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2023.06.03 14:30 Seahorse_12 I (M30) took part in a paid study at my local university that studied the affects of different diets on abdominal weight gain. I’ve put on nearly 115 pounds in 1.5 years. The money was worth it, but wondering if they took it too far. Having some regrets.

HERE are some pictures and videos taken by me or others over the course of the last year and a half.
My local university was conducting a medical study on the affects of different diets on weight gain. I signed up and was chosen and the potential money to be made was very appealing. The first two months of the study involved simply eating at a calorie surplus on a premade diet to see how it affected my body’s weight gain. After taking measurements after these initial two months, if my body’s measurements represented any kind of high percentile outlier, I would be selected to potentially continue for the entire 1.5 year study focused on a particular area of the body. Of all of the participants, my abdominal girth was at the highest percentile ratio of girth compared to weight/height, so they selected me to participate focusing on abdominal weight gain and to see how severe it could be.
They paid me about $3,000 a month and had all of my food paid for as I followed a specific premade diet plan that changed every 2 or 3 months to study the affects these specific diets had. Some were dairy heavy, carb heavy, specific types of meats only, mixing in alcohol consumption, specific supplements, etc. I’m incredibly busy in my life with work right now and having a free premade meal plan plus so much extra cash was too good to pass up. So I decided to continue for the entire 1.5 year study.
Fast forward to now, having finished the entire trial, I am starting to have some serious regrets. I’ve put on nearly 115 pounds since last January and I never expected the results to have me looking like this. Honestly, I think even the researchers themselves were really shocked by my result. My ratio of abdominal girth to height/weight is at the highest percentile of the study, their entire student body, and anyone who has participated in the study before. I gained most all of the weight in my torso, which they are severely attributing to genetics and simply the effectiveness of the tailored diets they had me following.
I obviously look ridiculous now. I haven’t even been able to keep up with buying a new professional wardrobe for work (as you can tell my the pictures and videos linked). I was gaining an average of 7 pounds a month, some months being just 3 pounds and some being an entire 15 pounds in a month. So many things are difficult… I break a sweat going up one flight of stairs, I can hardly put my shoes or socks on, fitting into restaurant booths is nearly impossible, getting in and out of my car or off the couch takes preparation. People stare at me in stores or on the street. I had a homeless guy ask me “Jesus Christ, what the fuck? Are you pregnant, dude?” once. My coworkers are polite but make comments here and there.
I haven’t seen my family since early in the study when the weight gain wasn’t very noticeable. I’m seeing them in 2 weeks for a reunion, and I cannot even imagine what they are going to say. I didn’t tell them I took part in this because I knew they wouldn’t approve, but now I wish I had because how am I going to prepare them or explain to them why I look like this now and how it happened so fast. I’m worried to fit on the plane on the way there and having to travel. I’m so nervous to see them. And honestly would like any genuine opinions of whether or not I’m blowing this out of proportion or if they are genuinely going to be shocked. Maybe I can hide it better if I find the right clothing.
I really regret doing this now for the most part and hope I’m able to start reversing it as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me vent. Happy to also answer any questions on what I learned nutritionally and what the different diets did and how they affected me too.
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2023.06.03 14:29 CemalEnsen What is wrong with me? Any suggestions?

İ have nearly 40k trophies and all my brawlers beyond 500 trophies at least. So recently I was playing with Sprout. It was around 600 trophies but i lost nearly all mu matches even against the bots and now it has Luke 520 trophies. What happened to me xD I was good before today but today no matter which game mode or map I am so bad Any suggestions? İ would appreciate
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2023.06.03 14:29 benjuly91 Nelnet refund delay - COVID forbearance payments under CARES Act

The goal of this post is to share experiences related to receiving student loan payment refunds from Nelnet. I am hoping it will help others in my situation.
I originally made eight student loan payments totaling $13K throughout 2020 and 2021 to MyFedLoan. My remaining loan balances were transferred to Nelnet in early 2022.
In August 2022, I requested from Nelnet to refund the eight student loan payments, largely due to potential loan forgiveness under President Biden’s proposal but also because my state provides a state income tax credit for loan payments.
There was nearly no activity on my account until nine months later in April 2023, half ($6K) of my requested loans were reinstated on my Nelnet account and department of education account. Since the reinstatement 30 days ago, I haven’t seen any refund checks or additional reinstated loans.
The entire process has been a complete nightmare. I am concerned about the student loan payment pause ending and my case still being unresolved. I have contacted Nelnet numerous times, unfortunately there is nothing they can do. I’ve also contacted the DOE/FAFSA and the treasury, no one is able to help me or give me any information on my account.
If anyone is going through a similar situation or has any information/contacts, I appreciate any help. Thank you and good luck with your pending refunds.
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2023.06.03 14:28 Rid2cool Can I still make a police report with regards to a vehicle accident?

TL;DR below Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I got into an accident recently. I was in a 3-way intersection that had stop signs all around. I stopped, performed my visual checks, and then proceeded to turn into the street. The offending party ran their stop sign, hitting my vehicle. The offending party was coming in at a high rate of speed (twice the speed limit). In addition, the offending party was nowhere near the intersection when I was performing my visual checks. Seconds prior to being hit I stopped my vehicle and began to sound my horn. The reason I came at a complete stop because had I gone forward a bit more I'd get hit in the driver's side of the door (the impact was on my front bumper). As verified by my mechanic, there are tons of damages such as driver side shocks, tire rods, bumper, below bumper covers, etc. However, my front bumper (place of impact) looks barely damaged. Turning my steering wheel produces a large rubbery squeaking noise, almost as if I'm captaining a ship.
In this case, would I be covered by one-way insurance in the province of Quebec? From my understanding Quebec is a no-fault state. But I'm not sure how I'd fair out in this regard. Any advice would help me.
Also, what are my options legally? I exchanged information with the offending party. However, I never reported to the police since my broker (called insurance broker minutes after accident) told me the police would only come if the offending party was unruly, unwilling to cooperate (such as no exchange info), and getting violent. Offending party was none of that except a bit rude in the exchange of words (elderly fellow). As such, do I still have the ability to make a police report? The entire event was captured by my dashcam. Therefore, I'm not really worried about having my facts corroborated by anyone. I would also like to note that I have never once mentioned to the offending party of my having a dashcam. Offending party would not be willing to accept blame whatsoever and was saying it was up to insurance.
I would also like to share the video but I'm not sure if I should since I made a claim with my insurance recently.
Questions: - Can I still make a police report with the video evidence in mind?
TL;DR Got into an accident recently. I was at 3-way intersection with stop signs all around. After stopping and performing my visual checks, I proceeded to enter the intersection and turn. In the process of turning is when the offending party was speeding with no intention of slowing down. I was hit. We exchanged info and left. Police report was never filed at the scene. Offending party wasn't willing to accept fault whatsoever and reiterated how it's up to our insurances to assign fault. There is video evidence (dashcam video) available with me to corroborate the facts. Therefore, I'm not worried about gathering witnesses.
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2023.06.03 14:28 sexywitchxoxo "Need Advice on How to best Handle an Emotionally Difficult Family Situation"

It’s difficult for me to talk to anyone about this, let alone ask the internet, but I’ve hit a roadblock.
I’m in an emotionally difficult situation with my family and I just don’t know what to do. I feel so helpless and stuck and I’m hoping to get advice on how to best handle this.
My father has been abusing my mother for the past 10 years. Recently, it’s gotten to a point where I feel like it’s my responsibility to step in and do something. But I have no idea how to handle it.
My mother won’t leave him because she is afraid of what he would do to our family. He has a volatile temper and it is scary to be anywhere near him. I just can’t stand to see my mother in this situation, yet I’m not sure what I can do to make it better.
I love my father, but his behavior is unacceptable and it’s making life unbearable for our family. I’m desperately seeking advice from those who may have gone through a similar situation. I could really use any advice anyone can offer on how to best handle this emotionally difficult family situation.
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2023.06.03 14:28 Londoner_85 [05/06/23] Hammersmith Hang Out

Looking to spend an evening a week chatting with friendly redditors? Hammersmith Hang Out is for you.
So what happens at this meetup?
Each week this meet up is held in a pub - we all sit around a table and generally chat about anything we can think of.. that's pretty much all there is to it! There are usually a few who will get dinner from the Thai restaurant at the pub. We get people aged from 18 to in their 60s, but the majority are 24-40. You can turn up at any time, people usually start leaving between 9 and closing, there are nearly always plenty left at closing time (last orders - 11). Currently we are averaging 15-25 people turning up.
Do you talk about reddit and memes all evening?
No! reddit is hardly ever mentioned, there are no laptops in sight and we've had plenty of people who have not used reddit.
Can I come along?
Of course - that is why it is posted on LSC each week, the meet up is very newbie friendly - we have people new to LSC join us regularly. If you're very very shy don't hesitate to message/text/call me ahead of the pub and let me know, I'll do what I can to get you chatting away with everyone as if you've been every week.
What if I don't want alcohol?
No problem! The pub also serves various soft drinks, fruit juices, tea, coffee and water. We have non-drinkers often.
Since after the above people still asked...
I'm ********* is it OK if I come along?
We have had men, women, transgender, British, foreign (even a northerner or two), gay, straight, drinkers, non-drinkers, smokers, non-smokers, religious and non-religious
In fact, the only people who wouldn't be welcome are those under 18 or anyone who is not able to conduct themselves appropriately in an adult social situation.
Initial meetup.
Location/Time: Latymers, W6 8BS / People often start turning up from 19:00ish but can be as early as 18:30. I'll get there for 19:00-19.30.
Pic here to force the preview image
Our tables are reserved, we start on the circular tables close to the entrance and we might spill over onto the table(s) nearby.
The first table will either be outside or at the front to the right of the door. (also, there will be Reddit on the reserved signs And hopefully Snoo)
There's a (usually quiet) optional Whatsapp group for the meetup - message me via chat for an invite link. (whatsapp group is pretty much only me posting this link each week and trying to get people to actually respond.. So no benefit of being in it if you're not showing up).
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2023.06.03 14:27 Background_World_644 Doflamingo v Crocodile

out of the former warlords, who do you think wins in a 1v1?
Doflamingo: the goat, a pirate that rose from that very day that the pirate era began, through his blood and heritage holding the world government hostage, being the main man in the underworld having everything at the disposal of his finger tips, having Kaido by his side, all this while ruling Dressrosa for ages with the power of his df and pirate group, born a celestial dragon, Joker is one of the very few that can use all three types of haki, a very strong, resourceful fighter, in Dressrosa he lost to Luffy and Law, but to me he was certainly the strongest individual in the island, as much as Luffy dealt the final blow, without help idk he he wins, Doffy ripped Law apart, literally, took a hit from Sanji that left Sanji saying if they were to clash again Doffy would break the bones on his leg with an attack or two, Doffy I think is the first or one of the first awakened df users, and this shows in how enhanced his df power and strength was, the fact no one could break free from his cage, and Doffy had this out while going blow for blow with gear 3 and 4 Luffy I think is crazy, Doflamingo is a Luffy victim which will always make people rank him lower than more recent characters, but that shouldn't be the case, I think there's very few characters that can dispatch opponent with their df like Doffy can, and if that doesn't work he can go blow for blow with his (intermediate) armament and conquerors haki coating, he managed to break free from Kuzans ice for god sake, how many you think can shatter that ice from within, his very chore physical capabilities are out of this world, could easily break Sanjis leg with two blows for strength, faster than Luffy in gear two and fast enough to dodge gear 3, deal some of the strongest strikes we have seen on Luffy until Kaido clashes, Doffys cage was able to contain Zoro and Fujitora, Fufitoras meteor just being sliced by the cage strings lets note, incredible durability and intelligence, so one of the strongest most gifted physical fighters we have seen, with all three types of haki and a great df that he's awakened, the goat Joker.
Crocodile: dispatched early in the series, now again relevant being a major part of the Cross Guild, our sand man, introduced early in the story when haki wasn't explained yet, a time where logia fruits seen superior, unbeatable, Croco boi was the first antagonist that beat Luffy, leaving him for dead, if it wasn't for Robin the story could have needed right there in Alabasta, now further in the story Crocodile has co-founded an organisation with a yonko in it, and Croco boi now can brag of a bounty of nearly 2 billion berries, in terms of his kit it's simple a logia fruit that makes him a sand man, can eliminate fodder by draining them simply by touching them, Crocodile was stated that he had haki but this was no longer the case as he had "lost his will" his ambition, now looking at the part in the story we are in, some speculate that his again desiring and has ambitions and would most likely be able to use haki, I'm not one to automatically grant haki so I can't say yes he has haki, maybe he do maybe he don't, most likely he don't, a fighter that is very reliant on his df, but a very strong fruit so it's ok, good kit, strong man, considering he's now relevant again and put side by side with Mihawk he could actually be very strong but I'm not so convinced.
Let's be honest put the Cross Guild hype to the side, the heavenly demon is the goat and slaps Croco boi with a conquerors haki infused kick.
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2023.06.03 14:27 Wlgwalker Any way to stop specific biomes from generating?

I found a really cool mod that hits all the points I'm going for with my 1.19.2 modpack called IterRPG. However it has one biome in it that's just horrible to see. It doesn't look good at all to me, the wood trees are unique but not nearly the same style as everything else, the grass is a weird lime green and just isn't fun to be anywhere near.
I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how I can prevent this biome type from spawning.
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2023.06.03 14:25 nnnnnnnbbbbbb Success Story!

I have 4 dogs. One is reactive to people he doesn’t know (as in tries to nip and growls). One is mildly reactive to dogs while he is on a leash (barking and lunging, not in an aggressive way, but still not great either.)
My dog who is reactive to people he doesn’t know, grew up in a cage his whole life. I adopted him at 7 years old and he was just terrified of the world around him. He would bite peoples pants leg or just generally growl at anyone who came near him. I have been introducing him to people and making sure to watch his triggers and he seems way happier. He hasn’t growled at anyone in almost two weeks. I just feel like he doesn’t have the fear that a person is going to hurt him. He now enjoys seeing my friends when they come over and even goes to sit near them. I still watch him closely and anyone who comes to my house knows about his issues and what to watch out for, but it feels good that he doesn’t cower away in his cage and is happy to get treats from my friends and family.
My other dog, I have had for 5 years. Got him as a puppy. I lived in a really remote area so didn’t really get to socialize him when he was a puppy. I started to notice that he would bark and lunge when he saw other dogs. It seemed like it genuinely stressed him out. We moved to a bigger house in a suburb area with a large yard. My dog are able to run free and have plenty of space to run and play. We also have play dates with other dogs (he is only reactive when on a leash). I stopped walking him because he seemed stressed and constantly on alert. Yesterday, I just felt like maybe he wanted a walk so we went for a walk. We encountered so many dogs and he just sat and ignored them. He remembered the training I gave him even after a year of not using it. When he pooped and I went to scoop it, he sat next to me and waited patiently. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dog coming so I tried to hurry and braved myself for the worst. He saw the other dog, looked back at me and continued waiting. I was absolutely floored! No barking or lunging. It was amazing.
I don’t know why I am posting this but it feels good knowing that my dogs aren’t feeling that constant anxiety anymore.
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2023.06.03 14:24 ArtFlorentyna Understanding how our own emotions work will also help us deal with our children's emotions when they arise.

I am going to share another article here, because truly understanding this concept has been a huge life saver and help for me in everything that I do, and especially in helping my kids when their emotions arise:
Growing up in a narcissistic family environment can make it challenging for survivors to disconnect from a constant state of defense and reactivity. Learning to understand and control one’s emotions may feel like a whole new mountain to climb.
Your upbringing may have made it difficult for you to recognize and express your feelings, as well as to calm yourself down when you’re feeling upset. The inability to process your emotions can also leave you feeling confused, frustrated, and like you lack control over your actions.
It’s possible that you are still operating under survival mode.
However, there is a way to understand and make sense of your feelings. By learning about how your emotions are processed, how triggers work, and how feelings work, you can regain control over your reactions and regain a sense of balance.


Emotions are a natural and normal part of being human. They provide valuable information about what is good, what is bad and what is dangerous. They are designed to alert us to immediate dangers or rewards and are a primitive instinct that exists within us for the purpose of our survival. Emotions manifest physically, and can be detected or measured. For example, when you experience an emotion, you may get a high heartbeat, you may sweat, your blood pressure will rise, and you may shake.
Feeling fear when encountering a pack of wolves while taking a walk alone in the forest is useful. In this example, fear alerts us to an immediate danger. Fear makes sense and is doing what it’s supposed to do.
Feeling disgust when being forced to interact with a person who is the source of your pain and trauma also makes sense. Disgust is essentially telling you: Toxic person alert. Do not go near. Your body is giving you a warning.

Dr. Paul Ekman’s Model of Universal Emotions

There are six basic emotions that are universally recognized across cultures: anger, fear, joy, contempt, disgust, and sadness.

The 6 Universal Emotions


This emotion is characterized by feelings of frustration, irritability, and aggression. It may be triggered by a perceived threat, injustice, or when you are blocked from doing something. The associated behavior may include assertiveness, confrontation, and the desire to take action.


This emotion is characterized by feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and apprehension. It may be triggered by a perceived danger or threat, and the associated behavior may include fleeing, hiding, or freezing.


This emotion is characterized by feelings of happiness, contentment, and pleasure. It may be triggered by positive experiences or events, and the associated behavior may include smiling, laughing, and expressing excitement.


This emotion is characterized by disdain, superiority, and disgust. It may be triggered by behaviors or actions that are perceived as beneath one’s own standards, and the associated behavior may include eye-rolling, sneering, and a dismissive attitude.


This emotion is characterized by feelings of revulsion, distaste, and abhorrence. It may be triggered by something that is perceived as dirty, vile, or dangerous, and the associated behavior may include wrinkling the nose, gagging, and avoiding contact.


This emotion is characterized by feelings of sorrow, disappointment, and despair. It may be triggered by loss, rejection, or disappointment, and the associated behavior may include crying, withdrawing, and seeking comfort.

We Can’t Not Feel Emotions. That Is Not Possible. We Must Learn to Work with Them.

Emotions can be powerful and can drive us to act impulsively. Because of this, they can also hinder our ability to focus on long-term solutions that require careful processing and consideration of various sources of information. For example, you may feel angry at a boss for giving you extra work on a Friday afternoon, but if you act on that emotion and express your anger in the heat of the moment, it could lead to negative consequences such as getting fired for disrespecting an authority figure. In this case, it may be better to let the emotion pass and instead work on a long-term plan, such as finding a better job or organizing a meeting to address the issues.
Furthermore, it is possible that after gathering all the facts, you may have found out that the boss’s wife was in the hospital, and out of all the employees, the big boss trusted you the most to get the job done. While your anger zoomed in on your inability to leave work at a decent time on Friday night, it did not have all the information needed to see the situation as a whole. Acting on your anger would not only have cost you your job, but also would have damaged your professional reputation.
In the heat of the moment, our emotions may not allow us to see that there are other ways of solving problems or that there are other factors unknown to us at play. It is important for us to learn to control our impulses and ask questions first in order to gain full clarity of a situation. We are always responsible for our actions, and our actions always have consequences as they affect the world around us. Clear communication is crucial, and it is always our responsibility to try and understand what it is that we are dealing with before choosing how we will react to it.
Think of emotions as if they were like little storms inside our head that can make it hard to think straight.
You may find yourself in many situations where you must allow for these little storm to pass before taking an action, so that you may see the bigger picture under a clear blue sky.
Our emotions can also misinterpret a situation, such as feeling fear when watching a horror movie or being happy around someone who is not good for us. We can feel fear even though we are physically safe in a movie theater. We can feel joy when we receive a text from a person who has ghosted us for a week. (This article is long, continue reading here if you are interested:
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2023.06.03 14:24 SnooEpiphanies1003 idk what to think or do?

Idk what to think, or do?
It is currently 6:15 in the morning for me, I have not slept because this is really bothering me and idk what to do. So last night I told my girlfriend i was going to workout and she said she was as well, so yk i do my workout and i don’t text her, so i finish then i hop on my game and i play with my friend. So we’re playing and still i have no reply from her, so from time to time i would check to see if she read it or if i’m on delivered, mind you we both worked out late, i worked out at 12 which would be 1 am for her, so i check and nothing, okay cool i’m not stressing. Couple min go by I check again but this time idk why but i clicked on her info and it showed me her location. her location was at work at nearly 2 am, mind you her work closes at 10 pm. So i’m thinking this is wrong so i go back and click it again, no she’s still there. I go back and forth just to see if it’s my phone then it turns into her still being at work but her location being live? whatever that means? and it stays like that for about 5-10 min? then suddenly she’s back at home and it says she’s live again so she’s at home. So now i’m overthinking all of this and a part of me wants to think maybe it was just the location thing being laggy or my phone being weird because no way she’d be at work at 2 am??????? whatever so i know she could tell something was up but i don’t wanna tell her and be like “oh hey i was looking at your location and you were at work at 2 am what were you doing?” i think that’s weird on my part? maybe i shouldn’t say anything at all. and when we talked on facetime she gave me all of the drama that’s been going on and i’m like no way she went out right? plus she never mentioned it? so i feel like i’m going crazy here and i don’t know what to do!?!?! my friend told me to check her location again at 1am and see if she goes there again but to not say anything and wait.
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2023.06.03 14:24 Diligent-Reach-3662 Knowing Fake Nike Shoes

Hello, I've always been wondering how to spot fake nike shoes since my Auntie gave me an air jordans but it has no shoe box so I can't check its authenticity. Im still thankful tho
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2023.06.03 14:23 kaceyyy17 How do you declined/get rid off someone who take no for an answer??

Hello! We just finished our first week of training, required for my first job. On fourth day, one of my colleague started making advances to me and insisting that we should walk together since I live near onsite. I opted to walk after my shift as a form of physical activity and that's the only time I can get expose to sunlight. At first, he offered it in which I find it weird since we're not that really close. We live in the same city and he reasoned out that he have two ways to get home and one of those route is almost the same as mine. I declined the offer bc he's a man and I don't know him personally other than we're wavemates. He did again the next day and I said that he's really making me uncomfortable. He said maybe in the future I could allow him to walk with me or magsabay pauwi. He even said once he got his motorbike he offered to take me home. How do you declined/get rid off someone who take no for an answer??
P.S while walking a while ago I was constantly looking at my back. I take different routes on my way home just in case he followed me :'((
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2023.06.03 14:22 anxious_axolotl3 My opponent has 30 cities....

For context, this was the best and most fun game i've ever had, the sovjets were my main opponent we've been at war for centuries, and I was very glad when the indians helped me finally take them down in a 2-front war.... But now I'm at war with them, they have taken over most sovjet cities, and the army output with 30 cities is incredible....
i'm just getting my arse kicked... I can't go over 11 cities, so i try to gift cities to my allies and vassals, but they are technologically far behind, and can not pull their weight yet.... how can the indians be stable with so many cities? Is this a bug? The only way I see to still win this, is to just nuke all their cities. I have been occupying islands near their borders for that exact purpose. they don't have any nukes to retaliate, so it would be simple.... but i feel like evil russia, and i'd rather win without creating a wasteland. Anybody have any tips? [VIP, ENC + CSP]
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2023.06.03 14:21 AppearanceInner3855 For those curious about partners on the lower end of the spectrum me and my pwBPD broke up yesterday here’s my story and thoughts

To be honest I thought It would be helpful for myself and for others to share my story of being in a long distance relationship with my gf having BPD over the past 6months.
We met through Twitter and I was in a “self improvement mindset” for the past year or so she was funny and I was never going to dm her or anything since I had no interest long story short she initiated and we became friends, through being friends I realised she was “wife material” genuinely even after breaking up sure she has her flaws but she’s genuinely a very good person and very open about how she’s feeling (ofc it took some time to get to that stage) she values truth and honestly a lot.
We were basically together nonstop playing games or video calling/voice calling and sleep calling outside of when I had work. Essentially we spent 4straight months together damn near 24hr days, it was great throughout these months she didn’t split on me we did argue but it was always for the same root cause which was texting and her just misinterpreting my texts and it would be cleared up after and basically that was the idealisation/obsession phase but naturally it didn’t last.
So next came the splitting and she said she hated me in a pretty like open and respectful way she was being honest and vulnerable with me but we were texting so naturally I didn’t handle it the best and things were misinterpreted but the next 2-3 weeks the idealisation stopped I wouldn’t call it devaluation but I guess it probably was except she didn’t devalue me or say anything truly hurtful the main difference was no bombardment of compliments and she was more irritable nothing intolerable though.
So now comes the reason for our breakup she basically met another guy at a new job she got since I got fired from my job when I met her (just a part time one anyway) as I was staying up late and late to work as a result then when I finally started looking for a job so did she. So she made a friend at work and fast forward he asked for her insta and they started to hang out I knew this was going on despite her not communicating this to me. What she said was that she didn’t feel like doing anything and wanted space so I knew it means space to do things with someone else since I’m all she had and a couple long distance friends.
So surprise surprise she thought they could just be friends but he obviously just wanted to have sex and when she found that out she was incredibly sad since she finally had a friend she could do stuff with. This leads to her respectful and honest reasoning for us breaking up she confessed what they did together and how they drank (which she has never done before) and she said 2 reasons for breaking up the first was essentially she feels like she values drugs over out relationship and if another guy came along that she had stuff in common with and asked to do drugs she wouldn’t be able to turn it down and since some drugs like X can make you feel amazing she would be susceptible to being taken advantage of and it wouldn’t be fair on me. Her final reason was that when spending time with that guy she realised she isn’t built for long distance relationships and would much prefer being together physically and the distance is too tough.
The break up was very peaceful and respectful and just handled correctly, I said I didn’t want to break up but will respect her decision things like long distance are impossible if you aren’t on the same page. To be honest it was a huge weight off my shoulders and I didn’t actually feel saddened by our separation but relieved I’m definitely a weird case I’m never saddened by separation which is probably why I even got with her in the first place knowing she had bpd and we are long distance,I have deep empathy and respect for the large majority who have dealt with people on the severe end of the spectrum wishing everyone the best and a stable recovery.
Before the relationship I had so many things I wanted to do so now I’m going to do them all looking forward to living life again but definitely won’t make the same decisions when it comes to relationships I don’t regret anything it happened for a reason and was a learniNg experience for myself it’s possible things would have been different if not for the distance but yea good luck to everyone.
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2023.06.03 14:20 ClosetJack [A4M] Finding My Werewolf

The bright stadium lights illuminated the field below. As masses of padded bodies collided together, hoards of people cheered them on as they watched their teams fight for victory. This was college football, and I stood within the masses cheering on the players and my best friend. Number 19, ____Name____ Quarterback.
____Name____ and I had grown up together. Our mothers were friends from work and often dragged us along with them as they met up to socialize. Which was always amusing to them. Because we didn’t always get along. You were always bolder and crasser. Stealing my toys, my snacks, and whatever else he wanted back then. But that’s not to say I was perfect either. I was an attention hog back then. Crying just because I knew I could get one of our mothers to pay more attention to me. But obviously, we both grew out of that.
_____Name_____ grew into a tall handsome man. Stoic features, nice muscles, cocky attitude. But with looks like his. Who wouldn’t be? While I grew into a slim, toned, and as he likes to call me. A nerd. But hey! Just because I like to read and watch Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings weekly doesn’t make me a nerd…right?
Oh, and I should probably add that _____Name_____ grew up to be a werewolf. Yep, that’s right. A werewolf. His first change happened when he was about 12 and started to go through puberty. I was spending the night at his house, and we were messing around. Wrestling as a matter of fact to see which of us was the strongest. I had him pinned on his back. Hands above his head when he let out a low feral growl. His eyes briefly grew a faint red, and before I knew it, he had me flipped over on my back and sitting on my chest. He gave me his famous crooked smile. His teeth were sharp, and he gripped my arms with long jagged nails that dug into my wrist. Since then, his shift has become more and more wolfish. His ears elongated, fur sprouting up to cover his arms, legs, and feet.
He always had control of his wolf. Well almost. We learned werewolves were nothing like they were in the movies. They didn’t go all feral during a fool moon. They could shift whenever they wanted or needed. The problem was _____Name_____ didn’t know how to control his wolf when he was upset.
Which is why I never quite understood his infatuation with sports. Because of his competitive nature, he was bound to shift during a game. And tonight, was that night.
The ball snapped and _____Name_____ stepped back. Preparing to throw it when he was sacked. The crowd “oooed and awed,” disappointedly as he fell and hit the ground. I watched as his teammates helped him up and they got back into position. The ball snapped again, and this time _____Name_____ tried running through a hole in the defensive line. But as he stepped through a linebacker came up on his right and tackled him. Shoving him down to the ground. More disappointed “awes,” came from the stands as the opponent's stands ruptured into cheers.
Our offensive line was walking off the field as the defensive line ran out. When I noticed _____Name_____ talking to the coach and walking off the field to the locker rooms. I hastily ran down the stadium stairs and headed to the locker rooms at the end of the field. I could hear bodies from the two-team collide again as they continued to play.
The door to the locker room creaked open as I pushed on it. “Hey, you, okay?” I called out as I walked into the locker room. I could hear the water running and made my way towards it. As I walked toward the showers, I came across his jersey, shoulder pads, and chest pads. Which had been discarded on the floor and found _____Name_____ standing underneath the running water still in his pants. His back was towards me, and his arms stretched out to brace himself against the wall. “Dude, are you alright?” I questioned again.
I could see his shoulders and back tense to my voice. But he didn’t move. “______Name_____ what is going on? Are you losing control or something?” I questioned as I stepped into the showers. My shoes slapped against the wet tile floor as I approached him. “Dude Tal-“I was cut off as he quickly turned around and grabbed me by the shoulders. Pinning me to the wall my feet handing above the floor. I swallowed hard as I looked into those red feral eyes. His claws dig into my shoulders.
“Go…. Away.” He growled out. As he let my body slide down the wall until my feet touched the floor.
“You need help. You can’t stay here like this. What if someone sees you?” I pleaded as his grasp on my arms let up. “We need to get you out of here!” I exclaimed.
“No, have to win,” He uttered as he tried to turn around and leave the showers. I reached out and grabbed his wrist. Stopping him.
“If you go out there now, you’re only exposing what you are, you’re going to scare everyone,” I said calmly. He turned back towards me sneering.
“Then they can run away like pussies” He growled as he turned back and headed for the door.
I ran in front of him and tried to push him back. But his muscular and solid body didn’t move. I looked up at him as he stared at me. My mind was rushing to find a solution and did the only thing that made sense to distract him at the time. I reached up and cupped his face with my hands, stood on my tiptoes, and kissed him. I could feel his body tense with surprise but quickly eased as I felt him lean into the kiss.
He grabbed onto my hips and pulled his lips from mine. Before turning and pushing me into the wall. I could feel his eyes looking my body over. While he slid one hand up under my shirt to rest against my flat abdomen. His other hand unlacing the top of his football pants. I gulped. “I can smell your lust.” He uttered roughly. “I’ve always been able to smell it”.
I gulped hard. As I anticipated where this was going to go, it filled me with a mixture of anxiety, fear, and excitement. I stood there unable to move as he undid his pants. His hand slid back down my abdomen until his sharp fingers hooked the waistband of my sweatpants and underwear. He pulled them down. Exposing me before he grabbed my waist and lifted me up. Placing my legs over his shoulders and pressing my back against the wall.
“This is what you want. Right?” He smiled deviously. I knew it wasn’t really a question. But more of a confirmation that he knew my desire. He wrapped his hands around my hips and pulled me down slightly to a more appropriate position. His sneer never left his face as he took me then and there.
Good day, all, and thank you for reading my long introduction to the prompt. I’m Jax a 27 y/o male in the EST-zone. I am looking for a long-term partner for this and future role plays. While this prompt is written in the M4M format I am more than comfortable playing as a female character opposite to the best friend/werewolf. I’m also comfortable writing in 3rd person. I have just always felt a preference for first. As I find it’s more personal when RPing. This is intended to be a modern fantasy roleplay with an array of genres and emotions. Not just romance and lust. I have tried my best to leave your character entirely up to you including name, looks, and actions going forward. Please feel free to ask any further questions, or if you’re interested in helping me expand on this story. I look forward to meeting you!
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2023.06.03 14:19 Lenore8264 Why do so many Malayalis have dogs chained up outside their homes these days? Is it a new trend?

I'm a Malayali (25f) but I live in Rajasthan with my family. I speak Malayalam well, but can only read a little and can't write at all. I was mostly raised outside Kerala so please forgive me if I say something offensive.
I visited Kerala a week ago for the first time in four years. The last time I visited was in 2019. Then the Covid pandemic happened, and I got busy.
During this time's visit, we visited a lot of old family friends. I'm from Kannur side, and we visited friends in Kasaragoad, Kozhikode, Thrissur etc . What I noticed was that a lot of people had dogs. In fact, EVERYONE we visited had a dog. Even my uncle and my aunt from my mother's side had a dog. It was bizarre. Everytime we visited a home, a dog was outside the house inside a tiny cage, with it's leg chained, just barking his head off.
And the thing is, all of these dogs were VICIOUS. They kept on barking and snarling at us, and at one home, I tried to pat the dog (It was an Indian Spitz, I think) the owner warned me that the dog bites and not to go near it. Huh??? Why keep it then?
I'm pretty sure no one had dogs the last time I visited. Don't get me wrong. I love dogs and want one myself, but what bothers me is that these dogs are kept chained inside cages. When I asked the owners whether they bring the dogs inside, most of them said that the dogs aren't allowed in because they dirty the house and that the hair gets everywhere. This made me really sad. Why get a dog to keep it inside a cage all day?
Most of the dogs were also so aggressive and untrained. I don't understand why this has suddenly become a trend. I just wanted to know if anyone else has noticed this? Oh, and catfishes and guppies are also in every home for some reason. How did this become a trend?
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2023.06.03 14:18 mythdeaddog just started getting my shit together

I'm a junior in HS, fucked around for the past 3 years of high school not doing any school work, just this year now did I finally start doing my school work and getting all A's and B's.

With this school year ending in a month, I'll have my senior year than I'm on my own. School hasn't prepared me for shit, I have no idea how to go about anything in life. For work, I really wanna work hands on, I also like cars so a mechanic trade might be something I'm interested in. I also enjoy studying world wide conflicts so I have also thought about joining the military (Air Force or Army).

I don't know what to do whether that's college, trade school, or military and if anybody has been in my shoes before let me know what you ended up choosing or maybe some advice.
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2023.06.03 14:18 WispyWoods Can you break in manual instead of stepping down gears when braking completely?

Manual gear shift car. When breaking until fully stopping, or nearly fully stopping, I was taught that you need to step down the gears one by one (or skipping if you're on 5/6) until you are on 2nd gear. If I'm on a downward slope for example, what's stopping me from just releasing into manual from let's say 4th gear, and just only using the brake in order to stop? I know this will take a heavier toll on the brakes in the long run, but I'm asking why this isn't a thing people do. This may be a dumb question, but I'm still learning to drive so asking things like this is better than guessing.
If you need a better explanation of what I'm asking just tell me.
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2023.06.03 14:17 DaftDayDown I made bad choices y'all...

Not that I think this was SA, but does talk about sex.
I matched with this guy who was coming into town from a neighboring major city. I realized I probably agreed to a hookup and so I messaged him saying I wasn't really interested in that. I'll be real, I'm very inexperienced, kinda asexual idk it's just not how I think, everything goes over my head tbh.
He said that's fine. The day comes he says he wants to meet at this bar downtown. Now... My city has had quite a few shootings. At the bars downtown. Knowing my luck today would be one of those days... Also my city is one of the top cities in the nation for police violence (lol) so I said hey y'know I'm fine if you want a low-key night and you can come over.
Yeah I don't think I knew what I was probably implying.
He said sure, came over. I have 3 pets, 2 cats and a dog. One cat is gone at first sight of people, that's who she is. Second cat is a 17 yr old senile grandma that doesn't care about a damn thing so long as you don't take her spot on the couch. My dog is a puppy who is a bit shy but loves everybody and wants pets.
Yeah my 17 yr old cat looked at him when he came in, hopped off the couch, starting yelling at us, then hid. My puppy wouldn't even get near him, instead sitting on the other side of me the entire time giving major side eye.
Should've trusted their judgment.
I mean, I agreed. I don't fucking know why. He was drinking fucking disgusting alcohol and idk if he threw up somewhere in my apartment or slightly on me or wtf because something smells bad and it's all over my blankets. I took a shower and I think it's on me still.
I want to throw up too.
Uguguguguguh. I made bad decisions.
I have paid laundry downstairs and shits expensive and I think I'm throwing everything I own that he even went near in it. Probably also going to go ahead and shampoo the carpets just in case.
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2023.06.03 14:16 sagecat_eliza Please help - young relative had an extreme meltdown at me after I told him off for punching his little sister and I need an outside opinion on how I handled it

Hello, I’m 21, recently diagnosed autistic and have been learning a lot about autism as a result since September. Before me, no one in my family acknowledged mental disorders and were very ableist.
Context: My young nephew was diagnosed as autistic very young, with PDA. He’s now nearly 10 but has a very troubled home life (one parent is emotionally unavailable and the other is mentally ill. They’ve also separated) He has a younger sister and she appears to be neurotypical. She, however, is becoming a physical and verbal punching bag for my nephew and it breaks my heart how used to it she is already. The family allow his behaviour because they don’t know enough about autism and don’t have the time or energy to learn more about it. The whole situation is very distressing but I don’t have a good relationship with either parent and as I’m not a parent myself they don’t value my opinion on things. I feel helpless and just do my best on the odd occasions I do see them.
The story: We were playing a game and he was being very good and kind for a while. She’s a bit slower as she’s younger and I can see it frustrates him sometimes. Eventually he punches her on the back, hard, and calls her stupid. Despite her not reacting I comfort her and tell him he can’t play anymore because of that. After some back and forth he is adamant that he is still playing, I can’t tell him otherwise and she deserves it because she’s his sister and she’s stupid. I’m doing my best to calmly, but assertively teach him morals and the importance of not being violent without any aggression on my end. I hope some of it went in but in the moment he was certainly holding his pride.
I took her inside to play and he followed us wherever we went. When I thought he was playing with his dad we snuck off upstairs to finish the game and I barricaded the door just incase he came up.
Well, he did. And this is where I don’t know if I did more harm than I did good. He kept trying the door for ages, demanding I let him in. We continued the game, completely ignoring him. In the moment, I just wanted to give her my full attention. She always gets overlooked because he is more direct in his attention seeking (I don’t mean that badly, all children need attention) so I wanted some time with her undisturbed so she knew she was worthy of undivided attention. However he was getting increasingly distressed outside and I was incredibly torn on what to do.
After what felt like 15/20 minutes his dad finally came up in which he was apparently extremely rageful and biting, head butting and punching him. He got bundled into the car to calm down but yelled at me that he hated me and I’m stupid when I came outside with his sister.
Now, please if I handled this terribly I’d really appreciate being told in a nice way. I already feel terrible because the last thing I want to do is make things worse for either of them and I want to be a safe space for him in our difficult family system. I’m only young myself and trying my best but I need to know if I made mistakes so I can do better in the future.
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2023.06.03 14:16 r1Zero Struggling with getting older post-trauma.

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I am hoping that just getting it somewhere else other than my mind might be helpful.
In my early 20s, I was in a very abusive relationship and survived being raped by an acquaintance. The better part of the next decade was my life unraveling in every way a person could fathom. I didn't want to live. I gave up on everything, especially myself. I quit living and was essentially, a shell of a human being.
Over time, therapy, doctors, and the power of science and sheer stubborn spite? I was able to build a life for myself. not always ideal, I still have trauma that I may never be able to fully heal from and depression along with anxiety still have huge places in my life, though I can handle it better now.
But, with each year that passes, I struggle the most near my birthday. I realize I essentially lost a decade of my life. Sure, I have overcome so, so, so much. But I hate that there's an entire ten years basically, that feels lost. It feels stolen. I know I could never get those years back and thinking about it really isn't doing me any favors. However, invasive thoughts are just that, invasive.
I wish I could make some kind of peace with myself about this very particular thing instead of struggling the closer it gets to my birthday every year and wishing so badly I could get those years back, turn the age dial back. Not the experience in life, but the number itself. I don't understand why I struggle so profoundly with this, but I do.
Mentally, some days I feel ancient as can be. Others I feel like time stopped emotionally around when I was raped. I have tried everything in the book to overcome and manage these feelings, but here I am, on Reddit after a night of insomnia running the show and now wishing vampirism was legit, because man, I'd be a pretty awesome immortal (Hey, gotta try to find the humor where I can, right). 🤣
All while telling strangers getting older physically while feeling stuck mentally crushes me for reasons I don't even understand.
Who knows maybe I'm not alone.
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