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2023.03.04 16:15 Heisenberg044 How I inadvertently got rid of my acne breakouts permanently

I have been already a sub user when Sapien Med was just starting his channel and Matrixplay99 channel was still up. All their subs and fields work for me except for the acne one, it would only work temporarily but my breakouts would return eventually even if I kept listening to SM acne and skin fields and MP99 subs so I kinda gave up on curing my acne with that because this problem really runs on our DNA on BOTH my mother and father side. ಥ_ಥ
During the pandemic, I have read posts on this subreddit about making your own subliminal so I made a personalized subliminal with Audacity. I used my knowledge on what affects my acne like gut bacteria, hormone imbalance, skin homeostasis, etc and made it into sub. I remember listening to it on loop while sleeping for about a month then I eventually forgot about it.
I am now acne free since mid 2021 and I haven’t had any outbreaks anymore, just one or two small zits every now and then but not like before where I had multiple cystic acne on my regular breakouts.
I didn’t attribute it to my sub because I already forgot about that and just concluded that my hormones has now calmed down (because I was already on my mid-20s), at least until now. I was cleaning up my computer files today and just found the sub I used and it suddenly clicked on me if this is what cured my acne. So I checked the date when I made the sub and cross-referenced it with the video records of my face which I recorded for my mewing progress lol.
I made the sub on August 17, 2020 and recorded a video of my face on 20th which is also when I started mewing iirc. My face are full of acne and blemishes down to my neck on the first video but on the second video dated March 20, 2021, there was not a single acne on my face anymore, just a few obvious indented scars. I have acne since my teenage years and it NEVER went away until 2021, just less than 6 months after I made this sub.
It never occurred to me until now but I believe that this sub is what cured my acne permanently. I thought it was my hormones calming down on my 20s, but my sister who is on their early 30s still have regular breakouts until now.
Tl;dr: I have been miraculously free from major acne now since 2021 which I had since my teenage years. I didn’t attribute it to a random sub I made on a whim during that time and just concluded that it was my hormones finally calming down. But I just discovered today that that wasn’t the case.
TLDR tl;dr: Make your own subliminals!
Edit: Here's the file if anyone is interested, but imho you should create your own affirmations and know it by heart to be effective. But that's just my personal view. Just take note that I am no expert in subliminal creation and this is just a simple personal project that I did on whim and I just put any affirmation in forms I am familiar with then I just mixed it with music lol. I have no knowledge with other sub creation styles with unfamiliar terms that Youtubers use. I have included the text file for the affirmations with three different voiceovers plus the Audacity file so you can also customize it.
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2023.02.27 20:47 DaughterOfRainwalker Anyone else look twice in the mirror?

Anybody else have to double take when looking in the mirror? Sometimes I really almost don't recognize myself. 😅 I've been on a glow-up journey for a while now but these past few weeks, my face has really changed!
And before you can ask which subs, I will say that Sapien Med has helped a lot with symmetry and toning but this one: from Frequency Wizard is the cherry ice cream smile for results. I just look like a more ideal perfect version of myself! Love uu all <3
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2023.02.20 12:34 Valuable-Maximum1716 question about sapien medicine's creations

how many sapien med fields can I listen in a day? for example I am thinking of using height booster 3X, breast enlargement 3x, butt enlargement 3x, and keratosis pilaris 3x.
can I listen all of them without taking any break? like just after finishing height booster 3x, I start the breast enlargement one.
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2023.02.19 22:48 thorn_garden Writing Exercise for T&Z

I wake up with a rumble in my stomach. I lift my arm to try and reach my RCD, but I barely have the strength to do that. “Kalipso, what time is it?” My vox assistant responds, in a synthetically sweet voice: “Good evening, Thian. It is 16:49.” I groan, rolling around in my sheets. I overslept again. I feel like if somebody stabbed me right now I wouldn’t protest. Maybe I would even thank them. But I have nobody to give me that coup de grace I desperately need. Minutes pass, or hours, I don’t know anymore. I eventually get up and go to the bathroom. I turn on my chamber and my computer, the usual ritual, and it would take little to call it satanic all things considered. Oh yes, the rumble in my stomach. I forgot to eat. Again. I put on some less disgusting clothes and get out of my apartment to go get some “fresh” GulgSok. Usual blend. I drink the green liquid. The chemically enhanced flavor is barely noticeable to me anymore, just tastes like tap water with gasoline and sugar. It does make my eyes open up a little more though. That’s what I pay them for. I go back home and check my inbox. 15 unread messages from work. Ugh, bosses really must be a different species of human, that do not understand the concept of a “holiday” and need homo sapien interns to feed them pre-masticated worms and wipe their ass. I blast some of those funky emowave riffs that are the only thing keeping me alive at this point. My neighbors should thank me for my new sound-proof walls. I find myself doodling some stupid toons on a blank piece of paper to get me through the awful workload. I hate this fucking job so much, but what can I do? They pay me for my medication, my bills, my chamber, etc. I even have a free VIP helipod travel card for like a million places, but I don’t want to leave the comfort of my room, so that’s useless. I hated living with other people, so having a new apartment where I can be all alone is refreshing in a way. I can thank them for that. But at what cost? What am I even doing with my life? My parents say they’re proud of me, but why do I feel so empty inside? I’m doing alone in a week what a team of 50 people couldn’t do in a year, yet I feel stupid and useless. I look at the awards on my shelf. Dust has settled over them. They’re just pieces of metal anyways. I try to shove away the bad thoughts, I feel that black cloud suffocating me again. I drink the rest of the GulgSok, along with my meds. It helps. I begin the process of entering into my workflow, and once I’m in it, nobody can get me out. The monotony of daily life has a certain bittersweet feeling. I hate it, but I hate it a lot less than the hellish pit inside my mind. May the neo-industrial megalodon wash those thoughts away.
I wake up to the rays of sun shining through the polarized glass. I jump out of bed, put on my favorite blouse, pants, kickers, clean my teeth, style my hair, and I’m off to one more trip to the station. In my bag there’s everything I need: my music player, my earphones and my notepad. Instinctively, I grab my RCD, and I stop for a moment. I haven’t used this thing in so long, it’s probably full of unread notifications, a distant relative sharing a holo of their cat dressed as a cowboy, or scam crypto ads. Will it be today that I break my vow and turn it on? No. Not today. I throw it aside, put on my earphones, and step out into the real world. I inhale a bit of the gasses in the air and I feel a convulsion. The pollution is really bad today. Still, I press on. The things this world throws at me don’t phase me anymore. I’ve gotten accustomed to the smell of nitrogen. To the distant, demonic roar of the city. To the sleepless, anxious, or grim faces I see on the street. To the angry yelling of passengers in traffic, and the fights in the bus stop. I have found my way through the monotony of the city, and found my little corners, where some rare quiet beauty still survives. I look at the time and I see I’m early again, so I stop for a few minutes, sitting on some degrading fibrocarbon box, appreciating the old architecture and the plants in a stray garden, yellow from the fumes, but still alive, and for a moment I forget everything. I lose myself in the tiny breeze that gently caresses the leaves, a sweet kiss of courage, inspiring it to not give up, and keep fighting despite it all. Then, a buzzing brings me back to my senses. I look at the bus stop, and I see my railbus departing! Guess I have to wait for the next one. I couldn’t care, though, because I saw an old friend, Martin, sitting on the bench. We talk for a bit, about the new Finglecunk album, then my bus arrives and I have to end it short. The trip to the station is quicker than usual. Perhaps the fumes kept most people at home today. Or maybe it’s some religious holiday I don’t know about. Regardless, I arrive 2 minutes late to work, and I quickly swipe my HoliDeck card and enter the pad. My Helipod is waiting for me, with a fresh paint of glittery violet and tan undertones hiding the fact this model is almost 20 years old. I don’t want a new one though. This one works flawlessly, even if it’s a little chunkier than most. Nowadays it’s all AI-assisted and digital. I don’t wish to give the reins of my life to ones-and-zeroes. Luckily, my boss is very patient with me, and she got me a special deal where I get to keep this one but have to pay for the expenses. I enter the cockpit and begin heating the motors. I feel lucky that I have this job, where I get to drive across the skyline for hours, sometimes passing over a surviving patch of bornean forest to go deliver mail to some old lady on the 193rd floor in another city. People make fun of me for liking Gen Alpha, but I don’t get the joke. They have so many stories of the past they can tell us about. Sure, you can read about the Texan-American War on the holodocs or join a simulation of The Tronsborgle Crash in a chamber, but to talk to somebody who was actually alive when these things happened, has memories of the event, and was affected by it directly, is just… different. I can’t explain it well. Even if I could, I feel people wouldn’t listen to me anyways…
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2023.01.30 18:12 Gallionella ALLS17Q

////Q//// Dietary fibers are complex polymeric carbohydrates that cannot be metabolized by enzymes encoded by the human genome and are metabolized by gut microbes through anaerobic fermentation. Epidemiologic studies suggest an increased risk of chronic inflammatory diseases associated with a lower dietary fiber intake. The gut microbiome regulates host metabolism and immune homeostasis.
Different dietary fibers and their metabolic products, such as short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), can profoundly impact hosts and modulate gut microbial composition. Therefore, exploring how dietary fibers regulate host microbial communities can allow for targeted therapeutic interventions. As such, in the present study, the authors illustrate the effects of dietary fiber interventions on the gut microbiome and inflammatory diseases.
And looming sea level rise, which quickens the pace of beach erosion on developed coastlines, will only make Florida's future efforts to protect its beaches more complicated and costly.
The scarcity of sand
There's plenty of sand sitting in relatively shallow water on the continental shelf that rings Florida. But not all of it is good enough for the state's beaches. Sand that has the wrong color or grain type can harm plants and animals, like the sea turtles that build their nests along the Florida coast.
There are economic considerations, too: Florida spends billions of dollars a year advertising its pristine, white-sand beaches to tourists. Loading the shoreline up with inferior quality sand could make the state a less attractive vacation destination.
Since 1935, Florida has dredged or dug up about half a trillion tons of high-quality sand to maintain its eroding beaches, according to the National Beach Nourishment Database developed by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association and the Army Corps. But the state's supply of good sand is running low—and once those deposits are gone, they won't come back any time soon, according to Stephen Leatherman, a professor of coastal science at Florida International University.
Purchasing loot boxes in video games associated with problem gambling risk, says study
For Spiegel, who has been researching IBS for many years, the idea that gravity may be the common denominator arose when a family member living in an assisted living started having intestinal issues.
“She has recently been spending a lot of time bedbound, and of course, we’re not really designed to be bedbound. We’re designed to be an upright organism,” says Spiegel. “It turned out that almost coincident with starting to lie down, she was developing all sorts of [gastrointestinal] issues, abdominal distress, bloating and constipation, and some really significant issues that required medications.”
Published in Frontiers in Public Health the study showed that high levels of traffic-related air pollution - fine particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) – were associated with an increased risk of having at least two long term health conditions. The strongest associations were observed for co-occurring neurological, respiratory, cardiovascular and common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.
This research was funded by National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre and NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) South London.
“The evidence is emerging that psychedelic-assisted therapy holds a lot of promise in treating mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and treatment-resistant depression,” said Mike Ellis, Alberta’s associate minister of mental health and addictions at the time.
The exact neurobiological mechanisms at work are still unclear, but it’s thought that psychedelics promote neural plasticity in key circuits relevant to brain health, including those involved in mood, cognition, perception, and regulating stress responses.
The European Central Bank is throwing some major shade at bitcoin even as it bounces back following the FTX collapse.
A Lynnwood-based debt-collection company has been sued for compromising the names and Social Security information of more than 3.7 million individuals in a data breach in April 2021.
Multiple lawsuits filed in federal court in Washington this week claim the firm, Receivables Performance Management, failed to notify impacted individuals of the breach for more than 18 months.
RPM's attorney Brian Middlebrook, a partner at New York-based law firm Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, said the company apologizes for the inconvenience the incident has caused.
In the wild, the young wolves split off from their packs to find opposite-sex partners with which to breed and form new packs. New research in Yellowstone suggests that Toxoplasma gondii – the parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis – might play a part in the dispersal process.
Once bonded, wolf pairs are highly monogamous and usually do not change partners unless one of the pair dies. The male and female dominate the pack and decide who eats first simply because they are the parents of the rest of the group. There are almost no fights between wild male offspring and their fathers for alpha male status.
One of Europe's most ancient domestic dogs lived in the Basque Country Humerus analyzed by researchers belonged to a specimen that lived in the Palaeolithic period, 17,000 years ago
The European Commission has fined the chemical companies Sunpor, Synbra, Synthomer, Synthos, and Trinseo a total of $162 million for participating in a cartel to depress the price of styrene, a raw material they buy, on the European market. Ineos also participated in the cartel but avoided a fine by blowing the whistle on the illegal activity. The commission began its investigation in September 2017. It found that the companies had been operating as a cartel between May 1, 2012, and June 30, 2018. “The six buyers of styrene exchanged sensitive commercial information and coordinated their negotiation strategy,” the commission states in a press release.
Based on the success of this quantum model, the team determined that their holographic wormhole had been traversed.
While this science is fascinating, Spiropulu and authors of a commentary essay also published in Nature admit that it’s not necessarily a ground-breaking finding unto itself. In fact, because this experiment only used nine qubits, Spiropulu said that this experiment also could have been done on a classical computer as well.
Instead, the importance of this work is that it’s a proof-of-principle for how quantum computers can be used to help scientists explore complex ideas like quantum gravity.
Oil-palm farms that spare rainforests menace grasslands instead
Programmes to avoid deforestation could have unintentional impacts on a variety of ecosystems.
Using data from the Minnesota Green Tea Trial, a large study of green tea’s effect on breast cancer, the research team investigated whether people with certain genetic variations were more likely than others to show signs of liver stress after a year of ingesting 843 milligrams per day of the predominant antioxidant in green tea, a catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).
Researchers led by Laura Acosta, then a doctoral student, now a graduate, selected two genetic variations in question because each controls the synthesis of an enzyme that breaks EGCG down.
“We’ve moved away from thinking of autism as a condition that needs to be eliminated or fixed to thinking about autism as part of the neurodiversity that exists across humankind,” says Geraldine Dawson, director of the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development in Durham, N.C. “The question then becomes, How do we best support people who are autistic, and how would you measure improvement if you are conducting clinical trials?”
A recent human study published this week in the scientific journal Antioxidants found that consuming grapes protected against ultraviolet (UV) damage to the skin. Study subjects showed increased resistance to sunburn after consuming 2 ¼ cups of grapes every day for two weeks. Additionally, subjects displaying UV resistance also demonstrated unique microbiomic and metabolomic profiles suggesting a correlation between the gut and skin. Natural components found in grapes known as polyphenols are thought to be responsible for these beneficial effects.
This new study reinforces previous research in this area
An analysis of a huge chunk of space rock that fell to Earth in Somalia has revealed materials never before seen in nature.
Two new minerals have been analyzed and named, and a possible third is currently under consideration by the International Mineralogical Association.
A Mysterious New Breed of Tropical Cyclone Has Just Been Identified
A pool of 59,250 full-time undergraduate students who were taking fully online classes were found to experience higher levels of psychological distress such as anxiety and depression. Students were part of four-year higher learning programs and were an average of 21 years old.
The medical journal JAMA Network published the study which looked at the differences in mental health responses based on different delivery methods of college courses including fully online, hybrid and in-person classes. Data came from the American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment III.
"The findings of this study suggest that mental health professionals may wish to consider the association of course delivery models with mental health outcomes when working with college students," the report said.
Businesses need more guidance to protect and restore the natural world
The majority of UK businesses have plans to address their impact on biodiversity and nature loss, but a lack of guidance and sharing of best practice are barriers to progress, a new report reveals.
The Nature of Business report, published by CBI Economics in collaboration with the University of Exeter, presents the findings of a survey of 345 UK businesses with the aim of exploring their level of understanding and action on biodiversity and nature loss.
The Electric Cars of the Future Are Already Here Today
November 30, 2022
For millions of years, the Steller's sea cow, a four-ton marine mammal and relative of the manatee, shaped kelp forests along the Pacific coast of North America by eating massive quantities of kelp fronds from the upper canopies, thus allowing light to spur productivity in the understory. In a paper published today in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, researchers from the California Academy of Sciences -- as part of the Academy's Thriving Californiainitiative -- reveal what historical kelp forests may have looked like in the presence of the marine megaherbivore, which went extinct in the 1700s just 27 years after its first encounter with Europeans due to overhunting, and suggest how kelp forest conservation efforts can take its absence into account
The strongest Arctic cyclone ever observed poleward of 70 degrees north latitude struck in January 2022 northeast of Greenland. A new analysis led by the University of Washington shows that while weather forecasts accurately predicted the storm, ice models seriously underestimated its impact on the region's sea ice.
The study, published in October in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, suggests that existing models underestimate the impact of big waves on ice floes in the Arctic Ocean.
"The loss of sea ice in six days was the biggest change we could find in the historical observations since 1979, and the area of ice lost was 30% greater than the previous record," said lead author Ed Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, a research assistant professor of atmospheric sciences at the UW. "The ice models did predict some loss, but only about half of what we saw in the real world."
Under the leadership of billionaire Elon Musk, social media platform Twitter has abandoned its efforts to prevent the spread of dangerous COVID-19 misinformation on its platform, dismaying experts who say false and misleading health information can harm individuals and put lives at risk.
"Effective November 23, 2022, Twitter is no longer enforcing the COVID-19 misleading information policy," the company noted in various places on its website.
According to Bloomberg, Schumer has received close to $30,000 from tech firms and tech lobbyists dating back to 2017.
'So I'd like to propose a toast to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer,' fake Zuckerberg says, holding a glass of champagne.
'Once again, you held up your side of the bargain by holding up new laws that would hold us accountable. Thank you for your service to me and all of my friends,' he concludes, before photos of Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook appear onscreen next to his.
The narrator intones at the end: 'The Zuck is face but the message is real. Call on Senator Schumer to get big tech antitrust done during this Congress.'
Researchers at RMIT University have found an innovative way to rapidly remove hazardous microplastics from water using magnets.
Lead researcher Professor Nicky Eshtiaghi said existing methods could take days to remove microplastics from water, while their cheap and sustainable invention achieves better results in just one hour.
examined the effect of plastic additives on the reproductive process and larvae development of corals and other organisms commonly found in the coral reef of Eilat.
Plastic additives are chemicals that are added to plastic products during manufacturing, and many of them are known to be endocrine disrupting compounds. The current study shows that these chemicals can have species-specific effects that may damage the population structure and biodiversity of coral reefs.
About one third of patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) develop diabetic retinopathy (DR), a leading cause of blindness in working-age individuals. DR typically develops after many years of DM, and some patients do not develop DR for more than 50 years. New research suggests that an endogenous system that protects human retinal endothelial cells from harmful effects of the hyperglycemia (an excess of blood sugar) may be responsible for the delayed onset of DR. Furthermore, degradation of this protective system over time may set the stage for development of DR.
Both drugs showed powerful efficacy on the lab bench, killing most bed bugs, although fluralaner performed much more effectively on bed bugs that showed resistance to common insecticides.
“The drugs affect receptors in the insect’s nervous system,” said Coby Schal, Blanton J. Whitmire Distinguished Professor of Entomology at NC State and the corresponding author of a paper describing the work.
Fluralener was highly effective at killing bed bugs that fed on chickens dosed with the drug. Ivermectin, meanwhile, was ineffective against bed bugs that fed on dosed chickens.
New research finds that the hot, exposed land in the central U.S. during the Dust Bowl drought influenced temperatures across much of North America and as far away as Europe and East Asia. That's because the extreme heating of the Great Plains triggered motions of air around the Northern Hemisphere in ways that suppressed cloud formation in some regions and, in combination with the influence of tropical oceanic conditions, led to record heat thousands of miles away.
"The hot and dry conditions over the Great Plains during the Dust Bowl spread extreme heat to other areas of the Northern Hemisphere," said Gerald Meehl, a scientist with the National Center of Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and lead author of the new study. "If you look at daily record high temperatures, some of these areas are just now breaking the records that were set in the 1930s."
The sea devours large tracts of land when storms wash sand out to sea from the coast. In a new study involving a researcher from the University of Gothenburg has shown that seagrass can reduce cliff erosion by up to 70% thanks to its root mats binding the sand.
Earlier studies suggested managers would set clear goals and then monitor progress, otherwise leaving staff to get on with it. Instead, the managers in our study told us they tended to treat remote workers holistically—as people, not just staff. They focused on social connections instead of just objective performance.
We believe these managers have learned to discount conventional advice and develop practices that are more effective with remote staff. As such, their experience contains valuable lessons for today's managers.
A common chemotherapy drug could carry a toxic inheritance for children and grandchildren of adolescent cancer survivors, Washington State University-led research indicates.
The study, published online in iScience, found that male rats who received the drug ifosfamide during adolescence had offspring and grand-offspring with increased incidence of disease. While other research has shown that cancer treatments can increase patients’ chance of developing disease later in life, this is one of the first-known studies showing that susceptibility can be passed down to a third generation of unexposed offspring.
has revealed that global warming and ocean acidification threaten marine organisms that build their skeletons and shells with calcium carbonate (chalk) such as corals, bryozoans, molluscs, sea urchins or crustaceans.
The work, recently published in the journal Ecography, focuses on organisms with calcium carbonate skeletons from around Antarctica in the Southern Ocean. Calcium carbonate is more soluble in more acidic waters which contain more carbon dioxide (CO2), such as the colder waters of the polar regions, making it harder for these creatures to build their skeletons.
A Cornell team has created an interface that allows users to handwrite and sketch within computer code – a challenge to conventional coding, which typically relies on typing.
The pen-based interface, called Notate, lets users of computational, digital notebooks – such as Jupyter notebooks, which are web-based and interactive – to open drawing canvases and handwrite diagrams within lines of traditional, digitized computer code.
The life of the charwoman holds irony. She lives a humdrum existence. Yet when the inimitable Carol Burnett brought her somewhat melancholy character to audiences, the humble office cleaner showed America her dreams, imagining worlds that go beyond what others might consider. There is irony, too, in the woman who gives her life: The six-time Emmy Award winner is a hugely successful star who has been a household name for more than half a century. And yet, Burnett is still awed by the talent of others. She cannot be blasé about meeting gifted entertainers; she is a superfan, often tongue-tied and uncomfortable.
The green Mediterranean diet (MED) significantly reduces visceral adipose tissue, a type of fat around internal organs that is much more dangerous than the extra "tire" around your waist. The green Mediterranean diet was pitted against the Mediterranean diet and a healthy diet in a large-scale clinical interventional trial- the DIRECT PLUS. Subsequent analysis found that the green Med diet reduced visceral fat by 14%, the Med diet by 7% and the healthy diet by 4.5%. The study was published in BMC Medicine.
University of Cambridge scientists replicated a 1964 River Thames survey and found that mussel numbers have declined by almost 95%, with one species—the depressed river mussel—completely gone.
In the worst-affected area of the town, at least 30 families were trapped in their homes without water or electricity, with mud and debris blocking the road, ANSA news agency reported.
Officials had said they expected to evacuate and find temporary homes for between 150 and 200 people.
Local authorities called on Ischia residents to stay inside to avoid hindering the rescue operation.
An "exponential" growth of infrastructure sparked by mass tourism ended up "stifling all the natural elements of the land and covering everything with cement", geologist Mario Tozzi wrote in La Stampa newspaper.
Conclusions: Health authorities should upload pertinent information through multiple channels and should exploit the existing YouTube recommendation algorithm to disrupt the misinformation network. Considering the viewing habits of patients and caregivers, the direct use of YouTube hospital channels is more effective than the indirect use of YouTube news media channels or government channels that report public announcements and statements. Reinforcing through multiple channels is the key.
The sea devours large tracts of land when storms wash sand out to sea from the coast. In a new study involving a researcher from the University of Gothenburg has shown that seagrass can reduce cliff erosion by up to 70% thanks to its root mats binding the sand.
Our results provide causal evidence that mice can be used for identifying stressor controllability circuitry and that VTA VGluT2 neurons contribute to transsituational stressor outcomes, such as social avoidance, exaggerated fear, or anxiety-like behavior that are observed within trauma-related disorders.
Another woman surveyed by the IPPR spoke of cuts to her local services affecting loneliness levels across the area.
The woman, from Barnsley, said: ”There have been so many services cut. Sure Start, family centres, youth club etc… it seems that everything bit by bit is being taken away to a point where there are not many places for people to go now for all ages.”
Nuffield Trust researcher Martha McCarey, the lead author of the analysis, told The Guardian the drop-off in EU-trained medics seeking to work in the UK could be a result of extra bureaucracy and higher costs following Brexit.
She said: “Since the referendum campaign, greater costs, more paperwork and uncertainty over visas because of Brexit have been among the biggest barriers to recruiting and keeping EU and EFTA doctors.”
The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said it rejected the Nuffield Trust’s findings.
A spokesperson for the DHSC told The Guardian: “This analysis is inaccurate and we don’t recognise or agree with its key conclusions.
How micro(nano)plastics interact with human gut microbiota
Studies continue to illuminate the wide-ranging benefits of physical activity when it comes to brain health, and new research has shown how that might include treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Scientists have explored how short bursts of aerobic exercise can augment an existing behavioral therapy used to treat the condition, and demonstrated that it may help alleviate symptoms by boosting plasticity in the brain.
Though physical activity is generally understood to be good for us, we've recently seen scientists really drill into the way it improves brain health and cognitive function. This includes studies showing that exercise can protect against age-relative cognitive decline, battle depression and positively influence brain plasticity and learning.
Can I feed my pet only dry food? Why the answer is different for cats and dogs An all-dry food diet may be good for the planet, but is it safe for pets? Feeding your pet a nutritious meal and minimizing harm to the environment isn’t an easy balance o strike.
Their findings indicate that depression results in difficulties in cognitive control in both emotional and neutral tasks. However, when tasks were emotional, subjects experienced a greater struggle with cognitive control than in neutral tasks. In this condition, managing attention became the primary challenge. Finally, repeated tasks were also challenging for subjects.
Did Western philosophy ruin Earth? A philosopher's letter of apology to the world Much of western European philosophy, from ancient Greece to the present, has led directly to unspeakable evil search4 pope
A systematic review of the prediction of consumer preference using EEG measures and machine-learning in neuromarketing research
_However, as The New York Times noted, foreign investment in petroleum is something that Maduro desperately needs in order to improve his country's economy, which has been sinking despite Venezuela having the world's largest oil reserves. As a result, the U.S. agreed to grant Chevron's license after Maduro pledged to implement a $3 billion humanitarian program and also hold talks regarding fair elections in Venezuela, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Chevron may now resume activity in its oil fields alongside a joint venture with the Venezuelan national oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela SA.
"We have long made clear we believe the best solution in Venezuela is a negotiated one between Venezuelans," an anonymous Biden administration official told The Washington Post. "To encourage this, we have also said we were willing to provide targeted sanctions relief." However, the official added that additional action would require more "concrete steps," including the release of political prisoners and allowing United Nations humanitarian missions into Venezuela.
Currently, the best evidence for reducing the chances of re-spraining your ankle sprain comes down to two main things:
1) Protecting the joint with an ankle brace when active
This could mean using a professionally fitted external support brace (not an elastic sleeve). This is a relatively low-cost and effective means of risk reduction.
2) Using balancing exercises and 'proprioceptive training'
Examples of proprioceptive training include:
balancing on each leg, one at a time, while throwing and catching a ball against a wall balancing on an ankle disc or wobble board for three to five minutes daily.
These exercises can help strengthen the muscles and ligaments in your ankle.
As one literature review put it: "Proprioceptive training is a cost- and time-effective intervention that can benefit patients who have sustained a previous ankle sprain during physical activity and can subsequently reduce the risk of further complications."
The discovery, the researchers say, suggests that complex intelligence, including cephalopod smarts, may be related to this miRNA expansion.
Interestingly, this isn't the only similarity between octopus brains and those of vertebrates. Scientists previously found that human and octopus brains both contain a high number of a type of cell called transposons. It seems like there's a lot more going on in an octopus's head (and arms) than we understand.
The Stats Guy: Millennials care about the environment, but does that mean they’re ditching petrol cars?
A photographer has been collecting pictures of human "lookalikes" for over 20 years. Spotting an opportunity, scientists recruited several of them to participate in a study. The volunteers provided DNA samples and answered questions about themselves. The researchers found that humans who look alike have similar genetic profiles and even display similar behaviors, such as smoking.
While deadly supernatural elements lurk in the movie’s mist, the idea of mist — or its close relative, fog ‚ harming or even killing humans is no mere fantasy. It’s actually real. Intrigued? Allow us to explain. Spoilers ahead for The Mist.
Reel Science is an Inverse series that reveals the real (and fake) science behind your favorite movies and TV.
This isn’t the only surprising thing we’ve seen changing the brain, either. Previously researchers discovered that antidepressants change the structure of the brain, raising even more questions about how this important part of our body changes with the medicines we take and issues we find ourselves dealing with.
My team's analysis of the oldest charred food remains ever found show that jazzing up your dinner is a human habit dating back at least 70,000 years.
Imagine ancient people sharing a meal. You would be forgiven for picturing people tearing into raw ingredients or maybe roasting meat over a fire as that is the stereotype. But our new study showed both Neanderthals and Homo sapiens had complex diets involving several steps of preparation, and took effort with seasoning and using plants with bitter and sharp flavours.
This degree of culinary complexity has never been documented before for Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers.
Their stance on drugs and drug use is very much rooted in fact. The United States has tried prohibition for approximately a century and yet problems like addiction and overdose are increasing, not decreasing.
Meanwhile, trillions of dollars have been spent on supply side interventions like increased surveillance, prisons and dumping pesticides on the Colombian rainforest. Yet, there has been little to show for these efforts, while public health agencies, including experts at the United Nations, repeatedly advocate for smarter, more compassionate drug policy rooted in science.
Bruce Bebo, executive vice president of research at the nonprofit National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which helped fund the study, said he believes the findings fall just short of proving causation. They do, however, provide “probably the strongest evidence to date of that link between EBV and MS,” he said.
Epstein-Barr virus has infected about 95 percent of adults. Yet only a tiny fraction of them will develop multiple sclerosis. Other factors are also known to affect a person’s MS risk, including genetics, low vitamin D, smoking, and childhood obesity.
The researchers believed that this indicated that the Archaea they identified should be able to swap genes with Bacteria and vice-versa, as easily as Bacteria swap genes among themselves. To prove that their idea was correct, they synthesized AttC from an Archaea specimen and exposed it to an E. coli specimen. Testing showed that cassettes had been created allowing gene swapping to occur.
What they have found is that taking a more compassionate and apparently "softer" approach to business, politics and sports management brings positive results, not just for the benefit of people who work for them, but for their own benefit too. The traditional notion that you have to be ruthless, driven and focussed on number one if you want to achieve success is being discredited
Saudi Arabia has a new green agenda. Cutting oil production isn’t part of it
The Atacama Desert is nestled between the Andes and the Chilean Coast Range, which blocks moisture from traveling inland from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
And although it is one of the driest places on Earth, one million people call the desolate landscape home.
But Chile's massive Atacama Desert is a unique and fragile ecosystem that experts say is being threatened by piles of trash dumped there from around the world.
The fast fashion industry is a primary culprit in the mountains of clothes sprawling over the once barren hills.
Review provides new perspective on grieving the loss of a pet
"From observational temperature data we can now infer that the Amazon has been consistently drying for more than one hundred years. Earth System Models project a continued drying into the future under global warming and therefore gives us further reason to be concerned about climate-driven rainforest dieback in the Amazon," said Dr. Paul Ritchie also from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Exeter.
As senior author Professor Peter Cox put it, "Together, these studies provide a firmer basis for detecting drying that could lead to Amazon forest dieback, but they also heighten our concerns about forest dieback under climate change."
, “Basically we’re looking to find the settings where the patient feels that their mood is better, their anxiety is less and they have more energy.”
Deep brain stimulation works well for a lot of patients and has only started to get mainstream attention in the past decade or so, but ideas underlying this treatment are nearly 60 years old. As explained by Joseph Fins, a neuroethicist and professor of medicine at Wei Cornell Medical College, part of Cornell University in the US, it all started with a Spanish neuroscientist named Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado in 1964.
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////F//// .Kenya’s Rift Valley lakes are rising, putting thousands at risk – we now know why
Arnall’s formula looks the part: [W+(D-d)]xTQ/MxNA. Upon closer inspection, however, the variables involved are subjective and plainly unscientific. W, for instance, stands for weather. D is debt and d is monthly salary, while T means time since Christmas and Q is the time since you gave up on your New Year’s resolution.
None of the factors he included can be measured, or compared by the same units. The formula can’t be adequately assessed or verified. For example, there is no way to measure the average number of days since people slipped up on their New Year’s resolution. And January’s weather varies among different states, countries and continents. In short, there is no scientific merit to it.
“I had no idea it would gain the popularity that it has,” Arnall told CNN. “I guess a lot of people recognize it in themselves.”
Arnall has also claimed to campaign against his own idea of Blue Monday as part of the “activist group” Stop Blue Monday. But that group, as it turned out, was also a marketing campaign — this time for winter tourism to the Canary Islands.
We work with a collaboration of philosophers and scientists to provide more nuanced interpretations—including a better understanding of the readiness potential—and a more fruitful theoretical framework in which to place them. The conclusions suggest “free will” remains a useful concept, although people may need to reexamine how they define it.
The color most frequently chosen as indicating a surgeon was green (chosen by 45.1% of respondents for the male image and by 41.6% for the female image). Black scrubs, on the other hand, were most frequently thought of in connection with negative traits related to knowledge, skill, trust, and level of caring, though the answers varied by age: the youngest participants identified the green and blue images as least trustworthy.
Blue scrubs were thought to be most caring (chosen by 56.6% of respondents for the male image and by 48.7% for the female image), no matter the survey taker’s age. For the images of the female clinician, blue was linked to being most trustworthy and green was linked to being least caring.
A few of the study participants pointed out that the green scrubs resemble a janitor’s clothing, while a few also “asserted that the black scrubs looked deathlike or like a mortician’s uniform,” the paper notes.
Carbon farmers are raring to go, but experts say the soil carbon method is flawed
How food corporations manipulate you into eating more junk food Corporations have spent years perfecting the sinister science of making you crave their processed food
The very specific context in which this study was conducted makes it difficult to extrapolate its findings to American retirees, for example, especially since the scientific literature does not necessarily agree with them. The topic of cognitive decline upon retirement does not excite researchers. A systematic review published in 2017 by Danish researchers from the National Research Center for the Working Environment could only gather seven relevant studies of varying quality. Their conclusion is more nuanced. Some of the studies reviewed found cognitive decline among retirees, while others did not.
Astronomers call these bizarrely long arms tidal streams, and they’re what earned ESO 415-19 its coveted place in the Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, a catalog of 338 of the weirdest galaxies in the known universe.
What happens when I drink orange juice and then milk?
Don’t fret, according to Rezaie, you will digest them both without a problem.
Stomach acid gives orange juice a run for its money with a pH level between 1.5 and 3. That might not sound like a big difference, but the pH scale is logarithmic, which means changes are exponential; an acid at 3 is ten times more acidic than an acid at 4, and an acid at 2 is 100 times more acidic than one at 4. So, stomach acid at 1.5 is 250 times more acidic than orange juice.
“There's a ton of acid sitting in the stomach all the time,” Rezaie tells Inverse. Within a day, the stomach produces about half a gallon of acid.
But rather than springing up of their own accord, these specimens have been grown from scratch in a first for the Royal Horticultural Society.
Experts grew the fungus in the lab, then transplanted the spores into silver birch logs in the wildlife garden at Wisley Gardens, Surrey. It's part of a drive to convince the public that fungi play an important role in ecosystems.
"There's a lot of mycophobia towards fungi in the UK," says Dr Drakulic. "A lot of people are afraid of poisonous mushrooms, but if you're not going to go eating the things you find, none of them are going to harm you in anyway".
But why? Some naysayers insist that, for many years, the dietary guidelines have been misleading us, urging diets low in saturated fat and high in carbohydrates, despite accumulating evidence that this combination may not be universally healthful for everyone.
Indeed, the dietary guidelines have proven to be at least partially incorrect in the past. For example, the original instruction to limit dietary cholesterol intake to less than 300 milligrams per day, equivalent to the amount in one and a half eggs, has been debunked. There’s no conclusive link between dietary cholesterol and cholesterol levels in the body.
But there’s a simpler reason that might explain why so many Americans are unhealthy: The dietary guidelines are broadly correct and beneficial, but people just aren’t following them. Prior research suggests that this is the case.
Athletes should plan and implement their nutrition strategy with sufficient time to permit adaptations that enhance fat oxidative capacity; iii) The evidence overwhelmingly supports the inclusion of a moderate-to-high carbohydrate diet (i.e., ~ 60% of energy intake, 5-8 g·kg- 1·d- 1) to mitigate the negative effects of chronic, training-induced glycogen depletion; iv) Limiting carbohydrate intake before selected low-intensity sessions, and/or moderating daily carbohydrate intake, may enhance mitochondrial function and fat oxidative capacity. Nevertheless, this approach may compromise performance during high-intensity efforts; v) Protein intakes of ~ 1.6 g·kg- 1·d- 1 are necessary to maintain lean mass and support recovery from training, but amounts up to 2.5 1·d- 1 may be warranted during demanding training when calorie requirements are greater; Recommendations for Racing. vi) To attenuate caloric deficits, runners should aim to consume 150-400 Kcal·h- 1 (carbohydrate, 30-50 g·h- 1; protein, 5-10 g·h- 1) from a variety of calorie-dense foods.
Scientists discover secreted protein helps both repair and grow muscles
Myokine improves both myoblast proliferation and myotube contractile strength
A myokine is one of several hundred cytokines or other small proteins and proteoglycan peptides that are produced and released by skeletal muscle cells in response to muscular contractions. They have autocrine, paracrine and/or endocrine effects; their systemic effects occur at picomolar concentrations. Receptors for myokines are found on muscle, fat, liver, pancreas, bone, heart, immune, and brain cells. The location of these receptors reflects the fact that myokines have multiple functions. Foremost, they are involved in exercise-associated metabolic changes, as well as in the metabolic changes following training adaptation. They also participate in tissue regeneration and repair, maintenance of healthy bodily functioning, immunomodulation; and cell signaling, expression and differentiation.Wikipedia
Chronic Low or High Nutrient Intake and Myokine Levels
Ana Paula Renno Sierra et al. Nutrients. 2022.
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Inadequate nutrient availability has been demonstrated to be one of the main factors related to endocrine and metabolic dysfunction. We investigated the role of inadequate nutrient intakes in the myokine levels of runners. Sixty-one amateur runners participated in this study. The myokine levels were determined using the Human Magnetic Bead Panel from plasma samples collected before and after the marathon. Dietary intake was determined using a prospective method of three food records. The runners with lower carbohydrate and calcium intakes had higher percentages of fat mass (p < 0.01). The runners with a sucrose intake comprising above 10% of their energy intake and an adequate sodium intake had higher levels of BDNF (p = 0.027 and p = 0.031). After the race and in the recovery period, the runners with adequate carbohydrate intakes (g/kg) (>5 g/kg/day) had higher levels of myostatin and musclin (p < 0.05). The runners with less than 45% of carbohydrate of EI had lower levels of IL-15 (p = 0.015) and BNDF (p= 0.013). The runners with higher cholesterol intakes had lower levels of irisin (p = 0.011) and apelin (p = 0.020), and those with a low fiber intake had lower levels of irisin (p = 0.005) and BDNF (p = 0.049). The inadequate intake influenced myokine levels, which promoted cardiometabolic tissue repair and adaptations to exercise.
Role of Myokines in Regulating Skeletal Muscle Mass and Function
‌Your muscles contain fibers called myosin. Depending on how you need to use your muscles, the myosin fibers either tighten up and shorten or loosen up and stretch out. Myosin is also responsible for muscle contractions like your heartbeat that happens at regular intervals. Understanding Muscle Contractions
the programs seemed to encourage environmentally friendly actions among everybody, but when we dug down, most of the program's effect was explained by the response from linguistically diverse children," said study co-author Kathryn Stevenson, associate professor of parks, recreation and tourism management at NC State. "This is encouraging, as linguistically diverse children are making up more and more of the U.S. population, and we want our programs to resonate with everyone. It also highlights how young people with different backgrounds can make important contributions. It also makes us wonder: Are students bringing these lessons home?"
The study is part of a research series looking at how environmental education can impact children, their families and their communities. In a previous study, researchers found parents' climate change concern increases after their children are educated. In another study, they found that local leaders' as well as voters' views shifted after watching children's presentations on an environmental issue.
At a GlanceResearchers found evidence that the Alzheimer’s-related gene APOE4disrupts cholesterol management in the brain and weakens insulation around nerve fibers.A drug that affects cholesterol led to improved learning and memory in mice with the gene, pointing to a potential new approach for treating dementia in Alzheimer’s disease.
AI tools have become more accessible than ever before. But those algorithms will glibly fib about anything that suits their purpose. To make align them with our values, Graziano thinks, they're going to need consciousness.
"Consciousness is part of the tool kit that evolution gave us to make us an empathetic, prosocial species," Graziano writes. "Without it, we would necessarily be sociopaths, because we’d lack the tools for prosocial behavior."
Empath Machine
Sure, ChatGPT isn't about to leap out of the screen and murder somebody. But giving artificial intelligence more and more agency could have very real consequences we should be wary of in the not-so-distant future.
To make them more docile, in Graziano's thinking, we should allow them to realize that the world is filled with other minds other than their own.
There's one problem, though: we don't have an effective way to know if an AI is conscious or not. In fact, philosophically, it's hard to even really nail down whether other people are conscious.
electricity is all about clever transformations. Some seem more out there than others – like the idea to give new life to abandoned mine pits and turn them into giant batteries. The only thing they need is sand (or an equivalent heavy enough material)
In a study of 24,011 US adults over 40, only having one meal a day was linked to a higher mortality risk in general. Skipping breakfast was associated with a greater risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease (CVD), while skipping lunch or dinner was associated with a greater risk of all-cause mortality, including a rise in CVD risk.
There was even a problem for those who ate all three meals but had them too close together. Eating two adjacent meals within 4.5 hours of each other was also shown to be linked to increased all-cause death risk.
While the study seems to complicate messages that suggest intermittent fasting could be good for you, the data highlights the importance of regular refueling stops for the body.
But a generation later, following the planting of more than 30,000 new trees and the surprising regenerative powers of old ones, Richard says you'd be hard-pressed to find clear evidence of the storm on woods that had suffered what seemed to be irreparable damage.
"The resilience of the forest is sometimes surprising us, how it can recover," he said. "If you look at the forest now, it's hard to find traces of the ice storm 25 years after."
The Association between Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Male Pattern Hair Loss in Young Men
TRF increases a wide range of gene expression
Time-restricted feeding or eating, also known as TRF or TRE in humans, is a unique strategy in which nutrients are ingested within a regular window of 8–10 hours each day, leading to pleiotropic health advantages that affect several tissues. Importantly, benefits are seen regardless of constant calorie intake or diet type, and numerous human investigations have also seen qualitatively similar benefits. Improvements in blood pressure, liver triglycerides, plasma lipids, heart function, gut health, endurance, motor coordination, exercise capacity, sleep, and gut health are among the advantages. There have also been decreases in tumor development, cancer risk, and the severity of neurological illnesses.
Black hole 'spaghettified' a star into a doughnut shape, and astronomers captured the gory encounter
By Ben Turner
published about 4 hours ago
The black hole wrapped the layers of the shredded star around itself to form the perfect doughnut
Chemicals that accumulate in the vagina, potentially originating from personal care products, may contribute to spontaneous preterm birth, according to a new study by researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.
The study of 232 pregnant women found that a handful of non-biological chemicals previously found in cosmetics and hygiene products are strongly associated with preterm birth.
So the question is, how do you lose water weight? The MIDSS (Measurement Instrument Database for the Social Sciences) has some advice.
Why do you retain water?
There are lots of reasons, including too much salt or carbs, menstrual hormones and dehydration.
Participants described that they felt more vulnerable when people perceived them as incapable because of their deafblindness and patronised them. Deafblind adults often experienced such vulnerability in interactions with social care workers, who insisted on helping in areas of the respondents’ lives where they did not need it. They expressed a desire to be recognised as “capable and competent”.
Through qualitative interviews with nine deafblind adults, the study published in the Journal of Social Work, found that they experience vulnerability as multi-layered, feeling vulnerable about and to certain things, in certain situations and at certain times.
Based on these time-limited, situation and setting-specific experiences of vulnerability, the authors argue that policymakers and social care workers must reject the assumption that deafblind adults are “permanently and immutably vulnerable”.
During a recent study in the UK, researchers found a time-restricted eating (TRE) diet improved the physical and mental health of firefighters who work regular 24-hour shifts. According to further studies, TRE was found to reinforce the body’s natural daily cycle of rest which may also promote longevity and have cancer-fighting effects.
It’s important to get the right kind of filters. The filters need to have a MERV-13 rating, which refers to the filter’s ability to trap particles of a specific size.
When the fan is turned on, air is pulled through the four sides of the box. The filters trap contaminated particles, allowing clean air to flow into the middle of the box and be pushed back out into the environment through the fan. The fans just needs to be plugged into a normal electrical outlet. Not only can the boxes reduce the spread of pathogens such as the coronavirus, they also can reduce other particles, such as those generated by wildfires, as well as dust and pollen.
EWG urges California legislature to approve bill tackling Big Oil’s gas price ripoff gouging hard-working people at the pump
"Through our research on modern humans, we noticed that we could predict the age at which people had children from the types of DNA mutations they left to their children," says study co-author Matthew Hahn, a genomicist at Indiana University Bloomington.
"We then applied this model to our human ancestors to determine what age our ancestors procreated."
They found that, over the past 250,000 years, the average age for humans to have children is 26.9 years. (For context, 300,000 years ago is also roughly when our species first appeared.)
The average Homo sapien father has always been older than the average Homo sapien mother, the study found, with men becoming parents at 30.7 years old, versus 23.2 years for women
Japan has revised the timing of a planned release to the sea of treated but still radioactive wastewater at the Fukushima nuclear power plant to “around spring or summer,” indicating a delay from the initial target of this spring, after factoring in the progress of a release tunnel and the need to gain public support.
The government and the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, announced in April 2021 a plan to begin releasing the treated wastewater into the sea starting in spring 2023. They say more than 1 million tons of water stored in about 1,000 tanks at the plant are hampering its decommissioning and risk leaking in the event of a major earthquake or tsunami.
Under the current plan, TEPCO will transport the treated water through a pipeline from the tanks to a coastal facility, where it will be diluted with seawater and sent through an undersea tunnel, currently under construction, to an offshore outlet. The company has acknowledged the possibility of rough winter weather and sea conditions delaying the tunnel progress.
The study, published in October, instead suggests REM sleep is a means of heating up the brain so an animal can remain somewhat alert to its surroundings.
According to the study, Siegel reviewed his and other researchers’ existing data on REM sleep across a wide range of species to find the purpose of REM sleep, leading him to hypothesize that REM sleep acts as a biological thermostat.
When brain temperature falls beneath a certain level, animals may go into hibernation or torpor, a state of light hibernation, he said, adding that in these states, animals are unconscious of outside stimuli such as predators. Without maintaining a certain baseline brain temperature, a mammal may not be able to rouse itself quickly enough to avoid danger, Siegel said.
only the constant light approach increased NSPC proliferation and differentiation to oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs), OPCs maturation to OLs and recruitment to the site of demyelination, the number of patrolling monocytes, and phagocytosis. In contrast, constant darkness and exogenous melatonin exacerbated these events and amplified monocyte infiltration. Therefore, melatonin should not be considered a universal remedy, as is currently claimed. Our data emphasize the importance of monitoring melatonin/cortisol oscillations in each MS patient by considering diet and lifestyle to avoid melatonin overdose.
In the future, the energy needed to run the powerful computers on board a global fleet of autonomous vehicles could generate as many greenhouse gas emissions as all the data centers in the world today.
That is one key finding of a new study from MIT researchers that explored the potential energy consumption and related carbon emissions if autonomous vehicles are widely adopted.
This new research focused on a specific protein dubbed BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which is a crucial molecule involved in the growth, function and survival of brain cells. It has also been found to improve memory and slow the progression of neurodegenerative disease.
“BDNF has shown great promise in animal models, but pharmaceutical interventions have thus far failed to safely harness the protective power of BDNF in humans," said lead author on the new research, Travis Gibbons. "We saw the need to explore non-pharmacological approaches that can preserve the brain’s capacity which humans can use to naturally increase BDNF to help with healthy aging.”
The goal of the study was to understand how fasting and exercise influences BDNF production.
Now a study(link is external and opens in a new window) by Columbia University exercise physiologists has an answer: just five minutes of walking every half hour during periods of prolonged sitting can offset some of the most harmful effects.
Projections created internally by ExxonMobil starting in the late 1970s on the impact of fossil fuels on climate change were very accurate, even surpassing those of some academic and governmental scientists, according to an analysis published Thursday in Science by a team of Harvard-led researchers. Despite those forecasts, team leaders say, the multinational energy giant continued to sow doubt about the gathering crisis.
A growing pile of evidence indicates that the tens of trillions of microbes that normally live in our intestines -; the so-called gut microbiome -; have far-reaching effects on how our bodies function. Members of this microbial community produce vitamins, help us digest food, prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and regulate the immune system, among other benefits. Now, a new study suggests that the gut microbiome also plays a key role in the health of our brains, according to researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.
A new digital wage atlas launched by Cornell University researchers shows that more than half of New Yorkers earn below a living wage.
The Cornell ILR Wage Atlas is designed to help New York state policymakers, economic development officials, nonprofits, academics and other stakeholders more easily analyze and visualize who earns living wages and where, and which occupations are best or worst for earning a living wage.
The atlas estimates living wages by county based on household size and local costs including food, housing, transportation, childcare, medical care and taxes.
In addition to statewide analyses, the atlas's suite of interactive tools allows users to zoom in on specific neighborhoods, cities or regions and to search wages by race, ethnicity and gender, helping to highlight disparities.
"We hope the wage atlas helps our partners in government and elsewhere better understand patterns of inequality," said Russell Weaver, director of research at the ILR Buffalo Co-Lab. "They can also see which occupations would benefit most from increases to the minimum wage."
A person’s HDL cholesterol level is just one part of the story, though. Commonly reported on blood tests, the level reflects the amount of cholesterol that HDL particles have on board. HDL carries cholesterol away from the arteries to the liver to be excreted. This helps keep cholesterol from building up in artery walls, which can eventually impede blood flow.
Recently, research on HDL has started looking beyond its cholesterol payload. “The big understanding over the last decade or so is that while you can measure the cholesterol, it doesn’t really reflect the actual functions that HDL is doing in the body,” says Anand Rohatgi, a cardiologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.
How well HDL removes cholesterol appears to matter.
An artificial-intelligence (AI) chatbot can write such convincing fake research-paper abstracts that scientists are often unable to spot them, according to a preprint posted on the bioRxiv server in late December1. Researchers are divided over the implications for science.
“I am very worried,” says Sandra Wachter, who studies technology and regulation at the University of Oxford, UK, and was not involved in the research. “If we’re now in a situation where the experts are not able to determine what’s true or not, we lose the middleman that we desperately need to guide us through complicated topics,” she adds.
High levels of uric acid in midlife may significantly raise the risk for a serious type of irregular heartbeat in the decades that follow, even in people without traditional risk factors, new research shows.
A critically endangered Western chimpanzee has been born at Chester Zoo.
The male chimp is in good health and is spending the first few weeks of its life bonding with its mother, ZeeZee, and the other members of the zoo's 22-strong troop.
He will be named after a rock or pop star like three other baby chimpanzees previously born at the zoo - Dylan (Bob), Alice (Cooper) and Annie (Lennox).
“We’re incredibly proud to see a precious new baby in the chimpanzee troop. Mum ZeeZee and her new arrival instantly bonded and she’s been doing a great job of cradling him closely and caring for him,” said Andrew Lenihan, team manager of the primates section at Chester Zoo.
The crew members, who are healthy and not in any danger, will stay on the station for several additional months because the Russian Soyuz capsule that carried them into space was damaged by a micrometeoroid roughly 1 millimeter in diameter. Their vehicle was struck after they arrived, when the spacecraft was essentially parked at the station some 250 miles above Earth.
"These first observational results from an Earth-size, rocky planet open the door to many future possibilities for studying rocky planet atmospheres with Webb," agreed Mark Clampin, Astrophysics Division director at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Webb is bringing us closer and closer to a new understanding of Earth-like worlds outside our solar system, and the mission is only just getting started."
Among all operating telescopes, only Webb is capable of characterizing the atmospheres of Earth-sized exoplanets. The team attempted to assess what is in the planet's atmosphere by analyzing its transmission spectrum. Although the data shows that this is an Earth-sized terrestrial planet, they do not yet know if it has an atmosphere. "The observatory's data are beautiful," said Erin May, also of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. "The telescope is so sensitive that it can easily detect a range of molecules, but we can't yet make any definitive conclusions about the planet's atmosphere."
Medical clowns have long been introduced to patients to lift their spirits and bring them a smile during an otherwise difficult time, but a new study provides evidence that clowning delivers real results for patients and healthcare workers.
Children who take antipsychotic medication are at risk of weight gain, sedation, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and unexpected death. In very young children, antipsychotics might cause developmental and other long-term adverse effects. “The low rate of use of safer first-line psychosocial treatments, such as parent-child interaction therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy, potentially puts children at unnecessary risks associated with antipsychotic treatment,” Bushnell said.
The study was co-authored by Stephen Crystal at the Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research and Rutgers School of Social Work.
Findings In this randomized clinical trial of 248 patients, compared with sham electroacupuncture, electroacupuncture shortened the duration of postoperative ileus and reduced the incidence of prolonged postoperative ileus after laparoscopic resection of colorectal cancer, and no serious adverse events were reported.
Meaning Results of this trial show that electroacupuncture is effective in promoting gastrointestinal function recovery within the ERAS protocol.
“Human pressures are causing species to lose range. As they lose range, their niches shrink, and they become restricted to a less diverse range of habitats. Our study suggests range loss is concentrated in niche cores, pushing many species to the ecological extremes of their historic range.” commented Dr Britnell.
This shift, called ecological marginalisation, leads to a higher species extinction risk. According to the researchers, the quality of the habitat matters to a species’ extinction risk and ecological marginalisation could help to explain why some protected areas are more effective than others.
Folate from diet or folic acid (FA) from supplements can donate a carbon group to homocysteine (Hcy), which can be either methylated into methionine or degraded into cysteine, with vitamins B6 and B12 serving as essential coenzymes.2 Emerging evidence suggests that low status of these B vitamins may lead to adiposity, dyslipidemia, vascular endothelial dysfunction, glucose intolerance, and insulin resistance,3-7 which have been implicated in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome (MetS).
However, breeding grasses is difficult by nature. Like many other flowering plants, grasses have evolved a mechanism that prevents inbreeding after self-pollination. Experts call this mechanism "self-incompatibility." It ensures that no pollen from the plant itself or from closely related individuals can grow towards the ovary and fertilize the egg cell. This prevents inbreeding, with all its consequences.
For plant breeding, self-incompatibility can be a disadvantage. It not only complicates the development of homozygous lines but can also affect the pollination of two closely related individuals. This makes it more difficult to achieve breeding progress for desired plant characteristics by crossbreeding. To be able to exploit different plant breeding strategies, precise knowledge of self-incompatibility is essential.
Education, for example, played an important role in pandemic response.
Even after adjusting for strictness of governmental COVID policies, the team found that higher education was significantly associated with lower amounts of political unrest across the United States. Diversity in responses even within countries showed the potential for regional differences to impact pandemic response.
The most pandemic-impacted sectors also differed across countries. Human health, public administration and defense were strongly impacted in the U.S. and Sweden, while manufacturing was strongly impacted in Brazil and India. The construction sector was moderately or strongly impacted across all countries.
"Understanding the differences in countries' abilities to respond after a pandemic can help society be better prepared for future pandemics," Del Valle said.
Researchers find that being overweight can make the cells of people's immune system destructive to their eyes as they age.
New research says the gut microbiome is involved in multiple pathways in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. The findings show a wide imbalance in microbiome composition in persons with Parkinson's disease. The investigators employed metagenomics, the study of genetic material recovered directly from the stool microbiome of persons with PD and neurologically healthy control subjects.
Ohio Gov. Declares Natural Gas 'Green Energy.' It Doesn’t Work Like That.
A fossil fuel is a fossil fuel.
Warming oceans have decimated marine parasites -- but that's not a good thing January 9, 2023University of WashingtonSave the ... parasites? Analyzing 140 years of parasite abundance in fish shows dramatic declines, especially in parasites that rely on three or more host species. The decline is linked to warming ocean temperatures. Parasitic species might be in real danger, researchers warn -- and that means not just fewer worms, but losses for the entire ecosystem.
Tropical forests that are recovering from having trees removed were thought to be carbon absorbers, as the new trees grow quickly. A new study, led by Imperial College London researchers, turns this on its head, showing that the carbon released by soil and rotting wood outpaces the carbon absorbed by new growth
Sociologists from the Universities of Minnesota and Arizona suggest that these types of results, which they called “disruptive” findings, have not kept up with the growth of science since 1945, as they reported in a paper published in the journal Nature on January 4. The rate of big discoveries decreased across all fields measured, including social sciences, hard sciences, medicine, and technology.
The word disruptive can have many meanings, says Funk, the lead researcher on the new paper. “It’s a very particular way of measuring,” he says. “Are you carving out and pushing new directions in science? Or are you building off and refining existing stuff?”
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2023.01.29 07:22 wisterial_ headphones or not? sapien med+ quadible

ik ppl have asked this before but either nobody replied or everybody gave mixed answers, so if anybody got results from either one of them, did u use headphones? if it matters i’m using subconscious limits and stomach toning from sapien, golden ratio and waist from quad
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2022.12.28 12:21 Frosty-Frosting-1720 Sapien Med

So basically i was listening to Sapien Med’s Fat to Stem Generation/Convert audio and going through the comments. I realised that atleast around 80% of the people commenting about positive results have left like 50+ comments on his channel and all of them positive and ON DIFF VIDEOS. Honestly it seems that they are bots or just manifesting?! I am confused now if his videos actually work even
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2022.12.22 14:38 Aintandsmall Boktips! Facklitteratur

Hej! Jag har börjat lyssna på böcker genom Legimus (som man får ha om man har läs o skrivsvårigheter, har du det så kolla upp det) och jag vill gärna ha tips på böcker att läsa och skriv gärna lite varför du tycker dom är bra.
Gärna facklitteratur, historia, politik, biografier med mera.
Jag har läst Sapiens, tänker läsa uppföljaren 21 tankar om 21a århundrandet och nu lyssnar jag på sidenvägarna. Liv 3.0 började jag läsa men den tror jag är värt att läsa igen.
Det behöver inte nödvändigtvis vara mastodontböcker som jag precis räknande upp här ovan (som jag tror kommer ta tid att läsa).
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2022.12.15 17:24 Unfinished-Usern How much did we evolve after the first Homo sapiens?

The first Homo sapiens date back 300k years ago. How far back could we go in which cognitive differences are negligible. For instance, if we time traveled a newborn from 50k years ago, could they finish med school, solve a differential equation, learn multiple languages, become a composer etc?
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2022.12.14 06:59 Pois_sufferer Totally CURED with Sapien Medicine BACTERIA Destroyer stack

I'm totally cured with SAPIEN MEDICINE this stack. Here's link- Along with these playlist also -
. That's not pseudo science or I'm not like bot or promotional purpose here. All are scientific proved and based upon Rupert Sheldrake work that I'd mentioned on mine previous post. Here's link-\_medicine\_helped\_me\_a\_lot\_god\_sent/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=android\_app&utm\_name=androidcss&utm\_term=1&utm\_content=share\_button . . I'm 3rd year Medical science Nursing student. Done Erythrocyte's sedimentation test 1 yr ago and results was 33mm/hr. That means it was higher than usual due to Interlukin, cytokine response. Leucocytes was also abnormal 17.50 thous/mm^3 on scale , also had anemia. Ongoing severity of symptoms id leaved college at end of graduation period and spend 6 months at home , barely gone outside and developed vit D and b12 deficiency. Id done UTI test but wonder why there was nothing like infection . Also ANA+ Those all test reports i will share through comment section as it's personal and uploaded everything on Dropbox. Here's 10yrs symptoms since 2012 at the age of 13 - 1 .BRAIN SHUT DOWN 2 .Desocialization and suicidal everytime 3 . Alopecia (maybe due to A.immune or d defi.) 4 . Alzheimer type memory alteration 5 . Agoraphobia (f*k u psychologist) 6 . Severe Depression 7 . Autism ocd 8 . Arthritis (ANA+) 9 . Multiple sclerosis (MRI shows 7th cranial nerve damage) 10 . Gerd,IBS but it was cured at 2019 11 . Skin rash 12 . Allergies 13 . Red eyes 14 . Flu like runny nose jst aftr ejcltn 15. TMJ sometimes (cranial nerve sclerosis) 16. Photosensitivity 17.. pinching sensation near thyroid 18. Weight loss 19 . Restless or numbed leg during night 20 . Muscle stiffness or ache stack is too long but i shared major symptoms. Beneath of that Id tried those below listed meds but didn't got any significant improvement. . . 1 Antihistamines (Cetirizine hcl levocitrizine montelukast faxofenadine allegra claritin ebastin zyrtec ). 2 SNRI () 3 beta blocker propranolol extended release 4 vitamins, minerals (b3b1b12 high dose, vit D3 ,zinc magnesium, mstate copper, ) 5 Herbs (Fenugreek seed, Curcumin turmeric high dose powder, Blck peppers, red Reishi , boswelia, shilajit , tongket ali, milk thistle ,) 6 other- Ampk metabolic activator from life extension, multivitamin, neurokav d3, quercetin resveratol, n acetyl l cysteine , taurene.....
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2022.12.04 15:43 PhotonGlider Hvordan finder man den billigste ansvarsforsikring til bil?

Hej Banan Foreningen, jeg står med en udfordring forude. Jeg befinder mig i segmentet for midlertidigt mentalt underudviklede homo sapiens, nemlig 18-24 årige, og jeg skal ud og finde en ansvarsforsikring. Hvad er den bedste tilgangsmåde, så jeg ender med den billigste løsning? Alt rådgivning er velset, mange tak på forhånd.
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2022.12.03 23:11 Total_Information_65 New Member: lifelong cluster headache/migraine sufferer. Want to share what I've learned in terms of preventing, coping, and relief. Would like to share with researchers as well.

Hello all. I have spend a lifetime dealing with these things. I am 100% sure what begins a cluster period for me is one of 2 things. I am 99.7% certain of one of the items; less sure about the other. I am happy to discuss with anyone how I deduced what it is. What steps I go through to make sure I steer clear of the ingredients that begin a cluster-period. If I make a mistake and begin getting them, I have additional tricks to get clusters to stop without using any meds. I had to do all of this because 15 years ago, most every med I took stopped working because I had taken all of them (every possible tryptan, amitriptyline, calcium channel blockers, etc etc).
I figured I would keep this intro basic and if anyone wants to ask questions I will happily answer and provide links and details of what has worked for me. I realize we are all different people so different things are going to work for all of us. But I am very happy to be part of a community where I can share how I've dealt with this pain.
I'd also like to clarify my willingness to try and get involved with some kind of research. I say that here because I am essentially frustrated and annoyed with trying to be part of some kind of "study" that I always see advertised. Most of the "migraine research studies" I see advertised are nothing more than pharmaceutical companies soliciting participants to try a new medication for people to waste their hard-earned $$$ on. To me the pharmaceuticals are bullshit. So if anyone knows any one that studies the physiology of Homo-sapiens, more specifically the cardio-vascular system or central nervous system - I would gladly like to have discussions regarding the biology of what is actually happening.
Again, I'm glad to have found this group. Hope I can be of help down the road. Thank You and feel free to message me or ask me here anything regarding my history, progress, or discoveries with cluster headaches.
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2022.12.01 02:02 Kafkaezque1 Question about LBRP/LBRH combimations and strengthening/dissipating magick

So Ive been pracricing Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram and Lesser Banishing of the Hexagram both for a litte bit. I also came across this article that has a interesting take on the different effects the different combinations of the four (ex. LIRP followed by LBRH, or vice versa) will have on the Magick you do that either proceeds or follows them. The article claims that the combination of the two banishing rituals together, will not only clear thw field, but essentially "factory reset" on anything youve bee working on, unless its ro something physical, like a sigil or talisman. So, long story short, being someone who also works with things like morphic fields (sapien med, matreiya) as well as would like to incorporate spells, but also feels a banishing field is helpful as cleansing, would doing oit essentially wipe out/or discontine the progress made by using morphic fields, etc? Link below
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2022.11.30 08:20 Arc_Levi So I started listening subliminal seriously for the first time.

I used few intelligence, light yagmai iq and sapien med. It's been 3 days and now I'm not able to focus on lecture like lecturer is not taking to me and I feel like my brain is trying to ignore his voice but when I rewatch these lecture or read handouts i feel like i already know all of it.
Is it a good thing?
and should i use Concordia booster
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2022.11.28 22:40 semdot14 [WTS] Whal-Eversharp, Visconti, Omas, Aurora, Lamy, Others

I'm doing a major unload from my collection. All these pens are in good working order, but just never sat well with me for various reasons which are explained below. I am open to best offers but NO TRADES please.
Pictures and Time stamp
Wahl-Eversharp Decoband Madarin Yellow - B condition. With box Extremely smooth and flexible but I have a ASC triangolo that is pretty much identical. $450
Visconti Homo Sapiens Blizzard 14k Bold B condition with box. I prefer the dream touch nibs. $425
Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age 18k M CSI from Goulet B condition with box. I am on the hunt for a Bronze dream touch. $450
Visconti Homo Sapiens Divina Desert Springs 21K Dream Touch M B condition with Box. Love the writing but I don't care for the capture converter $650
Omas 360 Standard Piston Blue 18k Med B condition no box. Great pen but don't use it. $500
Pelikan 805 Vibrant Blue LE 18k EF two tone. Great pen but never ink it because it's an EF. No box $400
Lamy Imporium monogrammed finial 18k fine B condition with box $200
Lamy Dialog 3 Matte Black 14k Bold with box B condition $175
Lamy 2000 EF C condition no box $100
Pilot falcon mottishaw spenserian flex B condition no box $200
Pilot vanishing point Matte Blach 18k Medium CSI by Mottishaw C condition no box $200
Diplomat Aero Blue Steel M CSI from Goulet with box A1 condition just dipped.$175
Aurora Talentum Cento Italia LE 18K medium CSI by Nib Smith no box B condition. $225
Narwhal Nautilus Bold Steel with box A1 condition just dipped. $80
Carolina Pen Company Charleston Matte Steel Medium CSI grind No box B grade $100
Hex Pens DNA Evolved with Steel FC music Nib B condition with box $125
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2022.11.24 02:19 Nicolasforero What’s Your Take on Only Reading Tedious, Long, Difficult, and Redundant Books?

Ok, so here's my experience-based thesis mixed with neuroscience findings on how learning works.
According to Art Kohn, who has a Ph.D. in cognitive science, we forget 50% of the data we see or hear within an hour. We forget 70% of it after one day and 90% after a week.
Assuming this is true, we, on average, remember 25 pages worth of content from a 250-page book after a week. "Remember" is defined as the capacity to recall about 10% of the general meaning of a book, not as your odds of rehearsing 10% of the pages word-for-word. If you have an average reading speed of 238 words per minute and the 250-page book has 90,000 words, it will take you 6.3 hours to read it. Out of these hours, only 0.63 led to learning. The rest were more or less wasted.
I say "more or less" because you don't know the parts of a book you will value the most until you read all of it. So your 10% of value might be at the beginning, middle, or end. But it's time wasted, as you won't remember what you read during the remaining 5.67 hours. Almost six fewer hours to write, play with your kids, or read this newsletter.
Reading tedious, long, difficult, and redundant books (TLDR)1 can get you part of those hours back. These books make your brain grasp information faster and recall more of it. The best part is you don't have to do anything other than reading—no Pomodoro sessions, spaced repetition, or writing about the subject you read. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but allow me to explain.

The TLDR-ness of a book is subjective and variable.

What you know, believe, and are open to exploring defines the TLDR-ness of a book:
TLDR-ness is also variable. As you read more of these books, the threshold to consider one as TLDR rises. You get used to longer books, you understand more concepts, so it's easier to link new ones to old ones, and you are more open to exploring new subjects.
Thus, to benefit from the following memory benefits from reading these books, you must read what's TLDR to the current you.

TLDR books help your brain store information easier and for longer

Encoding is a brain process that creates a mental representation of what you saw, heard, or touched. Neuroscientists call these mental representations traces.
Our brains store traces in our short-term memory. They are meaningless patterns containing details of what happened and when it happened. Think of traces as old household items you put in a storage facility. You know they exist but do not know what you can do with them yet. So you store them. You might use them or not. Learning a novel topic leaves traces in our brains that we will mostly forget.
One way to help your brain store traces in your long-term memory is to apply what you learned from a book in real life. When we use what we learn, we help our brain store what we read for longer. Apply means doing anything with the knowledge you read:
This use of knowledge must happen before the trace vanishes.
This is difficult to do with short, simple books as you read them fast. I can finish a 250-page book in six hours. Six days from beginning to end if I read one hour daily. If I do, I'll have seven days from that moment forward to apply all that I've learned. Even if the information is straightforward, seven days is not enough time to apply it. Some knowledge might persist for a long time, maybe decades, but most won't.
It's easier to encode information from a longer, more complex book. Your reading pace will be slower because you will take more time to read each page. So, reading one hour daily, you might only get to 25% of a 500-word book on week one. On week two, as you read the next 25% of the book, you will only have to apply 25% of the book's learnings, not 100%.
A counterargument is that TLDR books often pack more data into each chapter. The 25% of a book you consider TLDR is more challenging to grasp than the 25% of a simple book. So you will read fewer words, but you will have more information to apply per chapter.
This is true, but our brain benefits from the raised difficulty that TLDR books pose. It is easier for it to store information that is challenging to grasp and remember. This is because forgetting is key to making a trace part of your long-term memory. When you struggle to recall information, the trace strengthens. As long as you retrieve it, says psychologist Henry Roediger, the more likely you will recall the information in the future.
Therefore, it is easier to understand a simple concept than a complex one. But, the lack of struggle to grasp it can reduce your chances of forgetting it in the short term and storing it in your long-term memory.
The need for difficulty explains why you can't read a simple book slowly to have more time to apply the information. You will recall more of it if you read it six times. But that'll make the material easier to grasp, giving up on the benefits that come from learning challenging ideas.
The length of TLDR books also aids the brain in consolidating what you read.
Consolidation is the brain's process of structuring traces via sleep and association with knowledge from the past. The longer the book is, the more information you have to connect. You can link a concept from the second chapter with those from 20 more.
For example, let's say you have read ten 100-page straightforward evolutionary psychology books. And I've read ten 1,000-page TLDR books. So by the 11th book, I'll have at least 1,000 pages to connect to the new material (10% out of 10,000), while you have 100.
You might think, "wouldn't I have the same amount of links to you if I read a hundred 100-page books?" No, because you would still have had less time to apply what you read than I did.
Remember. The faster you read, assuming you are always reading at least one book, the less time you have to apply what you learned.

Read fewer books that are not tedious, long, difficult, and redundant

A long, complex book will give you more headaches than a short, simple one. It might be tedious if it explains one concept repeatedly. But you are also more likely to remember it because of how your memory works.
Read The Wealth of Nations, not Freakonomics. Maps of Meaning, not 12 Rules for Life. Deceit, Desire, and the Novel, not Wanting. On the Origin of Species, not Sapiens. The Beginning of Infinity, not The Alchemist. A Treatise of Human Nature, not How to Win Friends and Influence People. Crime and Punishment, not The Hunger Games.
Read what's challenging today, so it's easy to remember it for the rest of your life.


Footnote 1: I'm aware that tl;dr is an abbreviation for too long, didn't read. This is not a play on that acronym nor a reference to its meaning. I went with TLDR to present a new concept under a known acronym so it's easier for you to recall this essay.
Footnote 2: There's a threshold of TLDR beyond which the benefits don't apply because it's too difficult. To me, I'll struggle, say, reading one of Carl Jung's complex books. But I believe I can understand any under the right reading setting. But, assuming I can do that, it will be because I have past knowledge that works as the foundation for the data I'm trying to encode.
On the other hand, I might not be able to understand Wittgenstein's "Tractatus Logico-philosophicus." I've heard it is a challenging book that requires above-average IQ and previous knowledge to grasp.
This does not mean that one should pick books that aren't difficult. But we should pick books that are difficult but within our reach after enough headaches.
Footnote 3: Share your opinion below or message me directly on Twitter, @ MrNicolasForero.
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2022.11.22 22:55 Tommotion89 Thuringian "Poor Man's Meal" (Recipe Card)

You can get the original recipe card here:
  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small dice.
  2. Lay them into a bowl with water and let them rest for ~20 Minutes, so they lose starch and become crispier.
  3. Cut the onion, sausages, salami, and pickles into small pieces. Mix the tomato paste with the pickle juice.
  4. preheat your pan to med-heat and put the drained potatoes in. Let them rest a bit so they become crispy.
  5. Add sausages, onion, pickles, and fry them.
  6. In the end, add the paste, S/P, and give it a final taste.
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2022.11.10 15:45 Sprutnums opstart af enkeltmandsvirksomhed

Halløjsovs Jeg hår med tankerne at opstarte en pmv. Da mit hobby project begynder at gå udemærket. Jeg har en gesjæft på og sælger digitale ting.
Er der nogen herinde som selv har opstartet en pmv og hvad skal jeg være opmærksom på?
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2022.10.30 16:36 Vegar82 40 / 40 - 2022 - First Year Completed!

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2022.10.28 23:53 sugarshards Has anyone cured their TMAU2 with morphic fields or subs?

I’m currently trying sapien med’s detox field and stem cells to liver lungs and pancreas but not long enough to see a difference.
Filler filler 🙏🏻 🙏🏻☘️🍀🎍🪴🪹🌾🪺🍂🍂🍃🍄🐚🪸🪨🌾🪷🪷🌹🌷🌷💐🌺🌺🌼🌻🌞🌞🌕🌚🌜🌛🌝🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌍🌎🌙🌔🌓🌓🌏🪐💫⭐️🌟🔥💥☄️⚡️✨✨✨⚡️☄️💥🔥⛅️🌤🌈🌈🌪🌥🌥🌦🌦⛈⛈⛄️☃️❄️🌨🌩🌬🌬🌬💧💦🫧🫧🌫🌊🌊☔️☔️🍏🍎🍊🍋🫐🍍🍓🍌🍌🍈🍒🍑
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2022.10.15 23:45 No-Phrase-99 Thuringian "Poor Man's Meal"

6-8 Potatoes 1 Onion 2 Wiener 10 Slices Salami 2 Pickles 1 Tbsp. Tomato Paste 3 Tbsp. Pickle Juice 3 Tbsp. Oil Salt/Pepper
1) Peel the potatoes and cut them into small dice. 2) Lay them into a bowl with water and let them rest for ~20 Minutes, so they lose starch and become crispier. 3) Cut the onion, wiener, salami, and pickles into small pieces. Mix the tomato paste with the pickle juice. 4) preheat your pan to med-heat and put the drained potatoes in. Let them rest a bit so they become crispy. 5) Add sausages, onion, pickles, and fry them. 6) In the end, add the paste, S/P, and give it a final taste.
You can get the FREE recipe card here:
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