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News, events, and general noise related to the great state of Texas!

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Discussion on the happenings of Pearland, TX, one of the fastest growing and most diverse cities in the nation!

2023.06.04 00:09 Mysterious-Habit-649 SECU mortage fthb

Anyone able to shed light on the SECU mortgage time line? Was preapproved, found a house, went under contract, completed inspection, got insurance, just completed appraisal… Set to close in a couple weeks and wondering what comes next? VOE? Land Surv.? Do I need to get in front of completing anything else? I’ve never met with the attorney because the agent is handling that…should I have spoken with them yet? 👀 Working with the processor and wondering at what point this will go to underwriting! I’m a FTHB. Thanks 🙏
(Someone on here shared they had an experience with SECU where they had been preapproved and, right before closing, were told they didn’t qualify after all. Has anyone had that happen??? I would hope that, this far into the process that won’t be me!!!)
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2023.06.04 00:07 ImQsq [NM] TRM Neutron 2 - 110@$2

TRM Neutron 2 w/ extras
Timestamp/pics: https://imgur.com/a/m2ZV0VJ
$165 Knife only
$95 for Fat CF scales
Escrow: No
Pay via PayPal FRIENDS AND FAMILY with NO NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do not click "paying for goods and services" or "add purchase protection"
Waitlist calls will receive one spot, unless a quantity is specified in the call.
If a called spot is already taken, a random will be assigned in its place, unless otherwise specified.
If your call is ambiguous (ex: "I'll take 3"), I will make my best guess as to what you intend (spot 3 or 3 randoms), but please be clear if you don't want to leave it to chance.
TRM Neutron 2, 20CV. Second owner. Blade was sharpened by previous owner. Not the prettiest job, but it's sharp and free of any chips. Blade is centered. Clip has minor wear. Includes the box and 3 sets of scales, 1) Blue fat CF which are installed, 2) Blue contoured G10 and 3) Gray G10.
International shipping: No

PayPal Info: https://www.paypal.me/victorc462

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 58
Number of unpaid users: 4
Number of unpaid slots: 30
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 Gboogie3 PAID
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100 Hopeful-Fan6603 PAID
101 Gboogie3 PAID

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2023.06.04 00:06 Background_Fix_8780 If we were Yuu and we had magic.....

1: Which dorm would you be in
2: Who would be your bestie/rival/crush etc
3: Which characteteacher would you despise and vice versa
4: Which Disney Character would you be twisted from
5: Which Tsum Tsum would you kidnap and keep because they're so cute
6: Would you Overblot and which Overblot would scare you the most?
7: What would your own unique magic be?
1: I would be in either Diasomnia or Savanaclaw.
2: My bestie would be Malleus/Leona (With Idia being second place bestie), my crushes would be Malleus/Leona (depending on which dorm I choose.) and my rival would 100% be Rook. Because I just don't like his haircut. Sorry Rook, maybe grow a ponytail?
3: Character I despise: Eliza, hands down. (She slapped the grumpy, green eyed Kitty!) and the teacher I despise is obviously Crowley.
4: Depending on my dorm, I'd either be twisted from Elsa or Red Riding Hood
5: I would 100% kidnap all of them. They're all too cute no to keep forever.
6: I would most likely Overblot and the Overblot that scares me the most is Vil. You think it'd be Malleus. But no. All he does is put you to sleep. Vil? He can practically curse you with anything and make it to his benefit. Also, I'm gonna throw Azul into scary overblots for the simple reason I CAN NOT SWIM. I don't care if I can breathe under water with a spell, that is a NO from me.
7: Once again, depending on my dorm and Disney Twisted Character my unique magic would be either:
Beware The Frozen Heart to where I would be able to freeze my enemies hearts (or slow them down and dilute their attacks with their blood streams freezing) for two rounds, or five minutes.
Or maybe:
Ruby Heart Where it grants me the ability to summon a forest from my basket that acts as a shield to my allies. Although it would be weak depending on my belief in myself. But it would probably get stronger if I had the belief of my allies...
What about all of you guys? :)
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2023.06.04 00:03 gcmtx HELP - last session in an Island filled with doppelgangers

Ok, resumed context: I'm DMing a mini campaign that takes place in a remote island during christians persecution in ancient rome, the main monsters? doppelgangers that fake being christians, when it's a cult where they incentivate you to off yourself in the name of god, to take your place.
So, one of my players currently is one of them, because he choosed to, and the others don't have a clue about It, so I have an imposter to help making things difficult, and now the Island that they are in will have a big impact on changing to silent hill vibes, nebline and monsters which you don't know where they are.
The thing is, I need some help with ideas to make the experience as good as It can be, as they have high chances of dying or becoming insane in this last scenario, it's a last standing waiting for some boats with soldiers to help them, while they try to save as many kids possible that were kidnapped to the Island. Having to take care of kids that can have allucinations, don't How to protect themselves, that can go insane, or that even can be doppelgangers is hard enough, specially since they don't know quite well how to discern them from real and Innocenti people (I'm basing them on the ARG Mandela Catalogue).
They need to try surviving and navigating against the island, the nebline will help making them lost while having to make rolls, and I'm giving some advantage to the imposter so he can try taking them to wrong places or to danger, since his mission is helping the others doppelgangers to have "obtainable bodies to occupy, indifferent to the age of the receptacle".
I already have some events that are possible to happen: them finding the body of their lost friend with a dog that has a human face eating It, and having a nerve-wracking moment to who has with them (that would be good to happen later on the session); one of the NPCs that they saved and likes, which is a Young woman that only wanted freedom, to die by her brother's doppelganger, and the new doppelganger, that it's her's, dancing by the moonlight with the new made corpse; one of the kids that they are trying to save going insane and Just walking to the open mouth of a big fish inside the same lake that would problably happen the dancing moment; them finding a blood eagle, still don't from who. I think that's what I came up with possible events, the characters used on them can change depending on their "luck", since everything depends on rolls, where and How lost they are.
I wanted to know your opinions of what I told, If there's any advices or ideas for more possible events, what could make everything scarier, and If you, folks, would help me brainstorm as If I should make. Little system for getting lost with rolls, since I still only thought about Just making some rolls and rolling the direction If they failed, pra choosing, but still don't know How to follow through with the menaces that are the monsters, which know the Island better than them.
Again, Just clarifyin, it's ok If things get pretty hard, but in a dreadful, nerve-wrecking and scary way, because It isn't a scenario that it's easy to get out from the start, and my players actually like these kind of things, specially if they can immerse feelings on rp, and one of them dying would be devastating but entertainm for them.
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2023.06.04 00:02 ElfFromTheNile91 Black screen trying to boot from USB

So I'm relatively new to Linux. With a bit of searching, I decided to give Mint Cinnamon a try. I've created my bootable USB drive and changed settings in my BIOS to match many suggestions I've found on Google. I've also tried things like changing quiet splash to nomodeset to no avail. Googling the problem isn't turning up much either, as most of what I'm finding seems to be black screens after installation. I thought perhaps the issue could be hardware related, as the system I'm using has had a bent pin. When my brother was building it, he had a little accident and bent it back. I installed Windows without issue, so I assume that shouldn't be the issue. I also tried two other linux flavors, Arch and Ubuntu. Both also give a black screen. What could be the issue here?
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2023.06.03 23:59 joice000 doubts of a beginner

I'm really enjoying the game, especially the solo mode. however one thing is not clear to me. I win some games deservedly, others I lose against much stronger people. I accept it. but what i don't understand is the games i lose against amateurs: the ball literally splashes into my goal every time and in the end i lose after being behind. maybe it's me who can't handle easy games, but I'm noticing it repeating itself. in 3vs3 games matchmaking instead associates me with good players in one game and terrible players in the next so that I never advance in the rank.
I don't want to start a witch hunt (like fifa does), but is there some form of scripting in this game?
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2023.06.03 23:59 AutoModerator Weekly 'What should I buy?' Thread

Welcome to iPad's 'What Should I Buy?' Thread!

Are you wondering which iPad is best for you, or if you should buy one in the first place? Are you hesitating between the 12.9" versus the 11"? Which keyboard/mouse should you get or what is the best screen protector out there? Are you looking for shipping information? This is the place to ask. Fellow redditors and members of the moderation team will do their best to assist you.
Please, while you wait for an answer to your question, consider giving back to the community by helping out others in this thread.
You may be able to find similar questions to the one you're about to ask, in previous WSIB threads listed below, or with the search bar, as chances are, someone was in the same situation as you before.
Click here to see past WSIB threads.
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2023.06.03 23:58 noq15 an old badge i’d like to give to hayden:)

an old badge i’d like to give to hayden:)
planning to give this to hayden when i see her support boygenius in august, do you think she’ll like it? i want to give her something she might possibly wear and appreciate utmost for definite and thought this was quite cool. hence mother cain too!just solely the fact it’s an 80s badge as well:)
let me know what you guys think as i’ll think of something else if not. i’d just like a second opinion that’s all:)
and yes, i will clean it! 😁
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2023.06.03 23:47 Upstairs_Ad_1271 What’s the worst thing somebody has said to you in game chat?

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2023.06.03 23:45 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Academy (Full Course)

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2023.06.03 23:44 lamyH Duolingo Japanese Course breakdown, lingodeer course breakdown and how it aligns to JLPT & CEFR Levels

So, I've heard that the unneccesarily long updated learning path Duolingo Course is meant to get you up to JLPT N3. How does N3 align to CEFR rankings?
So - the 90 units in duolingo japanese are broken down into 5 sections - rookie (8 units), explorer (20 units), traveler (40 units), trailblazer (4 units), and champion (18 units of revision of stuff that you have done before) - so how does each section translate to a jlpt level?
Also with Lingodeer - if I do japanese 1 and japanese 2 what jlpt level would that reach? N3/N2???
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2023.06.03 23:39 Anonymoushairydevil Should you fully maximize all tax advantaged accounts before investing in stocks?

Just what the title asks. Assuming you have an emergency fund built and no high interest debt, I’m curious the preferred savings strategy. I will be in the position soon to be able to fully maximize my 401k contribution to maximize employer match at 10%, as well as max out a Roth IRA and HSA every year. Would any additional savings after that be better off invested in the 401k to maximize tax advantages, or does liquidity invested in the market offset those advantages?
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2023.06.03 23:39 DatdudeJdub Stuff for sale.

Stuff for sale.
$2 for prizm orange $3 for pat or breece $15 for Jaylen lot $15 press proof blue purdy $35 Justin fields rc orange $15 for dk lot
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2023.06.03 23:36 Lacca_ What lens for the A6400?

Hey, I'm looking to buy the Sony A6400, but I'm not sure what lens to get with it. I'm planning on doing both photography and filming with the camera. For photography I'd like to be able to zoom in a fair bit, and for video filming I'd like to get some nice cinematic footage. I was looking at the Sony E 18-135mm lens but I'd like to know if there are some better options out there for my needs. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 23:35 AutoModerator Sexual Dominance by Stirling Cooper (last version)

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2023.06.03 23:32 Agrosh95 Cramping with Mirena

I am 28 and have been on the pill since i was probably about 14, originally for acne. In the past year i was having some pretty intense headaches and some pretty nasty thoughts while on it. I also have always had pretty heavy periods with severe cramps. I also have a long term boyfriend for the first time and i was never too good at remembering to take them in the first place.
I started seeing a new gynecologist and decided to try an IUD. Even with my issues with hormones we decided to try Mirena. I had it placed on Tuesday and it was kind of a disaster. At first she couldnt even get my cervix to relax enough to even get to my uterus. She ended up having to put a block in. Eventually it relaxed but then she found that i have a retroverted uterus so she was having a very hard time getting the right angle to place it. She initially said she wanted to do an iltrasound to confirm placement but once she finally got it she was pretty confident. She said she didn't want to waste my money so to just see how things feel. She wanted me to come back if the cramping didn't get better within 72 hours
Here I am about 4 days later. I am still having cramps but nothing steady. I had been able to work the last 3 days with no issues but at night they seemed to get worse. Today the cramps have been bad, but still not steady and still nothing that I haven't experienced while on my period. Google tells me that cramping in general can be expected for weeks to months. Plus my period is also due to start in 4 days so I'm wondering if it could just be that.
So long story short...what is your cramping experience with Mirena? I plan to talk to my doctor Monday to confirm, but does this just sound like normal iud placement cramps? Or should I be more concerned?
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2023.06.03 23:29 ContentFinger3406 Has anyone taken Math 410 Intro to Linear Algebra with Professor James Matthew Register?

I'm taking Professor Register during the summer, but am wondering whether I should take it elsewhere if possible as I am not seeing too many reviews on rate my professor. If you've taken him, how is he as a professor? Do you have any advice? I can't enroll in any in-person classes (live about an hour away haha) and many of the math 410 classes that are online are all full or have a long waitlist. Please let me know what you think.

Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.03 23:28 No_Credit_7796 Constantly craving sugar and I can’t stop eating my sugar scrub.

20F 120lbs 5’6 On lexapro and birth control Diagnosed with unicornuate uterus and chronic gastritis
Recently I’ve been craving sugar like crazy. I eat 3 meals a day and balance my nutrients very well, working around the low FODMAP diet. I’m craving sugar so bad I ate my sugar scrub in the shower. Don’t worry it was homemade (avocado oil, brown sugar, vanilla extract). Not sure what to do.
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2023.06.03 23:27 webbreid83 Been on Adderall for 20+ years and I’m just sick and tired…

I need some help/advice. I’ll be 40 in July and I’ve been on Adderall for almost 21 years now. As of this moment, I take anywhere from 150-210mg/day of this drug. My tolerance is so insane that even at 210mg/day, it seriously has basically no effect on me anymore. I’m only really experiencing negative side effects. Increased depression, a completely random sleep cycle (or lack thereof,) no more motivation to do things I enjoy, etc, etc, etc. Here’s my question:
I’m ready to come off of this DRUG and never look back. However, the thought of being without it after 21 years is completely terrifying. So, what do I do? Do I need to go to an intensive inpatient rehab, a simple 7-10 day detox, cold turkey at home, or what? I used to be addicted to opiates (pills then heroin,) and got off of that almost 10 years ago so I know I can do this.
Any advice on where to start, where I should go, etc…it’d certainly be much appreciated!!! I figure my life is roughly halfway over being as though I’ll be 40 in a couple months. I want the 2nd half of my life to be the best life I can create for myself and I know in my soul that can only be done without this DRUG in my system/in my life. I just want my true self back!
Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, and help. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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2023.06.03 23:26 AntTop3639 What plants can I use for basket making in the middle of NC?

I want to make a basket, but the whole point of it is being self sufficient about it or I might as well buy one. Does anyone here make baskets? What plants can I use?
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2023.06.03 23:24 SylarSnowCrown Can I get some recoms?

[Oshi no ko manga spoiler] So, I recently read oshi no ko's manga, and I have been delighted and I also realized that I have a particular taste for this subplot in which the protagonist, full of hatred, sees hope in one of the heroines, in this case the way Aqua tried to be happy with Akane. Can anyone recommend a manga or anime that has a plot or subplot of that caliber? I'm quite exquisite with what I see so I hope for the best (sorry for being like that><)
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2023.06.03 23:18 A_randomboi22 What do you guys think will happen to strangereal earth from all the satellites being destroyed in orbit.

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