Dual Stamps Bats

2023.04.01 01:26 outdoorsleo Dual Stamps Bats

Dual Stamps Bats
I know most people aren’t huge fans of dual stamps, but I currently play in USA league and kinda want to have something I could still use if we switch leagues. Attached pictures of the three I was looking at. I come from a from 15+ year fastpitch background. Previously liked using a teammates Balanced Miken Freak for slowpitch.
Any thoughts?? (Or convince me against a dual stamp)
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2023.03.25 19:35 Due-Patient-7823 10+ Best Blogs About Baseball To Follow In 2023

You love baseball. No, you really, really, really love baseball.
Whether it's the offseason, the regular season, the playoffs, or you just like to read about your favorite sport, you just can't get enough. Okay, okay, we get it. We're the same way. At JustBats, we're surrounded by baseball bats every single day, so we're fortunate to be reminded of the great game. But, if you're not so fortunate, here are 15 baseball blogs that help us stay in tune with America's pastime no matter the time of year.
There is no particular order to this list.
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2023.02.10 15:58 TheLynxMan1 Scam alert

Don`t use this site, it looks legit at first but for starters...the prices are way too good to be true. Had a 2021 Monsta Black Sheep for $97 and 2023 bats for the same price!!
I didn`t see this at first because I was gung-ho about the Black Sheep, but I went to confirm my order and it directed me to a paypal link to send money to someone named Justin Hoover I believe?...backed off immediately and now I`m going to cancel the card I used just to play it safe. Got an email from Paypal saying the payment wasn`t complete and the item listed was a pair of glasses or something.
Looks like I`m sticking to HB sports, Smash it, and Justbats from now on...
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2023.02.01 21:19 mattjpm Anyone know of any cheap places to get wood bats in Canada?

Justbats and other outlet bat sites don't ship to Canada. Ideally looking for Blems or Pro Cuts, playing adult ball at a semi competitive level. Any bundle deals? I'd like to buy at least 3 or 4 for the coming season in one go to save money on shipping. I'm flexible on material and profile as long as it's normal length, any suggestions?
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2022.11.18 02:50 jimycargill Help with Cold Weather bat

I just finished my first season of softball since undergrad intramurals 15 years ago; a Fall co-ed USA league. I was stoked to get back on the field and picked up a M2 Torch that I was able to use every game (thanks largely to an unusually warm fall) and loved it.

Looking forward to the local men's league in the Spring and want to get some tee work in over the winter to get my swing back to my High School home run derby "glory days."

It is 27F here today and I do not expect it to get above 40F for the next 4 months.Here is the list of alloy and wood bats I have been considering for practice and Spring games when the temp is too low for the Monsta:

Demarini Steel
Miken Maniac
Demarini Uprising
Easton Rival
Worth Amp
Cheap Alloy bat from ebay

Demarini Corndog
Bret Bros Thunder
Slugger Slowpitch MSB3
Cheap Ash bat from ebay

Any insight or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2022.06.06 23:08 JStandiford21 USA/ASA Bat Recommendations

Looking at getting a bat on JustBats to use for a Co-Ed rec league (Church league). I really like the idea of the Krecher and may end up going with it but would really like to keep the cost under $300. Looking for a bat that everyone on the team can utilize.
We use 52/300 balls.

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2022.02.28 20:29 Lopsided_Speaker_857 Is justbats legit

Just found a bat and was wondering if justbats is a trusted website to buy bats
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2021.05.14 16:29 StanleyLelnats Looking for a bat recommendation

Sorry if these questions get asked here a lot, but I am still pretty new to this and am not sure what to look for and where my money will be best spent. My league requires an ASA certified bat and we use a .52/300 ball. For the past few seasons, I have been using this bat which I got on sale for <$100. It has been pretty good but has been giving me some woes recently. I have been looking to get a new bat and have come across a few options. I am looking to stay <$200 but wouldn't mind increasing my budget if it means I can get something that will be better and provide a bit more longevity. Here are a few of the options I have found so far.
I am not attached to any of these options by any means and am definitely welcome to other suggestions. These are just bats I could find that were readily available. Any input on this would be great!
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2021.05.04 06:18 thedeejus Are there any available bats like the now-discontinued Louisville Slugger Z4 endloaded?

I picked up a 34in/27oz Z4 a couple years ago and it has just been the most perfect bat for me. [Link] I've hit so well with it, but it feels like it might be nearing the end of its life. I'd love to replace it but they are discontinued and seem to be $400 on the used market.
Are there any bats that you think would be a good replacement for this bat? What criteria should I be looking for? Need ASA Stamp
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2021.04.08 02:01 bigsport15 Question about fastpitch composite bat

I had gotten a composite bat in early August of the past year, and after hitting off the tee tonight, I noticed a rattle. It's sort of subtle, not like maracas, but sounds like a small pebble. Should I be worried about this? I've seen someone say it's just a piece of glue from the cap, and others that say it's probably broken. Should I take advantage of the warranty and get a new bat? Thanks in advance.
Link to the bat on JustBats(33 in): https://www.justbats.com/product/louisville-slugger-pxt--9-fastpitch-softball-bat--wtlfppx19a9/30016/
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2020.09.21 20:15 MAFIAxMaverick Maple/Bamboo Bat.

Hey all. Was looking at picking up a new stick and wanted to see if anyone had any experience with Maple/Bamboo bats. My old Easton S2 composite finally died last week. I have a Bamboo bat that I've been swinging for a year now that I really like. But I want to have another bat in reserve. Wanted to give something else a try. I've swung maple before and like it.
I play in the 18+ division of my local men's league (I'm 28). I'm a good contact hitter. Usually singles or doubles into the gap. I like a balanced bat. Not a huge slugging guy, but I can get a hold of one on a good day.
Going in on a JustBats bat pack with my buddy. I've heard good things about Brett Bros so I wanted to try them out. Was looking at the maple, but then saw the maple/bamboo bat and was curious. Well rated on their website. Wondering if anyone here has any personal experience with it and how it compares to strictly maple or strictly bamboo.
Thank you in advance! I'm really enjoying this sub since I found it!
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2020.06.25 23:36 GuyOnTheMike Intro to the AA, Day 5 of 12: Kansas City T-Bones

The American Association is a 12-team league that is not affiliated with Major League Baseball with teams spanning from Manitoba to the Metroplex.
In a normal season these teams play a 100-game season spanning from mid-May to Labor Day. The league is split into two divisions, North and South.
This year, 6 teams (Chicago Dogs, Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks, Milwaukee Milkmen, Sioux Falls Canaries, St. Paul Saints, Winnipeg Goldeyes) will play 60 games, with the Cleburne Railroaders, Gary SouthShore RailCats, Kansas City T-Bones, Lincoln Saltdogs, Sioux City Explorers, and Texas Airhogs sitting out the 2020 season.
With Opening Day being on July 3, we’re looking at one AA team each day. Today’s team: Kansas City T-Bones. Previously: Chicago Dogs, Cleburne Railroaders, Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks, Gary SouthShore RailCats
Stadium & City: JustBats Field at T-Bones Stadium (6,537), Kansas City, KS
Year founded: 2003
Championships: 2008 (Northern League), 2018 (AA)
Website: https://tbonesbaseball.com/
Notable moment: On July 18, 2006, 94-year-old Buck O'Neill played in the Northern League All-Star just months before his death, taking one at-bat for each team and walking both times (full disclosure: I was there as an 11-year-old).
Notable players: David Segui (2005), Calvin Pickering (2007), Ken Harvey (2008-09), Joey Gathright (2013), Scott Carroll (2017-18), Henry Owens (2019), Daniel Nava (2019), Chris Colabello (2019)
Interesting facts:
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2019.10.08 19:30 HoneyBadgerPanda A Slowpitch Softball Guide to Buying Equipment

This post is here to help navigate the weird world of Slowpitch Softball gear! Every year, there's a barrage of posts about what gloves, bats, what should I purchase, what's the best...etc. I have attempted to put everything into "A post to rule them all". Hopefully one of our loving mods will sticky it for us to the top! The prices you see below are more or less retail price. If you are looking to buy anything for softball please hit up your local rep (or u/fozzie33) as almost every item in the softball world has two prices, the retail and rep price. For technicalities, everything posted below is my opinion. I don’t care that your $75 glove from Dicks Sporting Goods has lasted you 10 years. It’s probably floppier than a soft dick. I hope you find the answers you are looking for within! I will continue to edit and update things as I see fit. Also, the Facebook group located in the sidebar is a great source for info and fun!

Slowpitch Websites with Gear

There are plenty of websites with softball gear. Each major company has its website where you can purchase clothing and/or equipment for that company such as bats, shoes, sweatshirts, hats, etc.. Several companies have taken inventory from individual companies and consolidated into one website as a "one-stop-shop". The three largest Slowpitch companies are Headbanger Sports (HB), GS Sports (GS), and SmashItSports (SiS). Diamond Sport Gear is another site as the previous ones and they contribute to the sub.
Some individual companies are Miken, Worth, Demarini, Easton, Pure, Anarchy, Louisville, and Monsta.
Other websites that can be helpful: JustBats, CheapBats, and JustGloves.
For those that live in Cold Mexico, The 51st State, Land of Maple Syrup, or The Great North (whatever you want to call it) you have some own websites of your own to help you get around shipping and custom fees.
For those of us that live in the US, Canadian sites have good deals at times. I bought a Mizuno Crush from a Canadian site and had it shipped to the US. I got my bat about two weeks after purchasing and my final cost was around $170 US.


Price Range
Gloves come in sizes ranging from 11" to 15". For Slowpitch, I think a 12.25" should be the minimum size for any position. Some people that played baseball previously still think that because they used an 11.5" in High School that's the size they should be using to play infield in softball. A baseball has a circumference of 9.25" where a softball has circumference of 12". Bigger ball = Bigger glove. I used an 11.25" glove for 8 years in softball as an SS/3B then, I tried out a 12.75" and I've never looked back. I still use an 11.25" for baseball but I believe there are some serious benefits to a larger glove with a softball. If you're good enough to use that small of a glove in softball, you're good enough to adjust to the larger glove size.
Slowpitch Infielders typically use 12.25"-13" with a majority using 12.75". Outfielder typically use larger gloves in the 13"-15" with majority using 13"-14".
Ultimately, the glove that you feel most comfortable with is the best glove for you. If you play multiple positions and are looking for something that you can use all over the field, I would recommend a 12.75/13".
The webbing is the part of the glove that goes between the thumb and pointer finger where the "pocket" of the glove is located. There are several different webbings available based upon where you are going to play or what you prefer:
Right now there are three different types of backs for gloves: Leather, Mesh, and SuperSkin.
Custom Gloves
Custom gloves have saturated the market over the past few years. The possibility of having a glove that is customized to your liking in almost every aspect sure is an attractive one. There are a lot of companies across the United States that make custom glove in various price categories. In my opinion, the best companies are Pro44, S2N, and Gloveworks. Each of these gloves have their pros and cons but overall are all good quality gloves. They typically have sales around holidays so if you can be patient, you can wait and get a better deal.


There are many leagues for Slowpitch and each one will have their own rules and regulations to follow. Every league will follow one of the following governing sanctions: USA/ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF, or SSUSA. You can locate in your league rules which governing sanction your league uses and Google for the official rules.
What should I use?
Primarily, it's best to use whatever your league allows. Most leagues defer to all bats requiring a stamp from either USA/ASA or USSSA. Some leagues require NSA stamps as well. Make sure you know what your league allows; a player can be ejected depending on their leagues' rules if they are using an illegal bat.
What's the difference?
Bats are primarily tested in two ways depending upon what sanction the bat is going to be approved for play in.
Most bats tend to come in weight sizes ranging from 25 to 28oz. There are a few bats that are available in weights outside of that range but not many. The lightest and heaviest slowpitch bats that are available are 24oz and 30oz.
Some people believe that they need to swing the lightest bat for the highest swing speed while others believe you should swing the heaviest bat for the most weight behind it. Both of those are somewhat true but we should find a happy medium. You should be looking for the weight that you can swing the fastest with the most control while maintaining proper swing mechanics. For most people, this tends to be a 26 or 27oz bat. Ultimately it is your preference in what you swing.
Bat Pieces? Flex or Stiff Handles?
Bats can be confusing. There's only a certain number of customization you can do to a softball bat but that doesn't mean that companies haven't tried to make "unique" bats for themselves. To be honest, purchasing the right bat can be overwhelming and most people tend to just go with what people recommend. Every person is different in what bat feels good to them and you should swing what feels good. I hope to clarify the bat world and lingo used so that everyone can make their informed purchase for themselves.
When someone says they prefer a one-piece over a two-piece bat what does that mean? It means exactly that. It's the amount of pieces that have been glued together to make the bat. Most bats are either a one or two-piece but several companies have three and four-piece bats. Rule of thumb is that the higher the number of pieces within a bat, the more flex the bat will have. So a one-piece will be similar to swinging a baseball wooden bat where a four-piece bat would be similar to a flex golf club. Bat companies unofficially recommend that slower swing speeds should use flex bats while faster swing speeds should use stiffer bats.
Flex or Stiff tends to refer to the handle of the bat. As previously said, flex handles will flex and stiff handles will not. Stiff handles are currently made out of alloy or say "stiff" in the description.
Balanced, Midload, Endload
For this example, I'm going to imagine that a bat barrel is resting on three scales with a scale at the end of the barrel, middle of the barrel, and bottom of the barrel (where handle and barrel meet). For this purpose, only one scale can touch the barrel at a time and each scale represents where the "load" is on a bat.
It's most important that you determine what you prefer to swing. Swing as many bats as you can until you find what you like and hit well with.
Short barrel or Big barrel
Short barrel is a barrel that is 12" or less. Big barrel is a barrel that is 13" or more. It all has to do with your preference as a batter but the following is widely accepted as fact within the softball community
Warranty Issues
Most companies offer a 1-year warranty with their bat. If your bat breaks through normal usage within a year of purchase date, you can send the original back bat and get a replacement. Even if you purchase your bat from your local sporting goods store or a softball site; your bat will need to be warranted through the original manufacturer. For the most part, it's a painless process and easy as just following the steps on their website. However, you must have all of the required documentation for your warranty. All bat companies require that you have your receipt for when you purchased the bat and allow a warranty return as long as it is within 1 year of purchasing date. People started creating fake receipts and now bat companies include some form of "barcode" which is unique to that bat. For companies such as Miken, Worth, Anarchy, and Pure they use a JTS Sticker barcode. It will come stuck on the handle somewhere and will have a matching serial number to the bat. You mustn't lose this in case of a warranty. If you do lose it, most times companies will not accept a warranty but exceptions have been made dependent on the situation.
Easton and Demarini use their own hologram sticker attached to the bat. There is no need to ever remove these stickers from the bat but if you are worried that they will come off, I recommend putting some clear coat nail polish (or another clear lacquer) over it so it can't come off.
Upon receiving your bat, the company will be complete an inspection of your bat to see if it broke through normal usage. If it is determined that your bat broke from use outside of normal usage or was tampered with (shaved or rolled) they will deny you your warranty return.
Clincher Softball Bats
Clincher Softball is a unique variant of softball that is played in certain parts of the country and is believed to be the roots of slowpitch softball. It normally uses a bigger, squishy ball that is 16" verse the 12" standard ball. In these leagues, you want to swing a heavier bat then you would normally would as the bull is mush and compresses on contact. The addtional weight will help drive the ball. Demarini and Worth both make bats designed for these types of leagues that are available in a range of weights. For most people they are going to look for 30oz and up bats. As previously stated, modern 30oz bats are becoming less common and harder to find. You can search eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc. for someone selling their older bats. It's undecided but most people believe that modern bat technology has zero benefit over older metal bats when it comes to Clincher balls. Some companies that have 30oz and up bats good for Clinchers:
Popular Bat Companies
Bat companies try to keep the specs of their bats the same through the years and sanctions, but sometimes things change. It's important to do your research on a bat before purchasing. Just because you had a USSSA version of a certain bat, does not necessarily mean that the USA/ASA version will be the same.


COR represents how "bouncy" a ball is while compression measures how hard a ball is.
Reductions in compression have a larger impact on ball performance than a reduction in COR. As well, weather can impact the performance of a ball. Leather balls will harden up if they take on moisture but will eventually decline once too much water has been taken on. Balls will react differently on a 60 degree vs a 100-degree day; same thing with cloudy vs sun.


Molded Cleats vs Turfs vs Trail Runners
Metal spikes aren't allowed in slowpitch softball so for many years people have worn molded plastic cleats. However, with the availability of Turfs and Trail Runners, you can find a lot of different shoes on a field.


You want to get better at softball. You never played or just want to be better to help your team increase their chance of winning. Here are some simple fundamental things you can improve on to be a better player.
I think that's it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or PM me.
Edit 1: Added Canadian websites and fixed formatting.
Edit 2: Added "Clincher Softball bats"
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2019.06.11 20:49 tek-n9ne First time buying slow pitch softball bat

This is my teams first year playing softball and we are finding ourselves a bit in over our heads when it comes to purchasing a bat. I’ve done some reading online and found the info in this sub to be very useful. Any information or opinions that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
First, some info on the league and equipment rules:
The league is slow pitch recreational
Game balls must be equivalent to 12"/.44 co375 lbs compression or 12"/.52 co275-300lbs
Bats can only be purchased from the NSA approved bat list with logo certification from either the USSSA, NSA, or ASA. Bats on the non approved ASA/NSA list are not permitted.
We are looking to spend around 200-250$ Canadian (150-200 USD). Doing some research I’ve realized that current highly rated bats run more in the 350$ range however at this point in our teams short lived career this is a bit out of our price range.
Given our price range, these are the bats that stuck out to me based on the reviews I read online and in this sub:
As you may have guessed, Im located in Canada in case that plays into which website/vendor to purchase from.
Again, any and all insight would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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2019.06.11 04:31 newaccount721 Choosing between two bats

My adult coed softball team is trying to decide between two bats
1.) The Easton trizone Brett helmer 34", 26 oz bat ($50) (https://www.justbats.com/product/easton-stealth-brett-helmer-tri-zone-slow-pitch-softball-bat--scn17bh/12676/)
  1. Combat wanted softball bat, 34", 27 oz ($60) (https://www.justbats.com/product/easton-stealth-brett-helmer-tri-zone-slow-pitch-softball-bat--scn17bh/12676/)
Both are fully composite. And recommendations on which to go for?
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2019.04.15 02:35 coreyndstuff $150 shipped for 2018 DeMarini Twisted Mistress USSSA WTDXXAU - worth it?

Looking for a bat for my team, thinking a late model will be a good deal. This one looks pretty sweet. We have a not quite as nice balanced bat 28oz. I wanted to grab a 27oz end loaded to have some options. This seems like a great price. Thoughts?
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2018.12.31 00:08 bbtm8 Purple ASA bat recommendation?

My fiance bought me a purple softball bat to match our purple jerseys for Christmas. Unfortunately, it's the 2018 Miken Freak 20th Anniversary Maxload USSSA bat, and I play in an ASA league. I would like to get a purple ASA bat to match her original intention. I've found two bats that are purple and ASA stamped:
2018 Miken Freak 20th Anniversary Maxload ASA (which is more purple trimmed but close enough)
2019 Worth Wicked XL ASA
Which one would you guys recommend? Does anyone know of any other purple ASA options?
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2018.07.17 20:18 JustBats USA Baseball Bats

Votes are in. Do you agree with these most popular USA Baseball bats? https://www.justbats.com/products/approved%20for~usa%20bat/
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2018.06.07 13:40 whineknot 10% Coupon: Use code PERFECT10 on select tech, fashion, home, and more.

NOTE Only valid with specific sellers: (sorry for the confusion- make sure it applies before you buy)
Sellers for Coupon redemption:
1-perfumes 1premiersports 2ndswing 99cell a-depot a4c acejewelry4ever acme_trades15 actionvillage adamswines adidas_official alltechwholesale alpha2omega americanlegacyfishing ankerdirect areatrend artnaturals as_seen_on_tv asavings ashfordwatches backcountry badisjewelers bargainsnmore11 barska bbcexchange bbcexchange2 bbcexchange3 beautyencounter bedding-stock belmintproducts benhogangolf betweenthehedges1980 bid4invicta bidonrugs bigdealonthehill bigdeals bigfishbuddy bigvalueinc bikewagon bissell_homecare_inc botach bowl300300 bpathletics bpm-imports brillianteers buddhablessuartstore buybeehive buzztronics candcmoissanite caryn_and_richards_cross_stitch casepros cctvhotdeals charbroil-direct clevertraining collectionbijoux100 cookieskidsstore cozyarray craft-e-corner crocsoutlet cultwines dailysteals danbydirect ddsporto deal-buys decluttr_store dell designerbrandsforless digitalyear directsports1 dirtdevil discounttiredirect djsboardshop doctorsdeals dolphin_scuba dt_moto durapowers dymoda dysonoutlet dz-tech eacarey electronic_express ellenred emoneyllc etreasure4u fast315 ffo.store finajewelers finandfireflyshop finestflatware fitnessfactoryoutlet food-to-live gamesandcards.com geekdeal gemstoneking gnc golfoutletsusa.com goodgram goodlibationswineshoppe goshortcut-online gronkfitnessproducts guess_outlet gymbasiscom haggardirectinc himalaya_hardware hocksports holeoutgolfshop hollywoodmemorabilia homelikegrandmas hookedonwine hoover-outlet-store horselovers hullabaloo-brew idonowidont ienjoyhome imperial123 janetsal jb.sales jcwhitney jenatkidsstuff jerseycommissioner jewelry.com jewelry4less_atl jewelrypot jjbuckleywines jlhrick joerackem jomashop jr4241 justbats kastkingfishing kipling_us kitchen_appliances klymit lajollajewelry leisurepro levelninesports lindas**stuff linen2go linenbathbeyond linenstoreonline llcoach23 longevitywines lornajaneactive_us luckyvitamin luxurybazaar madison_sporting_goods maisonduprixwines marlasmarket midwestservicecloseouts mikaelians-jewelry mlgjewelry my-diamonds mycollectioninc nashvilleshoewarehouse nexthomedesign ngosew nightgalaxy nobodylower nutrivitashop oakgem official_sklz officialpumastore okgogold onestopequineshop outletgear overstock palacage pennantdynasty pinnacleskisports pompeii3 poppy9780 presspasscollectibles primocaps proozyoutlet pura_dor purewatches puritan_pride qualidiam r1concepts reebok_official regencyrugs retailfashionoutlet retro2heritage rollwithme2014 rosewill_inc rubberdockie rugdealz rugsandtiles saiholdings save_smart saverightaway shippped shoesandfashions shop-invicta shop247_usa shopitfashion silverspeck simpletire sklz_promini sflmaven sneakersmagic sophiejanejewels speed_daddy spigen_inc sportinggearunlimited sportsmansoutfitters sportsmemorabilia ssgssg10 strictlynamebrands stuhrling superdrystore-us superlight.diamonds teamexpress tech-rabbit teespring_inc teeterhangups tgm_skateboards theellen theofficialwweshop theozarksource thewatchoutlet timeworld timex titan_fitness toppersports travelerschoice triacetackle2016 triwico tshirthoarders twobirchjewelers uhorse usakent verabradley victorioussales22 videoandaudiocenter virjewels vividice vminnovations vminnovations-deals walkintofashion watchandthings watchcounty123 westernpowers wilsonbrothersjewelry wilsonsleather winedirectwines wineonbroadway wjdexclusives www.mrvalue.com www.powersellerusa.com xtremegems2010 yes4all_fitness yeti yianniswine zwilling_j.a._henckels
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2018.05.14 20:54 JustBats USA Baseball Bans Easton Ghost X Baseball Bat

Have you heard? https://blog.justbats.com/usa-baseball-bans-easton-ghost-x
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2018.05.06 21:58 derGropenfuhrer I can't find a decent cheap kraut masher, anyone got a suggestion?

I usually mash kraut in a bucket, about 2 heads of cabbage at a time, then transfer to a clear cambro to ferment. All the mashers I've found are either:
I need something that's about 2 feet long, round, 4 inches in diameter and made of wood that won't splinter. My best option seems to be a fence post but they don't come in sizes under 8 feet, so that's a lot of waste.
A wooden training baseball bat seems like a great option but they are even more expensive.
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2018.04.26 19:37 JustBats 3 Great Softball Hairstyles

Be ready for your next softball game https://blog.justbats.com/3-great-softball-hairstyles
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