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2023.03.30 19:39 RevolutionaryBus1603 Has any one tried any products by Basic Maintenance Lab yet?

I've seen this brand popping up all over the place in Canada, and everything on their website looks amazing, just curious if anyone here as any feedback on anything? Im especially interested in their face lotion and face wash.
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2023.03.30 19:39 NDabhetari Is anything inherently good or bad or masculine or feminine; rambling on paper

While in a graveyard trying to use an ouija board because we thought we’d get better readings in a land filled of dead.
I decided to take a walk with a friend. While walking and talking about the authenticity of the ouija board she asked me “what is your religion”, I told her as of now I’m a nihilist and asked the same question to her.
She told me she is Wiccan and strayed from Christianity because it and religions like it are heavily patriarchal. I mean I rolled my eyes but then I thought.
Is patriarchy and matriarchy inherently a bad or good thing? I assume that with communism, libertarianism, capitalism all the isms it is based on how it is used.
But when I asked her she told me that it is because of what each side represents. That women and femininity is a loving, nurturing and caring side and to giving life. And that made me think, is it really.
Most are familiar with the trinity, but unless you’re into Wicca, Greek mythology, or obscure topics like me, not many have heard of the mother, maiden, and the crown.
3 women that come together to form a single monothilic deity. In Greek mythology it’s Clotho who threads life, Lachesis who measures it, and Atropes who cuts it. Despite not being as known as the trinity it’s seen a lot in pop culture
Depicted a lot from Sanderson sisters from hocus pocus to Ty Lee, Azula and Mai from avatar the last air bender and my favorite portrayal is Wednesday, morticia, and grandmama in the addams family.
The triple goddess, is another name and that is what Wicca focuses on in its belief system. From Karma hitting you 3 times over to worshiping all 3 sides.
The idea of taking aspects of a identity and having them be represented as different people is easy to digest and interesting.
Men too with hunter, lord, sage. But it takes me back to my original thoughts of mother maiden and crown. It’s funny that a lot of women in Wicca that use this as a symbol in feminism do not know that the term and the idea of such from mother, maiden and crown came from a dude named Robert Graves in his book the white goddess.
He states in his book that all religions come from different triple goddesses and they come from a over arching eternal muse. He refers to this goddess as the white goddess, queen of Druid’s, Mothebride/layer out, Maiden/nymph/hag, and the most popular Mothemaiden/crown
But he looses me with his interpretation of this one entity. Because Richard Graves is not a historian but a love poet, and his interpretation of femininity with most other interpretations puts femininity in a box. Because he sees it as birth, love, regeneration. So did the two women before him that had his same philosophy years before Richard Graves was even born.
And here is where I feel everything is based on interpretation. When you look at life most assume nothing but positivity, but who ever said either life or death is only positive or negative. Life can be, new memories, happy beginnings, love, and friendships. But on a flip side it can be cancer, overpopulation, infestations, because a big threat to other lives is another life. War, genocide, rape, and chaos is not started by the dead. Which may seem like why some would crawl toward darkness.
I always say, I do not see a lot of happy people working customer service but I do not know any depressed morticians. So why does this connect with femininity, well I feel just like life and death it’s put in a box. I feel it’s a ignorant perspective to only see one side, because like the triple goddess idea and people like Robert Graves, he to me is thinking in a generalized way. The more people try to bind together these 3 and also choke femininity up as good as they say, the more confused I get. Because what about other female icons in both religion and history that do the complete opposite of all the femininity is supposed to be.
Like the furies in Greek mythology, the graeae, hecate, kali from Hindi mythology , izanami from Japanese mythology, midnight washerwomen in Celtic mythology and the banshee and the morrigan, another triple goddess that is all about death and war.
So when you put things into one box you are labeling it under one type of characteristic. I feel from birth to death nothing is only good or bad. And the same goes with femininity and masculinity, patriarchy and matriarchy, some can see a icon of power and life. But others will see only despair and death. Perception is everyone’s reality and I myself and not immune to bias or such as this comes from a nihilistic view.
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2023.03.30 19:39 alan_alien This lady got lost on the way to the bathroom

This lady got lost on the way to the bathroom
Maybe she didn't like the gender neutral bathrooms. I don't know.
But she walked right up to the bathroom door with a gentleman close behind her... She decided NOPE, I'm going to go between the tool cabinets in the maintenance room.
So she walked into their office and popped a squat between the tool cabinets...
Imagine their horror
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2023.03.30 19:39 eragoneby Help! I’m desperate. [routine help] [acne]

Help! I’m desperate. [routine help] [acne]
I’ve had bad acne since puberty and have tried so much so I’m not sure what to do at this point. 24. I have combo/ more oily skin and new pimples popping up every morning. I don’t remember the last time i felt comfortable going out in public without foundation. I also am pregnant so that hormonal aspect isn’t helping. I also have a lot of texture/ large pores from past acne. Below are a few pics of my skin and current routines, as well as additional skincare products that I own that I’m not using but am open to using again. Any tips / new routines / product suggestions are very appreciated. Thank you everyone!
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2023.03.30 19:37 Morrison4487 [Fo3] fallout 3 modding, done manually, steam version

hi, i decided to play fallout 3 again and with some mods on it, i picked out a bunch and tried to install them, then it started to seem impossible
having spent a couple hours on watching videos and editing files left and right im still unsure if any of the mods really do work
when i opened up the game i got to a menu where the mods did pop up but they were unticked
since im using steam version ive had to give up on mod loader since that would take a downgrade- which would need me to use some kind of patch, which i assumed would mess up all my mods
ive installed invalidater and dumped all the files into data and into the root directory just to be sure i didnt miss
i still get warnings when i enter the game that the unofficial patch mod isnt active and the command extender and something about FOSE as well, is it not possible to manually install the mods for fallout 3?
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2023.03.30 19:37 Author-tax-throwaway Royalties over $30k reported on T2125. Software saying to report GST?

My tax software is suggesting that since I made over $30k in royalties that it recommends I file GST. I'm not sure how or if I should do that as I have no business/GST numbefederal account number.
I'm not actually selling anything--I wrote a book for my publisher and they're giving me a percentage on royalties (normal practice) and I'm paying income taxes on those royalties reported on the T2125 as a Sole Proprietor. I don't collect sales tax as I'm not actually selling anything to customers.
The classification code (NAICS) I chose was 711513 - Independent Writers and Authors.
Will submitting as-is with no business number or tax registration number cause an audit because I made over 30k? Or am I over thinking things?
For reference, I posted a while back about how to report this income, but didn't realize the GST issue would pop up:
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2023.03.30 19:35 txrambler Need advice on finding a specialized trainer.

Sorry for the long post.
I do swimming pool leak detections. Today I met another customers dog who was able to find the underground pipe leak before I did! The first dog was several years ago. I was sounding a buried inground swimming pool plumbing line. When I sound a line that did not hold water pressure, I am injecting air in the line. The air will then come out of the break into the wet ground surrounding it and make noise. I use an acoustical electronic listening device to listen around the pool to find the location of the leak.
This homeowners had a Boxer that laid up on the back porch of the house, ignoring me the whole time I was there until I started injecting the air. As soon as I did his head popped right up and he made a beeline to the other side of the pool. Approx 30-40 yards away and started looking very inquisitively at the edge of the swimming pool deck. I immediately shut off the air and after a few minutes he lost interest. So I waited for him to walk away and turned on the air again. Back he came! I went over to that area but could not hear the gurgling with my own ears. Using my sounder I listened up on the deck in that area and found the leak about 3 ft. in from the edge of the deck. Leak detection dog right???
Today I was doing the same thing. As I was getting ready to listen, the homeowner let out her Shih Tzu to go potty. I induced the air. The dog froze for a moment then ran over approx 25 ft away and started sniffing in the lawn. I turned off the aion the air....same as before. I did this for several minutes amazed.
The hardest thing in finding these leaks with my equipment is the ton of ambient noise. From traffic on a nearby street / airplanes / LAWN GUYS UGH! / ect..ect.
So I want to invest in my first "employee/buddy/friend" . I'm not a dog trainer. I've googled dog trainers in my area and everyone seems to be just basic commands or service animal training, behavioral issues etc.. If I were to do it myself ( And i know nothing about dog training) I suppose I would bury pipe with holes in it and train the dog to listen/locate the noise. But I dont have the time to learn to be a dog trainer, while training The dog would also need to be obedient to basic commands, come when called, stay ect...and good around other dogs in case the shih tzu is let outside to go potty again. Crate trained to ride safely ect and other things Im sure i am missing.
What would be a way of finding someone that could train a dog for me like that? Is it a "specialized" trainer? Do you think this is a good Idea? Im a dog lover and have had dogs my entire 55 years on this planet. Thanks for your feedback!
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2023.03.30 19:35 zameeser AI on iPad: how to copy-paste a layer to a new artboard

The only assistance I’ve found for how to do this is chatgpt telling me to tap and hold on a layer until a menu pops up…and a menu never pops up for me to then select “copy.” Can’t find anything else that speaks directly to this on the web!
My question is: how do you copy-paste a layer from one art board to another on an iPad?
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2023.03.30 19:33 KumaraChip Can no longer game on PopOS

In the beginning, I was able to run Nioh via Heroic Games Launcher at a stable 60 fps. It was running nice and smooth and consistent. This was with an SSD install done with installer pop-os_22.04_amd64_nvidia_13.iso
I decided to dist upgrade and update to the latest version. This was a mistake as Nioh will get me to the Nioh Launcher and when I select "Play Game" from the Nioh Launcher, the fps display chugs at 1 - 7 fps until the Koie Tecmo splash fades into view at about 1 fps. After waiting for a long time, it crashes silently back to desktop.
I created a second test user, same result there.
I decided to blast away my OS partition by downloading and booting the latest PopOS installer image (pop-os_22.04_amd64_nvidia_25.iso) and format the OS, Boot partitions and keeping my user(+account) intact. After reinstalling all my applications and trying again, same result.
I have run "echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE" and can see I am still on X11, So it is not a wayland thing.
Can anyone tell me what I should check/do to get smooth and fast Wine/Proton with NVidia gaming back up and running again?
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2023.03.30 19:33 Mookyfoofin Looking for a kind of episode

When I used to watch the episodes on Nickelodeon, there were some episodes that would have blurbs pop up and give lore about the world or insight into the making of the episodes, and was wondering if anybody knew where to find them or what they were called even. Thanks
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2023.03.30 19:32 qtee02 Cant remember that song 😫

There is song out there definitely an older one from J cole that he doesnt finish the lyrics in? Anybody know the name . 🎶
I’ve been trying to find it for a week now. I’ve been reminiscing on the old music I use to listen too and the ending of the song popped up in my head. He ends up mumbling the end and that all I can really remember which has no wording I can really use to find the song. Any suggestions would be great!! 😊
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2023.03.30 19:32 Courtly_Chemist How much should I sell my gear for?

Long story short I'm moving and looking to off load my gear:
Cooper wort chiller coil w/hose attachment
Two plastic carboys
Coleman Cooler with false bottom (mash tun)
10 gal cook pot
Propane turkey cooker
Propane tank (full)
2 dozen, 22 oz brown bottles
Racking cane w/autosiphon
Bottle drying tree
Star San, corn sugar, brushes, etc.
Honestly, this has been 10 years of hobby brewing collected and loved - the mash tun is homemade. I have no idea what this is all worth, any recommendations before I throw it up on FB market place for BO?
I'm in Boston btw if anyone here wants it
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2023.03.30 19:31 steakhaus Dryer not heating (I messed up)

The other day my dryer (ds4500eb0ww) popped and smelled. I took it apart and see that the coil had broken. I ordered the whole coil unit and it was an easy replacement until I messed up. I left one wire undone and it is the main power to the coil.
As you can imagine it welded itself to the dryer housing. I replaced the spade connector and double checked my work a second time. All the wires are on. I can now start the dryer but there is no heat.
I checked the breaker and both breakers are on. The thermal fuse has continuity. Before I start throwing parts at, is there anywhere to start looking?
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2023.03.30 19:30 Celticwraith81 Keep checking CotF!

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2023.03.30 19:29 AoD_Xray I thought my snake died

She finally grabbed her mouse but when she was eating it I think it popped somehow, she has blood and guts all over her now but she still ate it. Btw I thought that it was her organs and I was updating my ios when I saw her so I couldn’t call anyone or search up what happened so that was scary, any good tips for cleaning mouse guts off her?
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2023.03.30 19:28 Castes Confirmation in game before using ultra cores?

Is there a confirmation process before using ultra cores, or are we in danger of clicking a pop up and using the cores unintentionally?
I’m too cheap to test an offer to find out.
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2023.03.30 19:27 No-Shine-5134 OTOMIZE EAR SPRAY PROBLEMS

Hello, please delete this post if it’s not appropriate for the group, I’m just wondering if anyone has had similar issues
I was prescribed otomize ear spray for an ear infection 3 days ago, two days into using the spray one of my ears has become really clogged up and painful inside. Is this normal? It feels like water is stuck inside it and I can’t get it out, popping my ear has done nothing and there’s no drainage left in it.
Any help/advice would be appreciated
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2023.03.30 19:25 Merlin_on_Film Focus Error with Fujifilm x100F

Focus Error with Fujifilm x100F
Friends’ new Camera works well after restarting for a couple of minutes, then a focus error pops up on the screen and nothing works anymore. Repair shop wanted >700€ but I’ve got a feeling it may just be a software problem.
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2023.03.30 19:24 StepwiseUndrape574 Here Are Rockstar's Alleged Remaining Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaked Game Maps

GTA 6 rumors seem to be popping up and disappearing just as quickly, like the recent news about Rockstar hiring game testers for GTA 6 or any other game the company is working on. Since 2018, it seems that the new map, or at least part of it, may have been leaked online, giving us a glimpse into GTA 6 and what it will look like.
Over the last couple of years, four images have been leaked, showing what appears to be a map with a larger landmass with smaller surrounding islands. Reports are that the first image showed an incomplete overview of the map, with the larger island having some things drawn in while other islands were entirely drawn in. The newest leak fills out the missing portion of the larger island, but there is not much to see here spare for an airport, and a major roadway, it seems. You can see the oldest and more recent image below.
earliest gta 6 map possibly leaked online The earliest leaked map image
gta 6 map The most recent map
Though these leaks seem to track with other rumors we have heard, they most certainly need to be taken with a grain of salt. They have been released over the last year by anonymous sources on 4Chan and some of the content there can be considered dubious at best. On the other hand, the city on the main island looks vaguely like Vice City, which we have heard is the main area for GTA 6.
Whatever the case may be, Rockstar has been incredibly silent, and this will not likely change. Hopefully, we will get some signal or head nod, at least, saying that GTA 6 is on the horizon rather than the stoic silence we have gotten so far, though. Either way, stay tuned to HotHardware as we provide updates on the mounting news surrounding GTA 6.
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2023.03.30 19:24 Skyjacker24 How did you discover Lovebites and What was the 1st song you heard by them?

For me, I was listening to a band called Mary's Blood in 2020 on Spotify, while in quarantine. I noticed that Lovebites popped up in the recommended artists list and decided to check them out. I think Glory to the world was my 1st song and was hooked immediately.
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2023.03.30 19:22 sidebrake Posting this here for visibility

I just want to sum up what happened with one of my orders last night for ALL the drivers to see here.
I accepted a Five Guys order 7.8miles for $16. While on my way to Five Guys, a second order pops up for Wokano 3.4miles for $6. I hit accept and the app immediately switches my pick up location to pick up Wokano first. Once I picked up Wokano, the app directs me to pick up Five Guys (app's direction takes me in to a paid parking structure) I'm like: "fine lets just get the job done quickly". I get to Five Guys and the worker tells me the food was already picked up by another driver 1 hour ago. So I had to cancel this $16 job and ended up driving a total of 11 miles to deliver the Wokano for $7 which I would have never accepted if it wasn't for that Five Guys order going the same direction.
It seems like Ubereats just tricked me in to doing a low pay high mileage job by baiting me with another delivery (already picked up by another driver). Not only I lost time, I was hit with a parking fee. I'm still pretty zen but I just wanted to leave this here for all the drivers to see that Ubereats be playing games with their drivers. I hope this encourages more drivers to reject low paying deliveries that doesn't meet your mileage rate. Especially when they try to stack an order on you while you're already in progress with another delivery.
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2023.03.30 19:19 mashallahbruzzah Question about remote working (FSW)

Hi guys, I just received my ITA under FSW. I had a question about the eligibility for work experience.
I was working in my country for a local employer around 2020. I applied for a two week holiday in March to go to Dubai (bad idea in hindsight), and was supposed to have been back home after that. I entered Dubai on a tourist visa.
However, COVID happened and there was a national lockdown so I couldn’t leave the country on the date I was supposed to have left. My company allowed me to continue working remotely for them from Dubai. I worked with them for 1 more month before being laid off due to COVID.
My question is now, since I was working remotely for an Indian company from Dubai, as an Indian citizen, especially during COVID where I couldn’t return back, would this pop up any legal issue, as IRCC would be able to verify things using my personal and travel history. I wasn’t aware of any issue at the time since it was lockdown and I couldn’t get back home, and my company was also fine with me working remotely, but I was just wondering now.
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