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Cars, Trucks, Turbos... Oh My! part 8

2023.06.06 02:16 AutoModerator Cars, Trucks, Turbos... Oh My! part 8

Desperate Car Wife: A Journey in the Making (part.8)
While my posts might sound like I'm not a happy car wife, that is far from the truth... I really do enjoy all things cars, but I have my limits! In marriage you take the good with the bad. Sometimes I'm excited for my hubby and his new shiney parts, he adds to his Gracie, but there are other times when I'm like, "how much did 5 feet of 0 gauge wire cost again!!???", "you just bought a big battery.. why do you need another one???" His reasons, while laughable from my perspective, are necessary to the means of his OCD in car audio.
So who is Gracie??? Gracie is/was technically MY Grey '09 Tahoe. To take this back for a minute... over the past 26 years, my hubby has managed to take over every vehicle we've owned. Even to the likes of every single one had/has bass, a new deck, new mids/tweeters, Z type tires, sick a@@ rims, cherry bombs or flowmasters, LED lights, the whole works!!!.... I'm not trying to paint him in a bad light or anything of that nature. He just has to drive and tinker on anything and everything we own. It used to annoy me (especially in our 20s and most of our 30s), to the point, about 6 years ago I sold my car and refused to buy another for about a year and a half! I knew if I did, it wouldn't be "mine" for long..
At the time, I was a driver for a company that let me take the work van home; they allowed quick trips to the store (free advertising for them), so I didn't really need my own car... We had his 97 C/K 1500 Chevy to get around town in, so I was in no rush to buy. But then, right around the 2yr mark, I decided I was going to buy a car and kept telling my hub that he was NOT going to drive it or do anything to it!!! LOL Boy was I sooooo wrong.... I had originally decided to get a Dodge Charger, but then played it out in my head and was like "nope, nope, nope" this will only make him want my car, and I'd get stuck with the truck. I love and hate that truck as many of you know....
So I eventually settled for a beautiful grey 2009 Tahoe LS. I named her Gracie. I still had my work van, so for the first month after buying Gracie, I didn't drive her much. Well that, to my hubby meant, he would drive it!!! Lo and behold, my hubby took over Gracie and somehow she became HIS Tahoe..... in a matter of 2 months after buying her!!!!! and I was stuck with that godforsaken truck afterall!!!
He sure does love Gracie tho! He rather nobody, other than him, drive her too!! I'm the better, safer, cautious driver, yet he worries I'll hit a dagone pothole! Blahahahahahaha
He has slowly customized the body, restored the paint, lowered, sitting on some nice looking 22s, upgraded to disc brakes with bright green calipers, HID headlights, wrapped the front bow blue and the back bow gun metal black... She's puuuurrrrdy, I'll admit! He fully replaced the entire stereo system, a gazillion times over! Pulled the bench seat out to make room for his two 15" Sundowns mounted in a crazy big ported box... Added amps and crossovers galore, a bigger alternator, pro series batteries, lots of 0 gauge wires.... It's every car guys dream all in one :) He has so much love for Gracie, just like he did for that '72 Camaro years ago...
Fast forward 2 years.... I'm still complaining about losing Gracie to him. I really was mad! I tried to avoid the inevitable and it still happened! So I did what any other Desperate Car Wife would do... I had him go buy me a Tahoe! The only catch is I GET TO PICK IT OUT *OCD overload for him hahahaha* and it will be a boy name! HAHAHA jokes on him this time!!
To my amusement, he was totally down for it!!! I picked out a Black '11 LTZ with all the bells and whistles! His name is TEX.... He does drive Tex from time to time, and wishes his Gracie was an LTZ too now, but I think I finally met his match.... I can actually say this is MY TRUCK! FINALLY!!!!
To this day, he takes lots of pictures and shares them in his FB car groups... He's now a moderator for one of the groups and Gracie is the Star of the show!! He gets lots of looks while out driving and some have even pulled over to chat and check out Gracie...
Part. 9 coming soon
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2023.06.05 18:23 Either-Dot-6785 The only path to number 1 striker: A false 9

Isagi's true role being a false 9 is something I have believed in since the second selection and a few months back I even made a post on this topic but never really explained why I believe Isagi will end up as a false 9.
What is a false 9
A false 9 is a center-forward who is stationed high up the pitch but has the freedom to roam around and drop back into deeper positions to receive the ball and link up play. These players tend to operate primarily in central areas, somewhere between center-forward and central attacking midfield. It's basically a hybrid position that fuses the role of playmaker and striker at the same time.
The most famous false 9 in history is without a doubt the one and only Lionel Messi and this role made full use of all his abilities being amazing vision, passing ability, dribbling and shooting technique. He played as a false 9 during the 2009-2014 seasons and during his 2012 campaign he scored 91 goals and gave 22 assists in 69 games. What a beast. There are other amazing players who played this role considered top 10/5 players at one point in their career like Totti, Firmino, Van Persie, Dennis Bergkamp, and the great Johan Cruyff.
*Some might believe that the false 9 role means you are running from being a true striker but that is very much not the case, its simply another archetype for the of role striker. As ego said “strikers do not confine yourselves within the boundaries of a role”
Isagi’s playstyle and ego
Blue Lock is a story about creating the best striker who can revolutionize Japanese football. No matter what people think, Isagi will never change positions to that of a midfielder. It essentially makes this story useless since it will just be a big contradiction. Throughout the story it's been reiterated several times that Isagi's original ego is that of a striker Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and recently Chapter 205. Even in Isagi’s light novel we know he only plays football due to his ego of becoming a striker (When he lost that ego he became a mediocre player). BUT his god given talent is best used when he drops into the middle of the field paired with his IQ.
A Raumdeuter: This is what Thomas Muller said “I don’t enjoy being classed as a striker, I don't see myself as one, I like to be active in the space in behind the opposition’s midfield. That’s where I can hurt the opponent most of all. I’m a mix between a striker and a midfielder. I’m a Raumdeuter. It’s about instinct.” I think we can all agree that Isagi has shown this style of play during some plays throughout Blue lock but like I highlighted Muller exploits the space in the middle and also in the penalty area while Isagi drops deep, receives the ball and playmakers until he’s in his shooting zone where he still creates his own chance to score. Go look at most of Isagi’s goals. He does not simply wait in the box (poacher), nor does he simply exploit space behind defenders/midfielders( Raumdeuter) but he is actively involved in the build up by dropping deep into the center and positions himself in the best spot to score or give an assist. The only goal I remember him scoring which he poached will be his LUCK goal.
Natural Playmaker and Goal scorer:
Isagi first understands how to effectively use his weapon “spatial awareness” in chapter 33 by seeing everyone's positioning and by connecting them together the field arrived at the future he envisioned. What truly convinced me that Isagi will end up as a false 9 is when he unlocked Meta vision. Everything just evolved exponentially once Isagi unlocked MV and his playmaking ability is truly godlike all while he has mediocre dribbling and average passing which he makes up for with pure Footballing IQ. The egocentrism piece is a piece that he will always use no matter if he is in the pro world or in the u20 world. It's a way of understanding a players psyche and this allows you to boost your teammates abilities while lowering your opposition's ability. You pair Isagi’s ever growing IQ with this piece and his spatial awareness which can see optimal passing options and you have an amazing playmaker.

What will a mastered direct shot look like? Well simply look at Shidou, not necessarily the acrobatics but look at how he always manages to create the necessary gap between him and the defender to get his shots off by using his hands or the curls and drive he adds to his shots. Isagi has somewhat started showing this level of ability already as we saw when he scored a direct shot for the first time even when man marked. There is also the fact that a curled direct shot is something we have seen Isagi be able to do before. Add the fact that Isagi has also added a lefty direct shot which has yet to be completed, but all signs point to Isagi being able to score direct shots from all angles and with more variety once he masters it. This ability will certainly allow him to challenge even the likes of Rin and Shidou in terms of goals but remember all I said is “challenge” not “beat”. If Isagi wants to be the number 1 striker he will have to beat them not simply challenge them and I don't believe a mastered direct shot is enough which I will touch on in my last topic.
An Egotistical false 9
*Reminder: The NEL forces strikers to really think about goals since it determines whether you will be a striker or not so it sometimes thwarts a players style.
I would say one thing that could prevent Isagi from becoming a false 9 is the mindset of an egoist like him. When a false 9 drops deep they look to spread passes to the best option but they do sometimes stimulate plays they finish themselves. Let's look at Messi in his prime for example. He would pass the ball when he saw that an opportunity could come from the pass but he also scored most of his goals by manipulating plays and getting on the end of things to score himself(something that reminds me of Isagi).
One play I always remember is the Jordi Alba-Messi connection they had. Messi would drop into the middle of the field, pass the ball to Alba, when all the wingers and attacking players drop into the penalty box to score Messi would always pop up behind them to score. Anyway, back to the topic.
Isagi only passes the ball after his option of scoring goes up in smoke but this is something Isagi can overcome since “rationality” is a big part of his game. If Isagi has the ball for example and he see’s Chigiri in a good position to beat a single defender and score while he is further from the goal he will without a doubt pass the ball. We have also seen throughout the second selection, third selection and u20 game that Isagi does not mind passing at all.
The way to number 1
To become the number you need to maximize your god given talents and every part of your game should be centered around that talent. Kaiser has centered his game around his god given talent “Kaiser impact”, Loki his “speed”, Noa his “ambidexterity” and much more. Isagi’s god given talents is without a doubt his vision. His footballing IQ and direct shot should simply be tools to compliment his God given talent. To use this ability to its fullest potential he would need to drop deep in the center of the field, give instructions and manipulate plays according to his whims.

Midfielders are the ones most often associated with the title “Heart” of such and such but the story needs Isagi to be a striker. I mean in as much as Isagi wants to be a striker his influence in the middle of the pitch or dropping back deeper to influence the game can not be denied. This is a part of his game that will not vanish as long as he keeps evolving his vision and Football IQ( Which he will). Thus the best position I can think of is simply that of a false 9 and honestly an extremely good one at that. He is already a monster in playmaking when he lacks dribbling, has an average passing ability, above average physique and such.
I also believe most often than not a guy like Loki will probably beat him in the race for the golden boots but Isagi will make up for that with his playmaking ability. What do I mean? Well lets say Loki scores 50 goals in a season. I believe Isagi would have 40 goals while he has more assists. This is how Isagi can beat the worlds best players. By having the same amount of goals (or atleast close) while also being the heart of his team and having more assists. There is also the clutch factor of course which is kinda the point of the show. World class strikers are creatures “who appear in Football's most critical moment”.
Summary: False 9 position is the best position to utilize all of Isagi’s abilities since he can drop deep and playmake, make interceptions and also score goals.
Let me know what your thoughts if you cared to read all that.
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2023.06.05 14:35 mythical_legend I just bought one of those 300 piece spare fuse kits from eBay. Are they safe to use? Does the internal wiring matter? Is the tester safe to use?

so I bought one of those 300 keys spare fuse replacement kits from eBay for about 10 bucks just to have and now I want to see about using it.
this the type of fuse my car uses: https://i.imgur.com/qZwqqk2.jpg
these are some of the fuses that came: https://i.imgur.com/VQNvaXa.jpg
this is the tester: https://i.imgur.com/M52yaIN.jpg
my first question is are these fuses safe to use? when i bought them i thought they were just fuses and if anything happens theyll blow but now im a little concerned about their quality since they arent painted with their amperage (like my 20 year old fuses in the car) and instead has a little diagram.
second even though i pulled a 20amp spare fuse and compared it against the new 20 amp the one i need right now is the red 10amp. the one in the car, like the yellows here, have "n" shapes but the new red ones have the swiggle like in the picture. surely its just a design thing but i wanna make sure theyre the same before i cause any damage.
third, and this might be a stupid one, but what are the shorter fuses for? i put 2 yellows in the picture to show you what i mean. the box has bigger fuses too but the shorter ones and the "normal" ones are in the same "square" so are they interchangeable?
and finally is the tester safe to use? i saw a video on youtube that said all i need to do is connect the alligator clip to metal and then use the tester end on the opening of the top of the fuses. just wanna make sure that using a cheap tester is safe.
thanks for all the help
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2023.06.05 14:04 LateBull Car trying to start, then stalls then starts fine after.

I have a 2009 Chevy impala police with 96k miles
I noticed recently only after sitting overnight. Once in a while it’ll try to start. It’ll turn over and the Rpm’s will struggle and it’ll sputter and stall out. When I go to start it a second time it starts absolutely normal and fine. I only really notice this after not driving for about 15-20 hours. But when I came back from a vacation for a week it has zero issues, but I know I had a full tank. The only other thing I think is that it only happens when my gas starts to get low. I’m a little under half in the tank.
Only test I had done was a battery test where the battery failed. The cca are about 200 below what they’re suppose to be. Battery works fine and I don’t want to replace it right now if it’s not dying.
I’m kind of speculating fuel pump or injectors?
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2023.06.05 09:40 McGlone_Games 'In Vision' Commentary Notes - African Hunting Holiday

'In Vision' Commentary Notes - African Hunting Holiday
What do you do to get away from it all when you've gambled away all your money, your pec implants are drifting apart, and you've spent time in prison? Why, go on an African Hunting Holiday, of course, for another 'In Vision' commentary recap from 'The Strange and the Dangerous' DVD box-set.

\"RIGHT... thrrough.\"

For this one Louis is joined by Terry Nutkins, a British TV presenter and conservationist, who sadly passed away in 2012. This is my personal favourite commentary, as I grew up watching Terry on 'The Really Wild Show' and just thought it was lovely to see him again.

Cast of characters: Riaan (hunt organiser), Ann-Marie and Paul (American couple), Piet (animal breeder), Lolly (vet running a game farm)

  • The idea behind the episode was to cover another "luxury lifestyle" after they had explored gambling and plastic surgery
  • Terry does eat meat, but feels strongly against the "outright cruel" and "obscene" practice of "trophy hunting" (especially as the "hunting" shown in the episode is merely "shooting")
  • Louis says the "trophy hunting" had been made so easy it was more like "furniture shopping"
  • It was a struggle for Louis and the crew to get permission to film with a hunting agency, because the agencies knew how unpopular they were, and expected any media attention to be negative
  • Louis felt "an obligation to be fair" to Riaan, because he had "gone out on a limb" by agreeing to go on camera
  • Louis on hunting: "Not a good thing, really."
  • Terry has "no respect whatsoever" for the hunters in the episode, and considers it "outrageous" that they encourage their young children to shoot the animals
  • Louis was surprised that, at the time of filming, people were still able to shoot rhinos, but Terry suspects they could "bend the law, somewhat", if rhinos they had bred were being killed on their own, fenced-off land
  • Louis notes that a "300-pound" bloke just sitting on a truck shooting animals would be looked-down upon by the "hunting fraternity"
  • Most of the people who went hunting were American, but there were also Spanish, French, Middle Eastern, and British
  • Louis: "Apparently, the Spanish just, don't really care about trophies, they just want carnage [...] They like to shoot as many animals as possible."
  • Terry on Ann-Marie: "She's... yeah, someone I wouldn't, uh, want to spend much time with, really."
  • Louis brings up how much pressure there was on him to get involved (later saying that it upset him), after mentioning how spending time outdoors with the hunters "softens you up a bit" to joining in
  • Terry doesn't believe he could ever be "softened up", as he could only justify killing an animal for survival, and was appalled by how the other hunters were there for trophies, not "the excitement of the hunt"
  • Piet had previously been interviewed by Roger Cook, after Cook had made a documentary on "Canned Hunting" in South Africa, where he posed as a rich businessman and a lion was drugged to make it easier for him to shoot
  • Louis says the rules for lion-hunting had since been made stricter in South Africa, requiring lions to be allowed to live in a large enclosure for several years before being used for hunting
  • Louis and Terry agree that lions are "ferocious" and "incredibly frightening beasts" that have "no emotions for humans"
  • Louis mentions how, irrespective of the cost, hunters would not typically want to kill lions, and they were considered to be "the most emotive" species
  • On the other hand, hunters could also have little interest in animals that were too easy to kill, with one species of rhino having such poor eyesight that you could just "run up to it and shoot it"
  • Terry says tigers and lions are the most dangerous land animals, with lions being the more dangerous of the two, as at least tigers are solitary animals (a few lionesses would "tear you apart")
  • Terry is very impressed by Louis' South African accent (you can listen to Louis' 'Call of the Weird' audiobook to hear him to do plenty of other accents)
  • Louis estimates that a lion would cost £20,000 to £30,000 to kill, and a rhino would be £25,000 to £35,000, whereas something like a kudu would be only £1,000
  • Terry believes that a vet like Lolly justifies what he does with the near-instant deaths his animals will receive (Terry earlier spoke about how farm animals suffer worse deaths when they are slaughtered)
  • Louis discusses how much more "tame" the animals seemed to be on reserves where only crossbow-hunting was allowed, though Terry takes exception to Louis saying that they were "happy"
  • Terry never uses the word "happy" ("a very human sort of word") with animals and prefers to use "content"
  • Terry: "An animal is content when it has young, and it actually successfully rears its young."
  • Lolly refused to let anyone shoot his giraffes, and Louis visited two other reserves where the giraffes could not be killed (though Louis isn't sure if part of that is because they're "too easy" as targets and the owners knew people wouldn't ask for them anyway)
  • Louis relays how the "professional hunters" said that Lolly was in "the wrong job", because he was too close to his animals and would get angry at any hunters who weren't taking it seriously
  • Terry on a hunter posing with his kill: "Well, if it's so wonderful, why kill it?"
  • The hunters would stay for a week, and got together each night to show off their kills
  • There was a taxidermy workshop attached to the hunting lodge, which is where the heads are being taken during the butchery scene
  • Louis says "in theory" the meat from the killed animals was being "distributed to local villages [...] although, I never actually saw that"
  • Terry does not disagree that the amount of money hunting brings in can make the reserves worthwhile, and mainly has a problem with the attitudes of the hunters
  • When asked what species he wouldn't hunt, one of the hunters told Louis that "he would hunt them all, if he had the money"
  • Terry brings up how Ann-Marie might not want to hurt a zebra, but a zebra would want to hurt her ("a zebra would give you a really nasty bite, and a really nasty kick")
  • Terry warns how it may be that poachers wipe out a species in the wild and they only exist in game farms, but then the poachers will just move on to killing the animals in the farms
  • Terry believes animals "know when they are going to die" and that any preparations for their death will cause them stress
  • Terry states that all the animals he has seen so far appear healthier than they normally do in the wild, and have clearly been looked after
  • There is a discussion of whether our survival instinct means that human beings have an innate desire to hunt animals
  • Personal Note: After Ann-Marie shoots the impala, I always found it extremely creepy how Paul keeps saying "Lots of blood! I saw lots of blood!"
  • Terry goes off on Ann-Marie being "like a child" (and, despite how uncomfortable she seems, Louis mentions that she went on to shoot more animals)
  • There had been a lot of discussion about Louis hunting, and Louis knew that people would expect him to take part in the topic of the documentary
  • Terry had not seen the episode before, and so did not know if Louis shot anything (Louis, obviously, keeps quiet about what happens)
  • The Director and Assistant Producer had gone on "2 or 3 trips" to South Africa before filming began, were confident that they could have shot an animal, and strongly felt that Louis should try it
  • Terry notes how artificial the "hunting" setup for Louis is, with the animals lured to the area with food and water, and how the birds pecking the ground resemble chickens at a farm
  • Louis had "made an agreement with himself" to at least line-up a shot, take the safety off, and put his finger on the trigger
  • Terry acts like a proud father when Louis doesn't shoot anything
  • Louis had mixed emotions after not pulling the trigger, as he felt relieved at having made "the right decision", but guilty about possibly disappointing his audience
  • Terry says he's never killed an animal, then clarifies that he has accidentality killed two deer stags who had jumped in front of his car
  • As soon as they appear on-screen, Terry talks about how dangerous sable antelopes are, and that he knew a worker in a safari park who was horned by one, managed to get to his land-rover to call for help, and then died of blood-loss before anyone arrived
  • When Louis asks Terry if a lion cub could be raised as a completely tame lion, Terry replies with "No, you can't do that. They are always wild animals. Always."
  • Louis on Piet becoming angry: "I thought he was going to whack me."
  • Terry on Piet shoving the camera: "Good telly!"
  • Piet was big into genetics, and tried to breed animals from different locations to bring together their positive traits
  • They both note that Piet "improving the gene pool" to create animals with longer horns just so happened to mean that they would be worth more money to trophy hunters
  • Piet was also into "inline breeding" of his animals, which is just a fancier way of saying "inbreeding" (Terry does not approve)
  • Piet had claimed that sable antelopes were brought back from the brink of extinction by the numbers being bred for hunting, which Terry thinks could be true
  • Louis notes that such an approach would mean that only the "good-looking" animals will be saved
  • Terry talks about how if the hunting acts as culling (i.e., targeting older animals), the meat is used afterwards, and the animals are well cared for without any inbreeding, then it would be acceptable
  • Terry may, or may not, have been a champion jet skier ("Let the rumour carry on!"), but he really is missing parts of two fingers after they were bitten-off by an otter

Next up will be the final recap, where Louis (in 2009) lets us know that 'The Most Hated Family in America' has gone bankrupt and may never be heard from again.
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2023.06.05 03:53 adult-diversion How much am I looking to spend here?

I’m asking advice on what reasonably would be the price to fix these issues with my car. My dad is dead and I have no one to ask about car stuff and I’m afraid I don’t know what the going rate for this stuff is.
My grandma has dementia so I’m taking her car because I need it desperately. It’s a 2009 Chevy Impala and the car runs hot, I think it may be an issue with the alternator (I googled it so it may NOT be the problem but) and I also need this car to be detail cleaned. She was a hoarder and it’s filthy. She also smashed both rear view mirrors on the car, so I need that to be fixed as well.
All in all, how much am I looking to spend here? I can forgo the detail cleaning and just do it myself if it comes down to it, but I have very low funds and want to see if this is something that would be more expensive than just buying a new car.
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2023.06.04 22:39 Desperate-Car-Wife Cars, Trucks, Turbos.. Oh My! Part.7

Desperate Car Wife: A Journey in the Making (part.7)
My husband's next "victim" .... A golden brown 1997 Chevy K/1500 Extended Cab
I had a feeling he'd buy this truck at some point... A buddy of his owned it and he would always make comments and cash offers whenever he saw the truck. About 3 or 4 years later my hubby finally got his wish! I still remember the night we brought it home... Unfortunately, that same night, during the wee hours, some delinquent teens went around the neighborhood and were keying cars down our street! He parked it on the street since he had planned to wash it first thing.... Hub was up early the next day, so excited to have his new baby; ready to give her a good wash and start marking his "territory" with that good 'ol "JB Treatment".. We walked out and discovered the truck had been keyed all the way from the driver's side door to the rear fender!! I can't describe how super p@##ed off he was without using a list of colorful words, but I'm sure y'all can imagine... I'm just glad I was there to help calm him down; to this very day I truly feel that had he given into his anger, he would've gone off his rocker, and that day would've been much like that famous line from Liam Neeson in Taken!! But after about an hour of watching what looked like a crazy man, pacing back and forth, looking over and over at the nearly 7' long scratch, while cursing up a storm, he managed to calm down "somewhat" and immediately ran down to AutoZone... $150 later, he had what he needed to make it as invisible as possible. It was deep in spots; the entire scratch had passed through the top coat and in some areas it was all the way to the base paint :(
Over the next year, he went over the entire body with a clay bar, compound buffed, then waxed and polished... She was easily a 10 footer for sure! Eventually he found some wheels and bought matching tires.. (He has a thing about mismatched tires LOL) She was lookin' like a pretty nice truck, so shiny and new, nearly flawless on the outside.
Side Note: I remember one night, not too long after he finished all that hard work, we were bbqing at our friend's house; the one who sold us the truck. It was well after midnight when we were finally ready to leave, (hubby was highly intoxicated), I ended up having to pull the truck out first because a huge bush was on the other side where he had backed in too close and couldn't open the passenger side door. Well he was too drunk and way too tall to try to climb over the center console thru the driver's side, so he wanted me to pull the truck out and he'd just hop in. I was like "there are branches sticking out of the bush and I think I might scratch the truck"... I insisted my hubby just pull it out a little and then I'd take over. (if anyone was gonna scratch it, I'd rather it be him!) To give some insight: there was another car parked on the driver's side, giving me very little room to work with... But he refused and said he'd guide me.. Famous. Last. Words!!!! As soon as I started to pull away, I heard scraping sounds!!!! I stopped and was sooo upset because I knew it would happen! I thought for sure he would be so p@##ed at me for scratching it! I had tears, I felt so bad!! He had just finished getting that truck looking new again and the hours of labotime spent doing so... I couldn't stop sobbing, even when he, surprisingly, wasn't mad at all!! He actually blamed himself because he made me move it.. I blame the alcohol for his chill response!!! After repeated "sorry's" and "it's okay's".. we get home and he grabs his container of Mother's compound and starts buffing out the scratch.... Next morning I looked at the spot and to my excitement, the scratch was gone... it didn't go through the top coat!! Couldn't even tell that there was ever even a scratch!!!! \Wipes sweaty forehead* What a relief that was!*
Next came the.......... you got it! The Sound system! \ insert smirky laugh here LOL **
A slimbox would just not do.. he tried, but at this point in his obsession with bass style audio, he wanted more bass. Well for those of you that don't know, more bass means not only bigger subs and bigger boxes for those subs, you also need higher quality tweeters and mids with their own amp system plus crossovers, a powerful amp just for the bass, bigger batteries (yes, that's plural), a bigger alternator, fuses galore, expensive wiring , etc... Not only is that crazy expensive to do, but it also required him to eventually remove the bench seat. I had no clue to all of this till I started going with him more often to the car audio shops. Needless to say, I was not a happy wife when it came to the price tags... I was perfectly happy with decent sound and a small sub, but something so crazy loud wasn't that big of a deal to me, however, our bank account would say otherwise LOL ... it wasn't my daily driver, so I didn't really care other than the costs for everything... he just could never be happy with the sound and continuously changed out the subs, boxes, decks, you name it... he did it more than once over on everything! So that was the first strike to this truck and I... (I know it sounds a bit harsh for a 1st strike, but I wanted a nice family vacation, not bigger and bigger subs... Remember my "limits" motto??)
I liked driving it around town, though the driver's seat was broken in the upright position, so I had to drive with a pillow behind me. (Strike 2!!) It never bothered him because he's so dang tall, and I rarely drove it as it was, so the seat wasn't a priority... Then I took it on the freeway, the steering became very loose. I don't know how to describe how it felt to me, other than it felt like it was severely out of play... My hubby never seemed to have the same issue and always would reassure me that "it's just how the truck drives''... So he hasn't messed around with the steering column at all. Well, I don't trust it or feel safe in it, so I refuse to drive it. I have had to take it on the freeway a couple more times since then and I still hate driving it... it still felt way out of whack for me; taking curvy turns was the worst, I couldn't even keep it centered in my lane! Nerves shot and blood pressure at its highest.... Strike 3!!! I absolutely hate driving that truck!!! She is a pretty thing after a good waxing, but that's as far as I take a liking to her...
$10k later, including a rebuilt tranny and 2 DIY transfer case replacements, the truck is nearly perfect in my husband's eyes.... but then the poor thing falls to vandalism once again! :( :( :( Only this time it was 2 slashed tires and a broken windshield! This time we filed a police report! But of course nothing ever came of it, unfortunately.... It was easy to replace, but costly and getting no justice after being vandalized twice (parked in the driveway the 2nd time), left us feeling sour and foul mouthed.... Now we have cameras on the driveway and street! Regardless of the vandalism, there's always something needing to be replaced it seems... this truck feels like a money pit in my mind... strike 4...
Special Note: If you have found or follow me on Twitter (DsCarWife) and come here to read my posts... I have a little treat tweet coming! Stay Tuned!
Part. 8 coming soon
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2023.06.04 21:31 tpunx Electrical issues.

So I’ve been working on my 1995 gmc G2500 van. It’s been having electrical issues and blowing the break fuse at the box. I think I have it nailed down to what wire and have wiring diagrams of what does where. My question is, how to I isolate the wire and figure out where the fault is?
Any help would be amazing.
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 22:52 WotTheFook Heater blower stopped working on a 2008 Jetta 2.0 TDI BKD

This is a strange one. I broke down with starter motor failure on Friday evening and today I replaced the starter motor and the car starts just fine now. One thing that has happened though is that the heater blower fan for the climate control (it's not the version with the digital readout) has stopped working. I don't think that the two events are related, but the fan not working has me scratching my head. I found a slightly melted 30A fuse (F22?) in the fusebox at the side of the dashboard (the fuse is intact though, it's not blown) and I've replaced it with a new one, but the handbook states that this should be a 40A fuse. I've stuck a 30A in for now but I still get no blower. The air con switch lights up when I press it and I can hear the air con pump turn on and off.
Are there any other fuses that I need to check? I've searched for fuse box diagrams and have found loads of them but they seem to have the fuse box images reversed, as if it's Europe or the US, not the UK. My dashboard fuse box is on the right. The numbers of fuses are also different.
The blower was running right up until I parked up and I came back to no starter motor on the key.
I'm confused at this point, how do I trouble shoot this?
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2023.06.03 02:12 GooeyCR Where to go from here with AC diagnosis?

Hey folks,
I have an 08 Grand Prix who’s AC isn’t working properly, here’s what I know.
1) the clutch can move freely and is not physically seized up.
2) the relays and fuses have been replaced. At least the the two that my fuse box diagram notes as being important (38 and 13).
3) the radiator fans are almost always on while the car is running even when running cold (scanner tool has it at ~50-70 c last time I checked.
4) turning the ac button on seems to make the car’s RPM bounce, even though I am not getting any cold air. Where is that load coming from?
Where should I go from here? Should I start looking at the refrigerant pressures? I could get a gauge set.
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2023.06.03 00:15 Many_Standard1512 Wiring help

Wiring help
So I'm kind of new to all this, and have a question about wiring. I bought a Skar sk-9005d amp, spx-65c components for the front doors, tx-69 speakers for in the back, and a vd-10 dual 4ohm sub to replace my stock subwoofer using my stock enclosure (this is going into a 2009 Chevy Cobalt SS). My question is what's the best way to wire the subwoofer to the amp? I know if I wire the sub in parallel it will drop it down to a 2ohm load, which the amp can handle, but do I then bridge the amp as well? The amp has 2 positive and 2 negative connections for the 5th channel, but I'm not sure the best way to run them to the sub. To I run a positive and negative to each voice coil like in the first diagram, or do I run both positives and both negatives to the coils like in the second diagram? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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2023.06.02 21:47 yellowduckfeet Clicking From Under Dash and Fuse Box - 2009 F-150 XLT Won’t Start

Clicking From Under Dash and Fuse Box - 2009 F-150 XLT Won’t Start submitted by yellowduckfeet to f150 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 21:35 yellowduckfeet Clicking From Under Dash and Fuse Box - 2009 F-150 XLT Won’t Start

Clicking From Under Dash and Fuse Box - 2009 F-150 XLT Won’t Start
No-one has a large enough vehicle to jump start me, any ideas or comments would be appreciated. Thanks guys
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2023.06.02 06:59 TheFlowInTheO Can anyone tell me the name of this part?

Can anyone tell me the name of this part?
2007 GMC ENVOY 4.2
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2023.06.02 06:56 TheFlowInTheO Can anyone tell me what the name of this part is?

Can anyone tell me what the name of this part is?
2007 GMC envoy 4.2 engine
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2023.06.02 03:15 Eldie1 (Nissan Tech?) No Brake Lights

I have a 2018 Nissan Versa sedan. My brake lights were working fine. I got pulled over by a Louisiana State Trooper yesterday and he told me, "You've got zero brake lights." Luckily, I didn't get a ticket or in an accident!
I checked all of the fuses in the power center (fuse box) in the side of the driver's side dashboard and under the hood in the engine compartment. I use the ATM-LP Low Profile Mini Fuses. They have the little pin hole on both sides, where I put my pointy multimeter leads in to check for continuity. All fuses are good!
I had to pull out my whole taillight fixture, and then remove 4 screws to get to the bulbs to check them - which seemed like a pain in the butt. The third brake light seemed so much easier to check just inside and up-under the back dash. Just a quick little twist and I was able to tell that the bulb is still good. I thought maybe it might be something like old Christmas tree lights - if one goes out, none of them work... So I had to do the pain in the butt taillight removal. The driver's side brake light bulb is good also.
That must mean that the brake light switch is bad. Am I right? What else could it be??? I want to test the switch, but it seems to be more of a pain in the butt to get to than the side brake light bulbs. I'm sure I can test it in the trunk...
Here's why, and maybe how I can test it...
Although it's not advised to tow with a versa, I do have a five-speed manual transmission... I found a forum with people who have verses with manual transmissions that said they have no problem towing small loads. It all started with just a little cargo carrier for my pressure washer - where I didn't need blinkers and brake lights. I upgraded to a small utility trailer where I needed brake lights and blinkers. I tied in to my tail lights with the four wire flat harness for the trailer. Please don't go thinking that I shorted something out or anything like that!!! LOL I tied in the four wire flat back in 2020 and my brakes have been working for the past 3 years. My brakes just went out recently. Being that I have tapped wires in the trunk, I have access to the different wires. Please help me with the testing...
The 2018 Nissan versa has a negative circuit system, am I right? All electronics have power going to them all the time, and all switches switched the ground wire, is that right? When I open my car door, the little jam switch connects to ground wires to make the light come on, am I right?
Can I put my multimeter on the continuity setting, and put one of the leads to the chassis, and then put the other lead to one of the wires in my tail light (the wire for the break light). If I do this, I should not have continuity. And when I press the brake pedal down, I should all of a sudden hear the beep for continuity, am I right?
Or is it backwards? Is there continuity between the chassis and the brake light wire without the brake pedal being pressed, and then when I press the brake pedal does it lose continuity?
I'm an electrician by trade - a high voltage electrician. I have no idea about this low voltage DC situation here... I'm lying! I'm a little familiar with it - but not much! If I can check my brake pedal brake light switch, with my multimeter on a continuity setting, in the trunk with the exposed wires connected to my trailer's 4-flat harness... Which wire is for the brake lights? I believe the blue wire is for the tail lights. So it would either be green, yellow or red (or is there another one in there that I'm not aware of? LOL). For some reason, I'm thinking the brake light is the yellow wire...
I see two twisted wires coming out of the brake pedal brake light switch up under the dashboard at the top of the brake pedal... The two twisted wires are like an aqua and green... I really can't get to them and don't know where they go to to test them for voltage. Please don't make me crawl up under the dashboard and try to fight that brake pedal, in that very small area!!! There's got to be a way to check the brake pedal brake lights switch in the trunk by the tail light where my taps are made - either with the DC voltage setting, or with the continuity setting on my multimeter.
A Nissan tech should know which color wire goes through the brake lights, am I right? Is it the yellow one? Or could it be the green one? Red? Lol Do all manufacturers of automobiles, such as Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, etc etc etc use the same color wires for tail lights, flashes / blinkers, brakes, etc etc etc? Or is it different from manufacturer to manufacturer? Are all brake light wires yellow? Are they all green? Or do they all differ depending on the manufacturer?
In summary, I need to know how to test the brake pedal brake light switch in the trunk at the taps with either DC voltage or continuity and which color wire should I use when I test? Thanks a million in advance!!!
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2023.06.02 02:21 MunchamaSnatch Fuse box diagram wrong

Fuse box diagram wrong submitted by MunchamaSnatch to Volvo [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 22:57 Tricktrick_ 2018 Kia Optima LX 2.4 ac fuses

Can someone with this same yeamake/model share a photo of their under hood fuse box cover? I want to see if it matches mine. I have fuses that are live that should be spares, according to the covers dialog. Also, on the diagram there is a spot that says "A/CON" that takes a 10amp fuse but in the actual spit were the fuse goes, there is nothing to make contact, like no metal ro touch and the fuse sits in the slot loose. I purchased this car certified pre-owned and hope that they didn't need a top for the fuse box and just grabbed whatever they
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2023.05.30 21:39 meraxxess Help with Installing Back Up Camera to Instrument Panel Fuse Block

Help with Installing Back Up Camera to Instrument Panel Fuse Block
Hi folks,
I'm installing the Auto Vox V5 Pro Mirror Dash Cam/Backup camera to my 2013 Chevy Cruze LS. I'm having trouble with the wiring, specifically connecting it to the fuse block. I've included a page of the camera manual which shows I need to connect the yellow wire (B+) to constant power source and the red wire to ACC using fuse tap adapters. I included a diagram of the instrument panel fuse block from the owner's manual.

Can someone help with picking the right fuses for constant power and ACC? Let me know if more info is needed!
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2023.05.30 06:44 CharlieBellaNSFW C7 Black Infotainment Screen

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction or help me w this.:. I have a C7 and the other day it rained in the top is off as soon as I realized I put the top on, wiped everything down, & dried the seats, etc.. a few days later I went to start my car and it was dead… So dead I had to take the key out of the five and open it via the back key area under the trunk and reset the key fob. It took 35 minutes being hooked up the jumper cables to finally get the car to start. It did start but when it started, the navigation had a black screen, no radio no Bluetooth navigation onstar are currently unavailable/not working. The drop screen still how’s up and down.. Also, the USB ports that I typically charge my phone from will not work I tried switching charging cables, & still no luck. I seem to think I probably blew a fuse and I think there is a parasitic drain on the battery, but I do not have a multimeter. I looked at the diagram of the fuse box in the trunk and I don’t really see anything for a radio regardless, I am many things, but Electrician is definitely not one of them lol does anybody have any experience with this? Is there any easy fix? Thank you in advance for your help.
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2023.05.30 03:52 a-ham61593 Converting existing 12v solar system to 48v - help me check my work?

Converting existing 12v solar system to 48v - help me check my work?
Hi everyone. So I have a sprinter van that currently has a full 12V solar system. It uses 3 100W panels to a 40A charge controller, a 12v 400Ah battery, and a 2000W inverter. There are both 110V and 12V loads that are powered by the system.
We want to upgrade from a 12V system to a 48v system. As far as I can tell, we could do that by having a 48V solar array, into a 48V all-in-one solar chargeinverter that charges a 48V battery. The all in one would wire into the 110V breaker box, and the power from the battery would go through a 48V/12V step down converter before supplying power to the 12V DC fuse box.
My first question is in creating the solar array. My understanding is that you can wire them together in series-parallel in order to bump the voltage up to 48v but still maximize the amperage coming in. We want to try to reuse 2 of the current 100W panels in the system. Would be able to wire two 12v panels together in series, then connect that grouping to a 24v panel in series, then connect that grouping in parallel to 2 24V panels wired in series? Hopefully the diagram helps make sense of that word soup.
The other question is whether it really is as simple as adding the step down converter between the battery and the fuse box? We're trying to avoid digging into the house wiring at all costs, so it seemed like this was the simplest way to make this upgrade.
Please tell me any and every problem you see with this system (We're trying to figure out the kinks before we majorly invest in the components)
Here are the components we're thinking about using
48V MPPT Solar InverteCharger - https://www.renogy.com/48v-3500w-solar-inverter-charge
48V Battery - https://trophybattery.com/index.php/product/48v220e-1/ OR https://signaturesolar.com/eg4-lifepower4-lithium-battery-48v-100ah/
48V/12V Step Down Converter - https://www.victronenergy.com/dc-dc-converters/orion-tr-dc-dc-converters-isolated
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2023.05.29 20:16 ThRuben Fuse box diagram for Clio V E-Tech Hybrid

Quick question for any techs for Renault. I've been installing a dashcam in my new Clio V but can't find a diagram for the fuse box on the driver side so I can't install it properly.
Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated!
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