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lol just scp-049 in zombies maps that’s about it, also inspired by okbuddyredacted

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2020.10.21 19:55 WerewolfOverlord Yule Tide Terrors: An Earth 999 Horror Film !!15+!!

Warning: Yule Tide Terrors features SCP-4666, a character who mutilates children in graphic ways. If you are uncomfortable with this, please skip this entry in my series - Werewolf Overlord
Prologue: It's January 1, 2020, in Canada. A young boy wakes up after hearing footsteps in his home. He opens the door and sees a tall nude figure holding his father by the throat. The creature drops the body and runs off into another room. The boy grabs his bat and follows the creature. He finds it standing over his dead family. They have been stabbed and sliced open. The creature grabs the boy and places him in a sack before climbing out and running off into the cold winter night.
Chapter 1: What Day Is It?
Zoe and Ashlyn wake up after a night of fun. They see Twig staring at them with a smile. She runs out and runs back in holding a Christmas Present. Zoe looks confused at Twig. Ashlyn looks at her phone, it's December 25. She says," Why is it Christmas already? Shouldn't it be May?" Miller walks in holding a crying Alli. Zoe comforts her while Miller says," There's a skinny naked guy outside!" Ashlyn grabs her pistol and runs out. She goes outside, it is covered in snow with human-like footprints. Miller brings in a box covered in blood. Zoe opens it and drops it after seeing what is inside. A small brush with human teeth. Ashlyn rushes back in and says," There's something outside and this doesn't make sense. Yesterday it was May, now Alli finds a brush made with human remains. I think we're dealing with an SCP." Ashlyn hands her a note she found outside. Zoe reads," Dear scumbags. This is 4666, but you can call me Yule Man. I noticed your little attack on my fellow anomalies and have been asked to take action. Sadly your attack was outside my active period. To fix this, I have employed another friend to help mess with the date. You are now trapped in a time loop that lasts 12 days. My motives are for you to find out as are my employers. What I will tell you is that when you wake up after the 12th day, the loop resets. If you die, the loop resets. I will kill you over and over until my boss is satisfied. You won't see me coming. I will take your baby wendigo and enslave her. Any tries to call the Foundation will be punished. They never caught me and they never will. I travel all over the north during Christmas and visit the children. I even leave them little toys. The event you are now part of is known as Weissnacht. Have fun and Merry Christmas. From the Yule Man." Ashlyn growls and says," I'll kill this fucker!!" Zoe says," Calm down! We don't know what he does and what he looks like. We need to do research." Ashlyn takes a deep breath and says," The prick also left us a hard drive." Zoe plugs it in and opens the files. They are all news reports of attacks dating back to the 1400s. Ashlyn says," This bitch never said we couldn't use it. Just that we can't call the Foundation, whoever they are." Miller says," The SCP Foundation? I know all about them."
Chapter 2: Explanations:
Miller pulls out a notebook and begins reading," The SCP Foundation is a secret group dedicated to containing anomalies that defy the laws of our world. They have sites all over the world that contain these creatures. Based on the number and how he called himself the Yule Man, I know somewhat how to stop him." Ashlyn said," Who the hell let you read this stuff?" Miller replies," You never block anything so of course, I'd find some dark things." Zoe asks," Well what does this Yule Man do exactly and why is he targeting Twig?" Miller opens her computer and reads," Based on the terms he used, I can help anticipate his moves. So far we're only in the first phase. This is where Yule Man will watch his prey from outside or a window while they sleep." Ashlyn asks," What's phase two?" Miller replies," Days 7 to 11 are when the entire family will hear footsteps in the attic or on the roof and commonly report a foul smell with no source." Zoe asks," What happens on day 12?" Miller replies," Well, Yule Man has two confirmed outcomes. One is where he enters the house and kills the entire family except for one child under the age of 8. For some reason, he did his other option early." Ashlyn says," So your saying Yule Man leaves toys made of body parts?" Miller replies," Human children to be exact." Ashlyn says," The calm manner you said all that in disturbs me." Zoe asks," So what can we do to stop him?" Miller replies," This isn't a normal Weissnacht. He already said he'll kill us over and over. The wiki doesn't mention any way to stop him. Also most likely our death would go unnoticed by the world as the Foundation can't contain him and suppresses any news of him. Based on what the letter said, He's making new rules. This means we have a chance at ending this." Zoe asks," Does it say that parents seeing the footprints is normal?" Miller replies," No, based on the fact Mom saw the prints, it's a good bet you both can see him if he comes back. Although I don't know why he picked us when we live in a suburban area. He normally takes out isolated targets." Ashlyn says," I'm getting the tracker ready. I'll shoot him with the dart and we can see him coming."
Chapter 3: Siege:
It's nightfall. The family sits in the TV room looking outside. Twig hears something and rushes to the window. She points at a figure in the trees. Ashlyn opens the window and aims. She says," Jesus this guy is ugly, look at his nuts!" Zoe groans and says," Just shoot him." Ashlyn pulls the trigger and fires the dart. A faint groan can be heard as the figure goes back into the trees.
Chapter 4: Recovery:
The next morning, Alli walks in again crying while Miller brings in another box. Zoe opens it. It's a knife made from bone. She hands her mother a note. Zoe reads," Scumbags, you have been marked by the Foundation as a target of Weissnacht. They will send a task force to secure you. This will not stop me, however. My time loop is gone, but I'll still make your corpses into furniture for my cave. Your little tracker won't be hidden for long. Also, 049 sends his best wishes and a present. 049 is great at making friends with people. I hope you have fun with his new friends. From Yule Man." Zoe asks," Miller which one is 049, and what friends are Yule Man talking about?" Miller replies," 049 is a plague doctor like creature who kills people just by touching them. He performs surgery on his victims to cure the Pestilence as he calls it. This results in zombies." A knock on the door is heard. Ashlyn opens it and sees Allison. Allison says," We got word that 4666 is after you guys. I called in some friends to help." She pointed to a truck full of armed soldiers. Ashlyn asks," How did they agree to this?" Allison replies," My brother is in the top part of the Foundation and we still care about each other. He greenlit this mission under the condition that we bring in 4666 if possible instead of you sending him to some prison." Ashlyn says," Well seeing as this jerk wants my kid, I wouldn't care if you shot him. Where are they gonna hand out anyway?" Allison replies," They brought more than one truck. Besides, they're trained to survive in this kind of stuff. We also got a piece of mail addressed to you guys. It's got 4666's prints on it." Ashlyn opens it. It's a hard drive labeled Fun Times. Ashlyn plugs it in and opens the file. It's security footage taken directly by 4666. It shows mutilated children with missing limbs. A voice can be heard saying," Keep going or we'll make you one of them!" A high-pitched laugh can be heard as the camera pans over to a skinny male eating a child. The voice says," Hey 4666, save for the rest of them!" 4666 flips off the camera before saying," I'm coming for you. No one can save you." Ashlyn groans and says," WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! Torture Porn?!" Allison replies," That's first-hand footage of 4666's lair. We can't match it to anything." Gunshots echo outside. Ashlyn grabs her pistol and goes to look. 4666 is outside killing the task force with logs and tools. A soldier is stabbed in the throat with an ax. Ashlyn aims and fires at 4666. He growls and leaps on her. Allison grabs her gun but is thrown aside by Yule Man. Zoe comes out and fires a shot into Yule Man. Yule Man tries to teleport away, but can't. Zoe says," Looks like that demon juice we got from Alastor really does work." Ashlyn kicks off 4666. The remaining soldiers grab 4666 and cuff him. They load him into the trucks. Then a black limo off in the distance drives off. Ashlyn says," Take that you Yule Tide Terror." Yule Man growls at them as he is placed in chains. Allison says," Hopefully they can save the rest of the kids he kidnapped." Ashlyn tells them goodbye and walks inside. She says," Well ladies, Yule Man is off to a monster jail that he won't get out of." They go to sleep. The next morning when Ashlyn wakes up, her phone says May 17. The kids walk in and say," I swear yesterday was Christmas." Zoe said," We still gotta find out who made the time loop." Ashlyn said," Not today." The two then kissed.
The End
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2019.01.20 01:39 SirSpy_ I need help finding a image of a Cat Girl version of SCP-049

So I have been searching for a few hours now, and from what I can tell from going website to website and looking through google images, there doesn't seem to be any Cat Girl versions of SCP-049. If anybody knows of anywhere that has it could you please direct me towards it by either a link or what to search up on google. (please nothing that leads to porn)
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