Aaa flood insurance texas

[USA-TX] [H] Niche Zero White US and Cafelat Robot Barista [W] PayPal, Local cash

2023.03.25 12:28 Ok_Highway_4933 [USA-TX] [H] Niche Zero White US and Cafelat Robot Barista [W] PayPal, Local cash

If you're in Texas I'm also happy to arrange for a local swap to dodge paying for shipping, and could do cash instead. $30 off from prices for Local purchase
All prices include shipping within U.S.
Prefer PayPal F&F. USPS Priority, insured to full value. I have 7 confirmed trades in AVexchange if that helps
Timestamp + images + video
Niche Zero White US = $520
It was used for about half a year and has unfortunately sat unused for a while, but I've cleaned and calibrated it. I don't have the original packaging, but have the catch cup, brush, and a 3D-printed anti-popcorning disk
Cafelat Robot = $290
It comes with everything in the pic (except my bread box). I don't have the box (we moved cross country and tossed boxes we didn't absolutely need) However, if someone wants I'll throw in the notneutral lino cups and saucers pictured for $20 for the pair
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2023.03.25 11:37 TryingtoGetWell28 Who should be investing in climate-friendly innovations? My thoughts so far

Insurance companies (so they won’t go bankrupt from paying for fire or flood damage, storm damage)
Cities and states (so they don’t lose income from travel, leisure or other lifestyle activities)
Large companies (so that they can continue to operate their stores and sell products in a routine manner)
Wealthy individuals (out of a moral responsibility and interest in humanity)
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2023.03.25 09:15 Glass_Sentence7139 DreamWorld/Land of Nod

Ok, so this is my first reddit post, so please excuse any confusion. Recently, while watching YouTube, I stumbled upon a list of 10 alternate/parallel universe stories. I have believed in the theories of alternate universes forever...I mean literally, for as long as I can remember, and I have good reason.
I am a woman, almost 50 y.o, who has always had these "dreams". In my dreams, I am someplace else, but with full memories of ever part of my life when in the dream. I wake up at least 5x's/night, with full memories of the dream I had just had. I tried keeping dream logs, but, with the amount of dreams I have a night, along with the details remembered in each dream, I don't have the time to write down each dream. If i were to write them, they would be complete stories, not dreams. I almost wish I had someone who could write them for me.
The majority of my dreams are all in the same world. I call this world "The Land Of Nod", Don't ask me why I call it that, I started calling it that when I was about 15 and it just stuck.
My earliest memory of having repetitive dreams and dreams of this other world, was about when I was either 4 or 5, but I am sure I have had them my whole life, unfortunately, our brains don't start storing memories until about that age. My earliest memory of this life, was when I was approx. 3-4 y/o. My parents tell me that as a baby, I had colic until I was 9-months old, that's pretty late for colic, considering it usually subsides by the time a baby id 3-4 months old, I truly believe that it was not colic that kept me awake all night instead of sleeping, I believe I was having these dreams even then. At that young age, and I believe i was so confused, about what to believe and what not to believe, kept me up, crying, trying to stay in in world. Now, I know this is just a guess, but if you had experienced the things I have experienced thru-out the past 49 years of my life, you would understand why I feel this way. My friends and co-workers ask me everyday about my dreams the night before. Sometimes I tell them, sometimes I don't and sometimes i can't, because in "The Land Of Nod", there are creatures that don't exist here. There are everyday animals sold in their pet shops that don't exist here, on this plane, and most importantly, there are colors that don't exist here. They are impossible for me to describe, and although I will vividly remember the colors I see for several days after the dream, the memories slowly fade with time. But one thing I am sure of, they were there.
I compare it to how different animals, can see different colors due to the cones in their eyes. They say dogs only see in black and white, yet some insects can see different colors on the color spectrum, like ultraviolet,that our human eyes can't even imagine. Well, you can think I'm insane all you want, but it's true. There are amazing, marvelous, beautiful colors, both light and dark, shimmery, yet not opaque, indistinct, yet comprehensible, all at the same time.
When i say I wake up 5x/night,I am not exaggerating, in fact, I am lowering the bar. There have been times when i have woken up 9-10x/night due to these dreams.
Like I said, the majority of the time, I go to the same world when i dream. I know the whole town so well, I could draw a map. I know where the movie theater is,the mall, the train stations and the houses.
While some of you are probably thinking that I have taken bits and pieces of the real world and introduced them to create "The Land of Nod", i assure you, that is not the case. These are places, I know I have never seen, with people, most of who I have never met. Sometimes different people in my family will be there, and other times, someone entirely different would be my mother or father. On these occasions, I remember that whole entire life, clear as day. All the memories are intact, Sometimes, I am me, but younger, or older and other times, I am someone completely different. I have been a black woman in my dreams (I am a white woman in this dimension). I have been a Chinese male, and a Chinese female. For some reason, I have been Chinese more than any other ethnicity,
Now don't go getting up in arms over race and sex....I have no control over my dreams in the past, or even who I will be tonight.
A common theme with most of my dreams is the world ending. I have dreamt about this more times than I could begin to explain. 9 out of 10 times, in my dreams, the world ends due to floods and tsunami's. On occasion, I have been in the thick of it, trying to save people and get them on boats. But most of the time, it's after the fact. The damage and destruction. The haunting shapes of twisted metal from where skyscrapers use to be. I will say this: all of the dreams about the tsunami catastrophes appear to be far in the future. I can tell by what has been left over. The remnants, even of the twisted skyscrapers, are nothing that even remotely looks like this century.
I have not only had dreams of the end times, I have had dreams where I have lived a whole lifetime, grown up, fell in love, got married, grew old and relaxed with my old, true love, on a raft, in a makeshift lake that was inside a giant spaceship, where we could look up and see the clear dome, at least a 100 feet above us, showing all the stars. I remember the peace I felt in that moment.The peace of knowing I had a good life, with a man I love and being ready to accept death.
I have had movies that were complete movies. I( watched them fro beginning to end. They don't exist here in this dimension...believe me, I have searched. I have dreamt of musicals, one I remember i call "Stomp", because it was a horror, comical musical, of this band of gypsies, that floated from town to town, killing people, by stomping their heads while circling around them singing. I remember all these and more, vividly.
I have seen giant insects like 4 feet long spiders and 12 inch bees, whose abdomens were completely transparent, so much so, that I could see the intestines, both blue and green, inside the liquid sac of their abdomen.
I don't know why, after all these years I am talking about this.
I believe, honestly in my heart, that these are different dimensions that are out there, but we are unable to see or touch them, at least I can't when I'm awake,.
One more thing I would like to mention. When i crawl into bed and drift off to "The Land of Nod", i almost always find myself waking up there. I go to sleep here and wake up, still drowsy, in a different bed, but knowing where I am and who I am.
This was just a quick synopsis of my dream world and how i believe it relates to parallel dimensions. If anyone is interested, I have dreams and stories from the other side that could last for days. Do the math: between 4- 10 dreams a night, every night. Almost always remembering every detail. I have a lot written down, but more in my memory, stored, hoping someday to possibly write a book, or one of the movies or musicals I saw in the other world.
I would like to do a sleep study someday, but I wouldn't know what to say as to why. It's not really a medical reason, so insurance wouldn't cover it. I wish there was a scientist out there, studying dreams and other dimensions. If there was, I would be the perfect candidate.
Until then, if anyone happens to find my dreamworld interesting, amusing, or has had similar occurrences, Please let me know.
Sleep well. Don't fear. Namaste.
I certainly have no shortages of dream stories to tell....I just don't have enough time left on earth to tell them all.
Good night all...I'm off to "the Land of Nod" again. Hopefully I will only visit the other world no more than 5 times takes a toll on my waking life.
I have never written about it before,maybe the fact that you are all a bunch of strangers that can't judge me helps me to speak my dark into the light. I've gotta be at work in a few hours, and I have an extremely tough job, being an SUD counselor for addicts in a recovery home, so I have to be on-point. Thanks again for listening to an old lady drag on about nothing and everything at the same time. I appreciate all of you. There is purpose, both in this life and the next, I can promise you that!
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2023.03.25 09:08 eyvduijwfvf socialist flood insurance

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2023.03.25 08:56 MsWeather [WOMEN'S HEALTH] Pharmacies must stock abortion pills, Healey says

Overturning Roe v Wade likely led to an increase in distress in women. The loss of abortion rights that followed the overturning of the infamous Roe v Wade case was associated with a 10% increase in the prevalence of mental distress in women in the US. N=83,000 women
77k ectopic pregnancies a year in the US. The treatment for an ectopic and many other complications of pregnancy is an abortion.

Remember when Texas set up their “abortion email hotline” and people from all over the US flooded their server? Let’s do the same at [email protected]
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2023.03.25 08:40 Tic-Tac-Alternate Formula 1's Urbanism and Effects on Car Dependency

When I come here for my occasional perusing of urban-planning discussion, I sometimes see posts from people curious about this sub's opinions on motor racing (F1 in particular). While there aren't that many of these posts, I felt like there was enough discussion within those posts to elaborate on it. After all, given the global nature of F1 and the economics that go into it, I feel like it's a good way to discuss a country's attitude towards car dependency, what certain places get right or wrong when planning for large events like an F1 GP, and how F1's business practices can perpetuate car dependency/car-centric culture. As someone who's enjoyed using transit for as long as I can remember and as an F1 fan (hypocritical, I know), I figured this would be an interesting discussion.

  1. Car-centric (or transit/bike-centric) planning within a race: Here I want to talk about the transportation situation behind F1 races. Since people often compare American sporting venues to European ones here, let's talk about the same for an F1 race:
    1. Good examples of transit-planning in F1 (I can think of 3 examples off the top of my head):
      1. Dutch GP (Zandvoort, NL): The most popular example of how an F1 race can be transit and bike-accessible is the Dutch city of Zandvoort. Predictably, cycling is a well-utilized mode of transport for this race, with reservable bike parking. Out of the 70k attendees in 2021, 25k biked, and 27k used the train to Zandvoort aan Zee station to get there. Zandvoort also implemented traffic-limiting measures to not flood the small city with cars. F1 organizers seem rather proud of this, stating in the race intro cinematic that only 2% of attendees showed up in a car. Although this stat is probably exaggerated to some extent, it does show that even car races can be biked to and be served well by transit.
      2. Japanese GP (Suzuka, Mie, JP): Another example of a transit-accessible F1 race is the Japanese GP in Suzuka, a fan-favorite event. IMO this is an example of how transit can be implemented for massive annual events like this one. Both Ise Railway (The local rail provider) and Mie Transport provide direct service to the circuit's train station and bus services respectively on race weekends. Although I couldn't find any statistics, footage of rail service during race weekends, and this 18-minute video of just busses heading out to go to the circuit show that local agencies in the area take transit seriously during this.
      3. Canadian GP (Montreal, Quebec, CA): Ironically, one of the better examples of transit-accessible F1 venues is in car-centric North America. The circuit (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve) is within the confines of the Parc Jean-Drapeau, served by STM's yellow metro line (btw, why is the yellow line so short?). Since there is zero spectator parking at the venue, the most effective option to get there is via. the metro station. F1 themselves even discourage driving to the circuit, instead directing visitors to use the metro. I attended this race back in June and I can attest to the number of people simultaneously going to the metro station. It definitely was a moshpit but still beats sitting in traffic for 2 weeks. I've heard some complaints from locals here that the event tends to attract people with loud vehicles to the city center. Although I do believe that F1 being in the city contributes to this, I feel like this can be solved through the city rethinking its attitude towards cars rather than rejecting F1 as a whole. Looking at the event in a vacuum though, the Canadian GP is a pleasant departure from the norm in North America. (P.S. Montreal's metro was fantastic from my experience. Good service, (relatively) clean stations, and attractive rolling stock all contributed to a pleasant experience. Would love to have something like it where I live.)
    2. Bad examples of transit-planning in F1 (For every good example, there are of course the bad examples):
      1. United States GP (Austin, Texas, US): It's in Texas, should be self-explanatory at this stage. There is a shuttle from downtown, but given that this is Texas, I suppose there is a reason why most people opt to drive. The abundance of surface parking will probably make most people here write home to their families in terror. Some portions of the broadcast are highly distracting due to 60% of the frame containing parking lots rather than racing. This place, combined with Gigafactory Austin being nearby, makes this area a cathedral for anti-human design that perfectly shows the problems that the US has with stuff like this.
      2. British GP (Silverstone, UK): A somewhat tamer version of what can be seen in Austin, but still far from ideal, as a significant portion of the attendees, shows up by car. Although shuttles are available from Milton Keynes, it's still a 22-minute drive from the station to the circuit. The local campgrounds built to house visitors don't exactly help the local traffic given that most of them are car-centric. Other races, including The Hungarian GP (Budapest, HU), have similar campgrounds that have the same issues of car-centrism, and events like the Spanish GP in Barcelona have transit issues that reflect that even in Europe, there is work that can be done to reduce car-usage during large events.
    3. Miscellaneous examples: Miami and Las Vegas are 2 recent US additions to the F1 calendar that can tell us a lot about the US's car-dependent nature. While Miami isn't terribly car-centric as an event, the fact that the track was built on what was the parking lot of the Hard Rock Stadium shows how much space stadiums in the US allocate to cars. While little is known about the Las Vegas race as of now (set to take place in November 2023), the fact that they're going to be racing down the strip shows how unnecessarily wide the roads down the LV strip are.
  2. Ways F1 perpetuates car dependency and car culture: Although I adore F1, I have to admit that it has done an extremely poor job in terms of sustainability, and it certainly does not help with the prevalence of car culture within society. Here are some things that I think contribute to this:
    1. Glorification of fossil fuels:
      1. Almost every F1 team has a petroleum partner (i.e. Mercedes & Petronas, Red bull & Mobil1, Ferrari & Shell, Alpine & Castrol/BP, Aston Martin & Aramco, Williams & Gulf). Beyond that, F1's dependence on Arabian oil money (particularly with their strategic partnership with Aramco and the subsequent introduction of the Saudi Arabian GP) has been hugely contentious lately, and are testament to the sport's dependency on fossil fuel advertising. It's logical, but advertising petroleum isn't exactly going to do wonders for reducing car dependency and the consequences of climate change. Much like with tobacco advertising in F1 though, I feel like the complete eradication of oil advertising can help mitigate this issue, but unfortunately, I feel like so long as middle-east money is a part of F1, it will only do more harm than good.
      2. Back in 2013, Greenpeace organized a protest at the Belgium race, mainly advocating against Shell's involvement in F1. So people are very much aware of the impact that F1 has on the fossil fuel market. Some have also used F1 races as a platform to advocate against fossil fuel investments, including Just Stop Oil's track invasion during the 2022 British GP.
      3. While we're on the topic of Arab Oil Cash, it's also important to note the human rights abuses some middle eastern countries have committed. Much like the world cup, I feel like the recent additions of ME races (i.e. Qatar), serve as distractions from the realities of these countries. Again, this is something that fans and even some drivers acknowledge and condemn, I'm afraid it'll be a part of the sport unless the very concept of bribery and corruption ceases to exist.
    2. Glorification of cars:
      1. Out of the 10 F1 teams, 5 are directly owned by an automaker, with 8 having significant ties with one. While I don't think this has as much of an impact as fossil fuel advertising, I know many (especially here) are upset about the glorification of cars in advertising.
I feel like I've written a lot at this point, and I've definitely exhausted my talking points. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments :)
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2023.03.25 08:23 BagFullOfTrash No dude they’re biceps

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2023.03.25 08:20 MsWeather Percentage of carbon dioxide in atmosphere from buildings?

The built environment generates 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. Of those total emissions, building operations are responsible for 27% annually, while building and infrastructure materials and construction (typically referred to as embodied carbon) are responsible for an additional 13% annually.

Apple is threatening to take action against staff who aren't coming into the office 3 days a week, report says

Forget geoengineering. We need to stop burning fossil fuels. Right now Rebecca Solnit

Lets do this in SB

Remember when Texas set up their “abortion email hotline” and people from all over the US flooded their server? Let’s do the same at [email protected]

The largest recorded earthquake in Alberta's history was not a natural event, but most likely caused by disposal of oilsands wastewater, new research has concluded.

Missouri man makes harrowing rescue in flash flood

As heavy rains and flash floods doused southwestern Missouri Friday, Layton Hoyer wanted to get a closer look at the rising river levels. That is when he noticed an SUV caught in the flash floods near Granby.
At first, Hoyer thought the car might have been abandoned, but flashing brake lights caught his eye. The lights were blinking as if someone was intentionally tapping the brakes. He got on top of the train tracks near the ditch where the SUV was trapped and saw someone inside.
“I could see this elderly woman lying in this car trying to stay in the air bubble,” he said.
The 33-year-old quickly called 911, but he said the woman didn’t have much time left as the car continued to sink. Hoyer tried to reach her car from the passenger side, but the current was too strong. He then waded through the cold water before he too was submerged and then lunged, grabbing onto her car.
“I got a hold of the back door and started trying to pull the door open. But the vacuum on the door was so tight,” he said.
He said he was able to break the seal at the top of her window jam and open the door.
“I swear there was only a foot of air gap left in the back part of her car,” he said. “I just grabbed her by both arms and pulled her out of there.”
Hoyer rushed to get them both inside his truck to warm up.
SKIP ADVERTISEMENT Jim Channel, assistant Granby fire chief, was responding to a call of an 80-year-old woman trapped in a car when he arrived on the scene. Channel had been called to water rescues by Old Ritchey Road before, but he wasn’t surprised to see who was there.
“I’ve known the young man all his life, and he will do it again tomorrow,” Channel said of Hoyer. “He didn’t even think about what he was doing.”
Channel said he along with other rescue workers attempted to save the women’s three dogs inside the car, who were trapped in cages, but they couldn’t reach them in time before getting called to another water rescue.
Hoyer didn’t get a chance to get the woman’s full name. But he said he would like to see her again.
“I would love to put my arms around her ‘cause she just cried in my arms and told me how thankful she was when the ambulance got there,” he said. “I was so thankful that God put me there to help her.”

Bird real estate market just as crazy. we found tenants in less than 5 minutes

Rising seas will cut off many properties before they’re flooded. Along the US coasts, many properties will lose access to essential services.
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2023.03.25 06:43 Acceptable_Mango68 Any Good Insurance Companies For Trans In Texas ?? 🤔

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2023.03.25 05:43 Numarx Question: Why keep attacking transsexual shows, when there are 100s legit other issues kids are exposed to?

I just don't get how that Texas accept Hooters, the Rockeetes, adult and not even pre-teen beauty pageants (the literally sense of grooming kids). Victoria Secrets (when I was a kid my 14 year old girlfriend brought me into a Victoria's secret and danced while holding see through underwear in front of me asking what I would like). I remember that there were mannequins everywhere wearing the same shit adult lingerie she's posing with their tits and ass and giving me a hard on. Her parents had no issues allowing her to sunbathe nude weekly at 14 years old around male adults that worked at the place, I know because when I was 22ish a friend of mine was dating a 45+ year old that bought a sunbathing storefront in Grapevine just with parents parental permission underage minors would come in with skimpy bathing suit, a lot wearing thongs that had the "whale tail" thing going on. Then go in the room completely undress and wear a short towel to go get in the sunbathing pods. Porn websites that literally you can click "I agree" and see every fetish in the book thousands and thousands of youtube "soft porn" videos 100s of videos I've literally found cookie/history leftovers of animal porn from a minors computer that I was asked to tune up their kids computer. You can literally give a shot of whiskey a beer or a long island tea or whatever just with parental consent. Allowing adults to legally buy a high powered rifle because they pass a background check so they can go to an elementary school and literally kill 20+ kids and teachers and 200+ cops won't risk their lives for kids because he had an AR-15 and had no problems blowing 20+ kids away, 911 calls of kids crying saying their best friend was blown away and had a 12 inch hole in his head seem to not bother any politician. Instead of tightening up these loose ends they make it even easier for someone to publicly carry a weapon of war, but they tell me how irresponsible gun owners and UN-diagnosed mental issues and pistols are the real problem and its not AR-15s. But pass nothing to help these individuals and then make it even easier for these types of people to carry a hoard of guns legally with no medical intervention.
Now even as an adult they are removing the ability to choose for yourself by removing health insurance for these surgeries
64% of boys are sexual butchered by circumcision just on the word of their parents and this belief that God wanted it, yet 100+ years of being butchered without the child/minor consenting to this is completely acceptable between your doctor and your parent. I sure the fuck didn't want to be sexually mutilated within days of being born. Suddenly a 13yr old minor can't consent to a sex change, even with a parents permission. But a literal baby can be permanently sexual butchered by only one parent without the minors permission if he wants it or not, no one waits for the kid to even being a pre-teen to ask if he wants his foreskin to be removed.
I know the GOP and democrats both have hypocritical views on things, but these things have been around for decades and not one bill has been passed on any of this shit and getting tired of people telling me how transsexuals and these books that literally have very little or zero evidence are constantly thrown in my face that they are grooming and ruining kids lives.
I just want to add I ran a BBS in the 90s called "The Necromancer" when I was around 14 in the DFW area and my handle was -=>MadMark<=- and I had a ZERO day warez board, with my 16.8k HST modem from US robotics yet people uploaded 100s and 100s of porn pictures to my BBS to get upload credit so they could download warez and I had to constantly delete them and warn people from flooding my BBS with extreme porn. No-one gave a shit then and still don't give a shit because they are focused attacking drag shows instead of going after real issues that kids are facing today. Way more grow up being bullied. I'm disabled a got bullied a lot and adults were sympathetic the first time to my pleas, but became extremely annoyed and would start blaming me and listening to the bully and start repeating what the bully said about me to me and expect me to defend it
I know this is long winded and I apologize, just trying to figure out why so much hatred suddenly and pretending to be protecting kids and ignoring the much bigger elephant(s) in the room.
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2023.03.25 05:32 Sea_Animator_2514 Help Shutdown Online Pill-Mills?

Federal Register :: Telemedicine Prescribing of Controlled Substances When the Practitioner and the Patient Have Not Had a Prior In-Person Medical Evaluation
This is a bill/ruling proposed by the DEA to limit online-clinics prescribing of controlled substances without an in-person medical exam.
As we've all seen, during recent times, no doubt boosted by lax Covid-era laws, there has been a proliferation of online clinics that anyone with internet can access. They usually have a fancy designer webpage and promises of streamlining your care, and bypassing the need for traditional money-costing, time-wasting brick-and-mortar doctor visits. Many of them have popped up recently, started by internet entrepreneurs, hiring, no doubt, many midlevel's, with a distant 'medical director' that you will never hear from, probably addressed in Florida.
Many of them are testosterone or Adderall-selling clinics. They seek the opportunity to diagnose anyone who comes to them with the aforementioned conditions, in order to facilitate a subscribing customer. The goal is to get the customers started on a prescription plan (bypassing insurance), like "$250 a month all meds covered". Their intake questions are obviously designed to elicit positive review of systems, such as "Do you wish you had the energy and libido of an 18-year-old?" or "Fat and can't gain muscle?" "If so! then you can benefit from getting on testosterone injections and an Adderall prescription!"
I'm primary care and have had many new patients coming in for 'refills', and they say they're diagnosed with ADHD and low-T, but when asked for medical records or who their previous doctors are, they shut down and become defensive. I check PDMP, and bam, some random Florida compounding pharmacy has mailed them testosterone powder from a random APP, always in Florida or Texas.
I've fought long and hard for my medical training and license, and I sure as hell don't want to squander it by sitting behind a screen, direct messaging 'customers' and Rxing massive quantities of testosterone, benzos and Adderall because that's what my boss is expecting. If I dare to practice medical judgment and restraint, I'd be replaced with the next expendable APP who knows that 'you do what the customer asks!'
Not that these diagnoses don't exist, or people do not suffer from them, but essentially, this turns medicine into more of a shopping-experience by internet savvy patients. Just go online, fill a form, answer some leading questions, pay good $$$, and bam your controlled substances are mailed to your door!
These online clinics have turned these medical conditions into a bargain-sale, no wonder we're having an Adderall shortage, eh? They can't truly monitor the patients' condition. They usually start medicines to help cover side effects caused by the initial prescription. For example, you'll see a perfectly healthy young man who's on testosterone, an estrogen-blocker, a fertility medicine, a hair-loss pill, a prostate pill, two blood pressure medicines. His ferritin is so low because due to erythrocytosis from the roids, he's donated blood 24 times in the last 12 months!
Seems like the DEA thinks the same thing and is looking to mitigate the runaway, frivolous, for-profit prescribing of controlled substances, that have taken off due to these clinics. Essentially, they're requiring so that the initial prescription must be to a patient that is in-person, that the provider can talk to and touch. (for controlled substances)
I think this is reasonable, there are a lot you can miss by talking to patients via instant-messaging, such as vital signs, exam findings, and the subtilties and nuances.
They're looking for comments from anyone, providers, patients, laypersons, anyone who's interested. If you have an opinion about this, why not go over to DEA and make a comment?

Federal Register :: Telemedicine Prescribing of Controlled Substances When the Practitioner and the Patient Have Not Had a Prior In-Person Medical Evaluation
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2023.03.25 04:04 InVeryHarsh Alternate Timeline: Presidency Of The Kingfish, Huey P. Long(1945-1949)

Alternate Timeline: Presidency Of The Kingfish, Huey P. Long(1945-1949)
Summary of Timeline: Lincoln and Johnson were both assassinated and President Pro Tempore of the Senate Lafayette S. Foster has become president, but a election is being held in Nov 1865
17th Lafayette S. Foster(Republican, 1865-1866)
18th Ulysses S. Grant(Republican, 1866-1873)
19th James G. Blaine(Republican, 1873-1877)
20th Rutherford B. Hayes(Republican, 1877-1881)
21st Ulysses S. Grant(Republican, 1881-1885)
22nd James Garfield(Republican, 1885-1889)
23rd Robert Todd Lincoln(Republican, 1889-1997)
24th William McKinley(Republican, 1897-1902)
25th Theodore Roosevelt(Republican, 1902-1913)
26th William Howard Taft(Republican, 1913-1917)
27th Thomas R. Marshall(Democrat, 1917-1921)
28th Leonard Wood(Republican, 1921-1925)
29th Robert M. La Follette(Republican, 1925-1927)
30th Charles Evans Hughes(Republican, 1927-1933)
31st Franklin D. Roosevelt(Democrat, 1933-1945)
32nd Harry S. Truman(Democrat, 1945-1945)
33rd Huey P. Long(Longist, 1945-1949)

Vice Presidents:
17th Schuyler Colfax(1866-1869)
18th Henry Wilson(1869-1873)
19th Schuyler Colfax(1873-1877)
20th Wiliam Wheeler(1877-1881)
21st Henry W. Blair(1881-1885)
22nd Chester Arthur(1885-1893)
23rd Blanche K. Bruce(1893-1897)
24th Garret Hobart(1897-1899)
25th Theodore Roosevelt(1901-1902)
26th Charles Fairbanks(1905-1909)
27th William Howard Taft(1909-1913)
28th Charles Fairbanks(1913-1917)
29th George E. Chamberlain(1917-1921)
30th Charles Evans Hughes(1921-1927)
31st Herbert Hoover(1929-1933)
32nd John Garner(1933-1941)
33rd Henry Wallace(1941-1945)
33rd Harry S. Truman(1945-1949)

Vice President: Harry S. Truman(1945-1949)
Secretary of State: Robert F. Wagner(1945-1949)
Secretary of the Treasury: Hiram Johnson(1945-1948)
Secretary of WaDefense: Wendell Willkie(1945-1946) Burton K. Wheeler(1946-1949)
Attorney General: Daniel Hoan(1945-1949)
Postmaster General: Walter Lippmann(1945-1949)
Secretary of the Navy: Robert A. Lovett(1945-1949)
Secretary of the Interior: Philip La Follette(1945-1949)
Secretary of Agriculture: Henry Wallace(1945-1949)
Secretary of Commerce: A. Philip Randolph(1945-1949)
Secretary of Labor: David Dubinsky(1945-1949)

President Huey P. Long

Well he finally did it! After nearly 10 years of running the Kingfish has finally made it to the Presidency, cementing himself in history along with the 32 men before him. He has shocked the U.S. political sphere and his supporters have high hopes in the Kingfish and his incredibly progressive domestic policies and hope his isolationist foreign policy will pan out.
Upon entering office on May 20,1945 he immediately had to deal with the war in the Pacific. Despite their great differences he worked with Secretary of War Wendell Willkie in continuing aggressive U.S. policies in the Pacific Theater, working toward the complete and unconditional surrender of Japan. In Europe the war had fortunately finally come to an end with Germany surrendering just days before President Long's inauguration, however he now had to deal with the postwar negotiations which dealt with the postwar borders. In July he would go to the important Potsdam Conference meeting with Prime Minister Clement Attlee, and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. They spoke extensively about what would happen now, former President Truman and former President Roosevelt had already agreed to take a piece of Germany under U.S. control, President Long, a strong isolationist, preferred not to have the territory and asked both France and Britain to take the territory. However, since both countries had been devastated by the war and were recovering, President Long reluctantly decided to keep the territory for now, wanting to keep it out of Soviet hands.
In the Pacific the U.S. had gotten closer and closer to Japan with their island hopping strategy and had greatly increased the firebombing of Japan with the advice of Secretary of War Wendell Willkie. The Empire of Japan was on its knees, but that only caused them to fight even harder and more brutally. President Long at this point had been filled in on the new devastating weapon that had finally developed after years of experimentation, knowing it's destructive power he was at odds with himself, but with Secretary of War Wendell Willkie constantly pestering him to use the bomb to prevent a land invasion of Japan, in August the bombings were approved and over the next few days the cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki were reduced to ash. Along with the Russian invasion of Manchuria, Japan officially unconditionally surrendered in September and was rapidly occupied by the U.S. army. Although he would like to let it go as soon as possible with the country in shambles and with a possible Soviet takeover, President Long decided to keep U.S. troops in the country and began rebuilding the country.
President Long would quickly come into conflict with Secretary of War Wendell Willkie with their differing views on foreign policy, as Willkie supported being greatly involved in Europe to deal with the Soviets, but President Long wants to stay out Europe's problems and has only begrudgingly accepted to take part of Germany under U.S. occupation. Things would escalate with President Long refusing to join the newly formed United Nations something Willkie supported, It would get so bad they would both start hurling personal insults at one another, most of the cabinet supported President Long, but Vice President Harry Truman, who had been mostly kept out of things after being delegated to the vice Presidency supported Willkie. President Long who was furious at this point removed Willkie from the position after nearly 5 years of service, and replaced him with isolationist and progressive Senator Burton K. Wheeler. His refusal to join the UN would also strain relations with the western European states who expected the U.S. to join.
Along with his refusal to join the United Nations, President Long stopped any real U.S. presence in Europe besides continuing trade and holding on to the German territory gained after WW2. With no U.S. real presence, the Western European states had become afraid of the Soviet Union, who had aggressively taken over the Eastern European countries, but if the U.S. owned German territory ever attacked by the Soviets President Long may be forced to intervene militarily lest he'd want public backlash. Western Europe also began slowly rebuilding after the devastating second world war, U.S. trade definitely assisted but despite some calls from people to help Western Europe directly, President Long followed his non-intervention and isolationist policy and decided against it. The Republicans and Democrats have come out in opposition and called for greater U.S. involvement in Europe, especially to oppose the Soviet Union, worrying about a Soviet dominated Europe
President Long also began work toward full Philippine independence which he'd supported with mostly bipartisan support. In 1946 the Philippines had finally become an independent nation recognized by the U.S. with the Treaty of Manila, the Philippines would end up joining the United Nations unlike the U.S.
As he promised he did continue President Roosevelt’s “Good Neighbor” policy and continued to try and make closer ties with other American countries strictly diplomatically, but didn’t really focus on the policy being mostly hands off and letting his allies deal with diplomatic talks.
Back home for the first year of his presidency, he got little to nothing done as Congress was still held by mostly Republicans and Democrats. Along with the economy in question he saw backlash from the public who put some blame on the Kingfish as he was the president. Things would become worse as in May of 1946, despite him personally meeting many union bosses and shutting down multiple railroads, many strikes would occur anyways. It resulted in thousands of freight trains and passenger trains stopping causing anger toward President Long and hurting the economy, he and his socialist allies quickly went back to the union bosses and despite already campaigning on expanding union powers, made multiple guarantees to the unions in greatly expanding their powers and slowly the strikes would stop but damage had been done.
Even with the hurting economy and public anger directed toward President Long the 1946 midterms would be a smashing success for President Long, as the U.S. public overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Longists and Socialists getting them majorities over the Republicans and Democrats in Congress shaking the political field.

1946 U.S. Midterm Elections:
Socialists 29 seats
Longists 28 seats
Republicans 21 seats
Democrats: 18 seats
House of Representatives:
Socialists 118 seats
Longists 123 seats
Republicans 97 seats
Democrats 97 seats

After the dominating performance in the midterms by the Socialists and Longists, they had gained a strong majority over the Republicans and Democrats allowing President Long to try and implement his Share Our Wealth domestic plan especially in the time of economic downturn. President Long would quickly propose the “Kingfish Bill” which would introduce an aggressive progressive tax which would cap personal fortune at $150 million dollars, cap income at $1.5 million dollars, and finally cap inheritance at $7 million dollars(following inflation). However he was stonewalled by the Supreme Court, and despite his two (unspecified) progressive Supreme Court appointments the other justices blocked the legislation. He then vigorously began working toward trying to convince the Supreme Court to try and allow his bill to pass, in the meantime not wanting to be stuck on the issue began working toward other domestic policies he had been proposing.
Another massive piece of legislation that President Long promised and passed is the National Labor Empowerment Act(1946). This act granted unions further powers in their places of employment so that average workers would be protected by the bad practices of business. The bill saw push back mainly for the Republicans and even some Democrats who argued the unions would exploit their newly found increased power which would hurt U.S. business and cause an economic downturn. Laborers obviously sang President Long's praises, chanting “every man is king” during his speeches and whenever he was out in public. During his presidency, as hoped unions further protected average workers from being exploited en masse, they increased wages and improved working conditions, threatening to strike if demands were not met. However there were consequences for giving the unions further power, over his presidency as critics predicted there were cases of unions exploiting their power. There was documented cases of some unions avidly protecting bad workers causing animosity between these unions and the employers, accusations of corruption flew against union bosses who were accused of racketeering and using the unions for personal benefit, and with high demands from unions caused unemployment in certain places harming the already shaky post war economy.
One thing he had promised in his campaign but would immediately prioritize after the massive railroad strike months earlier was the nationalization of the railroad industry even with the economic repercussions. With the massive majority and approval in congress he would create the United States National Railroad Administration(USNRA) effectively nationalizing the nation's railroads and putting them in federal control. The U.S. would buy out multiple companies in the railroad industry, however as expected with the U.S. buyout of these companies the struggling economy would struggle further as debt and inflation continued to increase which angered people outside the railroad industry and unions. President Long came out to quell fears of another big depression saying with the nationalization of the railroads more jobs could be created, and after its nationalization more jobs in the railroad industry were created such as bolstering and creating new railroads which did partly help the struggling economy, and railroad workers were happier with better working conditions with the industry under federal control.
A minor bill in comparison would also be passed, even farmers had recovered from the Great Depression, it didn’t stop President Long from proposing and passing the Federal Agriculture Assistance Act in late 1946, which guaranteed that the president and the federal government would always come to assist struggling farmers through various methods such as subsidies and various other methods of financial assistance. It was easily passed as it saw mostly bipartisan support, and has drawn comparisons to the former AAA which ended in 1942. During his term it had not been needed as farmers had recovered, but just with the acts passing he has gotten in the good graces with the nation's farmers and it is likely they’ll reliably vote for him in 1948. He was even able to convince the capable Henry Wallace to join his administration as Secretary of Agriculture after serving in the position under President Roosevelt.
To gain some popularity with the public and to hopefully allow more workers to be hired to ramp up the economy, President Long passed the Executive Price Controls Act at the end of 1946. Most price controls were unpopular and it was hoped that lifting price controls would allow for more employment, the bill gave President Long the power to institute and remove price controls over many different items. With its passing President Long would remove price controls on a multitude of items, unfortunately the effect would be minimal. Though a number of people would be employed it would not have much of an effect on the economy as it continued to struggle, the public had just gotten angrier and the Republicans and Conservative Democrats accused President Long of increasing the power of the president even further. Even his Socialist allies were also skeptical when passing the bill as the bill gave more power to the president, but as expected longists wholeheartedly supported it, it has led to some minor drifts between the allies.
Now even with the struggling economy he wouldn’t let that stop him from passing more of his domestic legislation. After passing the Executie Price Controls Act(1946), he would draft up and pass the Veterans Pension Act of 1947 guaranteeing WW1 and WW2 veterans a yearly pension with their pension being decided by their individual needs. This act won widespread support from U.S. veterans of both wars who praised the President and it did help veterans who were struggling financially, but it definitely didn’t help the economic situation, only making the majority of people not happy.
Next he would pass his most ambitious bill yet, following his statement on the “war on disease,” the Kingfish would pass the American Healthcare Act of 1947. This bill cemented that the essential healthcare costs including the mental health of Americans would be paid for by the U.S. government in a single payer system but non-essential medical procedures were not covered under the system, the bill saw cheers from the average people who had suffered so greatly from the Great Depression. However some did oppose the bill such as some who feared the system as communist, and conservatives who saw this as additional taxes to pay for a potentially ineffective system. It was put into effect in March of ‘47 and over the course of his presidency millions of Americans were able to get essential healthcare, the government paid for it partly through taxes but to make sure that the taxes could be as small as possible funding also came from other avenues such as tariffs. Despite the current economy President Long's popularity skyrocketed as now the economic burden of healthcare had been lifted from the average American, however he would come into conflict with southerners and his Socialist allies who had preferred another system. President Long’s single payer system still allowed citizens to still get health insurance from private companies separate from the government, the system also contacted a select few private companies to assist the federal government. The Socialists had preferred a system where there would be no reliance on private companies, but Long opposed that and a conversation with Socialist Senate Leader and friend Norman Thomas would get heated. Seeing no way to convince the president and not wanting public backlash most Socialists in Congress said yes to his system. Southerners had a problem with the system due to the fact African American were also allowed to get healthcare, and it had hurt him in the south. Unrelated to the bill above, the Kingfish would also increase the benefits for Social Security by spring, increasing the pension for people aged 65 and up. With the increased benefits to try and pick up the slack President Long did also increase taxes.
So far in the Kingfish’s presidency he had passed historic progressive legislation and had bolstered other legislation, but that damned economy had been a thorn in his side for over a year at this point. But he had a plan to stimulate and recover the economy, he would approach Congress and in a rare show of bipartisanship among the four parties he would pass the National Road Infrastructure Act of 1947. The act created many public works projects to bolster U.S. road infrastructure, mainly expanding the country's highways. When it went into effect in April, millions of Americans would be employed to bolster U.S. road infrastructure, fixing existing roads, creating new roads, and creating bridges and as hoped for it stimulated the ailing economy, and although the economy was not at full strength it had still greatly recovered and President Long’s popularity among the people grew.
Domestically things were now looking up, the public works projects created had jump started the economy and things looked better, but then that pompous fool Senator Joseph McCarthy along with other known figures began loudly speaking about communist infiltration in the U.S. government, even insinuating that President Long’s cabinet and close allies consistent of communists. This caused widespread fear among the American people and Senator McCarthy’s accusations began to hurt President Long’s reputation, Long who was furious at the Senators accusations begrudgingly decided to try and work with the Senator fearing public reaction at condemning the Senator. His Longists allies for the most part wholeheartedly supported him, but his Socialist allies were split as some wanted to condemn the Senator and fight back the accusations while others wanted to work with the Senator to prove that communists had no influence over them. In response to accusations of communist infiltration in the government, in April President Long signed an Executive Order creating the Federal Employees Loyalty Program requiring Federal employees to take loyalty oaths to the U.S. It also began recommending the removal of certain employees. Now the public is still fearful of communist infiltration in the government but the President’s actions did ease the public worry, however the rift between him and the Socialists grew as they opposed the program while he supported it. Some even tried making a bill to stop the Executive Order which angered the President, causing more heated arguments between the Longists and the Socialists.
After partly quelling the fear of communist infiltration in the U.S. government President Long would then begin to work on amending the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. His proposed provisions in the bill would make a 30 hour and four day work the national standard and he would add a guarantee of four weeks of paid vacation for employees. Despite recent conflicts with his Socialist allies, the amendments would pass through Congress easily with joint Longist and Socialist support. The changes would go into effect in July seeing cheers from laborers and many businesses would have to adopt the new standards, during his presidency general employee health and happiness would increase along with certain industries even seeing an increase in productivity, however in some other industries productivity did go down along with employee salary. It would cause conflicts between some Unions and the business in those industries that would eventually be quelled but the calls from conservatives on Union power has been emboldened.
After months of fighting and negotiations with the Supreme Court President Long frustratingly could still not make them budge on his aggressive tax code, although very irritated, President Long instead decided to go for a more average progressive tax, passing the Revenue Act of 1947 taxes on incredibly wealthy would heavily increase but not to the extent President Long had preferred and he reduced taxes for the middle class and the poor. As expected this did see cheers from the average American, the increased taxes on the wealthy was another thing that did help the economy from its slump and it was steadily recovering. The heavily increased taxes on the wealthy would have the consequence of driving some wealthy Americans out to other countries but the effect was minimal.
As the latter half of 1947 had come, President Long began working towards his promises in the education department. Knowing the economy was still recovering and making a big change in the middle of it would hurt it, instead of immediately making higher education completely free, President Long introduced the Education Funding Act of 1947 which increased federal funding of universities all over the United States to reduce the amount students had to pay for their education. President Long has said that free higher education will be implemented in the future, but in the current economy it would not be a wise decision. Still the bill did see cheers from Americans, but conservatives were not pleased with the bill as it still increased government spending especially during this economy. Over his presidency, tuition for university would become cheaper for students all over the country, but as expected this was another thing the Federal Government had to pay for which didn’t help the economy.
As 1948 approached, calls for more internationalist foreign policy came from the Republicans and Democrats and the Soviets were becoming more powerful especially with no direct U.S. presence in Europe besides in West Germany and Berlin. As it would happen the Soviet Union would invade multiple countries such as Greece after taking over Eastern Europe, the Western European states rushed to assist those nations. The nations would greatly increase trade with the U.S. to have the supplies to take on the Soviet forces putting a strain on their post war economies, with these invasions the public increasingly became worried of a Soviet dominated Western Europe. President Long maintained his isolationist policy, saying that he will not allow more U.S. soldiers to die in Europe and that he wanted to stay out of their problems, but he did condemn the Soviets expansionist policy. The Soviets also increasingly supported their communist allies in China assisting them in their takeover of the Chinese government. The U.S. would stay out of the conflict, sticking to just trading and despite French support the existing government was getting pushed out.
During the rest of his presidency he would maintain his progressive policies and continue public works projects on road infrastructure to bolster U.S. infrastructure and to revitalize the economy which had mostly recovered by the end of his first term
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2023.03.25 04:01 imintrouble2243433 business I'm about to buy

I'm in the closing period of owning a business. We have the price and everything set. However, they had a flood occur and the first floor is flooded. They want to file an insurance claim and give me the check from what they claim as part of the remedy. I am okay with this since I was already going to redo the entire floor. It would save me money anyways. My question is, is this the legal and ethical way to handling the circumstances?
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2023.03.25 03:38 hot_shoe Remember when Texas set up their “abortion email hotline” and people from all over the US flooded their server? Let’s do the same at [email protected]

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2023.03.25 02:11 animelove1002 What will happen if i hit a company truck and totaled it with no insurance?

So i did this and I'm kinda done being called stupid for doing it i know it was dumb i just need advice they totaled the truck and one i don't have insurance that will cover me and two i don't have a job that pays enough for that (I'm in highschool can't get a second job)
Edit: more details my mom owns the car both cars have insurance but I'm not on the insurance policy for the one i was driving i am at fault they weren't in the truck at the time they totaled the car since i bent the frame the car i was driving has insurance but i wasn't on the policy I live in Texas
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2023.03.25 00:42 ChipinAwareness New Job in upstate new York - Malpractice premiums are very high... normal?

Hello fellow CRNAs. I am taking a position as 1099 contractor in NY and applied with AANA Insurance Services and they quoted me 8,823.00 yearly premium. I have been practicing for 7 years no claims history. I paid about 6 and change in MD and much cheaper in Texas. This is the highest I've ever seen for malpractice. Is this the going rat in the big apple for CRNAs? Crazy expensive

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2023.03.24 23:28 John_Martson_isalive [IWantOut] 28F payroll specialist Texas -> PNW

I'm really tired of the people I deal with here in South Texas. I hate the extreme heat, being locked inside, zero public transport which in a way I'm fine with it but there's literally no pedestrian lanes. You can't go anywhere without a car, not even the park. I hate the terrible roads and potholes galore, how the expressway has been under construction for 10 years, how everyone has 3 children on average and each ones needs a car. I hate how everyone drives huge pickups and are aggressive drivers. Everyone lives in their bubble, don't know anything about current world events, and look at you dirty for taking vacations. So much selfishness (like playing loud music at 3am) zero consideration for each other. I feel I live in hell.
I dream of the PWN, of rain, nature, the outdoors... lakes and mountains, the rainforest, going camping every weekend, seeing seasons, more progressive and considerate people, national parks, and beautiful forests. I looked into it and it literally looks like heaven. The nature is seriously breathtaking and the hiking opportunities are endless.
But there's three very important factors keeping me here:
  1. My house is paid off, I have very little debt. I can save up money like crazy. I'm 28 and i paid off my new house in 3.5 years lol. Even if I work at Mcdonald's I can save up at least a thousand a month because COL is soo low. In the PNW I will NOT have a house even if I wanted to, COL is so high and idk if I can even save up money anymore. For reference you can buy a box of 20 mangoes for $4 usd at the flea market.
  2. My family is here. Being Hispanic, family is everything. I'm used to seeing my family at least once a week and I'm scared I will miss them tremendously. They also create a huge support system and they help me with everything. We're like a clan.
  3. Healthcare. Being close to Mexico I can go to the dentist and doctor for excellent healthcare. I've gone so many times and pay out of pocket. I even have my gynecologist's number and she sends me whatsapps. This just doesn't happen in the US. it's expensive. I had uveitis and the eye drs wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars for an appointment. I crossed to Mexico and the DR was soooo humble and the medicine cheap. Drs are some kind of deity you can only talk to after waiting hours in the waiting room, it's a ripoff, they're pro-profit and hence why I don't have health insurance. At least this is my experience HERE but I'm guessing in the PNW it's different.
I seriously don't know what to do
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2023.03.24 23:23 John_Martson_isalive Move to the PNW or stay in Texas?

I'm really tired of the people I deal with here in South Texas. I hate the extreme heat, being locked inside, zero public transport which in a way I'm fine with it but there's literally no pedestrian lanes. You can't go anywhere without a car, not even the park. I hate the terrible roads, how everyone has 3 children on average and each ones needs a car. I hate how everyone drives huge pickups and are aggressive drivers. Everyone lives in their bubble, don't know anything about current world events, and look at you dirty for taking vacations. So much selfishness (like playing loud music at 3am) zero consideration for each other. I feel I live in hell.
I dream of the PWN, of rain, nature, the outdoors... lakes and mountains, going camping every weekend, seeing seasons, more progressive and considerate people, national parks, and beautiful forests.
But there's three very important factors keeping me here:
  1. My house is paid off, I have very little debt. I can save up money like crazy. I'm 28 and i paid off my new house in 3.5 years lol. Even if I work at Mcdonald's I can save up at least a thousand a month because COL is soo low. In the PNW I will NOT have a house even if I wanted to, COL is so high and idk if I can even save up money anymore. For reference you can buy a box of 20 mangoes for $4 usd at the flea market.
  2. My family is here. Being Hispanic, family is everything. I'm used to seeing my family at least once a week and I'm scared I will miss them tremendously. They also create a huge support system and they help me with everything. We're like a clan.
  3. Healthcare. Being close to Mexico I can go to the dentist and doctor for excellent healthcare. I've gone so many times and pay out of pocket. I even have my gynecologist's number and she sends me whatsapps. This just doesn't happen in the US. it's expensive. I had uveitis and the eye drs wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars for an appointment. I crossed to Mexico and the DR was soooo humble and the medicine cheap. Drs are some kind of deity you can only talk to after waiting hours in the waiting room, it's a ripoff, they're pro-profit and hence why I don't have health insurance. At least this is my experience HERE but I'm guessing in the PNW it's different.

I seriously don't know what to do
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2023.03.24 22:52 Severe_Department_88 Am I okay to sign a document affirming I don't own a vehicle even though I do have a car?

The car I am driving is under my dad's name. To apply for a Texas License, I need to have documents of Texas Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance. But I can't get the texas registration if the car isn't under my name, which is understandable. That said, am I okay to sign the document stating I don't own the vehicle, even though I do have a car I drive around? Although I think I know the answer, I Just wanted to make sure and not assume. Thanks!
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2023.03.24 22:35 tonnie_taller Storms bring flash floods, tornado threats to parts of US

Authorities searched for a person missing after flash flooding swept away a vehicle in Missouri and a suspected tornado touched down early Friday in north Texas as a volatile storm system threatened to spawn tornadoes in several Southern states. The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center forecast severe weather through Friday evening primarily from the … Continue reading Storms bring flash floods, tornado threats to parts of US
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2023.03.24 22:18 SCArchbold I just moved back to my childhood town... People are going missing now, and I think it has something to do with the coal mine... [Part 1]

People have been going missing in my hometown ever since I moved back. And things don't really feel the way they did when I was a kid. I don't know if those two are related.
This has been really nagging at me lately. I had no idea where to post it to get some help or peace of mind. I just really need some support right now before I drive myself crazy over it. Maybe I'm overreacting because it's been a stressful few months since my parents died, or maybe someone can shed some light on the events that have been happening and show me that I am just being crazy...
I guess, I should probably start by introducing myself? My name is Jeremy Coleridge, as a kid I used to live in a very small coal mining town of about 7000 in a desolate area of the north called Calkirk. Picture every single midwestern small town Podunk you've driven to on your way to a bigger city, and you would be pretty close to what Calkirk looks like
I was there until I was about 17, when I decided to live with my aunt in New York, where I threw away a lot of money going into journalism which, if I have to be honest, was probably the worst decision of my life at the time. But, with my parent's kind of disowning me for not agreeing with their very strong religious devotions I kind of had no place to go. My aunt pushed me to attend college a year after I graduated high school because I really liked writing and investigation, so what better to study than investigative journalism right? Plus; she said I had to be in school if she was going to let me stay with her. Well, do you want to know how many investigative journalists are in New York?
The answer is: A lot.
So, a few grand down and four years of school wasted, I can’t get a job with that degree. I ended up living in a 2-bedroom apartment bunking with another dude while I work 50 hours a week between two part time jobs because that’s all anyone wanted to offer, and I was struggling. My aunt Clair moved back to Calkirk to take care of my mom who was diagnosed with some rare disease that she wouldn’t tell me about. Now, I’m 24, my mom passed away 3 months ago from whatever disease it was that she had gotten, my dad committed suicide the next day…
My aunt paid for me to fly back to Calkirk for the funeral and the Will reading. Being their only kid, I guess my parents willed me their small 3-bedroom one bath house in the town and with that, a small inheritance that basically would pay my student loans off and still leave me a few grand of left over money to put in savings. The life insurance my dad had from working at the Calkirk mine for almost 40 years paid everything off. I wouldn’t owe a cent on a single thing except my utilities and food.
I had to go back to New York for a few weeks to get my assets in order. I waited for my roommates to find some new, desperate fool to move in, sold my old buick, sent off the final check for my bank to cover my loan, flipped off one boss as I walked out of one job, and gave a respectable 2 weeks notice to the other, then I paid a company to pack up my small amount of crap I had and bought myself a plane ticket back to Calkirk.
Well, I say “to Calkirk” but as you may or may not know, a town of 7000 doesn’t usually have an airport so I had to fly into a city about two hours from there and get my aunt to agree to pick me up.
Two weeks living in the house, I got bored sitting in the place alone and decided to apply for a few jobs in town. I was able to score a job at the Calkirk Times. And being the only news outlet in Calkirk, business was actually booming. But when I asked my interviewer why the position was open, he said something that sort of freaked me out.
“Well, the last kid with your job stopped showing up a couple weeks ago…his house is empty, skipped town, no one can find him...”
I was basically hired on the spot, and I accepted immediately, call me desperate. But what my new boss said gave me a weird feeling… Everyone knew about everyone in this town. How could one of only three journalists go missing and nobody knows where he went?
When I met my new coworkers Abbigale and Tommy, they said the guy, Jim Remus, was an out-of-towner from Texas who came to live here with his girlfriend, a local girl we went to school with. They both went missing two weeks ago with no sign of them anywhere. Abby and Tommy, both thought it was way weirder than what our boss thought, he denied any articles even mentioning it. He even reprimanded Tom for asking another coworker about it, saying it was personal business and we shouldn’t be talking about it at work...
The second weird thing I experienced was a couple weeks after that, when I officially emptied my parents' pantry of all the nasty old people food they had. I decided it was probably time to go grocery shopping. I got home late on Friday night after writing a pointless article about news that had come out almost a week previously in bigger outlets, but people here ate up the content like it was breaking news so, who cares. I decided Saturday would be a better time to go grocery shopping.
Now, let me explain Calkirk a little better before the next piece of my story. Like I said, Calkirk is an old mining town in the Midwest part of the United States. I’m not saying where because I don’t want anyone trying to find it and something bad happening to them.
The town sits a few miles from the highway and has one main road with everything that’s not a house on it. Two gas stations, one on each side of town, two bars barely 3 blocks away from each other, the post office, the fire hall, the grocery store on one side, the K through 12 school on the other, then there are a few buildings with random business scattered between, a small vet clinic, a photo lab, a small coffee shop, stuff like that. The jail sat smack dab in the middle of town between the two bars. The town itself probably wouldn’t be visible from the highway if the factory wasn’t billowing out thick clouds of what I assumed to be coal ash and soot 24/7.
The factory was supplied by the Calkirk Mines and a tunnel delivery system had been made to transport coal to the factory from the mine about 15 miles away. The mine sat in a deep coolie with hundreds of trees around it, near a river, and a few long dirt trails in and out. the tunnel system was a long belt covered most of the way by piping. Inside, there's train cars that run almost constantly to the factory. With only small viewing ports for maintenance every so often. All of this knowledge was thanks to my dad working there for 40 years and a few take-your-child to workdays before he and my mom basically disowned me.
I should also mention before I get too far, since I came back here about 8 weeks ago, there have been three massive dustings, which the locals call “Ash events”. An Ash event in this town is when the factory spouts out way more of its black smoke than usual and the town gets covered in layers of black soot like material, it’s easily washed away with a hose and the fire department goes around each time and uses a low-pressure hose to rinse basically everything off. I remember these events from when I was a kid, but they never happened this frequently, at least not in my memory, or maybe it was washed off before I noticed.
It usually happened overnight and if you woke up too early, you'd have to wash off your own cars if you want to get anywhere. Part of the city ordinance was no one drives in town with their cars covered in the ash. It can be met with an almost $2000 fine. And, with the amount of police officers with not much to do all day, they were posted everywhere after a good dusting, so you’d be seen.
The first Ash event since being back home happened about two weeks after I got to town, two weeks before I got my new job. The second ash event two weeks after that got my dad's truck that I had parked outside so I could work on a dirt bike in the garage when I was bored. It happened the night I decided to go grocery shopping. The third one was just a week ago as I’m writing this...
Anyway, when I woke up, I could smell the ash in the air. It leaves this really heavy burning smell like someone burning ham bones with wool. It's hard to explain, but it's one of those smells you could remember from anywhere if you smelled it again. When I walked out, I already knew what I’d see, the dark dust caked on my dad's truck. I unraveled the hose in the front yard and sprayed the whole truck down before heading to the store to get there right when they opened. And yeah, I realize most people would look at this and say, that's weird, but for Calkirk, you kind of just grew up doing that. It's a generational habit, everyone did it.
In the store, I shopped for about two hours, packed a cart full of groceries and went to the registers to check out. Two older ladies were sitting at a small booth beside the windows sipping coffee. I recognized them as ladies that live in my neighborhood that would often have contact with my parents and I when I was a kid.
“Did you see Genie this morning?” I overheard one say, the other shook her head and made an exasperated face.
“I was just gonna ask you, haven't seen her at all!”
“That’s so unlike her…”
“Do you think…” There was a pause and the other shook her head.
I listened as they went back and forth saying how this lady always met them on Saturday mornings, every year for the past 25 years, she never missed a day.
I paid, I rolled my cart over to them and said, “I Uh, couldn’t help but overhear, you said your friend is missing?”
The women gave me a skeptical look then both suddenly perked in an almost robotic manner then one smiled, “Oh, little Jeremy Coleridge, you sweet little thing, when did you get back in town!”
I responded with “Like 2 months ago…”
“So sorry about your parents dear. Hope the town is treating you well.”
I nodded, but like a lot of crap in this town, their sudden change in attitude freaked me out.
I tried to divert the conversation back to the missing friend “So Genie…”
“Oh, I remember when you were just a tiny baby waddling over to my house for candies with your mom!” One spoke.
“Yeah, I did. But I want to ask about your friend…” I began again.
“Oh worse, as a kid he would follow my granddaughter for hours outside while they played.” The other said. She waved her hand at the other, “You two are about the same age, you should remember her, her name is Abbigale.”
“Oh and what about that time Marty found him playing in the mud puddle in the backyard.”
“Listen” I said abruptly over their talking. “I’m with the newspaper now. You said your friend is missing, have you gone to her house yet!? Have you checked on her at all?”
Their moods changed again, they frowned deeply, and went rigid for a minute as if they were really mad… Then they suddenly smiled again, big wide creepy smiles that really freaked me out.
“She’s fine Jeremy.” One said in a tight-lipped smile. “Just… resting…” her creepy smile widened, her lip twitched at the word ‘Resting’. Then, she shoo’ed me away with her hand without another word. My attempts to ask after were ignored as if I wasn’t even there.
feeling thoroughly unsettled, I left the store, packed my stuff in my truck, and drove it home. I put everything away and pulled out an old phone book my parents had in the house. The only Genie I knew was Genie Carlson. She worked at the school as a nurse for a long time before retiring. I found her number, dialed it, no answer. I dialed it again, same thing. On the third ring, the ringer was cut after 2 rings and flipped to voicemail, like someone had sent the phone to the answering machine. “This is Genie Carlson, Sorry I missed you… Please leave a-” but it cut itself off. The next call didn’t go through, I just got a “The number you dialed is no longer in service…”
Feeling thoroughly unsettled, I left the store, packed my stuff in my truck, and drove it home. I put everything away and pulled out an old phone book my parents had in the house. The only Genie I knew was Genie Carlson. She worked at the school as a nurse for a long time before retiring. I found her number, dialed it, no answer. I dialed it again, same thing. On the third call, the ringer was cut after 2 rings and flipped to voicemail, like someone had sent the phone to the answering machine. “This is Genie Carlson, Sorry I missed you… Please leave a-” but it cut itself off. The next call didn’t go through, I just got a “The number you dialed is no longer in service…” I thought it was odd that her phone would go off after I had just called it three times.
I, at least, remembered where Genie lived from my childhood and decided I’d pay her a small visit before going about the day just to make sure she was okay. I mean, maybe she was sick or something and just stuck in bed, or maybe she fell and needed help? Maybe she didn’t have a life alert, she for sure did not have a cell phone, and I think she was a widow, and all her kid's left town when they turned 18. So, if her friends hadn’t checked in on her she could have been lying there alone for lord knows how long needing help.
When I got to her house it was really dark, and quiet, the only way I knew it was still her house was the name inside the mailbox lid said “Carlson”. I knocked on the door, waited for a bit, but nothing happened.
“Ms. Genie! Ms. Genie! It’s me, Jeremy Coleridge! Jan and Cals son!” There was no answer. I looked in the little window in the door, but it was dark. I stepped to the side and looked into the front window and found an empty house. Her porch had signs that the Ash Event was never cleaned up properly, but the blanket of ash was disturbed by boot marks that weren’t my own. I tried the door handle, it opened, but almost like something pulled it open from the inside.
The house was completely empty, except for large boot marks made of the black ash from the porch leading into the entryway. And a few small blood splatters on the wall beside the stairs. It was eerily quiet; the house didn’t creak the way old houses were supposed to creak. There didn’t even seem to be wind around me. The whole area, inside Genie's house and outside, was just still and silent.
Before I took another step, I called the jail and asked if they could send a cop. I told them that it looked like something weird went down at Ms. Genie’s. They told me to wait outside and not touch anything. So, I turned right on my heel and planted myself on the step of the porch. I pulled out my phone to distract myself from the scene behind me. It didn’t keep my leg from shaking though…
Sheriff Nixon showed up about 10 minutes later. He was old, looked like a corpse himself, but he had been the Sheriff in town since before I could even remember. He was always super friendly and had a smile on his face, even now while responding to a potential disappearance.
“Little Jer Coleridge. My, my son, you’ve grown.” He patted my shoulder hard, almost threw me off balance.
“Hey Pat… I think something happened with Genie Carlson…” I pointed to the door, thinking he would be more surprised than what he was.
“Now, why would ya‘ think that, son?”
I told him I saw Ruth and Beth Anne at the grocery store saying they hadn’t seen her today. I even told him about them saying she was “Resting” and how they smiled the whole time, not acting like they were really bothered by it at all.
“Well, let’s just take a look here then. Wait out here.” He went inside with a flashlight, looked around for a few minutes then came back out. He clicked the lock behind him and shut the door.
“Well Jer, looks to me Genie moved out.”
“Without telling Ruth and Beth Anne?”
He nodded and his face suddenly smiled widely, the same way Ruth and Beth Anne had done at the grocery store earlier in the day when I kept pressing them to tell me about Genie. “Looks like it.”
“But the boot prints, and blood…”
“Probably a movin’ accident.”
I shook my head at him, trying to talk some reason into him. That didn’t make sense at all. “Pat… Genie is in her 80s. Why would she just leave without telling anyone? Genie has been going to the store every Saturday for 25 years, she hasn’t missed a single day, she wouldn’t just leave without…”
“Now son…” Pat grabbed onto my shoulder and squeezed hard, causing me to pause. He raised an eyebrow at me. “I think you’re reading too much into this. I bet Genie was needin’ a change of pace in her old age, didn't want to hurt herself with the goodbyes.”
“Pat, I don’t think she’d…”
His voice suddenly dropped into an angry tone “Son, I think you’re meddlin’ in people's personal business too much.” He titled his head closer to me. One of his eyes twitched at me, just like how Ruth's had at the grocery store. “Think you need to take your investigative head and go home, forget what you saw here.” He then smiled brightly as if he didn’t say anything and patted my shoulder again. “Nice seein’ ya Jer.” He walked back to his patrol car then tilted his hat at me “I’m sure I’ll be seein’ you around, son.”
I mean, Am I the crazy one? I seem to be the only one who cares that Genie Carlson is missing... Ruth and Beth Anne don't seem to be bothered, and it seems like Sherrif Nixon couldn't be bothered. And that's not even getting into the guy and his girlfriend who went missing a few weeks ago...
I think I am going to look into it and see if I can track Genie down at least, to make sure she is okay. I have resources at work that could maybe help me. So, I'm going to check those out when I take my next break. In the meantime, I have to get back to work, But I'll post an update if I find anything out.
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2023.03.24 21:37 _austinight_ RIP KAXAN

Per Jim Spencer:
"This is very hard to write, but we had to say goodbye to Kaxan this morning. We had high hopes for his treatment, but his quality of life just was deteriorating too quickly. I know many of you loved him as much as we did at KXAN and I want you to know how much your support and well-wishes have meant. Thank you for being his friend. His obituary will be on KXAN's website with more photos and videos soon:
Longtime KXAN mascot and spokesdog Kaxan died Friday after a brief battle with brain cancer.Kaxan was diagnosed with a brain tumor in early February, but despite his doctors' best efforts and a brave struggle, he passed away peacefully Friday morning.
After nearly 11 years of on-air appearances Kaxan became a local celebrity, with many fans and a large social media following. He received numerous awards and much recognition from many area animal welfare and rescue groups and other non-profit organizations, as he promoted their causes over a decade with Jim Spencer on KXAN weathercasts.
Kaxan appeared on KXAN in many public service and event promotions. Often seen in his tuxedo as he "emceed" fundraising events, he helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for many area organizations over the years, including Austin Humane Society, Austin Dog Rescue, Emancipet, and Family Eldercare, just to name a few. He annually promoted Puppy Mill Awareness Day in Texas, and his advocacy helped many of his own foster brothers and sisters, who were in and out of his home over the years, find their forever families.
Kaxan's most important role came about thanks to his favorite human and best friend, Edward Flores, who trained him to become a therapy dog with Divine Canines, after which he spent years at Edward's side providing comfort to special needs students at schools, patients in hospitals, soldiers at Fort Hood, among many others who requested his soothing presence.
Kaxan's public service work was so recognized, he was named the top therapy dog in Texas and was one of only three finalists for the national American Humane Hero Dog award in 2019.In addition to being featured in local magazines—sometimes the cover story, state and national product brands took notice of Kaxan's popularity, resulting in commercial work for Tito's Vodka,H-E-B, the Texas Lottery, Stainmaster, Chevrolet, Hartford Insurance, and various dog food companies.Kaxan's story with KXAN began in May, 2012 when the scruffy, dirty stray dog wandered up the alley behind the television station. A photojournalist brought him into the newsroom, where someone immediately said "we should keep him and call him Kaxan." Jim Spencer volunteered to take him to Austin Animal Center in case he was just lost. In fact, he was a runaway, and had been adopted out of the shelter several times before. When his owners surrendered him, Jim, Edward and KXAN took him in. Estimated to be two years old at the time, Kaxan spent the next 11 years building an incredible legacy.
Kaxan wasn't just the KXAN mascot, he was an inspiration for many to advocate, rescue, adopt, volunteer and fundraise. Kaxan brought attention to the fact that there are thousands of dogs just like him sitting in shelters waiting for their chance to become someone's hero.
Sadly, now Kaxan's friends, fans, and KXAN family must say goodbye to our little hero.----------A children's book based on Kaxan's true story was published last year. "Becoming Kaxan" is available on Amazon and at BookPeople. Proceeds will benefit his favorite local animal rescue organizations."

Article on KXAN
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