Accept Admissions Offer Help

2023.02.05 09:59 Onion_is Accept Admissions Offer Help

Can someone please help me with this? I am having trouble creating a MyHumboldt account to accept my admissions offer. I tried following the instructions from this link to activate my account (, but when I do it says I need to enter my MyHumboldt account username (which I don't have BECAUSE I AM TRYING TO MAKE THE ACCOUNT SDSIDSHDSIDHS).
Can someone please help me? I bet the solution is probably really simple, and I am just stupid. It's stuff like this that makes me doubt I am even worthy of college.

This was the link the Activating my Humboldt Account webpage told me to go

I just do not understand. What is my Humboldt username?
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2023.01.31 23:46 infintepepsi got account to my dream college:)))

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2021.04.17 10:14 Drifting_Edge When do I get my student email?

Hello everyone, I've been a little confused about the process of getting my hsu email, even though I've already logged onto the MyHumboldt thingy and completed all the setup steps. It's getting me a little worried, since I don't wanna miss out on any important news or info from the college, does anyone have any insight to share on this? Am I not supposed to have my email yet?
Thanks for any/all help!
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2020.12.24 05:36 properbloom Grades?

Does anyone know when grades will be posted on myhumboldt? I thought that professors had to have them submitted by a certain day, not sure if that is the case this semester since it was online. I have been checking myhumboldt way too much 🙈 lol
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2020.11.05 15:08 Fireborn24 How to confirm a concentration

Hey guys, just curious on how I actually choose and confirm a concentration. I've looked seemingly everywhere on myHumboldt and the Student Center but maybe I'm just blind. Thanks :)
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2020.07.23 01:39 Anouk_Greenleaf Help, I can't find the class number!

Hey all, I need to find the 5-digit class number of the courses I took last semester and I have no idea where to find that. I assume it's somewhere on myHumboldt but I have never found that site very intuitive for me. Thank y'all so much and sorry for being a doofus lol
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2019.06.01 08:30 pancakeextra01867 Are myhumboldt servers really going to be down all weekend?

Im an incoming transfer student, and im trying to schedule an orientation. Priority registration ends june 2nd but myhumboldt says everything is down. It says that it will come back up on the 3rd which is a little late...
Basically, does anyone have experience with this? Are they really going to be down this whole weekend or is it just overnight?
Also, if theyre going to be down all weekend, am i just screwed? Are there any workarounds?
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