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2023.03.29 18:01 jnn-11000 How long is the rio shuttle line compared to midstrip/other shuttle lines?

First edc!! my friends told me for shuttle lines they had to wait 1-4 hours depending on what time they go. However, they’re midstrip, this year I have rio. Is there a chance rio has shorter shuttle lines since it’s more off strip?
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2023.03.29 18:01 nostralmamater Every guy I've dated has been a sex addict

I'm just venting my frustrations here, I know I have to figure this out for myself.
I caught my current bf commenting on lewd pics of girls on Reddit and asking if he can send "tribute" videos to them... I assume that means jerking off. This is an anonymous account I had been tracking for some time, previously I caught him drawing nude pics of girls on reddit and lying to my face about it, and now this so I clearly can't trust him. My fault has been not bringing it up sooner because I was trying to let it go, and I hate confrontation which I realize needs to change. But this recent activity I found has crossed a line for me and makes me sick. He clearly has a problem. I am totally okay with him watching porn but this and the lying is a whole other level.
Are most guys like this? My previous bf did this shit too. I worry even if I break up with my bf I'm doomed to only date guys who have this addiction. I'm thinking of talking to a therapist to help establish my self-worth and confront him.
I'm wondering if any other women have caught their bf doing this, confronted them about it and how it went?
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2023.03.29 18:01 throwawayward_116 Getting divorced and can’t get past financial guilt.

Hi ladies.
I’m sorry if all of this sounds really crazy but I’m losing sleep about what’s going on with my divorce. I was married briefly to my ex and while we loved each other things were toxic and after a massive repeated breach of trust around our wedding, I could not recover. I tried for 3 years to make it work but it just wasn’t improving. I made the choice to leave and filed for divorce, even though he didn’t want it.
We do not have a prenup. We had an income disparity as he comes from generational wealth and is in finance and I come from a poor background and work a mid double digit salary creative job. Our finances were a mess and I wasn’t involved in any of his financial choices during our relationship, I didn’t even know how much he made or how much he had. I never signed anything , but he said that if he dies everything goes to his mom. Even if we have kids.
I originally wanted to leave without a penny because I was so done and upset. After retaining my lawyer it turns out I’m “entitled” to something close to $1 million.
It sounds like a dream but it’s absolutely not for me. This is a giant shock as I thought I’d be entitled to nothing. I’m suffering with an intense inner conflict over the guilt of calling it quits and although the law thinks I’m entitled to something, I feel otherwise. I feel ashamed. I feel like I’m hurting him financially, even though when all is said and done it’s a loss but he will still have tons of equity and millions in inheritance from his parents. I’m so torn between taking it and having some security for my future, and just leaving it all on the table out of guilt. I have internalized the resentment men have for women in these scenarios, and I feel like a burden. He hurt me badly sure, but I certainly wasn’t perfect either
I’m not sure what I’m looking for, maybe a “what would you do in my situation?”.
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2023.03.29 18:01 lillybelle22 Unemployed again. :(

I have just been let go from my job which I landed in December - due to not being suitable for the role in regards to my skill set and poor performance. I was employed as a HR junior and I had one to one meetings weekly with my boss who would tell me I kept making small mistakes. I was let go today without warning.
I blame the company for me not performing well - I was employed as a junior, I had no experience going onto the field and they knew that. I was trained up by another junior - who was also let go due to poor performance, therefore how was I ever going to perform well when I have been trained up by someone else performing poorly? I agree the role was not for me, and I now don’t have a clue what I want to do next. Before landing this role I was unemployed for 6 months.
Oh well, we go again.
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2023.03.29 18:00 Slow_Ad7914 buspar driving me mad??

I’ve been on buspar for a month and a half. It does really help me with anxiety, i was stuck in my head before and disassociating all the time. My dreams are crazy strange. And i have this feeling that i’m going mad?? I am not sure how to describe the feeling. It feels like something is really wrong with me. Well i’m talking to my doctor about it tomorrow, but I just wanted to know is this normal with buspar?
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2023.03.29 18:00 Yo_red_g For the last damn time…

For the last damn time. Stop telling me that I’m just lazy not driving and having a job.
…and no not an excuse.
I always pass the computer test. But sitting in the driver’s seat I would get lost and crash. So I don’t drive because I can’t.
Not something I said or did. Not a fault of my own.
I know I can work. But I’d be lost not knowing what to do and that verisial feeling would be coming out of me like no tomorrow.
Not something I said or did. Not a fault of my own.
Has it ever occurred to anyone; anybody that maybe some people just aren’t supposed to?
Maybe I’m more of one them stay stay at home jobs where too still go out live life and do things or whatever.
For hell sakes.
I wish I could those two thing s
Anything else I don’t is just a part of my dislikes and preferences; that sort of thing.
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2023.03.29 18:00 AutoModerator ★OFFICIAL WEEKLY★ Weigh-in Wednesday: Share your weigh-in progress and graphs! March 29, 2023

How has the scale treated you this week?

Share your weigh-in and body measurement progress, along with any fun data and charts showing how your progress is going (photos can be linked via imgur.com).
Friendly reminder: numbers are only one small metric to measure progress. Don't forget about all those other positive, healthy changes you're making to your lifestyle!
Due to space limitations, this may be a sticky only occasionally. Please find it using the sidebar if needed.
Don't forget to comment and interact with other posters here, let's keep the good vibes going!
Daily Threads
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2023.03.29 18:00 b3pkay WTS // WTT Futureworks, NYCO Slims, Climbers sz 30

Cleaning out the closet and admitting I don't wear these so they should move. All purchased new, by me, non wft, varying amounts of wear. Open to trades and mainly looking for medium shirts to replace what I have offered here or that thick, thick, duck for bottoms. If you have sz 30/31 duckworks and are open to trade, I'm willing to add some $$ to make it work. Open to 30/31 bombworks or shorts too. OPEN TO OFFERS on whats left .
Futureworks // sz 30 // flat black // bought to wear to a casual wedding, worn a handful of times, not my style. Trade?? or $69 shipped.
NYCO Oxford // sz SM // polished concrete // fit a tiny bit larger than the navy, amazing color, worn a handful of times. Trade me a similar shirt in sz MD? $60 SOLD.
NYCO Oxford // sz SM // navy // rarely worn, fit great but always felt a little too slim. Trade me a similar shirt in sz MD? $60 SOLD.
Mojave Pivot Shirt // sz SM // Olive // rarely worn, great in the summer, a little too slim for me. Trade me a similar shirt in sz MD? $60 SOLD.
NYCO Slims // sz 30 // navy // haven't been worn in many, many years. Small ink stain, freshly washed and tried on--fit slim, similar to Futureworks, no stretch. Incredible fabric and if they don't go I may chop them up and turn them into small bags. $60 shipped. NYCO Slims
The Climbers // sz 30 // black // used + abused. These are old. Real old. Like December 2012 old. I once crossed a stream in them while evacuating a field guide from a wilderness program and had to stop once we got to the other side to exclaim "can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that my pants are completely dry?!" They're a bit saggy, never been hemmed, and may also get turned into bags if they don't go. Haven't been worn in years, would throw them on occasionally for winter bike rides in the worst weather. $40 shipped.

Futureworks Detail
NYCO Slims
NYCO Detail
NYCO stain
Climbers Detail
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2023.03.29 18:00 MyopicChihuahua86 Is it fair that I sent this to my dad?

Hi everyone. I am a 36-year-old woman who is married with two lovely boys, aged 7 and 11. When I was a kid, I was the middle child. My father was raised in a home where he was adopted, and once heard his dad say he wanted to send him back. As a result, he ended up lying all the time, to please his parents, and now lying is a way of life for him.
But it's more than that. When my siblings and I were kids, my dad was verbally, emotionally and mentally abusive. From time to time, he also got physical. We got spanked, as many kids did back then, but this was farm from a whack on the bum as discipline. My dad would scream at us, chase us around the house, pin us down and pull our pants and underwear down and wail on us as hard as he could (even when I was as old as 17). He also would beat my brother sometimes, for the smallest of infractions, such as finishing off the pail of ice cream (not eating the whole thing, just finishing it off). And one of my earliest childhood memories is waking up to my parents fighting and opening the door of my room, standing in the dark and seeing my father push my mother up against a wall and threaten to kill her. I might have been 5 or 6 years old, and my mother told me this really did happen so it's not a false memory.
We have all been impacted by my dad in different ways. My mom is a people pleaser with really low self esteem. She is still with him to this day. My brother has anger issues that he takes out on his family. My sister struggles with anxiety and CPTSD. And from a child, I have struggled with OCD, anxiety and depression and recently was told I have CPTSD too from my therapist.
About ten years ago, when my first born son was only a year old, my dad suffered successive strokes and a degenerative kidney disease. The strokes really changed his personality and weakened him physically. Now, I no longer fear him, or fear that he will hurt my mom. But even though the strokes made him more sensitive, even since then there has been so many times that he has been very cruel and mean emotionally.
It all came to a head just over a year ago when I had had enough, I had caught my dad staring at my older son as though he hated him for no reason (my sons are both sweet, gentle, quiet boys) and then he snapped at my younger son for no reason. I told my mom and dad that I was not comfortable with my boys being around my dad and that we wouldn't be coming by the house. At the same time, my sister was finally getting to the root of some of her issues and had told my mom about them. All this was too much for my mom and she threatened to divorce my dad. They slept in separate bedrooms for months but both went to therapy separately, and in the end it died down and things went back to the way they were.
I noticed a change in my dad. He seemed to be trying hard, but of course there were times when his old ways would return. They did again yesterday and it was just too much for me. I've been going through a bit of a harder time with my anxiety and depression, due to some big life changes (my older son came out as trans -- so beyond proud of him that he is being true to himself, and we are fully supportive, but it's still a lot to digest) as well as contemplating a possible move that would mean me leaving a job I really love, but one that would be really good for my family. I've never been good with change and so it kind of had my nervous system a little over-sensitized with my old symptoms coming back, which sucks.
I told my mom I was struggling and she told my dad, and so they thought of driving to where we live (forty-five minutes away) to take us to lunch. I thought it was a lovely idea. It's spring break for my kids and my husband is working all week, so we were looking for fun things to do.
Lunch was going good, but my oldest son has the tail end of a cold and so is sniffling a bit. Well, my dad right away started mocking the sniffling, but in a subtle way, by copying my son every time sniffled. Then I noticed that my older son sniffled and my dad started glaring at him. I called him on it right away. Calmly, but firmly, I told him to stop mocking and stop glaring. My dad said he wasn't doing either, I said it was obvious he was and to please stop.
Then he turned his hate-filled glare on me, and it made me feel like I had shrunk down to the size of a little toy soldier. I told him that now he was doing it to me, and he needed to stop that behaviour if he wanted to continue to be around my kids or myself. He didn't say anything, just that he wasn't doing it. I sat there for a few minutes and then excused myself to the bathroom to collect myself.
When I got home, I broke down and told my husband about it and how it made me feel unlovable and unworthy, even though I know that is not true.
I called my mom when they got home and she said that she had told my dad she was disappointed in him. She ate dinner in a different room and he didn't sleep in their bedroom with her last night. So now I'm feeling guilty that I caused an issue between them.
I was hoping my dad would call me yesterday or this morning to apologize but he didn't, so I ended up sending this message to him:
Hello Dad, I was hoping that after you got home yesterday or even sometime this morning you would have reached out to me to apologize. I am disappointed that you did not. It was very apparent that you were mocking Will's sniffling yesterday, but you always do that. Mom told me you do that to her every time she has a cold, and when she calls you on it, you just lie about it.
But then you glared at Will. And whether you were aware you were doing it or not, the moment I told you you were, you should have been apologetic, not defensive. You should have said, "Ooops, sorry, I didn't know I was doing it, I'll try not to." Instead, you just focused a really mean stare in my direction. And again, when I called you on it, you just lied and said you were not doing it. It completely ruined the lunch for me, and it really hurt my feelings.
We have told you time and time again that your mean glares are hurtful and that it is totally unacceptable for you to do that to me or the kids. ESPECIALLY the kids. For a while, you were working on it, when you were in therapy, and you were doing really well. We were all really proud of you. But now you are doing it again and I'm really disappointed. But what's more disappointing is that when someone tells you what you're doing and asks you to stop, instead of apologizing and trying to do better, you just double down and lie about it.
You caused me a lot of sadness and pain in my childhood. That is what it hurts so much when you glare at me with so much anger in your eyes. It reminds me of what it was like when you were verbally, mentally, and emotionally abusive to me.
I had planned on taking the kids to sleep over at your house tomorrow night, but I no longer feel comfortable with that. Will shouldn't have to put up with you glaring at him, and I shouldn't have to put up with worrying about whether you will or not, or whether you will glare at me. It will take some time before I will feel comfortable around you and before I want the kids around you.
Here is how he replied:
Thanks Millie, I’m truly sorry for the way that I acted yesterday. Please feel comfortable that I will try to never make you or the kids uncomfortable with me. Please give me another chance and plan on coming back tomorrow.
Then I asked him why he lied about it. He said: I can’t explain why I lied about it, I guess it’s a very poor way of trying to keep me out of trouble. I thanked him for his honesty and told him I appreciate it. I said I will need a little time but that I am happy that we had the talk and that I loved him.
I guess part of me is feeling guilty because was it fair to send such a long and complicated message to someone who struggles with their cognition because of their strokes? And now my mom is mad at my dad and I feel bad. It's just like in my childhood -- my sister was to young to get involved and my brother stayed out of things, but I would always get in the middle of my parent's fights to try to defend my mom, and make them worse, and feel so guilty about it. Ugh, I just need advice. My biggest aim in life is to treat everyone with kindness, and I don't know if I was kind!
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2023.03.29 18:00 meglandwellmusic Anyone successfully only taking something PRN?

I was on depakote a decade ago and felt absolutely no emotion/drive/interest in anything and quit taking it. I also quit therapy. I was diagnosed with type 2 with rapid cycling, though I have to say at that time in my life I hadn’t yet had my most severe episodes and wasn’t entirely honest/aware that some symptoms were things I should be mentioning and I wonder if I might be type 1. We’ll see when I go back to a psychiatrist finally in about a month.
In the years since, I have learned what I need in order to stay as stable as possible. I do these things:
1) go to bed/wake up the same time
2) don’t abuse substances
3) take melatonin religiously before bed
4) work for myself/no “job” stress triggers
5) removed as many trauma triggers as possible
6) give myself plenty of fulfilling hobbies to bounce between
7) create boundaries and workarounds for mania (for instance I’ll add tons of shit to online shopping carts but I won’t let myself buy the things)
8) I have a wife who knows the signs and knows how to talk me down from my “brilliant” ideas when they’re not good ideas and also won’t let me wake up in the middle of the night and start doing projects
8) get as much exercise as possible
And there are more things but that’s the main stuff.
I maintain okay. I absolutely still cycle. My ups are typically only dangerously bad if there’s a trauma trigger. I’m rarely down but when I am it is manageable for the most part.
I do have visual and audio hallucinations but I have for years and I know they aren’t real. I just laugh at them and move on.
I get a paranoid/mean rapid speech monologue going in my head that is my own voice but not my own thoughts. That’s the part that I hate more than anything.
But all in all, I’m managing it.
I am afraid if I get on meds when I’ve managed it this well, I’ll mess up my progress. That I’ll react weirdly or forget the meds or decide I don’t need them and spin into a mania that is destructive.
I do have moments where I get almost catatonic (if I have a trauma trigger) that worry me. But I guess biggest symptom that has a negative impact is the monologue.
Please don’t judge me too harshly for having not been on meds and for not fully wanting them now. I think I’ve read where people sometimes have meds that they take only as needed, and I would be willing to go into my psychiatrist and be open to that idea. There are moments when I can see that maybe being a benefit. Has anyone else ever done this and do you think a psychiatrist would be willing to do that sort of treatment protocol?
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2023.03.29 18:00 Savvy9220 My weird sleeping patterns

So.. I know this is the insomnia Reddit page, initially I thought I had a mild type of insomnia, but I don’t think I’d describe it like that any longer.
My sleep is very scattered, it only came to my attention after a conversation with a colleagues that my sleeping pattern is very bizarre and not “normal” like I thought it was. Most nights I may fall asleep earlier (E.g. 6pm - 9pm) then proceed to stay awake for a few hours before falling back asleep (E.g. going back to sleep from 3am - 6am). I thought that was completely normal, it wasn’t really aware that most people didn’t do that. There are some nights where I won’t fall asleep earlier, only later.
I don’t know how to describe my sleeping inconsistencies, it’s not quite insomnia but it’s definitely a sleeping issue which could later mess me up. Is my sleeping pattern something to be worried for or for the most part ignore it as I can sleep, just some days more than others.
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2023.03.29 18:00 floatontherainbowtw Yellow water even with an over powered filter

Hello. I have 26G tank that is a bit over populated. It has 5 angel fish, snails, and plants. Although I have a canister filter labeled for 66G tanks that has bio media and mechanical filter my water still turns yellow due to bio load. I even have a polish pad in there to catch the tiniest of things.
I thought the filter will take care of it but something does not get trapped in that media and keeps the water yellow. What are these things?
I did water test and got near 0 for nitrate and nitrite and I am wondering if the fish are safe in that environment?
The obvious solution is to add chemical filteration like Seachem Purigen which does work but I am just wondering, whats that stuff that doesn't go away with out a chemical filter?
I was told to feed less but I am afraid I hunger the fish. I feed about 1/2 table spoon daily but there is huge poops all over the substrate. Not sure if this is normal or fish are over fed.
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2023.03.29 18:00 loorana22 Is blue smoke out from exhaust is always require an engine rebuild ?

or sometimes can be easily fixed ?
it is an old 1996 car model
when on straight i don't see any blue smoke no matter if low or high speed
but when i go uphill i will start to see blue smoke out from the exhaust (the strange thing it happens on certain uphills Not ALL uphills )
also i can see blue smoke sometimes also when going downhill even without accelerating. again same thing Not all downhills
a mechanic told me he should open the engine to see what is the problem
do you thing is it worth it ?
also the car always fails the emission test
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2023.03.29 18:00 OkAlbatross6560 Is my fast broken?

Hello, I am 14 and this is my 3rd Ramadan Alhamdulillah
So I learned some time ago that if you intend to break your fast then it is broken. Something similar happened to me in school today but I’m not sure it broke my fast.
I was walking down the stairs and J had just had a long hour of sports and I was going to have another one, before I was in the stairs I keep saying how exited I am for iftar to come because I was so thirsty and tired. So when i was walking down the stairs I felt so tired and there was a friend of mine that was I front of me and I was gonna tell him “ I’m so tired I’m gonna break my fast”. But I didn’t, and I really don’t think I had the intention to because I just wanted to speak to him but I really don’t think think I had the intention to do. I ended up not telling him anything and then I started feeling guilty because I was scared that that broke my fast so now I came for insights. I am still not sure that I did t have the intention but I really don’t think I did because later and before I kept saying how I can’t wait for iftar
So is my fast broken, if you need me to answer any more question I’d be happy too
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2023.03.29 18:00 sweetlycheejelly Good off campus counselors

I've been going through some personal strifes so I'm looking for a good off campus counselor. Preferably one that takes 1199 health insurance, but in any case I will call and ask if yall don't mind sending me some referrals.
Thank you!
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2023.03.29 18:00 Proud-Leading-5287 How could I help a ENTP male?

I happened to get to know one ENTP male (I'm myself am INFJ).
And this ENTP is basically someone that realised that his whole life was a lie and he just has no one, no purpose, no identity, nothing he believes in nothing he can count on.
He was in a 10-year relationship with his ex - an ISFP. I can guess (although I don't know) that her Fi-Se took a unhealthy turn and she could be getting way too crazy after feeling something. I saw that in ENTJ many times (ISFP subconcious) - they could break every single boundary of the other person because they felt something. And considering not every of their "feels" were rational, it could led to toxic pattern of behaviour. Not saying every ISFP is like that, but that's the danger in Fi-Se, I saw that many times. So that probably was that. And I am saying this to some degree analysing this ENTP behaviour - he seems almost like someone that was abused.
He feels completely worthless. It's enough that you will tell him something he does is stupid or wrong and he will naivly listen to you and consider himself stupid or wrong.
He seems to have no personal boundries, every wrong behaviour from you will be accepted and he won't even protect himself. For example: I don't wear lenses outside and I encountered him many times in the city and didn't recognise him. Even once he was talking to me and I didn't notice him. And instead of rightfully getting angry at me, he felt then embarassed that he tried to talk to me. Imagine that. At the end he shyly get bit angry (ready to tone down if I would say him getting angry is inappropiate) and after many of my encouragement I found out what happened and I had chance to explain that. He seems to not feel enough to protect his boundries, you could do many things to him and I think he wouldn't dare to attempt to defend himself. It is getting better with time though - everytime he has a problem, I try to bring this up and ask him what he needs, then do it - and he is now more likely to say something isn't right with him when he feels that need, but still.
He feel that he isn't worthy being loved. Sometimes he assumed I don't care about him, when I didn't give him enough time, sometimes when I didn't look at him the right way. He was taking every small things and automatically going with it to conclusion that he was just rejected when in reality I didn't mean anything bad. Sometimes that was almost paranoic.
He is afraid that he will be left alone. Once he got paranoid again over something and thought I definitely don't care about him. So - you know what he did? He called this abusive ex and set a meeting with her. Then after I gave him some attention, he told her that it is not going to work and got back to me. I am not gonna lie that it did make me angry, but it shows how scary he is to be alone - not in any relationship. I think he could believe no one else is going to love him so he tried to get back to the one person that in his mind wanted him - his ex - doesn't matter how much harm she did to him.
Also - he reacts really aggressively to any form of aggression. Sometimes imagined aggression. What I mean by aggression - sometimes slightly raised voice gets him all defensive, sometimes that is when someone is angry but not exactly for him. So someone is angry because a coworker did something to him and he comes to him and talks about it. And he then gets defensive and aggressive too, even though this 'aggression' of the other person wasn't pointed at him.
And he is very quick to accuse you of some negative behaviour. That when I do something innocent, he then seems to feel I try to manipulate him or that "I did it on purpose". He generally seems to be afraid that I will use his emotions. He is also suspicious of any attempts of help. When I something nice he is questioning if that was authentic or am I trying to manipulate him, use him etc., etc.
How could I help him?
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2023.03.29 18:00 artificialplacenta When is a good time to move in with each other? (25F) (31M)

My(25F) boyfriend(31M) and I have been dating for 5 months now and have been discussing our timeline for moving in together lately. We have agreed that assuming things are still going strong between us then we would like to have me move in to his place after we’ve been dating for one year. Realistically my lease isn’t over until next January so it would be more like a year and 2ish months.
We have a great connection and it honestly feels like we’ve been together for years already. I stay at his place from Saturday night to Monday night every week and have a bunch of my belongings there already(clothes, hair supplies, shoes and some of my hobby stuff that I do while I’m there). I’ve met his whole family and text his mom occasionally. I attended thanksgiving and Christmas with them last year and plan on the same this year. I’ve met all of his friends and even just had dinner with his childhood friend and her husband. I am in the group chat with him and his friends as well. I went on a mini vacation work trip of his as well and met all of his coworkers and they said we seem to match perfectly(made me happy). I am attending his step brothers wedding with him in a few months aswell. All this to say we have done a bunch in our 5 months and I definitely want this to continue long term. We have already had the talk about future plans and timelines that we see fit for different steps and agree on it all. I have fallen so hard for him that I swear there are little birds tying in circles around my head.
Anyways I wanted to come and ask your options on if discussing moving in at 5 months and planning to move in at a year is moving too fast or not? I have anxiety and worry sometimes that it’s “too good to be true” but deep in my heart I see myself with this man for a very very long time and am so excited to take the next step! What are your thoughts?
TL; DR: been dating for 5 months, planning on moving in together after 1year. Is that too fast? Feels so right to me!
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2023.03.29 18:00 BosnianBull "A Loveless Marriage: "Should I stay or Should I go?"

Hello community, I have been wondering whether or not to do this for a while, but I decided that it could not hurt to try. I am (m 40) and have been married for 12 years to my wife (f 39). We have a kid in elementary school. We are both very busy with work, practices and life in general, and have grown apart over time. At this point I feel that we are in the marriage just for our son's sake.
Even though I am an attractive man, she obviously does not desire me anymore, because I am always the one who takes initiative to be romantic or sexual, and more often than not she is always tired or not interested. This has been going on for a while and I am simply tired of it, so I stopped making advances as well since I feel that a healthy relationship needs to be both sided. Men like to feel desired just as much as women do.
In general, I am good to my in-laws and her friends and can't think of anything that I have done to make her feel this way towards me. She is dedicating all of time to our kid, and is leaving me by the wayside. This was ok and I had no issue with that when our son was young, but now he is midway through elementary school, and it feels strange that she is spending so much time with my son and doing things for him, that he should be doing by himself at this point; like cleaning his room, and so on.
I am hoping to hear from someone who is more experienced and older than myself in this matter. Where is this going to? I am still fairly young and in great shape, I know that I could find someone that I will love and who will love me back and find me desirable.
Do I stay in a loveless marriage for the kid sake and ignore my needs, or should we part ways? If she is not happy and if she does not find me attractive, I just don’t see the point any more. Final thig is that we have resources that we have built over the years together, but even that is not worth it for me if that means that I will be miserable for the next 30 years, if I get to live that long. Thanks for your sincere advice.
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2023.03.29 18:00 ITinvestor Connecting a local printer to a Dell Thin Client

Hey Guys,
Not sure if this is the right subreddit, if not please let me know.
I recently figured out how to get our companies thin clients to connect to Wyse and our Citrix session via Wyse Pro (cloud).
Its working great, but i ended up stumbling across the next problem.
Is it possible to connect a local printer on the network to the thin client to redirect to the Citrix session? Since these Thin Clients are going to be in a remote location outside of the corporate network I'm trying to see how I can get the local printer to pop up within the users Citrix session
I saw options for SMB, but i am having no luck sending a test print through when the printer shows up
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
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2023.03.29 18:00 Otis4potis14 Four years ago, I quit a cushy, boring tech job to go back to school for teaching. I'm currently seeking out employment. To those of you who still love your job and aren't planning on quitting despite the insane amount of hardship: please share your *positive* thoughts with me!

When I made this decision, I knew that becoming a teacher meant I'd likely be underpaid, undersupported, and overworked. Enter a global pandemic and...well, you all know -- it's gotten exponentially worse for teachers. I know so many excellent educators who have quit their jobs -- and I don't blame them for a second. I completely understand why teachers are leaving. So, please, keep the "Don't do it" and the "You're crazy!" to yourselves. I know. I promise, I know.
I think I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I don't give this profession I've dreamed about doing a fair shot -- I just want to feel excited about it again.
I'm here for the good stuff! Tell me why you've stayed! Tell me about the lives you've changed! Tell me about the little wins! Thank you. 💚
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2023.03.29 17:59 bmbmbmNR Bitches Brew - Are You Experienced? I am now!

I posted on here yesterday to see what sort of expectations I should have going into Bitches Brew. I haven’t been listing to jazz all that long. I my favourite records so far are probably Kind Of Blue and Blue Train. I had heard that Bitches Brew was really hard to get into and really inaccessible. I’ve put it off for over a year thinking it just wouldn’t be for me.
I’d honestly expected to just be downvoted and given a few sarcastic replies but response to that post was really positive. I read every reply so thank you to the 70 plus that did.
Well, the record arrived today. I’d read though the comments on yesterdays post, they were absolutely all over the place, some said headphones, some said speakers, some said focus on certain parts, others said to take it all in together, people suggested listening in stages whilst many disagreed and said this must be played as a whole. My expectations now were through the roof, this must be some album!
I’ve just come to the end of the record and am very pleased that I enjoyed it, whilst also a little confused as to why it’s received the kind of reputation it has. Don’t get me wrong, this is a beast of an album, far greater listening discipline is needed to get through in one sitting than most albums. But I didn’t find the music itself all that challenging.
The real highlights for me were Bitches Brew, Spanish Key and Miles Runs The Voodoo Down, whilst there is a lot going on the tight rhythm holds it all nicely together. Like a pot about to boil over but never quite doing so. I’ve heard jazz before that seems to have a lot of random noises and abrupt sounds, it’s very jarring. That never really happens here. Everything works.
There were times when I thought the whole project would just implode on itself but it doesn’t. It’s a great album and I’m very happy this is now in my collection, will be playing regularly I imagine.
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2023.03.29 17:59 lren1234 My boyfriend feels smothered

We have been together for about 4 years, two of which living together. He says he loves me so much, but he feels smothered. I completely understand, but I don’t know how to make changes. I am quite intense with my love and need for hugs and closeness, and I love to talk about anything on my mind - even though I know it’s boring.
The last 18 months or so I have had bad health, and struggled with agoraphobia. As a result I never see my friends or go anywhere, unless I am accompanied by my bf. Understandably he wishes I had more independence. I am in therapy and have been for around 9 years, but going out and doing stuff independently has always been really difficult for me. In the past I would abuse medication, or drink to manage social situations, but now I have stopped I find it extremely difficult to exist outside of my safe zone (my bed).
I am currently working with an occupational therapist to make these things slightly easier for me, and I try not to overburden my partner, but it is hard. He is very social and does go out 2-4 times a week to see his friends, so I always assumed that was enough alone time. I think he has been feeling like this for a long time, and I feel incredibly guilty about it - I also feel really terrible about myself, and insecure in many ways as I feel broken and useless compared to other people.
I want to be better and for things to be easier for me, but sometimes it feels very hopeless as I have tried, and failed so many times. Idk why I am posting this here, I guess I feel safe in this community.
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