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A place for all things Radiohead.

2014.08.14 03:04 reached Five Nights at Freddy's

Official subreddit for the horror franchise known as Five Nights at Freddy's (FNaF). Official Discord Server: will be updated soon

2013.05.27 07:14 SUMMON OPPAI!!!

This is for the DxD Light Novel series not High School or your High School experience.

2023.06.07 23:34 FishSticksPR Has anyone used this product?

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2023.06.07 23:16 BeautifulLibrarian44 June is Flamenco Month

June is Flamenco Month
Flamenco Works is amazing! 506 Central (across from the 505 food hall downtown). Family day is Sunday ($20/family) where the kids get to meet the performers. These shows make an excellent date night!
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2023.06.07 23:14 KukalakaOnTheBay So… the merger health authorities have a new name and logo. Please discuss.

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2023.06.07 23:10 MirandaR524 People will comment on anything..

People will comment on anything..
Then don’t get him an ice cream cake 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
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2023.06.07 23:10 gurukulofcivil How to Prepare a Structural Drawing?

What is in a Structural Drawing?
Types of Structural Drawings?
Structural Drawing
General Note
Drawing for Excavation
Column Layout
Beam Layout
The layout of Lintel Beam
The Layout of Roof Beams and Shutters
The Layout of Roof Slabs
How to prepare structural drawings?
How do you read a structural drawing?
What are the types of structural plans?
How do you read a structural steel beam size?
What is RCC working drawing used for?
Drawings for Architecture
Working Plan
Section Diagrams
Drawing of Elevation
Electrical Schematics
Drawings for Plumbing
What is BIM Structural drawing?


What is a Structural Drawing?

A structural drawing is a series of plans that depicts the construction of a building structure. It contains foundation and dimension information, framing details, Bracing systems, beam and column details, and wall sections, all of which are utilized to guide the construction of the structure.

Types of Structural Drawings?

Structural Drawing

This type of design drawing shows how beams, columns, staircases, slabs, and other structural elements are connected, as well as the “strength of different structural elements, structural materials, grade, size, and placement of reinforcement, and the strength of the building.

General Note

A general note is a draught that incorporates codes, bylaws, and structural drawing specifics such as concrete mix, lapping length, curing time, abbreviation, mapping forms, building type, legends, and other work methods.

Drawing for Excavation

The excavation of footing dimension, position of the column, footing plan layout, and column grid lines are all shown on the excavation drawing. This illustration depicts the scope of excavation, such as soil removal, as well as the excavation process, which includes trenching, wall shafts, tunnelling, and other techniques.

Column Layout

The design and configuration of the columns throughout the structure are reinforced by the column layout. This plan divides the building into floors and specifies the precise size and distance between each column. Contractors will be able to study the entire building layout with the help of column plan layout drawings.

Beam Layout

Plinths are used to reinforce a building's support structure. The plinth beam layout platform, length and design of the plinth are made floor-wise.

The layout of Lintel Beam

Another type of beam structure is the lintel beam, which is used to add strength to the area of the building above the door and windows. The exact placements, size, and a number of beam lintels on each floor are included in this type of picture.

The Layout of Roof Beams and Shutters

The roof beam is used to strengthen the overall structure of the building. It is the triangular structure that sustains the roof and is normally built on top of the building. These are normally built of wood, but they can also be made of steel or concrete.

The Layout of Roof Slabs

Room slab layout is provided to complete an account of the roof faces, floors, & other surfaces that require accurate edge information, as the name implies. In the AutoCAD software, this is made more significantly.

How to prepare structural drawings?

The final stage of a structural design is the creation of a Structural Drawing. The structural drawing or structural plan is made up of structural elements as well as a basic arrangement building plan or building layout for the site.
All of the intricacies that we need to follow throughout site construction are portrayed in these designs. Although it is the responsibility of the structural draughtsman to prepare the Structural Drawing, the onus lies on the Structural Designer to ensure that the right drawing standard is followed and executed. We all know that every simple or complex detail of our design must be correctly reflected in the drawing.

How do you read a structural drawing?

Structural drawing, which is a form of engineering drawing, is a design or set of plans and details for the construction of a building or other structure. Plans, Elevations, X-Sections, General Notes and Details are among the subsets of the structural drawings collection.

What are the types of structural plans?

How do you read a structural steel beam size?

The W denotes a wide flange beam (as opposed to, say, an S beam); the 14 denotes the section number, and the 211 denotes the beam's weight per foot of 211 lbs. It's worth noting that, depending on the beam size, allowed deviations from the required specifications can range from 1/8 into 5/16in”.
Read More:
What is the Function of Bridge Foundation or Pier and its Types? 5 Important Points
Pre-stressed Concrete, Pre-tensioning and Post-tensioning: 3 Important Points

What is RCC working drawing used for?

Drawings for Architecture

The architectural drawing serves as the mother drawing for all other construction drawings. It includes all the project details such as site plan, elevations, setting out plan, standard details, sections and other details.

Working Plan

This drawing depicts the building's horizontal measurements, wall thickness, clear areas inside the structure, and column positions. It also illustrates the required openings within the structure, such as windows, doors, and ventilators.

Section Diagrams

Section drawings exhibit the construction material, depth, types and measurements of various building components, and the types of structural components such as slab type, among other things. It depicts the drawing of a building that has been chopped via a vertical plane.

Drawing of Elevation

The information on openings, the size and shape of the exterior surface, the height of the building, and the finish of the building after completion are all represented on an elevation drawing. These sketches are created by looking at the architecture from an aesthetic standpoint.

Electrical Schematics

Electrical drawings show the placement and features of electrical wiring, fittings, substations, and switches, among other things. The drawing also contains an electrical load calculation, an electrical legend, a floor power plan, a floor lighting plan, a single line diagram, a fire alarm layout, a CCTV camera, as well as an equivalency table, lightning protection, and earth data.

Drawings for Plumbing

On each floor, the plumbing construction plan shows the markings and locations of plumbing components such as sanitary, water supply piping, fixtures, equipment, pumps, pipes, drains, taps, and outlets. This encompasses everything from the type and size of sinks to gas location and the process of connecting all of the fixtures.

What is BIM Structural drawing?

BIM is a process that involves the creation and administration of a digital model that aids in the design, construction, and maintenance of a structure during its entire existence. The purpose of BIM is to create buildings that are well-designed, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.
I hope the blog provides you with a sound understanding of the Structure Drawings and their production procedure.
Please feel free to like, share and comment.
Please see our Pillar Post to know why we founded
Read More:
Why does Concrete need Reinforcement? 6 Important Points
Column Layout for Residential Building - 4 Important Points
What is the purpose of Structure Engineering Software?
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2023.06.07 23:08 M4Dl50N Itinerary Help

It's my first time being the head planner of a holiday to Universal and Disney Orlando (from England) for two people.
My mum was normally the one to plan this kind of stuff.
Be as harsh as you want, I just need some help adjusting my itinerary for an upcoming trip? Is there anything you would adjust concerning Universal's placement or anything it all?
Any help or advice is much appreciated, as I feel quite useless planning this!
Thanks a million :)
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2023.06.07 22:57 SladeRipfire Switch from Ozempic 2mg to Wegovy 2.4mg OOP?

For a few months now, I’ve been successfully losing weight with BCBS NC covering 2mg Oz under preD dx. Ins is suddenly requiring PA and T2D.
Thinking of switching to Wegovy starting at the highest dose and paying out of pocket until I can change ins. During my employers benefit enrollment period in 2024, I plan on switching to a UHC plan (UHC is covering Wg for a coworker w weight loss dx).
So, assuming cure Wegovy shortages do not apply to the dosage I plan on taking, I’m assuming this is a viable plan. Before the end of the year I plan on confirming with UHC that Wg is covered and getting PA & dx requirements.
Any concerns I need to consider? Is this a viable plan?
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2023.06.07 22:43 ewills2001 players wanted

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2023.06.07 22:34 CharmLuck Reached Plat 3. Should I say bye to Stake and try new casinos!!

With the next level just impossible for me to wager and get bonus, I am thinking of shifting to another casino and getting bonus timely! What would you do? I don’t play a lot just here and there few days. I hit a good streak on Sugar rush and thus was able to complete plat 3. $100 to $4000 then I lost $1000 so I thought I first complete the level as I was 80% thru. Got a reload of $33 for 42 days. I guess I’ll cash out buy Xbox and Apple Watch and and save some for future casino adventures.
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2023.06.07 22:30 hi-its-carl [US] [SELLING] Manga Sets: Black Clover, Slam Dunk, Heavenly Delusion, Kaiju No. 8, Mashle, Gintama, Classroom of the Elite, Colorless, Level 1 Demon Lord & 1 Room Hero, Go! Go! Loser Ranger!, Today's Menu for the Emiya Family, Assassin's Creed Dynasty, PTSD Radio, Days on Fes, MHA Box Set

Free Shipping. Not splitting. Prices are firm. All manga are brand new, unread.
Paypal Goods & Services (G&S) Transactions Only. If anyone (possibly with a very similar username to mine) messages you and asks to do any other type of transaction, they're a lowlife scammer and should be reported to Mods immediately.
Assassin's Creed Dynasty 1-4 $40
Black Clover 1-18, 20-26, 28-31 (missing 19 & 27) $200
Classroom of the Elite (manga) 1-6 $60
Colorless 1-4 $45
Days on Fes 1-5 $39
Gintama 1-23 $170
Go! Go! Loser Ranger 1-4 $34
Heavenly Delusion 1-5 $52
Kaiju No. 8 1-6 $44
Mashle 1-11 $80
My Hero Academia Box Set $95
PTSD Radio Omnibus 1-3 $45
Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero 1-5 $44
Slam Dunk 1-31 $250
Today's Menu for the Emiya Family 1-4 $40
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2023.06.07 22:14 Professional-Chair42 Guess they’ll come to work to keep their sponsors/“friends” happy but not their loyal listeners 🙄

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2023.06.07 21:57 SILV3RAWAK3NING76 Instagram & its parent company Meta/Facebook (LifeLog): Instagram connects pedophiles and guides them to content sellers via recommendation systems...": Child Pornography dealers on Instagram are so brazen that they offer a “menu” of services directly on ZuckerLizard's platform.

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2023.06.07 21:55 EatinSLOCal Splash Café – San Luis Obispo Location - Review

Splash Café – San Luis Obispo Location - Review
Okay, bear with me on this one. Splash Café is the go-to place for clam chowder in the county, so much so that they’ve been able to expand into supermarkets’ freezer sections with their clam chowder bread bowls and offer their food on Gold Belly. All that being said, because of an incident (that is completely my fault) 15 years ago, it is hard for me to stomach their clam chowder (or Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum) without getting nauseous. But it’s time for me to get over it and return to Splash Café to try their Fish & Chips as well as their SLO only Munchies Menu!
Get Chow'd
📍1491 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Splash Café’s San Luis Obispo Location is located on Monterey, kitty corner from Famous Frank’s Hot Dogs, next to Petit Soleil. Inside are a food counter and a bakery counter with a fair amount of seating from pseudo booths to high top tables, as well as seating outside in front and to the side of the café. They also have a location in Pismo Beach and you can also buy their clam chowder, hot sauce, spice rubs, and merchandise through their website. They’re open Daily from 8 AM – 3 PM.

The menu is pretty extensive, but let’s start with the Chowder and Chili can be served in their famous bread bowl, a cup, bowl, pint, or quart, and can be topped with seafood, clam, bacon, green onion, and cheese, and paired with a slice or loaf of grilled sourdough. Under the “…And Chips” menu is 6 options – fish, clam strips, calamari, shrimp, chicken strips, and a combo with your choice of 2 of the previously mentioned options. Salads and Wraps have 4 salads – garden, seafood, grilled salmon, or fried chicken, and 3 wraps – Killer Cod, Salmon BLAT, or Cali. Tacos have two topping options – classic (lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and avocado ranch) or Baja (aioli slaw, tomato, jalapenos, citrus salsa, and avocado ranch, with 5 meat options – fried fish, grilled salmon, grilled ahi tuna, friend chicken, or tri-tip. You can also get a half or full pound of steamers served with grilled sourdough. Specialty Sandwiches include a lobster roll, Shrimp SLO Boy, Tri-Tip, Cod, and Salmon or Ahi dressed Beach style (Aioli slaw, tomato, onion, caper Dijon, & 1000 Island) or Original (Lettuce, tomato, onion, & caper Dijon). There’s also cheeseburgers, with optional bacon or western styles. For Vegetarians, there is a Veggie Burger, Veggie Sandwich, or Impossible Chik’n Sandwich. Deli Sandwiches – Grilled Cheese, Reuben, Pesto Turkey Club, BLAT, Chicken Sandwich and more. There’s family platters that let you pick proteins. They also have corndogs, chilidogs, and a regular hotdog.
On top of all of that, there’s a Breakfast Menu! From the served all day portion, there’s an egg sandwich, loaded tots, avocado toast, a munchie bowl, oatmeal, and pancakes. Served until 11 AM are bacon, chorizo, vegan, or veggie breakfast burritos, a cheese omelet, French toast, or scrambled eggs. On the Munchie Menu are a selection of Loaded Cheesy Tots – Morning Munchie (eggs, bacon, green onions, and other breakfast fixings), Veg out (Chik’n, avocado, etc.), Train Wreck (their take on chili fries), Get Chow’d (topped with clam chowder and fixings), and Loaded Tots (bacon and sauces). On top of all this, there’s a full case of various baked goods from the Splash Bakery.
Fish & Chips
What I Had:
I had the Fish & Chips as well as the Get Chow’d Loaded Cheesy Tots! The Fish & Chips were 3 pieces of battered and fried cod (I think) paired with curly fries, both seasoned with what I believe is a mixture of Old Bay and Parsley (or at least the ingredients from Old Bay). The fish were kind of classic American fish & chips breading, not too heavy, not light either, but it tasted good. I was a little disappointed in the curly fries, not only were they lukewarm where the fish was hot, the seasoning that’s on the fish didn’t really hit the same on the fries. The tartar sauce was pretty good, seemed standard. The Get Chow’d was cheesy tots with chowder, bacon, green onion, cheese, and according the menu I was supposed to be given a side of Carrot Pepper Hot Sauce, but I did not receive any (that might’ve improved the dish, I love a dash of hot sauce on my chowder. I know it sounds gross… but it also is gross… yet somehow the combination of the chowder, bacon, green onion, and cheesy tots all work together. If I didn’t have my hang-ups about Splash’s chowder, I’m sure I would’ve devoured it faster than I already did.

Would I Have It Again:
Probably not. That is to say, I would rather try other things on the menu and not the chowder that still haunts me. I’d also like to try their SLO Boy and Lobster Rolls and the breakfast items. The Munchie Menu is a cool idea, makes sense for our college town, I just wish Splash was open at a time of day it made sense to have the munchies. The staff is always friendly, and there were plenty of spots to eat even during their lunch rush. So with all of this in mind, Splash Café – San Luis Obispo Location gets an Eatin’ SLOCal Rating of – Give It A Try!
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2023.06.07 21:47 SILV3RAWAK3NING76 Instagram & its parent company Meta/Facebook (LifeLog): It has been discovered that the platform’s recommendation systems direct users toward sexually explicit content: Child Pornography dealers on Instagram are so brazen that they offer a “menu” of services directly on ZuckerLizard's platform.

Instagram & its parent company Meta/Facebook (LifeLog): It has been discovered that the platform’s recommendation systems direct users toward sexually explicit content: Child Pornography dealers on Instagram are so brazen that they offer a “menu” of services directly on ZuckerLizard's platform. submitted by SILV3RAWAK3NING76 to bestconspiracymemes [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 21:30 GabrieleLilley Iman Gadzhi - Kaizen Cure

Iman Gadzhi Kaizen Cure is the best course to improve your life! - Free your mind
- Heal your body
- Secure your systems
- Transcend your social The real world accounts (official) , HU 2.0, Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator leaked & MORE
Our Server ( COURSES ) =
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2023.06.07 21:28 Majoroniell Surfs Up at Gnarly Deli

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2023.06.07 21:21 calyssat Lease takeover in North Austin, 5 min from The Domain!

Lease takeover in North Austin, 5 min from The Domain!
Hi all! I’m looking for someone to take over my lease at Milo Apartments, right next to The Domain. Rent is $1280/month, and with apt monthly fees & water the monthly rent is usually around $1380/month total (fluctuates based on your water usage). Electric is billed separately through Utilities, and wifi is also separate.
Unit is a 1 bed 1 bath, roughly 550 SQ FT. Pet friendly apartment but they will ask for a pet interview for dogs before moving in (I had an ESA cat, so I never had to do any of that myself though). It’s a big complex but the building this unit is in is located right next to the dog park, the mail room, the pool, and the gym & yoga room, so everything was always in very close proximity to walk to. It’s open parking so LOTS of ample parking spaces, but nothing covered. The complex also prohibits solicitors so no random people knocking on the door or anything allowed. It’s a pretty family friendly complex in my experience, and there’s also a 7 mile hike & bike trail connected to the complex.
I’m already moved out since I moved in with my boyfriend, and the lease ends September 21st with the option to renew if you want to extend the lease date. Just need someone to take over the lease for me so I don’t have to pay rent for two apartments.
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2023.06.07 21:17 xiantez Covert Gaming New Horizons Creative Build Server Fly Unlimited Resources Skins Spawns

Need Premium Game Hosting Services?
Check out Rocket Node 👉👉👉 CLICK ME 👈👈👈Click here for ✅15% off Rust server hosting for the first month. Use the code 'LINCOLN'
This is a friendly and peaceful server. The admins are very helpful and we encourage the same from our community. This is a creative server that supports spawning items, god mode, and noclip (fly), and much more! We are looking for active players who like to design, build, and share their ideas with others!
Wipe Schedule
Soft wipe weekly (donators excluded)
Hard wipe monthly.
- Fly
- Menu GUI
- F1 Item Spawns
- God Mode
- Free Skins
- Friends
- Custom weather and time
- Fast Building Upgrades
- Custom Sign & Picture Art
- Private Messaging
- Instant Crafting and Smelting
- Teleportation
- Homes
- Storage Bank
- In-Game Crosshairs
- Wound Recovery (self-help)
- Build Costs
How to join?!
Click this link if you have Steam installed steam://connect/
Server Browser: Search in the ‘New Horizons”
Discord: [](
Website: [](
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2023.06.07 21:03 kergansblerg Goings on June - July at least that I'm aware of

The Contemporary Art Center in Peoria is very dear to my heart. So if you are looking to join an already thriving community of artists and like minded individuals come visit. I personally am looking forward to the Flowers for Ukraine show, I expect it to most wonderous.
Tldr: Things happen almost every Friday night and it's better than doom scrolling on your phone.
If reddit is the front page of the internet, then is the Contemporary Art Center the front page of Peoria art? 🤔
Live at the Five Spot:
Dexter O'Neal and the Funk Yard (Funk/R&B)
Friday, June 9, 2023 ~ 6:30-8:30pm
Every 2nd & 4th Friday
BUY TICKETS in Advance Online at 309tix: $12-nonmembers, $8-members, + fees
(till 5:00pm the day of event) Tickets at the door*: $16-nonmembers, $12-Members
Tickets at door are sold only if max capacity is not reached.
Dexter O’Neal and Funk Yard is a multi-faceted Peoria-based cover band performing a variety of R&B hits that appeal to all ages. Dex and the gang have the ability to change musical forms right in front of your eyes. You can't beat the steady driving rhythms, heavy bass lines, crazy guitar leads, sultry sax melodies, and the powerful vocals of Dexter O’Neal.
Seeking wine and gift item donations for future receptions and raffle baskets
Contact Darlene or William via email, [email protected] or phone, 309-674-6822

Support for Elevator Repair
In October 2022, the passenger elevator that serves our 4-story building and our neighbor’s building stopped working. Months were then spent exploring why it failed, possible solutions and choosing who to make the repairs followed. We have explored grants and there are none that pays for elevators. To make matters worse, there have been many surprising obstacles for the repairmen. The price tag continues to rise from the initial quote of $107,000 to now well over $275,000 and the elevator still has not been restored. The lack of an elevator has impacted our business significantly.
Help us raise money to pay for the elevator repairs. We don’t yet know the final price tag. Our part will be ¼ the final cost which at this point is at least $75,000. We share the elevator with 311 Water and other owners of our building, 305 Water.
Choices for supporting the cause include:
GoFundMe Facebook fundraiser at on our website at Donation Page - Contemporary Art Center of Peoria ( cash in person during business hours
Preston Jackson:
Biographical Tracings
April 29-June 19, 2023
Preston Jackson Gallery
Offering a surreal but personal form of reality, Preston’s energetic work is filled with stylized figures inspired from nature and childhood experiences. This series of paintings reads like chapters from a fantastic memoir. Preston is also busy with commissions and continues to garner accolades with the City of Decatur naming a park after him. The exhibit will culminate with his special presentation at the 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration on Sunday, June 18th, 6:30-8:30pm.
Morgan Elser:
The Other Side of Joy
April 29-June 19, 2023
Gallery 3R
23 years ago, Delavan artist Morgan Elser discovered her passion for creating in three dimensions and has since explored many mediums including bronze, fiber, stone, stainless steel and found objects.
As she progresses, a story also unfolds. The Giving Tree, a 21’ tall stainless-steel sculpture, was unveiled in Morton IL in 2017.
Flowers for Ukraine
June 30-August 11, 2023 - Preston Jackson Gallery
July 15 Reception: 6:30-8:30
free admission, donation requested
To show our support for Ukraine and to raise donations, Central Illinois artists have created artwork and patrons are invited to purchase them and/or to donate directly to various organizations serving in Ukraine. Donations can also be given to CAC to be passed on. Contemporary Art Center will donate 20% of sales and any donations to Doctors Without Borders. Besides live music and complimentary snacks and drinks, the reception will feature a flower sculpture by Kira Santiago that can only be seen at the reception.
Vera Scekic: Synthetic Being
June 30-August 11, 2023 - Gallery 3R
Vera Scekic is especially fond of manipulating paint as it surrenders to gravity. Her playful works evoke biotic forms growing like microbial blooms in petri dishes. Scekic has exhibited throughout the country and runs a contemporary art gallery (OS Projects) in Racine, Wisconsin.
Besides live music and complimentary snacks and drinks, the reception will feature a flower sculpture by Kira Santiago that can only be seen at the reception.
Day and Night, acrylic, graphite on MDF, 24” x 30”, Untitled (fluorescent tracers), acrylic, inkjet print on MDF, 8” x 6”
Photographer Seeks Subjects
Photographer Qingjun Huang seeks subjects to immortalize in a photograph. He wants to photograph some people in Central Illinois in the next few months as Fuji is sponsoring him to participate in a traveling international group photography exhibition. So far, he has created one of Peorian Whitney Jensen, that was displayed in his exhibit at the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria in 2022. Read More
Upcoming Education:
Tango Practica Peoria
weekly tango practice and lesson
Sundays, 6:30- 9:00 pm - May 7 - June 11
$5.00 cash per person
Hosts: Vlad Niculescu and Constance Estep
Contemporary Art Center of Peoria 2nd floor art gallery, rear entrance (Commercial
Beginning Salsa Dance (level 1)
Tuesdays, July 11 - August 8, 6:30-7:25 pm

Beginning Salsa Dance (level 2)
Tuesdays, July 11 - August 8, 7:30-8:25 pm
Upcoming Events:
Whisper & Shout: Open Mic for Poetry
Thursday, June 15, 2023 ~ 8:00-10:00pm
Every 1st & 3rd Thursday
BUY TICKETS in Advance Online at 309tix: $8-nonmembers, $5-members, $3-poets + fees (until 6pm day of event). Tickets at the door: $12-nonmembers, $9-members, $5-poets. Tickets at door are sold only if max capacity is not reached.
Feature Poet: Ladies Cipher featuring Eve Bell
Salsa at CAC
Friday, June 16, 2023
Every 3rd Friday
Introductory Dance Lesson: 8:30-9:30 pm
Learn the basics of several Latin Dances by Eduardo & Beverly Caballero
Open Dancing: 9:30-midnight - music by of Eduardo Caballero
ADMISSION AT THE DOOR ONLY: $8.00 nonmembers, $5.00 CAC members
3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration at the CAC
Sunday, June 18, 2023 ~ 6:30-8:30pm
The Contemporary Art Center’s 3rd annual Juneteenth Celebration will take place Sunday, June 18, 6:30-8:30pm at the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria in the Preston Jackson Gallery. The public is invited to this free event. No food or drink will be offered but guests may bring their own food and drink.
Artist Preston Jackson, founder of the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria, will share insights into his paintings on display in the gallery. Other speakers include Romando Dixson, Executive Editor of Peoria Journal Star, Whitney Jensen, spoken word poet and co-host of Whisper & Shout: Open Mic for Poetry and Carl Adams, author of "Nance: Trials of the First Slave Freed by Abraham Lincoln."

In-between speakers, music will be performed by Judy Page, Preston Jackson and their band.
We are grateful to Weston Meuth for sponsoring the music for tonight's performances.
Live at the Five Spot: Nathan Taylor and Friends (New Orleans Style Jazz/Pop )
Friday, June 23, 2023 ~ 6:30-8:30pm
Every 2nd & 4th Friday
BUY TICKETS in Advance Online at 309tix: $12-nonmembers, $8-members, + fees
(till 5:00pm the day of event) Tickets at the door*: $16-nonmembers, $12-Members
Tickets at door are sold only if max capacity is not reached.
Live at the Five Spot: Beth Bombara (folk/rock/americana)
Friday, July 14 ~ 6:30-8:30pm BUY TICKETS
Tickets in Advance Online at 309tix: $8-members, $12-nonmembers + fees
(till 5:00pm the day of event) Tickets at the door*: $12-Members, $16-nonmembers
Combined Art Reception
Saturday, July 15, 6:30-8:30 pm
live music, complimentary drinks and snacks ● free admission, donation requested.
Meet the exhibiting artists and view their artwork in three galleries.
Featuring a sculptural flower dress by Kira Santiago
Flowers for Ukraine
June 30-August 11, 2023 - Preston Jackson Gallery
Vera Scekic: Synthetic Being
June 30-August 11, 2023 - Gallery 3R
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2023.06.07 20:57 Kalel714 Just wanted a 2nd pair of eyes on 1st trip!

Hello! Booked a quick trip to Japan from July 20th to July 27th. Mainly staying in Toyko, with 1 night in Kyoto.
Here is the rough itinerary.
July 21st:
-Arrive at Narita Airport at 15:30 JST
-Take a train to Hotel Gracery Shinjuku in Tokyo
-Check in and then rest/explore the neighborhood
July 22nd:
-Asakusa District
-Senso-ji Temple
-Nakamise Shopping Street
-TeamLab Planets
July 23rd:
-Tsukiji Fish Market
-District of Ginza
-Takeshita Street
-Meiji Shrine & Meiji Jingu Gyoen Park
-Take Shinkansen to Kyoto and check into hotel
July 24th:
-Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
-Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
-Togetsukyo Bridge
- Nijō Castle
-Tenryu-ji Temple
-Take Shinkansen back to Tokyo
-Omoide Yokochō
July 25th:
-Shibuya Parco
-Shibuya Crossing
-Starbucks Reserve Roastery Tokyo
-Shibuya Sky
July 26th:
Tokyo Tower
Shiba Park
Zojoji Temple
Gundam Base Tokyo
July 27th:
Last minute shopping and open until departure from Narita Airport at 16:25 JST
Not sure about the Kyoto day plan. We definitely want to go to the Taisha Shrine for the gates but not sure we can git the rest in before we take the train back at night.
Please let me know what you think! Thank you!
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2023.06.07 20:47 KoldKappiShake_4826 Is this a Balanced Build for Ronaldinho at AMF ?

Is this a Balanced Build for Ronaldinho at AMF ?
I wanted to train Ronnie as an amf than a lwf ... is this enough or should I make some changes .?
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2023.06.07 20:43 Chad_Wife How do I mention this to a doctor without seeming “hysterical”?

I have 3+ physical disabilities including AS, IBD, and HS. I also have ADHD, scoliosis, dyslexia, and a hoard of more minor “afflictions”.
I never saw any of my diagnosis’ coming until the pain started. Once the pain starts it is 6months-36 months for diagnosis and my life to completely change. My diagnosis started age 13/14 (Crohn’s) and have kept coming (HS diagnosis late last year).
For the last 18 months I’ve had concerning symptoms.
Heart palpitations- I mentioned these to my DR and a 24 hour ECG showed no issues. However I feel random heavy pounding that almost winds me, usually at night when I lay in bed. It’s always random and never accompanied by anxiety - which I would like to be able to blame.
Urinary incontinence- I have peed myself without control at least 6 times in the last year. It is usually at morning when I first get out of bed, running to the toilet doesn’t help. It’s very embarrassing and I haven’t mentioned it to my DR yet.
Skin issues- I was diagnosed with HS (a skin manifestation of auto immune) late last year after 3+ skin infections. I had never had a skin infection in my life before this, and am now living with HS permanently. There is no cure. Treatment has barely helped. My skin looks “sallow” though my iron levels are OK. I feel like a zombie. It’s horrible. I’ve never been healthy looking but this really “took the cake”/made it much much worse.
Renal Issues -My standard blood tests show I have a type of anemia sometimes caused by B13 deficiency. I speak to my doctor about it next week.
Hormonal problems- I was prescribed an anti androgen (male hormone blocker) due to my hormone levels. I don’t make enough female sex hormone. The drug has helped a bit but I continue to have agonising periods. In the past I have required surgery for ovarian cysts.
I believe these all fall under “endocrine issues” and have begun in the last 18 months (the ovarian surgery was 10 years ago). I have a family history of thyroid issues which I understand to be an endocrine disorder.
I can see this storm coming already. I know my body. I know this is not normal.
You all may be the only people who don’t shut me down when I say that I know these are not good signs, and I don’t think I’m silly for wanting to rule out “the worst”. “The worst” has consistently been the hand I was (randomly) dealt: I cannot reasonably anticipate anything else.
Is there a way to mention these issues to a doctor without being written off as hysterical, paranoid, or even “hypochondriac”?
I’m very afraid that(in the past) I’ve been written off until there was undeniable, visible, & physical, proof that my body was deteriorating.
Thank you so much for any advice. I hope you all are having good days with manageable pain & ample spoons.
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