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2019.12.20 00:26 TheHairlessBear LexaGene

LexaGene is developing on-site, automated and sensitive instrumentation for rapid pathogen detection for veterinary diagnostics, food safety, and other markets. The breakthrough technology will transform how pathogens are detected and deliver results in about two hours.

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2023.03.29 12:16 Crafty_Pineapple_681 Do mini bosses respawn or is there a time limit

As referring to the title I was doing a quest called an oppresive request , which is one of the many I'm doing to unlock the outfits hooowweverrr i had already kill one of the targets before hand without knowing and its been a couple of minutes to a hour and it hasn't respawned, its the flower btw. Is there a time limit or a counter for respawns after they are killed or do i just need to leave the area and return.
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2023.03.29 12:15 chip830 Need help with quest progression.

I’ve been playing with mod for about 70 hours now. I’ve been doing the Dawnguard dlc quests. I can not get Serana to come to fort Dawnguard to start the prophet quest. Can anyone help me out on what to do? I have the debut menu mod but have no idea how to use it or what to put in.
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2023.03.29 12:11 chip830 Need help with quest progression

I hope this is allowed. I’ve been playing with mod for about 70 hours now. I’ve been doing the Dawnguard dlc quests. I can not get Serana to come to fort Dawnguard to start the prophet quest. Can anyone help me out on what to do? I have the debut menu mod but have no idea how to use it or what to put in.
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2023.03.29 11:43 RealHeelBCFlynn Vanilla DayZ Experience Plus US Chernarus Xbox Hardcore Survival Vanilla+ Server. More Infected, Dark Nights, Unique Custom POIs, and more! Strive to survive on VDEP!

VDEP is a Hardcore Survival Vanilla Plus server with Dark Nights and MORE INFECTED. We offer a fresh take on the Vanilla Survival Experience, having a few QoL changes as well a few additions. We are a First Person PvE/PvP server with 3 hour Days and 40 minute DARK nights, restarts every 3 hours. Only Wiping every 4-6 months we provide a home for long term base building and survival game play. VDEP also features hand crafted lore and POIs unique to server, making up a new and different story for those who want a more immersive experience. We are the original Vanilla DayZ Experience server. Don’t be fooled by dollar store imitations!
Chernarus is as wild as it’s ment to be
Make this server your server! Be what you want! Play how you want to play as long as you’re not toxic! Are you a Bandit, a Hero, a Survivor? Every life is a story, what’s yours?
We are a fun, friendly, and interactive community creating a server and discord for all types of players who are looking for that Vanilla DayZ Experience.
We want to populate the server with mature people who like to have a good time and have fun! Lone wolves, Squads, and Factions welcomed!
32 slots can increase to more! Admin/Coder always looking to improve and update! Active Admin
Always looking to improve and create a unique and diverse experience while staying true to the Vanilla feel of the game. The VDEP team works to make the best possible Vanilla Plus server available!
There is no kill feed, There is no safe zone, There is no admin backed trader.
Here's a few things VDEP offer:
+Vehicles spawn fully built
+Loot is 1.19 vanilla damage condition spawns
+C130 Landing Event w/ Survival supplies
+Lovecraft/Horror Inspired “Relics of The Old Ones” quest line
+More Infected
+Dark Nights
+Stashed items dont affect the loot economy
+Added Unreleased Items
+Amount of Building Supplies increased slightly
+Custom POIs
+Unique Server Lore
These are just a few things we offer, for a full list join our discord! It’s not required but will help you enjoy everything VDEP has to offer!
We have Punch and Pie!
Search VDEP to find Vanilla DayZ Experience Plus
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2023.03.29 11:22 Skyllux Atelier Ryza 3 - NS - Lujada's Fairystone cannot find any

I've been looking around for two hours with no luck. Hit so many purple crystals that have the quest checkmark but I only get unknown gemstones. Is this a glitch? I am stuck on the game now and not getting anywhere 😞
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2023.03.29 11:18 ApriliaSRT The reputation/standing system in this game is atrocious and unfriendly to new players.

Newer player here, ~110 consecutive days logged in and already MR24. Story time!
On my quest to build/rank them all, I set my sights on Xaku a couple days ago and started grinding his part blueprints. Got chassis and systems within a couple bounties then spent 4+ hours grinding before the "common" neuroptics dropped (but I'm not here to talk about this). So I go to start building the guy and I see Gyromag Systems, unfamiliar with this material so off to Google I go!
Exploiter Orb bounty... Ok... Just be max rank to access this bounty... Ok... Can't be taxied... Ok well time to grind this I guess. Need 4 Medical Bonds to hit my next rank up so I target farmed which took another 4 hours to get 2 supposedly "common" drops spamming back to back bounties. Ranked up, now I need 10-12 of both Medical and Advance Bonds. Are you f**king kidding me? After I just spent 4 hours to just get 2 "common" drops? Back to Google... How to get guaranteed Medical Bonds... Only guaranteed drop is from: Exploiter Orb. Which I can't access until max rank at which point at which point I will no longer need them. COME ON. Why is the only guaranteed source of a rank up item locked behind max rep where you'll no longer need it?!
Which brings me to this post: why do we have to pay to rank up factions? It makes no sense. It was annoying with the regular play factions but this is just next level cancer - everything I need is locked behind 4 others locks. There's no reason for it and you can't even skip it with platinum (if any system in this game be skippable for plat, it should be this). I'm not even gonna get into the daily standing cap, which is also ridiculous. Let me no life a rep grind if I want to FFS!
I've played many games with rep grinds and not one makes you pay to go to the next level. Where is the logic? I grind my butt off to get a faction to like me only to get "all that work you did that we definitely couldn't do ourselves is cool but you gotta actually pay us for us to like you more." You're essentially being punished as a reward. If something is needed to rank up give us a special one time mission or 10 stage bounty that rewards us for working! I have way too much stuff to do in this game to be grinding for 4 hours to get one minor thing that's not a weapon or Warframe.
Just needed to rant but I seriously hope this system gets revamped soon.
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2023.03.29 11:12 em00n88 I have done the triple flip twice now and task still won't clear 😩😩

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2023.03.29 11:07 e_faulkk05 Dear Star Wars: The Bad Batch. *Spoliers for TBB:S2*

This wasn't your best run. It's quite shameful actually. A month or two ago now I was actually looking forward to watching this season. But quickly I found myself watching subpar episode after another. The majority of this 16 episode season felt like overstuffed filler nonsense that bore no significance on the season as a whole. It was just put there to move the season along and it felt like no real care was put into the majority of the episodes as a whole. Out of 16 episodes I looked forward to and enjoyed 7 of them. That makes it so that 43.75% of the season for me was good, and the other 56.25% of the season was garbage filler stuff that more times than not left me incredibly disappointed and with a bad taste in my mouth. Coincidently, the only episodes that I looked forward too had story development. The ones where crosshair is present or Cody, Rampart, Echo later on, Imperial affairs like with Dr. Hemlock, Rex, or even Senator Chuci. Because, you know. We weren't playing Skyrim or Oblivion and playing side quests to move the story alone easier. We actually experienced story and character development.
This was my midnight rant. Later on I'll post a full complaint list with the episodes that irked me and irritated me. I'm tired so that will not be happening right now. I just need to get my frustration and resentment out before I have nightmares about the show. Good night everyone. Apologies for the negativity at such an hour.
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2023.03.29 10:49 Ausealand No quests (Gold Coast, Australia)

Title says it. I've been delivering with UberEats since October and for about two months, I've been reciving quests bi-weekly instead of the usual weekly, sometimes skipping to the third week. They're also insulting quests, very little reqard. We're also both recieving very few orders during peak hours across the coast. Been like this for me sincw a week leading up to Christmas. Thought maybe it was because my "honeymoon" period has officially come to an end, but my friend who started just 6 weeks ago has experienced the same quest frequency as me. Same reward value aswell etc despite me having starting with ridiculous quest rewards in October and slowly decling since.
Is the Gold Coast becoming a dead market? Any other Gold Coasters able to chime in?
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2023.03.29 10:48 Intrepid_Issue_745 Quest diagnostics

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2023.03.29 10:27 Quadrophenya The 5 steps I went through as a new MMO player

I started playing FF14 10 days ago and have already 30+ hours of playtime. I'm level 40 on 3 classes (dragoon, paladin and arcanist). As a first time playing an MMORPG, that was an interesting experience. Here are the different steps I went through :
Step 1. Doubt
The first couple hours were tough because I was confronted to everything that had made me avoid MMOs in the past : fetch quests, cluttered UI, overwhelming informations... As I was murdering lady bugs with the only skills unlocked at level 1 I thought to myself "let's be real, I'm not gonna play that, it's just not for me". And I logged out.
Step 2. Curiosity
I gave the game another try the next day, aware that it was stupid to judge an MMO based on its first two hours. If I wanted to know for sure this wasn't for me, I had to give it an honest try. I did main quests, got a couple new classes and slowly worked my way up to level 15. I wasn't having a blast but not having a bad time either. Having to run around all the time with not enough money to teleport was definitely my biggest problem with the experience.
Step 3. Hope
After reaching level 15 and playing through my first dungeons, I started seeing what the game was about. At this point, the combat and other elements were not that interesting but I could foresee how they would become so down the line. This gave me hope and pushed me to stick to the game. Also importantly : the story started being kind of interesting. The joining the Scions cutscene captivated me and helped me understand what the story was actually about. With clearer goals and characters in mind, I saw the MSQ as less of a chore.
Step 4 : True enjoyment
After 30 hours in the game, I started feeling a bit at home. I wasn't just playing to get closer to the good part, I was just enjoying the journey. I'm still frustrated by certain elements : interesting main quests bring diluted by 6 boring fetch quests asking you to get wine or cheese, not being able to use the abilities I just unlocked in dungeons because I'm overleveled... I particularly enjoyed some of the shorter MSQ arcs (the disfigured maidens, the sand people looking to steal crystals etc) despite their pacing.
Step 5. Expectations
First, I think I think I'm going to slow down my pace a bit to take my time and not rush through the MSQ. I might start a gathering / crafting job or something. My main hopes for the rest of the game are the following : - more engaging tank mechanics. I like tanking but so far my paladin feels a bit lackluster and really needs more skills (I'm lvl 40) - some of the jobs that are the most appealing to me are only unlocked later on (DRK and sage). I'm looking forward to playing them. - more difficulty in general : due to being overleveled and easier early dungeons, I find the game extremely easy. Although I'm not a hardcore raid player, I'd like to struggle more - more focused story : I enjoy the story so far but the good is diluted in wayyyyy too much boring content. I understand some filler but this is too much
If this write up interests anyone I might do a follow up when I'm 100+ hours in to see how my expectations and enjoyment have shifted.
Edit : I also wanted to note that the story is not nearly as bad / boring as I had read. Yes it's a lot of set up but you still have an idea of what's at stake and what your direct goals are
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2023.03.29 10:13 Intrepid_Issue_745 Quest diagnostics

Long story short last year12/08 I went to the clinic and got some work done and they sent my swabs to the wrong lab. I told them to send it to LabCorp so my insurance can cover and they end up sending it to quest diagnostics which was an out of network and beginning of January I got a surprise bill of $280. I went to the clinic and told them why did they send it to to quest diagnostics when I told them to go with my preferred lab labcorp And they simply just told me it was a mistake, and they will “write it off “ and “close the claim “ I checked later that week and the claim was closed and got paperwork saying I owe $0 .Now coming to March. I got a letter from that insurance saying “quest diagnostics filed an appeal for me.”WHY? What does that mean ?
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2023.03.29 09:44 sergeywin1 In the next update… (allegedly)

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2023.03.29 09:37 Waelder TCF Patch 3.0.0 - 29th March 2023

TCF Patch 3.0.0 - 29th March 2023
Read the patchnotes on the game's website:
Greetings, Prospectors!
Community Team here! We know that you folks have been waiting to dive into the full patch notes for Season 3 for quite a while now, especially with all that we've been teasing the past couple of months. Well, that wait is finally over, as the new season for The Cycle: Frontier begins today, along with a bunch of new features and changes.
Before we jump in, we'd like to take a moment to thank the people who played during Season 2. 182 days is admittedly a pretty long season, but we're super grateful for all of your support, positive messages and, most importantly, your constructive feedback. While this patch will include a large variety of updates and adjustments, this is only the first of many patches that we hope to put out throughout this new season. Let's dive into these notes, we've got a lot to unpack here!


You heard it here first, the final wipe is here! Players will start Season 3 completely fresh and on an even playing field. Kiss your Brute stash goodbye and put Season 2 behind you, because Season 3 will be taking you back to the start of the campaign where your prospecting journey began - except you now have all the knowledge of a seasoned, hardened Prospector to carry you. This, however, will be the last of these so-called mandatory wipes we have planned. Our game has been completely overhauled for a permanent progression system, and we will (after this wipe) no longer be forcing you to reset your progress within the game. You will of course keep any Aurum and earned cosmetics associated with your account. Welcome Packs that were previously purchased will also be regranted to you upon logging in for the first time after this last wipe. As a result of this new era, we've updated our in-game texts and descriptions to reflect this change. We could talk about what happened to the Storm Divers, why all of those flyers have mysteriously disappeared, or why the storm has suddenly gone back to normal. But the work of a Prospector is never done and that's a conversation for when you're older. Now get out there, veteran greenhorn, and earn your K-Marks!


Free Loadout Runs are coming! If you've found yourself low on K-Marks or maybe you're just starting out and learning the ways of Prospecting, consider grabbing a Free Loadout Run provided by the various factions. On the Deploy menu screens, players will now be met with an option to select your Prospector's Loadout of gear equipped from your stash or select a free randomized loadout put together by one of the factions. If a player has no gear equipped from their own stash, the free loadout option will be selected by default. If you have a loadout already selected from your stash, your prospector loadout will be selected by default. Note that if you choose to take the free gear, any previously equipped gear will be transferred to your stash, assuming there is room for everything. There is a cooldown on how often you can use a free loadout since it takes some time for the factions to put together what they're willing to give you. A timer will be visible on the loadout selection screen to let you know how long you'll have to wait before another loadout becomes up for grabs. Once selected, these loadouts will function the same as the normal loadouts you're used to. Take the gear down to Fortuna III and, if you survive, it's yours to keep. If you don't make it back without needing to be defoamed, that gear belongs to whomever is able to bring it back to the station.
Each faction should provide Prospectors with at least a weapon, armor, backpack, ammo, and health consumables with a chance for extra goodies to be thrown in by way of a 2nd weapon, weapon attachments, additional consumables, crafting mats, keycards, or helmets. Those greedy factions won't be too eager to give away anything too useful however, so these loadouts will more often than not contain white gear with much smaller chances of getting green or blue items for free. These loadouts may not turn your trips to Fortuna III into a walk in the park, but they should give you an extra boost if you're down bad or don't want to risk losing your hard-earned gear while learning the basics.


This is a long requested feature and we are happy to finally give players a way to equip everything they need for their planet-side ventures with one click. You can customize your preset loadouts with your favorite or most-used gear in the stash section of your inventory. When selecting a preset loadout to equip, any weapons, armor, helmets, ammo or other consumable items will be equipped directly from your stash. Any items that are not your stash will be purchased from the appropriate faction HQ automatically, with a popup asking you to confirm said purchase. New descriptions and UI sections have been added to properly teach you how to assemble and equip a preset loadout. When viewing a preset loadout before equipping, icons will display which items are currently available from a player's inventory, which items need to be purchased, and which items are unavailable. Use this feature to quickly get back into the action between runs and spend less time running between the faction shops to pickup the gear you need to achieve prospecting glory.


The Howler is a flying insect-like monster that has emerged on the surface. This large and in-charge addition to the game aims to generate new drama and new player stories by overlapping with other events and happenings in the game. As part of our direction to create a game that is as suspenseful as it is fun, we hope that the Howler will add a new layer to the game in a variety of ways. The Howler is our first roaming creature, traveling through the skies from place to place. When it's idle, you can try to sneak past it or remain motionless, in the hopes that it won't hear you. However, once it's ready for fisticuffs, you'll experience a new type of PvE challenge that we'd like to say is somewhere between the Marauder and the Crusher in terms of difficulty. But we wouldn't quite call it a boss encounter either. One thing we know for sure, is that you won't have a hard time finding it, as you should see and hear it coming with relative ease.
In addition to the Howler, a new in-match activity has made its way to you: the Howler Nests. These nests contain Howler eggs that react to sound by simply exploding and expelling a toxic fume into the air that you'll want to steer clear from. However, if you're quiet and patient, there might just be something worth bragging about inside some of those eggs, assuming you can get your hands in there and survive to tell the tale. We hope that this new organic and reactive element will offer new ways to traverse areas of all three maps that were once free of... whatever those things are made of.
To top it off, both the Howler and Howler eggs will drop unique items that can be used to complete new quest missions, upgrade your player quarters, and craft new items. As a result, you'll be able to create your own Howler Grenades, new throwing weapons aiming to recreate the Howler's signature move: its disorienting shriek. They affect both Prospectors and wild creatures, and we can't wait to see how you put them to use. Sure, we could have just introduced basic flashbangs into the game, but where's the fun in that eh?
The Howler will also come with it's own brand new questline that you will be able to complete with Osiris, are you sure you'll know how to use that?
Consider rallying other Prospectors on the surface if you're trying to take down a Howler in the early stages of the game. If you can put your hunger for gear aside, you and your new teammates might be able to take it down before anyone else. Although considering the usual human greed, we can't promise everyone will remain friendly after the Howler loot has dropped.


As with every update, Season 3 comes with plenty of backend improvements to our anti-cheat detections and preventions, some big and some small, to help make cheating even more difficult than it already is. For the sake of security we can't go into exact details here, but these changes include better methods of automatically detecting cheats, better tracking tools for our support team to investigate suspicious players, and more obfuscation measures to make the actual development of cheats more difficult. We have also worked closely with our friends at BattlEye to make sure that the game is in top-top shape for the release of the new season.
Since we know Season 3 will also have many players returning to the game, we will give a quick recap on some of the major improvements we've made to our anti-cheat systems since Season 1:
  • Shielded Matchmaking: Helps give our Trusted players an added layer of security, and makes the creation of alt-accounts much more difficult for cheaters.
  • Cheating Victim Compensation: Automatically compensates players who fell victim to a cheater once that cheater is banned.
  • Data Obfuscation: Makes the creation and development of cheats more difficult and time consuming.
  • A Dedicated Anti-Cheat Team: Closely monitors and quickly reacts to any new threats the game might face.
  • Third Party Tools: We have worked closely with anti-cheat specialists like BattlEye to add additional layers of security to the game.
  • Revamped in-game reports: Makes the process of sending reports much smoother, and gives our team more data to investigate cheaters.
  • And many more backend improvements to our anti-cheat systems...
If you'd like a more detailed look at how we're actively fighting cheaters in The Cycle: Frontier, please take a look at our blog post we made for The War on Cheats:
And finally here is a quick message from Toast, the Anti-Cheat Community Manager for The Cycle: Frontier:
Anti-cheat is a constant back and forth battle, one that we are committed to continue fighting in our game. Even though our anti-cheat is in a better state now than it's ever been, we aren't done yet. We are already hard at work on more improvements to the anti-cheat that we will be releasing in 3.1, 3.2, and beyond. The team has already made great strides in fighting cheaters since Season 1, and I truly believe that Season 3 will be the best state the game has ever been in. I am super excited for you all to experience a much more fair and competitive version of the game, and I can't wait to see you all on Fortuna III. Until next time, Prospectors. -Toast


Construction crews have been hard at work lately, giving our refuge floating above Fortuna III a facelift. On your next visit to Prospect Station, you will notice all the familiar hotspots have a brand new, if shadier, look. It's pretty likely that a hub for adventurous Prospectors more focused on surviving than sanitation won't be the cleanest place, but that doesn't mean we can't have some nice things. Take a stroll around the new storefronts and investigate all the new activity that will help give more life to the place we all call home. You will find new NPCs roaming about the station along with plenty of neat additions. Try not to get too distracted though, your main job is still Prospecting and surviving.


Removing mandatory wipes means we'll operate on an economy focused on the long term. Making adjustments to how the economy used to function was imperative. As a result, finding and obtaining exotic and legendary items will be much harder than before and early game can be adjusted to feel far less punishing to new players who are just finding their bearings on Fortuna III. We've overhauled many early game quests to feel less overwhelming (but still challenging), in addition to making late-game accomplishments feel much more rewarding. Players will have a chance, albeit a very small one, to find gear with a tier above the area they're in. Leave no stone unturned on the surface, as opening a weapon crate to find a Voltaic Brute, or checking a jacket to find a rare keycard should now feel like a true jackpot moment and get your heart pumping as you make your way to the evac ship. We do not want late-game players to have infinite access to the best gear in the game. Sure, unlocking something great should be a big milestone, but upkeeping high-level loadouts should be difficult, and bringing a full end-game loadout into a match should be a truly special occasion - this is what makes the infinite gear chase more thrilling. This required us to re-think how easily players can re-purchase gear that they have unlocked, and how often, as well as how deep our money sinks are running.
We've added additional ammo variants for different weapons that will increase in cost as you progress to higher tiers of weapons, which means you will have to be much more conscious of the risk versus reward of constantly running that Voltaic Brute if your goal is just to kill creatures at Greens Prospect. The new challenge for end-game players will be to maintain the ability to run the highest level gear when it makes the most sense to do so. Purchasing weapons from the factions will now also cost faction scrips in addition to their usual K-Mark costs, so completing jobs and quests for each faction will be more important than ever. The loot pool of items that can be found has been updated to encourage players to be more diligent when searching for goodies at various POIs to have that jackpot moment when finding a rare item.


The arsenal of weapons available at your disposal will be expanded to accomplish a few different goals. First and foremost, the new versions of the weapons will help cover some of the gaps we previously had in the weapon lineup with LMGs, launchers, SMGs, snipers, and shotguns. This means you will find more rarities of different weapon types to offer more choices of what you can use on your journeys to Fortuna III. This change also gives players an opportunity to use their favorite weapon skins more frequently on more weapons that sometimes became obsolete as you progressed to higher levels.
You will see two different variants of some guns in the form of MkI and MkII weapons. MkI weapons will be lower tier versions of current versions, while MkII weapons will be higher tier versions of their original counterparts. There will be some differences between MkI/MkII and their current versions in the form of damage or penetration values, types of attachments you can use on each weapon, and types of ammo that will be needed for different tiers.
This will also allow us to make the higher tier guns rarer without diluting the weapon pool too heavily, and still give players the 'jackpot' moment if/when you find a rarer gun from a weapon crate.


Along with the aforementioned economy tuning, some balance changes needed to be made to accommodate the non-wiping systems. The biggest change you might notice is how quickly armor durability will decrease when attacked by other players and/or creatures during fights. This will make prospectors think twice about engaging potential enemies while affecting decisions about what armor is worth the risk for their goals for each match. Don't forget to repair your armor between matches if you want to stay fully protected during runs. We've also tuned some weapons following the addition of the new MkI and MkII weapons, but there will be more details on that in a later section of the patch notes.
Meanwhile, Prospectors will now have more choices for their methods of destruction (or protection) while exploring Fortuna III. Starting capacity of each prospector's safe pocket has been increased from 5 to 9 to help with progression through some earlier questlines and player quarter upgrades have been adjusted to account for those changes. Creature behavior and health have received some tuning to make them a bit less of a pain to deal with in some cases. Standard variants of Striders and Rattlers had their total health reduced and shouldn't be as spongy to damage as previous iterations. The range at which creatures are able to see and hear prospectors has been adjusted slightly along with the amount of time it takes to de-aggro from a target. Be more aware of your surroundings as stealth and sneakiness will be much more important than it previously was if you want to stay undetected.
We have also made some other smaller balance changes as well. Mid-air accuracy has been reduced for most weapons to help make the combat feel a bit more grounded, many key crafting components have had their crafting timers reduced, and there have been changes across the board to loot drops and rewards to help facilitate the new economy. It's more changes than we can realistically list here, so we encourage you to drop down to Fortuna III and discover them all for yourself.


Matchmaking is a topic that is often discussed in Discord, Reddit, and Steam forums. More importantly, it's one that we are not oblivious to. During Season 2, we switched things up from using average evac value to using K/D ratio as the main factor for determining the MMR rating used to place players in different buckets. We found that while this was certainly a step in the right direction towards making matches fairer, there is still room for improvement to avoid brand new players who have a good run from being unfairly matched with more veteran players getting blasted by gear far beyond what they have access to. While matches in TC:F are meant to be somewhat uncertain, we definitely understand how frustrating it can be to constantly die due to an total imbalance of weaponry before you have a chance to react. To combat this, but still maintain some sense of tension and uncertainty about what you might encounter during any given drop to Fortuna III, we will be implementing a form of gear score in combination with K/D when determining a player's MMR calculations. This doesn't mean that you will only see players wearing the same gear as you in a match, as that limits the ability to have score big 'come ups', but it will help keep players more fairly matched and make it less likely that new players will be constantly overpowered while they are learning the ropes.
Another big topic of feedback we received regarding matchmaking is how difficult it is to regularly survive when outnumbered during encounters with other players on Fortuna III. With Season 3, you will now find the separation of buckets based on squad size that was originally implemented for Bright Sands during Season 2, now spread across all three maps. This means that no matter what your skill set or what map you choose you should only see other solos as a solo, duos as a duo, or trios as a trio in trusted matchmaking buckets.


We've made another pass on early missions in order to give new players a better overview of what to expect and the basics of life as a Prospector. This includes more detailed explanations of certain tasks and additional tips for features that should become useful when staying alive after gaining the trust of the factions and becoming a full blown prospector.
Returning players will no longer be required to complete the tutorial missions once they've been completed once. They will only appear when launching the game for the first time on a new account
  • During the first drop and tutorial, Prospectors will now hear gunshot sounds to get them accustomed to more of the sounds they should expect to hear during their time on Fortuna III
  • Popups and voiceover lines for early tasks should better inform users of what their goals should be
  • The flow of the early game has been finetuned to make the process run more smoothly as players progress through each task
  • Early game matchmaking has been significantly tuned to better ease new players into the game


Keycard rooms have been reworked across the board to give much juicier loot, but to compensate, keycards are now much rarer and have less uses. Now they will truly be "loot rooms", instead of "a few white stims and an AR-55" rooms. Keycard rooms should also feel more "themed," containing items that are more relative to the location of the rooms. We're very excited to see what you discover!

New Season, new Fortuna Pass! We've got 100 new tiers to grind through, complete with Prospector Archetypes, Banners, Weapon Skins, Sprays, Aurum, Resource Crates, and more! Fortuna pass is chock full of vanity like the last season. We still wanted to give you as many weapon skins as possible in addition to:
  • 2 main characters with 1 extra variation each
    • Harvester and his twin BloodFreak - they never get along well
    • Bloodhound and Rebel Reporter - both willing to take any risk to bring you the latest news!
  • 2 new emotes for color Fortuna even more
  • Three new Melee Weapons
  • An exclusive pickaxe skin
  • 14 weapon skins
  • Various sprays, charms, banners, and a drop pod
But that's not all!
  • Crates have been revised, we added some of the MK2 weapons and new ammo for you to test it out
  • XP rewards and bonuses were slightly tweaked
  • XP curve is now non-linear and later levels of the pass need a bit more XP than in season 2, but first 15 levels of the pass are not affected at all with this change


All prospectors will have a new customizable default base suit, chest piece, gloves, and boots that can be equipped from the character customization screen. Different from the previous seasons; you can now purchase/acquire single outfit pieces like base suits, chests, boots, and gloves. We will still have some of the outfit bundles available next to these new single (ready to mingle) pieces.
This season, we tried to be a little wilder to explore some different effects for almost all the cosmetic types. You'll see some see-through bellies running around with Unbound Synth, wicked melee, charms and weapons that look like they are taken right out of a Howler's gastric - or rather fun and progressive charms, melee weapons etc. We still would like to expand and improve on this! (you know what? if you press U - you can inspect those kick ass weapons, charms, and melee in match. All of our items have their rarity assigned! Get ready for some epic and exotics!
  • Unbound Synth: A prospector which is perfect for you! Our first less human, more android prospector with a few emotions (maybe none at all) and the strongest dedication
  • The Artillery: She will be joining the team very soon - after dealing with her internal reckoning
  • The Jungle Bandit: A sneaky one that thinks adding a couple of bushes makes him look visible - but in reality it just looks dashing! He'll be with us later in the season - still collecting some bushes to perfect it's outfit
  • Authority Operative: Without any communication with HQ, and without pay, even the Authority's commandos need to earn a living. Where better to put their skills to use than the planet's hellish surface?


The Fresh Fortunes Pack DLC will be available for free download starting at 7pm CEST on Thursday March 30, 2023 (10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 2:00pm GMT). Keep an eye out for dedicated publication with all details on the pack and how you can grab it!


Like last season, we have 3 special season bundles, each one complete with a collection of clean cosmetics up for grabs!
Are you a fierce Howler Tamer, or patrolling through Fortuna with your buddies to keep the planet in order? Or rather - you just want to shine, be the most colorful out there to show you have no fear that forces you to be subtle? You will be able to get these beauties through Steam and Epic store - as well as through in game Shop under the Bundles tab. We tried to give you the best selections for you to decide your statements in this season. As per usual, there are many new items specifically made for the new season, you cannot believe how much fun we had preparing all those sprays and banners for you! Also do not miss out from all the new melees, charms and emotes! Some of them will make you spit your drink out!


  • DLSS 3 has been implemented and will be available for those with compatible graphics processors
  • To make them a more exciting end-game challenge, Laser Drills will now be exclusive to Crescent Falls. They may return to Bright Sands again in the future with some balancing tweaks
  • The Crusher Caverns have had a massive overhaul, the caves will now be a significantly more difficult end game activity that will take team coordination and top end gear to survive
  • Prospectors will now take a short ride on the evac ship before fully extracting. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Fortuna III before returning to the Station, but don't get shot
  • New grenade with the Howler shriek contained inside will be craft-able using Howler loot drops
  • Added a new weapon inspection feature with new animations to let prospectors check out their cool skins on weapons and melee sets
  • Players will now have a chance to find weapons with pre-loaded attachments while looting different areas. The rarity of these attachments will determine its chances of spawning
  • Attachments, consumables, and items all have clear numerical values about how they affect different mechanics
  • New and updated questlines
  • Prospectors will now have the ability to redeem promotion codes and coupons directly from the game to receive promotional items without going to their store launcher
  • Names and descriptions of armor and helmets are now more descriptive of their functions to better fit with the lore
  • Weapon description texts have been updated to include distances at which the gunshot sounds are audible
  • Some crafting recipes have been updated to require Howler loot drops
  • Tharis Island will not be accessible or unlockable by way of campaign missions immediately at the start of the season. As a result, crafting or player upgrades that require items only obtained on Tharis will be temporarily inaccessible until April 19th when the Island will be globally unlocked
  • A new keycard has been added to the lineup of keycards available
  • Possibly related to the new keycard, a new way to enter and exit the Forge has been added to Tharis Island. The door can be dangerous so proceed with caution
  • Keycard availability and durability received an update
  • Keycards cost has been updated to include a script cost when purchasable from the factions
  • Player Quarter upgrades received an update to include higher K-mark investment and new recipes for upgrade costs
  • Gear durability and repair costs have been changed to work better with a long-term economy in mind
  • New ammo varieties have been added to the loot pool with unique icon for each variety
  • Fortuna Pass rewards and icons have been updated for Season 3
  • Badum's First Drop and Welcome Packages have received an overhaul to make the experience as good as possible
  • A hard limit of 10 million K-marks have been added to cap the amount of K-marks a player can own at any given time
  • Our favorite barkeep, Badum, will now give Prospectors a unique questline with rewards after completing the FTUE missions which will be available on April 19th
  • Improved the prevention of players spawning next to each other to give Prospectors more breathing room when they drop onto Fortuna III


  • Fixed a bug where the speed penalty would persist after switching items from a charged heavy melee attack without performing the heavy melee attack
  • Removed an invisible collision barrier that prevented players from interacting with Osiris faction leader
  • Items will no longer visually duplicate themselves when sorting inventory or moving items from backpack to stash
  • Removed unintended access methods for areas above East Caverns on Bright Sands
  • Invisible post will not stop you from approaching the Fortuna Pass booth on the station
  • Adjusted the UI display to prevent overlapping of contract screens when multiple contracts are claimable
  • A very specific tree in Jungle had some faulty animations that have been resolved by our in-house horticulturist
  • Weapons, tools, and consumables will no longer vanish from your hands when swapping between grenades and other consumables
  • Players will now be able to successfully leave a party after removing a friend from friends list while in an active squad
  • Map updates and removal of several exploit spots across all 3 maps
  • Many, many more bug fixes but too many to list for the sake of saving space


  • In-game notification system has been revamped to better notify players of the most important events and actions while playing the game
  • Players can now sign up for our TCF email newsletter without leaving the game and see rewards before signing up
  • New key art has been added to the loading screen
  • New icons and UI images have been added for new in-game items
  • Discrepancies in vanity descriptions for various items in Windfall's Shop and Fortuna Pass have been unified
  • Mission images have been updated
  • Visibility of tool tip information has been improved
  • Weight and stack sizes for some items have been adjusted
  • New Emotes, sprays, character cosmetics and weapon skins will be available from the Fortuna Shop and Fortuna Pass rewards throughout the season
  • End of season widget has been updated in accordance with no longer having wipes each season
  • UI Tooltips have been adjusted
  • New icons have been added to the Feedback section of the menus
  • Added a UI element to clarify that player's are able to return to a map at any time once it has been unlocked


  • We are currently investigating an issue that causes some crashes when using NIVIDIA 40 series cards on the Epic Games Launcher. A fix will be pushed as soon as it is ready
  • Sometimes the Crusher Caverns can have issues spawning mobs (or spawn too many mobs), if you encounter this issue please reach out to a community manager with your prospect.log files
  • There are some cases where a player can get stuck on a Badum FTUE task. A simple restart of the game should resolve that but our team is working on a more permanent fix
  • Some of the emotes are not previewed correctly in various screens like Fortuna Pass, Special Offers etc. You can still fully see all the amazing moves and our little Leafling, Marauder etc in the station and in match but we will look into how to best preview them
  • Some of the new items with additional effects are missing an indicator on the icons to imply so. Once you go to the preview or see them in game - you'll be amazed (and we'll be fixing that little marker issue)
That's all for now, prospectors! Thank you all for your support and feedback over the previous 2 seasons, we hope that Season 3 will be fun, exciting, tense, and we cannot wait to see the stories you and your fellow Prospectors create when you drop back down to the surface.
Additionally, we're having a 48 hour livestream to celebrate the launch of Season 3. Stop by our Twitch ( and say hello!
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2023.03.29 09:20 Call_It_Luck Never played a Mass Effect game. Based off some listed likes and dislikes, might it be a game for me?

Some of my favorite games of all time are Half Life (all the games), Starcraft (both games, but moreso SC1/Brood War), and Beyond Good And Evil. I list these specifically because they are linear story based games that involve other sentient species as main/supporting cast. I do enjoy sci-fi in general (the aforementioned games, Firefly, Dune, Star Wars, Titanfall, etc). However I'm not really a fan of when things get to be too this I mean when stuff all looks extremely stereotypical sci fi with either everything super smooth or super angular, chrome everywhere, etc. I like a bit a grit still (ie Firefly, Starcraft, or Half Life). A strong and colorful cast is important to me as well. If I don't find the characters interesting, I'll drop the game pretty quickly.
Some things I don't really love are LONG game (to me a long game is like 15+ hours, I know, my definition is on the shorter side), games with a lot of fillefluff content, open world games, and games that don't have a particularly interesting narrative (I know an "interesting" narrative is subjective, but try to work with me with this definition). I also *really dislike grinding in games to meet some arbitrary stat threshold in order to beat X enemy/boss/section.
When I say I don't enjoy fillefluff content, I don't mean strictly sidequesting. I'm fine with sidequesting if it is meaningful in a story/narrative way. I just hate random fetch quests, escort quests, etc.
Kinda thinking about trying Mass Effect and I've heard so many good things about the franchise, but I'm not really sure. Any insight? If it matters, I would likely be playing on PC.
Btw, I know my tastes are kind of...particular. Sorry if they are too vague or just outright strange. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to help!
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2023.03.29 09:19 Luxynx Why am I not getting Cliff in the Rocket Balloons?

So I've heard the balloons are supposed to be random, but every single time I've gotten the radar in the past the leaders, as far as I can recall, have always appeared in a linear, repeating rotation for me: Cliff, Arlo, Serienna, Cliff, Arlo, etc. But suddenly out of nowhere now that I need Cliff for the research he won't show up. I've been checking every 3 hour balloon spawn for over a day now (minus the 3AM one cause of sleep) and it keeps switching between only Arlo and Serienna. My wife was able to get each one first try and finished the entire research quest before me, even though I started long before her. I never had this issue with the last Rocket research quest, so is it really just terrible RNG I'm suddenly dealing with? It's really annoying me because I'm saving my radar for Cliff and missing out on so many grunt and other leader battles because of the research task.
submitted by Luxynx to pokemongo [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 09:03 P4NCH0theD0G PS4/PS5 Question About Save Points

Hello everyone.
Is there a way to manually trigger a save that actually saves your progress mid quest? Twice now I've lost about an hours worth of doing stuff because I thought "This was a save point for sure, right?" Wrong!
And if there is no way to do a "manual save", are the save points during quests really only when you get to a new teleporter? Or when you get a checkmark for a quest objective? So far that's what it seems like.
And I know that there's an auto save, but I don't understand the system of what it saves and why it doesn't save my mission progress at all.
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2023.03.29 08:51 Pale_Preference6647 [LitRPG] [Dungeon Core] What is a God? chapter 1

Am back and feeling better about writing than ever. I hope to the gods this never gets popular.
'This library doesn't... feel right,' He said while walking around. Was he even walking? As he looked down at himself his vision faded, coming back to a cave. It looked massive. 'This isn't the library... And I have no body.'
As he sat there he tried to move around, and he looked around finding himself in a... glass sphere? He tried to move through the wall, and to his surprise, it not only worked, but his vision grew larger. He looked around, and tried to take a deep breath in.
After a few minutes of 'breathing' he felt more alive. More present. With that he looked around and... saw more, felt more. Like new instincts and senses where present.
After he was done looking around he looked back to see the glass sphere he had come out of glowing with a vibrant cold blue.
After that he looked back around, and started to see light peering into what he could sense... Was it night before? Is it day now? He didn't know, and he couldn't see beyond a dozen feet or so from the glass like sphere.
Pondering what to do he asked to no one 'what do I do now?' and to his surprise a little window popped up in the... center? of his view. Now paying attention he saw more than in front, if it even was the front. Focusing more he saw in a more pinpoint direction.
Looking at the floating screen, it read: [WELCOME, NEW DUNGEON CORE. You may be disoriented, but have no fear, i am here to guide you.] Below the text was a simple 'Yes' box and a 'No' box.
Taking a few minutes to take in what it could be, and if it really knew what was going on. He reluctantly focused and tried to press the 'Yes' box.
Following that, the box's test changed. It now read: [I will now give you a quest. By accepting it you gain a time period to complete it, a goal, and a listed reward.] Right on time after reading it, a new box that was simultaneously there and not there appeared in the mind. It was a quest to complete the first level of the dungeon, whatever that meant. The reward was 'Being able to make an avatar' which sounded like a good thing.
Processing this, he focused back on the screen. 'Am I a dungeon? You know, one from games where people fight things?' he asked, and the screen had an ellipsis. After a minute or two it read: [Yes, except this isn't a game. I don't know if you were a constructed soul, or a reincarnated soul. You can try to take this up with one of the gods, but that'll be hard. All I can ask as one of many servants of this world is that you survive.] and after a long pause of processing, the new dungeon had a question. 'What is my name?' and the box went blank, then read: [You can name yourself, or let others name you. But that can be done later, I am here to teach you how to be a dungeon] and with that, the new dungeon from another world found a small glimpse of purpose.
Several(5) Days Later
Now that box is gone, and I think I understand what it was saying. Now I think I know how to make a golem, as that was the only thing it wanted me to make. Or it wanted me to make one and learn how to make more things after learning how that worked.
I had two quests, and one led to the other... Time limit for making a golem was a week, and the time limit for making the first level was 359 days and some hours. Time to follow with this I guess.
If anyone read this through, hope you liked it. If you didn't, let me know by down voting it, or if you'd like you can tell me what about it you didn't like.
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2023.03.29 08:43 shaunalawless Book review of Ascension by Nicholas Binge

So this was my mini review from the previous blog 👇
This book will part of the bookish conversation next year, and not only within SFF. It’s a genre defying novel – part speculative, part sci-fi, part contemplation on the nature of humanity. Perhaps I’d even go as far to say that it could be this generations Life of Pi or Atonement.
As you can tell, I loved it. And for so many reasons.
A mystery. We all love them.
This book has the greatest mystery of them all. How has a mountain suddenly appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Where has it come from?
A group of scientists, each from a different specialist field, are sent up the mountain to answer this question.
But the mountain seems to have a mind of its own. Strange things start to happen. Time moves differently. People’s personalities change. Why is this?
The mystery intensifies with every page. I was absolutely drawn into the science, theories, conjecture and debate. But the real drama was contained within the mind of our protagonist, Harold Turnmore.
With a hard climb ahead of him and hours of solitude, Harold begins to think on his past, a past he has carefully locked away. However, while he tries to unlock the mountain’s secrets, his own secrets begin to spill out. What we find is a story of love, grief, tragedy, and a quest to belong – and this gives the story all its heart. Both Santi and Naoko have lived in my mind since finishing the book – and it is the relationship between Harold, Naoko and Santi that reveals the biggest questions of them all. What is it to love? What is it to forgive? What is it to endure?
I think people will love this book for different reasons. Some will be drawn to the science, some to the action, some to the internal thoughts of Harold. In that sense, it is a book that will fuel many a conversation – and I expect to see that discussion unfolding when the book is released. Some may find elements controversial, others may find parts pushing boundaries.
But isn’t that the point?
And more to think on…
Can a mountain really exist if no one knows it’s there?
What if we all already know the mountain is there… and have forgotten?
For the blurb and full review see -
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2023.03.29 08:37 Chaiscomment 53 combat colossal blade isn't real, it can't hurt you. →53 combat colossal blade:

53 combat colossal blade isn't real, it can't hurt you. →53 combat colossal blade: submitted by Chaiscomment to 2007scape [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 08:22 hhnnapua Neck pain / strain using the quest 2

So I’ve had the quest 2 since launch with the official elite strap and never had any problems. Only recently I’ve decided to upgrade to the Bobovr m2 pro. While the initial comfort is better the back of my neck starts hurting after only an hour of playing. Will this go away eventually or is this not the headstrap for me?
I’m already seeing a PT and am doing neck stretches beforehand. Any other recommendations are welcome as well!
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2023.03.29 08:11 SeptenSweets New Player Questions

Hello! I'd like to preface this by saying I'm not trying to complain and am actually really loving Lost Ark so far. The graphics are amazing, story is enjoyable, combat is unique, and I assume lots of people like the game based on how many bots there are in the starting area.
I recently picked up Lost Ark and just hit combat level 39 on my Artist. I see a lot of places talking about how raids and cool gear upgrades are available at level 50, which I assume isn't too far away, but I'm a little confused on how long that'll take me. I currently have 38 hours on the game, and I don't know if that's typical or not. I'm just wondering how much longer it should take me to get to play with other people, because it's pretty lonely in the earlier areas.
I usually complete games pretty fast which is why I'm curious. I've been completing all the quests I come across and collecting mokoko seeds but other than hitting that stupid barricade on Mount Zagoras for like 40 minutes, I haven't really been doing anything too crazy or out of the way. Should I be farther along by now? Is there something I'm missing?
Also, when do I get cute outfits? The ones I'm getting now are basically recolors of the same crop top and booty shorts (I don't mind the style it's just that this green + brown combo is giving me hives), and I'm really jealous of the cute mage outfits I keep seeing on the bots. Are there any outfits I can get for actual money? When I open the shop I just see a couple simple coats and some baseball outfits (?) but sometimes on the loading screen I see an "Artist outfit" promotion. Are those actual gear sets I'd have to level up to be able to buy?
This is a lot of questions rolled into one and sorry for the wall of text! I'm just kind of twiddling my thumbs atm because I find the combat not super challenging thanks to the new character buff. I haven't died or even been close once, is the class I chose overpowered or something? It is still fun but I want to play with other people. Also not used to Reddit so let me know if I should format posts differently or word things in a different way :)
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