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First Contact - Chapter 925 - Edge of Twilight

2023.04.01 07:45 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - Chapter 925 - Edge of Twilight

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The strangest thing about Builder artifacts is that they stay dormant unless prodded. More than a half dozen species grew to maturity on worlds with Builder artifacts hidden beneath lava flows, embedded in bedrock, or on the deeper ocean's floors. Those Builder artifacts stayed dormant. No signals, no power, no nothing.
However, once they were poked or prodded, they reacted with sudden, often shocking, levels of violence to protect themselves and maintain their integrity. Once the Builder's relic deduced that it was no longer threatened, it once again went dormant.
Other relics, however, react with shocking violence the first time they are encountered.
In every case, it becomes quickly apparent: Even though the Builders are unaware of us, fought on our worlds and in our stellar systems when we were still, at the most, hunter-gatherer species, they do. not. like. us.
Once again, the question remains: Who did the Builders hate with such ferocity that even today they will not allow their relics to be touched?
And the question most academics don't like to exam: Do the Builder's sworn enemies still exist?
And the final question: Are we somehow those enemies?
Or rather, we were? Are we what remains of The Builder's ancient foes?
Was their hate reserved for our ancestors?
Is their hate reserved for us? - Thoughts on The Builders, Hrsh.ket Press, 528 Current Era
Commander Jane Marcus Prestini raised her head up from where she had slumped forward in her chair, her face against the soft pad that depicted anime-esque dancing and wrestling Kobold squirmlings. Her eyes focused on the LED dot that moved around the pad, leaving a changing RGB color streak behind it as it moved around and around the pad.
She shook her head to clear the muzziness and looked at screen.
Not at her command screen, which dutifully waited for her to provide input before it went from queue orders to manual control, but at the screen she'd dedicated to log files.
She looked it over and checked.
Jane made a face as she saw she had stroked out fourteen minutes ago. The first clone, completed twelve point three two one eight minutes ago had suffered an explosive cerebral hemorrhage when it was 'kickstarted'. The second clone had been brain dead from the get go. The system had defragged and then run CRC repairs. The third clone had errored out during cellular printing.
She was the fourth.
Jane reached out and pawed at the mini-fridge, pulling out a cold drink. Countess Crey Sexy Battery Acid and Over-Ripe Fruit Medly <> She cracked it open with the same hand she held it with, then took a long drink.
Her vitals were settling down. Blood pressure was still a little high, her Beta waves were kicking a little, her endocrine system was showing a few jots and tittles, but it was within the new tolerances.
The med-system finished its checks and threw the number up on the clock.
793 Minutes 52.82143 Seconds
Her new Lifeclock.
She checked her Actions Per Minute.
Well, the last fourteen minutes were all zero, but just before she'd stroked out she had dropped to eighty-five APM and 2.8 Clicks Per Second.
She made a face.
I wouldn't have even passed initial training with those shitty numbers, she thought to herself.
She ran the cold can over her face, then checked her queues.
None of them had dropped below the twenty-five minutes to complete level.
She hadn't lost too many facilities, although it looked like the Slorpies were concentrating on fabrication and energy production facilities, trying to strangle her logistics systems.
Taking another drink, she used her free hand to dance her fingers across the manual keyboard. The holographic keyboard was a thing of the past.
I'm fighting my way backwards. Rather than updates, I'm regressing. Pretty soon I'll be typing kekekekek.
Voice command was shot. It no longer responded. Even newly fabbed components refused to work correctly. Motion Input and her cyberjack no longer worked.
Cascading software failures.
But she was Commander Jane Marcus Prestini.
And she would not yield.
Cold storage decompression was still running. She had those programs on a loop. Born Whole Fast Bake templates, clone templates, weaponry templates, vehicle templates.
She kept having to send the templates to dedicated facilities to be decrypted and decompressed, building that went by the nickname Arendees.
Her systems were badly damaged. Hard drops. Crossing dimensional rifts. Space-time gates.
She was built for it, but machinery, technology, had a limit that flesh could overcome.
Jane knew it, down to her bones, it wasn't hardware, it wasn't fancy toys, that made the difference.
It was willpower, dedication, and raw flesh, blood, and bone.
She tossed the can away, bouncing it into the reclamator, and pulled out another one without looking, even while she kept fast-fingering commands in. The can gave just a snap, no hiss, and she knew that the nanoforge had errored out and given her either flat stimfizz or an empty can. She chucked it, noted by the sound of the can it was probably full of dust, and grabbed another one.
Snozzberry and Blue Licorice.
She swilled down half of it, poured some down her bare back, then finished off the can and tossed it.
Jane checked her hand, holding it out steady.
The shakes were subsiding.
But she knew they'd be back.
A beeping got her attention and she cursed as she spotted the problem immediately.
She hit the emergency shields, cranked them up high, slammed the blast shutters down, and felt the harness bite hard, yanking her back in the chair.
Ultrasonic missiles fired less than three miles out, from under the swamp-sea, leaving a bright white trail as their sprint drives kicked in, whipped toward her.
Her point defense got most of them.
The rest of them sped over the top of her base.
Instead of orienting for a top-down attack like she had expected, they whipped across.
Jane realized what the attack's actual objective was as the missiles hit and detonated.
No flare of antimatter. No white flash of atomics.
Pure ultra-high-ex shape charges.
The charges hit the mountain just to her north, that mountain that half her base was snuggled up against.
Cursing, Jane ramped the shielding up as high as it would go, ordered her two construction drones into the nearest building and into shock positions, and watched as the entire side of the mountain shivered for a split-second.
With a roar she could hear through her equipment, the entire side of the mountain gave away. She ignored the spectacle as she slammed the integrity fields to the max and ordered the point defense to start shooting at the leading wave.
The rubble slammed down, held back for a moment by her battlescreens and the ferocity of her point defense fire.
Just long enough for Asshat and Bitchmade to make it to the buildings.
The battlescreens gave out, the mechanisms exploding, just as the rock covered the entire base.
Jane kept snapping out orders across the UHF and VHF systems, filling the queues.
She heard the slamming of boulders the size of houses impacting the armor of the command center but kept giving orders.
The rocks that hit the swamp-sea caused huge waves to wash over the debris.
Anything that had compromised integrity shorted out.
She maxed out the queues just as the VHF, UHF, and ULF systems were crushed.
Insulation and lighting strips fell from the ceiling along with tiles.
She cursed, throwing off a strip of insulation, her hands jutting out to take control, her fingers twiddling and tapping as fast as she could.
She activated macros, gave point to point orders, then leaned back.
The command center's internal repair systems had fully loaded queues. The external systems were running hard.
She took nearly five seconds to think without moving. Her APM and CPS monitors beeped but she ignored them.
Right before she had lost communication, one of her hovering drone spy-eyes had shown that the Slorpies had followed up with another hit, this one converting a bunch of the rubble into molten rock that was flowing down over the debris.
That made her grin.
You did it in the wrong order, she smiled.
She took out a drink, going through three before she found one that was drinkable. She reached to the back of the mini-fridge and thumped on the nutriforge with two knuckles.
It hissed back.
Standard tactic would be to clear the rubble ASAP, give her nearest factories the ability to add into the fight, since their command turnaround was measured in picoseconds.
But she was running on UHF, ULF, and VHF bands. That meant putting up new systems.
She hmm'd, checking the map. Brought up a few pieces of equipment.
Adjusting an autonomous mobile sword mark-2 would provide the fast tunneling system. Another modification to a standard system would make it so the AMS2 would leave behind a thick bundle of shielded superconductor cable behind it.
More adjustments. Then run it through the simulation system a dozen times.
AMS systems had a tendency to go rogue after a few months of use, but that wasn't her problem. The software was prone to error cascades now that the Jessica-Syndrome had been beaten.
Of course, she always doubled up with bedrock gapped timer based anti-matter destruction charges.
The simulation beeped and she went back to work.
She compared the time to manufacture and deploy those systems to digging herself out.
Less than a tenth of the time.
She punched in the orders and waited.
Her headache was starting.
The guzzled fizzystims and the Countess Crey Fruit Pies she shoved in her mouth fixed that.
Her screens were blinking that she was cut off from the actual status of the other bases and facilities as well as her fighting forces.
Which is why she kept reprioritizing the Level Two Born Whole templates. They could make autonomous decisions.
Sure, the cloning banks kept blowing out, the Born Whole Digicreche kept crashing, but she just rebuilt them over and over.
Hard cable connection was made. Asshat and Bitchmade signaled they'd made it and managed to repair the systems to the buildings they had sheltered in.
Her screens were still blinking that she was cut off, but she refilled the queues and then ordered all living and DS forces to file status reports.
She watched the timer even as she brought up more and more templates.
Her nose started bleeding.
It didn't matter.
She wiped her nose and mouth, then wiped her gory hand off on her bare thigh.
Orbital and stellar forces had obtained victory sixteen hours ago, but it had been mutually assured destruction at the end. The Slorpies were being very careful to go after any sat-com systems she tried to put up to the point that she'd managed to get them to break off on full on assaults to assault a hard-light frame construction point for a sat-com system.
She gave instructions to Asshate and Bitchmade to dig themselves access tunnels to the next facilities and begin repairs. She prioritized the creation engines and the reclamation yard.
She felt the trickle down her neck from her left ear right when the system beeped that Cockhead and Dipshit had been rebuilt. She ordered them in and leaned back, blinking.
She had a slight red tinge to her vision.
She checked her Lifeclock.
She was in the red.
Jane tabbed a few notes in the system that kept the logs and grabbed another cold drink. The repair spider climbed out from behind the minifridge where it had just finished making repairs and Jane took the time to scratch it with the edge of the can. It beeped with happiness and moved on to the next task.
The first connection was made and her screens started flashing that they were updating.
Jane blinked, clearing her eyes, and checked the queues.
They were good for at least three hours.
She nodded to herself.
Cracking open another can, she lifted it up and inhaled the released carbonation.
It made her sneeze.
She held back the sneeze.
She was dead before her face hit her decorative mat.
Commander Jane Marcus Prestini smiled as she shook her head. She checked her Lifeclock, then the logs.
She had been gone 16.73 minutes this time.
Her Lifeclock had slightly longer.
She cracked her knuckles, looked over the monitors, and activated her keyboard.
Jane grinned as she used one hand to go through her menus, checking her queues, as she reached out and grabbed a can of Liquid Hate.
The battle was going against the Slorpies now. She knew they had assumed she was knocked out.
Now she was back.
"You'll be sorry" the can squeaked as she opened it.
The template decrypter beeped and her grin got wider.
Yuriko Template Ready...
flashed on the screen.
"Tier Three... online," she whispered.
Time to teach the Slorpies that they weren't the only ones that could come up with new tricks.
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2023.04.01 03:00 gcp_updates_bot March 31, 2023 GCP release notes


GCP release notes for March 31, 2023

Release notes

Access Approval ==> Changed
Access Approval supports Cloud Composer in the GA stage.
Anthos clusters on VMware ==> Feature
Anthos clusters on VMware 1.12.7-gke.19 is now available. To upgrade, see Upgrading Anthos clusters on VMware . Anthos clusters on VMware 1.12.7-gke.19 runs on Kubernetes 1.23.17-gke.900.
The supported versions offering the latest patches and updates for security vulnerabilities, exposures, and issues impacting Anthos clusters on VMware are 1.14, 1.13, and 1.12.
==> Feature * Added admin cluster CA certificate validation to the admin cluster upgrade preflight check. * Allow storage DRS to be enabled in manual mode.
==> Fixed * Fixed an issue where using gkectl update to enable Cloud Audit Logs did not work. * We now backfill the OnPremAdminCluster OSImageType field to prevent an unexpected diff during update. * Fixed an issue where a preflight check for Seesaw load balancer creation failed if the Seesaw group file already existed. Anthos clusters on bare metal ==> Feature
Cluster lifecycle improvements 1.13.1 and later
Starting with Anthos clusters on bare metal release 1.13.1, you can use the Google Cloud console or the gcloud CLI to create admin clusters. For more information, see the documentation for your version of Anthos clusters on bare metal:
Cloud Bigtable ==> Feature
Cloud Bigtable instance and table metadata is now automatically synced to Data Catalog, a feature of Dataplex, for improved data discovery and governance. Metadata is not synced for a project with an organization policy that restricts resource locations. To get started, see Manage data assets using Data Catalog . This feature is available in Preview .
==> Changed
You can now use Key Visualizer for Cloud Bigtable to analyze tables that are at least 1 GB. Previously, the minimum table size required for Key Visualizer was 30 GB. For more information on troubleshooting with Key Visualizer, see the Key Visualizer overview .
Cloud Logging ==> Changed
Effective 1 April 2023, storage costs apply to logs data retained longer than 30 days. For pricing details, see Cloud Logging pricing summary . Prior to 1 April 2023, there are no charges for retaining logs longer than 30 days. To review the billable storage for your log buckets, go to the Logs Storage page of the Google Cloud console.
Cloud Spanner ==> Feature
Cloud Spanner integration with Data Catalog is now available in Preview. Data Catalog is a fully managed, scalable metadata management service within Dataplex. It automatically catalogs metadata about Cloud Spanner instances, databases, tables, columns, and views. For Preview, integration with Data Catalog is not available in the europe-central2 region.
For more information, see Manage resources using Data Catalog .
Cloud TPU ==> Changed
Cloud TPU now supports Tensorflow 2.11.1. For more information see the TensorFlow 2.11.1 release notes .
Cloud Workstations ==> Feature
You can use a pre-customized snapshot as the source of a Persistent Disk in Cloud Workstations. For more information, see About disk snapshots . See also the sourceSnapshot within GceRegionalPersistentDisk field added to the following REST API resources: workstation configurations , and source_snapshot in the following RPC resources: workstations.v1beta .
==> Feature
Cloud Workstations is available in the following region:
  • asia-northeast1 (Japan)
    For more information, see Locations .
Compute Engine ==> Feature
Generally available: You can use the Regional disk replica state metric in Cloud Monitoring to track the states of your regional Persistent Disk zonal replicas. You can also use the metric data to determine the replication state of your regional Persistent Disk volumes.
Learn more about zonal replication for regional Persistent Disk and how to monitor the states of regional Persistent Disk zonal replicas .
Google Cloud VMware Engine ==> Changed
VMware Engine nodes are now available in the following additional region:
  • Santiago ( southamerica-west1 ) Google Kubernetes Engine ==> Changed
    (2023-R08) Version updates
    GKE cluster versions have been updated.
New versions available for upgrades and new clusters
The following Kubernetes versions are now available for new clusters and for opt-in control plane upgrades and node upgrades for existing clusters. For more information on versioning and upgrades, see GKE versioning and support and Upgrades .
==> No channel
Your clusters might not have these versions available. Rollouts begin on the day of the note and take four or more business days to be completed across all Google Cloud zones.
  • The following control plane versions are now available:
  • The following node versions are now available:
  • Version 1.24.10-gke.2300 is now the default version.
  • The following control plane versions are no longer available:
    • 1.21.14-gke.14600
    • 1.22.17-gke.4000
    • 1.22.17-gke.4300
    • 1.23.14-gke.1800
    • 1.23.15-gke.1400
    • 1.23.15-gke.1900
    • 1.23.16-gke.200
    • 1.23.16-gke.1100
    • 1.24.9-gke.2000
    • 1.25.6-gke.1000
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.20 to 1.21.14-gke.15800 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.21 to 1.22.17-gke.5400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.22 to 1.23.16-gke.1400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.23 to 1.23.16-gke.1400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.24 to 1.24.10-gke.2300 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.25 to 1.25.7-gke.1000 with this release.
    ==> Stable channel
Your clusters might not have these versions available. Rollouts begin on the day of the note and take four or more business days to be completed across all Google Cloud zones.
  • The following versions are now available in the Stable channel:
  • Version 1.24.10-gke.2300 is now the default version in the Stable channel.
  • The following versions are no longer available in the Stable channel:
    • 1.21.14-gke.14600
    • 1.22.17-gke.4000
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Stable channel will be upgraded from version 1.20 to 1.21.14-gke.15800 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Stable channel will be upgraded from version 1.21 to 1.22.17-gke.5400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Stable channel will be upgraded from version 1.22 to 1.23.16-gke.1400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Stable channel will be upgraded from version 1.24 to 1.24.10-gke.2300 with this release.
    ==> Regular channel
Your clusters might not have these versions available. Rollouts begin on the day of the note and take four or more business days to be completed across all Google Cloud zones.
  • The following versions are now available in the Regular channel:
  • Version 1.24.10-gke.2300 is now the default version in the Regular channel.
  • The following versions are no longer available in the Regular channel:
    • 1.21.14-gke.18100
    • 1.22.17-gke.5400
    • 1.24.9-gke.3200
    • 1.25.6-gke.1000
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.20 to 1.21.14-gke.18800 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.21 to 1.22.17-gke.6100 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.22 to 1.23.16-gke.2500 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.23 to 1.24.10-gke.2300 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.24 to 1.24.10-gke.2300 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.25 to 1.25.7-gke.1000 with this release.
    ==> Rapid channel
Your clusters might not have these versions available. Rollouts begin on the day of the note and take four or more business days to be completed across all Google Cloud zones.
  • The following versions are now available in the Rapid channel:
  • Version 1.26.2-gke.1000 is now the default version in the Rapid channel.
  • The following versions are no longer available in the Rapid channel:
    • 1.22.17-gke.5400
    • 1.23.16-gke.1400
    • 1.24.11-gke.1000
    • 1.25.6-gke.1000
    • 1.26.1-gke.1500
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.21 to 1.22.17-gke.6100 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.22 to 1.23.16-gke.2500 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.23 to 1.24.12-gke.500 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.24 to 1.25.7-gke.1000 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.25 to 1.25.7-gke.1000 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.26 to 1.26.2-gke.1000 with this release.
    ==> Changed
    (2023-R08) Version updates
  • The following versions are now available in the Stable channel:
  • Version 1.24.10-gke.2300 is now the default version in the Stable channel.
  • The following versions are no longer available in the Stable channel:
    • 1.21.14-gke.14600
    • 1.22.17-gke.4000
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Stable channel will be upgraded from version 1.20 to 1.21.14-gke.15800 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Stable channel will be upgraded from version 1.21 to 1.22.17-gke.5400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Stable channel will be upgraded from version 1.22 to 1.23.16-gke.1400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Stable channel will be upgraded from version 1.24 to 1.24.10-gke.2300 with this release.
    ==> Changed
    (2023-R08) Version updates
  • The following versions are now available in the Regular channel:
  • Version 1.24.10-gke.2300 is now the default version in the Regular channel.
  • The following versions are no longer available in the Regular channel:
    • 1.21.14-gke.18100
    • 1.22.17-gke.5400
    • 1.24.9-gke.3200
    • 1.25.6-gke.1000
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.20 to 1.21.14-gke.18800 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.21 to 1.22.17-gke.6100 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.22 to 1.23.16-gke.2500 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.23 to 1.24.10-gke.2300 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.24 to 1.24.10-gke.2300 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Regular channel will be upgraded from version 1.25 to 1.25.7-gke.1000 with this release.
    ==> Changed
    (2023-R08) Version updates
  • The following versions are now available in the Rapid channel:
  • Version 1.26.2-gke.1000 is now the default version in the Rapid channel.
  • The following versions are no longer available in the Rapid channel:
    • 1.22.17-gke.5400
    • 1.23.16-gke.1400
    • 1.24.11-gke.1000
    • 1.25.6-gke.1000
    • 1.26.1-gke.1500
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.21 to 1.22.17-gke.6100 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.22 to 1.23.16-gke.2500 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.23 to 1.24.12-gke.500 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.24 to 1.25.7-gke.1000 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.25 to 1.25.7-gke.1000 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled in the Rapid channel will be upgraded from version 1.26 to 1.26.2-gke.1000 with this release.
    ==> Changed
    (2023-R08) Version updates
  • The following control plane versions are now available:
  • The following node versions are now available:
  • Version 1.24.10-gke.2300 is now the default version.
  • The following control plane versions are no longer available:
    • 1.21.14-gke.14600
    • 1.22.17-gke.4000
    • 1.22.17-gke.4300
    • 1.23.14-gke.1800
    • 1.23.15-gke.1400
    • 1.23.15-gke.1900
    • 1.23.16-gke.200
    • 1.23.16-gke.1100
    • 1.24.9-gke.2000
    • 1.25.6-gke.1000
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.20 to 1.21.14-gke.15800 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.21 to 1.22.17-gke.5400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.22 to 1.23.16-gke.1400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.23 to 1.23.16-gke.1400 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.24 to 1.24.10-gke.2300 with this release.
  • Control planes and nodes with auto-upgrade enabled will be upgraded from version 1.25 to 1.25.7-gke.1000 with this release. Security Command Center ==> Feature
    Security Command Center supports CIS Google Cloud Computing Foundations Benchmark v1.3.0.
    The following detectors are new for v1.3.0:
  • Access transparency disabled
  • Cloud Asset API disabled
  • Dataproc CMEK disabled
  • Essential contacts not configured
  • Flow logs settings not recommended
    The following detectors have been updated:
  • Audit logging disabled
    For more information about Security Command Center support for standards and compliance, see the following:
  • Detectors and compliance
  • CIS Google Cloud Computing Platform Benchmarks
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2023.04.01 01:10 tengrrl Job: Herbert Postdoctoral Fellowships in Writing at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

The Department of English at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, announces three new Herbert Postdoctoral Fellowships, pending funding, beginning in August 2023. Fellows have a 3/3 course assignment teaching first-year composition and (depending on curricular needs and teacher qualification) professional/technical communication or other writing-focused courses, and 1/1 service in the Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center. This includes providing support for tutor training, engaging in consultations and making presentations that support campus faculty approaches to writing instruction, engaging in writing-related research, and/or participating in community outreach with the Center’s Flagship high school college application essay project.
Herbert Postdoctoral Fellowships are 1-year appointments, renewable up to 3 years with annual review, with a salary of $52,000, plus health and retirement benefits and a generous travel allowance. In addition, Herbert Fellows receive mentorship and experience that will prepare them for careers in writing centers, writing program administration, writing in the disciplines, and/or professional/technical writing or writing instruction.UT Knoxville is the flagship campus of the University of Tennessee system and a Carnegie doctoral research extensive university with over 21,000 undergraduate and 6,000 graduate students from over 100 countries. Knoxville has a vibrant literary and arts scene, a lively downtown, and affordable housing. Less than an hour’s drive to the Great Smoky Mountains, the city is also home to 1000 acres of urban wilderness, the Knoxville Museum of Art, and Big Ears, the acclaimed avant-garde festival of film, music, and art.https://apply.interfolio.com/123126
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2023.03.31 22:16 fioreman Insurance appraiser sent an estimate and then abruptly decided to total my car after learning that no collision center could take my car until August, citing "hidden damages" that were not on the estimate. Is this normal?

I'm in Georgia. So I was rear ended and the other driver was at fault, so her insurance is handling it. It was at a relatively high rate of speed for the circumstance and the other drivers passenger airbag deployed, though mine didn't.
The damage was assessed to be around $5800 and the cars value is more than 50% of that. I called around for collision centers but the earliest one (and not my first choice) couldn't take me until August. The other ones were September. This is apparently a common issue now due to supply chain issues. I found a news article on it.
When the adjustor called to settle, I told him about the repair shop delays. He was really surprised and said he'd call the appraiser. They're paying for a rental car while the car gets fixed. This morning they called and said they were going to total it because of hidden damages. I called the appraiser and he said it was because he couldnt assess the rails and needed a shop to do it. Why was I given an estimate without the rails then?
I assumed it must have been a preliminary estimate, but then someone called this afternoon to say they were about to pay the claim. I said I was told they were going to total it and that I hadn't agreed to the estimate anyway.
So I realized that either they were going to give me an estimate that didn't factor in the rails or (and most likely) that they didn't want to pay for the rental for that long.
Is it legal for them to total it after sending an estimate based on confirmed damage?
The thing is, I just put a new engine block because I planned to drive it until the wheels fell off. So the real mileage was super low but that generally only factors in a little. I really love that car. Subarus aren't supe common in GA and it will cost me a lot more to replace it than the ACA. So I'm definitely not going to let them total it if they don't have to.
There's a small medical side to this as I have a very physical job and had to take some time off after I got to work and realized I couldn't wear my work gear (air pack) without pain, but the company seems to be okay with paying the lost wages and doctors visit.
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2023.03.31 19:28 DEATHGUN306 My new PC build

PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D 3.4 GHz 8-Core Processor $316.91 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Lian Li Galahad AIO360 (2022) 69.17 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler -
Motherboard Asus ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard $180.03 @ MemoryC
Memory G.Skill Trident Z Royal 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR4-4600 CL20 Memory $419.99 @ Newegg
Storage Samsung 990 Pro w/Heatsink 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive -
Video Card Zotac GAMING AMP Holo GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8 GB Video Card $899.90 @ Amazon
Case Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Razer ATX Full Tower Case $174.99 @ Adorama
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 1000 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $329.00 @ Amazon
Case Fan Lian Li Uni Fan SL-Infinity 61.3 CFM 120 mm Fans 3-Pack $112.82 @ MemoryC
Case Fan Lian Li Uni Fan SL-Infinity 61.3 CFM 120 mm Fans 3-Pack $112.82 @ MemoryC
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $2546.46
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-03-31 13:26 EDT-0400
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2023.03.31 19:24 AlGoreInternetCzar Upgrade advice: 18-year-old AVR or subwoofer?

I have a Denon AVR-1709 (first released in 2005) driving a 5.1 surround system consisting of Mirage Omnisat v2 satellites, a Mirage Omnisat center channel, and a Mirage Omni S8 subwoofer (8", bottom ported). The setup is in my basement with dimensions of approximately 15' x 35'.
The setup is used for movies and TV (sports) about 90% of the time, music for 10% of the time.
I'm looking to upgrade things in phases, so looking for some advice on priority. Would the latest room correction technology be a better step up than upgrading the subwoofer?
Looking at either the Denon AVR X1700H (refurb/outlet) or the SVS SB-1000 (refurb/outlet). Open to other AVRs in a similar price range or other subwoofers that might be a better fit!
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2023.03.31 18:48 WolfHunter1043 Brand new R1T, clunk from front left motor, performance limited mode.

Picked up my vehicle from the delivery center brand new at 0900 this morning, left around 0930 and as I was approaching my home at 1000 had something unusual happen.
Was slowing as I was approaching a stop sign and the motors were in standard regen, no physical brakes being used. Something popped pretty loud and felt it in the wheel/pedals. The vehicle popped up with the turtle and said performance limited. Pulled into a lot by my house and did some testing and when going in park then drive the turtle goes away but I can feel the front left motor is odd. Maybe not working at all as the wheel immediately turns to the left which seems like the right motor pulling.
No other errors come up. I did not even do a single launch brining it home as it was raining pretty bad. Very mild driving compared to how I drove my MYP.
I called service and they had me restart the vehicle and allow it to go to a deep sleep in which neither one resolved the issue. Waiting to hear back from the service center and hoping that, unfortunately, they can take it the same day I picked it up and take a look at it. I would hope it’s something simple, but I have a feeling it is not.
Definitely not how I planned for my first day with the R1T to go :(
Here’s a video, truck only had 42 miles on it here…
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2023.03.31 16:55 splotchy_boi the translation of the Yuri character file.

If you found this note in a small wooden box with a heart on it, then *congratulations!* You are probably the first person to read this. I didn’t really plan on sharing this with anybody, but for some reason I think it’s exciting that somebody out there, a complete stranger, will come across this note and read my story. Someone I will never meet, sharing such a personal bond with me. I’m fascinated that either one of us could die - even as soon as tomorrow - with the other being completely clueless to the fact. To you, my entire life is within this note, and so I will live for as long as your memory can carry me. Writing this, I’m wondering if that makes you feel fascinated or violated. It’s so exciting.

I’m sorry if my story is a bit disorganized, but I’d like to get it down while it’s still fresh on my mind. First, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a first-year college girl and have led, by most standards, a pretty unspectacular life up to this point. I grew up in an upper-middle class school district with decent teachers. I did track in middle school and some of high school, and I’ve had two boyfriends. Now, I’m studying for a career in occupational therapy, because I feel the field is undervalued and provides tremendous help to people.

I’m giving you this background because there’s this strange misconception that if you want to kill someone then you’re either sick in the head or you have anger management issues. But, it’s very apparent that I don’t fall into either of those categories. It’s true that most murder cases are in a domestic setting where someone loses control of their anger or something. But the thing is that those people kill under provocation, whether by a singular outburst or by a slow-burning series of misfortunes. Those people kill because in that brief moment, they want a specific someone, for a specific reason, to be hurt or killed.

What I’m talking about is wanting to kill someone for no specific reason, maybe just to see what it’s like. Do you ever get that? I wouldn’t know how others feel, because it’s not something I ever talked about. But I’ve been curious about what it’s like to kill someone ever since I was a child. Not killing anyone in particular, just a random person. It’s always just fascinated me that if I put my mind to it, I can approach anyone, and in five minutes they would be completely gone from this Earth.

But I’ve never done so for a couple of reasons. First of all, for most of my life it was logistically impossible for me to do it without getting caught. I only got my driver’s license a couple years ago, and even then, the preparations would take too much time, definitely stirring suspicion. It was only once I started college that I realized this was no longer an obstacle.

Another reason is that I was afraid of causing harm to too many people. You might laugh reading that, at how hypocritical it sounds. But, let me explain: Why should I feel bad about killing someone if they’re too dead to care? Who would I be feeling bad for? Contrarily, it’s the grief of the living that I’d rather not be responsible for. Because of this, I knew it would take a good deal of research before finding a suitable person to kill, and I’ve never had the means to do so - again, until I started college.

And now, having just experienced it, I’d say it was pretty satisfying in the end. Something I would try again? Probably not, since my curiosity has already been satisfied. It really wouldn’t be the same a second time.

But anyway, if by any chance you’re also curious to kill someone, then you’re welcome to take notes. :)


I started a hobby of people-watching soon after I entered college. People-watching is interesting to me because it’s taking one of the infinite extras in your life and turning them into a main character - without them knowing, of course. It’s so easy to forget that every single one of the hundreds of strangers you pass every day has a life story as deep and complex as your own. One thing I noticed about people-watching, and wanting to kill someone, is that you are in more constant awareness of this. When I find a person to observe, their story slowly becomes more clear to me over time, gaps being filled - it really is amazing.

I usually went to grocery stores on weekends and looked around in people’s shopping carts. If I saw something that interested me, I decided to observe the person for a little bit. Of course, since my goal was to find someone to kill, I ruled out anyone who had children or a partner with them. Wedding rings were another tell-tale sign.

So maybe once a weekend, I would find someone who fit my criteria, at which point I would follow them home and note their address. From there, it became incredibly easy to investigate a little bit more; most people have normal work hours, meaning I could spend afternoons going through their mail or looking around in their house. I repeated this with several people (and had one close call), but for varying reasons I didn’t really feel satisfied enough with them to kill any of them.

I started getting a bit impatient and thought that I might just settle for killing the man named Devon, even though I didn’t really want to kill someone wealthy. But then, I came across someone new - someone who just, felt perfect. The feeling only strengthened as I investigated her further, and I knew that she would be the one for me to kill.

A young-looking woman I met at the grocery store, as per usual. She was doing some light shopping with a basket. Her hair was wavy and dark brown, sitting inelegantly on her slumped shoulders and surrounding her tired-looking face. Her bare fingers told me she might be single, but beyond that, my gut was almost certain of it. This woman just seemed so…plain, really. I guess I felt a greater acuity for the personal lives of strangers ever since I started my people-watching. But the way she carried herself, I just got the feeling that if she suddenly died, nobody would be around to miss her. Of course, I still wanted to investigate her a bit.

I followed my usual routine of checking out her place during her work hours. I learned immediately from her mail that her name is Linda Watson. Linda lived in a quiet apartment complex, her mailbox easily accessible right outside her door. Instead of quickly shuffling through it, I decided I could take her mail back to my dorm and return it before she was finished with work (she only lived about 15 minutes from me). I did some research and learned how to open and reseal the envelopes without damaging them, which took some technique along with a hair dryer, rubbing alcohol, and Q-tips.

This made it easy for me to learn a little more about her. Linda was a 33-year-old woman who worked for a small accounting firm - I’d rather not name the place outright. Her birthday was December 11th which, coincidentally, was approaching in a couple weeks. I also managed to find a bank statement that gave me a nice look into how she’s been spending her past month. It was at this point I realized that my assessment of Linda Watson as an extremely plain woman was pretty spot-on, because there was absolutely nothing interesting on the list. A trip to Old Navy, a bunch of Starbucks, something about $40 from Amazon - no restaurants, no movies, nothing that would really imply she was spending any time socializing. That aside, I also found a cooking magazine, so I guess she was into cooking.

Apartments are harder to break into than suburban homes, because there are fewer doors and windows. Every time I got Linda’s mail, I would check the front door and the windows in the back, but they were always locked. This was a bit frustrating because I was really interested in getting into her house. So, I came up with a sort of plan that I thought would be fun, even if it didn’t work.

Last Saturday, I visited Linda Watson’s apartment complex as I would on weekdays. The difference is that this time, I wanted her to be home. I thought it would be interesting to have a conversation with her. If I got lucky, I could take advantage of the situation to discreetly unlock a window from the inside. So, I walked up to her door wearing nothing warmer than a light sweatshirt, and knocked. The adrenaline rush was crazy. I was afraid I might screw something up.

The door opened, and in front of me stood Linda Watson, exactly as I remembered her from the grocery store. It was at that moment, making eye contact for the first time, that I realized I was running the risk of beginning to care about this person. As selfish as it is, I couldn’t kill a person I cared about, even if it’s a 33-year-old woman standing in a doorway with a slightly perplexed look on her face, giving me a reserved “Hello.”

Arms crossed from the cold, I shyly returned Linda’s greeting. I explained that I was walking my dog near the woodsy area behind the back of her apartment, and that he had gotten away. I had been looking for my dog for an hour and was wondering if Linda may have seen him roaming about. Of course, Linda sympathetically apologized for the situation and that she couldn’t be of use to me, but that she would keep an eye out. I wore a defeated expression in response, apologizing in return for troubling her.

It somehow went exactly as I had hoped - Linda invited me inside to warm up a bit with some coffee. I outwardly hesitated before accepting her offer, although on the inside I wanted to jump through the door and hug her for cooperating so well. And that’s how Linda Watson ended up with a 19-year-old girl next to her on the couch - who knows if it was just a nice gesture or if she really has no better way to spend her Saturdays than talking to some kid she just met (who happens to be interested in killing her).

Linda soon learned that my name is Maria (it’s not) and that I attend the nearby community college (I don’t). I was a little bit nervous that she would ask me too many questions because I didn’t have many answers prepared. I was able to steer the conversation toward her, and she was pretty happy to talk. I asked what she does, and she told me that she works for the accounting firm I already knew about, communicating with outside clients and keeping records. I told her I was pretty nervous about growing up. She told me to enjoy college and to make lots of friends because there’s less opportunity once you start working.

When I asked if she was married or anything, she laughed. Of course I knew she wasn’t married, but I wanted to hear more about her love life. She said that she doesn’t currently have a boyfriend (I guess she’s at least had boyfriends, but who knows how long ago). When I asked her about kids, she said she doesn’t want them until she gets a better job. On top of that, she told me that her family has a history of some genetic diseases such as arthritis and depression, which she is afraid to give to her kids.

It’s funny that she mentioned that because when I asked to use her bathroom, I noticed a tube of prescription pills on the sink. It was labelled duloxetine, which I looked up later and discovered that it is in fact an antidepressant. I had a joking thought that maybe by killing her I’d be doing her a favor, but quickly decided I was a terrible person for coming up with that.

The rest of the visit was pretty dull. We talked about food and some other mundane stuff before I eventually made an excuse to leave. I didn’t get the chance to unlock a window or anything like that, but I didn’t really feel the need to go through her apartment anymore. As early as the drive back to my dorm, I was already thinking about how I would best like to kill Linda Watson.

The choice was between effectiveness and fun. I decided to go with fun, because it would be way more satisfying to kind of dissect her as I killed her, rather than just getting it done and calling it a day. Fast-forward one week to December 13th - today, actually. Linda Watson turned 34 two days ago. I made a fun little wager with myself where if Linda was spending her birthday weekend alone, I would pay her a visit and kill her. If she was out or had company, I would stop by next week or something instead.

So this morning, I drove over to Lowe’s and bought an axe. Again, I expect you’re laughing, but that’s also kind of the point. An axe is so kind of cliche and a “movies” thing that I actually thought it would be the most fun. Swinging it at someone and everything, it’s a really entertaining image. They actually had a bunch of different axes, so I picked one that had a good weight but was still light enough for me to swing quickly.

The drive after getting the axe was when the adrenaline really picked up. All that kept going through my mind on the way over was “Wow, I’m really doing this.” Not in a bad way, just like a surprised this is real life sort of thing. I also got this strange rush of recollections of the time I spent with Linda. It was like my life was flashing before my eyes, except it was just the rather mundane hour I spent with Linda - like snippets of our conversations, the sound of her laugh, her facial expressions and stuff.

I also wondered to myself what the crazy serial killers would be feeling at a time like this - schizophrenic delusions? Sexual buildup? I have no idea, but what I felt was kind of like ridiculously alert and numb in the senses at the same time, however that’s possible.

Before getting out of the car, I had the sense to stuff the axe into my backpack to look a little less ridiculous walking across the parking lot. The handle was sticking out, but that didn’t really matter. At that point my heart was pounding so hard I could feel my throat throbbing. I tried controlling my breath, but it’s really hard to not breathe fast when your heart is pounding like that.

I reached Linda Watson’s door and quietly put my ear to it after setting down my backpack. I heard a voice that wasn’t hers - company? No, it was just the TV, mixed with her occasional tapping footsteps behind the door. I actually kept my ear there for a really freaking long time, because I wanted to make absolutely sure nobody was over. Probably 10 minutes of that and a lot of reassuring myself convinced me.

I quietly opened my backpack zipper and held the axe in my hands. My fiercely shaking hands. What the hell was this kind of reaction that my body was making? I told my body to shut up, that it’s no big deal, but of course it wouldn’t listen. It was actually bizarre how much my hands were shaking. It must be the adrenaline buildup. I rolled my eyes at myself and got my hand to rest on the doorknob. If it’s locked, I’ll knock, it’ll be basically the same. I took a deep breath and forced my muscles into action.

I swiftly turned the doorknob. Not locked. In one movement, I opened up the door and slipped inside. Linda Watson, just a few steps away into the kitchen. I see - she was in the middle of cooking. She immediately jumped and turned around, startled. I expected that. Quickly, I let go of the doorknob and adjusted the axe into both hands. In the following split second, I realized that she would probably start to make a lot of noise. Looking back, I’m an idiot for not considering that. Just as Linda’s mouth opened to speak - maybe even started speaking - I forcefully swung my axe into the side of her head.

But, my axe was facing backwards. I hit her with the blunt end of the blade. I actually did this on purpose, because in that split second I somehow decided that it would be the way to keep her noise to a minimum. It actually worked. I felt barely any resistance in the swing as I collided with her head, knocking it clean aside. Linda’s half-formed syllable came out as a kind of weird grunt - a noisy exhalation is probably the best I could describe it. That happened at the same time as her head smacked into the cabinet from the force, and she fell backwards without any ability to keep her balance. I didn’t hesitate at all to keep swinging at her while she was half lying down on the ground, this time my axe facing the right way. I didn’t really know where to swing, so I kind of just started hacking at her collarbone area and chest. It didn’t feel like the axe was going too deep, but there was a nice “thunk” sort of sound every time the axe embedded into her. I even felt the soft sinking sensation ripple into my hands, like the axe was a kind of physical extension of my sense of touch.

On a whim, I swung once at her throat, but most of the swing actually missed and I hit the floor by accident, causing a loud, dull whack to resonate through the apartment. I didn’t have time to think about it. I swung again with better aim and got a more centered hit, feeling the bone or cartilage or whatever is in there, so I must have split it open. Right after that, I decided to swing at her face, and I got this diagonal cut along her nose and mouth, which felt pretty good so I did it once more.

I finally briefly stopped to survey the damage. Linda was bleeding ridiculously. The blood was kind of coming out in waves, in sync with her beating heart, probably. It was pooling all around her and riding along the cracks between the tiles. Her light blue shirt was all torn up and stained dark, kind of mixed with a fleshy mess around her chest. It was all just glistening red. Her face wasn’t much better, covered in dripping red at this point, and her lip was kind of hanging off, revealing red-stained teeth in a really weird way, like a zombie or something.

Linda wasn’t dead, though. Her limbs were kind of weakly, aimlessly trying to move while she was stuck on her back. More than anything, she reminded me of a bug that you crush but it still pitifully moves its legs around before it dies completely. That’s basically what she was doing. But I didn’t know how long it would take for her to die, or what kind of condition she was in. I ended up grabbing a big knife that was on the counter that she was using to cut up meat. Trying to step around the blood, I reached down and carved into the upper half of her neck, trying to sort of saw it from the left side to the right. It was a little awkward because the area was so soft and squished around the knife as I was cutting. But the sensation was completely different from the axe. It actually felt like I was cutting a tough piece of raw meat (which I guess technically, I was).

The blood started pouring out, and I hoped that I severed the most major arteries in there. It must have worked, because after a moment Linda’s limb movements kind of just had the strength drained from them, soon resting still on the floor. I took a few seconds to catch my breath. No time to stick around and think about the experience. I shook the knife blade through a dirty pan in the sink to clean off the blood, then threw the knife into my backpack. I did the same with the axe. I also took her laptop that was sitting on the counter. It had some recipe open for veal and mushrooms. I didn’t really take the laptop to use it, since I have a perfectly good one myself that I got for college. I just wanted to look through it for fun.

I finally went outside and closed the door behind me. I got some blood on my sweater and jeans. But funnily enough, I actually anticipated that so I wore dark colors.

The drive back to my dorm was just a constant replaying of the experience in my head. I guess that’s still kind of happening even now, actually. But it felt pretty nice. Linda Watson is dead. I kind of let the weight of that sink in. The sensation of having completely removed a human life from existence. It’s crazy. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Anyway, I threw the axe and knife into a dumpster on campus, which I think is picked up every Monday, so they’ll be gone by then. My roommate goes home on the weekends, so I have the dorm to myself today. It gave me the chance to go through Linda’s website history. I was right in thinking that’s where her deepest secrets would lie.

There was actually a lot of dirty stuff, like the names of websites for porn videos and stories and things like that. Same with her searches. A lot of the websites were boring, like cooking websites and recipes, and game websites like Bejeweled and stuff. I eventually got to the “one week ago” section of her history, and it gave me a chill.

There were a whole bunch of searches like “methods of suicide”, “how to tie a noose”, “dangerous household chemicals”, “carbon monoxide poisoning” - like a lot of them. She was probably ready to write a book on suicide after all the research she did. So I guess Linda was contemplating suicide. I wonder if it was influenced by her depression.

The irony is actually striking. Maybe Linda was going to die anyway. Or maybe she couldn’t find the courage to do it. If that were the case, I almost literally gave her a birthday present by killing her. That’s actually really comical in a messed-up way, and it leaves a weird taste in my mouth. The part I don’t get is that I didn’t see any of those searches up until the “one week ago” section, nothing more recent than that.

I ended up throwing the laptop in the dumpster with the other stuff. It’s been a few hours since then, so I’ve had some time to calmly think about everything. Like I said, it was pretty satisfying and I’m glad I finally got around to it. I feel like I can finally cross it off my bucket list, or like I’m tying loose ends with myself. This is probably the first and last time I’ll write the name Linda Watson - it’s back to living a normal college life, except I might do some people-watching every now and then because it’s definitely fun and interesting.

But I’ll always wonder how many people there are like me. I’m sure there has to be a lot, because there is just nothing strange about it to me, being curious about killing someone. Sadly, it’s something that people can’t exactly just talk about, so I guess I’ll never know. I’m sure that anyone would just lie about it even if you asked them. But you can’t help but wonder if that person in the grocery store, who stares at you as you pass by, might be considering what it would be like to kill you. If I could, I would tell them all about it, so they could decide for themselves. But who knows, maybe I got lucky, and that person is you. I actually really, really hope so.

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2023.03.31 13:33 Fugaazzi PyroGenesis Announces 2022 Fourth Quarter and Year End Results

MONTREAL, March 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (http://pyrogenesis.com) (TSX:PYR) (NASDAQ:PYR) (FRA: 8PY), a high-tech company (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "PyroGenesis"), that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes advanced plasma processes and sustainable solutions which are geared to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG), is pleased to announce today its financial and operational results for the fourth quarter and the fiscal year ended December 31st, 2022.
"The industrial decarbonization policy landscape continues to evolve in ways that we expect to benefit the long-term success of our company," said Mr. P. Peter Pascali, President and CEO of PyroGenesis. "Forward leaning social sentiment has long been the major input driving public and corporate policy on matters like energy transition. Now, with political, structural, and economic forces quickly catching up, PyroGenesis sees itself in a privileged position of being asked not only to supply merchandise, but also directly help customers uncover new avenues for change and transition. It is why, despite a revenue pullback in 2022, that we continue to be excited for the future, and why we have refined our strategy to better reflect the opportunity to directly impact transformational outputs stemming from heavy industry policy change."
"In Q4, the Company delivered revenue of $3.3 million, and for the full year 2022, revenue was $19 million. From a revenue perspective, it is disappointing that a slower pace of technology adoption occurred in 2022 than was anticipated – particularly with our aluminum sector prospects, as companies adjusted at various points to shortages of raw materials, soaring energy prices, and ongoing international trade and supply chain volatility – which weighed negatively on our results compared to 2021. The Company acknowledges that it is selling into industries contemplating significant technological change, especially in regard to fuel switching to electricity, and with that may come various ramifications including the possibility for significant time lags as customers conduct lengthy due diligence to counter the types of concerns likely seen only during major paradigm shifts. As such, revenues are likely to be irregular and unpredictable quarter to quarter. These possibilities notwithstanding, a renewed interest in business lines such as waste destruction, along with the implementation of cost and resourcing refinements that allowed the Company to post an exceptional 42.8% full year margin, reinforces management's overall positive undercurrent," Mr. Pascali added.
Mr. Pascali continued, "While a level of measured caution will continue to exist for even the most sophisticated of potential customers, the degree of uncertainty around decarbonization was reduced further during 2022. As governments – especially in North America with the US Inflation Reduction Act and the major increases to Canadian green energy investment tax credits – implemented billion-dollar incentive programs toward a low-carbon economy, PyroGenesis was engaged in several industry-requested technology research initiatives. While signed order intake slowed in 2022, customer-partnered studies and research increased substantially. There is no guarantee, but we feel that this level of client interaction at the business development level serves to deepen industry relationships and bodes well for future revenue opportunities," Mr. Pascali added.
Mr. Pascali concluded, "In 2023, we will remain focused on driving major lines of business toward widespread acceptance, moving newer innovations closer to commercialization, and maintaining high margins. Beyond all else, we will strive to close more deals as a result of the volume of client studies underway. With the introduction and rollout of our refined business strategy, outlined in greater detail further below, we believe this to be possible."
The information below represents important highlights from the past year, followed by an outline of the company's strategy and outlook for 2023.
Key Strategic Actions
Major Deliverables and Business Milestones
Consistent with the Company's past practice, and in view of the early stage of market adoption of our core lines of business, we are not providing specific revenue or net income (loss) guidance for 2023.
In 2023, we continue our plan to increase sales, marketing, and R&D efforts in-line with– and in some cases ahead of – the growth curve for industrial change related to greenhouse gas reduction efforts. This includes expanded technology offering and capabilities across the industrial value chain, using an updated strategy that sees the Company bundle its solution-set into verticals that represent key economic drivers for heavy industry.
Overall Strategy
PyroGenesis provides technology solutions to heavy industry that leverage off of the Company's proprietary position and expertise in ultra-high temperature processes. The Company has evolved from its early roots of being a speciality-engineering firm to being a provider of a robust technology eco-system for heavy industry that helps address key strategic goals.
Aligning Business Lines to Economic Drivers
As interest in the Company's products has increased and the variety of uses for its core technologies has expanded, the Company has evolved its strategy to concentrate its solution set under three categories. These categories represent economic drivers that are key to global heavy industry:
1. Energy Transition & Emission Reduction:
2. Commodity Security & Optimization:
3. Waste Remediation:
Within each category the Company offers several solutions at different stages leading up to commercialization, including the partial list in the diagram below:
The Company believes its strategy to be timely, as multiple heavy industries are committing to major carbon and waste reduction targets at the same time as many governments are increasingly funding environmental technologies and infrastructure projects – all while both are making efforts to ensure the availability of critical minerals during the coming decades of increased output demand.
While there can be no guarantee, the Company believes this evolution of its strategy beyond a greenhouse gas emission reduction emphasis, to an expanded focus that encapsulates the key verticals listed above, both improves the Company's chances for success while also providing a clearer picture of how the Company's wide array of offerings work in tandem to support heavy industry goals.
PyroGenesis' market opportunity remains large, as major industries such as aluminum, steelmaking, manufacturing, and government require factory-ready, technology-based solutions to help steer through the paradoxical landscape of increasing demand and tightening regulations and material availability.
As more of the Company's offerings reach full commercialization, PyroGenesis will remain focused on attracting influential customers in broad markets, and ensuring that operating expenses are controlled to achieve profitable growth.
Financial Summary
PyroGenesis recorded revenue of $3.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2022 ("Q4, 2022"), representing a decrease of $3.9 million compared with $7.2 million recorded in the fourth quarter of 2021 ("Q4, 2021"). Revenue for fiscal 2022 was $19.0 million a decrease of $12.1 million over revenue of $31.1 million compared to fiscal 2021.
Revenues recorded in fiscal 2022 were generated primarily from:
(i)PUREVAP™ related sales of $6,272,697 (2021 - $6,138,111) (ii)DROSRITE™ related sales of $1,912,807 (2021 - $7,940,771) (iii)support services related to systems supplied to the US Navy $1,288,356 (2021 - $7,522,809) (iv)torch related sales of $5,558,210 (2021 - $2,084,511) (v)biogas upgrading & pollution controls of $3,347,443 (2021 - $6,800,090) (vi)other sales and services $633,990 (2021 - $582,058)
Q4, 2022 revenues decreased by $3.9 million, mainly as a result of:
Fiscal 2022 revenues decreased by $12.1 million, mainly as a result of:
PUREVAP™ related sales includes revenue from the sale of technologies in the amount of $3.6 million ($3.3 million in 2021). See note 7 to the 2022 consolidated financial statements.
As of March 30, 2023, revenue expected to be recognized in the future related to backlog of signed and/or awarded contracts is $32.4 million. Revenue will be recognized as the Company satisfies its performance obligations under long-term contracts, which is expected to occur over a maximum period of approximately 3 years.
Cost of Sales and Services and Gross Margins
Cost of sales and services was $2.8 million in Q4, 2022, representing a decrease of 52% compared to $5.9 million in Q4, 2021, primarily due to decreases in subcontracting $0.1 million (Q4, 2021 - $0.2 million), direct materials $1.0 million (Q4, 2021 - $4.5 million), manufacturing overhead & other $0.3 million (Q4, 2021 - $0.4 million), foreign exchange charge on materials $0.2 million, (Q4, 2021 – ($0.3 million), which is largely due to the decrease in product and service-related revenues, as well as being negatively impacted by the foreign exchange charge on materials, and a decrease in investment tax credits ($0.02 million) due to a lower levels of qualifying projects.
Fiscal 2022, cost of sales and services was $10.9 million, representing a decrease of 42% compared to $18.6 million in 2021, primarily due to the decrease of product and service-related revenues in the Company and its subsidiaries. Decreases in direct materials $4.7 million (2021 - $14.3 million) and investment tax credits ($0.07 million) (2021 – ($0.1 million)), were offset by the increases in employee compensation $3.7 million (2021 - $2.6 million), subcontracting $1.3 million (2021 - $0.9 million), manufacturing overhead & other $1.4 million (2021 - $1.1 million), foreign exchange charge on materials ($1.0 million) (2021 – ($0.6 million), totaling an increase of $5.4 million compared to $4.1 million in 2021. The increase in employee compensation, subcontracting, and manufacturing overhead & other is primarily related to an increase in labour intense projects, which require additional engineering hours, as well as specific subcontracting work related to equipment capacity improvements, mainly for torch-related sales, and the increase to manufacturing and other was due to higher utility costs, and equipment rentals, such as cranes and power generators. These increases were offset by the decrease in direct materials and by the foreign exchange charge on materials.
The gross margin for Q4, 2022 was $0.5 million or 14.5% of revenue compared to a gross margin of $1.3 million or 18.1% of revenue for Q4, 2021, the decrease in gross margin was mainly attributable to the negative impact in foreign exchange charge on materials of $0.5 million.
Fiscal 2022, gross margin was $8.1 million or 42.8% of revenue compared to a gross margin of $12.4 million or 40% for fiscal 2021. As a result of the type of contracts being executed, the nature of the project activity, as well as the composition of the cost of sales and services, the mix between labour, materials and subcontracts may be significantly different. The cost of sales and services for 2022 and 2021 are in line with management's expectations and with the nature of revenue.
Investment tax credits recorded against cost of sales are related to projects that qualify for tax credits from the provincial government of Quebec. Qualifying tax credits decreased in Q4, 2022 to $0.02 million compared to $0.07 million for Q4,2021. In 2022, $0.07 million compared to $0.1 million in 2021. The decrease in fiscal 2022 is primarily related to less contracts being eligible for qualifying tax credits.
The amortization of intangible assets for Q4, 2022 was $0.2 million compared to $0.4 million for Q4, 2021. In 2022, the amortization of intangible assets was $0.9 million compared to $0.5 million for 2021. The increase in 2022, relates mainly to the intangible assets in connection with the Pyro Green-Gas acquisition, patents and deferred development costs. These expenses are non-cash items and will be amortized over the duration of the patent lives.
Selling, General and Administrative Expenses
Included within Selling, General and Administrative expenses ("SG&A") are costs associated with corporate administration, business development, project proposals, operations administration, investor relations and employee training.
SG&A expenses for Q4, 2022 were $10.4 million, representing a decrease of 13% compared to $11.9 million for Q4, 2021. The decrease is mainly a result of employee compensation decreasing to $2.5 million (Q4, 2021 – 4.6 million), due to lower levels of eligible commissions and bonuses, a decrease in share-based compensation of $3.6 million (a non- cash expense related to a Q4 2021 grant not repeated in 2022), and a decrease in other expenses, which in Q4 2021 comprised of insurances, taxes, interest, and bank charges. Professional fees for Q4 2022 were greater due to an increase in legal fees, accounting fees, investor relation fees and patent expenses. In addition, in Q4 2022 a credit loss of $4.5 million was recorded related to collection of accounts receivable, also a non-cash expense.
SG&A expenses for fiscal 2022 were $29.0 million, representing an increase of 7% compared to $27.2 million for fiscal 2021. The SG&A expense now includes those of Pyro Green-Gas for the full year, versus approximately 5 months for fiscal 2021, increased due to the following:
i)a decrease of $0.6 million in employee compensation primarily due to a decrease in commissions and bonuses, ii)an increase of $1.3 million for professional fees, primarily due to an increase in consulting fees, accounting and audit fees, legal fees, investor relation fees and public listing fees, iii)an increase of $0.5 million in office and general expenses, is primarily due to information technology expenses including those related to the new ERP system, iv)depreciation on property and equipment increased by $0.2 million due to higher amounts of property and equipment being depreciated, v)Bad debt provision increased by $4.5 million, of which $4.2 million is attributable to accounts receivable and $0.3 million related to costs and profits in excess of billings on uncompleted contracts.
Separately, share-based payments decreased to $1.3 million for Q4, 2022 (Q4, 2021 - $4.9 million) and decreased to $5,538,463 in 2022, compared to $9,762,745 over the same period in 2021. This was directly impacted by the vesting structure of the stock option plan with options vesting between 10% and 100% on the grant date requiring an immediate recognition of that cost.
Depreciation on Property and Equipment
During the three months ended December 31, 2022, deprecation on property and equipment increased to $0.2 million compared to $0.1 million for the same period in the prior year. The 54% increase is due to the equipment under construction placed in service.
The depreciation on property and equipment increased to $0.6 million in 2022, compared to $0.4 million in 2021. The 70% increase is due to higher amounts of property and equipment being depreciated.
Research and Development ("R&D") Expenses
During the three months ended December 31, 2022, the Company incurred $0.7 million of R&D expenses, net of government grants, on internal projects in Q4 2022, a decrease of 36% compared to $1.1 million for the same period in the prior year.
The Company incurred $2.3 million of R&D expenses, net of government grants, on internal projects in 2022, a decrease of 9% compared to $2.5 million in 2021. The decrease in 2022 is due to a decrease in R&D activities, the type of contracts being executed, the nature of the project activity, and the decrease in government grants of $Nil compared to ($0.1 million) reported in 2021.
In addition to internally funded R&D projects, the Company also incurred R&D expenditures during the execution of client-funded projects. These expenses are eligible for Scientific Research and Experimental Development ("SR&ED") tax credits. SR&ED tax credits on client-funded projects are applied against cost of sales and services (see "Cost of Sales" above).
Financial Expenses
During the three months ended December 31, 2022, financial expenses decreased to $0.03 million compared to $0.3 million for the same period in the prior year. The decrease is due to the various decreases in interest on term loans, penalties, and other interest expenses, not repeated in 2022.
Financial expenses for 2022 totaled $0.6 million as compared with $0.4 million for 2021, representing an increase of $0.1 million year-over-year. The increase in finance costs, is primarily attributable to the increase in accretion on the balance due on business combination and interest on the increased lease liability balance.
Strategic Investments
During the three months ended December 31, 2022, the adjustment to the fair market value of strategic investments resulted in a loss of $0.2 million compared to $11.0 million for the same period in the prior year. The 98% increase is primarily due to the closing share price of the HPQ common shares, used in determining the fair value.
The adjustment to the fair market value of strategic investments in 2022 resulted in a loss of $8.3 million compared to a loss in the amount of $21.4 million in 2021, representing a variation of $13.1 million. The variation is primarily attributable to closing share price of the HPQ common shares, used in determining the fair value of common shares and warrants owned by the Company of HPQ Silicon Inc.
Comprehensive (Loss) Income
The comprehensive loss for 2022 of $32.2 million compared to a loss of $38.4 million, in 2021, represents a decrease of 16% year-over-year. The variation of $6.3 million in the comprehensive loss in 2022 is primarily attributable to the factors described above, which have been summarized as follows, and includes the profit and loss items of Pyro Green-Gas since the acquisition date:
(i)a decrease in product and service-related revenue of $12.1 million arising in 2022,
(ii)a decrease in cost of sales and services of $7.8 million, primarily due to a decrease in direct materials, and investment tax credits,
(iii)an increase in SG&A expenses of $1.8 million arising in 2022 primarily due to an increase in professional fees, office & general, travel, depreciation of property and equipment, depreciation of ROU assets, government grants, other expenses, and the allowance for credit loss of $4.5 million,
(iv)a decrease in R&D expenses of $0.2 million primarily related to the decrease in government grants and an increase in investment tax credits,
(v)a decrease in share-based expenses of $4.2 million,
(vi)a decrease in changes in fair market value of strategic investments and net finance costs of $12.9 million,
(vii)a decrease in income taxes of $815,944.
In Q4 2022, the comprehensive loss is $11.6 million favorable, compared to Q4 2021, due to the reasons detailed above and summarized mainly as the reduction is revenue of $3.9 million, favorable impact of SG&A salaries and share-based expenses, offset by the allowance for credit loss of $4.48 million and an adjustment for change in fair value of strategic investment which is $10.8 million favorable versus Q4 2021.
Liquidity and Capital Resources
As at December 31, 2022, the Company had cash of $3.4 million, included in the net working capital of $1.7 million. Certain working capital items such asBillings in excess of costs and profits on uncompleted contractsdo not represent a direct outflow of cash. The Company expects that with its cash, liquidity position, the proceeds available from the strategic investment and access to capital markets it will be able to finance its operations for the foreseeable future.
The Company's term loan balance at December 31, 2022 was $389,987, and the increase since January 1, 2022, was mainly attributable to the additional proceeds received on the Economic Development Agency of Canada loan. This loan is interest free and will remain so, until the balance is paid over the 60 month period ending March 2029. The average interest expense on the other term loans was 7.2% in 2022 and in 2021. The Company does not expect changes to the structure of term loans in the next fiscal year. The Company maintained two credit facilities which bear interest at variable rates of 7.45% and 8% at December 31, 2022. The Company expects to reimburse a portion of the credit facilities during 2023, and extending the due date of the remaining balance, while maintaining the similar conditions.
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2023.03.31 13:22 BigGMan24601 2 Bedrooms available in Fairfax, VA, 5 min from Orange Metro Line.

4 Beds 3.5 Baths - Townhouse (1 Bedroom is $550 and the Basement Bedroom with Private Bathroom is $1000)
Fairfax, VA
This is a prime location within walking distance to Giant Food, multiple restaurants, a 1 minute walk to a Metro Bus Stop and a 5 minute drive to the Vienna Metro Station. Quiet neighborhood but short distance to D.C. and local bars.
We will have 2 bedrooms available at the beginning of May. One is a regular room that will share a bathroom with one other person ($550 + WiFi and Utilities), and the other is the basement level with its own private full bathroom and office space for $1000 (+ WiFi and Utilities) per month. We have 2 full size RefrigeratoFreezer combos, 1 mini RefrigeratoFreezer combo, and 1 large Freezer in the basement. Laundry machines are located in the unit. Wi-Fi is around $17 a month per person and utilities are around $150. HOA fees are included in the rent and includes Trash pickup twice a week, Recycling pickup once a week, and lawn care. This is a smoke free house and drug free house (due to landlord's rules and tenants' current government careers). We also cannot take pets due to current agreements with the landlord.
House is now furnished with dining room and entertainment center in living room.
A bit about the current tenants and your future housemates:
Geo D. is a very chill and quiet guy. 26 years old and GMU graduate. He absolutely loves watching movies and Mini-series and is always down for a "Lord of the Rings" marathon. He is currently working in Falls Church as a Federal Government Contractor. Avid Washington Capitals watcher and D&D player. Hobbies include video games (PS5 and PSVR2 user), board games, bartending, and going to D.C. to catch a game or see a show at the Kennedy Center.
Alex C. is a 24 year old GMU graduate. He likes to keep to himself and will actually be traveling for the next 6 months. He enjoys Magic the Gathering, D&D, video games/board games, loves watching the Cleveland Browns try to win a game, and going out for a drink and bowling. Currently a Government Contractor and works real estate on the side.
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2023.03.31 11:37 B-Bailey-B Tesla tow hitch or aftermarket

I ordered my MYP on 3/11, I haven’t been assigned a vin yet so as I understand I’m still able to make changes to the vehicle. I have a few questions I would like some insight on. I don’t plan on towing with the MYP, but I do often need to pickup diesel and gas for work or other dirty items I don’t want in the car. I’m thinking of getting a small carrier that would go in the tow hitch to keep from putting these thing inside the MY. I currently drive a truck so this isn’t an issue.
  1. Am I correct in thinking that since I haven’t been assigned a vin yet, there wouldn’t be any delay if I added the Tesla tow hitch to my order? I have already accepted the loan terms, so I would assume I could just pay the difference in cash at time of pickup.
  2. Is the Tesla tow hitch really as hard to access as some have said it is? I believe a plastic cover has to be removed, to gain access.
  3. Does the Tesla tow hitch have a smaller receiver size than normal tow hitch’s? I believe I read somewhere it has a 1” receiver. if it’s true that the tow hitch is smaller, is that going to negatively effect what accessories I would be able to attach to it?
  4. Is there a better option for aftermarket tow hitches and about what have people been paying to have these installed?
  5. Do aftermarket tow hitches retain the same OEM look, if that’s the route I go?
  6. Can the Tesla tow hitch be added after delivery? If so, would that be the same cost ($1000) to have it installed at a service center or at home, if that’s something they even do. - Edit - I did some searching for old post, it appears it’s $1300 at a service center, after delivery. Going to leave this question in case the price has changed or someone else searches for tow information.
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2023.03.31 07:52 JackWallner2 Digital Signage Market revenue growth $27.8 Bn, at a CAGR of 11.2%

The report "Digital Signage Market with COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Offering (Hardware, Software, Services), Product, Display Size, Installation Location, Application (Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, BFSI, Education), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2026" The global digital signage market will grow to USD 27.8 billion by 2026 (forecast year) from USD 16.3 billion in 2021 (estimated year), at a CAGR of 11.2% between 2021 to 2026. The key drivers fueling the growth of this market include the growing adoption of digital signage in commercial applications, increasing infrastructure developments in emerging countries, surging demand for 4K & 8K resolution displays, and ongoing technological advancements in displays.
• Request for Customization :- https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/pdfdownloadNew.asp?id=513
Browse 154 market data Tables and 62 Figures spread through 265 Pages and in-depth TOC on "Digital Signage Market with COVID-19 Impact Analysis by Offering (Hardware, Software, Services), Product, Display Size, Installation Location, Application (Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, BFSI, Education), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2026" View detailed Table of Content here - https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/digital-signage-market-513.html
Segment Covered :
The software segment to register higher CAGR during the forecast period
Technological advancements, rising need for real-time content delivery, and increasing applications of smart signage have led to the growth of the software segment of the digital signage market. The higher frequency of purchases and subscriptions associated with digital signage software due to various useful benefits offered by it complemented with the low purchasing frequency of hardware devices due to their long operational life is another major factor contributing to the growth of the software segment. Software licenses need to be purchased and upgraded at regular intervals, which is further expected to accelerate the market growth of software in coming years.
Important factors that are driving the growth of the digital signage market:
  1. Growing adoption of digital signage in commercial applications: The use of digital signage is becoming more prevalent across various industries, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, and education. This is due to the many benefits that digital signage offers, such as dynamic content delivery, real-time updates, and targeted messaging.
  2. Increasing infrastructure developments in emerging countries: Many emerging countries are investing heavily in infrastructure development, including transportation hubs, shopping centers, and office buildings. Digital signage is being installed in these locations to enhance the customer experience and provide valuable information.
  3. Surging demand for 4K & 8K resolution displays: With the increasing popularity of high-resolution displays, such as 4K and 8K, there is a growing demand for digital signage solutions that can support these resolutions. This is particularly important for applications such as advertising and digital art displays.
  4. Ongoing technological advancements in displays: Technological advancements in display technology, such as LED, OLED, and micro-LED, are driving the growth of the digital signage market. These advancements are making displays brighter, more energy-efficient, and more durable, which is making them more attractive to businesses and organizations.
The indoor installation segment to hold the largest market share in 2026
Indoor signage has witnessed significant demand in healthcare, education, corporate and broadcast, and retail applications. The demand for indoor signage in these applications mainly stems from the ongoing adoption of immersive and highly interactive display technologies. Additionally, the rapid adoption of self-service kiosks, which allow customers in retail applications to browse digital products and make purchases, is further driving the growth of the market for indoor digital signage. Indoor digital signage products, such as interactive digital screens, influence customers’ purchase decisions. Meanwhile, the usage of indoor digital menu boards helps improve operational efficiency and customer experience. Samsung, NEC, and LG are among the major players focusing on a wide range of indoor digital signage applications.
APAC to register higher CAGR during the forecast period
APAC is projected to lead the digital signage market from 2021 to 2026. Increasing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and technologies that enable digital transformation across various sectors such as commercial, institutional, infrastructure, and industrial has fueled the demand for digital signage in APAC. In addition, strong economic growth, rise in consumerism, growth in the standards of living, increase in disposable income, high technological advancements, growth of retail space, and changes in lifestyles have accelerated the adoption of strong and reliable advertising media in the countries of the region. However, the rise of online advertising and issues related to the adoption of digital signage in various applications are expected to restrict the growth of the digital signage market in APAC.
Major players in the digital signage market are Samsung Electronics (South Korea), LG Electronics (South Korea), Sharp Corporation (Japan), Leyard Optoelectronic (US), Sony Corporation (Japan), Barco (Belgium), Panasonic Corporation (Japan), Shanghai Goodview Electronics (China), AU Optronics (Taiwan), and BrightSign (US). The top players have adopted merger & acquisition, partnership, collaboration, and product launch strategies to grow in the global precision farming market.
Don’t miss out on business opportunities in Digital Signage Market. Speak to our analyst and gain crucial industry insights that will help your business grow.
About MarketsandMarkets™
MarketsandMarkets™ provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues. Currently servicing 7500 customers worldwide including 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Almost 75,000 top officers across eight industries worldwide approach MarketsandMarkets™ for their painpoints around revenues decisions.
Contact: Mr. Aashish Mehra MarketsandMarkets™ INC. 630 Dundee Road Suite 430 Northbrook, IL 60062
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2023.03.31 05:40 kzvchosxez 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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We worked our way across to the bed and she pushed me onto it. I fell onto my back and stared back up at her.
Harry looked startled by this, ‘....re...ally,’ he stammered, ‘I didn’t know, I’ve never got anywhere with the ladies, even me and Cho only had a quick kiss.’
“You have to, otherwise your parents will find out. And then you need to take a bath.”
When I got home, I got the normal call from June and I told her that I really couldn't talk. This time, I really did hang up on her, and just as I expected, she called me right back. I ignored it, and she finally gave up on the 10th try. I knew that when I called Danielle later that day, that I would be dumping her.
Once the door to the bathroom was closed, she turned to me. Rach joined her free hand with the one already around my cock, and gripping it like a baseball bat, used it to rise onto her tip toes to kiss me. My cock had been rock hard for so long, with only the pressure of the boxers against it, that Rach’s tight grip made me buck into it as we kissed.
“Not in the mood for morning sex?” he whispered as he stared at her glossy lips. “Why the hell are you wearing that shit?”
"Hey, baby sister," I said. "Are you about to shower? Want some company?" I waggled my eyebrows suggestively.
“Mom wants you down stairs for breakfast.”
“that only we can share” he whispered his breath going ragged. He let his hands hold onto my hips.
It was just like that for a while, kissing and nothing more ... we'd become the hot new couple of the school and people were always giving us funny looks. Soon we became little more curious, and a lot more intimate; we'd gotten so far as to play with each other with our hands before Kristi decided on that day that she wanted to go the full mile.
“ What about me? What did I do wrong?” I asked as Tiffany made her over to me.
'Ohhh yess that's great. I'm so happy to be doing this again.'
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Eddie could read the signs, and he began to slow down and thrust more shallowly. Christie looked back at him and groaned. “You son of a bitch, what are you doing? Make me cum, please make me cum.”
Amber: if he goes to prison, im going to kill myself. I need him.
I tucked her head back into my chest and held her tightly, “I’ll never leave you Eve. Don’t you dare think I will.” I paused to stop myself from crying as well. “I’ll always be there for you.” I whispered so quietly I doubt she heard me. Slowly she stopped crying but she didn’t move otherwise. It felt like the longest time before she calmed down completely. I didn’t care, that I could comfort her at all, in my mind, was a miracle. The fact that I was still naked and that she might as well have been, didn’t even give me a seconds thought.
“EJ,” I moaned, a bit louder than I meant to. “Oh, God! EJ, EJ, ooh, ELIJAH!”
Spent, I put Nicole down and saw my sperm oozing from her slit. She looked at it then shoved it deeper inside as if to hide it from the others.
her pussy lips until his fingers came into contact with her clit. He gently rubbed it, all
“Wow I don’t remember you feeling this good, baby,” Richard groaned. “You’ve got to be the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked.”
reached up and forced Cyarra’s hand away from his pulsating pleasure pole. He then gasp for air his
“Is that how you’re supposed to talk to the person you fucked a couple of weeks ago? Especially with no birth control.”
Shikamaru started the car and began to drive. Not long after Hinata finished smoking, they were parked in front of Shikamaru’s apartment complex. They exited the car and stepped up the stairs to apartment 3B. Like a gentleman, Shikamaru opened the door for Hinata and they went inside. Shikamaru looked out the window and pulled the curtains closed before stepping over and locking the multiple locks he had on his front door. Normally Hinata would be thinking about how paranoid Shikamaru was, but now all she had on her mind was what she was about to do with him.
I slammed my head into my hands. What the hell was going on? Everything is supposed to be good now. Relaxed. Comfortable. So why the fuck does it feel just as bad as before?
She swiped to another pic of Julia on his phone, the one of her topless. “Whoa!” She exclaimed. Then answered
"Just what are you doing, Henry?" she asked, marching up to me.
Mom came first, and I delighted in the taste of her cum as it soaked my face. Lisa came soon after. Having both women climax on top of me, nearly at the same time was enough to get me off, and I started shooting off into Lisa. The feeling of her pussy muscles squeezing and pulling at me as I came was fantastic, and my orgasm just seemed to go on and on.
“I just want to be prepared if anything happens I’m going to a party later and I just don’t want to get into any unwanted situations in the future.” I said with a feel of about to throw up of embarrassment.
“Nothing,” I lied, as I dropped the briefs, spun around, and hid my hands behind my back.
watching him but I didn’t do much
“Uh! It’s happening! I’m…, I’m going…, to…,” he groan, “Ohhhhhhhh!” Timmy came.
He complied, pulling almost all the way out but thrusting half of his cock into her faster than before then repeating with a steady motion.
“We were half way through the marathon when we figured out you were here, come to bed baby,” Kori says pulling me up from the couch.
As Becca drove me to the surprise location, I thought about what happened the previous night. I told Becca that it was difficult to keep that spark in our sex life going. She was disappointed to hear that I wasn't as excited by our sexual activities and escapades as I used to be.
“Okay…one second though.” He bent over and licked her pussy from bottom to top. She hissed at the feeling and her pelvis rotated up, her legs now pointing in the air. He lapped at her again, pausing to suck and lick her clit. He pushed his face into her gash, licking deep inside her pussy, knowing his cock would be the first to enter her. Tess reached down pressed his head against her, pushing his tongue deeper inside her. He looked up as he sucked her clit once more, their eyes meeting. He reached around her legs and cupped her breasts. She came and moaned as he pinched and rolled her nipples. Sensing her impatience, he ducked his head low and pushed his tongue against her anus, making her head go back as she moaned loudly.
“Oooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!” Everyone turned to see what was going on.
Shelby grabbed my cock and slowly started to jerk me off. Her hands were so soft and felt amazing on my skin, her left hand start rubbing my inner thigh. Her boobs were beautiful and started to jiggle slight while in her bra, I tried to touch them but she slapped my hand away and said no. I was begging to start moaning kinda loudly and she seemed to notice.
Cynthia put a hand on his chest. I did the same. Together we pushed him back into my room. Just in front of my bed we both stopped pushing.
Tina lifted her head off my cock, and turned to look at me, as I gently caressed and fondled her slippery, wet pussy lips with my left hand, and she said, “This is making me really excited.” She glanced back towards her pussy, and looked back at me, and said, “You know what I mean by excited, don’t you?”
“Broken up,” I replied, taking off my shirt.
Now I’m getting a little suspicious.
“Then why did Abby tease Morgan but not you?”
"And your number 1 is?"
We resumed kissing and caught the end of her nightgown with my middle and index finger. I pulled it up with my fingertips running up her smooth thigh, making Elisa shiver with every inch of skin that I touched. She was wearing no underwear, so I caused her to shiver again as I traced the lips of her tight pussy. I ran my fingertips up her slim belly and placed my hand on the center of her chest, feeling her heartbeat for several moments. I then began squeezing her breasts, making her hum in pleasure.
According to Morgan, the choice was mine when it came to how I responded to this. Obviously I was getting hard with Taylor grinding her crotch against mine, especially knowing from our previous encounter, or at least betting, that she wanted me inside badly, and was working on getting me horny enough that I would throw caution to the wind and just thrust myself inside her. I bet it would feel amazing, not only to get to fuck her, but also to get to fuck her, Taylor Wise, with the consent of my own hot girlfriend no less.
I watched Jean dive her face into the other woman’s snatch and the girl let out a grunt and she willingly spread her legs even more. I could hear Jean lapping away at this woman’s cunt but I couldn’t see shit. Just then the other woman let out another moan and tilted her head back over the edge of the bed in full view of me.
It usually took a week for any experiments to be marked and returned, but it was only two days later that David knew she had "marked" his. Nothing was obvious, but Mrs. Wilson had a peculiar look in her eyes. "David may I talk to you after classes please?" He nodded in agreement, anxious to resolve this newest test.
With the last of his climax finally spent, he pulled out of Ali and fell to bed next to her. Sarah dropped between Ali’s legs and started licking her gapped pussy just in time to feel a rush of still warm sperm start to slip out. Slurping up the combined orgasmic juices of the two fuck buddies, she didn’t take it easy on Ali and went back and forth between digging her tongue into her contracting hole and sucking hard on Ali’s throbbing clit.
“I need this.”
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It almost felt strange to talk about something that didn’t involve magic or monsters. It was almost relieving if he thought about it. His mother took a moment or two to collect herself. She took another drink from her cup, “Work was no more stressful than usual. Had a few accidents and a lady who seemed to think she could walk after an aneurysm.” That caused both Luke and her to chuckle at the same time, as they chuckled together they eyed one another oddly for a brief moment before full on laughing. It felt good to laugh, it felt good to be normal for a few moments. “Other than that nothing so strange.”
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“Yes you do, he is that thin bald guy that always seems to walk his dogs past our school playing fields when we are playing field hockey”
As Leyla’s digging partner, Mike was a fellow student from the University of Chicago. Mike had played varsity football at Illinois and was the size of a large truck. After not being selected by the NFL, Mike had accepted a graduate school slot at University of Chicago where he sought an advanced degree in archeology. He expected to be selected to the Farm Six team, where the upper track students went. Getting selected to the backwater site had wounded his pride. When he had arrived on the dig, he had a beastly attitude toward everyone else so no one would partner with him except his fellow student from Chicago. Mike wasn’t hostile toward Leyla, but he had been aloof and disdained her at first because of her looks and later because even with her homeliness, she was more popular among their peers than he was.
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2023.03.30 22:45 Maximum_Rooster1578 This is a short excerpt from a story I have written, I hope you enjoy reading it and would appreciate any comments or questions.

Extremis Diabolus: The High Protector
Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods."
- Dan Abnett
Chapter 1
001.M42 – Sophano Secundus – Trail of Saint Evisser
Sophano Secundus was a drab ball of vast scrub lands interspersed with coniferous forests, cold highlands, and wet lowlands; broken up by small inland freshwater oceans around the equator. From this distance, thousands of kilometers from the dank, clouded atmosphere Lieutenant Commander Fiora Hermatov stared out from the observation deck beneath the bridge of the Imperial Carrier Lord Ordamros. She saw the flashes of explosions from the fire of cruisers and corvettes running ahead of the larger ships and felt the dull concussions and thuds of the dreadnought guns at long range as they quickly decimated the small token fleet of captured Naval Vessels and rogue trader ships the heretics had cobbled together in the vain attempt to prevent the Imperial Navy from landing ground forces from Treyptos, the system’s fortress world. The carrier, along with several imperial dreadnoughts, had been ordered in by Imperial Navy Command centered at Treyptos to support the ground operations and purgation of the planetary capital at Hadjisheim. Fiora gazed pensively at the nearby dreadnoughts, she knew the one purpose they served, the grim business of planetary bombardment. Deep in thought she barely noticed Lieutenant Graves appear behind her right shoulder, his reflection in the thick glass of the observation deck the only thing that gave him away.
“Commander.” He said, interrupting her running thoughts.
“Yes Lieutenant?” She stated casually.
“The group is assembled in the briefing room and ready for you, also, we have an attaché for this upcoming sortie.”
Fiora turned to face LT Graves, he was a young man for his position, dark skinned and trim at only 26 standard years old.
“An attaché? From where?”
“Commander Lydia DuGrae, she has orders directly from fleet command at Treyptos.”
“Why have we never heard of her?” Fiora thought out loud.
“I had the same though Commander, but I ran it through the Yeomen and she checks out – she has several service records – most recently from Armageddon against that Ork incursion.”
“Interesting, still doesn’t answer why she is here…” she said under her breath. To Graves she said “Please send her to my office now.”
Fiora turned and began walking toward her office which was across the hall from the briefing room, she made herself comfortable in her brass and leather chair she inherited from the previous wing commander and waited. She hadn’t waited more than a moment before a tall, dark-haired woman entered her office and slid the door behind her with a small hiss. She was dressed in tailored a tan flight suit and black boots, with a laspistol holstered across her chest. DuGrae was apparently an older woman of middling age, though Fiora noticed some telltale signs of rejuvenat treatments that rendered DuGrae’s age impossible to tell. She was, from all appearances in excellent physical condition and though not like the pretty socialites Fiora knew from her childhood days, DuGrae was a ruggedly handsome woman in her opinion and carried herself with knowing confidence. Her piercing green eyes appraised Fiora.
“Commander Hermatov, I presume?” she said with ease.
Fiora stood and took her offered hand “Good to meet you Commander DuGrae, may I see your orders please?”
“Straight to the point, I like that, trust me I am not here to take your command.” DuGrae said as she handed over a cogitator stick.
Fiora plugged the stick into the slot on her terminal and read the orders to herself. “Your orders are surprisingly vague, why are you here Commander? Fleet rarely sends an officer of your rank as a simple attaché.” She questioned.
“Commander I am here to provide you with tactical support and intelligence that were too sensitive to transmit via astropath from fleet command. We believe that the heretics have discovered a weapon of immense power beneath the surface of Sophano Secudus that they are close to activating and your Lightning fighters and Avengers are our best chance of destroying it before it becomes operational.”
“What kind of weapon?” Fiora said curiously.
“If you’ll allow me I’d like to brief the group, I have the mission parameters prepared.”
“By all means.” Fiora said coolly.
They crossed the hall to the briefing room, a young ensign called attention on deck and all the pilots and weapons officers stood to.
“At ease” Fiora said, waiting for the group to take their seats. “Please give your full attention to Commander DuGrae for this mission briefing.”
“Good morning.” She began, “I will be flying in support of your upcoming sortie to the surface launching in 12 hours. What I am about to brief you on is of the utmost confidence and is not to be spoken of outside this room.” She paused to watch the pilots’ reactions.
Seeming to be satisfied with the group’s demeanor, she continued “We have identified an excavation site on the surface where the heretics have unearthed an ancient battle barge. We believe this to be a Titan-Barge.” She watched as eyes widened across the room and murmurs spread.”
“Pipe down!” Fiora bellowed, immediately silencing the group “And listen up! This could save your hide down in the atmosphere so don’t get distracted.” The group focused as DuGrae continued and activated a projector screen at the front of the briefing room.
“The site is approximately 5 kilometres long and 1.5 kilometres wide, according to the oldest records we could find, of which there are few, this vessel would have transported no less than three Reaver class titans. The vessel looks to have been scuttled on this planet long before human habitation and there is no telling what is still onboard and recoverable. The heretic forces of the planet led by - Allking Rashema the Stout - have secured this location and fortified the area with captured anti-air artillery and gun emplacements.”
“Our mission will be first to fly in low underneath their auspex scanners with our Avenger squadron and knock out their air defenses. Once the air defenses are down, the Thunderbolts move in with guided missiles and cripple the remaining ground forces and establish air superiority – we have intel that the heretics may have acquired and modified some landers with weapons so be prepared to take them out if they get off the ground.”
“Once the site is secured from the air, we’ll escort the Marauder Bombers from the territorials to level the site. Our attack will kick off the ground forces armored assault on Hadjisheim from the opposite side of the site. The rest of the details are in your mission packets under your seats, study them here – they are not to be taken from this room. Be ready to launch at 2000hrs ship’s time, any questions?”
Seeing no hands raised, Fiora called attention and dismissed the group, watching as they studied their mission packets.
Speaking to DuGrae directly, she asked “How long have they been excavating this site?”
Dugrae answered “It was a tightly kept secret for years, billed by the planetary government as a ‘cultural archaeological site’; we only recently became aware of its true nature.”
“So you have informants on the ground?” Fiora said.
DuGrae opened her mouth and then closed it, looking at Fiora quizzically. “They told me you were a sharp one.” She said. “Not the typical blunt object we find so common in our officer corps.”
“I am observant like any good commander.” Fiora brushed off the compliment “Everything else is by the Emperor’s good grace.” She said piously, feeling the aquila at her neck beneath her uniform.
“Ah, faith in the Emperor will serve you well Commander. I am sure we will all need that soon enough.” DuGrae mused.
“I have faith, both in the Emperor and my command, we will succeed in our purpose here. I assume you will fly the mission with us?” Fiora asked, spying her augmetics behind her right ear and the bio-mechanical interfaces inlayed into her hands.
“I will be flying in an observation and command & control function only in support of you in my Fury Interceptor, you still give the orders Commander.” She assured her.
“Good.” Fiora said. “I had better get some rest and make my prayers and check in with the tech adepts on the flight deck to ensure our machine spirits are feeling helpful today.”
DuGrae smirked “I’d better do the same, I’ll check my own equipment if you don’t mind.”
“By all means Commander.” Fiora said.

“Very well, I’ll see you on the flight deck.” DuGrae said as she turned and left the room.
Fiora watched after her with a knowing look, DuGrae was more than just a fellow Naval Officer, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it but it was all just too much for one person to know, she doubted even the Captain of the Lord Ordamros had this briefing. She paused to order LT Graves to collect all the mission packets and place them in the incinerator once the crew had studied them and left to make her preparations for the mission.
Fiora awoke to her alarm at 1800hrs ships time, she pulled on her tan flight suit over a black bodyglove that would keep her warm and fight the g-forces when maneuvering in her Voss Pattern Lighting Strike Fighter. She strapped on her flight harness, and slotted in her survival knife to its sheath and holstered her laspistol on her chest. She grabbed her helmet and gloves from the shelf in her quarters and tucked her aquila into her flight suit.
On the flight deck, the squadrons stood in formation in full gear, graves called attention and the squadron commanders reverberated the command. All told there were two dozen aircraft in her wing. It was evenly split between Avenger strike fighters with their underslung Avenger Bolt Cannon that fired mass-reactive bolt rounds at an incredible rate paired with twin heavy lascannons and the Thunderbolt strike fighter with nose mounted autocannons and lascannons, as well as Hellstrike missiles on the wing hardpoints.
Her own craft, the Voss Lighting painted in the grey and black of her Wolfpack squadron, sat menacingly on the deck, its forward lascannons jutting out of the fuselage and its angled wings loaded up with six Hellstrike missiles.
Fiora looked at her command, studied the faces of her airmen, she had no inkling of what was about to come and neither did they; still she projected an aura of supreme confidence and poise even though she was short stature and slight of build with dark brown hair kept short and pulled back from her face. Her airmen respected her, she had led them through over 50 sorties and had lost only three aircraft, as far as percentages go she was considered lucky in the Imperial Navy – no one had that good of a survival record. Before she took command she had been lucky to escape several missions as a junior officer flight the outdated Lightning fighters against planetary rebels with more advanced stolen equipment and strange alien craft that disintegrated Imperial aircraft with such immense power that there wasn’t even wreckage left to hit the ground. She had survived impossibly through all of it, and now she was in command before hitting 35 years standard, it had taken many sacrifices – but all in the name of serving something greater than herself; she had forgone her parent’s desires for her – forsaken her duties as a child of the Aristocracy to pursue her career in the Navy, forgone any semblance of a ‘normal’ life to fly among the stars and soar above unfamiliar lands.
Fiora called to her Command, “Wolfpack! What is your mission?”
“HUNT!” the response came.
“Mount up!” Fiora yelled.
Her crew broke ranks and ran to their aircraft, Fiora watched as the flight deck crew began guiding the craft to the launch tube that ran fore and aft of the great carrier like a huge pipe with massive airlock doors that clamped shut and hissed with every aircraft launch. Within minutes it was her turn to launch, she spotted DuGrae’s Fury Interceptor in the launch queue – the long black craft sported a warp translation capable drive and complete Gellar Field generator, astropath and navigator suite. The craft sported two each of underslung lascannons and autocannons along with 4 Storm Eagle missiles modified and modular for both void combat and atmospheric air-to-air and air-to-surface roles. The starcraft represented the pinnacle of Imperial technology rolled into one. It occurred to Fiora that this was the most peculiar thing about DuGrae, she must be someone high up in Naval Intelligence to rate such a craft, especially one so small and warp capable to boot, there was only one organization she could think of that would have access to that kind of technology but that was based on pure speculation and rumor. She caught DuGrae’s eye through the cockpit ceramo-glass and gave her a short salute which was returned. Fiora buckled on her helmet and lowered her visor, engaging her flight suit’s atmosphere and her helmet’s oxygen supply attached to her seat. She check her restraint harness and then ran through her preflight checklist, quickly flipping switches and starting up her onboard cogitators and auspex arrays, she checked her coms:
“Wolf Leader to Ordamros control, how do you read me, over?”
Ordamros control, we read you loud and clear, over.”
“Request permission to launch, over.”
“Launch tube is clear, you are cleared to launch Harpy – happy hunting.” Control responded using Fiora’s callsign.
The tow servitor moved her into the launch zone, and the doors clamped shut behind her – she heard the hiss as the atmosphere began to vent from the launch chamber.
She pressed the ignition on her control panel and felt the familiar rumble of the turbine cranking up beneath her feet turning from a low rumble to a high pitch whine and then a howl as the combustible gases began feeding into the machine.
She heard control in her helmet “Releasing gravity in three, two… gravity free.” the operator said as she felt her craft slowly lift off the deck. She hit the lever to retract her landing gear and heard the servos wind them back into place.
Control continued “Launching in five, four, three, two… Launch, Launch, Launch.” As klaxons blazed and yellow hazard lights spun in the launch chamber the launch bay doors opened to the atmosphere and Fiora gunned the throttle – delighting in the throaty roar of the powerful engine and quickly accelerating out of the launch tube guided straight out the past the mighty prow of the carrier by unseen magnetic forces. She burst into the void, totally in her element, and rendezvoused with the attack wing holding at low orbit. DuGrae’s fury followed closely behind her. Fiora was watching her scope and taking roll call prior to starting the descent into atmosphere when DuGrae’s ship fell off her auspex scanner, she hailed her on comms.
“Raptor, I’ve lost your ship’s signature, how copy?” She said using DuGrae’s callsign.
“Copy your last Harpy, I’m still here on your six, I have activated my ship’s cloaking suite, you won’t see me and neither will the heretics, I’ll be scouting ahead to relay targeting data via our data tethers, over.”
A cloaking suite? Fiora wondered, now she was certain this woman wasn’t just some Naval Intelligence attaché; she was important, and she was here to make sure that this mission was completed.
“Copy your last Raptor, Harpy out.”
“Reaper, are we ready?” Fiora commed Graves with his callsign
“All units present and accounted for Harpy.” Graves responded.
“Lets Hunt.” Fiora chimed back as she took the lead and began the descent into the atmosphere.
Her squadron descended through the upper atmosphere, the heat of entry causing a small bead of sweat on Fiora’s brow, the craft punched through it and began atmospheric flight – gliding through high cloud layers to the lower atmosphere below. The land look idyllic from this height, the edge of the inland freshwater sea meeting the cliffs and beaches and branching out into low farmlands dotted with small farmhouses and barns. This was a feudal world, far different from large hive worlds or fortress worlds, much of the advanced technology of the Imperium was forbidden here as the populace was still very backward and had not fully accepted the Imperial Creed, cleaving to their ancestral heretical beliefs. They were not backward for lack of trying, the Imperial Ecclesiarchy had been ministering to the people of this world for years, but all had been for naught as the Allking had since fallen to heresy and enlisted the services of mutants and other heretics in open rebellion against the Imperium of Man.
Fiora knew from her command level secret briefings, recognizing the Emperor as god-king and refusing his tithe was the least among the Allking’s sins – he had attempted to murder a servant of the Emperor himself, an Inquisitor no less – he had failed in the attempt but it was now clear that there was no redemption for the people of Sophano Secundus, purgation was the kindest punishment as far as Fiora was concerned. She had seen what was beyond purgation, only once, as a lowly Valkyrie pilot on her first tour after flight school, a strange sickness had overtaken a frontier world, after attempts to cure the infection failed and the population became belligerent from the planetary quarantine a single black ship arrived from warp as she watched from her receding carrier. The ship launched a single projectile at least half a kilometer long, the flash on impact with the planet was tremendous, it blew clouds of ash across the entire planet inside of hours and then it all ignited in a holocaust like she had never seen before, and hope she’d never see again.
Fiora’s squadron quickly came into sensor range of the excavation site, shortly thereafter she began receiving the targeting data on the sight. Several Hydra self-propelled anti-aircraft guns as well as a few Manticore loaded out with surface to air missiles were present on the scans. There were also gun emplacements with heavy stubbers, a few autocannons, and multi-lasers evident from the scan. Fiora quickly called out targeting assignments to the Avenger Squadron, receiving confirmations across the board.
“Raptor, can you scramble the targeting on those Manticores long enough for the Avengers to make their attack run, over?” Fiora asked DuGrae, expecting to know the answer.
“Copy that Wolfpack Leader, over.” DuGrae responded shortly, Fiora took that as a yes, though it sounded like DuGrae was getting less amused with Fiora’s insights. Fiora made a mental note to back off on the questions, she dreaded any visits from the Officio Prefectus; Commissars were unsettling to be around to say the least.

“Wolfpack 1, begin attack run, Wolfpack 2 assume high cover and scan for any enemy aircraft.” Fiora ordered as she studied her display of the excavation site. It truly was massive, practically an entire hive city in length and breadth and she could tell there was still more buried beneath the earth. She marked several locations for bomb strikes from the marauders to hit and sent it via tight beam comms to terrestrial control. She then joined formation with the Avengers and dropped low, passing 10,000ft then 5,000ft, then 1,000ft and soon enough the squadron was skimming the treetops on the approach through a shallow valley toward the north of the capital city and the excavation site in the foothills. The ships buzzed along disturbing cattle grazing in a pasture and causing some draft animal led carts to panic on dirt roads below, this really was quite the backwater – Fiora thought to herself. The squadron buzzed through the valley, the pilots adeptly maneuvering their craft in formation, Fiora saw the valley come to and end at the foothills and knew just beyond line of sight to her port side would be the excavation site. She steeled herself and prepared for the rush of battle.
The Avenger Squadron broke out past the hills and mountains and out onto scrub plains, getting line of sight onto the excavation of the ancient and enormous vessel. Within seconds the opening pop of flak cannons and the thud of heavy bolters and stubbers began to reverberate off the hills. Fiora ordered her squadron to maximum speed, they were a blur as they closed the distance and prepared to open fire. They came into weapons range and Fiora called weapons free, fire at will.
Heavy bolter cannons and lascannon fire erupted from the screaming aircraft filling the air with superheated lascannon energy bolts that thudded into armored personnel carriers, gun emplacements, and several found their marks onto defending Hydras. The initial barrage was so fast and ferocious that the firepower of the defenders was immediately cut in half. Just before breaking off to make a second attack run Fiora launched two of her hellfire missiles, scoring a hit on an enemy Chimera and blowing up an already crippled Manticore. She saw as enemy footsoldiers on the ground opened up with harmless fire from crudely made lasguns and autoguns, the small arms plinked off the tough ceramite of her squadron. She saw one of the autocannon emplacements get off a lucky shot on an Avenger, causing a black trail from one of its engines – Fiora ordered the pilot to return to the terrestrial base for repairs planetside and regroup with the carrier later. She turned for her second attack run.
As the Avengers approached for their second run, she caught several new signatures on her scanner coming over a nearby hill, she turned to look and saw a half dozen Aquila Landers and a couple old model Valkyries loaded with missiles and heading straight for them. She was about to order her Squadron to break off and take evasive maneuvers when suddenly the enemy squadron was impacted from a high angle by multiple missiles launched from the overwatching Thunderbolt fighters. Autocannon and lascannon volleys eviscerated the remaining aircraft that rained down fiery debris from the sky like some kind of macabre confetti. Fiora sent a quick thanks to Graves leading the Thunderbolts and continued with her assault. The Avengers made quick work of the remaining defensive positions and the foot soldiers, clad in the local hodgepodge of crude metal armor mixed with scavenged militarum gear now marked with odd symbols and adorned with ornate and grisly decorations of bones and odd spikes that jutted out at odd angles. Fiora knew there was no understanding these heretics, there was only one solution she thought as she targeted a gun emplacement with a hellstrike and fired, her cogitator confirming a positive impacted. The emplacement disappeared in a conflagration that incinerated the crew manning it, men on fire stumbled and trip over low walls, sandbags, and each other. God-Emperor treat them fairly during their judgement, Fiora thought to herself as she peeled her Lighting to a higher overwatch position and called to the Marauders circling out of engagement range to make their bombing run. She circled up higher to meet the bombers with the Thunderbolts and provide them cover while they made their bombing run.
The Marauders approached the site, got their bomb sights on target and dropped enough ordinance to level a hive city. One, two, three… a dozen huge guided bombs with adamantium tips whistled toward the great old beast that was the titan barge. The bombs punched into the hull and penetrated deeply into the recesses of the vessel almost in a neat line along the center of the enormous vessel. A short delay thereafter and the explosions ripped open the craft from the inside, cracking open the ship like a ribcage from stem to stern, erupting with molten metal, ash and shrapnel raining down. Any defenders left after that began to flee as smoke poured from the excavation site and shrouded the ship obscuring it from view.
Fiora circled from high altitude with her squadron observing the wreckage, she flipped her visor down and cycled through visual filters to get a look through the smoke. Suddenly she caught a flare of heat in her vision, first a small spark she mistook as a fire caused by the bombing, then a huge signature flared to life and soon after a second signature lit up toward the opposite end of the barge. Energy beams lanced out from inside of the ship blue with heat and immediately destroyed two of her Thunderbolt fighters, knocking them out of the sky. Missiles streaked out of the ship and knocked out another Avenger.
“Break off, break off!” Fiora yelled “Take evasive maneuvers and deploy countermeasures! Avengers regroup on me for an attack run, Thunderbolts attack from Altitude, Marauders, provide fire support with your lascannon turrets from up high!”
Her airmen followed her orders without hesitation giving their acknowledgement. Meanwhile the two Ravager-class titans, glowing with unholy power stomped from the wreckage of the titan barge – their armor smoking and Ion Shields flaring against the fires around them. Their bright red optics burning hellishly in their mechanical heads. Lascannon rounds thumped into the one in front of Fiora, clad in burnt red armor panels, from the high up Marauders, impacting the titan’s Ion shield and causing know damage. The Massive war machine leveled its huge gatling laser and gatling cannon at the Marauders and began to fire. The aircraft withered under the blaze of intense fire, one then two are blow from the sky, two more break off and then are raked by the cannon fire, another sprouts a tail of flame and it begins to plummet to the ground. Fiora saw no crew bail out. The remaining Marauders try to gain altitude and escape the barrage, the titan pauses and unleashes a salvo of missiles from the pod on top of its carapace, catching the aircraft before they can break range with the demon engine.
“All units focus all remaining ordinance on the red titan!” Fiora ordered, fighting back the panic in her voice and pushing down a feeling of utter helplessness before such raw power. Her remaining Avengers wheeled on the towering machine and opened up with everything they had. As the Avenger’s gatling bolters whirred and berated the Ion Shields surrounding the beast, Fiora caught a faint glimmer in the shield as a bolt round broke through – she signaled the Thunderbolts with remaining missiles to launch at the titan and watch the first one impact the shield, then the second one streaked through and caught the beast full in the chest, then three, four, five missiles streaked in from various angles, one catching the machine in the connective area between armor plates and the head containing various sensors. Fiora swore she saw the eyes flicker and she lined up her own attack run, square at the monstrous war machine. She sped toward the murderous titan from behind it and unloaded every charge she could muster from her lascannons, blasting chunks of molten metal from the now burning machine. At the last possible moment she launched all her remaining missiles, dropped to the deck and throttled up the Lightning to top speed, feeling the g-forces suck her back into her seat as she screamed toward and through the gap in the titan’s legs as it was impacted by her missiles, the beast staggered from the impact, must have picked up Fiora on its sensors sending one final bolt of energy from its gatling laser which caught the edge of Fiora’s wing destroying some flight surfaces and forcing her to make quick adjustments to her flaps and slow down in order to prevent the lightning from tipping over and loosing control. She activated the fire suppression system in the wing and managed to put the fire out, she was still and could still flying and could still carry on the fight as the red titan’s eyes went bright red and the central core of the monstrosity went out of control blowing out the chest of the great machine and reducing the interior to complete slag in moments. Almost in slow motion, the chaos titan fell forward as it liquefied from the heat of the uncontrolled nuclear fire in its corrupted core and slammed into the ground its eyes going black.
“All units report in.” Fiora said breathlessly.
“Commander! Permission to fall back!” the response came from a near frantic Reaper, “We can’t continue this fight, were down to two Avengers and two Thunderbolts including me -AAAAHHGHH *EXPLOSION* *STATIC*…” Reaper screamed as the commlink went dead. Fiora turned to see the giant black Ravager as it moved with surprising agility through the smoke and swatted Reaper’s Thunderbolt out of the air with a huge, clawed fist.
“Do not fall back!” Fiora heard the crackle on the commlink, “This abomination cannot be allowed to leave here and spread corruption! It must be destroyed now by any means!”
Fiora was in a daze, she didn’t even recognize the voice at the other end of the commlink. She was down to a fraction of her command within hours, a mere three aircraft remained of the two dozen she started the mission with, so many good pilots – by the God Emperor this carnage must end, she thought as she fought off the despair.
“Regroup on me!” she commanded her remaining fighters. “Keep your distance, its faster than it looks!” she said as she saw the titan charge up the cannon on its right arm.
She adjusted her controls and increased her speed. Fiora fired round after round of lascannon fire into the titan desperately, seeing them caught by the ion shield and dissipated. The remaining Avengers opened up with their bolt cannons and spit hundreds of mass reactive rounds into the shielding, the Thunderbolt had one hellstrike missile left and let it fly while firing away with its remaining autocannon rounds and lascannons. The hellstrike missile streaked toward the titan and impacted the shield, detonating without doing any damage to the Ravager.
The Ravager opened up with its melta cannon and swept it across the attacking aircraft, Fiora saw it coming and her faster craft dodged out of the way. The two Avengers were not so lucky, they took the full force of the beam before they could react and were destroyed in a second. The titan caught the wing of the last thunderbolt with its melta cannon, as the aircraft spun wildly out of control toward the titan it struck out with its clawed fist and crushed the craft to the ground. The titan then rounded on Fiora’s Lightning and sent out tracer fire from heavy bolters and launched a missile from its back mount missile pod. The missile streaked toward Fiora, she had no way of dodging, the Lightning was damaged and slowing down, she closed her eyes and sent a silent prayer to the god-emperor.
Suddenly, the titan was struck from behind, one, two, three storm eagle missiles impacted the titan from behind, the forth intercepted the missile meant for her moments before impact. It was DuGrae, swooping down from high altitude and pounding away with the lascannons on her Fury Interceptor.
“Harpy, get back in the fight!” She yelled through the commlink “Are your weapons still operational?”
“Yes,” Fiora responded, “I still have both my lascannons operational.”
“Good.” said DuGrae, “I need you to help me soften up this abomination. We’ve just knocked down its Ion Shield, we have to act quickly before it recharges.”
“Okay, I‘m with you.” Fiora responded, running a quick diagnostic on her weapons systems to be certain.
“Allright, on me then!” DuGrae said as they both wheeled back to face death incarnate.
The two craft sped toward the reeling titan, still smoking from the hits by the storm eagles. Fiora’s sensor panel flared and her targeting alerts blared.
“Its charging its weapon!” Fiora commed to DuGrae
“Perfect,” DuGrae said calmly “That means it isn’t charging the Ion Shield. On my mark, open fire.”
Fiora acknowledged and focused on her targeting matrix.
“Ready…” DuGrae drew it out as they raced toward the titan again “Fire!” she yelled as they passed maximum effective range with the lascannons.
Fiora and DuGrae fired volley after volley of lascannon into the titan, draining their capacitors. The titan reeled from the hits, without the Ion Shield it was just a big walking tank, Fiora thought. The titan’s face plate was shorn off by a lascannon round revealing a hellish visage of demonic corruption beneath it, an actual huge biological eye stared out unblinkingly from the massive machine as spike tentacles uncurled from a disgusting maw full of sharp teeth. The creature within the great machine, howled, screeched, and bellowed all at the same time at the offending aircraft in seeming pain.
“By the Emperor!” Fiora exclaimed as she fired more lascannon rounds into the vile creature until her capacitors were exhausted and she broke off the attack run. As she and DuGrae broke off, the titan-creature shrieked, and unleashed the melta cannon. Fiora dodged as best she could rolling out of the path of the intense beam, but the beam caught a glacing blow on Dugrae’s Fury, hitting the vessel amidships and scoring a deep gash in the side of the fuelselage.
“Damn!” DuGrae exclaimed. “The beast hit our capacitors, I can’t recharge my lascannons.”
“I can still fight!” Fiora exclaimed, “My weapons are still online.”
“I can see your lascannons are still red hot from that last run” DuGrae observed “I’d be surprised if you got one round off before your barrels burst, and that won’t do. You’re a good pilot Harpy, we need you to stay in the fight. The Emperor needs you.”
“I won’t leave you and we can’t leave that monstrosity to reach the city and attack our main force, they don’t have the kind of armament needed to deal with this thing, they’ll be slaughtered!” Fiora replied.
“I am afraid this is going to be an order Lieutenant Commander, I order you to return to terrestrial base for repairs immediately. You’re not going to disobey a direct order from a superior officer are you? I need you to get clear, I have only one last trick left. Unfortunately, this will be my last mission. It was an honor flying with you Harpy. God-Emperor be with you. Now go!”

Fighting back a lone tear beneath her flight visor Fiora, turned her Lighting toward the beacon marking the forward operating base established by the ground forces from Treyptos. She watched as DuGrae banked and turned once again to face the behemoth.
DuGrae quickly sent off a tight beam communication to an orbital relay containing all of her mission data and hoped it made it back to the Fortress at Nemesis Tessera, she trusted they would be able to put together the pieces to finish the job. She unplugged her augmetics from the comms array after downloading, encrypting, and sending all the relevant data from her implant – it all took only moments with the high speed borderline heretical machine spirits that helped run the Inquisitorial Fury Interceptor, it’s the only way the small ship could translate into warp with just herself and her navigator in control. She glanced back at the psyker in his station, he was more augmetics than man at this point; helped him keep his sanity through all the warp translations, she thought.
“Gerard.” She said.
“Yes, Lydia.” He answered mechanically.
“This is going to be it for us. End of the road.” DuGrae explained.
“Oh joy.” He said flatly “You mean I won’t have to continually tear holes in space and time to pass through the immaterium and risk spontaneously mutating into a chaos beast?”, it was hard to tell with all the augmetics to his voice, but that level of sarcasm was impossible to miss.
“Yeah, I’ll miss your cheery disposition.” She said sardonically. “Unfortunately, I need you to do it for us one last time. I am going to head straight for the titan and on my mark I want you to activate the warp core.” DuGrae said without emotion.
“I am assuming you realize what that will do to us while on the surface of the planet?” Gerard queried rhetorically.
“Yes, I am aware, unfortunately I don’t see any other way.” She said finally.
“Very well.” Gerard said simply “It’s been a pleasure.”
“Likewise.” DuGrae said.
“Really?” Gerard asked.
“No, not really, you complained entirely too much for a half-lobotomized servitor for my taste.” DuGrae quipped.
“Awwwww…” Gerard said, “I will miss our conversations.’
“On my mark, activate the warp core.” DuGrae commanded.
“Acknowledged.” Gerard stated, for the first time, without any sarcastic remarks.
DuGrae completed her long turn back toward the titan who had now begun to cross open ground away from the excavation site and started pounding toward the capital and the Militarum column heading toward the city to commence the purgation. She locked the autopilot targeting to heart of the deamon engine’s core signature and punched the engines to maximum. The Fury soared toward the demonic horror encased within the war machine, increasing its velocity with every passing second. The machine’s sensors picked up her signature, her cloaking suite was out since that glancing blow, but it wasn’t going to matter. Lucky for her, this titan was not equipped with a full complement of missiles, all it had now were a few pintle mounted heavy bolters and the enormous melta cannon which began charging. The heavy bolters were fairly short ranged but opened up anyway on the rapidly approaching craft, the bolter rounds flying wild and wide as the Fury sped towards her target. The range closed… 1000 meters, 500 meters, 100 meters:
“Mark!” DuGrae yelled.

Gerard activated the warp core and everything went black.
From a distance, it appeared that light and matter bent inward on itself, within the planetary gravity the warp core was for all intents and purposes a localized black hole that had the effect of a fusion bomb. A hole was ripped into the immaterium for a millisecond; the bubble of warp energies was contained within the Fury’s Gellar field which activated simultaneously. Both the Fury and the Ravager were engulfed in the bubble of roiling light and smoke and explosions, and suddenly the bubble imploded and was gone, leaving a perfectly spherical smoking crater where the Fury had been and the titan had stood. Now there was no longer a trace of either.
Fiora saw the flash of light in the rearview of her fighter. She was jealous. She dreaded her return to the base and the Lord Ordamros as the sole survivor of the fated mission, she regretted not dying herself for the glory of the Emperor, the highest honor she could hope achieve. She knew the debriefing’s to come and the inquires… and probably a visit from the officio prefectus. She just had to be lucky, she thought to herself.
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2023.03.30 17:30 hallach_halil Halil's top 10 offensive tackles of the 2023 NFL Draft:

Halil's top 10 offensive tackles of the 2023 NFL Draft:


We’ve arrived at the big-boy portion of our positional draft rankings! After already breaking down the best running backs, linebackers, wide receivers and cornerbacks of this class, we will spend these next two weeks talking about the guys inside the trenches both inside and out for offense and defense – and we are starting with the offensive tackle position!
I believe there are four small-dunk first-round players among this group, who can all be week-one starters, with varying degrees of technical advancement compared to physical upside. After that, there are five names, who I’d have no problem with all going inside the top-75, including a couple of athletic specimen, who aren’t close to the potential of players they can become one day. At number ten, there’s one more highly talented prospect, who may actually go earlier than a few names I have listed above him, based on the ceiling he presents. After that, you’re looking at more so serviceable players, who will largely be backups, along with a couple of underdeveloped kids you may want to take a flyer on day three, if you have the edges of your O-line secured for now.
Just to clarify – North Dakota State’s Cody Mauch will see his name listed among the interior offensive line.
Here’s how I have this group stacked up:


1. Paris Johnson, Ohio State

6’6”, 315-pounds; RS SO

The top-rated offensive tackle in the 2020 class, Johnson saw the field for just 22 snaps as a true freshman, before taking over as the full-time starter at right guard in ’21 and earning second-team All-Big Ten honors (13 games). Last year he improved to consensus first-team and second-team All-American this past year, when he moved out to left tackle. His steady presence on C.J. Stroud’s blindside enabled the Buckeyes to finish first (45.7) and second (44.2) respectively in points per game in FBS these past two seasons.

+ The grip strength, demeanor and leg-drive are all there in the run game and he really works up through contact to create that momentum
+ Out at tackle, he can really widen that edge and cover up guys responsible for contain, routinely allowing backs to stretch out and get out to the corner or cut underneath, At guard, you saw him come in from the side on nose-tackles to push them over into the opposite A-gap, so that guy can’t two-gap
+ Shows the hip mobility to reach-block three-techniques, as well as come off combos late and get a piece of the linebacker, while having some extra room for error if his angles up to the second level aren’t perfect
+ With the way he covers ground on zone concepts, Johnson can execute fold-blocks and make the job easier for the guard inside of him, to just seal the down-lineman
+ Swiftly establishes the inside foot and gets his base turned, in order to force edge defenders to have to go through him on the backside of gap schemes
+ Gets after second-level defenders with tremendous urgency and you actually see him seal off true MIKEs straight over the center at times
+ His dexterity to twist defenders and get his lower body turned simultaneously to open up lanes is highly impressive, You saw that when LBs try to blitz the play-side gap and he pins them away from it, to present a wide hole (B-gap at guard)
+ Displays good awareness for defenses walking down a linebacker late outside him and how that changes responsibilities on run schemes
+ Clearly has that mobility to play in space, with impressive success getting his hands on corners and safeties in the screen game

+ Johnson features a well-coordinated, patient kick-slide and uses his wingspan well to not present a free B-gap
+ Arms for days at just over 36 inches and edge rushers have to take wider angles consistently, while being able to stab with the inside arm at the near-shoulder to actively elongate those
+ With those long branches and strong upper body to control rushers even if his elbows are outside his frame
+ Smooth lateral mover, to stay in front of inside counters and help out on the interior in a hurry, if his man drops out
+ It also enables him to slide in front of interior linemen in the play-action game and full-line slides before they can even get that first step down regularly
+ When defenders sell out for the bull-rush and create movement, Johnson can increase his step frequency and knee bend to re-anchor effectively
+ No problem at all flipping and riding aggressive upfield rushers towards his own end-zone
+ Shows the ability to recover and still ride loopers off track, as he has to transition on delayed T-E twists
+ Playing at guard, you saw Johnson actively looking for work if he doesn’t have a direct assignment, delivering some significant chips from the side, And that transitioned along with moving out to tackle, where week one against Notre Dame, the next-closest rusher ended up being in the A-gap and he still made sure that guy hit the ground
+ Did allow two sacks last year, but only one other QB hit across 910 pass-blocking snaps since the start of 2021 (26 non-sack pressures)

– His base can get a little narrow as he churns his legs in the run game and it may lead to him landing on the turf more regularly against pros
– Tends to stop his feet when he throws his hands and heavily relies on the two-handed punch – he will need to adapt more independent hand usage
– His hands overall are pretty high and wide, particularly picking up loopers and blitzers
– There’s room to still get stronger, when it comes to swallowing initial power and snatch guys late, not allowing them to escape as plays are being extended
– Can overstride at times selling play-action and allow his D-end to slip inside of him

Based on his height and general skill-set, Johnson was a miscast at right guard as a redshirt freshman in 2021, but did show he can excel in the run game right away. Once he moved to his designated position at left tackle this past season, the pass-blocking skills were able to shine as well. He’s one of the smoothest athletes you will find for the position, yet has the strength in his hands to take control in both facets of the game. Where I do believe he needs to improve is not using two-handed punches regularly and his base to anchor against power leaves things to be desired at this point. Considering what an easy mover he is and the length he possesses to counter-act that, those should be fixable areas though. I do believe he’s best suited for a zone-based rushing attack, where his mobility and leg-drive can really shine, rather than just blowing defenders off the ball vertically, but there’s upside to utilize him even more as a puller across the formation or out towards the perimeter. I don’t see Johnson making it out of the top-15.


2. Broderick Jones, Georgia

6’5″, 315 pounds; JR

Right outside the top-10 overall recruits in 2020, Jones only started four games over his first two seasons (all at left tackle in 2021). He ook over on the blindside this past season and was absolutely dominant, paving the way for a Georgia offense that averaged 500 yards and 41.1 points per game (fifth nationally), which made it all the way to an undefeated championship season (their second straight title). Jones himself was named first-team All-SEC.

+ Jones has good girth in all the right areas, without any excess weight in the mid-section
+ Imposing road-grader in the run game, Gets after people whether the score is 0-0 or his team is up by 50
+ This guy regularly tosses the edge defender on the front-side of zone runs out of the way and forces linebackers to fill the B-gap in a hurry
+ Can absolutely blow D-tackles off their landmarks when coming in on an angle on double-teams, particularly in short-yardage and goal-line situations
+ If he gets underneath the arm-pit of linemen, he can wash them down and create significant cutback opportunities, And he has the grip strength to twist defenders out of running lanes, even if he can’t block down on an angle
+ Understands when he has to add a gather-step against wider alignments, to not presents easy opportunities for edge defenders to jump inside of his blocks
+ On combo-blocks his eyes are usually up and he doesn’t struggle to work up to the backer with space, with the force in his hands to shove them to the ground
+ Regularly was utilized as a puller on GT power, where he’s light on his feet as he skips out of his stance but heavy at contact, and has the reactionary agility to adjust on the fly
+ This dude is scary to be in front of on screens and pulling out to the corner, where most defenders try to go low on him, to avoid getting thrown around

+ Even if his technique isn’t perfect yet, Jones presents the athletic lower half and strong upper body to ride edge rushers off track
+ If defenders go into the chest of him, they quickly realize there’s not much they can do anymore
+ You rarely see guys turn the corner when engaged with Jones, where they try to dip-and-rip, but he still guides them enough off track to not affect the QB
+ He packs a lot of strength in those hands, to widen their arc significantly or push them into the pile, if they try to quickly crash inside
+ Linebackers trying to get around Jones on delayed blitzes seem to have no clue how to actually approach this and are content with just standing there with his arms extended
+ When Jones’ guy slants away from him and he’s unoccupied, he delivers some devastating rib-shots on somebody tangled up with one of his teammates
+ Watching the 2022 season-opener 49-3 destruction of Oregon, the pass-pro reps for Jones was so clean throughout the day and he completely shut guys out trying to work against him
+ Wasn’t responsible for a single sack and just nine other pressures across 470 pass-blocking snaps this past season
+ Ran the best 40 time among all O-linemen in Indy this year at 4.97 and his movement during the on-field drills was well-coordinated

– His feet can get a little heavy late and defenders are able to work off his blocks, where you’d want more flexion in the lower rather than upper half, and that’s in part due to imperfect hand-placement
– Too often in 2022, you’d see Jones drop his eyes when initiating contact in both facets of the game, and defenders being able to pull him off
– Makes himself vulnerable to inside counters on a regularly basis, when he should keep his shoulders and hips squared, but instead opens up to the edge rusher, who doesn’t even have the angle to beat him around the corner
– When he did face a legit speed-rusher in LSU’s B.J. Ojulari, you saw him punch with the outside hand and had that left foot in the air as well, creating a soft shoulder to get past
– Has to do a better job of coming to balance at times when working up the field in the screen game, as guys have the ability to side-step him

This is still clearly an ascending tackle prospect, who won’t turn 22 years old until after the draft and only logged 19 career starts at the Bulldogs. However, his natural talent stood out right away and he was already one of the premiere players at his position in his first season as a full-time starters, despite facing a loaded slate of SEC edge defenders. Now, some of those guys were actually the ones who gave him trouble, because they could threaten the edges of his frame off the snap and were more technically advanced, but there’s no reason to believe he won’t be able to get to that level sooner rather than later, with the natural power he possesses and the awareness he showed as a young player already. I want to see him eliminate this nasty little habit of not keeping his chin up, but in terms of brute force in the run game and ability to snatch up pass-rushers, he has a chance to turn into the most complete guy of the bunch.


3. Peter Skoronski, Northwestern

6’4”, 300 pounds; JR

Slightly outside the top-100 overall recruits in 2020, Skoronski stepped in at left tackle as a true freshman and was named to the All-Freshman team, when Rashawn Slater decided to sit out the season due to COVID concerns. Then he improved to a first-team All-Big Ten performer in 2021, which he repeated this past season, along with being a unanimous first-team All-American. His grandfather Bob Skoronski was a starter and team captain for all five of Vince Lombardi’s championship teams.

+ The best compliment I can give Skoronski is that his tape can be almost boring at times, because every rep is clean and there’s not much to note
+ His aiming points and angles are excellent for such a young player
+ Operates from a wide base and with good leg-drive, while lifting up through contact with his elbows in tight
+ Does well to establish positioning with the inside foot sealing edge defenders on the backside of run concepts
+ Gets underneath the arm pit of D-tackles on angular blocks and rides them down the line
+ Brings plus grip strength and ability to twist bodies to expand running lanes, along with the dexterity to keep his hands latched as defenders try to slip or turn away from contact
+ Consistently works with square shoulders and stays tight to his teammate on vertical combos, to maximize force and not allow defenders to split those
+ Patient and under control working up to the second level, being able to get under the chest with great consistency
+ Also getting out to the corner on fly sweeps or those completely horizontal handoffs, he rarely overruns targets, just blindly hustling out there
+ Somehow people are inferring that Skoronski isn’t a great athlete, when he tested in the 70th percentile or better among all combine events other than the three-cone and his jumps were 96th and 97th percentile respectively

+ Already a very sound and comfortable pass-protector, who consistently is first off the ball, gets to his landmarks and doesn’t throw his technique out of the window
+ Shows an understanding for the depth of the pocket and how to manipulate rush angles, along with the easy lateral movement to mirror guys across multiple moves
+ Adjusts the length of his initial dependent on where combat will occur and is able beat wide-nine alignments to the spot
+ His hands are so consistent with landing inside the frame of rushers and controlling reps, because they typically stay attached throughout
+ Varies his approach and excels at using his arms in independent fashion, whether he’s trying to widen guys with the inside hand or wants to take charge off them on power rushes
+ Rarely does his weight shift too far to the outside foot and he’s ready to negate angles as guys are trying to slice through the inside shoulder
+ Extends his inside arm when deciphering through the pressure and is ready to redirect towards guys slanting to the B-gap if there’s no threat off the edge
+ His feel for shuffling along and how to pick up loopers with the two-handed strike, to guide their path is impressive for a young player
+ Allowed just two sacks on nearly 700 snaps as a true freshman and did the same in ’21 on over 800, along with 18 additional pressures, However he quietly just had his best season in that regard (one sack, two QB hits and three hurries)

– The big hold-up with Skoronski of course is only having 32 and ¼-inch arms, while I also believe he played below 310-pound mark
– You see edge rushers really create problems for him with long-arm maneuvers, where he can’t place his hands or has the kind of super-strong base to just swallow those
– It can also show up in the run ground where guys can just out-reach him and therefore pull him off when leaning into contact
– Doesn’t create a whole lot of knock-back at first contact with his strike generally and you rarely see him take linebackers for a ride, the way you’d like to
– While I love with how much control he plays, at times I’d appreciate a little more urgency to just negate space in the first instance rather than trying to establish position

At the risk of sounding like a cop-out, it’s pretty easy to find a comparison in terms of player profile for Skoronski, if we just go to the guy he replaced at Northwestern, in Rashawn Slater. I do believe the now-Pro Bowler was a greater athlete, particularly with some of the insane stuff he did in the weightroom, to balance out length concern. However, Skoronski is clearly the most technically advanced tackle in the 2023 class. The way he fits his hands and is able to transfer force from the ground up in the run game, along with reading rushers and using different combat-maneuvers to counter them, are tremendous. There’s not much to criticize on tape, but you just wonder how high his ceiling may be, due to always having a disadvantage in that one area. Ultimately, I believe a team will start him out at tackle and he will play it at a pretty high level, but he transitions inside a couple of years into his pro career. Having him down at number three almost feels wrong, but it only speaks to the strength of the top of this class, as Skoronski will be a top-15 overall prospect for me.


4. Darnell Wright, Tennessee

6’6”, 335 pounds; SR

The number two offensive tackle recruit in 2019 behind only Alabama standout and now-Giant Evan Neal, Wright started seven of eleven games as a true freshman (five at right tackle, two at right guard) and then nine of ten available for in year two (all at RT). In 2021 he started all 13 games at left tackle and helped the Tennessee offense score a team-record 511 points, before moving back to the right side this past season, when the Vols immediately broke that record (599) and Dwight was recognized individually as a first-team All-SEC performer.

+ When you look at this guy, everything you see screams “power” at you
+ Shows a natural ability to sink his hips and work up through contact, to create movement on angular blocks
+ You’re just not going to rock this guy’s pads backwards or squeeze him down on backside seal-blocks
+ Has the explosiveness out of his stance to work cross-/fold-blocks and skip pulls in the run game
+ For a man his size, the agility in short areas and flexibility in his lower half to reach-block edge defenders on fly sweeps is pretty impressive
+ Just engulfs smaller bodies stepping down or replacing edge defenders, when he comes across the line on kick-outs
+ Really strong with that inside arm, to extend and create that little bit of extra movement, while riding bodies on the interior into the trash when given the opportunity
+ Can create some significant momentum on B-gap defenders as the angular element to combo blocks by accelerating his feet through the target
+ Showcases the dexterity to keep his hands in place with the hips of the man he’s responsible for, as they’re trying to slice past, and he rides them off their landmarks
+ Doesn’t look uncomfortable getting out in space and has the natural power to put defenders on the ground by just getting a hand on them

+ His feet are quick enough to match legit speed off the edge and then sit down to not allow himself to be ridden into the quarterback’s space at the top of the arc
+ Shows good awareness for that platform of the guy padding the ball back there and when to flip with the rusher, to ride him past that point
+ His base is so strong, that even when rushers seem to set up speed-to-power well, Wright can stymie their charge and force them to look for different strategies
+ Can work in some independent hand usage to keep rushers in line with his frame, along with really snatching cloth and dropping his hips, in order to take control of reps
+ Displays impressive body-control, to quickly puts his outside foot back down and mirror inside moves, even by twitchy guys at nearly 100 pounds less
+ Once rushers get off balance, he can quickly put them on the ground and exploits of the opportunity to jump on top of them
+ Extremely battle-tested against a collection of impressive SEC edge rushers and more than held his own – Allowed just one hurry all day against Alabama in 2022, largely going up against a lock for the top-five in Will Anderson, who simply couldn’t work his typical speed-to-power against him
+ Didn’t give up a single sack and just eight total pressures across 507 pass-blocking snaps this past season

– Carries a little excess weight in the mid-section I’d say and he’s not quite up to par with the top-three guys in terms of foot quickness
– Doesn’t consistently play up to his size and brings the aggression to create displacement in the run game, while other times he gets his weight shifted too far out in front as he really goes for it (partially due to the type of offense the Volunteers ran)
– Gets too far over his skis at times and ends up stumbling forward when he can’t connect with his hands as D-linemen reduce their surface area
– While you like the mobility to get to the second level, he doesn’t break down and secure blocks consistently enough to take care of his assignments
– Regularly late off the snap and has a certain up-kick to his pass-sets, which didn’t become as much of a problems with less than a quarter of his work being labelled as “true pass-sets” by PFF (tons of RPOs, screens, etc.)

I’ve been a fan of Wright for a while now and he’s been ascending his draft stock throughout this process. He came in at a massive 342 pounds for Senior Bowl week, yet he showcased impressive movement skills, effortlessly mirroring a couple of spin moves, along with taking the fight to more power-based string, showcasing his strong upper half. Then he moved around extremely well during the on-field drills at the combine and you heard those bags pop when he landed his punches in pass-pro. This guy has 2746 career snaps with full years starting at both left and right tackle, put together an incredible track record against a murderous row of SEC edge defenders. So I have no doubt that he should and will go in the first round. I’d like to see him enforce his power on a more consistent basis and there’s a little bit of a tweak that he has to work on his kick-slide, but I don’t think there’s much of a gap between him and what is generally accepted as the “big three” at offensive tackle.


5. Dawand Jones, Ohio State

6’6”, 350 pounds; SR

Just outside the top-1000 overall recruits in 2019, Jones appeared in nine games as a true freshman and then in six of eight contests in the COVID-shortened following campaign, including his first start, In 2021, he started all 13 games and was a second-team All-Big Ten selection for the Buckeyes, which he repeated this past season, Then last year he was a second-team All-American, as a mainstay on that right edge

+ Massive upper half and can knock defenders off balance when he just lands those hands in the run game, And with the long arms he can deliver that last push to get the man further off track to create room late
+ I thought overall Jones’ urgency off the snap and willingness to impose himself physically was a lot better in 2022
+ You see him dish out some literal two-handed shoves to blow the front-side wide open
+ When he grabs the shoulder-plate and extends though, you see put guys flat on their backs at times, especially linebackers mugged up in the gap
+ If D-ends try to crash across him face on the backside of zone runs, he will wash them way down the line and optically show the ball-carrier to cut back behind him
+ Because of how massive he is, when he tries to reach-block guys on the edge, they often try to peak around and get off balance, to where he can ride them along and allow the back to stay behind his block
+ Yet, if he’s tasked with simply sealing the back-side, extending that outside arm in the chest of edge guys and bringing the opposite hip-around is very effective
+ When he arrives at the party, with no direct assignment, he can help move the significantly and allow the ball-carrier to hide behind that wall or push through it
+ Some of his tape is just hilarious to watch, when he puts guys on the ground seemingly without breaking a sweat

+ Offers a quick jump out of his stance to cut off the angle for edge rushers, has his hands ready at his mid-section and is patient with his punch
+ The way he snatches and traps guys when they do get closer to his body makes him basically negate guys completely
+ His insane 7’6” wingspan allows him to constantly put a hand on defenders before those guys could even get to his frame, and it gives him a ton of room for error in his technique
+ If guys try to loop wide around him and don’t actively try to find an angle, he’s fine sitting back and waiting there, but if he does go for it, those long arms can really stymie rushers in their approach
+ Even if the outside hand is swatted away, he can push guys further off track by still reaching them with the other arm
+ When he does overset and rushers create that lane to the quarterback seemingly going underneath, Jones is typically able to ride those guys across the QB’s face, to leave him unaffected
+ Buries guys underneath himself with regularity, if they shift their momentum too far out in front
+ After surrendering three sacks and eight other pressures in 2021, Jones didn’t even allow his quarterback to be hit once due to him last year and only hurried five times
+ PFF awarded him with their highest pass-blocking efficiency of any draft-eligible tackle at 99.4 last season

– You see Jones just throw his hands and not move his lower body at times, when he can’t get his body positioned accordingly throughout run plays
– Appears disoriented when his initial assignment is changed post-snap and he has to come up solutions on the fly in that regard
– The way he puts his hands on the face-mask of defenders and some of the pull-downs will be flagged more regularly at the pro level
– Short-setting guys and forcing them to go way around him, because of his size and length, was an effective strategy at the college level, but that won’t fly in the NFL
– At this point, Jones does get by with his massive frame and length along with natural strength, which won’t be as prevalent going against pro players, who will force him to get on their level technically

Jones only took part in the first practice at the Senior Bowl, but he just stood out from the moment he stepped on the field with his giganteous size and unheard of wingspan. Edge defenders quickly realized that they weren’t going to get through his chest, but the one rep that really stood out to me came during individual run-blocking, where he was supposed to reach-block his man but didn’t gain enough ground laterally with that first step, yet he was able to create so much torque on the far-shoulder of his man, that he ended up turning and pinning that guy inside anyway. That’s what you’re dealing with here – an absolute mountain of a man, whose strength and length give him a lot of room for error and when he puts it altogether, he can dominate people. Now, while he has definitely shown technical development, he does heavily rely on his natural gifts and will have to overhaul his pass-sets in order to actually cut off angles for more talented and crafty NFL rushers than he’s faced so far. However, he has things you can’t teach and the potential(!) to become a more athletic version of Orlando Brown down the road.


6. Anton Harrison, Oklahoma

6’4″, 310 pounds; JR

A four-star recruit in 2020, Harrison already logged over 1000 snaps at left tackle through his first two seasons with the Sooners. As a junior, he started all but on one of 12 regular season game on the blindside yet again (one at right tackle and opted out of the Cheez-It Bowl) and received more recognition on a national scale, when he was named a first-team All-Big 12 performer.

+ Presents an athletic frame with minimal excess weight and long arms (34 and ¼)
+ Can create some knock-back as he lands his hands inside the frame of defenders, shoving linebackers off track regularly
+ Last season I thought he was more assertive near the point of attack, to drive-block edge defenders or block down on three-techniques and get guys off their landmarks
+ You see him lift stand up D-tackles in order for fellow linemen wrap around behind him regularly
+ On the backside of wide zone runs, if linebackers try to shoot the B-gaps Harrison hits and rides them way down the line, to open up massive cutback lanes behind him
+ When guys try to dip underneath him or get around blocks, Harrison typically rides them towards his own end-zone to blow the front-side open
+ Has the quick burst to help secure the down-linemen on combo blocks and then deliver some force to open up a lane inside of them as somebody from the second level behind it steps down
+ Bends off the inside foot and uncoils force through defenders in the hole wrapping around on powecounter schemes
+ Frequently is able to face-plant defenders as he catches them off balance, with one foot off the ground, with the triceps strength to extend and push them down
+ Makes the job of his teammates a lot easier, when he’s passing off down-linemen on front-side combos by extending with the inside arm and allowing the guy next to him to bring his base and secure the block
+ Rarely overruns his targets in space and forces guys to work around him consistently, being able to put his hands on third-level defenders in the screen game
+ His 4.98 in the 40 was tied for the second-best mark among all offensive linemen at the combine

+ There’s good rhythm and a certain calmness in his kick-slide, with the light feet to guide edge defenders around the loop
+ Times up his strike as rushers try to throw their hands, frequently hitting them as they’re off balance and taking them to the ground every once in a while
+ His initial hand-placement may not be great always and he gets caught with his elbow out wide, but he does work to re-fit them and finds way to gain control
+ And he finds ways to maximize his length to out-reach his man
+ Can really snatch rushers as he grabs cloth of guys trying to work through him, without giving them a lane to escape
+ Plays under good control generally and doesn’t overreact to defensive movement, picking up games and mirroring guys with space to work
+ Smoothly transitions from the slanting linemen to the looper on E-T twists
+ Has some impressive recovery moments on tape, where rushers have him on skates and he’s somehow able to drop his anchor due to his high-level balance
+ Allowed just one sack and eight hurries (no QB hits) across 447 pass-blocking snaps in '22

– Can’t reduce his height very well and you can see them roll his weight over his shoulders at times trying to establish contact with smaller linebackers
– Doesn’t set the tone in the run game like you’d want to see for that size, having to become more effective with his hand-placement and re-work the way he transitions force from the ground up
– You see some of that as well in the pass game, when his chest folds forward instead of working with sink in his hips and then he kind of tries to chase after guys up the arc, where if timed correctly can leave the inside lane to the QB completely free
– Carries his hands fairly low and comes in wide with the punch, to where guys who sell out on attacking his chest can take him for a ride a few times, as he doesn’t seem ready to land his hands – You see that at times when he’s not ready for somebody coming his way on twists
– There’s a few reps, where he tries to ride edge rushers up the field, but he doesn’t maintain contact and that guy is able to slip underneath him

It’s never easy projecting tackles in particular going from offensive systems that relied heavily on a few run concepts, off which they build their RPO game and offer limited reps for pass-protectors to prove themselves. The areas of weakness in Harrison’s game right now are pretty clear – he struggles to bend at the knees and maximizing his power in the run game, while his hands and feet aren’t married regularly enough in pass-pro. On the Brightside, he does bring plenty of shock in his hands and well-coordinated movement to work to the second level, while being light on his feet to deal with speed off the edge and being able to clamp down on guys once he takes control of reps. There is a fairly steep learning curve in front of him, but he has all the physical tools and the mindset to become a plus starter on the blindside, which is why he regularly finds his name late in first-round mock drafts.


7. Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse

6’5”, 320 pounds; RS JR

Just inside the top-1000 overall recruits in 2019, Bergeron played in 12 and started five game as a true freshman. Other than missing two games this past season, he started all of the other 34 games, with all but three of those at left tackle. He earned honorable mention and then second-team All-ACC accolades most recently, whilst being a team captain in 2022.

+ Nice girth throughout his frame and effectively rolls his hips through contact to create movement in the run game
+ Even with sub-optimal hand-placement, he can widen the edge pretty consistently on the front-side of zone concepts
+ Shows a strong grip with the inside hand, which doesn’t allow edge defenders to back-door or slip his blocks typically
+ When having to block down on three-techniques who aggressively try to get through his gap, Bergerson does well to get his hand on the defenders’ hip and use that momentum against that guy
+ Does well to on hinge-blocks and just get the job done when tasked with sealing guys on the backside of concepts
+ In formations with a tight-end next to him, where the C-gap was uncovered, Bergeron effectively was able to able to pick up and ride smaller bodies at the edge of the box out of the picture
+ You really like what he presents blocking on the move, sweeping around the edge and taking linebackers for a ride or blowing DBs trying to set the edge out of the picture
+ Was utilized on some skip-pulls, where he would wrap around on GT power plays and looked pretty light on his feet to get to his landmarks

+ Shows a real plan in his approach as a pass-protector, changing up between quick sets, jumping out of his stance aggressively versus speed-based rushers, etc.
+ Covers a ton of ground in his kick-sets in order to counter true speed-balls off the edge
+ Carries his hands at his hips and is ready to punch and counter the movement of rushers
+ Will land some surprise stabs quickly at the chest of rushers, to throw off the timing of the moves they want to set up
+ Displays the body-control to re-anchor even when it looks like power rushers are under control of reps
+ Transitions well on twists by the D-line, whether it’s the strong base to absorb force by the initial slanter or the lateral agility to slide in front of the secondary looper
+ Quickly redirects from the initial kick to a lateral shuffle in order to help out or take over stunting interior defenders, if his man on the edge peels off
+ Generally can use the momentum of defender to guide them away from the quarterback
+ Takes advantages of chances to pull off-balance rushers to the ground and pins them down there
+ While he was officially charged for five sacks by PFF last season, in terms of total pressures he was at 12 compared to 11 the year prior, with 770 combined pass-blocking snaps

– His hands regularly start off high and wide already and he minimizes the force he can apply in the run game, as well as make him vulnerable to get flagged, because the refs can see everything
– Pro Football Focus only credited his with 33 positively graded run plays last season, which I wouldn’t judge as such (in terms of a net plus), but in terms of having his hands latched onto the aiming points, that number is probably about right
– Tends to pick up his inside foot too much, as he’s trying to gain ground vertically in his pass-sets and becomes vulnerable against guys with a great long-arm – Clemson’s Myles Murphy was in control of that matchup for most of the day, even if Myles didn’t get to finish many plays
– Edge rushers frequently are the ones to get their arms inside and Bergeron ends up with his elbows out wide, which limits his ability to slow down power

Bergeron has nearly put together the exact same resume during his pre-draft process as Tennessee’s Darnell Wright. Throughout Senior Bowl week, I thought his movement skills in pass-protection were highly impressive, not allowing guys to gain an angle on the quarterback, as well as being able to mirror and shut down some challenging counter moves. And while he didn’t test at the combine, he had a tremendous on-field workout. He looked so light-footed, changed directions and reacted to the coaches’ indications without any issues. His hand-placement in both facets of the game drove me wild at times on tape, but that area already looked improved down in Mobile and I also understand that he will receive the type of coaching to see major benefits. How well he carries 320 pounds, being able to cover ground vertically and horizontal in protection, is rare – and he doesn’t even yet take great advantage of his play-strength all the time. I would not be shocked if he ends up being one of the last few picks of the first round and he’s probably a top-50 lock.


8. Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland

6’6”, 320 pounds, RS SR

The rest of the analysis can be found here!


9. Tyler Steen, Alabama

6’5”, 315 pounds; RS SR


10. Blake Freeland, BYU

6’8″, 305 pounds; RS JR

The next names up:

Jordan McFadden (Clemson) Wanya Morris (Oklahoma), Ryan Hayes (Michigan), Richard Gouraige (Florida), Warren McClendon Jr. (Georgia), Asim Richards (North Carolina) & Carter Warren (Pittsburgh)

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2023.03.30 16:39 Various-Fly7704 $EPAZ highlighted here: North American Military Drone Market's Dominant Export Of Military UAVs Worldwide Is Booming

North American Military Drone Market's Dominant Export Of Military UAVs Worldwide Is Booming
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Other recent developments in the markets of note include

EHang Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: EH), the world's leading autonomous aerial vehicle ("AAV") technology platform company, recently announced that its EH216 passenger-grade AAV has completed its first passenger-carrying autonomous flight demonstration within Japan, which also marks the first passenger-carrying flight for an autonomous eVTOL aircraft in Japan. Today, the EH216 flew with two passengers and no pilot onboard for a trip along the stunningly beautiful coastline of Tanoura Beach in Oita city, under the approval of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism ("MLIT") of Japan.

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Raytheon Technologies (NYSE: RTX)recently delivered all 23 contracted Joint Precision Approach and Landing Systems low-rate production units to the U.S. Navy on time or ahead of schedule.

JPALS is a software-based GPS navigation and precision approach landing system that guides aircraft onto carriers and amphibious assault ships regardless of sea state or weather conditions, bolstering safety and operational capability. It is integrated on the F-35 and was recently sold to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

"This is a significant milestone for the JPALS team and highlights the incredible efforts of hundreds of our teammates over the past decade who developed and now have fully delivered these critical systems that our Warfighters and International Partners need," said Capt.Kevin Watkins, program manager for Naval Air Traffic Management Systems (PMA-213) at the Naval Air Systems Command. "This team overcame many barriers over the past several years, successfully achieving the required outcome to deliver all of the capabilities needed, on time and affordably."

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