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2020.03.09 18:14 GreekAlphabetSoup Join us on the r/MkeBucks Zen Catamaran

MkeBucks — [The Zen Catamaran isn’t a place of blind optimism but a place of calm realization that we are the best team in the NBA and even the best team in the NBA has its ups and downs. We’re able to see our team’s struggles and realize that we’re not anywhere near close to being in any sort of panic mode even if the team’s recent struggles continue on weeks into the future — deer friend and MkeBucks user u/Bobbbylight

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I'm hoping this can act as a constructive place for Music Production & Engineering majors to learn from each other and help each other out.

2023.06.01 23:47 GuaranteeConfident10 EX-roommate deposit return

Originally, both our names were signed onto our month-to-month lease.
I notified our landlord of my move-out with one months notice. She agreed to letting my roommate sublease my room. No move out inspection was needed (she didn’t state so, but also did not coordinate an inspection neither did my roomate) but despite that I cleaned my room and patio area as I agreed to coordinate viewings for my roommate. However, I had forgotten to clean out my fridge due to not living the unit for half of the year. Although he is not my landlord in the agreement, my roommate is insisting that I remove my items before giving my deposit back. I won’t be in the area for awhile.
Since there was no move out inspection coordinated by my landlord am I still entitled to my deposit? Who should I be receiving the deposit from?
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2023.06.01 23:46 Eastern_Leg_6085 Fiancé said “we’re atp in the relationship where we don’t need to see each-other as much.” (21M) (20F)

I recently brought up to my now-fiancé that I don’t like how I only ever come over to his house every other weekend and maybe a day in between that, and he doesn’t come over to my house at all. I barely even get to communicate with him when we’re apart. I told him that I think he should come and visit me too seem as though it’s an hours drive for me to and from every time that I go. Also, the gesture of him coming to me would be nice. He told me that he doesn’t really like coming to my house because there’s less to do and he just doesn’t really want to spend the gas money since he works 30 minutes away every day anyways.
This is the thing. We see each-other every OTHER weekend, so basically for one full weekend every 2 weeks. So as you can tell, most of our communication and bonding should take place over the phone in the meantime until we can see each-other next. Here’s the issue. He gets off of work at 1pm. I start my job at 7pm. So there’s a 6 hour window of open communication for us, PLUS he can text me while I’m at work since my job isn’t very demanding. We’re allowed to use our phones when there’s no clients around and all of our work is done.
For him, he sees his time as spending it how he wants independently. The. Entire. Day. Every. Day. He does the same thing every day. He will get off of work and drive home listening to music. Valid. Even I do that, too. Then, he will go and talk to his parents/family for about an hour or longer over a beer, then might go out for a ride on his motorcycle with one of his friends for an hour or two. Then he will come home, shower and watch some TikTok’s, maybe talk to his parents again or start playing some Xbox. All before even acknowledging or answering ANY of my texts for the entire day. I leave for work at 6:40pm, so when he ends up having some spare time to his name, he will then call me at maybe like 5:45 to 6:00pm. But our call is basically him talking to me and multi-tasking either playing Xbox or whatever it may be. Then, our call will get interrupted by his dinner being ready, so he will go away for like 40 minutes and eat and talk to his parents some more. By that time, I’m basically at work and can’t answer his call since he leaves it for last minute every single day. Then, I tell him that since we don’t really get to talk much, he can feel free to text me at work until he goes to sleep. He doesn’t text me. He might answer my text once before bed, but I will go hours without hearing anything until then. I just feel like a spare-time friend to him. I don’t really feel like a fiancé. I don’t feel like I’m an important part of his day at all. He also doesn’t cuddle me as much, barely dishes out a compliment to me, doesn’t hug me unless I’m coming or going, and barely even wants to do the deed with me anymore.
He calls it “me time” and says that it’s not a bad thing. He also said “We’re just at that point in the relationship where it’s a different kind of love. We already got past the lovey-dovey stage where all we want to do is kiss and cuddle and compliment each-other, so now we’re at that stage where we just kiss less, don’t hug as much, don’t compliment as much, and that’s okay!” I still like to compliment him all the time, kiss him a lot, get hugs and things like that, so it’s definitely just him who is “at this stage”. Not me. He said he will come over this weekend because he knows I’m bummed that he doesn’t.
So to sum that up: (TL;DR!) He will not (or barely) answer any of my texts the whole day until maybe an hour before I go to work. He does everything he wants before even acknowledging any messages of mine, and then will call me for maybe 30 minutes while playing Xbox. I’ll tell him he can text me instead while I’m at work, and he won’t. He might text me one message when he goes to bed, but not before that at all. Since we only see each-other every other weekend (I only go to his house), our main form of communication relies on the phone. I barely even get to talk to him in a day. I feel like he prioritizes everything he wants to do/everyone else in his life before me, and then finally talks to me during his spare time. He said “we’re just at that stage where we don’t want to kiss as much, don’t hug as often and don’t really compliment each-other that much and that’s ok.” But I still do all of those things. So it’s just him who’s at that stage.
Advice on how to get through this “stage” of his??
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2023.06.01 23:46 carterchaseof The Exchange Student - Part Thirty Three (Gabriel)

Warning: previous chapters of this story have been updated with plot and character changes. Even if you've read them before, this chapter may not make sense unless you go back and re-read the last few chapters.
The Exchange Student Homepage
The next few days were a blur. I wanted to spend every waking moment (and all of my sleeping moments) wrapped around Isak. But school was fast approaching, and even though neither of us wanted to discuss it, I knew we had to decide what our plan was.
The fear of being outed at school started to keep me up at night. Sure, my parents knew and were weirdly cool with everything. But putting up with parents that are upset with you is minor compared to the judgmental stares and whispers that I knew would haunt me if people found out at school.
That combined with the stress of keeping secrets from Emma finally made me snap. Isak and I were laying on my bed when I pulled out my phone. I video called Emma and she picked up almost immediately.
“Oh hey, I was starting to feel like you two were ghosting me.” She put on a pouty face.
“About that…” I shifted nervously and Isak suddenly sat up, realizing what I was about to do.
Emma looked concerned but didn’t say anything.
“There is something that I have to tell you and you’re probably going to be pissed at me.” It was time for me to face the music.
“Jesus Gabriel, what have you done?” She sat down on her bed, preparing for the worst.
“I may have encouraged someone to shoot their shot with Ross.” Gabriel kept it vague to protect Reese.
Emma stared at the phone for a moment. I wasn’t able to read her reaction. “Is it safe to assume that based on your vagueness that this certain someone that you told to shoot their shot is a guy?” I glanced nervously at Isak and didn’t answer her question. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She didn’t seem upset, just confused. “Is Ross gay?”
I looked at Isak for help. He finally grabbed the phone from me. “The jury is still out on that one I’m afraid.”
“Well. Shit.” She looked a little disappointed, but not angry. “How come you never encouraged me to take a shot at him?” She asked.
“Didn’t seem like you needed it. You do a fine job flirting with him without my encouragement.” I explained.
“Yeah I guess you have a point there.” She seemed lost in thought for a bit. “So has this mystery man had any success?” I again looked to Isak for support. He had been the one that Reese gave nightly progress reports to.
Isak grabbed the phone from me. “Progress has been slow, but it's looking like there may be some mutual interest.” I thought back to the night after our trip to the lake with Ross. Reese had told us how he was teaching Ross to swim.
“I was holding onto his stomach for a super long time! And every time he swam off of my hands, his bulge would brush against them!” He was giddy with excitement.
Since then, he’d hung out with Ross a few times on their own. It had gone well apparently, but the topic of sexuality hadn’t come up and Reese wasn’t sure if Ross was being flirty back or was just being nice.
“Well if Ross turns out to like girls, can you at least put in a good word for me?” Emma rolled her eyes at us.
“Of course!” I grabbed the phone back. “Please don’t be mad. It just kinda happened and I’ve felt horrible about it for days.”
“Gabriel, I’ll never be mad at you for looking out for your friends.” She paused and put on a fake angry face. “Just don’t forget who your best friend is, okay?”
“Okay, promise.” I was relieved.
After getting off the phone with Emma there was only one thing left that I needed to do. It was time for the talk. I think that Isak could sense it. He kept giving me nervous glances.
I took a deep breath. “Okay so I’ve been thinking.” As soon as I started, Isak looked terrified. “I don’t think that I’m ready to be out at school.” I blurted out.
“Oh.” Isak seemed surprised by my statement. Apparently he’d been thinking I was going to say something else. “Okay, I totally get it.” He placed a hand on my knee and gave it a squeeze. “I thought you were going to say that you were having second thoughts about us or something.”
“Isak! If there is only one thing that I’m sure of in my life, it is that I love you with my whole entire heart and nothing, and I mean NOTHING will ever tear me away from you.” I placed a hand over his and gave it a squeeze.
“Does this mean that you want me to get back into the closet?” He didn’t seem upset, just unsure.
“I’m not sure.” I shifted uncomfortably. “I mean we’re out to my friends and family. So it's not like we’re really in the closet. Just at school maybe?” I felt like an absolute ass. Here I was claiming that he was the best thing that ever happened to me, and yet I’m acting like I was ashamed of him. Fuck.
“That’s fine. It’s not like people are going to ask me if I like guys right after I’m introduced to them anyways.” Isak pointed out. I guess he had a point. He may not even need to deny that he’s gay if it never comes up.. Right?
I leaned in for a kiss. Isak returned it, but it felt half-hearted. I ran a hand up his thigh. “Do you mind if we just watch a movie and snuggle? I’m not really in the mood.”
I nodded and tried not to look like I was upset. Isak had never turned down intimacy before. I know that eventually a night would come where one of us just wasn’t feeling it, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he wasn’t feeling it tonight because I told him that I wanted to stay in the closet. I wanted him to stay in the closet. I didn’t want to admit to people that we were dating.
He put on a movie and slid into bed with me. I draped my arm over him and held onto him. His body was radiating heat. My mind began to race over all the things that he and I had experienced together in the past few weeks. He’d been my first in so many things. First real kiss. First time having sex. First love.
Why was this so hard? Why did I have to choose between upsetting him and being ridiculed at school? It wasn’t fair. The first tear slipped out of my eye. Fuck people. Fuck everyone. Judgmental fucks. Another tear fell. Then another. I managed to stay silent. I didn’t want Isak to see me crying. I had to be strong for him, for us.
Why didn’t he understand? He’d come out back home and everything changed for him. He was miserable after he came out. People treated him differently. Why did he want me to suffer the same fate? He’s supposed to care about me right?
My mind started to spiral out of control. The first sob hit suddenly. Isak turned around with a surprised look on his face. The dam burst and tears erupted out of me. The sobs were uncontrollable. Isak wrapped his arms around me.
“Gabe, what’s wrong?” He caressed my hair and wiped the tears from my face.
“I’m scared.” I managed to get out between sobs.
“Shhhhh.” He tried to calm me down. “We don’t have to tell anyone. I promise I’m not mad.” He assured me.
“You’re not?” The sobs started to subside.
“No, we will wait until you’re ready. There is no rush.” He gave me a kiss.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure. Here switch places with me.” He climbed over me so that he could be big spoon. I liked it when he was big spoon. I felt safe with him behind me.
Sleep evaded me that night. Try as I might, I couldn’t manage to get my brain to quiet down. I had everything I ever wanted laying behind me, but I was too scared to admit it.
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2023.06.01 23:44 cashthegoa Coming out to SO

I 18(m) have discovered I was bi a few weeks/ months ago. I have come out to 1 close friend who is also bi so they understand. I want to come out to my girlfriend but I am scared she won’t understand, think I’m gay and/or it will decrease my masculinity in her eyes. Im by no means a really masculine guy but I am scared that she will see me as less masculine. Does anyone have any advice for coming out as a male especially in a relationship.
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2023.06.01 23:42 natalie-goodman Going through the premed track as someone with diagnosed depression and anxiety

Hey all, looking for some advice/encouragement/reality check. I’ve been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I’ve been looking to enter the medical field. However, my mental illnesses can be debilitating in certain aspects of my life, and I’m concerned about how this will impact my chances of getting into medical school, or even if I should apply to medical school at all given my mental illnesses. I’ve always dreamed of working in underserved areas as a practicing psychiatrist- being someone who helped others and removed the stigma from medication as treatment for mental illness. Im looking into doing many things to boost my application, such as: starting a suicide prevention organization at my uni, volunteering with a doctor who knows admissions officers at Rosalind Franklin, and interviewing for jobs as medical assistants, etc. I’m just worried that I won’t be successful at all. Is anyone else here diagnosed with mental illness that has successfully made it into medical school?
Thanks :)
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2023.06.01 23:42 north_canadian_ice The DB article about Marianne is both misogynist & the 2024 version of "Bernie Bros"

The link to the article is here with the headline "Why Marianne Williamson’s Staffers Are Running for the Exits".
I take employee mistreatment very seriously so I read the article with an open mind while also keeping in mind the Daily Beast is very biased to Corporate Dems & relentlessly bashed Bernie.
The one truth I would agree on in the article is that Marianne is low on funds & that needs to change (which may explain 10 people leaving out of 24):
Former aides told The Daily Beast that at least 10 staffers have already left Williamson’s campaign since she launched her primary challenge to President Joe Biden just two months ago, a major blow for a team that only started out with roughly two dozen people.
But the article takes a leap from there to play up Marianne as a horrible abusive boss.
Three former aides, who spoke on condition of anonymity, painted a picture of an ironically nightmarish boss—“a self-help guru who won’t get help,” in the words of one ex-staffer.
The litany of alleged Williamson offenses is so extensive that “yelling is almost the least fatal for her,” one former aide said.
Three people is significant so let's see what they are accusing Marianne of:
sources described Williamson as egging on a cut-throat culture, instructing more senior staff to “chew out” more junior aides and “to overstep, to step on toes.”
This is where I believe the misogyny kicks in. "To step on toes" could mean something as benign as putting people outside their comfort zone... which you have to do on a Presidential campaign lol.
While female politicians are often unfairly accused of being difficult bosses on the basis of behavior that is accepted from a male boss, these aides insisted that wasn’t the case with Williamson.
Lol, here is the Daily Beast covering itself. And the next quote to me solidifed how silly this is.
The candidate refuses to use the digital messaging app Slack, where the majority of internal communication takes place in her operation. But sometimes the 70-year-old’s struggles with technology could also reveal her other flaws. Staff said an errant tweet from April 28 that she meant to email to Jason Call, her since departed deputy campaign manager, best typified her demeaning tone.
All Marianne said in the errant tweet is that she wanted all ideas forwarded to hear as she doesn't need a gatekeeper & can interpert what she wants. The tone wasn't harsh, just direct. So I view this as more misogynist stereotyping.
My opinion is that this is the Bernie Bro narrarive but for Marianne. Bernie was painted as misogynist while Marianne is portrayed in a misogynist manner. Bernie was accused of fostering a misogynist work environment by neoliberals & Marianne is accused of being an abusive boss.
They love to use our values against us to squash our preferred candidates.
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2023.06.01 23:40 searl1 TIFU by stalking my girlfriend

Okay, this is a long one. Me and my gf have been on/off for just over a year now, with more on than off. Last time we broke up (around eight months ago), I went full crazy as I stalked her post breakup and found she had her ex boyfriend (this is complicated further by the fact that they share a dog) sleep round like a week after we broke up, which led my mind all sorts of directions.
I confronted her on it, and she said “he’d been kicked out by his housemate because he had a lad round we’re just friends, remember me and him broke up because we had no sexual chemistry”, this was true according to her, she had got with me during her time with this guy, then as soon as they broke up she started dating me.
Now, I blew up, verbally that is, naturally I didn’t see that side at first. This made her incredibly upset, and she went and told her parents. This made them incredibly angry with me as this was the night before her graduation night.
Fast forward a couple months, we end up bumping into each other, and eventually get back together. Things are great at first, like really good, like back to normal good. I’m more trusting, I’ve got a counsellor, I don’t blame her for shit. Then one day, my birthday no less, I find out she’s round her her exes on my birthday because I drive past it. Despite the fact she said she couldn’t do anything on my birthday. Later when I tell her this she says that she went round to pick up the dog, and ended up watching the F1 with her ex and his housemate.
Two months since then and I feel like the trust is completely broken. Every time she says no to plans my mind instantly thinks she’s off doing something with her ex. Tonight, once again, she tells me she doesn’t want to me to drop off some flowers I had bought her, and even says her Mother is stopping round (who hates me).
I get suspicious. I drive to her house, no sign of her ex. I sneak past. She’s on her own on the couch, no one else in.
TLDR; I stalked my girlfriend
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2023.06.01 23:39 Illustrious-Money-23 who won ww2?

(To make a scenario)
View Poll
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2023.06.01 23:39 fiddleleaf-fig Crippling burnout from moving / mess

As the title mentions I am experiencing burnout. I reckon I have been for some time now.
My partner and I ( both audhd ) moved into our first home together and it’s been really hard to unpack. It took us an entire month to move due to my partner’s ADHD and my wanting to try their way of moving. Learning and whatnot. My partner came with a lot of stuff- I don’t like things ( I do, but they need their own homes- my partner also wants things to have a home ) there’s a room with stuff just thrown into it like border line hoarder. I cannot organize and move things without the help of my partner and they struggle with organizing so it’s just a loop of trying, his overwhelm, failing and literally closing the door. Now I can’t even try- I gave up.
We started at the end of April and it’s now June 1st. I’m heavily impacted by disorganization and I’ve given up completely. I’ve not cleaned since moving in. I’ve not done anything I enjoy- it’s like I can’t because the space isn’t right for enjoyment. I feel like lead and I can hardly communicate- it takes everything I have. I’m not trying to be dramatic when I say this- it’s like waiting to die but it just won’t happen. I’m numb.
I don’t drink water ( trying for various health problems ) or eat ( why cook it’s just more mess ) Everything hurts differently( I’ve seen my doctors they don’t know why ) chest pains are bad. Cognitive decline is hitting, dissociating is worse, loops and noise cancelling headphones aren’t doing anything. Forcing myself through it is more damaging. I can hardly have a conversation with my partner at this point because any topic makes me want to cry or scream.
I was really excited to move- but it’s quickly become my hell. I don’t wish to come home when I / we go out because there’s mess to come back to that will never be gone. Everything I dreamt of happening and doing in my home is gone. I’ve put in a lot in the beginning but there’s nothing to show for it and now I can’t get out of bed.
I’m not sure what to do. Logically, get outside, water, eat. I’m trying, I am. It’s this GD house that I cannot manage any longer and don’t wish to wake up to. I can’t even start on one box or one thing because I have a full on panic attack about it. My therapist wants me to delegate tasks and get the house done in a week. I’m exhausted and that’s even more responsibility I can’t handle. My partner isn’t nearly as bothered by house things- he’s burnt out as well but he doesn’t require the same environmental space as I do to function. He has a space to decompress in. He’s tried to make me space and I really appreciate it. But the sparkle is gone and I just feel dead.
What do you think? Or reckon I should do? Edit: I hope I’m not the only one who gets this way about environmental needs, I feel like I sound insane talking about it. 😭
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2023.06.01 23:39 AggressivePositive29 Cant transfer from Pokémon home

Hey, so I connected my Pokémon Go with home and tried to bring some of my mons to paldea. But somehow it tells me that I haven’t „unlocked“ the Pokémon yet in the game and won’t let me transfer them . I saw posts and videos of people running around with diamond and Perl legends but it doesn’t work for me. Anyone knows what I could do? Thanks for anyone who can help me
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2023.06.01 23:38 Pure-Cauliflower-591 Avatar of Magic as top end?

I was lucky enough to queue into Solar tonight and got to play with Omox. One of the 9 drops that I got was Avatar of Magic and once I started casting Beams the game was quickly over. This got me thinking. Why don't more control magic decks run this card as their top end for those control matches that drag on way beyond 9 mana? It can't be that Avatar is that difficult to keep alive for one turn? It's a 9/9 with ward and protected. Maybe it is becaise you need an enemy creature to target? Any insight on this matter from those who have tried this would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.01 23:37 Elusiveenigma98 Indecisive. Need a spot for date night tonight. Where should we go? West / Central / East-ish LA

Where should we go for dinner tonight? I cannot decide… I want something fun / creative that won’t require a reservation. We don’t mind sitting at the bar. Also don’t want it to be insanely expensive. Like $100~ before tip&tax for two for food. May or may not drink.
Was thinking night + market but was just there.. then was thinking Manchego in SM for tapas but also unsure, may want to go there for their happy hour first but that may be too early for today. We originally had reservations at Musso & Frank but I don’t want steak.
Maybe Greek?? Give me your suggestions!
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2023.06.01 23:36 TheWalkingPed93 I won tonights Indy fixed races by 0.008 seconds

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2023.06.01 23:35 goosette3000 Would this be an appropriate request?

my NF is going on a vacation for 10 days and I am staying home to keep G1. My husband is going on work trips both the weekend before and the entire week after, so we total won’t be seeing each other for almost the entire month of June. would be inappropriate to ask if my husband can join me for dinner a couple nights while they’re gone (after G1 is put to bed) just to spend a little time with him? I have talked multiple non-nannies who have all said i shouldn’t even have to ask because he’s my husband, but i’m just not sure what the etiquette here would be. please let me know yalls thoughts!! TIA
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2023.06.01 23:32 kathymarie1124 Seasoned moms- have a question for you

So I am a first time mama and I work full time. We send my little one to day care for 3 days a week and the other two days he is home with us with babysitters since we both work from home. Anyway, I am ridden with mom guilt as I work from home and miss my baby like no man’s business. And no I cannot stay home and quit my job like I want. I have too many loans that need to be paid off but that’s another story. Anyway- my question is, do babies who go to daycare still have an attachment to their moms? I’m so scared he won’t recognize me or love me or want to be with me. I spend time with him as soon as work is done and the entire weekend so he gets every second of me there but I’m still so scared. Any moms who sent their kids to daycare, so tthey still have an attachment to you???
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2023.06.01 23:31 Old-Recognition-6448 Will my friend be guaranteed hell?

Apologies if this hard to read, I don’t like talking about it. but I need answers
When I was 15 (8 years ago) I saw my best friend who was also a Muslim commit suicide. The after effects of seeing it took years off my life too.
The one thing that’s bothering me is what if he is suffering or will suffer in the afterlife. It bothers me every single day, I do dua every day but I feel useless.
I’m worried there’s nothing I can do and well, that’s it.
Inshallah Allah will understand his struggles and why he did it but of course only he knows and I won’t ever be able to know.
Is there anything I can do? Any dua to make sure he won’t suffer? Or at least something that can put my mind at ease? Thank you
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2023.06.01 23:29 ajamal_00 Just want to share...

I am from Pakistan...
My country is currently in the grips of a brutal military backed governmental crackdown on the most popular leader (and his party) who have been ousted from power through shady deals and have been subjected to imprisonment, beatings, and murder and abduction of journalists. The people have also been denied their constitution right to elections. Brave people have resisted armed police and paramilitary thuggery.. but dozens have been killed..
We are going through a dark time; why share this here? Because this is what keeps me going; Its like a gut punch when I hear this in light of recent events in Pakistan... it may not fit perfectly, but it gives es me strength...
"More than any time in recent history, America's destiny is not of our choosing.
We did not seek, nor did we provoke, an as*ault on our freedom...
...and our way of life. We did not expect...
...nor did we invite, a confrontation with evil.
Yet the measure of a people's strength is how they rise...
...to master that moment when it does arrive.
Forty-four people were k*lled a couple of hours ago at Kennison State University.
Three swimmers from the men's team were k*lled, two are in critical condition.
Hearing the explsin from their practice facility...
...they ran into the f*re to help get people out.
Ran into the f*re.
The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight.
They're our students and our teachers and our parents and our friends.
The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels...
...but when we think we've measured our capacity to meet a challenge...
...we look up and we're reminded that that capacity may well be limitless.
This is a time for American heroes.
We will do what is hard.
We will achieve what is great.
This is a time for American heroes, and we reach for the stars."
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2023.06.01 23:28 GANNICUSISADADDY First bike/ msf course

So I’m saving up to get my first bike and I was looking at the obvious choices like the ninja 400 and the r3(mostly the r3 just cuz i love how the r series bikes look personally). But looking at the prices for msrp (cuz it seems like Craigslist and marketplace bikes are going for around the same price in my area anyways), the r3 is only like 3-4K more expensive than the r7 and it seems like there’s ppl who get bored of the r3 at some point and wanna trade up to a new bike anyways. (To be clear I have 0 experience in riding a motorcycle) And tbh in the long run i don’t see myself getting into 1000 bikes or even most 600s if I’m being honest I think I’d be fine with having the r7 be my first and last bike (at least for the foreseeable future). Do you guys think it’s worth the extra $ to just get the r7 or just stick with a beginner bike like the r3? ALSO i am only going to be using this bike for stuff like commuting, city/street riding and stuff like freeways and canyon roads. I won’t be doing any track or smthn like that. I live in southern cali
Second ALSO, is the msf course worth taking for someone who has no experience but does have a friend who rides a bike and could probably just teach me most of the stuff anyways? And if yes how much in advance would you recommend taking the course before getting my motorcycle?
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2023.06.01 23:28 Fair-Cod-8057 The Naked One (PNG poem)

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2023.06.01 23:25 AliceMunroFan3 Addressing anyone stupid enough to claim Terran isn't clearly the strongest race

I want to blanket address some of the complete idiocy I've been seeing in comments regarding the balance status of BW and whether or not Terran is, in fact, the strongest race.
1 Why would the game be perfectly balanced in the first place?
Starcraft is a game of incomplete information where players select one of 3 optional races which have totally unique and distinct units and mechanics from one another. The game has not been patched for literal decades and launched esports as we know it. It's an incredibly deep and interesting game that is challenging on all levels and super fun to spectate and play. I could say great things about Brood War all day but I want to ask anyone who begins here (the game is perfectly balanced and all disparities in tournament results recorded between the races are the exclusive result of "skill issues") to answer what makes them certain that a game with such prominent uniqueness should result in complete and total balance? In game development true uniqueness always comes at the cost of balance which can only be achieved in a perfect mirror matchup, almost by definition. It is my view that if anything is different between the races that is substantive at all, the races will be unbalanced. And that's okay. You don't need perfectly balanced matchups for a great game, and you don't even need it for the weaker races/characters/factions to win. Much imbalance can be overcome by skill, and admitting that there's some imbalance in BW doesn't mean the game is unenjoyable or broken. But this is where I'm beginning from: clearly and definitively this game can not be perfectly balanced.
I haven't said anything about Terran yet but let's consider the following:
2 Would changing ANYTHING change the balance?
Currently many people claim the definitive tournament results achieved by progamers which overwhelmingly favour Terran in ASL (more wins and runner up finishes than Z and P put together) are exclusively the result of Terran players being stronger indiviudal performers, either because the best players all randonly chose Terran or because the most dedicated practicers all randonly chose Terran (and the other races' players just need to work harder). That is, considering the game as we know it, their opinion is genuinely that absolutely no results have anything to do with balance. Terran players win more because they are more skilled and that's, apparently, all there is to it. But let us now imagine the game as we know it were tweaked somehow. Say, adding 10% flat bonus damage to every single Protoss unit, or adding a new unit to Protoss. I don't know exactly what this would do to the game, but I do know one thing: it could ONLY result in Protoss' winrate in ASL improving. If we acknowledge that every single significant change one could make to BW would result in SOME difference in winrate SOMEWHERE and WITHOUT any change in player skill or dedication we can then wonder why this particular version of the game which yields the current winrates has nothing to do with balance and only concerns player skill. We can further wonder whether people would make these same arguments in an alternative reality where this change or that new unit has always been in the game:
protoss win the majority of ASLs because super arbiters become unstoppable after upgrading phase link? That's a skill issue. Don't let them get to phase link and Protoss players just work harder. X Terran player has a 64% winrate vs Protoss, it's irrelevant they haven't won an ASL. You have no "real" evidence super arbiters are overpowered
Etc, etc, etc. If all balance changes one could make would be represented within tournament with changing winrates, WITHOUT changing anything about player skill, we need to firmly ask why the current state of the game concerning overwhelming Terran dominance isn't clearly and obviously a balance issue.
3 If we know the game isn't perfectly balanced (because it basically can't be), who does the imbalance favour?
I've outlined why assuming the current version of BW has perfect matchup balance makes absolutely no sense, and if you're willing to accept that this basically must be the case then you also have to accept that in a situation with multiple layers of imbalance someone is going to come out ahead, overall. In BW who do the imbalances favour between Zerg, Terran, and Protoss? Do we have any way of knowing? Now we could spend all day talking about matchups and build orders and player skill and whatever else you think is important but what's actually important is raw winrate data. When it comes to ASL Terran wins or finishes 2nd more often than Zerg and Protoss put together and here's your smoking gun. In a multi-decade long meta game we've arrived at a position where one race outperforms the other two. We can't really argue that this game is perfectly balanced because there's no reason for that to be the case since the matchups are not mirrored which is what actual perfect balance looks like, so, we're left with:
who do the imbalances favour
And I'd suggest it's the race with the most wins and 2nds by far.
4 But ALL the good players just randomly picked Terran
This argument comes up in every balance discussion in every game matchup ever, and it's always stupid. There is simply no reason for a predominance of "skilled" players or dedicated players to choose one race if the game is perfectly balanced. There is however an incentive for dedicated progamers who invest their entire lives in esports and make their livings off of tournament results to choose the race or character that provides them the best possible opportunity to win. Playstyle is certainly a factor but if the best players are overwhelmingly selecting one race it's because the pool of players who choose to pursue the game professionally are concluding (independently of one another) that this race is their best investment. The results are in and Terran wins the most. It really shouldn't be controversial whatsoever to say that they're the strongest, but here we are. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.01 23:25 Basic-B1tch Am I the arsehole neighbour?

First time homeowner and living alone (23f), I’ve had my windows replaced this week. Before leaving for work I have asked the workmen to park on my drive, the obviously haven’t been and have been parking in front of both my house and next doors house. Not a problem right? Street parking with no lines. Anyways the guy next door complained about this and the fact I’m ‘illusive’ (I work full time and do a degree part time, shocker the young have to work crazy hours) to my dad who popped by to check the work. Since then he has been stand offish and flipped me off tonight when I was driving away. Am I the dick?
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2023.06.01 23:25 FurryMirrorBot Reddit’s update on “sexually explicit content” and third party apps

Deal with one thing, and here comes another… sigh.
Reddit in their latest API post has said that they will begin limiting access to “sexually explicit content” (with no explanation as to what counts as that) to third party applications. In addition to some horrible pricing for anybody who needs more than the free tier, which is threatening popular apps such as Apollo.
While the limits do not affect us, the point about sexual content may. I, nor anyone else, currently fully understand what they plan to do here. As it sounds right now, at least some subreddits and maybe even certain posts won’t be accessible to the bot when this is implemented. This makes absolutely no sense, other than to try and severely limit the usefulness of their API to remove incentive for anyone to do anything useful or fun with Reddit. They want everyone to be funneled into their official app experience.
There may be further updates on this topic. This post will be updated as more information is learned. In the meantime, I would suggest voicing your opinion to Reddit.
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