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2023.06.03 11:35 Metgot-Haggan Va healthcare unprofessional

Just curious if any other vet out here is sick of the way some VA staff treat you?
I went to see if my glasses could be repaired due to them being scratched when the va sent them and was absolutely greeted with the most disgusting employee, I have a fairly decent repertoire with a few of the staff since moving to this new state and have literally only ever been in the optometrist office once before,this was the one time I actually really needed assistance for my vision due to the occupation I am pursuing and was almost instantaneously laughed at, called wonky, and felt absolutely horrible during this appointment scheduling.this nurse tends to have it out for me. Even when I’m picking up my scripts from the pharmacy or working with KT doing labs etc. this individual whenever they so much as have a passing glance at me either has a snarky ass remark or something in regard to my limp quote “hey you were walking fine now your limping with a cane” frankly I just wanted to vent because one day my psyche is gonna snap and this nurse is sure as hell gonna feel what an ex “4-B2” patient is capable of doing when all anger is finally pointed at someone else rather than me.
Can I seek outside treatment for optometry?
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2023.06.03 08:30 anotherstraydingo Interviewing at the same hospital I nearly got sacked from

Hey everyone. I have an interview for a Cath Lab position at a major church affiliated private hospital next week. Last year, I worked in the Endoscopy Unit of the same hospital for 3 months. At the time, I had a lot of mental health problems (I have a background of mild autism and OCD) and I was having visible anxiety in front of patients and staff. It got to the point that my manager pulled me into her office and threatened to terminate my probation if things didn't improve. She basically said it affected the image of the hospital. I quickly resigned after that and sought treatment. Thankfully I can say my mental health has improved significantly and I'm now doing agency PACU shifts with limited mental health issues.
Unfortunately, I am scared shitless the Cath Lab NUM is going to phone my old NUM in Endoscopy and she'll spill the beans and it'll sabotage any chance of me getting the job. I have a few questions for the group:
  1. Is it common for NUM's to ring former NUM's internally even if you don't list them as references?
  2. Should I be upfront with them about what happened?
  3. Would it be worth offering a letter from my shrink or volunteering for an independent assessment. I can definitely offer two references who can speak highly of my nursing abilities.
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 08:07 Junior_Button5882 A List of creepy, unexplained, paranormal, and interesting posts from all over Reddit!

Jane <3
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2023.06.03 06:14 Salt-Conversation657 Nursing College in Patna

Nursing College in Patna
BIHERS recognizes the need of providing students with a positive learning environment. The college has cutting-edge infrastructure as well as well-equipped laboratories, classrooms, and libraries.
#paramedical #medical #sport #medicine #lab
#nursingstudent #nursing
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2023.06.03 03:39 Natural_Commission15 Symptoms are still out of control.

I’m not looking for medical advise per day but my GI and I are just stumped why I’m so sick. Has anyone experienced these types of extreme symptoms?
I have been sick for 3 years. I have tested positive for methane and did my first found of antibiotics in November of 2022. I’ve been low fodmapping since then but I’m still getting symptoms all the time. It tends to work in the same cycle every time. Also I can’t eat a lot on the fodmap diet so my diet has been very limited.
Sorry this is gross but I need help. I start to have very pale stools. Very light tan almost white and lose but not diarrhea yet. My lips start itching burning and peeling. We thought it could be dehydration but I drank 90 oz of water the day it started (I also have POTS so I have to drink more water than the avg Jo). Then I start with diarrhea and I can’t eat more than a couple of bites of food at a time. This goes on for days then I switch to vomitting for days unable to even keep liquids in me. I usually end up needing fluids from the hospital. I feel better finally after the episode finally stops but that only lasts two weeks… rinse and repeat. For 3 yrs! I’m going nuts.
My doc is sending me for some blood work and wants me to start getting regular labs. We’re going to move forward with the second round of antibiotics and get me a home nurse to help keep me hydrated since last time I got so sick. But has anyone had symptoms like this? If so what did you do to get better because he keeps trying different medications like anti spam and anti diarrhea pills and nothing is working.
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2023.06.03 03:33 lovemymeemers Pride Needs to be Left at Home

I'm in the Cath lab and am so fucking proud of our team most days.
We had a major STEMI Wednesday, guy was already admitted and coded in the elevator on his way to us. Compressions we're done and ROSC happened. Yay!!
Patient is fighting us to anesthesia has to sedate, paralyze and intubate.
We angio and RCA and LAD have major blockages. We fix, put in an impella and he's prepped to go to our sister facility a few minutes away because they have a CVICU and we do not anymore.
MD wants 600 plavix stat and a Foley. I run and get supplies to drop an OG to deliver plavix and grab a Foley kit. Drop both record time, plavix goes in.
I felt so happy when I went home that I was able to do both of those things and help the patient and the whoever would be receiving him.
A bit later a couple nurses tell me shouldn't have "Because we don't want the unit to think we are going to start doing those things regularly"
What. The. Fuck.
The patient needed the 600 of plavix STAT. Guess what mother fucker, I'm giving it and creating an LDA for it. Guess what else, he's a shit show and intubated so he needs a place not on his skin for his urine and the Doc said the Foley also needed to happen quickly.
Also, I asked another nurse to do the Foley while I did the OG in the interest of time. Her response? "You got the order, you do it."
Fuck that and people like that. Our job is the patient and their well being. Not your fucking pride.
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2023.06.03 03:18 District-12yall Prednisone Question

I have been experiencing a flare for 2 weeks now. Been in touch with my IBD specialist a lot, but they refuse to give me any medication until I get some blood and stool samples done. I have had a few setbacks with getting my lab work done (the nurses at the IBD clinic took a few days to return my call after the long weekend, then my town’s hospital lost my req, then it took a few more days to hear back from a nurse and get my req resent…) but I’m finally going to have it all taken care of by Monday.
I am almost positive I am going to be prescribed Prednisone to get rid of this flare. I’ve only had two others in the past - the very first cleared up with mesalamine, the second cleared up with budesonide. However, this flare involves inflammation throughout my body: I had two non-bacterial abscesses that needed to be drained, and my knee is extremely swollen. An ER doctor told me that after I get those test results to my specialist, it’s likely I’ll be prescribed prednisone to kick the inflammation from everywhere in my body.
I am excited because it’s been a nightmare having to deal with wound care and a barely working leg along with the usual UC flare symptoms. However, I am curious about side effects.
Also, how long does it take to work? When can I expect my knee to go back to normal? And most importantly - when can I expect to eat more than just toast, rice, and bananas?
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2023.06.03 02:14 Good_Astronomer_679 LPNs and PICCs

I am an LPN in Indiana. I’ve only been an LPN since January and I work long term care through a staffing agency. I did go staff for three months at a facility and hated it. I only go to two facilities through my agency ones I’m familiar with from when I was a cna and med tech for 11 years and had really great nurses who showed me a lot. I get told I am competent as a new nurse. However I have a burning question I haven’t been able to find the answer to. So the one facility I go to I work the rehab/skilled hall a lot. There is a resident that gets IV ATB through a power PICC. I was trained and even remember in nursing school when we went over iv therapy in lab that I was never told about checking for blood return. I was told at the staff job I worked at that the LPNs could not draw blood from a picc that was the RNs job I remember this from being a cna at a different place and an LPN I worked with said she had to wait for the day shift nurse who was an RN to draw a peak and trough so she could run it to the hospital on the way home. So I know drawing blood is a no go for me with a picc line so logically I’m thinking a LPN cannot check for blood return on a picc line. Story is this resident with the picc two RNs before me were saying they had a little resistance when flushing the line l. The RN right before me said she had no issues flushing the line for the afternoon iv I had no problem for the night time iv So I’m giving report to the next nurse who is a RN I tell her the last two nurses before me had a little resistance flushing but I had no problem she asked if I got blood return I was like I was never told to check blood return she said well the line probably isn’t patent then. But I’m thinking if it flushed and the iv ran via pump with no problems then the line is patent.
Long story short I’m asking if an LPN can check for blood return on a PICC line even though we are not to draw blood from a picc in Indiana?
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2023.06.03 00:21 lurknderp ‘Be More Like Chick-fil-A’

In one of our last unit meetings our leadership asked us what could help build morale. Many of us stated that safer staffing ratios would improve patient care and caregiver satisfaction. This was immediately shot down and we were asked to come up with something that didn’t cost money. For reference, we are a Step Down Unit and are regularly given 5 patients. Less than 24 hours post CABG and critical gtts? That’s us. Day and Night shift have the same ratios to make things ‘fair’. We do not have a phlebotomy team and nursing is responsible for all lab draws, calling physician consults, and inputting all verbal provider orders. The next thing brought up in the meeting was how we needed to treat our patients like they are at Chick-fil-A and tell them ‘thank you for allowing me to care for you today’. They said Chick-fil-A employees are always so friendly and helpful and it boosts customer satisfaction. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an understaffed Chick-fil-A. If they want Chick-fil-A attitudes I’m going to need to see some CFA staffing ratios.
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2023.06.02 22:23 SadContribution2530 RN to DMD

Hi all!
Canadian RN here hoping to transition to dentistry!
I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2017 and have been working as an ICU registered nurse for the last 6 years. I'm now looking to apply to dentistry and could use any all guidance you can think of!
It seems I'll need to take a number of pre requisites that weren't required in my nursing degree, including: 3 credit units of Biology 3 credit units of Organic Chemistry 3 credit units of General Physics 3 credit units of Biochemistry 3 credit units of Metabolism Biochemistry
Considering 3 or 4 of these will have required labs, I think I'll have to split them up over a full course year (rather than squeeze them all into one term).
• Is it possible to study and write the DAT (and obviously do well) before taking these pre requisites? Or should I take these classes first and postpone taking my DAT until next year? • What was your GPA when you applied and where did you get in? • Any/all DAT studying materials and suggestions welcome.
Would love to hear from other fellow nurses who made the change to dentistry to hear their experience.
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2023.06.02 21:11 throwawayprincabana 24, taking medicine off the table, approaching end of undergrad. Now what?

I am unhappy pursuing medicine due to the financial and time drain it demands, but am completely lost on what to pursue now. Three semesters away from completing a biology degree, I still believe I can turn things around this summer, find a career path, and secure a fall internship that helps me support the life I want. Open to switching majodoing a masters for the right path.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
To clarify: I enjoy the medical environment and working with physicians, the feeling of teamwork, regular problem solving and scientific analysis/thinking/use of research, the use of anatomy/physiology, and the ability to share "love" with and empower others. (what a gift this is exists as a profession for those that can access it? wow).
However, I continue struggling academically, mentally, and want to plan ahead to a future I want where I can meet my long-term goals. Going into debt beyond the 30k I have to get a masters to fix my GPA, being depressed from 25 - 32, and waiting until I'm 30 to start having quality time in relationships I crave will not allow me to do that. My family is scattered across the globe, and they are not easily accessible when I need them in person.
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2023.06.02 19:37 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WY Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
CoachUSA Bus Driver - $3,000 Hiring Bonus Douglas
Eng Infotech Corporation Title Closer Baggs
Magpul Industries ERP Clerk Cheyenne
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Iron Mountain Director, Analyst Relations Cheyenne
Axon Account Executive, Education (Northwest) Cheyenne
inSync Staffing Warehouse Associate Burlington
Menard, Inc Part - Time Outside Yard & Receiving Casper
Boot Barn Receiving and Inventory Specialist Casper
Big Lots Retail Store Associates and Stockers - 4444 Casper
Manpower USA Manufacturing/Shipping & Receiving Casper
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GoExpedi Warehouse Associate - Starting at $16/hr - 4 weeks PTO Cheyenne
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University of Wyoming Manager, Seed Analysis Lab - State Seed Lab Powell
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 18:23 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KY Hiring Now!

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United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Lexington
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Velocity Vehicle Group Heavy Duty Diesel Technician - Bowling Green, KY Bowling Green
TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital ICU Nurse Bowling Green
TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital Cath Lab Nurse Bowling Green
PathGroup Phlebotomist Float Cynthiana
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PathGroup Phlebotomist Float Elizabethtown
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Altafiber Retail Sales Representative - Uncapped Commission! Now Hiring! Florence
Summit Technologies SharePoint Developer Fort Knox
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Frankfort Regional Medical Center ER Nurse - RN Frankfort
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PathGroup Phlebotomist Float Glasgow
Precoa Funeral Sales Representative Hartford
INSPYR Solutions Knowledge Management Analyst Hebron
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ky. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 17:05 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

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United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Greensboro
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Vetco Clinics Vetco Relief Veterinarian Forest City
Vetco Clinics Vetco Relief Veterinarian Franklin
Milan Laser Company Metro Travel Nurse Practitioner Greensboro
Nu-Tec Systems Customer Service Representative Mooresville
Milan Laser Company Metro Travel Nurse Practitioner Raleigh
Geode Health Psychiatrist Raleigh
Edward Jones Associate Financial Advisor - Wake Forest, NC Wake Forest
ISOFlex a Division of Sigma Plastics Extrusion Supervisor Aberdeen
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Best Buy Geek Squad Autotech Installer (Retail)-Starting Pay $16.00/hr. Asheville
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Georgia-Pacific Industrial Electrician Brogden
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Discount Tire Tire Technician Cary
Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC Part Time Customer Support / Data Entry $18-20 Cary, NC Cary
Aic AV Tech - Any level - Raleigh/Durham Chapel Hill
Wellstar Health System, Inc. RN Support Team MedSurg III Chapel Hill
Duke Health Certified Medical Assistant - Duke Primary Care - Brier Creek Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Chapel Hill
Aic Lab Scientist 1 Chapel Hill
Wellstar Health System, Inc. Nurse Practitioner (NP) Chapel Hill
INSPYR Solutions FLM Technician Charleston
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 16:09 goodtools Adolescent health nursing assignment help Reddit

Adolescent health nursing assignment help Reddit
Essay For All Tutors are the industry's leading adolescent health nursing assignment helpers. Adolescence is the transition period whereby children transition into adulthood. It is a period characterized by significant physical and also psychological changes. According to our tutors, adolescent health covers the physical, intellectual, cognitive, emotional, and social changes that happen to adolescents.
Adolescence may begin from the age of 10 and continue to 19 years. It is an important time for parents, caregivers, and adolescents to focus on their health and ways of preventing diseases. At this age, most adolescents are highly vulnerable to the risk of substance use, smoking, teen births, and risky sexual behaviors, which are among the causes of decline in academic performance among the population. Our competent tutors are more reliable and talented enough to offer students the best quality adolescent health nursing assignment help Reddit.
Adolescents face various health-related issues when they move from childhood to adulthood. Hence, it requires them to effectively deal with the changes in their feelings and body. Adolescents are at an age where they want to explore their identities based on gender identity and sexuality. They tend to distance themselves from their caregivers or parents while seeking more independence. In this case, friends become close people who adolescents regularly interact with, while avoiding their parental supervision. Adolescents are likely to associate with wide-ranging practices such as;
  • Aggressive and violent behavior
  • Drinking driving and road accidents
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Criminal activity
  • Unwanted sex
  • Unprotected safe
Based on our adolescent health nursing assignment doers, adolescents also struggle with negative body image, which affects their food choices. Some health problems adolescents experience include;
  • steroid use for building body mass,
  • Obesity
  • Eating disorders
  • Crash eating
  • Malnourishment
Hence, it requires a health specialist with expertise in handling adolescent health to help them overcome some of the pressures they face in the transition. Drug abuse and smoking habits are rampant among adolescents after experimentation. Adolescents must understand that smoking habits and drug abuse have negative health impacts. For instance, tobacco smoking makes them vulnerable to;
  • Heart disease, stroke, and significant heart attacks
  • Destroyed sense of taste and smell
  • Asthma and other respiratory diseases
  • Impaired lung functioning
  • Cancers of the mouth, throat, and lungs.
The health sector implements various initiatives to create health awareness among adolescents and has enough specialists to offer quality healthcare services to the population. Parents and teachers should play an essential role in education, guidance, and counseling adolescents to help them follow the healthy part while making healthy decisions about their life.
Sexual life is not the only area that should be addressed by every aspect of the adolescent's life that can be affected by the changes that come with the transition. Our professional tutors have compiled a detailed copy of adolescent health nursing assignment help notes accessible to students seeking profound information on adolescent health. Place your order and grab your copy.
Many nursing students are desperate to get an excellent performance. Though students try various approaches, it remains to be solved as to main about the best option that will guarantee them the best grades with less effort. Essay For All is the answer. We have well-trained tutors who have been in the industry for a decade.
We have handled thousands of students' assignments. There is no assignment that is complex for our tutors. That is why we guarantee all students access to our affordable, high-quality adolescent health nursing assignment help Reddit. Register for our online services to enjoy more benefits.
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2023.06.02 14:01 AutoModerator Weekly Japan Travel Information and Discussion Thread - June 02, 2023

This discussion thread has been set up by the moderators of /JapanTravel. Please stay civil, abide by the rules, and be helpful. Keep in mind that standalone posts in the subreddit must still adhere to the rules, and quick questions are only welcome here and in /JapanTravelTips.

Japan Entry Requirements

Japan Tourism and Travel Updates

Quick Links for Japan Tourism and Travel Info

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2023.06.02 07:45 delhiapollohospital Best Heart Hospital in Delhi

Delhi Apollo Hospitals is one of the leading Best Heart Hospital in Delhi. As an Award-Winning Multi Super Speciality hospital, they offer the latest treatments, advanced diagnostics, cutting-edge surgical techniques and compassionate care in the field of cardiology. They have over 100 cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, supported by a team of experienced nurses and paramedical staff. They have a 24/7 Cardiac Emergency team offering round-the clock emergency services and have the most advanced cath labs, dedicated cardiac intensive care and cardiac surgical intensive care units. They offer a wide range of cardiac services like stenting, angioplasty, pacemakers, percutaneous valve repair and replacement, heart bypass surgery along with non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments. As part of Apollo hospital network, they are always updated on the latest medical advancements and ensure that all their patients get the best medical care. They have won many accolades for their excellent services and are known to offer compassionate care to their patients.
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2023.06.02 05:44 That-Set-7973 First appointment

Hello all, I am having a lot of firsts today. This is my first post in the thread, my first post on reddit, and my first rheumy appointment. And honestly the appointment didn't go how I wanted. I have tried to not do the internet deep dive when I decided to start the process of figuring out my chronic pain. I tried to do the thing the doctors always tell you to and to just trust them or whatever. But the first doctor I talked to has been my pcp for years and has multiple times ran tests for things and then just never looked at the results? It was 6 months after my sleep test that she actually told me I have sleep apnea. And no I talked to her about my symptoms she runs a TON of blood tests and after I call a week later begging for the results, I get a message from the nurse on mychart saying "All labs essentially normal. The very slight bump in her sed rate and CRP are not clinically relevant. In light of the normal labs, symptoms most likely due to fibromyalgia (we discussed this at her visit)." Shitty, right?? Like not even a phone call just a "idk lol youll prob just be in pain forever good luck with that". So I now have a new pcp that I love and trust and is truly the only doc that has ever made me feel heard. I had already done the internet deep dive and I came across hEDS. It connects all the dots. It explained so much. The constipation, the sleep, the pain since childhood, the hypermobility, the constant sprains, the dizziness, bruises, headaches, fatigue, autism. All these things I keep begging for answers for. My new PCP said he didn't feel comfortable giving me a diagnosis of anything because it's not something he knows enough about (respect) and gave me a referral. I saw the rheumy today and she asked a ton of questions and did a short physical examination and I mentioned EDS. After she said I don't have EDS just hypermobility and fibromyalgia 😐😐😐. She said I have hypermobility but not everywhere and that's why it's not EDS. I have 5/9 Beighton score?? And every criteria I have looked at, I meet the requirements. It doesn't feel right. I feel like I keep getting more and more diagnoses to for these symptoms that can all be explained by hEDS. I am so tired of racking up vague diagnosis after vague diagnosis from doctors that won't take me seriously. It feels like they are brushing me off and are just saying fancy medical words to try and pasify me and get me out of their office. I feel so alone and invalidated and unheard. I don't know where to go now or what to do. I just want to scream! Should I even try to fight for a diagnosis? UGH! I'm so lost!
Sorry for the rant but I think many if you guys will understand.
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2023.06.02 05:10 pinkhowl Got gaslit at my own hospital’s ER and accidentally caused a scene in the hallway 😬

Went to the ED for syncope - 3 episodes over 2 days. HR was periodically over 150 at rest(ranged between 45 and 165)Dizziness, headache, weakness. Felt like Bambi when I was walking, like I had no control over my legs and I could just melt into the floor.
Whole work up was negative. I clearly had multiple PVCs on my EKG (I could see the screen) but I also realize that can be normal so I didn’t pay much mind to it. The PA told me everything was negative and I was probably just dehydrated. I did tell her I provided a colorless urine sample but that was attributed to the IV fluids I received(after the sample 😂)
No life threatening issue, so woo but the PA basically told me “sometimes you leave the ER without a diagnosis. We only treat “actual” emergencies in the emergency room” implying I didn’t have a good reason to be there. I don’t work in the ER but I feel like I was justified in going. She told me nothing was wrong and they didn’t know what was going on and to see my primary. Fine with me. As long as I’m not stroking out or having any arrhythmias, cool. The PA left the room and I heard her tell my nurse “she’s fine it’s probably just anxiety she can go home,” after not even talking to me about that at all.
Well, I go to get up after I get my paperwork and my whole body crumbles into the chair next to the bed. I couldn’t hold my body weight up and began having body wide tremors. I settled a little bit and then was offered help walking out(lol) but started to have another near syncope episode in the hallway and luckily got back in a chair before it hit fully. Though, I hit the chair hard and it pushed back about 4-6 inches slamming into the wall with a bang and then rustled the bulletin board good. Everyone ran over. I guess I was white and slurring my words 🤷🏼‍♀️ I let them do their thing and I was right back in my room again.
Turns out my blood sugar was 42. I’m not a diabetic and don’t take insulin and had eaten 2 meals that day. I looked at my labs when I got home and sure as shit my blood sugar was 59 when they drew them 2 hours prior. No clue why my sugar is dropping but hey at least I know why I feel like I’m dying 😂 and it was a bit satisfying after the PA blew me off
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2023.06.02 04:29 dimsumkatt Need BMCC nursing insight

hello!! im looking to transfer to BMCC for Nursing and was wondering if any nursing students from here could give insights on what the program is like— such as what the professors are like, how the quizzes/exams are, are the lectures/labs good and what not. Anything will help! i know nursing is difficult in any school but i’d really love to know your experience here
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2023.06.02 02:47 kauan1983 The conspiracy lore and the dynamic between the government agencies in Stranger Things

The conspiracy lore and the dynamic between the government agencies in Stranger Things
Something that i am extremely fascinated about in Stranger Things is the government conspiracy angle of the series, and over the seasons, i felt that the writing started to give us less details about how the government agencies work in this universe. Also, many details of the lore are still unresolved, and i fear some of them might not be resolved in S5, so I decided to make an analysis of everything that involves the government in the show to create my own version of the timeline of the events involving the U.S. government, and gather information to hypothesize events that may have happened offscreen, the occupations of some characters within the government and what agencies are involved with everything that has happened in the show since S1. I hope you guys enjoy the read!

- In 1953, The MKUltra program was officially sanctioned by the CIA, a multimillion-dollar initiative intended to develop mind control techniques. The experiments would be conducted in many hospitals, prisons and colleges across the U.S. Hawkins National Laboratory was one of many facilities in the U.S. where MKUltra was being conducted - Dr. Martin Brenner was the director of CIA operations at this laboratory.
- MKUltra is a real CIA-sanctioned research that was officially halted in 1973. And it was the basis for a science-based horror in the show's lore. But the Duffers never wanted to really dive into it, as the story they wanted to tell was mainly inspired by the Montauk Project and would focus in children with super powers and other dimensions.
There is a little talk about it in the official behind the scenes companion Worlds Turned Upside Down:
I wouldn't say we had done necessarily a deep dive into it. It was more a surface glance of seeing what they were up to and then using it as an excuse to have science-based horror in our narrative. — Ross Duffer
- The presence of the MKUltra in the lore is what canonically establishes the CIA as the bad men we see in S1 and briefly in S2. The agency is only mentioned once in the show when Hopper and Powell are investigating documents about the HNL/MKUltra, but we can confirm that the CIA was also responsible for funding Brenner's program as in the Worlds Turned Upside Down book we can see government cards with a "Central Intelligence Agency Clandestine Ops" badge in it.
- Doctor Brenner's program. It's the main government project of Stranger Things, and although never mentioned in the show, the name of the program was supposed to be "INDIGO" which was also the proposed name of the show as stated by the Duffers in their MasterClass:
So we just came up with a bunch of ideas. We had The Keep, we had INDIGO which was gonna be the name of the government program, and amidst that we had Stranger Things. — Ross Duffer
It's unclear if the Duffers kept the name as it was never mentioned in the show, but the name is mentioned in the Suspicious Minds book, which was supervised by one of the show's writers - Paul Dichter.
Project Indigo is basically the Hawkins equivalent of the Montauk Project. While the MKUltra was the Duffers' basis for a science-based horror in the lore, INDIGO is where the most crazy, cutting-edge developments in science come in. The Duffers had the desire to play with the "sandbox" of elements that the Montauk conspiracy could offer. In the conspiracy, there were talks about children with psychic/psionic powers (which became the Numbers 001 to 018), other dimensions (like the Upside Down, Dimension X and the Hellscape), alien contact, monsters being unleashed (Demogorgon/DX entities) and even time travel, which is something that was originally part of the ST mythology as we can see in the document below:
The Montauk Pitch by the Duffer Brothers

- As we learned in S4, the beginning of the program happens in 1959, and is a result of Dr. Brenner discovering a boy with extraordinary psychic abilities, Henry, after his mother contacts him in the hopes of sending him to a facility where he would be locked away and fixed. Henry, knowing what his mother was planning, decided to kill his whole family, but would eventually fall into a coma due to not knowing his limits while using his psychic powers.
- Brenner knew what the boy did and also what he was capable of, and wanted to not just study but also control him. After the Creel House murders, Brenner would take Henry to the lab and the CIA would cover up anything that could compromise their operation. Victor Creel, the only survivor of the events in the house was declared legally insane, the records of what Victor claimed to have occurred in his house were sealed.
- Brenner eventually sold to the CIA a separate program that he planned to start, a program that would study Henry Creel who was presented to the government as a potential weapon against the Soviets as stated by Matt Duffer in this interview by Deadline.
He knew what this kid did and also what he was capable of when he was young. Brenner’s going, how can I mold this character, but not just into a weapon? That’s really how he sold it to the government, but for him as a scientist, it’s like, what other worlds can this kid show me about how our universe works? — Matt Duffer
- As a scientist, Brenner had the desire to not only mold Henry into a weapon but also use him as a means to reach other worlds/dimensions and understand how the universe works. That makes me think that, at the time, Brenner expected Henry to be able to do what he would later discover only Eleven could do, which was the capablity of opening a rift or tear in time-space via psychic energy.
- At some point, I would guess in late 1959 - early 1960s, an unknown event led Brenner to pacify Henry's abilities via Soteria. After that, Brenner would decide to evolve his program, replicating Henry's powers in other kids. This is something Matt Duffer confirmed that S5 will explore,
It’s something we will get into in Season 5. What happened to that program once Henry became involved and how Brenner evolved it into including multiple kids. We’re going to go back and see some of that in Season 5.
How Brenner tried to replicate Henry's abilities is unclear, but there's something mentioned in the Montauk bible that caught my attention and could be a brief explanation of how these preternatural abilities arise in some individuals:
ELEVEN was an orphan with telekinesis. her preternatural abilities have been linked to mutations caused by her mothers drug use.
In this version of the Eleven's backstory, the Duffers had not yet conceived El's mother being Terry Ives, the MKUltra involvement in the lore, and El's abilities being the result of experiments on her mother. Instead, we have genetic mutations caused by drug use.
If there's any chance this is an explanation to how some individuals are born with psychic abilities, i suspect that Brenner knew that drugs had the potential to cause such mutations and that via experiments and training, he would unlock these supernatural psychic abilities. Knowing that, Brenner would use the MKUltra (which mainly involved psychedelic drugs) as a means to new supernatural kids to be born, just like it happened to Eleven.
Virginia Creel's backstory
In episode 7, Henry mentions that his parents did "such awful things." and that he "held up a mirror" to show them who they really were, but we never got to see what Henry used against his mother. Whatever awful thing she did, is still a mystery in the show.
Also, Virginia somehow knew that Henry had supernatural abilities, so i think it's plausible to assume that, perhaps, Virginia knew it because of something dark in her past, something she believed resulted in her son being born with supernatural abilities and becoming a "broken" kid. The drug element that i mentioned before could also play a role in the origin of Henry's powers and whatever these dark memories of Virginia are.
In S4E7 script, we can see that the whole part where Virginia suspects Henry is the responsible for the strange happenings in the house and contacts Brenner to lock her son away is missing. Meaning the writers later decided to add more layers to this backstory that may be explored in S5.
The Duffer Brothers have confirmed in interviews that S5 will explore more of Henry's prequel story, and it was recently revealed in an article from BBC that the 'The First Shadow' stage play influences S5, so i'm hoping this means we'll see more of the Creels, specially Virginia.
They were able to adjust some of the "things in the play" and said that working on it had given them ideas for the upcoming season five.
Matt Duffer added: "Some of the mythology stuff is a little bit trickier, but like Ross said, it's been fun to have the play influence the show, and the show influenced the play,
- The evolution of Brenner's program logically took place during the 1960s, and some of that was already hinted in S2 when we discover that Terry had documents about people she believed were like her daughter. In some of those documents we get to see that Kali was abducted in London, a Cleveland teen girl who was seemingly abducted in Indiana, and a newborn boy was taken from a hospital. The baby was in the care of a nurse who was found dead in her home.
- in 1969, Ray Carroll started working at HNL as an orderly.
- At some point in the early 70's, Terry Ives got involved with MKUltra. (In the Suspicious Minds book, we learn that Terry was involved with MKUltra in 1969 but i'm not considering any information from the book due to the huge amount of inconsistencies.)
- After Brenner kidnapped Eleven in 1971, the BreneHNL would face charges and lawsuits from Terry Ives but they were denied due to lack of evidence.
- In 1973, the MKUltra was officially halted.
- In 1974, Terry would try to take Eleven from the laboratory. Brenner ordered Terry to undergo an eletroshock therapy, ordering Ray Carroll to set the voltage up to 450 and then proceeded to electrocute her until her brain was damaged.
- In 1979, One succeeded in having El "free" him by removing the Soteria from him. Regaining his psychic abilities, Henry kills all the Indigo numbers except for Eleven who would eventually banish him out of our dimension. After the attack, El falls into a coma, and Brenner doesn't dare bring another number to the lab. Instead, Brenner focuses the experiments on Eleven, who has repressed not only her memories of the past events but also her powers after waking up from her coma. Brenner knew that Eleven's abilities weren't lost but needed a "spark" to be restored.
- Brenner believed that One was somewhere out there, "hiding in the darkness", and in 1983, after Eleven's powers were restored, Brenner would eventually use her abilities to find him.
- In one experiment, El hears a strange sound that would get Brenner's attention. Despite El getting scared and the experiment being aborted, Brenner would repeat the experiment with the intention of making "contact".
- On the night of november 6, 1983, El makes psychic contact with the Demogorgon in the Void, inadvertentely creating TUD, opening the mothergate and unleashing the monster. She eventually escaped the HNL that night.
- On the next day, Brenner and the CIA receive a visit from agents that according to the S1E1 script were NSA. CIA and NSA agents would eventually work together to find Eleven and cover up anything that would compromise the secrecy of their clandestine operation.
- Brenner and his team of agents along with MPs would go to the Hawkins Middle School in order to find Eleven after Hopper revealed her location. For their surprise, the Demogorgon appears in the school, distracting the agents and MPs, allowing the kids to run away from the CIA with Eleven. Brenner is brutally attacked by the Demogorgon, but survives the attack.
- After the events in the school, we see hopper entering a black sedan with CIA agents.
- CIA agents go to the Wheelers House searching for Eleven. This is the last time we see Brenner's men in the show. In the next season, the HNL would have a new director and a new staff.
- In a clipping at Hawkins Police Station, there's information on the aftermath of the events in november, 1983, where we learn that Joyce Byers publicy alleged that Will was the subject of a secret government program. Joyce's allegation comes amidst the investigation into the past allegations of the lab's involvement with mind control experiments (MKUltra).
- As to where Brenner and his entire staff were after the events in november, it is unknown, but i suspect Owens knew about what happened to them as in S2 he seems to be certain that Brenner's men were gone.
The point is, mistakes have been made. Yes. Abundant mistakes, but, the men involved with those mistakes, the ones responsible for what happened to your brother and Miss Holland's death, they're gone. They're gone, and for better for worse, i'm the schmuck they brought in to make things better. — Sam Owens
I've come to suspect that after the events of November '83, when the entire HNL staff was replaced, everything documented/recorded about the CIA's clandestine operations was securely locked away by CIA or DOE operatives, likely in the decommissioned Nevada Silo. (One alternate possibility is that those documents and recordings were stored in the Silo after the HNL was closed in december, 1984)
Something that I find interesting is that both the Silo Lab and Owens' residence are located in Nevada, and in S4E5, when Eleven is taken to the Silo, originally the titles "Ruth, Nevada" appeared on the screen, that was later removed, but it implies that both the Silo and Owens' residence were close. This leads me to suspect that long before Owens and Brenner conceived of the NINA program, Owens already knew about the abandoned Silo in Nevada and decided to used it to store every TOP-SECRET documents/recordings of the CIA operations at HNL.
One interesting detail is that the idea of ​​the government securely locking away videotapes is something the Duffers planned for their original Montauk conception, which most of it was a prototype for what we've seen in Stranger Things. In The Montauk Experiment, the O.S.S. would securely lock away film cannisters with recordings of everything that happened in Camp Hero after the experiments ended in a blood-soaked event. Details in the document below:
The logline for 'The Montauk Experiment'

- Sam Owens is a high-ranking member within U.S. Department of Energy as mentioned in the first official description of his character. Sometime between late 1983 - early 1984 he would be brought to HNL on a ‘clean-up’ assignment, tasked with containing the mess left by the CIA in 1983 and making things better.
- As I previously mentioned, Owens may have been responsible for locking away all the documented CIA experimentation at HNL, and he also may have known the whereabouts of Brenner and other scientists and CIA operatives who worked with him all along. I would even assume that Owens and Brenner may have been in contact all this time.
- During his time as director of the operations at HNL, Owens was involved in Will's treatment and in containing the spread of TUD.
- In November 1984, during the Demodogs invasion, Owens met Eleven, who eventually closed the gate, ending TUD invasion.
- A month later, the operations at HNL were officially shut down and the lab was closed after the release of the tape recording Owens' "confession", and Owens decided to help Eleven have a normal life under Hopper's care, giving him a forged birth certificate, and recommending Hopper to "let things cool off" for a year. This, of course, was done without the knowledge of the U.S. government.

After the events os S2, in addition to the CIA Clandestine Ops and the DOE, other different agencies were introduced in the story:
- US Army/Pentagon that briefly appears at the end of s3 (although we've seen the Military Police in the previous seasons which is a branch of the Army), and would be an antagonist faction in S4.
- FBI agents who are presented as friends of Owens and allied to our main characters in S4.

- At some point after the HNL was closed, Doctor Owens, in addition to his high-ranking position in the DOE, also gained some position within the U.S. Army/Pentagon, probably tasked with monitoring and maintaining security in Hawkins after the lab was closed and the military presence left town. Lieutenant Colonel Jack Sullivan was involved in this, and it's possible he and Owens worked together.
- An interesting detail is that the arm patch on Lt. Colonel Sullivan's uniform confirms that he's an United States Army Criminal Investigation Division operative, hence his associaton with the Pentagon.
- At some point (i assume 1985), rumors about Eleven being alive and receiving help from someone within the U.S. government began to surface within the Pentagon, this would affect Owens' reputation.
- It's also worth mentioning that in S4E6, Sullivan seems to imply that he knew or at least believed Brenner was alive.
Explanation two, Dr. Brenner's special little pet has gone rogue again and he and his lackeys are now seeking to cover it up. Perhaps in the hopes of selling their pet to the Soviets. — Lt. Colonel Sullivan
There's also this interview with Sherman Augustus where the interviewer asks him if Sullivan knows that Brenner is still alive, and Sherman's answer implies that Brenner being alive is something that wouldn't surprise Sullivan, Maybe because it was rumored within the Pentagon too. Basically, there's nothing that Sullivan doesn't know or expect about what's been happening in Hawkins and within the government since the events of S1.
I'm pretty sure he knows that there's certain elements... because he says in the dialogue "there's rumors that she's getting help from someone on the inside". So there is nothing that he is not, you know, equating in that situation, he's not surprised. Whatever it is, you have to be a really strong and dynamic individual to be able to go in and try to kick E.T in the butt. — Sherman Augustus
- In July 1985, Owens would find out about a foreign government invasion in Hawkins, and would go to Hawkins with Army/Pentagon forces to deal with the invasion, only to find an empty Soviet bunker.

- After the events in July, Owens got fired from his position in the miitary for failing his assignment to monitor security at Hawkins, i believe the previously mentioned rumors about him may also have played a role in his dismissal.
- Owens, knowing that El had lost her powers, feared a further re-emergence of the TUD, which led him to begin developing a means to restore her abilities and bring them back stronger than before.
- Owens would ally with Brenner to develop a way to restore Eleven's abilities, and Brenner convinced Owens that the only way to do so was via a process of re-experiencing her repressed memories in a program that they would later call NINA. It's unclear when Brenner and Owens' alliance started, but i personally believe they knew each other for longer than we initially thought, and shortly after the July events, Owens' looked for Brenner's help in order to develop a means to restore El's powers.
- Despite being fired from his position in the military, Owens was still a DOE member and also had connections to the FBI (Ellen Stinson and other agents), and he used his power to clandestinely provide Brenner with the necessary resources to establish the NINA Project. For the program to be sanctioned, he had to compromise his principles, and risk his life and that of his family. Something worth noting is that in the episode 7 script, the dialogue where Owens expresses his disappointment with NINA's progress is a little different:
I've given you all the resources you've asked for, i've given you your people, i've compromised my principles, i've risked my life, my family's life, all because you assured me this would work. That this was the only way. — Sam Owens
By "i've given you your people" we can confirm that Owens gave to Brenner his old HNL staff, who as we saw in S4E8, were loyal to him. And we can also confirm by Sam's words that he had to give Brenner resources, meaning, wherever Brenner was after the events oF S1, he was left with no resources and access to his old staff.
- Owens and Brenner would establish NINA in the same abandoned Silo in Nevada where Owens presumably locked away all the video tapes and documents from HNL.
- After Owens' dismissal, Sullivan apparently became the responsible for monitoring Hawkins and maintaining the security in the town.
- In March 1986, a supernatural murder in Hawkins comes to Sullivan's attention, and after an autopsy is performed by Army medical doctors, Sullivan concludes that the murder was done remotely, which tied in with the rumors about Eleven being alive and getting help from someone within the U.S. government who he, and probably other operatives within the Pentagon believed was Sam Owens.
- Upon that conclusion, Sullivan would begin a clandestine military operation in order to investigate Eleven's whereabouts, and this leads him to Owens.
- Something worth noting is that when we are first introduced to Sullivan, he arrives in Indiana in an U.S. Army helicopter to investigate the circumstances of an unusual murder, but when he begins his operation to hunt down Eleven, he goes to Ruth, Nevada in an unmarked black helicopter, alluding to the fact that this is a clandestine military operation:

Sullivan arrives in Indiana

Sullivan leaves Owens' residence in Nevada

Something interesting about the scene where Sullivan visits Owens that adds some information on what the U.S. government has been up to is the dialogue between Sullivan and Owens from this audition tape which is a bit different from the dialogue from the show:
There were no signs of an attacker. No bruises, no signs of any struggle. It's as if her attacker was a ghost. — Lt. Colonel SullivanSo what is this, really? I mean, why are you here? all of the sudden you want to help again? — Sam Owens Dr. Owens, 30 civilians died last year, a foreign government invaded our country all under your watch. There had to be consequences, you've got to understand that — Lt. Colonel Sullivan
Owens' question implies that Sullivan has been helping him at some point, probably in monitoring Hawkins like a mentioned before, which would explain how he knew so much about what has happened there all this years.
And Sullivan's response implies that after Owens got fired, it became his responsability to maintain security in Hawkins, which is why he was there, asking Owens Eleven's whereabouts.
- Owens refuses to tell Sullivan Eleven's whereabouts, and Jack decides to do things "the hard way", taking multiple items from Owens' house in order to investigate everything Sam has done and everyone he has spoken to in 1985 and luckily, be able to find where Eleven is.
- Owens knew that the former Indigo test subject One was back when he saw pictures of Chrissy's body, and via a DOE intranet, he requests the immediate acceleration of NINA. He makes it clear that their secret program and facility were compromised and that the Pentagon was involved. And for the security of their program, Owens implements a communication lockdown.
- Owens uses his FBI connections to have agents help him find Eleven, maintain the secrecy of the operation and protect people closely associated with Eleven who could be found by Sullivan. Some of those agents are Ellen Stinson, who seems to be Owens' right hand, Agent Harmon, and Agent Wallace.
- In the meantime, Sullivan/the Pentagon was able to find out that Owens moved Eleven to Lenora Hills, CA, and would eventually send a group of agents/soldiers to find her.
- After finding Eleven with a group of agents and convicing her to go with him in order to get her powers back, Owens takes El to the Silo Lab while Agents Harmon and Wallace would stay with Mike, Jonathan and Will to protect them, and Agent Stinson would be closely monitoring Hawkins with 2 more agents.
- Sullivan, after a shootout in the Byers' house takes Agent Wallace to a black site to torture him in order to find out where Eleven was, and after a long time of torture, Wallace gave away Eleven's location.
- After NINA succeeded in restoring Eleven's abilities, Owens, believing she was ready, would call Stinson to have her prepare the transit from Nevada to Hawkins, Indiana through her connections at Nellis.
- Brenner would eventually betray Owens and considered killing him in order to stop Eleven from leaving the Silo Lab. After the conflict between Owens and Brenner, the Pentagon finally arrives at the location revealed by Agent Wallace and a conflict between the U.S army and the MP soldiers resulted in the death of Brenner, his men and all the scientists in the Silo Lab, except Owens.
- Eleven escapes the Pentagon with her friends, and we see Sullivan and some of his soldiers for the last time in S4, in the Nevada desert.
Episodes 8 and 9 made it clear that El still needs to hide and Sullivan's faction is still after her. It's worth mentioning that Sullivan was the only villain in ST4 not to be killed or at least injured, so it's almost certain that this guy will be back in ST5 to kick E.T's ass. Specially know that a full-scale TUD invasion is about the happen in Hawkins.

Sullivan investigates the video tapes in the silo lab
S4 ended without us knowing what happened to Owens and Sullivan after eleven escaped, but we do know that both characters are in the Silo Lab and that Sullivan now has access to a vast amount of video tapes that he would certainly investigate and this would create many possibilities for the Pentagon's role in S5.

Sullivan's Mission in Hawkins
Sullivan is still responsible for monitoring Hawkins, and at some point he will probably learn about what is happening in the town (which is also where El is hiding now), possibly via the military presence in Hawkins that we saw in the ST4 epilogue.
Something that caught my attention was the presence of a Research Lab vehicle on the set of downtown Hawkins, this vehicle never appeared in the show, and it was not mentioned in the script of episode 9. But it makes me think that at the end of S4, the Military is not just trying to help Hawkins citizen after this "federal disaster", but also researching into TUD, which perhaps is an operation led by Sullivan? let me know what you guys think.

S1 parallels
If we have Sullivan in Hawkins in S5, we most certainly will get more Government vs Eleven scenes, which would parallel Brenner and the CIA in S1. I particularly believe that S5 will have many parallels with what the Duffers planned for the first season of Montauk,
ACT THREE (episodes 7-8) will climax with characters working together to outsmart the military, venture into this alternate dimension, save Will, and, hopefully, close this "tear" once and for all.

Doctor Owens in 1959 flashbacks
Something I found extremely suspicious is that in S4, Owens seemed to know more than we initially thought.
He's claimed three victims so far, and when i saw the eyes, i knew... i knew that was him. He was him. He was sending us a message, letting us know he's back.
This sentence from Owens confirms that he somehow knew Henry's killing manner. It's plausible to assume that Owens learned about Henry and the other Indigo Numbers after being brought to the lab to "make things better". But I personally believe that there must be a greater reason why he was brought to HNL after S1, I believe Owens was already aware of the clandestine operations that had been happening in the HNL for years (at least some of it) and had known Dr. Brenner since the 1950's. I would even consider the possibility that Owens has been involved in clandestine government operations in the past and that somehow led him to find out about the HNL and Brenner's program.
In this interview by The Wrap, Ross Duffer's words about Brenner and Owens' alliance caught my attention because the way he puts it felt like Owens has known Brenner for longer than we think.
Once that first kill with Chrissy happens, then their fears are realized and that’s what jump starts their whole storyline. I mean, that is why Owens is collaborating with Brenner, a man he also does not like. He respects him, but despises the man, because he also knows he’s the key to stopping One, to stopping Vecna.
By my suspicion, i came up with the theory/fanfic that Owens could have worked with Brenner in the 50's and was aware of what happened in the Creel House in '59. Maybe he even met young Henry and interacted with him after he woke up from his coma. If there's any chance that i'm right about it, i would imagine the Owens and Henry interactions would parallel the scenes with Owens and Will in S2.

Stinson becomes the new Owens / Her alliance with the adults
Agent Stinson was apparently Owens' right hand in S4 and also the leader among the agents of Owens' faction, being involved in the operations in Nevada, Hawkins and even being responsible for driving Hopper and Joyce to Hawkins. Imo, Stinson has the potential to become the "new Owens"/Main government operative to help our main characters while Owens is MIA. She could also send some agents to investigate what happened to Owens. I have a personal theory that Stinson will join the adults in S5 and help them on a mission to outsmart the military. And i think the "knowing nod" between Hop and Stinson in S4E9 might be a hint of a possible team up for S5.
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