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2023.06.06 19:17 Mhmjhu 33 years old with yearly salary in California need financial advise

Hi everyone, I just graduated from grad school. I landed a job with a yearly salary of 100k. I'm 33 years old and a first gen student. Therefore, I didn't get any type of financial advice or support from family. I wanted to seek advice on here about what I should do with the money I will be making every year. I will definitely be saving but should I invest in anything? Or save for something? I really don't know where I should start. I was thinking of buying a condo or a home but the home prices and interest rates scare me.
Additional background info: 1. Currently have no car loan or credit card debt or any debt for that matter. 2.10% of my paycheck each month will go to my pension from work (still clueless about what that will do for me in the future but doing research on that) 3. I live with my parents and pay $800 a month. I'm 33 years but don't mind it here. 4. I live in Orange County California. Renting an apartment here is expensive.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.06 19:16 AmazingWorldOf Just graduated with a degree in finance, but don’t have a strong resume and a little behind on starting my career

I just graduated with a finance major and minor in accounting. Not a good gpa, wasn’t too involved with academic clubs, had a decent internship with one of the top wealth management firms in my state, but I don’t have much that sets me apart from other people in the same situation as me. I’m planning on taking the CFA in November to boost my resume. I would like some advice on any certifications I should get in addition to that, paths to choose to start my career, etc. I would like to eventually work my way up to corporate finance or private equity. I haven’t applied to any jobs.
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2023.06.06 19:16 walkinggoddess Accommodation in Bali

Hi guys, I was wondering apart from Airbnb what other platform can I use to find a place for rent for about 6 months or so. Airbnb does tend to get expensive and a lot of options are huge villas. So preferably rental units and for 2 people would be great. Also is it just me or most places don’t seem to have a kitchen only like a room with a bathroom. I’m not looking to share a bathroom though with anyone else. Any recommendations for apps I can use that are reliable and inexpensive? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.06 19:15 AlPal122393 Question about Ostrava at the Gates of Boletaria…

Hey guys, so I am actually pretty well into Demon’s Souls Remake but I do go back to the Gates of Boletaria every once in a while to farm some moon grass drops. Well this last time I was farming I found a pathway that I had never taken before and I saved Ostrava from the Dreglings, talked to him until his dialogue repeated, and just kind of left him to do his thing and I traveled back to the nexus. Today I was doing some reading and I realized that in order to get the Mausoleum Key I had to kill him or get him safely to where he was headed. Obviously I did neither and I really want that Mausoleum Key so I can get the Demonbrandt Sword. Am I just out of luck now, or is there some way I can still get that key? Thanks for the help guys :)
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2023.06.06 19:15 Hampen555 26 [M4F] Sweden/Online - Looking for someone to have deep conversations with!

Whoever is reading this I hope you have a wonderful day! I love connecting with my fellow humans and learning about what makes you you! What are your experiences? Highest highs, lowest lows? Let's talk about everything! :D
What I'm looking for
Somebody that also enjoys deep and abstract conversations about psychology, philosophy, futurism, music, or whatever excites your noggin! :)
Somebody that is ok with me gaming or even better, games themselves! :) This is really important to me, my ex didn't accept that about me. This does not mean that I neglect anything or anyone to play more, but it's something I'm passionate about! :)
I'm mainly looking for something that eventually becomes romantic in nature (if we really hit it off) but I'm also always looking for people that strictly want more friends. I'm okay with moving anywhere to close the LDR gap. :D
Talk to somebody else if
You will ghost me after a day, I'm not at all interested in chatting for a day and then never talking again, I want to talk to other people that also want something long-term. I prefer people from Europe due to time zones but could work out regardless but less chance of us meeting irl and/or being able to do things together. :)
About me
Extroverted, curious, talkative, happy, and a pretty low-maintenance person. ENTP for those into MBTI. I'm a student, graduating with my 2nd degree in 2024. I like being around animals and nature, learning new things, or making something cool in Photoshop or Figma! My hobbies are going to concerts/museums (mainly listen to metal but I will try anything!), gaming, cooking, and hanging out/gaming with my friends/family! :) My favorite topics to research are cryptids, conspiracies, cool animals, history, or linguistics so I can share a lot of cool facts about those topics! :D
Some conversation starters!
What is your most controversial opinion?
What's your favorite animal? I will give you a fun fact about said animal in return! :D
Favorite youtube essay/documentary/etc?
Biggest lifehack?
Most random thing to happen to you in your life
Any ghost/cryptid/etc encounters?
If you read everything so far thank you and have a cookie! 🍪
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2023.06.06 19:15 the_real_raj007 [US-OR] [H] Tokyo Ghost Complete Set Issues 1-10 [W] PayPal

All issues read once and stored in a smoke free environment. I’m not a professional grader but I would put each issue at NM- or better.
$79 shipped within the US
Not looking for trades at the moment.
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2023.06.06 19:15 shoalins55 Employer finally responded

I applied for PSLF in April 2022. At the time I was able to have my last and current employer (hospital and government) verify my employment. I had a 3rd I could not get in contact with. They were still operational but their entire HR went remote. I’ve tried contacting them through their “contact us” page on the website, but no reply’s were ever received. I even called multiple people and they all gave me the same generic email which also no one replied to. During my visit to see my mom after her surgery (I no longer lived in the state where I use to live and work at non-profit), I decided to take a chance and stop by. I was lucky enough to run into a person who remembered me and became a manger. He gave me a name and an email address of an HR personal he knew and said she will help me. I emailed her when I got back home, but the email bounced back. I went on LinkedIn and found her and explained the situation. She was so nice and apologized about the whole HR portal on the website. They went remote with no real IT support, so that explains a lot. Anyways, she confirmed my employment which brings me to over 10 years of working at non profits, hospitals and the government.
My question is will they still count the time I worked at that employer even though I’m now just getting them verified?
Also, I know this is a long read but I thought it might help others who might be in my same predicament.
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2023.06.06 19:15 AutoModerator Andrew Tate - The Real World (Complete Course)

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2023.06.06 19:15 Specialist-Potato-30 Workday application status was " In Process " what does it mean?

I applied for a job two weeks ago and 2 days ago the application status was in progress now it's in process anyone knows what is the difference?
Also they haven't called for interview yet and I saw in a post and read it that "In process" is after the interview.
So does anyone know what the meaning of in process in this case??
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2023.06.06 19:15 justaquestionjust Don’t know how to react

Husband (M-LB)30 and I(30) have been married for 5 years. I knew he was addicted to the porn before he met me. We almost have sex(piv) 2-3 times every year but he goes down on me more often. Today after I’ve read posts here, I became suspicious and checked my husband’s search history. I found that he has been reading +18 manga with explicit pictures and I noticed that it is usually before his long showers. I think now he masturbates to those mangas before shower. I honestly don’t know how to reach. Does anyone has that kind of experience? Thank you in advance
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2023.06.06 19:15 Introvertsupreme Seeing a new psych soon, they don’t prescribe stimulants

Currently on Strattera for ADHD PI, moved to New England a couple months ago, so I had to find a new primary care doctor.
Before now, I’d been going to the same doctor and therapist in Texas for years. My therapist officially diagnosed me with ADHD PI and my doctor agreed to prescribe me Strattera. But advised going to a psych if I felt like I needed more help, as he did not prescribe controlled substances. I understood; declined going back to the psych due to a terrible experience before, and made okay improvements on Strattera.
But I was thinking I needed more help, especially as I’d been struggling with a new job.
My new doctoPA does not prescribe ANY ADHD meds. So he referred me to a psychiatrist. They let me know ahead of time that they don’t prescribe controlled substances.
Idk what else to do. I’m in Massachusetts, which apparently has a doctor shortage, so it took me three months just to find any doctors accepting new patients and with an opening.
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2023.06.06 19:14 Historical-Try-7683 possible system-questioning

the more i read about OSDD the more i see myself in it. ive talked to a couple close friends and therapists about it but i’ve been met with a level of skepticism that is understandable but not necessarily helpful. in contrast when i tell my girlfriend who has DID about some of my experiences she relates, even enthusiastically. we started dating about 5 months ago and i started to read a little bit about did. at the same time i’ve been going through my own journey with identity, trama, and disassociation. i think meeting her has definitely been a catalyst for some of this. i was aware i had some kind of disassociative disorder since childhood and i know for sure i have cptsd but i started to ask more questions about my own dissociative disorder about a month ago, after being badly triggered. the other side is that i’ve finally gotten to a safe place about a year and a half ago and i’ve spent a lot of that time finally being able to process that trauma. so im afraid i’m going through some denial/uncertainty. i’m nervous to tell my girlfriend just yet, and i feel like it might be helpful to hear the opinions of other systems.
so now i’ll get a lil into some of the details. i won’t go into everything because it’s really a lot. yesterday i filled 6 or 7 page’s of things that suggest the possibility of being a system.
after being badly triggered i had a day where i blacked out most of the day. i suspected i had ran an errand and my therapist suggested i look at my bank statement. when i did i remembered some of the things that happened but only in the 3rd person. i actually did a lot, it was a busy day by any standard. my memory is of being very distressed and disassociated but i’m watching myself function on a level that exceeds my masking ability and my own executive function on a good day. i have autism, adhd, and acute dyslexia resulting in terrible executive function and it makes this very difficult to explain.
shortly after this i told my therapist how affective and calming it was to speak to my inner child during a crisis. they told me about IFS. i started to discover parts, and this is when i really started to suspect that there might be a lil more than CPTSD.
i’m a trans woman and i’ve noticed that my memories of when i presented as male are almost all in the 3rd person but my memories of presenting femme are all in the first person.
i also have a near constant dialog with a voice in my head. it usually takes on the voice of people in supportive relationships in my life. it doesn’t say much but it can be critical, and it asks a lot of questions. it’s always analytical, logical, and fairly stoic. it seems to help me process my thoughts and feelings. i speak with them so much, i spend hours a day pacing around my house having discussions with them.
i noticed in the last year that i sometimes have two streams of consciousness. it doesn’t last long and it can be difficult to focus on one or the other. i initially brushed it off and kind of assumed it was normal
yesterday i really leaned into my doubts about it and heard an agitated voice tell me how stupid and annoying that i feel this way.
a part also wanted me to tell my girlfriend not to do this thing that is triggering to us. i couldn’t imagine her doing something like that but it seemed important to tell her anyway, so i did.
theres a lot of other stuff and it pretty much nails the cptsd diagnosis but a lot of the cptsd experience seems to fall short of explaining what i feel like is agency in some of my parts. i’m trying to be patient but i we’re a lil frustrated with the process at times. i want answers and my parts sometimes feel alienated by my questions, but my history of ignoring their needs to focus on external pressures.
it’s easy for me to rationalize things and explain them through autism or dyslexia.i also struggle with imposter syndrome which is particularly not helpful part of me is fine with not having definitive answers, kinda like if it’s working why question it so much. but part of me also wants some external validation, especially considering my anxiety about what that means for my relationship with my GF.
any input is greatly appreciated 😊
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2023.06.06 19:14 Adorable-Ad-3223 Need Help Managing Programming Expectations.

I have a dream project and lack the skill to do it or even form the right expectations about if I can pay someone to do it for me. Long story: I help people with disabilities obtain employment. Common barriers are lack of resumes and inability to write a resume due to limited ability to explain their experience. I created a PDF Master Application, where they track all their past and current work experience.
I want a way to take that information and have a program see the job titles then pull a list of tasks associated with the job from a website called ONet (API for that website are public). I want the list to have check boxes near them to people can select the things from the list which they have actually done and remove the unchecked. This will be saved as a "skills list" for future use and for building self-confidence by showing all the tasks they can do.
I then want the dates, company, title, and address pulled from the master application and plugged into a basic Chronological Resume template which I have also already made (only in Word so far).
The end result is that a person should be able to have a basic resume ready to go quickly while only requiring the ability to read and type a few words or with the assistance of someone who can.
My question is, is this possible? Is it a weeks work, a month? How much is it worth, I am thinking I will have to pay for it myself or find a grant to pay for it and give it to people opensource.
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2023.06.06 19:14 Sea_Gur2394 Montelukast question

I just wondered if anyone has any experience with Montelukast for their asthma?
I was prescribed it 3 months ago and to be honest my breathing is amazing, my peak flow readings are the best I've ever had.
I have always woke up in the morning like a zombie but I spring out of he'd now for some strange reason and I'm extremely happy with them.
My only query on this is what are people's emotions like on it? I'm absolutely fine in myself but it's a bit like whatever emotion I'm feeling at the time just takes over, if I'm happy I feel on top of the world, something annoys me and I'm quick to anger and hard to break out of it. Something causes anxiety and I start to feel really paranoid and self aware?
It's very strange as I've always been quite laid back to be fair and I wondered if anyone else has similar experiences? I'm happy with the asthma and breathing side of these just strange on the other side. Then again I suppose it could all be in my head and I just need a nice holiday in the sun or something haha
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2023.06.06 19:14 Upper-Yogurtcloset55 i have an issue with connection due to feeling “smarter” than others and i hate the broken system i live in, but trying to leave it is just as scary. my life goal is to educate others to make a more stable world for others, but life can be so disgorging and i don’t want to lose track of my goal.

i’m 16 and live in America. the country itself isn’t all bad, but i believe our way of capitalism is inherently broken and unfair, and causes many of humans day to day issues. i tend to look at everything over logically and for some time i entirely emotionally disconnected from the world. but after doing inner self work and changing my way of life for a while now i’ve become immersed in self improvement. i find it hard to spend time or fully connect with others because everyone focuses on the trees and not the forest, and often when i try to speak on deep or large topics others don’t have much to say or they feel like i’m assuming i’m better than them. which i may be, but i never judge others. i aspire to teach others the lessons and ideas i’ve learned that positively impact my life. i understand everyone is a product of their environment and America has for a long time been what i’d call “an unstable environment” many are set up to fail from the start, but i realized i’ve been given a golden opportunity in life to help others, and i feel the need to do something larger then life just to feel truly accomplished. i set impossibly high standard for myself and others often look up to me as the “one that has their things figured out” but it’s really hard to care about people that don’t have goals or spend their time doing meaningless tasks. how can i focus on small scale accomplishments and not feel the need to be the best all the time? i’m well aware of why my thinking is this way, but for me being aware of it doesn’t help. i plan to do something like public speaking, journalism or book writing, or maybe even politics if i felt i could change our system here in america. but part of me feels it’s no use, and id be much better off running away to another country and writing books to maybe have an impact on others. i have so many large and interesting thoughts and ways of looking at life but because of that i can often times feel like a loner and like people don’t understand my goals or true emotions. what do i do other than be aware of all this. it’s been on my mind for a while now. if you read this i thank you in advance, Dr k you are truly the type of person i value and look up too. you have such a positive impact on others and truly understand that knowledge and understanding is power. i wish to be anything near what you are one day.
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2023.06.06 19:14 annie_m_m_m_m Call for written shares on the theme of "Our experiences of humor and laughing" to be read anonymously at the beginning of the June 13 meeting

Hi everyone,
I'm looking forward to our Tuesday meeting on "Our experiences of humor and laughing". At this time, I'm collecting shares on that theme to be read anonymously at our meeting on Tues, June 13.
Anonymous written shares are read at the beginning of the meeting to provide inspiration for our live spoken and written shares, which make up the majority of our meeting time.
If you would like to provide a written share for our meeting, please DM about 4-6 sentences to me, u/annie_m_m_m_m. I will compile the shares in a document to be read at the meeting. I will not include your username on the document. Or feel free to use a throwaway account for your DM for even more security :)
Our questions for the week will be:
Thank you so much to all contributors. Your share will help kickstart our discussion.
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2023.06.06 19:14 throw5566778899 Question about connect-mongo for maintaining express-session data.

So from the tutorials I'm reading, everything is kind of outdated. It seems to me that these tutorials are reusing the same connection to the database as they use for storing other data in the app. When I check the documentation of connect-mongo though it says:
Connection to MongoDB
In many circumstances, connect-mongo will not be the only part of your application which need a connection to a MongoDB database. It could be interesting to re-use an existing connection.
But then it goes on to instructions for creating a new connection. I'm just wondering what the best practice is... the line "it could be interesting" is killing me... what does that even mean?
Link to documentation:
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2023.06.06 19:14 sploshfreak i’m the worst daughter and i feel helpless

this post is gonna be long so I apologise in advance. adding nsfw just in case.
my family has financially struggled for as long as I can remember, my childhood was great. we owned a penthouse, my family was happy and I had everything a child ever wanted. all the toys, a bunch of friends and loving parents. this all changed when we moved to another place for dad's work, my mom had to shut her business down because of the move ( most of the monev was being earned by my mom ) we didn't own the home we live in but didn't have to pay rent because the apartment was owned by one of my dad's friends, our neighbours were amazing and it all felt like being in a huge family. when my fourth grade ended we had to move back to our old home because of family issues. those being the fact that my dad had a second family. my mom found out about his second family when she was six months pregnant with me, she never told me to protect my peace of mind. they found our address and tried to harm us so we ended up moving out. When we moved back new tenants were living below us. It was a woman who I will call 'A' for now. A used to force women to become prostitutes and used to sell alcohol. Now the state where I live is dry so no alcohol is allowed unless you had a permit. Even if she did have it reselling is not allowed. I live in India where to this day inter-religion marriages are heavily frowned upon.
My mom a Jain married my dad who is a Muslim. She was kicked out by her parents and wasn't allowed to talk to my dad's side of the family until she converted which she refused to do. When A found out that my mom was a Jain who married a Muslim guy she beat my mom up. I was at a friend's house and when my dad saw her beating my mom up he ran away. A threw glass shards at my mom and beat her up with a metal pipe. Thankfully there were some people around who defended my mom. For five days we lived at my dad's friend's house. We ended up abandoning the house and had the bank seize it. However, A managed to break in from the roof and stole all my mom's valuables. We moved to another place near my dad's friend's house. I was sent to boarding school so that I did not have to deal with my parents. I spent my sixth and seventh grade there before covid hit. This is when I found out the truth about my dad.
He and his wife beat my mom up when she was pregnant, He sold all my mom's jewellery without telling her to buy his other wife gifts. He took my tablets and my toys and gave them to his other kids. He constantly abuses her and threatens to kill her. As a 13-year-old this was a lot to take in. I fell into depression and started hating my dad. Three years spent in that house has made me realise what a huge piece of shit my father is. My mom's business picked up a little and we were able to move to a better area. This was when I started tenth grade so I was thankful for a new environment. I made new friends, started feeling happier and also convinced and supported my mom to file for a divorce. the only reason he signed the papers is because my mom told him that to earn more money she has to switch back to her old surname. we even changed my name which he doesn't know about yet.
Now the business is slowing down again. We are struggling to pay rent, and can't afford a lot of groceries right now. My mom and dad have been going through a lot of fights and she asked him to leave, to give us peace and asked him to go back to his other family for a few weeks. He threatened to commit suicide and blame my mom for it so she gets jailed. I know my father hates me. He blamed his heart attack on me. I've always said my mind and I've told him several times how I hate him and how he's a terrible terrible dad. He only pretends to love me for his security of housing. My mom works a lot. She's at her office up to 12 hours a day. lk not a lot compared to a lot of other women but she also has to manage her sleep, making food and spending some time with me. The thing is she works in a male-dominated field (in my country ) and therefore a lot of people don't take her seriously. She finishes all the work but never gets her payments. She has to collect about 4.7 crores at this moment ( around 500k USD) but her clients simply delay the payments. She came home crying today. She went to collect a cheque THAT SHE WORKED FOR and the client started saying things like "You should become a prostitute you'll earn more" and "You're a poor girl so I thought I'II do a favour by dropping you off but you're purposefully showing me the wrong roads" "You're brainless" and so much more. Mind you he's thirty years older than my mom and has known her since 2010. He even made a comment sexualising me.
I just don't get it. why my mom? she's an amazing mom, yes we have moments but she's done so much to protect me. I just want her to be happy and I feel terrible knowing that I'll never be enough. I'll never be the daughter she deserves.
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2023.06.06 19:14 ghostmary__ offering readings today 💗🌝🐞

hello I am offering readings in hope of a review and donations if you are able. I am an intuitive psychic with 10 years experience reading for others 💗🌝🐞 checkout my reviews on my page
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2023.06.06 19:13 social8xiety Why do I still suck at listening comprehension after 10 years?

My listening in English is also not amazing, so maybe I just have some kind of genetic auditory issue because it’s not that I can’t hear well, it’s that I can’t process what I’m hearing well or quickly enough because:
  1. My reading, writing and speaking are ~C1 and my accent (I’m told) is terrific.
  2. My listening, given the countless hours I’ve practiced it, sucks
  3. I can understand speakers in podcasts and YouTube videos when speaking clearly with little background noise
  4. I’m much better at understanding lengthier stories since if I miss details I catch them later
  5. but I lose a lot of info when someone talks to me all of a sudden or especially asks me a question
Is it possible I’m just incapable of improving this part of my skill? It’s very frustrating to see people whose listening comprehension is higher than mine but then they can’t express themselves even close to my level.
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2023.06.06 19:13 AshShaun NY Marijuana and Infants

So THC, the 'high' chemical in weed, is transmittable through breast milk and stays there for hours. The more you smoke, the more THC can be in breast milk.
I have no issue with weed, but I do feel like it could mess up the chemistry of a developing brain. You're essentially getting your baby high. From what I've read, there can be enough THC in the milk for an infant to pop on a drug test.
I know it's legal to smoke in NY, but is it legal to be getting your infant high off of breast milk? Is what I read inaccurate? I tried to be fair and look at both pro weed and anti weed sites, and they both agreed breast feeding and smoking should be avoided.
It may be a legal drug, but it's still a drug, and can pop a drug test and that seems no different to me than hot boxing a room and getting your infant high that way.
So is it legal to breast feed while smoking weed?
This isn't a question pertaining to me, but a situation I witnessed, that caused me to ask questions. Before anyone says I'm anti weed, I would happily smoke it if it were legal in my state, but I'm not going to risk jail time or losing my job while it's illegal here.
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2023.06.06 19:13 Stavinco Did Sonia know about Zelda and Link because of her power of time or did she preemptively know about the prophecy and didn’t mention it.

So I’m one of the tears you have Zelda Sonia and Rauru chilling in a garden and Sonia talks to Zelda about how she wants to go home but she also wants to help there in their timeline but she also talks about Link and Zelda never mentioned anything about Him whatsoever but Rauru tells Zelda that nothing can be hidden from Sonia so this means two things.
  1. Sonia can see the future and knows that her death is important to keep the timeline in balance so that Ganondorf can be slain.
  2. Sonia knows of Link because since she’s a priestess she learned of the Hero of legend that was with a Zelda that was her great grandma or something so then she is willing to be sacrificed since it would be apart of a bigger scene.
With that all being said which one do you guys believe it could be?
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