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2016.07.07 04:47 average_AZN Pokémon GO! Atlanta Subreddit

Pokemon GO! Atlanta Subreddit. Looking to converse and strategize with others in Atlanta Georgia. Feel free to post pics of interesting poke-stops and gyms and anything else that's on your mind!

2023.06.07 10:37 brosterben Is my mechanic ripping me off?

I was hoping I could get some realistic estimates of the cost of mechanical work on my vehicle. I'm located on the mid-north coast of NSW.
I own a 2013 Toyota Rav4 (150k km). I booked it into a new mechanic today (much closer to where I live, hoping to find a long-term mechanic who offered sound advice and fair prices). I asked for the front pads to be replaced and to call me if any additional work was required.
I ended up heading down to the shop at the close of business as I hadn't heard anything (minutes before they closed, they were seemingly busy). They were just finishing up work on the vehicle and ended up replacing both pads and rotors (saying one of the calliper slides had seized). No call.
I was charged:
They also advised me that the noise my car was making when the clutch pedal was pressed in was a sign that the clutch bearing likely needed replacing in the near future (saying it was hard to say when it could fail). They said that due to the labour hours required (8?) that I may as well replace the clutch (pad?) at the same time, and estimated it to cost around $2500 total.
I'm not familiar with the parts they used today, but assumed they were cheap, and feel like I was charged a little heavily for the work. I also feel like $2500 is a significant over-quote to replace the clutch and bearing.
Could I please get some opinions?
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2023.06.07 10:36 Bubbly-Marketing7175 Does Alaska have a place for people like me?

Hey, Before we get too deep into it I want to be clear this is not discussing any like...active plans to move to Alaska currently or things of that nature. What this is is me checking both for myself and my girlfriend in a "what if" scenario be both favor for our future together. I am looking for serious responses, but nothing urgent.
Backround: Me and my Girlfriend have gotten quite close in the near 2 years we've known one another, and obviously in that time the idea of where we would go if we moved in together has come up here and there. One place near the top of both of our lists is Alaska. We're both already pretty introverted and isolationist. Personally I think the fresh air and rolling nature would do wonders for both our health problems (myself having a lot of mental health issues such as anxiety, autism, and so on. Herself having physical issues with her lungs for example) and shes repeatedly expressed a love for its beauty. (For the record, she generally dislikes the cold. So knowing that and still favoring alaska above all others is a testament to her favor to the state)
However obviously their are pros and cons to everywhere you go. And your own situation affects that. For instance, Im fully medically disabled, fully collect disability insurance. I currently can't drive and honestly am somewhat scared too. A tendency to be overwhelmed mixing with with rows of 2 ton speed machines is just asking for disaster. As such, I was wondering a few things.
1:Are their any specific jobs or programs you can enter that can give you work at your own pace. Like say, get you in contact with a fishing boat who needs a one time crew member. Or something else that can generate an income without putting too much pressure. Like can you sell things you hunt/fish for a suitable income? (factoring in social security)
Everyone knows the basics of Alaska when it comes to climate. Cold, wet, high costs for groceries. But are their any aspects that should be focused on? Like How does the climate change from the north to south of the state? what are the pros and cons for each section (Can other than north to south, like costal vs inland)
The internet is important to both of us currently. Especially myself as the music works as a great way to help channel my anxiety brain, though my girlfriend also enjoys it for things such as artwork crafting. Is there anything we should consider on that front?
More for my girlfriend for this question. What kind of crops and plants can you grow? my girlfriend is an avid botanist, which she does for fun but can also be used to help grow food for us. Though of course, I'd want to know what she can expect. Also on that front, she raises rabbits for breeding and eating. Is that also a thing you can do up in Alaska?
And final one for now, how do you expect Alaska to be in 10-20-30+ years? As I said before this is not an immediate move, so time is going to have an impact on us all. You can get news from any station about climate change or whatever, but you are the people who actually live in Alaska and experience its highs and lows. So, what do you think it will be like in the years to come?
Thats it for my questions, though of course if you have ANYTHING you want to say outside of my questions, feel free to add to it! Im looking for anything and everything I can use to potentially plan my far future.
Either way, thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day ^^
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2023.06.07 10:35 Winter-Piglet4569 Averge me mining down near a village and finding this

Averge me mining down near a village and finding this
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2023.06.07 10:35 No-Expression-399 I’m convinced I must have been cursed..

I believe I was cursed a while back since my life has been a nightmare ever since I found chicken feet/claws in front of my doorstep.
Everything goes wrong; I’m always at the wrong place at the wrong time. Everywhere I go I always have people acting in an aggressive way towards me; I’ve had 12 near death experiences since finding the chicken feet (attempted strangling, almost got shot, someone tried to stab me, robbed twice, beat up severely 2-3 times, stalked, hit by car, ended up in ONLY abusive relationships, 3 car wrecks and the list goes on).
Electronics always die when I touch or interact with them even if they are brand new. I’ll go to the grocery store and suddenly the system is down or malfunctioning/glitching in some way. My health is in a severely bad and worsening state even though I’m only in my 20s and doctors can never figure out why or how to treat it.
I have been bullied or singled out in every situation I’ve been in (whether it be school, work or any other social situation, even though I’ve never done anything to hurt others & have always been friendly).
I know that the person who put the chicken feet there absolutely hated me (because of all the bad stuff my mother did to them - she was a cruel woman but I’m afraid that they cursed my family as well which would include me).
I really never believed in the spiritual realm before but I’m starting to wonder.
Is it possible to remove the curse yourself if you are the victim of this curse?
I need help; I’m really at the end of my rope 💕
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2023.06.07 10:35 Basic-Ad5314 I give up

I'm tired of the stubbornness and refusal to accept what you're being told and shown thus far. If you can't accept what has been conveyed by this point, you're probably not going to accept anything else. I give up.
The images in the video are not made up, they are not a lie. They are the result of weeks of work and money spent to use AI programs for image enhancement. The ignorance here is overwhelming, the blatant refusal to accept what you see as real when there can be no other explanation for its existence, is disturbing and frustrating. Communicating with this forum is worthless. Anyone that pursues the matter by actually going to Panama shouldn't be surprised if they eventually discover they've been following the wrong story. Does what you're being told closely fit the evidence? You have to ask yourself that question. If they girls had returned even just to Mirador, their phones would have been pinged by the local network. If they story you believe is that the girls were anywhere close to town, but if the cell phones don't correspond with that idea, then you're just chasing a ghost to nowhere. The Panamanians have come up with a story that might be two different girls, but not Kris and Lisanne. They blame the deaths of Kris and Lisanne on people that are now dead and cannot speak for themselves. If Feliciano or Henry were guilty, why would Hans, Roelie, and Martijn use him as a guide for their own walks on the trail? Do your own research and put it together. It has taken me nearly two years to do just that and now I know what happened. I have tried to share some of it with you, but all I get in return is resistance. Fine, I give up.
BTW, the woman's face can't be fake when you can enhance her corneas and see what she's looking at. That cannot be faked.
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2023.06.07 10:35 deaddirl i kinda need help please

hi imreally sorry for the new account but my parents will find this they know about my reddit and stuff im sorry.
i got pregnant but i did not consent to sex and i was drugged and im underage and stuff and but my parents found out i am pregnant (my mother watches me in the bathroom to make sure i dont do anything bad) and she know i didnt have my period for like 2 weeks and she told my father and i got punched in the tummy alot by him and i got kicked out of the house and now im like heavily bleeding and in a crazy amount of pain and im hiding like in an okay place near my house but idk what to do it hurts so bad i keep passing out and stuff please
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2023.06.07 10:34 Distinct_Dog9659 Players got an easy way to get in touch with Strahd

So, I'm a first time DM and we're having lots of fun so far. My players entered Barovia (I used the Vistani messenger as a hook) and after discovering the real letter decided to carry out the last will of this unfortunate soul (one of my players is a Minotaur which has 2 homebrew abilities and one of them is to once a day discover the last will of the dead creature).
They carried the letter back to the gate. After putting it down near the gate, they had a brilliant idea to also write a note and hang it in front of the gate too, to warn any other adventurers of the danger inside....for some reason they decided to write the note in blood of one of the players. As soon as they hung it up and looked away for a moment, it disappeared (I was just going for spooks, but hey, that's a pretty handy thing for Strahd/anyone else to be scrying on them)
Some time later they are going through the Death House. At this point they hate evil Devil Strahd (they only heard the opinion of the Barovian people about him so...) but have no clue as to how he looks apart from him being a vampire.
They got into the House's dungeon and had an encounter with the Statue. They decided to burn it down, fought 3 shades, after which the Statue snuffed out all of the flames. They are creeper out with it.
And in this situation my Minotaur player decides it'll be an amazing idea to impersonate the statue with his newfound wolf companion.
He stands up in the exact same way, his hand on the wolf's head while the other is reaching out.
I'm thinking "Hey, that's neat, I should do something fun with it". I describe how as he does so, he sees something shine under the Statues cloak.
Our Wizzard hands him his sphere to make the impersonation even more successful.
The shining intensifies.
Our Paladin puts his cloak onto the Minotaur, completing the image.
The shining disappears. A second later the Minotaur notices he now has a ring with blood-red gem in it on his hand. Whenever he tries to remove it, he succeeds, only to find it back on his hand a second later.
He decides to use his other homebrew ability - touch his ancestors necklace to seek their wisdom about this precarious situation. Yet this time instead of a mighty Minotaur in his peak form he sees the person looking exactly like a statue appear. That person scans the group with his gaze, looks at the minotaur (still in a cloak and with a wolf and a sphere), smiles and disappears.
That player can "seek guidance" with his necklace only once a day. And I'm thinking Strahd could be interested in someone trying to impersonate him so hard. Besides, that sounds fun as hell!
So, I'd like to ask for YOUR wisdom, o mighty spirits of Reddit, what would be an interesting way to handle this ability from now on? I was planning to make it a way for me to provide party with tips on how to best some monsters without breaking immersion, but now... Well, I could still do that, but asking for Strahds help? That should never be a trivial thing or a mere "tip". I want his presence to be intimidating and powerful.
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2023.06.07 10:34 Suitable-Reaction-34 I am Martin, I sell 1:1 top-quality replica bags, shoes and clothes, I will provide detailed videos before delivery if interested, please contact me on WhatsApp+8615359786434

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2023.06.07 10:33 dogdog18376 Tooth filling has been painfully sensitive for nearly year, and has suddenly stopped, should I be worried or is google scaring me?

I had two dental filling’s nearly a year ago, top one hurt super bad (was over filled) and kept telling the dentist but he kept acting like I was over reacting and that I wasn’t waiting long enough that I need to give it months, I felt like something was wrong, so I went to another dentist after about 3 months and he was kinda shocked and redid just the bottom one because some decay was left behind.
The top one he DIDNT do started to break away and started to have more bad sensitivity that I just honestly kept ignoring it. Since he didn’t see any decay, redid one bottom tooth, I just thought maybe I was the problem and was over reacting. Now they’ve both broken away (top broke itself and bottom more) and are sensitive, but the top one I’ve had the longest has been worse in sensitivity and pain.
It’s like 4am right now, and I noticed my top one has pain/sensitivity that seems to stopped rather randomly. I even kept swishing around ice cold water because that used to hurt so bad I couldn’t take it, but now there’s 0 pain.
I’m worried to call my dentist because I had this EXACT issue before on the exact same tooth, but he just told me it’s gingivitis and the pain I’m experiencing probably isn’t anything else. I don’t want to “keep crying wolf” and they don’t take me seriously. I doubt they’ll even do an X-ray, I asked both dentist to give one but they keep refusing saying I don’t really need it. It’s been about a year or more since my last full mouth x-ray. I have had bite-wings, that DIDNT show decay about 6-9 months ago.
I had none of these issues until the first dentist claimed I needed fillings, and since then after so much $$ and pain I still can barely eat and drink on the left side of my mouth. I’m so afraid of the dentist but I’m more afraid of decay.
What do I say to my dentist? Should I say I have pain that stopped, do I say it’s an emergency, so I just make a normal appointment? What’s the longest I should wait? Am I actually over reacting?
Ask any questions and I’ll answer. Thanks for helping me.
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2023.06.07 10:33 NoticeCautious3899 Offering: French🇫🇷, seeking: Russian

Hey, I'm a 28y/o French guy living near Paris, I'm learning Russian and I'm looking for some Russian speaking friends to practice the language or just talk in English (or French) about any topics. If you're not a Russian speaker but interested in talking to a French guy, you're also welcome :)
About myself: I love discovering new music and going to concerts, visit museums, traveling when I can, science fiction books and movies, football (and other sports in general), running, cycling, etc.
Please write me directly instead of leaving a comment, if you're interested in chatting
À bientôt,
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2023.06.07 10:33 GalerionTheAnnoyed Anyone else using outposts to farm plague samples while looting an area?

Whenever I'm looting a populated area, I create an outpost there and activate the mines. Lets you kill hordes easily, especially juggernaut hordes. And I frequently get lots of plague samples from them which is well worth the cost.
The new outposts are just so darn good, I feel like a capitalist god. Zombies getting annoying while looting? Watch me create this outpost in a few seconds and blow everything up.
What's more, I love seeing screamers near my outposts now. They scream and invite all their friends who die in the mines. Free plague samples!
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2023.06.07 10:33 jupitercitylightss Purple Cushion Near Me Promo Code

Go to this page for Purple Cushion Near Me Promo Code. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.06.07 10:32 No_Resident_6823 Australia VS Netherlands

I (an international student) recently got an opportunity to pursue my undergrad in both of these countries and i’m having difficulty in choosing. id like to know what you’d choose if you were me based on standard of living, quality of life, education, future prospects etc,
course details
Australia: bachelor in business administration from a group of eight uni in the national capital. course starts in july.
Netherlands: Bsc business administration from a research uni near Arnhem. course starts in august.
Both have great courses and specializations offered but Australia has more variety and flexibility. Duration is 3 years for both.
I require a study visa for both countries but haven’t applied yet.
Netherlands: thankfully i have housing for the first year. what worries me is if i’ll be able to find accommodation for the next two years and further given the housing crisis.
Australia: haven’t started looking for accommodation yet but im sure i’ll get one on campus.
Future plans
i propose to get work experience in the respective country after bachelors and earn a decent amount of money. i hope to return to my home country in 3-4 years. no plans of settling in a country abroad as of now.
other info
haven’t started learning dutch yet. i propose to learn it during my stay.
the tuition fee for both unis is almost the same. i plan to work part time to cover my living expenses or even tuition fee (if that’s even possible)
i’m a shy person but willing to socialize in order to get by 👍🏻.
PS: being vague with the details so i don’t doxx myself
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2023.06.07 10:31 SpiritualAbies9 update: i can talk to someone while they’re sleeping and they can talk back

first post originally posted on lucid dreaming
here it is! the long awaited update of me talking to my girlfriend while she sleeps.
this happened just now. she was asleep and i went up to her calling her name until she mumbled something.
i instantly told her to go to the field of grass so we can start my experimenting.
the first thing i did which one of you guys recommended was to manifest myself in her dream. so i told her to turn around and she’ll see me. then i asked if she saw me and she said yes. i know she saw me and i talked thru my manifested self after she woke up and told me.
then another recommendation was to get her to see her past life. so i told her i made a door and to walk in and she’ll visit one of her past lives
i asked what she saw and she said “sand” what else? buildings red. i asked her what color her hair was and what gender. black hair and female
i asked her about what she remembers about her past life and she talked about having a horse.
then i asked how she died. she said she was shot and died by a bank. then said water as i’m typing i think maybe it wasnt a money bank but a water bank?
after that i took her out and brought her to the field. spawned in a picnic and gave her a sandwich and we sat down and she ate it. what’d it taste like? a sandwich (lol)
i wanted to think up on more experiments so i said i’d be back just wait here and look at the field and feel the weather as best as you could
this is where it gets insane. like wow.
math. i got her to do math.
what’s 2+2? she mumbled after some thinking 4.
then i moved up to 10+3
she was mumbling like she was thinking for a bit like ten seconds and said 27. well that’s not right so i ask again. a little mumbling later and she answered it right. 13.
next experiment was i wanted to see if she could feel me touching her in the real world. i poked her arm and aske where she felt it. she said she felt tingly. she felt tingly on her hand but higher up which technically would be her arm.
i wanna preface because some petiole were concerned i was doing this without concent. she gives me full concent and is as into this and curious as me. she’s into the shifting realms and projecting and has actually shifted before two years ago to the attack on titan world but not project. i try and make her project later (sorry if projecting isn’t allowed mods)
ok. next was her leg so i poked her there and she replied it was lower. i don’t think she knew what a leg was or the word for it so yeah that’s pretty right. i asked was it your arm or your leg. she said lower
then i asked her if she feels this to tell me. i blew on her face and she didn’t really know what happened last was the top of her head and she said it was all the way up.
last part was the projecting attempt. because she said she felt tingly i thought iut was like the vibrations you get when you’re about to project so i tell her to float out her body. before this i explained i was in the real world and ashe was in the dream world. inside outside.. she floated up and saw her body with me but at the field but in her head she thought if she floated any higher she’d go outside
then she told me she wanted to wake up so i woke her up. it was kinda hard to i flipped her over then had to shake her, i was worried she got stuck lol
instead of asking her if she saw this and that, i asked her to tell me everything she remembered and she described everything perfectly so this is 100% some real dream joining stuff. i asked her what year the western was and she told me 1843, same thing she told me while dreaming.
the blowing in her face turned into wind that she felt only on her face but she saw the grass move. the poking was me manifested poking her thru the grass at the spots i was doing irl. i kept telling her what else what else and she remembered almost everything. she remembered the math too all that. even the bunny i gave her when she got the math problem right. not me turning 100ft tall and her saying she doesn’t want me to squish her though
that’s it. wild right? maybe even revolutionary? i’ll be back with more experiments let me know what i should do and what you think!
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2023.06.07 10:31 Swimming-Quit2927 Tips for neutralising cat aggression?

My whippet (male, 18 months old) absolutely HATES cats. He never shows any aggression under any other circumstances but when he sees a cat he turns into a different dog. Hackles up, tail straight as an arrow, barks aggressively (he never barks EVER unless there’s a cat).
I introduced him to friend’s and family’s cats as a puppy and he was quite happy to meet them, but he has never had any up close interactions with cats ever since. The only cats he ever sees are our neighbours cats, who sometimes sit in our garden or drive way. If he spots them, he goes crazy! I’m worried one day he’ll catch one due to his speed.
There’s a big fat farm cat that we often see on our daily walk and he goes crazy when he sees that too. This cat isn’t scared of him at all and will come right up to us (I used to fuss over the cat before I got my dog so it likes me). I’ve tried sitting down near the farm cat to get him used to being in its presence and reward him for being calm, but he only gets more wound up the longer we’re around it. I think he thinks we’re staking it out, rather than trying to be it’s friend.
I know this is pretty typical of sighthounds, but is there anything I can feasibly do to safely neutralise his aggression towards cats or is it just a case of managing the circumstances? Any advice welcome :)
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2023.06.07 10:28 Ticky009 A day in the Life of a whippet owner

Wake up to my yodelling alarm clock at 7am on the dot. Feed 7 mnth old pupper & I head to shower - no singing required as I get my own musical songs through the door.
Get socks...10 minutes later actually get socks on. Retrieve hidden shoes. Repeat.
Leave house. Listen to Song of the Disappointed as I walk down the street.
Check security camera from work...seems okay. Clearly this is a False Positive.
Come home to gymnastic love fest of appreciation. Is there anything better?
Notice I'd forgot to close Laundry door....Sigh. Begin safety check.
Find a single shoe from 3 different pairs + 1 sock. Find the gutted cotton filling of Care Bear throughout the loungeroom and backyard.
Begin picking up mess only to be reminded I left kitchen barrier open after making my cup of coffee - as Luna prances past me crunching happily on Sugar free pill dispenser..with tablets now joining the cotton bunting all over the back yard.
Open up mail delivery. See its the awesome Caterpillar fluffy cuddle toy & look👀 at pupper. Do the parent thing and 'tuck it away until she's older'.
Take Luna for walk
Feed the Twiggy of the dog world and think if my mum were still alive she'd be sly feeding my little miss like you wouldn't believe.
Throw & watch the Stalking of the Happy Hippo toy and its squeals as Luna does the head shake 'kill'. Repeat 50 times or until you lose count. Usually the later. Repeat with ball & other toys. Think you should have had a kid just so they could wear each other out for you.
Enjoy 2 hours of peace as she naps. Get lapful of fur baby once she wakes. Paws in painful places. Confirm to Luna that standing on back of lounge is just bad manners and if she thinks she can jump from lounge to kitchen bench Mummy is going to be very cross. Know for certain this is going to happen in the future anyways.
Another power nap - then its time for Mummy to go to bed. Tell Luna its wee time. Receive Eye of Disdain because bed is warm and comfy and its winter outside.
Pick Luna up and carry her outside. Have long and heartfelt conversation on 'this is why we can't have nice things' and wait for 20 minutes in the freezing cold before she finally deigns to do wee. All the while tip toeing across the wet grass like a four legged ballerina.
Go to bed.
Rinse Repeat.
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2023.06.07 10:26 adambrookes999 Sleeping in problem

I have this problem where my alarm will go off in the morning and I subconsciously press snooze and go back to sleep about 5 times in a row. As a result of this, I’ve been nearly late to work for a while and today I was late. I’ve tried sleeping with the blinds open to let sunlight in and I’ve tried using 2 alarms on 2 devices but I still press snooze. Any advice for me to get out of this habit?
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2023.06.07 10:25 stiffyness 33 m4f westchase. Neglected dad in need of some sensual care

Im 33 in a co parent / divorcing marriage. I havnt been touched or anything near sensual intimacy in close to four years. Looking for a lonely or bored woman who would like to snuggle and caress..maybe more if the mood strikes us but definitely not required. My ex-ish isnt going anywhere due to obvious and im not looking to change things rn so i can still be with kid. Looking for now or we can schedule. Im 6ft 160lbs with athletic build. Dont have to be fit or even small just proportional. Dm me with a picture and a small explanation of yourself.
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2023.06.07 10:25 DrunkCapricorn Background in Criminal Law/Case Management Leaving Work to be a Stay At Home Mom - What Career Should I Move To When My Child Starts School?

As the title states, I (38F) have a background in criminal law (I was a criminal defense investigator, not an attorney) and am currently working as a case manager at a mental health non-profit (I work with clients long term who have persistent mental health disorders, I do not have a Masters degree). I was an investigator at various law offices around the country for a few years over a decade and have been in my case management job for almost a year. My B.A. is in Sociology. I'm currently pregnant with my husband and I's first child, at about 22 weeks (!!!) and plan to leave my job to become a Stay At Home Mom until our child starts preschool or kindergarten. My goal is to return to work at that time but I need a break from jobs that are so emotionally draining. I figure l'll have a few years to prep for the career change and am hoping I can squeeze in some classes, volunteering, interning, etc to get ready. That's where you all come in! I have some ideas about what I'd enjoy and what I don't want, however, getting into the mental health non-profit was my attempt at breaking away from my need to work in a helping profession. Unfortunately, that has failed and I am back to the burnout levels I had towards the end of my career as an investigator. So...I think I lack insight and knowledge of the job market outside of these helping professions and would like assistance.
Some things about me that might be helpful for making suggestions:
I am definitely an introvert. Being around people drains me, doubly so dealing with those who live in chaos with mental health issues. I have major league compassion fatigue and what they call "secondary trauma" in the helping industries.
Prefer a job working from home or where I could control my schedule to some degree, mostly so I can move forward keeping my family as a priority.
I have mostly worked jobs that are severely underpaid for what you deal with. I think the most I made as an investigator was around $25/hour. Currently I make around $17. I'm sick of that.
I am currently in a larger city in the western USA. Not sure if we are staying here or moving somewhere relatively rural out east. We should know for sure within two years.
I LOVE birds, especially parrots. Originally I dreamed of a career working at a rescue/sanctuary. I do also really like all other animals as well. I am truly happy when surrounded by birds and caring for them. I tried the vet tech route a few years back but I washed out of the program due to some personal struggles I was going through at the time plus the financial limitations of the careestress.
My husband and I are working on a list of transferable skills. To give you an idea: critical thinking, attention to detail, de-escalation, verbal communication, ability to get alo g with nearly anyone, conflict management, written communication, persistent and persuasive, familiarity with criminal justice system and to a lesser extent social welfare programs. There are many more with more detail that I can post too if it would be helpful.
My husband makes enough money to support us three but in a large city cash is pretty tight. Point is, I'm not in a huge rush to get working again when I can but it would be very helpful for our financial situation.
Some jobs I have considered: radiology tech, phlembotomist, dental hygienist, vet tech, data analyst/tech (except I have no background or education in this field and suck at straight up programming), donations manager for a non-profit (more interacting with donors than accounting), any remote variation on my former careers (remote case management, investigation). I'm not opposed to pursuing more education but I'd rather not go deeply into debt or have to start from scratch pursing another bachelor's degree.
I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting for this post but it is plenty long enough as it is. Any advice, guidance, encouragement, etc would be very much appreciated. I'm posting this is the dead of night - in no small part because this question often keeps me up at night.
Thank you all in advance and have a lovely day! :)
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2023.06.07 10:25 Dynasty__93 How would you interpret a conversation I had with a city cop?

So I am sure many will read the title but not the body. I will say I have my opinions of cops, prisons, etc and it is mostly a progressive view but not entirely. I believe the entire United States has a lot of roots still tied to slavery and segregation. To look at the big picture we have made slavery and segregation illegal on paper but we just hoped over time the reproductions of slavery and segregation would go away... And they have not. Black people make up approximately 12% of the US population is black. Yet nowhere near 12% of large corporate CEOs or founders are black. So I get that the entire system is still rigged against racial minorities.
Now on to my recent conversation with a cop. I will just summarize by saying I asked their opinion of the social unrest in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd. They quickly answered what happened to Floyd was a murder, the cops deserve the prison time they got, but that did not like they did not like having to work 14 hour shifts 7 days in a row during social unrest in their city cop job because of people looting, along with people throwing bricks at the cops. Mind you this cop is a city cop in a city in the east coast. In their exact words they said people should be more upset with not law enforcement but instead be upset with the people who maintain the status quo: Politicians, CEOs of corporations, banks, etc. In their view the ideas that became popular in 2020 like defunding the police are things the white supremacists, the ultra rich, etc all want because that means less cops, which will then lead to more crime and will disproportionately affect the poor, minorities, etc.
So basically this cop gave me some perspective. They are a friend of a friend I met in college and just casually did a 10 minute FaceTime with them. They said they fear not enough people will want to go into law enforcement because the news reports every time a cop does or does not do something wrong. For example they explained that the chief of their city has said but not put in writing to not pull people over for traffic violations. This eventually gets discovered and speeding/street racing/etc rise and leads to injuries = People then get up and arms about "where are the cops"? At the end they summarized their beliefs with an example from 2021 where they responded to a person breaking into someone's car parked on the street at night. A lady called it in because it was her SUV that got the window broken, and the thieves stole her AirPods from the center console. It took this cop 9 minutes to get there because of critical vacancies and when they got to the residence the woman was yelling it took so long... The icing on the cake in their opinion was that she had a "defund the police" bumper sticker on her car. Their last comment to me was that prior to George Floyd's murder police departments were already running short staffed. Many cops quit within the month of the Floyd murder and now mandatory overtime is constant.
How would you interpret what this cop said? It definitely gave me some perspective and I agree mostly that people throwing things at police during protests is wrong. I do completely agree that a lot of people who want to defund the police seem to just give a pass to corporations, the judges, politicians, etc who are the ones who delegate funds/actually make the laws to keep institutional racism going. Cops are needed because even in a clean, progressive, educated society there will still be home invasions, carjackings and murders. I myself will close by saying that there are probably few jobs out there that suck as much as being a cop. You are hated by many people on the left because they think you are a pig, a racist, etc. You are hated by many on the right, just for different reasons. Take a look at January 6 and how the Trump GQP assholes treated capitol police.
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2023.06.07 10:25 Ok-Relief-723 Hey, I started a coffee plantation with little experience with farming so looking for some answers and guidance!

How can I improve my coffee crops? As you can see, they appear discolored. We water them regularly, but they still have issues. What type of compost or treatment should I use? I currently use banana trees for shading, but they are still small. What can I do in the meantime? I'm new to coffee farming and would appreciate any advice.
Are there any improvements I can make to my medium-scale coffee field? The coffee trees are affected by rust disease, and I don't know how to resolve it. Some leaves also have a black, soot-like coloration, and there is a yellow discoloration issue. I'm seeking solutions for these problems. How should I address shading? The banana trees are not providing sufficient shading yet. Are there other shading methods that might be more effective? Is my planting density correct? What is the ideal density of coffee trees per acre? Currently, we have a spacing of 60cm between the coffee trees. What is the most suitable irrigation system for coffee plants? Water access is not a problem due to the nearby lake, but the current manual watering method is laborious and not scalable. We've recently tried using a water pump with a hose, which is less tiring but still not efficient. Considering our limited resources, which irrigation system (drip or sprinkler) would be better suited to our situation? Should we rely solely on chemical fertilizers like Ammonium sulfate, Blaukorn, DAP, and dolomite? I watched a YouTube video suggesting that these fertilizers can be detrimental to the soil, trees, and surrounding water sources in the long run. How frequently should we water the coffee plants? Is there an online community for coffee planters? Perhaps a subreddit or a Discord group where I can connect with experienced coffee farmers? As a complete beginner in agriculture and coffee cultivation, how can I expand my knowledge in this field?
What we have done so far:
We have applied "MadaSul Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer" in combination with Blaukorn fertilizer. We conducted controlled experiments with varying ratios of Ammonium sulfate and Blaukorn (50/50, 90/10, 75/25), and we also used a mixture of DAP, Ammonium Sulfate, and Blaukorn for a few dozen trees. Additionally, we have added Dolomite to all the coffee trees. We have used a fungicide called Fongicure due to a suspected infection in the plants. However, we are still awaiting results. We have experimented with a mixture of dish soap, olive oil, and water to address the issue of black rot, but we have yet to see results. Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I am located in a remote area of Madagascar near a lake, where there is no electricity or running water apart from the lake as a water source. The area is very isolated, and although I do not reside there, I have field workers who report to me.
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2023.06.07 10:23 Gorepriest Is it only me? Am i wrong?

Made a comment and wanted to see opinion of others in here. Maybe i am just completly wrong
Dunno at which state of the game you are but i have so many hours in this game (4k+ with lots of afk hours) but just let you know...
RNG Systems ingame:
Runes Some runes drop from Worldboss and people complain that they dont have everything after playing multiple month.
Island Souls Vertical content but it took me around 4 month to get 91 island souls and newer player will have to invest more time cause some island are just dead. No people are doing that stuff and you have to hit a breakpoint of ppl to get events done/starting.
Secret Maps Also vertical content but you have to do it, atleast to get some runes done. Takes forever and for example oblivion island, i am doing that adventure island for more then 5 month and still dont have the secret map.
WorldTree Leafes Totally RNG based. I am at 69/73 leafes and farming for more then 3 weeks for the last ones with no luck. Spend for green pouches from punika merchant more then 11 platinum field tickets and still dont have the leaf out of the pouches. Currently at ~21 days for buying for 3000 gathering powder the pouches. Also Mining/Chopping the last 2 weeks and got nothing....
Cards I have LOS 30 and LWC 30. Done Card runs to yorn+, Argos and Oreah abyss on all my chars for about 10 month. Addionally i bought 2x the 3+1 Pack for 80 € and multiple weeks of maris card pack (gold to BC). For the new set (Dark Damage), i am missing so many cards. Done valtan for more then a year and clown since release on 6 chars, i have of both cards only 4 of each and you need 15 each to get it fully awaken.
CardEXP Once you reached the point ingame where you need it. You are missing a lot of that. With the new cube you get nearly no card xp.
Quality Upgrades Its just a gold burn. Some a really lucky and some have no luck at all. Got on my destroyer after 3 taps 97 quality and on my artillerist i have burned more the 80k gold to get 79 quali on the weapon.
Honing Tapping is just pain. Main is at 1580+ and had luck on most parts but for example both of my supports had to pity weapon from 1540-1550 and my bard also from 1550-1560. It just lets you feel like a piece of sh** and expenses are increasing more and more. Game decreases the fusion mats just by every tier. Currently we are at 20 fusion mats from crafting and next tier we only get 15 fusion mats. Gold for tapping get also more and more required.
Tripods I play my main 6 for more then 12 month and am still missing a lot of level 5 tripods. Once i get stuff from chaos dungeon i always use the powder to increase my chance to 20% for the tripod exchange. It feels more like 3-5% of getting a tripod done. Such a bad system espacally for classes which released later. Why should you be punished by a rng system to do less damage. Some builds feel just bad if you dont have the right tripod levels
Ability Stones RNG, RNG, RNG and Pheons. As a owner of 9/7 and multiple 7/7+ stones. Calculators do nothing for you. Game decides if you are lucky or not. Miss 6x 75% and hit 6x 25% is normal...
Income.. Since we have 3 legion raid the income per char did not increase. Maybe +- 1000 gold per week. Currently running vkyas hm 4500g, clown 4500g, brel hm (10500g) or Brell NM (8500g) . So per Char around 17500g to 19500g. For 6 Gold earner 105.000g to 117.000g
Biggest complain is just, there is no cap system for failing. Well only for honing. Doing valtan on 12 chars for 3 weeks and get no card, just feels bad. Spending a big bunch of your resources to get a world tree leaf and still dont get is the same. Over and over getting pi**** by not hitting a qualitiy upgrade. Getting tripods in CD to miss stuff again...
I am playing this game only, because i found some friends in it. Otherwise i could just go into a casino and have the same fun.
Chars.. Main 1580+, Main Alts 5x 1550+, Others 6x 1460+
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