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2023.06.02 00:50 frenchpipewrench Opinions on Offer?

Need your advice on a deal to return to an old firm.
For context I’m mid 20’s male have been in the industry since 2020 and have CFP. Started out at a solo practitioner where I was back office/ paraplanne fix it guy. Really enjoyed my time there but ultimately left to set my sights on greener pastures and work at a larger ensemble firm as I sought out an advisor track.
For the last year, I have been in an associate level role where I have much more (daily) client contact but am not in a direct advice giving role. I’ve learned a bunch about the soft side of the business. Ultimately, I enjoy the ppl I work with a lot and am well liked and considered a great talent within the firm but will not be given a junior advisor role for at least two more years.
My old solo practitioner wants me back and is willing to carve out a path for me continue to service his clients at a higher base pay than current but this is likely only 20-25 hrs/ week of work.With the remaining time, I can use this to formulate my marketing plan and begin to build out my niche (still TBD) and COI relationships while hopefully servicing some next gen clients of the firm.
Below is the comp structure he laid out:
Base: $80K which includes 3% Firm Revenue Share (variable component of base changes with quarterly billing, so as firm assets rise, base comp rises)
Revenue Share for my clients :⠀⠀⠀
$0-10M 30% / 70%
$10-20M 40% / 60%
$20-30M 50% / 50%
$30-40M 60% / 40%
$40-50M 70% / 30%
$50M+ 80% / 20%
Once I move up a tier, the new percentage applies to my entire AUM. The advisor at the solo practitioner and I have a very good relationship and he wants me to be his succession plan in case he gets hit by a bus, which is a whole other story. I have no producing experience but I believe that I can stick around long enough to make something happen and am definitely a self starter. Not discounting how incredibly difficult it will all be though. No doubt that it will take much longer than I think.
However, this seems like a pretty fair arrangement, no?
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2023.06.02 00:47 FullHope3972 Haven Hospice Thrift Store Higher-Up Reselling Clothes

I was talking with someone in town today and they said that one of the higher-ups that runs the Haven Hospice Thrift Store runs their own independent vintage/antique store using the donations that come into the thrift store. Really displeased to hear that, especially coming from a business that claims to be conscious and environmentally friendly. Aside from that, the store honestly sucks now, all of the furniture and clothes are priced extremely high and the higher-ups tell everyone that they priced based on eBay. Patrons like me just want affordable clothes while our rent triples every year and wages stagnate, and it does not sit right with me that Haven Hospice has decided to use people's generosity as a way of converting their store into a resale store, all while screwing over the working class. I have no problem with thrift stores selling clothes for good prices to support their cause, but if the money goes to a reseller's bank account instead, I think that's a bunch of BS. What is everyone else's thoughts?
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2023.06.02 00:47 Big-Help-26 Best practice

I am working for a client doing a couple of dual runs. All of the walls getting into the rooms that they want jacks in are concrete. This used to be a bank and now it will be used for office space. The problem is that some walls have curves and some walls have wood trim pieces in the middle of the wall. Do I just go wiremold everywhere or is there a better way to accomplish this?
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2023.06.02 00:44 ThorsPadre Route creation is so cumbersome its virtually broken

I used to create routes all the time and it's never been as terrible as it is now. Its virtually broken.
I'm trying to route a motorcycle trip with a considerable amount of interstate but when I add points along the interstate the snap-to-road feature refuses to stay connected to the highway. Instead it takes an off-ramp then gets back on, takes another off-ramp, or worse yet takes a series of side streets before finding its way back to the interstate..
The only way to keep the route on the interstate is to drop points at every offramp so it doesn't meaner off the road.
It behaves as if an invisible "avoid highways" toggle is turned on.
I literally can't even route myself out of my own county let alone across multiple states.

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2023.06.02 00:42 camm87 Printing FD258 cards?

I put a canon layaway today and it’s two weeks before my sheriffs office is able to schedule an appointment. I see their are cards and kits on Amazon to do it myself but can I also just print the cards on regular paper and use them? Thanks for your help!
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2023.06.02 00:39 Whey-Men Georgia - Clayton County Jail employee accused of using inmate's credit card at Macy's

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2023.06.02 00:39 Late_Ad8151 Help please explain

Help please explain
This is an update .
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2023.06.02 00:36 AutoNewsAdmin [Local] - Man acquitted of starting 2018 Holy fire, which burned 23,000 acres in Orange and Riverside counties

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2023.06.02 00:36 MooseValuable3158 Anyone wanna mess with scammer claiming to be the OK County Sherrif office?

I got a phone call, and didn’t answer since I didn’t recognize the number. Here is the message they left: “My name (unrecognizable)Oklahoma county sheriff department contacting you in regards to an important legal matter I have some information I need to discuss with you please return my call me if I see this message 4055614772.”
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2023.06.02 00:35 No_Locksmith371 Getting sued by township tax officer because of a neighbor's complaint in 2015 saying i was using my home (that I was and am currently living in) as a rental property. Is this something I can fight on my own, how do I go about if so or do I need a lawyer?

I'm in PA. I had some coworkers staying with me after they were evicted and the neighbors called the township to file a complaint (why? my neighbors are just a**holes). My township said since we weren't family and my sister and my sister's boyfriend were there (my sister is on the title and the coworkers were cousins so they were related so we had 3 total families in the home) we violated a township ordinance and the extra people were considered tenants even though they weren't paying me anything to live there. The township officer said they had to either leave or I had to start paying taxes on the NONEXISTENT rental income. They all left including my sister who was part owner of the home. Apparently I was supposed to notify the township they left so they could stop classifying my property as a rental property but i either didn't know that or assumed at the time the township would let it go since it was never actually a rental property. Fast forward .... It's 8 years later and I'm being sued for about 2500$ in unpaid taxes on this income I never received. I contacted the tax office and was told it's my fault for not telling them it was never a rental property and i was just helping out friends (which was 100% done at the time) so they will be moving forward with the case. I can't afford a lawyer.
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2023.06.02 00:34 Birdsongsoul Finally met my new coworkers

It has been looming for over a year. It's a friendly take over situation in the community organising field. Very much a woowoo makey nicey area.
We all had dinner at my place of business today and it was so much fun. I didn't get to talk to all of them but most of them and it was really positive all around. My new employer made a point to have moment together and assured me I get to still do my thing when the lease is transfered. My new work wife/supervisor is down for the cause. The others were just interested in where they would get their office in the building. It was great!
Still I have a pit in my stomache. I ran this place alone over the pandemic and since then and while that has been hard I do love being my own boss. People are gonna people and I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop and have them make use of the fact they saved the foundation. They will come in and change everything. Which they are completely entitled to do. But I know it's gonna hurt. I'm just one guy and they are like 9. All of them more educated and frankly smarter than I am but my network is second to none which is why they want to merge in the first place.
Can't go back now but I have a hunch I better come up with a plan so they phase in my way. Any tips on how to let people have their place but still retain control over the vibe? They want me to keep running the place the way I have. They say that and I believe they mean that. But they don't understand how much work it actually is to move in an existing family of coworkers the right way and still maintain what is so great about the place to begin with.
TLDR; Huge shift in population in a building; how do I maintain the culture I worked so hard to build?
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2023.06.02 00:33 jaximointhecut DevOps intern looking at Sys Analyst positions, how’s my resume look?

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2023.06.02 00:33 TheMadQueen96 Social stuff to do during the week?

Started a new job recently that allows for a lot more freedom, as I've swapped from doing your 12hr shifts to your standard 9-5, based in Belfast.
Used to be I'd be utterly knackered and bruised (worked as a carer for those with challenging behaviour so I got beat up an absolute ton) so I'd just collapse when I got home and begin the same routine over again. Even a day off in-between was just used for recovery.
And well, I don’t have to do that shite anymore. Problem is the routine of work, home, bed for 9-5 just doesn't cut it for me. Might for some of the folks I work with, but they're much more used to that gig.
I did find a group for coffee meets but it only meets once a fortnight on Wednesdays.
I looked into classes at the Cresent Arts centre but the stuff I'd be interested in isn't kicking off again till the Autumn at least (could be longer). Missed this semester. So taking an evening class is off the table for a while.
Other than that, I also tried to set up my own creative writing group as I couldn't find a suitable one locally but nobody showed even after rsvping and most didn't even say they weren't able to.
Other folks from work are doing that whole work, sleep bed thing so I'm pretty much leaving the office on my own. We do go out on Fridays for after work drinks sometimes though, and everyone's sound so that's nice but it still leaves the rest of the week open.
Something to break up the week would be lovely but I'm a bit stumped for ideas. I don't really like being out in Belfast by myself tbf, as often times this does make me a target for harassment and by the time I get back to Bangor everything's shut as is.
Anything around for us 9-5ers? Trying to be a lot more social given my schedule actually allows for it now but it does feel as though I've tried a lot already and it's not panned out.
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2023.06.02 00:31 vast_annoyance I offered to throw my SIL’s baby shower

if she didn’t feel comfortable having her mother and sister involved (who when she found out she was pregnant told her they hoped her baby died) I wound up throwing the baby shower with her two friends. Her friends did the decorations and I paid for everything else. A month before the party my brother called to tell me that his wife was going to have her mother and sister do the decorations. I had a huge problem with this as her mother and sister are extremely narcissistic and had previously made their wedding day an absolute nightmare and centered around themselves vs the happy couple. I told him that wasn’t my offer and that I was only throwing it because her mother and sister were so awful to her, and I wanted to ensure that they were able to have a day they would enjoy. If she wanted them to throw the shower I wouldn’t mind backing out of my position and letting them throw it, that’s her mother after all. But I would not be collaborating with them for the shower and footing the entire bill while they make this about themselves or potentially sabotage the shower. My brother understood and I was reassured that it would not be the case and that he and his wife still wanted me to throw the shower and that they’d shut down MIL’s offer. The day came and even though her mother and sister were in attendance everything went well, besides a few comments. They even told me how nice the decorations were. I should have known if they paid me a compliment it wasn’t an honest one.
My brother called me a few months ago crying telling me he wanted a divorce from his wife. They were currently in court for a restraining order against his MIL and FIL for battery and for snatching the baby away from his wife. His wife decided she didn’t want to go through with the restraining order and wanted it dropped for her and their baby and it sent my brother into a spiral about his relationship. She threatened to sue him if he included the baby in his restraining order against her parents. As his sister and someone who cares about him, I told him the truth. I told him his wife was a selfish person who doesn’t care about his feelings or his daughter’s safety if she could betray him like this the week before the court date. I told him that she doesn’t love him, only the idea of having a husband and that she treats their newborn daughter like a doll rather than a person. If she cannot stand up for herself now, she never will. And that because she will not draw these boundaries with her family she cannot be trusted. My brother agreed and told me that he sees her as less of a person to do this to him and that the only reason he’s staying is because he’s afraid that they will turn his daughter against him. I reassured him that if he wanted to leave her and to move into my home that he could. Along with the standard advice of separating his money and bringing over any items that cant be replaced. During this phone call my brother agreed with me that she was “a selfish bitch” and informed me that his wife had her mother and sister do the decorations and her friend pass them off as her own for the party. I was absolutely pissed to find out this information about the shower as that was my only condition and I spent a good deal on this shower to make it nice for them (2k in total). I told him I was done with his wife( this is not the first shitty thing she’s done) regardless of if he stayed with her. I do not want her in my home, and I will not be going to theirs. He can call me or come over and see me anytime he likes. Because of how his MIL attempted to get CPS involved at the hospital with false allegations, I can no longer babysit their child. (I have a career that requires a license, and an open CPS case would mean I may not be able to renew)
He also told me that he wanted me to go to their final court date for the restraining order and immediately afterwards wanted to move his belongings out of their home and into my second bedroom, and that he “couldn’t wait to get a full nights rest and the f** away from this bitch” I was relieved he wanted to leave her as honestly I can’t take the crying phone calls and drama anymore.
The night before the court date I called my brother to get the information on which court room and to confirm the time. As I had a high stakes biopsy being performed in the Drs office that morning. During this phone call my brother told me that he no longer wanted me to come to his court date and that he wasn’t “blowing up his family for me” He told me he would let me know if he needed to move in and then hung up on me. I haven't heard from him in 2.5months.
I don’t want to lose my relationship with my brother as he’s my only surviving family, however it seems like I don’t have a say in that decision. Which honestly really hurts my feelings after everything I’ve done to help him in life. He calls me incessantly complaining about his wife, MIL& SIL but doesn’t seem to care much about what I have going on in my life (the biopsy). I also feel like he’s weaponizing the relationship between his niece and I, like he was afraid would happen to him if he left his wife. I feel like now that I have established boundaries of no longer watching the baby and I no longer want a relationship with his wife there’s nothing left to use me for. He called me crying that he wants to leave his wife and now somehow it seems I’m the asshole for supporting him and offering him a way out. Am I wrong?
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2023.06.02 00:30 FormalSmoke Coming Soon: New Balance 550 WMNS Sea Salt Orange

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Coming Soon: New Balance 550 WMNS Sea Salt Orange
A whole lot of Sea Salt is being used on upcoming colorways of the New Balance 550. Today we add another one to the list as we give you an official look at the New Balance 550 WMNS Sea Salt Orange.
Said to be another women’s exclusive colorway of the model, this New Balance 550 comes dressed in a mix of leather, mesh, and pigskin suede. The sneaker starts off with a Seal Salt upper that is then contrasted by the Burnt Orange hits found on areas such as the “N” logos on the side panels, collar overlays, and tongue branding. Completing the look are White hits on the rubber sole, laces and lining.
Retailing for $120, current reports have the New Balance 550 WMNS Sea Salt Orange dropping in the coming months at select New Balance retailers and
In Jordan Brand news, have you checked out the upcoming Air Jordan 2 Low WMNS Look Up In The Air?
images: BSTN
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2023.06.02 00:28 Cake_Eater26 The War to end all Wars - Ep 5. Christmas Truce

The fanfic based on a u/Snudwoner AU.

Tibek, 21 years old Venlil
Date: 23th December 1914
Place: Near Ypres, Belgium.
The whole year was rough. I sometimes couldn’t fall asleep because of people who I saw die. I saw them die either from bullets or being beaten to death by some mediaeval age weaponry that is used in trenches. Some of them were executed for deserting some were torn apart, shredded into pieces by an artillery shell, I’d probably have shot myself already if it wasn't Otto or Rilek. Adolf sometimes was cheering me up and it was enough to keep myself somehow not broken and in one piece.
I heard a whistle and gunshots. I took my rifle and quickly ran to the nearest available spot to shoot the enemy. The tactics were still the same, just suicidal attack with mix of artillery in hope the defending side will break and attackers will take trenches. I took the spot and aimed my rifle at the enemy and pulled the trigger. He fell dead on the ground after I shot, then I chambered the next round.
Earlier when the war started I was hesitating to shoot somebody, they had families…kids. They had someone to love them and that hesitation almost got me killed. Twice in September and once in November, I was close to death three times because I didn’t want to make another family lose its son or father.
As the war raged on and turned into a bloody, violent mess, so did I. I understood that if I did not kill the person in front of my rifle I would die. I surely wanted to live as them but I had no other choice…not to shoot…death. Desertion? Death…everything leads to death except killing. I sometimes couldn’t understand the stupid “Rush in hope they break” tactic which always resulted in high casualties due to counter artillery fire and machine guns. It sometimes was a miracle if this worked.
I heard artillery noise and later the shells were exploding, almost hitting our trench. I took cover and heard a sound of somebody approaching the trench and I peeked out with my rifle aimed at the soundmaker. I saw the face of a Venlil in a french uniform which still was that dumb bright red and blue form. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his….I hesitated to shoot him again and he aimed his pistol at me but the artillery shell exploded.
I fell on the trench floor as my cap went flying back from the explosion, my face got coated in his orange blood and guts and probably one piece of it made into my mouth. I quickly spit what was in my mouth and sat, my breath was fast alongside with the heartbeat. I hesitated again and it almost got me killed…happily or not the poor soldier was killed by his own artillery fire.
I stood up and took the post I got pushed by the exploded shell and aimed my gun at the British human soldier. I noticed that one of them had some markings on his uniform and I shot him first…in the head. His cap flew a bit off his head and fell on the ground as his dead body fell on the ground, not moving. The soldiers around him looked panicked and scared as I thought that I shot their officer…maybe one day they will stop just being first on the frontline.
I quickly chambered the next round into my rifle and shot another soldier…then another. I heard that they started to whistle and we prepared to launch our counter attack but their artillery shells dropped on our positions and they were hitting the trenches itself, damaging it and killing dozens of my fellow brothers in arms. I decided to quickly hide to not get killed and I left my position and took a turn then the shell exploded.
I felt the power of this shell as I fell on trench ground and my ears were ringing. I felt pain in my whole body and I felt that I was being torn apart from inside. It was hard to keep my eyes open and I saw Otto quickly running to me, I couldn’t hear what he was saying and the last I saw was him taking me in his hands and dragging me somewhere, then….everything went dark.
— Date: 24th December 1914.
I slowly opened my eyes and still felt dizzy and some pain in my limbs and body. I looked around and saw Otto, Rilek and Adolf nearby. Otto noticed me and quickly came to me, checking if I’m alright.
“Tibek! You’re good! Gott sei Dank!" He said and shook me slightly. I slightly laughed seeing that somebody is caring about me. Rilek also came and smiled when seeing me. I slowly stood up and was sitting on a built-in bench in the trench. I slowly approached Adolf and patted him on the shoulder, he slowly looked at me and stood up. He tightly hugged me, seeing that I’m alive and fine.
“Mein gott! You made me worry!” He said and I tightly hugged him back.
“Don’t worry my kameraden, I’m tough to kill.” I replied and laughed. I saw something white drop on the ground and looked around, others did too. I saw snowflakes falling on the ground which meant that Christmas is here. At least some holidays I liked…when I was kid.
I heard some soldiers cheering and looked to the right and saw some of them decorating a small christmas tree. I felt some joy for the first time in this bloody war. I heard some shouting and I took my rifle as did others and we quickly rushed to the positions.
As we arrived and took positions I saw the enemy in the trench, the trenches were not that far and we were able to see each other. We didn’t start to shoot at each other as usual. I then looked on the left and saw Otto who looked strange.
He took some bottle and slowly raised them from the trench, he slowly pulled out the bottle of wine and showed it to our enemy and walked toward them.
“WHAT YOU DOING?! GET BACK!” I heard Rilek shout as Otto didn’t stop. He continued to slowly walk towards them and I heard that some of the enemy troopers were shouting too and then I saw one of them do the same Otto.
They slowly approached each other as we were yelling at them and aiming our guns at each other. Then Otto and the British soldier….shook each other's hands. I felt unusual and lowered my gun….this is Christmas, the holiday of humans Jesus. I slowly understood that it's madness to shoot each other during this great holiday and I slowly stood up and put a rifle on my shoulder. And started to approach them. I had some fear that I might be shot…but with each step I took the fear slowly disappeared.
As I approached Otto and the British soldier he offered his hand and I shook it without thinking, then came the French soldier and we did the same. I looked around and saw other people coming closer and shaking hands, some of them were hugging. I heard someone yell and saw them bringing the ball for football, they started to talk with other soldiers and put rifles nearby. I did the same and put my gun down into the same pile with French, British, Belgium and our guns.
I saw Otto discussing something with a German and British soldier who probably knew Deutch. I saw a British venlil soldier approaching me and he hugged me. He hugged me tightly and I heard him quietly crying. I hugged him back as tight as I could, then he stopped hugging and put his hand into his pocket and when he pulled it out it was a card which had a girl with a christmas outfit on it and some words in their language. I didn’t know it but I understood that it was a “Merry Christmas” card. Wish I could send one to my family….I hugged him last time and he walked back to their trench.
I never felt so peaceful in the war and it was very silent, no guns shooting…no artillery sounds. It was….just silence….just peace. The peace we are all fighting for. I got poked at my shoulder and saw Otto.
“Hey Tibek, have you ever played football?” He said and I looked at him with a bit of confusion but I quickly understood what he’s about.
“Uh….no I never played it.” I replied.
“Well…would you like to?” He said and slightly laughed and stood aside, revealing that British, German, Belgium and French soldiers were standing in front of each other waiting for my answer.
“J-ja… I wo-would like to.” I said thinking that it would be hard to play football.
“Well then let’s go, we got the whole team to play against them, heh.” He said and walked towards them and I followed him.
For the next several hours we were playing football, I never could think that I would be playing the sport I never played before with my enemy. The game was fun, filled with fun and joy I finally experienced. We even had a large crowd standing around and watching how we played. Otto explained how to play this game and I quickly understood and was getting better each minute.
The match finally ended in a tie. We all were exhausted and near each other, then someone started to sing a song and slowly Otto started to sing too. I saw Rilek and Adolf join as some British and French soldiers. I soon joined in singing too, we were drinking, singing and trading some stuff with each other for some time.
After this Otto organised us and them to clean the battlefield. We all worked together as a team and I saw that officer that I shot several hours ago. I felt tears running down my cheeks as I helped a British soldier dig a grave for him and bury him. Soon we all cleaned it and returned back to what we were doing till nightfall. I saw a Belgian and German soldier putting the large cross on the No Man’s Land. It was time to say goodbye. I tightly hugged British and French Venlil, hoping that we will be able to see each other after this war ends. I think I made some friends during this time.
Tonight we’re all friends and brothers no matter what happened in the past. Who knows, maybe without this war the people who died would’ve done something great for our society. All of us slowly returned back to the trenches, not forgetting the guns. I still felt exhausted and as soon as I got to a bunk I fell asleep on it.
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2023.06.02 00:27 Edge-The-Fiend How We Would Book Ilja Dragunov's Main Roster Run (P.U.R.E: The RISE's Part 2)

In the following weeks after SummerSlam, Imperium now comes out with Ilja Dragunov wearing their same colors, hands behind his back and all. August 7, 2023 is the first day since May 17, 2021 that Imperium has four members. Despite Ilja's stoic expression when with the group, it was clear to the WWE Universe that he felt somewhat out of place. But this is Gunther's plan all along: have Dragunov join Imperium so he can find himself again. On Raw, Imperium showcase their incredible wrestling prowess, and Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci know how to do it well. Using grappling techniques, athleticism, strength, and power, Imperium are already a talented front and formidable force. Adding Ilja Dragunov to the team brings in unpredictability to elevate them. Or so it should.
Ever since almost dying in the ring at NXT Battleground against Dijak, Ilja played it safer to prove to his son that violence isn't always the answer. While he remains amazing inside the ring, his ferocious and untamed style of competition seems to have faded since May 28. He's still a championship worthy wrestler in WWE, but he's just not that wildcard killer that people love and know him by anymore. While this is happening, Johnny Gargano has also been climbing the ranks of the Raw roster. So much so that he earns the opportunity to face Gunther for the IC Title at Extreme Rules.

Extreme Rules (Gunther (c) vs. Johnny Gargano for the Intercontinental Championship)

At Extreme Rules, Gunther defends his Intercontinental Championship against Gargano, who also has a family. During the match, Gunther delivers around 24 chops to Gargano's chest, rendering him almost unable to breathe. The referee calls a stoppage to the match due to Gargano being unable to continue. While all four members of Imperium put their hands behind their backs, Ilja shows major concern toward Johnny's condition, turning his head to the officals and Gargano. He tries checking on him, which leads to Imperium attacking Johnny Gargano out of spite to Ilja. Gunther pulls Dragunov to the side and says "We're doing this for you. You need to find yourself again and quit this paranoia garbage. You're a part of Imperium, godammit act like it!" They pick Johnny up and Gunther orders Ilja to hit the Torpedo Moscow, but Dragunov refuses. Disappointed, Gunther hits Gargano with another chop and The Last Symphony to end their beatdown. Ilja knows that what his group is doing is wrong, because Johnny Gargano has a wife and a son, too. But there's nothing he can do to stop it without violence, which he doesn't want to be a bad example for his family.
In the weeks following Extreme Rules, Imperium continue their dominating ways. They even attack their opponents after the match to add insult to injury. All except for Ilja Dragunov. He only competes in the matches, and once he's done, he leaves, doing the Imperium pose. Gunther is trying to toughen Ilja up again by ordering him to join in on their fun, but Dragunov refuses every time.
He actually does something one night on Raw when Gunther defeats Kofi Kingston (who hopefully is better by this point). When Imperium does their usual beatdown on Kofi, Xavier Woods tries to help him out, only to get laid out by Gunther. Xavier Woods rushes to his aid, hoping to intervene. His efforts are then met with a devastating blow from Gunther, leaving Woods damn-near incapacitated. Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser hoist Kofi Kingston up by his arms, and Gunther demands that Dragunov finally executes the Torpedo Moscow, disregarding Dragunov's repeating refusals. Dragunov once again refuses, but Gunther chops him straight on his chest, yelling at him to do it to the family man with three children! Ilja finally does, knocking Kingston out with tears in his eyes! At that moment, Ilja Dragunov felt like he was a terrible example for his son, succumbing to Der Ring General's pressure and using violence, just like Imperium wanted.

Survivor Series (Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (c) vs. Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship), (Gunther (c) vs. Xavier Woods for the Intercontinental Championship)

At Survivor Series, Gunther defends his Intercontinental Championship against Xavier Woods, while Kaiser and Vinci have a shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. During the tag team match, when the referee is distracted by Ludwig Kaiser, Sami Zayn has Giovanni Vinci in target for the Helluva Kick. As he's running, however, he gets stopped by a huge unexpected Torpedo Moscow by Ilja Dragunov! Giovanni Vinci pins Sami Zayn to win the Tag Titles for Imperium! Ludwig and Giovanni actually win the titles with the reluctant help from Ilja Dragunov.
Later on, Gunther uses his powerhouse fury to retain his Intercontinental Championship against the high-flying determination of Xavier Woods alone in a modern day David vs. Goliath classic, where Woods tried to rely on his agility, resilience, and determination for Kofi's vengeance to challenge Gunther's usual dominance. While just doing the Torpedo Moscow seemed tame to last year's Dragunov's standards, it slowly showed a bit of the wildcard coming back. Gunther's plan is working, and there's new gold in the group now! Ilja, on the other hand, knows that he has two targets on his back in the forms of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.
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2023.06.02 00:26 hellowindy0 AITA for asking my (23F) husband (37M) to please not put his charger in my expensive box?

I am 23 and my husband is 37. We have one child who is 4.
I’m a stay at home mom and do all of the cleaning, laundry, etc.
He works from home permanently. He works about 4 days per week, maybe 4-5 hours on his computemakes his own schedule.
I feel completely overwhelmed with house work. I have several chronic illnesses such as POTS, and severe hypoglycemia. My sugar has dropped to 27 and it’s extremely dangerous for me.
My husband doesn’t put anything back. I’ve had many conversations with him and explain that it makes my job harder by having to go around cleaning up after him.
I have 2 really nice decorative mother of pearl boxes, about $200. They are for decorative use only and really fragile.
I cleared a whole shelf off in our master bedroom closet for his 2 laptops and chargers/accessories for him. I moved my things so he would have the room.
He said thanks and that worked well. Today he started giving me a hard time he couldn’t put his charger in my nice box. I explained that opening and closing that everyday isn’t really good for it and I really don’t want him to use that for his charger.
He actually has an entire room downstairs he could use as an office but chooses to use the dining table, which is fine.
Apparently it’s too much work for him to get his charger out of the closet in the morning and bring it to the kitchen. It doesn’t make sense because he has to open the closet anyways to get his laptop?
My birthday is tomorrow and it seems like every year he starts nagging at me or starting fights before my birthday.
AITA for not wanting him to put his charger in my special box? He’s mad at me.
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2023.06.02 00:26 wanttoworkhard I don't want to be on disability anymore

I'm 26 and autistic and also have slight physical problems (a disease called me/cfs). Someone else applied me for disability when I was still a minor so I just started getting payments when I turned 18. I don't want to be on disability and I want to earn money like everyone else. I don't know how or where to start. I have no experience with anything, no diploma or GED. People will tell me 'just go work at McDonald's they don't care.' But I have applied at McDonald's and they do care because they turned me down. I am willing to learn and work hard, I just need someone to give me a chance. I'll do odd jobs, I'll even work a real job if there's any willing to hire me, I'll even work under the table so you don't even have to pay me minimum wage, you dont have to give me any benefits or anything. I eat once a day so my son can get enough. My rent has been rising and my ebt benefits went down and my caseworker at the welfare office won't answer the phone to tell her that my rent went up yet again. I am desperate for money. I want to work and earn my money and be useful. I am in Santa Maria near the town center mall. I don't have a car but I have a bike. I don't do any illegal drugs or drink but I use weed in a medicine way. I am a US citizen. I have never been arrested. I am very quiet and don't like attention so I'll be out of the way. I like kids and animals. I took a CPR class a few years ago and I don't think I'm certified but i remember how to do it. Once school is out I will have to find times when I am able to come work, maybe I can have a friend watch my son sometimes, maybe I can bring him with if that's possible. But until the 6th I'm completely open and free from 11 to 6 (i will need to go pick my son up from school and drop him off at boys and girls club in between.) I will do whatever job I can get and am able to bike to and will work for cheap. My hope is that once I have some experience amd then I am able to find and keep a job I can get off disability completely and be a useful normal person. I just need somewhere to start. Lo siento no habla Español
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2023.06.02 00:25 t_tristan5 Two computers, same connections, different speeds

I recently moved my home office doubling as a gaming setup into my basement for the summer months. Initially the wifi strength wasn't strong enough so I went out and bought an xFi Pod. I've used one in the past and it worked like a charm.
When I initially set up the pod, we also switched to a newer router (xfinity XB6) which to my knowledge is capable of handling what we pay for in internet speeds. (400 MBps). I had no issues for about a week and I was able to hard wire both my gaming pc and work laptop (into my xFi pod) and had no complaint on the speeds. Memory serves right I was getting roughly 120-180 MBps.
This week I've ran into speed problems. Running Ookla speedtest with both computers I get around 40MBps (hardwired). At first I went through some turn off and back on with both the computers, xFi pod, gateway etc. No luck on improving these speeds on either computer when hardwired to this pod. Nothing changed in the last week that would cause the sudden drop in speed so I'm stuck trying to figure out what is going on.
In the middle of my testing I tried disconnecting the Pod completely and let both computers connect to my gateway. After doing a speedtest on my work laptop...200+ MBps. clearly no signal issues there. I switch to my gaming pc and run another test on wifi connected directly to my gateway...40MBps again. What could be different in these two systems that would cause this big of a signal difference?

My thoughts and ideas: When running speed test on the xfinity app, its saying my house is receiving more than what I pay for in internet speeds. Signal strength to the xFi Pod is "Good" which is the best marker they use. Could there be signal interference with the xFi Pod? I've tried moving this to three different locations in my basement and hardwiring back to my machines, I get the same (slow) speed as before.
Why on earth is my work laptop able to get such high speeds in the same location as my Pod and gaming PC? I'm aware that I should expect some loss since its a mesh system but the difference is way to large to not scratch my head.
I come to this reddit looking for advice for troubleshooting this problem. I usually don't post in forums but am getting a mean dose of FOMO for the Diablo IV release.
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2023.06.02 00:24 ashleyharrisca Simplify Your Life with Smart Home Automation: 10 Must-Try Tips and Tricks

Simplify Your Life with Smart Home Automation: 10 Must-Try Tips and Tricks
smart home automation
Home automation is revolutionizing the way we interact with our homes. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, we can now control various aspects of our homes with ease, including lighting, security, entertainment, and energy management. By integrating the Internet and electronic devices, smart home automation offers unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and enhanced security.
This blog post will introduce you to the fascinating world of automation. I will answer common questions and provide valuable insights into its many benefits. You will discover how intelligent automation devices can simplify your life, increase convenience, and even help you save money on your household bills. I will also share a collection of cutting-edge automation solutions that you can easily implement in your own home. So, if you are interested in learning more about Residence automation, keep reading!
What is home automation?
Smart Home automation is the use of technology to control and automate household tasks and systems. It can include everything from controlling your lights and appliances to managing your security and heating systems. These systems can be as simple as a single smart light bulb or as complex as a fully integrated system that controls every aspect of your home.
The Benefits of Simplifying Your Life with Smart Home Technology
Smart home technology offers a multitude of benefits that can greatly simplify and enhance your daily life. Here are some key advantages to consider:
  1. Streamlined control at your fingertips.
  2. Energy savings made easy.
  3. Security and peace of mind.
  4. Safety alerts when you need them.
  5. Stay connected, no matter where you are.
  6. Personalized comfort is just a tap away.
  7. More time for what truly matters.
  8. Seamless integration with your smart devices.
  9. Tailored automation for your lifestyle.
  10. Enhance your property's value with automation.
Essential Smart Home Devices and Systems
Here are some essential smart home devices and systems to consider when setting up your smart home:
  • Smart hub: A smart hub is a central control unit for your smart home devices. It connects and integrates various devices, allowing you to manage them through a single interface or voice command.
  • Voice assistant: A voice assistant, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enables hands-free control of your smart home devices. Simply speak commands to control lights, thermostats, entertainment systems, and more.
  • Smart lighting: Replace traditional bulbs with smart bulbs or switches. These can be controlled remotely, scheduled, and even dimmed or customized for different lighting scenes, providing convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Smart thermostat: A smart thermostat offers precise control over your home's temperature and energy usage. Adjust settings remotely, create schedules, and take advantage of features like geofencing to optimize comfort and save on heating and cooling costs.
  • Smart security system: Invest in a smart security system that includes features like cameras, motion sensors, doowindow sensors, and smart locks. These systems allow you to monitor and secure your home from anywhere, receive alerts, and grant access remotely.
  • Smart entertainment: Enhance your home entertainment experience with smart devices. Consider smart TVs, streaming devices, and sound systems that can be controlled wirelessly or integrated with voice assistants for seamless operation.
When choosing smart home devices and systems, it's important to consider your specific needs and priorities. For example, if you're looking for a way to save energy, you might want to prioritize smart thermostats and smart lighting. If you're looking for a way to improve your home security, you might want to prioritize smart security systems.
It's also important to choose devices and systems that are compatible with each other and with your preferred voice assistant. This will ensure you can easily control all your smart home devices from a single interface.
With a little planning, you can create a smart home that's both convenient and secure.
10 Tips for Creating a Smart and Efficient Home
Creating a smart and efficient home not only enhances your lifestyle but also helps you save energy and increase convenience. Here are 10 tips to transform your home into a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly haven:
Tip 1: Automate Your Lighting for Energy Efficiency and Convenience
Enhance energy efficiency and convenience in your smart home by automating your lighting. With smart bulbs or switches, you can effortlessly schedule lights to turn on/off, adjust brightness, and create customized lighting scenes for any occasion. Motion sensors can also detect empty rooms and automatically switch off lights, minimizing energy waste. Take control of your lighting with voice commands or smartphone apps, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Embrace automated lighting to save energy, simplify daily routines, and set the ideal ambiance in your home.
Tip 2: Streamline Your Entertainment System with Smart Controls
Transform your entertainment experience by streamlining your entertainment system with smart controls. With smart devices such as smart TVs, streaming devices, and sound systems, you can simplify the way you access and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and music. Control your entire entertainment setup using a single remote or voice commands through your smart assistant. Seamlessly switch between streaming platforms, adjust volume, and even dim the lights for the perfect movie night ambiance. By integrating your entertainment system with smart controls, you'll eliminate the hassle of multiple remotes and enjoy a more convenient and immersive entertainment experience.
Tip 3: Enhance Home Security with Smart Cameras and Alarms
Boost the security of your home with the help of smart cameras and alarms. Smart security systems provide a range of features to protect your property and give you peace of mind. Install smart cameras both indoors and outdoors to monitor your home remotely, receive real-time alerts, and access recorded footage from your smartphone. Combine them with motion sensors and doowindow sensors for comprehensive coverage. Integrated alarms can sound off and send notifications in cases of suspicious activity or breaches. With smart security solutions, you'll have advanced tools at your fingertips to deter intruders, keep a watchful eye on your property, and ensure the safety of your loved ones.
Tip 4: Simplify Your Daily Routine with Voice-Activated Assistants
Make your daily routine more seamless and efficient by integrating voice-activated assistants into your smart home. With popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control various aspects of your home using simple voice commands. From setting timers and reminders to checking the weather or news, these assistants are designed to streamline your day-to-day tasks. Adjust your smart thermostats, turn on/off lights, play music, or even order groceries without lifting a finger. Voice-activated assistants bring convenience and hands-free control to your smart home, allowing you to focus on what matters most while effortlessly managing your home environment.
Tip 5: Optimize Energy Usage with Smart Thermostats and Climate Control
Maximize energy efficiency and comfort in your home by leveraging smart thermostats and climate control systems. These intelligent devices enable precise temperature management, which reduces energy waste and lowers utility bills. With the ability to create schedules, adjust settings remotely, and even learn your preferences over time, smart thermostats optimize heating and cooling based on occupancy and external factors. Some models integrate with weather forecasts and occupancy sensors to fine-tune climate control automatically. Additionally, energy usage monitoring features provide insights into consumption patterns, empowering you to make informed decisions for energy conservation. By optimizing your home's climate control with smart technology, you can achieve a more sustainable and cost-effective living environment.
Tip 6: Manage Your Home's Appliances and Devices Remotely
Take control of your home's appliances and devices from anywhere with the convenience of remote management. With smart home technology, you can remotely monitor and control various appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, and more. Check the status of your appliances, adjust settings, and receive notifications or alerts right on your smartphone. Forgot to turn off the oven before leaving? No problem. Simply access your smart home app and switch it off remotely. Remote management not only offers peace of mind but also allows you to optimize energy usage, troubleshoot issues, and ensure that your home is running smoothly even when you're away.
Tip 7: Create Personalized Scenes and Routines for Different Activities
Enhance the ambiance and functionality of your smart home by creating personalized scenes and routines for different activities. Whether it's a cozy movie night, a productive work session, or a relaxing evening, smart home technology allows you to set up pre-defined scenes that adjust multiple devices with a single command. Dim the lights, lower the blinds, and play soothing music for a relaxing atmosphere, or brighten the lights, set the temperature, and activate your home office devices for a productive work environment. With routines, you can automate a series of actions to occur at specific times or trigger them with voice commands. By tailoring your smart home to suit different activities, you can effortlessly create the perfect ambiance and streamline your daily routines.
Tip 8: Monitor and Control Your Home's Energy Consumption
Take charge of your energy usage and promote sustainability by monitoring and controlling your home's energy consumption. Smart home technology offers energy monitoring capabilities that provide real-time insights into how much energy your appliances and devices are using. By identifying energy-hungry devices, you can make informed decisions about their usage and find opportunities for optimization.
Additionally, smart plugs and power strips enable you to remotely control and schedule the power supply to specific devices, ensuring they are not left on standby unnecessarily. With the ability to monitor and control energy consumption, you can actively reduce waste, save money on utility bills, and contribute to a greener future.
Tip 9: Enhance Your Home's Safety with Smart Locks and Doorbells
Elevate the security of your home with the help of smart locks and doorbells. Smart locks offer convenient keyless entry, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors remotely using a smartphone app or through voice commands. You can also grant temporary or permanent access to family members, friends, or service providers without the need for physical keys.
Paired with smart doorbells, which include features like video cameras and motion sensors, you can see and speak to visitors at your doorstep from anywhere using your smartphone. Receive instant notifications and record video footage to enhance your home's safety and deter potential intruders.
Tip 10: Simplify Your Shopping Experience with Smart Home Integrations
Enhance your shopping experience and add convenience to it through the integration of smart home technology. Numerous smart home systems seamlessly connect with popular online shopping platforms, revolutionizing the way you manage your shopping lists, place orders, and even automate recurring purchases.
With the help of voice-activated assistants, you can effortlessly add items to your shopping list as you run out of them or think of new ones. The list becomes easily accessible on your smartphone whenever you're ready to make a purchase. Some smart refrigerators are equipped with built-in cameras that capture images of your groceries, allowing you to remotely view your supplies while shopping.
When integrated with smart speakers and displays, you can effortlessly browse products, compare prices, and make purchases using only your voice or a few taps. You can even set up automated delivery schedules for essential items, ensuring you never find yourself running out of household supplies.
As we wrap up our exploration of the advantages and recommendations for simplifying your life through smart home automations, it becomes evident that this technology opens a world of possibilities for convenience, security, energy efficiency, and overall home enhancement. By integrating intelligent devices and systems into your living space, you have the power to revolutionize your daily routines and elevate your lifestyle.
If you're prepared to embark on the next phase and transform your home into a smart and visually stunning haven, consider teaming up with La Scala. With our extensive expertise in smart home integration and design, we can assist you in crafting a seamless and aesthetically pleasing smart home environment. Get in touch with us at 604-606-1888 to discuss your specific requirements and explore the vast array of possibilities. We also extend an invitation to join us for a coffee talk at our La Scala experience center, where you can personally witness how smart home technology can enhance your living space.
Embrace the future of smart homes and unlock the complete potential of convenience, security, and comfort. Let La Scala be your trusted partner in making your home truly extraordinary.
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2023.06.02 00:23 trifoldtampon Crisis: Backpacking for safety until shelter opens up. Need advice with what little gear I have and the area I’ll be in. Please and thanks in advance.

Posted in multiple subs for visibility. Need advice before things get worse.
I am a 22f.
I have:
• a two person tent from Walmart (ozark)
• two quilts
• a sleeping pillow
• sleeping mat
• camp stove (no pot or propane)
•a big lab named Mike
• two days worth of dog food
• two days worth of water
I do not have:
• human food
•asthma inhaler
• Will be camping near Bozeman, MT.
Shelter opens up next Thursday for a bed in their program that will help me land a job. I had to get away from being beat nearly every day and this was my best shot.
Sucks they don’t have beds, but I have a spot waiting on me and I just need to make it until then.
I have $12 and a friend may be sending a few extra if they get paid early. How should I best use what I have?
I was turned away from the food bank today for not being a county resident and said the church sometimes does a drive on fridays, so I’ll check again tomorrow to see if there’s any non-perishables I can grab, as well as any toiletries.
It’s about a 9 mile walk from camp to the church and store and stuff, so hopefully something works out. Getting tired, muscles hurt, getting too much sun.
Need advice on what to do if you were me until next week.
Peace and love and let’s all have an amazing weekend out there!
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