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Where To Watch NBA Finals Live Anywhere In The World

2023.06.07 10:14 beginners-blog Where To Watch NBA Finals Live Anywhere In The World

The NBA Finals 2023 is finally here, featuring an epic clash between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets. Fans are eagerly waiting to witness the intense showdown between these two powerhouse teams.
If you’re wondering where to watch the NBA Finals live, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll explore various options for streaming the Heat vs Nuggets games and provide some free streaming alternatives.

Broadcast Information

The NBA Finals will be broadcasted on ABC, one of the major networks covering the event. To catch the action on ABC, you can tune in to your local ABC channel through cable or a TV antenna. However, there are several online streaming services that also provide access to ABC, making it easier for cord-cutters to enjoy the games.

Streaming Services

  1. DIRECTV STREAM: DIRECTV STREAM offers ABC as part of its channel lineup. You can subscribe to their service and access the NBA Finals through their platform.
  2. Hulu + Live TV: Hulu + Live TV includes ABC in its streaming package. By subscribing to Hulu + Live TV, you can stream the games live on ABC through their app or website.
  3. FuboTV: FuboTV is another streaming service that carries ABC. You can sign up for their subscription and watch the NBA Finals on ABC using their platform.
  4. YouTube TV: YouTube TV is an excellent option for streaming the NBA Finals live. It provides access to ABC, allowing you to catch all the games in real time.

Over-the-Air Antenna

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can use an over-the-air antenna to watch the NBA Finals. This method enables you to access local broadcasting stations, including ABC, without relying on a cable or streaming service. Simply connect the antenna to your TV and tune in to your local ABC channel to enjoy the games.

Free Streaming Options

While some streaming services require a subscription, there are a few ways to watch the NBA Finals for free online. Here are some options:
  1. FuboTV Free Trial: FuboTV offers a seven-day free trial that allows you to stream the NBA Finals without paying. After the trial period ends, the service starts at $74.99 per month.
  2. ESPN: ABC and ESPN have a partnership for broadcasting the NBA Finals. If you have access to ESPN through a cable or streaming service subscription, you can watch the games on ESPN’s website or app.
  3. Reddit: Reddit is a popular platform that hosts various streams, including NBA games. Although we don’t endorse or encourage unofficial streaming, some users may share links to live streams on Reddit. Keep in mind that these streams may not always be reliable or of good quality.

In case you’re struggling to live stream NBA in your country, you need NordVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy streaming NBA anywhere in the world.

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International Streaming Options

If you’re located outside the United States, you can explore different streaming options available in your region. ESPN offers international streaming in over 200 countries, excluding Mexico and Latin America. Depending on your country, you may need to download the ESPN app from your device’s app store and sign up from there.
In the UK, NBA games can be watched through NBA League Pass, NOW TV, Sky Sports, and the BBC. NBA League Pass provides live streaming for all NBA games.
Canadian fans can catch the NBA Finals on TSN and Sportsnet Now streaming service, SN Now.
Australian viewers can watch the NBA Finals on ESPN/Kayo Sports or stream every game through NBA League Pass.
Remember to be cautious when using unofficial streaming sources, as they may not have proper broadcasting rights and can potentially pose security risks to your device.

What if you are outside the united states and struggling to stream NBA from your country

Don’t worry; I have a solution for you. With the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like NordVPN, you can enjoy live NBA action no matter where you are in the world.
As mentioned earlier, streaming services and broadcasters often restrict access to NBA games based on geographical location. This can be frustrating for fans residing outside the United States, as they might miss out on witnessing their favorite teams compete in the NBA Finals. However, by using NordVPN, you can bypass these restrictions and unlock access to NBA live streams.
NordVPN is a trusted and widely recognized VPN service provider. It offers a secure and encrypted connection that allows you to browse the internet anonymously and change your virtual location. By connecting to one of NordVPN’s servers located in the United States, you can appear as if you’re accessing the internet from within the country. This grants you the ability to access region-locked streaming platforms that broadcast the NBA Finals.

Here’s how you can use NordVPN to watch NBA live from anywhere:

1.) Sign up for a NordVPN subscription: Visit the NordVPN websiteand choose a suitable subscription plan. They offer different plans depending on the duration of your subscription.
2.) Download and install the NordVPN app: Once you have subscribed, download and install the NordVPN app on your preferred device. It is compatible with various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
3.) Launch the NordVPN app and log in: Open the NordVPN app and log in using your credentials.
4.) Connect to a server in the United States: Browse the server list and select a server located in the United States. This will assign you a U.S. IP address and make it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from within the country.
5.) Access NBA streaming platforms: Now that you’re virtually located in the United States, you can visit streaming platforms such as ESPN, ABC, or NBA League Pass to watch the NBA Finals live. These platforms typically require a subscription or may offer free trials, so make sure to choose the option that suits you best.
6.) Enjoy the NBA Finals: Sit back, relax, and witness the thrilling NBA Finals action from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world.
It’s important to note that using a VPN may be subject to terms and conditions set by the streaming platforms. However, NordVPN has a strong track record of providing reliable and secure access to geo-restricted content.
So, don’t let geographical restrictions dampen your NBA spirit. With NordVPN, you can cheer for your favorite teams and players as they battle it out in the NBA Finals, no matter where you reside. Grab your NordVPN subscription, connect to a U.S. server, and get ready to experience the excitement of live NBA action from anywhere in the world.
Enjoy the NBA Finals!
With the NBA Finals heating up between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets, you have multiple options to catch all the thrilling moments. Whether you choose a streaming service, use an over-the-air antenna, or explore free streaming alternatives, make sure to use a VPN to enjoy the electrifying action of the NBA Finals.
Affiliate Disclosure — some of the links on this page are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase I will earn a little commission at no additional cost to you. It helps me create valuable content for you and also helps me keep this blog up and running. (Your support will be appreciated!)


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2023.06.07 10:12 triteandtrue 'Vampire'

Not about an actual vampire. Wrote this a bit ago. It's a short story thats not quite done, but I'm looking for some feedback on how it's gone so far.

The Raven Kid tapped its spindly fingers against the glass of my kitchen window. Its small, smooth face was grinning, it’s feathers matted and stained with old blood. The face of a toddler grafted onto an old carrion crow. I opened the window reluctantly, and winced as it leapt down onto my nice, clean counter, right next to the cutting board on which I was chopping onions for my curry. “Message. Heh.” It tittered in a high, girlish voice, hopping a couple steps towards my dinner. I put a hand on the counter in between it and my nice pot of curry that I had been looking forward to eating all day. That hand happened to also be holding a knife. “Let’s hear it.” I said, “No food for a poor li’l birdy that flew all the way here to deliver you a message, Miss?” It said, eyeing the knife, and then the stove where my pot sat, and then back down at the knife. “No.” “Am so hungry.” It whined. “Perhaps if you give me the message.” I said, sighing. These things didn’t eat food. They fed off of misery. It could feel me looking forwards to eating my curry. If it could eat it, or at least get its nasty little feathers into it, it knew I wouldn’t be able to have it and I’d be disappointed. It wasn’t misery, exactly, but it was enough for a single Raven Kid. “You is lying.” It said, “I know you wont give me the eats even if I gives you the message.” “Correct.” I said, and began tapping one of my nails on the hilt of the knife, gently, so I wouldn’t mess them up. I’d just gotten them done. “But I’m giving you an easy way out. You can tell the other Raven kids you were tricked. If not, we move onto intimidation and then, if that fails, I can start plucking your feathers. I’ve never tried putting a Raven Kid in my curry.” And I never would. They weren’t strictly material creatures, they were manifestations of guilt, despair or a host of other negative emotions that never got big enough to turn into something truly threatening. But I’m sure I’d catch some sort of psychic disease if I tried to eat one. The Raven Kid muttered something caustic under its breath, hopping from side to side, like a songbird on the sidewalk. The ugliest songbird on the planet. “‘S just another schmuck who heard old rumor bout calling you through us, that you is honorbound to help.” “Lovely.” I said, “When I figure out who started spreading that around I’m going to find them and make them wish they had never been born. What is it they want?” “Not sure.” The thing continued to sulk, but a gleeful, sharp edge entered its voice, “But it smelled like misery right enough. Horatio Cortez it name is. In a li’l town called Gansfield, in Arizona.” “Well, I suppose I’ll be calling on Mr. Cortez soon, then. But first I’m going to finish making my curry, and then I have to call the school to make sure they have a substitute teacher to replace me tomorrow.” ------ Eight hours later I checked into the dingy motel 5 on the outskirts of Gransfield, a town which, at its densest, felt like it should have been the outskirts of somewhere else. I unclasped my big leather suitcase and carefully donned my harness, and then over it my suit and my tie. 
Then I removed my mask from it’s place at the base of the suitcase, and turned to the mirror before carefully affixing it to my face. Today I’d chosen a black and white mask. It covered my nose, eyes and the top of my head, leaving my mouth free. It had little horns at the top and the eyes were big and dark. Most of my masks were a little melodramatic to be perfectly honest, but for idiots that were expecting to see something like this it lent to my mystique, and I couldn’t have any old person see my face. I didn’t want to bring work home.
A pair of old men gave me a funny look from where they sat drinking outside the motel’s office as I stepped out into the hot Arizona sun. But of course they would. That was part of why I chose these ostentatious masks. People would give me odd looks, but nobody would think I'd be, say, robbing a bank. I'd get a lot more negative attention if I went around in a ski mask, or with a hood up hiding my face. That was normal shady behavior, this was bizarre shady behavior, and so was an object of curiosity rather than suspicion. No one called the police on a woman in a strange mask and a suit. I used to avoid staying at hotels, too. People didn’t like it when you booked places while wearing a mask, odd or not, and it was so painstaking to wipe peoples memories of my face as a safety precaution. But now, even all the way out here, there was a remote booking option. Sometimes, they would just leave the keys for me in a little box! No need to talk to anyone! Throw in a fake name and a credit card in that selfsame identity, and no one had to know you’d stayed there. I scanned the sky, searching for the Raven Kids and spotted them almost immediately. High up in the air, more like a swarm of locusts than a flock, circling what turned out to be a Taco Bell. I sat down in the parking lot, near the exit, and lit a cigarette. It was fucking hot, but I’d slapped on a heaping helping of deodorant, and I didn’t sweat much anyway. I'd wait for my caller out here. Hopefully I’d look suitably mysterious and not like a sweaty mess in a suit. They wouldn't let me smoke inside, either, and as I only let myself smoke while on jobs, I wanted to be somewhere I could savor it. A few people passed me by with their to go bags, shooting me strange looks. They weren’t Horatio. Horatio would be looking for something strange, and if he really needed my help, he would approach me. After about ten minutes sitting outside in the sun, I ground out my cigarette and decided that maybe I should head inside. Hell, I’d order something. It was hot. Fuck being mysterious, I wanted a burrito and a drink that was mostly ice cubes. It was pretty obvious which one Horatio was when I stepped inside. He had wedged himself into the corner of one of the booths and was looking down at a half eaten quesadilla when I entered. He glanced up at me and his eyes went wide. I looked in his direction but didn’t adress him. “Large Sprite and a Burrito Bowl, thanks.” I said to the girl at the counter. She stared at me for a moment, before looking down and inputting my order. “Are you going to a… costume party… miss?” She tried, “I am. Yes.” I said, crossing my arms. She smiled and nodded, looking back at one of her coworkers, her facial expression hadn’t changed an inch. She was making an effort to either keep the smile on her face, or prevent that smile from turning into a laugh. 
When I got my burrito bowl and my sprite I sat down across from Horatio. He had been staring at me the whole damn time, more intensely and longer than the other patrons had.
He was a skinny young man, probably not done growing, with wiry arms and legs and curly brown hair. His face was drawn and pale, with heavy bags under his eyes. Beneath his nose was an unpleasant moustache-adjacent growth that those incapable of growing facial hair produced when they insisted on trying anyway.
“You, uh, you’re…” His voice became almost a whisper. “The Bruja that’s supposed to get rid of… problems.” Bruja? It meant witch, sort of, but with less of the positive connotations that had been associated with the word ‘witch’ thanks to Harry Potter and other popular media.
“I don’t like to put labels on what I am. You can call me Vampire.” Again, a stupid, melodramatic name, but along with the mask its the kind of thing people expected from the mysterious problem solving stranger. It had been my nickname at the Seminary, too. It was easier to just accept the name.
“You’re a Vampire?”
“Not a Vampire.” I sighed. “Just Vampire. It’s my name, not what I am.”
“Yea. You were out in the sun. Had to have been, to come in here. If you were a vampire you would have burned to a crisp.”
“I’m also not currently ripping your throat out.” I said, mixing up my burrito bowl with a fork. I wished that the food looked as good in real life as it did on the advertisements. It annoyed me that I wasn’t getting what I paid for. “That’s another good way to tell. Real vampires don’t ‘help’ people, unless that person happens to be suicidal, and even then it’s just coincidental.”
When I began to eat Horatio tried to pretend like he wasn’t staring at my mouth.
“I told you, you won’t find any fangs.” I said, pulling my upper lip up with one finger, showing him my perfectly normal canine tooth.
“Yea. Right.” He said, “I know.”
“What do you want, Horatio?” I said eventually, after picking around the tomatoes in my burrito bowl. I hated tomatoes.
“You don’t know?”
“No. Did you actually tell the Raven Kid’s about your problem?” I said impatiently, “Mind reading isn’t one of my skills.”
“I just… I thought you’d know.”
“I don’t.” I said flatly.
“Well.” He began, when I didn’t say anything further. “I’m being haunted.”
“Haunted? That’s… not really my area of expertise. The Raven Kids told you what I do, yes? I can try to help you, but usually you need to solve your own ghost problems. If they’re haunting you, it’s usually for a reason. And while I don’t mind being cruel when the situation calls for it, even I don’t hold with exorcisms.” “The… kids… told me that you didn't do ghosts. But this is different. They aren’t people. I’m being haunted by bugs. Huge beetles with sharp teeth.” An edge of panic crept into his voice. “Every night they come crawling out from under my bed and start biting me, taking big chunks out of my flesh. But no one believes me, because…. Because…” “You have no scars,” I noted. “Yes.” He said, deflating. “Insects don’t leave ghosts.” I said, sticking my hand into my suit, grabbing something from my harness, and bringing out a tiny, empty vial no larger than my thumb. “So you aren’t being haunted. At least, not by what you think you are. Interesting. Alright. I’ll see what I can do. But if this does turn out to be a ghost, I can point you in the right direction, but you’ll need to sort it out yourself.” I held out the vial. “Give me some blood.” He eyed the vial warily. “What are you going to… to do with that? You can make me do whatever you want if you have my blood.” I frowned. What he said wasn’t entirely true, but it meant he’d had experience with the old magics before. They weren’t secret or anything, but it was rare the Raven Kid’s sent anyone my way who already knew about magic at all. People just didn’t believe in it anymore. It wasn’t as useful as snapping your fingers and creating a big pile of cash. And there hadn’t ever been a lot of people that could do magic in the first place. “I’m going to help you. It’s what you called me here to do.” “You are a Brujas.” He said, “A witch. A real one. T-that’s what people say.” I cocked my eyebrow up at him. “What people? Who around here could possibly know me? How do you know about the Old Magic’s, Horatio?” He apparently decided that the last question was the safest to answer. Or perhaps this was his answer for all of them. “Mr. Banderas. He is a Curandero. He healed me a few years ago. I was… sick. I didn’t know where else to go, but he healed me. Made me believe.” I nodded. Medicine men could have magic, on occasion. The good ones. Doctors had it, too, sometimes. The ones that truly believed in saving lives, though they usually didn’t know it. “But he couldn’t help me with the bugs, so I came to you but he told me not to. He-he said---” “What?” “That you were a Bruja. That you stole peoples shadows and made them wander forever. That you had no soul, because you sold it to the devil. That you die if someone shoots you with a silver bullet.” I barked a laugh that was loud and sharp enough to cause everyone in the restaurant to turn and stare at me. Someone had been telling tales. Tales close to the truth, but not the truth. And close only mattered with horseshoes and handgrenades, as my father used to say. “Well I’ve nothing for you, then. And most things die if you shoot them, silver or no.” I pushed myself to my feet. “I guess this was a waste of time---” “No!” He said, and I saw desperation in his eyes. Interesting. “I can’t take one more night like this!” “Well, then.” I proffered the vial. After a moment's hesitation, he took it from me, and before I could hand him the pen knife I kept in my pocket, he had split his palm open with his fingernails, filling the vial with much more blood than I needed. I blinked at him, surprised, but took the vial back when he tried to hand it to me, and began wiping the sides down with a napkin. What a waste of good blood. “Good boy. And do you remember what I said about labels?” I said, leaning forwards, making sure he was looking into the black holes in my mask's face. “Call me a Bruja or a Witch again and you’ll wish you hadn’t. Other than that, we’ve a deal. I’ll stop these bugs for you, if I can.” He nodded, and then paused. “How much money do I owe you?” “I don’t want money.” “Then what do you want?” He said, gritting his teeth. “I’ll do anything to stop the bugs, but my soul is sacred, I will not---.” “Go to walmart and pick these up for me, please.” I said, handing him the piece of paper I had prepared. He looked down at it. His eyes scanned the paper, slowly becoming more and more confused. 
“Construction paper? Glue sticks?”
“Yes. Any sort of glue and paper is fine, but you’ll notice that I also asked for twenty boxes of crayons, and I think I’d like to insist on Crayola for those. I don’t trust the quality of some of the off brand kinds that are floating around these days.” He looked at me like he wanted to say something. “Is there a problem?”
“N-no. I can get these.”
“Good. Make sure you get everything on the list.” I hated shopping for school supplies myself, and my students were absolute fiends when it came to crayons. I needed to constantly resupply.
I had resolved not to be paid for the work I did, when I first started this years ago, but school supplies for twenty students were surprisingly expensive, especially on a teachers salary. I didn’t feel bad for this.
Horatio stared at the vial still in my hand, so I tucked it into my suit.
“Now get going. I’ve things to do. Meet me here tonight. I’ll tell you what I find and if I think I can stop it.”
He nodded, and slid out of the booth, stumbling to his feet as his knee caught on one of the legs supporting the table. I watched him walk out of the restaurant, and then stood up and left the opposite way. Everyone in the restaurant watched me go, though they pretended they weren’t.
Back outside in the sweltering heat I walked a few hundred meters away from the Taco Bell, underneath a billboard that advertised a sex shop a 34 miles up the road. No one was foolish enough to be walking around in this heat, so aside from the occasional car rumbling up the road, I was totally alone. I removed the vial of Horatio’s blood from my suit. He had been right. I could steal his shadow, or even sell his soul with this. Blood, freely given, was a powerful thing. But I had no need nor desire to do anything of the sort. I licked my lips.
My magic, my gift, was a tad different than the usual blood magics. For one, while it was polite to ask, I didn’t need the blood to be given freely. For the other, I could do all sorts of things with a vial of blood that other people couldn’t. It’s how I got my nickname from the other students all those years ago. A tad obvious, but all that you needed to have in Seminary was power. Imagination was not a requirement.
I unstoppered the cork and tossed the blood back like a shot.
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2023.06.07 10:10 AxiaFaria How Do I Record a Proper Piano Audition Video?

Note: The college I'll be attending to prefers online auditions, hence, recording instead of in-person audition. Note 2: I've just gotten back to piano after years of deprivation. Yes, I am just about teen years, and my parents could only afford an 88-key piano just about a month ago. (My small keyboard broke and it was 6 years of sadness)
Small Info: I'll be applying for a Major in Piano at a college since I've been very passionate about Music my entire life.
Now I can't really find a YT video explaining the best way to record a piano audition video (mostly because most colleges prefer in-person), but I found myself a little stumped, especially with stupid questions.
Question Time!
Q1: What the best angle to record a piano audition video? Q2: One of the requirements is to play "Scales and Arpeggios", do they mean all scales and arpeggios? or just a few of them? (And which ones are preferrable?) Q3: How long does a usual audition video go for?
PS: Please go easy, you can read Note 2 again. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 10:05 JaspinBurner CourtGPT ( A courtroom transcript written by ChatGPT. )

[The following is a fictional courtroom transcript]
Judge: This court is now in session for the case of Mr. Pipples vs. The State. Please state your appearances for the record.
Prosecutor: Your Honor, I'm representing The State, and my name is Mr. Thompson.
Defense Attorney: Your Honor, I'm representing Mr. Pipples, and I'm Mr. Johnson.
Judge: Thank you. Let's proceed. Mr. Thompson, please present the charges against Mr. Pipples.
Prosecutor: Your Honor, Mr. Pipples is charged with the possession of contraband peanuts and their distribution within a restricted area.
Defense Attorney: Objection, Your Honor! How can peanuts be considered contraband?
Judge: Overruled. Proceed, Mr. Thompson.
Prosecutor: Thank you, Your Honor. Ladies and gentlemen of the court, the peanuts in question were found in Mr. Pipples' possession during a security check at a Rick and Morty convention. These peanuts were marked as "zombie repellent," and it is alleged that Mr. Pipples intended to distribute them to unsuspecting attendees.
Defense Attorney: Your Honor, I must argue that these peanuts were merely a harmless novelty item, and my client had no intention of causing harm or distributing them unlawfully.
Judge: Noted, Mr. Johnson. Let's continue.
Prosecutor: Your Honor, we have a witness who can testify to the potential danger these peanuts pose. Ms. Smith, please take the stand.
[Ms. Smith is sworn in.]
Prosecutor: Ms. Smith, please tell the court about your experience with the peanuts.
Ms. Smith: Well, Your Honor, I purchased one of those "zombie repellent" peanuts from Mr. Pipples, and when I opened it, I realized it was just a regular peanut. I shouted, "Yucky ew gross, it's disgusting!" I felt cheated.
Defense Attorney: Objection, Your Honor! Ms. Smith's emotional reaction does not prove any criminal intent on the part of my client.
Judge: Sustained. Let's focus on the legality of the peanuts themselves. Mr. Thompson, do you have any further evidence?
Prosecutor: Yes, Your Honor. We have surveillance footage showing Mr. Pipples selling the peanuts from a booth. We also have testimony from a neighbor who claims Mr. Pipples said, "The helicopter flew too close to my house," implying his involvement in some sort of illegal activity.
Defense Attorney: Objection, Your Honor! The neighbor's testimony is irrelevant and speculative.
Judge: Sustained. Mr. Thompson, please stick to relevant evidence.
Prosecutor: Understood, Your Honor. I will now submit the peanut package as Exhibit A, along with lab results confirming the absence of any special properties.
[Exhibit A is presented.]
Judge: Thank you. Mr. Johnson, would you like to cross-examine the witness?
Defense Attorney: No, Your Honor. I have no further questions for Ms. Smith.
Judge: Very well. Mr. Johnson, do you have any witnesses to call?
Defense Attorney: No, Your Honor. We rest our case.
Judge: Thank you. Now, closing arguments.
Prosecutor: Your Honor, the evidence clearly shows that Mr. Pipples knowingly possessed and distributed ordinary peanuts as "zombie repellent." This deception is not only misleading but also potentially harmful. We ask for a conviction based on the charges brought forth.
Defense Attorney: Your Honor, my client is an innocent collector of novelty items. The prosecution has failed to prove any criminal intent or actual harm caused by these peanuts. We ask for an acquittal.
Judge: Thank you both. I will review the evidence and make my decision. Court will recon
vene tomorrow for the verdict.
[The court session adjourns until the following day.]
Note: This transcript is a fictional representation and does not reflect any real legal proceedings.
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2023.06.07 10:00 AutoModerator Weekly Game Questions and Help Thread + Megathread Listing

Weekly Game Questions and Help Thread + Megathread Listing
Weekly Game Questions and Help Thread
Greetings all new, returning, and existing ARKS defenders!
The "Weekly Game Questions and Help Thread" thread is posted every Wednesday on this subreddit for all your PSO2:NGS-related questions, technical support needs and general help requests. This is the place to ask any question, no matter how simple, obscure or repeatedly asked.

New to NGS?

The official website has an overview for new players as well as a game guide. Make sure to use this obscure drop-down menu if you're on mobile to access more pages.
If you like watching a video, SEGA recently released a new trailer for the game that gives a good overview. It can be found here.

Official Discord server

SEGA run an official Discord server for the Global version of PSO2. You can join it at https://discord.gg/pso2ngs


The Phantasy Star Fleet Discord server has a channel dedicated to guides for NGS, including a beginner guide and class guides! Check out the #en-ngs-guides-n-info channel for those.
In addition, Leziony has put together a Progression Guide for Novices. Whether you're new to the game or need a refresher, this guide may help you!Note: this uses terminology from the JP fan translation by Arks-Layer, so some terms may not match up with their Global equivilents.

Community Wiki

The Arks-Visiphone is a wiki maintained by Arks-Layer and several contributors. You can find the Global version here. There you can find details on equipment, quests, enemies and more!

Please check out the resources below:

If you are struggling to get assistance here, or if you are needing help from community developers (for translation plugins, the Tweaker, Telepipe Proxy) in a live* manner, join the Phantasy Star Fleet Discord server. *(Please read and follow the server rules. Live does not mean instant.)
Please start your question with "Global:" or "JP:" to better differentiate what region you are seeking help for.
(Click here for previous Game Questions and Help threads)


/PSO2NGS has several Megathreads that are posted on a schedule or as major events such as NGS Headlines occur. Below are links to these.
On New Reddit, you can also look at this collection!
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2023.06.07 09:42 acidbahia Do you agree?

Do you agree with this AI statement ? :-)
In Obsidian, "Daily Notes" and "Zettelkasten" are two different concepts related to note-taking and organization. Here's an explanation of each:
  1. Daily Notes: Daily Notes are a feature in Obsidian that allows you to create timestamped entries for each day. It's a way to capture your thoughts, ideas, tasks, or any other information on a daily basis. You can use Daily Notes as a journal or a log of your activities, and they serve as a chronological record of your work or personal life. These notes are typically organized in a folder structure by date, allowing you to easily navigate through your entries based on specific days.
  2. Zettelkasten: Zettelkasten is a note-taking and knowledge organization method developed by German sociologist Niklas Luhmann. The term "Zettelkasten" translates to "slip box" in English. It's a system where you create individual atomic notes, called "Zettels," that contain specific pieces of information or ideas. Each Zettel is assigned a unique identifier and can be linked to other Zettels using a network of connections. The idea is to create a web-like structure of interconnected notes that form a knowledge graph. Zettelkasten encourages the practice of linking related ideas together and enables a flexible way to navigate and explore your notes.
In Obsidian, you can implement a Zettelkasten-like system by creating individual notes for each idea or concept and linking them using internal links. The advantage of this approach is that it allows you to create a knowledge base where ideas can be expanded upon, connected, and developed over time.
While Daily Notes focus on capturing time-specific information and events, Zettelkasten emphasizes the organization and interlinking of knowledge to foster connections and facilitate creative thinking. Both concepts can be used together in Obsidian to build a comprehensive and interconnected knowledge repository.
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2023.06.07 09:31 McGlone_Games 'In Vision' Commentary Notes - The Most Hated Family in America

'In Vision' Commentary Notes - The Most Hated Family in America
It only took 10,000 words to get here, but I finally got through all the 'In Vision' commentaries from 'The Strange and the Dangerous' DVD box-set. And we're ending with a bang that would split Hell wide open even more than Princess Diana, with the Phelps family of the Westboro Baptist Church, aka 'The Most Hated Family in America'.


For this one Louis is joined by Peter Tatchell, a human rights campaigner who specialises in LGBT issues, and someone who has personally been told by Shirley Phelps that he is going to burn in Hell.

Cast of bigots: Fred (patriarch of the Phelps family and leader of the church), Shirley (one of Fred's daughters), Jael (one of Fred's granddaughters), Steve (former documentarian who married into the family)

  • Louis: "Would they be so happy, if they weren't so hateful?"
  • Louis first learned of the Phelps family in 1995, when one of his colleagues on Michael Moore's 'TV Nation' show produced a segment on them
  • As someone he knew had already covered them, Louis "resisted" using them as a subject for Weird Weekends, and waited until enough time had passed for him to make a follow-up documentary
  • Peter, who is openly gay, had been raised in a Baptist church that, unsurprising, was nothing like the Westboro Baptist Church
  • There is a discussion of how homosexuality is "the absolute, defining point of their faith", along with criticism of the various ways the church attempts to justify it
  • The family's excuse for wearing clothes made of "mixed fibres" was that there is a distinction between "ceremonial law" and "moral law"
  • The family's excuse for one of Shirley's sons having a goatee (Leviticus states that trimming your beard is forbidden) was also to do with "ceremonial" vs. "moral" law, although Shirley was "shaken for a second" when Louis brought it up
  • The family's excuse for why some men in the family were not circumcised was that Paul "released people from having to follow Jewish law"
  • Louis was impressed by how many in the family had memorised such a wide repertoire of Bible verses and quotes, which he credits to them mostly being lawyers
  • Peter notes that "SHUT UP!" is not "a very Christian response"
  • If you look closely at the 'In Vision' commentary, Louis is mouthing the words yelled by the moustachioed man who drives past and swears at the family (he then repeats what the man said to Peter)
  • Louis thinks that the man was going to say the family could only get away with what they were doing because they were protected by their right to free speech (remember that for later...), but he drove away before he could finish
  • Of Shirley's "10 or 11" siblings, Louis says 9 of them were lawyers and they had a "legalistic" way of looking at the Bible
  • They both think the Phelps' "compound" looks like it would be a nice place to live
  • Louis was familiar with how people in cults can have a "dazed" or "damaged" look to them, but thought the female children seemed "healthy and outgoing" and "in a weird way, well-adjusted, other than their moral outlook"
  • Peter had interviewed Shirley and compares it to "talking to a wall [...] she just carried on regardless"
  • Louis states that a gay man visiting the Phelps' would not be "like a black man visiting the Ku Klux Klan [...] they would be reasonably welcoming, as weird as that may sound" (Peter looks ever-so-slightly sceptical)
  • Louis implies that the family have an odd sense of equality, as they simply view everyone outside the family as Hell-bound sinners
  • Shirley had told Peter that he was going to burn in Hell "in a very nice way"
  • There is a discussion of how much weird stuff there is in the Bible, and how modern churches pick-and-choose what they want from it
  • The crew made 3 trips, each lasting "a week, or slightly less", and they spent time with Jael on the second trip
  • Louis says they tried to show the "human side" to the church members, with Jael being the "easiest to relate to" because of how there was some "turmoil there" (she is a nurse who was raised to believe that all her patients deserve to die and will burn eternally in Hell)
  • Peter compliments the family's graphic design skills, "just a pity about the message"
  • They both look amused by the idea that Princess Diana's death "split Hell wide open"
  • Louis "really enjoyed" making the program and he was "relaxed" about arguing with Steve, as he knew he didn't have to worry about losing access to the family, because "they didn't really care what you threw at them"
  • Louis: "They expected you to take issue with everything, and get into barneys and ding-dongs"
  • The family had been "very involved in Democratic politics", though Louis suspects this may partly be because the Republican party was supported by other Christian groups that the family hated
  • In his younger days, Fred had received an award from the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) for his legal work during the civil rights movement
  • Peter mocks Fred for using "Armenian" as an insult, before Louis corrects him to say that Fred is saying "Arminian" ("it's a theological... thing")
  • Louis notes that Fred immediately disliked him and was "quite grumpy"
  • At the time of recording the commentary, the family had been successfully sued for millions of dollars, after being found guilty of their picketing "causing mental anguish and distress" and Louis says "technically, they may be bankrupt"
  • Louis: "Are they still active, do we know?"
  • [What happened was that Synder vs. Phelps initially resulted in the family being ordered to pay $5 million, but the judgement was later reversed (with that reversal being upheld by the US Supreme Court) when another court determined that Fred Phelps was protected by his right to free speech]
  • The family spent "tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars" each year to fly around the country and picket funerals
  • The family makes "a reasonably good living" through their legal practice in Topeka, Kansas
  • No-one from the church will represent you as a lawyer for your first divorce, but they don't have a problem with representing you for any subsequent divorce ("at that point, it became meaningless")
  • Louis mentions how Shirley's family were the happiest and "her daughters seemed very self-assured", likely because they were "so close to the power" (Jael was not one of Shirley's daughters)
  • Some of Shirley's brothers had wives who had been "excluded" from the church (they could live on the property, but not socialise with anyone), because of their "transgressions"
  • Peter does not agree with taking children to any kind of protests where they do not understand what is being protested
  • Being a member of the family essentially meant that you were forced to take part in pickets ("emotional blackmail", as Peter calls it)
  • Peter on Shirley: "She loves the fact the world hates them."
  • Louis: "It makes them think they've got something important to say."
  • Louis mentions that they had followed and filmed interviews with the male children of the family, but none of it was included in the episode, because they simply weren't as "lively and interesting" as the female children
  • When Peter asks, Louis confirms that the male children had exactly the same attitudes and opinions as the other family members
  • The family's excuse for watching British TV shows like 'Ali G' and 'Trigger Happy TV' was that they could "find it amusing", while still thinking everyone involved in the production was going to Hell
  • Louis: "It's not what goes into the vessel, it's... something-something, some line about how, basically, you can watch whatever TV you like."
  • Peter notes how the family are sex-obsessed when it comes to the physical act ("to the point of, it's not really normal or healthy"), but never acknowledge the emotions associated with it
  • Shirley's first child had been born out of wedlock with a man she did not go on to marry (surprisingly, the conversation Louis had with her about this "wasn't particularly interesting")
  • Louis notes that Shirley and her siblings had a "complex relationship" with Fred, and claims that they had previously worked through feelings of "resentment and rebellion against him"
  • They both (correctly) predict that Shirley might be "running the show" now, but she will have a problem becoming Fred's successor, because strictly adhering to the Bible means that women cannot preach in church, so she could not formally be put in charge
  • Peter: "So they're misogynistic, as well as homophobic?"
  • Peter points out how the women have their heads covered during the church service, as it says to do in the Old Testament
  • Fred, literally, lived above the church, in living quarters with his wife
  • Louis believes that Fred had tailored his sermon to target Louis (or a UK audience in general), as he had given it a "transatlantic flavour"
  • The Bible contains "a recipe for bread that includes human excrement" ("Google it", Louis says)
  • Peter: "I'll leave that to them, thank you."
  • Personal Note: Did you really think I wouldn't Google it?
  • Peter: "Gay men are sex-obsessed, for heaven's sake, but these people are even worse!"
  • Louis (with a big grin on his face) gets Peter to explain what "scat" is
  • Louis is still unsure about how serious the family was when they talked about things like gay men drinking "feaccuccinos" (coffee made with faeces)
  • Louis doesn't do much with the little time he has to speak to Fred, because he was expecting to have a sit-down interview that never happened
  • Louis explains that the church's focus on homosexuals began in the late 1980s, when a local park was being used by gay men for sexual encounters and the council would not act against it
  • Louis notes that you can hear his voice begin to crack when he reads the dead soldier's obituary, because "sometimes when I'm tired, I get more emotional", and he genuinely was starting to cry
  • The family were fully aware that picketing the funerals of, for example, miners who died after being trapped underground would get them more attention than simply protesting against politicians
  • Louis mentions how the family had been stopped from picketing the funerals of some very young children who had been shot by a "madman", after a local DJ offered them an hour of airtime as an alternative
  • The family's excuse for being so nice to each other, yet awful to everyone else, was that they reserved their "Christian virtues" for fellow members of the church
  • The family's excuse for constantly judging people was that "thou shalt not judge" didn't mean you can never judge, and the Bible makes judgements that they are expected to follow (Louis grudgingly admits that they do have a point with that one)
  • There is an interesting discussion after Peter challenges Louis on why a small "sect" that has almost no real influence deserves to be the subject of a documentary, with Louis essentially saying that an otherwise intelligent family group following such an extreme interpretation of a religious text makes them significant
  • There is a far less interesting discussion when Louis asks Peter, an atheist, how a gay man may struggle to be Christian
  • Peter points out Jael's prolonged sigh during her conversation with Louis in the car (neither of them predict that she will end up married to a postman from Bradford)
  • Louis: "They create the animosity that then makes them feel as though they're right."
  • They both laugh at Jael's whiny "What did we do to them?!"
  • Louis notes how the family would "change the meanings of words" (they weren't "picketing", they were "preaching")
  • Louis: "I think they were quite pleased with the documentary. [...] They got a lot of hits on their website."
  • Peter: "I think a lot of hits on the website doesn't necessarily mean to say a lot of people were supporting them."

And that's the end of the commentaries! Thank you to everyone who's been following along and reading these. A fish with a rude word in its name asked me to recap 'Louis and the Nazis' (now, there's something you can only say on reddit), but after that I'll take a break from spamming the subreddit with my waffling.

And if you haven't read my other 'In Vision' commentary recaps, then here are the links to them:
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2023.06.07 09:31 Inevitable_Tax_7155 Feature Suggestion

I was wondering if there's a way to request for a "multi-tasking mode" wherein two tasks are being tracked at the same time.
For context, I often have to take notes of recordings of meetings that can go on for hours, so I usually do this task while working on other things. Naturally, I'd prefer if I could also input this "background task" into my Llama Life because it helps me 1) plan out how much time I may need to get through all background and main tasks 2) track how long it actually took to get through said background task.
That's all !
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2023.06.07 09:11 UniComix Retaliation Chapter 1

Author's Note: This original work had once been created in hopes to be an original Star Wars story. The author has adapted the story to be its own original work taking place in the franchise. In particular, the author has chosen between the movies of Episode 6 and 7. Main characters, battles and other major events will either be cut out or referenced. This is not a fanfiction. All characters were created from the author aside other characters, such as the sentient species, items like blasters, were created and rightfully owned by Lucasfilm.
17 Standards Years Ago
She recalled the day when her brother was gone for good. Little Sorella was 6 years old. She and her brother, Dearthair, 12 were on their own in Kail.
Kail was Coruscant's smaller twin, on the grassland planet Miero. The town had stone adobes of shops and homes, everyone full of giddy and glow. Out to the south laid Neero, a spaceport settlement. On the occasion, some folk traveled to Neero to obtain exotic goods to sell back in Kail.
Despite the hearty prosperity of Kail, Sorella, and Dearthair were orphans. They hid in their ruined home, once full of glee and joy, now faded, cracked, and sloppy. Clothes, pots, pans, holograms, and drawers with emptiness now occupied the home.
Their parents ventured to Neero, trusting Dearthair to take care of the place while they were gone.
Later that day, an investigator visited the home to confirm that their parents, had died while protecting a kid from being taken away by traffickers.
With no parents, they were brought to the next town, Grangor. Yet, both knew, they couldn't stay there. The foster center was a heap, a dump. The caregiver didn't care about the kids trashing the place, she just wanted her money from the adoption fee to bid and brag about how she won another bet on Odupiendo racing. The children there began to form groups, making turfs and destroying each other's territory.
Not to mention, the possibility of separation. Their chances were even higher considering families of Grangor could only afford for 2 children to raise. They knew if either one of them left, they would no longer be the family they once knew before.
So by the next day, Sorella and Dearthair escaped and stayed in Kail. All it became was their next worst nightmare. The town had been ransacked by raiders. The community now had to use its funds to restore what was lost. And that meant raising prices and trips to Neero to resell exotic goods for better deals.
Despite this, they went back to their home and pondered about the food they would eat and how they could keep the place up.
At first, they begged for a bit. And when begging didn't work, one would pickpocket the distracted fool. They used any credit they acquired to quiet the rumbles in their stomachs.
Dearthair even began to ask for jobs around town but no one wanted to hire them. Not enough money to pay, one vendor noted. Had they not used the funds, there would've been a chance.
However, sometimes, if the shipments they received or the abundance of the crop were good, a few of the family friends they knew would stop by and give the siblings food. One of them, Kli, a Zeltron, tried her best to visit often, cleaning their home and cooked meals. She told them she would have offered her place but unfortunately, due to audits visiting, she did not want to risk them being taken back to foster care. (After all, for her, it was hard to lie. She hated telling a lie).
The siblings didn't mind, they appreciated the help.
They did eventually stop pickpocketing aside Dearthair who had gotten better at it. He promised to stop but he figured a few credits wouldn't hurt.
He was almost caught once at the same time as the day Sorella last saw him.
Dearthair was eyeing around a restaurant, searching for a clumsy idiot. There were a few visitors from other worlds here, whining and belching their sorrows away about some rumored war. This prompted Dearthair to steal without worry. Who would even notice? Even the bartenders would be too busy to give these drunks their drinks and people chatted about their life at tables.
As he passed by a few patrons, talk fumbled into the air. "Did you hear?" a Rodian stammered. "They're taking the children....just come in and start shooting..."
"What is the New Republic going to do about it? Nothing!" a Twi'lek snapped.
"I've heard that they use certain techniques....they don't remember who they were," an elderly man huffed.
Dearthair grumbled. None of these clients seemed to be carrying a huge sum of credits. Most looked down on their luck. Then there was...
He spotted a drunken human fool, slamming his credits on the counter. The human had on shiny boots with a blaster at his side, and gold linings on his coat toppled with a furry vest. "Moar!" he yelped. "Dang tenders....can't even affurd a proper dr...visit Kail they said, the best place to hide and..."
Dearthair slithered by the human's side, eyeing the gold before his eyes. He glimpsed around the room, checking for onlookers one last night in case anyone had the idea to look.
He stopped as he felt the human turn to him. "Hey kid...cun you tell sumone to hurry it up? I hit the jackpot today!"
"Oh, did you?" Dearthair said, raising his eyebrows.
"Sure did," the human burped. "Got me a hefty bounty and now I lay here low. I heard this place was the besst. It's gone to crap. You all this money for nothing....you might as well just take off to another place....they say a storm's brewing....so run if you an..."
"Really, huh?" Dearthair continued, now secretly roaming his hand in the human's coat pockets, scrambling for credits.
"Kid, listen to me, HIC-UP, you're better off on your own if I were you." The human sneezed and tossed his credits on the counter to the bartender. "Yo tender, gimme another one of those bluey thingies. The watchmacallit with the special."
"That's unfortunate," Dearthair hummed, now counting how many credits he had in his hand before shoving it in his pocket.
The human swirled around in his seat, causing Dearthair to flinch. He froze, terrified that he was caught. The human hadn't seen it but the way his eyes stared at the boy...it was like he knew.
He proved to be wrong as he sighed. "Kid, I know I...HI-CUP...may look like a fool but...never turn your back down on an offer. Look around...no one's coming to help you. The town got ransacked by raiders and do you get? Nothing. You have to use everything on your own to 'fix' your problems. Yet if it was Neero, oh, for sure, let's make it all pretty and shiny for the tourists. And yet they stop the imports because of the darn fear of theft."
"Well, everyone helps when they can," Dearthiar noted. "A little bit of help can go a long way."
"Yeah, but to be a man...you have to learn to be on your own. You wanna be someone's babysitter fine. They admire you more though...when you can show you can stand on your own two feet. That's what everyone wants. So guess what...if this upcoming war starts and the New Republic ain't doing a lick of Bantha dong to help....then my allegiance is to those who offer me a place."
The human glanced at his new drink sitting quietly, took one long chug, and laid his head on the counter to sleep.
Dearthair breathed in and out, full of relief. The other customers were still busy with their worries. Digging in for a few more credits, he booked out of the restaurant, heading back home.
He knocked on the door and sounded the bell, alerting Sorella he was there. She led him in and they counted the credits.
"1,000 credits," Dearthair noted. "Enough for 2 loaves of bread, some pieces of fruit, blue milk, porridge from Kali's and maybe we'll have enough to buy The Last Starfighter." He nodded to the holoprojector they had propped by the window along with a few holograms.
"Can't wait to watch that one, I heard from Yue it was a good show," Sorella said.
They went out to buy the items and returned home happily. Yet, Dearthair's mind did not venture off from the human's words. Even when watching The Last Starfighter, he kept thinking back to that old kook's speech. Were they truly doomed to be there?
Well, he knew the guy was drunk but still...his words held some truth.
Kail was surely picking its place back up but time proved other areas were now suffering. Neero was barely getting any more exotic goods, causing another economic shift, leaving Kail to sell only what they produced around them. And last of Grangor, pfff, who knows. And with words about war, kidnappings, and no one helping....it made Dearthair wonder how he could escape this.
He stared at Sorella, intentively interested in the hologram. She had become a bit of a handful now. Kli wasn't around as much considering she was preparing her shop for inspection. Sorella once had almost set the house on fire by trying to cook some food. Or that other time when she tried to take some strange "candy" from an alien, he had to swipe her away.
He was the one who had to take charge, making sure they had food, she wasn't going anywhere she shouldn't be, keep aware of who was at the door, and how to pickpocket....come to think of it, he surely could've survived by himself. Still, he knew Sorella was all that was left of the family he knew.
His parents...they would be so proud of him, doing all he could to provide for himself and his sister. Yet, there was only so much he could do now.
"Hey, Sorella?" he asked as the hologram ended, the hero fading in the blue light. "Do you ever think about...getting away from here?"
Sorella thought for a bit. "I don't know...I mean...I like it here. It can be rebuilt. We just need to get more money."
Dearthair felt his heart clenched. "Well, what if you had to get away from here....and go anywhere else?"
"Well, yeah, I would go but then I go back over here," Sorella beamed.
"What is it that you love about it here?"
"Well, how it used to be. Remember when Kli would give us those Oprair cakes, Ronen with the Swirly Tumblers, Jei let us play with the Pikies. This...is home to me. I can't imagine leaving it." Sorella's eyes glistened with tears. "And Mom...Dad..."
Dearthair swung his head. He circuited his eyes back to Sorella only, seeing her stare into space, more tears plundering down.
He felt guilty seeing her eyes like that. It would eat him up next, reminding him about his parents. It reminded him though what a baby she was...she could never keep her emotions in check. She was always so sensitive when it came to things that bothered her, like when he told her to be careful about cooking.
"Are we going to go away?"
Sorella's eyes were now on Dearthair, awaiting an answer.
Dearthair shook his head. "The only one coming and going is me," he said, patting her head. "You're staying here."
Sorella laughed. She yawned and got up, heading towards her room. "Goodnight, Dearthair," she said. "Thanks for always looking out for me, brother."
Dearthair smiled. "Of course," he said, his eyes averted away. "Anything to keep family together."
She didn't remember the exact time, but it happened at the darkest hour of the night. Sorella woke up to hearing screams, and loud wails booming through the atmosphere.
Then came the smoke. She sniffed the air, a wisp of charcoal and harsh heat filling her lungs. She coughed a little before getting up, wondering if maybe it was Dearthair this time trying to cook (he had his moments too).
Instead of the glare from the windows, she saw bright gleams of blazes erupting around the other homes.
"What?" she gasped, checking around and seeing the chaos unfold before her eyes.
A few of the homes were destroyed, either eaten alive by the pulsing inferno or shattered apart.
People were running everywhere, bellows echoing and confusion amassing.
What the hell was going on?
"Dearthair! Kail's on fire!" Sorella yelled, running to her brother's room. She went inside to see he wasn't there. "Dearthair?"
The house shook wildly. Sorella stumbled to keep her balance. She ducked under a table, stayed for a few minutes, and then bolted out to the door again, to peek.
She now saw one of the sources of the chaos. Before her eyes was a white armored abomination, its hideous nightmarish visor scanning around for its next victim. Behind its body, it held a giant tank and in its hands, a huge gun with a nozzle. The abomination aimed the nozzle at a home and enraptured its flames from the gun. It engulfed the house in seconds.
Sorella gulped, stepping back inside her home. Danger lurked behind her as she twirled around to see flames were now entering her home.
Sorella shrieked and scampered out.
She took no notice of the abomination known as the Flametrooper, eyeing her running away. "We have one here, near the homes," he noted.
Sorella mindlessly searched around. "Dearhair!" she cried, wondering where he was. She even looked for the adults, any familiar faces but no one stopped, they continue to run without care.
Sorella turned to see a kid like her now snatched up by another abomination. This one had a different visor, its helmets more delicate with design and he carried no tank, just a blaster in his hand. "That's almost all of them!" the second abomination, the Stormtrooper said, carrying the struggling kid away.
Sorella felt a verge of tears and bellows in her body but she knew she had to escape. In times of danger like this taught by Dearthair, she knew she had to run.
She darted past a couple more homes before she then saw one of the Stormtroopers takes notice of her. "Get her!"
She crawled through gaps, between walls, under trenches, anywhere to get away from the horrid monsters.
She never turned around.
Sorella made it safe once she had entered a small hole in a broken-down store, its entrance blocked by the fallen beam supports. The troopers behind her attempted to fight their way in, clashing with the beams. She ran to the back entrance and shut the door, hoping for some reason at least that would stop them.
She turned around to see another nightmare. The Stormtroopers with the kids were heading inside large vehicles. Kids all stuck together, hugging one another and crying. A few bodies laid on the ground. Some folks still fought the troopers, which unfortunately ended in their demise.
"You won't take him away from me!" a mother yelled. She was on the ground the second she jumped at a trooper.
Sorella hid behind a crate, peering from above. She spotted him.
"Dearthair?" she said, seeing a familiar figure. He was guided by two Stormtroopers, heading inside one of the large vehicles.
"No, Dearthair!" Sorella yelled.
She foolishly ran forward, only to be picked up by someone. Kli held her in her arms, rampantly charging towards a land speeder.
"No, my brother!"
"We'll find him," Kli said. "I'm sorry, Sorella, there's nothing we can do. You will die!"
"I don't care, I don't want them to take my brother!".
Sorella's eyes misted. Her vision blurred as she turned from the inferno of homes to the somber kids in vehicles and looked back to the land speeder, a few others joining them. There were the last of parents, shopkeepers, and their children.
"Hit it!" Kli said as she strapped herself and Sorella in.
"No, Dearthair!" Sorella said, turning around.
The pad to the vehicle closed up, sealing the familiar figure's fate.
"No! Turn back! Turn back!" Sorella pleaded. "Mom...Dad...brother!"
No one gave her any recognition as the land speeder surged forward, Kili holding Sorella tightly, trying to calm her.
"We have to tell everyone about this," Kli hollered. Get the New Republic, contact the other planets around us and..."
She never finished her words as a huge blast exploded behind them, sending the vehicle tumbling.
All Sorella remembered from this part was that she was flying in the air for a bit and hit the ground, knocking her to sleep.
Thanks for reading this if you made it to the end! This is my first time writing in a while (I know I probably messed up some stuff) and I'm all about improving at my craft. Critique away every little bit, just help me to know what I can do to improve!
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2023.06.07 09:06 tremoloandwine [Fully Lost] Shengui Tonic Wine commercial, the first mainland Chinese television advertisement

Most of the context is on the LMW article I made, so I'll keep the Reddit synopsis to a TL;DR. In the late 1970s, China was slowly reforming and "opening back up" under the new paramount leader, Deng Xiaoping. One of these reforms was the re-introduction of commercial advertising, which had been almost completely absent since the 1949 revolution. As it was 1979, one of the first and most obvious venues to introduce advertising to the Chinese general public was through television, and the first television advertisement in mainland China was aired over the Chinese new year.
The advertisement was for a tonic wine fortified with ginseng, known as Shenguiyangrong, or simply Shengui in a lot of English sources (English-language information on the wine is pretty hard to find when it's not related to the ad itself, I don't know if it's even still made or not). The ad was confusing to the Shanghai public, and many mistook it for a news segment, but the ad was ultimately successful and drove a craze for the wine, which was a feat considering the high price and China's relatively low average income at the time.
The ad led to a new wave of advertising media in China, and led to the mostly commercial nature of Chinese television today, with almost all television stations (including most state-owned CCTV channels) airing ads like their Western counterparts.
The ad is completely lost and there does seem to be a moderate interest in finding it amongst Chinese internet circles. Not sure how much of a lost media community greater China even has, but those who know Chinese and can somehow liason with people on that side of the internet would be a wonderful resource. Really, anyone with a knowledge of Chinese in general.
Of particular note is this documentary segment I found on Youtube, which isn't really comprehensible to me besides the visuals as I don't speak Chinese. Anyone who can translate would be a great plus and editing the wiki if you have new info would be very helpful.
I'm almost certain compiling all these articles and images for the ad is the limit to what I can do for this search, as for now I'm just one English speaker who's interested in modern Chinese history and pop culture. I can not overstate how valuable someone in this community who speaks Mandarin, or at least can read simplified Chinese characters, would be to this.
I imagine this is gone forever though, don't really get any hopes up. Video recording technology was still in a pretty early state in 1979, and would've been very, very rare in mainland China at the time. The only real hope I'd have is that the modern STV have it in their archives, and I imagine the local broadcaster for the largest city in China probably has better things to do than to answer our messages.
Still, every little helps, thought this was too historically important not to have it's own article. My first one, probably my only one as I'm not very immersed in this community, please edit it if you are also interested in this search and have new leads.
LMW link
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2023.06.07 09:05 TheCommunistDJ Wait so the start of learning the violin by ear is hearing overtones?!

I’ve been learning how to overtone sing for about a year, and have been getting fairly okay at hearing, feeling them out and reproducing them.
I bought a violin, because I’ve always wanted one, and have been messing around with it. I have a decent sense of rhythm and can almost physically feel a lot of the movements produced by a violin. I recorded myself listening to Winter Four Seasons (or whatever it’s called 😂) and tried playing it on my violin. Obviously, it didn’t sound good. But my motions were rhythmically harmonized with the cover I was listening to. That, sounded good. So I wondered if I can learn to find notes by hearing overtones, because I can REALLY hear them when playing my violin, even though I don’t know what I’m doing. So I find it really easy to feel out the speed I need to be going and at what angle, to produce a better sound.
So then I looked up a video where a woman explains how each string has nodes on them, that you can press down on to change the positioning of the node. And it’s all mathematically balanced, so it shouldn’t be hard to memorize the primary locations of the nodes and then split them to figure out where the next nodes are, and so on.
So with this information, what do you guys think about the idea of learning how to play the violin by ear (along with YouTube videos lol)? Is it really just an instrument that’s about having more control over overtones than any other instrument, and then producing music with the manipulation of them? In contrast to other instruments, where you’re more limited.
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2023.06.07 09:04 Curious-File-2848 Help with interfacing of Aurora 8b10b core and Xillybus PCIe core

Hi all, back again with another beginner question. I'm relatively new to FPGAs and had the opportunity to serve an internship for data recording using FPGAs. For context, I'm trying to receive data from the SFP+ port on an FPGA and send it to a storage device on a PC via PCIe lane. I previously posted for help on programming the Si5324 clock on a Virtex-7 board here and managed to get really good advice and got it to work.
Since then, I've managed to send dummy data from a Kintex-7 board (temporary placeholder for actual data) to the main Virtex-7 board using Xilinx's Aurora protocol. I've also managed to setup the example design provided with Xillybus's IP core to perform a data loopback at the PC side via the Virtex-7 PCIe lane. I have instantiated these 2 separate projects into a common project and I am thinking the next step is to create an interface to connect the output data of the Aurora design as inputs to the Xillybus design so that I can start sending some data to the PC.
My rough understanding is that I'll have to connect the Aurora outputs to a FIFO provided in the Xillybus demo code. I am slightly confused about the signals required on each side though. The Aurora design has an AXI TX interface inside of which i can pull signals out but what do I do after this as the signals accepted by the Xillybus FIFO looks different.
I've read through the documentation provided by Xillybus and it mentions that only the inputs of the demo code have to be modified but it doesn't really go into how I go about doing that. I haven't had much luck finding similar implementations online and was wondering if anyone here has done something similar and knows where to find resources for this or provide some guidance.
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2023.06.07 09:02 Here_i_am23 Do you think Kurt’s biggest problem was ADHD?

I’m currently looking into ADHD as both my boyfriend and step son are currently waiting to be assessed.
Honestly this disorder is savage and is destroying.
My partner has never been medicated, he turned to drugs at 16 for that dopamine hit (adhd causes lack of dopamine in the brain) he’s been homeless, couldn’t hold down a job, as been arrested for petty crimes, estranged from his family, kicked out of school etc. On the other hand he can write a song off the top of his head, he’s great at art and so can his six year old. My boyfriend was also a frontman in a band.
This all rang a bell with me when I watched montage of heck. I think maybe Kurt’s biggest mistake in life was not taking his adhd medication in adulthood which led to his heroin use and once stopped the adhd took over.
On a positive note. My boyfriend is coping pretty well as of late, him and his son are currently on the road now to being assessed and medicated, he has a stable job although still has his ups and downs but he’s clean.
I just can’t help but think maybe if Kurt had done the same he still would’ve been here today.
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2023.06.07 08:35 YankeeWalrus The Writer's Ballad

Since the WGA has prevented my from working on my novel, I've decided to, as an outlet for my unbridled creativity, turn to the folk song, which has become in recent years the particularly fashionable form of idiocy among the self-styled intellectual. I find that people who deplore the level of current popular songs will sit around enthralled singing "Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don't Care" or "Green Grow the Rushes, Oh!" -- whatever that means.
At any rate, for this elite I have here, for a modest $59.99 Patreon donation, an ancient Irish ballad which was written a few years ago. Irish, of course, as an homage to the resplendent and intoxicating countryside that inspired many a tale and the to the spirits of the same quality that spurred many a writer on to greatness. This work is replete with all the accoutrements of this art form in particular, it has a sort of idiotic refrain, in this case "Rickety-tickety-tin" you'll notice cropping up from time to time, running through, I might add, interminable verses. The large number of verses being a feature expressly designed to please the true devotees of the folk song who seem to find singing fifty verses of "On Top of Old Smokey" is twice as enjoyable as singing twenty-five.
Oh, one more thing. One of the more important aspects of public folk singing is audience participation, and this happens to be a good song for group singing, so if any of you feel like joining in with me on this song, I'd appreciate it if you would leave right now.

About an author I'll sing a song
Sing rickety-tickety-tin
About an author I'll sing a song
Who didn't have a publisher long
Not only did she do them wrong
She did ev'ryone of them in, them in
She did ev'ryone of them in

One morning in a fit of pique
Sing rickety-tickety-tin
One morning in a fit of pique
She drowned her editor in the creek
The water tasted bad for a week
And we had to make do with gin, with gin
We had to make do with gin

Her agent she could never stand
Sing rickety-tickety-tin
Her agent she could never stand
And so a cyanide soup she planned
The agent died with a spoon in her hand
And her face in a hideous grin, a grin
Her face in a hideous grin

She set her partner's hair on fire
Sing rickety-tickety-tin
She set her partner's hair on fire
And as the smoke and flame rose higher,
Danced around the funeral pyre
Tossin' his notes in the bin, the bin
Tossin' his notes in the bin

She weighted her illustrator down with stones
She weighted her illustrator down with stones
And sent her off to Davy Jones
All they ever found were her poems
And occasional pieces of skin, of skin
Occasional pieces of skin

One day when she had nothing to do
Sing rickety-tickety-tin
One day when she had nothing to do
She cut her beta reader in two
And served him up as an Irish stew
And invited the neighbors in, -bors in
Invited the neighbors in

And when the police rang on her bell
Sing rickety-tickety-tin
And when the police rang on her bell
She didn't deny what there befell
To do so she would have had to tell
And telling, she knew, was a sin, a sin
Telling, she knew, was a sin

My tragic tale, I won't prolong
My tragic tale I won't prolong
And if you do not enjoy the song
You've yourselves to blame if it's too long
You should never have let me begin, begin
You should never have let me begin

(NOTE TO MODS: This is not my own work, I plagiarized it.)
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2023.06.07 08:24 AuSSie-HellCat Week 1: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

Week 1: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

GEW: Riot

Match 1 - Blake 'The Machine' Bailey vs Madcap Moss (Glory Qualifier)
Blake Bailey, known for his relentless aggression and technical prowess, showcased his mastery of the ring, launching a series of calculated attacks on Madcap Moss. However, Moss proved to be a formidable opponent, using his unorthodox and unpredictable style to keep Blake off balance.
As the match progressed, the intensity escalated, with near falls and daring maneuvers that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Blake, driven by his determination to secure a spot in the prestigious Glory Match, unleashed a powerful offensive assault, overwhelming Moss with a combination of strikes and hard-hitting maneuvers.
In a pivotal moment, Blake executed his devastating finishing move, the Bailey Bomb, connecting squarely with Moss and leaving him incapacitated. Seizing the opportunity, Blake swiftly covered Moss for the three-count, earning the hard-fought victory and securing his place in the Glory Match.
Winner: Blake 'The Machine' Bailey by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Backstage Segment
The camera cuts to the backstage area where Zoey Stark is seen celebrating her recent victory and newly won GEW Women's TV Championship. As she basks in the glory, Bayley approaches her, offering a smile of respect.
Bayley: "Hey, Zoey! Congratulations on that impressive win out there. You showed incredible resilience and determination. You've really earned that championship."
Zoey Stark: "Thanks, Bayley! I couldn't have done it without your help out there. You were instrumental in neutralizing Dakota and Jaime. I appreciate it."
Bayley nods, acknowledging Zoey's gratitude before turning serious.
Bayley: "Well, Zoey, since we're being honest here, I can't help but look at that shiny new title around your waist and feel a little competitive fire ignite within me. You've proven yourself as a worthy champion, and I can't help but think that maybe, just maybe, I could give you a run for your money."
Zoey Stark: [Smirks] "You know, Bayley, I respect your journey and what you've accomplished. If you think you're up for the challenge, I'd be more than willing to put my title on the line against you next week. Consider it accepted."
Bayley: "It's going to be a match for the ages. Get ready to bring your A-game because I'm coming for that title!"
Zoey firmly shakes Bayley's hand, both competitors showing mutual respect and determination.
Zoey Stark: "I wouldn't have it any other way, Bayley. Let's give the fans a match they won't forget. May the best woman win."

Match 2 - Chad Gables US Title Open Challenge
In a highly anticipated GEW US Title Open Challenge, Chad Gable put his championship on the line against the dynamic and high-flying Bandido. Chad Gable, known for his technical prowess and relentless determination, applied his mat-based expertise to gain an early advantage over Bandido. However, Bandido, with his lightning-fast speed and aerial maneuvers, countered Gable's attacks, keeping the champion on his toes.
As the match progressed, the action intensified, with near falls and impressive displays of agility from both competitors. Gable, driven to retain his title, strategically targeted Bandido's limbs, attempting to neutralize his opponent's high-flying arsenal.
Bandido, fueled by his unwavering resilience, unleashed a series of breathtaking moves, thrilling the crowd with his acrobatics. However, Gable's experience and ring awareness proved to be crucial, as he expertly countered Bandido's offensive onslaught. Gable executed his signature German suplex, delivering it with pinpoint precision. Sensing the opportunity, Gable swiftly transitioned into a bridging pin, securing the three-count and successfully defending his GEW US Championship.
Winner: Chad Gable by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Backstage Segment
Hobbs and Strickland launch a surprise attack on Theory and Riddle from behind. The backstage area erupts into chaos as the two attackers overpower their rivals. They relentlessly assault Theory and Riddle, delivering powerful strikes and devastating slams. The backstage area clears out as the wrestlers and crew members realize the intensity of the situation.
Hobbs and Strickland seize the opportunity to send a message, grabbing tables nearby. Hobbs and Strickland deliver devastating powerbombs, sending Theory and Riddle crashing through the tables with an earth-shattering impact. They quickly leave the scene, leaving behind a battered and broken Austin Theory and Matt Riddle. The backstage personnel rush in to check on their fallen comrades, shocked by the brutal display of force.

Match 3 - Rhea Ripley & Shayna Baszler vs Katana Chance & Kayden Carter (Glory Qualifier)
Despite the valiant efforts of Chance and Carter, Ripley and Baszler proved to be an unstoppable force. With precise teamwork and calculated maneuvers, they systematically dismantled their opponents, leaving them struggling to mount a comeback.
As the match neared its climax, Ripley unleashed her devastating Riptide finisher on Carter, while Baszler locked in her signature Kirifuda Clutch on Chance. The combined submission and power moves proved too much for their opponents to overcome.
With Chance tapping out to Baszler's submission hold and Carter unable to kick out of Ripley's pinfall, Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler emerged victorious, securing their spots in the highly anticipated Women's Glory Match.
Winner: Rhea Ripley & Shayna Baszler by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Backstage Segment
[Backstage, the hallways of the GEW arena are bustling with activity as wrestlers and crew members go about their business. Suddenly, the sounds of a scuffle echo through the corridor. Bryan Danielson, the GEW World Heavyweight Champion, finds himself outnumbered and under attack by the powerful duo of Bobby Lashley and Sheamus. The two assailants ruthlessly unleash a barrage of punches and kicks on Bryan, leaving him defenseless.]
[Kazuchika Okada storms down the hallway, his eyes locked on the chaos unfolding before him. He wastes no time, immediately springing into action. Okada charges towards Lashley, delivering a fierce clothesline that sends the powerhouse crashing to the floor. Sheamus turns his attention towards Okada, but the number one contender expertly dodges his attacks, delivering a swift series of strikes that staggers the Celtic Warrior.]
Okada: (firmly) That's enough!
[Sheamus stumbles back, momentarily stunned by Okada's sudden intervention. Bryan, battered and bruised, looks up at Okada with gratitude as the crowd roars with approval.]
Okada: Bryan, are you alright?
Bryan Danielson: (nodding) Yeah, thanks to you, Okada. I owe you one.
[Together, Bryan and Okada regain their footing, ready to stand united against their assailants.]
Bobby Lashley: (recovering) You think you can just interfere like that? You're both going to pay!
[Before Lashley can launch another attack, the sound of approaching security personnel can be heard. They rush in, separating the wrestlers and diffusing the volatile situation.]
Security Guard: That's enough! Break it up, now!
[Bryan and Okada reluctantly step back, their focus still locked on Lashley and Sheamus, who seethe with anger but comply with the security guard's orders.]

Match 4 - Alba Faye vs Gigi Dolin (Glory Qualifier)
The match was a back-and-forth affair, with neither Alba Faye nor Gigi Dolin willing to back down. Dolin showcased her technical prowess and agility, executing impressive aerial maneuvers and submission holds. Meanwhile, Faye relied on her power and resilience to weather Dolin's attacks.
As the match progressed, the intensity heightened, with near falls and close calls keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Faye unleashed her striking ability, delivering hard-hitting strikes that left Dolin reeling.
In a pivotal moment, Faye countered one of Dolin's high-flying maneuvers with a well-timed powerbomb, stunning her opponent. Seizing the opportunity, Faye capitalized on her advantage and executed her signature finisher, the "Faye-trip," planting Dolin to the canvas for the three-count.
Winner: Alba Faye by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Match 5 - The Miz vs Ricochet
The match begins with back-and-forth attacks, both men needing a victory to put on their record. The Miz gains momentum and looks set to secure a victory. However, as he sets up for his signature move, LA Knight rushes into the ring pulling out a foreign object and, without hesitation, delivers a low blow to The Miz. The A-Lister crumples to the mat, clutching his groin in pain. The referee, oblivious to the foul play as he is distracted by Grayson Waller. The Miz, still reeling from the unexpected attack, is unable to kick out in time, and Ricochet's victory is secured.
Winner: Ricochet by Pinfall (3.75 Stars)
Backstage Segment
[The Bullet Club are backstage when the sounds of footsteps approach from behind. They turn around to see Chad Gable, flanked by The Creed Brothers, standing tall and determined.]
Chad Gable: I see you've been keeping an eye on my matches. I hope you've been enjoying them.
Jay White: Gable, it's not about enjoyment. We're here to show you that your recent success is nothing but a fluke. You're in over your head.
Austin Gunn: Absolutely. You've been running your mouth about being the best, but you haven't faced anyone from The Bullet Club yet.
[The Creed Brothers exchange glances before stepping forward alongside Gable.]
Julius Creed: You're right, Gable. The Bullet Club may be a force to be reckoned with, but so are we. American Alpha are ready to take you on.
Brutus Creed: And we won't back down from any challenge. We're not intimidated by your mind games or your numbers advantage.
[Jay White smirks, clearly intrigued by the defiance displayed by American Alpha and The Creed Brothers.]
Jay White: Impressive words, gentlemen. If you're so eager to face us, then let's make it official. Next week, one member of The Bullet Club will accept your open challenge for the United States Championship.
Chad Gable: You're on. We'll be waiting in that ring, ready to prove that American Alpha are a force to be reckoned with.

Match 6 - The Gunns vs Undisputed Era
Right from the start, it was evident that The Gunns were determined to prove themselves against the experienced members of Undisputed Era. The match showcased a combination of high-flying maneuvers, technical prowess, and hard-hitting strikes that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.
The Gunns showcased their seamless teamwork and uncanny chemistry, executing a series of tandem moves that left their opponents reeling. However, Fish and O'Reilly displayed their resilience and strategic prowess, countering with devastating strikes and submission holds.
As the match progressed, the momentum swung back and forth, with near falls and close calls keeping everyone guessing. The crowd erupted in cheers as each team displayed their signature moves and innovative double-team maneuvers, demonstrating their exceptional tag team abilities.
In the climax of the match, The Gunns capitalized on a momentary distraction, catching Fish with their patented finisher, the Gunn Shot. The impact echoed throughout the arena as Austin Gunn made the cover, securing the hard-fought victory.
Winner: The Gunns by Pinfall (4.5 Stars)

- Match 1: Blake' The Machine' Bailey def. Madcap Moss
- Match 2: Chad Gable def. Bandido
- Match 3: Rhea Ripley & Shayna Baszler def. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance
- Match 4: Alba Faye def. Gigi Dolin
- Match 5: Ricochet def. The Miz
- Match 6: The Gunns def. Undisputed Era

- Zoey Stark accepts Bayley's respectful challenge for next week
- Swerve and Hobbs attack Theory and Riddle sending them through tables backstage
- Okada helps Danielson from an assault by Lashley and Sheamus
- LA Knight low blows The Miz costing him the match with Ricochet
- The Bullet Club and American Alpha come face to face with a member of BC accepting Gable's open challenge for next week

GEW: Unleashed

Match 1 - Malakai Black vs Bandido (Glory Qualifier)
From the opening bell, Black unleashed his aggressive and calculated offense, targeting Bandido's limbs with precision strikes and submission holds. Bandido showcased his aerial prowess and lightning-fast speed, countering Black's onslaught with high-flying maneuvers that left the audience in awe.
The match intensified with each passing minute, as both Black and Bandido exchanged near falls and displayed their resilience. Black's methodical approach and ruthless strikes created a palpable sense of danger, keeping Bandido on the defensive. Bandido, fueled by his incredible athleticism and never-say-die attitude, fought back with a flurry of high-octane offense.
However, Black's cunning and ruthless nature proved too much to overcome. In a pivotal moment, Black seized an opening and unleashed his devastating finisher, the "Black Mass," a thunderous roundhouse kick that connected with pinpoint accuracy, sending Bandido crashing to the canvas.
The referee counted the three-count, and Malakai Black emerged victorious, earning his place in the Men's Glory Match.
Winner: Malakai Black by Pinfall (3.75 Stars)
Match 2 - Asuka & Liv Morgan vs Becky Lynch & Shotzi (Glory Qualifier)
From the opening bell, the action was fast-paced and intense. Asuka showcased her unparalleled striking ability, landing devastating kicks on both Lynch and Shotzi. Liv Morgan displayed her agility and resilience, countering their opponents' offense with quick and innovative maneuvers.
The match reached its climax when Asuka rallied against the odds, delivering a blistering combination of strikes and submission holds. Liv Morgan, feeding off the energy of the crowd, launched herself into a breathtaking aerial assault, leaving both Lynch and Shotzi reeling.
In a pivotal moment, Liv Morgan executed her patented "Oblivion" finishing move on Shotzi, securing the three-count and the victory for her team. Asuka and Liv Morgan celebrated their hard-fought triumph, earning their well-deserved spots in the Women's Glory Match.
Winner: Asuka and Liv Morgan by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Match 3 - Adam Cole vs Mustafa Ali (Glory Qualifier)
From the opening bell, it was evident that this would be a hard-fought contest for Ali. Mustafa Ali brought his lightning-fast strikes and aerial maneuvers, while Adam Cole relied on his cunning tactics and relentless aggression. The chemistry between the two competitors was undeniable, creating an electric atmosphere inside the arena.
As the match progressed, both Cole and Ali exchanged near falls, keeping the audience guessing who would emerge victorious. Ali's resilience and heart were on full display as he fought back from devastating maneuvers delivered by Cole. The crowd rallied behind Ali, willing him to overcome the odds.
In a pivotal moment, Cole capitalized on a brief lapse in Ali's focus, hitting his devastating superkick, The Last Shot. The impact echoed throughout the arena as Ali fell to the canvas. Sensing an opportunity, Cole quickly covered Ali for the pinfall victory.
Winner: Adam Cole by Pinfall (4 Stars)
- Match 1: Malakai Black def. Bandido
- Match 2: Asuka and Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch & Shotzi
- Match 3: Adam Cole def. Mustafa Ali

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2023.06.07 08:19 gab_fernando Seataoo Scam nga ba?

Seataoo Scam nga ba?

First, let’s discuss what is Seataoo?

Seataoo is an online cross-border e-commerce platform, Seataoo Philippines was established on October 2022. As a rookie cross-border e-commerce platform, Seataoo has been favored by users since its establishment. Currently, they got over 300,000 users as of June 2023 and serve 25 countries, yes! Seataoo not only sells or provides services within the Philippines but Globally.
Seataoo also owns e-commerce websites like Shopee and Lazada. They also got an app in Android and IOS, achieving this platform as a rookie who just established last 2022 is already amazing. Although, I notice there a still some improvements needed to make their website, and app more user and customer friendly.
You can also find them in their office on the 12th Floor, Co­co­l­ight Build­ing, 39th Street cor­ner 11th Av­enue, Boni­fa­cio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, or contact them on their telephone number (02) 8712-7516 or reach them thru email at [email protected]. They also got a warehouse here in the Philippines but the address is not mentioned, so I’ll mention it here once I got the details.

Next, Let’s discuss the Seataoo Business Model.

Seataoo pro­vides a com­pre­hen­sive set of tools and re­sources to help busi­ness own­ers build and run their on­line stores ef­fec­tively. This in­cludes tem­plates for the store de­sign, ac­cess to a pow­er­ful sports prod­uct ware­house, pay­ment pro­cess­ing tools, and var­i­ous mar­ket­ing tools to pro­mote their busi­ness and at­tract cus­tomers. By pro­vid­ing all these es­sen­tial foun­da­tions, Seataoo aims to sim­plify the process of run­ning an on­line busi­ness and en­able busi­ness own­ers to fo­cus on their core com­pe­ten­cies and grow their busi­ness.
They pro­vides free ad­ver­tis­ing and on­line traf­fic to help each store achieve sales, which is a sig­nif­i­cant ad­van­tage for in­de­pen­dent busi­ness own­ers who may strug­gle to at­tract cus­tomers on their own. By choos­ing Seataoo’s plat­form and ser­vices, these busi­ness own­ers can gain greater vis­i­bil­ity and gen­er­ate more rev­enue.
They care­fully se­lect part­ners for sup­pli­ers, ware­houses, lo­gis­tics, and pay­ment providers to help busi­ness own­ers by pro­vid­ing them with cost-ef­fec­tive and se­cure so­lu­tions. By sourc­ing prod­ucts di­rectly from fac­to­ries and us­ing cheap and safe lo­gis­tics meth­ods, They can of­fer af­ford­able prices and fast de­liv­ery to cus­tomers. And by part­ner­ing with trusted pay­ment providers, Seataoo en­sures pay­ment se­cu­rity for both buy­ers and sell­ers.
All of these ser­vices help busi­ness own­ers fo­cus on run­ning their stores and sell­ing their prod­ucts with­out wor­ry­ing about lo­gis­tics and pay­ment is­sues. Seataoo has its own cus­tomer ser­vice team trained to han­dle all kinds of af­ter-sales ser­vices to en­sure cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion. This in­cludes ad­dress­ing any is­sues with prod­uct qual­ity, ship­ping, and re­turns. By hav­ing a ded­i­cated team to han­dle these tasks, busi­ness own­ers can fo­cus on other as­pects of their busi­ness and not have to worry about cus­tomer ser­vice.

Now let’s Google the meaning of E-Commerce and Dropshipping so you understand more.

What is “E-Com­merce”?

E- com­merce is the buy­ing and sell­ing of goods and ser­vices on­line. It in­volves the use of the in­ter­net and dig­i­tal tech­nolo­gies to con­duct trans­ac­tions be­tween busi­nesses, in­di­vid­u­als, and/​or gov­ern­ments. E-com­merce has rev­o­lu­tion­ized the way peo­ple shop and do busi­ness, mak­ing it more con­ve­nient and ac­ces­si­ble to a wider au­di­ence. It in­cludes var­i­ous types of trans­ac­tions, such as busi­ness-to-busi­ness (B2B), busi­ness-to-con­sumer (B2C), and con­sumer-to-con­sumer (C2C) trans­ac­tions like Lazada, Amazaon and Shoppee.

What is “Dropship­ping”?

​In Drop ship­ping, the seller does not have to hold in­ven­tory or worry about man­ag­ing a ware­house. In­stead, they rely on the third-party sup­plier to ful­fill the or­ders di­rectly to the cus­tomers. This al­lows the seller to fo­cus on mar­ket­ing, cus­tomer ser­vice, and grow­ing their busi­ness with­out the added costs and time as­so­ci­ated with man­ag­ing in­ven­tory and ship­ping lo­gis­tics.

How Seataoo earn from this kind of Business model?

Drop­ship­ping busi­ness re­lies on find­ing the best prod­ucts to mar­ket to their cus­tomers and typ­i­cally do not need to worry about sourc­ing, stor­ing, or ship­ping the prod­ucts them­selves. Seataoo’s pro­fes­sional ware­house di­rectly pur­chases prod­ucts from fac­to­ries with­out go­ing through dis­trib­u­tors, al­low­ing sell­ers to max­i­mize their prof­its by of­fer­ing com­pet­i­tively priced prod­ucts to their cus­tomers. Seataoo does not charge any com­mis­sions or in­ter­me­di­ary fees, only earn­ing a slight price dif­fer­ence when sup­ply­ing goods.

Seller Obligation and Requirements

What is a Seller?

The seller is the one going to choose which product going to sell on the Seataoo e-commerce seller website and the one who going to fund the initial worth of each product they sold.

What is the requirement to be a Seller?

  • Patience, ROI (return of investment) can’t happen in just a few days, it may take time depending on your seller site’s performance and the products you are selling. If you don’t have this then this is not for you.
  • the initial investment to fund your Seataoo wallet (you only need to fund your wallet when you got orders) You can start with any amount but I think the ideal is 5,000 PHP ~ 30,000 PHP as initial capital or “puhunan”. Once you’re familiar with the process, you can now go for a bigger capital.
  • You must be 18 yrs old and above
  • You need a valid ID like National ID, Passport, Driver’s License, etc for verification.
  • You need a cellphone or laptop and internet
  • You need a PH bank account to withdraw your profit and cash in.
  • Gcash, optional only for easier cash-in process
  • You need to a referral code: 81355897ll (for faster approval of your seller account) or you can register here with referral ready link.
  • Once your seller account was approved, wait for the account specialist to contact you before publishing a product, He/She may contact you from your mobile, or email so don’t forget to add it to your profile setting.
  • Tips: as a beginner, I suggest choosing a product that cost less than 200 PHP, so you’re not overwhelmed with bulk orders. Imagine you choose 500 PHP worth of products and you got 20 orders worth 500 PHP that’s 10,000 PHP initial capital needed.
Note: Everyone can be a seller as long you got those requirements above even if you’re not based in the Philippines.

Potential Income in Seataoo

Income in Seataoo depends on the value of the sold products, on each product you can earn from 3% to 7% of its value.
For example, If you set a 7% markup on all your products, you can earn 7,000 PHP on every 100,000 PHP you sold
Maybe you worrying about how you can sell 100,000 worth of products in Seataoo then worry no more Seataoo is Global it serves 25 countries and that billion potential customers and all of its sellers mostly received bulk orders every day. based on other sellers’ experience 100,000 PHP of sales can be reached in less than a month and if you put bigger capital and place higher price products in your store 100,000 PHP can easily reach in just a week or two.
Sellers do not need to worry to market their shops as Seataoo will do all the marketing (Google ads. Facebook ads, Tiktok ads, etc). Mostly they just need to worry to fund the initial worth of their products from day 1 to the 25th until their frozen funds are moved to their wallet balance then all you need is to reinvest your current profit to get more profit or withdraw it.
Based on my observation of how everyone gets a pie, here’s an example, we a sold product with an original worth 1,000 PHP from the factory and we sold it for 1200 PHP in our shop, so 200 PHP is our net profit. This is 200 PHP net, 100 I think will go to Seataoo and 30 is for the shipping fee, and the last 70 will be our profit with this Seataoo and Seller both get profit in the end and our customer will get a free shipping promo. it’s a win-win for everyone.

Advantage of being a Seller early in Seataoo

Remember all products in Seataoo can be sold by its seller and as of now you can’t add your own personal products (maybe in future updates) means everyone is selling the same item. For example, if you search for an item costing 200 PHP and below, you will see more than 30x search results for one item because every seller now selling it means it’s too saturated. So being an early seller is a benefit since your shop can have more reviews and sales than the new seller who just joined recently, reviews will attract more buyers, and it’s a sign of trust. Another benefit of being early you can advertise Seataoo and earn a 3% sales commission from new members you ask to join.

Many people advertising Seataoo and asking for putting their referral ID

One reason is that your referrer will gain a 3% commission on every sale you got. This 3% will be deducted from the commission Seataoo earns from your sales, not from your commission. Also not from the amount of money you invested as capital. Seataoo is an e-commerce + dropshipping business, not an investment platform or networking business.
Putting a referral ID is a must, for your seller account so it will be approved ASAP.
as Referrers their responsibility (not mandatory) is to guide their subordinate, on how to operate their shop, teaching them how to cash in, how to add products, what are the best products for starters, how to pick up orders, and how to withdraw their earnings. so if you’re planning to be a seller in Seataoo, do not just add their referral ID, look for someone who offers to give their guidance and is willing to support you for your Seataoo journey.
If you got any more questions feel free to contact me at https://www.facebook.com/seataoodubaiph


Technically Seataoo took every work you may need to do if you set up an e-commerce + dropshipping website, in terms of site maintenance, programming, inventory, warehouse, payment process, and delivery. All you need to do is to set up your seller account, put some funds on it to pay the initial worth of the product you sold, and then take the profit after the customer received the products which take 15-20 days timeframe.
Since Seataoo earns a small percentage on every product you sold as a seller, Why does Seataoo need to SCAM other people? It’s a win-win scenario since Seataoo and Seller both earn something on every product they sold on their website.
Still DYOR (do your own research), it’s your money so you’re the one responsible for it, and in case you invested make sure it’s only your extra money.
Disclaimer: The author is not related to Seataoo or part of them, I’m also a Seller and investor like you, here is my Seller website https://seataoo.com/shop/Sab-and-Migs-Enterprise-46420

For more info

source: https://eighteenus.com/2023/06/03/seataoo-scam-beware-of-this-site/
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2023.06.07 08:19 vulawoffice How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can have long-lasting consequences on your personal and professional life. If you've been charged with a DUI, you may be wondering how long it will stay on your driving record and how it may affect you in the future. In this article, we'll explore the duration of a DUI on your record, state-specific variations, factors that affect its duration, expungement possibilities, insurance premium impact, consequences of a DUI conviction, steps to minimize its impact, the importance of responsible driving, and more.
What is a DUI?
Before delving into the duration of a DUI on your record, let's clarify what exactly constitutes a DUI. Driving under the influence refers to operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs, including prescription medication. The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit varies across jurisdictions, typically ranging from 0.08% to 0.10%.
How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Driving Record?
The duration of a DUI on your driving record can vary depending on several factors. In most cases, a DUI remains on your record for a significant period, often ranging from five to ten years. However, it's important to note that this can differ based on the state in which you reside. Some states may have longer retention periods, while others may have provisions for expungement or record sealing.
State-Specific Laws and Variations
Each state has its own laws and regulations regarding DUI offenses and their impact on driving records. It's essential to familiarize yourself with the specific laws in your state to understand the duration of a DUI on your record accurately. Some states have stricter penalties and longer retention periods for DUI offenses, while others may have more lenient regulations.
Factors That Affect the Duration of a DUI on Your Record
Several factors can influence how long a DUI stays on your driving record. These factors may include the severity of the offense, previous DUI convictions, whether there was property damage or personal injury, and your overall driving history. Additionally, some states may have provisions for reducing the duration of a DUI on your record if you complete certain requirements, such as alcohol education programs or probation.
Expungement and DUI Records
Expungement is a legal process that allows individuals to have certain criminal records, including DUI convictions, sealed or erased. However, not all states offer expungement for DUI offenses, and eligibility criteria can vary. Consulting with a DUI attorney in your state can provide you with specific information regarding expungement possibilities and the associated requirements.
Impact of a DUI on Insurance Premiums
A DUI conviction can have a significant impact on your auto insurance premiums. Insurance companies often view individuals with a DUI as high-risk drivers, resulting in increased rates or even policy cancellations. This can lead to substantial financial burdens in the long run. It's crucial to understand the potential consequences on your insurance premiums and explore options for mitigating their impact.
Consequences of a DUI Conviction
Aside from the impact on your driving record and insurance premiums, a DUI conviction can have severe consequences. These consequences may include fines, license suspension or revocation, mandatory participation in alcohol education programs, community service, probation, and even imprisonment. Furthermore, a DUI conviction can negatively affect your employment prospects, professional licenses, and personal relationships.
Steps to Minimize the Impact of a DUI on Your Record
While a DUI conviction can have long-lasting effects, there are steps you can take to minimize its impact. Hiring a knowledgeable DUI attorney can greatly assist you in navigating the legal process, understanding your rights, and exploring possible defense strategies. They can guide you through the expungement process if applicable and help you take proactive steps to demonstrate responsible driving behavior.
Hiring a DUI Attorney
When facing a DUI charge, it's highly recommended to seek the assistance of a qualified DUI attorney. They possess the legal expertise to analyze your case, identify potential defenses, negotiate with prosecutors, and protect your rights throughout the legal proceedings. A skilled attorney can significantly impact the outcome of your case, potentially reducing the severity of the consequences and minimizing the duration of a DUI on your driving record.
Importance of Responsible Driving
While dealing with the aftermath of a DUI charge can be challenging, it's essential to learn from the experience and prioritize responsible driving. By adhering to traffic laws, avoiding alcohol or drug impairment while driving, and making smart choices behind the wheel, you can safeguard yourself and others on the road. Responsible driving not only protects your driving record but also contributes to overall road safety.
A DUI can have lasting consequences on your driving record, insurance premiums, and personal life. The duration of a DUI on your record varies by state and other factors, but it typically ranges from five to ten years. Seeking legal advice from a DUI attorney, understanding state-specific laws, and practicing responsible driving can help minimize the impact of a DUI charge. Remember, prevention is key, and making responsible choices while driving is paramount to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.


Q1. Can I remove a DUI from my driving record?
While it depends on the state and specific circumstances, some jurisdictions offer options for expungement or record sealing. Consulting with a DUI attorney can help you understand if you're eligible for such processes and guide you accordingly.
Q2. Will a DUI always increase my insurance premiums?
In most cases, a DUI conviction leads to higher insurance premiums due to the increased risk associated with the offense. However, the precise impact can vary depending on the insurance provider and your overall driving history.
Q3. Can a DUI affect my job prospects?
A DUI conviction can indeed impact your job prospects, especially for positions that require a clean driving record or involve driving responsibilities. It's crucial to be aware of the potential employment consequences and take steps to mitigate them.
Q4. Should I hire a DUI attorney for my case?
Hiring a DUI attorney is highly recommended, as they can provide expert legal guidance, protect your rights, and explore possible defense strategies. They can significantly influence the outcome of your case and help minimize the consequences of a DUI conviction.
Q5. How can I avoid getting a DUI?
To avoid getting a DUI, it's important to plan ahead and make responsible choices. This includes designating a sober driver, using public transportation or ride-sharing services, or staying overnight if you're unable to drive safely. It's crucial to never drink and drive, prioritizing the safety of yourself and others.
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2023.06.07 08:17 deadinside72 Need some advice for my internship

This has to be the worst year so far for me.
I really need some career advice as of now. Please read and tell me what can I do to get them to reconsider their decision. Or atleast get me an interview to discuss my concerns.
Month 1 - It was just basic set up of pc. All the applications. I was told to study React JS, which is actually a totally new subject for me. Initially I found it hard but i studied it nonetheless.
Month 2 - Still studying React and basic fundamentals of Javascript. I was told about a project which I would be needed to start working soon enough with my React knowledge.
Month 3 - It was very hard initially but I did small small tasks and gave some type of progress. Point to note: None of my progress was recorded anywhere. Except through messages to my team members who gave me the task. And also one more thing, I was alone who worked on this. There was also a meet where I was called in mid month. They told me I need to slightly buck up and that deadline is nearing. It was very calm and collected. So I said yes I will.
Month 4 - I picked up my pace and started working as much as I possibly can. Now I had some help, to ask doubts and such for React stuff. And there was a scheduled call where I was told to give a status on this particular component. I was nearly half way completed with that component when this React expert team member gave me some suggestions which caused a delay and sort of caused a lot of falling back to whatever I had done before. So when the call happened. I had nothing to show really. After the call, they had a separate discussion without me, post which I was told that my boss was informed about the last minute changes so he is aware now why the delay happened. Things picked up well after that. I was able to complete 80% of the project by the month end.
Month 5 - Now i had another person working with me. There were bunch of Ui changes which I did as well I could within due time. I am quite positive that this team member would definitely have good things to say about my performance. Similar to the other 2 people I worked with.
Month 6- I get to know yesterday from my college placement cell that I didnt get selected for FTE. I was told it was due to performance issues. Now I am quite confused cause I did as I was told. Infact my team didnt even know I was not selected for going forward. Nor the the fact that this was my last month. I'll be honest I had very little interaction about my performance with my manager. No inputs except that day's call. But i did get 'good work's on status calls. So I'm not sure.
I really think I'm a good fit for the company and I can actually bring something valuable here. But im confused as to why I was not selected. Had my manager even gave me inputs from his end whether good or bad, maybe I would be able to gauge on how well i am supposed to do. My team is quite good but there is not alot of interaction within it. They are supportive when I ask for it. But i havent had alot of interactions with my manager.
I have gotten a scheduled talk next week with my manager on my request. Where I would try to talk about this stuff. But i am not sure how to exactly say that there couldve been some misunderstanding. I really wish they reconsider.
Please guide.
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2023.06.07 08:06 thinkingstranger June 6, 2023

Far-right Republican representatives from the House Freedom Caucus today launched a battle against House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), accusing him of violating the agreement he made with them in order to get their backing for the speakership. Angry at the passage of the deal to suspend the debt ceiling and keep the United States from defaulting, they blocked two bills today and apparently have decided to oppose all legislation that comes before the House unless McCarthy puts in writing what they understand to be the deal they made.
Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) said: “The end game is freedom, less government, less spending.”
If the far right is trying to dismantle the federal government, the White House is working to advertise the effects of its use of the federal government for the American people.
Today the administration unveiled a new website called “Investing in America.” The site tracks both the public infrastructure and the private investments sparked by the laws like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act, breaking those investments down by category.
While the Republicans since 1980 have claimed that tax cuts and deregulation would spur private investment in the economy, it appears that Biden’s policy of public investment to encourage private investment has, in fact, worked. So far, during his term, private companies have announced $479 billion in investments under the new system, while the government has directed more than $220 billion towards roads, bridges, airports, public transportation, addressing climate change, and providing clean water. The website locates and identifies the more than 32,000 new projects underway.
The site also highlights the high rates of employment in the U.S. and the addition of new manufacturing jobs, as well as lower costs for prescription drugs and health insurance.
Separately, the administration noted that its plan for migration across the border is “working as intended.” The pandemic-era Title 42, put in place by Trump in early 2020 to stop the spread of COVID, went out of operation at midnight on May 12, and while Republicans insisted the reversion to the normal laws governing immigration would create a crisis, in fact unlawful crossings have dropped more than 70%. Still, the administration emphasized yet again today that Congress must address “our broken immigration and asylum system.”
While President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are returning to the traditional idea—embraced by members of both parties before 1980—that investing in the country benefits everyone, much of the Freedom Caucus has thrown in its lot with former president Donald Trump, who calls the Democrats’ ideology “communism.” So convinced were Trump’s supporters that Democrats should not be allowed to govern that they tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
One of the key figures in that attempt was Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, who as a representative from North Carolina was a founder of the House Freedom Caucus (along with Representatives Jim Jordan of Ohio and Ron DeSantis of Florida, among others). As Trump’s chief of staff, Meadows was close to the center of the attempt to keep former president Trump in the White House. His aide Cassidy Hutchinson provided some of the most compelling—and damning—testimony before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Meadows refused to cooperate with that committee and was found in contempt of Congress, but the Department of Justice declined to prosecute. When he seemed largely to drop out of public view, there was speculation about his role in the investigations into Trump’s role in the attempt to overturn the 2020 election.
This afternoon, Jonathan Swan, Michael S. Schmidt, and Maggie Haberman of the New York Times reported that Meadows has testified before a federal grand jury in the investigations led by Special Counsel Jack Smith. It is not clear if Meadows testified in the matter of the election sabotage or in the matter of documents taken from the White House when Trump left office, or both. One of his lawyers refused to comment but told the New York Times reporters that “Mr. Meadows has maintained a commitment to tell the truth where he has a legal obligation to do so.” I cannot help but contrast that statement with one from another American leader seventy-nine years ago.
On June 5, 1944, General Dwight D. Eisenhower was preparing to send Allied troops across the English Channel to France, where he hoped they would push the German troops back across Europe. More than 5,000 ships waited to transport more than 150,000 soldiers to France before daybreak the following morning. The fighting to take Normandy would not be easy. The beaches the men would assault were tangled in barbed wire, booby trapped, and defended by German soldiers in concrete bunkers.
On the afternoon of June 5, as the Allied soldiers, their faces darkened with soot and cocoa, milled around waiting to board the ships, Eisenhower went to see the men he was almost certainly sending to their deaths. He joked with the troops, as apparently upbeat as his orders to them had been when he told them Operation Overlord had launched. “The tide has turned!” his letter had read. “The free men of the world are marching together to Victory!”
But after cheering his men on, he went back to his headquarters and wrote another letter. Designed to blame himself alone if Operation Overlord failed, it read:
“Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.”
The letter was never delivered. Operation Overlord was a success, launching the final assault in which western democracy, defended by ordinary men and women, would destroy European fascism.
A year later, General Eisenhower was welcomed home as the hero who had won World War Two. But for all those noisy accolades, it was the letter of June 5, that he wrote in secret, alone and unsure whether the future would find him right or wrong but willing to take both the risk and the blame if he failed, that proved his heroism.

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2023.06.07 08:06 Adventurous-Egg5343 I played one game as each survivor. Here’s what I found.

Now I know this isn’t exactly revolutionary but it was fun and interesting to me
Some things to note before we begin, 1. I don’t technically have every survivor but what I do have is Jonathan and Lisa. They made up for the survivors I don’t have and I considered them to be their own entries. 2. This data was gathered shortly after Tools of Torment went live, and therefore the data may be skewed towards things that were new at the time of that chapter’s release. 3. This was done in solo queue and I brought no items or offerings. Data was collected from games where others did however 4. There was 2 games in which someone dced, however both of them were late in the game and did not change the outcome of the match in a significant way.
Without any further ado, let’s go.
I recorded 3 things from every match, what killer I got, what map I got and if I escaped or not. The three most common killers were Huntress, Mastermind and Nemesis with 4,4 and 3 respectively. I saw exactly zero of Trapper, Hag, Cannibal, Nightmare, Clown, Spirit, Plague, Demogorgon, Blight, or Trickster.
My most visited map was Lampkin Lane by a landslide with 5. In fact no other map saw more than two visits. 16 maps had no visitors, but I’m not listing them because I don’t want to.
Finally out of 34 trials I escaped 14 and was brutally murdered in exactly 20.
Now what does all this data mean? Realistically nothing because the sample size is too small but based on the anecdotal evidence, solo queue is fine. Is it great? No. Especially since this came before the healing changes but ultimately the amount of times I escaped vs the amount of times I didn’t is pretty even. With a bigger sample size I bet my bottom dollar that they percentages would be just about the same. Not to say there wasn’t frustrating moments but in my notes you can see mmr working as intended. I would lose a few games then win a few lose a few win a few. Of course there was an outlier here or there but ultimately I think Dead by Daylight is well designed if not a bit tedious. That being said bring back the stranger things chapter and nerf pig.
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2023.06.07 08:00 AutoModerator Welcome Wednesday and Daily Questions (Newbie Friendly) - Jun 07, 2023

Are you new to the community? Have some questions? Then you found the right place! Say hello, tell us about yourself, and talk about what you would like to learn.
This is the place to ask beginner and simple questions. Some examples include:
Please note these are examples and any questions for the sub should be posted here. Remember to visit the Wiki for more information too!
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