Hello fine people of Kalamazoo.

2020.11.01 04:24 Parking_Meater Hello fine people of Kalamazoo.

Hi and hello. I was just inquiring as I could not find any results on google regarding my inquiry. A government auction seemingly coming from the MI state police out of the wonderful city of Kalamazoo for an almost complete crypto currency mining business went up for government auction. I was wondering if any of you had any insight as to where or who this came from. As I can not find any reporting involving the assets or police government action (crime) Thank you much. Wear your mask, go vote!

The auction
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2017.05.16 21:44 Tridentt23 Is there an "off label" use for grow-light ballasts?
I keep seeing these types of ballasts coming up at a local auction house. They typically sell for cheap. I didnt know if there was any fun projects that I could use it for, besides powering a light.
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