gundham left, slamming the door behind him. Kokichi and Himiko were now alone with the hamsters.

"Let's go get Ryoma's tennis racquets!" Kokichi said to Himiko.

"Nyeh? But why?" Himiko asked.

"Duh, so we can play tennis with Gundham's hamsters!"

"Kokichi...hamsters don't play tennis," Himiko said, smiling and raising her eyebrow at him. Kokichi gave her a devious grin.

"They're not going to play," he said. "THEY'RE GOING TO BE THE BALL!!! MWA-HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!"

"KOKICHI!!!" Himiko exclaimed in shock.

"Nee-heehee...that was a lie!" Kokichi said.

"I hope so!" exclaimed Himiko, clutching her chest.

"It was!" Kokichi assured. "C'mon, you think I'd be that mean to a hamster? Who do you think I am, that kid from Toy Story? "

"SOMETIMES!!!" Himiko shouted. Kokichi smiled and rolled his eyes.

"Pfft...nooo...he tortured toys, not hamsters," Kokichi said, waving his hand dismissively.

"Nyeh...the same principle applies!" Himiko said, staring at him with wide, horrified eyes. Kokichi tossed his head back and laughed.

"Hahahahahaaa...I love that horrified look on your face!" he said. "Okaaay, let's get down to business, HimiCocoa Bean! Let's see...it says here that every thirty minutes, we have to give Cham-P, or whatever, some water. Uh...which one was Cham-p again?"

"Um...I don't know," Himiko replied.

"You don't know?" Kokichi asked. "You weren't paying attention?!"

"Well...neither were you!" Himiko pointed out. "I wasn't really paying attention because I thought you were paying attention the whole time!"

"What makes you think I'd pay attention?!" Kokichi asked incredulously.

"Because you always do! That's why you're way smarter than everybody!" Himiko shouted.

"I mean...no, you're right...can't argue with that!" Kokichi replied cheekily. "Okay, it's okay...we just gotta take a deep breath...and think, okay?" Himiko nodded.

"Okay," she said. They took a deep breath before taking a long look at each hamster.

"Okay...I think Cham-P was big boy over here, right?" Kokichi said, pointing to the largest hamster.

"I think so. That sounds about right," Himiko said.

"Okie-dokie. I'll just give him his bowl of water and see what happens," Kokichi said. He opened the little cage door and placed Cham-P's water bowl in front of him. Immediately, the large golden hamster began lapping up the water like crazy. Kokichi and Himiko smiled at each other with relief. "We got it!" Kokichi said, giving Himiko a high five.

"Nyeh...maybe this won't be so bad, after all!" she said. They spent most of the afternoon following the list, trying to keep the hamsters happy. Suddenly, they heard squeaking from Maga-Z's cage. They turned to see him running on the wheel.

"Awww...Gen-Z, or whatever, is running on his wheel," Kokichi said.

"He looks so cute huffing and puffing like that," Himiko smiled. "I kinda wish we could take a picture of him." Kokichi looked at her with excitement.

"Ooo! Maybe we can!" he said.


"Well, we're in the house of the Ultimate Photographer, riiiight?" Kokichi said. "So, let's go get Mahiru's camera!"

"Ooo...good idea!" Himiko said.

"Wait right here, Monkey Buns!" Kokichi said before dashing out of the room. A couple of minutes later, he returned with Mahiru's camera. "Nee-heehee...luckily Mahiru and Hiyoko weren't in their room, so I was able to snitch Mahiru's camera!"

"Hurry and take the picture before he stops running!" Himiko said. Kokichi nodded and aimed the camera at Maga-Z. When he snapped the photo, the flash caused Maga-Z to stiffen before fainting. Kokichi lowered the camera in horror and stared at Himiko. Himiko stared back at him with the same horrified expression. Kokichi opened the cage door and used his finger to try and wake Maga-Z.

"Um...Pee-pee Magazine, or whatever?" he gulped. "Wake up, please." But each time he poked the little hamster, he wouldn't budge.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Kokichi and Himiko screamed, looking back and forth between each other and the unconscious body of Maga-Z.


"WE'RE GOING TO ANIMAL JAIL!!!" Himiko wailed.

"WHAT IS THAT?!" Kokichi exclaimed.


"WAAAAAAHHHHHHH, WE'RE GOING TO ANIMAL JAAAAIIIILLLL!!!" Kokichi cried. "Wait! Maybe we can resuscitate him!"

"NYEH...DO IT BEFORE WE END UP IN THE SLAMMER!!" Himiko cried. Kokichi pulled Maga-Z from his cage and placed him onto the table. He placed his mouth onto the little hamster's before pushing his tiny little chest.

"BREATHE, DARN YOU!!!" Kokichi exclaimed. "Ugh...ugh...he's...not...responding! It's no use...we lost him!"

"Nooooo!!!" Himiko wailed. "What do we do?!"

"I have returned!" came Gundham's voice from downstairs. Kokichi and Himiko looked at each other in horror. "I am coming, my Dark Devas!" Gundham called, rushing up the stairs. Kokichi and Himiko looked around in panic, wondering where to hide Maga-Z. At the last second, Kokichi stuffed the hamster into his mouth. Himiko looked at him with utter shock and disgust. Suddenly, Gundham appeared in the doorway.

"The Supreme Overlord of Ice has returned!" he said.

"Greeeaaaaat..." Kokichi and Himiko replied in unison, though Kokichi's voice was muffled, due to Maga-Z's body stuffed inside his mouth.

"Why is your mouth full?" Gundham asked Kokichi.

"Uh...becaaauufffe..." Kokichi muffled, rolling his eyes as he tried to come up with an answer.

"We were doing that Chubby Bunny challenge," Himiko said. "You know, that one where you have to stuff a bunch of marshmallows in your mouth?"

"Why?" Gundham asked.

"Nyeh...just to pass the time," Himiko replied, batting her eyelashes innocently at Gundham.

"Very well," Gundham muttered. "Anyways, you can leave now. My work is done, and I prefer to spend the rest of the evening alone with my Four Dark Devas."

"M'kay, see ya! Bye!" Kokichi and Himiko said in unison, rushing as quickly as possible out the door and back to Casa V3.
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2023.06.05 19:15 happysadman Other Chrysler OEM wheels

Hey do any of you guys got any other ChrysleDodge OEM wheels on your Ram truck? Or have you seen any good examples? Post pictures!
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2023.06.05 19:05 Persia029 About speed pedelecs

I'm sorry but I have to get this off my chest.
I'm a long time bicycle traveller. Been using my bicycle for over 25 years and switched to a (26km/h limited) electric some years ago for convenience reasons (less sweaty arriving at work).
Lately the speed pedelec craze has reached its peak annoyance level. Where they used to be experienced cyclists trying out the new stuff, it appears the target audience has shifted to inconsiderate midlife crisis idiots. I imagine them being some middlemanagement for company "Idon'tcare" with enough money to buy a way-too-expensive bike and think they are doing sports. They happily swap their BMW X5 company car for their new toy (only when the sun is out mind you) and go terrorizing the bike lanes instead of their usual tailgating excercise on the left lane on the highway. I feel like mostly they're incompetent cyclists who are not used to driving on two wheels.
I know I'm generalizing but I notice that speed pedelec drivers are mostly inconsiderate about other cyclists. Bicycle highways (fietssnelwegen) are a huge asset and improvement to the Flemish cycling landscape and they are meant for fluent traffic, not for speeding. Being taken over by a 50km/h bike which you cannot hear approaching is dangerous to say the least. Especially when nearing city centers where there's a lot more traffic and there's even kids on the bicycle lanes. You are not the only ones on the road.
If this is you, please slow down when passing or crossing other cyclists. Ramming your bells (or worse: these horrible horns) is NOT enough. Pass at an acceptable speed (like 30km/h) before accelerating again. It does not hurt you and won't have impact on your time of arrival.
End rant. Thank you for listening
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2023.06.05 18:59 Pass_The_Jawn 2016 Ram 2500 Uconnect

Trying to diag a 2016 ram 2500 Uconnect system. The screen is on and speakers are working, but the touch screen controls as well as the tune and volume knobs aren't working. I tried doing a soft reset by holding down the tune and volume button, this temporarily restored controls but reverted back soon after. I'm not sure where to go from here, I've read that these may have gad software issues but I'm not to familiar with these.
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2023.06.05 18:51 aquietvengeance Humming noise 70+ mph

2009 Ram 1500
Truck is making a humming noise if I’m doing 70+ mph and actively on the gas pedal. If I let off it goes away even if they truck is still above 70.
I recently had my alternator replaced. When I got my oil change at a different shop I was told I should replace my serpentine belt as well - I’m unsure why the initial shop didn’t ask about replacing this.
I also need new tires soon and have seen comments that it could be a bad wheel bearing or even from a bad alignment.
Any advice?
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2023.06.05 18:29 AiCabrita Game not working properly

I've already googled but no one else seems to have the same problem as I do. So I bought the deluxe edition and the game started ok, ran the tutorial without a hitch but as soon as it ended and started playing the cutscene when the caretaker first appears my CPU gets at 100% usage, the audio starts looping and the fps drops such it feels as the game crashes. If I wait it out it eventually runs properly again until sometime later on another cutscene or even at gameplay.
My specs: Ryzen 9 5900x RTX 4090 64gb ram The game is installed in a gen 3 nvme ssd.
The drivers are up to date.
As it occurred to anyone else and if it did what is the fix?
Edit: Found a temporary workaround for my problem, turning the internet off seems to make the game run better, must be the DRM at work. Let's hope they fix it.
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