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Micro Penny Stocks Are Like 'Big Lou' They Are on Meds To.

2021.01.29 06:39 drkooplovesme Micro Penny Stocks Are Like 'Big Lou' They Are on Meds To.

Free Speech! Penny Stocks Are Like 'Big Lou' They Are on Meds To. 'You May Fire When Ready.' -Tarkin

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2018.11.23 15:06 Anna_01Park [!!WaTcH!!]#Dolphins vs Colts Live Stream NFL Game 2018 Miami Dolphins vs Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis vs. Miami live stream info, TV channel: How to watch NFL on TV, stream online. Miami have had a week off and are no doubt ready to get back on the field. They will square off against Indianapolis at 4:25 p.m. ET on Sunday. The odds don't look promising for Miami, but the bigger the opponent is, the harder they fall. Miami received a tough blow two weeks ago as they fell 12-31 to Green Bay.

2023.03.26 15:11 XIwatchdeathX Puzzling problem For those who like puzzles

Hello. So I have a saliva drug test today. And I’ve been smoking weed, did molly. And who knows what else (concert). And I read about these methods about teeth brushing and candy and bla bla bla. Fuck that. I have to feel secure and know that as I leave the place where the test is administered, I’ll be clean. Now. When searched online. There are a few methods people use to pass urine tests. Substitution, ladulteration, dilution, detox, maybe a few more. The only way I would feel secure. Would be A. Obviously being clean (which is not a card in my hand) or B. substitution. But you won’t find anything online about substituting saliva. I found artificial saliva. But I don’t think it would have the enzymes needed since it is a lab test. My thought is this; get a small bottle. Put plastic wrap over it. Get a sucker. (Or anything that looks like the swab) and when I get the swab. Poke it through the small bottle. And put the sucker in my mouth. (The guy administering the test doesn’t really watch. He sits in the driver side of his car. And I stand outside it.) however the Type of swab is the ones that have the little blue indicator that says it is ready. So another thought. Is a small bag filled with the substitution, put bag in mouth. And put. The swab in the bag. That is in my mouth. Sorry I know this post is long. Any thoughts? And please don’t lecture me. If I needed that kind of help I would just go to ask-a-dickhead. Lol
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2023.03.26 15:08 Impossible-Picture60 Competitive should change the rating system

Competitive should change the rating system
I won and by good, played well, didn't kick but got like 8mmr which is unfair and i realised that doesnt matter if u get 20kills or 2 u still get about the same mmr. Am i the only one?
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2023.03.26 15:07 plutokann Windows .vbs Script for Public Use

I posted this on sysadmin but they suggested me writing it here. Is my first time posting here too so I don't know if this is the right way.
I am trying to set up a PC for public use. Specifically, for an interactive art installation. What I am going to present is a "trojan" (not malicious) written in .vbs language that takes control of the system and displays visual content from directories as if it were a movie. The thing is that since I want to maintain the interactivity, being a public space, I need to isolate somehow the system and restrict unwanted activity (and avoiding having to go to repair it continuously).
I had thought about Microsoft's Kiosk mode, but I have Windows Home and I can't use it. With this, I thought of virtualizing a machine, but if the software crashes I don't know how I could automate the execution. Finally, I thought of using an isolated user and through UAC limit its range of action, but I don't know. On the other post users suggested Deep Freeze software and a Raspberry (I need to run a Windows tho)
What do you think? I can't find the solution.
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2023.03.26 15:07 vDwaal 24 M Indian. Down with fever and for lack of better things to do, want to chat up

So, after a week or so of partying, I'm sober after ages incidentally, I'm down with fever. I can't do much rn apart from laying in the bed, can't even sleep ffs. Open to conversations ranging from a lot of things- bollywood, pop culture, emrata harry snogging, anime, manga and songs. Feel free to shoot a DM. P.S- I may get down to VNs because idk for how long my eyes handle the screen
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2023.03.26 15:06 swanlake06 Massive pop in shoulder

Ok this is going to sound completely insane and I'm in shock myself. So completely frozen shoulder, steps not helping and waiting on appointment with surgeon. Last night my partner does what he always does to help relieve sooner pain, pushes forward on the back of my shoulder (nearest part to my neck) and pushed backward of the front of my shoulder (on the end of my shoulder) similatiously, there was then a massive pop in my shoulder which he felt to. Instantly taking me from next to 0 range of motion to like 75% motion! And the pain instantly went away. Over 12 hours later I can still move it and raise it! I've been convinced it wasn't a frozen shoulder for so long but I've had x-rays and confirmed it wasn't a dislocation. But I have no answers for this! I'm not sure if my ROM will stay out not but I'm so damn confused. Plenty of witnesses as well. Had anybody got any reasoning behind this?
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2023.03.26 15:06 SHL02 So many own goals after the winter update

Am I the only one that has noticed a drastic uptick in own goals after the winter update? Before the update i had barley conceded a single own goal, but after the update I am scoring an own goal almost every 4th game now, and is on track to costing me the league. It might only be RNG, but I dont know. Anyone else experiencing the same?
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2023.03.26 15:05 GuavaGoodness369 Hi, I’m currently in the process of suing a large health insurance company and the relevant payor/employer and the plan administrator for racketeering (RICO), and a few other things. My firm mentioned that we can try to have one of them settle with me out of court

How much do out of court settlement payouts usually look like from a large, well endowed health insurance company or employer to an individual? My firm is operating on contingency for the other class action suits, so as long as they get their chunk, they’re happy. But I am legitimately curious as to how much money people make off of out of court settlements. Any variety of experiences or ranges would be appreciated!
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2023.03.26 15:05 themilkman667 Stand and 2take1 staff threating to bomb each other's house and to send people after each other

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2023.03.26 15:04 Ordinary_Tailor8970 Basic FPV for RC car

Hi there, I am looking to set up a camera on my RC car, this is my first project of this type, so I don’t want to spend too much money on the setup.
Can I use my phone as the headset?
Are there latency issues with using a phone?
Are there range/obstacle problems with using a phone?
Presumably using a phone as the headset means the camera will be sending video via the internet, so I can see potential problems there.
What are your experiences? Any suggestions for setups/kits ect
Thanks for your time!
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2023.03.26 15:04 thedancerstea Fake Competitions

Ok so in season 6, Laurieann’s last episode with the girls before Abby comes back the moms straight up outted the true process of their dance competitions. They were so mad about being robbed of their win that they admit the ownehost (I believe his name is John but I really don’t know) is Abby’s friend and rigged their scores as a sign of loyalty to Abby. Starting season 4, you see that same host at every competition. I’m not sure if they didn’t realize that we would obviously be able to point that out or if they simply no longer cared to keep up the false narrative. Looking back on seasons 4-5, it’s so hard to watch them argue with MDP and Candy Apples (and I include Candy Apples because let’s be so honest, a lot of dancers she had were amazing and there are definitely a handful of times when they should’ve beaten the ALDC). Saying they’re better because they always win only to admit that everyone who called them out on their false honors were right 2 seasons later is so cringey to me.
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2023.03.26 15:03 Oliver_Flower Omg I didn't realise it was gonna be this bad 💀

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2023.03.26 15:02 whoisthisuser7 27 [M4F] Central Europe/Online - My lawyers made me change the title of this post because it was too good

Have you been looking for someone to share your interests and passions with? Someone that never runs out of genuine curiosity towards all things? A person that will in turn do the same and share everything that interests him? With whom you can sire the purest dynasty and rule the planet in a firm, yet wise grip? Is that someone tall, dark and (according to third parties) handsome?
Then look no further. All that and much more comes in this exclusive, one of a kind package. Included is a free subscription to heaps of art, memes, cute animal pictures, future dominion over Australia and lots more!
You know those people looking for their other halves? Losers. You are one, I am one, together, that’s two, right? Wrong! Let’s improve each other’s lives and help each other be the best we can be and that 2 goes up. The other couples are stuck at 0.5+0.5=1, while we are up to 3, 4… 5? "B..but love isn't a competition" is surely what those couples we leave in the dust will say.
If this once in a lifetime offer entices you, see more included features, as you’ll be getting a guy who:
And I love to cook but haven't had time in a while, but enough about me. If you’ve read through all of this, congrats, but now we get to the cutoff zone and talk about you, as you should be:
If you managed to endure thus far, hit me up. You've learned plenty about me so let me know about you in any shape you seem fit, maybe have me guess what statements about you are true, or write a 20 page autobiography, surprise me!
PS: it's not my main account jsyk.
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2023.03.26 15:02 undercoverOMSCS Proposed New Module - Harnessing AI Tools

Rather than fight the onslaught shld we develop a course around exploiting AI tools in creative ways?
In my proposed course there wld be no plagiarism - you are actively encouraged to become super programmers by using any of the following tools to create something meaningful*:
Project are open ended or in a few tracks (i.e. testing, art, ML etc) and combine peer and TA scores for a final grade. But this is less about grades and more about using new tools to re-think workflows.
*Rubric more akin to self directed research with outputs including:
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2023.03.26 15:02 Windgesang_ Ranking all IS#2 maps

Hey y’all. Just a fun post this time.
Integrated Strategy is my favorite game mode of this game. I legit quit every other gacha games as soon as IS#2 dropped back in July 2022. As IS#3 is on the horizon, I’d like to look back on IS#2 and the billion hours I spent on it like what am I doing with my life and, as you see from the title, to rank all of the IS#2 map, including boss stages and encounter stages, in an order from easiest to hardest.
Now, maps actually change their relative difficulty depends on what relics you have, what playstyle you go for, and occasionally what recruit tickets they throw at you.
Since I can’t create a template on tierlist maker as it will just be a bunch of text anyway (or a very small picture of each map which is hard to see) I guess I’ll just type it out manually here. Hope you remember all of the map’s name!
Just kidding I will post pictures of the maps. But that will bloat up this post a lot so you can see why this is a Part 1. Probably? Maybe by the time I managed to trim this post down by merging all the picture or something I will probably forget to edit this particular part and I will be talking about a Part 2 that will never come. Idk you will soon be able to tell that all of this is literally first draft.
Shit I should stop bloating this post with dumb talk then.
Here we go! All IS2 maps, from easiest to hardest.
Regular reminder that this is a tier list and therefore it’s biased af lmao. (More like this is my "get out of jail" statement, can't fault me for placing the hard map you hate the most on a lower tier now haha looking forward your comment on my Unending placement).
My assumptions for comparing their difficulty will be as follow:
Different hard mode relics usually wouldn’t change the relative difficulty so that’s fine.
And I will shorten the Emergency form to (E). If I meant both the regular map and its emergency version it will be (+E) instead.

“A Date with Slugs” tier

Literally the easiest map in the entire mode. It cannot be threatening. Even with Chachek + Imagined (+54% ATK, DEF, HP) it’s still just barely harder than the next tier.

F tier

- Originally named the “super easy, barely an inconvenience” tier. They are Floor 1 and 2 maps after all. However, you may notice some Emergency version are missing.

D tier

https://imgur.com/a/65Q1WIq (only 2 images cuz only 2 “new” maps)
While these are harder than F tier (cuz emergency duh), they also feel much harder than they actually are because of how early they can show up when you have barely any team build up (Have you ever got Bound By Self – Playwright’s 1st encounter – on the very first node of floor 2?). Them dogs in Beast Taming will mow through pretty much any E1 melee ops (some E2 ops even).
Accident is technically not as bad as the rest of this, as there are a notable amount of ops that can tank the archers or kill them fast enough to not overwhelm the medic. But they have to be higher than the above tier because it is still a significant step up from regular Accident. In normal mode, there is not much difference between the regular and the (E) version actually.
Also, for Gun Salute (E), technically just the Chadigan will tank the mortar guy with ease (need constant heal spam tho), making it F tier, but the issue is the RNG spiders, in (E) their death explosion will kill pretty much any ranged units, and you don’t have much space as they have to avoid both Chadigan and the spider and manage aggro away from the mortar boi.

C tier

These are the opposite of the above tier, where all of these stages listed are way too easy for the floor they appear in.
I first met Sculptor and Statue on its (E) version and not the regular one. I forgot entirely that the pillar can form chokepoints and still won that map leakless even when I had to hold 2 lanes. Note for this map though: the pillar’s ATK is less than the Gargoyle’s HP, meaning it won’t be an insta-kill. You have to lower its HP first before dropping the pillar on them.
Drone Landing Zone (+E) is probably an odd choice here. But as overwhelming as the drone horde looks, it’s fairly simple at its core. The only requirement is not using E1 Steward, Earthspirit, and Podenco as your only anti-air options. You can probably put the (E) version on the next tier.
You may also notice that Sarkaz Desire – a floor 6 map – is here. Again, easy for the floor it appears in. If you got to Floor 6, that means you beat either Phantom or Big Sad Lock (BSL). If you beat Phantom, you will beat Sarkaz Desire, period. Because the only threatening part of this map is the Balloon horde. Or more accurately, killing all of the Balloons on top of your ops and just wiped them with a burst of like a million damage. If you beat BSL, well it depends on if you beat it with a melee team or a ranged team (for obvious reasons).

C+ tier

Now we’re at the next level of C tier where they are easier than the floor they appear in, but they are hard enough to not share that tier.
This tier also shares spot with maps that are hard if you lacks a specific functions but is otherwise easy. For example
Justice and Pressing Ahead: 1 non-Charger Vanguard, and a sufficiently tanky 2-blocks unit for Justice specifically, which can be that Vanguard. (Technically you can just get the +DP relics and it’ll also be sufficient, but I banned relics from this tier list lol)
Fatal Melodies: Any medic that isn’t Honeyberry or 3* and lower. Ansel could work with extreme finesses (and prayers).
I also have beaten this map without medics (or with only Ansel as medic) multiple times already. A DPS Ambusher or Dollkeeper on the healing tile will buy you enough time to musical chair the other DPS units to kill the boss. You can even deliberately block him with any weak unit just to stop the DoT for a split second to buy time for Ansel to heal up. Strong duelists like Nearl2 S2 will do wonder. What doesn’t work is the 3* Medic + Defender combo that usually works in Normal Mode. Both Chadigan and Spot will quickly die to the boss even with Ansel or Hibiscus. (Especially again, I’m not counting any relics for this tier list).
Unending: I heard y’all hate this map. It’s frankly not that hard. There are a lot of units that will help a lot with this map: the classic Defender + Medic, any Trapmasters, Dollkeepers, Ambusher, Decel Binders, Elysium, Roberta, Cliffheart, Gladiia, Red,... anyway the list goes on. And that most of the units I listed are still good in pretty much the other maps. (Cliffheart especially, but I’ll mention her later when it’s time). In IS#2 you also have 2 stun devices to help.
What doesn’t work are Sleep and Freeze user since those don’t reset the Lancer’s speed. But for Gnosis, his freeze and fragile are probably good enough for you to kill them anyway.
Note that if you’re placing 2 Defenders for this map, place the stronger one on the right, that’s where 3 Lancers Leaders will go to (not at the same time but you know what I mean). Unless you’re sure they can’t survive regardless.
A great thing about this map is that Hard Mode doesn’t change the difficulty that much. Most of lancer’s damage come from their speed, not their ATK. (Which also means that Shamare -50% ATK doesn’t work.)
End point is that you usually have more options than you think and the fact that it appears way at floor 4 means you have times to prepare for it.

B tier

This tier is a bit crowded but it’s essentially most of the Floor 3 maps. Floor 3 marks the middle tier or “average” difficulty of the mode. Obviously that means most Floor 3 maps will be here.
Some of these maps are also part of the “hard because early” gang. They are in floor 3 itself tho, just pray that you get their (E) version later in the floor.
The 3 boss stages are not necessary harder than Theft From Above and Fatal Melodies. But they don’t have the potential to be easy either. Basically they are… stable(?) in difficulty I guess?
Terrifying Legends is another map that got much harder in Hard Mode because of the stat scaling. The boss hurts because all of the buff stacks multiplicatively. The Hard Mode boost and his own +ATK/ASPD scales together resulting in him destroying most melee units even with healer. You just have to win the DPS race in Hard Mode because he does need ramp up. Or get a total of 4s of hard CC which may or may not be easily available.

B+ tier

- If you’re playing with Leader Squad, Knights’ Duel is the easiest map in the entire game: just leak them all. Otherwise, it’s relatively hard. The simplest strat is to just leak the axe boi while dealing with the rest of them. Cliffheart and Gladiia in particular can just yoink the archer boi down the hole even before he starts moving. FEater can also yeet him down the hole but requires a bit of finesse.
Unending (E) is a mile (per hour) above regular Unending. The faster speed means more damage, but more importantly it means you have less breaks in-between charge. More damage combines with less breaks means you’re more likely to die to attrition because you can’t heal up your defenders fast enough. Lancers Leaders now 1-shot anyone without immortality, shield, or massive HP/DEF pool like an E2 skill-active Protectors. But Bind, Stun, Dollkeepers, AMB-Ⲭ Ambusher,... still work wonder so it’s still in this tier.
Traveler From Afar regular mode is fairly simple. What you need to worry is the fireball caster and get units that can attack the hovering bois without being distracted (not necessarily Marksman). E2 S2M3 Cliffheart in particular destroys this map. She can yoink caster down the hole and ground all of the hovering boi. She doesn’t prioritize S2 on enemies she’s blocking from her side so it works wonder for prioritizing them. Bottom lane of this map has fairly low traffic, just Chadigan can solo it all the way until the red defender… I think. I never really paid attention to it.
This Ursus Man can be cheesed with AoE silence. Otherwise you need either Reapers, Dollkeepers or some Centurion. There is a spot that is guaranteed safe from Gopnik when he makes his first round: upright of the blue box. This spot is a bit awkward though as sometimes the spider will spawn the thingy away from that tile which let them slip pass, but it’s a great spot regardless.

A tier

- And here’s the map with the biggest jump from regular mode to Emergency: Justice. Most other (E) maps become hard due to the stats scale turning the regular mobs into a dangerous beasts (Unequal Split, Beast Taming, Grand Finale,...) But Justice makes every mobs stronger and also keeping the Civilians the same stats. Even when you deployed a unit right in front of the red box, the enemies can still take 1 shot toward the Civilians because they spawned inside the red box and can’t be blocked yet. And with the (E) stats they will take less shots to kill the civilians. I hate these damned civilians so much. (I guess a puller will yoink the enemies away from red box so here’s another Cliffheart shill)
Sarkaz Desire is another one with a big jump. Like I said in the normal version, the only challenge of this map is not killing the balloon at the wrong time and have a million damage on your ops combined with a 10 seconds stun. But the (E) version makes their speed fast meaning said challenge is much harder. And the increased stats do make the other mobs more threatening.
Bob’s Beers is also a case of (E) stats turning the regular enemies into beasts, in this case the Brawlers and the regular drones. They are deceptively strong and then any single bomb dropped on your ranged unit means death.
Demonic Cage is uhh, a fairly simple map. But as I said somewhere in the beginning, there are some maps that do change their difficulty based on your playstyle. And mine doesn’t rely too much on strong melee units. The easy strat is to leak the first guy while passively collects DP to instantly deploy a bunch of units with the melee being lasts to draw aggro. It’s probably somewhere around B/B+ tier for other people, or even lower. Cliffheart is also amazing here because she can yoink the ranged enemy away from the ranged tile so you have a much easier time to deal with the rest.

S tier

I don’t think I need to explain what tier this is. But I do need to explain why some of the (E) stages can match the “boss fight” of this game.
Dangers Abound (E) has 6 Wraith Leaders with about 30000 HP, 1000 DEF, and 50 RES. The Bullies also chonk af but they are blockable while not hurting that much.
Traveler From Afar should also be self-explanatory. The Caster actually chonk af and the hover boi hurts. (But Cliffheart still destroy the top lane of this map. She might have to be worry with the mobs this time though.)
From Afar has the stats scaling to the extreme, +50% ATK (stack multiplicatively with the Hard Mode relic) and +500 DEF (fortunately only add after the Hard Mode relic) from the 5 Heralds which makes the opening harder because of the snipers’ multi-target. If you haven’t killed enough Heralds by the time the elites and singers reach your frontline, it’s going to be a bad time.
Observation is pretty overwhelming at first and still difficult after getting used to it. The singers spam during the middle phase is pretty awful and if you accidentally trigger their passive once, they will shred through your line. Then the Golem spam at the last phase is also awful. Actually not that bad if you have relics.
*read below for more things about All I Ask of You

“Holy shit” tier

Emergency Ursus Desire. Oh boy. 5 UFO drones with 36000 HP, 1600 ATK, 1200 DEF. 4 Shieldguards with 45000 HP, 1300 ATK, 2500 DEF. 4 Demolitionists with 55000 HP, 3500 ATK, 2100 DEF. Even the bottom lane is big pain with the stats-boosted bears and 2-block Raiders spam. If you somehow got Imagined (+10% ATK, HP, DEF), it’s going to be a fu…n time.
New Chapter’s actual boss is the Shaman. But Nightingale will trivialise that right? NOPE there are a billion shaman and their combined arts damage with the death explosion with Playwright’s constant onslaught means without NG S3 your units will die quite quickly (without relics).
Tbh, Playwright alone isn’t that bad. His mass AoE is preventable with the checker-deployment thingy and Nightingale (it is bad in the sense that he pretty much forces a NG on your team or relying on busted relics). Dollkeepers shrug off his -ASPD debuff when swapping back and forth (though only Spectwo is the only frontline that survive the shaman horde for any reasonable amount of time). You don’t even have to spawncamp him and instead burst him down in 2 different intervals (the idea is to avoid his <50% phase as much as you can). There are a bunch of big pp DPS units courtesy of year 3/4 powercreep (and heck even some old units still kinda works) so technically you have options. My dude has 90 RES when below 50% HP though so be careful with arts damage.
*Extra note: if you have Crown or Chachek, All I Ask of You is in this tier as well. BSL's ATK got buffed to the point where you might not be able to set up a squad at all (until 60s in), as they will get wiped. Again, I don't count relics, meaning operators will only have 10% ATK and HP and DEF to protect themselves with.
K that’s it you can now go flame my ranking or me in the comment or something bye.
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2023.03.26 15:02 youneedigotu ❇️Cloned Cards❇️ ready for shipment now‼️ I can’t know the balance 100% but I have my ways of guessing pretty accurate. I give a 70% guarantee. For example if u buy 1k card and it’s below $700 u get a new card for free. Some buy 1k find 5k others buy 1.5k find $800‼️ More info TELEGRAM @emvpackage

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2023.03.26 15:01 JamesAlcatrazIA Free graduation/senior pictures

Hello everyone. I'm an Iowa City photographer getting ready for the graduation season. I am looking to get some practice in, so If you or anyone you know needs professional photos in the Iowa City area for free please reach out! I currently have limited spots available so please reach out asap!
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2023.03.26 15:01 Accomplished-Pack128 Follow up post: High BP not responding to meds

Last month I discovered that I have hypertension. My readings were 175/113 and the doctor (GP) prescribed 2.5 mg Mylan Indapamide and 5mg Amlodipine. Then last week I went for a follow up and the numbers were still in the same range: 170/110. He then discontinued the Amlodipine and replaced it with 20 mg Nifedipine twice daily (and continued the Indapamide). I'm also going to go the hospital for some tests (Glucose fasting, Lipogram Fasting, U&E + Creatinine, TSH, and FBC + platelets). My first question is how effective is the new course of treatment and does anyone have any experience going in for these tests? He said there may be a secondary cause to the hypertension so I'm really concerned. I'm male by the way, 29 years old, and overweight.
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2023.03.26 15:01 guy_fawkes6 Convince me to spend on earphones

So my year old cheap earphones gave up on me yesterday. Now that I have a little bit of disposable income from my internship, I was thinking of investing in a good earphone. Till now I have used cheap-ish 100-200 rs earphones, and the costliest I have used was a boat rockers 220. I listen to music, not a lot but while commuting, watch some YouTube, play FPS games mostly. Looking for something in the sub 2000 Rs range , can spend a bit more if necessary. Please give me suggestions and tell me your experience after upgrading to a better quality earphone.
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2023.03.26 15:01 annie_m_m_m_m Upcoming meeting, Tuesday, March 28, from 12-1 pm Eastern US Time (5 pm Ireland/UK; 6 pm Europe). Topic: "Grief after diagnosis/self-diagnosis? Our experiences". Zoom info and discussion materials here

Hi everyone,
Our upcoming Tuesday morning meeting will be on Tuesday, March 28, from 12 pm to 1 pm ET, on Zoom. Login information below.
The theme of the meeting is: "Grief after diagnosis/self-diagnosis? Our experiences"
TIME ZONE INFO: The meeting takes place at 9:00 am Pacific US time 10 am US Mountain time 11 am Central US time 12 pm Eastern US time 5 pm UK-Ireland time 6 pm Central European time 3 am (Wednesday) in Sydney, Australia
Read on for information about the meeting format, discussion questions, Zoom login info, and FAQ.
If you would like to receive optional weekly email notifications about upcoming meetings, topics, and share questions, you can sign up at autisticwomensgroup (dot) com. You will receive one email each Sunday. Unsubscribe any time.
Hope to see you at the meeting!

Zoom information

Alas, Reddit is no longer letting me put the Zoom link in this event post. No worries though, you can find the Zoom link in any of three ways:
Contact me directly by chat or direct message to u/annie_m_m_m_m if you have trouble connecting. I will personally send you a link and make sure you get in.

Meeting format

The purpose of this meeting is to allow autistic women to share on our own experiences as we understand them. We come from a range of backgrounds and have many different ways of understanding and speaking about autism. When we join this meeting, we may hear others describing their own experience in different terms from what we would have used ourselves. But by taking part in the meeting, we agree to respect others' understanding as it stands today. And we can expect our own experience to be treated with the same respect. Rather than making it our business to change others' perceptions of their own lives and experiences, we agree to listen to each other where we are right now. We follow the motto, "Take what you like, and leave the rest."
The meeting will be guided with a slide show, with space for members of the group to share their personal experiences in response to discussion questions.
Opening: Reading the declaration of group purpose and ground rules for respecting others' shares and experience
Main reading: Anonymous shares from autisticwomensgroup members. At this time, shares are still being collected. Check back before the meeting to see this week's shares.
Have a share on this week's topic? DM annie_m_m_m_m 4-6 sentences. It will be compiled into this week's group reading document and read anonymously at the meeting. Feel free to use a throwaway account for added anonymity.
Sharing on the following questions:
Closing: Reading the group affirmation


Does my camera/mic have to be on?
You don't have to turn your camera or mic on! Please participate in the way that makes you feel most comfortable. For some, this will mean sharing with the camera off, sharing by writing in the chat, or not sharing at all but just listening. It's all good.
Do I have to read the materials beforehand?
You do not have to read the materials beforehand, though of course you can. Everything you need in order to participate in the meeting will be provided within the meeting itself.
Do I have to use my real name or share my contact info?
You don't have to use your real name or share your contact info, although you can if you want to. We respect everyone's privacy and ask that people only share what they feel comfortable with.
Do I have to stay for the whole meeting?
You only have to stay as long as you can/would like to. You can leave at any time with no judgment from others.
Do I have to come to every meeting?
You do not have to come to every meeting. You can be a full member of the group and come whenever you have time/feel like it.
Will people be telling me what to do? Will I be expected to solve anyone else's problems?
No one will be telling you what to do. You will not be expected to solve anyone else's problems. In this meeting, we share on our own experiences only. And we listen respectfully to other people's experiences, with no other response than to thank them for sharing what they have experienced in the world.
What if I am looking for feedback/advice?
Members who would like to look for or give feedback/advice are encouraged to exchange contact info for conversation, support, and friendship outside the meeting.
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2023.03.26 15:01 provinzkraut Starlite updates March '22 2.0 is coming

Hello fellow Pythoneers, it's time for me to once more talk about Starlite for a bit!


What's Starlite?
Starlite is a flexible and highly performant ASGI framework, focused on building APIs while delivering great developer experience by offering ready-built solutions for common tasks such as ORM integration, caching, session management, key/value stores, OpenAPI-schema generation and interactive API docs, type safety and much more.
You can read more about Starlite's features in our documentation!
So what's new?

Starlite 2.0 on the horizon

It's been over two months since we announced Starlite 2.0, more as a side note than major news, so it's about time to see how things are going!
Firstly, as with any proper project, there has been a slight feature creep, and the 2.0 update will be a bit more involved as initially expected. But we have it under control. We can stop at any time. I promise.
Jokes aside, the announcement still holds true: Starlite 2.0 retains most of its core functionality, and from a user perspective, not a lot has to change when upgrading your app from 1.x to 2.0; If you don't want to make use of new features, the upgrade path will mostly consist of changing some import paths and slightly adjusting a few configuration values.
But let's take a look at what has changed, and what is yet to come.

Adieu Pydantic

Starting with the release of 2.0.0alpha1, Starlite replaced most of its internal models that relied on Pydantic (mostly with data- or plain classes). In the following releases leading up to 2.0, we will remove the last dependencies on Pydantic, and you can use Starlite completely Pydantic-free.
But why?
The main motivations behind this were performance improvements and flexibility:
Pydantic is a great library, but being fast is not one of its strengths. Its performance will likely increase drastically in version 2.0, with the core validation logic written in Rust, but early tests indicate that it will likely still be slower than other libraries when it comes to (de)serialization.
In many cases this might not be an issue, but having the option to switch to an alternative if desired is still a valuable option, and can have significant impact on the overall performance of an application.
Pydantic is by far not the only library of its kind, with prominent members of the same class being attrs, cattrs or even plain dataclasses for some use cases.
Starlite currently only supports modelling data with Pydantic, which means this will necessarily force an integration of Pydantic into the rest of the application's layers, be it by directly using Pydantic models there, or simply the need of an additional "translation layer".
By removing Starlite's reliance on Pydantic, we're opening doors to a new, more flexible type of integration, which will ultimately allow to plugin in arbitrary modelling libraries.
Does this mean I won't be able to use Starlite with Pydantic anymore?
No. Starlite will continue to support Pydantic modelling of any kind, and you'll be able to keep using Pydantic models everywhere you've used them before.
Pydantic will be removed as a core dependency eventually, which means Starlite will be able to run without it, but there are no plans to stop supporting it.

All new DTOs

DTOs will become more integral in Starlite 2.0, taking care of most of the data conversion between various types of models.
This feature is yet to be released, but it will allow you to seamlessly use data modelled with for example Pydantic, SQLAlchemy, msgspec or dataclasses in your route handlers, without the need for an intermediary model; The conversion will be handled by the specific DTO "backend" implementation. This new paradigm also makes it trivial to add support for any such modelling library, by simply implementing an appropriate backend.

emit("We have an event bus now")

Starting with the first alpha release - 2.0.0alpha1 -, Starlite includes a simple event bus that can be used to emit and receive events, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous listeners. Currently only a basic in-memory, per-process backend is included, but future versions will add support for inter-process communication by adding backends for Redis, RabbitMQ and others.
This is an exciting new feature, as it allows powerful patterns such as websocket broadcasting, or can, in combination with background tasks, eliminate the need for external task queues such as celery or arq.

Data stores

Another exciting new feature coming in 2.0 are the all new, fully integrated data stores. They are simple key/value stores, including backends for the file system, memory, or common key/value databases like Redis.
These stores are managed centrally by a registry, providing easy configuration, isolation and a hierarchical structure via namespacing, and integration with third parties such as plugins. Via the registry it's possible to easily access stores used by various built-in features such as rate-limiting or request caching, making them available throughout the entire application context.

What else is new?

To keep this post (relatively) brief I won't mention all the changes going into 2.0, so if you want to know everything that's changed until now, you can take a look at the detailed 2.x changelog, which includes all the currently released changes, features (and bugfixes).

What's left to do

There are a few more things that have to be done before Starlite 2.0 will be released. Yesterday the second alpha version (2.0.0alpha2) has been released, but it won't be the last development release before 2.0.0.
A few major items on the 2.0 todo-list currently are:
and of course lots of minor issue that need taking care of.
There is no set release date for 2.0, but as things are currently going, I expect one more alpha release before the first beta version comes out. At this point, no more breaking changes will be introduced, allowing the beta to be tested for a while before it can be considered stable and ready for the final release.
And as always, if you want to get involved or in touch, check out Starlite on GitHub or join our Discord!
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2023.03.26 15:00 ftrxtmlngkmp i want to be "normal".

i feel really shitty as a boy and like a liar as a woman.
i transitioned to a woman almost three years ago in april of 2020 and started transitioning medically in oktober 2021. in this time it never quite sit right with me to tell people that i am a woman. and it took quite some time before i was ready to do so even though i am absurdly well passing. i cant even boy mode. i since realised i might be non binary but i still cant accept myself as such. i am accepted by everyone around me as whatever i say i think i am but why cant i accept myself?
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