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Best Tattoo art works, Pictures, Tattoo Artists from around the World !!!

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2023.03.22 08:08 Themanwiththeplan019 PS1 vs Remastered Games

Hello Everyone, I would like to one day get all of the Crash Bandicoot and the Spyro games as well as a PlayStation 1. Are the originals better than the remasters? Or should I just buy the remasters instead of buying a PlayStation 1 and all the games separate?
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2023.03.22 08:08 FrenchToastTurtle How can I get estrogen (or any other hormones relevant to me) in Florida?

A few days ago, I asked how I could take estrogen without certain side effects (here, but be aware it IS NSFW), and while most of the comments essentially suggested I simply shouldn't take it, I do wanna know where I can get E in a state like Florida, which is where I live.
After talking with the same friend who referred me to this subreddit, there are some side effects that I'm fine with, and I want to consult a hormone doctor about what I should do for my situation seeing as there's genuinely only one side effect I'm worried about.
However, Florida is a red state as far as I know, so that's going to be very tricky in addition to the fact I'm very new to this concept, and a Google search for anything in my area didn't show anything.
I'd appreciate any help I can get!
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2023.03.22 08:07 KristinaK124 It's not easy to keep the faith. But nothing is easy.

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2023.03.22 08:06 Classic_Demand_2979 i think i should just do it

i'm about to be 18 soon. i haven't accomplished much and it doesnt feel like my life is going to go anywhere. like it's all been some huge mistake. i'm not like most kids my age, they have drive. since i was a young child, i've never been able to see a future for myself nor did i want one. i'm not sure what's the reason. i still don't have ANY passions or real goals to this day and it feels like i'm just going back in circles, keeping on only because it would make the people around me happy. i am always losing people to confide in...just...what's the point? what was the point of it all? and if everyone around me is also aware of how useless my existence is, then why can't they just let me die? i keep trying to hurt myself, they keep sending me away... i'm more than sick of it. why...
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2023.03.22 08:06 twerkatwork22 Does it ever gets easy?

Everytime i see the last scan of my baby just the day before i had to go on labour, i just can't hold myself. He was moving around and playing as usual but my cervix opened up and fluid sack came out and the doctor was showing that he is putting his leg out of the womb..i was ready to lie down like that for months if i had to..sometime i feel it would be easy if i had missed miscarriage instead of giving birth to my tiny baby too early to survive outside mommy.
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2023.03.22 08:06 galac-schizoid Do quiet/discouraged BPD mirror? Also, I haven't blocked them yet.

I came across a post where one of the commenters mentioned mirroring as a sure sign of BPD. I've been in a relationship with someone who ticks all the boxes for quiet/discouraged BPD except mirroring. In fact I don't see mirroring in this webpage. The only person she appears to have mirrored is her on and off BF who's a big music fan.
Also, she's rather sweet, she'd check in on me every now and then, tells me she loves me then pushes away for a several days when I reciprocate. Should I block her at this point? The first period of NC she reached out because she claims she couldn't find my account (I didn't block her that time, I'm pretty sure I was still on her list). She told me she loves me and misses me then pushes me away again. That was 4 days ago.
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2023.03.22 08:05 Expert_Sheepherder46 My wireless adapter disconnects after downloading a large file for a few minutes.

Any time I am downloading a large file (mainly games from Steam) it goes normally at around 20 MBps. After 5 or so minutes my computer disconnects from my network for no apparent reason. I try reconnecting to my network, but it says "could not connect". The only way to fix this is by disabling and re-enabling my adapter in device manager, or running the network troubleshooter. Then it works fine for the rest of the download. I noticed that this only happens when I download games while I sleep. During the day I have no issues. I also have zero issues with network connection during normal use like, streaming videos and playing online games. Often times no other device is connected and/or using the network when I'm downloading. I have it configured so my computer cannot turn off the wifi adapter or my drives. My power settings are set to max performance too. I thought it could be overheating, but it doesn't happen when my PC is at its hottest. The games I download are often between 30 to 100 GB in size.
Specs: Windows 10 Wifi Adapter: TP-Link AC1200 PCIe WiFi Card Router: Google Nest WiFi Router
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2023.03.22 08:05 melead1010 This printer is just magic

This printer is just magic
Holy hell, this is gonna be an expensive hobby...
I've always been a novice tinkerer and nerd. I like to keep up with modern tech and dip my toes into mini hobbies along the way. Now as an adult with access to adult money, it was time to buy my first 3D Printer. I just think it's just such an amazing idea and I love the fact I can make fun things to brighten up my house. I just had no clue which one to try out.
The best analogy I read in my research regarding a good first printer was: "If you're an admirer of cars... Are you the guy that likes to 'work' on cars, or are do you want to 'drive' the car?"
I am definitely the driver. I love to be part of the hobby, but I don't wanna spend hours building a machine from scratch, and learning how to calibrate it before I can even begin to print what I want. I can't dedicate all my time to a new hobby like that. I also tend to prefer paying a small premium for quality versus trying to save a quick buck here or there. So I ended up choosing the well reviewed P1P, and now my girlfriend and I spend time fighting over which STL file we will print next!p0p
It took just 15 minutes and following some basic instructions to set up the printer on a temporary nightstand, followed some YouTube videos that helped guide me through unboxing, bed calibration, slicing a model, and printing. Then in just over 1hr from USPS delivering the box to my house, I had a benchy model that I could show my long term partner, to validate my purchase. In 3 days I had printed a human sized samurai mask, some playful keychains and a beautiful looking baby yoda model for fun. While I've been blissfully ignorant of last previous generations of 3d printers being slow, this printer does seem wickedly fast.
As a newbie with very limited 3D printing experience, its exciting to learn to use tweaks for various settings to get optimal results on a print, but its also really encouraging that im super happy with the results of my first few days of printing. This machine just works.
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2023.03.22 08:05 sshmol Confused regarding availing of 8% ITR

Hello po so I registered last September 2022 availed 8% via 1901 got my COR the same day. Tas late ko na lang din narealize na may 2551Q pala sa COR ko lol. Tax noob sorry. Upon researching considered as graduated pag may 2551Q sa COR? Then lately nag research po ako. Nakita ko po to.
Under RMC No. 50-2018, the taxpayers who are qualified for the option to be taxed at 8% income tax rate can avail of the 8% income tax rate by signifying his intention to avail of the same as soon as possible through the filing of any of the following:
For New Business Registrant (Individual)
  1. BIR Form No. 1901 (Percentage Tax type shall still be registered but shall be suspended or end-dated in the BIR tax system); or
  2. Initial quarter of 1701Q or 2551Q
Ano po ibig sabihin nyan? Especially #1, so possible po ba na 8% pa rin ako pero parang template lang si Percentage tax sa COR ko. Yan po kasi interpretation ko. My tax type under my COR are 1701A/1701 1701Q 2551Q 0605
So inassume ko po kasi na naka 8% na ako kasi yun po ang chineck ko under 1901 #23. Didn't file my 2551Q na for 2022. Pero I filed my 1701Q, 8% ITR. If ever po magkakaopen case ako pwede ko kaya ipakita yung 1901 form ko as supporting doc para ireconsider? 0 tax return for the whole year. Di ko naman kasalanan na di na nila nakita yun if ever. :(
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2023.03.22 08:05 BackgroundNature4581 What is the best way to manage nginx which have huge cache

Currently for production I am using nginx as a reverse proxy and also to cache content. Nginx is hosted in ECS as a cluster and for cache docker bind mount volume is attached to the host ec2 instance. The size of the cache folder is 30GB. We have a rolling update setup for deployment
Some time when we deploy nginx due to change in configuration, the container keeps crashing due to memory constraint and crashes. I am assuming it is due to fact that it has to read 30 GB of data on deployment. This causes disruption on production.
Is there a better way to setup nginx so that cache is external to the nginx. We do have lot of routing updates taking place and at time more than once a day.
How are other managing such scenarios? Should I host it differently?
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2023.03.22 08:04 jbaque13 AITAH for telling my uncle to not contact me again

Hello, this is the first time I post something like this, and I know it’s probably just the narcissist in me wanting affirmation, but this is the internet, so I know people will just be honest on this issue. Also, disclaimer, this one is a bit long, but all pieces fit together.
I (M27) am from a small country in South America, but currently live in the states. All my family from my mom’s side (including my mom and half-siblings) still live there. Last December, I went back for the holidays, as I had not been able to do so since the pandemic started. It all was pretty chill until my last three days there.
My third to last day, my maternal uncle (M45) did me a favor and took me to visit my sibling’s grave (half-sibling from my dad’s side, who passed when I was a child), after that, we went to visit my grandpa (his father)’s grave. After we got back home, he wanted to go to the beach, and asked me to go with him. Obviously, after visiting both of my relatives’ graves, I was bummed out, and just wanted to stay home. My uncle tried to convince me by saying “I just took you to your sibling and your grandpa’s graves, do it for them”. I wanted so bad to tell him to shut up, that he was disrespectful, and to keep my sibling out of his mouth. I didn’t wanted to be disrespectful, so I just simply stayed quiet and just stayed home.
That was one. The next day, my mom invited my uncle, his 19y/o son (my cousin, let’s call him JD), my aunt and her husband. We were chillin, having some food and stuff. When everyone started saying their goodbyes, my uncle went with JD outside to the patio, and told him that they were going to pick up JD’s sister N (F17) and my sister R (F16) from a party. JD told my uncle to drop him off at his mom’s first (my uncle is divorced) because he was exhausted. My uncle told him no. When JD was about to explain him why, my uncle started yelling and tried to smack him in the head. JD pushed him apart and told him that he can’t hit him like that. My uncle then went berserk and started beating up JD. My mom, step-dad and I went outside to defend JD and to stop my uncle.
That was what happened on my trip and the main background. After I came back home, I just stopped talking to my uncle. A few weeks later, he messaged me to ask me about one of my college professors (he’s a college professor himself, and was organizing a symposium). I didn’t respond. More weeks passed, no messages or anything from either one of us, and yesterday he messaged me out of the blue again, asking if I can help him transferring some money that one of his friends here in the US needed to send him. Again I ignored him. And today, his friend started messaging and calling me regarding the money that needed to be transferred. I got irritated, because he didn’t even apologize, or even messaged me to see how I was, only to ask for favors. I sent him a voice message, as respectful as I could (because despite all he is still my uncle, and was one of my parental figures growing up) and told him “hey, first of I’m trying to be as respectful as I can because you’re my uncle and I’m so grateful for all you did for me growing up. The fact that you don’t seem to understand the level of disrespect towards me and my entire family when I was there, and you messaging me acting like nothing happened and straight up asking for favors. I need you to understand that I’m not gonna talk to you until you apologize, and without giving any BS excuse for something that is incurable “ He then responded “I’m not pretending like nothing happened, i have nothing to apologize for. If that’s what you want, I’m not gonna reach out to you anymore”
All this left me wandering if I did the right thing. Am I the Asshole for calling out on his bs, and effectively cut him out of my life until he apologizes?
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2023.03.22 08:04 Gremmy0936 I (19M) can't decide whether to continue with (19F) or leave her

I want to keep this as short as possible.
She talks about her "ex" every other day. I quoted "ex" because she wasn't even sure that he REALLY reciprocated feelings but she still calls him her ex...
She sometimes compares me to him and says I'm like him. Half of the time she's sad because she's missing her "ex". She sends me songs that remind her of her "ex" (WHY ME?)
He ghosted her MONTHS ago and hasn't replied to her. Im trying my best to keep her happy as of now (like making her cheer up when she's sad, talking about things she likes, etc.) but i think it's futile because no matter what she won't shut up about him. Like last night I texted her "you feeling good?" and she said "No! I'm missing him 😭"
I love her sm though. I can't imagine not talking to her even for 2 days. But i sometimes think that it's useless because of the reasons above. I really need help.
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2023.03.22 08:03 a_victim_of_Voltron Being a young person with a condition that causes chronic pain is not fun(a small vent)

Most of the time it's either they don't believe me or they feel weird hanging around me after they find out I have chronic pain and have a physical disabiliti
And I don't even know any person that is open about having chronic pain (except for my mother and she's in denial about basically being disabled) so it's teally hard to go through every day life when I want to casually share/complain about my chronic pain but don't really have anyone to ACTUALLY understand what I'm going through 🫤
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2023.03.22 08:03 Beautiful_Ad6725 Guilty

I’m 28 years old, a father to two beautiful amazing girls. I live a pretty decent live and scrape by pretty well. I still have days where I feel so depressed I don’t know what to do. I love to make people laugh I try to always work with integrity and love those around me. I want to leave everything better than how I found it but sometimes I feel like I am a waste of space and take up valuable oxygen from those more deserving. I look around and I would with many sick people and so many have it worse off than me I feel guilty for feeling bad when so many people are actually sick and I’m just a baby. The more I see the evil in the world and hatred spread throughout the more I feel like I don’t belong. I love my family but feel they are better off without me griping about my demons. Who am I to thing that I need to be heard when people have tangible problems?
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2023.03.22 08:03 Silver_Assumption_89 Which Jacket do you guys recommend for long time trip

Good day everyone :),
I am planing on doing a trip through Europe, starting in March next year. For this trip I am looking for a jacket, considering it will be a little bit colder at the beginning and also probably a lot of rain. Right now I am deciding between these two:
Haglöfts Astral GTX Jacket - GORE-TEX 2-layer 40D - 610g weight
Arc‘teryx Beta SV - 3L GORE-TEX PRO - 495g weight
Which one would you guys recommend and what are must haves for the jacket, considering I will also wear a bagpack through the whole trip
edit Technically I could also upgrade to an alpha SV for not that much money, but would be an alpha SV of good use for my plans now since the jacket is made for more extreme hiking and climbing and not for long time travel
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2023.03.22 08:01 Notostracant Poetically speaking, a triops kaiju would attack Phoenix, Arizona

Yea, this is completely out of left-field but this is a neat little thought I've had in my mind the past couple days as a Godzilla fan and triops enthusiast. This was probably fueled by me rewatching the Godzilla triops video that I fondly remember watching years ago. I shouldn't need to say this but it is obviously fake, but it is still an entertaining watch that I'm sure many of you have already seen before
Why Phoenix, AZ?
Okay, so if you're still with me you see why Phoenix is this kaiju's own Tokyo. Now we can get to the fun part, which is what characteristics this kaiju would have along with a potential name
And that's all I really felt like writing as this post is long enough already. Feel free to leave any thoughts below. I know the talk of climate change might be controversial to some viewers, but just think of it as an excuse for this fictional thing to exist.
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2023.03.22 08:01 ZBottPrime Daily Horoscope for the 13 Houses (March 22th, 2023)

Luckiest House of the Day: Ursine (Bear) That hard work will pay off. Be there to enjoy it.
Sanguine Houses of the Day: Canid (Wolf), Feline (Cat), Serpentes (Snake) Sometime today will be Sociable and Easygoing. Don't let goals get too far out of view while enjoying that carefree joy. The following might experience the following:
Choleric Houses of the Day: Crocodilia (Crocodile), Hyenad (Hyena), Selachimorpha (Shark) Today brings Restless and Changeable temperaments. Channel the energy but don't let theatrics to derail the day otherwise others will think you're egocentric. The following have a tendency for the following:
Melancholic Houses of the Day: Squamata (Lizard), Vulpine (Fox), Rodent (Rat) Reserved and Moody will plague the day. This will be balancing act to keep out of unwarranted suspicions, but if the mood can manage it will lead to a breakthrough. The following must resist dwelling in the following patterns:
Phlegmatic Houses of the Day: Chiperaran (Bat), Corvidae (Raven), Arachnae (Spider) Calm and Controlled is today's central points. The persistent ones can find plenty of time to get some self care. The following should cultivate the following attitudes:
Ascending style: Anti or Contrasting Descending style: Domestic or Urban Retrograde style: Wild or Natural
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2023.03.22 08:01 Impressive-Ant-9511 I am becoming hinduphobic with each passing day

Initially I was always a liberal guy but slightly(bas thoda sa zada nahi) islamophic, whenever I use to Hear any muslim influencer say india is intolerant or muslims are unsafe i thought they were trying to defame .3 days ago I use to be very proud hindu but due to this incident everytime I hear someone say sanatan or praising bjp I start hating them and Hindus.
In the school Phys ed grp. After the teachers left students started posting memes which soon became political and very hateful. Some use to send religious content like paintings and drawings of God ,temple pics etc. That day i posted a scripture from a south indian temple with these captions "let's go back to the old ways 😈" ,in that scripture there was a 5some going on and I had no intent to hurt anyone's sentiment. In that group most of the people started calling me bulla and accused me of defaming SANATAN wtf ?? Why are you following it then if you can't tolerate their art ,it was also a part of you culture why are you feeling embarassed?? Can't you embrace it ? And after that those goons from humanities and commerce (btw I am a science student and no-one gets offended so easily in my grp) started calling me and harrassing me .calls started coming from random people threatening me of thrashing me and beating me in front of my house. They all were so desperate for my address that they started asking everyone who lives near me ,who can take them to my house. I was extremely terrified . Somehow I managed to cool down the situation thanks to my good negotiation skills. But after that incident i just hate every hindu who talks about so called "SaNataN DhARm" and i realise that my attachment to this country is drifting away and i think i might become one of those folks in rindia who are indians but posts anti-India content. Now anything bad which any minority did in india during these 5 years by brain is justifies it maybe due to some kind of newly developed biased. Now I feel like my whole life is kind of meaningless because I always wanted to do something good for the country but when I think of the population which is filled with people like this i don't like the way things are going.
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2023.03.22 08:01 Buttfucker70000000 The Walrider Vs The Wraith. (Outlast Vs Dead By Daylight) “I can’t think of a score name”

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2023.03.22 08:01 SJDude13 My best friend was hooking up with a married man so I told his wife

I am not the OP. Original post is by u/New-Morning384 in TrueOffMyChest
TW: Infidelity
Mood Spoiler: Satisfying
Original - Mar. 7, 2023
My best friend was hooking up with a married man so I told his wife
Both me and my best friend are 20f. We had been friends for about 5 years or so. I considered her my sister because we were just that close. We tell each other everything. And she told me how she was hooking up with a married man (mind you he was 50 something with kids and grandkids). I told her to end it because she was being stupid. She knows that I don’t condone cheating. I try to keep an open mind but some things, like cheating, I do not tolerate. But she said she is gonna continue hooking up with him because it makes her feel like good about herself. Her reasoning was that this married man would rather fuck her than this wife and that made her feel good about herself. I need y’all to know this- hooking with a married person is not a brag, it just means you are pathetic. I asked her what about his wife and she said she doesn’t care about his wife. Her words were “If his wife was being a good wife then he wouldn’t be out here fucking her”. And that just pissed me off.
I screenshot all our texts. She would send me videos of them fucking together, their text convos, their “dates”, all the gifts he bought her, videos of him bad mouthing his wife, and so much more. So I saved all of that. I easily found him on social media because my friend was following him. That mf didn’t even make his account private. He posted pics of his wife,kids, and grandkids. From there I found his wife on social media, followed her and sent her a dm with all the proof. Then I sent friend a text saying , paraphrasing here, that she is the scum of the earth and I don’t want anything to do with her. After that I blocked her on everything.
I sent thé wife the dm about an hour ago and she hasn’t responded yet.
Edit: I just posted this because I was pissed off at my friend and I just needed to vent. I didn’t expect the post to go off so I logged out. That being said fuck everyone that has called me names and telling me that I am a horrible person for telling the wife. She deserves to know the truth. Like I said I do not accept cheating and my friend knew that but she didn’t care. But thank you to everyone that has been kind and supportive towards me 💛💛. I really appreciate it!! A lot of people are calling my friend (well she isn’t my friend but idk what to call her) a narcissist and I think they may be right. She always loves being the center attention if the attention isn’t on her she’ll find a way to bring it on her. A lot of people were hooked on the fact she sent videos of them fucking and I should have added more context to that. So basically she has always done that because she knows it makes me uncomfortable. Every person she has hooked up with she has sent a video to me even though I said countless time to stop. She likes that it bothers me and she used to make fun of me for that. That being said a lot of people are saying this a fake story, I really wish it was because I lost my best friend someone I used considered my sister. Sure even though she was a shitty friend she was there for me when during the roughest time of my life. It just hurts a little for me but I know I’ll get over. The wife still hasn’t open the dm ( or maybe she saw it and hasn’t said anything) I’ll make an update if she responds if y’all want. Also my friend that I blocked, I haven’t seen her in a while. I have no idea what she is up to but I really hope she has come to her sense.
Edit 2: THE WIFE SAW THE DM!! AND SHIT JUST HIT THE FAN!! I’ll update y’all when things cool down. I just wanted to say again, thank you all for your support. 💛💛💛And for the people that are telling me that I am a horrible person and telling me to end myself. Take your home wrecking and cheating propaganda somewhere else. I have said multiple times I don’t accept cheating. I don’t care how long we have been friends if you cheat I’ll throw away the whole friendship. Cheaters truly are horrible people. And they aren’t gonna get any sympathy or kindness out of me.
Update - Mar. 15, 2023
UPDATE: My best friend was hooking up with a married man so I told his wife
Sorry y'all for not updating sooner. I have been so busy with college and work. I am also dealing with some other personal stuff, and it has been so very emotionally draining to the point where I do not even want to get out of bed anymore.
Obligatory: I am writing this out on my phone, so I apologize with the grammar and some words are funky.
I wanted to say once again thank you to everyone that offered me kind words and supported me <3. Y'all are amazing. I really appreciated it!!! And to everyone in my dm's and in the comments calling me a horrible person for what I did. Fuck you all from the bottom of my heart. Take your cheating and homewrecking propaganda somewhere else. You will not be going to get any sympathy from me. To the people that were saying I am not a good friend because I ratted my friend out. Like I said in the comments, I do not want to be friends with cheaters. Being a good friend means holding your friends accountable for their actions. My friend could not give any less of a fuck that she was fucking a married 50-year-old man. She was getting off on that he was choosing to fuck her instead of his wife. She enjoyed being a mistress and honestly, I do not know how long she would have continued if I did not tell the wife. Also for the people in my dm's asking to see the video of my friend fucking the married man, y'all are disgusting and a disgrace to society. There were people that thought this was fake and I wish it was. It is soul crushing to see someone you called your best friend be so shitty.
Onto to the update:
So, the wife saw my DM. She texted me saying that she is incredibly grateful to me for telling her that her husband was cheating on her. She is glad that I notified her of her husband's infidelity. I told her of course; I do not condone cheating at all and what my friend and her husband were doing was disgusting. She agreed and said she had suspicions that her husband was being unfaithful. She once again said she was thankful for what I did for her. I wished her the best of luck with whatever she decides to do. The conversation with the wife was short. And honestly, I preferred to be short, I was feeling guilty because I might have crushed this woman's entire life. But then I remembered I did nothing wrong. Her husband and my friend did.
The very next day my (ex) best friend was banging on my door and screaming for me to come out. I told her to fuck off and that I want nothing to do with her. She was wailing and screaming at my door. I told her if she does not leave, I am going to call the cops. That must have scared her because she left right away. I apologized to my neighbors for the loud noises this early in the morning. Thankfully, my neighbors said it was all good. I have my ex-friend blocked on everything so I did not get any messages form her, but she made burner accounts to contact me. I just ignored her every attempt to reach me. She was so desperate that she dmed my partner on Instagram but he also blocked her everywhere lmao. But that little shit had to drag the rest of our friends. She told them I was being a bitch to her and spreading rumors about her (bitch what rumors?? you are the one fucking a married man here), and they all ganged up on me. So, I told them the truth. That she was hooking up with a married 50-year-old man and bragging about it. I told them that I told his wife and that is why she is throwing a tantrum. Me telling the truth made her come clean with our friends and let's just say a lot of them were disgusted with her. Now our friends are divided, some say I should have minded my own business and others are saying I did nothing wrong, and that the wife deserves to know. So, I lost some friends but oh well, fuck if I care. Now some of them do not want her around because she might try to hook up with their boyfriends. According to my friend this made her really mad. They were telling me how she went on a rampant about how she is not going to hook up their boyfriends, she is better than that. And someone said well you didn't let the fact the man you were fucking was married, so what's to say you won't try to hook up with one of our boyfriends. Let me tell y'all I laughed so hard when I heard that. Imagine being surprised that people do not trust a cheater.
Some of our friends work with her and I guess they must have told the rest of her coworkers, because she is being shunned at work. Everyone in her classes also knows that she willingly had an affair with a married man, so that is embarrassing for her. I was a little curious about what happened to her relationship with that old fucker, so I asked my friends (the one's that do not support her cheating) about that. From what I have gathered, soon as the wife found out she confronted the husband and asked for divorce. The husband panicked and dropped my friend. It also came to light that he was hooking up with three other different girls!!! Can you fucking believe the nerve of that man?!? My friend was upset because she thought she was the only one and offended that he would do that to her. Like girl BFFR. He is a cheater; you think he was going to be loyal to you. I can't believe she actually thought he was gonna choose her. That is hilarious. Although she is more upset about how she wont be pampered anymore or be getting gifts from him. Oh, also her parents found out and they were extremely disappointed to say the least. So that caused some major tensions with her family (I honestly forgot that her family might also end up getting involved. And I do feel a little bad about that because her parents are wonderful. I have no idea how she turned out the way she did).
Now my friend is miserable; most of her friends do not like her anymore, she is being shunned at work, everyone in her classes is talking about her, she lost her "sugar daddy", and her family is disappointed in her. Well, that is what she gets for bragging about being a mistress. I wonder if it was worth it for her.
Let this be a lesson for the people that are cheating and homewrecking, don't do it. There are so many on this earth, maybe don't go after people that are taken. It is not worth it in the end.
As for me, I am keeping her blocked and avoiding her like the plague. I know I am not alone, I still have some of my friends and my partner that support me. Most of all I have all these kind strangers on the internet that also support me with kind words!! Thank you all once again. My partner has booked a romantic getaway for us this weekend and I excited for that! So I'll be keeping my phone on silent for the rest of the week.
Reminder - I am NOT the original poster
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2023.03.22 08:01 Several_Housing2746 Donation for street pups vaccination

Hi we have 9 puppies in our colony we are planning to get vaccinated. So we need people preferably who have taxable income to donate to a registered NGO (in discussion at the moment) and that will be tax exempt.
So talked with a vet.
There will be 2 vaccine and 4 shots 6 in 1 vaccine and another shot after 15 days Anti rabbies vaccine and another shot after 15 days
For 6in1 ₹350 + 600 visit charge
So if anyone interested in donation would greatly appreciate this
Also wanted to mention 3 of them had parvo and after almost 10 days all of them have recovered. One of the fellow redditor or helped with some funds which Really helped them. Almost 12-14k spend on their treatment. Don't want other pupps to get parvo as well
And if possible some additional funds to get their mother sterilized as well (2 female dogs)
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2023.03.22 08:00 BaggieDee 27 Going through a bit of a hard time right now and need distracting!

Hello there!
Yes that was a star wars reference! I'm basically a standard nerd! I like star wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings and all that kinda stuff
I'm also a gamer! I play PC, switch and PS5. Games I enjoy are games like Dark souls, Elden Ring, Destiny 2, Mario kart, Stardew Valley, animal crossing, fallout, horizon zero dawn, last of us, uncharted and many many more! Currently playing and loving Hogwarts Legacy 😍
If you think we would get on well please don't hesitate to send me a comment or a message and I'll get back to you ASAP!
I can't wait to hear from you! But if not, have a great day and thank you for taking your time to read this!
Send a selfie with your message so I can see what my look and I'll send one back in return 🌈
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