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2023.03.30 19:34 Temporary_Noise_4014 The Next Big Thing in AI Workplace Safety: PredictMedix (CSE: PMED, OTCQB: PMEDF, FRA:3QP)

The Next Big Thing in AI Workplace Safety: PredictMedix (CSE: PMED, OTCQB: PMEDF, FRA:3QP)
PredictMedix (CSE: PMED) (OTCQB: PMEDF) (FRA:3QP) is an emerging provider of rapid health screening and remote patient care solutions globally—the Company's Safe Entry Stations - powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI).
The technology uses multispectral cameras to analyze physiological data patterns and predict various health issues, including infectious diseases such as COVID-19, impairment by drugs or alcohol, fatigue or various mental illnesses.
From the Company’s March 23rd Press Release: “the use of drugs such as cannabis or alcohol can impair an individual's physiological and/or psychological state, leading to significant safety risks. Predictmedix's technology functions by identifying signs of impairment and correlating them with various levels of impairment-inducing agents…The patented technology will also be used in Predictmedix's AI-powered mobile app, which works alongside a portable multispectral imaging camera for non-invasive impairment detection. The company plans to commercialize its mobile solution to serve global law enforcement agencies, transport, and other high-risk industries where impairment is a significant liability.”
The global workplace safety market was valued at $12.7 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $38.9 billion by 2031, registering a CAGR of 12.2% from 2021 to 2031.
Of the scarce competition, a similar test can take 20 minutes to detect impairment. PMEDs take 3-5 SECONDS. Yes, that's correct. 3-5 seconds.
It will Be Popular with Insurance Companies. Globally.
Obvious cost savings are myriad to insured entities that use the tech, as up to 50% of workers' compensation claims directly result from substance abuse.
Few labour or 'responsibility' industries wouldn't benefit from PMED’s patented tech. Think transportation, factory, building trades and care homes and on and on.
The benefits for all involved—except those coming to work impaired—are obvious. Nice to know your pilot and co-pilot are sober.
Health Screening Patent Granted
Earlier this week, PMED announced to advance the above: “The US Patent Office has granted a patent for its AI-powered technology (United States Patent Application Number: 16/892,369) for the non-invasive detection of impairment caused by alcohol and/or cannabis.
The patented technology uses multispectral imaging and speech analysis to identify and extract features from an individual, allowing the technology to determine whether the individual is exhibiting signs associated with impairment. The technology is part of the Company's Fit for Duty screening solutions, which provide contactless and bias-free screening for impairment, extreme fatigue, and infectious diseases.”
Access this link and scroll down to discuss the benefits of Safe Entry from the Company's Principals.
Even to the most skeptical investor, the technology has enormous potential—eventually, a handheld app for law enforcement. A non-invasive portal that employees pass through, and in case worried, no personal information is recorded or stored.
Dr. Rahul Kushwah, Chief Operating Officer at Predictmedix, states, "Our proprietary technology has the potential to revolutionize the way that businesses and organizations screen for impairment. We have a lot of exciting opportunities in our pipeline. Being at the forefront of this scientific AI breakthrough and providing proven, accurate solutions to combat impairment is a top priority for Predictmedix. We are excited to continue to make a positive impact on workplaces and organizations around the world."
Bottom Line
In Summary:
  1. PMED has several substantive and unique patents, both granted and pending.
  2. The Companies market is virtually limitless, with exceptional long-term growth prospects.
  3. Should have public acceptance when traded on against accidents and fatalities caused by impairment or fatigue.
  4. It provides a quick and viable way to detect illnesses such as COVID-19, potentially before the individual knows.
  5. No filing or storing of personal information.
  6. Insurance, risk, and underwriting companies will embrace. Technology in every car, truck etc.?
The potential seems obvious. The technology is exceptional. The Market cap is CDN$16 million—the shares trade at a daily average of about 175K. Shares have a 52-week hi-lo of CDN$0.025 to CDN$0.17. Currently, CDN$0.12 per share.
Faites vos jeux.
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2023.03.30 19:34 StepwiseUndrape574 Another feature that could make its way into GTA 6 is virtual reality support

Another feature that could make its way into GTA 6 is virtual reality support. With the increasing popularity of VR technology, it's not hard to imagine players being able to fully immerse themselves in the world of Grand Theft Auto. Imagine being able to walk around the city, interact with NPCs, and drive cars all from a first-person perspective. It would be an incredible experience for fans of the series.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.30 19:33 EudoxiYao I Know That Girl - (Chad White Morgan Rain) - Wash My Car - MOFOS

I Know That Girl - (Chad White Morgan Rain) - Wash My Car - MOFOS submitted by EudoxiYao to Waedsr [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:33 Admirable-Farmer-311 Car detailing

From where one can get the best car detailing service in Riyadh?
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2023.03.30 19:33 Curious_Bumblebee511 Opinions. 2001 Buick Century

Anything in particular I should be in the bolo for? I know it’s an older car, but are there certain issues with this car I should pay attention to? Car is a 2 owner, ~160k miles. I’m not looking for it to turn heads or win any races, just a cheap beater with a heater daily.
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2023.03.30 19:33 Domino_98 Mk5 gti starts then dies after a few seconds

this is my first time posting on here, I have a 2009 Tsi Volkswagen gti. For the past few days when I start my car in the morning for work it cranks but dies on me after a few seconds, usually on the third try it then stays running and drives normal for the rest of the day until the next day it does the same thing, Thankyou for looking at this post, could use any word of advice as to what the problem might be
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2023.03.30 19:33 Nice-Educator-8704 S7 pro vs. S7 ultra / obstacle recognition

Hi, I am a newbie to robots. So I am unsure, what type I need. I have a flat for me alone, no pets, kids, long-haired persons. Floor is wood-style laminate. My floor is pretty tidy, as I dislike it very much, when the ways are not free. So no socks or shoes lying somewhere in the middle. Very few cables in the PC corner. Standard furniture, no delicate things, so if the robot bumps again a table leg, no big deal with this.
I LOVE the idea of minimal service of just few minutes to exchange the mop against a dry one an be done with that, so I prefer a clean-wash-dust-dock against a robot-only-purchase.
Actual prices in Germany are 900€ for the S7 pro ultra , and 1200€ for the S7 ultramaxv. So I think, I should be pretty fine with the pro ultra. Does the improved obstacle recognition of ultramax make is soooooo much better to invest 1/3 more? Please let me have your comments on my idea.
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2023.03.30 19:32 YouveGotMail236 Lease is up on my 2020 VOLVO XC40 t-5R. Buyout is 25k

It only has 21k miles : Trade in value is coming up as 29k with KBB. Wife wants to stay in the entry “luxury “ car category
I’m trying to figure out if I should buy it out or just lease something else again or if I should finance it. If I finance it for 4 years my payment will be close to 600 with interest, it feels foolish to finish for more than that on an already 3 year old car.
Right now my wife’s payment is only 175 because we put down 10k initially but I expected the car to be worth more than it is.
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2023.03.30 19:32 TempusLogix Tempus Logix Expands Its Fleet of Car Carriers Across The US

Tempus Logix Expands Its Fleet of Car Carriers Across The US
At Tempus Logix, we’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible auto shipping services across the United States. That’s why we’re proud to announce the expansion of our fleet of car carriers, which will allow us to serve our customers better and meet their evolving needs.
With the addition of new car carriers, we can offer even faster and more reliable shipping times for vehicles of all sizes. This step is part of our preparation to serve more clients in the peak seasons of 2023, like Christmas and Thanksgiving.
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2023.03.30 19:32 StepwiseUndrape574 Another feature that could make its way into GTA 6 is virtual reality support

Another feature that could make its way into GTA 6 is virtual reality support. With the increasing popularity of VR technology, it's not hard to imagine players being able to fully immerse themselves in the world of Grand Theft Auto. Imagine being able to walk around the city, interact with NPCs, and drive cars all from a first-person perspective. It would be an incredible experience for fans of the series.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.30 19:32 AttemptingChef I own a restaurant. I am trying to make the US a better place by paying higher wages, but it's not working out. What would you do in my situation?

I opened a new restaurant recently, and there were a few things that bugged me about current restaurant habits. For example I can give you 15 recent articles on "tipping fatigue" and how much Americans start to dislike the new constant tipping mentality on everything. So we decided to be different. We've been pushing the German way of "we pay a living wage so our employees don't need to solicit tips". Every time I speak to people they love to hear that. Our lowest paid employee makes more than the GM at KFC next door (I know because her son worked for us and got 20 USD/h for dish washing).
However, our staff has not reciprocated our well-intentioned endeavors. Instead we have people - like our cashier (who get 20 USD/h + bonus) - who tell the customers that we "do not allow the employees to accept tips". Consequently we get a completely different response from the customers and they think we rob the employees of their "well-earned tips". At worst we get bad reviews from this and at best the customers won't come back because they don't want to support "bad management". Even after speaking to the cashiers, they still solicit tips, because they think they deserve it somehow. They completely disregard the fact that they and every other staff member is compensated for tips by virtue of getting much higher base pay. And to be clear: It's not like we keep tips or anything, so the only one losing out is us, both with regards to angry customers and higher wages for staff.
After running my restaurant like this for 2 months and seeing zero improvement by my employees, and having many angry customers, because they're misinformed, I'm thinking of going back to minimum wage + tips. It just doesn't work. We get hurt double at the moment because the staff doesn't care about relaying the right message. It's not just one person. It's basically the entire staff having the mentality of deserving tips. I don't think that firing anyone will make this situation better if anyone is gonna suggest that. It seems the tipping culture is too ingrained in hospitality workers.
I will make a decision by tonight. Please give me pros and cons, and try to understand my perspective as well.
Thank you all
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2023.03.30 19:32 ilovecrabrangoon Driver asked me to rate him 5 stars then had me show him my phone to show him?

I thought this was kind of weird. When I got in he asked me to rate him 5 stars, which I didn’t really think much of since I’ve had a few drivers ask upfront before so I was just like “yeah I will no problem” It was a good normal ride, after that it was pretty quiet, he answered the phone at one point which I never have a problem with, then he asked me if I was ok at one point which I assume was him just checking on me so I said yeah. Then when he pulled over to drop me off he said “Wait, let me show you.” I thought he was going to show him rating me so I was like oh cool. But he asks me to open the Uber app on my phone, where the automatic rating comes up and i realized he wanted me to show HIM me rating him, so I’m like oh yeah uh here and I just showed him me rating him and he’s like “ok just hit the button to confirm.” So I did it and he thanked me and I got out.
It honestly did bother me a little to have to wait to get out of the car since I’m Ubering home sick from work and was just trying to get back into bed as soon as I could but it’s not a big deal, and I definitely don’t plan on contacting support or anything like that from here it was just weird. It almost felt like I had to do it to be let out? I mean i didn’t ask to leave or anything so it’s not like he held me hostage but I didn’t expect him to make me wait to get out of the car to show him that. Maybe he’s just had some bad ratings lately and was genuinely trying to make sure I knew how to do it to ensure he’d get the 5 star rating? Do any drivers here do this?
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2023.03.30 19:32 SeaLiving9141 Dexcom Transmitter Went Through the Washing Machine- help 😅

My Dexcom transmitter somehow got mixed in with the laundry and I found it at the bottom of the washing machine. My question is- is it waterproof if not attached to my body? I read it is water resistant up to 8 feet for 24 hours but not sure if that means if connect to the body. Anyone have experience with this or something similar?
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2023.03.30 19:31 neomancr More verification that it's fine to have red and and blue lights. Bichael finally got 300 miles. And we climed from water level to the tip top of the Oakland hills.
Everywhere is beautiful and worth getting to on an ebike. I used to go hiking but I'd take a different way since this way is entirely uphill so though its the shortest path on foot its a lot less fun. Actually it's not really fun at all and I'd be like probably gorging on tangerines or something the entire time since I'd be all tired.
I had to shoot a bunch of proprietary drone photos which I can't publish and had a 3 axis gymbal and camera too so if it wasn't for the ebike I'd be carrying this huge back pack that was about 50 lbs.
Part of the weight is because I always carry a couple bags of freshly laundered blankets and panchos to hand out to the homeless if they need them. They also need a lot of socks and bags to wrap their feet.
There aren't really as many homeless people as you'd imagine, I ride every day, when I finally hit 300 miles it dawned on me that's basically half the distance of California, I could have rode to Mexico. I'd just have to chrome my battery to make sure it reflects and doesn't absorb heat and add a fan, bring 2 modular batteries one for power for climbing etc and one for cruising where I'd be pedalling and coasting mostly.
By I guess the grave of God, somehow the thumbnails literally matched perfectly.
That was completely unintentional.
Rode from sea level at Alameda to the top of the Oakland hills, took pictures. When I posted them magically 2 of the thumbnails fit together perfectly.
Also happened to be my 1500th post. So that was weird. What are the odds when the angle I was standing on was so steep and my bike was so laden with gear the kick stand didn't work and I had to lay it on its side. So I was taking shots while standing on as flat of a really steel angle as possible.
When hike by foot I usually go the round about way toward the Mormon temple.
Alao got another verification that blue lights are for ebikes. Regionally were leading the way working with the various dots and I'd actually pick a more electric blue or lighter cyan but I'm deliberately matching the exact blue and red of cops just to show its okay to do and establish the strandard since standards are established by groups from the ground up and don't even need to be laws. I'd rather there be no laws at all forcing people to put blue lights on their bikes but as a safety precaution I have a ton of things you can do with blue and red lights.
I made a post a while ago where I explained the pulsing was due to the camera shutter but then it got hijacked I'm pretty sure deliberately since both the video and the first line explained that. But a magenta light that upon moving trails red and blue at 60hz each would definitely stop the over 50 dooring attacks we've had from Berkeley to sf to Oakland to Emeryville.
Sadly. The cops are not treating it as a violent crime regardless of how many times we face off with them. They just kinda for some reason want everyone to think Oakland is a violent town... I'm working on a case from back in April that's still in discovery. But the refusal to treat clearly violent crimes as violent crimes like classifying attacks on Asians as crimes of opportunity, like someone dropped a 20 and you just pocketed it was enough for a friend of mine to run for mayor fully aware he didn't stand a chance but just wanted to get the message out.
He's worth like half a bill so he can do stuff like that.
Eventually I'll brighten my blues to a lighter shade but nows the time to claim blue and red. If ebikes are so common now I can show you a Monday morning video where you see as many ebikes moving as cars.
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2023.03.30 19:31 nuclearsalt Heading to Woodstock. Any fun social group things to do?

Hey all! Heading into Woodstock today from the city for a quiet weekend and I’d love to do something social at some point. I’m generally an introvert but I like activities that get me talking to others.
Pretty much anything is cool - brunch group, yoga, hiking, walk (but not a run), tour, improv, etc.
I don’t drink anymore but I’m cool with being around alcohol as long as it’s not a wine-tasting or something that would require me to drink.
I have no car, so something in town would be great, or along the UCAT line.
Bonus: live music? That’d be cool too.
I realize it’s not exactly tourist season but figured I’d put the feelers out.
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2023.03.30 19:31 FreeSpeech23 Got accused of being high at work

Just started working at this place. Had to take a drug test to even get hired. I don’t smoke weed and neither does my partner. I also don’t have any friends who smoke. Nothing against anyone who does, just isn’t for me. I arrived at work a little early, because we had a meeting. I walked in behind one of the managers, and went into the conference room to wait for the meeting to start. The big boss pulls me out and into his office with the other manager and asks me if I’m high or have any weed on me. I immediately state that I don’t smoke weed, offer to take a drug test and empty the contents of my bag and pockets. The boss says that’s not necessary and that I could easily get fake pee for the drug test. He continues to say I smell like weed, he smokes on the weekend so he knows what it smells like, and he can smell it on me right now. He said I smelled up the whole office. I stand my ground, shocked, and confused because I don’t smoke and wasn’t around anyone who smokes weed so I know it’s literally impossible that I smell like it. The manager finally piped up and says it was him who reported me because when I walked in behind him he got a huge weed smell. I told him, I don’t smoke weed, but I smoke cigarettes. I was smoking a cigarette in my car before coming into work maybe that’s the smoke smell? The big boss says nope you smell like weed. Goes on to tell me you can’t have weed on you or be high on the job. I felt so confused and crazy. I asked the guys I work with to smell me and they all said I didn’t smell like weed but that they all smelled it in the office when they came in.
TL;DR: my boss accused me of being high or having weed on me at work and continued to insist that I reeked of it even though I don’t smoke weed or hang around anyone who does. None of my coworkers thought I smelled like weed.
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2023.03.30 19:31 Apoptosis2112 Lump question

So, I have a senior dog, 11. She's had this lump growing, between her paw and elbow for about a year. Vet said they wouldn't operate when I took her for examination last year, too old, e.t.c. Last week, I could tell it was bothering her, because she couldn't put weight down on her foot anymore. Took her back in. Wouldn't operate.
Woke up this morning, and it had finally opened up. Blood everywhere. I'm literally in the middle of CDL school, 5 days a week, so no job. Not enough money to take her to an expensive vet, and everything free is booked. Called numerous vets. "Not taking you if you can't pay." Tired of seeing my girl in pain, I go to the store, pick up an exacto knife, gloves, antibacterial flush, alcohol (for the knife) gauze, tape, and some other stuff.
Opened it up a little bit on her leg, and let it drain. It didn't smell bad, metallic obviously. It was clumpy. Flushed out the cavity multiple times, and washed the outside with soap and water, and wrapped her leg up, no blood once I flushed out the cavity.
Immediate change in demeanor, wagging tail, happy, full of energy, putting weight on her leg, went outside and didn't hobble.
Now, obviously, i'm going to get her into another vet, soon for stitches/check up and i'm bringing the clumpy stuff that was in her leg for examination. They're booked up until the 8th. However, in the meantime, what do you suggest I do, besides changing dressing/checking for discharge, e.t.c?
If any of you would like to take a look at what was inside, i'll send a DM, i'm not expecting anyone to know exactly what it is, but maybe a guess or something would be good.
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2023.03.30 19:31 GiversBot /u/Slamdieam [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-03-30 (t3_126slp4 up 0.03 days)

Slamdieam deleted from /borrow

Active loans

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[REQ] ($1700 CAD) - (#Edmonton, AB, Canada), (Repay $2000 CAD NLT 06/15/23 ), (E-transfer)

Post contents

I’m not overly sure how this works but someone referred me to this community the internet is beautiful!
I’m in a bit of a jam I had an agreement with my bank to bounce a few (3)car payment’s because I’ve paid on time for so long in order to come up with extra money for a deposit for my wedding which is in the summer.
I come to find out the bank has gone back on there word and are now expecting me to pay 1700 in an extremely short period of time or they are going to repo my car unfortunately with a lot of my wedding deposits coming out I have no cash or credit available and being a salaried employee overtime isn’t an option.
I can provide all information required. with a breakdown of repayment.

Thank you for your consideration.
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2023.03.30 19:31 Count_de_Ville Is it worth insulating a garage with a 2x4 joist ceiling?

Hi HomeImprovement,
I have a 630 (30x21) sqft 3-car attached garage that is unfinished. 16 foot door and 8 foot door. Bare concrete floors and taped drywall walls and ceiling. Exterior walls are uninsulated 2x6 and the ceiling in uninsulated with 2x4 joists. One side wall and half of the back wall are part of the building envelope. The rest of the walls are exterior walls and therefore uninsulated. I have attic access above the garage's entire ceiling. The attic does have large pieces of scrap wood covering the joists in the ceiling for crawling around and ease of storage.
I want to insulate (and vapor barrier) the exterior walls and ceiling. Not sure if I want to run a heater inside (especially depending on the presence of a vapor barrier). I've been gathering quotes for garage finishing including insulation plus a bunch of other add-ons that come with finishing a garage. However, I want an unbiased opinion on this point:
Will it even be worth it to insulate a garage if the ceiling can only be insulated 4" thick? What about scabbing on 2x6 onto the joists inside the attic, raising the floor 2", but also getting 2" more insulation. Worth it or no?
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2023.03.30 19:30 phatster88 Thinking about that used Tesla ? Don't
Not to mention those Tesla who got drowned in the hurricanes in the South.. more potential to screw potential buyers.
And it re-inforces the perception these Telsa are just throwaway cars.. the insurers sure don't want to repair them.
And if you do want to repair them, you gonna get raped by Tesla since there is nobody else to turn to. Maybe GM..
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2023.03.30 19:30 workerMcWorkin How to clean/restyle hair that has styling product in it, without washing hair.

I (M) am in a viscous cycle of shower in the morning, style hair, go to work. Come home go to bed.
My hair is leaps and bounds more cooperative after a hot shower. So how can I clean my hair, or make it more willing to be styled without washing every morning.
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2023.03.30 19:29 CGUAR562 Curly/wavy hair girl in need of help! Super dry hair, nothing works

Curly/wavy hair girl in need of help! Super dry hair, nothing works
I switched from old products about 9 months ago in attempt to form a better curly/ wavy routine with products meant for my hair type and I haven’t been able to find a shampoo or conditioner that genuinely works for me. I have 2c with some 3a curls/waves and believe to be low porosity. I’ve tried:
  • shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil shampoo ( worked at first and then super drying )
  • tgin sulfate free shampoo with coconut oil ( left scalp oily )
  • head and shoulders aloe and almond oil shampoo ( left hair squeaky clean )
  • ouai detox shampoo ( left hair squeaky clean )
  • briogeo curl charisma shampoo
  • Aussie avocado oil shampoo
  • kinky curly clarifying shampoo -native coconut and vanilla shampoo (this felt moisturized but had excess shedding and was told it could be since coconut oil acts as protein) -ola plex shampoo and conditioner(cleaned my hair and wasn’t too dry but wasn’t moisturized either)
Gels that didn’t work for me for my wash n gos -uncle funky curl stimulator -garnier curl scrunch gel -Kendra gel -sheamoisture gel coconut oil gel used to work for me before I started switching my routine but scared to go back since nothing works for my hair anymore
Styling products that didn’t work for me - Shea moisture curl smoothie (super dry and too heavy for my hair) - TGIN moisture butter (too heavy and left residue( - Briogeo curl charisma curl crème (stringy curls) - Shea moisture manuka honey and yogurt repair leave in (stringy curls ) - It’s a 10 in the purple cap that went viral on tik tok (frizzy and dry hair)
Just tried L’Oréal evercreme nourishing shampoo and conditioner in the brown/latte colored bottles. First time I shampooed my hair was dry and squeaky and once I shampooed again It felt better. Conditioner was okay nothing too moisturizing but after the shower I already had wet frizz and my hair was already drying.
I believe my hair is low porosity because it is very sensitive to proteins and coconut oil. Products with protein leave me with frizzy dry hair. At first, the Jamaican black castor oil was working really well for me and my curls/ waves felt amazing and clean and now my hair is squeaky clean with it. Too squeaky clean. Same thing with kinky curl come clean. As soon as I get out the shower my hair is already drying with frizz. The only thing that has helped has been tgin honey miracle mask & kinky curly knot today but I wish after the shower my hair felt moisturized. I’ve tried clarifying and nothing works, I’ve tried moisture shampoos and nothing works. Went drug store with the L’Oréal evercreme and nothing. Don’t know if I should avoid coconut oil or nor because native did moisturize but gave me hair fall out?? Don’t know whether to avoid protein because briogeo curl charisma does have hydrolized protein and it did work. I literally don’t know what to do!!
My current routine - L’Oréal evercreme shampoo and conditioner - Tgin honey miracle mask - Kinky curly knot today - Nym curl talk mousse - Eva nyc primer (to break cast) - Hask argan oil ( to break cast)
Please leave recommendations for shampoo and conditioner or anything you think might help.
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