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Marx to Millenials: I AM your father!

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Home of the Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPB)! A whole-food plant-based, low-fat diet could reverse heart disease and diabetes.

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2023.06.07 15:13 Turd_Ferguson420 she blocked me for saying this lol

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2023.06.07 15:12 Wuppis Thoughts on rg/coyote fcpc setup.

Thoughts on rg/coyote fcpc setup.
I have never seen anyone do a ranger green/ coyote brown mix kit with the fcpc v5 so I decided to pick up the mantle. Am I going too far with the coyote? Should I just revert to full ranger green? I kinda like this set up alot, but just trying to see where I draw the line with the coyote brown add ons. Next on the list are side plate bags which I would get in coyote, just not sure if they will make the kit too iridescent. Also 1-2 blueforce TQ holders also in coyote.
This is not yet finished, some ranger green additions I will get is the banger panel, roll1 and some longship flashbang pouches to the front and maybe a GP pouch.
What are your honest thoughts? Thanks!
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2023.06.07 15:12 The_Scorpion15 ELI5: Why do you lose 'control' over your car when you use your clutch before braking?

When I am driving in my car and I have to brake for something, I always use the clutch first and then brake. From what I hear, you then have no control over your car, why is that? And why is that not the case when you first brake and then use the clutch when rpm is low enough.
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2023.06.07 15:12 shakeelahmedseo What is the error: We don’t know why your ads aren’t showing for this search

I am running campaing on Max Conversion and the Budget and Bids are not changed since 1 month.
My ads are active and running, my Bid Cap is 2$ for a conversion, and daily budget is 100$.
But when I want to check my ads in ads diagnosis tools, I am reciveing an error "We don’t know why your ads aren’t showing for this search". I have searched all my keywords but can't see the ads and getting this error for 5-6 days.
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2023.06.07 15:12 Careful_Meeting1493 Questions About Freshman Classes

Hey Penn community,
I am an incoming freshman at Penn and am a little lost in the process of preparing to select courses. I wanted to post some questions here (College of Arts and Sciences btw).
  1. How many classes are you allowed to take your first semester? Is it only 4?
  2. I was originally interested only in poli sci (IR) but now I am thinking of also exploring some classes in finance or business economics. Is it possible to take these intro classes even if they aren’t in the College?
  3. What do you all recommend as a good course pathway generally for freshman? I know the curriculum is broad but I want to take a wide range of stuff while fulfilling requirements if possible. I may consider going for a dual degree but I want to be in a position to have options.
Thanks for the help in advance!
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2023.06.07 15:11 Infamous-Nose8549 My favorite morning coffeeeeee

My favorite morning coffeeeeee

Ashwagandha coffee
I used to drink coffee in the near cafe before leaving for work. Due to some reasons, the cafe was closed, I tried other cafes, but they weren't good as the one I used to go to. There are few, but they charged more and distant too. I have tried ashwagandha coffee once from Breweda. It hardly takes 5 minutes to prepare this coffee, and I am happy I can prepare my drink at home and it is healthy too. The best coffee you can ever get is, when it is made by you - because only you know your true taste.
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2023.06.07 15:11 moonshinedegreaser Reddit Corporate Doesn't Care About The End-User

Reddit corporate doesn't care about the end-user
So am I the only one that believes this? Within the past few months I've had more problems with m's and fellow redditors than I ever have. People find whatever way they can disagree with you and instead of discussing the issue, they just report you. And m's are just as prickly utilizing arbitrary rules. Some even judge you off of what you do in other subs (regardless of if you are within the rules of that other sub or not). How is that right? And removing a comment or banning someone because you don't like what they say is justified, it's censorship. Is it minute and petty? Yes, but that's a double-edged sword. You're proving that you believe that smalls issues hold this much power on influence, what do you do in the big issues?
People can say things that aren't insulting or offensive, and you may not like what they say, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have a right to say it or have someone else see or hear their words.
And reddit corporate is going to continue to let it happen because all they are concerned about is how much money they can get from advertisers and keep subscriber numbers high. Now as I said, my issue is minute and petty, but I'm seeing a recurring theme and it's only going to get worse.
Some of the things I've seen that lead me to believe this:
-The constant promotion of reddit coins
-The increase of advertisements. They're so bad now that you see them almost as much as posts
-you cannot appeal a sub ban with corporate. If there is a way, it's so buried down that it's like finding a needle in a haystack
-you can't report m's or individual redditors, only their individual actions
-There's no m's review and m's are allowed to take bias opinions and arbitrary rules to other subs and are allowed to restrict your actions simply because they don't like a certain medium you use to convey a message or the words you use to convey said message.
-in many subs, you can't even use the word m's because the only thing that comes with that word is criticism. That is censorship right? Am I crazy?
Now I know there's going to be someone say "then leave" and to that I will say no. I love reddit and I like most of the people on here, but how is it right for a handful of hateful and self-righteous individuals to control the total experience of all redditors. If there's someone with a good explanation, for all of this, I need to hear it
TL;DR: Not happy with reddit environment atm
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2023.06.07 15:11 liltechnomancer [For Hire] React developer with over 7 years of experience. Flat rate pricing with no commitment.

Hey all,
I am a front end developer with strong UI/UX and design skills. I have been working with React for the past 7 years and can build most anything you dream up. Experienced in everything from marketing sites to advanced data visualizations. I have helped launch and maintain several SaaS products, worked for companies like American Express, and much more.
My pricing structure is simple flat rates $2,500 $8,000 and $10,000 per month depending on your needs.
Read more here
edit added words "per month"
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2023.06.07 15:11 Good_Policy3529 Easy solution for leavers? What am I missing?

It seems that competitive leavers are the bane of a lot of people's existence.
But isn't the easy solution just to impose a delayed spawn on the opposing team?
Example, T1 has a leaver. T2 DPS1 dies shortly thereafter, but cannot spawn until someone else on their team also dies. So then T2 S1 dies and T2 DPS1 spawns. T2 S1 has to wait to spawn until someone else on their team dies.
Then it will always be a 4x4.
You could even give the tanks priority so they always spawn first, to avoid your tank being out too long.
I'm sure I am missing something, but that seems like a way to try and make it more fair. Would this be totally unworkable?
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2023.06.07 15:11 ForeignIdeaSecretary {FA} I only know how to blow things up. I am completely unable to wait things out. (longlonglong)

Last year I connected with someone I've known for like 8 years and we've always had a strong underlying attraction for each other. But I knew what he was like and I knew he had a tendency to be very distant, as in disappear for weeks at a time to hyperfocus on his hobbies and things like video games. He's had a problem with this in a lot of his relationships--he focuses too much on hobbies and not on his relationship--women leave him. I knew this. I knew I didn't like that about him and I kept him at arms length because of it, even when he was obviously showing me he was interested.
But last year, we reconnected and he came on STRONG. He was attentive, wanted to spend so much time together, he offered me basically everything I had ever wanted from him. We would stay up all night until the late morning just talking and spending time together. And I knew it was a risk, but I went along with it, for some reason I hoped this would be different or real. We had an amazing 4 months together before any problems started. Like I had honestly never been happier in my life. Then his distance started kicking in. It was slow at first. Our time spent together slowly became a fraction of what it had been. He was verbally very reassuring, but physically just mainly focused on his hobbies. I started FA-acting out(not something I'm proud of, but a fear response I guess), the first time I'd shown any aggression or irritation toward him, he obviously was not into that. The distance got worse, but he remained very sweet. I convinced myself he'd lost interest and (he) felt stuck.
I eventually bailed without any warning or convo. He was so pissed, he cut me out in return. I spent months just agonizing and obsessing over this. Like I had clearly made a mistake. Why couldn't I have just waited it out. Why couldn't I have talked about it. I had intended to use this time to get over it, but I didn't, instead I just was in hell.
I got him back in contact months later. It's been nearly 3 months back in contact. It was rocky at first, he really took offense to me suddenly disappearing on him, but he was warmed up tremendously. I do think he feels something for me. He is positive and responsive and does stay in contact(not as much as I would like). He has started trusting me again and being vulnerable with me. But its not going how I want it too. Despite him inching closer to me emotionally and seeming excited to talk to me and showing signs he is forgiving me for basically abandoning him first---I am over here just flooding myself with "he just sees you as a friend now", "he's being polite, you know he's a nice guy.", "he actually thinks you are pathetic and is weirded out you came back", "if he liked you still, this would have progressed more by now", "what if you're over here thinking you're rebuilding stuff between you and he just falls for someone else all the sudden", "what if *this* is all you ever get."
And then I'm like "what are you doing here?" "get out, this is a time bomb." Like I spent months and months in agony just hoping for another chance at this and I have it now and I'm thinking about bailing again!? I wouldn't do it--I KNOW he wouldn't give me another chance if I did this again, but I fantasize about it. Just being free and cutting this connection and not having to worry about it any more, but I also know that those 4 months after I disappeared the first time were MISERY for me and I'm embarrassed to say I had never been more unhappy in my life.
I feel trapped. Not by him, by me. By my weird fixation on this situation, by the uncertainty of if this is all it will ever be, by the thought that I should let it go but I can't. How is it possible to feel trapped by something that asks nothing of you? How do I chill the F out?!
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2023.06.07 15:10 1000MartwychCweli Love yourself no mater in witch state you are

Hi i was diagnosed with bp three monts ago and since then i am on medication that greatly improve and fell more and more stable also i greatly increase my knowledg of my symptoms from councling. Right now i am in hypomanic stated and i wanted to write that no mater in witch episode you are, hypomanic, depresses ,mix or normal remeber that you are a lovely being that deserve the self respect and self love no matter in witch state are you. Bp is like flu you can try your hardest not to catch it but you can end up with it anyway. Dont be too hard on yourself. Admire the work that you have put in to these day. Happy day everybody <3
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2023.06.07 15:10 JPXR_ [REQUEST] [BattleNet] Diablo 3 19,99€

Who am i?
I am Mika from Finland, i'm 20 years old and love working on computers. I finished school and graduated as a datanome. I've been tinkering with computers since i was a kid, still love doing so. Would like to some day set up my own repair shop or something similar. I love mostly aRPG, but i also like FPS games, like Call of Duty.
Why am i requesting Diablo 3?
I am huge fan of Diablo, first game i ever played on PC was Diablo 2, as soon as i got it, we started playing with my friends. I was playing it till like 2014 and started playing World of Warcraft with my friends and been playing it since then. Never got around to buy diablo 3 since we were stuck to WoW mostly :D
I love aRPG games for how simple they are to play in my opinion, you can just play, chill and listen to music or chat with your friends.
Now as Diablo 4 was released, i have watched my favourite streamer playing it and would love to start getting back into Diablo starting with Diablo 3 since i was attempting to get Diablo 4 but figured after it's bit too new to request and expensive, so i'll attempt to get Diablo 3 so i can play it, since world of warcraft getting kinda boring right now.
What is Diablo 3?
Diablo 3 is an aRPG(Action Roleplaying Game) set in the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary. Players can choose a role of the hero they will be using while fighting against the demonic forces threatening the mortal realm.
The game has alot to offer including different character classes, intense combat and loot system, collecting more and more powerful items, leveling up your character and engaging in coop multiplayer modes. The game offers a thrilling experience as players battle evil and try to save Sanctuary.
Why can't i buy the game myself?
I lost my job last month and haven't gotten new one yet, which is the reason i am currently living off benefits (not sure if it's correct word, had to use google translator since i wasn't sure how it translates to english. I get money from the goverment to live.) And this is just about enough to get food and pay off rent & bills.
Above you can see why i can not afford the game myself, so i was thinking to give it a shot if i can get it from the people of GiftofGames.
The game is 20€.
Link to the game:
Thank you for reading my request and if you want, you can contact me on Discord: JPXR#6379 or JPXR#2614
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2023.06.07 15:10 o_safadinho What are your job interviews like?

I studied Statistics and CS in undergrad and have been working in software development, BI, data engineering roles since and I am fed up with the interview processes in this industry. Multi-round technical interviews just to have companies ghost you, having to prove your competence every time you get a job, the fact that “software engineer” and even “data engineer” are very squishy titles.
I’m thinking of going to grad school for medical physics. There are two CAMPEP master’s programs in my metro area and a lot of major hospitals. But I want to know, is your interview process anything like the process for CS?
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2023.06.07 15:10 Inevitable_Heart_781 Sadira Andersen, Daughter of Morpheus

Name: Sadira Andersen
Age: 13 years old
Birthday: 30/05/2025
Gender: Cisgender (She/Her)
Voice Claim: Riley Andersen-Inside Out
Sexuality: Bisexual (She’s not 100% sure about it yet)
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Demigod Conundrums: ADHD
Hometown: Buffalo, State of New York
Arielle Hart née Andersen (Mother)- Sadira shares a close and loving bond with her mother. Throughout the early years of Sadira's life, Arielle raised her single-handedly while juggling her responsibilities as a professor in Sociology. Sadira admires her mother's determination and strength in balancing work and raising her. Arielle's commitment to providing for their family, even during challenging times, has left a lasting impression on her. She deeply respects her mother and cherishes the sacrifices she made to ensure her well-being and happiness.
Morpheus (Father)- For Sadira, her father is a figure shrouded in mystery. She has never met him, and her knowledge about him is limited to what her mother and Greek mythology have revealed. Although she feels a sense of abandonment, Sadira acknowledges that she cannot possibly understand the responsibilities of a god. While his absence has left an emotional void, Sadira has learned to navigate life without his presence and focuses on the relationships she has in her immediate family.
Liam Hart (Stepfather)- Sadira's relationship with her stepfather has evolved into one of love and acceptance. Initially resistant to his presence, Sadira gradually opened up to Liam as they spent more time together. She appreciates Liam's genuine care and investment in her well-being. Over time, Sadira came to see him as a father, appreciating his support and guidance. The bond they share is built on trust and mutual respect, and Sadira feels grateful to have Liam as a significant presence in her life.
Oliver Hart (Stepbrother)- Sadira's relationship with her stepbrother has developed into a deep and affectionate sibling bond. Although there was skepticism during their initial meeting, their connection grew stronger as they spent more time together. Despite occasional disagreements, Sadira and Oliver have become close companions, supporting each other through life's ups and downs. Sadira values Oliver's presence as someone who understands her on a deeper level, making their relationship feel akin to that of biological siblings. They share a strong sense of camaraderie, and Sadira cherishes the moments they spend together.
Sadira Andersen stands at a petite height, around 5 feet tall, with a slender build that allows her to move with grace and agility. Her short wavy brown hair frames her face, with strands falling in gentle waves around her forehead and ears. She often styles her hair in a messy bun, secured with a few colorful hairpins or a soft headband. Sadira's hair has a natural shine to it, and she takes pride in keeping it well-maintained, despite its short length.
Her light green droopy eyes are a unique feature that captivate those who meet her. They hold a certain depth and reflect her thoughtful and introspective nature. When she's lost in her thoughts or daydreaming, her eyes seem to shimmer with a touch of enchantment. Sadira's tan skin suggests that she spends time outdoors, soaking up the sunlight during her stargazing sessions.
In terms of clothing style, Sadira prioritizes comfort above all else. She prefers loose-fitting shirts and sweaters made of soft, breathable fabrics. She often chooses earthy tones like muted greens, blues, and browns, although she occasionally adds a pop of color to her outfits with accessories or vibrant patterns. Her wardrobe consists of cozy cardigans, comfortable jeans or leggings, and a collection of well-worn sneakers and boots that have accompanied her on many adventures.
While she may not be the most talkative person in a group, she possesses a remarkable ability to listen attentively when someone shares their thoughts or concerns. Sadira's empathetic nature allows her to understand and connect with others on a deep emotional level, offering comfort and support when needed. Despite her introversion, Sadira does enjoy engaging in conversations that revolve around her interests. When the topic turns to music, literature, or any subject close to her heart, she becomes animated and expressive. Her passion shines through as she shares her thoughts and insights, often surprising others with her depth of knowledge and understanding. Sadira's daydreaming tendencies are both a blessing and a challenge. While her vivid imagination fuels her creativity and helps her explore alternative realities, it can also make her prone to distraction. She often finds herself lost in the realms of her mind, with her head in the clouds for more extended periods than she intends. As a result, she occasionally struggles with focusing on tasks that require her undivided attention. Kindness and compassion are integral parts of Sadira's character. She goes out of her way to help others and is quick to offer support or lend a helping hand. Her natural inclination to nurture and care for those around her has earned her a reputation for being a reliable and trusted friend. However, Sadira's low self-esteem often undermines her confidence. She struggles with feelings of inadequacy and frequently doubts her abilities. Despite her internal battles, she maintains an outwardly calm and composed demeanor, concealing her insecurities behind a gentle smile.
Good Traits
Bad Traits
Because Sadira has only just discovered her heritage, she’s not aware of most of her powers yet. The ones she’s aware of are marked with [A] (Aware) and the ones she’s not with [NA] (Not Aware)
Domain Powers
Godrent Minor Powers
Godrent Major Power

Sadira was born to Arielle Hart née Andersen and Morpheus, God of Dreams, in Buffalo, New York. Her mother, Arielle Hart née Andersen, was a professor of Sociology at a local university. Despite her demanding career, Arielle always made time for her daughter, instilling in Sadira a love for learning and an appreciation for the world around her. Their small apartment became a sanctuary of warmth and love amidst the challenges they faced.
The first dramatic change in Sadira’s life happened when she was six. One day, her mother came home with a man, who she introduced as her new boyfriend, Liam Hart, and his nine year old son, Oliver Hart. At first, Sadira was hostile towards this new man and child– why did they have to come along and take Arielle’s attention away from her? But she quickly warmed up on Liam (she was completely sold after the first time he made pancakes for her) and Oliver. And when Arielle and Liam got married a few years later, and moved Sadira was happy to have a father and an older brother, and they got really close as time went by.
Sadira had a pretty calm and normal childhood. It may have been because of Liam, who was protecting her behind the scenes, it may have been for other reasons, she had never had any monster attacks while growing up. And so, she was completely unaware of the world she belonged in.
But that came to an end a month after her 13th birthday, when strange things started to happen. It started with subtle signs, peculiar incidents that Sadira couldn't quite explain. Her friends began to experience unexplained drowsiness whenever she spoke to them, as if her presence invoked a profound sense of sleepiness. Later, she began having feeling of being constantly watched. The sensation followed her wherever she went, causing her to become increasingly paranoid. And , more recently, the world around her seemed to shift, and she caught glimpses of creatures straight out of mythology that shouldn't exist in the mortal realm. These encounters were unsettling for Sadira, to the point where she began genuinely questioning her own sanity, and decided to tell her family about it.
It was when she was on her way home from school that Sadira was suddenly attacked by a hellhound, an experience that could very well have been her last if it weren’t for the interference of Liam. As soon as Sadira was safe and sound, Arielle and Liam decided to tell her all of the truth about herself, and in a way, about Liam too. They revealed that everything she had read about Greek Mythology was real, that she was the child of a god , and that Liam himself was also a demigod, son of Apollo, which was the reason he could heal her so quickly. In less than an hour, Sadira found out what she was, who her father was, who her stepfather was, and, on top of all of that, she received the news that she would have to leave her home to go to Camp Half-Blood, a place where she could be safe from monsters and learn to defend herself before against them, and Liam would be the one to take her there. It was overwhelming for her, and she was scared and confused about everything. However, even if that was the case, had to admit to herself that she was somewhat excited. Yes, she knows that her life would be harder and almost constantly in danger, but for daydreamer and fantasy nerd like Sadira, it seemed like she had become the protagonist of her own fantasy novel. How could she not be even a little bit excited about that?
Now The journey to Camp Half-Blood was anything but peaceful. Monsters relentlessly pursued them, launching relentless attacks on the road. Sadira's heart raced as she fought for her survival alongside stepfather. Through a combination of sheer luck and Liam’s resourcefulness, they managed to fend off the monsters and continue their perilous journey.
When they finally arrived at Camp Half-Blood, with some minor injuries but nothing to worry about thanks to Liam, Sadira could finally take in the view of the place she would have to call home for a while. It was bigger and livelier than she expected, but she wasn’t really complaining. While Liam presented her to the Camp Directors, an image of what looked like sand started glowing above her head, which revealed her as a child of Morpheus, god of dreams. After that whole debacle and Liam unfortunately having to leave, Sadira was now wandering around the camp, a bag with some of her belongings on her shoulder, and absolutely clueless about where she was going. She was looking for the cabin she was going to stay in, but how was she supposed to find it if she didn’t even know where to look for it.
“This place is so much bigger from up close…”she sighed to herself “I’m starting to regret not having asked for a map or a guide…”
(OOC: Hello everyone! Sorry if the formatting on the post looks weird, I’m not very good at it. But anyways, I hope you have fun meeting Sadira! Have a nice day!)
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2023.06.07 15:10 Instanceblue8110 Can someone answer my question about career choice?

Hi, I am looking for people able to help me with a school project, my senior year is about to end and I have one last project that I find myself impossible to do all by myself. I just need 3 peoples to answer a few questions about their career choice. One with college education, university education and a third one with none of them. if you are interested, feel free to DM me. Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.07 15:10 Shujolnyc Is San Juan, and PR in general, safe or is it the wild west?

Visit PR over two decades ago and loved it. Drove to beaches all around the island and spent a couple of days in both Vieques and Culebra. First vacation we went on as a couple too. Lots of memories.
Am thinking about going back this summer with my kids and my neighbor said it's like the wild west there - "watch your back when stopped at red lights!".
I figured he was talking about that other island to the west but he swore it's PR saying it's gotten real bad after the hurricanes and with the power issues.
Totally understand no place is free of crime (I'm a NYCer after all!) but is crime really a rampant problem right now?
I hope to stay around San Juan or the rain forest area and drive to a few beaches and then ferry to one of the two islands for a few days.
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2023.06.07 15:10 onlyfactualfacts I blocked him today,was I abused a lot?

It's been an endless road of pain and constant disappointment. We just broke up but I was kept around as second option and punching bag for him for a long time. He didn't care or try even slightly. He kept gaslighting me, telling me ,, it's none of your business " and so on , he kept telling me hurtful things because it made him happy. Never apologized for anything. He lied and deceived me all way long.
Today I asked him straight up about dating app,he admitted of having it.
He called me yesterday and tried to manipulate me into not meeting my male friend next month nor having any sexual relationship with him. He called him stupid and a liar. Told me I should tell him to f off. All that while using dating app himself.
He manipulated me into staying with him confusing me between telling me he wants to meet women and keeping me at the same time around.
Today I blocked him after that confession. He didn't block me yet. I don't deserve that, I deserve much better than that. He is just nasty. I can't stand his manipulation anymore. He made a choice and I will follow through. All this time he didn't believed that I am capable of it because I was always running behind him begging for his attention.
Over last 10 months he humiliated and disrespected me so much that I am shocked how weak I am to not see it. He was successful in making me feel like everything is my fault.
I was told I'm the worst but he still kept me around for sex or to whine. I am not devastated much, I was preparing myself for that. I got the last stab in the heart today.
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2023.06.07 15:10 fiddle_deedee gift for my friend coming back from her year abroad

gift for my friend coming back from her year abroad
Hi, for those who asked that’s the final result of the top I was making. I ended up a frogging it all except for the cups because it wasn’t wide enough. I added 1 1/2 willow squares on both sides. I wish I’d blocked it but I didn’t have enough time. Considering I didn’t have any of her body measurements it ended up looking fine. I am not extra satisfied about my work, but I’m happy my friend appreciated it. I accept constructive criticism/advices if you have any, I’d like to hear your opinions🌸
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2023.06.07 15:10 Unicornloverkitty Is he not that into me? Or…

In December 2022, I finally met this guy that I had originally connected with via bumble back in 2019. I joined dating apps in 2019 after getting out of a long relationship he was one of my first connections that I made on there. We messaged on the app, we exchanged phone numbers and we text for a bit, but we never met. Conversation would pick up and drop often.
Fast forward to November 2022, I started randomly posting on my ‎WhatsApp story and he responded to one of my stories saying “that’s a face I haven’t seen in a while”, and the conversation picked up. We started texting again, but this time we were texting every day and having deep conversations. We would also play truth or dare and one day he said I dare you to meet me right now and give me a kiss. We ended up meeting for the first time on Christmas day of last year.
We had an instant physical connection and attraction to each other. It was not a date, we met at a parking lot. I sat in his car and we talked for a bit, and we shared our first kiss. I have never felt more connected to someone in my life. And it seemed that he shared the same sentiment. Or maybe he was just horny. We talked about going on our first date and what we would do. I asked him more about the type of work that he does, and he said he wanted to save the conversation for the dinner table etc. We had trouble letting go of each other that night. His hugs and kisses gave me chills. From the moment I met him, I knew that I was going to fall in love with him.
Following us meeting, I waited for the confirmation of this supposed date. We were still texting every single day. Still talking about how lovely it was when we met and riding off of the high. Then he informed me that someone passed away in his family. I did see a picture of the obituary posted on his WhatsApp. We started texting less as he was going through the loss with his family. We would still text here and there, but it wasn’t the same. I assumed he was grieving. After a few weeks, conversation picked up again, and we were talking about his shoulder being injured and going to the doctor to know whether or not he was going to need surgery. Sure enough, he went to the doctor and they told him that he was going to need surgery on his shoulder. He plays soccer. Along with other sports. We talked about how he would prepare for surgery, and how long he would be on bed rest he would send me update pictures. Etc.
I imagined that following his recovery from surgery, he would make plans for us to get together again. That did not happen. We would continue to text every single day throughout the day during the night, but no conversation of ever getting together. We would flirt, send pictures, no nudes, just regular selfies and stuff. Then he told me he went to the doctor to get a physical, and he told me that he had to poop in a box. (This is an alternative way to assess colon health.) So we were making jokes about that and I would ask him. Did you poop in your box yet? And I told him that I’m going to keep asking until he does it. Then he told me he did it and sent it in and within a couple of days he did tell me that the doctors want to run more test. He was super bummed about that and honestly, so was I. I literally cried. I let him know that I was there for him and we would talk here and there I checked in to see how he was doing, but the conversation was shorter during this time.
After a couple of weeks of less conversation, I decided to block him in April. He ended up reaching out to me in early May via ‎WhatsApp, and letting me know that he tried contacting me a couple of times, but the messages didn’t go through and he figured that I had blocked him. Honestly, I was so happy to hear from him. I did confirm that I had indeed blocked him. I also informed him that I blocked him because I thought that he was not as interested in me as I was in him and I wanted to remove the temptation for me to continue contacting him. He’s stressed that that was not the case and that he has just had a lot going on as I know with the loss of his family and his health. But was still interested. I said I was still interested and I said if that’s the case I can unblock you and we can pick up where we left off. I did just that. I was in Europe at the time. I just got back mid May. After two weeks of me, being back, still no conversation about a date. He is part of a soccer league and they finally had their last tournament the other day and he said, when are we gonna celebrate and I said whenever you’re ready.
Fast forward to to last week, we scheduled a date for this Monday. The date was scheduled on Monday because he was in Canada this weekend and on the lake on Sunday. Monday rolls around and he sends me a selfie of him with his shirt off and showing me how sunburned he is. As a result of the sunburn, he asked if we can push the date to Wednesday (today). we still continue to text every single day day and night. This morning, he text me picking up the conversation from last night. And 30 minutes after that, he text me and says that his uncle passed away and he won’t be texting much today.
I feel like a bitch for questioning all of the things that have come up in his life. I truly don’t understand how much time can lapse, and there would be no effort to actually connect or hang out in person. I believe he is an honest person, and I do believe the things that he is going through are real and true. However, I find it hard to believe that despite all of the things he has going on there is not any time to meet me. I feel selfish for thinking that way. What’s your take?
TLDR; I met a guy on Christmas of 2022 after three years of knowing of each other. We have never had our first date, and something always seems to come up when we are going to.
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2023.06.07 15:09 thecommonground_ Gwen from Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse

Okay, so I may be looking into this too much but just here me out I want your thoughts.
So, the new animated Spider-Man film just came out and I already new from certain trailer stills that in the background of certain shots there was some social commentary on real world events, but specifically in regards to Gwen may this be a little more complex?
In the movie, Gwen has a “Protect Trans Kids” flag on the top of her door, originally seeing it I didn’t think to much about it because I was like “oh, well she’s probably just showing her support” but then in the movie another trans flag shows up subtly on her fathers police jacket.
On top of that, she seems kind of (stereotypically but still kind of accurate lol) trans-coded in the movie if you understand where I’m coming from, from the dyed hair, her hairstyle, and her friends from the band.
It wouldn’t be surprising giving the trilogy is both an adaptation and a reimagining of the Spider-Man characters from the comics. It takes inspiration from the original comic book storyline of "Spider-Verse" which features multiple versions of Spider-Man from different dimensions and universes. While also introduces new characters, changes the origins of some characters, and altering some of the character designs.
I wish I could’ve added some stills to better relay what I’m trying to say. But anyways, it doesn’t change anything but it’s just something I thought to point out. Even if she is I’m glad that it’s not a sole focal point in the movie and she is treated as any other character with her own pros and cons and love story.
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2023.06.07 15:09 ti-vi-di-aitch what’s the correlation between caffeine and psychoses?

see title for question. Both things have something to do with the amount of dopamine, or so I’ve heard. I also know coffee has a certain impact on your brain chemistry and has something to do with the amount of dopamine in your brain chemistry. I am not a scientist and please refer me to another page if this question doesn’t fit here. I am just really curious of the science behind this!!
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2023.06.07 15:09 MentallyIllAreBetter Does anyone see a reason that I shouldn't send the following letter to my congressmen and the president?(I don't want to waste their time if there is a flaw in my request)

Dear leaders,
I heard someone say, “Thank goodness the debt ceiling is finally out of the news.” This is what I think is wrong with the system. The time to talk about the debt ceiling is now and not in two years when we will be in crisis. The idea that there is a law that suggests that not paying our debt is acceptable practice is silly. Every two years, you play a game of chicken over an outcome that you all know is unacceptable. I will ask the voters to fight off the debt ceiling fatigue if you guys fix the problem in perpetuity. I am sick of every two years having to go through the pain of wondering if you will not pay the debt. I am tired of watching you all pat yourselves on the back for implementing a patch as if you solved a problem. Please don’t give into the debt ceiling fatigue and stop working on it. I want leaders with foresight and here is your opportunity to show some. Start trying to fix things before crisis rather than during because you will use a work around during crisis but a true fix before. If you fix it now then you will save the people that voted you all in, a great deal of angst. Please find a way to remove your game of chicken from the process of dealing with our debt.
***I am not telling reddit my real name***
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