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2023.06.03 13:43 _yeetingmyself I think I’ve broken a bit, as dramatic as that sounds

Vent post, obviously.
Too many changes all at once within a few weeks and I feel like I’m spiraling down and down and down and it’s so exhausting. My friend is moving 16+ hours away, my childhood dog passed away in a horribly gruesome manner a while back, started up at a job that feels like it’s destroying me mentally, school’s been stressful out the ass and my degree doesn’t feel worth it to continue, and I want to move away to somewhere nicer and cheaper but that means leaving my family behind. That’s just the stuff I can remember right now.
I’ve got a supportive partner at least, but it hasn’t felt romantic on my side in months. He’s starting to make more of an effort but it feels like too little, too late. I don’t have many friends and the ones I do have are friends with others more, and I’m on the outskirts of everyone’s friendship circles. I know I’m a bit of a spare tire, but I think it’s finally starting to get to me.
Yesterday is when things came to a head. I left work early to try and get a dog and I bonded pretty well with this absolute sweetheart, and then as we are literally about to leave with him, we get notice that he’s heartworm positive and I can’t afford treatment on top of being unable to take him to the vet consistently like he’d need, so I’ll have to call the humane society today and tell them that I won’t be able to give him the treatment he needs. I think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back of sorts? Except the camel’s back has been broken for a while, and when it tried to stand up on its shaky ass legs someone slammed some bricks on its spine. Even little things feel like they’re breaking me. I was doing dishes a couple of weeks ago and I dropped a fork back into the sink and I literally collapsed and sobbed right in the kitchen.
Last night I learned that I’m a horrible lightweight when it comes to drinking and got pretty tipsy off of 3/4 of a cup of beer, and Im pretty sure I broke the hell down over the course of a few hours. Partner’s worried sick for me, but I don’t feel like anything is worth continuing anymore. It’s been too much change too fast and I want to curl up somewhere dark and cool and cozy and forget that I was ever here in the first place.
My emotions are up and down and up and down in extremes, and if I’m not completely and utterly happy, I’m sad or angry or depressed as hell and can’t move for hours. This morning I just came out and watched the TV logo bounce around and when I checked the clock it had been two full hours. A couple weeks ago I told myself I’d study for my licensure test, and then I started at my dead computer screen unable to get myself to do anything. I haven’t worked out in over two weeks because I wanted to spend time with my friend, but now I don’t even feel the motivation to get out of bed except to piss. I’m fat as hell, so eating used to be a big pleasure for me, but now everything tastes bland and shitty and awful and I’ve lost my appetite unless I feel like I’m going to pass out from hunger.
I don’t know. I can’t afford a therapist, and I’m already on my university’s waitlist for therapy but it’ll be another year before it’s even available. Kinda just want to drop out of school, change my name, run away to a small town a thousand miles away, and never think about anything ever again.
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2023.06.03 13:39 BnkrSpcfkNotica AITAH For telling my gf I don't want to see her dad ever again?

Op 23 (m) MIL 60 Gf Mars- 23 (f) FIL 60
Me and my gf live in Gainesville, and her family live about 2 hours away. Our compromise is visiting every other weekend rather than every weekend. We really only visits because her mom and brother like to have us over but I have never felt at home or comfortable when her dad was around. He constantly will downplay what I say, or he will if I complain about something, no matter what it is, he will take the other person's side. I have spent the past 3 years of my relationship trying to keep him happy.
Last weekend was MILs birthday and we had just spent the weekend down but no one made plans to celebrate it the weekend of, but the Monday afterward. I had work that Monday but not Tuesday which was her actual birthday so mars asked if we could change it. I thought changing it would be too much so asked if she didn't mind dropping me off back home (2hrs away) and she could drive back. But (to make a long story short) it just got pushed back to Tuesday.
The dinner was fine until FIL showed up. He asked "What is everyones favorite memory with MIL?" I just made something up because I couldn't think of anything. But Mars just started crying. Her dad was slightly mocking when she could not come up with anything. FIL then proceeded to say "mine is always the day after today." I took mars outside so we could take a breather. We finished dinner but ever since I walked back in the restaurant her dad was looking at me like with disgust.
We went home to grab a backpack and go back to Gainesville but right as we were leaving FIL grabbed my stomach (not hard) and jiggled it saying "you need to loose weight" I had expressed before then to everyone in that house that I was tired of him commenting on my weight, I was tired of him putting his hands on me, and I was tired of him being so condescending. So I just said "Yup!!" Turned and slammed the door.
On the drive home I told my gf that I do not want to see him again. "I have spent 3 years sucking up to this man, I'm not doing it ever again. I don't want to see him at all." We both agreed it would be hard to have a relationship without him in it so we talked about splitting up and decided to stay together.
WIBTA for not going back on the weekends and essentially dropping out of her life outside of Gainesville? We agreed our relationship might not work if I did. And I do love her. I just can't keep doing this.
Tldr: FIL made gf cry and called me fat, WIBTA if I cut off ALL contact with her family?
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2023.06.03 13:22 SmokesFull The Cult

After ten years of being a mercenary, I thought I had finally found my forever shop.
At every shop, I had worked at prior, the shops couldn’t present enough work to keep me busy, at all times. At this shop, I couldn’t keep up with the amount of work. I was in my element.
The shop was salary, but I still busted my ass. My co-workers didn’t like me much at first. They thought I was crazy producing the amount of work I was doing. “C’s get degrees, Smoke.” Eventually they realized that work was my passion and we all got along just fine.
After a few months, I realized something was a little weird about the shop. The relationship between the employees and the owner was very cultish. If someone quit, or was fired we were to never mention that persons name ever again. “His name was Robert Paulson…” I can’t stress the aura of cult enough.
The owner would state his wildly conservative, almost nazi-like, thoughts and opinions, and everyone would just agree that he was right. I always disagreed and called him short sighted. I realize, looking back, he would have fired me just for my anti-his-cult rhetoric, if I wasnt producing more than anyone he ever hired. I just can’t not say something when someone tries to tell me about the blight of the black/Mexican man on America.
One morning, I had a coffee in hand and waited for the owner to hand me my next job. He looked at me, “do you know how much I want to hit that cup out of your hand?” In front of two other employees I responded, “what the fuck is that? You a fucking sociopath? Because that’s a sociopathic thought.” His face changed and he laughed it off.
I went straight into fight mode. I was instantly unhappy. This became our relationship. He would say something a serial killer would say and I would call him out on it. Sometimes it would scare me.
He would say things like, “you’re getting fat, you should go to the gym.” “Your wife is hot I’d fuck her.” And every time I would call him out. “I’m happy with my weight. If you’ve ever starved before you would be happy with some weight as well.” “She wouldn’t touch your ugly mug with a ten foot pole.”
One day, in front of several employees the owner said, “I want to fight you.” Immediately I responded with, “Oh, I’ll fuck you up, if you want. When and where?” He scoffed the comment off. I looked at a co-worker in disbelief. The co-worker’s head snapped away from my eye contact in a submissive fashion.
About a week later the owner approached me in the morning, while holding some UFC type fighting gloves. “I brought some gloves, at lunch we fight.” “Look dude, I’ma kick your fucking ass and I WILL put you in the hospital. I’m gunna get hurt, you’re gunna get hurt, why the fuck would you want that?” He smiled a psychopathic smile, “lunch time, it’s on.” He walked away.
I looked over to the tech working next to me and he looked SCARED. I took a breath, and continued with my work. I wanted to put the owner in the hospital for a lesson in respect. I thought, “if I’m kicking his ass they are going to jump me…” I found my center and remained calm.
Lunch time rolled around and I put a long 19mm wrench in my back pocket, and pulled my shirt over it. I had decided I was getting too old and tired to fight someone, and figured as he strapped his gloves on I would just cave in his skull and be done with the shit show. If I get jumped, I get jumped.
Lunch time came around and he never exited his office. I ate my lunch and took my break, and nothing happened.
The next day, nothing. A week went by and nothing. He never spoke about it again and I never brought it up.
After sometime he decided to start to invite me to his house for get togethers and to chill. I NEVER went. I would be very blunt in my responses as well. “I’m not doing that.” “Why not?” “Because I don’t fucking want to. I have my own life. If ten hours a day, five days a week isn’t enough quality time together, then I don’t know what to tell you.”
He insisted, one Friday, that I go over to his house and watch football with him on the weekend. I declined, like I always did. He texted me that Saturday and asked if I was coming over. I texted back, “nope, I’m busy today.” “The game is tomorrow.” “Oh…. well, shit. Still no.” “Come on man come watch the game.” “I’m not interested.” He didn’t text back.
That shop was weird. I left after a year and a half for more pay and a less cultish work place.
That place was so creepy looking back. I know I have been excommunicated there. Never have heard a word from any person from that place since.
Don’t get me wrong, there was never violence at that shop. It was actually pretty chill. I never seen someone actually fight or be violent, but that threat was always there. It hung in the air like a fog.
I still don’t know why the other techs work there. All of them were 3-10 years there. They had to have had some sort of relationship with the owner that kept them there. I just don’t know what that could have been.
Never leave the market place. Mercenary till death. Loyalty gets you fucked.
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2023.06.03 13:03 liverpool4ever1 15 Day Itinerary Check (Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka - Tokyo)

I am going on this trip with my wife in mid October. I've out together an itinerary and was hoping someone with experience could give their view on it and whether I have planned too much. Also, whether anything I've included is actually not worth the hassle or similar to something else.
About us... Mid 30s. I am not a fan of crowds (they bring my heart rate up) and am aware that many of the places on the itinerary are crowded but my wife really wants to go to Japan so here we are. My favourite holiday activities are things like kayaking and nature walking (moderate hikes are fine with us) - I love nature and beautiful scenary. To be honest, I've struggled to incorporate these things into the itinerary so if there's any suggestions people may have for activities close to where we are going I'd love to here them. I saw you could kayak in Okutama but all I could find is group things and we really don't like group activites.
I have one request for food suggestions which is a fancy dinner local to The Gate Hotel in Ginza on Day 13 (But not so fancy that jeans/smart shoes are needed as we won't have those).
Neither of us are into anime but the wife likes pokemon.
We are flying from the UK. Flight departs at 7.20pm so we expect to sleep on the plane.
Day 1 - Monday 16th October - Tokyo - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi
Land at 5.15pm. Check in at hotel and go to Asakusa / Senso-ji / Sumida Park
Day 2 - Tuesday 17th October - Tokyo - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi
Teamlabs 9am. Pokemon Cade midday. Shibuya Sky 4.30pm. Shinjuku in evening (getting all the reservation places done in one day)
Day 3 - Wednesday 18th October - Tokyo - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi
If the weather is nice, we will do the Hakone Round Course recommended by Japan Guide, ending with using the onsen at Yuryo.
If it's cloudy we will do one of the following day trips: DisneySea, Nikko, Okutama, Takao (I've looked at all of these but none of them really grabbed me)
Day 4 - Thursday 19th October - Tokyo/Kyoto - Good Nature
Checkin at 3pm. Nishiki Market (right next to hotel). Walk to Kiyomizu-Dera and Yasaka Pagoda. Then Pontocho Alley for food.
Day 5 - Friday 20th October - Kyoto - Good Nature
Arashiyama bamboo at 7am. Row boat on river. Walk to Otagi. Then Sakyo-ku if not tired. In the afternoon/eve, head to Shinbashi-Dori / Shirakawa River Walk
Day 6 - Saturday 21st October - Kyoto - Good Nature
Have a lay in due to early rise yesterday. Either rent a bike and roll around or spend the day at Kibune (any suggested bike routes for a Saturday?). Another alternative is a river boat but I've struggled to find ones other than the rapid one near Arashiyama which we don't want to do. In the evening, go to Koda-ji.
Day 7 - Sunday 22nd October - Kyoto/Osaka - Swissotel or Fraser Residence
Fushimi Inari at 6.30am. Checkin 3pm, travelling via Kyo-train Garaku if we can. In Osaka - Shinsekai in the afternoon and go to Dotombori in evening.
Day 8 - Monday 23rd October - Osaka - Swissotel or Fraser Residence
Minoh Park (is this too similar to Kibune?) 10am to 1pm. Then Sumiyoshi Taisha and Dotombori in evening.
Day 9 - Tuesday 24th October - Osaka - Swissotel or Fraser Residence
Universal Studios. Umeda Sky Building in evening.
Day 10 - Wednesday 25th October - Osaka/Tokyo - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi or Dai-ichi
Checkin 3pm. Tokyo Dome / Akihabara
Day 11 - Thursday 26th October - Tokyo - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi or Dai-ichi
If we didn't do Hakone on Day 3, we'll do it here regardless of weather.
Otherwise, one of the day trips mentioned in Day 3: DisneySea, Nikko, Okutama, Takao
Day 12 - Friday 27th October - Tokyo - Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi or Dai-ichi
Another one of the day trips: DisneySea, Nikko, Okutama, Takao
Day 13 - Saturday 28th October - Tokyo - Gate Hotel
Checkin 1pm. We are switching hotels as this one has a cool, big room and a hot tub on a terrace high up. Plan is to chill during the day and go for a fancy local dinner in the evening (suggestions for dinner would be great) then chill in the hot tub with the city lights.
Day 14 - Sunday 29th October - Tokyo - Gate Hotel
This is technically the final day as we will be checking out at 11pm to travel to the airport for a flight that leaves at 2.45am on Day 15. Plan is Harajuku and Yoyogi Park during the day.
The only bits I have listed on my spreadsheet that I've not included in the above are going to Hamarikyu Gardens and going to the tea house and getting a ferry, plus seeing Rainbow Bridge. I've struggled to fit these in.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.03 12:56 pawnh4 Interesting series of events the past week: I stopped eating red meat in place of non fat turkey with coconut oil for my meat and fat. I felt amazing during the day. (Red meat ALWAYS made me tired. The problem is that I had raging insomnia. So, last night i was desperate enough to do anything to go

to sleep and luckily I had some ground beef in the freezer. I cooked it up at 2am and 5 minutes later- out like a light. So, I guess I'll be eating a little red meat every night before bed as a sleep tonic.
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2023.06.03 12:51 mikejordan_23 Dewinterize your bike?

What kind of maintenance do you guys do after the winter for your bike? I live in northeast US. I was out traveling, so will be getting back home soon. Wanted to make sure the bike is in good condition to drive again. Oh, btw it's a 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 650.
I did a full synthetic oil change and sparkplug change last summer. I know I'll need to get new tires this year.
Any tips?
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2023.06.03 12:46 qotsavan What would be a better gift for a 33-year-old male: an iPad Pro, Xbox/PlayStation, Mac Mini M2 Pro, or a Trek Domane AL4 bike?

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2023.06.03 12:22 arcticreach Am i demisexual or just programmed differently?

Everyone that i meet anywhere, dating apps, real life, that are also demisexual, usually i hear something about how they really see body/beauty that is remanescent of some irracional thinking and makes no sense to me.
I have autism and i identify my demisexuality to coop with it, alot. I had a troubled childhood with traumas and abuse, i'm 31 now and i never, ever, not once in my life understood why and how people find someone or some physical characteristic pretty just because "it is hot".
I see human forms as just the consequence of how your genes made you look, to me a person is a bundle of genes put together and that results in the characteristics of its body. No combination of results ever made me think someone is pretty or not.
Whe i was a kid i first started to question this things because i would only feel attractive and pretty people that treat me well, either did something nice to me or just really made me feel really good about something that was genuine and pure. Since i went thru alot of abuses i had a constant struggle with being able to trust people.
That is pretty much my whole life today, i don't really, ever, think or worry about any insecurities of any type that has to do with body. If i'm fat or thin, i'm losing hair, i have many physical characteristics that over the years people kept either finding it attractive or not, and without really knowing me that makes no sense to me.
It's really hard to have friends, what people do/talk, their intentions, actions, how they approach, how they think about life, that's what makes me see beauty, it's really like that
I get how and why some people are considered ugly to society, i analized and keep doing it everyday, and there are tons of concepts, but all has roots in references and what is normal in someones surroundings (talking about how i see society around me)
But i'm not like that, i wish i find people that really think like me, i keep finding demi people like i said, that one day or another tells me is annoyed by how something is not pretty on itself or worring about that kind of beauty.
People can be so mean and evil that i think i rooted out any possibility of considering a physical characteristic as being pretty.
Had my shares of "pretty" people being mean to me and found true friendships with "non pretty" people. (Both "pretty" and "non pretty" here talking about how society labels them).
So it never clicked, and the traumas kept me from really finding someone attractive without knowing them.
To be fair, i find really interesting when people have different characteristics that i usually don't see. Big this, small that, curved something or etc. I have a real curiosity about the genes and how it became what it is. But has nothing to do at all with beauty and society.
I feel alone and alien, altho i have a partner that is demi, she feels insecurities that origin in notions of beauty. So in a way i feel not on the same page with this 100%.
I hope i make sense to someone, i hope i get to find someone that also feels alien for not really caring or being affected by how people see beauty.
I'm tired of being called out for being cold and weird to not agree with someone when they are talkimg about someones attractiveness. People don't realize that sometimes they find a person with the same genes as others but find different levels of hotness that doesn't even make sense if you think about it.
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2023.06.03 12:16 smilefodacamera I finally had fun

I'm an extremely lonely person, I have 0 friends and almost never leave the house. I'm in a massive rut at the moment and I don't know exactly how to dig myself out of it. I'm 17 years old - "homeschooled". I literally interact with nobody, I have no online friends or IRL friends. Anyways I don't want to talk about that here.w
My 19yo brother (Alex) is visiting for the summer, he arrived a few weeks ago and we haven't hung out much, occasionally we might watch a movie or South Park eps but that's really it. Anywho, at 2 AM neither of us could fall asleep and I asked him if he wanted to ride bikes for maybe 20 mins. We ended up riding our bikes with our crappy flat tires through the completely empty streets of our dead town. There were no cars around and it just felt like we were in another realm where we were the only two people. We talked and listened to music just biking around. We were having a great time. We planned to only bike for 20 mins but we were out there for about an hour and a half.
When we got home, we realized we had absolutely no keys. Our other brother was sound asleep, and our mom was sleeping at a diff home (in the process of moving). Alex and I tried climbing the roof to bang on our brothers window but we couldn't get up. We rung the doorbell a trillion times and called him as well, but to no avail. We decided to bike to the fire department which is very close to our home, and I suggested hitting the emergency help button but he didn't want to. We called a non emergency police # and they said we could hit the help button or call a locksmith. He wanted to call a locksmith. Long story short, it didn't work - would've taken way too long and way too pricey. We kind of fucked with the locksmith (in a nice silly way) once we realized it wasn't going to work. It was super funny in the moment. Alex seemed kind of nervous but I was actually having a great time. I never have "adventures" like this and was actually excited to potentially interact with the fire department ppl.
We hit the emergency button and we talked to the operator guy who sent the chief out. At this point it was like 4:15 AM. He said he has to sent the police first to check up then they'd determine if the fire department could handle it. I was really impressed with myself. I was doing the entirety of the talking, while Alex was sorta standing there. I consider myself to be a huge introvert socially awkward creature, but I genuinely felt like a normal neurotypical human being, and I was proud of myself. The chief was sociable and I felt sociable and it was an overall good interaction.
We biked back home (2 min away) and then 10 min later the police arrived. I explained the whole situation to the two officers and suggested maybe a ladder to get on the roof and bang on the window. They were sort of wary but thought it might be a good idea. Out of nowhere, the landlord drove up to the house saying he got a bunch of ring doorbell alerts and his kids woke him up. He was friendly and opened the door for us, we thanked him and the officers and waved them goodbye.

tl;dr - my brother and i got locked out of the house at 2 AM, the police arrived, then our landlord came unexpectedly and opened the door for us. I felt proud of myself for going out of my shell and enjoyed the adventure
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2023.06.03 12:13 Ok_Suggestion4886 SMLRO Bikes

electric mountain bikes, electric fat tire bikes, electric city bikes and electric road bikes
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2023.06.03 12:09 Alphaone75 Choosing a bike 2000 USD

Choosing a bike 2000 USD
Hi everyone,
I would like to ask your help and suggestions to help to narrow down options for which bike I should buy in Europe. I am starting to plan for a long biketouring (maybe bikepacking) trip I am dreaming of doing in one or two years from now in South America. That would include gravel roads and I would hope, most of the time. I want to buy it now so I can do short trips to try it out during that time.
I am not an expert, that’s why I would appreciate your help. I have been looking into gear for about a couple of years, highly inspired by Iohan and the amazing trips he took before leaving us. I have also gone thru a couple of editions of the publications of Aleen Denham. I think I should strive for what he (or everyone ?) calls an Off-Road Plus Bike.
I have two bikes: one city bike that is very heavy and not at all good for this trip and a early 90’s Scott Yecora. I am not sure what that frame is made of but I really like it because it’s light. But again I don’t think this is the right bike because I always felt the size is not right for me, I have to ride bringing my chest way too low and I would have to remove the suspension in the front I would say.
Budget about 2000 USD, unless I really need to go further up to get more for the buck . There are just a few things I am certain of:
  • 29 inch tubeless tires
  • Carbon drive
If I was more confident about my strengh and weight I think I would go with a fat bike.
I guess the only thing above that really narrows it down is the type of bike and mostly the carbon drive.
Anyway, I would appreciate any help I can get at this point. Thank you all in advance and a big shout for all of you that share your trips and experiences here. For someone who has never done anything similar, I have to say I admire incredibly what some of you have done or are doing!
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2023.06.03 11:51 vedarmawellness Vedarma Liv Guard

Vedarma Liv Guard
▶ Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy products in your diet. Limit your intake of processed foods, saturated fats, and added sugars.
▶ Alcohol can cause significant harm to the liver. If you have liver disease, it is essential to completely abstain from alcohol.
▶ Drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day to help flush toxins out of your body and support liver function.
#liverproblem #bloodvomiting #tired #vedarmawellness #infection #liverpain #fatigue
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2023.06.03 11:23 Odd-Candle6838 Bike (cycle) servicing

I am looking for budget place for bike servicing. Rare tire needs change and then cleaning and oiling. Any recommendations in Espoo or Helsinki area ?
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2023.06.03 10:46 flowery9777 Im popping off

There is no hope for me, as a truly ugly women. No one will ever genuinely compliment me, be in a genuine long term relationship or want to become friends with me. Yet ton of guys still invalidate ugly women experience outside women only space and spew "dont be fat" bs yet ive seen ton of butterfaces get mistreated by guys, degraded, used, struggle to get a long term genuine relationships and its mostly over things that cant be easily changed like terrible bones structure, masculine features, big nose, etc so there is no hope for me yet guys still want to invalidate us, it pisses me off so much now....its just so frustrating when your already suffering so much from being ugly only to still get invalidated or shut down from the same guys who would probably go after hot women anyways and would never give ugly women a chance. As a matter of fact, ive seen more guys who dont meet conventional beauty standards happily married with women way more attractive than them meanwhile ive seen unattractive women suffer to the point even their own league dont want to do anything with them, atleast men arent told their worth goes down after the age of 30 yet they still want to whine how unattractive women have it easier. Im just tired now, a womens' worth will always be based on her looks and her ability to attract men.
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2023.06.03 10:15 suckalec Am I the asshole for moving away?

So quick disclaimer, i have autism so I'm sorry if this is all jumbled. But I wanna start with some background.
I'm zyreon (not my real name) I'm genderfluid and pansexual. I'm 17. There's.. a lot to unpack and again I'm sorry if it makes no sense but bare with me.
I have 4 siblings (in this order) L (31 f) C(30 f) w(21 m) m (21 m) my father isn't in the picture but mu mother J (f 50) is. With this knowledge let me ask the question and begin with my story.
I [17 f] just got settled info my new place. I ran away. Just packed up. Got on a train then 2 planes and left..no..I didn't run away cause "mummy said no"..
Honestly idk where to start. My dad left when I was 6 weeks old. I never knew him, but my sisters did. They hate him for good reason. I like to say my brother W turned out like him... at 12 maybe 13...he had...decided that he wanted to see what his sexuality was..he...yose me for that...he was helping me move into my new room..and we had just finished the bed..I was tired from staying up the night before and asked him to leave so I could nap...I layed down and closed my eyes...not even 5 minutes later I felt him..I felt his hands undress me...and..roam my body...I felt him..slip inside me..I just..layed frozen..when I felt him get off me and sir at the end of the bed I got up and just...stared at him...I remember what he said.."put your cloths on." Without a bit of guilt for what he did..so I did..I got dressed then when my mother had returned home I ran to her...in tears and told her what he had did...she...told him if he was to do it again she's take him to the cops..later the same day...she left us alone again..I was on the couch..he sat next to me..and..put his hand on my thigh..moving it up...I got up and ran to my neighbours telling them everything..they called mu mum...I got in trouble...no one...believed me..after that..I was so scared of him..he would..tell me to...erase myself from existence (I'm sure you know what I mean)...when I started..self harming at 14...he told me to do it deeper...to go...straight up the vein...my family turned a blind eye to all of it..I was called an attention seeker...and...it broke me..for years I hated myself..I was in and out of hospitals for multiple failed attempts..in..2021 my mother went to jail for selling drugs...so I..moved in with C and W...I.. was forced to share a room with him for a while..till I ran away...I posted here during that..but..I ended up going back...she promised it'd be better...I got my own room but..C was...emotionally abusive...if I ate too much one day "God your gonna eat THAT? You just ate." "Your gonna be the size of a house" and a lot more...way more demeaning stuff...she often let her son call me fat and a sped (I'm autistic, have adhd, diagnosed anxiety and depression) I take meds for them..my mum didn't even try to help while she was away...she got out this year...and she made me realise everything about my childhood was pure lies...our "family vacations to see Grandma and grandad in tasmania" was so she could get clean from the drugs and so her mother could pay her debts. Every school trip I missed out on..every..thing I got excluded from wasn't cause she couldn't afford it..it was cause she..wanted drugs..i remember when I was about 11 maybe 12 I had..lost a dear friend to...his own depression...I found out on Christmas day...I told her needing my mother's support..."stop fucking crying you didn't even know him in person ffs." Was what I got...I couldn't take it anymore...its all piled up there's so much more..so so much more..but..let's get to why I need to ask..
On the 1st of June I got on a train..and on the 2nd of June I got on a plane and landed in Sydney.. where I now am living...my family are blowing up my phone..I let my mother know why I left and that I won't be coming back..I've heard from a few that ir was an asshole move to leave but my close friends are saying that it needed to be done so I was safe..so..
Am I the asshole for leaving and moving to another state?
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2023.06.03 10:02 ApprehensiveSpite282 Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 alternative

I am considering buying an e-bike for short work commutes and leisure rides on the weekends.
I’ve ridden the Turbo Vado 4.0 as well as the SL version and thing they’re great but I’m leaning towards the full fat Vado.
It is slightly out of my budget (£3000) also am reaching out on Reddit to see if there’s any cheaper, good quality alternatives that I should be looking at or should I increase my budget for the Vado?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 10:00 NonnyEml Tw: eating disorder

Not sure how sensitive people are... host found out our bmi needs to be lower before we can have a surgery. Ironically, it is in our ankle.. due to it being bad for 2 years we gained weight. Me and 2 others were.. on top of it as teens. 13-19 we just didn't eat, or threw it up. Then the host had a couple kids and this whole body positivity thing trying not to feel bad you're fat. But now I have proof! EVERYONE can say we are fat. 230 lbs. That's nearly 100 more than we should be. I really want to just take over when she tries to eat but..i don't want to be doing wrong. But how are we going to lose weight when we can't walk or bike and can't just not eat?. It's disgusting and finally she has to admit it too
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2023.06.03 09:06 Secret_Engineer_4643 I swear I'm not trolling, but why do you all love fat bikes so much?

I'm genuinely curious
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2023.06.03 08:52 anonyy (UK Question) - I'm looking to buy a bike for on road and off roading - best of both worlds

I do have a hybrid, it has 3 x 7 gears (21 gears). Its no longer fast enough for any flat speed work I do for fitness I've out grown the bike if you like, (yes I know you will say get a road bike) I don't want one of these as I cycle on canals, shared paths the roads are a bit hazardous here I avoid them as much as possible.
The off roading is ok but it's not built for It, the tires don't have enough grip, (yes I know that I could change it) it's a 12 year old bike. I'm looking to upgrade to modern tech as its a cheap bike it had no disc brakes or suspension, I want a new all purpose bike that would be lighter in weight as well.
Any new bike suggestions for me to consider would be gratefully appreciated.
I saw online this "Giant, Roam 0" bike this looks interesting I'm not sure if it would be any faster than what I have?
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2023.06.03 08:36 Fun-Ad5470 Another batch of Hernkyn Pioneers

Another batch of Hernkyn Pioneers
Couple of photos of the second squad of my Votann Bikes.
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2023.06.03 07:49 Pruvided Every Mod/Add On/Extra for My Gen 5 Hybrid

Heyooo, I picked up my brand new 2022 SE Hybrid in September (drove off the lot with 4 miles [1.6km]), and I've done a decent bit to/for it since. This sub has been a huge resource for me regarding research/info, and I figured I'd make this post to hopefully do the same for someone else. This is going to be a relatively long post, so bear with me lol. I'll list everything in chronological order and try to provide as much context/info!

Horn Kit // Pic

I wanted something with a little more oomph. Quick 20-30 minute plug-and-play install. Kind of a pain getting the plastic cover out of the way under the hood, and not much room to work with when loosening/tightening the bolts that hold it in place.

Window Visors // Pics

Got them for winter car camping so I can crack the windows while it's raining/snowing, but chrome delete is a plus too. Another quick 15-30 minute install. Haven't noticed any issues other than the usual scratches.

Sequential Blackout Turn Signal Lights // Pics/Vid

Got these purely for the looks/chrome delete. Wish the light was a little brighter, but I guess it's what I should expect from the blackout version. Quick 10-15 minute install.

Windshield Sunshade

Wanted something thick and reversible. Just went with this one cause seemed pretty good, and it's worked as well as thick sunshades do I guess, lol. Fits great, and no complaints. Use the black side for low-profile winter car camping and the silver side for summer. Fits under the passenger seat when not in use.

Snow Chains

Got these just in case since I planned to do a lot of winter driving this year. Left the all-season tires that it came with (forgot brand/name), and only ever had traction issues a couple of times in my ~30 days of snowboarding this season, so never even used them. Stored them with the spare wheel, along with some flares.

Custom Sleep Platform

I made a post for this about 7 months ago, and everything is explained there.

Spare Tire Cover Support // Pics

As a part of my custom sleep platform project, I also found that two wooden 2x3 pieces support the trunk floor perfectly if you lay them across the spare tire (see pics). Have slept in the back using my platform a dozen times or so, and have had it loaded up with quite a lot of stuff, and no problems so far. Some might advise against putting unnecessary weight on the spare wheel like that, but meh, until I have an issue I'm gonna keep doing it lol.

Custom Reflectix Window Inserts // Pics

I'm an absolute perfectionist, so I don't even know how long these took. These were a huge pain in the ass to make, but I'm super happy with how they came out. I made these for winter car camping (summer too) to have max privacy, stealth, and extra warmth. I pretty much just followed the tutorial in the video I linked and got all of the suggested materials. I only added black canvas to one side. Figured I'd have more versatility that way. One other tweak I made was that I left a gap in the front window inserts so I could still have some airflow for when I crack the windows. I know it defeats some of the purpose of them, but my winter gear is plenty warm for down to the high teens (probably lower tbh). The small windows between the rear and the hatch use velcro to stay in place. There is a piece attached to the inside of the window with 3M tape, and another connected to the insert using hot glue. Was about $150 for everything I needed to make them.

Roof Cross Bars // Pics

Went with aftermarket cause fuck the price of OEM. These are super solid and I have no complaints/problems. Easy to take off when don't need them. Haven't used them too much, but nice to have for when I want to throw a roof box, awning, or mount up there.

Snowboard Rack // Pics

Got these for a trip I had coming up at the time, so it worked out, but I really wanted a cargo box. Went with this since it's way cheaper than one. Can hold 4 wide boards no problem. Super nice for car camping too since I don't have to keep the board(s) inside with me and don't have to risk leaving it under the car either.

License Plate Frames // Pics

The dealer-provided frames are so ugly, so for a while, I was rocking no frames, but ended up getting one for the front and one for the rear off Etsy. I was going to get the same frame for both the front and rear but ended up going with a silly rear one to hopefully get a chuckle out of someone from time to time.

LED Hatch Lights // Pics

Probably one of my favorite mods. These lights make such a huge difference, and anyone else who has them will tell you they're fuckin dope. Not a very hard install, but feeding the cable through the rubber grommet at the top center of the hatch was a bit of a pain. YouTube got ya covered though if you DIY.

OEM Hitch & Wiring Harness // Pics

Went OEM because I want to keep as much clearance as possible. Installed it myself and it took me about 8 hours to do the hitch and wiring harness. Took a bunch of breaks, had dinner, and was constantly scrubbing through youtube videos to figure out what the hell I was doing. Cutting the bumper was pretty easy actually. I used an electric jigsaw and cleaned everything up with a file. I didn't install the rubber trim piece cause I planned to do it after putting the bumper back on, but there is literally no chance with how stiff the trim piece is and how little room there is to work with, and I was not about to take my bumper off again. Still looks great regardless. Will update the Imgur link with a picture of how I routed the wiring harness tomorrow/later. I didn't take pictures during the process but will do my best to show. Got it mainly for smaller stuff (bike rack, cargo rack, etc). Hybrid doesn't have a high tow capacity anyway.

Dash Speakers // Pic

Just chose these because they were recommended everywhere I looked. Took like 10 minutes and obviously a big difference in quality. Saw some stuff about bass blockers, but I think my issue is more with needing an amp if anything.

Front Door Speakers // Pic

Was going to get the same speakers to match the dash, but went with some other Kicker ones that were recommended. Once I get more into car audio stuff in the future, I may switch things around some more. I do plan to get an amp and rear speakers in the future, but alas, I'm broke. Was pretty easy and simple to install, but drilling out the rivets was a pain since they were uncooperative. Crutchfield came with everything I needed (mounting bracket, wiring harness, and directions).

Sound Deadening // Pics

Since I had the doors off to replace the speakers, I figured I should add some sound deadening. Could've added more, but it was such a tedious process that I just called it at what I had. Took me about 5 hours to do the sound deadening and speakers, but took some breaks. Overall, came out pretty good, and I'll likely go back in to add some more. The front doors are noticeably heavier, they shut with a little more authority, and knocking on the door sounds drastically less hollow. Have yet to drive highway/freeway speed yet, but will have the chance tomorrow. Plan to do the spare wheel area with the material I have left since it's easy to get to and apply. Only used about half of what I bought (18sq ft). I also bought a roller cause no way in hell I was just going to use my hands to press it all down.

Hood Struts

At the time of posting, I'm still waiting for these to arrive. Estimated another few weeks at least, but will update this post after I install them. I don't mind the prop rod, but I wanted something for the sake of convenience, and I hope these will work well enough. I didn't really look into them at all, so if they're shit, oh well.

Interior Organization // Pics

Just some small stuff here and there to make some of the space more usable/organized. Was also considering getting the little organizer thing that sits on the dash behind the screen.
I think that pretty much covers everything. There's still a lot I want to do/get, but in due time. As I said, I hope this post helps inspire some creativity and interest regarding mods for your own vehicle(s)! I'm sure there's some stuff I left out, so feel free to ask me about anything or give your thoughts/input. I'm also more than happy to talk about the lifestyle I have that I use my RAV4 for if you have some similar interests (snowboarding, biking, camping, etc). This sub and youtube have been such a big part of my new passion for throwing money at my car, and I'm going to keep doing it since I plan on keeping it for a really long time haha.
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2023.06.03 07:28 VermicelliAgitated Big mini bike, mini bike and mini dirt bike

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