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2023.06.02 01:10 Purplexbutterfly How to set boundaries

How can we set boundaries at events for the kids (games, recitals, school things etc)?
Step kids are 4 and 6, we have been together for 4 years, married for 2 and have 1 bio child. Every event we are at BM is on us like a leech. We are there to watch the kids, and even if my husband walks away BM stays right by my side and personally, I want nothing to do with her, but I don't say anything to not create any conflict.
How can we respectfully tell her we are not there to have a conversation with her?
Small backstory: She is not HC, per say. There was infidelity early in our relationship between her and DH, and boundaries have been set for that reason. (Not by me, but by DH). In the past we have coparented well, she has acknowledged I treat her kids as my own, do more for them than DH and was haply with that, but more recently has been trying to communicate more with my husband.
I guess this is a two part post - how do we effectively communicate how we feel/am I being over sensitive?
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2023.06.02 01:10 starsinpurgatory Would you be weirded out if your landlord/lady showed romantic interest in you?

It's been years since I (30F) have felt this attracted to a guy (mostly focused on work), but of all the possible guys I could be attracted to, it's my tenant. He is 3 years younger, and I am quite sure he’s single (not because I asked him, I inferred this) despite him being quite attractive tbh.
We don’t live under the same roof — he rents an apartment I own and I only visit to check its state every 6+ months because it is not close to where I actually live. We communicate mostly through texting. He has been the perfect tenant as well, in every aspect which doesn’t help curb my attraction. Also, sometimes it feels like he’s flirting with me — sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a guy on dating app.
Has anyone experienced this…? I know I shouldn’t explicitly ask him out, at least not while he’s still my tenant but I don’t want to act all formal/indifferent around him and then dumbfound him by asking him out once he sends his notice.
I guess you could say I’m “afraid of my feelings” 🙄 Any suggestions/stories would be appreciated. Thanks either way for reading!
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2023.06.02 01:10 JoshAsdvgi Old man and the Fox

Old man and the Fox

Old man and the Fox

One day Old Man went out hunting and took the fox with him.
They hunted for several days, but killed nothing.
It was nice warm weather in the late fall.
After they had become very hungry, as they were going along one day, Old Man went up over a ridge and on the other side he saw four big buffalo bulls lying down ; but there was no way by which they could get near them.
He dodged back out of sight and told the fox what he had seen, and they thought
for a long time, to see if there was no way by which these bulls might be killed.
At last Old Man said to the fox : " My litde brother, I can think of only one way to get these bulls.
This is my plan, if you agree to it.
I will pluck all the fur off you except one tuft on the end of your tail.
Then you go over the hill and walk up and down in sight of the bulls, and you will
seem so funny to them that they will laugh themselves to death."
The fox did not like to do this, but he could think of nothing better, so he agreed to what Old Man proposed.
Old Man plucked him perfectly bare, except the end of his tail, and the fox went over the ridge and walked up and down.
When he had come close to the bulls, he played around and walked on his hind legs and went through all sorts of antics.
When the bulls first saw him, they got up on their feet, and looked at him.
They did not know what to make of him.
Then they began to laugh, and the more they looked at him, the more they laughed, until at last one by one they fell down exhausted and died.
Then Old Man came over the hill, and went down to the bulls, and began to butcher them. By this time it had grown a little colder.
"Ah, little brother," said Old Man to the fox, "you did splendidly.
I do not wonder that the bulls laughed themselves to death.
I nearly died myself as I watched you from the hill.
You looked very funny."
While he was saying this, he was working away skinning off the hides and getting the meat ready to carry to camp, all the time talking to the fox, who stood about, his back humped up and his teeth chattering with the cold.
Now a wind sprang up from the north and a few snowflakes were flying in the air.
It was growing colder and colder.
Old Man kept on talking, and every now and then he would say something to the fox, who was sitting behind him perfectly still, with his jaw shoved out and his teeth shining.
At last Old Man had the bulls all skinned and the meat cut up, and as he rose up he said :
" It is getting pretty cold, isn't it ?
Well, we do not care for the cold.
We have got all our winter's meat, and we will have nothing to do but feast and dance and sing until spring."
The fox made no answer.
Then Old Man got angry, and called out : " Why don't you answer me?
Don't you hear me talking to you? "
The fox said nothing.
Then Old Man was mad, and he said,
"Can't you speak?" and stepped up to the fox and gave him a push with his foot, and the fox fell over.
He was dead, frozen stiff with the cold.
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2023.06.02 01:10 chrisborgphoto Client doesn't want to pay ! HELP!?

So here's the story...
I'm a freelance videographer and photographer and never really had any client issues in the past five years apart from the odd back and forth with revisions once in a while but this is definitely a first !!
Client based in Italy, shot some videos and photos for them in March. Finished the work and sent everything gradually to them with the final link arriving early April, as agreed in the contract that was digitally signed on Dropbox Sign by both of us. I'd like to add that I provided 3x the amount of photos, and provided the work about 3 weeks early than agreed.
Client ghosted me for the past 7 weeks. I tried calling about 30 times. 5 whatsapp messages. 5 emails.
Nothing. Payment date was expired by two weeks so I sent him a final warning said I would take legal action and all of a sudden he sent me a Whatsapp message a day later so it must of scared him.
But he only said he didn't like the first link which was one of the videos so he didn't bother even looking at any of the other videos and photos - he said he gives me his word he is not going to use the media and said he would pay for my transport because "court would not be good for the both of us".
On a separate note, I'm not 100% but I think he is not happy with the outcome because he has a flaky wall and building is not complete next door so obviously this is evident in some of the footage. Again his attitude is completely unprofessional imo because he said he didn't even open the other videos and photos.. which include also interior, some of which are perfect for use + that he just didn't pick up my calls or answer my emails instead of confronting me with the truth. This guy is a business owner in his 50s acting like a 14 yo.
So.. I sent him an email stating this and explaining my position offering a discounted amount seeing that he was "unhappy" and to pay within 5 days. final offer.
4 days gone so far and still no response.
The amount in question is EUR 2,000 - so not a small amount but at this stage I feel this has consumed so much of my time it's more about not letting this guy treat me like this. P.S. Contract states the work to be done and that I should be paid for my services within a set timescale, doesn't say anywhere that he has a get out clause or anything like this.
I've just searched about him online and found that he was also in court a few years ago in a tax evasion case of hundreds of thousands of Euros which it seems they weren't able to close and he got away with so I guess he feels a bit untouchable especially with a nobody like me.
What would you do next / in what order ??? (done some homework already)
  1. Letter from Lawyers in Italy - Cost 200 euro p/letter. No action taken if he rips it up but might scare him more
  2. Debt Collection Agency in Italy - Cost 75 euro and they send letters, calls, emails, and also go to his business. They also then take about 200 euro if they manage to get the money from him.
  3. Small Claims Court in EU - I thought this was straight forward but it's not even that clear whether I need to do it in Italian, online or by post, it's a bit confusing so sent them an email but haven't heard back yet. It's also unclear whether Italy will take any action if I submit without a lawyer. I was thinking this is my best option because I have all his whatsapp messages and emails + the contract which I would imagine is in my favour.
  4. Tribunal in Italy - sent them emails on 3 addresses nothing back yet. They seem useless tbh
  5. Hiring a lawyer in Italy - they told me this wouldn't be worth it so guess it could cost more than the amount in the end.
  6. Go there (3 hour drive) in peak season and ask him for my payment face to face in a non confrontational way but still making a bit of a scene in front of his clients.
  7. Out him on his and my social media, google review etc..
Sorry for the long post but wanted to make sure I didn't miss any important info.
Any advice from anyone who had any situation like this or who have dealt with Small Claims in EU maybe ? or any advice really ! Cheers - Chris
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2023.06.02 01:09 Captain-PacMan My rewrite of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania; Part 1

This rewrite does contain spoilers for Ant-Man 3 so I’d recommend seeing the film before reading this post. This reimagining aims to polish the film while also setting up some major antagonists for the future. I understand that some of these decisions may have been impossible or unlikely at the time and that I have the benefit of hindsight, but this is simply a reimagining. This is Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.
One significant change to the film is M.O.D.O.K. I think that having Darren Cross/Corey Stoll be M.O.D.O.K was creative, but he wasn’t M.O.D.O.K. The design was definitely wrong and missed the point of M.O.D.O.K. I also found it weird that this M.O.D.O.K was once Yellowjacket, it’s like Justin Hammer coming back as Doctor Doom. I’d replace Darren Cross/Corey Stoll with George Tarleton/Rainn Wilson, that way M.O.D.O.K is his own character and not a repeat. Not only would Rainn Wilson make a great Tarleton, he’d be able to make the facial expressions M.O.D.O.K has. Picture the proportions of M.O.D.O.K from Quantumania with Rainn Wilson’s face stretched and exaggerated with darkness around his eyes and no pupils, a bowl cut of brown hair, armor on his limbs similar in thickness to War Machine, and a robotic-human voice changer. That’s this film’s M.O.D.O.K.
The film begins with M.O.D.O.K narrating a speech about the power of science. As he speaks: we see an army of armored yellow soldiers lining up and preparing weapons, and a shadowed figure sitting on a throne. After M.O.D.O.K finishes his speech, the title card reads; Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.
After the title card cuts to black, we see two ants on the sidewalk carrying crumbs. The two ants are then blown away by a massive gust of wind. Barreling down the San Francisco streets is a green twister being chased by the police. This green twister is of course Whirlwind, played by Seann William Scott. He just robbed a bank and is making a getaway. He throws down some caltrops and causes a massive crash. Just when he thinks he’s in the wind, Ant-Man and the Wasp arrive. We get a good fight scene between them where Scott and Hope have to be creative because of Whirlwind’s powers. The ants just get blown away and Scott can’t disarm the suit, like he did with Iron Man, because Whirlwind’s powers don’t come from the suit. Whirlwind battles Ant-Man and Wasp with saw blades he can throw like shurikens, but they win the fight using Pym Discs. Whirlwind is brought into custody and our heroes are praised.
We then find out where our characters are after the events of Endgame. Scott Lang is fully committed to being an Avenger and father, Hope van Dyne created the Pym van Dyne Foundation to help the world with the use of Pym Particles, Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne are retired, and Cassie Lang is attending San Francisco State University. After the events of Endgame, Cassie convinced Maggie and Jim to take a vacation to take their minds off things and so that Scott and Cassie could catch up. Cassie is doing well in school, but she often gets in trouble for various “vigilante” activities.
Scott and Hope talk with Cassie, and ask why she’s willingly getting into trouble. Unlike in the original film, Cassie is kinder and is actually conflicted with getting into trouble. She claims that she wants to be a hero, just like her parents. This builds up the idea that Cassie sees Hope as a second mother, which will progress throughout the film. Later on; Scott, Hope, and Cassie visit Hank and Janet for dinner at the Pym House. There’s a fun dinner scene, similar to the one in Black Widow. We then find out that Hank has created a new device, one that can allow people to travel to and from the Quantum Realm. Scott claims that Hank is petty because Tony Stark used the Pym Particles to create time travel, Hank replies with: “Scott…You’re full of $#•+”. The family starts to discuss the significance of this invention and the consequences it can have, and during the argument, a massive explosion is created in the room. The Lang-Pym family is okay, but there are two armored yellow soldiers standing in the rubble.
The armored soldiers resemble bee keepers, but their suits are metal and they have masks made of black screens. The soldiers are looking for something within the rubble, giving Scott and Hope enough time to suit up. Ant-Man and Wasp try to fight them, but their suits are able to constantly track them no matter their size. Scott is hit with a purple goo grenade and Hope is frozen in orange ice from a blaster. The soldiers get away with the device, teleporting out of nowhere.
As our protagonists recuperate they discuss what happened. Janet says she felt a strange pulse before and after the soldiers arrived and left, believing it could be related to the Quantum Realm. Hank noticed that the soldiers didn’t shrink or grow via Pym Particles, so they’re dealing with something new here. Cassie convinces all of them to travel to the Quantum Realm in search of answers, but they have no safe way of traveling there. That’s when Hank reveals a prototype inspired by his stolen invention, wrist mounted devices which allow travel to the Quantum Realm. Our heroes then prepare to voyage to the Quantum Realm.
That was Part 1 of my Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania rewrite. I’m open to opinions and I’d like the feedback so far. Let me know what you think and if you’d be interested in a Part 2.
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2023.06.02 01:09 wudupdeezenuts Need advice

My husband has a Danny and I am over it we’ve been married for years we have sisters and over the course of 18 years he’s dating addiction has interfered with a lot of things. When he was younger, and an early part of our Bert, his game of choices, Ultima online, Shadowvane magic the gathering so on. Here in the last 10 years, his game of choice now is League of Legends and games that are like that set up. My husband will play for hours if you let them and kind of ignore me as well. He tends to play a lot on Friday night Saturday and Sunday. I know he does it as an escape from the world and also a coping mechanism but things aren’t going, right I am tired of it it’s been going on for 18 years and I don’t know how much longer I can continue want with it. My husband has dreams and things that he wants to do but he doesn’t do them due to his addiction. He suffers from anxiety and is on medication for it but anytime I bring up how much do you think dating he pushes it to the side. He knows he has a problem, but doesn’t know how to control it. When he’s on his computer and I get mad and say something and pointed out, he’ll get off the computer and go on his phone and play games on his phone and vice versa. He will not only play League of Legends on one screen, but watch the tournament on the other screen at the computer. Need advice because I don’t know how much longer I can take.
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2023.06.02 01:08 FlickJordan Freya 28E Strapless / Convertible
I just got this off Poshmark. It’s definitely tight in the band which is fine, but I did have to struggle a bit with the swoop and scoop to try and get myself somewhat fitting it.
I don’t know if it is a shallow cup, or if the shape and size is right for me? It’s definitely more cleavage-y than I’d like, and I don’t know if it’s possible that the cup is too small?
I’m so confused with Freya… I thought I was between a 28DD and E from others I’ve tried, but now I’m not sure.
There was a fitter at a recent boutique. I went to that thought I would need an F, but the top of the cups cut into my shoulder with an E so I thought that would be way too big?
I will probably keep it for now, but it doesn’t quite fit, as well as I was hoping. My breasts keep wanting to move and then the cup doesn’t lay right
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2023.06.02 01:08 Sufficient-Sea7253 Culture and gender

I’m procrastinating working on a paper, so I thought “might as well waste 20 mins writing about literally anything else”
Over the past week, I’ve realized I’m more binary than I thought and it 100% has to do with culture. I never really related to the culture surrounding (white) masculinity and manhood in the US, but after visiting my family for a couple of days and just speaking my native language again, I realized that I do relate to/connect with manhood, just not the standards here. I’ve always been essentially a carbon copy of my dad in looks, and extremely similar in personality and interests (some differences ofc: I’m a writer and working towards med school, while my dad is an engineer; he’s more happy-go-lucky and generally loves people, whereas I cycle between “I love people” to “I cannot tolerate anyone for a few weeks”), but now that I’m a couple of months on T I’ve hit the point that there’s no “right way” to be a man and that in a basic way, I’ve essentially always been one. The “norms” associated with men here don’t fit me, but they also do not perfectly fit my dad or many of the men around me. My own culture has its own bullshit in regards to sexism/gender norms/you name it, and even the mainstream opinion of men is arguably more negative than it is here (huge huge huge stereotype of deadbeat dads/alcoholism/“either the dad left or should’ve”), but through that entire journey I figured out that I just am a man. Women are wonderful and I spent so long trying to be one, yet the moment I let go of that and let go on my fixation on being “the most beautiful girl” I just felt free and happy.
Singing karaoke with my dad (who I’m not out to despite the hrt lol) I wanted to cry from the sheer joy of singing in MY voice, in MY language. I thought I’d continue trying to do the woman thing for my family, chose a gender neutral western first and last name for safety reasons, but I’m not so sure anymore. It’s funny bc I remember struggling to choose a name that fit my criteria and then continued to wrestle with it for the past 2 years, but calling myself a male name in my own language is just so freeing. No, I couldn’t assimilate into white American culture and no, I could not assimilate and hide into womanhood, and maybe that’s okay. None of those boxes fit, and fuck it maybe it’s time to make my own. I have immense privilege as-is, and while shit is super hard, so many people have it worse.
I didn’t think I’d live this long because I never saw anyone like me for a long long time, and esp not in any positions of relative power. Yet, sitting here rn I know that living and achieving my goals would not only be a great fuck-you but might also help those younger than me.
(Lol I love how optimistic this turned out, considering I’ve been a depressed-vegetable all day in cold sweat from withdrawals)
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2023.06.02 01:08 yiantony Stuck at Login for 15 Minutes Now

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2023.06.02 01:08 trowawy677 What am I supposed to do with my life?

I’m nearly 16, and I have no idea what to do with my time. I tried painting, working out, instruments, weed a lot of weed, reading, obscene amounts of alcohol, playing in a band, getting good grades(I get great grades, cuz idk what else to do with my time ), dating and even cooking. Nothing makes me happy. I try going out with friends too feel less lonely but it just doesn’t work. No matter how much I go out with people i just feel even lonelier the second I get home. I’m sorry if this text is a little confusing cuz I’m a little drunk as of writing this, but idk there is just something about alcohol that makes me confront all these weird feelings.
Like i just feel trapped in my own mind, I just feel so incredibly lonely. I am objectively not lonely. Out of everyone in my grade I probably do best social. I mean in the sense that I get along with everyone well, not that I’m incredibly popular. Im not unpopular, but not popular either ig. I just feel stuck in my mind. Like no matter what happens in real life it doesn’t matter cuz nothing outside of my head is actually real enough for consideration. Idk what I’m supposed to do with my life
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2023.06.02 01:08 sandsalamand Parrying Bugged in Coop?

There have been several times where I "failed" a well-timed parry against PvE, but took no damage. The weapon hitbox of the enemy passed straight through me without doing any damage. A few times, my friend (the host) even said that on his screen, I successfully parried the enemy and staggered it, but on mine, the attack continued. This issue is not isolated to me, I have seen it happen to other Furled Fingers as well. Does anyone else ever experience this?
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2023.06.02 01:08 phasing0ut Need help deciding - take entry level FA at large not-for-profit healthcare or stay as audit senior

Hi all, I am currently an audit senior in a M/HCOL area and have been planning a career change out of accounting/finance to law (I was pre-law in college before switching to accounting), but I was able to land an offer as a financial analyst at a large not-for profit healthcare system:
Current position - 3 YOE at top 20 CPA firm, $97k (salary + bonus), nearly full remote (but this could change), specialized on investment fund clients, strong focus on auditing PE/VC investment valuations and portfolio companies' budgets/projections which I find pretty interesting. Busy seasons suck but culture is good otherwise and I have great relationships with firm leadership
Offer - entry level financial analyst at $10b+ revenue NFP healthcare system, $80k per year (they didn't mention bonus structure but 100% of healthcare costs covered), full in-office, position seems to have a strong focus on budgeting with more focus on decision support as you move up. They emphasized that the work was complex and they work hard but it's also an hourly position with strict 40/hr work week due the org's rules (??).
My gut says to turn it down due to the pay cut and continue with my law school plans, but part of me also wants to try something else in this field before taking on grad school debt with the legal field as competitive as it is. However, I'm also worried about getting pigeonholed into healthcare finance - I'm stuck in financial services now and don't want to just replace that with something else. I've probably applied to 20 FP&A positions in my area that I was qualified for and this was all I could land. I could wait for new postings but this one had 200+ applications and I'm surprised I even got this one.
Is this really how rough the early career job market is in FP&A now? Would I be pigeonholed in healthcare finance? Have I been gaslit by public accounting expectations or am I being set up to fail with high expectations on an hourly schedule?
Ultimately I'm looking for a more fulfilling job - I can find that in either FP&A or law, but I need to decide now.
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2023.06.02 01:08 CramFacker Looking for photos of certain surrounding buildings/damage

I've had this set of pictures for a while, apparently from an insurance investigator in the days following the attack. However, this set only depicts 30 West Broadway (subsequently demolished), One Liberty Plaza, 85 West Street, 22 Thames Street (extraneously demolished) and other miscellaneous buildings downtown. Aside from insurance purposes, hundreds of buildings around the site were inspected by the Department of Buildings and categorized. (Moderate Damage, Major Damage, etc.)
Also worth noting;
aside from the main WTC site and the Orthodox Church, I typically see a list of buildings that were contaminated or damaged beyond repair, and demolished as a result. This includes:
- 130 Liberty Street / Deutsche Bank Building
- 30 West Broadway / Fiterman Hall
- 130 Cedar Street / Green Exchange Building (cleaned, stripped down and rebuilt as a hotel)
- 4 Albany Street / The other Deutsche Bank Building
- 133-135 Greenwich Street
- 21-23 Thames Street
Deutsche Bank and Fiterman Hall were the most damaged and therefore the most well documented, but I've seen practically no good pictures or documentation of the last three. So while I'm curious about the other buildings around the site that had little to no coverage, these ones interest me the most.
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2023.06.02 01:08 smartdude656 P0088 Code N55 135i

So I took my car in to get a new Fuel Pump and Fuel rail sensor installed by the dealer. Now when I try to accelerate hard a P0088 Code throws my car into limp mode, indicating fuel rail pressure too high. Any ideas?
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2023.06.02 01:08 synbn Will I be able to afford my first mortgage and a new car?

Hi, I'm looking for some financial advice primarily regarding whether or not I can afford a first mortgage, and secondarily, a new car on top of it. I'm not the most financially literate person and I already know my question might sound pretty greedy. If you'd please indulge in my greed, here's my situation:
(Not sure if all the info below is necessary, but will include just in case).
Regarding the property:
It's a pre-con condo in the GTA. 680sq ft, 1+1. Worth $485,900 in 2019, where my parents put down 20%. It's slated to be finished mid-next year (but realistically, I'm expecting late next year).
My parents put the down payment without telling me and only told me about it last year. They've generously given me the offer of living there, as long as I pay the management fees and such. But I offered to pay for the whole thing, which they were also down for. They've also graciously offered to let me have the down payment for free so that I don't have to pay them back.
So the remaining balance would be $388,720.
Regarding my current finances:
I am a 25yr old male living and working in the GTA. My salary before tax is $71k. Stable 9-5 job.
I've opted to have 5% of my biweekly pay to go to my RRSP in my company's group RRSP, where they match my 5% (caps at this). Currently, there is around ~$13k in there.
So after tax and RRSP contributions, I take home ~$4040/month.
I live at home, so I pay for nothing basically. I love my parents.
I have a car lease (I know :c, I'll explain why I got a lease later on) for a new 2022 sedan at 2.99% for 3 years (started Sept2021). MSRP is $32k. After fees is $34.5k. I pay ~$422/month for the lease and ~$260/month for insurance. At the end of the lease, residual would be $21k.
The only other things I pay for are my phone and gas, which is max $130/month. Also things for leisure, which is ~$100/month max.
So really, I take home ~$3k every month after all my expenses and spending.
My TFSA has around ~$32k in it. I've been slacking on my contributions. I've lost 1% overall due to mediocre investments.
Other savings: ~$38k
Credit score according to Borrowell: 814
My thoughts:
I haven't actually gone into a bank to see if I can even qualify for a mortgage for the remaining $388,720. Just from talking with friends who had similarly priced properties and were able to pay for it with an income lower than mine, I'm under the assumption that I can afford it. But can I really? In addition to mortgage payments, there are other things like management fees, internet, hydro, insurance, etc.
For the car, I initially leased it because I wanted to try a new car every few years. But I did that without the slightest thought that I might have this divine opportunity at a mortgage/property that my parents have bestowed upon me.
Not sure if I'm right, but I think that the financially correct decision would be to buy out the residual of the car (~$21k) with a one-time payment so that I don't have to worry about financing rates and so that I can focus my income into the mortgage payments instead of car payments.
But I'm wondering, if I buy out the car (some time between now and the end of my lease in Sept2024), is it feasible to trade it in, and use some of my savings or TFSA to still get a new upgraded car? I'm currently looking at a car that is $38k MSRP.
I know that cars currently are ridiculously expensive, especially if you finance because they'll stick you with a high %. That's why I'm thinking to do a trade-in and one-time payment if I want an upgrade. It 100% wouldn't be a lease this time, so the car I'm looking at will be long term, fun and daily drivable.
At the end of the day, my post boils down to this:
Can I afford a mortgage for the remaining $388,720 with my $71k (before tax) salary after I buy out my current leased car?
Can I afford to buy a new car on top of that? (If I trade-in current car)
This is my first mortgage and the current car was also my first car, so I'm very inexperienced and I have a lot of questions. I might be misunderstanding some things about my current situation as well. So any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 01:08 crazykid087 Interesting thoughts on restaurant's management style....(host rant)

Hey all, nowhere else to post this but felt this general subreddit is a good one since its restaurant related.
I recently got hired by a corporate owned restaurant which I shall call the Fast and Furious franchise of the dining world.
After getting acclimated into my new environment for the past month, I can safely say I've got my footing in place.
Now not to sound too naive, but it seems when it comes to management, each one of the 5 have a rather unique way of handling things. And I myself like certain one's way better than others. However, first and foremost, I am lucky to at least have all of management to have their employees backs and investing trust in their staff.
My main issue is that sometimes, it's hard to figure out what the final ruling on certain situations is and that creates some internal conflict during decision time.
So I have one GM, and he is a great guy. He values each of his staff and their uniqueness. He isn't a strict uniform type of guy. Just show up and do your best and listen. As long as you know you did your best, whenever a mistake is made, if you be honest and tell him, he'll always have your back. However, bottom line though, he is very much the company man. Profit and money comes first at all times. I work as a host, and he is very much, SLAM THE SERVERS. Guests shouldnt be waiting in the lobby if there are open tables. Which as you can see can be a problem if its been consistently busy. He despises when we try to create a "false wait" (which is something I personally hate doing but if I need to buy time, I need to buy time). He is also all about "cutting" staff if we can save money. If its not at peak busy high volume, it's time to tell people to go home. Which sucks when I get sent out to hunt down servers to tell them hi, I know you travelled far to get here but you've got to go. Like I'm a blade runnner and the servers are rogue replicants. Sometimes, it's like playing hide and seek with them (the place is rather huge). My only pet gripe with my GM is that despite having 4 other managers working there, no one should be helping the front desk. Which, I mean thanks for giving our host crew autonomy a majority of the time but sometimes I need them. (Further explained)
Then we have some of the AGMs, which are two. One of them is my favorite, this old dude who reminds me of my dad. He is the kind of guy that doles out cheesy dad jokes. He is responsible for all of our technical hardware for the restaurant and anything technology related. Basically, he makes the unseen stuff working for our crew. When the lighting isn't working or somethings wrong with the pipes or the Walkin, he is our go to guy to get it fixed. He is also, one of the best schmoozers I have ever seen with guests. You've got a table that seems like it just keeps going south, you send him over there and he smooths things over so well. A jolly fun type of guy. Just don't let him micromanage any of the front desk stuff or the window, and it'll be okay.
Then the other AGM, is the one who micromanages everything. And she does it really well. She is my go-to person whenever I have questions or need feedback on something. Normally she's in the back though expediting and making sure the kitchen plays well with the staff.
Then there's the 2 managers underneath the mentioned 3. They mostly work with the front desk so I have the most interaction with them. Both of them have a lot of experience working as hosts and servers in other branches prior to them coming to our location, so they know their stuff. And have a lot of empathy for the crew. One of them, is currently someone I thought was rather lazy but over the recent holiday, was helping me literally clean shit from the bathroom. He actually cleaned the toilet and did the gross tasks while I was mopping. So now my viewpoint has changed on him. The other one has a lot of experience with hosting and serving, so this is when these two's theories and styles opposes the GMs. They always tell us to check with servers and ask them their current mental state. Can they take another table? Because the idea is if they can't then we at the front know and can make alternate plans. Seating a server that is in the weeds, we've already done something we can't fix and costs us having to comp or fix something. Also, when its rather busy, sometimes servers won't complain or say anything to anyone. So, this is where communication is key.
I lead this into a situation when our GM got upset one day about a small wait, because the pilot (our person in charge of seating) wanted to check if certain servers where ready to be sat. The GM only sees money being wasted when its just sitting in the lobby instead of at the table. So after that tirade, both of the 2 younger managers came up and said that despite all of that, no matter what, our GM is our GM and has final say. So now, if things looks like its going to shit, Id have to find them to help the servers that need help.
I know this was rather long winded, but having to play politics and make decisions that satisfies both ideals is kind of stressful. I see the merits in both management styles and theories as to why one side is the best vs. the other. But i also do not want to promote infighting either. When the GM got upset and asked why we were doing what we were doing, instead of saying because so and so said so, i Just said, it was my idea i'm sorry.
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2023.06.02 01:08 PurpleSolitudes Cheap Flight Ticket

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2023.06.02 01:08 Patriot-117 How would the community feel if Bungie added player outlines in PvP?

I don't know if my eyes are just getting old, or if the Beyond Light lighting changes messed everything up, but sometimes I cannot for the life of me see an enemy player that is right in front of me. The light hits them so well, and their armor + shaders blend them in with the environment so well that my brain cannot even register that there is a human in front of me. I never seemed to have this issue before.
With the number of different abilities, armor combinations, shaders, maps, environments, map lighting, and other effects active in each crucible match, it may be incredibly difficult to see and register vital information in a quick moment. Having something that is easy to see and register as an enemy such as a player outline would help with this.
I know each player already has a health bar above their head to determine that they are an enemy, but their body is the part you need to focus your fire on, and that can be hard to see amongst the variables listed above.
Player outlines would be a good accessibility feature in my opinion, and allowing players to customize the color of the outlines would be even better. It may be a game changer, but I think it could be a decent addition. It works pretty well in other games too, such as Halo Infinite.
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2023.06.02 01:08 WickedSensitiveCrew Verizon Intros First Bundle That Combines Netflix, Paramount+ With Showtime for a Discounted Price
For the first time, rival streaming services Netflix and Paramount+ are coming together in a price-discounted bundle, exclusively for Verizon wireless customers in the U.S. The limited-time deal, through Verizon’s +play subscription-aggregation hub, offers the carrier’s mobile customers a price point of $25.99/month for Netflix Premium and Paramount+ With Showtime — a 19% discount ($5.99 off) the regular monthly price of the two services sold separately. (You’ll still need two separate apps to watch each of the streamers.) Verizon said customers will be able to find more info on the offer at Netflix Premium, the streamer’s priciest plan that includes up to four simultaneous streams and content in up to 4K Ultra HD, is regularly $19.99/month. Paramount+ With Showtime will cost $11.99/month when it officially becomes Paramount Global’s top-tier, ad-free streaming plan later in June.
It’s the latest bid by Verizon to serve as the Switzerland to the players doing battle in the streaming wars. The telco’s +play portal includes more than 30 services, across entertainment, sports, education, lifestyle and fitness categories. Current offers include a free one-year Netflix Premium subscription with the purchase of another service on +play. “With partners like Netflix and Paramount+ With Showtime on +play, we’re leading the industry in offering customers the content they want in completely new formats, with never-before-seen bundles they can’t get anywhere else,” Erin McPherson, Verizon Consumer Group’s chief content officer, said in announcing the deal.
Jeff Shultz, Paramount Streaming’s chief strategy officer and chief business development officer, added: “This new and distinctive streaming bundle on Verizon’s +play is yet another example of our commitment to offering consumers universal distribution and industry-leading deals. By partnering with Verizon, we are making our broad and popular streaming offering on Paramount+ With Showtime just that more accessible.”
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