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Know The Features And Benefits Of Tailgate Bags

2023.04.01 13:20 tailgatebag Know The Features And Benefits Of Tailgate Bags

Know The Features And Benefits Of Tailgate Bags

Tailgate Bag
If you are someone who loves going on road trips or camping adventures, you know how important it is to have ample storage space in your vehicle. It can be frustrating to have to leave things behind simply because there is not enough space in the trunk or back seat. This is where tailgate bags come in. Tailgate bags are a great solution for people who need extra storage space but don't want to sacrifice interior space in their vehicle. In this article, we'll discuss the features and benefits of tailgate bags.

Features of Tailgate Bags:

  1. Durable Material: Most tailgate bags are made of durable materials such as nylon or PVC. This ensures that the bag can withstand the wear and tear of the road.
  2. Weatherproof: Tailgate bags are designed to be weatherproof, so you don't have to worry about your belongings getting wet if it rains.
  3. Multiple Compartments: Tailgate bags typically have multiple compartments, making it easy to organize your belongings and access them when you need them.
  4. Easy Installation: Tailgate bags are easy to install and can be attached to the back of your vehicle in a matter of minutes.
  5. Versatility: Tailgate bags are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. They are perfect for camping trips, road trips, and even everyday use.

Benefits of Tailgate Bags:

  1. Increased Storage Space: The primary benefit of a tailgate bag is increased storage space. This is particularly useful for people who own smaller vehicles that do not have a lot of interior space.
  2. Easy Access: With a tailgate bag, you can easily access your belongings without having to dig through a crowded trunk or back seat.
  3. Organization: Tailgate bags typically have multiple compartments, making it easy to organize your belongings and keep them separate from each other.
  4. Weather Protection: Tailgate bags are waterproof, which means that your belongings will stay dry even if it starts to rain.
  5. Convenience: Tailgate bags are convenient and easy to use. They can be installed and removed quickly, and they don't take up much space when not in use.
  6. Cost-Effective: Tailgate bags are a cost-effective solution for people who need extra storage space but don't want to invest in a larger vehicle.
  7. Stylish: Tailgate bags are available in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to find one that matches your vehicle's aesthetic.


Tailgate bags are a great investment for anyone who needs extra storage space but doesn't want to sacrifice interior space in their vehicle. They are durable, weatherproof, and easy to install, making them a convenient and cost-effective solution for people who love road trips and camping adventures. With multiple compartments and easy access, tailgate bags are perfect for organizing your belongings and keeping them separate from each other. They are also stylish and available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that matches your vehicle's aesthetic. If you're looking for a way to increase your storage space without investing in a larger vehicle, consider purchasing a tailgate bag today.
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2023.04.01 13:15 tallguy30 I don't understand weddings.

Or marriage either really, but it would be a very long post to cover both.
It seems like there are a lot of unwritten rules, and common ways a wedding is supposed to play out, and I've missed the class or program on that. I have personally been to 2, will go to a third, and will likely get married in the future, mostly for the legal benefits from it.
A lot of the rules seem to focus around the wife, and her friends in attendance. Some have said all the women need to wear the same colour, which seems like a huge expense to buy fancy clothing like that as a guest. Others have said you can wear specific colours like white, which seems strange, why are specific colors banned?
On TV, and at the weddings I attended, both partners were supposed to have a group of friends, each of them the same sex as that person. Seating in the reception is often arranged, and there are other roles like flower girls and boys. Not all weddings follow this of course, but when I spoke to some friends getting married soon, they were surprised I didn't know what these were, and told me these are expected for weddings.
Finally, the cost of everything, and the judgment people seem to recieve for trying to save money. People pay thousands of dollars for their wedding attire, but from what I've seen, wearing that same attire to any other event is frowned upon. I have been careful not to say too much to friends and family getting married, as I don't want to spoil their excitement, and I am happy they have people they care about.
I'm not sure about anyone else here, but talking about this stuff seems to be a bit upsetting to people. I have said to some that I'd rather skip a wedding all together and put my money to a house or paying off debt, and a few people have gotten quite offended by that, I guess disappointed they wouldn't be able to attend my wedding? I don't know, what does everyone else think about weddings and all of that?
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2023.04.01 13:13 selcouth96 Anyone have depression (or any mental illness) is also a caregiver? How it feels? How do you manage?

Hi all. This will be long sorry for the long vent.
I have been battling depression since a very young age for a lot of traumatic reasons.
When Covid hit I started to feel very unwell and depression for the first time took full control of me and made me not being able to take care of myself. I don’t know how I managed to do it since I was all alone in this journey, I was alone and did not have money to seek therapy, and it took me two years to be able to get back to my feet again and finally go out to live and start living. I remember there was days I cried over my muscles hurt for not moving from the bed but I did yoga in bed and cried during the sessions but I kept moving until I stood up again.
I started to bath more often, cook proper food, workout regularly and did many things in those two years until I started being able to work again.
Six month ago I did the first step and got myself into a job, it was extremely hard to go, having depression makes everything difficult. talking take energy, moving takes energy, seeing takes energy, and hearing takes energy, but I kept fighting and pushing myself to go so I can finally go seek the help I need and be able to pay for therapy.
But life does not give me a break, and one day right before my first day at work my dad had a suspected stroke and that changed everything. I needed to pose my healing and focus with my dad. Our family is not big and we don’t make much money, so I started to save some money for the therapy and kept the majority to my father for his recovery process.
Everything was going great and I was helping him along of trying to keep myself steady, and not go into another relapse, it was hard but manageable.
Until last December, after three month of his suspected stroke he got a real stroke which lead him to making his left side half paralysed temporarily and the doctor told us it will take a long time for him be able to walk and move this left hands again maybe never.
After that, for the past three month I am a caregiver to my dad, not the primary because we have a home nurse for 12 hours who help my dad with going to physiotherapy, and bath and cleaning. But after the nurse I am the second. I take care of almost everything every single day. cleaning the house, prepare food, cooking, grocery, check medical appointments, prepare medication, laundry, dishes, and basically anything that my dad needs + work and sleep deprived.
My sister take care of some other stuff as well and sometimes she help me with my part but since I have depression and I already need help, anything I do that may seem easy take 10 times effort for me.
This leaded to another self neglect loop. With depression I always say to everyone you need to sacrifice something to be able/have energy to do something else. For example I something sacrifice making food for myself to have energy to make my dad his favourite food and so on. I can’t do both since it takes a lot of energy to do anything.
Right now I am mess, I go to work with messy hair, not focused, I barely move and I can’t take proper care of myself. Doing so means I will not take care of my dad.
I also feel very guilty that I don’t spend my weekend with him anymore or talk to him much. I used to wait for the weekend or after work to stay and talk with him and be with him, but now and for three weeks all I do is making sure he have his favourite show on, ate dinner, talk to him for few hours and then go to bed and scroll my phone till going to sleep. And on my weekend all I do is stay in bed not being able to move just prepare the house for the next week and prepare his stuff and that’s it, I go to my room and don’t spend anytime with him due to being exhausted to talk or communicate in anyway and he started to tell me you don’t want to spend time with me. This is why it took me two years to work again, depression was so strong to the point I couldn’t get out of bed to shower so imagine how it feels now. I am burning myself but I find it not enough because he need more better care. He deserves attention 24 hours. Which I can’t give.
Right now I don’t watch my food, or sleep, or workout, or do anything that is needed to fight depression. And after three month I started to break. My dad need emotional, physical, and financial care. Which I gave it all for 6 month now. But I broke down today when I saw that I have almost zero dollar on my saving account and that means all of my savings for therapy is gone. I am 26 and still didn’t start living my life properly due to depression and having a very traumatic life, but when I did an attempt the one person I care about fell down and this is killing me slowly.
I don’t know what I should do but I know I can’t keep going like that. I need help myself.
I need to mention, I saved my dad on September when he had the suspected stroke, he was going to very dangerous area that may have harmed him, my dad is overweight and I am very small and fatigued most of the time, but that day I was in a depressive episode which made my body extremely weak, but I managed to grab him and pull him into the nearest room and look ourself in it and called the emergency. This experience made my depression worse but I had to numb myself for my dad, to be able to help him. The second time it was also me who was there, I was also alone with him and not feeling well again, I didn’t feel that he is well something was off but this time I called my sister and we managed to let him inside the car and then it was a stroke. Another trauma.
I feel that my life is just trauma. I don’t remember anytime I was doing well without pain no never.
I feel that by the time I am forty I will be more sick due to neglecting myself so badly and that will lead to a circle of being sick or taking care of someone who is sick. My dad is 72, I am 26, but it feels I am way older. Trauma aged me and not in a good way. I always felt like I am the parent for my dad and now it is even more with the stroke.
I feel bad for my dad and my life and selfish for thinking about myself and for having depression that makes me not being able to give more to my dad.
He needs me emotionally. And for someone who is drained this is impossible and I hate that.
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2023.04.01 13:12 TopRule8217 Fixing The DCEU Project: Part 1

The Lineup:

HBO Television Series:

A detailed outline of plot-lines, changes and in-universe connections.

The Batman:

The Plot: This events of this movie would stay exactly the same.
My Major Changes: Batman is in his fourth year in my version of the film, he's not an experienced veteran like Ben Affleck's interpretation, he still has a lot to learn, but he isn't totally inexperienced like in the film we got. This would be done in a similar way to The New 52. I believe that Pattinson can play a Batman who has sidekicks before, but after Jason's death, he becomes more emo, like in the movie we got.
Batman, in my DCEU, already had adopted Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Jason Todd and Helena Bertinelli. Bruce hasn't adopted or even met Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain, or Damian Wayne yet.
Dick Grayson left on extremely bad terms with Batman in a similar way to in the animated series episode "Old Wounds"
Jason Todd gets lured into a circus, similar to Titans, and is killed on live television by The Joker, similar to Earth-27.
Huntress left Bruce, due to the trauma of Jason Todd's death, since they were dating at the time, similar to Earth 27.
Barbara Gordon got shot in the spine and raped by The Joker, like in The Killing Joke storyline, it happened shortly before Jason got killed. Barbara doesn't become Oracle until a few months after the events of the first movie.
Batwoman is a cousin of Batman, and Bruce is aware of her activities.
This would be subtly mentioned in my version, and Dick leaving and Jason's death are a few additional reasons why Bruce acts like an edgelord and doesn't have that playboy persona anymore (at least until the sequels)
Batman, before the events of this film, has already fought The Joker, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Killer Moth, Deadshot, Poison Ivy and Ra's Al Ghul. There would be newspaper clippings that mention these off-screen encounters.
The Joker deleted scene is added in my version, to establish that he exists in this universe, if the post-credit scenes didn't do it already.
Metropolis and Queen Industries are mentioned during Bruce's meeting with Falcone. Setting up the larger DC Universe, in the future.
I would place emphasis that Batman is struggling to make change in Gotham on his own, without his sidekicks to assist him, he only has Alfred, Catwoman and Gordon to rely on, since Dick, Barbara, and Helena, have left on bad terms or to do their own thing in neighboring cities, and Jason is deceased (for now).
That also explains why Batman calls himself "Vengeance". He's on his own with barely anyone to help him, just like how he was when his parents died. (Aside from Alfred)
Bruce's utility belt gets blown up during the final battle. Which sets up him getting a more comic accurate one, in the future.
However, he still uses the adrenaline injection, and I'd later tie that to Bane and his venom formula, in a future movie as a prototype.

Superman: The Man Of Steel

The Plot Act-1: I’d heavily change the opening, develop Zod more, and make a cleaner Krypton that actually has crystals covering the planet, just like in the comics and in Superman (1978)
(I'd replace General Zod with Metallo as the antagonist, because Zod has already appeared in Superman ll and Smallville, by 2013, so I'd use a new villain that never appeared on the big screen in Metallo, who only appeared on Smallville with a small budget and we never fully saw his robotic form. I'd save General Zod for the third movie)
We see a small meteor found in the ocean, near Metropolis, by Lex Luthor, with a glowing green substance.
We flashback to many years ago, Kal-El is born, they name him. We cut to General Zod who is sitting in his home alone, having violent flashbacks of robotic creatures with symbols on their foreheads attacking krypton, killing people, even Zod’s family, the flashbacks are brief, but just enough to see the Kryptonian council surrender to their attacker, a dome encloses over Kandor and make it disappear, but a pod flies away as Kandor disappears.
(That will set up Supergirl in Chapter 2, and Brainiac fighting Superman eventually)
Dru-Zod is haunted and angry about this traumatic event that happened ago. Jor-El is studying problems in the planet’s core, but their computers say everything is fine. Jor-El asks Zod to come with him to check a fault line, as a scientist needs to be accompanied by a soldier when going to the outer lands, to access military equipment or whatever, just as a soldier needs authorization by a scientist to access scientific equipment.
They talk, it’s clear they’re friends, Jor-El tells Zod about his son, happy for him. Suddenly a violent earthquake erupts, causing Jor-El to quickly check his readings. They’re off the charts. Jor-El and Zod quickly rushes back to his lab to check his main computers, which are all reading things as fine, he digs deeper into the programming and finds the same symbol that was on the robotic creatures head embedded into the computers programming, corrupting it.
Jor-El is horrified, Zod is furious, yelling about how that thing destroyed their families, their brightest city, and now it’s destroyed them, Zod blames the council for bowing to the thing and proclaims them weak. Jor-El warns the council, as Zod rallies any soldiers loyal to him to save their world while they still can, he does so easily, they attack the council headquarters and take them out, Zod finds Jor-El, and asks him to help him save their world through allowing access to The Codex.
The Codex is a computer chip, essentially it’s the brain, it has info on everything, from the genetic code from which all kryptonian children are created, to the entire history of Krypton and all its knowledge, and the how to build and operate a terraforming device called the World Engine, as such a thing has been illegal for a long time due to it requiring a planet with an already habitable environment and thus life.
(Brainiac would get the information about how to build and use The World Engine in a sequel)
Jor-El refuses Zod, saying he will not allow Zod to destroy an entire race. Jor-El escapes, accesses the codex, steals it and goes to Lara, telling her they have to leave. Jor-El has set a warning for the planet to give them time to escape, but doubts they’ll be able to as a military security system destroys any ship entering or leaving krypton, but Jor-El has a plan:
A space probe, small enough to sneak past the security systems, but big enough to carry maybe one person, or one person and a baby. The probe was designed to send robotic drones to other planets and test the planet’s atmosphere and environment. He sends Lara and Kal-El to the probe, and she goes, begrudgingly, as Jor-El gives her the codex and a special command key for the probe that will guide them when they get to earth, telling her he has to distract Zod’s men to keep them from the probe.
Lara is wounded fatally, from a plasma shot by one of Brainiac's drones, but she gets into the probe with Kal-El and takes off. She hides the codex in the main engine of the probe just before this happens.
Zod captures Jor-El, and sees the probe doing that teleporting thing, he puts two and two together and takes Jor-El prisoner, gets on a large ship with his army, and shuts down the security systems, so he can track the ion trail or whatever science mumbo jumbo before it dissipates.
Jor-El, though, has thought ahead, and damaged the teleportation device thing, making it so it would trap them in the “phantom zone” between the teleportation destinations, giving the trail time to dissipate so they can’t track it.
General Zod, Faora and Nam-Ek are all caught in the vortex, and sent to The Phantom Zone, by the teleportation device.
(General Zod and Faora will return in a future sequel)
Jor-El closes his eyes as he is caught in the planet destroying explosion, as we see Krypton blown to smithereens, as a green remnant goes through a radiation storm and crashes in The Atlantic Ocean. As we cut to Earth, where the probe crashes in Kansas at night, near a farm in winter, Jonathan and Martha come out. Lara, barely alive, opens the probe, by pulling the command key out, and they find her, Jonathan tries to save her, but she dies, her last words before passing away are asking them to protect her son.
Jonathan and Martha lie to a friend of theirs in the hospital by telling them that the baby had been left on their doorstep and asking him to write down that Martha had given birth to the baby over the winter, during a recent snowstorm.
Meanwhile, Clark Kent hitchhikes across Metropolis and starts working odd jobs, researching extraterrestrial sightings, and secretly using his powers to help people in need, which results in him having to hit the road again. Clark Kent starts developing journalistic skills as he talks to people and gathers information in his quest to figure out where he came from.
We flashback to Clark Kent's backstory, with Clark's parents trying to raise him right and help him control his powers. In the scene where Clark Kent asks his father in the original movie, which is "Should I have just let those kids on the bus die?".
Jonathan Kent tells Clark, no, and that he did the right thing, but he shouldn't expose his powers too much. During the scene, these flashbacks show that Jonathan Kent wants to keep his son Clark safe, but what kind of father would he be if he didn't encourage his son to do the right thing, even when it is hard?
Jonathan Kent is inspired by his son's selflessness and rushes in to help a lady that is about to be run over, and he succeeds, but the excitement and fear cause him to have a heart attack. Jonathan Kent gets rushed to the hospital by Martha Kent and Clark, but he dies. Years later, Martha says goodbye to Clark as he's moving to Metropolis.
Back in the present, Clark Kent goes to a bar to eat some food, but when he eats, Clark notices a drunk and rude Truck Driver harassing a female waitress.
Clark Kent hesitates a bit, but he notices no one else is stopping it, so he decides to do something about the situation. As the drunk and rude trucker is about to grab the woman inappropriately again, Clark Kent grabs his arm and he angrily tells him to leave the girl alone, which surprises the truck driver and makes him a bit scared.
However, Clark notices that his strength is hurting the man's arm, and in order to not expose his powers in front of people watching, he lets his hand go to show A bit of restraint, but Clark pushes his own to the floor, so he doesn't attack him. The truck driver gets back up from the floor and attempts to punch Clark, but Clark dodges the punch before he can be hit.
A few police officers notice the fight happen, and they decide to arrest the drunk trucker for intoxication and attempted assault against Clark Kent. Clark Kent gets thanked by the waitress for standing up for her, but Clark decides to head out to avoid any suspicions.
(The waitress will later be revealed as Lucy Lane, the younger sister of Lois Lane)
Clark decides to go downtown in Metropolis to apply for a better job. He drives there and we get shots of Metropolis. The design of Metropolis, in my rewrite, strongly resembles the version from Superman Returns.
Act 2: Later, after seeing The Daily Planet building, Clark decides to apply for a job there, and he succeeds, and this is where he first meets Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Chloe Sullivan and Perry White.
Jimmy Olsen is the new kid in The Daily Planet, fresh out of college, and he becomes fast friends with Lois and Clark.
Perry White is the very stern Editor-in-Chief of the Metropolis newspaper the Daily Planet. He is Clark's boss. (I would still cast Lawrence Fishbourne)
Chloe Sullivan is witty, feisty, and cheeky reporter of The Daily Planet. She is Lois's close friend and she vaguely was acquaintances with Clark, back in his Smallville days.
Clark and Lois hit it off, despite their bickering at first, and they even agree on a date, a few weeks later. Clark and Lois interview Lex Luthor, about LEXCORP's new achievements in cybernetics. During the interview, Lex makes some unwanted advances towards Lois, which irritates Clark but he keeps his cool and stays professional.
(That is a creepy politician metaphor, kinda like a certain president from 2016, who has sexual assault allegations from at least 5 women)
Clark decides to help people publicly as Superman, as he pulls out the old black suit that Martha had made for him. After work, Clark hears an explosion, he walks as Clark rips his shirt to reveal his (Silver) Superman symbol.
After that, then John Willlams score starts as we see a montage of Clark helping people from life threatening situations and stopping robberies, as the reports of a guy flying in a gray cape stopping crime is flooding in. However, it's not entirely confirmed by the public, so some cynical people in Metropolis say it was an urban legend of some "Superman".
It's during one of these robbery encounters that Clark fought a former marine, John Corben, though his own machine gun's bullets bounced off Superman, and they ricocheted back at Corben and he's paralyzed and his body was mutilated beyond repair. A regretful Superman jumps him to a hospital, near The LEXCORP Building, (We'll get back to that later)
Later, Lois is involved in a helicopter mishap. Clark publicly uses his powers for the first time to jump high enough to catch Lois Lane falling off the damaged helicopter, as it explodes, near 'The LEXCORP tower, astonishing the crowd gathered below. Very similar to the 1978 film.
Superman is now publicly recognized, but not everyone is welcoming of this, some seeing him as dangerous for having this much power. Lex Luthor was quick to become an enemy of Superman when he accused the hero of being an alien threat to humanity. Lex also did research on the meteor that crashed, and he found out that it is deadly to Superman, Lex dubbed the green radioactive substance, "Kryptonite".
The Daily Planet was the only newspaper in existence to portray him in a positive light, with his first recorded photograph being taken by Jimmy Olsen.
Lex, along with Mercy Graves, plans to kill Superman, before he can interfere with LEXCORP and he sees Superman as a threat, due to his alien origin. It's basically Batman's motive for being against Superman in Batman Vs Superman, but pasted onto Lex Luthor, instead. Eve Teschmacher doesn't see what is wrong with Superman. She's very reminiscent of her counterpart in the 1978 film. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor goes to pay a visit to John Corben, in the hospital, after he heard the new story of his encounter with Superman.
John, by this point, is a man that was screwed over by Superman (inadvertently) and Lex made a deal with Corben that if he killed Superman, he'd get millions after the U.S. Government screwed him out of getting benefits after years of being in the marines. Feeling that he had nothing to lose, Corben agreed to the cybernetic enhancements.
LEXCORP scientists transfer his mind into an indestructible android body made of titanium alloys and powered by a Kryptonite heart. Upon the completion, Corben's android body was covered with a layer of artificial skin, which, aside from a rectangular seam which could expose his Kryptonite heart, allowed him to pass himself off as his original body.
Lex Luthor orders Metallo to cause destruction and collateral damage around Metropolis, to catch the attention of Superman. Reluctantly, Metallo rips off his human skin, revealing his robotic body from underneath.
Act-3: We see Metallo decimate Metropolis with his kryptonite powered weapons. The Military is sent in to neutralize Metallo. However, none of the machine gun rounds from the soldiers can pierce Corben's android body. Meanwhile, Clark hears a psychic call and he discovers a glowing blue crystal from the remains of his spacecraft that he keeps around. It compels Superman to fly to the Arctic where he uses the blue crystal to find The Fortress of Solitude, which strongly resembles the architecture and design of Krypton.
Inside, a hologram of Jor-El explains Clark's true origins, and after educating him on his reason for being sent to Earth and his powers, and he says to Clark,
"The people of Earth are different from us, it's true, but ultimately, I believe that is a good thing. They won't necessarily make the same mistakes we did, but if you guide them, Kal, if you give them hope. That's what this symbol means. The symbol of the House of El means "Hope". Embodied within that hope is the fundamental belief in the potential of every person to be a force for good. That's what you can bring them. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the Sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."
Clark leaves the Fortress wearing a blue and red suit with a red cape and the House of El family crest emblazoned on his chest. It's basically the classic Superman outfit.
After seeing news coverage of Metropolis getting decimated, Clark decides to learn how to fly to save everyone, and it's the same exact scene from Man Of Steel, except when Clark does fly, The John Williams Superman Theme plays in the background instead. When Superman arrives in Metropolis, he evacuates civilians out of the city. (Because that's what Superman is supposed to be written as)
Meanwhile, Lois is about to get shot and killed by Metallo's plasma cannon, especially since she was too close to Lex's operations, as a reporter, but Superman swoops in and punches Metallo, sending the cyborg crashing into a Wayne Enterprises Building. (That's hinting at a Batman crossover)
After Superman saves her life, Lois grabs a nearby AK 47, on the pavement and evacuates Jimmy, Chloe, and Perry out of the city to be safe from all the chaos and collateral damage that Metallo is causing. Superman and Metallo have a brawl across Metropolis.
Metallo activates his kryptonite blaster and Superman is shot in the chest with it, weakening him and sending Clark crashing into a car, destroying it on impact.
Metallo absolutely bodies Clark in his weakened state. Corben is a master martial artist during his time with The Marines, and Superman is reliant on his abilities. Metallo beats down on Superman.
Metallo fires a missile at Superman, but using his reaction time, Clark turns the missile right back at Metallo, and the explosion blows a huge chunk in the torso of Metallo's cybernetic body.
Superman flies away from Metallo, momentarily for extra sunlight, to nullify the effects of the kryptonite, but Metallo has thrusters that allow him to fly at supersonic speeds.
The two engage in an aerial fight, but Superman grabs Metallo by his robotic skull and throws him into The LEXCORP Tower, tearing a hole through the skyscraper.
Superman and Metallo continue fighting in the LEXCORP Tower. When they are in close quarters, Superman freezes one of Metallo's arms and blows it up with his heat vision, knocking Metallo backwards, losing his right arm in the process.
When Metallo rushes towards Superman, Clark, in slow motion, sees an exposed chunk of wiring on the side of Metallo's torso, fires his heat vision and Metallo explodes and he is left a fiery mess, and Metallo shuts down.
Lois does find and confront Lex, thanks to Eve Teschmacher, the intern, next to Lex screams "She's got a gun!!" as Lois shoots Lex in the left arm.
When Superman arrives, Lex explains that they cannot arrest him, since he already covered the Metallo incident up, so Superman leaves with Lois, and flies away, vowing to put Luthor away in prison, one day.
Superman reveals his identity to Lois, and they still stay together as the two kiss, as the camera pans out to see the ravaged Metropolis. News Coverage, the papers and social media posts around the globe publish that Superman saves Metropolis from Metallo's terrorist attack and is a beacon of hope, just when it looked like Metropolis was about to be wiped off the map. Meanwhile, Metallo is sent back to LEXCORP and Lex repairs Corben and keeps him in a room, for something darker and nefarious…
(That is set up for The Legion Of Doom for a future Justice League sequel, especially since Steppenwolf is the villain for my rewrite of the first Justice League film)
The film ends with Superman and Lois being on their date that they promised each other, and after the date is over, Clark hears a crime, Lois kisses him and Clark suits up as Superman and flies off, with the John Willlams theme playing in the background, as the credits roll.
Post Credit Scenes: In the Batcave, Batman is watching a live video of Superman's fight with Metallo, setting up their meeting in World's Finest.
A giant skull-ship with tentacles orbits Saturn, and inside, the computer coldly states, "Kryptonian detected" and a green humanoid alien in silver armor, with his eyes glowing pink, states "Target Acquired" and smiles sinisterly.
This will set up Brainiac as a villain for a future Superman sequel, right after The Justice League.

The Batman 2: Heart Of Ice:

The Plot Act 1: The Batman 2 takes place during Christmas, and a year after the first movie. The opening scene is a flashback montage of Victor Fries and Nora falling in love and would end with the doctor saying she has cancer.
After this revelation, Victor developed a special cryogenic cell and planned to cryogenically hold Nora in there, to keep her alive, until a cure was found. However, Fries had been misappropriating GothCorp's money, which left the company in debt and the experiment unauthorized.
Fries was interrupted by GothCorp's CEO Ferris Boyle and a fight ensued and Fries grabbed a handgun, pointing it at Boyle and the security guards. Fries was then calmly ordered by Boyle to drop the gun, reasoning that it was not his nature to resort to violence and that a possibility may have existed to legitimately bankroll Nora's experiment.
Boyle's smooth talk got to Victor as he relaxed and let down his guard, allowing the deceitful CEO to kick the scientist into a lab table full of beakers which exploded. The explosion smashed him into his cryogenic freezing tanks and the accident soaked his entire body with the freezing solution and rendered him unable to survive outside of a sub-zero environment.
In the present day, Bruce Wayne has been trying to help and go out in public more and has his playboy personality, to help Gotham City recover from the flood that The Riddler caused in the previous movie. Ferris Boyle would be one of the head leaders for Gotham's rebuilding, even after the flood being frozen solid. However, it's another lie and secretly, Boyle is secretly taking money supposed to rebuild Gotham into his own bank account.
We have an opening action sequence of Batman fighting Killer-Croc, in the flooded waters of Gotham City, in the sewers. It's very similar to Bruce's fight with Killer Croc in Arkham Origins video game, where Batman uses his electrical gauntlets to wail on Croc, knocking him out and Bruce leaves Killer Croc for the cops.
After that, we see Batman as Bruce Wayne attending a charity event for Gotham's reconstruction, after the flood. It's led by Ferris Boyle. However, the door is busted down, thugs begin aiming their guns and an armored figure with glowing red eyes slowly walks towards Boyle, as Mister Freeze is introduced and he attacks The Charity Event, and tries to get the diamonds in the area and kidnap Boyle. He begins freezing people with his Freeze-Gun.
Taking advantage of the chaos, Bruce disappears into the panicked crowd and suits up as Batman, and he jumps out and kicks Mister Freeze, directly in his glass dome, cracking it. Due to his limited mobility in his armor, Freeze struggles against Batman, as Bruce continues landing several blows on him. However, Freeze gets Batman off of him and freezes Batman's feet to the floor with his Freeze-Rifle.
Mister Freeze steals the diamond and kidnaps Boyle. Victor takes Boyle to his hideout where he freezes his body. Boyle had caused his body to turn a bluish blue and for him to feel like he's constantly burning and his only comfort is his suit which cools him down. We now cut to Gordon and Batman investigating the crime scene.
Mister Freeze is using the diamonds to power his armor to find a cure for Nora who is permanently frozen. We have a similar scene to the animated series to show Freeze's lack of empathy and cold demeanor towards his goons.
Freeze has also been targeting executives of Ferris Boyle. Which leads to an action sequence in the frozen waters in Gotham City, where Freeze is surrounded by the executives, who all carry assault rifles. Mister Freeze kills them all by smashing the ice and freezing them underneath the frozen water, causing them to drown.
Finally, Batman figures out who Victor Fries is, through some research on The Batcomputer and which bank he's gonna rob next and chases after him with The Batmobile. However, Mister Freeze freezes the vehicle causing Batman to lose him.
Act-2: After his loss to Mister Freeze, Batman goes to The Iceberg Lounge to get some answers and information on Freeze but instead of getting met by The Penguin, it's two super strong thugs who are Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
Batman fights the duo, but he gets overpowered and just when Batman is cornered and about to be beaten to death, Catwoman jumps behind Tweedledum and kicks him in the head and says playfully to Batman,
"I figured you'd be here".
Together, Bruce and Selena knock out both Tweedledee and Tweedledum in a bloody fist fight. After dealing with those two, Bruce and Selina get to Penguin, who does actually have information this time as he is doing a weapons deal with Freeze where he'll trade for this new freeze tech.
Batman attacks The Freeze Thugs, alongside Catwoman. These thugs have less advanced versions of Freeze's gun and interrogate one and figuring out Freeze's hideout and his motivation for his crimes. After they are subdued, Batman and Catwoman go to Mister Freeze's hideout taking out his goons stealthily and finding Freeze looking at his wife in the tube.
Batman sympathizes with Freeze and tries to convince him that he'll help Freeze with his wife and that he doesn't need to steal diamonds and shatter Boyle, who has been frozen all this time. Freeze doesn't care and doesn't trust Batman because Boyle lied to him in a similar way. They battle for a while, with Freeze having an upgraded version of his armor for better mobility.
Mister Freeze catches one of Batman's kicks and throws him aside into one of his ice structures, shattering it to pieces.
As Batman is in a fist fight with Freeze, Bruce begins to freeze up, because his main suit is not built for this low temperature environment, as Mister Freeze pulverizes Batman with a fury of punches, which breaks his cowl.
Catwoman tries to slice into Freeze's armor with her claws, but Freeze shoots her in the neck, causing Selena to suffocate.
(As for the effects of The Freeze-Rifle, The freezing itself doesn't actually kill you but it's the hypothermia that ensues that does it)
Batman breaks the ice and stealthily retreats with a wounded and suffocating Catwoman, back to The Batcave.
Act-3: After this, Batman quickly gets out of his armor and shatters the ice around Selina's neck. During Catwoman's recovery, Bruce reveals his identity to her and the two make out and get into an official relationship. Bruce and Selina come up with a plan to stop Freeze and find some way to cure his wife. His original suit is too damaged and they don't have time to repair it, as Freeze plans to storm GothCorp and steal all their latest technologies to help Nora.
Lucius Fox and his son, Luke, create Batman's new extreme environment suit created to stop Freeze specifically. The Extreme Environment Suit is armed with Thermo Charged Batarangs. Batman with his new XE suit will find Freeze and they battle.
All of Freeze's blasts from his Freeze-Rifle do nothing as they melt quickly on Batman's XE suit.
Batman bombards Mister Freeze with explosives and blasts from his Thermo Charged Batarangs, which ends up weakening Mister Freeze.
Batman punches Freeze across the room.
Catwoman fights off Freeze's thugs. It's a similar action sequence to Black Widow's hallway fight with Whiplash's thugs in Iron Man 2.
Batman reasons with Mister Freeze, to turn himself in for the sake of his wife, Nora, and Victor agrees and surrenders to The GCPD. Mister Freeze is put away in Arkham Asylum, in an extremely cold cell. The movie ends with Wayne Enterprises announcing that they are working on a cure for cancer, and they are almost there, as Victor cries with happiness, as the film ends on a hopeful note.
Post Credit Scenes: We see a dark haired woman, looking at photos of Batman and Superman's past sightings and footage of their battles with past supervillains, including Batman's final battle with Mister Freeze.
She says "The Silver Age of Heroes is happening, huh." As we zoom in on her amazonian armor, tiara, and lasso, hung up in her penthouse. As we hear the Hanns Zimmer Wonder Woman Theme quietly plays in the background, as it cuts to black…
(Yep, it's a small glimpse at Wonder Woman)
Tweedledee and Tweedledum are in the streets of Gotham, and they are suddenly hypnotized by a mysterious man. That will set up Mad Hatter for a future Batman film.
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2023.04.01 12:58 Artistic-Math-1333 Something about Lexi at East Indy doesn’t track..

Why is she going to East Indy? A (no offense) mediocre satellite “lower cost” school. She seems smart and responsible. She has a lot of activities (horse back riding, skiing etc) and her parents can clearly afford and are covering tuition & housing. She’s from Indy and Carmel has great schools and programs (I live just south of Carmel). I see her at Purdue, Butler, IU or out of state. I know it doesn’t matter but I thought maybe I missed something or they addressed it
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2023.04.01 12:47 majorgiant Weekend Update (#13)

Weekend Update (#13)
Last Chance:
New this week:
Coming up next week:
Other News this week:
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2023.04.01 12:41 chillinnDronn Feeling really SICK these days and it sucks.

What's wrong with me? I simply cannot understand. Non vaxxed 22M here.
In my house we caught COVID at the end of December 2021. My parents and my sister had symptoms in the initial infection (fever, chills, bronchitis, bad digestion, headaches, fatigue...), today they only have tinnitus, bad digestion and loss of smell and taste, in my case it was the other way around.
I had a fever of 36.9 which is nothing and no symptoms beyond the loss of smell, taste, horrible digestion and some fatigue that I attributed to not being able to breathe freely through my nose (it is difficult for me to keep breathing through my mouth) but no bodily discomfort.
The week I was in quarantine they were fucked up recovering and I, on the other hand, spent it smoking joints because of the anxiety I felt when I couldn't go out. Those symptoms I have described except for the fever have been maintained to this day allowing me to lead an almost normal life but these last months have been an absolute decline because I can not expose myself to daily activities without literally feeling DESTROYED for days, it is worse than being hungover.
After a year and 3 months of the initial infection I present the following symptoms:
Brain fog (lots of cognitive problems lately), low body temperature (35.9° currently), sinusitis, recurrent nosebleeds, biofilms, very thick phlegm, yellow and red mucus, ear and throat infections, sick lungs, headaches and face pains, very noticeable tinnitus (even in normal conversations I hear it), dizziness, vertigo, constant weakness, swollen glands in the groins and neck but now comes the worst, what is preventing me from doing everything.
Junk food, snacks, a simple coffee or Coke, cigarettes, beer (not even a can), puffs on a joint (I don't feel able to smoke a whole joint anymore and I used to smoke about 5 a day on average). I get circulation problems, arrhythmias, tachycardia, chest discomfort in general, mild pain, numbness and coldness in the extremities (in particular left arm), very pronounced fatigue, shortness of breath, general feeling of malaise, anxiety and depression (I have never been one to think of myself as a depressive although I have had episodes of anxiety before and not by COVID). Pulse at rest elevated, between 90-110.
Honestly, yesterday I went to a friend's house and it was horrible, only 4 puffs and a half liter bottle of coke that came in the whooper menu that we ordered (normally I usually eat a triple, this one only had one meat and it has destroyed me) that I didn't even finish have left me in this state that I tell you until this very moment plus stomach discomfort, I don't feel like I'm dying but something inside me is not right, it has cost me horrors to write this comment in English and I feel that I have forgotten important things that if I remember I will update.
For those who say I should go to the doctor, I have an appointment with the ENT and my doctor in a few weeks but everything is going very slow, I just feel trapped, I have been losing a lot of vitality in recent months I simply cannot function efficiently when I'm out of bed.
I saw a possible treatment for Long-COVID but it goes through a private clinic and I can not afford it at the moment, I can not expose myself to a working day because I feel I will get something. What should I do? I feel that going to the emergency room is not going to help me at all.
UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I went to the ER recently to see if they could run tests and was told I was collapsed, by the time I was asked to wait I went home as I was not feeling that bad at the time. When I got home I started to check my tests from months ago and noticed this (the doctor didn't tell me anything about):
This was specifically 6 months ago, my immune system seems to be very compromised.
Thanks for reading y'all.
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2023.04.01 12:39 foursquare1247845 How Hoarding Advertising Impacts Consumer Behavior

How Hoarding Advertising Impacts Consumer Behavior
Have you ever noticed how advertising seems to be everywhere? From billboards and TV commercials to sponsored posts on social media, it's hard to escape the constant barrage of marketing messages that bombard us every day. But have you ever stopped to consider how this hoarding of advertising impacts your own behavior as a consumer?

What is Hoarding Advertising?

Hoarding Advertising is a form of Outdoor Advertising that uses large, often billboards, to promote a product or service. This type of advertising is most commonly used in busy urban areas where there is a lot of foot traffic, such as on sidewalks or in subways. Hoarding ads are usually placed near the point of sale for the product or service being advertised, such as in store windows or at eye level on shelves. Hoarding Advertising can have a significant impact on consumer behavior. This type of advertising is designed to be highly visible and difficult to ignore, which can lead consumers to take notice of a product or service they may not have otherwise considered. Additionally, the size and placement of hoardings can make them difficult to miss, which can prompt spontaneous purchases.

How Does Hoarding Advertising Impact Consumer Behavior?

Hoarding Advertising is a form of Outdoor Advertising that involves the placement of large, often brightly-colored advertisements on buildings or other structures. These ads are usually placed in high-traffic areas, such as near transit stops or on busy streets, in order to reach a large number of people. While some people may view hoardings as eyesores, they can actually be quite effective in influencing consumer behavior. There are several benefits of Hoarding Advertising, including: 1. Increased brand awareness: Hoardings are difficult to miss, which means they can help increase brand awareness and name recognition. If potential customers are repeatedly exposed to your company’s hoardings, they’re more likely to remember your brand when they need the products or services you offer. 2. Greater reach: Hoardings can reach a wide audience, including people who may not be exposed to traditional forms of advertising such as television or print ads. 3. Cost-effective: Hoarding Advertising can be very cost-effective, especially when compared to other forms of Outdoor Advertising such as bus shelter ads or billboards. 4. Flexible: Hoardings can be placed in a variety of locations, which gives you flexibility in terms of where your ad will be seen by potential customers. 5. Targeted: Hoardings can be placed near specific target audiences, such as those who live or work near the hoarding location. This ensures that your ad reaches the people who are most likely to use your products or services.

Strategies for Effective Hoarding Advertising

There are a few key strategies that can be employed to create effective hoardings advertising.
First, it is important to create a strong visual impact. The ad should be highly visible and eye-catching, using bright colors and an attention-grabbing image. Second, the copy used in the ad should be direct and to the point. It should clearly state what the product or service is and what benefit the consumer will receive by using it. Finally, hoardings ads should be placed in strategic locations where they will reach the target audience. For example, if targeting consumers who are likely to be driving, then placing hoardings along major highways would be ideal.


Hoarding advertising has a significant impact on consumer behavior and the way businesses advertise their products. It creates an emotional connection between customers and brands, making it easier to form loyalty with them. This translates into long-term relationships between consumers and companies – as well as higher sales of products or services. The use of hoardings also helps businesses establish brand awareness in local markets, further increasing visibility for the company or product. Four Square Media Services is a leading Outdoor Advertising company in Delhi NCR. We provide the best quality Hoarding Advertising service at the most competitive rates. Our hoardings are made of high quality materials and are designed to withstand all weather conditions. We have a team of experienced professionals who will work with you to create the perfect hoarding for your business.
Our Best Services

For More Details, Contact us now

Address: Plot No 135, 1st Floor, Kakrola Housing Complex, Main Market Road, Near Metro Pillar No. 789, Dwarka Mor, New Delhi-110078
Contact No.: 9868946230
Email Id: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Website: https://www.foursquareoutdoor.com/
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2023.04.01 12:37 majorgiant Weekend Update (#13)

Weekend Update (#13)
Last Chance:
New this week:
Coming up next week:
Other News this week:
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2023.04.01 12:30 Acceptable-Sherbet92 Need help to get through the next 2 weeks please!! 💞

Hello, this is my first time posting here so here goes. I have a full time job (been there 3 years) but need help getting by these next 2 weeks until payday. Long story short my car was involved in a hit and run. It was parked outside of my parents house on Super Bowl weekend and someone hit it from behind and 2:30am and fled the scene. The cameras didn’t catch the license plate because they went in reverse but it looked look like 2 intoxicated minors. They hit the back so hard that it damaged the frame and was deemed a total loss!! 🥺 I’ve been taking a Lyft to and from work and walk to the grocery stores and really haven’t gone out beyond that. I pay about $50 - $65 per day on Lyft (I even get to work 2 hours earlier because it’s $10-$20 cheaper). My cell phone payment ($213.07) was also due yesterday and that’s with the extension. I really need my service because without service I’m not able to order Lyfts for work. In addition to that I have a small secured credit card that’s past due $60 and I’m really trying to avoid a negative impact on my credit especially because I need to buy a car soon. That being said the $1000+ Lyft cost and todays paid rent is what’s led me here with a $0 balance. Any support with my cell phone bill, credit card payment or towards Lyft rides for the next 2 weeks until payday would be greatly appreciated!! 🙏🏻 This period has been extremely humbling for me but has also taught me a lot about my strength and determination to get through things with a positive attitude!! I appreciate any of you that took the time to read this and sorry if it’s a bit long. I just wanted to provide insight into my financial situation. I look forward to getting back on me feet (or car lol) and being able to help someone in need by paying it forward!! 💕 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know!
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2023.04.01 12:04 Final_Blueberry9009 help

kinda long story but i’ll try to be concise. ig i’m looking for moving-in-japan advice rather than moving-to-japan
-16 currently living in kansai at parents house
-want to move to escape abuse
-been to the local 児童相談所, and didn’t reach a helpful conclusion
-looking for a part time job but haven’t gotten any callbacks yet (my school is also アルバイト禁止)
-less than 1万 in savings (cries in broke)
-school is a priority so i can only work part time
-i currently live in the inaka so even running away somewhere would cost transportation money
-can’t rely on friends or extended family
-i have talked with my teachers but there is only so much they can do
dear strangers of reddit pls advise me 🙏
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2023.04.01 11:59 jamona666 Should I cancel on a party on the day of the party?

Okay so hear me out, this week one of my very good friends turned 20. On the day of her birthday she spontaneously invited me for a birthday dinner, so I canceled other plans I had and showed up for her. It was a great time, so I'm glad I came.
Besides her dinner party, she's invited me for another party today, she invited me to this a couple weeks ago and back then I was excited to go. This party will mainly consist of drinking at her house and going out after that.
My problem is, is that I don't live super close to her. I'm a student so I'm not very wealthy atm and it will cost me some money to get to her house, which is not the best, but I guess it is what it is. The main thing is that I will have to leave the party somewhat early if I don't want to miss the last train going home. This is why I have already let her know some time ago that I won't be going clubbing with her and her other friends, but I will come to her house.
Today I woke up not feeling my best and also not really feeling like going to the party. It feels a little inconvenient to go to her house for an hour or maybe two and then leave again, especially because we have already celebrated her birthday. I feel like it won't be a huge deal if I'm not there since a lot of her other friends will be there, but maybe that's not for me to decide. I know it's rude to cancel on plans last minute and I usually try to avoid it at all costs, but to be honest I'm considering doing so. Should I just follow my gut and cancel or should I just go?
(I'm sorry if this story is a little incoherent, English is not my native language)
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2023.04.01 11:58 _JackLucas_ I JUST PASSED MY DREAM SCHOOL BUT...

.. the tuition fee costs thousands of dollars. This school is one of the most prestigious schools in my country and probably the most prestigious regarding my course. I also have to move out and rent an apartment and it's really expensive even with a scholarship. I also have another option to go to a less prestigious school that takes 20 minutes to drive there from my house. I don't know what to do....
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2023.04.01 11:56 _JackLucas_ I JUST PASSED MY DREAM SCHOOL. BUT...

.. the tuition fee costs thousands of dollars. This school is one of the most prestigious schools in my country and probably the most prestigious regarding my course. I also have to move out and rent an apartment and it's really expensive even with a scholarship. I also have another option to go to a less prestigious school that takes 20 minutes to drive there from my house. I don't know what to do....
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2023.04.01 11:50 Past_Firefighter5779 April fools pack

April fools pack
Just got this in April fools, I heard its rare, what could I get for it
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2023.04.01 11:46 jamona666 Should I cancel on my friends party on the day of the party?

So this week one of my very good friends turned 20. On the day of her birthday she spontaneously invited me for a birthday dinner, so I canceled other plans I had and showed up for her. It was a great time, so I'm glad I came.
Besides her dinner party, she's invited me for another party today, she invited me to this a couple weeks ago and back then I was excited to go. This party will mainly consist of drinking at her house and going out after that.
My problem is, is that I don't live super close to her. I'm a student so I'm not very wealthy atm and it will cost me some money to get to her house, which is not the best, but I guess it is what it is. The main thing is that I will have to leave the party somewhat early if I don't want to miss the last train going home. This is why I have already let her know some time ago that I won't be going clubbing with her and her other friends, but I will come to her house.
Today I woke up not feeling my best and also not really feeling like going to the party. It feels a little inconvenient to go to her house for an hour or maybe two and then leave again, especially because we have already celebrated her birthday. I feel like it won't be a huge deal if I'm not there since a lot of her other friends will be there, but maybe that's not for me to decide. I know it's rude to cancel on plans last minute and I usually try to avoid it at all costs, but to be honest I'm considering doing so. Should I cancel or would that make me too much of an asshole?
(I'm sorry if this story is a little incoherent, English is not my native language)
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2023.04.01 11:45 TommyCo10 Advice on approach to embedded development in the entertainment industry (Arduino or something else?)

TLDR: In the context of the entertainment industry (custom one-off lighting, props and scenic special effects) is Arduino the most viable platform or a dead end?
Hi all, I just wanted to get some advice from professionals in the embedded world and see what I’m missing!
To give you a bit of context, I’m a lighting/electrical guy working in large producing houses in the theatre industry, we often are tasked with making bespoke props, special effects or scenic elements which fall outside the remit of stage automation (a well populated and standardised area of the industry, using safety certified PLCs). Basically I don’t touch anything that needs an E-Stop.
We often have only a couple of weeks to develop a bespoke one-off special effect, essentially it’s a process of rapid prototyping and the prototype is quite often the final product.
There’s usually nothing hugely complex about the projects and often I can adapt or combine the code from previous projects in order to get the job done quickly (which is seen as the highest priority in this industry).
Coming from an EE background a lot of my solutions were very ‘analogue’, (switching relays in various combinations via custom diode networks, using hardware PWM controllers etc) however I’d been curious to learn the basics of how to get a microcontroller to do all the things that are quite difficult or costly to do in the analogue domain and got into Arduino as an accessible gateway into the digital world.
Projects are typically things that receive a trigger (either via a physical button press, MIDI or DMX serial data) and do a thing (light up something via PWM, spin a stepper motor a set amount of steps or energise a solenoid or a relay). I’ve made self playing pianos, one armed bandits, miniature pixel tape controllers to be hidden in costume props, it’s a really fun job but I’m sure it’s quite basic, unrefined and ‘hacky’ in comparison to real industrial embedded development.
I guess a lot of what we do only one level up from hobbyist tinkering and Arduino, with a wealth of open source projects online, provides us with a platform to do things very quickly.
We are a world away from safety critical automotive or medical applications and we are only ever making a couple of units, not 10,000,000 and the development cycle is sometimes a couple of weeks end to end rather than months or years.
The second aspect to consider is that we tend to be mainly EEs not software engineers and as technology moves on, there is a growing expectation from creative teams that we are able to produce embedded solutions so it’s important that the platform is accessible.
Most things could be comfortably achieved on 8bit AVR, so that would probably be the end of the debate, however DMX/RDM commonly used in theatre lighting is timing specific and must meet ANSI standards, so ideally I’d ideally like to have DMX/RDM running uninterrupted on one core of a modern dual core chip and then all the other project specific nonsense on the other, making it harder to break the DMX/RDM side of things when hacking a project together quickly.
I’ve been looking into STM32, in order to take advantage of newer, faster and more powerful dual core chips (and maybe eventually start to develop some useful transferable skills to the professional embedded development industry!) but this is suddenly less viable if it increases development time, or if it becomes much less accessible to my colleagues to adopt in their work.
What would you consider the best approach here?
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2023.04.01 11:38 HextechRolex Working as an expat in the Netherlands

Hi guys,
I am a 30M, currently residing in Belgium and I have been offered a chance to extend my remit at work and start working part time in Amsterdam, setting me up for a nice promotion moving forward.
I currently make six figures a year (excluding bonus) and I wanted to know if the tax gap between NL and BE is worth making the move without asking for a salary increase (which should only come when I am officially promoted, i.e. in max 2 years). I have also come to the conclusion that I would not have the special tax regime (30% tax reduction) applied as I have been living < 150km from the border for my whole life...
Anyone has experience with salary split between BE and NL? I would effectively be working 3 days a week from the Amsterdam office and 2 days a week at home in Belgium (I am not willing to move to Amsterdam).
My employer has currently not mentioned the possibility to cover for housing costs in NL.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.
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2023.04.01 11:30 lemeNahablentai Naturalised NZ Citizens, thinking of moving to Australia with young family. We want out of NZ!

Hi everyone. Throwaway for obvious reasons. My husband and I migrated to NZ 20 years ago. We both have a 2yo son and all three of us have NZ passports. Over the years we have been to Sydney multiple times (husband's parents live somewhere in NSW) so we go for frequent visits. We love Sydney, but realistically we don't have enough money to even consider owning a one-bedder there.

I am in a senior marketing manager role for a tech company with a global footprint (albeit niche) and my husband is in Tech Support. We earn a combined income of NZ$210K. We have a mortgage here with $250k equity. We are thinking of moving to Australia for a number of reasons, but mainly: cost of living in NZ is atrocious, we need better job prospects with higher pay, and we need to get out of the city we're in because crime rates are higher than ever and this city is no longer what we knew 20 years ago.

My work has an office in Melbourne, and I feel I can make a transfer request in a year or so, but ideally I'd like to move to a different company so I can have a better pay increase. I'm re-writing my CV and LinkedIn... Husband's work may be a bit more difficult...
We also have a middle-aged dog whom we love to take with us.
How are the job prospects in Australia at the moment?
Should we sell the house or rent it?
Are we insane even considering leaving NZ?
What else should we be considering?

Thank you in advance to everyone who would care to respond. Or, as we say here, "chur, bro."
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2023.04.01 11:27 drdileepsinghrathore Lung Transplant Surgery Cost, Procedure & Treatment

Lung Transplant Surgery Cost, Procedure & Treatment
Lung transplant surgery is a complex medical procedure that involves replacing a damaged or diseased lung with a healthy one from a donor. It is typically reserved for patients with end-stage lung disease who have exhausted all other treatment options. In this blog, we will discuss the cost, procedure, and treatment of lung transplant surgery.


Cost of Lung Transplant Surgery

The cost of Lungs Transplant Surgery In Jaipur can vary depending on several factors such as the hospital, surgeon's fees, the type of lung transplant, the patient's health insurance coverage, and the location. On average, the cost of a lung transplant surgery in the United States ranges between $500,000 to $1,000,000. This includes the cost of the surgery, hospital stay, and post-operative care.
However, many insurance companies cover the cost of lung transplant surgery, including pre and post-operative care. Patients should contact their insurance provider to determine the extent of their coverage before undergoing the surgery.

Procedure of Lung Transplant Surgery

Before a lung transplant surgery, a thorough evaluation of the patient's medical history, physical examination, and diagnostic tests are conducted to determine if the patient is a suitable candidate for the surgery. The evaluation process also helps to identify any underlying medical conditions that may need to be treated before the surgery.
Once a patient is deemed a suitable candidate for lung transplant surgery, the process of finding a suitable donor lung begins. The donor lung must be a good match in terms of blood type, size, and tissue compatibility.
The surgery itself can take up to 12 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in the chest and removes the damaged lung. The new lung is then carefully placed in the same position and attached to the airways, blood vessels, and the patient's respiratory system.
After the surgery, the patient is closely monitored in the intensive care unit (ICU) for several days. Once the patient is stable, they are transferred to a regular hospital room and closely monitored for any complications. The patient is typically required to stay in the hospital for several weeks to months depending on their recovery progress.

Treatment after Lung Transplant Surgery

Following a lung transplant surgery, the patient is required to take immunosuppressive medication for the rest of their life to prevent rejection of the new lung by the body's immune system. These medications can have several side effects, including increased risk of infection, high blood pressure, and kidney damage.
Patients are also required to participate in regular follow-up appointments with their Cardiac Surgeon in Bhopal to monitor their lung function, manage medication side effects, and address any potential complications.
In conclusion, lung transplant surgery is a complex medical procedure that requires careful consideration and evaluation. While the cost of the surgery can be high, many insurance companies cover the cost, and patients should explore their options before making any decisions. With proper medical care and treatment, a lung transplant can significantly improve a patient's quality of life and increase their life expectancy.
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2023.04.01 11:26 FormalSmoke The Gucci x adidas 2023 Collection Is Now Up For Grabs

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The Gucci x adidas 2023 Collection Is Now Up For Grabs
Last year, Gucci and adidas teamed up for the very first time to drop a huge collaboration that ended being one of brand’s best collabs of 2022. For 2023, both companies will be teaming up once more for yet another collaboration, this time highlighted by collaborative iterations of the ZX8000.
The upcoming Gucci x adidas 2023 Collection was first shown on the runway back in 2022. Made up of apparel and footwear, the collaboration sees classic Three Stripes silhouettes through the lens of the luxury power house, much like it did with the 2022 collection. Previewed below, the Gucci x adidas 2023 Collection will once again features the adidas Gazelle in brand new colorways that are just as bold and head turning as the ones offered in last year’s collection. This year’s collection will also include the aforementioned ZX8000, a brand new addition to the partnership. Much like the Gazelle, the ZX8000 opts for a similar aesthetic while also interweaving nods to its OG look and feel.
Get a preview of the Gucci x adidas 2023 Collection below and look for an official release date to be announced later on this year.
In other news, the Travis Scott X Air Jordan 1 Low OG WMNS Olive is rumored to drop in April!
UPDATE (3/31): The latest collection between adidas and Gucci is now up for grabs. This collection builds upon a narrative where sartorial streetwear inspires sporting icons, celebrating the legacy of both brands. The collection will range from $45- to $980. Shop the collection straight from the adidas CONFIRMED app.
images: HoH
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2023.04.01 11:17 HeartGold753 Peacekeeper

I don't think Peacekeeper needs an entire rework, just little touches here and there.

Pk's Top heavy opener is 900 ms and I don't particularly see a reason for this. I also noticed that Pk's heavy openers have a low-hit stun while every heavy in the game is medium
This is to improve her mobility in team fights. Her dodge attack only does 7 damage and is a light parry. I think this is a fair trade.
This is to prevent PK from being external in team fights against a non-bleeding opponent. This changes to a blockable attack against a bleeding opponent.
I think Pk could use some more range on her heavies
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