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2023.03.29 17:23 ChaingaPaste Doogie Howser season 2 episode 2 line removed - why?

In season 2 episode 2 Doogie Howser is treating a patient. He says that he’s going to have to admit the patient who responds “you mean I get to sleep over in mister rogers neighborhood?”
A few moments later Doogie steps away and is asked by another doctor how the problematic and unpleasant patient was doing. Doogie responds
“Can you say ———, boys and girls?”
Now my immediate thought was that it was related to Mr. Rogers and that he was saying something like “hello, boys and girls” or “good morning” or something, but it didn’t make sense why it would be removed. So I looked it up.
“Can you say meat whistle, boys and girls?” What does that even mean? I mean it sounds like a naughty thing but when I look it up I find many whistles. Many instructional videos on making your own meat whistles. So what the heck is it and how was Doogie using it in this instance?
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2023.03.29 17:23 Low-Teacher3156 Who_Is_AadiRam How to ldentify the supreme god(aadi ram)on ram navami ? Kabir Is God

Who_Is_AadiRam How to ldentify the supreme god(aadi ram)on ram navami ? Kabir Is God
Who_Is_AadiRam How to ldentify the supreme god(aadi ram)on ram navami ? Kabir Is God
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2023.03.29 17:23 cool_samurai Hello all. Needed help regd CAT prep. I'll be asking a lot of questions. So please bear with me.

Lemme tell you a bit about myself 1st so that u can answer my queries. I'm almost in the final yr of my clg and shall be graduating in May 2024 so I'll appear CAT 2024.
I can't take up offline coaching coz it'll be too hectic to balance clg w coaching. So I'll most probably go for online coaching.
Which is the BEST, I repeat the BEST online coaching for Quant?
Also which is better for Quant - Takshzila or Elitesgrid?
Which books to follow for Quant & LRDI for someone who's weak at maths?
What should be my daily routine i.e. how much portion of Quant, LRDI & VARC should I complete daily?
And most importantly, a way too generic question - How to start prep?
Please answer these questions if possible.
MyQuals - 10th - CGPA 10, 12th - 76%, shall most probably get a 8+ CGPA in college.
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2023.03.29 17:22 tyson316 Just moved to a new city

I moved to a new city and I don’t know anyone. I’m usually outgoing( at least i thought I was) but after moving a year has gone by and I haven’t been able to go out and meet new people. Any suggestions of how I can overcome this? It’s amazing how much we learn about ourselves when we get put in an unfamiliar situation.
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2023.03.29 17:22 TragicEndingOfUs This place can be damaging to your healing…

I thought it was helping to be here, to read stories, to feel like I relate to people here.. and it is, and can be, but if you stay on here too long, it can just depress you further.
I feel like this is especially true for people who were ghosted/ignored indefinitely..
I feel like when you start looking through posts praying one is from your ex, it’s time to get off these sub reddits…
Your mind/heart can’t accept that you can’t hear from them anymore, so you’re trying to latch onto anything, even if it’s illogical…
Your ex’s 99% of the time won’t be here. You’re just hurting yourself with the constant longing to hear anything from them.
I recommend finding some hobbies that require hyper focusing. It distracts you enough, and time goes by quicker, your mind won’t even have time to think about your ex, because they require so much focus…
I’m not healed by any means, but I’m starting to understand, I’m preventing my own healing sometimes, to the point where I’m now reaching out, to get meds and therapy, because I need serious help.
The first step is admitting you need help… your breakup can be as bad as withdrawal depending on how long it was, how your breakup went, how much love you had for them, etc….
Take it a day at a time.
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2023.03.29 17:22 md3194 Funding sources for brick & mortar business venture

Hi everyone!
I've been working on this idea to open an dog park with a bar in my area. It would be the first of its kind in my state and given my market research and feedback it could be very successful. However, from my prelim research, similar projects (my dog bar would have some unique aspects) in other states have had initial costs of ~$1.5m.
I'm not working at the moment so I'd be able to dedicate 100% of my time to this venture, but I have no idea how to go about getting started and getting funding. I don't come from a wealthy background so borrowing from family isn't an option. All angel investors I've come across online seem to fund software or tech startups only. I graduated from a top business school so I could potentially tap into some wealthy alumni connections but I'm not sure if this is too small scale of a venture.
What are some funding sources for brick & mortar businesses like this? Pls help
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2023.03.29 17:22 donniedarkage I (18M) am having second thoughts about my relationship with my boyfriend (18M)

TL;DR: I think my boyfriend and I want different things and I’m also having second thoughts. I’m not sure how to proceed.
Some potentially relevant information: - I’m going to college several hours away this fall; he’s staying at home and working in a trade - We’re both seniors in high school - This is my first real relationship, so obviously I’m pretty inexperienced
So I’ve been dating this guy I met on Bumble three months ago for a little under two months now. I am starting to have second thoughts, which I think is normal and a lot of healthy relationships go through that, but I’m conflicted over whether or not these second thoughts are something more, enough that I should break things off.
First of all, things are getting a bit too intense for me this early on. A couple of weeks ago, he texted me this long-ish message about how he loves and wants to be loved by me and wants to be on my mind all the time. That honestly kind of freaked me out. I told him that it was really sweet but that I wasn’t ready for that, which he accepted but I could tell he felt pretty bad about it. He’s kind of clingy and is always telling me that he misses me a lot (we live an hour apart). I’m not judging him for this, but it’s definitely something I’m having a hard time dealing with so early on. He’s also been going through some pretty intense stuff mentally and relying on me to deal with it and I don’t think I’m equipped to do that right now.
I also don’t know how compatible we actually are, at least long-term. This is going to sound awful, but intellectually we are not really on the same wavelength, if that makes sense? I feel like he doesn’t understand what I mean a lot of the time and he’s not as concerned with the social issues that are important to me as I am. We also seem to want very different things in life, as I’m going to college to be a writer and he’s working a trade back home.
The problem I’m having is that I think it will hurt him very badly if I break things off. He’s already gotten very attached and isn’t mentally stable at the moment. I’m worried that he will harm himself.
The other problem I’m having is that I’m worried I’m overthinking things and this is just how relationships are and I’m just being overly nitpick-y. Also, I’m worried that it’s too early to break up, but also that I would be making things more complicated by waiting and seeing if things improve.
Any advice/insight is very much appreciated.
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2023.03.29 17:22 bubsthedog99 AITA for no longer buying food for two?

So I (23m) work full time. Combined with my travel time this amounts to me being away from home from 7 am until 7 pm.
My mum works twelve hours a week from home and has no additional income. This is all well and good, but since I'm paying for most of our bills and groceries, there is a bit of an unfair balance. To my knowledge and understanding the way we agreed to even that inbalance is that my mum cooks/cleans/etc. I do everything in my own room and my own laundry and on the weekend I take care of the cats, but the house and dinner are my mum's "job".
In practice this doesn't work out so well. My mother and I have a VERY different understanding of what "clean" means for one. We have three cats, but if she vaccuums once a month that's often (the cats are well taken care of though). I usually end up spending my entire saturday dusting, vaccuuming, cleaning the toilet, etc. She also very often sleeps all day and then, when I come home, she's like "well, I don't really know what we're supposed to have for dinner".
Since I'm usually just coming out of having been gone for twelve hours, I really don't feel like cooking at that point either. In the past I've ordered us takeout and called it a night, but it's getting seriously expensive with how often this happens. I'm trying to save.
So lately, whenever I can't reach my mother during the day (when she's awake we usually text back and forth) I just assume she hasn't cooked and buy myself a €3 microwave meal at the grocery store. I haven't been wrong in my assumption yet.
My mother thinks I'm being unfair by not feeding her but as far as I'm aware, our agreement was that I buy the groceries and she cooks. There is plenty of food in the house at all times, so it's not like I'm forcing her to starve. She just doesn't want to cook.
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2023.03.29 17:22 travlynme2 Do you think LTC is safe in Ontario? Have you seen your loved one being abused, neglected robbed of their dignity?

We have witnessed some really awful things in my Mom's long term care.
Not just to her but to others. It happens right in front of us.
We even report it to the Action Line. They inspect by talking to the workers.....the inspectors used to do the same job. Where do you think their sympathies lie?
I will never put myself on a list of homes.
I will request MAID.
I am middle aged and healthy, and I doubt this situation is going to get any better.
If your parent can speak and if they are telling you it is bad where they are believe them.
You don't visit, I do almost every day for hours. Your parent is sad and scared and unhappy.
My Mom's room mate only has a son so all she has for toiletries is a bottle of perfume. No shampoo, no body wash, no lotion and no hair brush.
I don't even see toothpaste.
I feel even worse for these residents that do not have a caring family member.
How is your family member doing and how is their care?
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2023.03.29 17:21 throwraklo55 My(F22) boyfriend(M27) won't tell me how he truly feels about my pregnancy

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 3 years and I recently found out I was pregnant and I don't have a clear idea on what I would like to do. I have what I want to do in mind, but I really want to know where he stands on this. He won't tell me because he doesn't want his influence to derail how I feel about this because he's been through that before with his son's bio mom (he wanted him, apparently she didn't but only said that after, and now he has sole custody).
But the thing is, how he feels matters. I know that how their partner feels doesn't matter for some people, but for me it really, really matters. He just doesn't want a repeat of what happened before and he wants me to be confident in my decision, but I feel like him telling me will allow me to feel more confident in my decision. To be clear, I'm not asking you guys what I should do about my pregnancy, I'm asking how can I get my boyfriend to talk about it with me.
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2023.03.29 17:21 Sinterclaeys2 Discord sound not working

Ever since I updated my PC to windows 11 I have problems with my audio. Every time I join a call everything gets muted even my mic and I have to restart my pc or unplug my headset multiple times to fix it. And this is not only discord other applications are also getting muted. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.03.29 17:21 can_we_just Supervisor search

Hello! I'm a counsellor working in the UK and looking for a supervisor, I was wondering what are the kind of questions you ask your supervisor about or how do you choose who to go for?
I was thinking of going with one with a wider modality from mine so I can learn a wider scope of things? But in the initial appointment with them, besides knowing who they have worked with, their modality and whether we get along I'm not sure what else I should/could be asking them?
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2023.03.29 17:21 peanhut Mee Audio M6 - Pretty good riding bluetooth earphones -$65

I got these for myself a while back, they're studio monitors so they are meant to get a seal on your ear and block a bit of outside noise. These are flat, they don't stick out of your ear so it's easier to put on a helmet.
The wired versions are often recommended, they're often compared with shure 215's.
Bluetooth performs well for me on android, battery life isn't the longest maybe 1-2 rides depending how long you go. The mic is on the bluetooth dongle so it typically would rest outside of your helmet.
Currently on lightning deal for $65 down from $90.
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2023.03.29 17:20 notusingredditnow Advice needed: Seeking help to build a budget Pc for my 10yo daughter who wants to play the new Harry Potter game

Hello reddit,
I am trying to build a PC for my daughter who wants to play the new Harry Potter game. My daughter has been a huge fan of the HP series ever since she started getting into the habit of reading books. I have always gifted her a Harry Potter book for her birthdays. She really likes the series and has even watched all the movies
Recently she came across the game on a YouTube video and has been pestering me to let her play it on my phone, later i came to know that the game isn't supported for mobile phones and is only available on PCs and video game boxes.
Despite her age she's really well behaved and unlike other similar aged kids she doesn't ask me to buy her toys or makeup kits and even if she does its only on a rare occasion so on her upcoming birthday which is in 4 weeks i plan to give her a PC with which she can play the game she's been asking me so much
While i do know how to use a computer i don't really understand how the hardware part of it works, so i went to my local hardware shop and inquired about a setup that can play the game
The cheapest option they quoted me was around $880, this was too expensive for me because my monthly salary is just $220. now i don't really know if the shop is just trying to scam me or computer parts are just that expensive in general so I started searching up the internet and came across this community by chance. I tried my best to understand the know how's but i am not sure if i can trust myself yet.
After a bit of research I have come up with this:
Microprocessor: i7-2700k
RAM: 8gb
Graphics Proccessor: GT 1030
Disk: 256GB HDD
Motherboard: B75MA-E33
Power Supply: Zebronics 170W
I don't know if the above configuration is any good or not, i have been overwhelmed by the amount of information so i would like to hear the thoughts of someone who knows about this kind of stuff before buying blindly. My budget is very tight so I would prefer to keep it around $250-$270 if possible. I know its very less but i just need something that can run the game without any issues don't really mind if it looks ugly or heavy.
I live in a third world country(India) so the prices may differ since we are taxed heavily on Electronics related items. Also i learned that one can play the game in a video game box too but our TV is too old so i don't think it'll work with that and the local shop here doesn't sell games for them either.
Thanks in advance for the help
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2023.03.29 17:20 MrManicMarty Awakened Empires being *too* busted strong

Hi, just wanted to check something.
So in my current game, I had a Xenophobic Fallen Empire wake-up. Normally well and good, except they were so powerful, there isn't any way to contest them. They have several fleets of 500k fleet power, while I can manage to get a few of 100k, with them having conquered half the galaxy, I just don't see how anyone would stand a chance.
Case in-point, the Unbidden appeared in the galaxy. And before I could even get my fleets over, the Empire were there, and they had crushed them. They didn't even get out of the adjacent star systems to where they arrived.
Is this normal for Awakened Empires? I've dealt with them in the past, but they were never this strong.
Also just wanted to check, does the Imperium/Custodian law that increases damage to end-game crisis apply to the Awakened Empires?
As an aside, if anyone knows the best settings to have empires be strong, but not oppressively, without requiring min-maxing or tech-rushing, but still lets the Crisis be a threat without being an instant game over, that'd be handy. Feels like my games recently have been too lopsided.
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2023.03.29 17:20 Lumpy_Food827 Questions on getting a sub script

I need to get a sub script to help me get off this stuff. I was wondering what some of y’all told the dr when you got your script and how long it took to get it when using quick med or something like it. Thanks for any info!
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2023.03.29 17:20 Pumpkinstache How to keep sterilization secret?

Long story short, I am a younger (24) single mom and live with family currently. I was formerly engaged and living with my partner, but had to leave him and move home for various reasons. I’ve done this mostly alone, and it has been honestly way too intense for me and my temperament. While I love my daughter, I can’t see wanting to do this again in the future— ever. So I’m looking into getting sterilized. I would like to get this done before I date at all, as I’m not comfortable with any form of risk when it comes to pregnancy in the future. I also would like to get this done as I’m still on my parents health insurance sometime in the next year or two but I want to keep it private. I don’t want to deal with their opinions as it’s already a hard subject for me and I don’t want to justify to them. I’m trying to figure out how to keep it private, but I do need a bit of help with my child during the recovery period of a few days where I’ll have limits on lifting my child. How should I go about this?
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2023.03.29 17:20 1stKunoichi A subreddit to get health advice/examination

I have cracked nails on my big toes. I tried to create a post in Healthadvice, but I keep getting an error saying only trusted members can create posts. I messaged mods, but none of them replied.
I'd like to show my big toe nails to ask why they look cracked, how to fix them, etc.. Is there a subreddit, except Healthadvice, to ask such question?
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2023.03.29 17:20 Godsfarm210 So New to this

I'm looking for perhaps a good YouTube video, sites and thoughts on how to get started learning all of this. Ive scrolled through and just feel lost in all of it.
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2023.03.29 17:20 auraqueen23 How do i tell my mom she needs to work on herself mentally , without hurting her feelings??

I (24f) am the oldest child of 4, my brother is now 21 and my sisters are 19 and 17. So i’ve had a few chats with my siblings regarding like my mom’s need to like control everything and make sure everything is super perfect to her standards. She’s dealt with trauma in the relationship with my father in which they are no longer together, he basically abandoned us and we all felt like we had to take care of my mom (she’s 42 now), but i felt like we as her kids took care of her emotional needs instead of it being the other way around. now 2 of us are out of the house and she texts us like every single day which is fine and normal but she gets absolutely so heartbroken if we didn’t happen to text her back. literally cries and gets upset, she also gets like super angry if we ask her if she’s okay because she’s screaming for no reason and always feels like she’s being attacked if we ask her how she is because she’s visibly anxious about something. I tried telling her the other day, “Hey it’s normal to have anxiety, many people including myself deal with it, it’s just something we have to work on.” she got upset that i was accusing her of having anxiety. ANYWAYS my mom needs help and i feel like she doesn’t understand when i’m trying to tell her like it’s okay to feel feelings and not just keep them inside until you burst. She takes it out on all of us and it makes us feel like we can’t talk to her. I feel like she thinks that i have no idea what i’m talking about but i’ve gone through enough things on my own that i’ve overcome to understand when someone is struggling and needs help. i just don’t know how to get it through her head that’s she’s not okay and when i try she just says “okay whatever i don’t wanna hear it.” or “okay i guess i’m just the worst mother ever.” LIKE WHAT how do i get through to her??
basically my mom is emotionally immature and i don’t know how to tell her without making her super upset.
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2023.03.29 17:20 AutoModerator [Get] Smart Earners Academy – Special Bootcamp Course

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