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2023.06.07 14:00 jobsfordevelopers Servian is hiring ETL Consultant/Developer

Job details https://jobsfordevelopers.com/jobs/etl-consultant-developer-at-servian-com-aug-8-2019-26751d
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2023.06.07 14:00 GracieLynK First time getting a tattoo, is this experience normal?

I have decided to get my first tattoo and after months of research I finally found/decide on a tattoo artist. The artist had great reviews both from google and previous clients I happened to meet at my job. I would love to get insight from experienced artists and people who've received tattoos for many years. The artist I chose has about 30 years of experience.
Red Flags that make me doubt my decision.... - I can't take a picture of my "sketch" even though I already paid the $200 deposit...Reason I was given is due to some people taking a picture and giving it to another artist to complete. I understand the reasoning if nothing was paid in advance, but I already paid for the artist to do the work. The artist's "sketch" was also done on a tablet instead of freehand. The only thing that did have more effort put in was the thing that the artist could not find an online image of. I know how artists use tablets to create images... they overlay, trace (if even), and move the image found online around. I know it still took some time to put all the pieces together, but not as long as it would've been without modern technology. - I was told by my artist that they will not be "redrawing" my sketch a 3rd time... after going in to look at my initial sketch, I had doubts. This was when I wanted to take a picture to show a friend who's had many tattoos, but I was unable to. I have a busy work schedule so I was unable to go back into the shop to look at the sketch again until 2 weeks later. When I went into the shop to see if some changes could be made the artist told me that I better know this is what I want because they will not be changing it a 3rd time, also made a comment about me coming in a month later which I didn't. This also wouldve been resolved a lot sooner if I was actually allowed to take a picture of the work I already paid for and discuss online. The first "sketch" look I had, my artist was also working with another person at the same time. I talked to the receptionist mostly. The 2nd time I went in, I did talk directly with the artist. - My appointment is 8 months out... I don't mind this one as much because I knew the artist's appointment book was very full, but with already paying a deposit for an appointment 8 months out, plus all of the other issues above. I'm very concerned. I don't doubt the artist does good work, but I'm concerned I will end up with a tattoo I won't like or be out $200.
Thanks for reading this far and for your insight!
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Subreddit Rules
I. Your post MUST include [H] for "Have", and [W] for "Want". You must also include the platform you're planning to trade in. No Shitposts. Use /RLEMemes for memes.
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Bad title example: Anyone want to trade for Frostbite??
You can also use [Discussion], [Meta], [Question], [Auction], [Price Check], and [Store] as tags.
Your item must be able to be traded at the moment of posting, no fake posts. You must own the item(s) and platform(s) you are posting (no posting for friends etc). Trades cannot be influenced on wording (cheap, quicksale, etc).
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III. Whether you are posting an item up for trade, or offering on a post by another user, you MUST keep all conversations out in the open to ensure all users are liable for their actions. No PM’ing or asking users to PM you to negotiate a deal outside of the ATG thread. Listing platform gamertags, IDs, friend codes, or references to negotiating elsewhere is not allowed.
IV. You can only make one post every half hour to avoid spam abuse. Usage of multiple accounts will result in a permanent ban of the alt and a 7 day minimum for the main account.
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IX. If you're having an auction, please read and follow the auction rules.
This subreddit follows Reddit content policy.
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2023.06.07 14:00 RaysBot Game Chat: 6/7 Twins (31-30) @ Rays (44-19) 6:40 PM

Twins (31-30) @ Rays (44-19)

First Pitch: 6:40 PM at Tropicana Field
Team Starter TV Radio
Twins Pablo Lopez (3-3, 4.54 ERA) BSNO TIBN
Rays Shawn Armstrong (0-0, 0.00 ERA) BSSUN WDAE, WQBN (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Baseball Savant Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Libera: ##baseball

Line Score - Scheduled

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
MIN 0 0 0 -
TB 0 0 0 -

Box Score

Posted at 8:00 AM. Updates start at game time.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2023.06.07 13:58 MyDolceVita Help meeting doc today and need advice!

Ok so I a video appointment finally for Kaiser to HOPEFULLY start Wegovy once and for all! Here’s where I need the advice. Do I tell him that I have been taking Rybelsus the past 2 months? I just finished my 7 mg dose. Meaning I would be ok to jump to .5 mg of Wegovy and skip the introductory.25 mg dose. A very long story short I have been trying to get Wegovy though Kaiser and other telehealth dogs since March. I jumped through all their hoops, did my homework, advocated for myself, didn’t take no for an answer, waited for appointment times, and this is the final step. I’m 100% a candidate so I’m hopefully going to get it. That said. I don’t want to create any red flags. I bought the Rybelsus in Mexico while I waited to get it through my insurance as I was coincidentally on vacation when I got started (I can’t afford the $1300 out of pocket with Kaiser). I tried through Ro but couldn’t get it covered that way either. So my options are just suck it up and start over at .25 so I get the medication? (I do have enough 7 mg Rybelsus to double up during that time with the .25 Wegovy. It’s the same medication but not sure if that’s safe). OR do I say I’ve been working outside of Kaiser the past 2 months and have been taking Rybelsus and just finished the 7mg dose then see what he says? Do I infer that it was from telehealth or flat out say I got it outside of the country? Or suggest .5 mg as I have had zero side effects? The only other good thing about saying I’m already on Semaglutide is that I don’t want him to prescribe me Saxenda which is cheaper for Kaiser so that could help with that aspect. Anyway you get the idea. It’s not my PCP. It’s one of their “lifestyle” physicians who prescribes it in their program. So no idea he bedside manner. My PCP referred me as she isn’t able to write the script and get it covered. I am probably overthinking but this has literally been so difficult and trying I don’t want to mess it up! If you’re wondering why Im even thinking of saying anything I really don’t want to lose the time. Even though it was Mexico it wasn’t cheap and I’ve already lost 8 pounds. I also have a big vacation coming up in July and want to keep losing and not gain while I titrate up again 😅 Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.07 13:58 k1p1ssk Will this behavior calm down?

Tl;dr - new young cat is obsessed with getting our older cat to play - all day and night - will she grow out of it or can we do some training with her?
Hi all! New here. Some background/context: We are an adult only household in a rural area. We have 2 neutered male dogs that are older (7 and 13) that mostly keep to themselves. My mom had to give up her 7-9yr old female cat last spring due to some housing changes, and so we took her in. She took less than a week to adjust to our house, and easily settled into a routine. She was never a shadow cat, and does like to be where we are, but she is not a cuddler. She is incredibly docile, too - lets me trim her claws without so much as a meow in protest. The sweetest girl. Sleeps on the bed with us on occasion, but mostly does her own thing.
About 3 weeks ago, we noticed a small cat hanging around our yard. After watching her for a week and having her bound up to us and literally jumping into my arms, it seemed suspicious to us that she was around so much. We did our due diligence, contacted all the local vets, the animal control officer, posted pictures on several lost pet sites and FB pages, asked all the neighbors about her, but nobody claimed her and all signs pointed to her having been dumped, so we decided to take her in and quarantine her until we were able to get her vetted. She came back with a clean bill of health, got her vaccines, has a spay appt at the end of the month, and has been such an incredible love. She wants to cuddle, and play, and explore. She is probably around a year old, and as I said, she is intact, but getting spayed at the end of the month.
We had planned on keeping her separate from the other animals when we weren’t home or when asleep, but it was fairly obvious from the get go that this wasn’t necessary - everyone has been getting along great! Our only issue is that she seems OBSESSED with getting the older cat to play with her. All day and night, she follows older cat around, meowing and purring loudly, bounding at her, and otherwise causing a ruckus. This has obviously disturbed our sleep, but we can obviously just shut the cats out. But I am worried about the older cat getting to rest herself and being able to happily do her thing! We also would ideally not like to have the bedroom door shut as this also means keeping the dogs in or out, and raises a whole other host of issues with them (water access, autonomy for sleep spaces, etc.). So, I’m wondering a few things - will younger kitty kinda “get the hint” eventually and stop bothering older kitty? Could this be an “in heat” thing? Is there any training we could do to help deter her from this behavior? Picture of the lovelies in the comments… Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 13:58 sfgtx Does the Ad have Grammar Issues? - Ban with 100% Accuracy

I've been working on UHRS for about a year now, but I still can't understand this stupid ban logic. 🤦‍♂️ Today the ass is on fire again. HITApp "Does the Ad have Grammar Issues? (English)" #63773 is disabled with 100% spam accuracy!
I worked on it for about a month and everything seemed to be ok, 8 days before the ban there was also a temp ban but with 90% accuracy (then I may have exceeded the speed limit).
But now I'm 99% sure that I didn't violate anything and still got banned. Just a facepalm.
Why do you even need a column with "Accuracy" if you can be banned even with 100% accuracy?
Maybe there are some other factors that I am not aware of?
Because otherwise, I can't find an explanation for why you should ban people who do your HITApp well. It is illogical and irrational.
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2023.06.07 13:58 StealthyCharger '00 Ford Excursion or '08 Dodge durango

Okay so a while ago I had an '05 durango limited and loved it! It was able to carry everything and everyone I ever needed comfortably! But it was a bucket of rust and about to fall apart so I dumped it and kept going with my '00 CRV that I've had ever since I started driving. Well fast forward to today and we've moved had a kid and are now a hop skip and a jump away from my sister which her daughter is only 2 months older than our son so we are ALWAYS hanging out and going places. So I started looking into some 3 row family haulers again. I came across an '05 ford excursion (v8) test drove it and was not impressed with lack of power and generally just feeling like the F25p super duty it was. I'm not a pickup kinda guy I drive cargo vans all day every day. Well I started digging and found a '00 excursion with a v10 in pretty good shape with 176k miles. Well some people think that's overkill but I'm also thi king about when my sisters fiancee wants to joinor our mom and nephew as well and all their stuff. But the 8-10 mpg with 44 gal gas tank is terrifying to me. I used to be able to get about 20-22mpg in my durango! Well I started looking into durangos again and found a really clean '08 limited VERY little rust (it's amazing) AND lower mileage than usual (134k) . So now I'm stuck between a big vehicle and an even BIGGER vehicle lol. I KNOW I love the durango (it's nice n comfy has the nice sound system and drives VERY well IMO) whereas I did NOT like driving the excursion BUT I know there will never be a situation where we won't have need of more room for anyone or anything. The hurdle will be "do I REALLY want to carpool in an 8mpg tank?😂" What do you guys think?
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2023.06.07 13:58 skskskskgurl Advice needed

so may j.o. na ko from one company na inapplyan ko pero di ko pa alam kung iaaccept ko na kasi may 2nd interview pa ko tomorrow sa ibang company. Right now, hindi ko alam kung tatanggapin ko na yung j.o. or if I should wait pa doon sa isang company.
Company 1 + may j.o. na + salary is 150% of my current salary +/- may 1 day na wfh which is good because I'm also currently studying +/- big local company in ph - for 6 months lang kasi naka-leave lang yung employee sa position. There's a chance naman daw na gawing regular yung post pero syempre hindi pa raw sure.
Company 2 + salary is way way better + multinational company + 8 days per month lang required mag onsite, the rest pwedeng wfh - 2nd interview palang tomorrow and may 3rd pa so not sure kung matatanggap ba - 1st time ko sa magiging role pero I have background naman na
So what should I do? Sabi ko sa company 1 give me until friday to decide :((
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2023.06.07 13:58 KripKropPs4 The Dark Knight Ascends - A DonkeyKonga Cut

Hey everyone! I realised I never posted my Dark Knight Rises fanedit.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/828773534
When Gordon looks back at Wayne manor during the speech saying it was worth it, this suggests he knows who Batman is. This was the inspiration for a lot of this edit.
Changelist: - Remove ' youre a big guy! ' - Remove the goon sacrificing himself in the plane - Removed a lot of Gordon's guilt. He feels it was worth it, but the focus isn't on Dent in this cut. - After Gordon get's shot 'Robin' drops by. He tells Bruce that Gordon mumbled after he was shot about a masked man called Wayne. - Gordon knows who Batman is in this edit. - Removed a lot of the bomb timers and left 9 minutes on the clock when Bruce flies away. This because 1 minute isnt NEARLY enough to get rid of a nuke. - Turned the bomb detonation from 5 to 8 months. - Removed the goon punching bruce in his broken back. - Moved Alfred's speech about Bane to after he attacks the stock exchange. Bane's name hasn't been dropped anywhere near the heroes of our story so they can't know his name yet. - Removed the knee brace bit, because it's completely forgotten for the rest of the film - Removed any mention of Gordons letter when Bane frees the prisoners. He now just acts like a dictator causing havoc. - Removed ANY mention of a civilian carrying the detonator because it's stupid. - Removed the high ranking police officer constantly undermining Gordon. This helps the audience relate to him and makes his death tragic. - Removed Talia as the child. She is now only Rahs al Ghuls daughter - BANE IS THE CHILD. Huge important change that completely changes his arc. - Removed Batman giving the clean slate to catwoman, it seems highly unlikely that he could get it after all this. She now asks 'And why should I help you? Maybe I like it this way.' He replied: 'To save the city. Because that bomb is going off.' - Removed Robin becoming Robin. - Removed Talia's horrible acting when she dies lol ( this one hurt a bit because it IS hilariously bad and amusing ) - Add a shot of Bane giving the speech on TV without reading the letter or holding Dents picture for better continuity. - Remove 'So you came back to die with your city?' - 'No. I came back to stop you' and turned it into 'So you came back to die with your city?' - 'No.' - Removed Catwomans girlfriend saying 'this is what you wanted remember?' Catwoman doesnt have alzheimers she knows what she said. She just regrets it. Such silly writing to remind the audience of a line said earlier. - Removed a few lines about the bomb going in X amount of days to make it more plausible that bruce actually had more time to prep his recovery etc.
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2023.06.07 13:57 DynastyFSU2 The Golden Pinecone Daily Tournament ( 7 June 2023 )

The Golden Pinecone Daily Tournament ( 7 June 2023 )
The future is a Golden Pinecone
(Reminder to check the other guesses before posting yours)
~~~About the Tourney~~~
Begun in the year of the Cone (July 28th, 2022), the tournament pitted Wrinkle Brains and the Memelords in a daily contest to predict the closing price of the Most Fabulous Stock in the world; Gamestop. For many months, and countless hours, we have engage in reddit combat until a victor lifts the Golden Pinecone in victorious jubilation. Season One ended in the 3rd week of April at Game #267
We’ve seen players come and go like the passing's of time, immemorial, yet many have stayed true To the game; knowing their one salvation for the day would be to win a pinecone, and all of the glory that comes with it. What started out as an elaborate game to pass the time, with charts, graphs, and beautiful artwork, has devolved into a spectacular match of Luck, Chance, Skill, and one guy with a actual DeLorean Time Machine.
This year, 2023, exploded with multiple Sub bannings, which then spread across social media platforms like dank memes on wholesome subs. Posts were taken down, and the ban hammer ran supreme, but there was one corner of the interwebs that held firm, continued to guess, and stacked up those pinecones as though winter was coming.
To those that know the price isn’t right, who accumulate, speculate, prognosticate, and DRSstigate, I salute you. You should salute yourself. It has been a glorious game these many months, however the Season One finale has completed. We thank you all for playing in the inaugural season of the Golden Pinecone! Now begins Season Two!
All Golden Pinecone seasons are hodling points between different variations in your game. With each new season, we will see massive changes to the float, fud and shill tactics, and new rewards for first time winners and special events.
We know that the Seasons of the Golden Pinecone cannot go on forever, but until phone numbers & Cells, we will be here with a daily battle of wits and guesses.
**The Rules are simple*\*
  1. Time Rule: All guesses must take place before 12:00 eastern standard time each day.
  2. No Edits: your guess is your guess, and once it is in, it cannot be changed. Early bird gets the guess.
  3. B2B sniping Rule: Last guess of the day cannot win back to back games
  4. All guesses must be in USD amounts, on the W&M sub unless previous arrangements have been made with a game moderator.
**To Win:**Guess the closest to the final daily price. (the final settled price, not including After-hours trading) Ties can happen.
Last Seasons winner: Lorien6 ( 31 Wins )
Closing Price: $24.69
Winner: Lorien6 ( 24.69 )
Note: - A new Bullseye for the man with the Delorean!
MoreThingsInHeaven ( 4 )
Bloodshot_Blinkers ( 4 ) - 1 Tie
Lorien6 ( 3 )
JDAB18 ( 2 )
stevefstorms( 2 )
NurseANDit ( 2 ) - 1 Tie
armbrar (2) - 1 Tie
PooPlumber ( 1 )
isthatfair1234 ( 1 )
tallfeel ( 1 ) - 1 Tie
JMarie777 - ( 1 )
Transient_Moonjumper - ( 1 )
DutySpirited ( 1 )
Ok_Daikon8253 ( 1 )
Buchko24 ( 1 )
Love_Is_Wonderful ( 1 )
pawzonzrock ( 1 )
carbinatedmilk ( 1 )
DynastyFSU2 ( 1 )
lemos304 ( 1 ) - 1 Tie
cellardoorenterprise ( 24.16 ) - 1 Tie
djsneak666 ( 1 )
(New for season 2, we celebrate those that ‘got it on the nose)
MoreThingsInHeaven ( 2 )
PooPlumber ( 1 )
Love_Is_Wonderful ( 1 )
Lorien6 ( 1 )
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2023.06.07 13:57 shshenng How can I handle discomfort with my therapist regarding her approach on my media consumption?

tldr: My therapist is worried about my media consumption, but I feel misunderstood and want to communicate that. But I feel like there is no ground for discussion since she views me as an addict and I am not sure if I am as good as i feel or unaware of my severity.

Dear Dr. K and healthygamers,
I (25/f, "gifted child") am in psychoanalytic therapy (for 2 years now) and started taking Bupropion about 2 months ago. These two combined help me feel noticably better, working through a lot of unfortunate situations I had to got though in my past and handling present misfortunes.
Yesterdays therapy session though felt like a reality check/hit into a wall and caused confusion and discomfort in me. I am/was quite happy with my situation and emotional state, since I cut lose from my former toxic environment (and handled it more stable emotionally this time), got the necessary work done for uni (Master of Applied Research in Engineering), started a few fun things like learning to play drums (together with my boyfriend), teaching a danceclass nearby and found new aquiantances online to play csgo with (I feel a great vibe with them).
Though, after my therapist asked me how many hours I'm currently spending infront of my computer or other media, since she felt like i was emotionally leveled that day, and I answered 8hours+ she looked at me with an aghast face and the mood in the room dropped. I tried to justify myself because I didn't feel out of control and wanted it to not be a problem. It is not like I'm currently escaping from sth (which does/did happen) but more like I'm really enjoying this freedom right now. And I'm talking about 8+ hours where my pc is running. During this time I feel like I'm doing lots of stuff like listening to music (I do stand up to dance, stretch, train and do chores to the music), looking stuff up, educating myself, calling friends, socializing, looking for entertainment, playing games etc.
I can't represent how it went exactly but after some explaining from myself, she stated that she felt so worried and it was like having to watch an alcoholic taking drinks.
Those words hurt and irritated me. In the moment I thought that in my case it didn't feel like a problem and I'm using the time somewhat valuably to me and there should be a better way to help me with my addiction when I really need it (I like to look for responsibility outside from myself). But quickly I had a sinking feeling, that that's exactly how an addict would react to this kind of confrontation. And now I feel so disappointed and set back, since I felt like being in such a happy place and can't comprehend if I'm unaware of my severity or if it's actually the lack of expertise of my therapist regarding media/gaming addiction and how to handle its patients. Also, I don't like to doubt my therapist. It is an uneasy feeling and I would love your takes on my situation.
Thank you so much for reading!
Since I started therapy I stopped watching your content for me to be uninfluenced in therapy and let her do her work, so PLEASE let me know on here if there's going to be any video or clips of Dr. K talking about this post. I would be overjoyed!
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2023.06.07 13:56 CookieDelivery Best Espresso Machines 2023: Reddit recommendations summarized!

Want to find the best espresso machine according to Reddit users? This post is a hub for Reddit discussion on that topic!
Here you'll find links to Reddit threads discussing the best earbuds (with input from users who have sometimes used a product for years), as well as a sourced summary of the most recommended items, including pros and cons if any.
Other than that, you'll find a list of good resources and important tips on buying wireless earbuds by Redditors.
Got your own questions or product suggestions? Make sure to leave a comment here to get even more discussion going!

Summary: best espresso machines 2023 according to reddit

  1. Breville/Sage Bambino Plus - beginner home espresso machine (around $500)
  2. Gaggia classic pro - beginner home espresso machine (around $450)
  3. Breville/Sage Barista Express - best espresso machine with built in grinder, make 2 espresso's at once (around $750)
Below you'll find more info on where they've been recommended, and why.
1. Breville/Sage Bambino Plus
Features: 64 fl oz water tank, milk frother, 9 bar, stainless steel. (Amazon link, rated 4.3 stars after 1400+ reviews)
Mentions by Redditors:
2. Gaggia Classic Pro
Features: 72 fl oz water tank, milk frother, 9 bar, stainless steel (Amazon link, rated 4.6 stars after 2300+ reviews)
Mentions by Redditors:
3. Breville/Sage Barista Express
Features: 67 fl oz water tank, mil frother, built-in grinder, 9 bar, make 2 espresso's at once, stainless steel (Amazon link, rated 4.6 stars after 21000+ reviews)
Mentions by Redditors:
Amount of comments and upvotes of: june 7th, 2023.

Reddit threads discussing the best wireless (bluetooth) earbuds

Here's a list of Reddit threads with genuine recommendations about the best wireless earbuds:
Amount of comments as of: june 7th, 2023.

Resources and other tips suggested by Reddit

Here are some tips suggested by Redditors:
Here are some other resources suggested by Redditors:

Questions or suggestions

Still have your own questions or suggestions? Comment below!
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2023.06.07 13:56 River_Moon Elvanse stopped working even after 6 month break

So I was diagnosed with ADHD in December 2021 and was prescribed Elvanse (first 30mg, then 50mg) which I took almost daily until December 2022. The medication was extremely helpful and like so many others I felt suddenly very calm, emotionally stable and generally more able to do things I couldn’t before. I took a break from the meds the last few months as I was having some health issues that might have been related to my medication (stabby earache anyone?!) or it might also just have been the massive amount of stress I was under (or both).
Two weeks ago my psychiatrist suggested to slowly start taking 30mg of Elvanse again, as I have been quite up and down the last few months… well, mostly down. However, it feels nothing like the first time I started taking them. I’m not getting the mental clarity I did before, but just lots of anxiety and agitation instead. My emotions are still all over the place and it feels like I’m experiencing a really bad drop in the afternoons when it wears off and all I can do is cry for hours. My psych prescribed me Fluoxetine (Prozac), however I’ve had neutral/bad experiences with every single antidepressant I’ve been on before (10 years ago, but still), so I’m quite hesitant about starting them. I’m trying to do all the stuff I’m supposed to do (eat well, workout, meditate), the one thing I’m not able to improve even with the Clonidine I was prescribed, has been my sleep.
I guess what I’m looking for is advice from anyone who has experienced anything similar? I’m worried the Fluoxetine will make everything worse but perhaps I just need to give it a go.
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2023.06.07 13:56 MayoJunge [FS][EU][GER] ERD Overall, Kiko Knit, Haider Sweater, Haider Hoodie, Undercover Tee, Affix Shirt, ERD Shirt, Guess Shirt

Tag and Timestamp Pic: https://imgur.com/zltLeEu Album with all my Stuff and measurements: https://imgur.com/a/8rdeinP My vouches: https://www.reddit.com/RepVouch/comments/gtce22/umayojunge_vouch_thread/ ENFANTS Riches Déprimés ERD Overall One Piece Jumpsuit ( Size M fits S) Heavy Canvas Material, good sturdy quality, Fits tight and the rise is not so large so you should be around 177cm or shorter to wear this, fits like a TTS S.
Price: 60€ _______________ Kiko Kostadinov Red Delva Intarsia Knit Sweater ( Size 48 fit M- L)
This is not the Godbless Batch, the Material is off but this fits not as tight as that one, so can fit more like a TTS M-L without being skin tight Only tried on Price: 45€ ____________________ Haider Ackermann Velvet Zip up Hoodie with gold embroidery ( Size M-L)
Very rare piece, Slightly boxy fit, velvet material Worn a lot, has some wear and tear but still good to wear. Price: 45€ __________________ Haider Ackermann Velvet Gold embroidery Sweater ( Size M-L)
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2023.06.07 13:56 Due-Dog5303 Doc band help

Doc band help
Hi all,
We are currently deciding if we should get a second doc band for our 9 month old son. His first band worked well and he had very good improvement. Cranial Tech recommends a second band for more improvement but we are not sure if it is worth it or not. Saw the pediatrician recently and she did not really think it was necessary. Our baby really does not like anything on his head and entering into summer makes it even harder for us to decide with the heat. Just want to get someone else's thoughts who have gone through similar circumstances.
I should also mention before his first band he was always sleeping on his back which we think made things worse. Now he either sleeps on his side or stomach.
Original readings:
CI - 100.8
CVA - 2mm
CVAI - 1.5
CI - 95
CVA - 1
CVAI - 0.7
The only reading out of range is his CI

Here are some pictures at his last scan. We really don't think it looks bad





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2023.06.07 13:55 ptbreakeven WPL: New Comics Discussion for 6/7/2023 - Pull of the Week: BATMAN #136 [Discussion]

The [Weekly Pull List results]() for this Wednesday are in, and this week's top book is DC's BATMAN #136.
This thread is open to Pull List posters and all members of the /comicbooks community to share your thoughts on the latest issue of ** or any new books shipping this week.
The primary intention of this thread is to promote discussion of new books. It also serves as a way to consolidate discussion to a single thread and talk about what books are popular here on /comicbooks. That does not mean other threads aren't welcome, this is just a place to start that's easy to find each week.
The thread is populated with comments meant to direct the discussion of each book. Based on a recent community decision we're expanding the Top Ten and populated the thread with titles appearing on Ten Percent or more of submitted pull lists. If a title you want to talk about is not listed, simply add a comment with the title and issue number first and comment below. There is also a comment dedicated to the discussion of WPL results linked above.
Spoilers will follow, but there's no harm in tagging them as such. Each title in the Top Ten listed below is linked directly to its corresponding comments to avoid seeing details from other books. The post has also been placed in "contest mode" to help readers avoid spoilers while browsing.
This Week's Most Pulled Titles:
Based on 78 submitted pull lists and 79 books shipping.
  1. [BATMAN #136]() (38)
  2. [IMMORTAL X-MEN #12]() (34)
  3. [FANTASTIC FOUR #8]() (32)
  4. [FLASH #800]() (31)
  5. [X-MEN #23]() (31)
  6. [DAREDEVIL #12]() (30)
  7. [DARK KNIGHTS OF STEEL #11]() (27)
  8. [SHAZAM #2]() (26)
  9. [POISON IVY #13]() (24)
  10. [LOKI #1]() (23)
Feel free to browse through everything the /comicbooks community is buying this week.
If you feel the need to reproduce any part of this thread in any other forum, please consult our PSA on how to properly cite /comicbooks.
Have a great Wednesday! Looking forward to talking comics with you over the next few days.
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2023.06.07 13:55 SzigetFam Announcements

Good day my lovely Sziget Family!
"First of all we would like to say that if anyone needs the text in any other language then English please contact the Admins and we'll do it best to provide."
That said, let's kickoff...
We have some exciting updates for you all, some of them were already announced on our live broadcast but because we have more information to share with you about them and there is more important news to share, so even though it’s a lot to read please power through... 🙏🏼
Camping gear solution This year we have thanks to Bence the possibility to order your camping gear and get it delivered to the festival. For now, we have just added a tab to the family info sheet where you can make your interest known. Once we have sorted out the rest, a way of payment and ordering will be supplied. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to the admins or Bence.
Helper groups As of now, we have opened up the helper groups for a few of the positions you can express an interest in through the Info Gathering questionnaire, so if you’re interested in helping the Sziget family be sure to express your interest there. We are looking for members to join our sponsor, design, and activity helpers teams, for example. These teams will be helping the Sziget family admin to get everything done for the Sziget family. We will need Sziget Family Veterans to be the link between the team and the admins who will see that things get done and all contribute. Any Sziget family member who has been with us for at least one festival and is known by at least one of the Sziget family admins will be seen as a Sziget family Veteran.
We are as well looking for social media moderators, all Sziget family Veterans are eligible. You can show your interest by filling it in on the Info Gathering Form.
Sziget Family on Tour Besides earlier mentioned new groups you might have noticed “Sziget Family on Tour groups” being added to the community. The idea is that Veteran Sziget family members can request to create a group for an internationally known event they are attending and would like Sziget family members to join them. Any Sziget family member who has been with us for at least one festival and is known by at least one of the Sziget family admins will be seen as a Sziget family Veteran.
The Official Fam Shop As of now, we launched our Sziget Family shop. Here you can get your own Sziget Family branded clothing and other items. By buying anything from the shop, you also help the Family make ends meet. Besides this, our admin and the Fam’s designers would like your input! Let us know what items you would like to see in the shop. For the shop items we choose quality over price, but we are considering a “Budget” line as well, do you find this a plan worth working out be sure to let us know. If you have any input about the shop, send an email to [email protected].
Donating to the Family As of late, you can also sponsor the Fam through PayPal. Everything and all that is donated to the family will go back into the Sziget family again. This is a solid promise we as Admins make to you. If you have any questions about this contact one of the Admin.
Camping sign-up As of now, you will have just a few more days to be sure you signed up to be placed together with other Sziget family members with the same accommodation type on any of the upgrade campings. The deadline will be midnight on the 10th of June! Don't forget to sign up. We'll repeat this regularly for the remaining days.
Planned Sziget family activities. We have a few Sziget family activities for this year to announce. 1. First up a Beer pong tournament at Sziget family Base Camp (evening of August 8th): Signing up in advance will be needed before the 20th of July. We are setting it up as a singles tournament BUT if too many apply, we might switch it to a doubles or team tournament. An entry fee will be announced in the family info sheet, along with the precise deadline date. Payment will have to be made before the July 31st so keep an eye on the Sziget family Info sheet around that time. 2. Sziget family's opening dinner: If you want to join us for a yearly Sziget family Opening Dinner and get to know the Sziget family before the festival starts but didn’t complete the sign-up steps, you have just till the end of the month to complete them: a. Fill out your info in the “Family Members Info” tab at the end of the family info sheet. b. Fill out the form on the “Family Dinner” tab. c. Join the “Family Dinner" WhatsApp group, the link is in the “Family Dinner" tab as well. (If this last step is a problem for any reason contact an admin to see if we can fix it). 3. Raffle: We intend to hold a raffle on the first day of the festival at the Sziget family Daily Meet. You will be able to buy tickets soon, if you aren’t able to attend on this date don’t worry, we’ll publish the winners, and you will be able to collect your winnings from the admin throughout the festival. Do you have anything you would like to donate to the Sziget family as a price for this raffle please let one of the admins know. The raffle is open to any Sziget family member attending the festival that would like to enter. 4. Bingo: We intend to hold bingo on the Saturday of the festival at the Sziget family Daily Meet. You will be able to buy cards soon. Do you have anything you would like to donate to the Sziget family as a price for this bingo please let one of the admins know. Please make sure when offering that you can get it to one of the admins before this time. 5. Water Balloon Fight: On the warmest festival day we will hold a water balloon fight, anyone wearing a Sziget family bandana or bracelet at this time will be considered to participate. The Sziget family will supply balloons and more info will become available in time. 6. Daytime Activities: During the Daytime we will have all kinds of games and things to do at Basic Base Camp for anyone interested from the Sziget family 7. Onesie Day: We had a onesie day for a few years now and has been always fun. If there is enough interest, we will set it up this year at the festival again. For more info to express your interest contact Amit Alfassy, contact info can be found in the “Member Info” tab in the family info sheet. 8. Dutch Belgian pre-meet in July: Contact admin Misha for more info. 9. New Year: If there is an interest there will be a New Years Meet again with the Fam. Place and exact dates are to be determined. Most likely from around 26th of December until around the 3rd of January. 10. Do you have any other suggestions for us? Something you would like to do, or would like to organize? We want your suggestions! Let us know what you want to do/see.
Family Info Gathering Questionnaire When you go through our Linktree to get to the links and/or the family info sheet, you will stumble upon a questionnaire. Please fill out the questionnaire for us, that way we as admin will know who is with us and will know how we can help you and how you might be willing to help us out. We won’t share any information you won’t have given us your blessing for. Most questions are optional to fill in, but few are needed for liability and safety reasons. If you have any questions about it, please contact one of the Sziget family’s admins.
Handout schedule As announced before we will have Sziget Family goodies to hand out to our members. To give anyone the chance to collect something, until we’re out that is, we made a schedule to ensure that. To make sure admin won’t get overrun we made a handout schedule. This will be added to the Sziget family info sheet. You will just be able to collect it from the assigned admin at that time of any of the multiple assigned Sziget family admin at any of the meets. Certain people will receive both for their help with the Sziget family so don’t be amazed when you see someone with both. You will only be able to collect one if you will be part of the Sziget Family WhatsApp Community at a certain time set by the admin a few weeks before the festival because we want to prevent people from joining just for the goodies. You will as well be asked for a photo and your name when you come to collect it and your phone number, so we can check and add you to the admin’s contacts.
Your Sziget Video/photo material Upload your material to the Sziget family OneDrive if you would, any material is welcome. Remember, everything shared is free for the Sziget Family to use. If you want your name reference mentioned when it’s used make sure it’s on the video or picture.
Then last but not least Thanks for hanging in there we hope it has been useful for you. AND If there is anything in a chat or on a Fam channel that you think to be useful or important for an admin to see, tag the Sziget family admin account or send it to it and one of the admins will get back to you as soon as possible if needed.
For the new members since of this might be a bit confusing because they missed earlier announcements this year. If this is the case to you read it back on one if the Fam's socials or reach out to one of the Admin.
Hopefully you all are just as excited about the upcoming Sziget Festival, we for one can't wait to meet all our new members and catch up with the ones we already know!
And remember with the Fam you're never alone!
🩷❤️🧡💛💚🩵 Much love from your Fam's Admins 💙💜🖤🩶🤍🤎
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2023.06.07 13:54 foxepower Getting screwed by my hauptmieter (not in a good way)

I have been renting as an untermieter for 9 years, the hauptmieter lives in Nuremberg, I know she makes a few 100 extra euros from me under this a situation, but I like my apartment and it is still reasonably priced.
I am a good tenant and never have been late for rent, and I don't cause a fuss unless certain things need urgent fixing. In general as hauptmieter, Ms X has always dealt with anything to do with the building owners, Covivio. Late last year Ms X missed some sort of payment for a small increase in nebenkosten, and this year I started to get those yellow letters of civil process against her, but also suprisingly in my name also. When I contacted her about this she told me not to worry, assured me it was being taken care of. It kept happening over a few months but she swore her lawyer was taking care of it right up until last month when she went silent.
Now I am being served with a forced eviction in 2 weeks time on June 21st. I am meeting with a mietershutz lawyer tomorrow, but I was wondering if the good people of Reddit Berlin might have some experience or tips on top of this?
TLDR: my absentee hauptmieter of 9 years has been lying to me about unpaid bills and now we are getting evicted, can you suggest any ways to help? 🙏
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2023.06.07 13:54 anonymoud7777 Intuitive Tarot Reading on your Burning Question🌛

I'm an intuitive reader who's been reading since more than 8 years. I'm doing in depth readings on your question for a donation of your choice. I accept paypal only. DM me to book!
Reviews here and here
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2023.06.07 13:54 Jo_MorganReps Overweight leopard gecko

Overweight leopard gecko
This is my leopard gecko Apollo. I am already very aware that he is quit chunky, he has been like that since I got him a few months ago. When I first got him he was being fed 8-10 large crickets every single day. I knew that wasn’t right so for the last 3 months I have been feeding him 7-8 insects (mix of crickets and dubia roaches) every 3 days. He’s about 7 1/2 inches long hence the amount of insects. He does not seem to have lost any weight, the only thing that has happened is he has gotten more agitated. He was very calm and docile when I got him but after changing his food he’s gotten snappy with just about everyone. I can still hold him from time to time but that’s it. I just need advice if you want the truth, I don’t need my boy being obese.
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2023.06.07 13:53 papabear513 The Experiments Beneath Green Haven Penitentiary

I stared up at the magazine cut out of a Maxim model that was crudely pasted on the underside of the top bunk. Her pert breast shimmied ever so slightly as Pete tossed and turned above.
She was platinum blonde with legs long enough to wrap around me twice. Or so the camera angle made it seem. I felt a stirring below, that yearning for a woman’s touch… which I hadn’t felt in six years, three months, and eleven days.
I rolled to my side, stifling it. It was the wrong time to seek out an orgasm, and I knew after the release I’d just spiral into self-loathing anyway. I focused on a crack in the cinder block until my eyelids became heavy.
Static pushed the thought of women from my mind as I slipped into sleep. The smell of cigars and oil flitted through my mind in a memory. My dad’s repair shop. The one I was meant to take over, before the arrest…
A cry echoing from somewhere deep within the prison startled me awake. My heart thundered in my chest like a rabbit thrashing against its cage.
I rolled over to see Pete crouching low, his face pressed against the bars.
“What’s going on?” I croaked.
“They’re taking Benny.” He whispered.
“Fuck, really?” I pulled myself to the top corner of my mattress, just enough to peer around the edge of the bars.
Two guards wrestled the young latino onto a gurney as a man in a lab coat watched from a distance. He fought against them but it was futile. Once the straps were locked in he screamed once more, pleading for help.
Dozens of eyes watched from dim lit cells, none of which stirring to offer assistance in the slightest. We knew there was no helping him. We knew what happened next…
His cries were muffled as the doctor jammed a syringe into the base of his neck. Benny’s muscles tensed and pulsed in the fit of a seizure, but then lay still. The cell block was silent once more as they wheeled him down the hall and into the catacombs.
I did a cross over myself but didn’t bother to pray. Once they took them, they never came back.
“A damn shame…” I muttered.
“Yeah, he was a good kid…” Pete stood and leapt back onto the top bunk.
A fire burned in my chest. I wanted to say something. To cry out about the injustice of what was happening to us. That committing a crime shouldn’t damn a man to whatever terrible fate they had instore for us below three feet of steel and a quarter mile of dirt.
But I didn’t… What good could it do? Other than drawing attention to me in a very negative way.
Once they took you to the lab, you were never seen again.
All you could do was hope that your number was never called, and that you got out of here before they visited your cell late into the night.
My chest was on fire as sweat dripped from the tip of my nose. I couldn’t go back to sleep last night. Kept thinking about Benny.
So began the push-ups. It was the only way to clear my head.
My therapy.
I rolled to my back, out of breath.
Three years, six months and change.
So much time left to go.
Benny had only been here for a little over a year. It made no sense…
None of us could figure out exactly why they took who they took. There seemed to be no method to the madness.
Just a couple weeks ago they took old man Tom Finch. He’d been here longer than any of us. A lifer on the account of premeditated murder back in the 70s. But they didn’t come for him until he’d served most of his adult life behind bars.
The red beacon suddenly swirled above. A buzzing sound hummed as the cell doors clicked and slid open.
I pulled my tray along the bar to be loaded with oats, powdered eggs and bread.
Meager rations.
I grabbed a small carton of milk and made my way over to sit with Pete. He was already nibbling on his toast while perusing a crossword puzzle.
We exchanged nods and I went to devouring the entirety of my plate.
Calories build muscle after all.
Which was something Pete had no interest in. He was a bookworm through and through. Rail thin too. When we’d met, I’d assumed it was from the drug problem he’d had on the outside, which ultimately landed him in incarceration. But come to find out it was just his metabolism and general lack of appetite.
“John…” He whispered.
I looked up from my feast.
He was looking to the corner of the cafeteria and I followed his gaze to see two men in lab coats surveying the crowd.
I grunted and squeezed the handle of my fork until my knuckles went white. The impulse of burying it into their throats was almost overwhelming.
“Their activity has been ramping up.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ve been seeing them much more frequently as of late. They must be close to a breakthrough.”
“Breakthrough of what?” I furrowed my brow.
“Who knows? Whatever it is they are doing down there. They’ve been taking us more often as well.”
Pete sighed at the twist of confusion on my face.
“Think about it… Benny last night, then Tom two weeks before that. Then Eric ten days before that, and Deonte maybe three weeks prior. It’s never been that close together. Until recently, they only came perhaps once every other month. Sometimes only once a season.”
Shit… he was right. I hadn’t realized it before.
“So what does that mean?” I asked, shoving another hunk of egg into my mouth.
“I have no idea. But I’d say our odds of survival have been reduced dramatically.”
Pete might as well have been an oracle, peering into our grim and desolate future.
Over the next several months we started seeing the lab coats weekly. Sometimes even more often than that.
The prison yard felt empty. Sure there were still plenty of us left, but our population had been noticeably trimmed. One gang in particular only had two members left, which didn’t bode well for them. The others slowly circled them like sharks. I had no affiliation with any of them and kept to myself. But still, I could see their fate a mile away.
Although, despite the business as usual dog eat dog atmosphere, there was an undercurrent of fear rippling through the general pop. You could smell it, like a scent of decay and desperation. Hard faces that had once promised violence, now almost flinched around every corner and jumped at each shadow.
The energy of a couple of hundred men that felt like an animal backed into a corner was palpable.
But what could we do?
I didn’t know but I sure wish someone would tell me… I threw myself into my workouts and Pete hardly ever looked up from a book. Escapism was our only reprieve.
I went to bed with a prayer on my lips, hoping I wouldn’t hear those iron bars moving in the late hours of the night.
A loud clanking followed by footsteps pulled me from sleep.
I squeezed my eyes tightly shut hoping it was the cell next to mine.
But it wasn’t…
Three guards hovered behind a fourth that was unlocking our cell. The bars clicked and began to slide open.
I jumped to my feet and backed up against the wall. I pulled my fists up into a boxing stance, I wasn’t going to go without a fight. My muscles tensed and flexed like coiled steel.
“In the corner inmate! We’re here for your cellmate.” A short and stocky corrections officer barked with his hand gripping the baton at his waist.
Pete squirmed into a ball at the corner of his mat and looked at me with wide, pleading eyes.
I put my face in the opposite corner as instructed. A mixture of fear and relief roiled in my gut, and I hated myself for it. It made me feel like a coward.
“No, no, no, no, no!” I heard Pete squeal from behind as guards flooded the cell.
I peaked over my shoulder and watched as they pried him from the top bunk. Pete tried to resist, but there was nothing to him. A bag of bones that they easily wrestled down.
That same fire ignited in my chest. Anger washed over me, cleansing away the cowardice. For God’s sake, he was my only friend.
All I could see was red.
I spun around bringing the back of my fist across a guard’s face, shattering the bridge of his nose. Blood spurted from it as he dropped Pete’s legs.
With a giant step forward I brought an uppercut into the portly officer’s abdomen, dropping him like a ton of bricks.
I shoved a third into the corner, pinning him there as I screamed for Pete to run. He scampered out the opening and the last thing I heard were his footfalls as a baton smashed across the back of my skull. Everything went black before I even hit the ground.
I spent a month in solitary.
The room was so small it should have been inhumane to house a human being inside of it.
Still… I made the best of it with dips, pushups and situps. Countless reps of them. It was all I could do.
Some mornings I’d wake up with horrible migraines. I assumed it was a slight concussion from the impact of the baton.
I only hoped Pete could have somehow made it out. But somewhere deep down I knew that would have been impossible. Hopefully he at least gave them some hell before they took him below.
I stopped praying before bed. It didn’t seem like it did any good.
If there was a God, he didn’t exist inside these walls.
We were abandoned.
The unheard.
When I finally got back to my cell it had been emptied of everything. Pete’s books, artwork from his niece and even my Maxim cutout.
Just like he’d never existed. My heart sunk at the sight.
Later that day I’d learned from others that he had been captured just moments after escaping the cell.
But our actions weren’t wasted in vain.
We were the first to fight back against the abduction and it sparked something in the others.
They started talks of an uprising a few weeks back. A prison riot.
They even had a guard on the inside. C.O. Matthews. He was a very religious man and was just as horrified by what was happening as we were and had been looking for a way to help.
“It’s going down tonight John, just before lights out. Be ready.” Jerry whispered at the picnic table.
I gave a nod that I understood and headed off for my daily jog around the courts.
It wasn’t about getting out. Getting free. That wasn’t going to happen. It was about sending a message.
I let my mind go blank, filling with static as I enjoyed what could be my last day outside.
The beacon swirled overhead in the common area.
“Inmates to their cells. Lights out.” The intercom buzzed.
There were over fifty men in cell block B, and not a single one of us moved.
The voice on the intercom repeated himself angrily as guards began to shuffle in closer. Nods passed like dominoes from one inmate to the next. We were ready.
“Get to your cell inmate.” a guard growled as he clamped his hands down on my shoulders.
I threw an elbow behind me into his groin, he howled in pain as he hit the floor. The other inmates sprung to their feet and flew off from their leaning places to join in the brawl.
Fists, feet and batons flew wildly across the cell block as we engaged in war with the uniformed officers.
I grappled with one until I was able to submit him in a choke until he went limp in my arms.
I stomped another in the face, spilling blood and brains on the concrete floor.
It had looked like we were winning until they sent the special response team in. We formed a line, many of us battered and bloody, in front of the row of riot shields.
We waited for their charge for what felt like an eternity.
But suddenly they backed out from where they’d come and slid the cell block doors closed.
What the hell…
The red beacon swirled once again overhead as a clicking sounded out behind us.
The rear entrance that the lab coats had always used swung open. I spun around to see…
“Mary, mother of God.” I gasped.
It was Pete…
But there was something horribly wrong with him.
His skin clung loosely to his body and had a terrible jaundice looking hue to it. His eyes almost seemed to glow and his hands… they were impossibly large like contorted branches.
I held my hand up to my mouth in disbelief.
A scientist stepped out from behind him.
“As you can see, we have a few kinks left to iron out, but we are making great progress. Would you all care to see what he can do?” He looked into each of our eyes inquisitively.
“If you don’t, head back to your cells now. You have ten seconds and then I shall release him.”
It was so silent you could hear a pin drop. But a violent and hungry energy filled the room, emanating from what used to be my friend.
Suddenly, over half the remaining inmates bolted for their cells out of fear. Not that I could blame them, my knees wobbled and threatened to buckle just at the sight of him.
But I stood my ground, as did a handful of others.
“Very well then. Specimen 3-1-0, engage.”
A growl reverberated through the cell block.
“Everyone rush him at once! It’s our only shot.” I hollered.
And we did, but it didn’t matter. It happened so fast. It was over before I could even comprehend it.
He moved like an animal, picking each of us apart almost in unison.
I lay on my back, unable to feel my legs as I watched Jerry be disemboweled. He was trying to shove his intestines back inside the tear in his abdomen before the creature came back to finish him off.
I did a cross over myself but didn’t bother to pray.
As Pete stood over me, with dead eyes, I knew there was no God.
He didn’t exist inside these walls.
We were abandoned.
The unheard.
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