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2023.03.29 12:39 capnfantastic69 Advice needed

Since this past Saturday Ive had an increasingly sore throat, had some congestion on and off and light diarrhea. Lost my sense of smell/taste. No fever, no couch (yet?)
Congestion appears to he easing since yesterday but HOLY crap, my throat feels really horrible. Anytime I swallow, drink or eat its like absolute torture.
Im x3 vac, have avoided covid up to this point but it appears to gave gotten me despite me being the ultimate hermit.
I got some NeoCitran and Ceacol lozenges plus advil liquid gels that appear to help with inflamed throat. I have access to a rapid test but haven’t tested yet, just assumed im positive.
Will I need help to clear this? Id have to use public transit for Doc and feel Ill be exposing others even masked. Id rather continue isolating unless thats a horrible idea. Any advice / kind words?
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2023.03.29 12:22 idk-anything White or ivory Clairefontaine on a Rhodia Goalbook?

Which would you recommend?
I have Diamine Onyx Black and Sapphire Blue on my pens and was wondering which paper color would be best to use them in.
I'll mostly, probably, be using the Onyx Black to draw on it and I love the idea of it being ivory but don't want to be disappointed with it if it doesn't really pair well with those inks, would the white be a better idea?
EDIT: Is a Moleskine Art Collection notebook a good option? I've been journaling on a Moleskine Classic with a rollerball but using a fountain pen on it leads to bleedthrough so I'm hesitant about their paper even though it should be thicker in the art collection.
Thank you!
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2023.03.29 12:18 More_Lime_9693 Smile, Bread Nugent, Pen and Ink, 2020

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2023.03.29 11:51 DJCatnip-0612 Balls! mini statue of Bobby Singer from Supernatural as a tanuki (~4" tall, foil armature, sculpy, watercolor, sharpie, ink pen, glue)

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2023.03.29 11:12 Aggressive_Concert69 What's a fountain pen that you can use absolutely every day for everything that you would use a ball pen for for example. A fountain pen that you could carry with you all the time without fear of it not writing well or not having enough ink etc. A jack of all trades.

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2023.03.29 10:31 akinkyguy2023 [UK/London] Any physical stores selling a good collection of fountain pens and accessories?

Sorry if this is not the right forum for this question, I do understand this is a global forum but I don’t know where else to post this question.
I am relatively new to this world, I have a Lamy safari and a Kaweco sport for now, both ordered online. For my next purchase, I would really like to go to a physical store and browse and then pick one, same with the inks.
I can’t seem to find any on google so want to ask you all if you know of any stores either specialising and selling fountain pens exclusively or have a good collection of it.
Thank you for reading and all the replies
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2023.03.29 09:31 ChineseGarcinia Smile, Bread Nugent, Pen and Ink, 2020

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2023.03.29 09:30 surginataljaipur Friends Underpads - Surginatal

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2023.03.29 09:21 wildomen WTS Ferris wheel press ink, Jade rabbit and edwards garden

I am looking to sell these two bottles of ink. $15 each + 5 shipping. 8$ to ship both.
I tried a little of both with a clean, dry, glass dip pen and did not love the colors. Maybe you will?
USA only
Ferris Wheel Jade Rabbit Ferris wheel edwards garden
verification photos
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2023.03.29 09:13 Stillbornsongs Current WIPs

Current WIPs
All Creative Haven coloring books with various gel pens and markers.
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2023.03.29 09:03 Novelias Cross Rollerball Refills are Water Inks or Actually Gel Inks?

Cross Rollerball Refills are Water Inks or Actually Gel Inks?
So I came across some Cross Rollerball pens that have caught my eyes, and in the process also came across their refills. But what confused me was that the label on the body of the refill, it says "Gel rolling Ball Refill". Looking up other retailers either repeats the label word by word, or just straight up call it gel ink.
I had tried learning the different ink types cross Fountain pens, Rollerballs, Gel pens, and Ballpoint pens, and I am pretty sure Gel ink and Rollerball inks are suppose to be different (The former is literally water-based gel with pigment for color, and the latter is very close to, if not outright, dyed ink used by Fountain pens. )
So which one is it exactly?

This is suppose to be a Rollerball pen refill apparently.
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2023.03.29 09:00 Fountain_Penda This time, I’m learning to use laser cutter in order to create one of the (fountain pen ink display) prototypes for you guys’ feedback! This time at MakerSpace’s central Munich campus. Will let you know more later

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2023.03.29 08:48 fermentedyouth my newport academy experience. VERY long but important

All of this is how i remember it but i have memory loss/distorted memory after attending newport. This WILL be VERY LONG. I was admitted to newport academy in san Rafael, California. Its their location known as maoli. I was admitted on march 2 2022 and it was my first and only experience in a residential but i have 3 other (at that time) stays at mental hospital back in illinois (where i live).
I was admitted in the beginning of january of 2022 to a mental hospital and it was my 3rd time in the hospital so my counselor recommended residential. I didn't agree but then later on changed my mind. I was supposed to go to one in the area but was denied because i "set fires" (i do not and never have). My mom found newport by just googling residentials. I dont know how it came about because she set it all up but i had a interview at the end of january with them. I was accepted (i dont know if thats the right way to put it) except they didn't have an available bed. I was in php for a month and a half waiting to go in which i met a gorl that had just gotten back from a newport in a different state and she said she liked it so i had hope (she has now relapsed on nic and weed. I know because we are in touch). They assigned me to a location and changed it twice. With each time they changed the location i had to do another interview. When a bed was available i was given 24 hours to arrive or my spot would be given up.
I got there and did the paper work. I believe i chose the option that they could intervene which ever they felt suitable which i greatly regret. When i arrived there was 4 other girls. The house holds 6. I later found out that there was only 2 girls in the house for 2 weeks so i do not understand why there was no bed available. The other 2 girls arrived a day or 2 before me.
It wasn't horrible in the beginning but there was already a few things that bothered me. It was one specific lady in the beginning. She'd wake us up by blasting music and i didn't eat meat at the time so i asked her not to serve me meat which she didn't listen to. I have anger issues so the more she didn't listen the more mean about it i got to the point i was swearing her out. The people that were there with us all day were not trained for mental health. One being through a temp company. At somepoint i pushed down the toaster button with nothing in it and forgot about it in which the smoke alarms went off. No fire. Just burnt the crumbs. Tjey took the toaster from us. Remember this. Its important later. Ill use letters instead of whole names. My roommate was j. I talk in my sleep and obviously cant control it. She stopped sleeping in our room and slept on the couch which nome of the other people liked because thats where we hung out because we weren't allowed to be im eachothers room. She went to sleep around nine and wed stay up till 1-2 even tho lights out was 11. J told the staff i threatened her while i was sleeping and the staff yelled at me but the other people heard and defended me. Staff didn't apologize. We switched rooms because j was scared of me. Another time i needed a knife for cream cheese and as a joke i said i needed a really sharp one. J took it as i was going to use it on her. The other people took to throwing j's things out of the window. We weren't ever supervised. We had equine therapy and at somepoint i believe we tried to steal the barn cat. We figured out how to take the batteries out of the windows alarms, the pictures on the wall were canvas so we hid things behind them, we would cook our own food twice(?) A week so we were in the kitchen that was typically locked and stole bags of chocolate chips, sugar for tea, and food labels that we put all over the house, z1 (theres 2 zs) was level one so she was allowed to have an electric razor which we gave n an undercut with, we stole command strips from the therapy room to gang up our canvases, people took the staples out of the canvases, broke plastic and took the screws out of the vents to sh. We also used the screws and pen ink for stick and pokes, we had acupuncture and stole the needles to try to do piercings (not stiff enough. Thankfull gor that in the long run) we were actively refusing school on the daily. We would swear eachother and staff out (mostly staff) z2 had an eatting disorder and z1 would make comments about it. N would constantly get misgendered and dead named because he was trans (i would get deadnamed but i used all pronouns at the time). The teacher talked about how he would smoke weed and hed disrespect our boundaries. Our fitness instructor quite literally taught me how to punch someone correctly (swing with hips hit with knuckles 😋) one of our ccs, annie (i believe they were called ccs aka care coordinators) was always talking about her boyfriend. Our therapist was really good at reading us but was never in because she had a new born but the one time we met in person she told me i probably had a loose vagina 😐. Someone wiped there shit on the wall. N, z1, and a constantly made tea and theyd leave their sticky cups all around the house which meant we had no cups available ever. We had a group setion with a counselor over zoom in which she specifically asked me very personal questions (i believe it was about me getting raped but i dont remember too much). Wed go in eachothers rooms even tho we weren't allowed to and they tell us to get our and wed say no and that would be the end of it. We rearranged our rooms. We drew on the walls. We carved things into the dining room table. I had very specific med instructions which they didnt follow and at points they wouldnt give anyone their meds or try to give meds to someone it didn't beling to. N made a fake body to put in his bed and then came in mine and a's room and it worked for 2 nights. Theres probably more but ill move on.
The most tramuatic experience was my last day there which was march 16th. Only 2 weeks in. I was watching a youtube video on the tv and our fitness lady came in. I asked to finish the video and she responded by grabbing my wrist with one hand and prying the remote with the other. Obviously i was mad so i was yelling and cursing and she didn't like that because she was on some shit that she automatically deserved respect even for her bad actions because she was ex military. No one wanted to do fitness in the first place. I went to my room and closed the door. Kim, a cc, came and tried to reprimand me when i wanted to be alone. Shed leave and come back a few times in the span of a few minutes and id reclose the door. I put the bed infront of the door and she shoved the bed on my foot (which sprained my toe and now its deformed) and the hinge to the door fell out. She then blaimed me for destroying property and then i literally just slid it back in place. At this point they evacuated the other kids because they were saying i was a danger to myself, others, and destroying property but the real reason was because the other kids were arguing and defending me. I put my shoes on and grabbed my stuffed animal and just left. I made it probably half a mile down the street and the cops pulled up. I dont know if the cops were called before or after i left. They pulled the car infront of me and annie was behind me so i had left and right. Left was a fast pace road and right was a field with a with a hill on the other side. At this point i wasnt actively suicidal but i was in the beginning of a panic attack. (This is where it starts to get distorted) I made it halfway up the hill when i had officers pulling my ankles to get me to the ground. They said something about how i should get off the hill because of ticks and i told them i didn't care because i didnt want to live. (Not that i wanted to kms. Just that i didn't want to live) at this point i was crying and was in a full panic attack and this is when they got aggressive. I believe i had about 7 officers on me and dragging me down the hill and obviously i was fighting it cause im freaking out and no one wants to be in that situation. They got me to the bottom and hand cuffed me. They gave me the option to stand up and go to the car but i was basically paralized with fear and couldn't really talk. Cops treat the mentally ill like criminals. They carried me to the car and basically horizontally shoved me im the car but the whole time they were talking about ticks and seemed to care more about that then the fact they were hurting me. I was driven to a hospital and i dont remember in between details but somehow i made it from the field to an isolation room. The 2 cops that took me, like 2 nurses and 2 security guards came at me with a needle. Obviously i don't want to be drugged so im struggling. Im cuffed still so im trying to defend myself by biting. I never land a bite. im more or less just snapping at them. They leave, take the cuffs off and im screaming and banging on the glass because im in a paniced state, locked in a room, and dont know where im at. There is a single matress on the floor amd i take the sheets off and try to strangle myself. They come and stop me and take them. I then try again with the string of my mask and now they are saying im just doing it for attention/trying to get them to open the door. They come drug me again and take the mask. There was a water bottle on the floor do i poured the water on the floor and pushed it under the door (idk why tbh). I got very weak from 2 rounds of medication and gave up. I wasnt concious but could feel the coldness of the room on me. I was very cold. I woke up in a different room after being unconscious for about 16 hours and my mom was there. She took me home. They wanted to admit me to the mental unit there but somehow luck was on my side and they didnt. I was coverted in brusies and cuts for weeks after from the cops and the meds they gave me led to my dissociations to become extreme. Remember the toaster? Yeah they said i tried to burn the house down. They also accused me of threatening people and destroying property.
December of 2022 a contacted me on snapchat. I told her my snap while there and out of no where one day she remembered it. We talked about what happened after i left. The staff had told the kids that my mother lost custody of me and i basically belonged to the government now and that i was to stay in a mental facility till further notice and that i was physcotic. Even though it wasnt true it is against hippa. A told me that she had exchanged personal numbers with staff. She told me that z1 stole the teachers phone so everytime they went in and out of the building they were to be metal detected (the school was a seperate building of the house). She told me that kids continued to sh and z1 and her almost got in a fight because z1 was supply people with things to sh. A also told me that the girl i was replaced with they caught her masterbating multiple times. We had yoga pillows we took from the gym and i domt know what they hid in them but they hid something and after the phone incident they did really deep searches and found the things in them.
Honestly newport was wild and didn't even feel real. There was literally wild peacocks roaming the property. I have ptsd from all of it but mostly the cops. I get flash backs, cant get near a cop and cant get handcuffed without panicing (i used wear them for fun time wink wink. Now i cant). I dissociate horribly now. My memories dont feel like my own unless they were tramatic. I became addicted to sex and began using it as a form of sh like i did previously. I got addicted to weed and nic to cope. Ive since got over both but i wasnt sober at all from may 2022 to january 2023. Fuck you newport.
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2023.03.29 08:28 doodmanOFFICIAL Why does Nike not make AIR with a liquid or gel

It would sell amazingly and not affect performance at all, they should consider it.
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2023.03.29 08:18 Stillborne330 I think we have lift off

I think we have lift off
figured I'd test this time. been about 6 months since my last trip. does this look right?
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2023.03.29 08:01 eldaveed6fiddy Happy Tuesday.

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2023.03.29 07:59 kreeferin Any tattoo artists working out of Wellington?

I'll be in the area 3-4 of April and would love to get a small flash piece done. Looking for pen and ink, etching, mark making style. Thanks!
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2023.03.29 07:49 Stonicat [WTS] [CAN] GvFC Guilloche Cognac - 18k Otto Hutt F

[A1] Not inked or dipped, but considering the nib is from an Otto Hutt, I'll mark it as A1. Neither nib or pen used. Mint condition. Nib is 18k Otto Hutt F nib that fits perfectly. Nib is F but on M side. Nib apparently too broad for me from the look of it so I'm selling this - 200 USD or 275 CAD
Free tracked shipping in Canada or US. Paypal G&S
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2023.03.29 07:44 CosyCodes Montverde Ruby: I really like this red ink. I don’t know if it’s a true “ruby”, but it’s a beautiful red. It’s wet, and it doesn’t have a ton of color variation, which I like with a red ink like this. I’ve only tried it in one of my cheap test pens, I’m excited to try it in of my Pilot Customs

Montverde Ruby: I really like this red ink. I don’t know if it’s a true “ruby”, but it’s a beautiful red. It’s wet, and it doesn’t have a ton of color variation, which I like with a red ink like this. I’ve only tried it in one of my cheap test pens, I’m excited to try it in of my Pilot Customs submitted by CosyCodes to fountainpens [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 07:36 getshrektdh Got a new pen

Got a new pen
I haven’t wrote anything
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2023.03.29 06:49 Crumdom Hi guys,

So i have a pierre cardin fountain pen and it used to work just fine until a few days ago, its nib went scratchy and the ink flow isn’t also as good aa before, i have tried cleaning with water for any dry ink but it hasn’t fixed the issue. The nib is scratchy and ink flow isn’t good. I have checked the alignment of the nib and all, if anyone has any advice, pls share . If u want photos for the same, dm me
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2023.03.29 06:41 chaoticcrayonss I drew Silver the Hedgehog with a Silver gel pen

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