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2014.02.26 06:15 Bakkot Slate Star Codex: In a Mad World, All Blogging is Psychiatry Blogging

Slate Star Codex was a blog by Scott Alexander about human cognition, politics, and medicine. He now blogs at Astral Codex Ten:

2011.03.26 10:21 Paracord - Projects, Art, Tutorials, Knots

All things paracord! Projects, Art, Tutorials, Knots, Reviews, etc!

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We are a community committed to learning about and applying philosophical Stoic principles and techniques.

2023.03.25 02:56 impressivepumpkin19 AAMC Sample Test

Just took the sample test, first full length test I’ve tried.
How does the sample compare to the actual AAMC FLs? I tried searching the sub for answers but seems to be a mixed bag/really old posts.
And is there a reliable converter to gauge my score?
The link to the sample converter in the sidebar (on premed) isn’t working, and I’m worried the one that I could find might be inflating my score, because the score jump from the BP half length I took 3 weeks ago doesn’t seem plausible.
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2023.03.25 02:56 Accordingly_Twins What

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2023.03.25 02:55 hg550alp1 Marble professional

I have a small apartment in Tbilisi with a marble floor, but it looks very bad. The "master" who installed it was basically a scammer and did a very bad job, but besides the defects caused by the bad installation, it needs a professional cleaning and/or polishing.
I've bought some special products for marble but it didn't work. It still has some stains, scratches, and peeling paint from the renovation.
I tried to search for some company or professional who can do cleaning / treatment / polishing services for marble but I couldn't find any.
Do any of you know someone who can do a work like this? Some master with experience with marble, not an unexperienced one because I've been scammed one and I don't want to hire again someone unable to deal with marble.
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2023.03.25 02:55 Green_Galah Can 2 people play multiplayer Minecraft on the same xbox console at different times?

I'm getting mixed results with my search engine.
Neither of us have a gold account but we have 2 seperate accounts that are friends on xbox. Can we set up a LAN game between us on the same console? Or will we both need gold accounts and play online?
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2023.03.25 02:55 Pitykesz Medieval style game

Hello Im here to ask for help because i have been searching for this game for weeks now and i cant seem to find it. The game is about conquering.. well you start with a building in a set map and there are multiple buildings to conquer. There are multiple building types for example one which spawns faster troops one that spawns stronger troops etc. The game isnt turn based and is played against the AI. The game isnt new its a bit old i want to replay it for old times sake. any help I appreciate. The game also had this polygon-ish look(graphics).
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2023.03.25 02:54 SpeedyPuzzlement friendly reminders for the 2024 cycle

Some things I didn't know about before applying:
  1. preview and ca$per: Yes, they exist. Yes, they suck. If your school list requires them, sign up.
  2. clean your social media: Open an incognito tab and spend 30 minutes trying to find yourself, taking the perspective of an adcom that knows everything on your application (hint: name, college, birthplace, addresses, activities). Delete / private objectionable content early and it will likely be scrubbed off of search engines by the time you submit.
  3. manage your letter writers: You know how some professors are flexible and give extensions? If possible, set your true deadline in late may (or earlier) and tell them a deadline of 2 weeks to 1 month in advance. Then you can graciously give your writers extensions. Also, send reminders under the guise of providing additional materials / resources to make the process smoother. Interfolio is the best, fight me.
  4. prewriting: In the grand scheme of things, the personal statement is a small amount of writing compared to the activities or secondaries. Remember to put in the time to brainstorm for secondary prompts, add up your hours, and reach out to potential activity contacts!
  5. institutional documents: You'll need an official copy of your transcript(s) to fill out the course entries. Plus you'll need to send them to AMCAS. And you'll need to classify each course appropriately (ask your premed advisor if needed). Check with your institutions if you're unsure whether you have an IA. This stuff takes time so get it out of the way.
  6. drip: Some schools require you to submit a photo on the secondaries. For interview season, you'll also need to have a nice outfit. Take a day to dress up and get some nice headshots.
  7. school list: Personally, I went down the USNWR research ranking and crossed off schools I didn't want to attend / schools with extreme in-state bias until I got to ~25. However, there are a lot of things to research and y'all should take a smarter approach than mine.
bonus: Make another email just for the application cycle. I didn't do this but some people swear by it.
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2023.03.25 02:53 dmendez678 FYP = Passive Aggressive

FYP = Passive Aggressive
I cant believe this showed up on my For You Page. I did search up Genocide + China also Tiananmen Square + China during the Hearings w/ Tiktok CEO Shou Chew. ANYONE ELSE?
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2023.03.25 02:52 Psychotica_Official Cobblemon Steam Deck controls?

I just got Cobblemon working on Steam deck but im having an issue with Midnight Controls. When i try to search for the mod, it doesnt show up, thus i cant install it. When when installing it from thier github, Minecraft isnt recognizing it. Im using Steam controller settings now but its really limiting. Any ideas for this?
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2023.03.25 02:52 ArtFraga Come As You Are Chords - Guitar Tabs - Nirvana

undefined guitar tabs download as PDF on:
Click here for a free preview of the score (first page)
This score has 2 PDF pages
Credit: this score was transcribed/uploaded by @NoStringsAttchd
If you cannot find the score, it might be because of a copyright issue. Click on "Request" button at to request and get the score.
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2023.03.25 02:52 PuckSR OMV 6 fan issues?

Just had to rebuild a server because I was an idiot and dropped the old one while moving some stuff. Wound up damaging my hdds.
Anyway, I have OMV 6 now(I had 5 previously)
However, I just found out that my fans are not turning on. I use an old chromebox, which typically doesn't need to run the fan unless there is a heavy load. However, during setup I did put it under a heavy load and the fans didnt come on. All I know is that my SSH sessions was suddenly bombarded with overtemp alarms and warning to shutdown, but nothing actually shutdown?
Trying to search anything on OMV issues is a bit of a crazy game. Took me an hour to figure out that there was a docker issue with apparmor and that I wasn't just incompetent. Any ideas? But it is just as likely that i damaged the fan or it needs to be replaced
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2023.03.25 02:51 GoodMacAuth I created a Discord server for agency owners. Absolutely no selling and no shilling.

I searched before creating this server and found a lot of posts asking for Discords, but the only ones I found were either dead, or very clearly focused on selling to its members (or memeber-to-member spam)
I created this server with one goal in mind: being able to surround myself (and other members) with like-minded agency owners/members that want somewhere to share experiences and ask for help - without anyone trying to sell them a course/book/whatever. I have absolutely zero interest in selling or promoting anything.
Feel free to pop in if you'd like - and if you're a mod on this subreddit just message me and I'll also mod you there.
Comment here for the link, automod deletes it automatically.
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2023.03.25 02:51 ChrisGoBonkers For my english class, we had to write a poem in free verse, after playing ragnarok, I immediately knew who to base it off

(Im 13, sorry if it aint shakespeare)
The Bear had weeped
The Bear had sorrowed
When The Hunter came
His guilt had followed
The Hunter explained
“Shed blood makes you stronger”
But The Bear could hear it no longer
Into the woods, The Bear ran
He lost himself, in his den
Nightmares and sorrow plagued his mind
He knew that it was time
The Bear left his den
Off to kill
The vile man
High and low
He searched and searched
But found nothing
Even under a perch
When he thought hope was lost
He saw a cabin, coated in frost
He ran, and he ran
Into the house he went
Before him
Was the hunter
He took up his claw
And slashed with fury
He attacked until
His vision got blurry
Coated in blood
His mission complete
But not free from his guilt
And then the bear had weeped
When morn came
The Bear sought death
The Bear cried a fountain
And when he was ready
He threw himself off the mountain
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2023.03.25 02:50 GlumRefrigerator1 Full body support harness recs?

Full body support harness recs?
Hi everyone! Thank you for your kind words and insights when I wrote a few weeks ago with worries about my dog Bodhi's injured back leg. He ended up having a torn ACL and had to have TPLO surgery, and the post-op recovery has been a big tough as he can't put any weight on his back leg. The vet recommended rolling up a towel to use as a sling to keep his back leg off the ground, but this is killing my back and obviously is not sustainable long term.
I went searching online for a harness that has a handle or strap to directly support his hips/back leg, necessary for the immediate recovery period but also in hopes that giving him this kind of support going forward will help his hips and leg stay in good shape. The Amazon and Chewy options all had mixed reviews and didn't seem like great quality (I ordered one to begin with and one of the buckles promptly snapped upon first wear), so I went with this Ruffwear full body harness: It's meant to be a rock climbing harness but with detachable leg straps and hip and back handles for lifting, I thought it might be a good fit, although the question of whether the strap around the stump would be successful was unclear.
Okay, that was a long-winded intro to a two-part question.
Part 1: the harness arrived and seems like great quality but the strap around the stump does not stay, rendering the whole back portion (which is the main reason for getting this harness) unusable as the loops need counterweight from the leg other to stay in place. I'm wondering if anyone has this harness (or has encountered a similar situation with a different harness) and has any tips for MacGyvering it to make the stump loop stay in place. (Attaching photos of the harness situation -- Bodhi is quite bruised from the tape of his bandage which is startling but he is ok.)
Part 2: if this harness doesn't end up working, any recommendations of other harnesses that would provide dual chest/front legs and hips/back leg support with a back leg situation suited for a stump would be great!!
In general though... where are the products designed specifically for tripods hiding?! I feel like there must be a company somewhere that makes them and I just haven't found it??
(Thank you for reading. This is my first experience in 3.5 years as a tripod parent of any mobility challenges and it has been surprisingly scary and stressful. Grateful for all of the words shared in this space.)
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2023.03.25 02:50 queerkidxx Bing tells us how it really feels

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2023.03.25 02:50 TheSwoodening How big is Springfield supposed to be?

A Google search would say ~30,000 people, which quite simply doesn't add up. It's able to boast sports stadiums (they have their own teams), a large prison, multiple universities, an amphitheater, television studio(s), an international airport, the list goes on. These aren't traits of some middle-America, medium-ish sized town, these are traits of the biggest cities in America. And in the monorail episode, Lisa describes it as a "small town with a centralized population". What?
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2023.03.25 02:50 WonderstruckGuy BSOD WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE 2+ years

(Will post specs later am currently at work)
Hello, I am at my limit with the PC. 2 years ago an old friend of mine built me a PC as a present while I was visiting them in another state. When I got home and booted the thing up, it ran fine but after a few days I noticed it would suffer a BSOD. The code always being the same.
"WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE". It would have a '0%' and would either restart itself back into windows or would restart itself into BIOS.
He then tried to fix it 6 months later but rushed the process and revealed to me he used 'parts he beat to hell' which made this circle even more fun.
The crashes could be entirely random. Idle, in-game, heavy usage, low usage. At first sound files or guns ect would simply vanish from games. Texts, menu screens, you name it. So I replaced the ram. I figured the power may be low as it was at a 750watt but I bumped it up to an 850watt. Haven't dealt with those issues since.
However, I still get the BSOD followed by "whea_uncorrectable".
I took it to a reputable PC shop here in my city. Really great guys. I ended up replacing the CPU, The Motherboard, and updating the out dated BIOS.
Took it home all happy and excited.
Later that night, BSOD. "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE".
They are just at random now. But I can almost always guarantee a BSOD when my PC is idle for a bit. It can go days if not weeks without BSOD.
I've tried every program like MemTest, RamTests, CPU tests, every test every forum has asked. I've tried under clocking. Over clocking. XMP disabled, XMP enabled. New Motherboard, RAM, CPU, PSU.
I had a crash recently then booted back put of BIOS and my screen had a strange glitch effect but then once I reset it turned on again.
My house has been dealing with electricity issues (not the issue have moved 4 times with the same issue) but when low powered it won't turn on buy everyone else in my house will be able to use theirs just fine.
The only parts I have not changed are my HardDriveDisk (if I 'search this PC' and try to find anything it's EXTREMELY slow and last time I searched something it entirely closed out all my icons and files that were open ect as if it just soft restarted).
I haven't dealt with graphics issues other than the related one from BIOS rebooting.
I can always tell when the PC is about to crash as clicks and engine searches online freeze and everything one by one comes to a grinding halt and eventual freeze.
I am at a sheer lose for ideas at this point. I am not tech savvy in a technical way such as PC builds so its just a massive headache. Even the people at the PC shop are genuinely confused at this point.
If anyone has any questions or anything that can lead me to a solution it would be a godsend. I use my PC for work but am so limited and stressed about crashes it screws with my work moral and I don't have the funds to outright buy a whole new PC with bills and such.
Thank you.
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2023.03.25 02:50 huzuhu_10 My periods are crazy and I'm constantly in severe pain, even if I'm not menstruating. Help.

Buckle up, this is a long one. (Please keep in mind that I am a minor if you do read this.)
For the past 6-7 months I've been experiencing extreme, stabbing pelvic pain, mainly towards the lower right side. It's like having constant period cramps but make it 4x as worse. It never stops. It hurts even more when I'm on my period (and would you look at that, I'm right in the middle of it, don't mind me typing this up after crying hahaha). I've been going back and forth with doctors but they have zero ideas as to what this is.
For some background context, I started menstruating at 8 years old. Way earlier than expected. Also started to generally develop and mature earlier and quicker than expected. No idea what was going on until I had The Talk. My periods were heavy and painful and have just gotten heavier and more painful over the years. I had to change my maxi pads at least once every two hours. At first I thought that it was normal, "Periods suck, it's bound to be this bad," but I was wrong. It's not normal. I bled for at least 7 days, the range was usually 7 to 13 (still is). My cycles are around 20-45 days (they are vary quite a lot). The pain became unbearable at times, enough for me to not go to school, heck, even get out of bed or shower myself.
My current symptoms include: heavy/painful/long periods, acute/sharp pelvic pain, tiredness, lightheadedness, loss of appetite mood swings and now mild depression. I am also anaemic (iron deficiency).
I have tried different types of painkillers (ibuprofen, naproxen, mebeverine) but none seem to relieve to pain to a point where it is bearable. I have been taking tranexamic acid to help with my heavy bleeding, which thankfully, do help slightly, on that note. After a visit with a gynaecologist, I was advised to try the combined pill/birth control pills for 3 months to see if they would help. They didn't. Made the period afterwards the worst one in my life by far. I ever since I took those pills, my periods became worse in general. I often found more clots than usual, occasionally huge and mixed in colour (white/red/pink), and almost 'worm-like.'
After taking multiple ultrasound scans, no visible results. We ruled out ovarian cycts, fibroids, endometriosis, appendicitis, hernia, pelvic inflammatory syndrome, PCOS and the like. I was told that everything was fine. Doctors have told me that it may be some sort of manifestation of any issues I've been having, e.g. social life, so on. It probably isn't. There is nothing serious or upsetting going on my life in that sense. Bullying, harassment, grief, nothing like that. I was perfectly happy, confident and fine before all of this started to kick off. We are suspecting that it may be a case of 'pelvic congestion syndrome,' although it is not common in my age group at all.
I am due to have an MRI scan in the coming week to search again for anything that may be causing this. Hopefully I'll have an answer to this by then.
If you made it this far, thank you so much. I hoping that people on the internet can help or give suggestions since basically no one in person has the slightest idea as to what it could be. But seriously, after typing up an essay about this, what the heck do you think is going on?
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2023.03.25 02:50 chocolatebageltje What's your favorite fat-friendly outdoor chair?

I think we can all agree that there are many garden chairs that are absolutely nerve wrecking to sit in because of the fear it might break, getting kinda stuck in there or them just deadass being really uncomfortable, sticky and/or leaving marks bc of weird slits and holes that are there for some reason. (Deadass I just looked at a plastic one with a cut out floral pattern and although beautiful, I could already imagine the red flowery marks on my butt from sitting in it for too long. 😂)
I got a new apartment and with spring coming in I wanna start decorating my balcony which includes some comfy chairs or a bench. I don't really have any style ideas to go off of yet so I thought to ask for inspo here because truth be told I've only rarely sat in an outdoor chaibench that truly felt comfortable lmao and I don't wanna spend money on something I'll end up not enjoying.
Are there any styles/brands you guys personally love so I can narrow my search a little?
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2023.03.25 02:49 ArtFraga Santeria Chords - Guitar Tabs - Sublime

undefined guitar tabs download as PDF on:
Click here for a free preview of the score (first page)
This score has 3 PDF pages
Credit: this score was transcribed/uploaded by @NoStringsAttchd
If you cannot find the score, it might be because of a copyright issue. Click on "Request" button at to request and get the score.
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2023.03.25 02:49 Coolest_Cape_Dude420 Getfixedboi problem

Is there any possible way to get a yellow marigold on getfixedboi seeds? I've been searching forever and it's been one of my personal goals to get rainbow dye, but I can't find any marigolds. Are they even on the seed? (Nothin bout it on the wiki)
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2023.03.25 02:48 therobinflieseast Little bit of community positivity: the parent who was asking for Nabbit for their kid

It was just a really wholesome saga to see unfold. Someone asking if Nabbit would be in last tour's shops, but being told unfortunately no. It was a really wholesome and thoughtful thing, made me smile.
It then gets revealed that huzzah! He's in this tour's shops! When I realised, I looked for the original post to spread the good news. But I got beat! Someone already did it! In several other posts, I've seen the op pinged to let them know. I don't know, there's something nice about so many people wanting to help and remembering this parent's search so their kid could have (assumedly) their favourite character.
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2023.03.25 02:47 xXOffTheSenzuXx What website do you trust to buy an exhaust system? These are the only ones i can find in stock for this exhaust specifically. What would arrive fastest? Im in cali if that helps

What website do you trust to buy an exhaust system? These are the only ones i can find in stock for this exhaust specifically. What would arrive fastest? Im in cali if that helps submitted by xXOffTheSenzuXx to AskAMechanic [link] [comments]