Southborough house of pizza

Pizza is love, Pizza is life

2011.06.27 18:08 skdslztmsIrlnmpqzwfs Pizza is love, Pizza is life


2020.06.12 21:09 17characterslong_ Pizza House

Can we eat at pizza house instead? yes (House of pizza also welcome here) (Subreddit about pizza house based in Algeria(not)). also pick a flair or die

2012.08.08 17:26 tradotto Red River Gorge KY

Anything to do with 'The Gorge' or 'The Red'. Climbing, hiking, car camping, whatever.

2023.06.06 18:39 Impressive_Returns Is it time for City of Berkeley to get rid of it’s infamous rent control?

The City of Berkeley implemented the countries strictest rent control laws in the late 1970s. While everyone is screaming for more housing, the CIty of Berkeley’s vacancy rate is at the highest it has been in the past half century or more. The vacancy rate so high right now, Berkeley City council could suspend or eliminate rent control in Berkeley. The vacancy rate right now is so high it’s over double what’s need by the city council to get rid of city rent control. (State of California sill has rent control.) Do you think it’s time to get rid of the City of Berkeley rent control laws and the rent control board?
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2023.06.06 18:39 insinyin Update on NMC Minerva

Update on NMC Minerva
My wife has fallen in love with Minerva. She went from "we're only feeding that thing once a day" to "ok, twice a day is fine" to "twice a day, with one being a can of wet food, and I'm going to give her catnip-covered treats as well" over the space of about two weeks. Next up is making or buying her a house; we can't bring her inside due to allergies.
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2023.06.06 18:38 charliesmith2021 No Separation Agreement

TLDR: Ex or his lawyer isn't responding to my request for sworn statements in order to continue the separation agreement process. Whats next?
When my ex and I agreed to split, we made a verbal agreement about how we would split assets etc. I was asked to be the one to write an agreement up (using an online software that we would later have notarized) I wrote this to the verbal agreement we set. He came back in disagreement, and began limiting our contact. First it was phone, then it was no texting either and than email only. After going back and forth on simple details like date of separation etc he decided he was no longer comfortable with me drafting and sought legal counsel to which I did the same. ( I pay as I go with my lawyer, meaning I only pay for each consultation, which is why I am hoping for advice from here to save $)
His lawyer came back with a new separation agreement that was a fraction of what our original agreement was. (my original agreement being still a fraction of what I was legally entitled to.)
I had a consult with my lawyer who advised a reply to my Ex's lawyer. We went back stating corrections to the errors (cohabitation dates, separation dates etc) and also that we are now seeking what I am legally entitled to. We also asked that he provide sworn income and property statements so we could crunch the numbers correctly.
I have hear nothing and it is now June 6. For reference. We were married in BC, but moved and purchased a house in Nova Scotia. I was required to obtain a lawyer in NS because of our property as no lawyer I spoke to in BC was comfortable handling this.
Just looking for advice on what I should do next? Should I contact his lawyer again? or pay another 250 to meet with my lawyer? any other options! Any advice is helpful!
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2023.06.06 18:38 Mr_Emile_heskey Twas the night before Download

Twas the night before Download, and all through the house, One person was stirring, and it wasn't a mouse.
He swore he ordered his tent, like two weeks prior, But instead what turned up was a deep fat frier.
Here I am waiting to get in, waiting in this massive que, Things are gonna be shit when I go for a poo.
I can't wait for Bring Me The Horizon, as well as Pendulum too, I hope they finally play The Island Part 2.
Here's to having a grand ol time, and making lots of new friends, Lets hope the weather stays nice, but I guess it all depends.
Anyway here's the end of my crappy poem, Why do these things have to rhyme anyway?
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2023.06.06 18:38 Ribido Need advice: 2.9 average with a spike to 4.8 (Depress or ERV?)

Need advice: 2.9 average with a spike to 4.8 (Depress or ERV?)
I'm in the process of buying a home and we just got the results of our Radon test. The average over 60 hours was 2.9, min of 1.7 and max of 4.8. I understand we're under the EPA guidelines but I also realize WHO recommends treatment much lower and to be honest, when it comes to healthcare I'm ok paying peace of mind or extra assurance.
The home is a concrete slab (no basement, no crawlspace) and the local recommended mitigator mentioned that with it being below 4 already they can't really guarantee how well their treatment would work or if it would do much at all. I was already planning on getting a quote for an ERV so that we can get some fresh air in the home (I loved having fresh air vent in my last house) and I'm wondering if I should just focus on that and see where we're at.
Am I crazy for trying to mitigate at my current levels? Do you think the ERV will get me to a consistent 2.0 or below?
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2023.06.06 18:37 Miserable-Code7353 Taking pictures without consent

Hi! Can you please inform me about the case of taking pictures of someone burning trash in front of your house without their consent. Is it permissible? In general when do we have the right to take pictures of people without their consent? Thanks!
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2023.06.06 18:37 NamelessOneMCD Toycat Quotes Part 3

I haven’t seen any string yet. Well, I have seen string, I just havent taken it, which is basically the same thing.
Look at me chat, I’m a head with a body attached.
I’m eating cheese, I hope that answers your question.
Didn’t he touch his daughter?
Speaking of things that are perfectly fine - not me right now clearly.
Just like how you will destroy your hopes and dreams if you think that house fires won’t happen to you.
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2023.06.06 18:37 Due-Concentrate-1895 Lead

Just a warning to all of you antique hunters out there, I recently was at a garage sale near my house and naturally was looking for old cast iron cookware and came across a 10” skillet. I asked the old man running the show how much for the pan and he replied 5 bucks but it depends on what your going to use it for. I was confused and said for cooking, he replied with a nope. Apparently he used it to melt down lead for making wheel weight’s for his tractor. Always ask what those pans where used for so you don’t poison you and your family.
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2023.06.06 18:36 indigocat22 Litterbox re-training. Please help.

I have a 9 month old spayed female orange tabby. She was perfect with using her litter box until about 3 months ago. She pees in it just fine, but will not poop! It has become extremely frustrating. She poops everywhere else in the house: living room, bedroom, office (sometimes in shoes?). We've tried everything: vet visit, new litter, new box, additional box, moving the box, new diet, more water, treats, putting the poop back in the box, deep clean, cleaning the box everyday, back to the old litter, etc. She first used the pellet litter and the Breeze litter box. I believe the box became too small for her and perhaps why she initially stopped using it. Switched to SoPresh litter and a bigger box, still wouldn't poop. Switched back to pellet litter and a DIY Breeze box (they didn't have a bigger box size) and she has pooped probably twice in the box since, but is more consistent with pooping elsewhere. Went to the vet and the vet said that she was pretty backed up/constipated and prescribed Miralax. She’s been taking 1/4 tsp of Miralax/day mixed in with her food. She's on a fully wet food diet. It definitely helped to soften the stool, but she still poops outside the box, most recently on the couch. Starting to lose hope in litter box re-training. PLEASE any other tips/tricks would be so appreciated. Love her and want as much help as possible!
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2023.06.06 18:36 Fredlikedfish Cursed add

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2023.06.06 18:36 tv_ra_ax_nx_se_d looking for advice on taking a break with my addict boyfriend

I've had my own struggles with alcohol, but not to the point of addiction. it's been important to me to have a partner who is sober. I've been with my current partner for a little over one year now. I love him dearly and we are working to build a life together.
He is an addict and told me this upfront within the first week of dating. he's been clean from opiates for 9 years (he was addicted as a young teen) and takes suboxone daily.
his current addiction is alcohol. he has battled with it on and off the past 3 years when the addiction kicked in and had a seizure from withdrawals 2 years ago. I didn't really know the extent of his alcohol dependency until he told me several months into the relationship that he started drinking more regularly and was hiding it from me. i was taken aback and more concerned with his wellbeing than anything else.
he tried remaining sober. 3 months ago i stopped by his place when he was at work and found some beer cans. he claimed it was a friend's who came over. I don't believe it to be honest but decided to move past that unless something comes to light or I can't handle the chaos.
last week I was supposed to come over. I walked in his house and he had passed out, he had been drinking and the cans were out. after things calmed down he told me he relapsed because he went to a really dark place due to his baby mama keeping his son from seeing him.
we talked for hours about his triggers and he shared how he doesn't love him self or have self worth. he revealed that when he first told me about how he was hiding alcohol/drinking from me that he stopped because he wanted to be sober for me because he was terrified I would leave him. we discussed how doing it for me is not a stable enough reason and he needs to identify strong enough reasons to stop for himself.
we came to the conclusion that we should take a break for some time. he sees it as a test for himself to be sober without me around. we haven't yet talked about all the logistics of the break. we talked how I could join him for AA meetings (I don't want to completely cut him out, he has no friends and no strong enough support system so I'm so scared he will be alone). we talked about how he should get therapy and take actionable steps to start addressing his low self worth.
but I need help. I'm scared, lost and confused. Has anyone successfully taken a break like this before? what questions and boundaries should we be thinking about? how long did you take a break for? what measures did you use to see if the relationship could be resumed? what presence did you maintain in your partner's life during the break?
thanks in advance. this fucking sucks and I just want him to feel good about himself and see himself for the amazing person he is. I know he can keep his demons at bay, he's done it before. but I know I have no control over this ultimately...
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2023.06.06 18:36 paragraph77 32 [M4F] Texas/Online - Life is busy, but maybe it can slow down with you?

Wow. This seems impossible but it's been four years since my last foray into the world of r4r. I met someone amazing back then. She was a sunflower and she pulled me out of the void and brought me a lot of joy for a period of 8 months.
I don't know if that's long or short by peoples standards here, but it was amazing.
I miss that sort of connection.
The kind where you and another person click instantly and get lost in the butterflies and dissorientation of falling for each other. That doesn't have to be you. Maybe you just miss a connection of a friend and want to have someone to keep you company. Maybe you want to start slow and see where this thing takes us.
About me. I'm a 5'10 blonde haired (maybe its more brown these days as I get older) blue eyed therapist living in the South. I'm attractive by most people's standards. I don't have any tattoos or piercings. Apart from my therapy practice I'm an avid reader and writer hoping to one day publish some books when I feel confident with their state.
I love sports, being active, working out, and getting out of the house.
I'm also a huge nerd. You can see I have posted about D&D in my post history. If you think find that distasteful then I'm not for you.
I'm looking or at the least a friend who makes me smile and at most someone I miss when I have to go to bed at night. I'm totally down to share pictures, chat, voice chat, and more!
Come say hi! I'm pretty chill.
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2023.06.06 18:35 ZeLoudGoddess I'm Making a Stars Hallow Island in ACNH

I'm Making a Stars Hallow Island in ACNH
Hi everyone! Idk how many of you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but I just started a second island and decided that I was gonna go with a GG theme this time. When I decorate islands, I like to get a "line up" of villagers that fit the theme in some way. The other day I was choosing what GG characters I wanted represented and therefore I was able to also choose what villagers I wanted. I chose based off of the personality type, the general vibe of the villagers, and what their houses looked like inside and out.
I thought I would share my picks with you guys and I also wondered what you guys may have done differently! So let me know if you like my choices or what you would have done!
P.S. There's no Lorelei because my character is Lorelei. Lol
Here's the names of the villagers along with who I chose their roles for:
Freya = Emily Beardo = Richard Sookie = Annabelle Spork = Jackson Luke = Grizzly Jess = Frett Dean = Pierce Rory = Alice Lane = Pashmina Logan = Lopez
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2023.06.06 18:35 kspanier The devs at Paradox are typing on numpads, and this is how I know

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2023.06.06 18:35 spencerandy16 This is it

I'm sorry to everyone I hurt by doing this, but I'm out of options. I have no money, I'm working myself to the bone to desperately pay my bills, but it's not going to be enough. I hate my car, my house, and my relationship is in complete shambles. I'm done trying and I'm done with hoping things will ever get any better. I have been suicidal at many times during my life and I feel that it's finally time to end my suffering.
I'm sorry.
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2023.06.06 18:35 Heathster249 Recommendations on a quality gas water heater

Our water heater needs to be replaced. We are on a well and it’s a propane water heater. The current one is 60 gallons - 3BA house. We have a sediment filter, and already flushed the water heater - only clean water came out. We get hot water for a couple of minutes and then it runs cold. It’s full of water and we can hear the pilot ignite - so we think due to its age it’s best to replace. What is a good brand to purchase? We’ve heard that they don’t last like they used to.
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2023.06.06 18:35 AldaEar Anyone have an idea as to why certain songs don’t appear in Spotify made playlists?

Anyone have an idea as to why certain songs don’t appear in Spotify made playlists?
“The Court of the Crimson King” is my most streamed song in the past 4 weeks, and it doesn’t appear on my “On Repeat” playlist. So I checked other playlists made by Spotify such as the “Mix” ones (Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock and 60s Rock Mix) and “This is King Crimson” playlist and it does not appear there either, only a different version that’s on a compilation and not on the original album appears. Anyone know why it’s like that?
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2023.06.06 18:35 chittychittyvangbang Make it make sense.

I work in a restaurant where there is tip sharing between the servers. It’s usually not too bad since it’s a smaller ma and pa restaurant and it’s usually just the same 2 servers working and there’s always constant traffic so tips are decent.
Recently the server I usually work with, had to cut back on hours to help care for her husband since he has a lot of medical issues which require her attention.
So with that I had to basically be a lone server working front of house for this small restaurant. Which is fine. I’d like to say that I do a great job juggling multiple tables and taking to go orders. Hard work but I get rewarded for it accordingly.
So about roughly a month ago. The owners (they are husband and wife) have started to help me whenever one or the other is there. The help is not unwelcome, however, it is to my understanding owners are not allowed to take employees tips of any kind. Because. You just don’t do that. Looked it up and it’s against the law. If there’s something I’m missing feel free to correct me.
I asked them why they do that. Their best answer is always: “It’s because I’m the boss and I can do that.” Really childish answer in my opinion. It’s gotten to the point where they take my server tips based on how they’re feeling that day. It’s extremely messed up.
I show up very early before a shift since I’m usually by myself and get all side jobs done. The boss usually shows up at opening then just walks around and takes maybe 1 or 2 tables orders. And they usually leave 2-3 hours early to go home at the end of a dinner or lunch shift but they come back before close to cash my tips out. But they almost always take half or more from my tips. How does that make sense? If I’m pulling a double, I’m here all day , but they can come and go on a whim cause it’s their business? (Ok yes they can do that), but to feel entitled to take half of my earnings for that day. Im pretty sure there’s a law that’s broken in there somewhere.
I had recently made roughly $300 pulling a double last Tuesday. They said i had to give them half because they “helped me” even though they just walked around and arrived late and left early. This past Wednesday, i worked a lunch shift and earned $100. They said i had to give them $70 cause they felt like I didn’t work hard enough as they did.
I’m fed up, and yes. I am frantically job searching cause I know this isn’t how you run a restaurant. I did contact the department of labor for my state but I have yet to receive an answer back.
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2023.06.06 18:35 coffeechap Paris B-Sides #8: walking tour from the village-feel Jourdain to the hilly park of Buttes Chaumont, in the heights of Paris 19th

The 19th arrondissement covers a vast area in the north-east of Paris and conceals various facets, equipped with several large parks, a canal and offering a vibrant cultural life and many surprises.
While the west part is flat and bordered by the lively and urbanized canal de l'Ourcq and the north hosts the cultural Parc de la Villette, this walking tour will focus on the south-east quarter of the arrondissement.
We'll go through Parc des Buttes Chaumont, the hilliest park Paris can offer with its partial panorama on Paris, its suspended bridge and its colorful bars, Jourdain, a lively residential area still part of Belleville but standing out with its laid-back village feel and a strictly residential gem revealing rows of individual houses, completely out of the bustle of the city. At the end of the tour we might get a drink or more with those willing in one of the nice bars nearby.
Note: if you want a private tour, contact me directly to discuss personal requests and rates.
A bientôt!
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2023.06.06 18:35 boatswim Temprid transfer effect carpenter ants as perimeter treatment

I’m in Ontario Canada. Carpenter ants.
Does imidacloprid (Temprid) provide any transfer effect to kill the colony if used as a perimeter treatment? I’m being told it does and I don’t need to bait the outside of the house, just use a perimeter treatment.
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2023.06.06 18:35 passivefires Brooke Skylar Richardson...

I could have SWORN they did an episode on Brooke, but I can't find it anywhere. Here's a quick snip of the case:
"On May 7, 2017, American teenager Brooke Skylar Richardson (born March 9, 1999) gave birth at home alone and buried her newborn daughter in the backyard of her parents' house in Carlisle, Ohio. Two months later she described what had happened to her doctor, who informed police."
Also, her mother was kinda verbally abusive (imo) and caused her daughter to have bodydismorphia / eating disorders (from what I remember in the episode).
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2023.06.06 18:35 Pax_Libertas_ Over the past year, our team of 36 judges has worked to evaluate over 1,400 songs posted to Reddit by independent artists, discovering a wide range of 91 different genres and subgenres. Today, we are excited to share the results! Welcome to the 2023 Reddit Grammys!

Hello everyone!
We are excited to share the results of our hard work and to showcase the incredible music that we have discovered. Each award is given out per genre, and each category includes a link to the artist's Reddit account as well as a place to listen.
2023 Reddit Grammy Awards - Click Here!
The Reddit Grammys is more than just an awards ceremony. Our goal is to give recognition and support to the talented musicians who do not have the backing of major record labels. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard and appreciated for their art. If you share this vision, we invite you to become a judge and join us in uncovering the hidden gems of Reddit.
Our hope is that the Reddit Grammys 2023 will shine a light on these talented artists and give them the recognition they deserve. Congratulations to all of the winners, and we hope you enjoy the amazing music that the musicians of Reddit have to offer!
Acoustic Guitar Electro Pop
Acoustic Rock Electronic
Alternative Electronic Instrumental
Alternative Pop Electronic Rock
Alternative Rock Emo Rap
Ambient Experimental
Americana Experimental Electronic
Americana Experimental Electronic
Art Rock Folk
Bedroom Pop Folk Rock
Blues Rock Folk Singer Songwriter
Chill Folktronica
Chillhop Funk
Chillwave Future Bass
Cinematic Future Funk
Classic Rock Garage Rock
Classical Glitch Hop
Cloud Rap Grunge
Country Hard Rock
Cover Song Hip Hop
Cyberpunk House
Dark Pop Hyper Pop
Darkwave IDM
Deep House Indie
Disco Indie Folk
Disco Pop Indie Pop
Downtempo Indie Rock
Dream Pop Indie Soul
Drum N Bass Indietronica
EDM Industrial
Electro Instrumental
Instrumental Hip Hop Jazz
Lofi Lofi Hip Hop
Lofi Pop Lofi Rock
Math Rock Metal
New Age Piano
Pop Pop Punk
Post Rock Progressive Metal
Progressive Rock Psychedelic
Psychedelic Pop Psychedelic Rock
Psychedelic Psychedelic Pop
Psychedelic Rock Punk
Rap Remix
RnB Rock
Shoegaze Singer Songwriter
Soundtrack Synth Pop
Synthwave Synth Pop
Tech House Techno
Spotify YouTube Soundcloud Exclusives
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