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A community dedicated to Dark Souls I, game released for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360/One, and Switch (Remastered).

2023.06.07 09:52 Dramatic_Telephone16 Instrumental album I saw on YouTube

Apologies for how little I'm giving to work with, but I saw this album like a year ago and I get struck with this painful urge to find it again sometimes.
I found it on youtube and the songs were instrumental and had a heavy synth sound building up. The cover was a still image on the youtube video and had 2 or 3 people hiking and looking up at the moon. The landscape was dark blue. That's all I can recall. From what I remember it wasn't particularly obscure or anything. Any help at all would be appreciated.
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2023.06.07 09:52 _Knucklehead_Ninja New Zarya idea (see slide 4, slide 4 not dark mode friendly)

New Zarya idea (see slide 4, slide 4 not dark mode friendly)
Patch Notes
-lost primary
+gained rope/lasso
+Throws F***ing DOORS AT PEOPLE
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2023.06.07 09:51 Thorfan23 I think a knight of Ren film/series could have potential

We have seen Dark side users survive and come back to the light …but we’ve never seen a dark side user stay in the darkness. I think a film/series following an unredeemed knight could be interesting because they could provide an interesting take. He/she would be unredeemed but would not be strong enough to assume the mantle of the next major villain or find a powerful master (with kylo and Sidious both dead
so what do they do with themselves…..what is there purpose in this galaxy without someone to serve and without the strength to take power for themselves
could be a good little story in there
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2023.06.07 09:51 VinnieConsidine23 Clothing Ads

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2023.06.07 09:51 True_CrimePodcast Not All Games Show Available to Play in the Cloud

I've been a ultimate subscriber for quite some time now. I only play cloud games on my computer. I decided I wanted to play Outer Worlds a few days ago. However when I searched for the game via the Xbox PC app, the option to play Outer worlds via the cloud was not available. It did say that I can install the game on my computer and play for free with my subscription. Unfortunately, my PC isn't strong enough to play that game. Yesterday I googled, "why isn't Outer Worlds available to play via Xbox cloud?" a link popped up and let me play Outer Worlds via my browser on the cloud. After that, I went back to my Xbox PC app and Outer Worlds was under, 'Jump Back In', then it let me stream it through the app. Is this common? Are there a lot of games that don't pop up under, 'cloud gaming' that are really able to be played via cloud? Thoughts?
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2023.06.07 09:51 throwraFrequentRow2 Don’t feel anything for anyone on dating apps

I think I’m probably just picky
Not to sound vain but I’m an attractive woman and often see men’s heads turn when I go out anywhere. I get approached a lot but it’s never by men I’m attracted to
I’m on the dating apps and I swipe and swipe and I don’t find anyone who sparks physical atttaction. My ex was the only person that did that, but not from his dating app pictures and only when I had looked him up on Google and I found his YouTube channel, when I watched his videos and him talking is when I felt attraction
So I feel nothing to a picture and I’m wondering if that’s normal. I also feel very attracted to men that I see in public but they always have girlfriends. I just feel nothing to the men on dating apps and it’s scaring me as I felt so much for my ex, I don’t want him to be the last person
I also can go from finding a lot of men attractive to non at all. Can hormones do that
I really like men with long hair and beards but there are non on the dating apps in my area. Ugh I miss the feelings I had for my ex
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2023.06.07 09:50 ranaor Network adapters don't work after Windows update

The camera on my laptop wasn't working, so I tried to download windows update to fix it, including the optional updates (after googling the problem, I see that that was a huge mistake), and now I don't have Internet (no connections appear and I can only turn on airplane mode) and the network adapters have yellow error triangles next to them. Device status says windows is still setting up the class configuration for this device. I tried uninstalling them and doing a network reset, and probably some other stuff I don't remember (there was a lot of googling and trying), but nothing works. I get the feeling that the only way to fix it is reinstall Windows, but maybe there's something else I can try? Updates I installed were old Intel and Dolby drivers (one of them has a date of 1968????). Before you ask, yes, I didn't look properly at them before installing, thinking I can trust Windows (big mistake). The laptop is Lenovo Ideapad S530. Also, talking about Windows 10.
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2023.06.07 09:50 DonZekane Night gathers, screw Linux (OC)

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until the death of Linux. I shall take no terminal, hold no repository, father no git. I shall wear no distribution and learn no BASH. I shall live and die at my POST. I am the Task Manager in the darkness. I am the watcher on the RAMs. I am the ease of use that burns against confusion and madness, the song that brings the startup, the beep that wakes the chipset, the firewall that guards the realms of ol' MSDOS. I pledge my CPU and license to the Windows, for this night and all the nights to come.
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2023.06.07 09:50 EthanColeK Help getting contacts out of iPhone

So basically I left my old company and they deleted my former email. My former company email has currently 2800 of my contests attached to it . I forgot to make a copy before I left …
Turns out they still live in my iPhone
But when enter to see the contacts it asks me for a password I put my last password but it doesn’t work .
Is there any way I can get these contacts out of my iPhone and put them somewhere else like OneDrive or Icould or Google or anything?
There must be a software that can extract them or a paid app or something . I don’t want to copy 2800 contacts manually
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2023.06.07 09:50 4Myoui How many pumps do you use for Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino?

I did most of my studying using the app recipe for my location, but I have two co-workers, one of them being a trainer, doing 2,3,4 pumps while i’ve been doing 3,5,6 of dark caramel sauce like the app says. So I don’t know what’s right.
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2023.06.07 09:49 Pulsar_Sound Dark Horror Trailer Background Music For Videos // Time

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2023.06.07 09:49 ToadBrigade5 Sceptile - Toad's Pokémon Ranking, #23

Sceptile - Toad's Pokémon Ranking, #23
Introducing the first repeat Dragon-type dual type!
253: Sceptile
Yesterday, I talked about how Grovyle was my favorite stage in the Treecko line, and offhandedly referred to Sceptile as a disappointment. Today, I stand by that. Sceptile is my second least favorite starter - and one of the only two I outright dislike, alongside Feraligatr back in Johto. It feels somewhat good getting them out of the way early admittedly.
Grovyle's body shape communicated athleticism and agility. It was expressive. Sceptile, by contrast, completely destroys that, with smaller legs, and a grossly wide bottom for weird and genuinely ugly proportions. Grovyle had good color balance - Sceptile minimizes the red to just a mere stripe across the stomach and jaw, making it predominantly green and adding to the "boring texture" issue I have with many older Pokémon. And after Grovyle's vibrantly expressive head and hair, Sceptile just looks like some bald stoner who literally peaked in highschool.
It's just... extremely disappointing, ugly, and basic looking in comparison to what could've been, and even without comparing it to Grovyle, it just looks off and ridiculous compared to oh, I dunno, literally any other Grass starter. I'm not even sure how it's supposed to fight with such inconvenient proportions, but I refuse to watch it's animations in Pokken because I hate the fact that this thing made it into Pokken over any other Grass Type.
That said, while I think it's disappointing and bad for what it is, it doesn't really compare with the rest of the Pokémon I dislike or hate. Standards are higher on the starters, so I'll be placing Sceptile on the high end of D Tier. ...weird how despite being in completely different tiers, all the Treecko stages are high in their own tiers.
Fanart found on PNGWing
253+: Mega Sceptile
Hey look, it's Sceptile but spikier and uglier! Just like over half the megas! :D
Okay, I'm... being a bit exaggerated. Mega Sceptile does deserve credit for at least having a better color scheme than Sceptile does, and for using the Dragon Type, which is cool (even if it only adds to how the Dragon type feels more and more like a "reptile" type than a Dragon type).
I don't think Mega Sceptile looks that much better, but at least it's visually more dynamic, and I'd take ugly and overly colorful than ugly and boring. It's not much of a different though, Mega Sceptile will accompany Sceptile in D Tier.
Fanart by Sky-Surf
Y'know, this is my boss' favorite starter. I kind of wish I liked Feraligatr more so it could be a funny "haha, your favorite is my least favorite". Unfortunately, that didn't pan out, but our divergent trends in Pokémon favorites remains funny.
What do you all think of Sceptile though? Grovyle got a lot of love yesterday, with many people agreeing it was better than Sceptile, which surprised me.
For information on this series like tier definitions, the archives, and rankings, see this master doc. The last post on Grovyle can be found here.
If you'd like to see more content like this, also check out Emi's version which runs in parallel: Emi's Version.
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2023.06.07 09:49 gerusz Subreddit going dark between 12 and 14 June in response to the Reddit API changes

TL;DR: Reddit's new API pricing is killing third-party apps. The sub is going private in protest in concert with many others between 12 June and 14 June.
Hello, everyone,
Reddit is proposing a new API with frankly insane pricing (the per-request pricing is some hundred times more than what Google and Amazon APIs cost). This means that third-party apps (Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Relay, etc...) will have to close down because their operation would cost millions of dollars, and mobile users and moderators will be forced to use the craptastic official app. This open letter explains things in more detail.
Since this is unacceptable, the subreddit is joining the list of other subs that are blacking out on those two days. The exact timing of the blackout will be from 0:00 UTC on June 12 to 0:00 UTC on June 15.
This "blackout" means that the subreddit will be going private. You will not be able to see or submit posts during this time.
Thank you for your understanding, and if you want to help, just write some strongly-worded letters to the Reddit admin team.
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2023.06.07 09:49 princessmelissa Help me understand weather in Okinawa please.

I’m kinda dumb, but I tried to google Okinawa weather and I see a typhoon alert but it’s in Japanese. I checked daily weather and it says rain forecasted for June 14th and 15th. However on 16th of June it’s not showing rain.
Can someone please help me interpret the typhoon map for the upcoming week? If it’s safe to do so, I’d like to go to Okinawa on the 16th of June.
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2023.06.07 09:49 Sergio-Kupper Access to hidden app files

My account recently got banned, and in the process I lost a very important world. I tried to appeal the ban but it didn't work. So now I want to access the hidden files aternos stores on google drive for the world backups so I can get it from there. How would I go about doing this?
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2023.06.07 09:49 A1116 Attraction focus ocd/rocd

Hi all. Hoping to share something ive been struggling with for quite a while now and am hoping to get some perspective from others who experiencing rocd. If i delve too much into non rocd articles on this subject the outcome is depressing and pretty concerning so im sticking to here for now without hopefully getting too much reassurance.
I have suffered with pure ocd for a long while with varying themes which is what gives me hope this is rocd talking, but i have suffered with a fear of a lack of attraction towards my long term partner for quite some time in my relationship which is starting to really drag me down. It was fairly early into the relationship (especially worse when we moved in together) and has hung around since which is really making me question how much i want to persist with this.
I get moments of not analysing and finding her attractive but i always feel guilty because i always feel like im not attracted ‘enough’ to her and i can’t remember the last time it felt like i had genuine feelings of love and acceptance which is starting to bother me. Im trying to come to terms with maybe that physical attraction has more importance to me in a relationship than i realise but it doesnt help. I’ve certainly been with people who i find less attractive so i dont know what gives?
Sometimes it feels like a mental block but sometimes its like there just isnt attraction there even though i can definitely remember a time when i was really drawn to her. To point it makes me want to give up even though im quite a persistent person and i would say we are in a healthy happy relationship and are affectionate towards one another.
This whole thing makes me feel super shallow and shitty, i know everyone says love is a choice etc etc but i always think (sorry if triggering!) that there needs to be some level of attraction or those no point - again something i dont like to say but when i see people in a similar situation where everyone advised therapy/erp/cbt, if there is seriously no attraction surely that wont help? The worst is when i question if i was attracted to begin with and that ivd made a massive mistake or stayed out of convenience :(
I wonder if i have indulged my thoughts too much as it often feels like im actively encouraging them and i get this grass is greener feeling and end up analysing my attraction to other girls (most complete strangers) and girls that im attracted to to see how they compare. This then fuels my doubt further and gives me an urge to end everything because it makes me feel like im not being truthful to my gf and that she deserves someone better who can love her unconditionally. I know i shouldnt compare but often it feels like i cant control it! My mind tells me simply that im comparing because im not ‘satisfied’ - sometimes this makes me anxious sometimes not at all. Maybe im just numb to it now i dont know.
Things have been worse lately as a lot of our friends are getting married/engaged and it makes me doubt if im truly happy or not. I think partly a lot of this is triggered by a lot of FOMO at my age which often tells me that being in a relationship = missing out or whether im with the right person. Either way its starting to get to saturation point and would really appreciate some input. I had cbt recently and found it didnt help so much for my obsession but helped with anxiety and depression symptoms though.
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2023.06.07 09:48 Sending-Love Am I working with toxic co-workers or AITA?

So I've worked at a hospital as a per diem physical therapist for almost four years now. When I got hired my manager was very clear that if I added availability for a shift I would get that shift unless the census was low. I can basically work as much as I want and create my own schedule. I'm unable to work full time because I have another job working for my family business. My mom owns the business and my siblings and I help run it, it has to do with care for the elderly. I started working for the family business about four years ago after I graduated physical therapy school. I make the least out of my 3 other older siblings who have all worked there longer and have more job responsibilities.
This post is about the hospital job. I noticed the dynamic was weird in the department from the very beginning, it can be competitive, clique and there is a lot of shit talking. I basically tried to stay out of it and do a good job at work. I always felt on the outs but was able to make a few friends...
However I recently got promoted to a lead position... On days I'm scheduled as a lead I come in an hour early to make the schedule and leave an hour early. I basically manage all calls coming in to the physical therapy department and I get paid 10% more. There were some full time people who were unhappy I got this opportunity and they didn't. However, those people were mostly either hired after me (lower seniority) or are physical therapy assistants (work under physical therapists).
I noticed a big shift in most of my relationships, the few friends I made faded away. The dynamic in the department became worse shortly after I was promoted when another per diem team member pointed out to the union that per diem workers get to choose the major and minor holidays they work every year according to our contract... Our manager had been breaking this rule for years unbeknownst to m. This employee had apparently read through the contract and brought it up to the union. Now all the full time people hate the per diem staff because they get to choose their holidays, even though I had nothing to do with this. They have said it's not fair we get to make our own schedule, they think we get paid too much, they don't think we should get choice of holidays to work and they don't think we should get to be in lead positions. However, this is standard practice for per diem staff in hospitals (I'm not sure about the lead part, but I know everything else is). My sister works as a per diem nurse at a hospital and said high pay, making your own schedule and choosing holidays are normal since you don't get benefits and most per diems have other jobs which is why the schedules are flexible.
Recently I've been having people make really weird comments towards me. This one girl asked why I work here if I work for my family business. I asked her what she meant and she said don't you own the business and make a lot of money? Without going into it I said no, I actually make more money at the hospital which is the truth and she was very surprised. I'm always pretty hush hush about my family business, I've told people what it is but not the name of it or where it's located. Then she asked what my husband does and I said he's a programmer and she went on to talk about how that job makes so much which is not true... He makes decent money, but $29/hour is not a crazy amount of money for Southern California. I just replied vaguely saying he makes okay money and left. She is also a per diem therapist with lower seniority than me. I have a feeling she would like more shifts, but we're scheduled according to seniority and she's brand new.
Another weird comment... Another girl who I like got really weird when I told her my husband and I were thinking about putting an offer on a house. I was excited and was making conversation which we usually do. She asked how much it was and I said $750,000 because that's the truth and there's no point in lying as housing sales are public record. She could not believe I could afford that and asked me, "How can you possibly afford that"... I changed the subject... She's not married, so maybe she doesn't understand joint income. She also lives in an underpopulated desert area in a different county where the cost of living is less. I live in Los Angeles County near my family and other job and commute to work. Right now in 2023 in Los Angeles county $750,000 for a 3 bedroom 2 bath in a safe neighborhood is average or below average actually according to my google search.
My manager who I loved just left, and one of the full time therapists who doesn't seem to like per diem therapists was hired as manager. I'm worried about the future, but we are bound by a union contract so there aren't a lot of changes that can be made. I heard the new manager got mad about the holiday thing and doesn't want per diems to be lead therapists anymore as a result which is totally unrelated and feels retaliatory. I've noticed more than 50% of the lead therapists are per diem. They all do a great job, maintain a professional attitude and stay out if the drama and cliques. It's a rumor though so we'll see.
I'm not sure what I'm even asking... Feeling isolated and constantly judged, it's been getting to me and this is the first time I've considered leaving this job even though my job pays very well, is flexible, I'm in a lead position and have earned seniority. Does this sound toxic to you guys? Am I missing something?
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2023.06.07 09:48 Whatever_New1994 Android Phone recos

Looking to upgrade my android phone. Looking for something with a really good camera and high memory since i like taking pictures. Huawei is the best choice but its not Google integrated so its a bit of a hassle to keep using APKs and Samsung phones have really shitty battery life. Any android phones that you guys can recommend?
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2023.06.07 09:47 Competitive_Text1914 Hells Kitchen 6th Place Season: Episode 11

Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomed back the final 9 to Hells Kitchen and said with the competition halfway gone it was time for the annual blind taste test and Kanae was worried about how well she would do in this test as she doesn’t exactly practice at home and Santos remembered scoring 0 in Season 13 so had to prove himself today for the red team. First up was Elizabeth and Ed with the blue team taking an early lead thanks to Ed scoring 2 to Elizabeth’s 1 but the red team tied up despite Nikki only scoring 1 as Giovanni got a big fat 0 with Giovanni wondering if he’d get out of this challenge slump soon. Van and Kanae were next and the blue team took the lead as despite Van getting 2, Kanae scored 3 which shocked her as she was worried about how well she would so but Antonio only scored 1 and Tara scored an impressive 3 to put the red team in the lead 7:6 going into the last round. Antonio said Kanae was going again due to scoring the highest but Santos won it for the red team by scoring 2 out of 3 and Kanae only scored a further one as the red team won 9:7! Everyone except Van and Ed got drenched in custard and Ed was livid about the performances of Giovanni and Antonio while Kanae said at least she did well after being nominated last night.
The red team went off to party in Vegas with Tara proudly talking about her great performance and Van said he was delighted to have her on the team having been proven wrong about how strong she was. Giovanni was in a foul mood after his performance which was not helped by Ed talking about how Vegas was the one reward he really wanted and Kanae asking how he missed a couple of the ingredients. Giovanni though said he was determined to have his best service yet and Antonio said after being nominated 4 times he was on borrowed time so also needed a strong performance. Kanae was running the appetisers station solo and despite being worried about doing cold and hot appetizers at the same time, her first risottos and crab cakes flew out while she accepted Antonio’s help in getting the salads out. Ed was on the fish station and despite dragging on an early order of scallops he had a great 1st half to service and worked well with Kanae to push the rest of the appetisers out with Kanae’s risottos further praised by Ramsay who said this was the best 1st half of service from the blue team so far! Giovanni was running the meat station solo and said he had to produce his best service ever at this point and felt confident with Ed on fish and Antonio on garnish with Giovanni’s first strips and Ed’s salmon was accepted by Ramsay. Antonio had a great 1st half to service but did start to get flustered and was told off by Ramsay for not saying he needed an extra minute, and Antonio then called out for 1 wellington rather than 2 which saw Giovanni get behind on wellingtons before fighting back. Ramsay said the last tickets needed to have the same energy as the whole service and the blue team finished a great service with the whole blue team praised as having the best service of the season so far and Antonio was psyched to not be put up for elimination tonight.
The red team were also looking to get off to a great start and with 1 extra person, Van and Nikki running the appetizers station together blazed through appetizers with Van taking the pastas and Nikki the risottos with Ramsay saying this was the quickest start so far. Santos did initially start well with scallops but he struggled to keep up with Van and Nikki and served raw lobster with Ramsay asking furiously how Santos can’t keep up when his food takes nowhere near as long. The red team did finish appetizers well and after a strong start from Tara initially on the meat station with steaks she ended up behind on duck and served an overcooked duck breast. Elizabeth on garnish was also struggling to keep up and started dragging on the next tickets with Ramsay telling her to get organised after asking for Nikki’s help. Nikki said she was going to do her best to win service for the team and came over to help Tara who stopped communicating but Elizbabeth then served cold and greasy spinach with Ramsay reminding her that her job is to “reheat things” and this saw Santos start to get behind on turbot and salmon orders, and after getting his proteins out, Ramsay asked him where the turbot sauce was. Santos brought the sauce up but it was stone cold and Santos wondered how the hell he brought cold sauce up. On the last tickets the communication had completely broken down between Elizabeth, Santos and Tara which saw Santos serve overcooked turbot and Tara raw duck, and Van had noticed that the blue team were finishing off desserts which meant the red team had obviously lost. They finally finished service 5 tickets behind and Ramsay said to get thinking hard for 2 Chefs going up for elimination.
Van quickly took over and said that Santos and Tara had to go up for not being able to cook proteins but Tara fought back saying she didn’t need help on her station which Elizabeth did while Santos can’t even heat up sauce but Santos blamed the other 2 for getting behind in the first place and said he was rushing. Nikki said that Elizabeth had the worst service so was going up and Elizabeth said they have to think about overall to which Nikki said she was still going up! The red team did decide that Santos was the 1st nominee but were tied on Elizabeth and Tara so sheepishly told Ramsay that they weren’t decided on a 2nd nominee. A livid Ramsay demanded that all 3 of them step up and after Elizabeth and Tara admitted their mistakes and promised to fight back, Santos seemed to downplay how bad his service was and Ramsay told SANTOS to leave Hells Kitchen but commended him on his effort. Kanae said she was delighted to fight back after her bad service last night and that she would be getting a black jacket this season and Van said he’d have rather Tara went but it didn’t matter as everyone was gonna lose to the country boy in the end.
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2023.06.07 09:47 daltonmojica #NoToAPIPhaseout: r/Batangas will go dark on June 12th in protest of new Reddit API changes

TL;DR: Batangas will be participating in site-wide protests against Reddit's new API policy changes. These new API policy changes will affect moderators and casual users usage of third-party tools and applications. Batangas will be private on June 12th for at least 48 hours
Hello Batangas,
As you may have already known the news, Reddit has announced some changes to their API that will affect developers, moderators, and users alike.
So what's an API?
API stands for Application Programming Interface, a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. Think of it as a relay between a site and an app, where an app might request something from a site and said site will provide what an app needs.
What's new with Reddit's API then?
Reddit announced some changes with their API usage, that will be implemented on July 1st:
  1. New rate limits for free access.
  2. New Enterprise tier for large-scale usage (previously, Reddit API usage was free of charge).
  3. New way of accessing data for academic and research purposes (previously, this was done using PushShift, a third-party tool that uses Reddit API to gather data).
  4. Limiting access to sexually-explicit content for large-scale applications.
What's with the third-party apps, why do they exist, and why are they affected with the upcoming API changes?
Third-party Reddit applications (such as Apollo, BaconReader, Boost, Infinity, reddit is fun, Slide, Sync, and many more) provide alternative ways to browse Reddit with additional features, quality of life improvements, and tools that are not available in official Reddit apps. They exist because Reddit doesn't have its own official app for a long time, and the only way to browse Reddit back then was through mobile browsers or third-party apps.
Related thread: Reddit Mobile Apps (Dated 7th April 2016)
With the recent API changes, Reddit will charge exorbitant fees to third-party developers to access their API through the Enterprise Tier. Christian Selig, developer of Apollo (a third-party Reddit app for iOS) will have to pay 20 million US Dollars per year with Reddit's planned pricing. Other developers such as Laurence Dawson of Sync for Reddit are also disappointed with the upcoming fees and how limiting the API is:
No NSFW, no [native] image upload, no chats/polls. No way to monitor [API] usage.
So how these changes affect casual users?
If you are a casual user that uses the official app, you might not see the upcoming changes at first. However, moderators of your favorite subreddits will have to deal with additional workload as the new API changes will disrupt their existing methods of moderating. This may result in more spam and bots in subreddits you browse. Also, the official Reddit app has limited accessibility features so people with disabilities have to rely on third-party apps in order to browse Reddit.
What will Batangas do?
Batangas is supportive for all the affected developers, moderators, and users of the upcoming API changes. With that said, we will be participating in the site-wide protests on June 12th by making the subreddit private.
We apologize for any inconveniences that may affect our users, but it is a small price to pay for the greater good of all. As part of the Reddit community, we hope that this move will make Reddit reconsider their course and have a more reasonable approach with its long-standing developers, moderators, and users that helped shaped their company.
Thank you for understanding,
Batangas moderation team
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2023.06.07 09:46 AIsignalpro AI support technology

  1. Predictive Analytics: AI technologies can analyze large datasets and use predictive analytics to anticipate user needs and provide proactive support. For example, an AI system can predict potential issues based on historical data and offer solutions or recommendations before a problem arises.
  2. Voice Assistants: Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri use AI algorithms to understand and respond to voice commands. They can perform tasks, answer questions, and provide information based on voice inputs.
  3. Knowledge Management Systems: AI-powered knowledge management systems store and organize vast amounts of information and make it easily accessible to users. These systems can use AI algorithms to categorize and tag content, recommend relevant resources, and assist users in finding the information they need.
  4. Sentiment Analysis: AI support technology can analyze customer feedback, social media posts, and online reviews to gauge sentiment and identify areas of concern. This information can help businesses address customer issues, improve their products or services, and enhance customer satisfaction.
AI support technology is continuously evolving and becoming more sophisticated, enabling businesses to provide efficient and personalized assistance to their customers while reducing the burden on human support agents.
Gitbook : https://aisignalpro.gitbook.io/aisignalpro-whitepape
Twitter : https://twitter.com/AIsignalpro
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/AIsignalpro/
Discord : https://discord.gg/F2r8XBXG
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2023.06.07 09:46 Krezahh The Cultists Report (Seeking advice for improvement.)

I am a cultist, a heretic, a pagan. Whatever noun you prefer to call me is what I am.. or was. I write this in the luxury of my own home, still afraid of any peering eyes that may lurk but it is imperative that I write down my experience so that other poor mortals wouldn't dare do the same.
In the holy scripts that Apotheosis wrote, it is said many times to not invoke the holy spirits for they lose control of their body and are possessed by devils in the middle of transference. Heretics took advantage of this line and have formed many different cultic sects, I was only in one of the many.
We set up the demonic ring as any other, a wheel of commandments and many sacrifices. Orst required a hundred sacrifices of different species to be placed in the five rings and a supply of mana in the sixth.
It was when It was summoned was when it becoming horrifying. A green beam emerged on his entrance and I quickly felt the area shift in his command. All of the dead bodies moved towards the center, puppeteered by the mana in the center ring, the bodies transformed into something larger.. but together. It became an amalgamation of different animals, a body that was enshrouded by giant dark feathers with incompatible wings. It's animated tail was reptilian and hissed. And the deadly features were it's large antlers that branched in many directions, it's sharp teeth and paws that shared resemblances to that of a bear's.
"FOOD" It muttered, while grabbing the prime cultist. Orst ripped his head off almost as if it hadn't adjusted to it's strength quite yet, and then galloped towards us and I felt the ground tremble below me. The rest were caught as I used my chance to escape, but I noticed that a small innocent rabbit crossed Orst, while it sensed the rabbit, he simply let the creature go, even though the blood was still dripping down his antlers.
I saw that it made its way in the opposite direction and my curious mind followed him. It crossed a variety of different animals and paid no mind to any of them but then the devil saw a wolf whose teeth were stained with blood. Without a passing moment, it charged the wolf and killed the poor beast in one bite as if it wasn't an apex predator that evolved to hunt.
I only realized then that It killed anything with blood on their hands at sight.
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