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This is a place to list sailboats for sale, ask questions about buying or owning a boat, give recommendations to other users, and anything in between. Feel free to submit questions, listings, resources for information, and general discussions!

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Boat Dwellers

2023.05.30 01:28 EvilToaster101 Where do I start? Boat / equipment / lessons?

For reference I am in Tampa Florida.
I am looking to get into the sport (36M) and wondering the best places to search for the above. For boats I ran across and and been searching on that. Is there other places you guys recommend for finding / searching for boats. I am wanting a 2015+ Wakesetter at the moment due to the setup of the touch screen.
Boards, I have no idea where to start. I saw a few people recommend Phase 5 boards, but any advice would be awesome!
Lessons: As far as lessons go I reached out to a nearby company and they said ~$1000 for 4 hours including equipment and boat. Was curious if that seemed reasonable or other resources I should use for finding lessons or people to help get me into it.
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2023.02.18 23:20 Opcn [Not Seeker] A couple of interesting boats on boat trader

Custom 96' Laid down in 2018 and still unfinished this is I'm sure someone's retirement project from a very high powered career. Being sold for a shade under half a million due to failing health I wouldn't think this would be advisable for anyone to take on without contracting with a professional yard to do the work of actually finishing the build. Looks gorgeous though. She is from here in Washington and uses bilge keels for less draft and possibly to dry out on her own bottom on occasion because we regularly have tides that are higher than her projected draft.
80' Southern Ocean Ketch 3/4 of a million, 12 years out of refit but originally built in '85. She has more volume than seeker (63 grt to seekers 40grt) and while Doug loves to dispariage "plastic fantastic" boast she comes in at 2/3 the displacement of seeker with 50 Tonnes fully laden. 5 cabins, 5 heads, pictures look great. Cruises at 8 knots on the iron topsail with more than 1000 miles of range.
85' schooner 2010 built from wood (perish the thought) but crucially certified to passenger vessel standards so she can take 32 paying customers out to sea. $535k, just a shade over what Doug paid, for a far more capable vessel. Shorter waterline than seeker but also considerably less displacement. Probably similar tonnage to seeker without the cargo hold (I looked briefly but could not find the GRT). Designed by Ackerman whose plans are also being used by Acorn to Arabella.
72' Frers built in 1980, $325k. This boat probably has the same gross tonnage as seeker, but is considerably more seaworthy, and obviously more affordable. It shows some age but any boat is going to eventually. I'm just imagining how much better seeker would have been if Doug had started with something like study plans for this design. It's about the same amount of boat, but designed to sail the ocean, not to be a sail tugboat for the north sea and also restricted to sheltered water.
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2023.01.02 23:32 downcrash Noob Question: Boat in Frozen Lake

This question is related to a business idea, so I’m not just doing this for the heck of it.
I live in an area where lakes will sometimes freeze over. Is there any way to safely prepare a 60+ft passenger boat to be docked for a little over a month in a lake that may freeze at some point? The boat will stay docked.
Something like this:
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2022.11.11 02:43 ColletteGreystone Looking at buying a boat - we have questions - please help!

You guys have been so helpful so far.
We have a listing that is light on information and pictures.
Here’s the listing.
Engine hours seem low.
It doesn’t seem to have a name.
And the current owner said he’s had it just over a year.
We feel the owner is a boat flipper, is that an issue?
Some of the photos look like stock sales photos.
We asked for more pictures and he sent pictures of the sound system and other photos that don’t matter. Fluff pictures.
If we need to post them we can.
Is the ownership of a boat public record like a house?
Are there scams, with boat listings because this feels this way?
Do you think we should spend the time to go look at it just for the data points?
Any opinions welcome. Thank you!
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2022.07.23 23:41 MrChickenhi Sketchy boat listing

I found a 2015 Malibu Wakesetter 23lsv for 50k ish which is already pretty sketchy but then I reversed image a heated on saw the same boat for sale in a different place and the boat had sold what do you guys think Here are the links: The original
What is think might be a scam
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2022.06.25 00:07 MrChickenhi 2018 Chaparral 21 surf or 2013 axis a22

So I’m looking for a surf boat for about 50k and these are the two semi new boats I could find here is links to both of them
Which do you think would have a better surfing and wakeboarding performance
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2022.06.10 04:42 sempiternalloop Newbie Boat Buyer

Hey everyone. My wife and I recently bought a lake cabin in Montana and are considering a boat. Our family size is above average with four kids ages 1 - 7. Looking for something we could all fit on while being able to tow tubes and skis. My questions are:
Size recommendation: from my research it seems 20-26 ft. is the ideal range.
Boat type: think a bow rider is what we want. We won’t ever stay on it.
Make: this is my main question. I see a lot of bay liners. Are they a recommended boat and what other brands are good and which should be avoided?
Engine hours: what is a good number?
Purchase location: I have been told to buy a boat out of Minnesota and just tow it back. Oh a, and avoid anything that’s been in salt water.
Where to find them: ad listing sites seem to have better pricing than say a Is this true? Any recommended sites?
Thanks for helping out!
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2022.04.11 00:26 dj_frogman Best sites for buying a used boat (USA, west coast)?

Is craigslist my best option? Sailboatlistings .com has a lot of stuff but most of the listings were posted years ago. Boattrader seems like most stuff is on the east coast. Yachtworld also doesn't have much in my size/price range, at least on the west coast. I don't mind playing the waiting game for the right boat to come along, but I wanna make sure I'm checking all the right websites.
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2022.03.26 00:18 DontTread76 Where are the best places to find a boat to buy?

I would love to buy my first boat. Do you have advice for where I should look? I look at and Facebook marketplace.
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2022.03.08 01:41 johnjovy921 Estimating Fuel Consumption

So been eyeing this boat:, with a 350 Mag MPI Bravo III and using the chart here:
With these increased fuel costs trying to estimate how much I'd end up spending on fuel. My goal with the boat is to generally take it out to chill on the river, probably just going 5-10 miles or so with the occasional trip to the beach bar (15 miles away).
From the chart, 2500 rpm is 6gph and 3000 is 7.5gph, so I'm using a rough estimate of 7gph. The only reason for this boat is to chill and relax, I have no need to run and gun as fast as it can.
What I don't know is how fast I'd be going at ~3krpm. Maybe 15 mph or so, sound right? So by that logic I'd be going 15 miles in 1 hour, burning around 7 gallons @ $5.00/gallon so $35/hr at this rate?
Is there a good way to estimate how much you spend in gas?
As a side note, I understand people that are saying "well if small gas price movements effect your decision to buy a boat, you can't afford it anyways and shouldn't be buying it". I'm the type of person who wants to get as detailed a look at costs as I can beforehand. I can afford it whether it's 35/hr or 50/hr, but I'd like to at least estimate what my monthly expenditures would be and save as much as I can. That extra 15/hr is 4 lbs of chicken.
EDIT: Well with the recently stoppage of importing gas from Russia at this point it might be better to just wait for 1) gas prices to stabilize and 2) better deals are more people sell boats they can no longer afford to put gas in
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2022.03.02 20:30 johnjovy921 1989 Cruisers 3370 Opinion

So a friend up north is selling his 1989 3370 cruisers espirt (basically but 1989).
He's taken good care of it maintenance wise, I'm hopping on a call with him later to get more info. He says a lot of the stuff was updated in 2020.
The price is pretty cheap, enough that I wouldn't have to take a loan for it.
My questions is what should I ask him? The engines have 950 hours, and my main concerns are obviously the fact that it's old and the engines have a ton of hours. What should I budget for maintenance? I'd say currently I have the capability put away maybe 15-25k/year for stuff like that. But if this was prone to needing $5k+ repairs often it would be out of the question.
Also would a boat like this really suck up a ton of gas with 2 engines plus it being over 10,000lbs? I really just plan on getting out onto the water to have some fun, don't care about cruising at high speeds or anything.
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2022.02.28 00:40 johnjovy921 Cabin Cruisers Opinions

I've never owned a boat before, currently in the market. It's me and my wife, no kids or anything. I've always wanted a cabin cruiser (something like: where'd their would be a small eating/chilling area and a few beds. Always thought it'd be cool to take trips with our couple friends.
I'm curious for anyone made the plunge, is it worth it? Do you find the extra maintenance for the interior (plus the premium of the boat in general) is worth it? I've been second guessing myself, figuring a nice CC or find some decently-long bowrider if I can't really see myself spending the night. Is it comfortable to actually sleep in?
I plan to keep it in my dock for now, getting a boat lift probably next year but will just winter-store it for now. Main reason for my boat is just to chill, relax on the water. I haven't looked at CC's because they tend to be geared more toward fishing without the relaxing areas (sunbathing places, chill seats, etc.).
Any opinions from people who either took the plunge or realized they really weren't going to actually use the inside of their boat that much?
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2022.02.27 22:15 09Klr650 Little boat experience, wanting to test-try liveaboard. Some questions if you don't mind

Due to personal issues (living in the city is driving me absolutely NUTS) I am thinking about trying to downsize to a boat. Looking at advertisements (, Boattrader, etc) it looks like I can pick up a halfway decent mid 80's 28-32' cabin cruiser for under $18k. Just as a trial, if I like the lifestyle I can always trade up. However there are just SO many variants for cabin cruisers out there. I am looking for one with a minimum 6'-5" headroom (just over 6'-2" myself), with a usable shower. It takes a lot of digging online to find such a simple fact for each make and model.
Is there a decent online database of boat manufacturers and models with such information? Headroom and typical head fittings/dimensions? Recommendations for models to look at? And am I a fool to think I can learn to handle a 30'-ish craft without a lot more experience? If I do buy one I will certainly take a few courses (USPowerBoating/etc).
At the moment I am leaning towards the Sea-ray 300/310/320 Sundancer. The 280-ish looks nice, but I notice the fresh water and wastewater tanks are rather small in the listings. Of course what I would really like is one of those cute little GRP canal boats they have in the UK. "Yogurt pots" as the narrowboat bloggers seem to call them. But I have found nothing quite like them over here.
Or maybe I should just say "Hang it" and go with a houseboat. Saw some advertisements over the last few weeks for some in the 36' range. Gibson/Carl Craft/Crest. Also a VERY cheap 43' Stardust, but I happened to notice a 2 year old Youtube video where it was for still sale at a much higher price. Have to wonder what the advertisement DOESN'T talk about. It is not like I will be in a hurry to get somewhere if I decide to move. But trailering would probably be out of the question for all but the smallest Crest types.
My apologies for the rambling. Feel free to now point out where I am going wrong! Originally I had planned on building a small house well outside city limits, but even there real estate prices have shot through the roof and lots are often sold before I can even see the advertisement. Sooo . . . alternatives must be found.
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2022.02.23 16:37 TurdsMcQueef First Time Boat Purchase Advice Needed (which would you choose?)

Hi boating friends! Thanks for reading this and please feel free to weigh in as I would really appreciate any and all advice. Some backstory: I grew up on the water but always with my dad as the captain. We had a little 16' runabout and then later on a 19' Chaparral bowrider. I want to provide the same experience for my son as he's seven now. Mostly pleasure cruising and maybe towing a tube around a lake. I live in Central Jersey and have access to rivers, lakes, and bays so the boat has to be ok in brackish and salt water environments.
Anyways, I've whittled my selection down to one boat but another just popped up on craigslist.
The boat I have an offer on (pending a sea trial) is a 2006 Dual Console Seafox with a 90hp Mercruiser 2 stroke for $12,900. Here it is:
As you all know the used market is dry as a bone. But then this guy pops up on Craigslist today:
It's a 2016 19' Caravelle ebo with an upgraded 115hp Suzuki (probably four stroke) for $15k.
I don't know much about Caravelle but they seem solid. Is the extra 3k worth it or is the Sea Fox the right choice. 15k would be top of my budget. One thing I liked about the Sea Fox was having a little wiggle room for any repairs that might pop up. I also know for sure it's got some serious salt water pedigree.
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2022.02.11 19:26 rockandlove Complete beginner looking for advice

I live in central IN and would like to get a boat to take out at our local (smallish, man-made) marina. I've got some questions for you experts if you don't mind.
I'm sure we've all been told re boats/pools/hot tubs/etc. that it's better to know someone with one than to own it yourself because they're money pits. Here's my understanding of what we'd need:
As far as the boat goes, we'd like to keep it to $15k-$20k for the boat itself (wow have prices gone up since the last time I checked). Here's what we can get in our area:
We plan on just keeping it at the smallish man-made parents live near Lake Michigan a few hours away so that might be fun but that's a whole different beast. Any of these a good option? I'm very open to suggestions.
Thanks a bunch.
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2021.12.21 19:03 mcgrawjt Hanse 415 - thoughts/other similar boats to look at?

Looking at buying a 2016 Hanse 415. 2x2 layout. Don’t know much about this brand - any thoughts/other manufacturers to look at with 415s?
Will be sailing short handed/couple so selftacking options and all lines to the helm are important.
Suggestions welcome. [Hanse 415](Look at this awesome Hanse I Found on BoatTrader!
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2021.09.29 19:22 GussieFinkN0ttle Where to look for used single shells?

Any tips for where to hunt for a used single shell? Not looking for state of the art, just something decent for a newish rower that lives on a river and wants to get out as often as possible, hoping to spend less than $4k. Is there a or for shells? Thanks!

EDIT: Follow up question - is there a buyers guide for singles? What are the perks, companies, etc. that I should be looking for? Anything to steer away from? Pros and cons of certain models?
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2021.09.16 15:18 impulsecorp - Update #1

In my posting from 2 months ago ( I talked about how I bought the domain even though I don't know anything about boats and I had no specific plan for what to do with it. But I do have 25 years experience in the domain name business, and have also built over 500 websites, so I felt confident I would figure something out.
Here is an update:
TLDR: I am still trying various business models to see what works best...maybe NFTs?
So far, my lack of boating experience has not been an issue. I learned a lot about the marine business over the past 3 months, and people assume because I own I am an expert, so that helps. One problem, that has made it harder for me to test things, is that the website only gets 50 visitors per day, even though I added over 150 pages of unique content to it (all of them are now listed in Google). See my posting yesterday to the SEO subreddit about this at . Because of the low traffic, to be able to quickly try various ideas, I ran Google Ads, and that was effective, but it would be nice to get natural traffic also.
Overall, I have been making significant progress with, but haven't found a good way to make money from it yet. Here's some of what I have been working on:
* I paid $6,000 for a year to have a database feed (via a WordPress plugin) of 2,500 yachts available for weekly charters. I already had a deal with a charter company where I get half their commission for referring customers to them, but it was hard to do that without having inventory to show on, so that is why I bought the feed. I have had 4 or 5 inquiries on it so far, but nobody has booked a trip yet (I will make around $3,000 if one of them does). Also, my hope is that these pages will help with SEO. One other reason was that showing these million dollar yachts on projects a good image for the site.
* A few days after I bought I was approached to buy and I figured these would be good for building sites on to get leads, instead of paying for advertising, so I bought them for $12,000 combined. I did build very basic sites on them, but so far they have not generated any leads.
* I spent $2,000 on custom content for 100 pages about yacht charter destinations (see, mainly for SEO purposes.
* I am set up with several yacht brokerages to refer boat buyers and sellers to them, and I will get 15%-20% of the 10% commission if any of these close. I get several good leads a week for this, but none have closed yet.
* I am set up with several wholesale boat buyers ("Cash For Boats") where I will get a commission if I can find a boat owner to sell their boat for a wholesale price (with a quick closing). The problem is the used boat market is very hot right now so sellers already are getting good offers. I did find some people interested, but nothing closed yet.
* I am paying around $600/month to be able to submit listings of boats for sale to various boat marketplace sites (such as,, and I also submit to around 20 other boating sites, which are either free or charge a small fee per listing. I am marketing boats online for 5 owners right now but am doing it for free just to get experience with it. Also, many of these postings have a link back to, so it is great for SEO.
* I paid $800 for a month to get 50 boat seller leads from a lead generation company. These leads were pretty good but I decided to offer free brokerage listings through to see what would happen, and although I got several signups, the conversion rate would have been a lot lower if I were charging a commission, so it was not worth doing more of it.
* I hired a virtual salesperson for $15/hr for 2 weeks through I had him text/email boat sellers from Craigslist to offer them free brokerage representation from Like with the other leads, the response would have been a lot worse if I were charging for it, so it was not worth continuing.
* I made a deal with a boat insurance company to send them leads. I added their quote form to my site (, but so far nobody has filled it out.
* I made a deal with a peer-to-peer yacht rental site, where if I recruit boat owners to sign up with them (and I would also list them on, then we split the revenue generated. Then a few days ago I created a boat rental page for each state (see to try to attract more boat rental traffic.
* I created a page for sleep afloats. These are overnight boat rentals, where the boat stays on the dock, and it is like an Airbnb/hotel. I think there is big potential with this, as nobody offers this right now in more than a few cities. But the main problem is that many marinas don't allow these types of rentals. That means a lot of verification would have to be done to make sure boat owners who would want to offer this through are really allowed to do it. I am still working on this.
So my choices for are that I can either keep trying different variations of everything I have been working on for the past 3 months, or pivot to something more exciting and potentially more lucrative, which involves NFTs and crypto. To give you some context, I own one of the internet's oldest virtual pet sites ( - started in 1999) and have been looking into offering something NFT related on it such as allowing users to create free NFTs of their pets. Millions of dollars a day are currently being made with this sort of thing. For example, a few months ago, an NFT of the original Shiba Inu dogecoin meme sold for around $4 million. Sounds insane to pay that much for an NFT you might say (kind of like that idiot who paid $350,000 for But what is crazier is that this month, that same Dogecoin NFT is now worth over $200 million because the owner sold it to thousands of investors via fractionalized ownership.
What if I try something similar with Yachts? Originally when I bought the domain I was thinking I could have a page on where I sell NFTs of yachts. I would find artists who already digitally paint boats and split the revenue 50/50 with them. I could even offer fractional NFT yacht ownership (like people do in real life with yachts, see my blog posting at about this). But who knows if any of that would take off. It could be a big waste for such a good domain.
All of this led me to something more interesting, which is a site called ZED Run ( that has exploded in popularity in the past year (it has over 125,000 users). ZED Run combines horse racing, NFTs, and making money. It is like a virtual racetrack, but heavily involves the horse ownership part of breeding them and choosing how to race them. And like with the massively popular CryptoKitties, it uses genetics for minting the NFTs. For legal reasons, you can't bet on other horses, but you can pay an entry fee and if your horse wins, you win the prize money for that race. It is not considered gambling because there is an element of skill involved. There is also a similar site for car racing at and one for dragon battles at .
It would not be very hard for me to create a site like ZED Run, but for yachts instead of horses. Yacht racing is a big thing in real life, wanting to own a yacht is a big thing, and hoping to make money is a big thing. So it could get popular. What do you think?
Edit: I sold I posted an update here about it.
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2021.08.26 01:35 johnny_carson_88 Chesapeake Bay Boat for First Timer

I'm a first time boater, don't really have experience. I've been out on the bay with my friends CC a few times.
I've heard 24'+ is best for the bay, so I'm wondering what some experienced boats might suggest for a cheap and reliable.
I was thinking maybe a GW like I've heard they are really solid and reliable boats. I know people say bowriders aren't good for the bay, but this one looks like the bow is pretty raised up, so wouldn't that guard against some possibility of flooding?
Purposes for this are mainly just relaxing and probably some fishing. I know CC's are good but my main beef with them is they don't really have a "chill" area where you can just lay down and sunbath. My friend's CC seemed kinda crowded even with just 4 people.
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2021.07.03 17:18 kchinth How much to offer for this boat? 1989 Chris Craft 392

I’m interested in this boat, but think the asking price is high for the age and hours. It looks well maintained and has some recent updates, but not sure what a reasonable offer would be. If anyone has time and is familiar with these boats, could you let me know your advice on negotiating a good price.
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2021.06.20 12:03 mastrochr Boat/marina search

I’m taking to Reddit since my own searches have been unsuccessful. I’ll try to keep this short.
Bought our first boat off a private seller 3 years ago. A small, 16ft. just to get out on Wakeby Lake. Now that we have experience and I’ve learned a lot about maintaining a boat, I want to upgrade. Looking for a boat between 20-24ft. We want to be able to go over to Martha’s Vineyard, but it can’t be too big that we also can’t use it on the lake. So I’ve started with, some Google searches, and trying to find individual marinas. I need one that sells used boats (new are just too expensive), and also take trades. $10-$15k if possible. I can’t seem to find a local one that has what I’m looking for and also takes trades. I can sell ours myself if needed, I just thought I’d try to take a step out of the equation by just trading ours in.
Thoughts? Any direction you can point me in would really help. This is my first time looking into marinas, so I don’t know what I don’t know just yet…thanks!
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2021.06.04 13:24 BoatHistoryReport ROSCOE Automotive and Consignment Boat Scam

The suspected scammers are currently operating under Roscoe Automotive and Consignment. Please note that there are several legitimate businesses with a name similar to Roscoe Automotive - the scam is the one operating at RoscoeAuto dot com
What is the suspected scam: An “individual” will post boats for sale on sites like Craigslist and BoatTrader with low but mostly believable prices and only a few photos. Upon contacting them, they will provide you with an inventory number to use on a different website, instruct you that the boat is being sold through consignment and disclose that the boat is actually located in a different state than advertised. If you ask to see the boat in person, they will schedule showings 2-3 weeks in the future but tell you they can’t promise it won’t be sold before then. The only way to guarantee the boat will be held is to send a wire transfer immediately, with a 7 day money back guarantee. Once they receive your money, they disappear. The website they are operating on typically disappears within 30 days, with their next website up and running already.
The suspected scammers scammers will buy similar URL's to well known websites and create replicas of the legitimate site, but post fake reviews to trick potential buyers into thinking their website is not a scam. If you click on any links on the page, it will redirect you to the legitimate version of the website. Some examples of this:
How we found out about it: Initially, a customer of ours asked for help verifying the authenticity of a boat once they realized the facts around it didn't line up with the information they saw in our reports. We immediately recognized all the signs of a scam, and our customer was also able to see that the previous purchase dates on the Boat History Report didn’t coincide with what the seller was providing. Since that initial contact, we've been tracking the scam and working with authorities to try and help prevent others from falling victim. Unfortunately, we've spoken with dozens of victims that have lost anywhere from $10,000 up to $35,000.
Please be careful and do all of your homework - if you or someone you trust have not personally inspected the boat, don’t send money! If anything seems off, trust your instincts.
The scammers change their websites every 30 days or so so we are compiling all of the details, as well as screenshots and a much more detailed description of the scam on our blog: (moderators.- please remove link if not permitted. The full story is too long, includes large images, and is constantly being updated as new sites are found which is why we posted a link to the ever-changing full story. A reddit user actually suggested we post to reddit from our blog above).
Here are some additional websites that the suspected scam has operated under: Capital Depot Center - CapitalDepotCenter Glantu Motors - GlantuMotors Masp Motors - MaspMotors Auto Trader Garage - AutoTraderGarage Prestige Automotive Traders - PrestigeAutomotiveTrader TDG Depot - TDGDepot Komodo Marina - KomodoMarina Autos By Price - AutosByPrice Car Auto Spot - CarAutoSpot Easy Cars Dropship - EasyCarsDropship ROSCOE Automotive and Consignment - RoscoeAuto Motors Yard Point Sales - MotorYardPointSales Prime Auto Recon - PrimeAutoRecon Erbil Motors Depot - ErbilMotors Dacs or Dimarco Auto Consignment & Sales - DimarcoAuto Online Safe Depot - OnlineSafeDepot AutoZirkus Consignment and Sales - Autozirkus MantisAuto Consignment and Sales - MantisAuto
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