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The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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2023.06.07 15:20 Blkkhead12 [H] 8000$+ Crypto: (BTC/BCH/ETH/LTC/USDT and more), Bank Transfer (SEPA), Paypal, Revolut [W] Skins / Knives / Gloves / Inventories - Paying up to 95% Buff / TF2 keys - at 1.5 USD

- Looking to buy: Skins / Knives / Gloves / Blue Gems / Crafts / Iventories for cash.

- Paying up to 95% Buff.163 prices w/ almost any method of payment!
- I am mostly interested in mid/high tier items but all kind of offers are welcome!
- Add Me on Steam or DM on Twitter.
- [B/O]: TF2 Keys at 1.5$
- Based in Europe = €

- Steam Profile

- Twitter Profile

- CSGO-Rep

- Trade Link

- Buff.163

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2023.06.07 15:20 Milqy Sending gifts to everyone who has added me but…

It might take me a lil while to accumulate enough gifts to send to everyone. There’s a gym v close to me so I’ll try to get as many as I can for y’all!
Ps - idk why I picked the red team 😅. I wanna change it but I don’t have nearly enough pokecoins 😂. I started the account back when it first came out & I stopped playing since 2016 but very recently picked it back up & recovered my old account!!
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2023.06.07 15:20 Rational_Actor Buying a NICE ring for a minimalist (30F)

Hi! I'm trying to buy a nice engagement ring for my minimalist girlfriend (30F). She doesn't wear a ton of jewelry; everything she does wear, however, is gold and very simple. Her friends would describe her style as "minimalist, elegant, dainty, Art Deco-y).
Between the ring/band, I have a pretty big budget. I'd be willing to spend as much as $50K on this, but since she's so minimalist and jewelry isn't her passion, that amount might not be necessary. Maybe I won't even come close to it. But I'm willing to if it ends up making a difference.
Any thoughts on how I can find NICE rings for a minimalist? Beyond getting highest quality gold and diamond, what stores should I look at, what are some search terms I should use, etc? (Her friends are also aggressively helping me, which is AWESOME and so appreciated).
Thank you SO MUCH for your help :)
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2023.06.07 15:19 notatree_throwaway Should I talk to my bosses about an older coworker making me uncomfortable?

Hi reddit.
Throwaway account bc it feels like a sensitive situation.
I work in a small retail store in a fairly small town. We sell fairly expensive product, though we try our best to make everything as affordable as we can. It's a nice job, I needed it when it was offered to me, I got it against all odds, and it has to do with the field I want to make a career and life in. I started out super excited and now about six months in I literally dread going to work every day. I can't wait to get out at the end of every day, just because of this one coworker.
For context, I'm 24 and work with a handful of other people including the coworker in question, who's in his 50's. When I started he seemed really nice and wanted to take me under his wing and show me the ropes. And that quickly became me doing the majority of his job while he took the credit for it, and the rest of this mess.
I already felt weird about him because his walk didn't match his talk at work. We don't have any managers but he acts like one because he orders most of our product. But he literally barely does anything until he wants to look like he is. He sits up in his corner or his office and avoids helping with customers. Every now and then when product comes in he'll act busy and huff and puff and curse under his breath as he goes past us and customers. He's gotten in trouble before for cursing and yelling when customers are in the store. Has rage fits where he's thrown expensive product over his head to "move" it and broken things doing this. And literally every other person at our company does not like him, but they don't really fire people?? So he's still here.
I don't have a car and was walking to work every day for a few months without telling anyone, because I didn't want to make anyone go out of their way. But then I started having sleeping issues and not showing up as early as I used to and people started seeing me walk around the corner. So this coworker started offering me rides, and I took them every now and then at first because it meant I didn't have to walk every day. When more people started finding out I got more offers too, but he was always the first to text me in the mornings and it was fine at first.
Since he also freelances in the field I want to go into, he started inviting me to events he was working, having me help him with his equipment while driving to venues and watch "how the old guys do it" all the while telling me stories about other girls he'd take to do this, though always with the caveat, "Never anything below the belt." And I started to really get the skeevies, have avoided these kinds of trips since.
I've been made aware that he has used the company credit card to make personal purchases -- including sex toys for his wife?? who also works in the company btw -- and have them delivered to the store, then he just pays back the company over time. And he spends WAY too much of our bosses' money anyway buying product we don't need, or buying too much product that we physically don't have space for. Like recently a buy in for a company was around $35k at max for the products we needed and he made an order for $70k including a ton of product that is over the price range we try to keep in stock for our customer base. Like stuff we probably won't sell for years. It's just gonna sit in our back room with tons of other expensive stuff we keep there "until someone asks about it" but only get pulled out for people to see them and leave.
He leaves work early all the time, has an excuse to take off almost every weekend so the rest of us always have to work them. We've handled it well, and can handle ourselves, so that bit's just annoying. But it somehow it just feels like it gets worse every day.
Because then, on days where just he and I would be working, he started bringing up sexual topics. Now I can get close to people and talk about that stuff but I have specific childhood trauma related to older men and after they'd known me for awhile I'd opened up a bit to my immediate coworkers about it. So when it happened the first time and he started talking about porn him and his wife watched and his opinions on BDSM?? I told him politely that I didn't really like to get into these conversations because I wasn't in a good spot to talk about it. He continued, and because we had hours of work left and there's not much I can do without leaving my post, I just kinda sat through it with small additions to conversation until either the phone rang or a customer came in and I had a reason to get up/leave the conversation.
Then he started inviting me to their house saying we could cook dinner and he could show me music and stuff. I haven't accepted that. Then it got to the point where he was still inviting me to events and saying I could go with him and stay at their house and just come to work the next morning.
One time my dumbass left my phone at work and walked to my roommate's job to ask to use theirs to contact coworkers because I was scared about being home alone where we live with no way to call for help if i landed in an emergency situation. He was the only one who answered and after I used my roommate's car to get home (bc they wouldn't let me walk lol) he coordinated getting my phone with my roommate and showed up to their job to ask which apartment at our complex I lived in. My roomie was like, "Oh I can take it home to them when I get off!" To which this man responded, "No, I'd feel better if I just went and dropped it off myself." I, sitting alone at home, got a knock on the door and it was him, saying, "Special Delivery!" And smiling. Very kind, I'm very appreciative, but it feels weird with the context of everything else.
I've stopped taking rides from him so much recently and I think it's upset him. He's been a lot more pissy at work. I felt bad about still taking rides from him when I felt uncomfortable, but I really wanted to stop when he showed me a song saying, "I wanted to show it to you because I know we have similar trauma." And I don't want to play trauma olympics, but this man is referring to both of us having had left the same religion in our pasts. For context, he chose to leave because it didn't sit right with him anymore. I had sex for the first time when I was 18 and had to publicly step down from my leadership position and got put through what was basically a "redemption program" I ended up defecting from because it was so dehumanizing. It felt a lil more than mildly insulting after I'd opened up to him about some of what I'd been through.
My roommates watched me go from being excited about work to not talking about it at all, and when I finally told them what was going on they won't let me take rides from him and are driving me to and from work. My other coworkers just found out he's been inviting me to stay at their house and they're appalled and trying to get me to talk to our bosses about it.
Last week one of said other coworkers went to our boss about his rage fits and that led to a non-directed talk to all of us by our owner that was basically, "We want everyone to be happy coming to work, if you're unhappy please come talk to us." But it was worded in a way where I don't think he knew it was about him.
So now I'm getting a little pressure to take my situation to them because the doors have been opened for me to do so.
I'm just scared. Because I've been through far worse and know that I can handle it, albeit my being uncomfortable. I know how to navigate situations with creepy men, I used to work restaurants in the bar scene here. But the only people with authority in our company is our owner and co owner, and they're pretty hands off because they actively work alongside everyone else too while running everything.
If I do say something, what if they don't do anything? He's made it through so many fireable offenses without being fired, how would this be any different? Plus I feel bad thinking about the prospect of someone potentially losing their livelihood just because I, a person who has been here 6 months, is uncomfortable. If I speak up and nothing happens, what if the work environment becomes more uncomfortable and hostile?
So here's my question. Should I talk to my bosses, and if so how should I go about it? Should I just stay quiet and deal with it? Is there some kind of middle ground I'm not considering?
Thank you for reading if you got this far and thank you for any advice that may be offered in advance <3
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2023.06.07 15:19 khazixian What are your go to healthier/not nearly as bad gas station/convenience store snacks?

I stop into sheets at least 3 or 4 times a week for gas and air (too lazy to fix my tire, even though im perfectly capable haha) and find myself spending nearly 30-40 bucks a week on snacks here and there. My primary being a slushie, and a pair of little debbies, and sometimes an energy drink depending on the situation. Otherwise, I typically order a big mozz sandwhich and the slushie and thats it. My metabolism seems to be fine but as a younger guy I want to put an end to this before my metabolism quits on me and I find out too late.
Obviously the counter option for the slushie would be water, but Im curious as to what you all would deem optimal as a grabn go. Secondly, for those unaware, a big mozz is a chicken sandwhich with 3 mozarella sticks on top, with a layer of mozzarella cheese in between, with marinara sauce throughout. Probably carbs galore right there, but its filling.
Currently 6'1 at 186-195lbs (fluctuates constantly)
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2023.06.07 15:19 Bogey4hoo 'Surviving The Win' - Chapter 009A.

‘Surviving The Win’.

Chapter 009 - A.

Santa Claus, had initially checked his list, and found that a Fairy Pipe had made its way into request, in the 21st Century.
The Fairy Pipe, is to be given to Andrew Thomlinson, he conceded, turning through some papers, although he couldn't make out why it said, from, “Eldritch.”
Was it more likely, Nicholas had wondered, that Eldritch was a nod to the entirety of the Elf Kingdom as the name would seem to suggest, or merely the alleged person, named Eldritch Spellbound.
Who is that, Nick? asked Mrs. Claus, coming forward with a glass of milk for her husband, and a bowl of milk for their cat.
As far as I know, he announced, Eldritch is the sort of person, who only ever existed, in the mind of, Avem Smith. However, he continued, Eldritch is also the nickname of one of our young beneficiaries in the future, by the name of Andrew. His name appears as such, as of 2004, anyhow.

Nick walked out of their Fairytale Cabin to the Shed Of Lost Objects, located by their Barn where the Reindeer could be found.
“Curio Adhurio,” he reacted aloud, upon locating the small Smiling Rock. It was on a Shelf, and would later find it’s way into Perry’s hands. We should let Ben out for a while, he stated. He continued to leave the Shed, carrying a bottle of Zinfandel, as well. The reason for this, not being altogether evident, yet.
Carrying both items out to the Elf’s Workshop (an enchanted, overlarge, walk-in, OMRISS Cupboard), which operated by an ancient Medean Mean (or, Magical Modality), wedding each and every promulgatory to it’s prime, and by sāwa (an Arabic word, meaning to regularize or settle), as it is related to their word imil for make or do, unless of course by istahwā/h-w-y
Meaning to fill with passion, to make desirous, to enamour, to seduce, and/or to gain.
An en-dezlegare or resolver… with a key.

The entrance to this Elf's Workshop, was about large enough to afford a small to regular-sized person through. He found it propped open.
The Bottle of Zinfandel, known as Zin was a “Goesting”/“Lust,” Alcohol.

The elves, as usual, were hard at work.
Claus rang their work Bell. In his hand, he held the Silver Key Ring. He told them all to cease, and leave for approximately 45 minutes. They would alert Mrs. Claus. He needed her outside, once they were in the Cabin.
The elves ceased their work in the shop and exited.
Pitching the Rock onto a clear spot on the Floor of the Room, he poured out an Offering of Zinfandel, before closing and locking the Giant Omriss Door.
The Clauses waited outside the Cupboard 40 minutes and then into early Dusk.
Instinctively, their cat, “Loose,” came forward to light the way for both Nick, and Ma.

They were feeding the Reindeer when it happened. A peculiar light shone, from out of the window of the Shed Of Lost Objects.
Nick saw this, and took it as his cue to walk back over to The Shed Of Lost Objects. The Delva La Plume Pipe had appeared. Nick went in to retrieve it.
Supposedly, it had been made of Tatter’s Old Trick, “Flower.”
Good!... he stated, portentiously satisfied.
Walking back with it, he was addressed by Mrs. Claus, who couldn’t really see why Nick hadn’t just settled for one of their Poinsettias, or crafted a pipe, himself. She returned to the Cabin.

15 further minutes in, and Santa had heard a Loud Thump in the Giant OMRISS. He stood back, and unlocked the door... then, opening.
Ben? Is that you in there?
Yes it’s me Mr. Claus, said the depth of a murky voice of rather picky decisiveness. He was hidden in the shadows.
Well, come forward. I have something of yours. Actually, something of importance to discuss, about it. I need your blessing. Is this your Delva La Plume Pipe?
Yes, we’ll of course, replied Ben. It’s blessed by Lasagna.
May I give it away to someone? Nick’s voice wavered a little. He was referring to, “Ben’s,” Delva La Plume Tobacco Pipe, after all. It being a very sensitive matter to open about, let alone giving it away.
Golly, Nick? what are you going to give me in return for it? This Flower Pipe is a Sacred Item of mine. It had the Blessing of a Pixiu Money Dragon’s Yen. Those pertain to Ien/Tobacco Smoke, and of course Gum, as Resin. How did you find it, by the way?
Only by how lost you were, yourself, Ben. Which is why I summoned you to confiscate it. You hold to too much, making you your own lost artefactuary. How about I give you a job, to occupy yourself with? Do you mind?
Stepping forth a, “Krampus-looking,” Ben, known as, “GAAP (for Lust),” to the Hebrews’ Demonolators, appeared as a dark fog, with two cool yellow eyes. What type of job, asked Ben. He was most perturbed by the idea of losing his tie to the Dragon. It had been near him, almost his entire life. Now, he’d been bidden back in time to see Nick.
Nick handed him a Blessed Fairy Birch Twig, stating, I would like you to watch over Andrew.
Ben, agreed. Okay, no problem! But how do you want me to be to any of the men or women on the merchant’s end of the tally involved. Those with Tobacco… or, furthermore, Andrew, himself. What about the picture?
Mainly, Nick asked? The Saint, now being shocked, and a bit sorry to hear the Demon's plaintive-sounding consideration. Mainly, I pray you’ll treat them mercifully. I bid you off of them. First, however, I have something to read to you.
What could that be? asked Ben, a little agitated.
What I have here, is the boy named Andrew's, soul legal, written out.
A legal, why would he have even needed it? Asked Ben.
He was Naughty, said Nick.
And you still want to give him my pipe? Ben was flabbergasted and shook his head in disapproval, The fog dissipating and then reaccumulated.
Yes, but if it’s any consolation, I’m having you involved on the matter of this topic, to assign you to a task. You can follow me around for gift deliveries.
Okay, he sighed, let me hear it. Away!...
An Elf of exceptional hearing, well guarded, and of swift feet, ran out to take the pipe away, and then ran back to the cabin.
After a medium-length discussion, Ben was satisfied, and entered back into the Cupboard.
Santa’s last words to Ben, were… Just, be moderate. You are, by your Goetic, “Lust Spirit,” naming, a commoderator of amounts of passion in dibs, but we need to keep that, clean. You also put the Darker Passions into what you see to. I’m going out on a limb here, but hopefully that very thing, won't impact anything, other than our N’Oel Nights, and the Pipe. You know how we aim to role our Presence, in the World.

The Winged-and-Horned Shade, of Ben, after clamouring back into the Cupboard, was silent.
Slowly… and MOST surely, Santa twisted the Silver, Locking Key. This, without a word of lib, and doing so, with a certain determination.
It must be noted, that a similar smaller make of this magical re-animating Cupboard, later made a popular movie.
Not without stress, Nick later wiped his brow. I hope he didn't have too hard a time with this new arrangement… Nick had been sweating for what he might end up having to go through over the Holiday visits (with Ben in tow, that is).
Pulling a delivery sack, from out of the Barn and coming back to the Cupboard again. He opened it a final time.
He found only the rock on the floor, and after sweeping away the muddy dirt, and doing a bit of cleaning, he put the rock, pipe, and bottle of goestling into the pack. He had Mrs. Claus file all of the Elves, then, into the OMRISS, bidding them, goodnight.
Upon awakening, they would be only noddy toys. Except for the good ones. Those? The immortal Hadibi’ndula.

  1. The OMRISS is a Real World Cupboard. While Fictional in it’s Movie-Premise, it is a had in of Nursery Rhyme in it’s very Sinching Synopsis. A bidden in of Fairy Tales, and built to the scale of a Mother-Hubbard-Sized hole in a home, it Sinter Crofts, as though enchanting Knacked Wood. While bidding, “idle-timed,” it neither ins wood living nor dead, but delivers any of it, and all of it, to take off as life anew, by how it had new life in it ever bidden. In this way, it is alike a Comardin'd Haduzen Christic.
  2. The Former Word Gas, mentioned in the Chapter on Goz, Relates to Gos and Gauze, or Phantoms, as well as Petroleum. Thus, Benzine.
  3. The Suffix of Which, “-Zin,” rather, as a, “Zinfandel,” Is a Goestling Alcohol, or Alcohol Spirit, and, when by the Phantom Bal/The Ghostling Ben, is the Lusty Demon, named GAAP/TOAB.
As it is load of diabol heresy, and when we know that Demon’s are indeed real, it surfeits your God will, to operate as his accountancy-recastecaller (in a, however bidden), and the very need of reform of a man with No God Say. He was lored as a religious Ba’aler of religion… to say that it mattered, but as caste, and with spirit possessions admitting him forward, not enough concession of (God) control, could be in it. The unholy Ceremonial Art, if made, not only by unholiness, but impious countenance being his main ten.
They, for Judaeo-Christians Prophets, need a proper coursing (as routed out and then sealed, as out in a sanction, and never bidden). Also, demons must occasionally be bound and cast into the pit or hellfires, though this turns a Carnic Karmal relaying, of, which they do create by their being off-put, which causes a hay, when it need be maintained as a need for reminders of moral hall-calls. That is, not fraternizing amourishly over them.
Reason as in it, being, that it enburdens followers by demon lawing, and the apostates then vie for their pry at buying out the prelacy, by fay-way none the wary, no matter where Revelations had in. We need Fellowship's Service, in gracious God support. Not con-arded rapture of hierarchical courts. Not all is bidden. Heretic in me.
Alcohol, apart from all and any demon loring, is at a shy when imbibing wisdom for Heaven, and therefore, not recommended for anyone (especially not those who are ill of conscience, judgementally off righteous God call, or leprous).
The reason why, being if the person were ill, they were already unclean and alcohol is low-kosher. This means that, if any were taken, only a little should be allowed, and only for one, as we do not want all people on it.
If a proper handle is lacking, then it is recommended left out of it.
  1. For the purposes of this story, Santa only drinks milk, and no Zinfandel, is had, by either of the Clauses, nor their elves.
Aside from alcohol, people need to possess a Spiritual Sobriety. Minding what God says being of the utmost importance in how they do. This is important to maintaining God Line Vitality to the Prayer, aiding the power of Scripturally Appropriate Discernment in Usefully Testifying Matters, as well as being a Better Bid, on the off, for Righteous Judgement Calls in Heaven’s Jurisdictional Witness and Guard the Flock, and Any, helping All the Kingdom to know Him (The Christ), and Life itself.

Well, Ben's off to drive Andrew crazy! Pa mumbled to himself, coming back into the Cabin.
Andrew doesn’t know, but that Osé of his, is a Snow Leopard/Uncia Uncia, which exemplifies Unk/Twain/Wit, through an Ounce/One, making it’s Were-Cat/Ju-Ju transformation, by All One, as an Oni Spirit.
The Oni, will now, I hope, feel only occasionally bidden to discipline Children with the Madenning, “Fairy Birch Twig,” and only the Naughty, as a Krampus, and while around the Winter’s Holiday when I can Supervise and offer Gifts to People.

How did you win Ben, so fast? Ma asked.
I told him that Andrew was divining with a Dictionary, by Bibliomancy or Book-Fortune-Telling, and got landed with the names Spellbound and Eldritch before 2004, Monarch and Bishop in 2007, and then finally, in 2020, Signature. That making a minimum of 5 Nicknames.
Signature? said Mrs. Claus. How dreadful. The pipe is Andrew's then?
By all accounts I'd have to say so, but my Records mention, the Pipe is to be given, from Eldritch.
Where should we send it to? she asked.
As no Eldritch Spellbound truly exists, I suppose we should send it to all of El-Dom, until such a time as Andrew receives it.

I’ve got the document right here. It truly says it all.
Andrew thought that random lot drawing was only a random act. But it’s that very random act that plods (if not by plotting), a path. Some forms of lot drawing are unbidden. We leave it at, that Andrew, hadn’t known God.
Later, he figured that the white light leading him through pages of his (fortune-told), Self-Naming Ceremonies was a Holy Spirit Guide, when it was, in fact, an Evil, Insanity, Demon Spirit named Osé, making him follow a long, drawn-out, Ghost-Written, Trail, of, “Eldritch”/”Creature”/”Bucca,” “Monarch”/”King”/”Faust,” and, “Bishop”/”Pope”/”Jack Frost, naming.
He had a Signature written out on a Letter to Christ, when he divined the word Signature, though!
Oh, is Signature his name, now?! Look after all names, they said? This little man is responsible for having us look after everyone, then… She gave a faint laugh, then wincing in the snow. His Birth Name, though?
He wrote it out prior, unwittingly.
Where was it located? asked Mrs. Claus.
Well, on a Note to God saying, more-or-less, that he’s a, “Psalm 139”/”Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”-Believing, as well as an, “Isaiah 11”/”God's Animal Safety Promise”-Indebted, “Over-Kill-Joy,” Repentant Sinner who goes over the top obsessively in small circuits, but still believes in The Lord.
Do you think he’s ready for this Fairy Pipe? Asked Mrs. Claus.
It came from Tatter’s Flower, and Ben had it enchanted somehow, with a Dragon, said Nick admitted embarassed. Anyhow, Andrew aimed to confess that he’s a, “1 Corinthians 5:5 Repentant,” and will have to wait to see the Christ, without usurping the Church, by abiding good protocol in the World. In the Interim… Not really. I think he needed to feel gifted.
Nick! Ma warned. This could go horribly wrong! Well, what? Do you think he’s acquitted of it, by Secret Societies involvements over his head, ‘surping him by summonry?
If they Governed his Movements, that’s why the coincidences are down to Spirits of Wickedness in High Places being the multiple homes he's moved to. Anyhow, let’s have some Hallongrotta.
Remind me again, why The Delva La Plume is the one he needs and not a Poinsettia. Mrs. Claus asked.
He needs one that’s Christened/Named, and, Ma! Pa whined, lastly, it's not that there aren't other Fairy Pipes to be made, but I’m pretty sure they have to be prayed for, to be received properly. This is the right one for, “El's New Nativity.”
I’ve had enough Nicholas, and you even wasted our Zinfandel. I’ll see you in the morning.

As for, on whether, he was Signed?
I just so happen to know he's still in Osé, and not all-out Satan malurky! Nick fittered secretly to a mouse, Osé means honorific title in Japanese.
But how was it to be… In Ba’al or even exorcizable..
Andrew Thomlinson, sat in his room, browsing the Global News and Weather, on his Smart Phone's Internet. The year was 2018.
Kali? he asked. Are you sure we should do this? He put out a cigarette into his ash mug (a rather conventional ashtray?).
One more, Magic Drew Bear, his cherubim replied.
Well, you said three, but I don’t know, he said.
They were onto a third.
Then they'll know that you and I are meant to be.
A third fire, could put the world in dire peril… Andrew, hesitated. Both fell in Phantom Love over never meeting and discovering Opera.
You know, I don't really believe in this stuff, but who am I? I'm not real. Everything's realler than I am! We'll make it three fires and that way, if your theories are true, we'll be able to locate them and prove them and if they locate you, we can find a way of announcing our love before them all. I'm sure they'll manage a way of bringing us together, that way.

But Kali, who are you, again, asked Andrew, dearly, and half disbelieving as he picked up another cigarette. You called me a Magic Drew Bear one day, and I'm not lying, that won my heart, but I don't even own the better part of my own apartment or dollar to get us started off together, yet. How will we ever find a way to live together?
You'll come to get me from the East Coast of Canada, she said. In all regalia, and sweep me off my feet... Either that, she said, or you'll meet me at my hospital.
That story always changes.

Kali had met him, at first, in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, in a vision, where she had stood outside his apartment window shuffling her feet, but when Andrew had looked, she hadn't actually been there.
At least, that's how it had started.
Now it was that, the two, were playing a very dangerous game, of placing Faustian Fairytale bets, on the landscape of the, "known," world.
In, “Clement.”
On one hand, Andrew believed in girls, on the other hand he didn't know why he had to feed this one birdfood or get off his butt and find a job, before the war or, better still, he didn't know why he had to lend to starting the minor Apocalypse, which would inevitably start the war, then followed up by the real Apocalypse, afterward. Nobody ever let him in on those sorts of dire detailings.
It's an Ion.
Like a Kirby, you're saying? His friend couldn't believe him. The pink demon puffoon from the video games?
Well, the way I see it, all fires are synchronized in some way, though they never appear so. Think of two synchronized blinking lights. Now, command them ionic. Only, those two lights fly around, and sync their, "behaviours and patterns," while all over the place, or the planet. And then, take it one step further... they're never truly only even ONE pair.
Why do they fly around?
I think they fly around to examine every known or unknown thing in existence. When they're at rest, it's because they've found enough Spark, Combustible Material, and my guess is, Air. They're really all over the Universe that way, only we can't tell for their Disparity and Scale and the Fires.
So they just inhale, things combust, and then they dwell in their ember and/or maybe die down a bit to continue? Yeah... Drew, that's lame. Kirby's not a real demon.
But don't you see. I know that! They're not actually Kirby. They're one little ion commanding an existence circuit.
Then the question I'd ask is, are they (or is it), necessary to existence, or better yet, do they command it?
You know what? Since I saw the manifestation of those fires on the ninth of September, from my bet with, "Invisible," Kali, last year, I'm kinda growing more wary of flickering lights...

  • CRACK! *

A Lady stepped out of a Car and turned to face the two of them.
The Card: "Sparing you any details on how my ashes may have been in slight, I've commanded you into my furnace for how the furnishings were not in right."
~ Andrew writes loopy letters, said one girl, while giggling, back in his Junior High. And I couldn't tell who he was trying to impress. You... Or Jim Davis. ~ A Bat flew in and settled into the tree (it had been the Eaves Trough).
OKAY... Tags off, and Let Me Know How Everything Fits! His mom, got back into the car, waved and drove off.
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2023.06.07 15:19 majora2007 v0.7.3 - The Quality of Life Update

v0.7.3 is here and quite quickly from the last release. v0.7.3 was originally designed to be a release where I would bring a really awesome set of features I've been dreaming about, but unfortunately, I hit challenge after challenge each step of the way. Instead of making the community wait months for me to solve all the challenges with them, I decided to release early and keep working on them slowly in the background. With that in mind, you will still see some nice additions to Kavita in this release and a heck of a lot of polish all around. Let's get into it.
Web Links This is something I am most excited about and have been really enjoying, especially for something coming in v0.7.4. Web links are external websites that have some relation to a series, like an AniList entry, a Plex entry, etc. A series can have many different weblinks and Kavita will attempt to download a favicon for the website, else fallback to Kavita's own icon (you can raise a PR and submit one yourself).
Streamlined EncodeAs Kavita has offered the ability to save covers and bookmarks in WebP or the default png for quite some versions, but in Kavita v0.7.3, we added AVIF support. What if users wanted to save their media in AVIF instead of WebP? This release, we redesigned the encoding process so you have full control over what is used. (Note: You MUST update the Save As Encoding if you were previously using WebP. This update will not carry that over for you.)
Media Errors This is one I took inspiration from Komga, but have you ever had Kavita not pickup on a file and wondered why? Did you not want to search through the logs to figure it out? Well now, you can just go to Admin -> Media and see a list of all issues present during a scan (and even when you open Epubs for reading). This is extremely helpful and should help those with massive collections find what Kavita doesn't process.
EPUB Love This release I also spent a lot of time working on the epub parser so that Kavita could support reading list and collection generation from epubs, much like we have with ComicInfo.xml. Tons of work went into table of content generation (when there isn't one in the epub file), link mapping, css support, etc. Overall the book reader should perform much better and have more true-to-the-book rendering.
Overall this release is full of quality of life enhancements and polish. Next release I have something interesting in store. Thank you to all that have helped out in this release, especially those who gathered the many favicons. I appreciate all you do.
The full release can be found here.




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2023.06.07 15:19 Cultural-Injury-7804 Body to Body Massage in Green Park South Delhi

Body to Body Massage in Green Park South Delhi
Looking Full Body to Body Massage in Green Park South Delhi, Spa Near me Full body to body Massage in Delhi, Madhu vihar by female to male massage Parlour in Green Park South Delhi, Body Massage Centres in Green Park South Delhi – Best Body Massage Parlour Delhi, best spa in Green Park South Delhi

Li Wellness Spa – Body Massage Centre in Delhi

Address: S-35/A 2nd Floor, above Hair We R Salon,
Green Park Main, Market, Delhi 110016
Hours: Open 10:30 Am – Closes 9:30PM

Phone: 09560819807

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2023.06.07 15:18 Zand20 22 [M4M] lf: fwb

Hi 👋 I just want to try fwb. Curious lang to have one. Maybe I can find it here. Btw, looking for male na ka fwb and I'm also a male just to give an heads up. I'm 22, 5'7 height, chinito and moreno from Taguig. I'm okay with 20 years old above or daddy. Please be atleast V or T.
Hit me up. Please be near 🙏
Thank you 😎
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2023.06.07 15:18 J4S0NM4S0N Should I be doing more?

Hi everyone, gonna try to keep this short & sweet. I'm looking for advice/ways to stay productive to improve my acting craft and to see if I should be doing more? A little about me. I'm 33, married with 1 child, work full time 9-5 Monday - Friday, living in PA (United States). I grew up in a traditional, conservative household where acting wasn't even a choice, but it was always something I really wanted to do. Because of that, I am now trying to make a go of it some years later. Now that I'm a grown up with adult money, I have the funds to do acting classes, workshops, buy necessary self tape equipment, etc...I should also add that I have full support from my spouse on this to chase my creative side.
I've been taking some classes to see which method works best for me. I took Meisner for about 5 months and realized it wasn't really for me, so I stopped that. I recently joined an improv theatre in May and have been doing that for a few months now, and I'm loving it, but we're on break until July. I also have a 5 week intensive online for Auditioning for Film & TV coming up in July as well. I've sent some self tapes in for some auditions, got 1 callback, but nothing else. I can honestly say that I don't audition a WHOLE lot due to my lack of knowledge of character building/script analysis, so I haven't been actively auditioning. Is that wrong? I try to watch videos and stuff, but it doesn't really always stick with me. I've been reading books in my free time (Meisner, Jenna Fischer, Larry Moss, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler) to get more insight to the acting world and technique. Unfortunately for me, there's no adult theatre classes in person near me and the only real productions that happen around here are either traveling ones or where the community is very toxic. (There's a theatre near here where I went to seek entrance into and let's just say I was all but laughed at because I had no "real" training or degree and was told to come back when I had "real" experience. When I asked them about classes, they stated they don't offer classes). This area caters a lot to youth and really doesn't focus too much on adult classes (except the improv class i've been taking) I guess my question is, between working full time, being a husband and father, and enjoying another hobby of mine, what can I be doing more to improve my craft? Should I be auditioning? Should I make a demo reel first to get more comfortable self taping? I'm not expecting to be the next big star or anything, but I'm the type of person who really likes to chase skill and I really want to get better to become more confident on stage and on screen and have fun doing so.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.07 15:18 theoretical_chemist Struggling with how to 'Be an academic' - Advice Wanted

Hi there,
Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this post - it's very much appreciated! Let me provide you with some background that might help in answering my question and potentially providing some guidance to me.
I finished my PhD in July 2022 (UK based), and was lucky enough to get a full-time position as a lecturer in a post-92 university immediately afterwards (I had a good publication record (9 articles) commensurate with the stage of my career). We had also bought a house a year previously, and there are only 3 universities in our area, 2 of which are Russell Group (and a post-doc would absolutely be needed to obtain a lectureship there). So, I feel lucky to have gotten this position! The area of my lectureship is somewhat different to the field in which I completed my PhD, but there is still scope to carry out this type of research in my current position. I also LOVE teaching, which was another huge draw to this position.
I knew that I never wanted what one could call a 'high pressure research career', whereby I'm publishing multiple articles in a year at a top 10 Russell Group university. I found the pressure of consistently publishing and the never-ending imposter syndrome really difficult to deal with throughout my PhD, so this type of position is perfect. I still supervise undergraduate and postgraduate research projects, I still have the scope to obtain funding and PhD students, but it's mostly in my own time with very little pressure to do so. I'm a computational chemist, and one other problem is that very little existing infrastructure is present at the university for me to pursue my work. I'm starting from the ground up!
I'm nearly a year into the job and the teaching side of things is going (mostly) swimmingly. I've build a good rapport with my students, I feel that they value my style of teaching, and that I'm already making an impact in terms of the number of students taking 1 of the 2 core routes through the program.
However! The research side isn't going too well. I feel totally out of my depth, and I have no idea what I'm actually doing. I've applied for two internal PhDs that haven't been funded (limited spots across the whole college), I've run some successful undergraduate projects, but I still really don't understand numerous things... on top of this, the students aren't trained particularly well in the core aspects of my research, so when they come to do projects, they aren't likely to produce much publishable work. I'm struggling with:
(i) The ins and outs of writing a grant
(ii) how to successfully build collaborations with other members of staff
(iii) how to build collaborations with external partners/universities
(iv) how to 'add value' to a collaboration
(v) how to apply for funding for research (e.g. consumables (my consumables are computing time or computers) or PhD students
I just feel totally out of my depth, and that I'll never be a successfull academic. I would appreciate any guidance at all!
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2023.06.07 15:15 pinkyporkchops Come at me today, job boss

My boss (apartment complex) found a way to save the company money last year. She fired the lady that’s been cleaning the breezeways for a discount on her rent. At the time, she said her daughter would do it. Her daughter “worked” in the office for about a year- meaning she got paid but never showed up and I literally don’t think I ever saw her so much as answer a phone. Surprise surprise, her daughter left. So her solution is to say that is part of my job now as well. I’ve been there 6 years and im lowest on the totem pole and make just a few cents over minimum wage. I bust my ass more days than not in the Texas heat and the rest of the maintenance crew is a criminally lazy obnoxious guy that somehow skates by. The other times she’s asked, I’ve made it crystal clear that I will gladly do it IF compensated. My plate is already full. Well she asked yesterday if I’d been cleaning MY breezeways- and I said no, I haven’t had the time, even to get my own work done. So she replied it needs to be done monthly and said if it was her, she would do half and alternate weekly. Cool, sounds like a great plan for you. I just didn’t reply and I’m not going to. I put in my resume somewhere else. And I’m not currently feeling to mad or bitter- but part of me almost hopes she has the balls to ask again so I can tell her that you don’t get to fire someone just to save money and just expect someone already overworked and underpaid to take it on for free. I’m feeling so liberated now that I’ve decided my time there is nearing an end. Hope everyone has a fantastic day today! Stay cool out there
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2023.06.07 15:15 Darren_889 Should not knowing networking be enough to term a sys admin?

Ok, to me networking is a pillar of this job. my company hired a new sys admin 6 months ago, who week 2 needed my help simply setting a static IP on a windows machine. I STRONGLY advised he learn networking, gave him lab equipment, and some network + resources. for the last 6 months he has been "studying" for the net+, I have asked here and there how it is going and he will say something like "I am learning about routers now" or "I am on the IP V6 chapter". Yesterday I decided to actually ask him some questions to see how his learning is going and I am starting to think he is lying about studying or is just incapable of learning networking. I asked 3 questions that I think are chapter 1 fundamental things.

What is the osi model? - couldn't tell me, and couldn't tell me a single layer

What is a DHCP server? - I asked if he knew what DHCP was, he said yes and to my surprise he actually got the name right, I asked him: "so you know what a dhcp server does? and he said yes. then, I said ok tell me. and he was like "LOL you got me I don't know"

What is a public and private IP? also he had no clue here.

If after 6 months you can not answer these questions I think our company needs to work out some sort of requirement of him to get a net+ within a time frame, I don't know legally what they can do, hell I don't mind if they give him some time to learn on the clock even, I just need someone competent to work with. Unfortunately I think he is just incapable of learning the technology. He is a "nice guy" but nowhere near a system administrator level in any skillset, and how he flat out lies makes me wonder what else is he trying to "fake it till he makes it", honestly I am uncomfortable giving him any task besides end user support.
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2023.06.07 15:14 gantsaardal i don’t know what to do anymore

So this is the second time that I just avoid anything and everything around me and now i’m at the point that i just don’t care about anything anymore. I’m not going to school and now i have to change schools because i’m failing again because I skip school nearly everyday day cause i’m feeling like shit. The thing is that i don’t care about it. I don’t care about myself or anyone else anymore. Days are just flying by while i’m doing nothing. I tried going outside and going on a walk but it’s not helping and now i’m just sitting in my room rotting. I put a fassade up for my parents but i don’t know if I can endure this any longer. I thought about suicide. Just to end this miserable life. What can I do?
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2023.06.07 15:14 BeatricePotsmoker The world needs a break.

I was thinking about the last few years the other night and it got me thinking that our society is tired.
Since March of 2020, the world has become a very different place. Covid came and changed everything. People I knew began dropping like flies. First, older people died from it, then it took people in their 30s and 40s. Everyone I know lost someone in their life to it. I’m still attending Covid-delayed funerals.
Things that were simple became quite hard. That 5 minute stop at the grocery store? That now takes 20 minutes since you can only go one way down the aisle and there is only one self-checkout lane open.
Shortly thereafter, the shortages came. I remember months where we could not find things like toilet paper or fresh fruit. We all had to adapt and find workarounds for life, recipes, routines.
Parents had it hardest and were struggling to keep things normal for their kids in very not normal circumstances. From zoom school to canceled proms (and other rites of passage) parents were stretched thinner than ever.
Throughout everything, the only command (at least here in the US) was do not stop working. so everyone slogged along for three years. Recently, it seems, we decided the pandemic was over. “Everyone get back to the world, for real” was the unspoken message, “it’s time to begin working harder.” I think all of us already were doing our best.
It seems like everyone needs a break. Maybe just a couple weeks just to slow down and process what happened. A moment to think about life, those we lost, how the world changed while we all marched ahead. The last three years feel like a large tragedy we never worked through collectively, much less individually.
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2023.06.07 15:13 lHeaDriXl [Store]St Talon Knife Marble Fade Fn 0.007,M9 Bayonet Case Hardened Bs 40% blue,Specialist Gloves Crimson Web Mw,Broken Fang Gloves Yellow-banded Fn 0.062,AWP Graphite Fn w/ Fnatic Kato 14,USP-S Kill Confirmed Fn,Bowie Knife Scorched Ft 0.20

Trade Link Buff Store
Item B/O Screenshot Tradeable
St Talon Knife Marble Fade Fn 0.007 8000 rmb SS 6.Jun
M9 Bayonet Case Hardened Bs 4250 rmb SS 06.Jun
Bowie Knife Scorched Ft 0.20 800 rmb SS 31.May
Specialist Gloves Crimson Web Mw 6000 rmb SS 5.Jun
Broken Fang Gloves Yellow-banded Fn 0.062 5000 rmb SS 6.Jun
AWP Graphite Fn w/ Fnatic Kato 14 1850 rmb SS 06.Jun
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M4A1-S Decimator Fn 90 rmb SS yes
USP-S Blueprint Mw 0.08 72 rmb SS yes
Prices are not firm! Im mainly interested in Item or Buff trades!
Buff Store
Add me on steam
Trade Link
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2023.06.07 15:12 Life_By_Design66 Holistic Therapy Near Me

Holistic Therapy Near Me

Life by Design Therapy
Have you ever gone to therapy and left feeling like there was a piece of your needs that were not met?
It’s probably because you were only finding healing for the mind. You are made up of SO MUCH MORE! At Life By Design Therapy we offer Holistic Therapy approaches to support healing the WHOLE person. Our modalities look at mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Holistic therapy acknowledges that each part of our existence plays a vital role in our overall well-being and aims to restore balance within ourselves and the world around us.
If you are interested in getting started, and you live in California, head to the link in our bio to schedule your free phone consultation. We offer in-person, online, weekend, and sessions in Spanish!
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2023.06.07 15:12 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Course (new edition)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Biaheza's Dropshipping course.
The course focuses on practical steps that take you from zero to a profitable dropshipping store in no time.
Biaheza's Dropshipping course guarantees real results, not just theories!
Experience the thrill of launching your own store and making over one thousand dollars on day one. Biaheza will guide you through every step, explaining how to scale your business for even greater success.
You will learn how to:
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.,, and more!
Biaheza's Dropshipping course witll show you how to captivate your audience, drive sales, and maximize your profits effortlessly.
If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.07 15:12 cashforgift 4 Things to Avoid When You Want to Sell Gift Cards for Instant Payment!

4 Things to Avoid When You Want to Sell Gift Cards for Instant Payment!
Gift cards have become a prevalent option for gifting occasions, allowing recipients to choose items they desire from a particular retailer. However, sometimes we receive gift cards that need to align with our preferences. In such cases, you would do better to sell gift cards instantly online can be an attractive decision. While selling gift cards in the USA can be an opportune way to turn unwanted cards into cash, it's critical to be aware of potential pitfalls. In this article, we'll discuss four things you should avoid when selling gift cards for instant payment.

Unreliable Online Platforms:

The internet is filled with numerous online platforms claiming to offer quick and secure gift card-selling services. However, not all platforms are created equal. Doing thorough research and reading reviews before choosing a platform is essential. Look for reputable platforms that have positive customer feedback and a proven track record of reliable transactions. Avoid platforms that have a history of delayed payments or poor customer support.

Ignoring the Terms and Conditions:

Before sell gift cards instantly online, carefully review the terms and conditions provided by the platform. Some platforms may have restrictions on the type of gift cards they accept or impose additional fees or charges. Ignoring these terms and conditions can result in delays or even loss of payment. Ensure you understand the platform's policies and requirements to avoid surprises.

Falling for Scams:

Regrettably, the online world is filled with scammers looking to take advantage of unwary sellers. Be careful of platforms or buyers asking for sensitive personal information or payment details upfront. Legitimate platforms will not require you to share such information before the completion of a successful transaction. Avoid any suspicious requests and report them immediately to the platform's customer support.

Offering Excessive Discounts:

When sell gift cards instantly online, setting high discounts to appeal to buyers rapidly is tempting. Nevertheless, offering unnecessary discounts can significantly reduce the value of your gift card. It's significant to strike a balance between attracting potential buyers and maintaining a sensible selling price. Research the market value of your gift card and set a competitive yet realistic discount to safeguard you receive a fair price.
Video: Click Here


When cash for gift cards near me, it's crucial to exercise caution and avoid potential pitfalls. Choose reputable online platforms, set reasonable discounts, review terms and conditions, and stay vigilant against scams. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and secure selling experience, allowing you to turn your unwanted gift cards into instant cash hassle-free.
Full Audio: Listen Here
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2023.06.07 15:11 ForeignIdeaSecretary {FA} I only know how to blow things up. I am completely unable to wait things out. (longlonglong)

Last year I connected with someone I've known for like 8 years and we've always had a strong underlying attraction for each other. But I knew what he was like and I knew he had a tendency to be very distant, as in disappear for weeks at a time to hyperfocus on his hobbies and things like video games. He's had a problem with this in a lot of his relationships--he focuses too much on hobbies and not on his relationship--women leave him. I knew this. I knew I didn't like that about him and I kept him at arms length because of it, even when he was obviously showing me he was interested.
But last year, we reconnected and he came on STRONG. He was attentive, wanted to spend so much time together, he offered me basically everything I had ever wanted from him. He was so into it, he would apologize and act embarrassed for being "simpy". At one point, he blurted out he'd been in love with me for years and was afraid I would leave. We would stay up all night until the late morning just talking and spending time together. And I knew it was a risk, but I went along with it, for some reason I hoped this would be different or real. We had an amazing 4 months together before any problems started. Like I had honestly never been happier in my life. Then his distance started kicking in. It was slow at first. Our time spent together slowly became a fraction of what it had been. He was verbally very reassuring, but physically just mainly focused on his hobbies. I started FA-acting out(not something I'm proud of, but a fear response I guess), the first time I'd shown any aggression or irritation toward him, he obviously was not into that. The distance got worse, but he remained very sweet. I convinced myself he'd lost interest and (he) felt stuck.
I eventually bailed without any warning or convo. He was so pissed, he cut me out in return. I spent months just agonizing and obsessing over this. Like I had clearly made a mistake. Why couldn't I have just waited it out. Why couldn't I have talked about it. I had intended to use this time to get over it, but I didn't, instead I just was in hell.
I got him back in contact months later. It's been nearly 3 months back in contact. It was rocky at first, he really took offense to me suddenly disappearing on him, but he was warmed up tremendously. I do think he feels something for me. He is positive and responsive and does stay in contact(not as much as I would like). He has started trusting me again and being vulnerable with me. But its not going how I want it too. Despite him inching closer to me emotionally and seeming excited to talk to me and showing signs he is forgiving me for basically abandoning him first---I am over here just flooding myself with "he just sees you as a friend now", "he's being polite, you know he's a nice guy.", "he actually thinks you are pathetic and is weirded out you came back", "if he liked you still, this would have progressed more by now", "what if you're over here thinking you're rebuilding stuff between you and he just falls for someone else all the sudden", "what if *this* is all you ever get."
And then I'm like "what are you doing here?" "get out, this is a time bomb." Like I spent months and months in agony just hoping for another chance at this and I have it now and I'm thinking about bailing again!? I wouldn't do it--I KNOW he wouldn't give me another chance if I did this again, but I fantasize about it. Just being free and cutting this connection and not having to worry about it any more, but I also know that those 4 months after I disappeared the first time were MISERY for me and I'm embarrassed to say I had never been more unhappy in my life.
I feel trapped. Not by him, by me. By my weird fixation on this situation, by the uncertainty of if this is all it will ever be, by the thought that I should let it go but I can't. How is it possible to feel trapped by something that asks nothing of you? How do I chill the F out?!
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2023.06.07 15:09 tasteslikeblackmilk Overlimit Event drops

I've been grinding too much and it's making me miserable; I'm beginning to hate the game. I really love the game but I'm trying to get this one Asshimar Haro skin and have nearly 3000 Limitover points and still not got it. It doesn't help that I've seen other Asshimar with both Haro gun and skin in the first couple of days of the event. I have lots of duplicates for almost everything else I have got i.e. ornaments and sprays. I know there are 11 days more left but I think I need a break now before I get burnt out completely. I know it's just a stupid cosmetic but the heart wants what it wants.
I really think after a set amount of points we should be able to exchange for one item from the Overlimit drop pool.
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2023.06.07 15:08 hiddencontraption UK One bag trousers - Disappointed by Lulu Lemon - Teeshoppen, Uniqlo or other viable options?

I brought some Lululemon ABC classic trousers a few months back after they seemed one of the better options for one baggers in the UK. I went with them as I'm annoyingly tall (6' 4") and skinny (<65kg) so being able to try them on in store was helpful when I lived near Bath. They tore within a month of normal use and the returns process has been a right chore. Kinda gutted as I went way out of my normal budget as I thought they would be perfect.
Looking to try another brand and Teeshoppen keep popping up on my socials with "Performance trousers" in a three fo £80 quid bundle - which seems a little too good to be true. Does anyone have any experience using their products? A lot of feedback online seems to be that their returns process can be a chore also. Theres a link to their wares here:
Or, alternatively, any recommendations for other brands? I will be in London soon for a week and I have seen that some of Uniqlo's offerings are meant to be decent for the one bagger on a budget so I could maybe hit up one of their stores to try items on in person.
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