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The ultimate car dealership directory by city. Find a car dealer near you today!

2023.03.26 14:30 melamusicschoolblr Keyboard Classes Near Me: Top 5 Ways To Learn Keyboard Notes

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2023.03.26 14:29 fenris_dallocort Dragon's Lair St. Mary's (Adelaide, Australia) Legacy Event Report!

Hey guys! Thought I would write up a tournament report for a local paper legacy event that took place in Adelaide. We haven't had a legacy or Australian Highlander event fire in a long while due to christmas season and the city being inundated with RCQ events happening nearly weekend. But now that there is a slowdown Dragon Lair's St. Mary's a popular LGS decided to hold a legacy event.
We had a turnout of 14 people with a good mix of fresh faces and seasoned veterans, but a lot of regulars were not able to make it. Adelaide may not have a scene as large as other places, but the community is dedicated and loves the format!

I ended up victorious with Naya Depths winning an expedition Misty Rainforest as the prize
The meta: We had a very diverse meta with every player piloting a unique deck. The decks in top 8 order and the rest in no particular order were:
  1. Fable Painter
  2. Mono U 8 Cast
  3. UG Omnitell
  4. Temur Rhinos
  5. UR Delver
  6. Mono U Paradigm Shift
  7. Mardu Scam (3 elementals with ephemerate and touch the spirit realm)
  8. Naya Depths
  9. GB Turbo Depths
  10. UB Shadow
  11. Mono G Titanpost
  12. Abzan Maverick
  13. RG Lands
  14. Yorion D&T
My Event: We played a 4 round swiss into cut to top 8. While piloting Naya Depths In swiss rounds I ended up going 3-1 into a 3rd place top 8 finish. I ended up beating GB Turbo Depths, Mono U 8-Cast and Yorion D&T but I lost to Mono U Paradigm Shift.
In the top 8 I was paired vs the Paradigm Shift player which I think was the worst matchup in the room but in games 2 and 3 I managed to draw my pyroblasts and deafening silences which paired with quick Marit Lages in both games helped me close the games out.
In the Semi finals I played vs the Mardu Scam player and our games were quite interactive and had a lot of back and forth, in game 3 my opponent got stuck on lands and I had a nuts curve out which ended with me flinging a big Knight with a Minsc & Boo
The finals were some intense games vs the Fable Painter player who is locally known to be a master of their deck. I ended up punting game 1 by targeting their bin with my endurance in response to: Grindstone activate > Attempt to weld painter into play, with them tapping out with 1 card in hand. However, I had forgotten that they had a non-summoning sick Goblin Engineer which they activated by pitching a Spirit guide, their last card!! I realized I should have simply enduranced my bin as I had a marit lage already created!.
Game 2 was extremely back and forth but a clutch Force of vigor and Tower of the magistrate carrying me to the win.
In Game 3 I kept a very solid hand while my opponent kept a high potential hand but needed to draw a 3rd artifact to turn on their mox opal to win on turn 3 with saga fetching a grindstone, but they never got there and a marit lage ended up closing the game out.

This was my first time piloting the deck and boy did it feel fun! The deck can attack from so many various angles, it can kill you quick with a flying 20/20 or hit you with massive Knights and elves, and just in case those aren't enough you also have Minsc & Boo to fall back on!

Here is my list: Naya Depths
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2023.03.26 14:28 Freelancemice Study spots in Punggol

I’ve been looking into good study spots in Singapore lately as I’ve come to realise studying at home is not a good idea for someone like me (the bed is right there why not sleep instead). But almost every good study spot I know is LKC Reference Library in Bugis and a Café in Clarke Quay, but those require nearly an hour of travel time. So I’ve been looking into spots closer to where I live, but I’ve found none so far.
If anyone in the area knows any good study spots please let me know
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2023.03.26 14:28 ASREALO is it time that bungie fixes the economy

Dont get me wrong Im a player with 4.8k hours in the game Lets be honest 400 lego shards for a prism is absolutely rediculous for a new lighta new light would have to dismantle 100 items for 1 prism thats if they had the season it would be 200 items for 1 prism restricting players from getting near masterwork gear like if you wanted to Remove ascendant shards from Rahool and make the Prisms like 30. because 10 prisms for a New light is 1000 items and non seasonal 2000 items just for just 1500 items and 3000 (no season pass) to Dismantle to get full 9 gearand thats not including the enhancement could say go do a lost sector or farm vanguard and hope or do mastegrand masterbut lets be honest there new to the game but then again why should they be punished for wanting to get mods in there gear.
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2023.03.26 14:28 Disastrous_Stay_5472 Feeling Depressed About Earning Less Than My Friends and not able to move forward in life

Hey Reddit community, I wanted to share something that has been bothering me lately. I have been feeling really down and depressed because I am earning much less than my friends. It seems like everyone I know is making more money than me, and it's starting to weigh heavily on me.
I am currently working a job that pays me enough to get by INR 8.5 LPA with 4 years of work experience in operations field but it's nowhere near what my friends are earning. They all have high-paying jobs and seem to be living their best lives, while I am struggling to keep up. I feel like I am falling behind in life and that I will never be able to catch up.
It's not just about the money, though. It's also about the lifestyle that comes with it. My friends are able to travel, buy nice things, and enjoy their hobbies without worrying about the cost. Meanwhile, I am constantly stressed about money and can't seem to enjoy anything without feeling guilty.
I know that I shouldn't compare myself to others, but it's hard not to when it feels like everyone around me is doing so much better. I feel like a failure and that I am not living up to my potential.
I am currently 28 years of age and I have pressure from my family for getting married which is making things more worse.
Has anyone else gone through something like this? How did you deal with it? I could really use some advice and support right now. Thanks for listening.
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2023.03.26 14:28 Dragon_Reborn1209 Feelings to gamble at an all time low

TLDR: No longer gambling, realize it was part of past relationship. Gambling is dead to me like the relationship.
I have been serious about my efforts to end gambling starting in my 30's. I have made significant progress in the last weeks. I had my long term relationship end, this girl was who I gambled or at least shared the experience with. 9 years we gambled either alone or together. We both have stopped going so religiously the last few years.
After the relationship ended I feel much less or a pull I have more time than ever to dedicate to it. I have found outlets in music and my creativity to heal some of the voids gambling left. This has been going on since before the relationship ended.
I did gamble and try my last attempt to grind poker online one last time. I quickly punted the month and felt nothing. No need to chase the loss no need to beat myself up over it, nothing. This was nearly two months ago and I have no desire to try again.
Gambling is not only a waste of time but also money. It is also a way to ruin your brain and your ability to enjoy experiences. I am slowly healing but I felt the need to share my journey. At first quitting gambling felt like a black hole incapable of being filled. Now I feel I can walk away and I don't need it in my life to fill any void.
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2023.03.26 14:27 Far_Camel_5098 BUSINESS BATLES missing???

It just dawned on me that the only BUSINESS BATTLES I've seen in ages are these:
  1. Aircraft carrier - nearly all the fucking time = boring.
  2. Blow the door off the truck and drive the car (Mamba?) = quite regular
  3. Steal the car from the car meet = quite rare.
I play most days and have not seen the others for ages.
What's happened to:
  1. Chicken Facory
  2. Metal Foundry
  3. Big building next to the scrap yard.
  4. Merryweather drop zone
Have these been removed for some reason? Or am I just unlucky with getting aircraft carrier 9 times out of 10?
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2023.03.26 14:25 issmortor How to kill the occasional mosquito that gets in my room?

What can I use to kill the occasional mosquito that starts hunting in my room at night?
I'm bored, tell me a story:
I live in the northeastern US, and the weather is starting to warm up.
Over the past few weeks, there have been several instances of a mosquito or two finding its way into my room (maybe more but usually killing one solves it). I have a sliding glass door that I don't use, but I did check and it seems well sealed. So I imagine it's just getting in from when I enteexit the main apartment door. Neither my roommate or I have noticed them in the common area, nor in his room. But he uses a fan at night, so maybe the moving air deters them? Having a fan at night dries out my lips and eyes, so I prefer not to have one.
If I become aware of the sanguineous sucker before bed, I can usually swat it to kill it, no biggie. But it's often as I'm falling asleep around 10pm or in the middle of the night, I wake up and realize I've been vamped on a couple places that would have been sticking out of my covers (the bite doesn't wake me if I'm already sleeping, I guess). I usually sleep with my arms out, and often one leg or foot uncovered, and I sleep in shorts and no shirt.
I've developed the strategy that once I become aware of this periodic Dracula presence, I cover my legs and lay on my back with my arms crossed over my chest above the blanket, and lay still and try to "tune in" to sensing my exposed skin for tickles on the hair. Or when I hear it near my ear or feel it land on my arm or shoulder (hopefully before a bite, but I'm willing to take one probing if it will end the nights battle), I can sometimes get it. Sometimes this works, sometimes I drift back to sleep and wake up again (I usually wake in 90 minute cycles) later with another bite or two on my shoulders or arm.
My (admittedly brief) google searching shows pond pellets and bigger-issue repellent. I'm hoping for something more subtle or not as extreme to maybe leave on my bedside table or something just to handle this one pesky invader.
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2023.03.26 14:23 Irritated_bypeople technology getting to be too much for you?

Although this has been ongoing for some time, it cropped up again this week. I bought a tablet to use for reading some PDFs. My eyesight is starting to go as I am nearing 50 and its easier to read a screen 10 inches as opposed to 6. Upon opening the tablet it had a pile of useless apps and required you to be signed in to google to pretty much do anything. I was struggling to just use it in a file transfer and decided I am going to return it at this point.

Perhaps I am expecting too much, or perhaps too little. When I had my blackberry playbook it functioned a lot more like a regular PC. I want my tablet to be a touch screen pc more than a phone, this is a me issue I am sure, but also the complete need for everyone to be in your business. Need to login to outlook to turn on your post win 7 PC, need a google or apple account to use your phone/tablet. Need to sign into your smart tv to get it to run better. Don't mind us activating your camera and mic because we need to know what you are doing at all times.
I was once an early adopter but find tech way to intrusive now. I don't want or need google to check whats in my fridge and order it for me. I don't need Toyota to send me a notification that after 5,000 miles my hybrid van needs a service (and keeps reminding me) despite it using synthetic oil that can get 10,000. I know how to use tech, but change for the sake of change and bloat for no reason is annoying. Firefox 4.0 was great, but started rolling downhill after that because it needed a 'fresh look' OH and we taking away all the options you once had that would allow it to function how you like. Now its dumbed down and looks more and more like google, the exact reason I used FF instead of Chrome was because it wasn't Chrome.
Am I old man yelling at clouds is does anyone else have this issue or other tech concerns? Is my lack of trust from seeing how often it fails a me problem or is it real. I have been super pissed about this lately and want to see an answer that isn't "you are using the internet to post this you hypocrite"
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2023.03.26 14:23 CartographerPlus9114 What caused you to leave a job?

I'm in a great career type job, and have been at this place for nearly 20 years. I've never felt the urge to leave so much as now. Obviously if I'm posting here I'm regarded as successful, looked up to, and am tagged as a great leader who gets things done. I'm actually trusted and respected, and since I have a high need for agreeableness, people like me.
So here's the thing - in my head I know exactly how much I can give to my job, and I stick to this. But within the last 6 months, because of stuff I have no control over, but objected to before during and after, I now cover for 4 full-time jobs; I'm overwhelmed and overworked.
And it's not so much that I'm not delivering on them. My core problem is that I don't have the time/space, within the overall amount of energy I give to my job, to properly focus on any one job. So it's constant anxiety over what I'm not able to do/give energy and attention to.
So I'm ready to walk. Has anyone been in a similar circumstance, or can share something related about why you've left your corporate job?
(I feel like there's some intj tie-in here, where my ability to execute on a task has fundamentally been compromised, and if known requirements are not in place, let some other sucker do the work)
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2023.03.26 14:22 SecretFinalBoss Picross e8 completed! Finally!

Picross e8 completed! Finally!
Finally, my grind through the Picross e series is over, having just beaten e8. (The entire series in the west anyway.) This one took longer than the others (things got in my way; other games... life...), and an odd bug nearly derailed me. The game quit saving my progress. My 3DS XL''s battery is good, so not sure what's going on. I had to just put my head down and plow through about 30 puzzles.
Now to attack the Picross S series...
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2023.03.26 14:22 chill_yeti Large boom and shaking near Stratton?

Hi all, me and some friends are staying near Stratton. Last night we all heard and felt a boom and sustained rumbling/shaking.
Must have been after midnight, maybe around 2-3 am.
Did anyone else experience this? Any thoughts on what it could be?
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2023.03.26 14:21 SaintedDemon69 Is it worth learning to dive if I don't travel that often?

A few months ago, I asked whether or not it was worth learning to dive, considering my fears and occasionally irrational behaviour. The community successfully convinced me that my fears were (mostly) baseless, and that it is worth trying. However, I thought of one problem; I really don't travel anywhere often, and when I do, it's almost nowhere near a body of water. I live quite far from any major bodies of water, and the ones that are the closest really aren't that interesting. I would need to go on holidays I have no hope of affording. Is it still worth it when keeping this in mind?
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2023.03.26 14:20 Disastrous_Stay_5472 Feeling depressed and low

Hey Reddit community, I wanted to share something that has been bothering me lately. I have been feeling really down and depressed because I am earning much less than my friends. It seems like everyone I know is making more money than me, and it's starting to weigh heavily on me.
I am currently working at operations job that pays me enough to get by, (INR 8.5 Lakhs per annum) but it's nowhere near what my friends are earning. They all have high-paying jobs and seem to be living their best lives, while I am struggling to keep up. I feel like I am falling behind in life and that I will never be able to catch up.
It's not just about the money, though. It's also about the lifestyle that comes with it. My friends are able to travel, buy nice things, and enjoy their hobbies without worrying about the cost. Meanwhile, I am constantly stressed about money and can't seem to enjoy anything without feeling guilty.
I know that I shouldn't compare myself to others, but it's hard not to when it feels like everyone around me is doing so much better. I feel like a failure and that I am not living up to my potential.
Has anyone else gone through something like this? How did you deal with it? I could really use some advice and support right now. Thanks for listening.
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2023.03.26 14:19 TTVBuddhaxii Regarding the Snaxland hate

Alright so for the past month or 2 i’ve seen a lot of talk on how Snax has fell off, or at least hasn’t been as good as their past years, then Friday I stumbled upon a ent that had posted a list for tourists or people looking for solid bud, and Snax was on the list, so I decided to comment my 2 cents and even got a dm from a manager from Snax for 10% off my order, went ahead and headed down to Boulder yesterday to check out the store front. Here’s a couple things I have to share ab my experience.
First off, I grabbed 2 eighths, both from Snax grow, Melroze and some SFV that looked liked they had been stocked prior to me walking in, for $40 Im not only impressed, Im insanely surprised due to the fact of all the talk they get against their brand, I smoked a 2 grammer wood, and when I say that was the smoothest wood I’ve ever smoked, and i’m most certainly not the biggest wood smoker, the Melroze broke down super sticky leaving my fingers coated like I just trimmed, has a nice candy/sweet nose on it, all clumped up together sticking to itself after breaking it down, smoked really smooth and flavors didnt get overwhelming from the wood, I had picked up 2 eighths from The Center 2 weeks ago of their in house bud and definitely some solid flavors, for the same price but I had came during happy hr, so I am very pleased with Snax selection, I also got to smell more of their flavs that had been grabbed at more and I really wasn’t disappointed nose wise on all their selection.
Now my shopping experience, I am pretty frequently at Eclipse or Maikoh, so I’m pretty in tune when it comes to getting a solid budtender thats not cash grabbing me, and I will say I definitely was surprised with the guy that helped me at Snax, not only were both the budtenders helpful, they knew how to keep a convo flowing which I was very happy with bc I’ve been to plenty of dispos where it is damn near a one way street for the convo.
All in all i’m very impressed with Snax, and I know every person is different, but I think if you haven’t given them a shot or maybe its been a while, I think you go check the flavs and you’ll def find some fueg coming from the Snax team!
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2023.03.26 14:18 throwaway99991999199 24M here. please help, something feels wrong.

24M, 5.7 in,120 lbs. Average smoker ( probably like 1 or 2 a day) , smokes weed (been off of it for a month now). I felt emptiness near my left side pubic area after I masturbated 4-5 times in the span of few hours for 3-4 days straight (now I drastically reduced it to once a week). About 6 months ago in the middle of the night out of nowhere I had a sharp excruciating pain in my lower left abdomen (navel height) , it was so bad I couldn’t straighten my back , had to lay there like a spiral (happened once before this incident). It was there for approximately 90 mins and it went away. Next day felt normal. Now my pee is kinda foamy ( 2 out of 5-6) and peeing after I had a meal. My penis feels weak, libido has reduced a a lot, my sperm is watery, I feel like I lost something within me. (Weighted the same over the past 3-4 years, my libido was pretty high even though I masturbated like crazy).
Don’t know whats wrong, it’s freaking me out to the point I’m losing sleep. Would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.
(Sorry for my English if I’ve made any mistakes, not a native English speaker).
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2023.03.26 14:18 Easy_Examination6065 DAPHNE where are my knee-high leathers!?

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2023.03.26 14:17 mazzystar333 Ndad making fun of my appearance in front of my friend

my narcissistic dad has a tendency to put down my appearance, always commenting on my eyebrows, face and hair. Ive had body dysmorphia so im especially perhaps sensitive to any comments.
It’s really not his place as im 19f and leaving for university soon. Yesterday I spent my own money to go to a hair salon for the first time for some highlights ive been wanting for a while. My hair naturally, is dark, but the change was noticeable, I was so excited for it and even brought my friend along as she also wanted to be there for me. I also didnt want to go too light and have my parents say ive ruined my hair and look bad.
Even though I planned to walk home my dad turned up, and said he’d drop my friend home too, as soon as we get in the car hes asking what did u even get done, saying he was imagining gold or blonde hair, something bright. I explained that it might look lighter when the toner washes out but after having spent nearly 6hrs i was internally so gutted. He continues to berate me and making stupid jokes like “how much did it cost to get nothing” in front of my friend and shes just awkwardly laughed. I started crying after she left and he said “i just said that in front of her as a joke i swear theres a difference”.. like what.
Im also learning to drive and drove home in the car when we dropped her- and i began crying again whilst because i was so overwhelmed after what his jokes and he punched me whilst I was driving it was so scary and this morning hes asking to go driving as if nothing happened.
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2023.03.26 14:16 Johnny_Charisma Bowie album ranking

None of these are bad, some are just better than others
  1. Hours: Just isn't for me, the songs are ok, but not something I really enjoy (fav track: Something in the Air)
  2. Black Tie White Noise: A really good album, great work by Reeves Gabrels, but not very memorable for me (fav track: You've Been Around)
  3. Buddha in Suburbia: The instrumental parts of the album were amazing, but the other stuff was not very memorable (fav track: Ian Fish UK Heir)
  4. Let's Dance: The title track is a bit unoriginal and China Girl was better as an Iggy Pop song, otherwise a great album (fav track: Cat People (Putting Out Fire))
  5. Tonight: Most songs are amazing, but it was a very similar to Let's Dance (fav track: Blue Jean)
  6. Reality: A fine album, but i find some tracks to be a bit cringe and then I realise it's Bowie (fav track: Fly)
  7. Heathen: An amazing album, it's nice to see Bowie be more like he was at the start, but it's not as good as his later albums (fav track: Everyone Says Hi)
  8. Never Let Me Down: Great album, Japanese version is awesome, the songs have really interesting titles, but it has the same problem as Heathen (fav track: Zeroes)
  9. 1 Outside: Some tracks are not very memorable, however, some tracks are better than most of his other songs (fav track: Hallo Spaceboy)
  10. Young Americans: Amazing album, however, it's too american for me (fav track: Fame)
  11. Heroes: Awesome album, the instrumental pieces are amazing, the title track is a bit overrated, though (fav track: Beauty and the Beast)
  12. Pinups: Such an underrated album, most of the covers are really good and I appreciate him doing an album full of covers, and Bowie is the only person who can cover Syd Barrett perfectly (fav track: See Emily Play)
  13. Lodger: An amazing album, every song is really good, but nothing special (fav track: D.J.)
  14. The Man Who Sold the World: Awesome album, I think a movie could be made based on just those songs (fav track: The Supermen)
  15. Earthling: I love this album, it has some amazing songs on it and the cover is amazing (fav track: Battle for Britain (The Letter)
  16. David Bowie (1967): The most underrated album ever, those songs are awesome, an amazing start if you ask me (fav track: Uncle Arthur)
  17. Blackstar: Perfect farewell, but to sad for me (fav track: 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore)
  18. Space Oddity: Great album, some songs are not perfect, but then we have some that are more than perfect (fav track: Space Oddity)
  19. Aladdin Sane: Awesome album, love the more psychedelic title track, reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd (fav track: Aladdin Sane)
  20. Hunky Dory: Some tracks are perfect and I love watching him perform them, one of the three albums where I can't decide on my favorite song (fav tracks: Oh! You Pretty Things and Life on Mars?)
  21. The Next Day: The title track is perfect, has an amazing music video and Valentine's Day got me into two amazing artists (Boomtown Rats and Declan McKenna) so there's that and I love the extra tracks too.
  22. Diamond Dogs: awesome album, got me to read 1984 (fav track: Diamond Dogs)
  23. Station to Station: Such an amazing album, reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd (fav track: Station to Station)
  24. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: Nearly perfect album, every track is awesome and so influential (fav tracks: Starman and Moonage Daydream)
  25. Low: I agree with Paul Weller, it's perfect, love the instrumental parts and the vocals, every song is pire art, however still not the best album (fav tracks: What in the World and Sound and Vision)
  26. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps): Every song is perfect, the cover art is amazing, the music videos are perfect, the Kingdom Come cover got me into Tom Verlaine's music (RIP) and Major Tom returns, this album got me into Bowie and was my first vinyl (fav track: Ashes to Ashes)
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2023.03.26 14:15 JhalMoody25 Living your best life is the best revenge.

Hey Ladies, I have been seeing surge in the post about men marrying a woman through AM immediately after ending long-term relationships and what can be done about it. As someone, who went through same ordeal two years ago, here are my two cents:
Background: Let's call my ex "POS" ( idea stolen from a sub member) & his/our mutual friend is "Loser".
So, two years ago, my ex decided to call it off with me and get married to a girl in AM, day after our breakup. He was looking for AM the entire time and kept me blindsided. We have discussed marriage but had our disagreements regarding when to have children and MIL living situation. Once his probation period ended, he told me he wants to visit home in India (we live abroad) as he misses his family. I help him buy presents for his entire family, lend him my cabin bag and off he goes. 6 days later, he calls me at night and asks me, if I want to marry him. I tell him, i am not sure yet because we still have alot of discussions left and he says, i have to say yes or no. In a fit of rage, I say no, and he says okay, i will look for someone else then (i ignored this, as I thought we both are angry) and disconnected the call. He called me next morning and told me he is getting "engaged" day after and we are done. Few months later, he let it slip to a friend that he actually got married, not engaged, as he had to file his wife's family reunion visa and that friend told me. I have supported this man through his dad's death in covid and unemployment phase. I don't want to recollect the next six months of my life. I stopped using social media, went NC and even avoided the mutual friends who could tell me about him.
Current story: Now, I am dating my incredible bf for nearly an year and I am in a very healthy space. I got a promotion recently, my L1 visa for usa is raised and I will shift by the end of the year, if everything goes well. My side hustle is also doing extremely well, as I stumbled on some very rich clients and I got my dream car last year. My now bf also encouraged me to go to gym and hooked me up with a dietician. In short, I am thriving in my life rn.
Few weeks ago: So, i went to a grad school friends gathering few weeks ago, for the very first time in two years. On the topic of dating/relationships, i told them i am dating my current bf. I also showed them some our pics from the greece vacation we took on my bday. My current bf is a doctor ( literally in top 50 in NEET UG in first attempt), has a great body (gym enthusiast), a smokeshow and comes from generational wealth. He is also younger than me. He has basically everthing my ex is insecure about.
A week ago: Loser from that gathering went and tattled about it to POS. Now, POS is back from woodworks and he asked loser if i can talk to him. I unblock POS and he starts messaging me. After few pleasantries, he congratulates me for achieving everything, we had dreamt together (working in usa and side hustle+car). I ask him about his wife and he goes on a rant that how she has not been able to find a job yet and he will have to now invests in her masters. He lamented how I was the anchor of his life and he feels so lost now. If i could refer him to my company as his job is dicey at his company ( he was work student at my company but couldn't convert to FTE). How he was cornered by her mom and sisters into the wedding. How I have moved on from him now. I am ngl, i actually revelled in his misery. I let him speak alittle bit more. Then he asked me, if I ever missed him or thought about him? I replied with a "No, i didn't". Then he asks me, when did i become so heartless? (lol). I just tell him that thank you for ending our relationship else I would have settled for a -2 when I deserved a 10. With this, i cut the call and block him again. Now loser calls me again next day and tells me that I have been cruel to POS and punching him down in his hard time. I ask loser to STFU and block him too.
My ex made a very calculated move to get into AM. He married someone who worked in IT, as he was banking on the fact that she will get a job quickly ( In our work country, it's easier for IT) and will also subjugate to his insane fam. But his wife used to work in dotnet which is an outdated technology and with current job market, its really hard to get a job. He thought, i will be lost in life and will not get anyone because I was turning 28 soon. Now his own job is on line due to the current market and wife is also unemployed. He comes from a lower middle class background, so I know this is hurting him.
TLDMoral of the story: Best revenge is to go live your best life. The woman he married is not better than you. She is just like you, another victim. At worst, she puts up with his ridiculous misogynistic demands and patriarchal family. This is the best thing that happened to you as it saved your from years of abuse and toxicity. DON'T WASTE EVEN A SECOND MORE OF YOUR LIFE OVER THE POS. Work on yourself, go to gym, work on your career, get into therapy, keep your friends close, travel. When you are healed and have worked on yourself to observe toxic patterns, you will attract the right kind of man in your life.
My ex would show up to even my professional meetings with seniors because he was insecure. My current bf told me i can decide if I want to talk to my ex or not. He doesn't cares about it and trusts me. Trust me, you will upgrade. When you find that man, you will not even care about the mumma's boy who didn't have enough spine to fight for you.
Men like these are insecure momma's boys who will go and live in the womb again, if possible. As soon as they see the ex getting a new man and thriving, they come crawling back to try to ruin her life again. The only person i feel bad about is the poor wife. She deserves better. It's not your fault, it never was your fault. It's not her fault either, it was never her fault either. A man will always have the audacity, if nothing else.
Just wanted to share a positive story post break up because i see so many heartbroken sistas here recently. Don't forget the queen you are. You made him your world but have you heard, you can always reclaim the land💃
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2023.03.26 14:14 Fit_Pie_3453 My cat story

Hey I was just listening to the episode one paw in the grave and it reminded me of my cat’s story. So it was August 4th one year August 4th is my birthday I was woken up by my sisters and I was happy as a small child I loved birthdays now just another day but anyway I was danm near immediately crying as my dad was weeping over my 19 year old cat meowing weakly unable to move her body fast forward about an hour and she lets out a sort of howl and slumps over my mum and dad have to call whoever and cancel putting her down and we buried her in the back yard worst part I still had to go to school
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2023.03.26 14:14 infinitum3d [let’s build] d100 mischievous situations a mimic backpack can get into

A player wants to have a mimic backpack - I need tips for interesting encounters
First off, let me clarify. I’m not asking if this is a good idea or if I should allow it. We’re all well experienced and I’ve already explained it’s not a Familiar or Pet that they control. It’s an NPC which I control.
What I’m looking for are ideas for mischief this mimic can cause.
The group is five Level 7 characters. They found this mimic in a dungeon. He’s a lazy mimic and small and sentient/smart enough to realize Adventurers are scary/dangerous, so he made a deal with the party; bring me food and I’ll tell you everything I know about this dungeon, where all the traps and treasures and monsters are that I know of
For the last four sessions, this has been really fun. They feed him, and he tells them things like, “up the stairs and to the left is a magically trapped door. It’s electrocuted someone three different times so I ate them. There’s probably something valuable behind it.
They figure out a way past the trap, go into the room, fight some giant spiders, and get a magic wand and some gold from one of the corpses in the webbing.
They feed the spiders to the mimic and he tells them about another place.
So now they know they’re getting close to clearing it out, and they’ll be leaving but they don’t want to leave their buddy the mimic to starve or get killed by other Adventurers, so the Thief decides he wants the mimic to be his backpack, figuring the stickiness means it won’t fall off or get stolen and they can keep their gold and stuff safe.
I’m loving the idea. But this mimic has never been out in the civilized world before. And he’s always hungry.
But I’m hoping for other funny/silly but not totally stupid/bad mischief it can get into.
Any ideas? Thanks!
  1. Obviously I’m going to have him slip away and eat a ham at the butchers
  2. Eat a chicken (or two) on a farm
  3. Eat the kettle of beef stew in the tavern.
  4. Pretend it’s a stool and change its size (smaller) or move when someone tries to sit on it.
  5. Change color or material while the Thief is talking to people. “Wasn’t your pack green?
  6. You enter a tavern and find a table. The mimic slips off and sets on the floor near your chair like a normal backpack. Unfortunately, being so sticky, it accidentally catches a serving girl by the ankle and she spills her tray of ales all over the group of Half-Orc mercenaries at the table next to you.
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