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2023.06.07 13:41 Mahmood551 An extract from Hillary Clinton's soon-to-be-released autobiography:

'The Truth Will Always Prevail'
When we visited India in 1995 we fell in love with the cuisine of that country. One meal in particular was totally awesome and we asked to meet the chef. We were introduced to this unassuming man named Savio Fernandes who came from the tiny coastal state of Goa.

He explained how the entire meal from starters to dessert had been prepared in a uniquely Goan style.
We were very impressed and asked the Cabinet Secretary if we could borrow the cook for a few months, and take him to the USA to cook for us and our state guests for a while. They agreed, and after a few weeks Savio joined our kitchen staff at the White House.
The Portuguese ambassador was expected for a State Dinner, so we asked Chef Savio Fernandes to cook a twelve course meal for the ambassador and his entourage, and in the process show off his unique Indo-Portuguese cuisine. Savio suggested that the piece-de-resistance would be something called Sorpatel & Sanna. Bill was a bit wary as Savio described it as a very spicy dish, and Bill was having a bit of a stomach upset at the time. But in the end we told Savio to go ahead.
The dinner was a great hit, with Savio presenting exotic dishes with names like Xacuti and Caldin and Feijado and Balchao and Vindaloo and Cafreal and Patoleo and Bebinca and what have you. Bill was particularly fascinated by the Sorpatel & Sanna and gorged away, despite the delicate condition of his stomach. Just as we were saying our goodbyes it happened. Bill started getting severe cramps and nausea. He called aside the Chief of Staff and shouted at him, "Get rid of that Goan cook. Right now!"
The Chief of Staff explained to Bill that proper protocol had to be followed or it would cause a diplomatic row. Bill shouted at him, "I am the President of the United States of America. If I want a chef sacked I can do it right now, and don't need any of your protocols!"
Just then Bill had another attack of cramps and excused himself from the room and rushed towards the bathroom. By now he was so disoriented that he couldn't remember which door led to the bathroom. Bill was on the verge of passing out from the pain when he finally found a door that opened. As he unzipped his trousers and ran in, he realized to his horror that he had stumbled into Monica Lewinsky's office with his trousers around his knees.
As he was about to pass out, this naive girl bent over him and heard President Clinton whisper in a barely audible voice, "Sack my cook!"
…. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the whole misunderstanding occurred!
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2023.06.07 13:40 yerederetaliria Our second date

First date:

As I said in the first date post I had met with Jenny and we put together a plan for the first date. We also discussed the possibilities for a second and third date. Since we didn't know how well the first date would go we decided to be flexible and I would follow her lead or Finnian's lead if he was completely uninterested. She described that our pairing on the first date seemed "electric" and she had already come up with a couple of ideas for the next date. She didn't feel that I needed any more help but she was more curious than anything. She actually hoped that he would take the bait for the offer but I jumped at it first.
Jenny and John knew of a Colorado Indie band that was visiting Fort Collins and was playing at a local restaurant/club called Avogadro's Number. place was close to campus and a hot spot for students. The place always filled up even when there wasn't live music but it was sure to be filled that night. I could barely wait until evening and I was hyped up all day. At one point I started to walk over to a bus stop near his apt where I had watched him before but I decided against it. Avogadro's Number was within walking distance for me and we all decided it was best for everyone to meet there. I don't remember the time we were going to meet but it was after dinner and we were just going to get drinks, dessert and listen to music. Jenny called me in the evening letting me know that another couple was going to come. I didn't care as long as Finnian was there.
I left too early and and started walking. I met him near Sigma Nu, this would seem an odd thing to say here but it was significant. All I needed to do was walk straight North to Avogadros Number but instead I turned West towards his apartment. I knew he'd come that way because I knew his address but he didn't know I knew his address. We started walking together no questions asked. I wanted him to know what I'd been up to but not everything so I made myself "suspect" by meeting him on this route. We were casual and it was a nice night for February. If you've lived in Colorado you'll know that the weather can be extreme. February can range from 70 F to below zero F and I remember that it was nice weather for coats. Finnian and I were late when we met Jenny and John with the other couple. I don't remember the other couple and I don't recall them ever entering our lives again. Jenny and John had a lot of friends.
The six of us shared a table for two near a window further away from the music. I saw the restaurant was going to run out of chairs and while John and Finnian were talking I grabbed a chair for he and I... to share. I did this on purpose. We all kind of gathered around the table and I gave the chair to Finnian and he tried to give it back and he remembers me saying, "I want to sit down, so sit...por favor..." I then planted myself on his lap with my arm around his shoulders. We weren't the only ones doing this. The place was packed and some people were standing or leaning on the wall or even on the floor, etc. He remembers the band to be a folksy alternative indie rock band, nothing really special but good musicians. He remembers that we all ordered dessert and he and I had coffee. I did not care about drinks, dessert, music or anything only being with him. He and John talked a little but John couldn't stay still and kept wandering. That left us alone but in good company.
I was really calm that night and played with his hand a lot. We talked. It was silly early dating talk about interests and such. I remember we talked about why we were attending ColoSU and I learned about his major but not schedule (that's important). (I actually knew his major and had met his professors too so this made it official) I straight out asked him if he was serious about transferring to the Uni Alaska, Fairbanks. He was surprised that I knew about that and I made the comment while looking away from him that I knew more about him than he thinks. He said, "probably." We were flirting with words and proximity very subtley. He was catching on and we both knew that we were becoming a couple.
He talked about backpacking, I remember feeling it was a test of sorts. Would I be willing to go and rough it? I told him that it sounded like a dream and little did either of us realize how much we would later on. I learned how matter of fact he is and how he can be brutally but gently honest. He told me about how he wrote an enormous paper about the Hungarian Uprising and entitled it "Much Ado About Nothing." He was in High School and he had to write a paper about the Cold War and he chose that topic even though his Dad said it was a lie and never happened and the teacher said he wouldn't find any info on it. He concluded the paper by talking about The Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness) being founded by the Hungarian Marxists which is also "much ado about nothing." You see how he flatly quoted their idea and still upheld his idea that it was very important? I think he's brilliant.
We also talked about favorites and I did a silly thing that he told me later interrupted his dreams. I asked his favorite animal, wolf, and confessed mine to be a fox. Then I volunteered why, and I listed off a variety of reasons including the vixen mating scream which he looked up later that night. He said that Brad, his apt mate heard it and commented, "another psycho chick." I also mentioned the vulgar Spanish language connection. This is hard to explain in a short writing the complexities of these flirts. "Zorra" (vixen) is a suggestive word. I like word play. I remember growing up confusing my parents with, "Que linda zorra persiguiendo a un gallo." (What a cute vixen chasing a chicken) or (What a cute bitch chasing cock) Mother would ask, "why does the fox have to be a female and the chicken a male?!" And I would reply, "because I'm a girl and my favorite animal is a fox so it's a girl fox and the rooster defends the girl chickens." (reversing the genders would make the phrase polite and not vulgar - colloquially) Finnian knew what I was doing.
Do you see what we were discovering? We were connecting intellectually and understanding an important communication style. We found that we were both "moderately good" people who flirted with bad. To write a paper calling out past and present history and calling it nothing is similar to me saying "zorra traviesa traviesa zorra" which can be translated to "vixen naughty sleeper bitch." With all this word play and lap sitting I sound very whorish but we were actually very behaved and we knew we were connecting deeply and in ways that that take other couples months. I was trying to take this to another level (again my habit of elevating and pushing forward) and he was catching on which is why we eventually left for a moment.
It was hot in the restaurant with all the people and our warm clothes and he asked to go outside. As he was going John asked if everything was allright and he replied that we were getting some air. Then he grabbed my hand and we pushed our way through the door. I loved that it wasn't just him getting air but he took me. The night was cold but not freezing and he and I took a short walk. Avogadro's Number is by the railroad tracks that go through town and we crossed them and made our way over to a nice church with trees around the building. (about 1000 feet - you could see both buildings) I was just a church and a pretty area no other significance. He asked me, "¿Qué estás haciendo?" (What are you doing? I understood him to ask "What are you up to?") And I answered, "Tu tienes lo que quiero." (You have what I want.) I was playing the song game with him that we played the night before and I referenced a song that was eventually played at our Wedding reception. We still do this stuff and later you'll hear more of it including "code phrases" and such.
He commented that the church was made of stone with a good foundation. He was implying that we need to start well if we are going to do this. There was something between us, a spirit of sorts. We were dancing around this coupling. I knew I had him if I just kept being respectful. Respect is important, Jenny actually told me that he wasn't looking for a one night stand but a relationship. Of course I agreed but that did influence how I flirted with him. I tried to be more formal and suggestive at the same time. My heart was so focused on him. He leaned in and gave me a kiss that took me by surprise and I learned he was very good when he is not taken off guard. I actually ended up leaning on a tree when he kissed me. He took my breath away. This was a very romantic toe curling kiss.
We made our way back to the restaurant. We continued our night but we lost our chair so I leaned on him as he leaned against a wall. Eventually, the night was over and the six of us left. As we were chatting outside the restaurant Jenny asked if we made any more plans. The next day was Sunday and I straight up asked him to come to church with me. I wanted him to meet Father Bob at my church, and yes, I was already manipulating things that far ahead. I said I'd be honest about this. I never kidnapped Finnian but I did arrange an early meeting with the priest who would marry us. I am not claiming this was right but it happened. Finnian declined and said he really needed to study tomorrow for an exam and that he knows that I'd distract him the rest of the day if I went to my church tomorrow.
He then suggested we see each other Monday evening and I said, "No, you have Physics from 10:30 - 12:00 and I get off work at 11:45 so we'll meet for lunch in the Student Center main lobby by the coffee shop. It takes 5 minutes to walk from Physics to Lory [Student Center] and 10 minutes for the bathroom so 12:15." He then asked how I knew about his Physics class. I replied, "Chemistry and Physics go together, Querido." I remember that very well because it was so revealing and I felt chills saying it. Everyone in our little party heard and Jenny gave me a cautious look. He knew that I had an idea of his address and class schedule. I admitted that I knew more than I let on, I wanted him to meet my parish preist and now he has a pet name, "Querido." "Querido" means Dear and it is old fashioned and elevated, it was forward.
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2023.06.07 13:36 buckyxbrnes how do i know if i feel gender envy/dysphoria?

hello! my problem is that i never found a specific explanation of how gender envy and dysphoria feels like. ofc ive seen loads of people talking about those topics, but i never understood how do i identify them (im neurodivergent and have a hard time understanding non specific things)
i know no one can tell me what i feel or how should i feel, but help would be really helpful.
im AFAB and i am questioning if i am trans for so long. when i was a child, i don't think i had dysphoria because i felt like i was one of the boys until i was 12 (when puberty started), since then i've always had something against everything that reminded me that i am a girl. i started questioning my gender when i was 14, i cut my hair really short and i felt like it was the first time i was looking at myself on the mirror. i often forget that other people see me as a girl, because im my head i am an androgynous looking guy or something like that, so im always shocked when i am refered as a woman by others
fastforwarding some years, ive been questioning if the feeling that i have when i look at man is attraction or gender envy. i feel a strong pain in my chest, like jealously when you look at something you can't have, i cried multiple times due to that and i start to obsess over the said man, admiring how his features are wow. this happens a lot with trans guys, i am extremely happy for their achievements but deep down i feel anger? like a need to be like them. it seems like it may be gender envy, but i saw loads of people saying about "women who think they are men due to the benefits that being a man comes along with" and im scared of saying that i am trans and in the end, it was just a mistake
i don't think i have dysphoria, i don't mind being called by she/her pronouns most of the timeor my birthname, the only thing that bothers me is my chest, but other than that i am ok
i feel too shy to ask irls to use masc name/pronouns when refering to me, as if it is something wrong and they will judge me, but i love creating a male persona in the internet, but in real life, being called a man feels offensive edit: i meant that i am used to being called a woman, so i don't really mind, but when i am called a man, it feels weird, as if it was something forbidden? i feel a pain in the chest and start to feel anxious, especially when there is people around, idk if it feels like that due to me being ashamed or if its something else
i am so confused, nothing that i feel matches other people's experiences so i can't tell what i feel (sorry for the long text, im just really confused)
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2023.06.07 13:34 LoveMangaBuddy Read Dark Gathering - Chapter 45 - MangaPuma

Keitarou, who's always had a disposition for attracting spirits, gets hired as a tutor for a little girl named Yayoi who can see spirits and is searching for the spirit that took away her mother. ... Read Dark Gathering - Chapter 45 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.07 13:30 stopher93 18 [M4F] NC/US Introvert looking for someone [relationship]

Hey! Names Chris, from good ol north carolina. As the title says, im pretty introverted when first meeting people or talking to them. I love to read and play video games (currently on a pokemon and star wars binge). About myself, im half hispanic but fairly white looking, a bit over 5’11, and a bit on the chubbier side. I also play rugby and I am in my senior year of highschool. This is also open to anyone anywhere. I do want a serious relationship out of this if possible. I am also going to be going to clemson this fall
As for you, I’m generally into introverts or incredibly nerdy girls, with emphasis on cuddling and/or clinginess being a plus. Please note that these aren’t hard requirements however.
See ya!
Ps, say bozo if you read this far
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2023.06.07 13:26 tempacc12321 Do I have paranoia or anxiety?

I [25M] had a concussion months ago but dealt with PCS to the present day (vastly improving in past month). I’ve always had some anxiety about things and lied about it and have noticed it getting worse now that I’m feeling better. I haven’t been completely honest with my doctor or neurologist about it but I am going to speak to them this week or as soon as possible. I had a couple of incidents that have made me paranoid/anxious 24/7 for the past month. The main one was about a week ago. In a coed soccer game a girl on our team got hit hard by another player. She clearly got the worst of it. He got up yelling and complaining that she hit him. I asked if he was blind because he destroyed her and he said he would do it harder next time. I snapped and started calling him names like blind, dead and dumb. I hate seeing girls get hurt in this type of soccer. He gave me death stare until half then he came up to me asked my name to which I responded no and he then said even if we don’t play, games end at the same time. I took that as a threat so walked over to him after to deescalate. He wouldn’t look at me at first until his teammates came in. He was mad I called him names. After some apologies he shook my hand quick and reluctantly. He just gave me bad vibes rest of game too. Now I’ve convinced myself he’s wants to murder me. Ever since that game it’s literally all I think about. I feel sick 24/7. I can’t eat because it makes me more sick and I can’t sleep because if I wake up briefly at night it pops into my head and can’t get back to bed. Work is impossible because I just think about it and when I’m at home I can barely talk to friends or family and I am irritated very easily. Any advice or insight before I see my doctors and open up. I can’t live like this.
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2023.06.07 13:25 BetterPetsLife 🐾🌟 Celebrity Pets: The Extraordinary Collection of Furry Friends 🌟🐾

🐾🌟 Celebrity Pets: The Extraordinary Collection of Furry Friends 🌟🐾
Celebrities are known for their extravagant lifestyles, and that extends to their choice of pets too! From cute and cuddly to exotic and unexpected, the furry companions of famous personalities often capture our attention. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of celebrity pets, exploring some of the best and most unique collections owned by stars around the globe.
  1. Taylor Swift's Feline Fabulousness 🐱: Taylor Swift is renowned for her love of cats, and her feline family has garnered significant attention. From the famous Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey to her recent addition, Benjamin Button, these fluffy companions have become social media sensations, delighting fans worldwide.
  2. The Canine Cuteness of Chris Evans 🐶: Chris Evans, known for his portrayal of Captain America, has a soft spot for rescue dogs. His beloved pooches, Dodger and Lily, have stolen hearts with their adorable antics. Chris often shares heartwarming moments with his furry friends, inspiring others to consider adopting shelter pets.
  3. Ariana Grande's Unconventional Menagerie 🦜: Ariana Grande's pet collection is anything but ordinary. Alongside her beloved dogs, Toulouse and Myron, Ariana also dotes on a range of exotic pets. From her piglet, Piggy Smallz, to her flock of parrots, including Coco and Ophelia, Ariana showcases her love for unique and diverse animal companions.
  4. The Majestic Horses of Kaley Cuoco 🐴: Kaley Cuoco, known for her role in "The Big Bang Theory," is an avid equestrian. She owns several horses, including her beloved companion, Hans, with whom she shares a deep bond. Kaley's passion for horses extends beyond leisure, as she actively participates in equestrian competitions.
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio's Conservation Companions 🐢: Leonardo DiCaprio, an environmental activist, has a unique collection of pets that aligns with his commitment to conservation. Among his animal companions are a few tortoises, symbolizing his dedication to protecting endangered species and raising awareness about environmental issues.
  6. Miley Cyrus and Her Eclectic Animal Entourage 🦜🐕: Miley Cyrus is known for her love of animals, and her pet collection reflects her adventurous spirit. From her many rescue dogs to her pet pig, Bubba Sue, and her array of feathered friends, including a vibrant macaw named Shanti Om Bb, Miley's animal entourage showcases her affinity for diverse creatures.
Conclusion: Celebrities often surround themselves with extraordinary pets that reflect their unique personalities and passions. Whether it's the feline kingdom of Taylor Swift, the canine companions of Chris Evans, or the unconventional menagerie of Ariana Grande, these famous pets captivate us with their adorable charm. They remind us that regardless of fame or fortune, the unconditional love and companionship of a pet can bring joy and happiness to anyone's life. 🌟🐾
So, which celebrity pet collection has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below! #CelebrityPets #FurryFriendsForever
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2023.06.07 13:24 creppystories1325 Recived my disturbing fate trought my mail box.

I 31 M, am a dentist and i live in a very small town in Portugal with only 200 people in it. My life has always been kinda slow, i got trough school like a normal teen got a couole of relationships but they all ended with the girl i was dating leaving me fot a better looking guy, so i kinda Gave up on being in a relationship, after that i graduated got into a dentist school and got job pretty quick since my all family have been dentists and doctors, so yea i was a normal, lonely guy that worked eat slept repeat. Until one sunday i went to the mail box like every other one since i left my parents house, i lived in a strange apartment, where people sometimes went missing and where it ocurred a murder in 2004, but thats the best i could get with my single payout, i really want to move out but i dont see the day where a lady fall for me and wants to get married and move to the suburbs and have kids, so i gotta acept it rhis is my home like it has been for the past 10 years, anyway like i was saying i went to the mail box like a normal sunday to get the monthly bills, but this time there was a letter in a black envelope, and it was weird cause i never get mail and when i was going to open it up, i got this urge feeling to leave it and get out of there like if i was being watched, but at the same time the temptation to open it up and figure it out why my name was on it was stonger, so i was going to open but in my head i needed go to somewhere safe Somewhere public so that it nothing can happens. I got to the city café and i ordered a capuchinho, and i decided to open the letter and i unfold a 1 A4 that said that i was going to be taken away to a sacrafice in 3 days and 20 hours, at first i tought that it was just a joke some kids probably trying to have some fun, but then the lady serve me the capuchino with a 72 hours draw in it and i felt like my heart had stopped, i wonder how did she know, just pure coincidence? Is she the person who wrote the letter?, Nah she cant be, she would never guess that i would come here to open it, but still i was so frightened, i was feeling claustrophobic i needed to head out of there before i passed out, in the moment i left i ran to police to show them the letter and ask for help, and they said that i should be in a safe house guwrded by them for the next 3 days and thats where i went. When i was 4 hours left to the end of the countdown i start to see some shadows moving outside the window, and i started to worry but i tought police would deal with it, but then i saw police talking to them and i overheard the conversation and i found out that all 200 people were in the woods waiting for me for a ritual they were all part of including the police, they were trying to fool me to letting me think i was safe when in fact they were with them all along. I escaped trough the window and now im running for my life, i dont think i will make it cause its the all town i neeed to leave this place but im alone in the dark running, and that when i saw the light across the trees i ran and ran cause i tought it would be some gas station so that i could hide in until morning but, so i ran qnd i passed a bushe and there it was a giant bonfire with all the people from the town dressed with masks surrounding me making a circle around m,e this is it i got caught, the letter was right...
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2023.06.07 13:21 valonianfool criticism of Helluva Boss character design

A lot of characters in Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel share similar design elements; the men are mostly tumblr sexymen-bait with beanpole physiques, wear pinstriped suits and have sharp teeth. Often, they have one gold tooth. I view this as a sign of lazy character design; despite not being identical they look very similar to each other. An especially egregious example in my opinion is Crimson. In the concept art he had a larger, buff and muscular build but in the episode he was literally just Moxxie.
When I brought this up in the HB sub, I got a lot of backlash. There were people saying that family members can look identical, giving personal examples.
While I personally doubt that two people who arent identical twins can look completely identical-there have to be differences even if very subtle-when your show already has a lot of characters who share physical traits, making yet another character who looks almost completely like another character just comes across as lazy. It's like when all the protagonist girls in Sailor Moon look alike in body type and facial features, differing only in hair-color, hairstyle and height.
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2023.06.07 13:19 Ok_Discussion1148 Should I ask this girls co worker to pass my number on?

I (m20) shop at the same shop every other day, 2 days ago I met this girl there she was on the till and I could tell she liked me, doing her hair etc and just kept looking at me, I’m quite a attractive guy and could tell this girl was attracted, so I get to the till and start a normal conversation l, saying how nice the weather was etc l, then I asked for her name and gave her mind she said “that’s a really nice name” and I ended the conversation there as she was done serving me, anyway my plan was today when doing my shopping to talk to her again and get her number, but of course I don’t know when she works etc and she could work out back, out of all the times I’ve ever been to this shop this was the first time I’ve seen her so I don’t know when I’ll see her next, do you think it would be appropriate to pass my number on to her co worker and ask her to give it to her when she’s on shift next? Or does this come off as being creepy?
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2023.06.07 13:12 Familiar-Ice-4723 Plz Help me Out Guys (Not Clickbait)

So I am Girl (17) from Delhi ,I won't take name of Coaching ,but thing is in mid of class 12 th my Physics teacher (26 yrs ),looking at me,gives special attention as I am also one of bright & most beautiful student in my batch so I guess in that intention he's doing so but I am unknown at that time that he desperately likes me too much ,he's so young good looking fair ,tall & has good physique body muscles ,even I like him very much but what happened I was busy in abroad applications & Jee Exams at that time ,once he confess his love that he likes me ,I Ignore at that time ,but when I ask him doubt & something he somehow touches me my hands & put his hands on my shoulders ,one of my friend even noticed & she ask me but thing is like that even I am attracted towards him ,but I tell her Sir is like being casual as he does with everyone ,but then I stop going to classes as jee mains(99.86ile ) came but doesn't goes for celebration ,he is calling me but I don't responded & boards were also after that ,but he takes extra classes I go there ,after some days my Abroad Applications Results Came & I got in Cornell,Coulumbia ,then I started regularly going to classes ,one day when class gets over all started living he stops me & ask me to not went US he asked to stay here in Delhi (only ) but I responded ,Why I should do that ,at that time he again confess but I am really attracted towards him ,he's also earning good amt ,I told him I also likes him ,after sometimes he kissed me badly in his car & dropped me near my house ,then I told him first I should focus on my Adv exam also ,then we can talk about it later ,till Adv he takez care of me like even he came on my center on Adv day ,then in Evening he asked me to come for date night & dinner ,I know what he means so I call my one friend & tell my parents that we all friends going to do night out at one of my friends place (she is alone ),then I dressed up & went for dinner with him ,then he lighten my mood abt exam we have dinner some Romantic chit chat (in one of fine dine restaurant he arrange candle light dinner ) & gives me a diamond chain gift ,I am not faking literally it happened I refused to take it but he makes me wear ,then after that when we sit in his car he holds me tight & kissed & hugged me badly ,then he asked me for physical relationship (Sex) I am excited at that time but then there is no one at his house ,being virgin I am so excited also ,He started kissing & opening my clothes & he fucked me so hard that I am not bare able to take pain & walk properly ,but again next day as I told my parents I am night out with my friends ,he again have sex with me ,both time he dont wear (condom ) , he says he will ejaculate out this time it also pains right now ,he also says he wants to come with me to US ,but I told if he has any resource or job he is trying to get in US , he also asks me for sex as we both are excited ,But Now I am fear what if I gets by mistakenly pregnant & going to US (in Sept)
This is Serious Issue Mods plz Dont Remove it One Student Girl can also be in Same Situation
Ignore my English plz bahot jaldi jaldi me likha h Although many people in this sub are helping me thank you so much guys
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2023.06.07 13:12 nonacrina Megathread - Keeping cats cool and comfortable in summer

PSA: Heatstroke

These are signs of heatstroke in cats: excessive panting, restless behavior, sweaty feet, vomiting, lethargy, muscle tremors, drooling, excessive grooming, uncoordinated movement, loss of balance, seizures, unconsciousness.
If you suspect your cat is suffering from heatstroke, take them to the (emergency) vet immediately.
Source here. This website also has more instructions on what to do if your cat has heatstroke.

Tips to keep your cat(s) cool and comfortable

Summer is almost here (well, for the Northern Hemisphere that is) and temperatures are rising, which means we need to find ways to keep our feline friends cool!
This will serve as a Megathread for any and all tips or questions about keeping cats cool when it's warm outside.
Here are some tips from the previous post:
Feel free to add more tips and/or ask questions in the comments!
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2023.06.07 13:09 jeffreyportnoy Did he actually date McAdams?

In this cypher, he raps that his girl used to date gosling. Here
Timeline kind of works before her current partner.
And if that's true, is Ally named Ally like McAdams character in the Notebook?
What do you think?
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2023.06.07 13:03 ScholarNeonBot Suppressed news, and they call all news channels are godi media.

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2023.06.07 13:01 auto_generated_nick Free browser extension that reads YouTube subtitles aloud. Useful for passive foreign language exposure and contemporary cultural exposure.

I've developed a free browser extension that reads YouTube subtitles aloud on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox without any ads. It's designed with language learning in mind, as studies (linked below) have shown the benefits of passive exposure for language acquisition. Realistically speaking, for more than picking up some words and phrases (for example hearing “securidad” in subtitles, then hearing “security” in the content, and connecting, passively that it’s the same thing, but for way more words), it takes thousands of hours.
That’s also how I learned English, as a Slavic language native speaker – by consuming material even when I didn’t fully understand it, and or at faster playback rate, I learned from context, just as kids do when they learn their first language.
This extension can also benefit the blind community, offering easier access to foreign content and passive language learning. Personally, I use it to watch foreign videos, allowing me to focus on other activities while still absorbing the content.
After installation, voice selection/speed/volume sliders show when you click extension’s icon. To make it play "voiceover", one would need to select a checkbox next to language name underneath a YouTube video. It has to be a checkbox though, as above that field, the links will be just for downloading subtitles. If no subtitles are provided with the video, then it will be written underneath the video that no subtitles are available. Generally, some channels are better than others with providing subtitles.
Chrome Web Store link (will work with Edge browser too)
Firefox Browser Add-ons
For non-English languages, Edge offers high-quality AI voices, Chrome supports various Google Translate voices, and Firefox has a very limited selection. Additional voices installed on your system should also be detected.
If you try the extension, your feedback is highly appreciated. It took me loads of time to make it from a point where it was useful for me only, to the point to make it usable by other people.
I'm open to ideas. My goal is to create unique and useful stuff for my portfolio, enhancing my prospects of getting a software development job. Rather than cloning existing software, like many other people who also want to get a job, I would rather develop practical and beneficial tools, which definitely helps with motivation. Often, sadly I get an idea, only to find out that something like that had been already created.
Links to related scientific studies follow:

Minimal Permissions and Open Source Code

I structured the extension to require minimal permissions and the source code is open for inspection. I believe in transparency. By keeping permissions to a minimum, we ensure that your browsing experience remains secure and protected.

Resource Efficiency

The code of this extension has been developed with resource efficiency in mind. I have some formal software engineering background, which allowed me to optimize the code for performance. For example, I employed binary search algorithm to enhance an array search functionality, minimizing resource consumption. I made sure the code does no more than is absolutely necessary.

How to find channels which have non-auto-generated subtitles (which are of better quality than the auto-generated ones: (try it for various languages)
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2023.06.07 13:00 Craverguy New England Civil War Help?

I played New England as Lovecraft and unlocked the chain of decisions to retake New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine and thereby end the civil war in New England. I was never able to take any of those decisions, though, because they each had a cost of 1000 units of something signified by a rifle icon. I never figured out what that was or how to get it, and eventually the New England civil war was simply canceled when Edward VIII decided to intervene in the 2ACW on behalf of the Pacific States (presumably because otherwise New England's divisions would have had no land route to reach the fighting). Unfortunately, that did not remove the Civil War debuff from my National Spirit.
Also, Lovecraft didn't die 100 days after I completed the Nation of Madness focus. I eventually got an event regarding his terribly named cat that referred to him as dead, but the name of his successor was left blank and Lovecraft remained as leader.
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2023.06.07 12:59 Lopsided-Effect5173 Is it suspicious that my bf has a girls number saved in his phone under the name of the area we live in?

So some context me and my bf have been together almost 4 years. I have caught him in the past messaging other girls I decided to forgive him as the messages weren’t that bad …. We are supposed to be moving in together in a matter of days into a new apartment as our contract is about to finish I’m still yet to sign the new contract. So today I’m just messing around on his phone and I see he has a number saved of the area we live in and it’s a girl I’ve never seen before weird right. As I’m looking I accidentally call the girl fml. So I don’t say anything and hope she doesn’t say anything. I then get a text from here saying who is this ? He recently got a new sim understandable she doesn’t know his number. Then I say it’s “so and so , sorry I called by accident” she replies say “oh okay” I decided to strike up some conversation and ask “ how is she doing” no reply as of yet what should I do my bf will wake up soon !!! Ps I did delete and mute the chat 😏
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2023.06.07 12:49 lukasss_fox I feel bad for... being trans?

So I woke up this morning, all hyped up and happy about my identity. It was all good until my grandma started talking about all the "joy of having children" thing. I don't remember how exactly the conversation started, but it made me feel bad about everything I'm doing.
She started talking about how everyone in this family wanted a girl and when I was born they were so happy. She also talked about how my mom picked me a name (my dead name). Basically my name is feminine and has a few meanings where I live (the name, the month of July and the linden tree are all called the same). And since my mom picked that name, I was also born in July while the lindens were blooming, that's a one big coincidence... My mom even got a tattoo of a linden blossom which represents me/my name.
Now I just feel bad for being trans. They all wanted a girl and they got me... I also feel bad for changing my name... It feels like I'm kinda betraying my family?
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2023.06.07 12:44 zydalol My indoor skittish cat escaped last night

Hey all, my 3 year old cat escaped last night around 1 am. It’s almost 7 am now and I’ve moved her litter box outside with her favourite toys and some blankets and my clothes.
I’ve been going out periodically (once per hour) calling her name up and down the block keeping my neighbours up lol. I’ve also left the door open just in case she comes back herself.
She’s a skittish cat from a shelter and is scared of just about everything. I’m so worried and think I’ve done all I can but if there’s anything else you can think of I’m all ears. Even if it’s just reassurance, I can use that too.
Thank you so much ahead of time.
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2023.06.07 12:39 DarkBlueGg [Mobile Android] [2016-2018] a depressed boy in a town 2D 😔💓

Platform(s): play store android It was on a 100% discount sale.
Genre: 2D, point and click, narrative, graphic novel
Estimated year of release: 2016-2018 I guess
Graphics/art style: pixel art, looks like "the last door" But only with purple colors
Notable characters: I don't really remember their appearances well but the main character was a boy dressed in black and I think the girl had her hair up
Notable gameplay mechanics: It was just dialogue, I downloaded it thinking it would be puzzles but it wasn't. When the protagonist went to sleep, he had nightmares with an entity that was chasing him, if it caught you, you would die, but if it didn't, you would wake up
Other details: The gameplay had to do with the week because you lived each day
The boy meets a girl but when they say goodbye to see each other later, she is run over and dies Causing the boy to get even more depressed
The ending deals with the boy realizing that he is not happy at all in that place so he decides to go back to his parents' house but when he gets on the bus he has a heart attack and goes to the hospital Where he finally dies and is reunited with the girl and they both do what they promised they were going to do after they met what was it like to watch the sunset from the roof of the building where the boy's apartment was located
I also remember that throughout the week a case of a girl murdered at the protagonist's university was unfolding and to find out about the case you had to read all the newspapers and advertisements of the town
I remember more things about the story but nothing about the title or names
Since I "bought" it in the play store I thought I would have it there but when I check my application library only the games I played before and after installing that one appear
Sorry about the English, use the translator because I don't know English very well and searching has made me kind of desperate 😖💓
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2023.06.07 12:37 vinegirl_23 Help me identify which anime this reel is from?

The scene: a pink haired girl is finding her classmates/crewmates unconscious on the ground and sees that girls with cat ears are attacking them
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2023.06.07 12:33 LeaveANiceNote "Thank You" episode personal response

So just today I listened to the Thanksgiving episode where the guys talk about little gestures that changed their perspective on life and asked us to post our own stories to the sub so I decided to go ahead and post this now anyway even though it's not thanksgiving at the moment.
So Who Killed Markiplier had just come out and I honestly really enjoyed it and decided to do some character cosplays. I did Jim, Tyler the Butler and Damien. I decided to wear them out to a few conventions and the guy's LA tour show. However being an obvious cis woman doing cosplays of male characters got me a lot of side looks and whispered comments. My friends online were supportive but seeing a live reaction of people who supposedly had similar interests to me kinda hurt.
Then the kicker happened at Vidcon when I went in my Damien outfit. I walked up to an area Mark was doing a sponsorship thing at, he wasn't there or anything but right there in a gigantic flat screen tv was a fan/attendee. A guy shaking Mark's hand. A guy who did the same Damien cosplay I did but he did it 10x higher quality than me. I started feeling a lot of negative emotions all at once. Shock and realization that what I thought was a good cosplay really wasn't. The sinking feeling that a woman shouldn't have bothered cosplaying a male character when a male can do it so much better. Imposter syndrome, like do I really belong in this community if all these in-person people had a negative reaction? Idk if imposter syndrome is the right term since cosplaying in general is literally being an imposter for fun, but I digress. And then the employees at the booth saw me kinda standing there staring at the TV and gave each other these looks and whispers. I felt a little mortified at possibly being pitied by the employees and speedwalked away. I looked down at my crappy little plastic cane with a home depot doorknob superglued to the top and started thinking, "man, I am a cringe loser who attached to these youtube characters way too hard."
I also wore it to a different convention and was having similar reactions from people. Tried explaining what it was to this one guy and he was like "Oh yeah I know what that is. I see." Just kinda dismissive. I was feeling really down and right at that moment I was walking down the main aisle of the convention. Those of you who've been to cons may know that the main aisle is often an overcrowded river of people flowing very fast in two opposite directions. Suddenly, I felt my arm being grasped. A girl going in the opposite direction had latched on to me and shouted over the din of the crowd, "OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOUR COSPLAY!!" I barely managed to get out a "THANK YOU!!" before she was swept away by the current of people.
All it took was that one person, that 3 second exchange to entirely shift my perspective. Maybe I wasn't such a cringe idiot loser. Maybe I didn't have to be good at cosplay to enjoy it. Maybe I could be free to express myself even if it gets me labeled as weird or gender non-conforming. Maybe I could feel like I really do belong in this community. I forget what movie it's from but a quote I thought of at the time was "no cause is foolish if there is but one fool left to fight for it" and I kinda felt like that. My cosplay wasn't foolish if it made at least one person happy and excited. :)
If on the offchance she's reading this post- I don't know your name. I couldn't pick you out of a lineup. But you changed the entire way I felt about myself in general with that one little gesture. I'm still working on my self esteem issues and am now going to therapy. But occasionally when I run into a mental roadblock I remember the rush, the high during those 3 seconds where I felt truly appreciated and remember that I am a person who is worthy of love and I have you to thank for that. So, I guess all that's left to say is...
Thank You.
p.s. I included some pictures of the cosplays in this post on the off-offchance that y'all might like to see them. :)
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