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2023.03.29 12:13 yoyo9988 Got SOM admit. Do I take it or apply to M7 next year?

Very lucky and privileged to get an admit from Yale SOM with a $20k scholarship a few days ago.
The goal was always to apply R1 2023 to the M7 schools, but when I took the GRE (327 - 168Q, 159V) in Dec '22, I wanted to shoot my shot this year and thus had 2 weeks to apply R2 this year and selected Yale, Cornell, Duke and USC. I did not expect to get into any school this year as I had a feeling that my essays would be raw without any consultant and with 2 weeks in hand and that my score would not be enough especially for a school like Yale whose median GRE is 330.
A background about myself :
I am a US citizen (Indian ethnicity) male
Education - UG in engineering from a T15 school in India with a 7.7.10; MSc Finance from a leading school in Asia with a 4.5/5
Work Experience - 1 year in market research as a trainee in a renewable energy company; 2 years as a consultant (post-MBA role) at a T2 strategy consulting firm; 0.5 years as Chief of Staff in the CEO's office at another renewable energy startup
Entrepreneurship - Cofounded a sanitation startup 1.5 years ago, currently funded by The Gates Foundation and work closely with the Indian Water Minister
Post MBA goals - ST : to work in MBB NYC/The Bridgespan Group for 2 years and then go back to India to scale my sanitation company throughout India by attracting private/public investors such as The World Bank, UN, etc and VCs willing to fund this industry which is nascent right now
LT : to build the company globally, utilize global alumni network of the school and take it to countries in Africa, Asia and South America where similar sanitation issues are faced.
Some part of me just wonders if I did apply to the M7 and particularly HSW.
Super confused and so I would love for some opinions as to whether I should go ahead and attend SOM or if I should wait to apply in R1 to M7, missing out on SOM :/
Do I have a good enough story to shoot higher for HSW? FYI - median GRE scores for HSW range from 324-327
Thanks for your time, everyone!
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2023.03.29 12:08 carlaobjj123 Moving to a big city?

Moving to a big city?
Moving to a big city can be an intimidating prospect, but it is often worth the effort and commitment. The key to success when making this type of career move is being aware of all your options, doing research on the job market in the area of your desired destination, and having a plan for how you will make yourself stand out from other candidates.

If you are looking for tech jobs in Los Angeles or San Francisco, there are numerous opportunities available in both cities that have promising salaries and growth potential. According to Glassdoor data, many tech jobs in LA offer annual salaries ranging from $50K-$100K while those found in San Francisco range into higher six figures depending on experience. Popular titles include Software Developer, Data Scientist/Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer and UX/UI Designer. With high barriers to entry such as intense competition from high-level applicants and specialized skills required for certain roles (such as coding), it may take some time until you find the perfect role that fits your skillset - so patience is key!

It also helps to leverage resources like networking events or Meetups catered towards technology professionals; building relationships with people who know what’s available behind closed doors at companies greatly increases your chances of landing a job quickly while still getting relatively competitive pay compared to more senior positions higher up the chain. Additionally consider setting specific goals that give direction not only towards finding suitable employment but also things like expanding contacts further down south such as Silicon Valley where funding sources are plentiful yet fiercely competed over - increasing visibility online through platforms like LinkedIn can help get ahead here too!

Last but not least given what you said about leaving teaching due to inadequate salary & stress levels remember that tech isn't just about coding & engineering; there's plenty opportunities within product management teams across industries or customer service departments which present alternative career paths with similarly impressive pay packages if software development doesn’t sound appealing after all! So whether you decide on wishing pursue a traditional technical route or carve out something unique be sure weigh every good & bad thing before making any permanent decisions regarding life changing situations – ultimately succeeding within these large cities requires much dedication than just simply relocating alone so use every resource possible.. best wishes :)

MTC Removals
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2023.03.29 12:00 BM2018Bot Daily Discussion Thread: March 29, 2023

Recent special elections have resulted in Democrats overperforming expectations by a ton! Between Dems getting things done while in power, and the GOP going in an increasingly scary direction, voters can tell which party is looking out for them. Now our job is to get every voter to show up, every election.
Besides our well-known volunteer from home spreadsheet and weekly volunteer posts, we have some new initiatives to help you support Democrats across the country! Read on and sign up:
Introducing Campaign Central: a VoteDem VAN alternative project to help local campaigns organize!
Running for office is a major undertaking, and like any great journey, the first step is often the hardest. Our goal at VoteDem is to lower that barrier by developing a campaigning tool we can freely offer as a service to Democrats across the country. Campaign Central is a web-based platform that can load voter registration data, organize phone banking, text banking, canvassing, and much more! But to run this project, we need your help. We need volunteers to collect and upload voter registration data once per month (instructions provided), and a Python developer (preferably with experience using Odoo) to help build these tools.
Sign up for a state
State Volunteers
Indiana u/komm_susser_Thot
New York
North Carolina
Ohio u/aoi_to_midori
Washington u/Snickersthecat
Interested in helping us develop the program? Send us a modmail describing relevant Python experience.
Adopt A Candidate is Returning!
Yup - we are continuing our Adopt a Candidate operations. For the moment, we’re largely focusing on upcoming special elections until the primaries for the November elections are finished.
When you adopt a candidate, you commit to volunteering for them at least once a week - in person or from home. Your efforts now could make the difference as these races will likely be very close and have generally lower turnout!
If you’d like to adopt one of these candidates, reply in this thread or send us a modmail. You can adopt a candidate not on this list if you wish, too. Just let us know!
Candidate District Election Day Adopted by
Joshua Hicks Jacksonville, FL At Large 2 Mar 21st u/Hurrdurraj65
Charles Garrison Jacksonville, FL At Large 5 Mar 21st u/Hurrdurraj65
Alton McGriff Jr. Jacksonville, FL City Council 1 Mar 21st u/Hurrdurraj65
Ramon Day Jacksonville, FL City Council 11 Mar 21st u/Hurrdurraj65
Joyce Morgan Duval County, FL Property Appraiser Mar 21st u/Hurrdurraj65
Tim Cox Henderson NV City Council 1 April 3rd
Janet Protasiewicz WI Supreme Court April 4th u/Reptorian, u/Lotsagloom, u/Hurrdurraj65, u/table_fireplace, u/SGSTHB, u/Wes_Anderson_Cooper, u/ornery-fizz, u/molybdenum75
Sara Geenen Wisconsin Court of Appeals District 1 April 4th
Jodi Habush Sinykin Wisconsin State Senate District 8 April 4th u/SaltResearcher4, u/Pipboy3500
Brandon Presley MS Governor November 7th u/ProudPatriot07
We’re looking for graphic artists and folks that understand how to run social media!
While we all like to jest that the mod team is able to do anything and everything, we have limitations. We are currently looking for individuals with knowledge and skill in creating Graphic Art as a way to further the community's image. Our main priority would be aiding in creating graphics akin to the following design that we’ve used for AMA guests.
We are also looking for someone that is more knowledgeable in how to properly create a social media following/interact in the social media spaces to effectively operate them. The mod team is not particularly knowledgeable, nor do we have the time to properly utilize those tools.
If you are interested in volunteering forhelping with either position, please send us a modmail and we will continue the conversation from that point. Note: neither of these positions are paid and would be done on a purely volunteer role.
Let’s make sure that the GOP knows the true power of grassroots action!
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2023.03.29 11:51 learnkolkata How Can Learn Home Tutors Offer Your Child Much-Needed Help?

Generally speaking, the field of educational activities in the country has witnessed drastic changes in the last few years. As parents, one of the most important duties is to select the right Home Tutors for your child. Mere school learning or, better speaking – classroom learning is not enough today. Your child will certainly require the assistance of Home Tutors. If you are looking for Home Tutors in South Kolkata or, for that matter, Home Tutors in North Kolkata, simply stick to the Learn Teacher Bureaus. Children tend to dread subjects such as English and Science. In such a scenario, you will have to take the help of an English Tutor Near Me, or you have to look for Home Tutors For Science. At the Learn Teacher Bureaus, we have got a plethora of experienced Home Tutors readily available to help your child grow academically.
For more information please visit our site :
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2023.03.29 11:42 Zellainformation Why Pre-Employment Screening is Essential for Hiring?

Pre-employment screening refers to the process of evaluating potential job candidates before they are hired. This can include verifying their education and work experience, conducting criminal background checks, checking references, and conducting drug tests. There are several reasons why pre-employment screening is important. It helps employers to ensure that they are hiring qualified candidates with the necessary skills and experience to perform the job. Pre-employment can help to mitigate the risk of negligent hiring lawsuits, as employers have a duty to exercise reasonable care in their hiring decisions. It can help to create a safer work environment by identifying any potential red flags, such as criminal history or drug use. Click on the link given below to know more.
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2023.03.29 11:23 aamasum33 Menopausal Hormone Therapy to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) is a type of treatment that is used to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Menopause is a natural process that occurs in women as they age, typically starting in their late 40s or early 50s, where their ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone, two hormones that play important roles in the menstrual cycle and overall reproductive health.
As the levels of estrogen and progesterone decline, women may experience a range of symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood changes, and sleep disturbances. MHT works by replacing these hormones with synthetic versions that can alleviate these symptoms.
MHT can come in various forms, including pills, patches, creams, and vaginal rings. The two main types of hormones used in MHT are estrogen and progesterone. Women who have had a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) may only need estrogen therapy, while those who still have their uterus need a combination of estrogen and progesterone to reduce the risk of developing endometrial cancer.
While MHT can be highly effective in managing menopausal symptoms, it is not without risks. Studies have found that long-term use of MHT may increase the risk of certain health problems, such as breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, and blood clots. As a result, MHT is typically recommended for short-term use (usually less than five years) and at the lowest effective dose.
It is important for women to discuss their individual risks and benefits of MHT with their healthcare provider to determine if it is an appropriate treatment option for them. Women who have a history of breast cancer, blood clots, heart disease, or other medical conditions may not be good candidates for MHT.
  1. The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) - a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting women's health during midlife and beyond. Their website provides information on menopause and various treatment options, including MHT.
  2. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) - a professional organization for OB-GYNs that provides patient education materials on a variety of women's health topics, including menopause and MHT.
  3. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) - a government agency that provides information and resources on aging-related topics, including menopause and MHT.
  4. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) - a government agency that conducts and supports research on various health topics, including menopause and MHT. Their website provides access to a wide range of scientific articles and studies on these topics.
I hope this helps!
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2023.03.29 11:20 GnGroupofinstitutes Best Engineering College in Greater Noida - GN Group of Institutes

GN Group of Institutes is one of the top engineering colleges in Greater Noida.
We currently offer B.Tech programs in Civil, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence. We are a premier institute that provides students with the best education and facilities.
Our college is known for its highly qualified and experienced faculty, who guide and mentor students to help them achieve their career goals. We also have state-of-the-art infrastructure and laboratories, which help students to learn and explore new technologies.
We provide students with the opportunity to pursue their career dreams and make them a reality. If you are looking for an excellent engineering college in Greater Noida, then GN Group of Institutes is the right choice for you.
Overview of GN Group of Institutes
GN Group of Institutes is one of the best engineering colleges in Greater Noida.
GN Group of Institutes offers B.Tech programs in Civil, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence. The college is approved by AICTE and is affiliated to AKTU, GGSIPU, CCS University.
The college has a well-equipped campus and highly qualified faculty. The students are given rigorous training and are prepared for the industry. The college has a 100% placement record and the students are placed in top companies.
B.Tech Programs Offered by GN Group of Institutes
GN Group of Institutes offers B.Tech programs in Civil, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence. The programs are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the engineering field.
The college has a talented faculty who are experts in their field. The faculty is dedicated to providing students with the best possible education.
The college also offers excellent facilities which include laboratories, workshops and a library. The college has a student-centric approach and strives to create a supportive learning environment for its students.
Apart from academics, the college also organizes various activities such as sports, cultural and social activities. It encourages its students to take part in these activities so that they can hone their skills and talents.
GN Group of Institutes also encourages its students to take part in various internships, workshops and conferences. These programs help to build technical and professional skills and give the students an insight into the engineering field. The college also offers research opportunities to its students.
The college has a strong alumni network which helps its students in their future careers. The college has also been ranked among the best engineering colleges in India. It is also home to some of the best students, who have gone on to make a mark in their respective fields.
Facilities and Infrastructure at GN Group of Institutes
GN Group of Institutes offers world-class facilities and infrastructure.
The campus is spread over a sprawling many acres of land in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. It is well-equipped with all modern amenities, including a state-of-the-art computer lab, a well-stocked library, and a sports complex.
The faculty is highly qualified and experienced, and the curriculum is designed in compliance with the latest industry requirements. The institute also organizes various industrial visits and training programs to keep the students abreast of the latest developments in the field.
The college also provides accommodation for both male and female students, with all necessary amenities like Wi-Fi, fan, 24-hour power backup, etc.
The institute encourages students to take part in extracurricular activities such as music, dance, sports, drama, etc. Creative competitions are organized to foster creativity and encourage students to unleash their potential.
The college is the best Placement College in Greater Noida. The college has a dedicated placement cell, which helps students to get good placements. The college also provides internship opportunities to students.
The college also has a medical center, which provides medical assistance to students, faculty, and staff. The center is well-equipped with modern facilities and has qualified doctors and paramedical staff.
To help students gain corporate exposure, the college organizes regular seminars, conferences, and guest lectures by eminent industry professionals. These events create an opportunity for the students to interact with corporate leaders and learn the nuances of corporate culture. The college also organizes industrial visits to help students understand the industry dynamics and gain practical insights.
Overall, GN Group of Institutes is one of the best engineering colleges in Greater Noida, with excellent facilities and infrastructure to facilitate holistic student development.
Placement Opportunities at GN Group of Institutes
If you’re interested in exploring placement opportunities, then the GN Group of Institutes is the perfect place to begin. This top engineering college in greater noida provides a variety of placement opportunities to its students. The GN Group of Institutes boasts a successful placement record with companies like Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys and others hiring graduates who have excelled in their studies and gained real world experience through internships. With experienced faculty members, advanced infrastructure and strong industry connections, you can be sure that your future is secure at GN Group of Institutes.
Admission Process for B.Tech in GN Group of Institutes
If you are interested in enrolling for the B.Tech programs at GN Group of Institutes, then you can apply through both online and offline mode. For admission in any of the B.Tech programs, applicants must have passed the 10+2 exam with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects from a recognized board of education. Depending on the specializations opted for by the candidate, an aptitude test also needs to be taken as a part of the admission process. Additionally, a personal interview is conducted to verify the eligibility criteria for admissions. All these processes ensure that candidates fulfill all the requirements needed for entry into one of the best engineering colleges in Greater Noida.
This Institutes also offer the direct admission in engineering colleges in Noida for those candidates without having to go through the aptitude test and the selection process. To avail of this, certain requirements vary from institute to institute. Some accept direct admission if candidates have a minimum of 80% aggregate in class 10th and 12th, or 90% in PCM. In some cases, percentage conversion of marks from the respective boards are done to avail direct admission. Moreover, for candidates belonging to reserved categories, the institute offers relaxation on the marks required for direct admission.
Why Choose GN Group of Institutes for B.Tech?
If you are looking for the top engineering college in Greater Noida, look no further than GN Group of Institutes. Known for its high-quality education and cutting-edge technology, GN Group of Institutes offers a range of B.Tech programs in Civil, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence.
At GN Group of Institutes, students can hone their skills by taking part in seminars and workshops conducted by renowned industry professionals. You'll also have access to state-of-the-art labs and research facilities to explore the latest trends in engineering. Furthermore, experienced faculty members are always on hand to guide you every step of the way.
In addition to its portfolio of exceptional programs, the college also weekly provides a series of extracurricular activities and events designed to enrich the student experience. From career mentorship to student-run clubs and community service programs, students can build meaningful relationships and make lasting memories at GN Group of Institutes.
The college's award-winning library is also well-stocked with an array of books, journals and reference materials to help students excel in their studies. The institute also has world-class hostels and canteens. This ensures that all students have a comfortable stay during their studies.
Furthermore, the college is also known for its sound policies and practices that enable students to succeed in their academic and professional careers. Finally, the college has a rich tradition of nurturing bright minds and developing them into distinguished professionals. With its range of excellent programs and facilities, GN Group of Institutes is an ideal choice for those looking for the best b tech colleges in delhi ncr.
GN Group of Institutes is a renowned institute for engineering education in the country. It offers 4-year full-time B.Tech programs in various disciplines of engineering. The institute is approved by AICTE and is affiliated with the AKTU (Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University Uttar Pradesh), GGSIPU (Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University), and CCS (Chaudhary Charan Singh University ).
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2023.03.29 11:16 SKTSL Gap year(s) and public health career

For the last two years, I’ve taken time traveling and doing seasonal work. For various reasons, it only makes sense for me to go to grad school in Fall 2024. I’ve put grad school off for a few years, but I’m absolutely going to apply this upcoming fall.
Have any of you taken significant time away from your careeeducation in this way and did it affect you negatively? If so, is there anything I can do in the meantime to be a more appealing candidate? Skills to know / books to read / short term internships that might make me more appealing in this field?
I’ve spent some time in Latin America, but I’m not fluent in Spanish yet. I’m considering spending more time in Latin America studying Spanish until Fall 2024 so I can be functionally bilingual. I feel like this could help in my career (and also be personally fulfilling) but I’m not sure.
For some context, I hope to go into public health consulting soon after grad school. I’ll be going into significant debt for grad school (probably a dual degree), and I want to be able to pay that off ASAP with a good paying job. I know that field is competitive, but I’m okay with that challenge, and plan to move into something more “meaningful”/ specific to my interests later in my career after gaining some experience in the consulting world.
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2023.03.29 11:11 Alert_Acanthisitta39 Transphobic parent likely kicking me out, what can I do for covering housing costs?

Hi all! MTF 27 here, been living with either one of my parents (regrettably) for years and had another fight with my transphobic mother that has likely led to me being kicked out 🤷‍♀️ I have a few jobs currently but want to make sure I have enough to stay afloat with somewhere including rent, which has not been a part of my bills until now obviously. Just need some resources to see if somewhere can help with low income trans people or just general social services or lgbtq programs. I’m in South Carolina for reference, which isn’t the best state I know. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you for your help in advance!
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2023.03.29 10:26 Content_Benefit2211 [Letter]

Hello, I am a 17-year-old student living in South Korea. I am sending you a letter using a translator because my English is not good enough. The following is my idea of education in a very broad sense. It's hard to write in sentences, so I cut it short in fragments.
an idea of education
Word Description
Education: In order to solve deficiencies, we change human thinking and induce expression of them to reduce deficiencies To meet, and at the same time to arrange and limit the scope of the next thought change. Deficiency: 'Lack of everything life seeks (physical, mental, otherwise...). It's the birth of thoughts at the same time as. It's also the birth of ideas. It takes various forms depending on the time and place.
Valuable Thinking: A thought that can fill the deficiency among various thoughts, only valuable thinking Significantly Realizable Expressions: Leaving your thoughts in reality, in itself, easily disappears.
Achievement: a valuable idea expressed in reality. It just changes shape over time. Not disappearing. a detailed description of education. Here, 'I' is the subject's self, passive, and only responds to external interactions (education).
Who teaches? - Everything in the world except me.
When do you teach? - Ever since I started thinking, until I stopped thinking.
Where do you teach? - Everywhere except 'me' (including the body).
What do you teach? - Teach the reality and the human achievements it contains
How do you teach? - Interact through the five senses of "I" to create thoughts
Why teach? - To 'express' the idea of 'I' meaningfully 'to reality', the process of (fulfillment of deficiency) development Education is, teaching and learning. This changes the subject's mind
In what direction? in a valuable direction, i.e., a valuable idea
What is valuable? an idea that satisfies the universal needs of the time
For example, China's universal desire during the Spring Warring States Period is the victory of war.
The desire of the Republic of Korea between 1940 and 1990 is economic growth. Universal needs? - A concrete expression of kalpop. Different times, different places. Buy mainly Presented by the leader of the conference, the support of those governed by the leader. Or should be accompanied by tolerance. Thoughts? - Human ego born out of want. a great diversity.
What's your worthwhile idea? Something to satisfy the deficiency.
So? - A valuable idea is expressed as an achievement, constructing reality.
So? - Thinking is based on reality, so achievements affect the next thought (thought dependency).
So? - The idea of a living thing develops in one huge direction, which is, the fulfillment of adeficiency
In the end, education changes human thoughts and induces expression of them to solve kyeolpop
It is to satisfy Pip, and at the same time, to arrange the next change of thought and limit its scope.'
That's my personal opinion. If you found this interesting, please let me know. Thank you.
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2023.03.29 10:20 oksalon Top salons in Kolhapur

Top salons in Kolhapur
Top salons in Kolhapur
Kolhapur is home to some of the best salons in India. Whether you are looking for a new hairdo, a facial or a manicure, you can find the perfect salon in this city. From the classic to the contemporary, Kolhapur has something for everyone. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top salons in Kolhapur that offer quality services and great value for money. With their experienced staff and modern facilities, these salons guarantee that you will look your best after every visit. So read on to find out which salons are worth checking out when you’re in town!
Salon academy in Kolhapur
Kolhapur is a city that is becoming well known for its beauty and wellness industry. With the increasing demand of beauty services, there has been an upsurge in the number of salon academies offering professional courses in this field. The Salon Academy in Kolhapur is one such academy that provides comprehensive training programs to aspiring beauticians and hairstylists. It also offers advanced courses to experienced professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills. The academy’s faculty consists of highly qualified professionals who have years of experience in the industry and use cutting-edge techniques to ensure that students get the best education possible. The academy also provides placement assistance for successful candidates, making it a great choice for those looking to make a career in beauty and wellness.
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2023.03.29 09:45 f1newsbot Plans for new British-based F1 team revealed

Formula 1 is a funny (70-year) old business: For all its secrecy, very little remains secret for long.
The reason is simple: F1 is a global sport which ultimately relies on a small world centred around an arc running west from Silverstone (Aston Martin) to Brackley (Mercedes) and Banbury (Haas) to Enstone (Alpine) and Wantage (Williams) before heading south to Woking (McLaren) and east to Milton Keynes (Red Bull).
Virtually all players are on first-name terms, having variously crossed paths along the way and most are eager to whisper about their successes since they parted ways with Team A to join Team C, with B having been where they worked with XYZ.
If they don't spill the beans while at the local hardware shop on (non-race) weekends, their wives surely do so while awaiting the 4pm school bell…
Thus, no sooner had we revealed progress made to date by the four candidate teams - including the Saudi-backed Formula Equal hopeful - who plan to enter F1 by 2026 under the FIA's Expression of Interest process, than various sources divulged details about Hitech GP's nascent project.
What these sources collectively shared with RacingNews365 about progress made to date by what is code-named H26 is nothing short of astonishing.
Indeed, one of our sources indicated that so far advanced is the project that wind tunnel testing is already underway using the former Mercedes (50%) facility situated in Silverstone and currently used by that team's Mercedes Applied Science advanced engineering division.
All this makes sense as another source suggested that Hitech is focused on a Mercedes powertrain (PT) partnership, which could see Hitech replace the upwardly mobile Aston Martin Racing operation as the de facto Mercedes 'B' team.
Relations between Mercedes F1 CEO Toto Wolff and Aston owner Lawrence Stroll are said to have soured, a situation not aided by the Green Team's current form using the same PT.
H26's aerodynamic preparations are understood to be focusing on 2022/23 models to verify data ahead of release of the first 2026 regulations – due in June 2024 as per the FIA's International Sporting Code, which demands that regulations "which affect the balance of performance between automobiles" are formalised at least 18 months before the start of an applicable season.
Equally, H26 has commenced design of a F1 chassis based on known crash test and load factors, with side intrusion panel, deformable structure and a roll hoop design allegedly also in process.
According to a H26 team member, the plan is to ensure the team are ready to hit the ground running once (if?) the FIA grants the green light once the selection process is complete.
Target date is 30 June, although some deadlines, including the closing date for EoIs are said to have slipped, the latter from 30 April to 15 May, 2023.
Whatever, said team member was adamant H26 have lodged all registration formalities well ahead of deadline.
H26 is headed by Dave Greenwood, an ex-Ferrari performance engineer with widespread F1 and WEC experience, with Mark Smith, formerly with Renault, Red Bull Racing and Caterham, as Technical Director.
Keith Barclay (also ex-Renault/RBR) is Chief Designer, with James Knapton (various F1 teams) as Head of Vehicle Science. Such folk do not come cheap…
The eventual plan is for H26 to operate out of a purpose-built 40-acre campus in Bicester – for which planning permission is said to have been granted.
Until the facility is completed, the 60-head-strong H26 operation is working out of two units in Silverstone, namely Hitech's former F2/3 base which became vacant after the feeder series team moved into bespoke facilities in Silverstone. More hires are said to be imminent.
Hitech team principal Oliver Oakes (pictured above with George Russell in 2016), world karting champion in 2005, has long eyed a move to the big league, much as Jordan, Williams, McLaren and Stewart (now Red Bull) did: one formula at a time.
Hitech was originally funded by Dmitry Mazepin (below) father of one-time F1 driver Nikita; however, sources close to Oakes are adamant the two split, albeit on friendly terms, even before the Ukraine invasion.
This, of course, begs the questions: Where does the funding to sustain at least 60 highly qualified (and expensive engineers) for three years come from; how to fund the entire operation going forward until it washes its own face?
Wolff recently opined that it now costs about a billion bucks to get a team up and running until it qualifies for prize monies in its own right.
Oakes is said to have sourced the requisite backing – one of the backers listed on the team's website is an Emirati oil company – and, while suspicions abound as to the source(s) of Hitech's funding, forget not that the ultimate beneficiary owner(s) of Williams is also secret.
Yes, Dorilton Capital owns Williams, but who owns Dorilton?
When the BBC in late 2021 wrote in its Frank Williams obituary that Dorilton "is led by [Guernseyman] off-shore banker Peter de Putron" these references were removed post haste.
Too close to the truth or totally wide of the mark? Who knows, but the fact remains that the source of the Williams team's funding is secret.
Under the circumstances the FIA and F1 would be hard pushed to disqualify H26 on that basis.
This leaves the FIA/F1 with the unenviable task of sifting through four candidate teams – Andretti, Formula Equal, H26 and Panthera – all of whom have unique selling points, then decide which, if any, qualify for two vacant slots.
Consider this: two Middle East-linked teams, one with a 50/50 gender split and the other working its way up motorsport's team ladder, Andretti/Cadillac which ticks US boxes, plus Asia-linked Panthera.
Either way, at least two will have blown enormous sums of cash on their dream of entering F1…
RacingNews365 has contacted Hitech and Mercedes F1 for comment.
Join Balve Baines, journalist Michael Butterworth and Dieter Rencken, Editorial Director of, to discuss the key talking points ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.
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2023.03.29 09:40 gjfgfjfgjfffd 办南卡罗来纳大学毕业证,Q微2026697758办U of SC毕业证成绩单办U of SC学位证书办U of SC硕士毕业证University of South Carolina fake Diploma Degree Transcript

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2023.03.29 09:15 nehasharma2817 Bharathidasan University Distance Education Courses

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2023.03.29 08:58 Eager_Question Love Languages (3)

[Previous] [First] [Next]
Memory transcription subject: Andes Savulescu-Ruiz, Human Director at the Venlil Rehabilitation and Reintegration Facility. Universal translator tech.
Date [standardized human time]: December 1, 2136
After Larzo left, I read the reports for a few of the children that didn't have translators yet. Something wasn't adding up. There were dozens of notes of "predator disease", with symptoms as broad as "inability to sit still" and "flat affect". I'd heard comments from the psych department about being shocked by how much aliens sucked at psych, but I didn't expect it to be so bad, especially given how good they were at neuro. It reminded me of "hysteria" diagnoses. The tag just became code for "freaked a nurse out once".
Once I read everyone's file, I put the helmet back on and headed to the North Wing (primarily staffed by Venlil and Zurulians) to check on them in person. I really needed a new visor. Putting it on and off all the time was proving to be a hassle. There were some new models I’d seen in “specialty human stores” near the refugee camps, where the visor had a stiff structure at the top and a loose cloth-like one at the bottom, allowing for ease of eating. It looked just like all the others from outside, while being vastly more comfortable. That seemed like something I could stand wearing all day.
I went through all the high-priority language-acquisition kids who'd gotten the implant. They were incredibly shy, and liked to huddle up close, but had taken well to them. Two of the smaller kids were holding up toy spaceships and making whooshing noises with them. The visiting teachers had already cleared most of them for starting classes here, and if they proved they could handle it, they might start attending a special education school outside the facility to help them with socialisation. A few of the boys, who tended to skew younger, were watching a screen together. Two girls and a boy were playing with construction blocks quietly. Some of the kids with implants were even attentively listening to one of the nurses read from a book and show them the pictures. None of them were any flavour of literate(obviously), but their impairments seemed minimal and likely to be reduced over time if given sufficient support.
It seemed we had gotten absurdly lucky. The other facilities had more catatonic kids. I counted two out in the corner with vacant eyes, but they were huddled together at least. Prosocial behaviour. Some others were twitchy and clearly hypervigilant, but they were responsive.
Then I went through the ones with the scary scans. Like I suspected, the kids with "predator disease" just looked like kids to me. Maybe a little hyper or rambunctious, but they'd just discovered elbow-room. Both reactions made sense: huddle together for a sense of safety or explore everything everywhere all at once the moment you suddenly can.
It was reassuring! Just because a brain looks fucked up, it doesn't mean it is. Brains, especially those of children, are incredibly malleable. People with hemispherectomies live largely normal lives, after all. There were stories of concentration camp survivors complaining about the quality of their food within weeks of being freed.
Hedonic adaptation is often greater than we give it credit for. A creepy brain scan is just one data point. Watching them interact made me orders of magnitude more optimistic about their prospects.
Two of them were fighting over a toy with all their might. One eventually won and the other fell on her butt. The victor ran off and hid behind a filing cabinet. Instead of crying for help, the losing kid seemed to just glare and begin plotting her revenge. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the quiet seething coming from that adorable little fuzzball.
"Is this typical of them since their arrival?" I asked a human aide.
"Yeah. Kinda wild for Venlil, but I think that's probably better than the ones that are basically catatonic. Thoughts, Director?"
"I agree. But we might have to move them around soon. I'm a little concerned about some of the tags in their files."
She nodded and went to help someone else bring in a box of storybooks.
I found I kinda liked the deferential way in which the other doctors and nurses and aides treated me as I checked on them. "Yes, sir", "of course, Director Andes". Larzo just called me Andes, which was fine, but I liked feeling important sometimes.
One of the girls in the low priority group kept sneaking glances at me. She had a speckled pattern of dark spots on her white fur, with two big black shapes around her eyes and a round smaller one around her mouth. She reminded me of a dalmatian my neighbour had, when I was a kid. It was aggressively cute. She rushed up to the aide that was handing out snacks, made some growling noises and pointed at me.
Hmm. That must be one of the ones they said struggled with language.
"Oh that? That's the human director,” the nurse said, squatting down to be at eye level with the kid, then added in a hushed tone “don't get too close to the humans. They're predators."
That seemed a little crazy to me (if she can call me a predator, can't I take off the stupid helmet? Was that not the information we were trying to keep from them? Was I going to have to reprimand the anxiety-filled rabbit-sheep on her third day of work?) but the little girl with the spots didn't seem freaked out at all. She just kept staring at me.
It might have been a little creepy if she wasn't so adorable.
The nurses and aides--especially the Venlil ones--seemed most comfortable with the babies, who would be sent to adoptive homes soon enough, as they had the best chance of a smooth reintegration into Venlil society.
The older kids had a curfew, and specific meal times, but were otherwise encouraged to wander around the different sources of enrichment built into the first floor of the North Wing, from playgrounds to books, to a little room filled with data pads that had child-friendly cartoons. There were some classes, but the psych specialist had decided that after being so cooped up, the kids would struggle with the concept of freedom, and so we should make it as clear as possible that they now had it. I headed back to my office which existed in a smaller section between the two wings.
There were a few things in need of cleaning up, but they'd all been addressed. I took off my helmet and got to work on my first report to the Committee for Rescued Venlil Rehabilitation - Human Division (CRVR-HD).
Perhaps an hour into that process, I met my venlil counterpart. He passed by my office door and let out a startled squeak. He dipped into his office, left his bag inside, and poked his head into my office. I thought I saw a shadow move when he did, but I assumed I must have imagined it. That or it was some sort of space butterfly in the periphery of my vision.
"H-h-hello... H-h-human..."
I took a deep breath, which he found somehow intimidating. I took another deep breath, to avoid getting pissed off by him finding breathing intimidating.
"Hello, you are Doctor Karim, right?"
"Yes, yes, and you, um, you are, uh. Um." I couldn’t tell if he had genuinely forgotten my name, or if he was just that freaked out.
"Andes Savulescu-Ruiz."
He frowned. "Not Doctor?"
I shrugged. "My university got blown up, so I'm not really sure what the status is on my credentials. But I did finish my doctorate, if that means anything to you."
He started shaking a little less and walked closer to me.
"Y-yes, I was-was told. Doctor Andes is fine, you have earned it."
I gave him a nod. He nodded back.
"I had, um, assumed that I would b-be um. Director of… this facility. I did not know what to expect of a human um, co-uh. Co-Director."
"To be honest, I don't know what to expect either. When they told me I would be spearheading this, I didn't think there would be a human division and a venlil division. I assume it's so you guys don't have to boss humans around if it freaks you out."
"Yes," Karvim said. "Yes, most certainly. And for your predatorial expertise."
My what? "...Go on?"
"These children. They have been reared–if we can call it that–by and among predators, for the most part. We do not know if they have acquired predator disease, but even that framework is currently being questioned. So your perspective will be vital. Not to mention you are known to communicate with the Arxur, which we… may have need of." He looked a little pissed off about that last part. I decided not to focus on it too much.
"...Good to know," I said, positively baffled about my supposed predatorial expertise.
“I will begin my work now. Feel free to leave. It would be better to avoid unnecessary overlap,” he said. I realized then that he was expecting some sort of tagging in-and-out where we don't actually interact.
“We’ll have to discuss that later,” I said, “human sleep-wake cycles don’t map well onto venlil ones.
“So I’ve heard. Have a good rest of your shift,” he said, and headed out.
As though summoned by mention of “predatorial expertise”, Shaleth called me two minutes later, and nearly gave me a heart attack.
“Andes, I have been returned to my people in exchange for your pets. How are you finding them?” he said, like it was the most natural thing in the world! I nearly jumped out of my seat when he popped up.
“What the fuck? Doesn’t this shit have caller ID? What are you doing?” I scrambled to lower the volume and figure out the settings on the app.
“You are not happy to hear from me?” he asked, clearly a little miffed. Did he ask Asleth for my info?
“I’m at work! You can’t just call me at work. I’m working with–”
“With the cattle, yes, the ones you like so much. I asked you how you were finding them,” he repeated, clearly not grasping the whole I am at work situation.
“They’re… Doing as well as we could expect, Shathel. Some are better than others.”
“Well I hope they’re worth the effort. The lab meat you sent in exchange is really quite delightful, you know? I believe I understand now why the Chief Hunter is so eager to have an alliance with you Humans.”
“Well… Good. Cruelty-free, you know?”
“Ah, but sometimes the cruelty is the best part!” he said, like a whole-ass supervillain. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Sure, Shaleth, sure, the brutal murder is the best part of eating,” I said with a roll of my eyes.
“Spend enough time with those quivering creatures, and you’ll soon see it my way,” he said smugly. “Send me a message when you are not at work. I demand to know what has happened since you arrived on the most succulent of planets. You look healthy.”
He ended the call and I groaned, leaning back into my chair and rubbing my temples. I ran a hand through my hair, leaned back against my chair, and only then did I notice a little white tail, with little black spots peeking out from behind one of my bookcases.
“...Hey there, little lamb,” I said, a little concerned about how much of that she’d heard. I was pretty sure it was the same little girl who’d pointed me out to the nurse. She peeked out from behind one of my boxes of books, and stared directly at me. Still cute. “Did you need something?”
She didn’t say anything.
“...Should I call a nurse?”
“You know I don’t actually think you’re food, right? We’re not gonna eat you. Is this okay? Should I put my visor back on?”
The stare remained.
“...Alright, how about… I just go over here…” I slowly got off my seat and walked over to the door, “and I open the door… And then I back away so that–” In a blink, she scurried out of my office.
“...Well, that’ll be an interesting conversation with Dr. Vemla,” I muttered, and finished up my report. Once done and sent, I headed over to the Psych floor on the North Wing. Doctors Vemla and Rodriguez were having a heated discussion.
"--don't understand the needs of the Venlil. The signs! We are different from humans!"
"I know," Rodriguez said, trying to placate her. "But what I have seen thus far is entirely explicable through trauma, I don't want to write these children off."
"Then I should transfer them over to you," Vemla said pointedly, as if it was a threat.
"I don't see why not," Rodriguez said, giving her a little shrug.
"Everything good here?" I asked. Vemla was a little startled by my appearance, but seemed grateful suddenly.
"I fear we may be leaning a little too much into the human comfort with predatory behaviour," she said, "one of these children bit another one. And the way they move their tails… as if they had weights attached to them. It's unnatural."
I nodded. "Okay… I believe the proposed course of action is wise, then. If you think these children are dangerous, they pose the least danger to human workers. Transfer them over to Rodriguez. We'll see about housing details when the South Wing is finished in a couple of days and they've stopped pouring in from the main hospitals."
"Very well," she said, looking suitably satisfied. "It will be a good way to test the efficacy of the human way of handling these cases."
"I agree," Rodriguez said.
"...Alright," I said, "Doctor Rodriguez, can we talk?"
She led me into her office, closed the door and took off her visor.
"One of the kids saw me talking to an Arxur," I said. She paled, then tried to force herself into a more neutral expression.
"Um. And why exactly–"
"It was a surprise call, I didn't know he had my info," I explained, hoping it didn't look too defensive.
"And the child, how are they?"
"...Seemed fine?"
She looked at me curiously. "Fine? No crying, no shrieking, no shaking?"
"Yeah. I opened the door and she scurried out like a mouse caught with a cookie in a spotlight."
Rodriguez provided me with a patented Psychologist-grade "Interesting".
"I thought so."
"Could you identify this child?"
"Oh sure. She looks like a dalmatian with big spots on her eyes and mouth."
She nodded. "Keep an eye out for her. I think I know who it is. I'll notify you when I have a session with her."
"Sounds good," I said, and headed out the door. "Good luck with your new patients."
She nodded. "Thank you, Director."
I decided to clock out and hit the gym after that. The notion of the gymnasium for recreational purposes seemed to be entirely alien to the Venlil. Soldiers exercised, as did exterminators (or, some of them, anyhow). But it seemed to be more of a duty than a desire, which is why the “gym” was just a room with a soft floor, a couple of small treadmills for testing purposes, weights, and–paid out of my own fucking pocket–a set of gymnastic rings. Between the prohibition of “predatory” pursuits like martial arts and the fact that everything was heavier and harder, I’d settled into an annoyingly difficult yoga routine.
Larzo came by at around the fourth pose. I shifted the weight from one leg to the other and he stared for three whole breaths.
“Can I help you?” I asked, glancing back at him before focusing on my form again.
“... Yes, I was… I was looking for you and thought you’d… Could I draw you, when you do this?” he asked.
“Sure?” I said, because what else do you say when an alien marsupial asks to draw your yoga poses? “Why were you looking for me?”
“Well, I noticed a curious pattern among some of the children and I thought we should have a meeting about it.”
“Schedule it with Karim,” I said. “I clocked out five minutes ago.”
Larzo scoffed. “As if he would listen to me. Come on, Andes.”
“Alright, I’ll schedule it during my next couple of shifts, now what do you–”
As I shifted to a “rainbow bridge” pose, looking at him upside down, I noticed two venlil little girls staring from behind the rack of weights. One was the one who’d been in my office, and the other one was black with a scruffy white band around her neck that didn’t reach her shoulders and white hair on top.
Their ears were startled up when they noticed me looking at them. I looked off to the side to see them better through a mirror instead of directly.
“What do I what?” Larzo asked. I slowly brought a finger to my lips. The girls had stopped looking at me so intently, and instead were facing each other and hissing, with the occasional growl or baring of teeth. Were they having an argument? Could they do that?
One of them saw I was still looking at them through their reflection and grabbed the other. They scurried out of sight. Only then did Larzo notice them.
“Oh. I saw one of them earlier. She had a scratch.”
“The one with the little spots snuck into my office. Cute, aren’t they?” I said, switching to a handstand as slowly as I could. “Sneaky too. I wonder what they’re up to.”
[standardized human time]: December 1, 2136
[Four venlil girls sit inside a room, each on their own bed. They are identified as 85731-C, 85763-D, 86392-B, 85719-A. Henceforth referred to by the last digit and letter of their designation.]
1-C: I found the room the big one works in.
2-B: I saw him too. He's not that big, some of the other bosses are bigger.
1-C: He's the strongest. And they know it. They bow their heads and say yes sir.
9-A: What are you trying to do? Do you want them to eat you?
1-C: I am trying to give us an advantage. It worked before. Find the biggest boss. Get the biggest boss on our side. We get extra treats and don't die.
3-D: Never go alone. Always together. Bad idea.
9-A: Why are you like this?
2-B: You have no idea if that worked. They could have been fattening us up.
1-C: They didn’t. They brought us here. Because we were good.
2-B: They brought plenty of prey here. We are not special. Never be first or last, most or least, best or worst.
3-D: Never volunteer, never call attention.
2-B: See? 85763-D Understands! Why can’t you understand, 85731-C?
1-C: I understand better than you. New place! New rules!
2-B: You’re slow and stupid and soon they’re going to realize you’re too ugly to be a productive girl and any babies you have will be slow and stupid too, and they’ll eat you instead of taking you to breed.
1-C: You’re slow and stupid! You can’t even hide from them! I hid for a long time and he didn’t even notice me, but with you there he noticed right away!
2-B: Of course you’re good at hiding, there’s nothing to look at!
[1-C runs out of the room]
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2023.03.29 08:55 autotldr Japan waters down wartime wrongdoings, intensifies territorial claim in new school textbooks for use by the country's elementary school students starting in 2024

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 13%. (I'm a bot)
TOKYO, March 28 - The Japanese government on Tuesday approved new textbooks, apparently watering down the coercive nature of its wartime wrongdoings and intensifying its sovereignty claim to Dokdo, for use by the country's elementary school students starting in 2024.
Tokyo's education ministry announced that 149 textbooks have passed its review, a move that came in spite of Seoul's efforts to improve its bilateral ties with the neighbor amid Washington's campaign for bolstering the trilateral security partnership.
Yonhap News Agency analyzed relevant parts in a sample of those textbooks and found that a description of Japan's atrocities against Koreans during its 1910-45 colonization of the peninsula has been watered down.
For those who were forced to serve in Japan's military during World War II, a current textbook says Korean men were conscripted as soldiers.
A caption of a related photo read that they applied to become soldiers, apparently backing Japan's longtime assertion that Koreans joined its imperial military "Voluntarily."
On Dokdo, a set of Seoul-controlled rocky outcroppings in the East Sea, the textbooks say they are Tokyo's indigenous territory, with the world "Illegal" added for what it claims to be South Korea's occupation.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: textbook#1 military#2 Korean#3 Japan's#4 new#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.29 08:47 Shjco Apprentice needed

I need an apprentice to take over the reins when i finally decide to quit. This person should be familiar with (at least) Rockwell and Siemens PLCs and HMIs. Also knowledge of MS Excel would be helpful. Also this person should not have a dreadful fear of heights. Knowledge of control system hardware (especially motor controls including VFDs) would also be helpful.
I design and program control systems for hydraulic tobacco presses, and unfortunately i am the only one left with the knowledge of how these systems have evolved and how to make them run the best. These presses are from 70 to 80 feet tall and are located in tobacco processing factories in 50 or so countries around the world (even one i know about in Canada, never thought they would grow tobacco there). Lots of international travel, trips usually lasting from one week to a month.
These presses were installed from the 1970s until 2019 (the pandemic slowed it all down). Also, with all of the reduction in smokers, these companies have been consolidating their equipment and also requesting upgrades (such as relays to PLCs or modern PLC upgrades).
I am located in upper South Carolina near the mountains. If you are interested, please send me a message.
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2023.03.29 08:41 emprtlli ellie and erin are moving to charleston

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2023.03.29 07:51 Vanpelt4 Niche question about Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation in games

Hello everyone,
Just as some background I am a white American and aspiring artist. Im currently learning to digitally sculpt miniatures for tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer.
Games Workshop that makes Warhammer is one of the largest games companies and miniatures makers in the industry and thus drives a lot of the design influence for miniatures games.
They have a line of miniatures called “Seraphon” which are essentially Lizard people that ride fantasy dinosaurs. They’re design Aesthetic is obviously at least “inspired” by Mesoamerican Indigenous cultures.
Their origin is a bit problematic as they were originally created for a game that is now out of print called Warhammer Fantasy that was based on a map of the real world and they inhabited that world’s equivalent of Central and South America. Obviously making a fantasy “race” that draws inspiration from those cultures into non-human creatures is potentially very problematic.
On top of that, while the story in the game has changed to be somewhat less offensive, they’ve also introduced more “alien” and “sci-fi” elements to the designs of their newer miniatures. This seems to make a nod to “ancient alien” theories which are steeped in racist ideologies and have their origins in Nazi propaganda.
All of that being said, in a vacuum I think the designs are quite beautiful and, for lack of a better term; cool.
My question is: is this cultural appropriation? Is it cultural appreciation? Is there even a difference? And finally is there an ethical space for artists not of those cultures or backgrounds to draw inspiration for their art?
I appreciate any and all thoughts and discourse. And please let me know if any of the terminology in used was incorrect and I will edit my notes and work to educate myself further.
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2023.03.29 07:25 Carbon_McCoy LaFerraris of North America - brief explanation in the comments

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