Custom hershey kisses foil colors

Excedrin Migraine and Excedrin Extra Strength are the exact same medication

2023.03.30 18:37 gentlejaw Excedrin Migraine and Excedrin Extra Strength are the exact same medication

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2023.03.30 18:34 JQR_Sports 5 ways you can flaunt your sports shoes even outside the gym

Athleisure is defined as a hybrid style that is used in athletic clothing, which can also be worn as daily wear. This is the new trend among fashion freaks who love to keep a balance between their passion for fashion and, at the same time, do not want to compromise on hitting the gym daily to maintain their body fitness. Athleisure clothing refers to fashionable athletic wear that can fit everyone. These may include yoga pants, tights, and leggings, as well as footwear.
So, if you are also a person who loves fashion and athletics at the same time and you are looking for some good sports shoes for men, then read on to the end of this article.
5 ways in which you can flaunt your sports shoes outside the gym
There are certain points that you must keep in mind while selecting shoes that will suit your style statement as well as keep you moving in your fitness journey. These are-

  1. Selecting the shoes that suit you Sports shoes are designed in such a way that they can give comfort to your foot while you are running and jogging. At the same time, this does not mean that they cannot be worn outside the gym or as a fashion statement. You must choose them wisely. For getting the correct athletic style sports shoes, one must go for sports shoes that match their wardrobe.
  2. Check for the color: You must take care of the color options available while choosing the. If you do not feel like experimenting, you should go for neutral colors like grey, black, and white. If you wish to go for colors like red, yellow, or orange for your shoes, then you must wear a neutral-colored outfit so that it looks good.
  3. Matching with Denim: When you wish to wear your sports shoes with jeans, then you must try finding a balance in your outfit with a basic rule. The rule is that if the boots are heavy, then the jeans must be tapered. Just so you know, a slimmer leg opening will go better with a chunky shoe. The light-washed jeans should be your choice, as they go with almost every color.
  4. Pairing sports shoes with pants: If you are a person who is not very freaky about jeans and loves going in for pants and trousers, wearing sports shoes may not be a very good idea. But even with pants, you can get a trendy look when you pair them with sports shoes. Since pants tend to look a bit slouchy, cuffing them at the ends will solve the problem. This will improve the overall look of your pants, and you will look smarter and more stylish. Also, naked ankles are in style. You can choose to wear interesting socks with an offbeat print to deliver a much better and more stylish look.
  5. Styling with the joggers: Joggers, also known as certified loungewear," look great when paired with any classic running shoes. To play it safe, you must go for joggers that are neither too loose nor too fit. The key here is that the sneakers should fit you properly. For a better look, we suggest you pick up a jogger with detailing around the cuffs so that they stand out from everyday wear. The other option for you is to wear a monochromatic outfit and then throw a pop of color in your sports shoes that will help you give a funky look.
Some of the essential characteristics of a good pair of athletic shoes are as follows:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Stylish
  3. sporty
  4. Trendy and fashionable
  5. Durable
  6. Cushioned
You should spend some time trying different types of shoes that will fit your style as well as help you maintain your daily physical activities.
How can JQR Sports help you flaunt your sports shoes even when you are outside the gym?
JQR Sports brings you a collection of sports shoes that can be your friend in the gym as well as outside. We are the leading manufacturers of sports shoes in northern India. With the technology and evolution in the sports footwear category, you can be assured to get the best sports shoe for you. These shoes will not only serve the purpose of being the best-in-class sports shoe but will also help you style up your overall look. Simply visit our website and check for a pair of running and jogging shoes that fit your fashion statement. Our customer service is always at your service to help you choose your sports shoes and get them delivered to you as soon as possible.
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2023.03.30 18:27 BottomShelfVodka I wrestled in chocolate pudding for god.

When I was 12 years old (2005), my dad's church hosted an event called "The Silver Ring Thing" one night. It was a huge concert-like event full of bright lights, blaring music, cringey skits, and, of course.....the very powerful rings.
It was conducted by other preteens and teenagers (and a few weirdo adults) demonstrating the dangers of premarital sex for over an hour. The most important information you could take away from this event, is that premarital sex will wreck any future relationship you might have and, most importantly, destroy your relationship with god.
I specifically remember them calling up two audience members to the stage. They took two different pieces of tape and stuck them to each person's arm. Then, they took two "clean" pieces of tape and bonded them together.
They asked the kids (still with tape on their arms) to pull the two pieces of clean tape apart..they couldn't do it. Then, they had the kids peel the tape off of their own arms and stick those "used" pieces of tape together. Those pieces of tape where easily separated. The obvious metaphor here being that people who sleep with others before marriage will never be able to create a meaningful bond with their life partner in the future.
The event was a straight hour of bumping Christian hip hop and watching skits on how to effectively pray for god to cockblock all the horny teenagers you will inevitably cross paths with in your middle school and high school careers.
As the event winded down to the end, they offered you the opportunity to make an oath to god to remain abstinent until marriage.
Now, I was raised in a strict, Christian private school...the kind where girls can't wear pants or skirts above their knees. My mom dragged me to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. I hadn't even come close to having my first kiss, let alone have any clue what sex actually was at this point in my life. I was so awkward, sheltered, and naive.
Mom "encouraged" (forced) me to become a volunteer for the group. Twice a week, the volunteers would attend these group meetings where we would rehearse those atrocious skits and practice setting up and taking down the stage equipment. The group also did monthly outings like putt putt, bowling, or lazer tag, etc.
Fast forward a couple of months, and the group is going to summer camp for an entire week! This is like full on "Parent Trap" type summer camp for pre-teens and teenagers. It was on a lake with paddle boats, kayaks, zip lines...the works, my dude.
This summer camp included these daily games.
Looking back on the games we were involved in as young virgins gives me the heebie-jeebies today.
Everyday we would play a game involving a blow up kiddie pool filled with a different substance. We were split into 3 teams and dressed in our appropriate team-colored bathing suits. I was on the blue team.
Each day, the pool was filled with a different substance, but the end goal was always the same: be the team that collected the most poker chips from the pool. Whichever team racked up the most poker chips by the end of the week would win a fancy prize.
Day 1: We dove into a kiddie pool full of warm oatmeal
Day 2: Jello
Day 3: Spaghetti noodles
Day 4: Chocolate pudding
Day 5 [The finale]: They coated us in maple syrup and made us wrestle for poker chips in a pool full of flower.
After each game, we would all wash our dirty, nasty, sticky pre-teen bodies in the lake together.
Well, turns out god loved the blue team the most and blessed our team with 40GB fifth generation iPod classics.
I can't thank god enough for this opportunity, because I did not have access to great music until I discovered Apple iTunes. I utilized this new god-given instrument to store my new passion for music, including (but not limited to): Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, and many other songs my church would have declared the "Devil's music".
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2023.03.30 18:17 stillplayswithlego21 Went for an Unusual Colorway!

Went for an Unusual Colorway!
Got Exclusive Access this morning and couldn’t let it go to waste. Can’t wait to rock these during the summer! Willing to hear any opinions or thoughts on them though!
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2023.03.30 18:17 Snowpaw11 Oh I forgot to show you guys! I thought I’d finally put my recorder skills to good use at the Renaissance Faire lol. What better way than to pay homage to my favorite fairytale?

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2023.03.30 18:13 MegaZakks The dunk highs by you I got were such good quality. Couldn’t pass up the lows when I got access too!

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2023.03.30 18:11 Redditcritic6666 Magus of Dawn

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2023.03.30 18:10 G-man69420 Europa Samurai General

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2023.03.30 18:06 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Modded Accounts 👑 Xbox S/X Accounts

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2023.03.30 18:05 Showmanii This is a fact

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2023.03.30 18:04 Booftroop Who needs Wolf Grey SBs when you can make them?

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2023.03.30 18:02 broken_doll_911 I got a thinly rooted Indonesian Draculaura so I have to reroot her so what color and style should I give her?

I'm going to use her for a custom all options will be saran because it's the cheaper hair type compared to nylon I will not do a faceup on her but I may change the lipstick color
View Poll
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2023.03.30 17:58 DisregardedCat Rate my Nike by You Dunk Low

Rate my Nike by You Dunk Low
Let me know what ya'll think!
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2023.03.30 17:57 EvenBiggerD Re-Wiring A 1991 PRS Cu24

I've got a '91 Custom 24 with wiring that has been messed with a bunch. Right now it's got two Suhr pickups in it. They have the same color scheme as Duncans - green ground, white/red tap, black hot. The magnet polarity is that the bridgeward coils are both S towards the strings, and the neckward coils are both N towards the strings.
My understanding is this implies the neck pickup has had the magnet flipped, which is I think correct for PRS (but see below).
The guitar has the old 3-wafer 5-way rotary switch with all the wires between the levels. I am not at all sure it's wired correctly, or that the pickups are attached correctly. My three middle positions all sound out of phase and fairly low volume/useless.
The rest of the electronics are a sweet switch and a master volume with bypass cap. I want to keep both of those. This is only about the 5-way.
I want to replace the current 5-way with one of the circuit board 5-way rotary switches that PRS sells.
My question is what to solder to which terminals on the board. I know PRS tap wires are red, so the white and red from the Suhrs would go there. The question is what black and white are on PRS pickups, and is it consistent neck vs. bridge? I realize there's only 4 combinations and I could just try them, but I'd rather understand what's going on.
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2023.03.30 17:55 mondaywonderhands I’ve been waiting so long to get access and make these. I’m so stoked.

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2023.03.30 17:55 DCSubi Any experience or advice for using your own stone when working with Chinese vendor?

Any experience or advice for using your own stone when working with Chinese vendor?
I’ve been in touch with Provence about a custom ring. The design involves alternating stones. I’d like for them to make the setting and use moissanite but use my own colored stones for the alternating ones. Inspiration photo linked. This is my first custom ring.
What’s the best way to incorporate your own stones? I can’t imagine shipping them to China is the best way? Do I ask the vendor to create the setting and leave openings for my stones and have a local jeweler insert them?
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2023.03.30 17:50 Jaredt982 Got lucky with access today

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2023.03.30 17:49 elflacoboricua Finally

I finally got my version of the Kentucky dunks.
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2023.03.30 17:48 adobecrack AKVIS All Plugins For Adobe Photoshop 2023.03.21 Cracked For (Win/macOS)

AKVIS All Plugins For Adobe Photoshop 2023.03.21 Cracked For (Win/macOS)


AKVIS is one of the active companies in the field of designing graphic tools and related to images, this company pays special attention to the design of quality plugins for Photoshop software and has so far produced and launched many plugins in this field. This company was born in 2004 by a number of professional programmers and developers, and from the very beginning, they specialized in producing and providing products for photographers, which were welcomed according to various customer feedbacks.
Follow instructions carefully
Instructions For Windows :
to avoid errors like system compatibility report or error code 195 or quit unexpectedly of adobe products & more follow those instructions.
Attention 😱 ! Before you start install process you should first install Adobe Flash Player 2023 ✅ Latest version to do not face any future issues while using AKVIS Plugins also to accelerate rendering.
▶️ Open the link by using Chrome :

Instructions For Mac :
to avoid errors like system compatibility report or error code 195 or quit unexpectedly mac applications , INCOMPATIBLE M1 or M2, If ​​you have Chip M1 or M2 use the following instructions to Install Adobe After Effects on Chip M1 or M2 and more follow those instructions.
Attention 😱 ! Before you start install process you should first install Adobe Flash Player 2023 ✅ Latest version to do not face any future issues while using AKVIS Plugins also to accelerate graphics rendering.
▶️ Open the link by using Safari :

Maccleaner Review (How to Clean your mac) :

🧹 Clean first your mac before installing AKVIS Plugins
🍏 For everyone who can’t install AKVIS Plugins on Mac and to overcome applications errors you should first Clean your Mac Before you Install it.
Free Version Download Link :

All Akvis products can be used in an environment independent of Photoshop, that is, there is no need to open Photoshop software to work with this company's plugins, and you can easily import your images in an independent environment, perform the desired operation, and finally produce the desired output. can be The products of this company have a high variety and it has prepared good tools for almost all matters related to image editing. One of the common features among all Equis products is its ease of use.
😍 Support us guys and help to grow this community :
You can donate by using Paypal ☑️ or Debit or Credit card users 💳 :
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- Enjooooy.
⛔️ block unwanted ads and pop up ads by using that browser will help you download fast + Free VPN Unlimited
Download Link : ( Support windows only ) :

Installation guide

download link

AKVIS All Plugins For Adobe Photoshop x64/x86

Download AKVIS_Frames_7.3
Download AKVIS Frames 5.0 portable x64
Download AKVIS_AirBrush_3.0
Download AKVIS_ArtSuite_10.5
Download AKVIS_ArtWork_9.0
Download AKVIS_Chameleon_8.5
Download AKVIS_Charcoal_2.0
Download AKVIS_Coloriage_10
Download AKVIS_Decorator_4.0
Download AKVIS_Draw_4.0
Download AKVIS_Enhancer_15.0
Download AKVIS_HDRFactory_5.0
Download AKVIS_Lightshop_4.0
Download AKVIS_Magnifier_8.0
Download AKVIS_MakeUp_4.0
Download AKVIS_MultiBrush_8.0
Download AKVIS_NatureArt_8.0
Download AKVIS_Neon_2.0
Download AKVIS_Noise_Buster_9.0
Download AKVIS_OilPaint_5.0
Download AKVIS_Pastel_2.0
Download AKVIS_Point_1.0
Download AKVIS_Refocus_6.0
Download AKVIS_Retoucher_7.0
Download AKVIS_Sketch_17.0
Download AKVIS_SmartMask_7.0


Download AKVIS_LightShop_6.0.1593.15655_macOS
Download AKVIS_MakeUp_5.0.651.15806_macOS

The present collection includes all the products offered by this company, which includes tools for almost all the necessary actions of color correction, applying graphic effects, placing pictures in frames, face makeup, retouching, oil painting, drawing, etc. These products are updated over time and new features are added to them. The current collection includes the following products :

List of Windows versions:

AirBrush 3.0ArtSuite 10.5ArtWork 9.0Chameleon 8.5Charcoal 1.0Coloriage 10.0Decorator 4.0Draw 3.0Enhancer 15.0Frames 1.0HDRFactory 5.0Lightshop 4.0Magnifier 8.0MakeUp 4.0MultiBrush 8.0NatureArt 8.0Neon 2.0Noise Buster 9.0OilPaint 4.0Pastel 2.0Point 1.0Refocus 6.0Retoucher 7.0Sketch 17.0SmartMask 8.0
File(s) password:

List of Mac versions of AKVIS products:

* Chameleon 9.0* Charcoal 2.0* Coloriage 10.5* Decorator 4.0.615* Draw 3.0.399.12165* Enhancer 15.0.2148.12029* HDRFactory 5.0.754.12264* LightShop 4.0.1368.9888* Magnifier 9.0* MultiBrush 9.0* NatureArt 8.0.1600.12224* Neon 2.5* Noise Buster 10.0* OilPaint 4.0.436.11981* Pastel 2.0* Points* Retoucher 7.0.986* Sketch 17.0.2933* SmartMask 9.0* AirBrush 3.0.374.12122* Frames 1.0* ArtSuite 10.5.2480.10625* ArtWork 9.0* MakeUp 3.5.446.1073* Refocus 6.0* Watercolor 1.0

required system

OS X 10.6 or later
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2023.03.30 17:47 Ok_Cartographer2603 After taking months of Ls it feels good to get the Dunks by you

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2023.03.30 17:43 WrighterLights Welcome to r/Revuelto!

Welcome to Revuelto! The subreddit for anyone who loves the first ever Lamborghini’s first ever HPEV V12 Super Sports Car, “Lamborghini Revuelto”.
Please keep in mind that this server is unofficial, and does not affiliate with Automobili Lamborghini.
This subreddit is made for anybody who are interested the Lamborghini Revuelto. You can submit (by posts’ fair): - News = News about the car if there ever is the new variant, the update to the car, the production related topics and much more! - Photos = Images of the Lamborghini Revuelto. It can be picture that you have taken yourself, or found somewhere online (which in this case, please give correct credit to where you find the image from, if you don’t know where, then don’t submit it) - Photos (in-game) = We know that sim racing has been rising since past decade, and for anybody who maybe doesn’t have the opportunity to take photos of the Revuelto in person, but maybe do in video games such as, Assetto Corsa, Forza Series, Project Cars, Need For Speed or anything you name it! (Same applies to if the image is from other people, please give them proper credit as well) - Video = As the name suggests, any video related to the Revuelto. Can be the one you took by yourself, or from social media platforms (Of course, give them a proper credit unless direct link is attached) - Discussion = For opinions, polls, or sharing thoughts about the car, that is outside out mentioned categories. - Others = We cannot cover every single topic, we may add more flair soon, but since we are just starting off, if you have any posts outside of these flairs we have you can drop them in this flair for the time being!
General rules: I cannot just write a million miles of rules here, it will never cover the unexpected behavior of everyone. Therefore, I need to ask you all to treat others like how you want to be treated, think first before you say a word or submit a post that will make other people uncomfortable.
But there are specific rules we need to agree to: - Do not use “Announcements” flair, they are only used for subreddit announcements. - Put every post in a flair, so it is easier to find for everyone. - Swearing is allowed, the car is insane, it’s a Lamborghini. However, don’t use swearing to offend other people, we all have feelings here. - No N word allowed. We will ban on-sight. - Harassing or racism is not tolerated and will be taken action. - Post things that are related to Lamborghini Revuelto. There are other places you can post about other cars or other Lamborghini models, read what subreddit you’re in. - Respect other people’s opinion. We all have different taste, otherwise Lamborghini will ship their cars with exactly the same specs and colors to every customers.
That’s all you need to know to get started on Revuelto! We hope you have an enjoyable time staying here with us and help the community grow in a friendly way!
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2023.03.30 17:37 ProfessorStoryteller Anyone know how to customize the revision page color in Final Draft 12?

I just upgraded to Final Draft 12 and am trying to figure out if there's a way to change the page colors for revisions. Specifically, I want to change the default Cherry revision to Lilac to match the pack of paper I have. 😅 I know I can change the revision name and the color of the text, but I'm only seeing the preloaded page colors. It's not a huge deal, but I know it'll bug me when I get to that point if my lilac pages are colored cherry, lol!
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