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Applitrack-Addressing when to contact my present employer and making it clear I do not want to teach something I completed a program for

2022.04.16 00:47 TheImpossibleWhovian Applitrack-Addressing when to contact my present employer and making it clear I do not want to teach something I completed a program for

I teach in NJ and the majority of the districts here use Applitrack. I have two questions on how to address different things:
1) I have not told my school I want to leave. I have also been "recommended for renewal" for next year. I am not planning on resigning unless I receive a job offer before the end of the school year, even though that comes with its own issues of having to give 60 days notice if I'm under contract and my school potentially holding me to that when September starts because we're short-staffed, because my family relies on my insurance and at least I'm guaranteed a position for next year if I can't land somewhere better. I obviously said no to the "can we contact this employer?" question but now I'm at the disclosures page, which asks when they can contact my present employer. I don't want to list a specific date just in case and was thinking of putting something like "Contingent on offer". Is that okay to put, or is there something else that would sound better and still give the impression that they cannot contact that employer whatsoever?
2) In 2019, I started a graduate endorsement program for Teacher of Students with Disabilities because I was hired to teach special education English but was only certified in English. I did complete the graduate endorsement program and applied for my CE and later my Provisional certificate in ToSD. I decided after that first year, though, that I no longer wanted to teach special education for a variety of reasons, at least not in my current district, and I let my provisional expire. I am not longer certified in ToSD. There's an "Other Information" text box on Applitrack and I'm thinking of specifying that I did complete the program but I do not have a certification in it, but I also don't want to make it sound like I'm open to applying for the certificate again. I don't want schools to see that on my education history and my teaching certificate and then only want to interview me for special education positions. I did apply and interview in other districts when I was trying to leave special education, before getting accepted for an internal transfer to a general education Language Arts position, and so many districts only wanted to interview me for special education, despite my application being for gen. ed. positions only. Is there a polite and professional way I can make it clear that I am not interested in teaching special education? Maybe something like "I did complete a graduate endorsement program for ToSD, but I have decided not to become certified in it." Does that send the message I want it to send?no
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2022.04.11 05:26 TheImpossibleWhovian Writing a cover letter questions

I'm applying to other schools for next year in the hopes that I can get out of the district I'm working in currently (I'm a 4th year teacher with experience only in this district). I've got my resume updated, letters of recommendation from three coworkers, a reference from a teacher friend that I know who works in one of the districts that I'm applying to, and now I'm working on my cover letter. But it's been 4 years since I've had to write one and I'm struggling to put it together. I'm hoping someone can help with the few issues I'm having:
There's one district where they have an opening at both the high school and middle school level. There's also one district with 2 middle schools and both middle schools are hiring. Teaching in NJ, most schools use a platform (Applitrack) where you can apply to multiple positions at one time so I'd be uploading only one cover letter. Is it okay to say that I'm interested in both positions (high school and middle school in the one district, both middle schools in the other) in the same cover letter?
When applying to multiple districts, how much of the cover letter can remain the same? I know each cover letter should be altered to an extent to reflect the values/mission/etc. of the district. But what extent of a cover letter can remain the same, to save time on rewriting it for every single application?
How many paragraphs do you include in a cover letter, and what do you focus on in each one? My old cover letter had a very short 1st paragraph stating what job I was applying to and a brief statement about why, a 2nd paragraph discussing my experiences, a 3rd paragraph discussing the district-specific stuff, and a very short 4th paragraph doing the whole thank you for considering me and please feel free to contact me thing. I always felt like it was a slightly lengthy cover letter, though. Do I need that much, or could I shorten it to 3?
Any other tips or advice on cover letters is appreciated.
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2021.03.19 13:47 averagelady999 School jobs in Pennsylvania (in/near Philly)

I am looking to apply for schools job in Philly or near Philly (NJ/penn). I’m really trying to avoid contracting companies, but on all of the normal job search engines (indeed) they are every where. Does anybody have any recommendations on where to apply for the actual districts in Pennsylvania? Like Nj has a website called njschool jobs or applying through applitrack. Thanks!!
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2020.05.11 00:46 ellaellaayay Video interviews (Zoom, Google Meet)

Hi there! I have some interviews this week for potential teaching opportunities (NJ), all of which will be conducted virtually. I was wondering if anyone has some tips/advice to offer... being that it is virtual, should I prepare materials for the interview? Each school already has my resume, cover letter, certs, letters of rec, and so forth via applitrack.
Also, how many rounds of interviews are usually conducted for each position? For reference, the positions I applied for are early childhood, elementary, and middle school special education.

Thanks so much!
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2019.05.29 15:11 jadednightingale2308 Do I send a follow up application email?

I am a first year English teacher this year who is trying to leave my school district in NJ. My hometown, where I still currently live, is hiring for a high school English teacher for next year. I worked as a TA in the district at the middle school in town last year as well. I don't personally know the principal at the high school because the principal who was there when I attended passed away and I've only met the principal who replaced him in passing at a PD at the end of the year last school year. In NJ, most school districts use Applitrack, but this is a small town who posts their open positions on their site and you email the secretary to apply. I applied a couple weeks ago and, from my experience in the district last year, they will be trying to hire before the end of the year (as that's what happened with any positions they had for the high school last year). I would really love to work in my town and think I could have a good shot at this job, but I'm starting to get anxious that they haven't started looking yet. Normally, with Applitrack, I go on and resubmit my application every couple of weeks if the position is still posted. But with an email application, I wasn't sure if I should send my documents again or send a follow up email, or if that would seem annoying.
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2019.05.10 13:30 n8mini Econ Position in Central NJ

Hi /teachers. I'm posting this to try to help out a friend who's looking someone to replace her in teaching AP Microeconomics.
If anyone is interested, there is an opening for an economics/history teacher in West-Windsor Plainsboro school district in NJ. The job is primarily for AP Microeconomics, which has been very hard to fill.
If you're interested, Google the district and Applitrack, you'll find the posting.
Sorry if this violates any rules. I'm not a supervisor or administrator, just another teacher in the district trying to help a friend. Message me if you have any questions about the district.
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2018.06.14 06:15 accountthrowitaway19 Job Seeker in NJ question about the new "Pass the Trash" Law

Hey everyone, this is a throwaway because I post on here every once in a while and I'd rather keep this question more private.
I'm a Teacher looking for work in NJ. Recently I've started to see questions on Applitrack Applications that has me confused and a little worried. It is about the new law that states schools must get the employment history of every person they decide to offer a job to make sure that person hasn't been the subject of any child abuse or sexual misconduct investigations.
Two years ago I was working as a teacher at a Catholic School when I got a call to meet with the Principal. He told me there was a rumor that a student in my class saw an adult image on my laptop during class. He told me he didn't believe the rumor but he had to verify it was untrue by looking at my laptop's browsing history. He asked permission because it was my own computer that I would bring into work to plan and grade on my preps because they didn't provide computers to the teachers.
I showed him the laptop and he scrolled through my entire history. He saw what was obviously a porn site in my history and completely flipped out. I did not go on this site at school or have any adult images on my laptop during school. I was an idiot for not clearing my history. His argument was that just having it in the history means I essentially brought porn into school with me.
He told me I needed to resign or he would fire me on the spot. It was a Friday so he told me to leave school immediately and give him my letter of resignation on Monday. On Monday I met with him and our union reps and resigned. The union tried to get the school to extend my healthcare to the end of the calendar year but they refused.
I walked out and moved back home. I got a job as an Aide at my old Middle School and I've been trying to become a full time teacher again since then. I've kept why I left that school to myself on the interviews I've gone to since then because no one asked me why I left.
In the bill, sexual misconduct is defined as: any verbal, nonverbal, written, or electronic communication, or any other act directed toward or with a student that is designed to establish a sexual relationship with the student, including a sexual invitation, dating or soliciting a date, engaging in sexual dialogue, making sexually suggestive comments, self-disclosure or physical exposure of a sexual or erotic nature, and any other sexual, indecent or erotic contact with a student.
If I answer "No" to being investigated for Sexual Misconduct, will I be lying? Should I contact my old school and ask about what they would say in the event they are contacted by a prospective employer? Should I speak to a lawyer who specializes in education?
I understand you may have no sympathy for me and that this may be a stupid question, but I love teaching and I think it's my true calling. I'm just tearing my hair out with worry.
TLDR: At my old school my Principal saw the browsing history of my personal laptop and saw a porn site. This search was not during school and I never had any adult images on my laptop during school. I resigned and I back to job searching. Will I be lying if i answer "No" to being investigated for sexual misconduct as defined by the "Pass the Trash" law?
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2018.05.27 22:16 jadednightingale2308 Is there anything I can do after applying to increase my chances of hire?

I graduated last May (2017) and wasn't able to find a full time job over the Summer (English teacher). Did a maternity leave position for a few months in the beginning of the school year and then have been a 4th grade TA in the middle school in the town I live in and graduated from. Last year I didn't start applying to schools until the very end of the school year because I was student teaching and was overwhelmed so this year I started applying a few weeks ago. The school I'm working at now as a TA has two English positions open for next year. They don't have Applitrack (I live in NJ) so the application is emailed in to the Superintendent's assistant, and I've been applying to other schools with openings through Applitrack. I haven't heard back from any and I am re-sending in applications through Applitrack this week because I heard it's best to renew the application every few weeks to keep yourself at the top of the list, and plus I'm getting some letters of recommendation from some of my coworkers this week, and I plan on sending another email for the school I'm working at now that I'll have those letters.
But I'm wondering if there is anything I can do between applying and going to potential interviews (haven't gotten any calls yet but I'm sure I'll start hearing back once the school year comes to a close, what with finals and PARCC testing that just ended and all the end of the year stuff that they have to deal with) that may increase my chances. I do plan on thoroughly researching all the schools I'm applying to so I can go into the interviews prepared, and I wrote down answers to some of the interview questions I struggled with last year (like questions about classroom management) so I could rehearse some of those answers and hopefully struggle less with them in interviews this year. But is there anything else I could do? Like should I email principals or call the schools or something, or would that seem like more of a nuisance than actually help me get a job? I'm getting stressed out about it already so I'm hoping that there's something that will make me feel more productive and better about my chances as a new teacher while I wait for interviews.
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2017.06.19 15:57 NNJTeacher NNJ Teacher here - need advice

I am a teacher with a multi-year teaching experience in a private elementary school. I'm also NJ certified in K-6. My goal is to apply to a public school district, main reason being my current salary is really low. I'm also a top-performing teacher.
Now to my questions. Is there any preferred way to fill out Applitrack questionnaire? Do the recruiters actually read all the responses? Does it help to select multiple positions even if they’re not vacant? Is there anything else I can do to improve my chances of getting hired given current competition and applicants connected to the district?
I would be really thankful for any tips this community can provide, and I’m sure others will benefit as well. Thank you and have a great summer.
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2014.03.09 22:49 midsummerxnight Has anyone ever had success with Applitrack/Other Online Job Applications?

I am currently starting to look for new teaching jobs and I am, again, faced with Applitrack applications. I'm not sure if other states utilize this tool, but many NJ schools do. I've never heard of a single friend who has gotten an interview based on an applitrack form, and I myself have only been called for applications which were paper or e-mail based.
I am wondering if anyone had tips or tricks regarding this process.
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2012.06.09 04:25 brodeurgirl526 Teachers of Reddit! How did you get your first job?

I recently was dual-certified in Social Studies and ESL (both CEAS) and I've been applying for jobs for months, with no luck so far. I'm in NJ, so districts are a bit harder to get into- how did you get your jobs? How did you get through the waiting time? Do you have any suggestions now that applying is done more and more through Applitrack and not in person?
EDIT: The CEAS is part of a MAT program, which, supposedly, "should have made getting a job easier". Sigh. I also have a previous MA in History, not sure if that makes it better or worse!
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