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2023.06.02 00:00 Spirited_Stomach_549 37[F4M]: New York/make friends from different places.

Hello, I am an Asian woman with a cheerful and kind personality who lives in New York now. New York is a beautiful and hospitable city. When I first came to New York, the enthusiasm of New York made me feel familiar, and it also made me meet many interesting friends. During the period of time in New York, I learned A lot of different knowledge and feeling of different warmth...
I am a person who likes to travel and like to meet friends from different parts of the United States, which allows me to better understand the United States and different local cultures and customs.
In my free time, I enjoy golf, yoga, fitness, walking, and reading. I am also an animal lover and have a puppy myself who has become a great companion in my life. I'm also an emotional person. I'm also a great confidant.
I am very lucky to meet friends from different places here. It would be ideal if we share a common hobby. I look forward to hearing from you.
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2023.06.01 23:59 Wild_Reception2038 28F - lookin for a Movie and anime partner [chat]

Hi!! i'm. a Brazilian Girl living here in the US. looking for a cool guy to chat with. someone who's down to nerd out with movies and anime as much as we want. feel free chat me your anime suggestions, it can be a movie or anime series i can be as talkative as you like as long your down to it lol
my personal fave movies are LoTR ready player 1 and sweeney todd
anime: Overlord Guilty crown and Code Geass
Hmu if your interested
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2023.06.01 23:58 AutomatedMedic Alternative to Telnyx for cheap per-minute trunks.

I've been using Telnyx off and on for about 3 or 4 years, and have almost exclusively had great customer service experiences.
Today, that all changed. I got an email with the subject "Account Suspended: Number Removal from your Telnyx Account". I was extremely confused, as I hadn't received even a single email regarding my balance being low. Nonetheless, I went into my account and added funds, as the email had insinuated that doing such would return my numbers to me.
Well, it didn't. The support representative is being extremely rude, and is pretty much claiming I'm lying. "all of the low balance reminder emails were delivered to your mail server, we have a delivery acknowledgement". That's great. I didn't get any of them, and G-Suite ELS (logs) have no such emails.
Either way, I am done with them and would like recommendations for stable providers that have cheap per-minute trunks, with cheap (or free) inbound porting.

I apologize for the rant, but I am extremely angry at the moment.

TLDR: Telnyx has hit the absolute toilet, need recommendations for an alternative with cheap per-minute trunks.
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2023.06.01 23:58 Suggy67 who else still plays minigames?

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2023.06.01 23:58 CuriousWriter1576 Time Crystal can Time Loop: Crystalloids Xianxia where the Humans devolved like in All Tomorrows. Inspired by Houseki no Kuni

Introducing the Crystalloids: A Worldbuilding Idea
In my story, I have created a unique race known as Crystalloids. Here are some key details about them:
  1. Gender-Fluid, Immortal Cultivators: Crystalloid humans are genderless beings, although they have the ability to choose their preferred gender identity. They possess immortality and can live for thousands of years. While their physical forms are relatively fixed, they have exceptional control over them, and can expend accumulated resources to fuel sudden crystal growth spurts, thus growing a new limb, or when needed to repair themselves.
  2. Allomancy: Crystalloids have the ability to absorb natural metals and minerals, which gives their bodies color, and they can burn these metals to unlock extraordinary powers, similar to the concept of Allomancy in the Mistborn series. For example, Garnet is red because of Iron. A Garnet Crystalloid can burn its Iron for superpowers, but when he ends up dry, he will turn into being transparent, glassy, and powerless.
  3. Built like Legoes: When struck, Crystalloids can shatter and lose parts of their bodies. Fortunately, they can be reassembled using materials, like Lego blocks, as long as no pieces are lost or turned to dust.
  4. Xianxia world politics: Gem Houses are Xianxia Sects, Gem Families are like Clans, Clusters represent martial brothers/sisters. The metal powers possessed by Crystalloids are akin to cultivation techniques, each Gem Family with their own secret manuals. Above all the Houses stands the Jade Emperor and the Jade Family, but there might be a conspiracy within the Jadeite and Nephrite branches to overthrow the ruling Jadeites.
  5. Created, Not Born: Crystalloids do not naturally reproduce like other beings. Instead, they are created or risen using geomancy, and then are adopted into Families based on their properties. Clusters of similar gemstones are used, and the process involves manipulating Earth Veins through the use of Authorities, which are controlled by the Houses (the nobility). This gives the Houses complete control over the creation of their subservient Families's next generations. --- This has always been a source of contention among the underling families, as each new generation potentially brings a new batch of powerful soldiers, causing a shift in power dynamics between rival families. If a Family offends it's overlords, they can just choose to deny them any new heirs.
  6. Scarcity of Resources: Due to their immortality, Crystalloids tend to hoard resources and metals, which they use to enhance their combat abilities and cultivate their powers. This presents a constant dilemma for the Houses. They must decide whether to allocate more metals to the experienced soldiers/older generation, or spend the materials to raise a new batch of less experienced Crystalloids. Another issue arises when multiple Crystalloids within the same House are using the same cultivation technique, as the scarcity of resources can create conflicts and competition.
  7. Memories Encased in the Body: Similar to the concept in "Houseki no Kuni," Crystalloids store their memories within their bodies. Therefore, whenever they lose a part of themselves, such as a hair or a piece of skin, they also lose a random memory. There is no pattern to the memories' storage locations, so it is unpredictable which memories might be lost. This adds an element of uncertainty and risk to their existence.
Apart from the Crystalloids, there are other races in this world:
  1. Stoneblighted: These Crystalloids have absorbed natural amalgams instead of metals, transforming them into stone-like monstrosities. While they possess great strength, their mental faculties are severely diminished.
  2. New Humans: Humans who have devolved into various monstrous forms, resembling the creatures in "All Tomorrows" or human-animal hybrids. Crystalloids consider them as monsters or pests to be exterminated. However, the protagonist discovers that some New Humans are sapient, which comes as a shock and opens up possibilities for alliances and a potential revolution.
  3. Faces: The Faces are an ancient tradition among the Crystalloids' high nobility. They raise humans to serve as their "faces," essentially mimicking their masters in every way. Faces are treated as slaves, and when they grow old or sustain damage, another member of their family takes their place. Faces are raised to resemble their master's preferences and are often inbred to maintain specific facial features. There might be a hidden rebellion brewing among the Faces, which adds intrigue to the story. The inspiration for this concept comes from the manga "Shadows House."
These are some worldbuilding ideas for your story involving the Crystalloids. Feel free to explore these concepts and develop them further to create a rich and captivating narrative.
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2023.06.01 23:57 MG1999 Daily Star Front Page 2nd of June 2023

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2023.06.01 23:57 Lower-Reward-1462 34 / PC / Central Time -- Really miss having a friend to game with

I dream of one day having a good close friend that I play video games with everyday. I've slowly lost all my gaming friends through the years and I seriously miss it. I don't really know how to go about finding a friend to play with. I've tried playing with random people in Last Epoch, for example, but it's just not working out. I don't want to play some random game that is boring alone, like, say, New World, just to look for a friend. It sounds a bit much.
So I'm looking for people here, though it doesn't seem to be working that well either. People keep ghosting me with no explanation why. But who knows, maybe one day the perfect person will come along and read this. And it only takes one person, right?
Gaming alone is not nearly as fun. I don't really care what game we play, as long as we're having fun. That said, here's some games I like:
I just got Age of Wonders 4 and have been playing it a lot in my free time. I have never played an AoW game before. I also just got Darkest Dungeon 2.
Just before that, I had gotten back into Last Epoch, with the 0.9 patch that released not long ago, and now multiplayer is a thing! I mostly played my offline necromancer by myself, but let's make new toons together and play together!
I also like Old World some, but have never played it with another person. Maybe we could, if you want?
Aside from that, I used to play Hearthstone a lot. But not anymore. I would love to find a new TCG/CCG type game to play. Not Marvel SNAP or Legends of Runeterra.
Would also like to find someone to play Slay the Spire with too where we watch each other. I'm not sure about the co-op mod as I hear it sucks, but maybe. I've played it a lot and have beat Ascension 20 and then some with the Silent, been getting into the Defect some but don't play the other 2 classes at all. Would love to have someone to play this game with or show them the ropes.
And I play some other obscure titles like Thea 2. Would be nice to find somebody to play that with.
I would really love to find someone to introduce a new game to me in a genre I like. TCG, MMO, ARPG mainly. Really, I'm just looking for a friend to play with that is fun and we get along. That's all that really matters. Sucks playing alone every night.
MMORPG's I have played and enjoyed include Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, Bless Unleashed, New World, and Wakfu. I would love to get back into one of those with someone! I'm NOT interested in playing FFXIV, WoW, GW2, or Lost Ark! Don't ask! If you know of any other good MMO's, though, let me know and maybe we can play it together. Though I could definitely have fun playing one of those MMO's I've played before if I was playing with the right person.
ARPG's I have played and liked in the past include Path of Exile, Last Epoch, Diablo 3, Undecember, and Grim Dawn. I think I might be permanently done with playing PoE alone, but would like to try playing it with someone else, especially someone knew who I could teach everything to. Diablo 4 looks lame.
A little about me: I'm 34 years old, live in the US in central time zone, and live alone with my 2 cats. I'm looking for friends to game with because I don't really have many. I'm online every night and usually gaming! I'm super friendly and talkative and looking for the same, and someone who has time to talk and to play. I'm also LGBTQ+ friendly in case that needs to be said. Also looking for people who have a sense of humor. I don't care about your age as long as we get along. Voice chat is mandatory (sorry!).
I pretty much game 24/7 when I'm not working or sleeping. I usually get home around 5 or 6 PM central time (sometimes earlier or later) and usually go to bed around 3 or 4 AM. You can add me on Discord: MeltedWater#9972 (Please don't message me here on Reddit, the messages aren't going through for some reason.)
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2023.06.01 23:57 Metrolinerxlz 36 [M4R] East Coast USA or Anywhere. Looking for a cuddle buddy or more.

I've categorized everything in order to keep it simple. This is a long read.
Physical: I'm a 36 y/o Black man. 5'9" tall. Black hair, closely cut (sometimes bald) and I sport a goatee. Brown eyes. 330lbs, big belly. Relatively good health and getting better. I do not smoke. I'll enjoy a tall can of Mike's on rare occasions. Photos available if asked.
Personality: I'm very chill and quite patient. Prefers to de-escalate issues. I could do better on communication. Thrives on self-deprecating jokes and dark humor. Loves exploring alternative ways of living. I'm currently a "bus-lifer", having converted a transit bus into a motorhome and living in it since March 2020.
Professional: I am a bus operator in the DC Metro area. I work for a smaller local transit system and do some occasional work for a couple of motor coach companies. I also help manage a museum dedicated to bus preservation. I previously worked as a care attendant in an assisted living facility, served on a government commission, and ran for public office twice in 2 years.
Hobbies: outside of everything related to buses, I enjoy engagement in political/social discussions and reading up on current events. I also enjoy riding and working on scooters and computers. Video and audio production is also an interest of mine.
What I'm looking for: Women or Non-binary people for occasional cuddle sessions (platonic or not) or more if mutually desired. Not picky on size, race, occupation, most political affiliations, or religious practices. Open to traveling anywhere but I prefer places that are 4 hours away (driving time) from Washington DC or less. My only age requirement is that you're old enough to buy your own beer 😄. My deal breakers are racists and cigarette smokers.
Feel free to send a message if interested or if you have questions. I'll respond to them at my earliest availability.
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2023.06.01 23:56 ConfidentTeaching678 Click for click

Can you accept my invitation so that I can get a free gift? https://temu.comgRACSBpHvBPyZuzo
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2023.06.01 23:56 BusinessDuck1234 Crests from Pokemon Rejuvenation are added to the game: Part 1

I'm sure someone has already thought of this, but I've been playing a lot of pokemon rejuvenation lately. For those who don't know, it's a fangame with a ton of unique features, one of which being crests. Basically, crests are held items similar to mega stones (in that they can't be knocked off and only work for one specific pokemon) that are given to garbage pokemon to make them less garbage. Now, obviously these were designed for the game and not competitive pokemon, but most of them will probably still work fine. Also, I'm not a total expert on competitive pokemon, so if I'm wrong about something, please correct me in the comments.
Ariados Crest: It increases Ariados' Speed by 1.5x and always hit critically if target is slowed/poisoned.
With the effective free choice scarf boost from the crest, Ariados goes up to a whopping base 60 speed. That boost honestly seems kinda redundant even in gameplay, but I don't know the thought process when designing it. I noticed the only recommended set for this thing has it running focus sash, which makes sense considering its lackluster base defenses. It's possible that it could maybe clean up opponents with a critical hit sucker punch if an ally managed to set sticky web/toxic spikes earlier, but even with a crest, I don't see it becoming much better than it already is.
Bastiodion Crest: Deals 50% of the damage taken as recoil and recovers that amount.
FSG is in tears right now. While it still isn't an amazing wall, this almost guarantees bastiodon will last a lot longer. If you hit it with an earthquake, not only will it heal back half the damage, but it will also deal half back to you. Still not perfect, as with lackluster offenses, you can usually just take it down with a second powerful fighting/ground move with it only getting one hit in, but it can just stop a lot of strong and frail offensive pokemon in their tracks.
Beheeyem Crest: May disable opponent's move and faster opponents do reduced damage.
Cursed body and an effective defense buff. With pretty good special attack and analytic boosting it even further, it could already do a lot of damage beforehand. Now, it's more likely to live a hit so it can actually get one off. Seems pretty straightforward.
Boltund Crest: 1.5x boost to biting moves if Boltund moves before target.
Extra strong jaw if it moves first, which it usually will thanks to that 121 speed. Since the recommended set on smogon for this thing is with life orb, and this crest will do better than life orb most of the time, there's little downside. Of course choice scarfers still screw it over, but it does much better besides that
Castform Crest: Causes Castform to use first weather move and changes its base stats and ability based on the weather.
Side note: technically works with sandstorm, but since there isn't a form for it, there's really no reason to use it
Rain Form:
HP: 100
Attack: 70
Defense: 80
Sp. Attack: 70
Sp. Defense: 80
Speed: 70
Ability: Rain Dish
Clearly intended to be more bulky, this form gets higher defenses and healing in rain dish. It's still nothing to write home about, but hey, it's an automatic rain setter for lower tiers
Sun Form:
HP: 70
Attack: 70
Defense: 70
Sp. Attack: 90
Sp. Defense: 70
Speed: 100
Ability: Solar Power
Tera Fire Solar Power boosted sun boosted stab moves are nothing to laugh at, but with 100 speed, most fast offensive pokemon can easily outspeed and take it out
Hail Form
Hp: 70
Attack: 70
Defense: 70
Sp. Attack: 100
Sp. Defense: 70
Speed: 90
Ability: Slush Rush
I used this one on my playthrough of the game, and it might just be personal bias, but I think this form is the best of the three. With slush rush, it can outspeed most pokemon, and actually take advantage of its great support movepool. Just looking through its learnset, it has access to toxic, thunder wave, defog, tailwind, and disable, which could all be pretty useful, and of course 100% accurate Blizzards are always nice
Cherrim Crest: Stays in Sunshine mode regardless of weather
It's still garbage. While needing sunny day to do even remotely well always hurt cherrim, even with flower gift always active, it's a bad pokemon. Now it has a whole extra moveslot to run a move that hits like a wet napkin. Hooray.
Cinccino Crest: All moves turn into multi-hit moves. 2-5 hits of 30% the BP. Additional effects can only occur on the first two hits
Meh. Outclassed by life orb or kings rock variants in almost every way. Next.
Claydol Crest: Special attacks use its Defense stat. Beam moves are boosted.
Without having to invest in its now 105 Sp. Attack at all, it's free to invest in bulk. Mostly positives, but it does have to run psybeam over psychic to get the damage boost. Besides just being a powerful bulky pokemon, it might be ok with sun up, since that neutralizes its water weakness and it can hit a powerful solar beam, but there are plenty of good fire types with solar beam, so it probably won't be very good for that
Cofagrigus Crest: It increases Cofagrigus's Sp. Def and Sp. Atk by 25%
It's just a free stat boost with no restrictions. Its base Sp. Defense goes from average to pretty good, as does its attack. The latter is even better when you consider nasty plot, which makes it a pretty bug threat if it can set up, which is made easier by the other boost. I honestly think this could make Cofagrigus go up a tier, although I'm not sure of it
Darmanitan Crest: It makes Unovan Darmanitan stay in Zen Mode if that is its ability.
Don't use this. It's not horrible, but unless you really want to use zen mode darmanitan, there's no reason to use this. Just give it a life orb/choice scarf and mindlessly click flare blitz until it dies.
Dedenne Crest: Physical attacks use its Speed stat rather than its Attack stat.
This crest uses your speed stat after calculating EVs, IVs, and nature for physical attacks, so you can invest in bulk. But with 57 base defense and 67 base Sp. Defense, it still dies to any decently powerful attack. And since you can only invest in one of those, it can't even take a weak attack on the other end of the spectrum its not invested in.
Since there are 44 crests as of the latest update and I don't feel like typing for another few hours, I'm gonna do this in parts. Next thursday, if I remember, I'll post the next 11 on the list. Feel free to let me know if I made any mistakes in the comments, as I'm still sorta new to this stuff
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2023.06.01 23:56 chelsea018 Question about consciousness

Okay…so. Idek if this is the right subreddit to post this question but I am struggling so bad and need help/answers. 7 months ago when depersonalization/derealization (a dissociative disorder) reared it’s head back into my life for the first time in 6 years, for some reason I had this horrible realization that we really don’t get to choose how we feel…hear me out.
So for some reason I thought that we feel an emotion(s) all day long. That’s just what I had in my head because I’ve never really thought about. Now I’ve realized that we only experience emotions for like 30-90 seconds or so. They’re just rushes of a feeling. So…wtf are we feeling all the other minutes of the day?! That’s consciousness. And we can’t control it. Your house will always feel a certain way everyday, the grocery store has a different feel, a park has a different feel, EVERYTHING has a different feeling/vibe and there’s absolutely NOTHING I can do to change that feeling or vibe because it just IS.
I had this realization after not knowing for months why I was freaking the absolute fuck out about why I couldn’t change how I “felt” until I realized that what I became afraid of was quite literally the feeling of being alive… and how I can’t change the “vibe” of any place. I know this sounds so weird but it is literally all I can think about all day everyday and puts me in massive panic modes where I just want to escape my body so bad.
I am so mad that I had this realization/epiphany because I feel like I will never be the same again. How am I supposed to enjoy my days now when I know exactly what tomorrow will feel like? It feels like I’m living the same day everyday now.
I hate how my brain labeled this “bad” because now I can barely enjoy a minute of my day. I just feel like everything feels wrong now.
Can anyone at all relate to me? Or does anyone have advice on how I can reframe my thoughts around this? Because I feel incredibly TRAPPED. Like I’m drowning/suffocating in my own consciousness everyday. It is beyond weird and horrid. I feel like I have no free will to feel what I want to feel. Idek how this happened 😰 It literally feels like I had some sort of “spiritual awakening” and no one else on planet earth feels this but me.
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2023.06.01 23:54 TexasTacoss I’ve hit 100k and it was a B*tch (22 YO College Dropout Edition)

I began my FIRE journey 2 years ago after I dropped out of college and moved to Hawaii to live life “young, wild, and free”. Before FIRE I was in college partying, day trading stocks with my whole 5k NW lol, crypto, and frequently reading the wall street bets reddit page. Since then, I have managed to make some smart investments in my education and portfolio. My first W-2 job ever in 2018 paid me $7 per hr working at Dairy Queen, now my current income is 140K (120K is tax free) thanks to “FEIE”, and next year my income is anticipated to be $220K. >! Financial Breakdown:!< Individual Brokerage: SPY: $50,000 (100% of future investments will go here) QQQ: $50,000 401K/TSP VIIX: $8,000 C Fund: $22,000 Liquid Checking Account: $6,000 HYSA (emergency fund): $10,000 (4.5%) Current Debt: Car Loan: $24,000 (3.5% interest rate) Student loans: $8,500 (Waiting for Supreme Court to make decision on Student Loan forgiveness) Goals: Plan on leaving the rat race in late 20’s once I’ve 1.5M in investments and buying a sailboat to circumnavigate the world with my GF. Feel free to ask any questions, I will try to answer everyone’s in a timely manner. Your advice/ recommendations are more than welcome. Thank you to this community and everyone’s participation because it has help me and so many others get on the right path to FIRE! Now on to $250K -:)
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2023.06.01 23:54 Amazing-Salary6558 So oppressed.With access to tangible healthcare in her state,gov$, privilege, gets away with felonies,unemployed,entitled,cheap bills,no consequences,family helps w kids,travels,has a car,police aren’t targeting her/mean to,shops for herself often,always has food/eating,

Lives in a safe neighborhood,kids have access to free healthcare, has no small kids to care for, bare min as a mom , always in bed, lazy, doesn’t have to wake up to work, endless free time , blows$, leaves town often, white, doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t have criminal record, isn’t working, doesn’t starve weekly, doesn’t even cook for her kids, she is an idiot !!!!
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2023.06.01 23:54 mcm8279 [Opinion] NERDIST: Star Trek Into Darkness Is Better Than You Remember: "The film does a lot to “earn” that reliance on the past. That may seem like an excuse for lazy storytelling, but I don’t think it is. There are in-universe reasons for the parallels to TWOK organically baked into the story"

" ... I think the Kelvin timeline is rather elegant in using quantum theory as character development."
(Lindsey Romain,
Every so often, you have an opinion that boldly goes where no one has before. I doubt my affection for Star Trek Into Darkness is exclusive to me. We defenders exist in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, in a deep pocket of space otherwise forgotten. For some Trekkies, Into Darkness is the worst of the worstOpens in new tab—a film that uses sweeping parallels to things done best in better projects. And while I’d never suggest Into Darkness tops Wrath of Khan, I’d urge those who’ve entirely written it off to take another look. Star Trek Into Darkness is better than you might remember for reasons you might not suspect.
I’ll never forget sitting in an IMAX theater on opening night and hearing the audience’s collective groan when it turned out John Harrison was, indeed, Khan. Despite Cumberbatch’s protestations, it was so expected that it was immediately annoying.
The annoying Khan reveal—and the press circus leading up to it—cast a shadow over its legacy, as did the film’s other callbacks to Wrath of Khan. It was the first time we really saw Abrams’ over-reliance on that which came before, a hat trick he’d carry into the Star Wars franchise a few years later.
And yet, I can’t help but have a soft spot for Into Darkness. The film does a lot to “earn” that reliance on the past. That may seem like an excuse for lazy storytelling, but I don’t think it is. There are in-universe reasons for the parallels to Wrath of Khan organically baked into the story. If you recall, in Star Trek (2009), a Romulan mining vessel commanded by Nero (Eric Bana) emerges from the future and attacks the USS Kelvin, a Starfleet ship. The incursion alters the course of history, creating an alternate reality separate from the established canon. The impacts of this event ripple through time. The event reshapes the lives of familiar characters, alters their relationships, and generates distinct storylines.
The idea of a parallel universe isn’t just the stuff of science fiction but has roots in real-world quantum theory. In the mid-20th century, the “Many Worlds” theoryOpens in new tab posited that multiple realities exist as distinct entities without interaction. However, more recently, some quantum physicists speculateOpens in new tab that parallel worlds might actually overlap and exist in the same region of time and space simultaneously. If that’s the case, an infinite number of realities might exist. Many of them would be incredibly similar to the one we’re living in right now. Events in one universe could “trickle into” another, initiating parallels and overlaps that keep our worlds in constant conversation.
That might sound like a pretty basic concept to port into a Star Trek film. Still, I think the Kelvin timeline is rather elegant in using quantum theory as character development. I give a lot of credit to Abrams’ casting of the 2009 film. Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock, Zoe Saldana as Uhura, Karl Urban as Bones, Simon Pegg as Scotty, John Cho as Sulu, and the late Anton Yelchin as Chekov add so much to these films. Their chemistry is pitch-perfect, and the family bonds established in Star Trek carry beautifully into the sequel.
The basic set-up of Into Darkness—a terrorist attack on Starfleet that comes from within leads the Enterprise crew on a mission to capture “a one-man weapon of mass destruction”—is immediately knowable and felt. We recognize the stakes because we already care deeply about this new cast, charming and colorful as they are.
The parallel worlds thing would be lazy if we didn’t have these perfect ingredients. The love between the Kelvin-timeline Kirk and Spock doesn’t lean too hard on our history with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. When we learn John Harrison—the commander responsible for the attack on Starfleet—is Khan, a genetically engineered superhuman awoken from centuries of sleep by Starfleet admiral Alexander Marcus to develop new superweapons, we know where things will go. The rest of the film plays out as a loose homage, ending with a mirrored version of Spock’s touching sacrifice in Wrath of Khan after saving the Enterprise’s warp drive. In Into Darkness, Kirk saves the drive, sharing an inverse of the iconic hand-touch moment before succumbing to radiation poisoning. (Unlike Spock in Khan, however, Kirk in Into Darkness is revived by the film’s end.)
Suppose we believe that alternate universes occupy the same space-time, thereby influencing timelines relative to their own. In that case, it makes sense that events as prominent as those in the Wrath of Khan would seep into nearby worlds. I know some fans take issue with the rushed nature of the plotting. When Spock dies in Khan, he’s spent decades with Kirk. Kelvin-timeline Kirk has only known Spock a few years. But this doesn’t bother me. The preceding events are catastrophic and distinct enough that new stakes emerge. And Pine and Quinto sell it like hell. Pine’s delivery of “I’m scared, Spock…help me not be,” and Quinto’s crestfallen face bring me to tears every time. It’s an inversion of something familiar but not a cheap one.
I can’t and won’t defend some things about Into Darkness. The immediate reversal of Kirk’s death irks me. And then there’s the whitewashing of Khan, which is not only offensively shortsighted (Khan is a non-white Sikh in canon) but also boring. There’s also the gratuitous scene revealing Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) in her underwear. The moment has zero bearing on the plot or character and feels like the cheap sexualization of a young actress. That one’s so bad the filmmakers—including co-writer Damon Lindelof—have since apologized for it.
So no, Star Trek Into Darkness isn’t some misbegotten masterpiece. The more aggressive flaws are inexcusable, if not downright retrograde, and I won’t argue with legacy Trekkies that the film bests anything that came before. It isn’t worthy of cultural reappraisal in the way something like a Kubrick movie—misunderstood at its time before growing into an all-time classic—might be. But I think it’s a fascinating watch in 2023, considering the “requels” that now proliferate culture. Abrams and crew found a way to weave science into myth and give us powerful character moments that transcend some unfortunate aspects.
Despite its imperfections, Star Trek Into Darkness is a fascinating and highly entertaining pop culture artifact.
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2023.06.01 23:51 Ifeex June Events in Summerville!

Here is a list of events happening in Summerville for the month of June! Feel free to add additional events in the comments, and we'll add them to the main post for visibility.

Recurring Events:

6:30 - 8:30pm - Main Street Writes: Open Writers Group - Main Street Reads - FREE
7:00 - 9:00pm - Pub Trivia - Trolley Pub - FREE
5:30 - 6:30pm - Chess Club - Summerville Library - FREE
6:15pm - SpokeWorks MTB/Trail Ride - 10 miles - Sawmill Ridges - FREE
7pm - Music Trivia Night - Steel City Pizza - FREE
9:30 - 10:00am - Stories on the Square - Main Street Reads - FREE
10:30 - 11:00am - Baby & Me - Summerville Library - FREE
11:00 - 11:30 - StoryTots - Summerville Library - FREE
6:30 - 8:30pm - Music Bingo- Frothy Beard Off World - FREE
10:30 - 11:00am - Family Story Hour - Summerville Library - FREE
10:30 - 2:30pm - Problems Solved Friday Sewing Sessions - People, Places, & Quilts - $25
3:30 - 4:30pm - LEGO Club - Summerville Library - FREE
5:00 - 8:00om - Food Truck Friday - Carnes Crossroads
8:00am - Coastal Cyclists CVS Road Ride - ~54 miles, 20-23mph - CVS @ Bacons Bridge - FREE
8:00-1:00pm - Summerville Farmer's Market - Downtown Summerville - FREE
8:00am - SpokeWorks Social Ride - 15 miles, 16-18 mph - SpokeWorks Bicycle Shop - FREE
8:00am - SpokeWorks Intermediate Ride - 25 miles, 16-21 mph - SpokeWorks Bicycle Shop - FREE

One Time Events:

Thursday, 6/1:
7:30pm - Flowertown Players presents: Curtains! - James Dean Theater - $30/adult, $25/student

Friday, 6/2:
5:00 - 8:00pm - Sounds on the Square - Nexton Square - FREE
7:00pm - Standup Comedy with Dat Phan - Old Trolley Theater - $20
7:30pm - Flowertown Players presents: Curtains! - James Dean Theater - $30/adult, $25/student
9:00pm - Standup Comedy with Dat Phan - Old Trolley Theater - $20

Saturday, 6/3:
9:30-1:00pm - Farmer's Market Slow Roll Bike Ride - Newington Plantation Pool - FREE
10:00-1:00pm - Hurricane Prep Expo - Ashley River Park - FREE
1:30-4:00pm - Interactive Movies: Encanto - Dorchester County Library - FREE
7:00pm - Standup Comedy with Dat Phan - Old Trolley Theater - $20
7:30pm - Flowertown Players presents: Curtains! - James Dean Theater - $30/adult, $25/student
9:00pm - Standup Comedy with Dat Phan - Old Trolley Theater - $20

Sunday, 6/4:
11:00-5:00pm - Knightsville General Store Vendor Event - Knightsville General Store - FREE
12:30-2:00pm - Lest We Forget Memorial Day Tribute - 105 Sumter Ave - $30
3:00pm - Flowertown Players presents: Curtains! - James Dean Theater - $30/adult, $25/student

Monday, 6/5:
6:00-8:00pm - Women in Business Networking Group - Taco Boy - $20

Tuesday, 6/6:
9:00-10:00am - SHE Leads Group - 126 E 2nd N Street - FREE

Wednesday, 6/7:
11:00-12:00pm - A Revolutionary Soldier's Perspective - Faith Sellers Senior Center - FREE

Friday, 6/9:
6:00-7:30pm - Farm Bingo with Goats - Flowertown Charm - $30/Adult, $15/Youth
7:30pm - Flowertown Youth presents: Little Women - James Dean Theater - $7

Saturday, 6/10:
10:00-11:00am - Walk with a Doc - Gahagan Park - FREE
10:00-12:00pm - Special Care Nursery Reunion - Summerville Medical Center - FREE
10:00-12:00pm - Sketching on the Square - Hutchinson Square - FREE
10:00-4:00pm - In Our DNA: SC - Genetic Screening - Dorchester County Library - FREE
12:00-5:00pm - Blood Drive - Keller Williams Key - FREE
2:30pm - Flowertown Youth presents: Little Women - James Dean Theater - $7
7:30pm - Flowertown Youth presents: Little Women - James Dean Theater - $7

Sunday, 6/11:
2:30pm - Flowertown Youth presents: Little Women - James Dean Theater - $7

Monday, 6/12:
9:00am - Tree Protection Board Meeting - Council Chambers - FREE

Tuesday, 6/13:
3:30-4:30pm - Little Lego Club - Dorchester County Library - FREE
5:00-7:00pm - Father's Day Craft Night - East Bay Deli - FREE

Wednesday, 6/14:
6:30-8:00pm - Tools for Caregiver's Telehealth - ZOOM - FREE

Thursday, 6/15:
5:30-8:30pm - Third Thursday - Hutchinson Square - FREE

Friday, 6/16:
7:00pm - Standup Comedy with Nick Hoff - Old Trolley Theater - $15
9:00pm - Standup Comedy with Nick Hoff - Old Trolley Theater - $15

Saturday, 6/17:
8:00am - The Longest Day 5k - 104 Greeting Hour Rd - $35
9:30-1:00pm - Farmer's Market Slow Roll Bike Ride - Newington Plantation Pool - FREE
1:30-2:30pm - Anime Club - Dorchester County Library - FREE
3:00-4:00pm - Teen Gamers - Dorchester County Library - FREE

Sunday, 6/18:
10:00-12:00pm - Dorchester Paws Adoption Event - Petco - FREE

Monday, 6/19:
10:30-12:30pm - 3 Day Kid's Sewing Camp- People, Places & Quilts - $48
4:00pm - Planning Commission Meeting - Council Chambers - FREE

Tuesday, 6/20:
5:30-9:00pm - World Refugee Day - Ashley River Park - FREE

Wednesday, 6/21:
4:30 - 5:30 - Adulting for Teens - Dorchester County Library - FREE
6:30-8:00pm - Tools for Caregiver's Telehealth - ZOOM - FREE

Thursday, 6/22:
1:00-3:00pm - Genealogy Club - Dorchester County Library - FREE
5:30-7:00pm - Resume Writing Workshop - Dorchester County Library - FREE

Friday, 6/23:
7:00 - 10:00pm - Silent Disco Summer Tour- Hutchinson Square - $15/headset

Saturday, 6/24:
10:00-4:00pm - 3rd Annual Lowcountry Peach Festival - Jedburg Junction - FREE
1:00-4:00pm - Craft Supply Swap - Dorchester County Library - FREE
3:00-5:00pm - Music in the Park - Brown Family Park - FREE
7:00pm - YMCA Comedy Night - Cane Bay YMCA - $20
7:00-10:00pm - Bad Manners at the Dinner Table - Flowertown Players - $20-30

Sunday, 6/25:
8:00-8:45 - TinyTykes Soccer Camp Week - Oakbrook Sports Complex - $120
9:00-11:00am - Highway Cleanup w/ SC Aquarium - Carolina Colors and Cuts - FREE
12:00-4:00pm - 3rd Annual Lowcountry Peach Festival - Jedburg Junction - FREE
2:00-4:00pm - Sunday Crafternoons - Dorchester County Library - FREE

Monday, 6/26:
4:00-5:30pm - Kid's Crafternoons: Origami - Dorchester County Library - FREE

Tuesday, 6/27:
8:00-9:00am - Education and Workforce Division Meeting - Council Chambers - FREE

Wednesday, 6/28:
6:30-8:00pm - Tools for Caregiver's Telehealth - ZOOM - FREE

Thursday, 6/29:
7:00-9:00pm - Clean Fun Comedy Show - Magical Memories Event Planning - $10-20

Friday, 6/30:
6:00pm - Summerville Dance Academy - Summerville PAC - FREE
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2023.06.01 23:49 Beykid44 [Request] [XBOX] 10$ Xbox Gift Card (Asphalt 9 Legends)

Hey everyone! I'm u/Beykid44. I live in the U.S and I'm makin' a request. That request is for a 10$ Xbox Gift Card. I play on the xbox platform and I play ALOT of games, Mostly because of game pass I wouldn't have played any of the games I have without game pass. But there is one game that isn't on Game Pass. It's a free to play game called Asphalt 9. It's an Arcade Racer featuring all sorts of cars like the Acura NSX GT3 EVO Bugatti EB110 or the Lamborghini Miura Concept. I've loved the franchise since I've played the 2nd Installment on PlayStation Portable. but it's like Diablo immortal levels of pay to win. It's mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master. We like to use speed tricks. They are "Tricks" to make you go faster. There's also nitro like In every arcade racer. There 4 types of nitro Base Nitro, Imperfect Nitro, Perfect Nitro, and Nitro Shockwave. They all go the same speed. They're just used for different things.
Asphalt 9 is the first I've invested money in. Unfortunately I can't buy the Item I need right now as my dad won't buy it for as he currently doesn't have money. So I'm asking you generous people to buy me the daily events pass. Why do I want this? Well there's an event going on that requires alot of grinding. It's for a really cool car too! now it's not just for this car. The pass will last 14 days, so if I get it on Sunday I get a chance to get three very special cars! now I don't know what cars will be available after this week but leaks suggest the next 2 events will feature the Ferrari Monza SP1 and the Porsche Panamera 2 Very good cars.
I really hope someone accepts my request because it would suck if I couldn't get those sweet wheels xD.
My gamertag is here!
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2023.06.01 23:48 ejsfsc07 Family vlogging isn't all bad.

Don't get me wrong, there are LOTS of channels that exploit their children and are vlogging for all the wrong reasons. I don't want to judge how other people live their life, but many family vlog channels are way too focused on spending huge amounts of money shopping, shoving a camera in their child's face (even when they're upset), and doing whatever it takes to gain views.
But I think that family vlogging can have its good moments too. The videos can be genuinely enjoyable (e.g. family fun activities) and can bring a smile to someone's face during a hard time. Obviously, there are safety concerns with putting children out on the internet, but I think it can be done in ways that aren't harmful as long as children are on board with it and comment sections are closed (if they opt for that).
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2023.06.01 23:48 LiveAtTheInn Live At The Inn: A BYOB-friendly Greenwich Village Variety Show on Friday June 2nd @ 8pm & 10pm at the Music Inn! [And Post-Show Meetup / Mingling!]

NYCMeetup fam!!! The best BYOB-friendly variety show in Greenwich Village, Live At The Inn, is back this Friday, June 2nd for two shows! 8 PM & 10 PM! We had an awesome group chat going from last month's show - if interested in being added to this month's group chat, just leave a comment and we will add you!!!
The better (best?) news: we are BYOB-friendly, ever more important in this world of $20 cocktails in the Village....
The best BYOB-friendly comedy show in Greenwich Village, as featured in 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel', TimeOut NY, and the New York Comedy Festival!
Live At the Inn! is a variety show of Music, Comedy, and Characters at the Music Inn, New York's oldest continually-run music and record store, in operation since 1958.
We will also be doing a meetup after the show, both upstairs at the Music Inn and at a nearby bar in the Greenwich Village!
You can snag tickets here:
8PM & 10PM [$20] -
Music Inn World Instruments
169 West 4th Street
New York, NY 10014
Friday, June 2nd @ 8PM & 10PM [Doors 7:30PM & 9:30PM]
$20 admission
BYO-friendly, so feel free to BYOB!!!
Reminder: If interested in being added to this month's group chat, just leave a comment and we will add you!!!
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2023.06.01 23:47 Initial_Captain_439 Toilet Outfit 1917

Hello, all!
Before my grandfather passed away, he gave me a stack of his uncle’s (my great-grand uncle) ledgers. My great-grand uncle lived from 1896-1977 in the rural southern US. He had a farm and also taught school. I had some free time today and decided to go through the oldest ledger which starts with the year 1916. One of the first things that my uncle recorded buying was in December of 1916. He bought a “toilet outfit for 1917”. Does anyone know what this might be? When I google “toilet outfit” I only see silly toilet costumes as results, and while that might be what my uncle bought, I highly doubt it. Lol
Thanks for any help!
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