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2023.06.08 00:07 Esac90 32 [NB4R] California/Anywhere - Nerdy latina looking for a creative friendship!

32 years old, 5'3 me... . Y'all can call me Esac! It's nice to meet you all :)
I'm an introvert. I've been told that I'm kind of like a gen z stuck in a millennial body, lol. But I still have my abuelita phase, so don't expect me to go out partying past midnight unless we're just going to grab Ihop or McDonalds at like 2am, lol. My sense of humor is a little dark sometimes, and I like cringe stuff, besides that I'm blunt and sometimes a bit rough around the edges with my jokes/humor. Nothing personal, I was a tomboy through and through and stuff like that just kind of sticks.
I'm a digital artist, and going back to school. It's my last semester so things will be a little hectic, but I'll get back to you in time, I promise.
gotta get this out of the way. I LOVE monstermen, like I absolutely adore the werewolf himbo or like the gentle giant trope (beauty and the beast was a weird gateway into furry lol). Or bad guy learning to be good thing because of love. I used to write short stories a lot, and I still write roleplay stuff. I adore character creation to death, and am always thinking of new characters in general. I love getting to talk to others about original characters and pairings and stuff.
Also really into fictional men and women, sorry everyone ;u; I have a partner so I'm really just looking for friends. I like banter and giving out compliments also enby.
Makeup is still something that I'm into, even if it is just eyeliner; eyeshadow; mascara; lipstick. Fashion tastes move more into techwear or someone that looks like they're from parts of the PNW. Outside of that just jeans and a t-shirt unless it's somewhere fancy then it's slacks and a turtleneck with my Clark boots. Sometimes I'll wear skirts, dresses, shorts, but it really depends. I'm trying to dress more witchy, but why does clothing have to be so expensive??
Genre's I like are fantasy and sci-fi. I loved shows like The Expanse and The Rings of Power. I read a bit too, just not as much as I used to. Gonna start reading The Jade Throne. Besides that I read manga and watch anime, lol. Podcast that I used to listen to was Last Podcast on the Left, I do like true crime and alien stuff. Really into Byzantium history right now. I have a soft spot for medieval art history.
Love anime, love video games. Really into JRPGs, gonna try and starts Atelier Ryza at some point, I love chill games like that; and fantasy rpg stuff like Skyrim. I just like games that let me make characters, lol. Before you ask I did play cyberpunk back on my ps4 eons ago. If you remember any of these animes, we'll be buddies: Zoids new century, Last Exile, Ergo Proxy, Paranoia Agent, Serial Experiments Lain, Blue Submarine No. 6, Chrno Crusade
I'm looking for someone who likes writing roleplays, who likes talking about original characters, someone who draws (this is important to me), and kind of likes the same things that I do. If you like werewolf men/monstermen and romanced Garrus in Mass Effect, we're gonna be friends lol. A creative friendship!
I don't mind light flirting and stuff, but like I'm not really lookin. Just looking for someone that's around their 30s, likes cringy tiktok stuff and sending memes of cats and whatnot, overall creative and likes similar things. Also LGBTQ friendly.
Local or online friendships are totally fine!
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2023.06.08 00:06 rdt_wrtr_4_hire Feeling hopeless, lost, fairly unconcerned with my future.

I'm from east Texas but moved to west Texas a few years ago to get away from hurricanes and, well, people in general. I fell into a great situation, job-wise, and the timing was perfect because I could go for long, beautiful walks out in nature while everyone else was cooped up indoors for COVID back home. It was a fantastic move!
But, now, I'm feeling blah. This beautiful small town is dying due to a lack of tourism and Texas itself seems like it is in hospice, as well. I know industry is banging but because of it and our pushover govt, air and water pollution is crazy bad- especially in the Texas triangle area, where the majority of jobs are located. I don't want to return to the Houston area as that seems to be the worst spot. My mental health (excluding the past few months as I've pondered my next move) has lined out so much while being out here, away. I miss that me from late 2019 to late 2022.
I've thought about taking a teaching gig in rural Cali or Hawaii but just can't shake the feeling that I am supposed to be here, still. Is this fear? A rut? Anxiety about a big change? A delusion?
Don't even know why I'm posting... I guess just to say, "Why even try, anymore?"
I hate to leave Texas as this is home but I just can't see myself staying here, watching it all crumble down around me. It all feels like the tail end of a chess game where your opponent still has a few key pieces and you're just moving the king around, holding off checkmate. But you know it's only a matter of time before the game is over and you have lost. Delaying the inevitable...
Just feeling sad today, I guess. My friends and coworkers keep suggesting to try my luck with an international school but that seems too daunting, plus I have a doggo to take into account. Cali sounds so nice, as long as I'm not in the big cities. Green mountain and blue water? Yes, please. Desert life has been wonderful, and much needed, but I do miss ocean.
I don't even have to teach anymore, really. With my particular childhood and the skills gained by teaching for 15 years, I'm quite a swiss army knife. I suppose I could actually put my biology or geology degrees to good use somehow? Alas, working in a lab and slowly going crazy doesn't seem ideal and I don't care to work for oil and gas. I LOVE teaching science and math and miss doing so before everything became so very political...
I feel like I'm legit grieving a career that has been murdered in Texas.
sad panda noises
Does anyone have a (success!) story wherein they just braved up, picked a new place far, anew life, far away, and rolled with it?
Ideas? Advice? Suggestions? Marriage proposals? Leads? Warnings? Not even sure what I'm seeking by posting on here. Just some... Wisdom, I guess. An outside perspective from someone who doesn't know me at all and who can just look at my situation rationally and tell me, "Dude....[reasonable suggestions]."
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2023.06.08 00:05 YourHighlordVyrana Stain Their World Red: 1/???

Really enjoyed writing Ashe, but didn't like the title or how short it was and wanted to expand upon it. So I C/Ped the extremely short chapter here, made a lot changes, and resumed where I left off. So this is the new and official Chapter 1. Changed the title too! Once this goes up, I might just delete Ashe altogether we'll see. Until then, here's another for you guys. A proper chapter. Longer too. Back on the computer, so that's fun. Enjoy.
Title subject to change!
Read Ashe here (unless it's gone lol):
The dead stare of a long-disintegrated child looked up at them. Remnants frozen in time as a monument of ruin to the wasteland before her. A lifeless, shattered. Echos of what used to be. It used to beautiful. Maybe in memory, it stays there. Isolated, but perfect. Perhaps, in another lifetime, they could have considered such a sight tragic.
But now? Now, it was simply a byproduct. One of many at that.
Oblivion wondered if it was a form of hypocrisy. To care for their own children, the ones they were responsible for feeding and caring for. The very same children who required the life-filling nutritional energy only essence, only Souls, could provide in sufficient quantity and quality. At least, until they found a long-term alternative. How then, was it fair, that they could stare into the monuments of ash and brimstone without remorse? To sleep well in the void of space as the killed world after world? To render galaxies extinct and universes as little more than drifting debris of dead space?
As it turned out, Oblivion didn't care to find the answer.
In truth, they didn't actually care to answer a question they'd already established an answer for. The thought experiment was simply that. An experiment. Something to do, at best. The attention upkeep for a Living Extinction class such as themself rarely warranted such self-scrutiny, but times could be dull, seeing as the bare minimum of effort that it took to kill planet after plantet after planet bore no grief to their heart not any guilt over the lives violently ripped away.
"Yo." A voice cried out. In response, the bored decimator tilted their head up to see their one and only partner hovering above them, floating in the shattered sky just a few feet above. They wondered if it was weird to take note that their friend's feet were remarkably clean. "You okay?"
Oblivion nodded. Their eyes glazed back down at the ashen remains of the child. It's face frozen in fear, their dreams, hopes and ideas dashed away. All so that their own children could have dreams, hopes and ideas on their own. Cataclysm, their partner, drifted down next to the standing red-skinned killer. Both Soul Rippers stood side-by-side amidst a lifeless chunk of what used to be Callus II, a world once renowned for its natural beauty. Destroying it hadn't actual yielded much Soulfood, or essence, as it was already halfway evacuated before their arrival. But once they did arrive, escape was impossible, not that it stopped the local resistance from, well, resisting. No, the planet's destruction was intended to damage moral moreso than it was to yield any form of "economic" bounty. Not that it didn't of course, food was food afterall, but it was an already sparsely populated planet. Since it was strongly suggested that the destruction of Callus II would cause significant unrest, maybe even rebellion in the remaining population centers, Oblivion figured it only fair they do their duty.
Hence, another byproduct of a looong list that kept expanding, unlikely to end anytime soon.
"We got new orders from the ladies up top. Wanna guess what?" Oblivion's head tilted up; eyes gleaming with a current of curiosity. She gestured with her hand towards the broken debris scattered about. Of a long-dead world around them.
Cataclysm smirked as she shook her head. "Nah, nothin' too crazy. Got something new this time." She paused. 'Word is... we got allies now. Real, honest folks that wanna, and get this, work with us this time around."
A frown creased the white-haired woman's features. She turned to look at her partner's increasingly grinning expression.
Oblivion asked the obvious question without words. Mute as she was, it'd taken some time for Cataclysm to get a proper read on her partner's flow with any accuracy. Maybe it was because she was one of the not-quite-insignificant few that carried whatever gene caused the highbreds to be amquadsinistrous instead of the standard amquaddextrious. Which, naturally, caused her childhood to be filled with more than a few hiccups when you're a part of a species that heralds 4 arms to 1 torso. But the challenge was welcomed. It allowed her to be the Soul Ripper she is today. Her upper-hand twirled its index finger into a speedy frenzy, purple Vydent energy streaming from the tip into a swirling tight ball barely half the size of her thumb. The casual level of control over her Vydent flow made Cataclysm's partner wonder if it was weird that they noticed that, in addition to her feet, their friend's nails were also very clean.
Oblivion, for her part, remained focused on the current revelation. Confused at her friend's wording more than anything. Vassals that chose submission, to forgo their freedom and independence and live as official dependence of the Highbred Collective was the standard play-by-play. The trade-off, of course, being that in exchange for willingly allowing oneself to live as, essentially, glorified cattle for food and breeding purposes for denizens the Highbred Collective, the said cattle, referred to as thralls, would be legally protected under relatively well-regulated supervision and oversight in order to protect both their privacy and livelihood. The Gyfolten Principle in particular ensured, under extremely strict law and application, that humane treatment be provided in abundance for all enthralled vassals, unless otherwise specified by the vassals themselves. It was one of the very few choices offered to any and all opposition, excluding special exceptions naturally. A choice often typically preferred over those whose territories were soon to be conquered, destroyed or both. That was the only form 'allies' her people took. For a species to be able enter an honest partnership with the highbred race was... nearly unheard of.
Only one race had ever managed such a feat, and they were long extinct. The white-haired decimator pointed as her own head in a clawing motion, its question clear.
"Nope, not enthrallment." Cataclysm responded, still grinning even when she popped the 'P'. "Like I said. Full on allyship. Partners even!" The excitement in her voice was evident. Almost infectious.
Oblivion's frown only deepened, confusion warring with contemplation before her eyes suddenly widened as the realization hit her. Cataclysm took the moment to mentally pat herself on the back for being able to translate the powerful mute's particular form of communication.
"Yep. There it is. It's aaaallll over your face BeeBee. No thralls, no vassals, no crazy shit. We got ourselves real volunteers this time around. People who wanna actually negotiate and even talk with us. Heh, three guesses as to who just got sattled to provide 'security' for the upcoming 'diplomatic mission'." She used air-quotes. "And the first two don't count."
Oblivion blinked.
Somehow, her partner's smile split her face even wider, a dance of mischievousness flashed through her glowing purple beacons. She slowly started to rise higher into the ruined sky moments later.
"Well! Guess you'll just have to fiiiind out when we get there. Planet we're going to is called 'Earth' by rest of the galaxy. So... ready for a lil' road trip?"


The journey to Earth was a rather uneventful.
Surrounding her was a comfortable dome of dark red vydent energy, solidified into a comfortable hardlight seat that was easy on the eyes. It surrounded her like those capsules she'd seen on TV, forming both a protective barrier between herself and the vacuum of space as they traveled through FTL. Spacious too. She even had a nice comfy pillow and the 'chair' reclined as high or low as she pleased.
So, while uneventful, it most certainly was pleasant.
Pinelock was their assigned Solar Soother, an Energizer whose sole job was to provide speedy and smooth transportation for Decimators like Oblivion and herself. Cataclysm remembered being in her role eons ago, using her own vydent energy to ferry bigger and better Decimators from star system to star system. It paid decently, but she wasn't in it for the essence. The job was, at best, a luxury afforded for the powerful. Like being a limousine driver for an excessively wealthy businessman. It helped her connect with those powerful killers back then, helped her understand their motivations beyond the barebone necessity of "kill or be killed".
With that thought in mind, the blonde Soul Ripper made a mental reminder to tip their chauffeur when they arrived at Earth as she leaned back into the provided pillow. Just as her eyes closed, she began thinking about her partner.
She remembered feeling incredibly nervous when upon first meeting her. The stories surrounding the then average Soul Ripper, wondering which ones were true and which ones were just hearsay from her various obsessors. Oblivion was a living legend, both inside and out. A genius and warrior both in fact. Back then, Cataclysm admired their tenacity. She read their info-profile. How Oblivion heralded many obsessors in her early days, rising to prominence primarily through utilizing some seriously impressive enthrallment tactics, drowning her would-be killers in a sea of bodies by utilizing some prolific insect race to force them to expend their vydent energy reserves. After that, it was a simple matter of killing off whatever opposition remained, though mercifully chose to personally spare or adopt many of the children of the deceased. All-in-all, it was a typical power story, up until the moment the Red Bastion, the main governing body of Highbred at the time, attempted to recruit her to their cause once she'd grown beyond their means of subjugation. And when their efforts ended in futility, Oblivion remained standing, the Red Bastion did not. Without leadership, the remaining populace moved on, formed their own groups, established a new primary Obelisk of Dominion, and the events were eventually relegated to the history logs. Whatever obsessors didn't try to outright kill the white-haired Soul Ripper decided to become dedicated housewives, pledging their hearts and mind to Oblivion and only her. Which was standard Obsessor behavior. What got her popular was the sheer volume of subsequent Supplicants that followed, asking to join her harem. Oblivion declined, of course, but the aftermath of so many offers are ultimately what rocketed her to the position she has today.
"A relatively bloodless rise to power really." Cataclysm though to herself. "Thought I wonder how she felt back then. What made her want to be a Soul Ripper? And why?" Even today, Cataclysm still didn't know. It was one of the few things she decided she'd have to be okay with never knowing. Over the years, as their bond grew, she thought she had a pretty good grasp on why her partner did what she did back then. But in truth? She still had no clue. And likely never would.
What she figured she should know, however, is a little information on the race they were visiting. The humans of planet Earth.
"May I ask you a question, Cataclysm?" Oblivion's voice gently echoed in the blonde Soul Ripper's mindscape, her voice somehow a whisper carried with all the authority of a command. But it was a genuine question, and Cataclysm was happy to answer honestly. "Well, you just did you did, but shoot. What's on that mind o' yours?"
It was always an exceptionally rare moment with an even short timeframe that Oblivion spoke, and even when she did it was always through their telepathic connection. So, whenever she did offer to speak, Cataclysm vowed to always make time to listen.
As she listened in on such a rarity, the blonde Soul Ripper also found her wondering about the new world they would be arriving at. And most importantly, what it's denizens so different from the rest.
Thank you so much for reading, Chapter will be far longer as they progress, haven't quite settled on a word count just yet. When Chapter 2 is up, it will be posted either at the top or the bottom, here. This is really my first real time posting here and, unlike previous unposted projects, I really want to improve my consistency in writing and craft a fun story while doing so. Until then, thank you for reading, please feel free to leave constructive criticism or feedback at your leisure, and I hope you have a great day!
-Highlord V.
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2023.06.08 00:05 mgthevenot Recycled tin can plant pot idea

Recycled tin can plant pot idea
So my 89 year old grandpaw has come up with what I think is a great idea. He has found a source for these empty 80 fl oz cans. He flattens any sharp bits and uses a nail punch to make a hole about an inch from the bottom for drainage, and then paints them or leaves them plain and puts plants in them. There is even a little metal ring on the back that makes it easy to hang on fences. He is thinking of ways to market these as very inexpensive recyclable alternatives to those ugly plastic pots. I wanted to share his idea on here and see what people thought of them. Here's a few questions I have for y'all:
On a scale from 1 to 10 how likely are you to consider buying these if you saw them at your local nursery?
Do you prefer the plain version, the painted version, or the rustic patina version?
Do any of you have experience selling plants and have any advice on things we should know before getting into this?
Do any of you have suggestions of things we could do differently or ways to improve on the design?
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2023.06.08 00:04 InsomniacFeverDreams [WTS] Mcnees, Spyderco, Heretic. 5 Knives!

Hello Swappers. I have 5 knives up for sale today that don't get much pocket time these days.

PM Mac 2 3.5in Magnacut- 2nd owner, very small scratches on blade, some snails, was a light user and by no means abused. Sharpened by previous owner (apex isn't the best, isn't the worst) and stropped by myself with Gunny Juice to a mirror polish. Asking $515 shipped firm.

Way Of Knife Spydie Chef LC200N- I acquired this one on swap. 2nd owner that I know of. WAY OF KNIFE modified this beauty. They chopped the blade for a reverse tanto, added texturing to the scales, and I believe did a stonewash on the blade. Asking $195 shipped OBRO. EDIT: This has been cleaned. Can provide new pictures upon request. My bad guys :/

Spyderco Manix 2 S110V- Carried and sharpened 1st owner- with titanium scales, anodized Lynch Clip, Copper cage, and sharpening choil mod. Stropped to a mirror polish. Asking $220 shipped OBRO (final price reduction).

Spyderco Para 3 S45vn- 1st owner, carried a handful of times, sharpened myself due to Hellen Keller running the spyderco grinder (it's scary sharp right now, please be extra careful if you pick this one up). Titanium Scales anodized bronze, lynch clip installed, and stropped to a mirror polish using Gunny Juice. Asking $200 shipped.

Heretic Manticore 'E' Elmax- 1st owner, have carried this guy quite a bit. Definitely not abused either. Fires out strong. Stropped and some wear on blade finish and clip finish. Asking $200 Shipped OBRO.
Will ship USPS Priority tomorrow morning if purchased tonight. Can also provide tracking upon purchase because I use Pirate Ship. Zelle and Venmo are my preferred payment methods. If those don't work for you I'm sure we can work something out. Chat me with any questions at all!

Timestamp, Pics, Vid - Sorry that these are a little out of order

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2023.06.08 00:03 ThrowAwaythenThrowUp Unpopular Opinion: CRAs don’t get paid enough

This is a post about CRAs. Not CRCs, CTAs or anyone who will moan about me being ungrateful for my pay.
Vent: Last night, my flight coming home from a monitoring visit got cancelled after being delayed 2.5 hours. I wait in line for a hotel voucher. The hotel voucher they give me is for a 2 star hotel. I barely get any sleep because I feel so uncomfortable in the room. It was so shoddy.
Im on the phone with Concur to book the first morning flight out at 8 am. It’s a 3 hr flight. I’m stuck in a middle seat because that’s all Concur could get for me last minute. I’m uncomfortable and my back hurts.
It’s a 45 minute drive back from the airport. I come home to 10 emails from my CTM marked as “high priority “, some veeva quality issues emails to fix, report revisions to get done. I’m so tired. My body hurts.
I tell myself I’ll take a nap and hit the ground running when I wake up because on top of these emails I have 2 reports to write. I have to follow up with a vendor about some issues from my MV. I wake up 5 hours later lol.
I’m thankful for my paycheck but the amount of work and documentation I am expected to keep up with is a lot. Plus the sponsor is very picky about filing and has absurd deadlines. They expect us Yo go through Veeva weekly while also being on site. I wish I had in-house help. I wish I could just do my visits and reports and that’s it. It’s all the extra stuff that’s weighing heavy on me. How am I supposed to get any work done when I’m getting flights cancelled or delayed. This is not the first time this has happened obviously but I was extra annoyed today . I wish my CRO paid for airport lounge access so at least I’d have a quiet place to work. It’s not even like I can get work done on the plane because economy is so cramped and the only airline they pay for that offers free in flight Wi-Fi is Delta and they’re not always the most “cost-effective”. Idk I think it’s just one of those days .
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2023.06.08 00:00 AutoModerator What streaming service is Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Free on Reddit?

Action Movie!Here are your options for free online Spider-Man: Across Spider-Verse full movie streaming or downloading. Are you a movie buff? If so, you'll adore Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, a new romantic comedy. One of the best films of its kind is this one. Soon, you can watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse online on Netflix!

Is SPIDER-MAN ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE on Netflix? Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse is not available to watch on Netflix. If you’re interested in other movies and shows, one can access the vast library of titles within Netflix under various subscription costs depending on the plan you choose: $9.99 per month for the basic plan, $15.99 monthly for the standard plan, and $19.99 a month for the premium plan. Is Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse on Hulu? They’re not on Hulu, either! But prices for this streaming service currently start at $6.99 per month, or $69.99 for the whole year. For the ad-free version, it’s $12.99 per month, $64.99 per month for Hulu + Live TV, or $70.99 for the ad-free Hulu + Live TV. Is SPIDER-MAN ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE on Disney Plus? No sign of Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse on Disney+, which is proof that the House of Mouse doesn’t have its hands on every franchise! Home to the likes of ‘Star Wars’, ‘Marvel’, ‘Pixar’, National Geographic’, ESPN, STAR and so much more, Disney+ is available at the annual membership fee of $79.99, or the monthly cost of $7.99. If you’re a fan of even one of these brands, then signing up to Disney+ is definitely worth it, and there aren’t any ads, either. Is Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse on HBO Max? Sorry, Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse is not available on HBO Max. There is a lot of content from HBO Max for $14.99 a month, such a subscription is ad- free and it allows you to access all the titles in the library of HBO Max. The streaming platform announced an ad-supported version that costs a lot less at the price of $9.99 per month. Is Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse on Amazon Video? Unfortunately, Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse is not available to stream for free on Amazon Prime Video. 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2023.06.07 23:58 Gel_007 The Founding Chapter 6

June 10th, 327
It’s been a bit since I’ve written here. I decided to give Augustine a looser leash and I allowed him to explore the outside world as long as he knew what he was doing.
June 11th, 327
Augustine said he had something to tell me later tonight, he’d been exploring almost every day now, the active sense of adventure that boy has honestly impresses me.
A: Hey Zach
Z: Hey what’s up?
A: I wanna tell you about something I found while I was exploring the other day.
Z: Spill then.
A: Alright, so as I was playing around with my long distance teleportation spell and I ended up on the base of a large mountain range. It was strange as I couldn’t teleport all the way to the top, it was like something within the very mountain’s mineral makeup was negating my attempts to teleport up to its peak. So I decided to scale the mountain the old fashion way: climbing it. Thanks to the enhancements given to me by that project I scaled the mountain in no time, and the other side? It was like nothing the world has ever seen, the mountain range was hiding a large gulf of water, a large island placed just within the gulf, lush forest and 2 large mountains towards the center, a place that seemed untouched by time itself. It could be the perfect place to permanently hide from the Templar, after all we can only hide in this cabin for so long before they eventually find us.
I was certainly surprised at the fact that he was able to scale an entire mountain with seemingly very little effort, but what interested me more was the island he discovered. He claimed it looked “untouched” but the higher ups at the Templar claimed they have colonized nearly all the available land in this world so to have an entire island be left untouched is almost like foreign concept, something of legend.
Z: An untouched island? Not only untouched but also unheard of. The Templar said they’ve colonized all known land in this world.
A: I know! But I couldn’t see any mana towers among the trees or any humans from the peak of the mountains.
Z: Well if still untouched after all this time, chances are that they won’t find it anytime soon.
A: exactly! A place where the Templar will never reach…solemn look
Z: What's wrong Augustine? The memories and thoughts haunting you again?
A: yea, I’m sorry to constantly bother you with them but I’ve kept them contained for too long
Z: Hey, hey it’s alright. You’ve never been a bother at all, helping you deal with your issues is what friends are for.
A: I appreciate it Zach, for the longest time Elock was really the only friend I’ve ever had so it’s enlightening hearing someone else say that, to this day I still wonder where she is today and if she’s even alive! I used to have nightmares where I would meet her again just to discover that she’s-
Z: it’s alright, I’m sure she thinks about you every day too and most likely wonders the same every night.
A: Yeah I know, but it’s hard remaining optimistic in this world with the whole war between humans and keidran going on.
Z: Well to me that island sounds like a great place to start.
A: agreed.
Augustine and I agreed to visit the island he found beyond the mountains tomorrow, he thinks it’ll be the perfect place to hide from the Templar.
June 12th, 327
Augustine said that the mountain range was incredibly far, about days worth of running in Augustine’s estimation, so teleporting there is just another thing to add to the list of things he impresses me with. While the material the mountain range is composed of prevents any magic from directly interacting with them, they don’t extend beyond that, so Augustine offered to fly us up there using a telekinetic spell.
Turns out Augustine is only used to telekinetically lifting one item, how do I know? Because he accidentally dropped me. Luckily I landed in a tree. After traversing both sides of the mountain and making it across the water, we arrived on the island at last and man Augustine wasn’t lying. It truly was beautiful, lush fruit bearing trees, 2 large mountains and not even the smallest hint of Templar interference!
We headed further inland and decided to stay at the valley between the 2 mountains with Augustine immediately getting to work and hacking away at the tree with the guard’s sword. After a few hours of work, Augustine already had a large pile of planks with me barely keeping up and Augustine teasing me about it, oh I’m sorry not everyone is a magically enhanced super soldier.
It was beginning to grow dark and we made the decision to head back to the cabin for today and continue the build some later time. Augustine made a waypoint in the cabin so getting back was easy though it had some issues as it took a while to activate. I took a rock sample from the mountains to analyze back at the cabin.
June 13th, 327
This was fascinating! The rock sample I took had incredibly unique properties never before seen! Its primary ability was “absorbing” sources of mana. I had stabbed one of our mana crystals into the rock and I observed as it broke down the crystal over the course of an hour! This explains why Augustine couldn’t teleport up the mountain. So even if the Templar did find the mountain they would never get over it, even with the most powerful mages magic.
Augustine had gone out to town again, he said it was to pick up building tools to help shore up the house we were building. He claimed he could handle it on his own and despite me wanting to protest, I let him go through with it. Unfortunately the town we went to around a week ago didn’t have a hardware store as any construction must run through Lulio first, so Augustine had to head to the neighboring town to see if he could find anything there.
(Cut to Augustine’s pov)
Thoughts: “ugh cmon how hard could a hardware store be to find, it feels like I’ve been searching for hours already!”
sees sign with a hammer on it
“Gah! Finally!”
heads inside
Shopkeeper: Greetings sir! How may I assist you today?
“Uhh it’s alright I can handle it on my own, thanks for the offer though!”
Thoughts: this time the illusion should last longer as these mana crystals are fresh rather than being recharged.
grabs a large amount of nails, 2 hammers, some axes to preserve his sword, saws, sand paper, and stone blocks
Shopkeeper: Oh my sir, this is an awful load that you’ll have to carry on your own, are you sure you can handle it?
“Yes I’m sure…”
Shopkeeper: Are you sure? We have a policy that allows you to rent slaves to help you with whatever you’re working on.
“No, n-“
(Shopkeep rings a bell to send a slave to the front before Augustine could interject)
Thoughts: are you kidding me? Gahhh cmon Zack is waiting for me and I don’t wanna keep him on the line!
Female voice: coming!
Augustine: frustrated and staring at the floor
Shopkeeper: How about this one? Hard worker she is, very cooperative, very friendly.
Augustine: looks up
Elock: hello sir! How may I assist you today?
Thoughts: E- Elock?! When?! How?! I thought you worked for a farmer?! I can’t say anything, it'll reveal my identity to the worker! Okay, okay, okay just keep it calm!
“I- uh stuttering I changed my mind! She can help me, I’ll take her!”
Shopkeeper: I’m not surprised, she’s gone from owner to owner as she’s quite a hard worker, she’s worth a lot of money after being traded so many times before ending up at my place. 1000G for 7 days.
“I- yes I’ll take her”
Shopkeeper: perfect!
exits with supplies and Elock
Elock looking at Augustine’s wanted poster: solemn
“Something wrong?”
Elock: oh! N-nothing! It’s just these ropes binding my hands are just a bit tight! And W-where are we heading sir? We’re outside of town at this point and I- uh-
A: chuckles a bit you’re still just as bad as ever at hiding your nervousness Elock
Elock: Ah- I- how do you know my name?!
A: unties the rope and disables illusion It’s been a while, wouldn’t you agree?
Elock in shock and on the verge of tears: I…A…trembling, mouth slightly ajar in shock
A: what? Cat got your tongue? Well I guess that’s true consid-
Elock: pounces on him AUGUSTINE! I’ve missed you so much!How have you been?!Where did you- starts talking so fast that even Augustine couldn’t keep up with what she was saying and weeping happy tears profusely on his shirt
A: slightly choking from how tight she’s hugging him it’s okay, it’s okay! I’ve missed you too. I almost thought you were gonna be de- ow ow! Stop it I was kidding!
Elock: blep I know. Not a single day went by where I didn’t think about you! And say weren't your eyes brown before?
A: I’m flattered that you still remember and well…it’s kind of a long story…but first let’s retreat to safety. teleports with Elock
A: …and then I ended up here
Elock: That’s incredible! You sure had been on a wild cart ride while I was gone! I wish I could have been there.
A: It's not as glamorous as it sounds, that experiment was agony incarnate, it’s a wonder I survived! In fact I was the only one who came out alive, though the powers I got bestowed with are certainly nothing to complain about but still the effects after we’re brutal.
Elock: glad you did, the way you and Zach escaped the facility was incredible.
A: well he can tell you all about it points to cabin we’ve arrived
Zach opens door
A: Hey Zach, I’m back from my shopping spree.
Z: Augustine what took you so long? The plan was to just get the supplies and get out.
A: I know! But I got a bit off track. I found someone very special.
Elock: pokes head through the door Mrow?
A: meet Elock, remem-
Z: her! The keidran you met when you were 10?
A: yup to Elock it’s alright Elock it’s fine he won’t bite.
Elock: H- hello sir.
Z: please call me Zach. It’s a pleasure.
shakes hand
Elock: it’s a nice place you 2 have here.
A: It was by sheer luck that we found this place actually.
Z: Yeah, the blast was much larger than we’d anticipated and even if my house remained intact, they’d still come searching for me.
Elock: Well lucky you found this place when you did.
A: Are you hungry Elock? We have some steak leftovers.
Elock: oh, I am actually, thank you!
Z: say Elock…
Elock: yes?
Z: Would you mind telling us your journey? I’d love to learn.
A: Zach!
Z: Right, sorry.
Elock: No, no Augustine, it’s alright. I don’t mind in the slightest.
Life in the rainforest regions was paradise, plenty of food, clean sources of water, plenty of building materials, and a beautiful sight to wake up to everyday. My parents worked directly under the matriarch, Lektra(keidran for bolt/thunder) so me being born was almost as exciting as the coronation of the matriarch herself. Unfortunately that swiftly came to a close when Lulio decided to use our home as farmland and despite protests from Lektra, Lulio still went through with the plan. In a flash everything was pretty much destroyed. Our warriors tried to fight back but were eliminated instantly, I was about 3 when this happened and the memory still burns strong to this day.
Augustine: muttering under his breath psychotic bastard…
Elock: I know how you feel, Augustine, trust me I do.
A: I know, I’m sorry
Elock: holds his hand It's alright.
After the destruction of my people and my home, I was sent into the town and stayed in a keidran only home until my 4th birthday. Instead of pleasant accommodations like human orphan homes, all we got was a pillow and some sheets to make ourselves comfortable with, most of us slept on the hardwood floor and it was unbearable. Lulio passed a law where keidran as young as 4 would be eligible for work. After my 4th birthday I was almost immediately whisked off to work on a farm, while the job was tough, they at least gave me my own room and bed, one of their guests even took a small liking to me but tragically he died of a lung infection.
Z: I lament your journey and loss Elock, I can’t imagine how tough this was to bear all at once.
Elock: please it’s okay, you don’t have to apologize for anything. None of this is any of your wrongdoing.
Z: You said your people were killed but what about your parents? Did they survive too?
Elock: Oh right! My parents were spared as they opted to surrender peacefully and they were sold to different owners. I used to occasionally see them from time to time but after I moved I had to say a tearful goodbye to both them and Augustine. playfully pinches his cheek
Z: You’re strong for getting through that, not many could take that much.
Elock: I appreciate that.
Z: Do you have any idea where your parents are right now?
Elock: I think they’re still in the same tow- Augustine? Are you okay?
A: on the other hand gripping the table so hard that it was gonna break, eyes with a look of both confusion and rage
Elock: Augustine?
A: I- I saw them…
Elock: What do you mean?
A: They were there…in the same room.
Elock: Are you talking about the operation?
A: Y- yes…I saw them, both of them. They were in the operation too, part of the 10 keidrans selected to be in the experiment. I briefly saw them looking at me, they were scared but I couldn’t do a damn thing to help them and now they're dead! slowly growing hysterical
Elock: Augustine!
A: snaps out of his hysterics
Elock: it’s not your fault! Neither of you have to feel guilty!
A: I know, but I just wish I could have done something to help them, but I was just a powerless child.
Z: Augustine. We all wish we could have done something to stop Lulio’s plan, we all feel the same way just please don’t put all the blame on yourself.
A: I know, I'm sorry…
Elock: it’s alright…we’re all here to support you, you got hit the hardest out of all so you should be the one to be the one who receives sympathy.
A: …thanks guys, It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve heard something so comforting.
Elock: don’t worry, we’ll never leave and when we do, we’ll leave together.
A: …oh! Elock, I hate to do this but would you mind helping us with something? We found a place that could be our key to salvation.
Elock: Of course! I don’t mind in the slightest.
A: teleports all 3 of them via waypoint
Elock: in awe of the island I…this is incredible! It reminds me so much of my home! And you were right! There’s no hint of Templar activity at all!
A: We were just as shocked as you are right now when we first found it. I mean like Zach said, the Templar claimed that they have settled on all available land in this world.
Elock: Well then, let’s make good use of this place, so let’s get to work!
A: I couldn't have said it better myself.
hours later, the trio had finished building a moderate sized wooden house
A: woo! Not bad for a day's work, am I right?
Elock: Mrrrr…man that was a nice workout!
Z: Tell me about it!
A: So Elock, should we tell Zach?
Elock: I think so!
Z: Tell me…what?
A: Well…on the way here, Elock and I started thinking and we were thinking of a way we could free other slaves from their captors.
Z: sigh… well at this point, I know better than to criticize your plan before even hearing it so go ahead, spill it on me.
A: Operation: torchwick
  1. Elock would be our messenger, using her spare time to get any other slaves on board with the plan, amassing as many as possible.
  2. On the large hill next to the town, we plant a large amount of gray mana crystals. Where downhill wind will carry the effect down into the town
(Gray mana crystals were created for a special purpose, making large smokescreens on the battlefield)
  1. I would then use a spell that emits a light that can’t be perceived by humans but can be seen by keidrans and basitins alike, Which would act as the signal to go for it.
  2. The group would then head towards the light where we would then break for the mountains as fast as possible.
(Unfortunately the waypoint spell barely lasts for even a few days, and teleporting a large group of people via waypoint could be tough even for me)
I would then use as much of my power as possible to telekinetic lift as many refugees as possibl-
Z: Yeah…considering that you almost dropped me off the side of the mountain, I think even you would have trouble lifting a bunch of slaves.
A: hey!
Elock: Mreeheehee!
A: anyways! After we figure out a way to get everyone up there, we’ll be untouchable!
Z: huh…well from one chaotic strategist to another, it’s worth a shot.
A: Perfect! See Elock?
Elock: mew?
A: I kept the promise I made, all those years ago! when we meet again, it’ll be your freedom.
To be continued
Also for anyone who wants to know a bit more about Elock:
Name: Elock of the rainforest leopards
Species: rainforest leopard
Languages: human, keidran
Physical characteristics: yellow fur, black nose marking, black rosettes running down back and onto tail, unusually big and poofy tail, butter yellow hair with black streaks, faint outline of heart pattern on her behind
Height: 5’4”
Age: 9 years(was 4 when she met Augustine)
Eye color: emerald green
Mental characteristics:
-Quick learner
-Eager to help
-Bad at hiding panic
-Heart of gold
-Shy but slowly growing out of it
Likes: adventure, rain, storytelling, being adored, helping, hugs(especially from Augustine), pouncing on people she cares about.
Dislikes: slavery, Templar(although not as intensely as most others)
Unlike most, Elock had the ability to both read and write prior to slavery, being taught by both her parents and Lektra herself. Spending most of her time reading and drawing using whatever material she could find.
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2023.06.07 23:57 SamuelAgboola 1940-02-07 Kenneth

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2023.06.07 23:57 Lonelyriderclub Trying to figure out if I am over-reacting or if this is abuse

Long time lurker and having a really hard time. I apologise if this doesn't make a lot of sense there's a lot to unpack and it's still really fresh. My ex and I have not been together in 4 years, were in no contact for 2 years, and he contacted me last year because we were at the same event. Before no contact, we were on and off for a really long time and he would exit and enter into my life every 1-2 months pulling the same "I love you, I miss you, I want to marry you" card and then after 2 weeks saying "I need space."
At the beginning of our year long contact, he had told me that him and his last girlfriend had broken up a month prior to the event and told me about 10 times since that he never loved her because he still had feelings for me (this is an important part of the story). I was in that same position as well. Recently, I blocked him again after a few situations that happened during a trip with some friends of mine. Prior to this trip, he was extremely flirty with me for about 2 weeks straight. He was telling me how beautiful I was, how our connection was still there, sending me love songs, hinting at wanting some scandalous photos (to which I sent them), etc. The day after sending the photos, I felt really just bad because he was telling me how he was thinking things about me he shouldn't be thinking about and how hot I was but also that it was "wrong" and it made me feel so insecure. So I apologised and immediately he went cold and stopped being playful and just overall fun.
So, I go on this trip, send him a photo of my group and he immediately hits on my close friend asking "who is that" with the eye emojis. It made both my friend and I super uncomfortable and I told him to back off and he immediately told me it was a joke. I left him alone for a few days to just enjoy myself and then told him that we needed to talk because that crossed a major boundary of mine and made both my friend and I uncomfortable. When I told him that he told me that it was a joke and when I said it wasn't funny and I didn't get why it was a "joke" he pretty much told me that everyone else thinks its funny and I need to lighten up. We ended the conversation and immediately he told me that he was starting to see a new girl and needed to cut some contact right now so he could focus on that relationship. I told him that was fine, but that also I needed to cut ties entirely because I don't think it was going to be healthy for me knowing that he's seeing someone and I am slightly in the picture still. Then, he didn't get it and I explained it and he pretty much told me that I needed to get over everything. He also had said he felt bad because he knew I still saw a future with him and he just never has. He goes on to say that he's been in love with another woman for 3 years and that he couldn't commit to anybody because of her, yet he was in a 1.5 year long relationship during that "3 years" of being "in love" with someone else. As mentioned previously, he told me I was the reason why he couldn't love someone else. Then all of the sudden after I set a boundary he tells me about this girl he's been "in love with" for 3 years. So I tell him I hope the best for him and that I am blocking him because I need to heal and said "you're really going to that extreme again" and when i said yes so I can heal he said "but why do you have to block me?" He has done this more times than I can count and has always found a way to contact me even when I ask him not to. I know it is my fault for answering, but I feel I'm not strong enough to not answer. I have blocked him on everything but I am afraid he's just going to show up over and over and over again. I also feel crazy for thinking like this and I am also very confused as to whether or not I over-reacted or if it is abuse. I can't ask my parents because they don't know we were back in contact and I can't ask a lot of my friends because they keep telling me "I told you so" when I just want someone to listen.
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2023.06.07 23:54 Affectionate_Owl6288 Ponce?!

Hola, lo siento pero no hablo Espanol so good.
I just visited Ponce for the first time, have been to San Juan several times and driven around but never up into Ponce.
It is the most beautiful city in the Caribbean- architecturally- I’ve ever been to. It has a larger area of truly special and beautiful buildings, civic spaces, infrastructure, parks, etc. than I ever could have dreamed- and almost all of it abandoned/ overgrown. There are wild dogs everywhere, not many people in the historic area.
What happened? What do you (Puerto Ricans) think about Ponce? Will Ponce ever be the city it once was, and if so how does it get back there?
It felt like discovering Atlantis. I have never been so surprised by a place.
Anyone who saw a tall gringo wandering around all evening last night or talked to me in the bars- that was me.
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2023.06.07 23:54 imsostressedrn my aunt is just like one of those rich people villain in dramas...

I'm so stressed and angry right now, everything has been a huge mess. My family has always been struggling financially since my mom has been the bread winner alone, as my dad doesn't speak English at all (my mom's English skill is about the typical immigrant level). My dad worked as a food delivery guy previously and often got held at gunpoint, robbed, and even had his car stolen 2-3 times. Which basically cancels out almost all the money he has earned. Just maybe 3 years ago, my dad's sister (who has experience of starting up 3+ restaurants before) suggested starting a business along with her nephew (my cousin). Compared to what my dad had to do before, this was obviously such a wonderful opportunity. So they ended up starting this business which I'll just call FoodPlace, where my aunt currently lives (~4 hours away by plane). It was split 40-40-20 (aunt-cousin-dad) for the shares. FoodPlace was such a success they won a local award, and had several news articles written about it.
Which sounds like things are working out, except the whole internal part is a mess. They all worked within the kitchen along with the other staffs, but my aunt and her husband deliberately gave my dad harder physical work because they were in charge of the "managing work". They keep him out of conversations too, although my dad does struggle with his cognition and conversing, I don't think they should've done that as he was a shareholder too. Eventually my cousin pulled out and sold his share according to the current value of the business. My family suggested to my dad to not buy half of that because we could already see that our cousin left because he could feel my aunt and her husband brewing trouble. But my dad, who's never really had the opportunity to provide for his family took the risk because this was the one time he actually was able to earn money, and even more than my mom. We were finally having money. He even ends up buying a house all the way over there, which we are still currently paying off.
But everything started spiraling down after my cousin left because at least he was also holding some power so my aunt and her husband couldn't really make too much trouble. Because now they have 60%, and my dad 40%, they're considered the owners and such. Their daughter embezzled money a bit here and there through usage of the business' credit card for personal matter. They started picking fights with my dad during restaurant hours. Complaining all he does is sit around but he hurt his back with the hard labor they gave him, and he was just sitting because the food prep at that time doesn't require him to be standing. When holidays rolled around, they wouldn't let him take days off to come home to visit us saying they are very busy. But they close the restaurant as they wish to go on vacations themselves. At some point they even had the audacity to ask my dad for the contract paper and thankfully no matter how much he struggled cognitively, he didn't give it to them, because that was his only proof of his share. They got so pissed after that. Fights escalated and we finally found out why. They were trying to kick my dad out, they had open another restaurant down the road. Exact same name and concept, just with a 2 slapped on it. So FoodPlace 2... without even notifying my dad of such and they are already mid negotiating the sale of the current business with the new owner. Basically the restaurant got so successful they wanted it all for themselves.
Fast forward to recently, just a few months ago. THEY SOLD THE RESTAURANT. Without my dad's signature. It was sold for 700k and they tried to do it without letting my dad find out, even had my dad teach the new owner all the recipes. When we found out we were furious and said we took part in this restaurant too. We invested our money, sweat, and blood into this restaurant too. My mom even helped out at the restaurant every time she went to visit my dad, without expecting or receiving any pay. We tried to demand our 40% cut of it as per contract, but they denied us saying they helped us and that that should be good enough. We said that's not right and demanded just our original investment back, even though she paid my cousin the percentage base off of their current value. She gave us a small check and said take this money. My dad did not accept it, but they ended up slipping it between the accounting stuff they handed to my dad which we found out only a few weeks later. Then they go around telling our family members (my dad's side of the family) about how we earned hundred of thousands (which we did not) and that we're being greedy for asking for money from the sale. And how they starting having marital disputes and their family is falling apart just because we are asking for the money that belongs to us, which they earned from the sale that they did without our consent. With this huge mess, and my parents already stressed enough, they figured they'll just cash the small check which was only about a tenth of our investment cause they said how about they pay us bit by bit. But we knew she was cunning and was trying to trick us, but we figured alright we'll trust her. The check bounced... Eventually we ended up having to get a lawyer involved because it was a huge sum of money that we put in and we just wanted our original investment back as we were still paying our cousin back every month for the half of his share which we bought. They went berserk and started yelling at us and crying to their parents about how the money belongs to them. As this was our first time dealing with lawyers, we thought we could just trust the process to them. But we basically ended up paying $4,500 just for them to send a single letter to my aunt saying we want to settle privately. As for why we are not taking this to court? My dad is naïve and holds family really close, he trusted his sister still after everything just up until this month when he found out all the lies she's been telling everyone. All my years of being alive, this was the first time I saw my dad cried. Not just once, almost every time now after he calls with his family. His mom doesn't care about him, tells him to just let it be. His brother acts kind says he'll help be a middle man in front of us, but then when he thought it was just the two of them scolded my dad and told him he handles everything on his own why is my dad unable to do it? Then proceeds to tell my dad alone that he will not be helping. Meanwhile we were put in a standstill because our lawyer told us my dad can't say anything or do anything because anything and everything can be evidence. Meanwhile, my aunt cleaned up their mess and said they retract the sale and now they're just selling it for $300k. We don't even know if anything is going on under the table, as they never gave my dad any power (as in he did not even have access to the card under the business even though she gave it to her daughter, and etc). Now they are trying to wiggle their way out by saying they'll negotiate with my dad if we cancel the thing with our lawyers??? If they didn't do anything illegal, there should be nothing for them to be afraid of. Obviously if we take it to court and had evidence of their dealings, we would definitely win. Although we have some, we don't have sufficient evidence and the cost and time it would take is not worth it for my parent's mental and physical health. Plus we were just trying to settle, we gave up on getting the percentage off current value long ago because this has been going on for months and my family is all stressed out from it. We just want our original investment back but they still want to keep going in circles. They also have the money and time to keep doing this but we don't. We barely had any to begin with, we took out loans and borrowed money to invest in this business. Why are they like this? They own multiple properties, even have rental properties and already own their big house in a nice neighborhood. It's not like we are asking for an unreasonable amount, just our original back now. They even kept trying to get my dad to travel back and forth to negotiate because their parents also currently lives where my family lives. Recently I was finally able to visit my dad to help sell the house and gosh the house was big and beautiful, we finally had our own home. I started breaking down because I just thought about how much he went through to finally buy us a house and how he must've been so lonely and enduring so much living here all alone with his cognitive impairment and not knowing English at all. And now we are getting ready to sell the house so that he can move back in with us back where we currently live and be a whole family again. I'm so stressed that I've been thrown into all this legal stuff because I have to help out as my parents have limited English unlike my aunt and her husband, and having to suddenly be an adult because my parents are already carrying so much responsibilities right now. At the same time I'm so angry for how manipulative my aunt, not really of their family just because I know they never really cared for my dad as he wasn't a very bright son/brother of theirs, but it's still absolute crap. I don't even know what to do now except that I have to work harder to find a job so that I can share the burden and not have it all lay on my parents especially my mom who almost basically raised us as a single mom and took care of us very well to make up for both parent roles and give us a good upbringing. There's already so much other personal matter going on and having this on top, I feel like my head is about to pop TT It's all too stressful
TLDR; My dad owns a restaurant business with my aunt (40-60 respectively). They opened a new restaurant with same name, just a 2 slapped on it and pick fights with my dad on purpose to kick him out. My aunt then sells the restaurant without consent of my dad for $700k. We want our rightful money back. They scream and throw tantrum. We want our original investment back. They manipulate and lie to everyone around them saying we don't deserve it, she loves her brother, she's offered so much help to my dad. We get lawyer involved, they retract their sale and now say it's sold for $300k. We have no evidence because my dad who was alone in this far away place alone to start this business with my aunt is cognitively impaired and trusted his sister. Still won't even give us our initial investment back.
TTLDR; My aunt is trying to scam my family, I'm stressed.
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2023.06.07 23:52 Luxacia How likely do you think it we will get a Drakengard 3 remake?

Not sure if it's been asked but how likely do you guys think we would get a remake of D3? I loved the game and would love to be able to play it with a fixed framerate. I wouldn't mind if its just a remaster as long as it's playable and still beautiful. The game definitely deserves more love and should be more accessable to people who love the lore of Nier.
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2023.06.07 23:51 Teke597 New bangers

New bangers
I usually use a 3-1 adjustable size titanium nail for my rig, but wanted one of the bucket bangers for larger dabs, also wanted to try cold start method. I’ve only done a few dabs in this new banger (maybe glass/maybe quarts), but my dabs taste like shite, I get my goods from Trulieve and all have taste great on my titanium nail. What am I doing wrong?
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2023.06.07 23:51 TellmSteveDave SCX24 batteries

Just picked up a scx24. Awesome little crawler…can’t wait to start upgrading!
In the meantime, does anyone know what type of power connectors it uses? I have a few small lipos that use a deans connection and would love to get an adapter and use those, but I can’t nail down what type of JST connectors it uses.
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2023.06.07 23:48 mcporus How my writing developed over the years

NGL highly clickbait title with a clickbaity username. Apologies. I like writing, it helps me to vent out emotions because I can't process. A coping mechanism. But being constantly distressed over the years has helped me improve (at least imo) my craft. Also, I love when the lyrics on a song just hit. I can't write the feeling in prose but I am sure I would be able to come up with an effigy of the feeling. Or probably since I am a tad bit better now, I might produce a mirror image for you to consume. Yeah. That's what I do, devour the tracks with any sort of lyricism. You say water is wet but beautifully and I would be mesmerised. And I love consuming different genres and I can't have favourites. Sab apni apni vibe pe mcha rhe hai. Think, I digressed a bit. But that is exactly how the writing has improved (at least imoTM). Consuming a variety of combinations of words.
The love for the exact kind of music this community represents is immense. All the subcultures in this culture are loved equally, its just some are easier to spend more time with. Like, I love my parents to death but I can't be around them for long.
Anyway, my agenda for this post is hoping to get to work with an artist. I can just write lyrics and provide my time. If someone wants to try out a proper novice, hit me up. I don't know any technical details about this nor am I proper proper writer.

As a sample of my work, check this out :
Milan ki yeh kaisi aas, na Jane kiski yeh talash
Badhti jaa rhi ab pyaas, shareer ya chalti firti laash
Dil yeh Pyaar ko mohtaaz, par mile tab bhi kyun niraash?
Bill bhare, chill Kare, charaas kheenche, Sala tab bhi dil-e-naash

Club me hangover me bhadaas, bistar me bhi shaabash
Mukhote bahut-e aabhas, chhote chhote khote chadaye libhas
Roye par hoye vanilla sahavaas, kheenche na ruke Chivas
Peecha Karan kiska, pahunchan yeh kiske pass

Band na ho jo shor, chahe bhor ho ya barish bejor
Chor mile jo har mor, ab yeh Dil mange more but wait not so sure
Karam dharam charam seema aprampor, ghor ghor ghan ghan barsaye yen Nayan jor jor
Tor phor sir andar kan kan todam tod, jod jod try Karan par process so hard core

Chillaye bilbilaye still tu na aa paye, chill, samjh aaye you don't exist anymore
Kyun na fir bhi revolt machaye, bheja Mera far faraye, peace no Dil yeh sore sore.
Ban pujari Pooja mano Durga Kali samaye, pujarin nikali, jaat chhod, asal woh whore
Nakal me maharat, shakal pr phisal the aye, buckle na tha, ab bachan waste kis ore?

Akal me na ayi, har din nashe chhode tomorrow, bal Jaye Jaye, disha pakdi browser TOR-TOR
Kaye Kaye kauwa andar badbaye, jor e shor, dhudhein khudko, kho gya ek aur!
Trust bhrast, balloon burst, baboon hurt, kaboom andha yeh daur
Madari tu, bandar mera naach, kaanch me dikhe sab gungun, kyun Mera mujhpe yeh prahaur
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2023.06.07 23:48 Drewseff9991 Love this chair bur its sold. Any suggestions on where to get one similar?

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2023.06.07 23:47 Additional-Two-2631 Since this the only way to get a bum to see what i said ILL TAKE IT TO FACEBOOK YOUR LITERALLY A BUM 😩😂✋

Since this the only way to get a bum to see what i said ILL TAKE IT TO FACEBOOK YOUR LITERALLY A BUM 😩😂✋ submitted by Additional-Two-2631 to applestorequeenv2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 23:46 vavas7 (33m) seeking help with (33f) girlfriend

What should I do? I need help!
I am seeking help. I’ve been living with my girlfriend for the past 9 months. Everything was so beautiful, sweet, and amazing. Then it all came crashing down. The last two months really took a plummet. To start off, I’m going through divorce and it isn’t final yet. I moved in with her. She told me not to worry about helping her with rent because she wanted me to save up for the divorce. At points in the relationship she did voice she needed help. I told her I could give her money and offered to help out. She told me no, that she had it. Later in the relationship I started to bring over my son. He’s three years old. My girlfriend has a 16 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. She has voiced that she wanted to blend our families, that she wanted me to be a part of her kids and and wanted a part of my son. I unknowingly “hovered over him” as she says. She said that it feels like whenever I bring him over, everyone else disappears. She then started to voice that it didn’t seem like I was ever going to be a part of her kids lives. My son is my first kid and I’m still learning how to raise him when I do get to see him. His mom has not let me see him multiple times. Once even I didn’t get to see him for 25 days. Maybe I didn’t communicate with her kids enough, but I did try. She would get mad at her kids for various things and of course they talked back. Afterwards she would look at me, and that look killed me. I knew she was looking to me for help, to say something, but I honestly didn’t know how to step in. To skip ahead to the last two months we moved into a new place and I told her I would help with half for everything. It seemed like anything I was doing, she always was angry with me. I feel pathetic for always apologizing to her. Intimacy stopped, and I started avoiding her. She continued to tell me I was never going to be a part of her kids life. That I painted this beautiful picture for her and it was all lies. All this negativity started getting to me. I would try to talk to her and she would just get upset, and she even told me one time if I was done talking to her. Then another day I tried to talk again and she told me to just leave her alone. I didn’t know what to do and all I could think about was leaving. I grabbed a bag and was about to pack some things and she snatched the bag out of my hands and threw it on the ground. She then asked me what I was doing, and I told her I wanted to leave. She told me I was not going to. Then one night she invited her cousin over. We are all drinking and the cousin was like a mediator and we talked about everything. I really felt like we finally had a breakthrough. It’s about 3am and the cousin leaves. I figured because it was late and her cousin was gone, we could go inside to sleep. I started to grab things to take inside and she got so upset at me. She started to argue with me and told me maybe I should have just left her. I began to cry and I told her I thought we just had a breakthrough and I just figured because it was late that we were going inside. Then she told me she just felt like she was my rebound. All these feelings and things she was saying just killed me. So it sounded like she didn’t want me there, so I asked her if I could stay tonight and I would leave. She said she couldn’t believe me, so I just went in to sleep. I ended up leaving a week after then. That last week I tried to kiss her, hug her, initiate sex and she was just cold. She told me she wasn’t ready to be like that with me and she didn’t know when she’ll feel like that again. The day I left, she said she was going out to the store, she did not say bye to me, did not kiss me bye, and was leaving without wearing a bra. So before she walked out the door I told her I was leaving. She slammed the door and left. So I left too. But here I am trying to tell her I want to work things out and I told her I I feel like we can. She has asked me to go over and stay the night a few times. We held each other, kissed, all that good stuff, which gives me hope. But during the day she goes back to being negative and mean to me. Am I a fool? Should I keep trying? It feels like she has this wall up and don’t want to let me in. She even told me she still never be the same with me. Should I keep trying to fix things or should I just give up and move on?
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2023.06.07 23:44 EliasKulju Happy birthday 3 cheers!

Happy birthday 3 cheers!
TW- (I will be talking about struggles with anxiety and going to the er)Happy 19th birthday to this peace of art that means something so beautiful to me that i cant even begin to put into words. I'll try😄 Its 2018, its a summer day and im sitting on our porch while the sun is setting. Im 12 years old, exploring the internet with my first phone. My YouTube page gives me a reccomendation, "welcome to the black parade" I watch theeä video, then another, then another, im not ok, Helena, Nanana. Holy shit, this is me. This is made for me. I very quickly get obsessed, in secret tho as none of my friends even spoke english or had kinda found their own things yet, or maybe they had but in secret just like me. I ask my parents for the 3 cheers for sweet revenge vinyl for christmas and i got it, the joy was something else. I started listening to it front to back for the first time. It was something that i had never heard before, it was something that clicked like nothing else. This album is the first one that made me cry, the first one that got me invested in the story, the first that said im not ok just like you. To someone just coming into their teen age years it meant alot, like they were speaking directly at me. But what kept me listening to the band all the way to this day was the amaizing songs and performances over the years, and i knew what the songs meant, but a few hit me personally. Fast forward to 2022. I have just started a new school and moved away from my parents to live alone for the very first time at 16. During the first half of the semester my mental health struggles and anxiety were at their worst. During december and january i vent to the ER for a total of 7 times, sometimes with a friend sometimes alone. One time at night i got so anxious i had to go again, and i sit down in there and its 2am. I put my headphones on and after some time of not listening to much music at all i put on 3 cheers from front to back. I felt like this album had turned me a completly differrent page of itself. Every lyric made me so much sense, dealt with and explained me a whole new set of first's that had came into my life in the last 6 months, good or bad. But the one thing i took away from it more than anything else is that there are things in this world worth staying here for and that i'll never let them take me alive. Now at 17 this record is one of the most important things to me in my life that i keep coming back to and holding near to my heart. I love every song on this album from the bottom of my soul. I'll always be grateful for this band, this record and their fans. Give Em Hell Kid !
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2023.06.07 23:42 Bonehead8204 AITHA for dropping out of a wedding 2 months prior to the wedding date due to indecisiveness and financial instability

I (23F) was asked to be in a wedding about a year and a half to 2 years ago. The bride (23 F) and I grew up together in the sense of attending the same schools and graduated together. I remember for certain we had the same 1st grade teacher and senior year of high school we cheered together for the basketball season. We were never super close and didn’t hang out with each other in our free time.
At a softball tournament we had hung out during games and she had asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I wasn’t really sure but said yes anyway. After agreeing I come to find out there were many people prior to me that had backed out, were just expected to be a bridesmaid without consent and people were replaced. I was a replacement. During wedding discussion we were told to purchase a specific dress, it was very pretty long sleeve lace, but was beautiful for a smaller body. I am a big girl that holds most weight in my midsection so it would not have been a dress I would have chosen for myself or been comfortable with but would have sucked it up, as I was not given the decision of the dress. She then changed the bridesmaids dress, same thing good dress for smaller bodies, uncomfortable for me but whatever.
Then she changes the dress again. This time it was a dress I ironically wore for my sisters wedding just a different color. I was JACKED! So I confirmed with bride that this was the dress, no more changing, she said yes. So ordered it, sized down like I knew I needed to, got it, paid for it and it fit perfect!!!
Fast forward a few months and bride asks us if we had ordered and received our dresses. Bridesmaids 1-6 said no. I was the only one with my dress. Then I received the news that said dress was no longer available. So the dress changed AGAIN. The next dress was HIDEOUS and again, not for bigger bodies. Thankfully the bride and another bridesmaid split the bill to replace my dress which I was thankful for. At this point I am done, I am so frustrated with the bride for changing the dress 4 times but also with the bridesmaids for not having their shit together and getting their dresses. Fast forward to closer to the wedding when we are discussing, more being told, when bridal shower and bachelorette party is. I had to ask for the location of all of these and didn’t know the venue for the wedding until I found it in their wedding website. I feel as if this is information you should let your bridal party know months priowhen you know the locations of things so they can budget and be prepared for traveling, expenses, time off work etc.
Now we are here and I knew the bride was paying for our hair but didn’t know about makeup. I asked bride if there was someone I could pay to do my makeup (I do not wear any makeup besides mascara to special events, other than that none, so I can’t do my own makeup) she said maybe her artist could do it, I declined not wanting to put a wrench in the plans and take time away from the bride but offered my sister do it. She didn’t comment on me finding another option and she responds, “well maybe I’ll have time”. So I am stressed about the possibility of not having makeup for the wedding. Then we talk about the bachelorette party next weekend and we were asked if we could go. Thinking, yeah it’s in my home town, I can stay with my mom, will get to see my family and don’t have to stay out all night, I can go for a few hours and go home (I don’t party or get drunk often, it’s not my “vibe” and I hate feeling like shit the next morning) I agree and THEN am hit with, it’s 60 dollars for the hotel and 120 for the party bus (300 total for hotel 150 per hour for party bus) and for someone that is returning to school and saving and paying for my own wedding, and already struggle financially, I broke down. I bawled and I was so scared about my own financial stability and I was so done with minds changing, last minute expenses, and just expecting things from us without discussing them with the bridesmaids first. So I told the bride I would unfortunately not be able to attend the wedding. I told her I can’t control when things happen, and I accepted a job I need to save money to return back to school and live paycheck to paycheck already and can’t afford lots of luxury or travel for both bach party and wedding. I told her I would reimburse her and the bridesmaid who purchased my dress so I did. She never responded to me and said she got the money. She then asked for the bridesmaid proposal box back and I said I couldn’t because I had used items because I didn’t know I’d have to return it at a point in time. She responds “Perfect. K thanks.” So then I felt like I was wrong and do still feel terrible but this wedding was making me so upset and gave me so much anxiety because of not knowing hardly anything. After thinking it was done and over with, she messages me again and asks me if I can send her the bridesmaid dress. At this point I think she’s going to try and replace me asking for the box and the dress back (here were 7 bridesmaids including me and only 6 groomsmen, another reason I didn’t feel 100% ahole) I then tell her she can return my money and I would be happy to. She didn’t respond and I haven’t talked to her since. Am I the asshole?
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2023.06.07 23:42 gsuberland Played a bunch of Astro Colony for the first time yesterday!

I bought this game yesterday after seeing Let's Game It Out playing around with it. I'm a big fan of factory games (I've got 1500 hours in Factorio and another 150 hours in Dyson Sphere Program) so when I saw that Astro Colony was kinda like "Satisfactory meets Raft meets Space Engineers", I was super excited. Bought it yesterday, played for far too long, next thing I knew it was 6am.
First up: this game looks great and runs smooth like butter. I cranked everything to ultra at 4K with a 2080Ti, it ran perfectly without a hitch. I'm on a workstation optimised for threaded workloads (2x 28c/56t CPUs @ 2.2GHz base) so my CPU is usually a bottleneck for games due to them typically wanting high single-core clocks, but you've either nailed support for lower clocks on single threaded loads or you're making very good use of thread pools for parallelism. Excellent work either way.
I'm also really glad to see a "mods" button in the menu already. Great move. A healthy modding community is what keeps factory games like this alive and interesting for years to come - I reckon there's more content in Factorio's overhaul mods (248k, Pyanodons, Krastorio, Space Exploration, etc.) alone than I think I could complete in a lifetime.
I think you also nailed the balance between exploration and factory building. The exploration just sorta happens naturally as you float through space or look for new resources, and doesn't take focus away from building stuff and progressing with technology. The abundance and distance of materials is also nicely balanced; this is something I personally didn't enjoy as much in Satisfactory and I think you did a better job of it.
Based on what I played, here's some feedback on stuff that I think could be improved, in no particular order:
The manual asteroid catchers are my least favourite part of the gameplay loop. They aren't fun enough to justify the amount of time you have to spend using them. I'd like to see them redesigned a bit to offer a wider panning range; perhaps even full 360° rotation. Restricting the catching direction doesn't seem to add anything to the challenge or balance and is mostly just an annoyance until you get automatic catchers up and running. I also think they could use a bit of balancing. I found that feeding input materials to just a couple of machines in the early game already needed enough catchers to occupy the majority of my time. One idea to alleviate the amount of babysitting might be to have the manual catchers be more efficient at getting materials out of the asteroids, so that they output a bit more stuff and don't need you to run back to them quite as frequently. You could still leave the automated catchers at the same output level so that it doesn't mess with mid-game balance, and explain the efficiency boost of the manual ones with some in-game flavour text like "non-automated asteroid catchers offer an improved yield due to manual identification of the highest mineral concentration veins in each captured asteroid". If you add a feature to put astronauts in the manual catchers in future, we could still get a bonus to yield, in exchange for having to feed the astronaut.
I found that using the Alt key to go vertically down was a little cramped. It's ok in a game like DSP where you're not heavily reliant on it for placement, but in a full 3D world it's somewhat awkward. Might be worth playing around with it to see if there's a better scheme. I wanted to bind scroll up/down to vertical movement, but it looks like this gets interpreted as the button being "pressed" for a single frame every time the scroll wheel changes value, so you don't actually move anywhere. Would be cool to have this option.
My reading of the controls is that Ctrl-RClick and Del are both supposed to delete stuff, but every time I tried Del it said that the object was locked. Deleting stuff with either input also doesn't seem to work in blueprints; it always says object locked. I'm not sure what a locked object is in this context. If I made a mistake in a blueprint I just ended up deleting it and starting over. Maybe I missed something? I also couldn't seem to rename blueprints - focusing the textbox was finnicky, and my typing kept being interpreted as control inputs.
The multi-select stuff could do with a tutorial early on in the game. The selection shader could also do with being turned down a notch so that it's more of a glow or outline instead of turning the object into an indistinct white blob.
I'd like to see radial menus for interacting with stuff instead of E or F keys having specific meanings for each thing. I'm also not a fan of E to get in, Q to get out, especially since Q is also bound to select/none. Just E for enteexit would be easier.
The tutorial bot works pretty well, but it does tend to stand a bit close sometimes. I also noticed that if you unlock a bunch of technologies at once, the tutorial bot picks one of the technologies to teach you about (the latest one? I don't remember) which might not be the one you're trying to work on at that point in time. It'd be helpful to have two new interaction options on the tutorial bot: one to tell it to stay put, so it rotates to face you but doesn't move, and another to show a selection box for switching the "active" tutorial to track objectives for.
On that note, the guidebook is a bit thin in terms of what it covers. I'm guessing you prioritised working on the tutorial bot to help get people into the game, which makes sense, but often I'll want to refresh my memory on something or read about things in a more high-level way than the tutorial bot offers, which is where the guidebook is super useful.
Pickaxe animations could do with a short delay after the type of object being targeted changes. Right now if you're digging out some quartz or other minerals on a planetoid, you only get a fraction of a second after it's mined out to release the button before you accidentally pickaxe the dirt and make a hole. Adding an additional 200ms delay if the target object type changes to dirt would solve this. Not a major issue but it'd be a nice QoL improvement for when you're clearing a space to plant a miner at a mineral patch.
Mineral patch generation on planetoids seems to be based on following the terrain surface. On planetoids with large terrain height gradients, this often leads to mineral patches with a large height variation, making it near impossible to place a large miner over them, and really inefficient to place smaller miners next to them. I worked around this sometimes by placing a large floor gantry above the highest point of the mineral patch, then sticking a large miner on top, but it looks kinda silly. I also ran into a couple of mineral patches where the minerals themselves (or dirt underneath) didn't seem to be registered as ground, causing certain squares to be marked as red and preventing miner placement without obvious cause. It might be worth reworking the mineral patch generator to limit the maximum Z-height delta within a patch, preferring to bury part of the patch underground rather than have it creep up a cliff.
Background music track transitions are a bit of an abrupt hard cut sometimes. Could benefit from some crossfade markers and level matching.
Thruster controls are kinda janky and I got thrown off the ship a few times. Defaulting to having the thrusters switched on when you place a control panel was, uh, a bit of a surprise! The control directions are also weird (which way is west? I'm in space!) and it'd be better if they were aligned with the direction of the control panel. I'm guessing the thrusters are a new feature that hasn't been fleshed out fully yet and will be improved in future.
All in all, I'd definitely say this was an above-average experience for an early access game, especially considering the small dev team. I'm really looking forward to the future of Astro Colony and I could definitely see it scratching the "what if Factorio was fully 3D" itch that Satisfactory never quite solved for me.
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