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2023.06.07 10:35 smash_or_smash Impossible to get the headstrap comfortable

Impossible to get the headstrap comfortable
Anybody else having this issue?
I've had the quest 2 for about 2 years now. The default strap is awful, seems to be universally agreed upon that it sucks. I always got headaches from it, it moved around and light always got in from the bottom. I've literally spent more time sitting there trying to adjust than actually playing games.
I gave up and it's been sitting there collecting dust, every now and then pulled out for a clean and a quick play (quick because I'd have a pounding headache even before jumping into a game)
The other day I went and ordered a new halo strap off of Amazon. Arrived today, set it up and seems to be the exact same issues. The weight is all at the front still, the strap NEVER sits right, always too high on my head, slips off even just sitting down. I didn't even turn on the thing and I started getting a headache from the pressure. Very very frustrating, nothing seems to be working.
I have long, thick hair, I tried putting on a thin beanie, no go. I don't have a big or odd shaped head either.
I'm out of ideas, and I'm seriously considering selling, and waiting for the quest 3.
Is it worth the hefty price tag of the "pro strap"? Almost a third of what I paid for this headset.
Thanks all
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2023.06.07 10:33 No-Possible515 Ginawa ba akong rebound?

Me and this girl (3 months lang age gap namin btw) met way back November 30, 2022 ng 5:08 PM (yup, alam ko pati 'yung oras) nagkakilala kami sa Bumble and siya 'yung nag first move. Everything went well hanggang sa inaya niya akong maglaro ng games and nagkahingian ng socmeds. Then eventually she started pursuing me.
May 23 'yung gabing in-end namin 'yung sa amin evem though I still wanted to give it a shot. Super na raw kasi siyang nasasaktan kasi tuwing nakikita niya ako or nakakausap hindi matanggal sa isip niya na I'm friends with someone na nagka crush ako. Even though willing pa akong i-end na nga 'yung friendship namin ayaw na raw niya kasi hindi na mababalik 'yung naramdaman niya about it.
After a few days, ang dami kong realizations. Una, 'yung about sa exes niya. She always mentions someone from her past or 'yung ex niya or 'yung babeng laging nakatingin sa kanya sa class nila and sabi niya feeling niya may gusto raw sa kanya. And everytime na nag kekwento siya about sa ganyan niya, para kaming mag bestfriends na nag chichikahan about sa lovelife ng bawat isa and I don't like it. I opened it up to her na hindi ko gusto na ganoon na constantly niyang binibring up, pero hindi pa rin doon nag stop 'yun kasi pati school ng ex niya nalaman ko na HAHAHAHAH her ex is from pisay raw then sabi niya bigla na, "Can you ever imagine yourself na ganoong katalino?" Like, NAPUTANGINA TALAGA AKO DOONNNNN! Bumalik 'yung memory ko nung unang mga usap pa namin is nagtanong siya about sa academic performance ko and sabi niya na, "Uyyy, nakasabit ka pa sa with high honors" na parang okay? She then continued to babble about her achievements and sa swimming endeavors niya since she used to be a swimmer na suportado ng speedo. Back sa mga ex niya, sabi niya pa na gagawa raw siya ng file na nandun lahat ng history niya with her exes and her past flings para buksan ko na lang daw whenever I feel like reading it para malaman ko and all. She would even boast about how one of her exes messaged her. So balik tayo sa last ex niya, 'yung ex kasi na 'yun (the one from pisay) they were MUs for 2 years then they dated for 9 months so bale 2 years and 9 months nag end sila nung feb of 2022. I also realized na gusto niya talaga na sa amin, siya 'yung high and mighty kasi siguro 'yung ex niya 'yung high and mighty sa kanila noon and sabi pa nga niya na she tried everything para maka keep up dun sa girl kasi syempre raw need din niya na mataas grades ganyan kasi nakakahiya sa friends naman ng ex niya. Hindi ko na nga alam kung totoo ba 'yung sa amin or ginawa lang akong rebound eh. She made me promise kasi rin na i-kwento ko so mga tao 'yung nangyari sa amin and that I shouldn't keep it all inside and so I did.
I also realized na sobrang daming times na parehong kami 'yung may kasalanan pero sa akin niya lang pinapa feel lahat na ako 'yung at fault. And I think it also came from her ex na sobrang ma-pride kasi ng ex niya na siya lang lagi 'yung nag sosorry kahit na siya na mismo nag sasabi sa ex niya na mag sorry dapat sa kanya. I also opened up sa cousin kong psych grad and she told me na insecure raw the girl that I cherished and cared for na gustong lagi akong ibaba just to make herself feel better and all that shit and ayun dun ko na-realize lahat ng mga hindi ko nakita. May mga mali rin naman ako I do admit it, hindi ko nga lang maamin pa that time sa sarili ko na may mali rin siya.
I forgot to mention na I'm 18 years of age, female, and am part of the LGBTQIA+ community. I just shared my story here para na rin malaman views ng iba about it and I'm open to everything and I'm open for improvements. Thank you all!!
Note: I apologize in advance for the grammatical and punctuation errors huhu. And before I forget, she also told me na, "Huwag mo akong i-block, pls lng. Leaving me confused... does that mean na possible na mag reach out siya sa akin?
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2023.06.07 10:31 win_milk Is getting the Mac Pro 2013 (Trashcan) a dumb idea?

Hi! I've already asked this in some other communities, but I wanted more insight... and where else to turn to than Reddit for that purpose!

So I am looking to buy a Mac Pro 2013 spec-ed up to the following for $545
- 12 Core Xeon
- 64 GB RAM
- D700 Dual Graphics
- 256 GB Storage will upgrade if I do get this

The purpose is as follows:
- Bootcamp for mild gaming (currently using MBP 2018 w/ 560X, would like a bit more juice)
- Self-Hosting for NextCloud, Seafile, Redis, Nginx, etc. (will either use VM or docker)
- Daily usage (I'm a Uni student who might get into Grad School soon)
- R-Studio
- Light video editing
- And also because it's just so darn pretty!

Here are the advantages (that I've thought of):
- Looks good on my desk (I've always wanted one just for the design lol)
- Multiple cores and high RAM will allow seamless operation of dockers/VMs
- Storage, RAM may be upgraded if necessary
- It's supposed to be powerful enough for my needs
- (I hope) bootcamp gaming would be better than my current MBP

And here are the disadvantages that others (myself included) have pointed out:
- Obsolete macOS support
- Low single-core performance for R-Studio and similar programs
- Just go for the M1/M2
- Electricity bill
- Graphics are unreliable
- If you want a server, go for a dedicated server
- Gaming sucks on Xeon
- Xeon in the 2013 Mac Pro is too old and is pretty much obsolete
- Overheating issues

Suddenly the Mac Pro 2013 doesn't seem like such a good option anymore.

I've already thought of some alternatives, such as
- Getting the 2012 Mac mini, expanding internal RAM and storage, and linking it to a eGPU?
but that's gonna cost nearly the same
- Getting a M1/M2?
Efficiency and performance is way out of the blue compared to the Trashcan. But they're pricier and I can't make any upgrades.

Any thoughts on this would be so greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.07 10:14 AfraidlyAnxious I was in a complicated relationship where I want where the break up is not really clear. I still want to hang on to this relationship. I am very confused on what to do.

Me(19) was in a 3 week complicated relationship with someone (20M). We were in a LDR with no label relationship. We agreed to do so, since we thought it would be too fast. We knew each other already since high school and got closer when we were in senior year through chat. Both of us are currently college students studying very far away from our localities. The distance between each other is about 16 hours away.
Everything started okay, our school year started late so currently our second semester is still ongoing. While theirs' is currently in summer period. He is currently taking summer classes and I has a lot of time on his hands. Everything was so good and enthusiastic at first. He shown me all of the green flags a guy can have. He likes to update me and will message me when he is free. But suddenly after a week, he started to slowly change. He will still update me but he seems to be too busy. He will only be free and completely active on midnight. He is a sleepy-head so whenever we chat or call at that time, there is a possibility that he will sleep in between calls or chats. He argued that it is also due to my voice being comfortable and he is not used to my sleeping pattern. I usually sleep between 3-4 AM.
Time passes and he continues to change, he wont chat me first anymore. He wont spend time on me, he keeps on playing with his friends and would tell me that he is not in the mood to chat or call. I understand that always chatting with me can be boring and life doesn't revolve only with our relationship. I keep on understanding and adjusting, even find time for him even balancing my wicked sched in college for him. But he doesn't do the same. It hurts to know that he doesn't give me the same effort as I do.
There was one occurrence that really broke me, he chatted me while they were drinking with his friends that he is not sure that our relationship will work. He told me that since his love language was physical touch, it would not really work. I reasoned with him as best as I could that I would do my best to keep it together. At that time, I was also stupid. I fought with someone who was in the influence of alcohol. He just made me so angry that he can easily give up. I asked him whether he want to end this, in that same night. He said yes but also said no.
I told him to reply to me tomorrow when he is already sober. Tomorrow afternoon, he changed but I knew that change was only temporary. He avoids my questions on open communication on where I wanna hear his side. He updated me that he is busy in an event. Later that day, he and his friends were drinking again. I told him before they even started to spend time with me today so that we can open up. He said no, he will spend time with his friends. I jokingly told him that, "Okay, you enjoy their company better than with me". He freaking reacted with a heart on that said message. I am an anxiety filled person and an overthinker. I keep on thinking about different scenarios and such.
I wrote a long note about my thoughts so that I can sleep, since I still have school early. It was 3AM already at that time. I kept on asking him whether he really wants to end our relationship. He said yes and due to grief I told him all about the hurt and signs I noticed about him. And told me that everything was his fault. We ended that conversation with goodbyes.
But I did not sleep on that night. Tommorow afternoon, I felt extreme anxiety where I want to break down. I messaged him again, that I wanna start over and I was sorry for being dramatic. He said okay to it and that day started okay. But the day after, he doesn't reply anymore. His last message that replied to one of my messages where I asked him why he is not so responsive anymore was that "He thinks that it is much better to love himself first and that is why he is behaving this way". He also replied that he doesn't reply that much anymore because he is tired of explaining his side which he cant really explain.
He really didn't tell me his side until now. I know how I reacted left our relationship like this. I chatted him and told him to Heal first and I am always right here if he needs me. Once in a while, I chat him up and ask him how is he. But he doesn't really reply. Maybe it's because of how I structure my sentences? I really don't know. I was stupid. I am very insecure and scared on whether he already has someone else. He keeps on posting that he misses their kisses (without including the name) and posts stuff about relationships. I don't know if I am the one he means or he has another girl over there. It just hurts so bad that I feel this way. It was really the shortest and fastest relationship where I fell head over heels. I still love him and always try to communicate with him through chats and even post stuff like "please reply" and stuff like that. I am an a**h*le and full of red flags but for me if he re assured me maybe I would react differently. But I know everything happened because of me. I don't deserve him.
What are your thoughts about this? Let me hear them, I am really confused on what to do. Am I doing the right thing by messaging him stuff like "Good morning and have a great day onwards"?
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2023.06.07 09:50 AirportBench1251 "Friendly" Competition until someone else actually succeeds.

Very long rant TL:DR - Used to have a friend group where we would challenge each other academically but ever since I started actually excelling they outcasted me from the group.
I consider Friendly competitions as a way friends push others in instances like academics or sports. It's a competition where there are no losers and winners since the point is to succeed individually right? So a question I have is why did I loose my friends because of it? How did a "friendly" competition turn into a personal feud with my "friends".
For context May friend group kami where all of us are academic achievers (basically with honors in our school) and we have always shared that passion for academic excellence where we would help each other through study groups and such. And a few months ago we all went through a plateau where we weren't pushing ourselves as hard as we did before the pandemic so in order to get back those high grades we always used to get we pushed each other into a friendly competition. Where it first started as a joke where we would tease each other for not working as hard as the other just to help motivate us more. But for the past several weeks I've noticed a major change in our group dynamics, especially on my end. I've only recently got out of a major slump that lasted me 2 years out of my life where I was physically, mentally and emotionally fatigued or in other sense I didn't take life itself seriously because I felt that my body was totally under functioning because of health reasons. Therefore I couldn't bring myself to be as academically active as I have been. But in short I got through it and now I have been pushing myself harder then I have ever been which resulted in continous high grades. In my exams, in my works and in my performance. To the point where my teachers continuously comment on my sudden change academically. Going from average 75-80s to 90-95s.
This is all good right? The bad part was that I became a outcast in my friend group. I started noticing it when my friends no longer congratulated me in my succes, they used to always celebrate my succes with me even in the simplest ways because they knew what I was going through. But now that I'm better health wise and academic wise, I feel as though they don't see me as a team anymore but as the competition. I recently thought that maybe I was becoming too much of a teacher's pet. Once after reciting today I heard whispers from behind me saying "Oh yan nanaman siya", "edi ikaw na" and stuff like that. Obviously it hurt, but what hurt more was my friends physically avoiding me. They won't look at me (unless it's a glare), they avoid me in hallways, they don't sit with me anymore and we don't study together anymore - they do but without me.
Idk but I just wanted to share this because I have never experienced this before. This is also the only friendship I have ever had since the pandemic and elementary.
Side comment: I've been getting random thoughts that tell me that I've become totally narcissistic and egotistical because of those high grades. Can't really explain why my mind tells me this but I've been ignoring it because I didn't believe it. I also feel as if there are parts of the story that I didn't add that might help you guys understand the istuation more but I'm not sure....
Need someone to talk about this Also not sure if this is the proper subrrddit to post this.
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2023.06.07 09:46 Illustrious-Food1967 Free football prediction,

Free football prediction,
Title: Unlocking the Excitement: Free Football Predictions to Enhance Your Game


Football, also known as soccer, is one of the most beloved sports in the world. Its universal appeal transcends borders and cultures, bringing people together in stadiums, bars, and living rooms to witness the beauty of the game. Alongside the thrill of watching matches, many fans also enjoy the challenge of predicting outcomes. While football predictions have long been the domain of expert analysts and betting enthusiasts, today we explore the world of free football predictions, which offer an accessible avenue for fans to engage in this exhilarating activity.

The Rise of Free Football Predictions:

In recent years, the internet has revolutionized the way we consume and engage with football. Online platforms, blogs, and communities have sprung up, providing a wealth of information, insights, and predictions to fans worldwide. As a result, free football predictions have become increasingly popular and widely available.

Why are Free Football Predictions Attractive?

Accessibility: Unlike paid services or premium predictions, free football predictions remove financial barriers, allowing enthusiasts of all backgrounds to participate. This accessibility opens up the world of football predictions to a broader audience, fostering greater community involvement.

Education: Free football predictions often come with detailed analyses and explanations, offering valuable insights into the game. They can educate fans on various aspects, including team form, player statistics, historical data, and tactical strategies, enriching their understanding of the sport.

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Testing Knowledge and Skills: Engaging with free football predictions enables fans to test their own knowledge and analytical skills. It encourages them to assess teams, players, and factors that influence the outcome of matches. Over time, fans can refine their prediction abilities, developing a deeper understanding of the game.

Finding Reliable Free Football Predictions:

While the availability of free football predictions is abundant, it is essential to seek out reliable sources to ensure accurate and well-informed predictions. Here are a few tips to consider:

Research Multiple Sources: Explore multiple platforms and sources to gather a range of predictions and perspectives. This helps in forming a well-rounded understanding of the match in question.

Analyze Historical Data: Consider the track record and accuracy of the predictions offered by a source. Look for platforms that provide transparency about their success rate and methodology.

Expert Insights: Some websites and blogs are managed by experienced football analysts or former players. Their expertise can offer valuable insights into match predictions.

Community Feedback: Participate in online communities or forums where fans discuss football predictions. Sharing and evaluating ideas with fellow enthusiasts can help in making more informed decisions.

Remember, football predictions are inherently uncertain, and even the most knowledgeable experts can get it wrong sometimes. Approach predictions with a sense of enjoyment and curiosity, appreciating the unpredictable nature of the sport.


Free football predictions have transformed the way fans engage with the game, democratizing the realm of match predictions. The accessibility, educational value, community interaction, and entertainment provided by these platforms make them an exciting addition to the football experience. While enjoying the thrill of free football predictions, it is crucial to remain open-minded, consider multiple sources, and appreciate the art of prediction as an ever-evolving pursuit. So, whether you're a die-hard football fan or a casual viewer

View Poll
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2023.06.07 09:36 oG-RaZoR What happened?

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2023.06.07 09:30 ElectricalStandard52 I looked at one picture that breaks my hardwork

I am a senior high school student who does bare minimum, and still in 1st semester i got top 1 in our classroom, i did not expect to be a top student at all during that semester so i was surprised that small hardwork paid off larger than i expected. I was so happy, so happy that i promised to my self that i will work harder than i did in 1st semester so in second sem i promised my self to do anything to be top student in 2nd sem. so as the Semester goes by and I dropped the bare minimum Technique that i did in 1st sem and i was so confident that there is a higher chance that i can be top 1 again. But today the list of top 10 students was posted in our group chat (all classmates, teachers) so as i saw the top 1 to 10 i did not saw my name like at all, and the worst is all my classmates was shocked too that i never even got a top. and now I am doing nothing and just think if my work is not enough for me to be able to get the simple thing that i thought i deserved. sorry for my wrong grammar or anything.
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2023.06.07 09:29 throw_confusion Can't wait for you to hear about this one

Hey T,
I am so tired. These little overly-personal life update letters to you always made me feel better in the past, so I'm gonna do it again tonight.
That old mutual friend of ours is doing the same shit that she did with us, with you, and I'm not falling for it this time. What she doesn't know is that all of that only made me smarter and gave me thicker skin. I won't fall into her trap or play her games this time, because it ends with me crying and looking like a fool to everybody, and she gets... a little chuckle?? An ego boost?? I'm not entirely sure, but it's fucked up. I'm not doing it this time. I just wish I could call you and cry about how messed up it all is. I wish we could just talk and bullshit until I forget all of this exists. I feel like I'm still dealing with the high school mean girls and it's nauseating, really. I wish I could tell you she's doing the same shit again. I wish you were here right now to remind me not to believe it, not to take any of it seriously, because it's all a game to her. She thrives off of the chaos, and I want to be far away from it.
I know if you'd been there tonight you would've pulled me from it, somehow. You would've kept me protected from it all. That's what you do. But I dove in tonight and I wish I hadn't. She and I were better off not speaking and now I get to close that door in a more blunt way than ever. I'm going to tell you about this soon, next time I see you, and I really hope you'll be there when I do close the door with her. I'm going to need to feel your presence. I need you to tell me I'm doing the right thing and remind me that she's the one who's acting evil, not me. I need you to stay by my side. Just please be there for me. You and I survived this once, now I need to survive it again. You're the only one I can do that with. I hate leaning on you like this, but you're the only one I fully trust in this particular situation, and I want you there. I promise not to cry hysterically all night afterwards this time. I just want to be able to laugh with you. You're the only one who will fully appreciate the fact that this is the second time I've gone through this shit with her, and I know that you'll help me find the humor in all of it and have me feeling better again in no time.
I can't wait to see you again. I know for sure now that you'll have me, which is something I couldn't say 2 months ago, and you'll never know how grateful I am for that. Thank you for the night that gave me the confirmation and clarity that I needed. You have always, always been on my side, and that doesn't go unnoticed. I know what you say when I'm not around to hear, and I appreciate the hell out of you for it. I'll never be able to thank you enough. I love you, and I always will.
I know that you hate all of this stuff and try to stay away from it, but you also recognize that I do too. Due to the way things are, you know I'm getting dragged into this against my will, and you've kept loving and supporting me through all of it. You know I'm not able to just slip away from it quietly anymore like you can, or like I used to. I just want it all to stop, T. I want it all to be over. Please help me end it the next time you and I are together. I don't want to do this one without you.
Again, I love you. Thank you for having me.
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2023.06.07 09:29 whoami12311231 I dont feel close to my friends anymore

Now I'm basically in my 20s but a few years ago in high school I was a different person. I would get rowdy, talk about sports, make crude jokes and make fun of my friends, play video games and vice versa. I had more in common with my friends. My friends constantly get into comparisons, arguments, and I very rarely feel that these friendships are built on concern for each other's well being. It feels more as if we have to prove ourselves to each other (who gets more girls, whos better than who, arguing about whos life is better, gossip, putting each other down, talking nonsense) and I no longer feel safe expressing my feelings. I feel like there's just a need for distraction and selfishness.... but of course I can't deny that I am selfish at times too.... I don't feel good anymore hanging out with my friends. I feel like I'm not myself. And there is nothing particularly wrong with their lifestyle, it's just not for me. Messing around with your buddies is fine from time to time but its constant. I can't really show that I'm sad when I am or I feel like I'm going to kill the mood. I dont feel respected either. When I think of a friend I think of someone who atleast cares about your well being and you care about them too. With that being said... those friends of mine who feel toxic, they make up the majority of my friends and if I do decide to stop talking to them I'll barely have any friends and sink into loneliness.... I do have some friends who I don't mind talking to, but bad apples spoil the bunch. They all hang out. I can't escape it. I only have a few friends who I can talk to but I feel a bit distant from them. That's adult life.... I go long periods of time without speaking to them. Sometimes I don't know what to do. Maybe I'm just crazy.
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2023.06.07 09:27 ShipHelpful8203 I need help desperately

I turn 16 in 3 days and I'm wasting my life away. Idrc what happens anymore but I just need to talk to someone who is a christian and vent about what is going on in my life. Sorry if this is kinda long but I just need help.
I don't really know where to start so I may bounce around a little but I will start with the first thing that happened and led me to this point. When I was 3 I was put in the foster system for 6 months because of my parents addiction to meth and alcohol. During this time I was a group home and locked in a dark rooms for hours.
Then I had six years of peace but then on my 9th birthday mt parents broke up and my dad kicked my mom. After that they both started using meth and drinking again, I didn't see my mom for 6 months and my dad was always in his room doing meth or something. This is when I first discovered porn. Since that day I have not gone more then 15 days without watching it. For the past year I have tried to stop but haven't been able to.
After a little bit I went back with my mom when she got sober but on thanksgiving she started using again and left for 3 days and I had to watch me 1 year old brother during that time. The on February 6th 2018, I was walking to school when my dad came and kidnapped me. I was with him for only 1 day until I escaped but I was in his basement around weed, meth, needles, and guns. Then at 1 am I told him I was hungry and he left to get sonic. So when he left I also snuck out and left. This day really messed me up. I act like it doesn't but it does. When I was leaving I thought I saw him pulling into our street and at that moment is when I felt the most fear I have ever felt to this day. Luckily it was just some random car and I was able to get away. Then I went on with my life like nothing happened. However I was scared to leave my apartment, to go to school, and was just sad in general. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I stayed, Would life be better? Idk. This was the last time I've seen or talked to my dad.
Then 3 months latter I was put in foster care again because my mom got caught using meth. During this time period I was with 2 different families. Both were amazing and good but I still had all of this stuff that happened to me before. Then in August of 2020 I decided to give my lift to Christ. I didn't fully know what I meant but Ik that he was my savior. After that when ever I watched porn I felt guilty it was weird, it was like something flipped in my brain. I didn't even know watching it was a sin until 2 months after that.
Now 3 years later I'm still watching it and it is destroying me life. This one thing I do is totally destroying my life. I've dealt with all my past trauma, I have a 3.7 Gpa in school, I've had a job for 2 year and I'm getting a new job, I'm getting my licence, I have good friends, I go to church every Sunday, I'm praying everyday, I'm trying to read the bible everyday, I'm going to the gym 6 times a week. Everything in my life is progressing except me breaking my addiction and the lies the enemy is speaking to me.
I know they are lies and its wrong but I keep doing it. Its not even enjoyable anymore but I keep doing it. I cant stop and I'm trying so hard. It is destroying my life even though I have all these good things. I need to stop, I worry that this addiction will eventually lead to me repeating my parents mistakes and what they do.
In March of 2022 I tried killing myself. No one knows this, absolutely know one knows this. I don't know how I'm alive right now. It is only by Gods grace that I am alive. I tied a rope around my neck and tightened it to the point I couldn't get off. So there I was at 1am suffocating to death when I had a vision my younger me walk up and look so disappointed in me, like he didn't recognize me. I then woke up with the rope lying next to me. I don't remember how I got it off. So I can only conclude that God saved me.
From that point on I've dedicated every waking moment to improving my life and self. I have everything has gotten better. I am so much happier now and in such a good place but porn is still destroying my life. I don't really know what to do anymore. I still love and trust God.
Up until about a month ago I would hear from him everyday but one day it just stopped. I could feel the distance, I knew Satan is coming for me. I'm still faithful but I'm dying inside. So know im sitting here at 1:10am writing this not even knowing if anyone cares or if anyone is gonna help.
At the start of my freshman year of high school I fell in love with this girl. I wont say her name but she is the most beautiful and amazing girl ever. Then I messed it up because I got scared that she was gonna leave. Then we stopped talking. I then became friends with this one friend group and one of the guys was talking to and started dating her. I felt so much pain from that. Everyday I would have to hear or see him and hear together.
Now today I want to reach out again. They have been apart for like 8 months now but the guy is still pissy about it. Ik I would be breaking bro code but I need some sort of closure and to just talk to her. I need these feeling I've had for two years to go away or for something to happen.
I've likes multiple girls since and gone on a few dates but even then I still always go back to this one girl. She is so special and I don't know what to do about it.
So because I miss her I then go and substitute porn for the feeling I have and hope they will fill the void or if I'm bored, or feel alone, or am sad. Its gotten a lot better and now its mainly just because its something to do.
I don't know what to do anymore. Today I'm thinking if God is even there for me anymore or whats going on. Idk maybe I should just let go and become what everyone think I will become.
I've had multiple people like my adopted brothers, old friends, and over heard my 1st foster family say that I will just end up a homeless drug addict. Idk. It motivates me so much to prove them wrong and not just be statistic cause kids who grow up with addicts for parents are 8x more likely to become addicts as well.
I just need help breaking this addiction.
Idk sorry for the long post but I just needed to vent and talk to someone. Some advice to finally break this addiction. Sorry for all the background info but it just shows on what caused this and why I do this addiction. So please help if you cant but if not I get it. Thanks for reading all of this. :)
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2023.06.07 09:21 Chew-kok- Hey, need some help here finding more things i can connect to this case.

Case Erik is 17 years old and attends upper secondary school. He is a skilled pianist and is known for his musicality among the teachers. Erik is often the center of attention in music lessons, and his fellow students respect his skills. Beyond this, however, he has gained social connections, and music is his main interest.
At school, Erik has difficulty connecting with his classmates. He does not participate in the usual leisure activities such as football and parties, and has little to talk about with his peers. He is not very involved in classes outside of the music subject, and generally has lower grades than his fellow students. The teachers are concerned about his social isolation and lack of motivation in other subjects.
Erik lives with his mother and older sister. His mother, a music teacher, supports his musical interests but also has high academic expectations. His sister is a keen student with high grades, which creates constant pressure for Erik. Conflicts often arise at home as Erik wants to spend more time on music, while his mother thinks he should concentrate more on other subjects.
When Erik injures his wrist in an accident, it prevents him from playing the piano for several months. This is a big blow to the ham, and he loses motivation for school and other activities. Without the ability to play the piano, he feels even more isolated and begins to withdraw, spending most of his time alone in his room.
Outside of school and at home, Erik begins to show signs of depression. He seems disinterested in activities he used to enjoy, has trouble sleeping and generally seems depressed. He spends more time on social media, where he often sees his classmates sharing photos and videos from social gatherings, which reinforces his sense of outsiderness.
What could be the reasons as to why Eriks mental health has changed
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2023.06.07 09:17 TBP-LETFs What annoys you most about this article by the economist?

Generative AI could radically alter the practice of law from TheEconomist
Full article to avoid paywall: Lawyers are a conservative bunch, befitting a profession that rewards preparedness, sagacity and respect for precedent. No doubt many enjoyed a chuckle at the tale of Steven Schwartz, a personal-injury lawyer at the New York firm Levidow, Levidow & Oberman, who last month used Chatgpt to help him prepare a court filing. He relied a bit too heavily on the artificial-intelligence (ai) chatbot. It created a motion replete with made-up cases, rulings and quotes, which Mr Schwartz promptly filed after the bot assured him that the “cases I provided are real and can be found in reputable legal databases” (they were not, and cannot). Lesson learned, a tech-sceptic lawyer might conclude: the old ways are the best.
That is the wrong lesson. Blaming ai for Mr Schwartz’s error-filled brief makes no more sense than blaming the printing press for mistakes in a typed one. In both cases, fault lies with the lawyer who failed to check the motion before filing it, not the tool that helped produce it. For that is what ai is: neither a fad nor an apocalypse, but a tool in its infancy. And one that could radically change how lawyers work and law firms make money. The legal profession is hardly the only field about which one could say that. But few combine as clear a use case with so high a risk. Firms that get it right stand to reap rewards. Laggards risk going the way of typesetters.
According to Goldman Sachs, a bank, 44% of legal tasks could be performed by ai, more than any occupation surveyed except for clerical and administrative support. Lawyers spend an awful lot of time scrutinising tedious documents—the sort of thing ai has already shown it does well. Lawyers use ai for a variety of tasks, including due diligence, research and data analytics. These applications have largely relied on “extractive” ai, which, as the name suggests, extracts information from a text, answering specific questions about its contents.
“Generative” ais such as Chatgpt are far more powerful. Part of that power can be used to improve legal research and document review. As Pablo Arredondo, creator of a generative-ai “legal assistant” called CoCounsel explains, using it “removes the tyranny of the keyword…It can tell that ‘We reverse Jenkins’ [a fictional legal case] and ‘We regretfully consign Jenkins to the dustbin of history’ are the same thing.” Allen & Overy, a large firm based in London, has integrated a legal ai tool called Harvey into its practice, using it for contract analysis, due diligence and litigation prep.
Not all lawyers are convinced. One recent survey found that 82% of them believe generative ai can be used for legal work but just 51% thought it should. Many worry about “hallucinations” (as ai boffins refer to chatbots’ tendency to present falsehoods with aplomb, as in Mr Schwartz’s case) and about inadvertently feeding information subject to attorney-client privilege into algorithms. Yet if these challenges can be tackled—and they can, with better technology and careful humans in the loop—then the misgivings of the doubting 49% may pass. After news of Mr Schwartz’s debacle broke, for example, a federal judge in Texas told attorneys appearing before him to file a certificate attesting they did not use generative ai or checked the final result before filing anything. Much as it made little sense for lawyers to insist on doing legal research in libraries once the vastly larger and more easily searched databases of Westlaw and LexisNexis were a click away, when a critical mass of firms embraces generative ai, more will follow.
ai has the potential to transform the legal profession in three big ways. First, it could reduce big firms’ manpower advantage. In large, complex lawsuits, these firms tell dozens of associates to read millions of pages of documents looking for answers to senior lawyers’ questions and hunches. Now a single lawyer or small firm will be able to upload these documents into a litigation-prep ai and begin querying them. As Lawrence Lessig of Harvard Law School notes, “You can be a smaller, leaner specialised firm and have the capacity to process these sorts of cases.”
Second, ai could change how firms make money. Richard Susskind, technology adviser to the Lord Chief Justice of England, argues that firms profit by “having armies of young lawyers to whom they pay less than they charge clients”. If ai can do the work of those armies in seconds, firms will need to change their billing practices. Some may move to charging flat fees based on the service provided, rather than for the amount of time spent providing it. Stephen Wu of Silicon Valley Law Group speculates that firms may charge “a technology fee”, so that “clients don’t expect to get generative ai for nothing”.
Third, ai could change how many lawyers exist and where they work. Eventually, Mr Lessig argues, it is hard to see how ai “doesn’t dramatically reduce the number of lawyers the world needs”. If ai can do in 20 seconds a task that would have taken a dozen associates 50 hours each, then why would big firms continue hiring dozens of associates? A veteran partner at a prestigious corporate-law firm in New York expects the ratio of associates to partners to decline from today’s average of perhaps seven to one at the top firms closer to parity. If associates aren’t worried about their jobs, he says, “they should be”.
That may not happen for a while, though. And in the near term, ai could make legal services cheaper, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses that currently struggle to afford them. Ambitious law-school graduates may find ai provides an easier path to starting a solo practice. If so, then ai could lead to an increase in the overall number of lawyers in the near term, as well as changing the sort of work they do—just as the atm led to an increase in the number of human bank tellers rather than their replacement.
Ultimately this will be good news for clients. “People who go to lawyers don’t want lawyers: they want resolutions to their problems or the avoidance of problems altogether,” explains Mr Susskind. If ai can provide those outcomes then people will use ai. Many people already use software to do their taxes rather than rely on professionals; “Very few of them are complaining about the lack of social interaction with their tax advisers.”
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2023.06.07 09:14 Potential_Tell4324 I just went to the gym, had a hot shower now sipping on some ice cold water from my hydro flask and enjoying the remnants of my runners high.

I’ve been an addict my whole life. I need to be addicted to something. As a kid it was sports, I played 3 sports in any one season, was essentially out of the house 5 days a week after school.
Then as an adult it was playing copious video games. Then it was the gym, I became a gym junkie.
Then my relationship with alcohol changed 5 years ago and I thought I was just being cute, having drinks 3-4 days a week. 5 years later I gained 30kg, I’m not fit anymore and depressed.
The truth is, I like being addicted to something. I really enjoy routine and doing the same shit all the time. But with the gym, it was the happiest part of my life. Wake up, work, gym and then enjoy some anime or video games in the evening…. I want to go back to this life.
Just laying on my bed now with a runners high and sipping my water appreciating the fact that I didn’t drink today and I won’t drink tomorrow.
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2023.06.07 09:13 miszlabios I miss being weird with somebody

I just have so much going on. Full time accountant, full time graduate student, full time busy. I’m happy that I’m finally progressing in life but man, I just wish I had someone to come home to. I miss being able to call someone I’ve developed feelings for and getting butterflies just hearing their voice and hearing about their day. I miss connecting with someone and being able to make weird voices and they go along with it too. I miss getting excited to look at text notifications at my phone. Now I lose my phone all the time because I rarely use it except for ig. I suck at talking to guys in general, dating apps/ online chat has been the most successful for me. Im a confident plus size girl. Love every part of myself but I’m so oblivious when it comes to men in person. Doesn’t help that I have RBF all the time (I’m just thinking of all the sh*t I have to accomplish for work and school). And girls have always been on the fun, physical side for me.
I wish I could talk to someone and let myself grow feelings for them. I usually don’t since no one wants relationships these days and well a girl has needs too lol… Don’t get me wrong, fwb/ nsa are fun but they bore me. After a couple of months, I’m over it. Then it’s back to square one.
Is it so hard to find someone who wants a relationship, has a high s** drive, and has their own success/ goals they’re are working towards to as well??
I know this post is all over the place. I’m sleepy and honestly don’t know where I was going with this but it feels nice to get this out on writing.
If you made it this far, congratulations. I hope you find a reason to laugh today. Least smile for me ☺️
FYI If I get any replies (which I doubt), please be over 27. Anyone under, I feel like I’m talking to a younger sibling.
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2023.06.07 09:13 2-32AM Should I buy a VR headset now or wait for the Quest 3?

I've been playing the game since 2018 and have been satisfied with casually playing on desktop but recently I've been playing everyday for quite a lot of hours. Most of my friend group already had VR but now even those who didn't recently bought VR and now I'm one of the only ones left on desktop. I have enough saved to buy either the Quest 2 or Pico 4 but theres two things I'm concerned about before I make a decision. Hopefully someone here can help me decide!
I have just graduated from high school and have plans to move abroad for further studies, because of this I am leaning towards the Quest 2 since I won't have access to a desktop for a while. However I prefer the more balanced design of the Pico 4 and was considering simply enjoying the 2-3 months I would have with it until I get a desktop abroad.
Should I buy a headset now or wait for the Quest 3?
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2023.06.07 09:13 miszlabios I miss being weird with somebody

I just have so much going on. Full time accountant, full time graduate student, full time busy. I’m happy that I’m finally progressing in life but man, I just wish I had someone to come home to. I miss being able to call someone I’ve developed feelings for and getting butterflies just hearing their voice and hearing about their day. I miss connecting with someone and being able to make weird voices and they go along with it too. I miss getting excited to look at text notifications at my phone. Now I lose my phone all the time because I rarely use it except for ig. I suck at talking to guys in general, dating apps/ online chat has been the most successful for me. Im a confident plus size girl. Love every part of myself but I’m so oblivious when it comes to men in person. Doesn’t help that I have RBF all the time (I’m just thinking of all the sh*t I have to accomplish for work and school). And girls have always been on the fun, physical side for me.
I wish I could talk to someone and let myself grow feelings for them. I usually don’t since no one wants relationships these days and well a girl has needs too lol… Don’t get me wrong, fwb/ nsa are fun but they bore me. After a couple of months, I’m over it. Then it’s back to square one.
Is it so hard to find someone who wants a relationship, has a high s** drive, and has their own success/ goals they’re are working towards to as well??
I know this post is all over the place. I’m sleepy and honestly don’t know where I was going with this but it feels nice to get this out on writing.
If you made it this far, congratulations. I hope you find a reason to laugh today. Least smile for me ☺️
FYI If I get any replies (which I doubt), please be over 27. Anyone under, I feel like I’m talking to a younger sibling.
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2023.06.07 09:08 RubStunning4593 Question Paper Generator System - Genius Education

Question Paper Generator System - Genius Education
Genius Education ERP presents a cutting-edge Question Paper Generator System to revolutionize how educational institutions create assessments. Our Question Paper Generator Software empowers teachers to generate custom question papers with a few clicks. The Online Question Paper Generator Software offers a user-friendly interface, allowing teachers to select topics, difficulty levels, and question types. With our Automatic Question Paper Generator Software, you can save time and ensure fair and balanced assessments. Our School Question Paper Generator System and College Question Paper Generator System are for creating high-quality exams in a fraction of the time.
Genius give services to many schools and colleges in many African Countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Algeria, Ethiopia, Angola, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe etc.
Contact us today and get free quotes. For More Details :
E-Mail : [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Contact Us: Whatsapp: +1-507-460-3586
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2023.06.07 09:06 d3vi0uz1 Huge let down

Played for the first time today. Didn't have high expectations. Was still disappointed.
The gameplay just isn't there.
Controling the characters movements and punches feels like they're swimming in molasses. It's very unnatural and everything feels "off".
I seriously thought my PC was overheating (AMD R9 7900x 12 core with an RTX 4080), but temps were fine. It's just how the game is.
Feedback for the game devs:
EDIT: I only played single player quick games. I didn't even attempt playing someone else online. Figured that'd be a worse experience.
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2023.06.07 09:00 Glittering_Swing5192 Its crazy how much the game devolved in many aspects

Got recommended this video from a great PES channel I follow - - its incredible how much better this almost 6 years old game looks (and feels) in comparison to what we have today.
Back in 2017.2018 I was in the process on giving up on fifa so I wasn't playing much football games at all unfortunately, but tried pes 2018 couple of years after and the game felt fantastic, if they had that game today with proper servers and online connectivity it would be a blast.
The greediness of mobile model low effort big profit really is ruining games.
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2023.06.07 09:00 Traditional_Drive472 Why am I throwing up during basketball

I almost always throw up during basketball and I can’t figure out why. This is for both practice and games but it’s never after or before always during, and mainly after running. It’s never after working out with weights though.Most of the time I’m not really tired I just feel like I’m gonna throw up. I used to think it was nerves but like I said it’s never before only during and it also happens at practice. I’m asking this question because it’s been happening to me since the 8th grade and I’m sick I of it. (I’m now a junior in high school)
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2023.06.07 08:51 MijnheerIJsThee Lost interest for a while, but now I see that people lost their accounts so giving mine away.

Hi all,
Ever since they jammed the timeline with the Overlord collab, I kind of felt more and more annoyed to open the game. Just before the transfer even more and now I can't even bring myself to open up the game anymore. I'ts been fun and I love the anime, but I just don't have the time anymore to wait to spend 1000+ tokens on a slow team based match and rather have some autoplay games I don't have to worry about as much. Being an old man does that to you ;) I got most units and especially the better ones from A to SSS tier, rank 130 and a bunch of materials and weapons. Collab characters as well from Overlord and such (no RE:Zero).
I see a bunch of posts of people losing their account due the company transfer, so I'd like to at least help one of you out to at least get to a point where you might've been before.
But at least make it a game so everyone who lost it has a chance rather than someone just being 'faster' and to weed out the ones who just want a high rank account and pretend that they lost theirs.

Give me your best joke.

That's all I ask (mainly because in a bit I'll be working until late and I'll check reddit tomorrow morning again (it's 8:50AM while making this post where I live). Please don't send my any direct messages, just post here and after today I'll pick someone tomorrow morning.
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