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2023.06.07 15:29 lawofmurphy RateMyLeague - Free Detailed League Ranking PDF Reports

Hey there,
RML's free league-ranking PDF reports are up and running. Last year, over 2,500 dynasty leagues ran RML reports. I know there are a number of very cool power ranking tools out there these days, but I think RateMyLeague's offers a unique perspective. They also work for (almost) every league imaginable. They work for MFL, Sleeper, Fleaflicker, and ESPN (and maybe Yahoo but I'm not sure they've opened for 2023 yet). They work for 96-team leagues, IDP leagues, and just about everything in between. Another bonus is that I use the basic league info to do a cool little census report that I post on the sub. I think it's a great barometer of what kind of leagues are out there. So running a report helps give me more reliable data!
RML PDF Reports
Teams are ranked based on the following:
Redraft Consensus Value - Redraft value is broken down into projected starting value and then overall roster value. Within this, league scoring (Standard, HPPR, PPR) will impact the player rankings. The tool automatically detects Superflex/2QB set-ups and adjusts values for that. It also will automatically detect TE Premium scoring systems and adjust player values for it.
Dynasty Consensus Value - Dynasty value is just based on full-roster consensus dynasty value. In the report, players that gain or lose significant dynasty value are marked with the value change in orange (positive dyn change) or blue (negative dyn change).
Future Draft Capital - A team’s draft portfolio will obviously impact the strength of a franchise’s position. RML uses DYNAMIC draft pick valuation. I.E - Picks belonging to STRONG redraft teams are devalued and picks belonging to WEAK redraft teams are boosted. Picks in orange are INCOMING draft picks from weak redraft rosters. Picks in blue are INCOMING draft picks from strong redraft rosters. The biggest change I made this year is that I am dynamically weighting future draft capital depending on the team situation. Meaning, "productive struggle" teams have a higher draft capital weight as part of their team score. It's the aimless, go nowhere teams that should fall to the bottom of the rankings this year.
IDP Redraft Value - Obviously only applies to IDP leagues, but should adjust to Sleeper’s IDP system (DL/LB/DB), MFL’s default system (DT/DE/LB/CB/S), or Fleaflicker’s TruePos (IL/EDLB/CB/S)
All of that gets boiled down into a team-score (out of 10) and that’s how teams are ranked.
Generally, all dollar values are based on a $200 cap, but for SF/2QB leagues, it’s more like $250 and with IDP, it’s more than that. If you have a 48+ team league, the average roster will fall to $150 or so.
From there, I track more stuff that doesn’t impact the rankings but is fun to look at:
Reports are running fairly quickly but I still can only run so many at a time so if the queue builds up, it could result in longer back-ups…but the reports will eventually run. Please let me know if anything looks wrong or doesn’t work with a report.
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2023.06.07 15:28 Ten_Letters_ First time writing a scene in English as a German speaker

Guten Tag,
my native language is German and I am currently writing a book in my mother tongue. It is going good so far, I am about 270 pages into my first draft.
From time to time I like to write short stories or little scenes that aren't part of my book and are just inspired by the moment. I am mainly reading English literature, though, so the inspiration naturally comes in that language.
This morning I wrote the following scene. I would like to know if it sounds any natural to you or if my English is somewhat weird.
Feel free to comment on my style, grammar or use of words if you find the time. Or just read it.
The Scene:
To an extent, I very much liked the general idea of it. The idea of folks, your ancestors, watching over you while you are alive, and they are not anymore. Watching you grow up, fall in love and divorce, fail and succeed. Watching your every step. Just as birds watch their offspring not to fall out of the nest, the parental sparrows taking turns gathering food, your grandparents might have their benevolent eyes on your daily fate.
Except unlike bird parents in a nest, an angel-like mentor, somewhere up in the clouds, does not protect you from any harm. Grandmother watching over you or not, you are getting divorced anyway. This train of thought lead me to other questions: With the rule being that every living person has a unique person resting in not-so-much-peace and watching over them, there must be exceptions to these circumstances. We thank them if we have a lucky day, but say, what happens if we lose a limb in a freak accident? What do our heavenly supervisors think of that, how do they react? Do they cry out in agony, watching their grandson lose his right leg, eventually ending his ambitious struggle for a career in professional hockey? Or do they remain in omniscient indifference with a mild smile on their face, knowing that ultimately all will work out in a positive outcome, all guided by divine providence? And if they do cry out instead, who listens to their cries? Does the celestial community comfort them or tell them to shut up? It all did not make much sense to me.
Engrossed in this suddenly metaphysical state of mind, I did not notice the sun had already risen somewhat outside, greeting the world a first ‘good morning’. Now, the ochre-colored walls of which I had called home for the last three days, gave a dazzling impression of what lay beneath it. And what was beneath it, hadn’t become any less striking than it had been the weeks before. I moved from my down feather bed to the entrance of my tent, untied a small part of the door, and peeked through, my eyes being blinded once more. I blinked a few times and with my sight finally somewhat adapted, I had a good look. Just like the sun, life had already risen in the camp.
Two camels were being led over the great dune across the central camp place, carrying what appeared to be water barrels to our camp, presumably using the last precious minutes of the day not being full-sun. Their big hoofs left paths in the sand of the dune, which were even visible from my tent at least a couple hundred meters away. In front of the small caravan, just next to the shade-providing palm tree, two servants negotiated something in a language I could not recognize, much less understand. Their custodian – or at least that’s what he seemed to be, from his remarkably-colorful leather hat – stood beside them, scribbling something on a folded map. In the periphery, I made out two soldiers patrolling the perimeter, with coats and muskets and all.
I turned away from the door, turned away from the busy scene. The sun may have risen, and so did the people, however, I was not ready to, not yet. I crawled back to my bed, taking the letter with me that lay on the tiny desk I was provided with, and leaned against a big down pillow. I had read the message the night before. It was a message from Justine, my recently divorced ex-wife. To say it was a message was an exaggeration though, as messages tend to contain information worth reading. It was merely an excuse of a letter, essentially a type of paper which had ink blots on it that coincidentally formed somewhat comprehensible sentences. A million monkeys on a million typewriters crossed my mind.
The night before, when I first read it, I was too tired from the day’s work to comprehend any of it. Now that I read it again, I knew my bad mood was not without a reason at all. “Hope you travel safely”, she wrote. “Make it back to our fort soon” and “watch out for the dehydrating sun” were other parts of it. Watch out for the sun in the hot desert, huh, I thought. If that’s not important advice. To top it all, her text ended in “Regards”. How quickly can one man be degraded from beloved husband to remote business acquaintance? I must have broken the record in that category.
I reached for my can of beer. No chance, it was empty, explaining my premature sleep last night. In lack of liquid substitute, I instead took out a cigarette out of the desk drawer, opened the tiny slit I had cut in the fabric of my tent as a means of improvised exhaust hood and lit the stub.
I knew the smoke coming out of the top of my tent would be visible to anyone. I knew the captain would be angry with me. No blame on him, after all, I smoked what should have been part of his merchandise goods and simultaneously created a fire hazard. There would be dispute about it, no question. He would yell at me, and I would make a half-assed joke about me only performing the ancient art of smoke signals. He would not laugh, his face only redden even beyond its alcohol-induced rouge. But what could I do. I was a divorced man; I needed my consolation. Besides, if they wanted to make it alive through the desert, they would need me. Reason enough to tolerate my eccentric manners, if you ask me.
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2023.06.07 15:27 The_Best_U The Secrets to a Smooth Application & Essay Process

The Secrets to a Smooth Application & Essay Process
It’s late May – while students are wrapping up testing, facing finals, or dreaming of the summer sun, the first college applications of the season will be submitted in just 10 weeks. This doesn’t mean it’s time to panic, but it does mean that a successful college essay & application process begins now.
Read on for our best advice for rising seniors to shape a smooth, low-stress, and successful college application process –
1. The process begins when school winds down.
The first mistake or better said, missed opportunity, for many students and families is thinking that college applications are a senior year or Fall responsibility. The strongest applications, and the high school seniors who have the most stress-free experiences at school and at home all have one thing in common: they start the application process early, and take advantage of the summer months. Without the academic demands of the school year and its routine, students have more capacity to do the big thinking that writing a personal statement essay requires, they have the bandwidth to chip away at application pieces, and the chance to release the tension and anxiety of what lies ahead by facing the process head on. Every rising senior will surely have other commitments, travel and fun built into the summer, so taking an honest look at the weeks of summer to plan out what you will accomplish when is extremely helpful.
2. Get started, even if your college list is not quite complete.
There are pieces of the application process that are dependent upon the specific colleges you are applying to, and there are pieces that will be universal to most or all colleges. It’s a great approach to begin with the personal statement essay, the activities list, and understanding what will be required on the Common App, UC application, or other individual college applications to plan the scope of your work. Even if you haven’t locked in 100% of the colleges you will apply to, there is no reason to wait on crafting the pieces that will be central to your applications across many colleges.
3. Know your deadlines.
This is huge: organize all of your deadlines, requirements, and application pieces in one place. Keep a timeline of when you will submit each application, what essays you will write (write the optional essays, almost always!), and what other components will need to be sent off to have a complete application. It is important to know that you are best served by submitting applications as soon as you are able to submit your strongest work to colleges that review applications on a rolling basis. This will include both “rolling admission” colleges, as well as those that will not notify you earlier, but will review your application when it is received. Colleges like UT Austin and U of Wisconsin Madison will review those applications as they receive them, and they are inundated with out of state applications. Submitting your application in August can be an important advantage in your admissions process.
4. Begin with the end in mind.
Beyond the deadlines you need to meet, when do you want to be done with application work? That’s right, you are in control! At TBU, we encourage all students to complete their first applications before returning to school for senior year, and to complete 100% of their application work by Thanksgiving. We have a firm deadline of closing out application work by December 15th every year for all of our students. The reason for this? Your life is much bigger than your application process! There is nothing worse than having deadlines looming over family holiday gatherings and winter break. Students do their best work when they start early, leave a manageable amount of tasks to complete once the school year starts, and complete all of their essay writing and preparation before receiving early decision news in December. In addition, we want you to have the ability to step away from this process, give your all to your senior academics (those grades matter in admissions, by the way!) and live your life with your friends and family, enjoying your time in senior year.
5. Talk honestly about student and parent roles & what will set you up for success.
If you haven’t yet, May is the time to have a conversation about what roles parents will and will not play in the essay and application process. Meeting deadlines and agreeing on the content of essays are two of the places that rising seniors and their parents often encounter the most conflict and tension. For many families, it works best to let parents be parents, and identify another trusted adult or professional to support students with essay development and review, or planning their application timeline. Admissions officers are adept at reading through when parents’ voices or editing have been heavy handed in the application process, so be very mindful of ensuring that every piece of the application reads clearly as a student’s own work and voice.
TBU Essay & Application specialists are experts at supporting students to craft their most compelling, authentic work, taking the pressure off of parents playing this role. If you’d like to explore working with a TBU Essay & Application specialist, now is the time. Get in touch here and we will look forward to connecting with you.
Looking for more insights like these? Join us on our Membership Platform for exclusive content, live webinars, and the resources and tools to unstick your college process.
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2023.06.07 15:23 rubyshark Just lost one of my beats fit pros, trying to decide what to do.

I was quoted 90 bucks to replace one earbud by apple for the Beats Fit Pros. I've honestly been enjoying them a lot since they fit great for workouts. Sold my Airpod 2s to get them.
Here are my options:
Replace one earbud - 90$
Look at a new pair - 150-200$ range
Curious to hear what you alls recommendations are for a pair here, Im looking for ANC, good fit(airpod 2 would fall out of my ear), and something decent for workouts. Let me know if there are any q's!
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2023.06.07 15:20 Bogey4hoo 'Surving The Win' - Chapter 009B.

At the, "Dere-Licht," Manor, upon the Steps of the Stairs, a Smoked Pipe was placed. In the very Centre of the Meeting Hall (the Room off to the Side from the Bottom of the Stairwell), there was another one, as well. Okay well, throughout the entire building... More like, a GREAT number!
Avem had them placed all throughout that Rebuilt Old Character House, and within that Glorified Mansion, there were Smoked Pipes, In and On Cupboards, Resting Upon Windowsills (with the Drapes Pulled or Left Open), upon Countertops, Hidden Inside of Bookshelves (if not Resting Upon them), of course on the Mantle, Hidden In and Around Corners.. at Every End, Above and Slightly Adjacent to Entrances, and even some, which were included upon the Tabletops...
All of these Smoking Pipes, some with Ashen Remainders in them, some only Constructed Models of, what we imagine, would have been kept for their Interest Sake, were watched by a Careful Set-Up, of Video Surveillance.
The Surveillance, Signaled Hanging Display Monitors, all throughout the House, and also at Avem's Lab in Tokyo. Some of these Monitors, were Hanging from the Ceiling, at the Walls, Facing Down and Into the Rooms. Others, in the Bedrooms, were Level with Sitting Chairs, where one might want to Sit Down and Look At Them.
They were Set Up, Primarily, To Catch Every Angle and Motion of Light or Shadow Upon or Within the Pipes. This Recording of Smoked Rememberances, took place Every Night and Day, from the Rising to the Setting of the Sun, all Throughout the Years. What were the Ashes for?

Granny Smith, he yelled. I'm telling you! She didn't believe him one bit. And you pretend you weren't looking for me!?...
She interrogated him fearsomely. Do you know who I am???
Do you know who I am, "Roared," Perry, back at her, bleakly. He was terrified. Though, he somehow managed to pull off a tone, which mirrored her own, with mock mavery.
Down the hall, there was a beep. Close the door, Swarma commanded, looking out through the interrogation Room's Exit. There was the sound of a, "fwoosh," and a, "click," outside of it. Nobody had been at the Exit, either to push or to pull it's heavy door, closed. There was also no telling, of where that other door might be. She took a swab and daubed Perry with it quickly, before leaving. Wait right here, she cackled, smiling a leerily-wisening old grin, as she left him to total.
What's doing this to you? shrieked Ren. June had actually been, in all fact, sobbing and in dread. Her body, becoming purple, as it was, "cast," with some thick layer of unknown chrysoform, which continued to cover her in variegating patches, no matter how much she scratched or peeled. It seemed to keep leaking out from her pores in beads, which coalesced over her skin, recombined, and matted. Heaving, she threw a chunk at the Vending Machine.
She was sitting in Emergency, having just made it through Triage. These are for you, said the Faithful and Believing, Catholic Lady Friend of Wells, who passed her some Pamphlets from the Lecture.
The Professor had stopped everything, to see to it that this kind Lady, would bring Juniper to ER, post-haste. June had brought Ren along as a Study Buddy, for Note-Taking, with a Bribe.
Initially, June went out to the Mountains, to collect Perry's belongings from the Rented Cabin. Upon arriving back in town, both she and Ren decided to Drive out to the College for a Lecture, and to Sight-See, while asking people around the Area if they had Seen or Heard from Perry. Could he be haunting her somewhere? Was there any hope?
Although... the Professor HAD, abruptly interrupted his Lecture to find one of his CPR-trained staff to escort Juniper to the nearby Hospital E.R., in the event that she might not make it there herself, and was, "Truly," facing a Medical Crisis.
The Vending Machine, went lame, and the lights in ER flickered for a moment. I'm getting creeped, said Ren. That's all!
June's problem stemmed back, from when she ate the Oatmeal, which Perry had left behind at the Cabin, while she was inside it, looking at a Newspaper and Doodling.
Some of Avem's Team, had been in the Trails previously, and Driven a Snowmobile through them, tracing Chemicals through the Snow. A or Spoken Split. It had been at just one of her Lab's Testing Zones.
Avem had caught onto Perry, first, when her Voice Exploded from a Crackling Ice Wyrm/ “i”’Sāqa-Šaqqa, in the Cabin's Fireplace.
Avem had been Writing her Vocals into the Chemical Strains of the Ice-Wyrm Constituency Potion, which she concocted in her Lab, and Spread Rumours about, then Codifying it with Automatic Cyber-Sentience Response-Forms, which took initiatives, based on Environmental Factors, and in turn, fed back Information. This Data, was made readable by her Reverse Tonic, which Tabulated it, by Codices, which had Variables in her own Mental Inter-Framing. Cog-Notes, if you will, to her own Cognition. All of, these, Variables, which entered her Consideration, let her Pry, both on Known, and Unknown, Territories. She frequently Drank her Cyber-Tonic from a Vial in her Lab, while going over Her Work.
Perry Wheeled, and Stumbled around the Room, trying to avoid the Icicle Firecrackers, which were Sounding Off whenever he Slid and/or Stepped upon them. He'd apparently been Mega-Dosed, and was now about to Learn what in the World of a Mega-Dosed, Felt Like when Under and In It.
The Wyrms were Sounding Off, in an Acoustics Array, and Perry, Bounded and Rebounded Turning Listless as the Chrysalids Exited him, and Becoming Reinterred into Motion Again, by their Sounds. He was now, well... Not Feeling Like a Perry. That and he was Done, Done, and, "Roared," out. He could No Longer even Find his Own Vocal to Bless How He Felt. Avem came back in, when the Turnabout was Over. She had Observed Perry by a Camera Hidden in the Room, which was Hooked up to her Monitors for Surveillance, as well. Turning on a Ventilation Fan, from outside, which led the Room's Air into a Separate Chamber, she had Two People, Dressed in Dark Robes, walk in, and move Perry back to his Chair, now Limp. They Swept Up, the Remaining Crystalline Deciduates, and Drains Opened, which Took the Little Bit of Liquidine Debris, Out of the Room. Perry, was now Toned.
Swarma, Placed her Hand on his Forehead, at First to Take his Temperature, and then, Mentally Calibrating his Vocal Remembrance within Herself, Uttered a Word to him, While he sat Slumped over the Chair, Catatonic. The Word.
And Therein, may be a Key... His Subconscious Mind, would most certainly Remember. She Had Uttered It, in His Very Own Vocal Tone. Why? It Rendered him Cognizant and Triggered His Mentality, as though His Own... Though, Truly?... Her Own.
Perry was allowed, with the other Time Wraiths as escort, to slowly move around the Manor and familiarize himself with it. He was being taught by them, how to remain very still for long periods of time. Many of the Time Wraiths, were flown out to the Lab down in Tokyo, to use the computers on their Night-Watch Network. The Lab there, housed her prized Hua Niu ("Black Diamond") Apple, Bonsai, kept under specialized lighting, plus numerous other artefacts. It was set up like somewhat of a Museum, with one dimly lit, humming room for computer observancy, which apart from Monitor glare, left much to the realm of the keen observer.
The 34, often formed a Large Pentagram, with two people at each of the five elemental points, two people between each elemental point encompassing, two people between each elemental point intersecting, two people in the very centre, and two people encircling round about. Underneath them, was stone masonwork in black basalt, and a large star outline, traced with gold inlay.
A chandelier hung above them, and the room had an overview of the gated entrance, where birds were often seen in trees, and light could pour in, but at night, the glass of these windows turned sheet-black to buffet them in, high enough up that none might peep.
By no commotion of ceremony, the participants would stand and hear the NicNeven recite her Canon address. The fruits her Science had yielded, sounded in the Hall, and into their collective memory, which disbanded when they did, after she read from her book.
The book, made from gene paper, was their Canon, and this... only a meeting hall. Despite its congressional form, summons were not of sell out to World Teachings. She ranked as their Science-elected, matriarch, of mental-modernity, by the facet of old typings and tyings, to, "new," teachings.
Ruminations from the fruits of her labwork, thereat would be discussed. For if nobody would have them, they most certainly would. Then, and only then, would the lines be codographed (some of the Night-Watch, were also very good hackers). They were secretly culted-over, but by few, and their practicum bore method, not mere devotion. The team were, "Nec-Will'O’Mancer"-affiliate.
An Addendum/Add-On on The Hadena/Gaudy Hadibi/Gift, Out Of Hades/Hell, by Hoodoo (Through Sinter Croft Sinchery, or, alleged Ho-Doctorate).
~ In Other Words: The Elaborately Sinched False-Label on Tobacco Smoke. ~

That It Came From, Túḫ-ḫa-a-iz-zi: "To Produce Smoke."
A Variant Of This Hittite Language Word (In Imperative Plural), Is, "Tuḫḫāndu."

Because, 'Tuh': Means to, "Pour"/"Give Birth"/"Lay Eggs"/"Touha (Which, implies, by, "Desire")," And/Or, "Tuha,"
This, As Well As, 'Tuhh': "Thousand"/"Grand"/"Tonn,” by the Proponent of Measure.
... 'Tuha': "Tuba."туъһа
Where, ... 'Tuba' (Malay Language): Is a, "Poison That Is Made Out Of Root."
Plus, it’s, 'Tuba' (Malay Language), Gives "Duva (Fijian Language),"
For 'Dūbǭ' (Dutch Language):ūbǭ * 'Dūbǭ', Can Mean, "Dove." *
Thus, “Height.” Though, Holy Spirit (Or Prayers) still, “Intemn”/”Imprison,” you as Indebted by Material Snare (Karmic-Causal Renditions), if not off of it.

~ After Tuh, Which Too, Is Tuha.. And Tuha, Which With Tuhh, Is Thousand.. ~
... Kamba Language: "Andu,” for, “Mundu."
• Making, "Tuḫḫāndu."

The Reason Why, Is Because,
"Andu (Kamba Language)": "Mundu,"
And "Mundu (Kamba Language)": "A Man,"
"Mʊ̀ntʊ̀ (Proto-Bantu Language)": "Kɪ̀ntʊ̀"/"Thing,"
And "Kɪ̀ntʊ̀"/"Thing,"
When Translated To Nyasa, Chichewa Language: "Chinthu."
This Last Addition Indicates The
  • "Co."
Which Is, The, "Man," "Thing," Or, "World," Of It, So To Speak.
Which Would Be The World, If Not By Dove-Letterate.
  • Jehu, Jehu, He’ish I Say too. *
Ishi (Hosea). …
  • Anyhow, the Natives know it by another name. Hope you've enjoyed the Lesson!
What did you have me on? Some sort of Cerelium Slick? El, in Perry, broke out bawling. Something so licentious that I can’t tell I’m licked. HaHa.
His stupor adored him with affection, and he had a hammering affectation from it. It caused him to clout his knowing, though only briefly.
Perry came through, yamming… I’m looking back on days of Candy Cloaker Gobstoppers! You mean you literally had me erased… or, where am I?
You Hide no Burger, in Finding Fries, Perald. Daytime is where I have you.
At that, there had been an unconventional or out-of-the-norm convening, where not-an-one of all the attendants had-in, to agree, "We are Necropolitan"... Though, their greed to know, would grow.
Perry led himself back in, looking for his girlfriend, strangely feeling sold out of his nut.

Ironically, it was just at that point that Juniper had made it there. She too was undergoing her thought detexturing, “rinse,” that is, the opposite of any detox, after looking like a Raisin May's, “In.”
This was to be the, “Turnabout (a new Ceremony was declared by Avem’s Host in Relative-Caster Company, and held somewhat like a House Party).”
A $9,000.00 Maitland Smith Dollhouse Bar Cabinet, was off in isolated room of the newly Renovated Manor, with a load of Porcelain Dolls and cameras to watch it.
That room was off limits.
Juniper had had it in her know long afore, in dream. Now to hack Avem… oh, where?

"Osa," circuit of my air... How can, "I," enfold you? Swarma asked, with a vestitude, which only, behooved to surmise her, with surreptitious guiltiness of paridyllic refrain.
She, “The NicNeven,” winked meaningfully, holding an extremely rare pipe up, skyward.
The Time Wraiths all sat, in their, “F”arm-Ended Theatre apart from the once-Ballroom.
Quieting down, it was in their circle that a cast occurred, but in truth they were no relative summoners and Avem’s Mafia had elected them afresh.
That is… that as they were all a, somewhat afraid and eerily sketched out, “Fresh Crop,” yet and though, she would in fact, have them richly afforded, in Good Time.

Avem’s Mafia had sent the former Nec-Will’O’Mancers over to her Manor for the Renovations.
Avem, then, was Crowned, “Accorded,” and the Newly Selected Time Wraiths, could be Trained.
Avem’s Clue In, in her new Role, while in her old Manor seemed to live in it’s espies.
I mean, they must have had her drugged for the whole house to be enchanted, somehow, but the only question is who set it up, and when?
One of her clues, came from a former Nec-Will’O’Mancer silently shadow-encoaching a novice approved in the group, by his far larger boding of path had, in-the-off. She heard the man in her head as well, ruling that Smith had to explore her ties in the Mafia, through rank, a second time, and thus a later, termed-submission as a right of accession, had been officed.
She, once again (the man went over in his mind) being indoctrinated into Mafia rank, though slowly, because her freedom-release methods, were her own merital device, and she needed a longer time to work at them.
Avem, had canned herself intentionally, to stay at a head, but nobody fully knew, how it was done.
Reptilian Mind Control.
How could that be?
Look to the Wind, and we shall ride. ~ "Phantom Riding The Whip," where one is not standing on top of a vehicle, but rather, riding over a different type of, "Whip," as a, "Phantom-Circuit." ~
"Now we admonish," they recited.
"Peace be," stated the NicNeven. She inhaled from the lit pipe.
They all, “doned,” her infuriatingness, with amicability.
Now yes, your highest love, and what’s our gift they forecried, awaiting something.
Not of in an any Dib of forgery… You will undoubtedly see. She canned.
Please don’t mess us or master us mental, Avem, one girl joked, admitting the kind dark lair WAS weird.
That's Missus, Avem relegated ghasting.

Now, I have here the document they stole it from, a man entering the room said. He read aloud,
The remains of a, "chicote"/"cigar butt"/"cigarette butt."
The Nec-Will'O'Mancers, then stated in unison, reading off of the pamphlets they'd previously been handed out, though in a less clear-and-determined tone, or well (it seemed), in a way that hummed and wandered.
"... Far l'fo, Ho glow. How we sway. How does a hard tar, Lie her thieu, In a chi, icy high..."?
When they were finished reciting, the man continued speaking.
By, "sukunai," "少ない," the man continued in Japanese… a word, which means, "few or little," with the root word, "少し ("すこし," "sukoshi").""
Avem exhaled. "The synonym for, which is, "chotto," she said. So yes... in other words? "A little." "ちょっと ("chotto")," may I add, it has a root word in the adverb, "chito..." "... "ちと ("chito")," as in, "slightly," "a little," "a bit," or, "somewhat," where, "ち ("chi," means, “small”)," and, "と ("to," is an adverbial particle). "と ("to")," is also a noun, which is short for, "と金 (tokin)," which will now indicate a promoted, "歩兵 ("fuhyō," or, "pawn”)," that, "moves," like a, "金将 ("kinshō," or, “gold general”).""
Thus, what might have been inferred, perhaps, was that a, "Chicote," in a pipe, was, more or less, alike unto a, "Chi Chót," if it did indeed implicate such.
A, "Chót," of course, meaning something at the, "Bottom," "Lowest Extremity," or, "End," of something, and from there, or at that point, perhaps even then moving forward.
Chicote, apart from being a form of Tobacco, was also, in all truth, a form of, "Whip," known for being a Scourge, in places like the Congo.
The NicNeven, had already caught wise to this, and also how, this form of Tobacco, may have had it's own "Xicohtli (a Nahuatl word, for, "Bumblebee")."
I guess, what needed to be said most (as a nod to the Indigenous People), was that they were good to hold a Peace over the Herb, and also Bow...
Some people may have needed a Peace Blessed over them, knowing the Nature of how all Words exist with ties to Power.

This time, however, she was not merely dreaming with the pipe. She aimed to begin work on something more pivotal. Holding her peace, over them, as though the Time Wraiths had not, in fact, been led by her to keep a different mindset, themselves, she kept them aware, of the part of her mind they were let in by.
A part, they would not be able to share. When inhaling, she did so with a strickening wind, through sympathetic diacords and resonance fields, and from a region locked onto by the Time Wraiths collective awareness. The NicNeven (we presume, remaining silent somewhere at the top of an, "imaginary," but quite irregal, circuit of Heaven, and with her pipe), had her whole lot hidden safely away, and blessed unseen.
She, "wind-let," her chosen remote area, with the pipe, from a distance, as though it were a whip and a scourge, creating yet another (this time stronger), bane.
Her smoke summons, were such that, she hoped to collect and open them, one day, as a portal, to dawn on the World.
As for the pipe vision. This one was well formed. She might have make a centrepiece of it, on table somewhere.
Many of them, rested on glass plates, with glass cases overtop. After their Surveillance Circuit had run, "Ash-Line Data," or, "Pipe Particle Intel," was fed through a Computer on the Ash-Configuracy, Analysis-Observancy Program, of the, 'Night-Watch Circuit', of the, "Time Wraiths"-Network, and for a Number of Reasons...
One, being that the Data, would often be used to reproduce these, "In-Pipe Visions," as, "Viable Product-for-Sale ("Furnishings from the, "Furnace,"" so-to-speak)," and so they needed a Good Record of Analysis kept for Reproduction. "Pipe Reproductions," would be made using more Durable Materials, and Non-Smokable Materials. The Data, would also allow the group to Configure Predictions of Ash-Shift, with a Matrix, once Measurements and Variables were Plugged into an appropriate Coded Program Logarithm, which helped them see, potential Shift Patterns, which may yet arise. The Furnishings, were to be kept as Permanent Pipes... Artefacts, for the Mansion, and Museum, of Swarma.
'Necrolith Spectre'. ~ The NicNeven's, "Necrolith Spectre," had a very real premise. She, had drawn Chi through her Summon of Feiz, by a Fix. ~
"Chi (# 14)":
"Summon ("Korean," Language)": 徴
"Feiz ("Zhuang," Language)":
"Fix ("Bouyei," Language)":
Andrew wrote obscurely,
My thought is that the Jinwen Bian, Bronze Inscription, of, "Fá (in the Mandarin Language)," ties itself over to, "Fät (in the "Volapük," Language)," and thus relates to, "Fate," and, "Karma."
"Fat (in the Cantonese Language)," means, "Buddha," and is related to, "Fá (in Mandarin)," while, "Fät (in the Voläpuk Language)," is characteristic of, "Buddhist Philosophy."
Does anyone else see the Structure of the Modern, "Wheel," in the Mandarin, "Fá?" - A.W.T. (November 18th, 2020).
  • No-one knew why. *
‘A, “Marrow Vin Gean”’.
The Holy Spirit Sword cuts through to the Marrow. This is intended to mean that it is versatile. Only, more to the point, that it is not intended for vice.
How this happens, is that it has verses, in tandem occurrence, operating in relevant reflection, on Scripture, and is designed to heal. That is… before having thought of attack or rendering anyone ineffectual.
Wisdom from Jesus, in Scripture, teaches us, that, without Doctrinal relevance, and Revelation, we live on a Dying Planet and cause it.
~ Falling out of our mouths, if I may add. ~ The tongue is a venomous instrument, which apart from destroying, needs to be bridled with Scriptural Truth and or the Gospel, or healing falls away from what we know of vital spirit, sowing, growing, engrafting, and planning.
However picking up on any dead line of “Prayer Chain (for things truly are, by introspection, a righteously bidden, divine godly judgement's in of how to live by a planetary Monodeism and not just by correspondence, but mainly faith in Him),” to help, Christianly, defeat the death of the soul. [Angelic parameters, of what’s barred, of course had in, or it’s out a’barren]
Marrow is where the Blood Cells are created before reaching the Circulatory System.
This is in the bone.
Luz is the Catholic-Bidden Vertebrae/Spinal Column Bone for Resurrection.
As Jesus commands one to Live or the Tree not to grow for being of ill time, Our lines have a prayer solvency to that line of fess, by the Vin, or vine, and gean or Spirit.
However, Merovingeans are babylonian Dragon order. We needed it bidden less graven.
  • Remember the Holy Ghost is of the Burning Bush, with Moses, in Exodus, in The Holy Bible (and not only there).
A Spirit Sword (Of The LORD), bids first how to save. One, “should,” not desire to dare another into fire, as God graces the time by his hand.
Made of Heaven, wise, the sword knows the hairs on the heads of the utilizers and counting unequal, may perform.
That is, off for bolder lead, and even balded for baring, out of the Worker’s Parable of God’s Constance and Unequal Nature, bearers of it's Fire, may see, and do oft’ find some in their know, of the Church Hold on Word.
This is the Rate Of Pay, in the Vineyard Parable, of the Workers who worked (un-in Mammon), for their Lord (Christ), earlier, and then some other, later (ie. When, in Truth, found bidden in and by Him, a fair constant is maintained, no matter World Climate, in the Fellowship), for and not toward, the forever, for they may not be bidden.
God unriddled.
Jesus, is the Amen in Revelations 3:14, He Ransoms Believers Souls, through Self Sacrifice and Sovereign Service, his father, created and lawed through the covenants, and the commandments, and owned all heaven host and hierarch, and the Holy Spirit, Blessed the Way.
'On What Could Have Been'.
An expensive matryoshka was brought in for Ralph to look at...
He received the package at his Estate, and had a hard time with his spectacles, adjusting them trying to read the fine print.
The brown paper parcel, with white sticker, opened to a smaller purple gift box, within it. The gift box was about the size of an order of chow mein, and from within the lilac tissue paper inside, was a golden doll. Andrei, Fu, and Evelyn, had driven back and were now seated around Mr. Dizzmith.
Well, here it is, he stated. No word of who it's from, not to mention that I'm not working anymore.
Is it another antique asked Andrei?
Yes, and well, I think it is, replied the Senior, but the thing is, I don't know how to open it. It's a Matryoshka or Russian Nesting Doll, and this one is rather expensive, but the Middle Circumference of the Doll has a Twistable-Dial Lock, and I've never known that to be the case before.
Would you wager all the others inside it are like that, too? asked Evelyn. I know what Matryoshkas are, but you're right. This one DOES seem a little bedeviled.
Perhaps said Ralph.
Do you think there is anything inside, asked Fu.
It looks a little weighty. Is it a bomb? Asked Evelyn.
Nobody would bomb a man like Mr. Dizzmith, said Andrei, but just to be on the safe side, I'll look it up. Andrei pulled out his Smart Phone.
Most bombs don't have Passcodes, said Fu. Look, the Passcode is right here on the box.
It says the code can be adjusted and is made to be matrilineal.
This is most definitely a finely-crafted specimen then, but how does it work? asked Ralph.
Well, it looks like every Doll has two turnable dials at the vertical middle, which run horizontal and around the circumference. These are adjusted from within, when open, and numerically set with dates for a passcode, before the top and bottom on each doll are latched, that is. Each doll is secured, around and over the former one, which has been latched or fastened, and each, in so doing, has its dials consecutively scrambled from the outside, before putting the next doll on it. The dolls are hollow, and increase in scale, to fit, while the locks operate by Birth Years of mothers, or rather, daughters. If one Mother or Grandmother, leaves a Sum, in her Will, to the, 'Matryoshka Fund', it will Increase in Interest, and if they send an Heirloom in With the Money, once the Company is Informed of the Birth of the Final Child, they will send the Doll to the Final Child, Heirloom within It. The Family History, and Records are Sent too, as the Locks are Set with Birth Years, of Mothers, in Chronological Order or First to Last, and this Prevents the Wrong Families from Accessing the Contents.
If No Contents, are Sent by the Ancestral Will-Bearer, Gifts-in-Shop, may also be Included, upon Initial Order Selection.
The Company/Fund, occasionally Touches Base with the Families, but this is Less Common.
Who is it for? asked Evelyn.
I have no idea, but there's some Weird Vial in it!
What could it be of, though?
Well, Matryoshka's are generally not compartments, made use of, for containing things, but this appears to be a Vial of Oil.
"Oyle," is a rare name for the Saviour, "Jesus Christ," remarked Andrei.
"Oyle ("Middle English," Language)": # 2.4. Maybe an Heiress, then? said Ralph. WHO could she have been?!
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2023.06.07 15:15 Flashy_Reputation_97 Course Scheduling Issues

As I'm sure everyone knows course offerings were just released, and my schedule was looking pretty damn great. That was until two mandatory courses for me have only one time slot, both at the same time. Even worse both courses are only offered during the fall semester. Anyone know if this could end up getting resolved on its own (like they release more time slots) or will I just have to wait a year to take the course again. I do doubt me emailing anyone will help with this, but one can hope I guess
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2023.06.07 15:10 Inevitable_Heart_781 Sadira Andersen, Daughter of Morpheus

Name: Sadira Andersen
Age: 13 years old
Birthday: 30/05/2025
Gender: Cisgender (She/Her)
Voice Claim: Riley Andersen-Inside Out
Sexuality: Bisexual (She’s not 100% sure about it yet)
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Demigod Conundrums: ADHD
Hometown: Buffalo, State of New York
Arielle Hart née Andersen (Mother)- Sadira shares a close and loving bond with her mother. Throughout the early years of Sadira's life, Arielle raised her single-handedly while juggling her responsibilities as a professor in Sociology. Sadira admires her mother's determination and strength in balancing work and raising her. Arielle's commitment to providing for their family, even during challenging times, has left a lasting impression on her. She deeply respects her mother and cherishes the sacrifices she made to ensure her well-being and happiness.
Morpheus (Father)- For Sadira, her father is a figure shrouded in mystery. She has never met him, and her knowledge about him is limited to what her mother and Greek mythology have revealed. Although she feels a sense of abandonment, Sadira acknowledges that she cannot possibly understand the responsibilities of a god. While his absence has left an emotional void, Sadira has learned to navigate life without his presence and focuses on the relationships she has in her immediate family.
Liam Hart (Stepfather)- Sadira's relationship with her stepfather has evolved into one of love and acceptance. Initially resistant to his presence, Sadira gradually opened up to Liam as they spent more time together. She appreciates Liam's genuine care and investment in her well-being. Over time, Sadira came to see him as a father, appreciating his support and guidance. The bond they share is built on trust and mutual respect, and Sadira feels grateful to have Liam as a significant presence in her life.
Oliver Hart (Stepbrother)- Sadira's relationship with her stepbrother has developed into a deep and affectionate sibling bond. Although there was skepticism during their initial meeting, their connection grew stronger as they spent more time together. Despite occasional disagreements, Sadira and Oliver have become close companions, supporting each other through life's ups and downs. Sadira values Oliver's presence as someone who understands her on a deeper level, making their relationship feel akin to that of biological siblings. They share a strong sense of camaraderie, and Sadira cherishes the moments they spend together.
Sadira Andersen stands at a petite height, around 5 feet tall, with a slender build that allows her to move with grace and agility. Her short wavy brown hair frames her face, with strands falling in gentle waves around her forehead and ears. She often styles her hair in a messy bun, secured with a few colorful hairpins or a soft headband. Sadira's hair has a natural shine to it, and she takes pride in keeping it well-maintained, despite its short length.
Her light green droopy eyes are a unique feature that captivate those who meet her. They hold a certain depth and reflect her thoughtful and introspective nature. When she's lost in her thoughts or daydreaming, her eyes seem to shimmer with a touch of enchantment. Sadira's tan skin suggests that she spends time outdoors, soaking up the sunlight during her stargazing sessions.
In terms of clothing style, Sadira prioritizes comfort above all else. She prefers loose-fitting shirts and sweaters made of soft, breathable fabrics. She often chooses earthy tones like muted greens, blues, and browns, although she occasionally adds a pop of color to her outfits with accessories or vibrant patterns. Her wardrobe consists of cozy cardigans, comfortable jeans or leggings, and a collection of well-worn sneakers and boots that have accompanied her on many adventures.
While she may not be the most talkative person in a group, she possesses a remarkable ability to listen attentively when someone shares their thoughts or concerns. Sadira's empathetic nature allows her to understand and connect with others on a deep emotional level, offering comfort and support when needed. Despite her introversion, Sadira does enjoy engaging in conversations that revolve around her interests. When the topic turns to music, literature, or any subject close to her heart, she becomes animated and expressive. Her passion shines through as she shares her thoughts and insights, often surprising others with her depth of knowledge and understanding. Sadira's daydreaming tendencies are both a blessing and a challenge. While her vivid imagination fuels her creativity and helps her explore alternative realities, it can also make her prone to distraction. She often finds herself lost in the realms of her mind, with her head in the clouds for more extended periods than she intends. As a result, she occasionally struggles with focusing on tasks that require her undivided attention. Kindness and compassion are integral parts of Sadira's character. She goes out of her way to help others and is quick to offer support or lend a helping hand. Her natural inclination to nurture and care for those around her has earned her a reputation for being a reliable and trusted friend. However, Sadira's low self-esteem often undermines her confidence. She struggles with feelings of inadequacy and frequently doubts her abilities. Despite her internal battles, she maintains an outwardly calm and composed demeanor, concealing her insecurities behind a gentle smile.
Good Traits
Bad Traits
Because Sadira has only just discovered her heritage, she’s not aware of most of her powers yet. The ones she’s aware of are marked with [A] (Aware) and the ones she’s not with [NA] (Not Aware)
Domain Powers
Godrent Minor Powers
Godrent Major Power

Sadira was born to Arielle Hart née Andersen and Morpheus, God of Dreams, in Buffalo, New York. Her mother, Arielle Hart née Andersen, was a professor of Sociology at a local university. Despite her demanding career, Arielle always made time for her daughter, instilling in Sadira a love for learning and an appreciation for the world around her. Their small apartment became a sanctuary of warmth and love amidst the challenges they faced.
The first dramatic change in Sadira’s life happened when she was six. One day, her mother came home with a man, who she introduced as her new boyfriend, Liam Hart, and his nine year old son, Oliver Hart. At first, Sadira was hostile towards this new man and child– why did they have to come along and take Arielle’s attention away from her? But she quickly warmed up on Liam (she was completely sold after the first time he made pancakes for her) and Oliver. And when Arielle and Liam got married a few years later, and moved Sadira was happy to have a father and an older brother, and they got really close as time went by.
Sadira had a pretty calm and normal childhood. It may have been because of Liam, who was protecting her behind the scenes, it may have been for other reasons, she had never had any monster attacks while growing up. And so, she was completely unaware of the world she belonged in.
But that came to an end a month after her 13th birthday, when strange things started to happen. It started with subtle signs, peculiar incidents that Sadira couldn't quite explain. Her friends began to experience unexplained drowsiness whenever she spoke to them, as if her presence invoked a profound sense of sleepiness. Later, she began having feeling of being constantly watched. The sensation followed her wherever she went, causing her to become increasingly paranoid. And , more recently, the world around her seemed to shift, and she caught glimpses of creatures straight out of mythology that shouldn't exist in the mortal realm. These encounters were unsettling for Sadira, to the point where she began genuinely questioning her own sanity, and decided to tell her family about it.
It was when she was on her way home from school that Sadira was suddenly attacked by a hellhound, an experience that could very well have been her last if it weren’t for the interference of Liam. As soon as Sadira was safe and sound, Arielle and Liam decided to tell her all of the truth about herself, and in a way, about Liam too. They revealed that everything she had read about Greek Mythology was real, that she was the child of a god , and that Liam himself was also a demigod, son of Apollo, which was the reason he could heal her so quickly. In less than an hour, Sadira found out what she was, who her father was, who her stepfather was, and, on top of all of that, she received the news that she would have to leave her home to go to Camp Half-Blood, a place where she could be safe from monsters and learn to defend herself before against them, and Liam would be the one to take her there. It was overwhelming for her, and she was scared and confused about everything. However, even if that was the case, had to admit to herself that she was somewhat excited. Yes, she knows that her life would be harder and almost constantly in danger, but for daydreamer and fantasy nerd like Sadira, it seemed like she had become the protagonist of her own fantasy novel. How could she not be even a little bit excited about that?
Now The journey to Camp Half-Blood was anything but peaceful. Monsters relentlessly pursued them, launching relentless attacks on the road. Sadira's heart raced as she fought for her survival alongside stepfather. Through a combination of sheer luck and Liam’s resourcefulness, they managed to fend off the monsters and continue their perilous journey.
When they finally arrived at Camp Half-Blood, with some minor injuries but nothing to worry about thanks to Liam, Sadira could finally take in the view of the place she would have to call home for a while. It was bigger and livelier than she expected, but she wasn’t really complaining. While Liam presented her to the Camp Directors, an image of what looked like sand started glowing above her head, which revealed her as a child of Morpheus, god of dreams. After that whole debacle and Liam unfortunately having to leave, Sadira was now wandering around the camp, a bag with some of her belongings on her shoulder, and absolutely clueless about where she was going. She was looking for the cabin she was going to stay in, but how was she supposed to find it if she didn’t even know where to look for it.
“This place is so much bigger from up close…”she sighed to herself “I’m starting to regret not having asked for a map or a guide…”
(OOC: Hello everyone! Sorry if the formatting on the post looks weird, I’m not very good at it. But anyways, I hope you have fun meeting Sadira! Have a nice day!)
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2023.06.07 15:10 myspamhere The RE - Re return of the $99 Cobra Denali. (Now with more words)

6 years ago I made a $99 purchase of the cheapest semi-auto in America. 3 years ago, I gave up on it and now it is back from the dead. I was re-arranging the safe, and found this in the very back of it. I pulled it out, and figured 'Why not, I love disappointment.' So I am going down this road again.
The last problem I has was the magazine falling out with each shot. I pout in an empty magazine, and pulled, and it slid right out. The mag catch can be removed once the grip is off. I took off the grip removed the catch and examined it. I could see instead of a sharp corner, it was completely worn to a round ramp.
I found a new one on e-bay that came with some more pins and springs. WOOHOO. I installed it, and the mag was secure again! Now I got out the dremel, and metal polish, and polished the freak out of the feeding ramp. It was a mirror by the time I was done. I cleaned it up, oiled it with Hoppes number 9 gun oil. I then tried to load a round to see if it would work. It jammed on the feed ramp. CRAP. I tried with the other magazine, and same result.
I put it back down and had a glass of Johnnie Walker Green ( I Don't make enough for Blue.) I was done for the night. The next day, I looked at the .380 rounds, and noticed they were truncated flat nose. I tried loading again with round nose FMJ, and they freaking loaded fine. WOOHOO.
I went to the range yesterday, and it was mostly reliable with FMJ round nose. 2 times out of 30 rounds, it failed to go fully into battery. A small push on the back of the slide and it was ready to go.
For the hell of it, I loaded a mag with 3 rounds of Winchester Silver Tip 380's and .....IT SHOT ALL THREE..... without a problem.
Now I need to figure out the going back to into battery issue. I was using Blazer Aluminum so that might be part of it.
On a sad note - Cobra Firearms is out of business. I guess the lifetime warranty is no longer effective.
Stay tuned for more.....
Complete History
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2023.06.07 15:10 Unicornloverkitty Is he not that into me? Or…

In December 2022, I finally met this guy that I had originally connected with via bumble back in 2019. I joined dating apps in 2019 after getting out of a long relationship he was one of my first connections that I made on there. We messaged on the app, we exchanged phone numbers and we text for a bit, but we never met. Conversation would pick up and drop often.
Fast forward to November 2022, I started randomly posting on my ‎WhatsApp story and he responded to one of my stories saying “that’s a face I haven’t seen in a while”, and the conversation picked up. We started texting again, but this time we were texting every day and having deep conversations. We would also play truth or dare and one day he said I dare you to meet me right now and give me a kiss. We ended up meeting for the first time on Christmas day of last year.
We had an instant physical connection and attraction to each other. It was not a date, we met at a parking lot. I sat in his car and we talked for a bit, and we shared our first kiss. I have never felt more connected to someone in my life. And it seemed that he shared the same sentiment. Or maybe he was just horny. We talked about going on our first date and what we would do. I asked him more about the type of work that he does, and he said he wanted to save the conversation for the dinner table etc. We had trouble letting go of each other that night. His hugs and kisses gave me chills. From the moment I met him, I knew that I was going to fall in love with him.
Following us meeting, I waited for the confirmation of this supposed date. We were still texting every single day. Still talking about how lovely it was when we met and riding off of the high. Then he informed me that someone passed away in his family. I did see a picture of the obituary posted on his WhatsApp. We started texting less as he was going through the loss with his family. We would still text here and there, but it wasn’t the same. I assumed he was grieving. After a few weeks, conversation picked up again, and we were talking about his shoulder being injured and going to the doctor to know whether or not he was going to need surgery. Sure enough, he went to the doctor and they told him that he was going to need surgery on his shoulder. He plays soccer. Along with other sports. We talked about how he would prepare for surgery, and how long he would be on bed rest he would send me update pictures. Etc.
I imagined that following his recovery from surgery, he would make plans for us to get together again. That did not happen. We would continue to text every single day throughout the day during the night, but no conversation of ever getting together. We would flirt, send pictures, no nudes, just regular selfies and stuff. Then he told me he went to the doctor to get a physical, and he told me that he had to poop in a box. (This is an alternative way to assess colon health.) So we were making jokes about that and I would ask him. Did you poop in your box yet? And I told him that I’m going to keep asking until he does it. Then he told me he did it and sent it in and within a couple of days he did tell me that the doctors want to run more test. He was super bummed about that and honestly, so was I. I literally cried. I let him know that I was there for him and we would talk here and there I checked in to see how he was doing, but the conversation was shorter during this time.
After a couple of weeks of less conversation, I decided to block him in April. He ended up reaching out to me in early May via ‎WhatsApp, and letting me know that he tried contacting me a couple of times, but the messages didn’t go through and he figured that I had blocked him. Honestly, I was so happy to hear from him. I did confirm that I had indeed blocked him. I also informed him that I blocked him because I thought that he was not as interested in me as I was in him and I wanted to remove the temptation for me to continue contacting him. He’s stressed that that was not the case and that he has just had a lot going on as I know with the loss of his family and his health. But was still interested. I said I was still interested and I said if that’s the case I can unblock you and we can pick up where we left off. I did just that. I was in Europe at the time. I just got back mid May. After two weeks of me, being back, still no conversation about a date. He is part of a soccer league and they finally had their last tournament the other day and he said, when are we gonna celebrate and I said whenever you’re ready.
Fast forward to to last week, we scheduled a date for this Monday. The date was scheduled on Monday because he was in Canada this weekend and on the lake on Sunday. Monday rolls around and he sends me a selfie of him with his shirt off and showing me how sunburned he is. As a result of the sunburn, he asked if we can push the date to Wednesday (today). we still continue to text every single day day and night. This morning, he text me picking up the conversation from last night. And 30 minutes after that, he text me and says that his uncle passed away and he won’t be texting much today.
I feel like a bitch for questioning all of the things that have come up in his life. I truly don’t understand how much time can lapse, and there would be no effort to actually connect or hang out in person. I believe he is an honest person, and I do believe the things that he is going through are real and true. However, I find it hard to believe that despite all of the things he has going on there is not any time to meet me. I feel selfish for thinking that way. What’s your take?
TLDR; I met a guy on Christmas of 2022 after three years of knowing of each other. We have never had our first date, and something always seems to come up when we are going to.
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2023.06.07 15:08 AuthorDDLewis Prayer based on Revelation 8:6-12

Prayer based on Revelation 8:6-12
Jesus breaks the last seal, allowing Him to open the scroll, and the great tribulation begins with the sound of a trumpet. The first of seven trumpet judgments.
When the first angel blew his trumpet, God pours His wrath and fury upon the earth with hail, fire, and blood. God did something like this before to deliver His people from Pharaoh. (Exodus 9:23-26) When the second angel blew His trumpet, something like a great mountain burning with fire fell into the sea. The sea became blood, and a third of the creatures in the sea died. This judgment is similar to the first plague God poured out on Egypt. (Exodus 7:20-21) When the third angel blew His trumpet, John describes a burning star from heaven falling on a third of the rivers and springs of water. He calls this star wormwood because it poisons a third of the rivers and streams and many will die when they drink the bitter water. Some interpreters believe this falling star could represent a person. In Scripture, wormwood always refers to something or someone that corrupts the Gospel (the sweet springs of spiritual life). They say the Gospel is made bitter by mixing truth with error so that souls are ruined and die and never find refreshment in the Gospel. Although this is true and has happened, I prefer to read Revelation as a literal interpretation of future events. This commitment makes the fourth trumpet impossible for me to explain. When the angel blew the fourth trumpet, It literally says that the light from the sun did not shine for a third of the day, and the moon and stars did not shine for a third of the night. I can not explain this supernatural event, but it will happen and be devastating to life on earth. God did stop the sun from shining when He showed His power over the gods of Egypt. He stopped the sun from shining on Egypt for three days, but Israel had light where they lived. (Exodus 10:21-23) God also stopped the light from shining in the middle of the day at the death of His Son. (Matthew 27:45)
Father, may we never try to dismiss You and explain You away. You have promised to give Your Holy Spirit to all who will humble themselves under Your mighty hand. May we be committed to You and look to You for the wisdom, guidance, and power we need to live for You. May we be a living testimony of Your Gospel. Amen.
Let us read and meditate on James 4:1-10
Questions for reflection and meditation: 1. What did God accomplish in sending the ten plagues upon Egypt? 2. What does God accomplish through the great tribulation? 3. What does this passage tell you about the nature of God? 4. How has this passage changed how you look at your current trials and tribulations? (John 16:33)
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2023.06.07 15:08 Worldly_Mood9382 Are there any guided tours available for Kedarnath?

Are there any guided tours available for Kedarnath?

🚶‍♂️🏔️ Journey to Tranquility: Immerse Yourself in our Guided Kedarnath Tour Plan. 🙏✨

Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of India’s majestic mountains? Look no further than Kedarnath, one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world. As you plan your trip, consider taking advantage of a guided tour — it’s a great way to explore this stunning region while ensuring that you have all the support and expertise you need along the way.

🛣️ Delhi to Kedarnath Distance: How Far Will You Travel? 🗺️

If you’re starting your journey from Delhi, rest assured that reaching Kedarnath is both easy and rewarding. The delhi to kedarnath distance is approximately 450 kilometers, which can be covered by car or bus within 12–14 hours depending on traffic conditions. Alternatively, take a flight from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi ✈️to Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun followed by taking a taxi or bus ride up the winding mountain roads.

📅 Delhi to Kedarnath Trip Plan: What Should You Expect? 🗒️

Once you arrive at your destination, get ready for an incredible adventure unlike any other! Your guided tour will likely include visits to some of the area’s most iconic landmarks such as Badrinath Temple 🕉️ , Vasudhara Falls 💦 , Gaurikund hot springs 🔥 among many others. Additionally they might provide with options like trekking around Chorabari Tal (Gandhi Sarovar) lake or witnessing snow capped Himalayas peaks at Tungnath temple ⛰

💰Delhi to Kedarnath Trip Cost: Is It Affordable? 💸

While embarking on a guided tour may seem expensive initially; it actually offers excellent value for money when compared with planning everything independently.The Delhi to Kedarnath trip cost varies based on factors such as the duration of the trip, the number of people traveling, and the type of accommodation chosen. etc 💰. However don’t forget that every penny spent on this trip is worth it when you consider the lifelong memories and experiences that await.

🛣️ Delhi to Kedarnath Route: Which Path Will You Take? 🧭

Finally, as you plan your journey, be sure to choose the Delhi to Kedarnath route that suits your needs and preferences.There are several routes available for those traveling from Delhi — some may opt for the scenic beauty of Rishikesh or Haridwar while others might prefer the winding roads through Rudraprayag and Guptkashi 🏞️. Whatever path you take, make sure to stop along the way and soak up all the natural beauty that surrounds you.

👀 Guided Tours in Kedarnath: The Ultimate Adventure Awaits! 🔍

In conclusion, if you’re seeking an adventure of a lifetime in one of India’s most stunning regions, guided Kedarnath tour plans are definitely worth considering.. With expert guides by your side every step of the way ,you’ll have all support needed throughout 🙌 . So why wait any longer? Book your tour today and get ready to experience everything Kedarnath has to offer!
To know more about best places to visit in Uttrakhand Click Here
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2023.06.07 15:08 SandraSandraSandra A Struggle - The Saga of Flower-Hill 5

The hill appeared deserted. Sonurupākä was not sure if he should find the worrying, or a positive indication that the disruption caused by their hordes has gone relatively unnoticed.
His wife and the Great Mothers of his clan had done it. They had united the clans of Konuthomu behind a single purpose. Behind a single man. Behind him. More than that, his mission east had been a success—they think. This hill is where they are supposed to meet. Is it possible the people of Kamābarha have betrayed their trust.
He stews on this risk as the column advances up the hill. They travel in twos—one with a spear, one with a bow—each carrying a simple cloth rucksack with arrows and food.
Ahead he sees a face emerge from the undergrowth—he draws his bow and knocks the arrow he’d had at his belt, and then noticed the lack of feathers and painted pictographs. In Rhadämā he calls, “Hail good son, I hope your wait has been short and fruitful.”
Despite the initial shock of a bow in his face, the Kamābarha scout recovers admirably, “Aye, we just arrived then finished the midday meal. Come, I shall take you to our Outer-Chief.”
The featherless man, young and lithe with hungry eyes and handsome visage, leads the column up the hill. As they round the crest, a crowd emerged seated in its meadowy crest.
It’s a good crowd, with bows and spears much the same as theirs. The leader stands dressed in a blue and red cape and central skirt. Ōdjobanama, son of the great clan mother of Kamābarha, greets him heartily, “The spirits are good bringing us together so swiftly. Please, sit, share my plate.” He guides Sonurupākä over to a small circle of richly dressed men. Before them sit plates with zizania, fried tuber, and rabbit. Sitting, the two leaders eat and talk, planning for the assaults.
There are three main settlements of this particular band of Yelithātsan, surrounded by managed forest and meadowland for grazing and their meagre farms imitating civilization. The attack is to begin after the fall of night, when the savages are hopefully in their cups—even barbarians keep to the holy day. They honour Him in another way: he saves us all from destruction, so we shall save ourselves from pilfering. Splitting the horde into two equal groups, one under each Outer-Chief’s command, they shall approach the main village together. Once cleared, they will move on to the subsequent two. Messy business, but necessary.
The Outer-Chiefs toast their plans with small cups of cranberry wine, and lay down for a rest. The night shall be long and tiring.
The flickering torchlight paints their faces ghostly as they stand, ringing the village.
It is a quaint, wooden affair with thatch roofs and small-halls. Larger barns surround the village in the pasture land. Those shan’t be touched, the bison’s their reward, after all.
Half a dozen scouts creep into the village, the sounds of caroling have ceased—the festivities are at an end. It has been a dry month, more so than usual, and the homes take fire easily. First the thatch but then the thinner planks and wattle used. The scours quickly retreat to the village surroundings and take up their spears or bows, posted beside arrows stuck-standing in the dry earth.
The first shouts are ones of terror—the smell of smoke and unwelcome light rousing the unknowing sleepers within.
“Water, water,” the cries ring out as the people scramble to put out the fires.
The first to show themselves are the young mothers, easily roused and quickly killed as arrows fly. The village is surrounded, there is nowhere to flee.
Cries of terror and “attack” begin to accompany those for water. Somewhere some babes begin to bawl.
Sonurupākä steadies his face and fired arrows, piercing the throat of a young boy, newly-feathered, who took up a spear in his house’s defence.
“Savagery is a blight upon the land. An ordered paddy requires weeding. Allow for rot and you ruin the store.”
Repeating platitudes under his breath, he fires again and again into the crowds. Still, his stomach rolls. It is his duty, nothing more. He was trusted to do this. It is an honour.
One of his men pierces a woman with a babe, the two falling to the earth in a single heap. Another a wizened matriarch. A few brave fools with spears and clubs and knives make it to the perimeter, only for the spearmen of the forces of order to make quick work of them.
As the fires rage higher and all hope of putting them out is lost, and bodies begin to pile, more and more of the Yelithatsan simply throw their bodies to the ground and plea for forgiveness, for grace, for god.
The harder challenge is raised by those of the farmhouses and barns attacking from the dark. A few clever Yelithatsan loose arrows from the forests, downing some of the forces of civilization, but they too are overwhelmed.
With the resistance broken, it’s easy work to go through the wreckage, slicing the throats of those wounded but struggling long—offering a little prayer and making them an offering in thanks for protection in the battle.
The main task, however, is slicing off the left ears off the defeated—both living and dead. By taking the Kemihatsārä of the defeated, they are robbed of status and power. Women, youths, and weaker men are left alive—if they don’t get infected from their wound—and are to be taken back as farm labour. Their feathers of parrot and pigeon shall adorn the cloaks of the victors.
Those who are too wilful receive a simpler fate: a knife makes quick work of resistance.
Binding the prisoners and leaving some men to guard them, the troupes split up and continue their assault.
Some 800 lie dead as midday sets in, but thousands of bison and many urns of wine have been seized. The victors take turns sleeping as others burn the dead—Proper pyres with prayers for the honoured dead, the defeated built in with the kindling.
The divvying up of the rewards is simple enough: Konuthomu’s rewards belong to the clan mothers—they shall decide the division upon their return (or, realistically, already have), and Ōdjobanama’s requests seemed fair.
They shall rest and feast here tonight, amongst the ruins of the village. In the morning, the captives will be loaded with goods and brought to their new lives as landless labour: servants of new clans. Before the funeral pyres, Sonurupākä completes a ritual. This is perhaps aggressive, inventing something new, but it seems necessary. Casting the ears into the fire, he grants the Kemihatsārä of the defeated to the victorious soldiers. Feathers of parrot and pigeon are added to cloaks: trophies of victory. Those who distinguished themselves most admirably receive more, with multiple feathers marking their prestige.
The duNothudo, of DjamäThanä at least, had told him to treat the victors as heroes. He prays this is what they meant. But the men had begun to add the feathers to their own cloaks—and that anarchy could be tolerated.
The smell of burnt flesh accompanies the feast, dozens of bison roast over raging fires and hearty stews of rice and tuber grace the tables. Glory tastes excellent.
The welcome back in Konuthomu was incredible. A small, congratulatory feast was thrown upon their return, and Sonurupākä was granted a full row of clan-feathers from each of the six clans: extending his cape beneath his tail-bone.
The division of the resources was decided upon, with 144 bison set aside for the Autumnal Equinox. Invitations were sent out far and wide for all villages within six days of canoeing to come, pay homage to the Great Mothers of Konuthomu, take part in the bounty and generosity of the Mothers, and arrange for their commitments to the granaries of Konuthomu. The Potters’ Quarter, a dense maze of small, two-story houses, kilns, and workshops below the Themilanan split between DjamäThanä in the East and NāpäkoduThonu in the West was abuzz.
1728 bowls of celadon.
That is what Senisedjarha had called for, and that is what Sonurupākä must deliver. The Nōlukomuko, DjamäThanä’s portion of the recent prisoners, were put to work quarrying the feldspar needed to make the glaze, and the workshops of the Potters’ Quarter seemed lit and full both night and day. Overview of the Quarter is not chiefly Sonurupākä’s duty, but the fruit harvests are in the hands of Nolunaman and Sonurupākä is not needed beyond the city.
Perhaps soon, if messengers come back reporting on the peasants who refuse to pay homage to the Great Mothers, he’ll be needed beyond the Themilanan. But for now, he can dedicate himself to artistry and allow the glaze to clear his mind.
They’d needed to remind a few families of their position—and what they owe to the Great Mothers of Konuthomu. But the Autumnal Equinox proved to be the greatest event Konuthomu had ever known. In the meadows just beyond the fields, dozens of long tables were set up. Seventy-two fire pits were dug, each to roast two of the 144 bison for the feast. Tsukõdju had never witnessed such a feast.
The evening ends with declarations by the duNothudo: Nāpäkodu Peritēki-Demisenikonu is named Outer-Chief—it makes sense, his time is up and he has served his duty well.
But the duNothudo do not stop there. “As is plain to all, the world grows more dangerous, more complex. We need a strong hand to enact our wisdom, and to protect us. Nāpäkodu Peritēki-Demisenikonu shall be our spear: the protector of Konuthomu. But what good is a spear without a kiln and field to protect? We thus name Djamä Sonurupākä-Pēzjeceni Inner-Chief.”
A murmur rises. So his task is not done.
The weather has cooled and the harvest has been completed. He has had a busy few months. But as he has settled into his new role and finished the duties with the harvest, he has had time to think.
It’s night now, the air is cold. He woke from bed and is wearing only a woolen poncho, traded for from the Yeli. He walks in the courtyard garden in the Rhadämā style house he built—indisputably the greatest in the Themilanan, positioned on a flat mound extending above the Potters’ District.
He woke up from a recurring nightmare: he’s back in that flaming village, he looses an arrow at a figure running at him through the flames. He goes to see who it was, and finds Senisedjarha holding their newborn daughter.
At that moment he always wakes up. One of the serving girls on duty brings him his pipe, packed with tobacco, and a cup of strong maple wine. He sits on a rock, moonlight filtering through the leafy canopy above him.
A man must do his duty, for that is what makes a path.
Another drink and he’ll return to bed and take his wife in his arms.
Another drink and he’ll be able to sleep.
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2023.06.07 15:08 AuthorDDLewis Prayer based on Revelation 8:6-12

Prayer based on Revelation 8:6-12
Jesus breaks the last seal, allowing Him to open the scroll, and the great tribulation begins with the sound of a trumpet. The first of seven trumpet judgments.
When the first angel blew his trumpet, God pours His wrath and fury upon the earth with hail, fire, and blood. God did something like this before to deliver His people from Pharaoh. (Exodus 9:23-26) When the second angel blew His trumpet, something like a great mountain burning with fire fell into the sea. The sea became blood, and a third of the creatures in the sea died. This judgment is similar to the first plague God poured out on Egypt. (Exodus 7:20-21) When the third angel blew His trumpet, John describes a burning star from heaven falling on a third of the rivers and springs of water. He calls this star wormwood because it poisons a third of the rivers and streams and many will die when they drink the bitter water. Some interpreters believe this falling star could represent a person. In Scripture, wormwood always refers to something or someone that corrupts the Gospel (the sweet springs of spiritual life). They say the Gospel is made bitter by mixing truth with error so that souls are ruined and die and never find refreshment in the Gospel. Although this is true and has happened, I prefer to read Revelation as a literal interpretation of future events. This commitment makes the fourth trumpet impossible for me to explain. When the angel blew the fourth trumpet, It literally says that the light from the sun did not shine for a third of the day, and the moon and stars did not shine for a third of the night. I can not explain this supernatural event, but it will happen and be devastating to life on earth. God did stop the sun from shining when He showed His power over the gods of Egypt. He stopped the sun from shining on Egypt for three days, but Israel had light where they lived. (Exodus 10:21-23) God also stopped the light from shining in the middle of the day at the death of His Son. (Matthew 27:45)
Father, may we never try to dismiss You and explain You away. You have promised to give Your Holy Spirit to all who will humble themselves under Your mighty hand. May we be committed to You and look to You for the wisdom, guidance, and power we need to live for You. May we be a living testimony of Your Gospel. Amen.
Let us read and meditate on James 4:1-10
Questions for reflection and meditation: 1. What did God accomplish in sending the ten plagues upon Egypt? 2. What does God accomplish through the great tribulation? 3. What does this passage tell you about the nature of God? 4. How has this passage changed how you look at your current trials and tribulations? (John 16:33)
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2023.06.07 15:07 AuthorDDLewis Prayer based on Revelation 8:6-12

Prayer based on Revelation 8:6-12
Jesus breaks the last seal, allowing Him to open the scroll, and the great tribulation begins with the sound of a trumpet. The first of seven trumpet judgments.
When the first angel blew his trumpet, God pours His wrath and fury upon the earth with hail, fire, and blood. God did something like this before to deliver His people from Pharaoh. (Exodus 9:23-26) When the second angel blew His trumpet, something like a great mountain burning with fire fell into the sea. The sea became blood, and a third of the creatures in the sea died. This judgment is similar to the first plague God poured out on Egypt. (Exodus 7:20-21) When the third angel blew His trumpet, John describes a burning star from heaven falling on a third of the rivers and springs of water. He calls this star wormwood because it poisons a third of the rivers and streams and many will die when they drink the bitter water. Some interpreters believe this falling star could represent a person. In Scripture, wormwood always refers to something or someone that corrupts the Gospel (the sweet springs of spiritual life). They say the Gospel is made bitter by mixing truth with error so that souls are ruined and die and never find refreshment in the Gospel. Although this is true and has happened, I prefer to read Revelation as a literal interpretation of future events. This commitment makes the fourth trumpet impossible for me to explain. When the angel blew the fourth trumpet, It literally says that the light from the sun did not shine for a third of the day, and the moon and stars did not shine for a third of the night. I can not explain this supernatural event, but it will happen and be devastating to life on earth. God did stop the sun from shining when He showed His power over the gods of Egypt. He stopped the sun from shining on Egypt for three days, but Israel had light where they lived. (Exodus 10:21-23) God also stopped the light from shining in the middle of the day at the death of His Son. (Matthew 27:45)
Father, may we never try to dismiss You and explain You away. You have promised to give Your Holy Spirit to all who will humble themselves under Your mighty hand. May we be committed to You and look to You for the wisdom, guidance, and power we need to live for You. May we be a living testimony of Your Gospel. Amen.
Let us read and meditate on James 4:1-10
Questions for reflection and meditation: 1. What did God accomplish in sending the ten plagues upon Egypt? 2. What does God accomplish through the great tribulation? 3. What does this passage tell you about the nature of God? 4. How has this passage changed how you look at your current trials and tribulations? (John 16:33)
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2023.06.07 15:07 Lemonstealth On-Campus Housing for Exchange Students

Hello, I'm an incoming exchange student heading to UCR for the upcoming Fall semester, and I'm currently in the process of selecting my on-campus housing option.
Given that this is my first experience studying in the United States, and at UCR in particular, I was hoping to gather some insights from current students who are familiar with the on-campus housing environment. I'm particularly interested in understanding which housing options might be the best fit for an exchange student like me.
Here are a few specific questions I have:
  1. Which on-campus housing options do exchange students typically choose?
  2. Are there certain residence halls or apartments that you would recommend based on their community, amenities, or proximity to important campus locations (e.g., libraries, computer labs, dining halls, etc.)?
  3. If I am only staying for the fall semester (3-4 months), how does the leasing work? Is it like a monthly payment and I just stop paying once I move out?
Of course, any additional advice or recommendations you might have about choosing housing at UCR would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
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2023.06.07 15:05 Appropriate_Gain5492 Why does Pisces man suck at texting?? Help, i need some insights 😭

So this guy followed me on work/ public instagram back in February this year, and he replied to a selfie i posted on my story on Valentines day (im sure this was a coincidence or maybe its not idk) and said im cute and that he’d like to get a drink with me - I said you’re cute too, let’s do it, when? He said maybe in a month - cause he wasn’t even in the same city then (we live in the same city but he travels for work a lot bc of the nature of his job - he’s like a sportsman kind of..)
Fast forward one month, he was on his way back, we wanted to meet but he was jet lagged and i had to travel for work (the nature of my job i can work while i travel so i travel a lot too)
Then i said its ok to be honest, we never made any concrete plan and if hes tired id rather him rest up etc, then he said he still wanna hang out next time we’re both in london
Then a month later … lol he messaged me, asking if i was around, i said “yes, and you?”, he said “yes :)”, and then i asked “how was your trip” and then he aired me..
Then a few weeks later, while he’s away for work, he replied to a story again saying he wants to get a piece of art from me.. i said ok, message me whenever youre back
At this point, i have already moved on from this. I’m Gemini sun, leo moon, gemini venus, taurus mars and mercury - idk much about what it means but apparently i just move on very quickly and its hard for me to fall in love and commit to someone, so when i said msg me when ur back- i literally thought nothing of it, also it was a piece of art, he was gonna pay me, its business lol
Anyway, a month & 2 weeks later, he liked me on Hinge :- lol - my first reaction was “this bitchs playing game with me, but im free, so im gonna entertain it” with the intention of just fucking about with him , so i liked him back and we matched
We then proceeded to go on a date, and to my surprise, he’s actually very open minded, exciting to be around, and we both had a really good time. I messaged him the next day saying we should do it again while you’re in the city, if you’re gonna be around for a bit, to this he replied “yea i had so much fun, lets do it, I’ll be around in the city for at least another week”
I said “sweet, when are you free?”
He replied “im not free til thursday im afraid”
Which is fine, i msged back saying “mbe we can do it on the weekend again”
And that was 2 days ago.
Granted I know he’s busy, and I’m busy, but because of his history of being so back and forth, it kinda makes me feel like maybe he has changed his mind
Although compared to before we met in person, he’s been really on top of replying to me after our date :)
I just really hate mind games - I’m very straightforward and I don’t like to confuse people, also I’m at that point of my life where i want to treat people with good intention so if i like someone, ill ask them out. Game playing is a hard no for me. So i guess i wanna know if he’s playing games with me? Cause if so iwill drop him in a heartbeat
His placements Pisces Sun Gemini Moon Aries Venus Aquarius Mercury Pisces Mars
Any insight will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank youuuu
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2023.06.07 15:04 ceteris_paribus123 Anyone from Pune moving to Montreal this Fall Sem (Concordia University)?

I am moving to Montreal this Fall intake. I am from Pune and would like to connect with people who are going to study at Concordia (starting this fall) and are from Pune. I am enrolled in Graduate Diploma in Economics.
It would be great to connect with people before moving to if anyone of you is moving too, let me know...
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2023.06.07 15:02 SCO2LFK Tips on getting to sleep ?

Does anyone have any tips that they use to get to sleep ? I’ll have a great productive day and feel like I’m starting to get tired only to lie in bed and struggle to fall asleep because my medication is still working in my brain, no matter how tired my body is . I’ve tried most of the online tips (YouTube meditation , rain sounds , deep breathing , counting backwards, winding down early etc.) but as soon as I feel them begin to work my brain jolts me back to consciousness with “SLEEP IS WEIRD ISN’T IT?!” as I struggle to come to terms that one of these thoughts might be my last for the night and then it’s suddenly the morning . The worst part is that it ends up having a knock on effect for the next day , so after a few days I’m dragging whether I’m on my meds or not .
So any tips , techniques , foods , vitamins or supplements that you have used to successfully get over the hurdle of actually falling asleep ?
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2023.06.07 15:01 hamidshaiikh7227 Ladder Safety for Specific Industries: Guidelines for Construction, Maintenance, and More.

Ladder Safety for Specific Industries: Guidelines for Construction, Maintenance, and More.
Ladders are indispensable tools in various industries, including construction, maintenance, and beyond. However, working with ladders can pose significant safety risks if proper precautions are not followed. Each industry has its unique requirements and hazards, which necessitate specific guidelines to ensure ladder safety. In this article, we will explore industry-specific ladder safety guidelines for construction, maintenance, and other relevant sectors.

  • Construction Industry
a. Selecting the Right Ladder: In the construction industry, the selection of the appropriate ladder is crucial. Consider factors such as ladder type (e.g., extension ladder, step ladder, or platform ladder), height requirements, weight capacity, and stability. Ensure that the ladder chosen meets or exceeds the specific requirements outlined by relevant safety standards.
b. Inspection and Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of ladders are essential in construction sites. Inspect the ladder for any visible damage, such as bent rungs, cracks, or loose connections. Additionally, ensure that the ladder is clean and free from debris that could affect stability. Replace or repair damaged ladders promptly.
c. Secure Placement: Proper ladder placement is critical to prevent accidents in construction settings. Ensure the ladder is placed on stable, level ground, and use leg levelers or stabilizers if necessary. If the ladder needs to be positioned on an uneven surface, use ladder levelers or adjustable ladder feet to maintain stability.
d. Safe Climbing and Descending: Construction workers should be trained in safe climbing and descending techniques. Face the ladder and maintain three-point contact (two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand) while climbing. Never carry tools or materials that hinder balance or grip.
e. Fall Protection: When working at heights above a certain threshold, additional fall protection measures, such as guardrails or personal fall arrest systems, should be implemented. Ensure that workers are trained in the proper use of fall protection equipment.
· Maintenance and Facilities Management
a. Ladder Inspection: Regular inspection of ladders used in maintenance and facilities management is crucial. Check for any visible defects, including damaged rungs, loose hardware, or cracked side rails. Ensure that the ladder's weight capacity is suitable for the intended use.
b. Proper Storage: Store ladders in a designated area away from high-traffic areas to prevent accidental collisions or damage. Ladders should be secured in an upright position to avoid the risk of falling or creating tripping hazards.
c. Training and Certification: Provide comprehensive ladder safety training to maintenance personnel. Training should cover ladder selection, inspection, safe use, and proper storage practices. Encourage employees to obtain ladder safety certifications to enhance their knowledge and skills.
d. Task-Specific Guidelines: Develop specific guidelines for maintenance tasks that involve ladder use. For example, establish protocols for accessing elevated equipment, changing light bulbs, or performing repairs at heights. Ensure workers follow these guidelines and use appropriate fall protection equipment when necessary.
e. Awareness of Surroundings: In maintenance settings, workers should be aware of their surroundings while using ladders. Pay attention to potential obstacles or hazards, such as overhead electrical wires, slippery surfaces, or confined spaces. Take necessary precautions to avoid accidents or injuries.

  • Other Industries
a. Retail and Warehousing: In retail and warehousing environments, ladders are commonly used for stocking shelves, retrieving inventory, or conducting inventory checks. Guidelines should include ladder selection based on height requirements, weight capacity, and appropriate use in different storage areas. Employees should be trained on ladder safety techniques and instructed to report any damaged or defective ladders.
b. Hospitality and Janitorial Services: Ladders are frequently used in the hospitality industry for tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, or accessing storage areas. Ensure that ladders are selected based on the specific task requirements, and employees are trained in ladder safety practices, including proper climbing techniques and maintaining a clean and clutter-free work area.
c. Agricultural and Farming Operations: Ladders are commonly utilized in agricultural and farming operations for tasks like fruit picking, pruning, or equipment maintenance. Guidelines should include ladder selection appropriate for outdoor conditions, secure placement on uneven terrain, and proper use of fall protection systems when working at heights.
Affiliated Ladder Company - ZAMIL: A Comprehensive Overview
ZAMIL Ladders is a renowned and trusted name in the ladder industry, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a rich history and a wide range of ladder products, ZAMIL has established itself as a leading player in the global ladder market. In this article, we will delve into the details of ZAMIL, exploring its history, product offerings, commitment to quality, and customer-centric approach.

  1. History and Legacy
ZAMIL Ladders has a strong and influential history in the ladder industry. The company was founded with the vision of providing high-quality ladder solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers across various sectors. With a focus on innovation, ZAMIL has continuously adapted to changing market trends and technologies, ensuring that its ladder products remain at the forefront of the industry.
Over the years, ZAMIL has built a solid reputation for reliability, durability, and safety in ladder manufacturing. The company's commitment to excellence has allowed it to expand its presence globally, serving customers in diverse industries and geographic locations.
  1. Extensive Product Range
ZAMIL ladders offers a comprehensive range of ladder products to cater to the specific requirements of different industries and applications. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial use, ZAMIL has a solution to meet every ladder need. Some of the key ladder products offered by ZAMIL include:
a. Extension Ladders: ZAMIL's extension ladders are designed to provide safe access to elevated areas. These ladders are available in various heights, materials, and configurations to suit different applications.
b. Step Ladders: ZAMIL's step ladders offer stability and convenience for tasks requiring shorter reach. They are available in different sizes and designs, including platform step ladders, folding step ladders, and more.
c. Platform Ladders: ZAMIL's platform ladders are ideal for situations that require a larger standing area and enhanced stability. These ladders are designed to provide a secure platform for users to work comfortably at heights.
d. Specialty Ladders: ZAMIL ladders also offers a range of specialty ladders designed for specific applications. These include attic ladders, multipurpose ladders, combination ladders, and more, catering to the unique needs of customers in various industries.
  1. Commitment to Quality and Safety
ZAMIL is renowned for its unwavering commitment to producing ladder products of the highest quality. The company adheres to stringent manufacturing processes and standards to ensure that every ladder meets or exceeds industry regulations and safety requirements. ZAMIL's dedication to quality is evident in its use of premium materials, rigorous quality control procedures, and continuous product testing.
Safety is a top priority for ZAMIL, and all ladder products undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet or exceed safety standards. The company's commitment to safety is evident in the incorporation of features such as non-slip steps, reinforced joints, and sturdy construction to enhance user safety and stability while working at heights.
  1. Innovation and Research
ZAMIL continuously invests in research and development to drive innovation in ladder design and functionality. By staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and market trends, the company consistently introduces new and improved ladder products to address the evolving needs of its customers.
ZAMIL's focus on innovation extends beyond product design and includes the incorporation of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The company strives to reduce its environmental impact by using sustainable materials and implementing eco-friendly production practices.
  1. Customer-Centric Approach
ZAMIL places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and strives to exceed customer expectations in every aspect of its business. The company understands that each customer has unique requirements, and its dedicated team works closely with clients to provide tailored ladder solutions.
Industry-specific ladder safety guidelines play a vital role in minimizing accidents and injuries across various sectors. Whether in construction, maintenance, retail, hospitality, or agriculture, adherence to these guidelines is essential to protect workers and maintain a safe working environment.
The key elements of industry-specific ladder safety guidelines include proper ladder selection, regular inspection and maintenance, secure placement, safe climbing and descending techniques, use of fall protection measures when necessary, and industry-specific task guidelines. Training and certification programs should be implemented to ensure workers are knowledgeable about ladder safety protocols.
By prioritizing ladder safety and integrating industry-specific guidelines into daily operations, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of ladder-related accidents and promote a culture of safety. Regular review and updates to these guidelines are essential to adapt to changing industry standards and best practices.
Remember, ladder safety is a shared responsibility that requires continuous education, awareness, and adherence to industry-specific regulations to ensure the well-being of workers and prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries.
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2023.06.07 15:00 ceteris_paribus123 Is anyone from Pune moving to Montreal this Fall (Concordia University)?

I am moving to Montreal this Fall intake. I am from Pune and would like to connect with people who are going to study at Concordia (starting this fall) and are from Pune. I am enrolled in Graduate Diploma in Economics.
It would be great to connect with people before moving to if anyone of you is moving too, let me know...
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2023.06.07 14:58 ceteris_paribus123 Is anyone from Pune, India moving to Montreal for the Fall 2023 intake (Concordia University)?

I am moving to Montreal this Fall intake. I am from Pune and would like to connect with people who are going to study at Concordia (starting this fall) and are from Pune. I am enrolled in Graduate Diploma in Economics.
It would be great to connect with people before moving to if anyone of you is moving too, let me know...
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2023.06.07 14:51 Other_Ingenuity_9421 Consumer Credit Data and Gamestop Earnings - Daily Trading Report

We ended the day yesterday with $SPY trading at $428.03, up $0.93 from the previous close, or up approximately 0.22%, with an intraday bullish movement of +0.32%. It was a tough day for anyone who had difficulties finding positions, but it was a day full of opportunities to capitalize on the momentum in the markets and realize some gains.

Look to continually capitalize on the momentum in the markets, but please make sure you are walking on eggshells if you are attempting to go long in these market conditions. The only positions I would recommend you look into getting at this moment, are fundamentally solid organizations that are undervalued at the moment. There are lots of positions that would fall under this category. The two that I personally am looking at right now are $DIS and $DG. Both are very solid organizations that have some short-term issues that are negatively impacting them in these market conditions. These are just some of the few organizations that I personally have a lot of confidence in entering right now, as they are great companies that in the case the markets do decide to come down, will not be impacted as heavily as major tech organizations.

Full Report, Recap, and Watchlists
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